Hypertext Sepher Yetsira
Carlo Suares translation Shambhala 1976

Sepher Yetsira Index
Chapter 1

1:1   By Thirty-Two Nativot Phayliot Hhokmah carved (established or limited) Yah YHWY Tsebaot Elohi Israel Elohim Hhaim Welemelek Oulam El Shaddai merciful clement magnified raised up (or respected) (who) lives (in) eternity (of) elevation and Holy (is) his name (which has) created his universe with (or by) three Sepharim (:) with Sepher Sepher and Sipour.
1:2   Ten Sephirot Beli-Mah and Twenty-Two Autiot Yassod, Three Mothers, seven doubles and twelve simples.
1:3   Ten Sephirot Belimah according to the number of ten fingers. Five opposite (or: as in the presence of) five. And (the) covenant (of) the One, adapted (or, directed) in the midst of (or, by means of) (the) word (of) the tongue and as (the) circumcision witnesses.
1:4   Ten Sephirot Belimah. Ten and not nine. Ten and not eleven. Understand with Hhokmah, Meditate with Binah. Examine them. Delve into them and experiment with them. And the one who is there (standing) speaks to his creator and puts the maker of form in his rightful place (or, his foundation).
1:5   Their measure without end. Depth of beginning. Depth of end. Depth of Tov. Depth of Raa. Depth of above. Depth of below. Depth of East. Depth of West. Depth of North. Depth of South. Adon Yahhid true King (or eternal) has dominion over the Universe of (the) Holy Abode. Eternity of eternity immemorial.
1:6   Ten Sephirot Beli-Mah their apparition (or, aspect) as lightning (or the vision of lightning) their aim has no end. Its utterance with (or, in) them with its course and return and when its word (is) like the tempest they descend (go underneath) in front of the throne and "they" carouse.
1:7   Ten Sephirot Beli-Mah. Their end is fixed (or, inserted) at the beginning, their beginning at their end, as the flames from glowing embers She-Adon Yahhid (unique) (which has) no second and in front (or, to) its face One, who are you? (or, of what account are you?)
1:8   Ten Sephirot Belimah. Shut (or, restrain) your mouth and do not speak (or, enclose the word) and your heart and do not think (or, let your heart enclose its thought) and if your heart begins to run, return to the place where it is said: lives run and come back, and on this word (the) covenant is made.
1:9   Ten Sephirot Belimah One: Rouahh Elohim Hhaim, blessed and glorified his Name belonging to the life of worlds (space-time). Qol (voice) Ve-Rouahh (breath) Ve-Dabor (word) and it is Rouahh Haqadosch (the saint).
1:10   Two: Rouahh Merouahh, Hhaqaq Vehhatsav (legislates or organises and chisels or cuts with). Twenty-two Autiot Yassod, three fundamentals and seven doubles and twelve simples and Rouahh One with (in) them.
1:11   Three: Maim Merouahh Hhaqaq Vehhatsav (legislates or organises and chisels or cuts) with (in) them Tohou and Bohou. In Refesch (mud) and Tith (clay), organises as a kind of flower-bed (garden), hewn as a kind of wall, and covered as a kind of roof.
1:12   Four: Esch Memaim. Hhaqaq Vehhatsav (legislates or organises and chisels or cuts) the glorious throne (with) (the) Seraphim and (the) wheels and the Hhaivoth (holy lives) auxiliary messengers (angels), and with these three founded his dwelling as it is said: he made of his messengers the breaths (winds) and (the) blazing fire of his servants.
1:13 Five: three Autiot among the simples. Sealed (the) height (or apex). Three chosen. Solidified them with his great Name: Yod-Hay-Waw. And sealed with six extremities. Turned towards the upper, sealed it with Yod-Hay-Waw. Six: sealed the lower, turned towards the underneath and sealed it with Yod-Waw-Hay. Seven: sealed the East, turned towards his (own) face and sealed it with Hay-Yod-Waw. Eight: sealed the West, turned behind it and sealed it with Hay-Waw-Yod. Nine: sealed the South and turned to his right and sealed it with Waw-Yod-Hay. Ten: sealed the North, turned to his left and sealed it with Waw-Hay-Yod.
1:14   These are the ten Sephirot Belimah (that are) One: Ruahh Elohim Hhaim and Rouahh Merouahh and Maim Merouahh and Esch Memaim and Height glorified and low, East, West, North, South.

