Astrological Equations: Hhaim-Mot

400 6 40    40 10 10 8
446    68
Gematria: 514

Shabatai formed by     Vayt is Hhaim (alive) in Ghedi (Capricorn).
Shabatai formed by     Bayt is Mot (dead) in Deli (Aquarius).

Inner life and active (outer) life. According to whether our containers accept or resist the flow of energy. Accepting, Shabatai is alive in the dual Yod-Yod of the seed and the shell . Resisting, Mot is its opposite for purposes relating to the structuration of containers -- organic energy is projected to its ulimate end in the creation and dissolution of structures, and death.

There is considerable variation in the contrary qualities among versions of the Sepher Yetsira, with different qualities for the same planet (Short, Long, Saadia) or different planets for the same quality (Ari-Gra).

Version Formative Planet Contrary
Ari-Gra Bayt Moon Wisdom
Short Bayt Saturn Life
Saadia Bayt Saturn Life
Long Bayt Saturn Wisdom
Long Recap Bayt Saturn Wisdom
Donash Bayt Saturn Life
Kaplan, SY, p.178-9
And Early Recensions

As an alternative to seemingly arbitary categories, the contrary qualities of Saturn/Shabatai, formed by Bayt at the 5th Sephira and the first of the six outer dimensions of Adam Qadmon's Cube of Space, offer an opportunity to penetrate deeply into the integrated, multilevel logic of Qabalistic thought.

The central theme is life.

We recall that the problem, if you will, is how to attenuate the infinite energy of the Intemporal and create the living universe, or how to get from Ayn Sof to the created world. At the first Sephira, Keter in Zoharic terminology and Aleph-Hayt-Dallet/Tav, Ehad/t in formative structures, the infinite energy enters into a realm beyond creation, and in the Depth of Beginning (Reshit=Bereshit, infinite creative energy in a dual flow) brings forth the living Breath of God, Ruahh Elohim Hhaim. It is the trajectory and development of this Hhaim, life, that we are following.

1 Ehhat Kether Oomq Reshith Rouhh Elohim Hhaim
One Kether Depth of Beginning Breath of Elohim Alive

The first four sephirot continue the process of attenuating infinite energy; the result of this process at the 4th Sephirot (formative: archetypal resistance) is the creation of Esh Memaim, the Fire in the Waters, where Iysch, Aleph-Yod-Sheen, is alive, and the formation of Adam Qadmon's inner space is completed.

4 Arbaa Gedolah Oomq Raa Esch Memaim
Fourth Greatness Depth of Evil Fire of Waters

This accounts for one of the Yods in Ruahh Elohim Hhaim, the Yod of the contained. The last six sephirot develop the Yod of the container, Adam Qadmon's outer, or existential/experiential space, in contrast to his inner space developed in the first four.

And what is this Hhaim, translated as "life?"

Hhaim: Life/Living
40 10 10 8

If there is a Creator, the object of creation seems to have been life. Since Bereshit, life has always meant a container for the dual process of Aleph and Yod, the interaction of the Intemporal and Duration that creates all that is. The formative equation for archetypal Life is Hhayt-Yod-Yod-Mem,, which states precisely, in abstract generalized terms, what life is: a double existence (Yod-Yod) arising from unstructured energy (Hayt) and manifesting a biological pattern (Mem). Life is defined as the existence of the contained (Aleph) and the existence of the container (Bayt/Yod) in an (un)conscious (Hayt) biological organism, or as the sum of the evolutionary possibilities of the biosystem: an endogenous process, not something bestowed from the outside.

If we have been following the process of creation and formation through the first four sephirot, where the existence of the Spiritual/Intemporal Life (the first Yod of Hhaim) of Adam Qadmon is established, we are now ready, perhaps, to understand why Bayt forms Shabatai at the 5th Sephirot with the contrary qualities of life-death, and not some other contrary or planet.

We need only ask: what is the first thing that life needs to actually exist?

