Carlo Suares: Sepher Yetsira: The Seven Doubles

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Sepher Yetsira: 4:12
4:12   The Seven Doubles, how does one permute them? Two stones build two houses, three buid six houses, four build 24 houses, five build 120 houses, six build 720 houses, and seven build 5040 houses. From there on go out and calculate that which the mouth cannot speak and the ear cannot hear.

These are the seven planets in the Universe: The Sun, Venus, Mercury, the Moon, Saturn, Juiter, Mars. These are the seven days in the Year: The seven days of creation. And the seven gates in the Soul are the two eyes, the two ears, the two nostrils, and the mouth. And with them were engraves the seven firmaments, the seven earths, the seven hours. Seven is therefore beloved for every desire under heaven.   Kaplan SY 1991 Short p.265
4:12   Seven Doubles. (This is) in what manner has combined them: two stones build two houses; three stones six houses; four stones twenty-four houses; five stones one hundred and twenty houses; six stones seven hundred and twenty houses; seven stones five thousand and forty houses, founded (established).

(These are the number of permutations of the objects from 2 to 7. The stones and the "established" houses give a general meaning to these calculations, relating them to everything made in the seven spheres of cognizable space-time.) Beyond (these seven spheres) of Tsadde-Aleph (of structuration) that which is imortant (to know) is why the mouth is unable to speak and the ears are incapable of hearing.

There are seven heavenly bodies in the universe: Hhamah
(Sun), Nogah (Venus), Kawkab (Mercury), Lvanah (Moon), Schabatai (Saturn), Tsedeq (Jupiter), Meadim (Mars). There are seven days Beschinah, seven days of Bereschyith (Biblical Genesis), and seven energies moving in the individual's two eyes, two ears, two nostrils and mouth. And Hhaqaq (engraved), seven spaces, seven lands, seven times and that is why is loved the seventh for everything moves under Schmaim.   Suares, SY 1976 109-110