Astrological Equations: Hamah : Sun

Hamah   /   Sun
5 40 8
Gematria: 53
Formative: 20 Khaf-Kaf
Sephira: 8 Hod
Direction: West
Contrary: 'Osser-'Oni

Hamah (Sun) formed by Khaf-Kaf is behind us (West) as we face the East. We do not see the sun, but only our shadow cast at our feet. We cannot look at it fixedly; it would blind us. We cannot stand the power of its emanations. It provides all energy; it destroys, burns and calcinates by its power. Its elemental Hhayt has to meet the elemental Mem of the Waters, and only then does it give forth its third Aut, Hay (life), and fertilise our actions. Its two formations are both in Arieh (Leo). By Khaf Hhamah is O'ser (richness) and by Kaf it is O'ni (poverty).

    Suares, The Sepher Yetsira (Yetzirah), p.133


Traditional Meaning:   Source of will, vitality, personal power. Personality or ego. Leadership, authority.
Formative Meaning:   Life: past: physical and unconscious/unstructured energy.

Sun/Hhamah: Hhayt-Mem-Hay: 8.40.5: two archetypal lives, Hhayt and Hay: one unstructured and conscious, one structured and material, joined in the biosphere: Mem. Two lives: the life of the container (Hay) and the life of the contained (Hhayt). And we find ourselves immediately in the central theme of the Qabala, where everything is an elaboration of the one dual energy and the two lives are immanent in YHVH.

The Sun and the Moon, physical and psychological energy, find their homes in Leo/Arieh and Cancer/Sartan, where -- unlike all the other planets -- their contrary qualities are found in the same sign. They are dual wellsprings of the one dual energy, both moving in both an evolutionary and an involutionary direction. See the Physical and Psychological Faces of the Cube of Space.

We can't understand the Sun/Hhamah without understanding Leo/Arieh. And when we do, we understand how the planet and its "home" or the sign and its "ruler" are themselves expressions of the one dual energy, as inner, activating energy and outer, responsive, environment. Once again we find a place where the arbitrary "assignments" of astrology and esotericism can be replaced with a deeper logic that speaks for itself.

5th: The Tayt (9) forms Arieh (Leo): Aleph-Raysh-Yod-Hay.

At (the first sign) we have seen Hay, life, form Tayt (9) with Toleh. Here at the fifth sign (Hay), the Tayt forms the Aleph. The name Arieh shows that the Aleph projected in the universe Raysh exists as Yod. This projection (the fundamental theme of the Qabala) is possible becouse the primordial cell, Tayt, engenders the Aleph. They are both alive and hence the Hay and the Hhayt of Hhamah (the sun) whose sign is Arieh. Hhamah here causes all the biological and conscious possibilities.

It is here that the primordial female gives birth to the intemporal, to the principle, to this Aleph that in so many ways is deified. Sign of endogeneity, it is the balance of two lives, Hay and Hhayt, that express the Sun, Hhamah (Hhayt-Mem-Hay: 8.40.5). Hhamah, our source of energy, is twofold in its "house": it speeds up evolving organic life and also its drying up destruction.

    Suares, The Sepher Yetsira (Yetzirah), p.153

Autiot:: Hayt-Mem-Hay, 8.40.5: unstructured energy/undifferentiated possbility -- biological resistance -- archetypal life.

Shamash, the other common Hebrew word for the Sun, is the anatomical representation of the physiological Hamah: it shows the two Sheen (Sheen/Seen) corresponding to the two lives of Hayt (unstructured) and Hay (structured) interacting with the biosphere, Mem.

Shamash   /   Sun
300 40 300
Gematria: 640
Hamanh   /   Sun
5 40 8
Gematria: 53

Another interesting comparison is between the equations for the Sun and Eve/Hheva, which shows why Eve is known as Hheva Kol H'ai, Mother of All Living:

Hheva / Eve
5 6 8
Gematria: 19
5 40 8
Gematria: 53
Tarot Autiot:
Sephirot: Sun/Hamah is formed by Kaf/Khaf at the 8th Sephira (unstructured energy/indefinite past). Note the semantic linkage: Hayt/8-Mem/40-Hay/5. The Sun is another planet given to wandering around the Tree of Life in various interpretations. The early Sepher Yetsira consistently says Kaf forms Hhamah/Sun at the 8th Sephirot. But what else could the sephirot of unstructured energy form but more unstructured energy?

8 Schmona Hod Oomq Maarav Hhari
Eight Glory Depth of West Behind
Seal: the 7th and 8th Sephirot are sealed by Hay-Yod-Waw and Hay-Waw-Yod, the axis of Life (Hay/5) which flows from future to past, where 7 is indeterminate and 8 is unstructured/indefinite.
Formative: Kaf/Khaf: physical supports for all material existence. There are those who doubt that Kaf forms the Sun. We need a theory consistent with observation, in this case that the ultimate source and support for biological life is the unstructured photonic radiation received from the Sun (as a product of Hydrogen fusion).