Sephirot: 5/Hay
10 400 2 300

The early Sepher Yetsira says a body.

And what is the distinquishing quality of the category of "body?"   Wisdom?   Wealth?  

Or life?

At the 5th Sephira of Life, Bayt the container froms Shabatai alive and stamps it twice with Yod-Hay-Waw to create a container/body for the inner and outer life of YHWH. These bodies are abstract, generalized containers across the range of psycho-biological structuration, and include cells, bodies, thoughts and egos.

Bereshit, Genesis, begins with Bayt, the second letter of the Hebrew Alphabet, and so does the Sepher Yetsira. Bayt, the archetypal container, is the first formative letter of Adam Qadmon's outer space, where the second Yod of Hhaim, the life of the Temporal, is developed.
5 H'amesh G'veruh Oomq Rom Lam'alah
Five Strength Depth of Height Above

The Zoharic attribute "Gevurah/Rigor" is not particularly helpful in understanding the 5th Sephira, but the formative meaning, "Life", echos on every level.

We recall that the 5th Sephira (Life) is sealed twice with Yod-Hay-Waw: the two lives of YHWH. Bayt is "king over life." The is because the 5th is a hinge between the inner life of the first four sephirot (the first Yod of Hhaim) and the outer life of the last six (the last Yod of Hhaim). It is where, when Saturn is alive, our bodies (Bayt) are tablernacles (Tav) for cosmic energy (Sheen) in existence (Yod). This is a state of realized freedom (Ayn/70 in Ghedi) symbolized by the Sabbath, achieved by few but potential in all.

"bestowed (the) kingship on Aut (Bayt) in (by) Hhaim ..."      Suares, SY, IV,5

"Make Bet king over life, bind a crown to it, and with it depict Saturn in the Universe ... "
"Make Gimel king, bind a crown to it, and with it depect Jupiter in the Universe ... "

Kaplan, Short, IV,5, SY, p.264
In the Short Version, Bayt bestows kingship in or by Hhaim, life. None of the other doubles bestow kingship in, by or over any other quality.

The Saadia Version omits this qualification entirely.

The Long and GRA versions confuse the contrary qualities with the Hhaim/Life of the 5th Sephira and add them to all the formatives:

"Bet king over wisdom ... Gimel king over wealth ... "       Kaplan, Gra, p.174-5
To summarize: the 5th/Life Sephira is the only twice-sealed (by Yod-Hay-Waw) Sephirot, which means that the 5th is stamped with the two Hays of YHWH, inner and outer life, which correspond to the two Yods of Rouahh Elohim Hhaim and the Hhaim-Mot of Shabatai's contrary qualities. This life will expand through the next five sephirot, reaching organic completion in Malkut. Here, the container/body for existence is formed, with its ultimate evolutionary destiny -- realized freedom in the state of continous new creation symbolized by Shabatai alive in Ghedi -- a body for the union and integration of the Yod-Yod of Hhaim. Life on every semantically-linked and integrated level.

Now we can consider death.
What isn't alive, in terms of bodies, is dead. The energy of Shabatai, which blesses us with life, can exist in two states: in one, the new birth is in a state of perpetual uncertainty and freedom, alive in the consciousness (Hhayt) of the dual Yod-Yod of life.
400 6 40
In the other, energy is structuralized in determinate states (Tsadde/90 forms Deli/Aquarius). When Shatatai/Saturn is alive, is is a body for indeterminate consciousness. When it is dead, it destroys the obsolete structures that are the containers/projections of consciousness.

Mot, Mem-Waw-Tav, 40-6-400, is the projection of biological patterns (Mem) directly into (Waw) cosmic resistance (Tav), the end of all structures. Structure (generalized material and psychological organization) is perfected. This is death. These structures will be dissolved in the next sign, Daghim, the container for cosmic consciousness, Qof, and Shalom for the Self.
  10 4 3
  10 30 4
40 10 3 4

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