Rouhh/Ruach Elohim

8 6 200
Gematria: 214

Rouhh Elohim
40/600 10 5 30 1   8 6 200
86/646   214
Gematria: 300/860: Sheen


[Yom Echad]

The Spirit or Breath of God

Raysh, the twentieth letter of the Hebrew alphabet, is spelled Raysh-Yod-Sheen. The cosmic container, Raysh, contains in its structure, the twenty-first letter, Sheen, the cosmic breath of Elohim.

300 10 200

We see that in Sheen, spelled Sheen-Yod-Noun, the Universal Movement (Sheen/300) is in existence (Yod/10) and factually alive/cosmically indeterminate (Noun/50/700).   In Rouhh: 200-6-8: Raysh (200), the cosmic container, engenders/fertilizes (Waw, 6) unstructured substance or undifferentiated possibility (Hayt, 8). This is the breath (Rouhh) of Elohim which pervades and "creates" the universe:

Mayim   Al Phani   Merouhphat   Elohim   Ve Rouhh
waters   face of   hovered   God   breath

We are used to vague images of God creating, breathing, let-there-being, seeing and calling and so forth, and think, in our limited human comprehension, that we think we understand what is going on. It makes sense, right?

If we go a little deeper in our questioning, we might wonder, which came first, Rouahh or Elohim, Bereshyt Bara, or Elohim? Is Elohim the Actor, or a product of other processes, like Ayn-Sof?

In Rouahh Elohim, we find Rouahh Elohim in the Sheen of the Raysh of Rouahh, prexisting its use by Elohim to breath.

And what is this Breath, that already contains the Breath, or Spirit, of God? Besides the action, or fertilization, of all unstructured potentials by the Spirit (Sheen) already contained in the Container (Raysh)?

From this viewpoint, Creation is an endogenous process, not a product of an outside force. The Spirit of God arises from and is the vital part of, the Universe itself. If we can free ourselves from our one-way emanative or evolutionary ideologies, we can begin to see that energy-consciousness is doubly-structured by a Breath from Above and a Breath from Below, which are integrated in Rouahh Elohim.

There are three breaths involved in the formation of the First Four Sephirot, starting with:

SY 1:9 Ten Sephirot Belimah. One: Rouahh Elohim Hhaim, blessed and glorified his Name belonging to the life of worlds (space-time). Qol (voice) Ve-Rouahh (breath) Ve-Dabor (word) and it is Rouahh Haqadosch (the saint).

KJV Old Testament Hebrew Lexicon Strong's Number: 7307 Original Word Word Origin Rouhh from (07306) Transliterated Word TWOT Entry Ruwach TWOT - 2131a Phonetic Spelling Parts of Speech roo'-akh Noun Feminine

Definition: wind, breath, mind, spirit breath wind of heaven

breath of air air, gas vain, empty thing spirit (as that which breathes quickly in animation or agitation) spirit, animation, vivacity, vigour courage temper, anger impatience, patience spirit, disposition (as troubled, bitter, discontented) disposition (of various kinds), unaccountable or uncontrollable impulse prophetic spirit spirit (of the living, breathing being in man and animals) as gift, preserved by God, God's spirit, departing at death, disembodied being spirit (as seat of emotion) desire sorrow, trouble spirit as seat or organ of mental acts rarely of the will as seat especially of moral character Spirit of God, the third person of the triune God, the Holy Spirit, coequal, coeternal with the Father and the Son as inspiring ecstatic state of prophecy as impelling prophet to utter instruction or warning imparting warlike energy and executive and administrative power as endowing men with various gifts as energy of life as manifest in the Shekinah glory never referred to as a depersonalised force

King James Word Usage Spirit or spirit 232 wind 92 breath 27 side 6 mind 5 blast 4 vain 2 air 1 anger 1 cool 1 courage 1 miscellaneous 6 Total 378

Psalm 33:6: By the word of the LORD were the heavens made ; and all the host of them by the breath of his mouth. Contents