Note the semantic link between Hayt/8 (in the 8th Sephira and first letter Hayt of Hhamh) and Kaf spelled Kaf-Phay, 20-80. The energy formed at the 8th Sephira of formless energy is a container of actual possibilities. One can see that nothing is added to the set of signifiers except that 8 becomes 80 and 20 is a container/support for nothing-in-particular but everything actually possible.
Secondary Triad: The Sun is the first planet (lowest sephira and formative number) of the secondary triad, formed by the 8th, 9th and 10th sephirot, which, in contrast to the primary triad, is composed of all existential or cosmic-level numbers: Kaf/20, Phay/80 and Raysh/200. That means, of course, that things begin to actually happen in these sephirot, in contrast to evolutionary potentials defined by the previous three.
Binomial Sun/Hamah and Mars/Meadim: this double equation describes energy flowing from the indeterminate (7th Sephira) to the indefinite (8th Sephira). Mars is formed by Dallet/4, an archetypal number, but the Sun is formed by Kaf/20, an existential-level letter-number which provides the physical supports and material existence for the life (future/past) axis.

See Planetary Binomials in the Cube of Space
Direction: East/future: paired with its binomial West/past, receives the 7 of its Sephira and brings it into life. Zayn/7 in Mizrah and Ayn/70 in Ma'arav reflect the flow of energy we know as time: an indeterminate future acting on unstructured and undifferentiated energy and a realized past of conscious and unconscious structure/containment of experience. We face the future in Mars/Meadim and put the past behind us in Sun/Hamah.

East   West
255 8 200 7 40   2 200 70 40 312
Mizrah   Maarav

       In the East (the future) the 7 is an archetype, in the West (the past) 70 is a reality. The East acts on 8, the undifferentiated the West on 2, the house.

Subjective Direction: The stake in the game of life is represented by the principle of indetermination under the signs of Zayn, Ayn and Noun final, which allows life to be all that it can be on every level -- archetypal, actual, cosmic -- and by the blessing of the Sabbath. That blessing was confered by the Sheen of Shabatai at the 5th Sephirot of Life, where it lives in the realized freedom of Ayn/70, formative of Capricorn/Ghedi, the new birth.

Cosmic indetermination is implicit in Shabatai and Rom. It becomes explicit in the freedom (Ayn) that produces the second movement of Lama'alah, and then becomes the subject/object of the axis of Life, East/Mizrah and West/Ma'arav where biological structures (Mem) are conditioned with a future and a past defined in terms of the possible (Zayn/7) future evolution of consciousness (Hayt/8) at the Seventh Sephira and the realizations (Ayn/70) that build the house (2) of our (unconscious) past at the Eighth. Note that archtypal resistance, Dallet/4 forms the 7th, indeterminate Sephira, while realized actions (Kaf/20) contain the energies of the unstructured 8th.

Face   Behind
140 10 50 80   10 200 8 1 218
Phani   'Ahhari

Contrary Qualities: 'Osser/'Oni: Wealth and Poverty.

See Planetary Contraries for issues of semantic coherency between sephira, planet and contrary quality.

10 50 6 70    200 300 6 70
124    576
Gematria: 700

Zodiacal Environment: Arieh/Leo

The zodiacal signs are active environments for the impersonal energies of the planets and their structures are linked to their ruling planets as the natural homes for those energies. In this sense, the 12 zodiacal signs do not exist apart from the the planets, for the planets create the center and and faces of the cube of space and define the edges of the zodiac by their positions. We couldn't experience the zodiac, the "endless arms of the world" at all if the planets didn't carve out windows on the infinite.

Again, the theme of dual energy: the signs are "imprints" of the active planetary energies which structure and form our experience of life. The planet and sign should be read as a pair; the sign reflects the full potential of the planet as its natural environment or container. Thus, in the evolutionary cycle of the zodiac, life begins primitively with 5/Life forming Aries/Toleh and develops first an inner energy at 8/possibility/Cancer and then an outer, physical energy at 9/structure/Leo. As the man said, life forms the cell and then the cell forms Aleph with Leo/Arieh, spelled Aleph-Raysh-Yod-Hay, Aleph actually alive in a cosmic container. This endogenous resurrection of Aleph in the physical universe is at the heart of Arieh, where the unstructured/potential energy of the Sun is fulfilled.

Pointed Kaf forming Hhamah in Arieh expresses all human possibilities. Is it necessary to allude to what men make of Kaf, their activity?   SY 160

Hhamah the Sun, concentrates and projects the triadic energies constituting man: Shabatai, Tsedeq, Meadim.

  In Arieh Hhamah is both 'Osser and 'Oni. Its dual life (Hhayt, undifferentiated and Hay, evolutionary) express themselves in this sign where the ego establishes itself in every possible way, both in the universal Sheen-Raysh and in the contingent repetitive Noun-Yod.

In Mozenaim Hhamah vitalises the two opposed energies: Aleph-Zayn-Noun and Maim, where Aleph is drowning. If the person lacks maturity and emphasises the Mem, the call of Aleph can be a desperate cry for freedom.   SY 162-163

In Ghedi, Deli and Daghim Hhamah can allow the individual to attain a flourishing physical and psychic vitality, depending on her maturity. Contents