Astrological Equations: Shaur: Taurus

Shaur / Taurus
200 6 300
Gematira: 506
Formative: hay/heh
Edge: ES
Ruler: Nogah/Venus
Shaur/Taurus in the Cube of Space


Traditional Meaning: Determination, interest in mundane affairs. -Endurance, thoroughness, conservatism, harmony. Grounding, bringing down to earth; constancy, steadiness, fixedness; spirit becoming embodied.

Formative Meaning: Waw/6, Union, forms Shaur, the Union of Spirit and Matter: Sheen-Waw-Raysh, Breath of God/Universal Movement (300) in Union/Copulation (6) with the Universe/Cosmic Container (200).

Following the zodiac, we now have Waw (6), the second named function of the cell, the symbol of reproduction. It forms Shaur, called Taurus, often considered as having an earthy, copulative character. It is far from being so: Shaur (Sheen-Waw-Raysh) is the cosmic activity of Aur (Light): Aleph-Waw-Raysh, the Sheen being the active agent of Aleph, "The Breath of God." It is the actualisation of the mythical "Cosmic Bridal" of the two energies as one. Shaur, as such, is the cosmic androgyn.

    Suares, The Sepher Yetsira (Yetzirah), p.141

Once again, the formative letter, Vav/Waw, 6, at the core of the zodical equation: Sheen-Waw-Raysh. The process begun with Hay, 5, is now cosmically fertile. On the highest symbolic level, Shaur is God's Love for His creation.

The two energies as one are Sheen, the representative of Aleph, and Raysh, the cosmic container or universe of God's creation. They are linked copulatively by Waw and are thus in union. Raysh (Raysh-Yod-Sheen) contains both existence and the return Breath. The cell of Toleh is fertilized and energized by this dual current. As a transitional stage, it is both before and after evolution, and Nogah/Venus here is Hhan (8.50/700) undifferentiated and unresolved possibilities of existential life.

Shaur / Taurus
200 6 300
Gematira: 506
300 10 200
Gematira: 510

This possibility will be emphasized in the next sign, Teomaim/Gemini, where Aleph and Tav appear in the same sign together to force a choice and Kawkab/Mercury is the active agent of selection. But here, in Shaur, we have either an early, primative state of development, or a very late stage of involution. Contents