Astrological Equations: Memshelah-Abadot

400 6 4 2 70    5 30 300 40 40
482    410
Gematria: 892

Lavanah formed by     Thav is Memshalah (ruler) in Sartan (Cancer).
Lavanah formed by     Tav is Abadot (slavery) in Sartan (Cancer).

Here, at the center of the action, we remind ourselves that the axes of the Cube of Space are created by three uni-directional flows of energy -- Top to Bottom, East to West and North to South -- that pass through our psyches (Tav/Moon) as threads through a needle. We experience these one-way flows as dual according to our orientation and resistance to them, which we then experience as the contrary (hard/soft) qualities of the planets.

Lavanah, the Moon, our psyche, is formed by Tav, the last letter of the Hebrew alphabet, the mirror and tabernacle for the intemporal energy of Aleph. Tav is the end of all energy, and it is also the beginning. This fact is profoundly reflected, as we have come to expect, in the linked formative/semantic categories of its contrary qualities, Abadot and Memshalah. The colloquial meanings -- slavery and freedom -- carry some of the linguistic weight of these equations and one can easily hear the path of energy in their phonemes: Abadot beginning in uncertainty and being progressively BounD to a final Tav/terminal; Memshala, a double Mem emitting/liberating a cosmic Sheen that activates (30/Lammed) to let life (5/Hay) spring forth: 'A/Ba/DoT-MeM/Sh/LaH.

These patterns represent a penetration, or burial of energy, and its complementary resurrection. If we have been successful in keeping all the linked categories relevant to this equation -- Hayt/unstructured energy forming Sartan (60-200-9-700), the residence of Lavanah the Moon formed by Tav/400 -- in mind then we can see that energy can move in two directions, one unstructured (Memshala) leading toward the indetermination of 7/Zayn/Teomaim/Gemini and one structured, leading to the determination of a physical cell in 9/Tayt/Arieh/Leo.

The signs through Sartan/Cancer have been concerned with the initial states/stages of the formation or structuration of the energy of biological existence. The zodiac begins with the Tayt/9 of Toleh. That Tayt reappears in Sartan, a female (60) cell (9) of unstructured psychological energy projected into indetermination (50/700 Noun final). The process that started at 5/Hay/Aries/Toleh has reached an end and a new cell is required and provided when Tayt appears for the last time as the formative of 'Arieh/Leo, where the complementary cell of physical energy if formed. This is the end of the sequence 5-6-7-8-9 and the basic requirements for existence have been met and will culminate in the next sign, Betolah/Virgo, where existence 10/Yod will be fulfilled: a partner for Aleph in the game of life.

If this energy is bound in 'Abadot, it will contribute to the formation of the cell of physical energy in the next sign, Arieh, formed, inevitably, by Tayt/9. If it is freed in Memshala, it will confront the choices found in Teomaim/Gemini, formed by Zayn/7 and continue on its involutionary way.

In all early versions of the Sepher Yetsira, the contrary qualities of Lavanah/Moon are specified as Memshala-Abadot. Suares points out (Sy, p.140), in his assignment of planetary rulers to noctural and dirurnal signs, that Abadot represents a nocturnal burial of energy, while Memshala is a diurnal springing forth. To accord with the other pairings (noctural-diurnal/soft-hard), Abadot-Memshala would be more consistent, but a deeper reason may be found in the unstructured Hayt of Sartan, where the Moon has both its homes: it cannot act, but must be acted upon, and is a mirror to structured energy.

In Sartan Lavanah is both 'Abadot and Memshelah.
In this sign (Cancer) we have seen both the burying of cosmic energy in the undifferentiated world and its rising in the undetermined. Here the end is in the beginning and the beginning in the end. Here all the transfigurations of the feminine can begin.
Suares, pp.171
Hhayt forms Sartan:
Biological development re-starts from the undifferentiated Hhayt. Female and feminine fertility, Sammekh (60), draws from the Raysh (cosmic 200) its primordial sustance, Tayt (9), and endgenders all the cosmic possibilities, Noun final (700) in the name Sartan. In this sign the Moon, Lavanah ( is very alive. It gives rise to two poles of energy, burying itself in the ground and rising.         Suares, SY, pp.151 Contents