Chapter 2

2:1   Twenty-two Autiot Yassod. Three Amot (Mothers) seven doubles and twelve simples. Three Mothers: Aleph-Mem -Sheen. Yassodan (based on) Kaf Zakot-We-Kaf Hhovah. And Lischon, the tongue Hhaq Merkaryi between the two.
2:2   Twenty-two Autiot Hhaqaqan (graven) Hhatsavan (carved) Schaqalan (weighed) and Hamiraan (inverted) Tsarafan (amalgamated) and formed with Nefesch (character, personality) of all (that is) formed and Nefesch of all (that is) to be formed in the future.
2:3   4 gutterals Aleph, Hhayt, Hay, Ayn; 4 labials Bayt, Waw, Mem, Phay; 4 palatals Ghimel, Yod, Kaf, Qof; 3 linguals Dallet, Tayt, Lammed, Noun, Tav 5; dentals Zayn, Sammekh, Sheen, Raysh, Tsade.
2:4   Twenty-two Autiot-Yassod fastened Belgalgal (to a turning wheel) by two hundred and thirty-one Schaarim (portals, values or measures) and the wheel turns forwards and backwards. It is a token of the language. Nothing in Tov is superior to Aanag (pleasure or coitus) and nothing in Raa is inferior to Nagaa (plague or leprosy).
2:5   (This is) how Aleph (is) weighed, combined with everything and everything with Aleph. Bayt with everything and everything with Bayt. They return in a circular movement (turn by turn) to where all that is formed and uttered is found coming out of the One Name.
2:6   Yatsar (formed) with Tohou Mamasch (material reality) and Aassa (make from) its Ayn (Aleph-Yod-Noun, general equation of the universe) Yaschnou (its slumber) and hewed (or chiselled) great pillars (or pages of a book) with the air (or atmosphere) for its Ayn to seize (plural) and that is the proof (or sign) of the watcher (Tsofah). With what is being projected is made everything that is formed (just as) the words (everything is) One Name and the proof of the saying: twenty-two elements in a single body.

Chapter 3

3:1   Three Mothers: Aleph Mem Sheen. Yassodan, Kaf Hhovah and Kaf Zakot and the tongue kneeling between the two.
3:2   Three Mothers: Aleph Mem Sheen Sod Gadol, Mev Phaylay Vemakossa sealed by six seals (or hall marks) and from them are derived Fire, Waters divided (into) male and female. Three Mothers: Aleph Mem Sheen, Yassodan and from them the Fathers, the creators of everything, are born.
3:3   Three Mothers: Aleph Mem Sheen . In the universe: Avir Maim Esch (air, waters, fire). Schmaim are created first by Esch (fire) and Eretz (earth) created Memaim (by the waters) and Ha-Avir (air) kneeled down (sloped) between Ha-Esch (fire) and Ha-Maim (waters).
3:4   Three Mothers: Aleph Mem Sheen. Be-Schinah (in transformation): Eesh and Maim and Rouahh. The word Schinah or Schanah (Sheen-Noun-Hay) signifies transformation or change. In currect language it means "year," doubtless as a measure of duration, since time is measured by change. Next we read Hhom (Hayt-Waw-Mem, translated as "heat," although heat is Hham: Hayt-Mem without the Waw) is created by Esch; Qor Qof-Waw-Raysh (translated "cold") by Maim and Rvaia (Ray-Waw-Yod-Hay), translated as "surfeit," by Rouahh "knelt down" between the two. Three Mothers: Aleph Mem Sheen. In Nefesch (Noun-Phay-Sheen in Hebrew is breath, spirit or the individual: here is is understood by the last meaning). Esch and Maim and Rouahh. Rosch Raysh-Aleph-Sheen: the head is created by Esch, and Batn (Bayt-Tayt-Noun) the abdomen by Maim and Gvyia (Ghimmel-Waw-Yod-Hay, torso) by Rouahh "kneeled down" between the two.
3:5   Three Mothers: Aleph Mem Sheen; Hhaqaqan Ve-Hhatsavan-Ve-Tsarafan (graven, chiselled, cast; see 2:2) and sealed with: Three Mothers Be-Oolam (in the universe) and Three Mothers Be-Schana (in time or change) and Three Mothers Be-Nefesch (the individual) male and female.
3:6   Hamilikh (conferred kingship) on (the) Aut Aleph by Rouahh and fastened a crown to it and Tsarafan (combined) Zeh Maa Zeh (this with that), and sealed with it: Avir in the universe and Rvaia in Schana and Gvyia in Nefesch masculine with Aleph Mem Sheen and feminine with Aleph Sheen Mem.
3:7   Hamilikh (conferred kingship) on (the) Aut Mem by Maim and fastened a crown to it and Tsarafan (combined) Zeh Maa Zeh (this with that), and sealed with it: Eretz in the universe and Qor in Schana and the abdomen in Nefesch masculine and feminine, with Mem Sheen Aleph.
3:8   Hamilikh (conferred kingship) on (the) Aut Sheen by Esch and fastened a crown to it and and Tsarafan (combined) Zeh Maa Zeh (this with that), and sealed with it: Schamaim in the universe and Hhom in Schinah and Rosch (the head) in Nefesch masculine and feminine.

