Astrological Equations: Qoshet/Keshet: Sagittarius

Qoshet / Sagittarius
400 300 100
Gematria: 800
Formative: hay/heh
Edge: WH
Ruler: Mars/Meadim


Traditional Meaning: Aspiration, idealism, orthodox religion, philosophy, law. Over-confidence, dogmatism, fanaticism. In love with an ideal; foreign travel, liberating experiences. Experiences that lead to consciousness expansion, being receptive to new points of view, wisdom, enlightenment; using your talents for the benefit of the greater whole.

Formative Meaning: Sammekh/60, Female fertility/reproduction, forms Qoshet, the rainbow of cosmic energies: Qof (100) Sheen (300) Tav (400). The material energies and existential life of the previous sign (Noun/50) are perfected and reproduced.
The following sign, Qoshet, whose three cosmic letters (Qof-Sheen-Tav) are so impressive, is actually formed by the female sex, Sammekh, and is, almost ironically, Tsedeq (Jupiter's) abode. In this sign Tsedeq is formed by the pointed Ghimel, indicating that it is resistant to its own residence.

    Suares, The Sepher Yetsira (Yetzirah), p.142

The Third Door: The Perfection of Material Energy: Leo through Sagittarius

Now we can trace the full evolution of physical energy from the physical cell, Tayt/Arieh, through Sagittarius and the illusion of material perfection to the edge of Capricorn.

Flowing from the Tayt (cell) of Leo, energy emphasizes the formative Yod and gains actual existence in the next sign, Bayt-Tav-Waw-Lammed-Hay, 2.400.6.30.5 or container cosmic-resistance copulation movement life. Far from a virginal sign, Betolah/Virgo is pregnant with the cell of physical energy. Here, Mercury/Kawkab is Z'ar, Zayn-Raysh-Ayn, the seed of possibility.

Next, energy moves more deeply into materiality and Libra/Mozenaim, formed by the sign of organic movement, Lammed/30, finds Aleph and Yod in an "ambiguous" balance; the "ear" (Aleph-Zayn-Noun) listens in the Waters (Mem-Yod-Mem). Nogah/Venus, the Tenth Sephirot of material reality and the sensual psyche, resists itself and produces packages of light/possibility (Ki-Or) and mirages. The fruitfullness of these illusions is realized in the next sign.

In 'Aqarav/Scorpio, Ayn-Qof-Raysh-Vayt, the process of life that began with Hay/5 forming Aries/Toleh has reached its culmination. Formed under the aut of existential life, Noun/50, we could read it as achieved-freedom.cosmic-Aleph.universal-container.individual-container. Qof/cosmic Aleph's penetration down to archetype of the individual container ends the cycle. Mars/Meadim is Wise/Hhockmah here in determining what future to bring into existential life (Noun).

In the last sign, Qoshet/Sagittarius, Qof-Sheen-Tav is formed by the female centripedal energy of Sammekh/60 and is in some ways in opposition to it. Material energy has reached its perfection, but an immature personality will claim the authority of the cosmic Qof and will strive for the highest material position attainable. Suares points out that both Gemini and Sagittarius flow into Saturn at East-Top and West-Top. Both force a choice -- in Gemini between Tav-Aleph and the Waters, and in Sagittarius between material perfection/power and death and rebirth in the realized life of Capricorn. Contents