Astrological Equations: Teomaim: Gemini

Teomaim / Gemini
40/600 10 40 6 1 400
Gematira: 497/1057
Formative: hay/heh
Edge: EH
Ruler: Kawkab/Mercury


Traditional Meaning: Intellectuality, literary affairs, work with hands, dualism. Changeability, indecision, superficiality. Curiousity, cleverness, skill, communication. Interaction.

Formative Meaning: Zayn/7, Principle of Indetermination, forms Teomaim. The Sheen that permeated Raysh in Shaur emerges as Aleph from Tav (Tav-Aleph/400-1, the beginning in the end) fertilizing (6) the Waters of Existence (40-10-40, Mayim).
Next, Zayn (7) forms an extremely interesting sign, Teomaim, in which Tav (400) and Aleph (1) in joint action (having united) fertilise the Waters, Maim, with Waw. Priority is given to Tav (the Aleph disguised as its own sanctuary). It will be emphasised in the next sign.

    Suares, The Sepher Yetsira (Yetzirah), p.141

Teomaim: Tav-Aleph projected directly (Waw/Union) into the Waters of Life (Mem-Yod-Mem/Mayim).

Both Toleh/Aries and Shaur/Taurus are relatively simple structures, coming at either the beginning or the end of an evolutionary/involutionary cycle. Life is either beginning in a simple cell and being fertilized with the Breath of God, or consciousness has matured past most conflicts between the material and the spiritual and exists in relatively unstructured states.

Teomaim/Gemini, Tav-Aleph-Waw-Mem-Yod-Mem, 400. (depending on the direction) is a complex structure with multiple semantic overlays.

Teomaim is the result of Toleh's fertilization by Shaur.

It is a combination of Toleh and Shaur, with Tav-Aleph for Tayt, Waw for Lammed and Mem-Yod-Mem, the waters of life, for Hay; while Tav-Aleph=Sheen in Waw/copulation with the "waters" or passive biological structures, of Raysh.

It is the first sign to contain either Aleph or Tav (or Yod) and brings both the beginning and end together to fertilize the waters of the biosphere. It is formed by Zayn, indetermination, which allows all evolutionary paths to be explored, and all that can be, to be.

Aleph and Tav, beginning and end, immaterial and material energies, are placed together in direct confrontation. In the evolutionary direction, these energies will need to differentiate, and as Suares notes, the material Tav will be emphasized in the next sign, Sartan/Cancer, home of the double Tav of the Moon. This process will continue until the final Tav of Qoshet/Sagittarius.

Moving in the involutionary direction, in Teomaim we have consciousness in conflict, caught between Tav-Aleph and the Waters, Aleph and Yod, similar to Adam's predicament with his future, Meadim. Under the formative of indetermination and uncertainty (7/Zayn) it forces a choice.

Kawkab/Mercury is Shemama (Waste) in this sign. The gematria of Sheen-Mem-Mem-Hay is 385, the same as Sheen-Kaf-Yod-Noun-Hay, Shekinah. Contents