Chapter 4

4:1   Seven Doubles: Vayt, Djimel and Thalet, Khaf, Phay, Raysh and Tav (offer two pronounciations) founded on: Hhaim and Schalom, Hhokmah and Osser, Hhan and Zare and Memschlah and offering two pronunciations: Vayt-Bayt, Djimel Ghimel, Thalet-Dallet, Khaf-Kaf, Phay-Pay, Raysh-Rhaysh, Thav-Tav and are constructed in Raa and Qascha (softened and hardened) constructed in powerfulness or weakness. They exchange their dwellings by substitution. Contrary: Hhaim-Mot, contrary Schalom-Raa, contrary Hhokmah-Olet, contrary O'sser-O'ni, contrary Hhan-Kior, contrary Zar'-Schemama, contrary Memschla-Abadot.
4:2   Seven Doubles, Vayt-Djimel-Thalet (and) Khaf, Phay, Raysh, Thav. Seven and not six. Seven and not eight. Behhon Behen We Hhagor Mehen: (a tower or strong structure) with them and an investigation (important) into that structure, and arise the word reverse (or close to) its creator, and restore (the) form-maker to its place (or in its function).
4:3   Seven Doubles: Vayt, Djimel, Thalet (and) Khaf, Phay, Raysh, Thav as in the presence of Seven extremities, six of which -- height, depth, East, West, North and South -- and the holy sanctuary (which) directs them from the middle (or kernel) and it is the Aleph- Tav theme of everything
4:4   Seven Doubles: Vayt, Djimel, Thalet (and) Khaf, Phay, Raysh, Thav, Hhatsavah Tsarafan (see these words in 2:2) Vetsar (formed) with Kawkabim (plural of Kawkab: Kaf-Waw-Kaf-Bayt, which will be seen, further on, in the name of Mercury, "messenger of the gods," here indicates, in plural, the seven astrological planets combined, in their capacity of inverted emanations of the YHWH principle). Resuming: Kawkabim Be-Olam (in the universe) Ve Yamon Beschinah: the seven aspects of transformation which gave rise to the myth of the seven days of creation. Yamom is the plural of Yom and Yom is the transformation of Aur (light) in the sphere of appearances.

Veschierim Benefesch (the tempests in the breath, or by analogy, the individual's speculations and imagination) and from them carved (or enacted) seven spaces and seven Adamot this word plural of Adamah, expresses the hiding of Aleph in the resistance Dallet-Mem-Tav) and seven Schabatot (this plural of Schabath -- the Sabbath -- expresses the organic action of Sheen on the physical formations Bayt, Tav) and consequently loved Schabyi under all the Schamain.
4:5   (This is) in what manner was bestowed (the) kingship on Aut (Bayt) in (by) Hhaim (the living) and bound (a) crown on it and created with Schabatai (Saturn) in the universe and Yom Rischon (Rishon) (the day of principle) Beschinah (in the transformation) and Ein Yamin (right eye) Benefesch (in the individual).
4:6   Bestowed the kingship on Aut Djimel and bound (a) crown to it and created with it Tsedeq (Jupiter) in the universe, Yom Shnei (day two) Beschinah (in the transformation) and Ein Semol (left eye) Benefesch (in the individual).
4:7-11   These verses bestow the kingship, successively, on Thalet, Kaf, Phay, Raysh and Thav, binding the crown on them and forming with them Planets, days and openings in the head.

Recapitulatory Table
4:12   Seven Doubles. (This is) in what manner has combined them: two stones build two houses; three stones six houses; four stones twenty-four houses; five stones one hundred and twenty houses; six stones seven hundred and twenty houses; seven stones five thousand and forty houses, founded (established).

(These are the number of permutations of the objects from 2 to 7. The stones and the "established" houses give a general meaning to these calculations, relating them to everything made in the seven spheres of cognizable space-time.) Beyond (these seven spheres) of Tsadde-Aleph (of structuration) that which is imortant (to know) is why the mouth is unable to speak and the ears are incapable of hearing.

There are seven heavenly bodies in the universe: Hhamah
(Sun), Nogah (Venus), Kawkab (Mercury), Lvanah (Moon), Schabatai (Saturn), Tsedeq (Jupiter), Meadim (Mars). There are seven days Beschinah, seven days of Bereschyith (Biblical Genesis), and seven energies moving in the individual's two eyes, two ears, two nostrils and mouth. And Hhaqaq (engraved), seven spaces, seven lands, seven times and that is why is loved the seventh for everything moves under Schmaim.

