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Sepher Yetsira / Sefer Yetzirah: Book of Formation: trans. Carlo Suares, 1976, Aryeh Kaplan 1990
By thirty-two intermediaries YHWH projects Shem
Phayliot Nativot WeShtaim BeShlashim   1 Mishna
By Thirty-Two Nativot-Phayliot
With 32 mystical paths of Wisdom
Tseboat YHWH Yah Hhaqaq Hhokhmah    
Hhokmah carved (established or limited) Yah YHWY Tsebaot
engraved Yah the Lord of Hosts
El Shaddai Oulam Wemelekh Hha'im Elohim Israel Elohi
The Name in 42 Letters
Elohi Israel Elohim Hhaim Wemelekh Oulam El Schaddai
the God of Israel the living God King of the universe El Shaddai
Weqodosh 'Ad Maroum Schokan Venesha Ram Vehhenoun Rahhoum
The Name in 72 Letters
merciful clement magnified raised up (or respected) (who) lives (in) eternity (of) elevation and Holy (is)
Merciful and Gracious High and Exalted Dwelling in eternity whose name is Holy
and creates everything with three spheres
Be Sepher Sepherim Shalosha Oulamou Et Ve Bara Shemou
his name (which has) created his universe with (or by) three Sepharim (:) with Sepher
-- He is lofty and holy -- And He created His universe with three books
      Ve Siphour Ve Sephar    
Sepher and Sipour.
with text (Sepher) with number (Sephar) and with communications (Sippur)
Ve Shtaim Ve Esserim Belimah Sephirot Esser   Mishna 2
Ten Sephirot Beli-Mah and twenty-two
Ten Sefirot of Nothingness
  Kaphoulot Ve Sheva Amot Shalash Yassod Autiot
Autiot Yassod; three Mothers, seven doubles
And 22 Foundation Letters: Three Mothers, Seven Doubles
      Pheshoutot Esserah Ve Shtaim  
and twelve simples.
And twelve Elementals
10 Complete Responses and 22 Formative Letters: 3 Matrix 7 Dual and 12 Single
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  Note: three Sheen in the first verse

22 Autiot Yassod + Finals
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