Chapter 5

5:1   Twelve Simples: Hay-Waw, Zayn-Hhayt, Tayt-Yod, Lammed-Noun, Sammekh-Ayn, Tsadde-Qof establish, Riyah (Sight), Schimya (hearing), Rihha (smell), Shihhah (speech), Leitah (nutrition), Tashmisch (coition), Meassa (doing), Hilokh (walking), Roqhez (anger), Schhoq (laughter), Hirhour (thought), Schinah (sleep), are measuring twelve diagonals (or oblique lines): endless East-North, endless East-South, endless East-High, endless East-Low, endliess North-High, endless North-Low, endless West-South, endless West-North, endless West-Hight, endless West-Low, endless South-High, endless South-Low. Are widening out and leading from eternity to eternity: these are the arms of the world.
5:2   Repetition of the Twelve Simples: Hay-Way, etc. They are Hhaqaqan, Hhatsavan, Schaqalan, Tsarafan and Hamiran (as seen before) and form the Zodiac whose symbols are given by their initials: Tayt - Sheen - Tav; Samekh - Aleph - Bayt; Mem - Ayn - Qof; Ghimel - Dallet - Dallet. The twelve "form" the months of the Hebrew year: Nisan, Yaar, Sivan, Tammouz, Av, Eloul, Tishri, Marhhaschon, Kislev, Teveth, Schevath, Adar. They also "form" two hands, two feet, two kidneys, the spleen, the liver, bile, the stomach, two intestines. In the following passage six pair of equations play on the permutations of the letters: for example, one pair is Yod-Way-Ayn-Tsadde -- Yod-Ayn-Waw-Tsadde, and so forth. It seems useless to transcribe this passage because it means something only if read directly by the code. Reading it in Hebrew is still less interesting than reading the names of bodily organs as given in The Sepher Yetsira if it is not taken as an analogy of the structuration of the One energy.
5:3   Three Mothers and from them (issue) three Fathers, whence are formed Esch and Rouahh and Maim. Three Mothers, Seven Doubles and Twelve Simples.
5:4   Here are (the) twentry-two Autiot, (as meansured by) YAH, YHWH Tsebaoth Elohim Hhaim Elohi Israel, Exalted, On High, his eternal dwelling, holy (is) to him.

Chapter 6

6:1   Three Avot (Fathers) and their Toledot (generations) and seven Kawkabim (heavenly bodies) and their Tsebaot (mass or constellations) and twelve diametrical boundaries (or diagonally) and proof is in the spoken word. Faithful witnesses: Olam (universe), Schinah (transformation or year), Nefesch (breath or individual). The boundary: twelve, and seven and three. And they act quivering (vibrations) and whirling and "where, how?" (indefiniteness). Three: Esch and Maim and Rouahh. Esch towards the height, Main towards the low and Rouahh limits them (makes rules) kneeling between the two (as an intermediary) and in the spoken word indicates that Esch is subject (or object) of Maim: Mem is silent, Sheen (of Esch) is restless and Aleph (of Rouahh) rules them, kneeling between the two.
6:2   Vibration in the universe (space) is like a king on his throne: whirling in change (time) is like a king in his Medina (city): "the uncertain heart" (indetermination) in the individual is like a king at war: (and) also (from) Aleph (to) Tav (from beginning to end) all dies out: this opposing that (contradiction). (This is) caused by Elohim. Good opposed to evil. Good with good, evil with evil. Good with (from) Aleph (to) Tav, the appearance of evil, and evil with (from) Aleph (to) Tav, the appearance of good. The good guardian of goods, the evil guardian of evil.
6:3   Three: each keeps itself apart. And seven separates them three by three. The twelve in battle array: three friends, three enemies, three withthe living, three with the dead. The three friends are the heart, the ears, the mouth. The three enemies are the liver, the bile and the tongue. And EL, faithful king dominates everything. One is above three, three above seven, seven above twelve, and all communicate with one another.
6:4   Schetsefa Abraham, our father (may he rest in peace) (when he was set on emitting a flux, on participating in the vital flow), he looked, he saw, he explored, he articulated, he mapped out, he hewed, he combined, he structualized, he rased his hand and Adon Hakol (blessed be his name) filled him to overflowing, revealed himself to him, received him in his bosom, kissed him on the head, called him my friend and made a covenant with him and his descendents, which he authenticated with Hay (Abram becoming Abraham) and meted out justice to him (gave him an exact measure). And concluded with a covenant between the ten toes of the feet, and it is the covenant of circumcision, and between the ten fingers of the hands, and it is the covenant of the tongue, and attached to his tongue the twentry-two Autiot, and revealed Yassodan (their foundation) and sunk them in water, singed them by Fire, shook then by blowing, consumed them by the Seven and guided them by twelve constellations. Contents