Astrological Equations: Deli: Aquarius

Deli / Aqaurius
10 30 4
Gematria: 44
Formative: tsadde
Edge: SH
Ruler: Shabatai/Saturn


Traditional Meaning: Humanitarianism, science, new systems, corporations, universality, universal friendship. Ideal relationships and organizations, based on freedom and cooperation between individuals; free-thinking, unorthodox, not shackled by outdated ideology; the perfection of society.

Formative Meaning: Tsadde/90, Feminine structuration, forms Deli, a resistance (4) and organic movement (30) in existence (10).

Deli, Aquarius, is formed by Tsadde, 90, sign of feminine structuration.

Tsadde structuralizes, from the     of Eretz  to the     of Yetsira.

In the Cube, Deli/Aquarius is the South-Top diagonal, formed by Tsadde in a flow from Mercury to Saturn. Saturn/Shabatai is Mot/Dead here. Aquarius draws from the pool of unstructured energies / sum of all possible probabilities provided by the previous letter, Pay/Phay to create new structures in service of life, in process destroying the obsolete.

The key to both personal and societal development is the transformation of the feminine in both the individual psyche and women's roles and choices in society. Both depend on liberation from (often very primitively) conditioned patterns and repressive and exploitative environments. Female conditioning, resulting in the repetition of the same structure, must develop into feminine wisdom and choice.

  Tsadde, forming our coming Era, is also, as we have seen, the Sun's residence formed by the diagonal North-Top (Venus-Saturn), whereas its own diagaonal is South-Top (Mercury-Saturn). Twelve thousand years of sensorial aspirations towards Shabatai to the activity of Mercury, the mythological messenger of the gods. Twelve thousand years of structures will fall to pieces, and with the gradual awakening of womanhood, new structures will be allowed to build a new world. With the ending of Pisces the Scriptures are already fulfilled, although most people are unaware of it. Organized religions will have to re-discover the Sacred Fount of Knowledge, or else they will be more and more petrified. Their rituals will be adopted and accommodated more and more to the customs, creeds and superstitions of primitive communities. They will lose all their original significance.

  Helped by the consent of Jupiter, the powerful drive of Pisces (diagonal Mercury-Jupiter) will force its way through the dead Saturn of Aquarius. It will be an era of great hopes, but of great strife, destruction and conflicts. The human or, rather pre-human mass, as a result of proliferation where conditions are at their worst, will be in a state where it will be impossible to live, while the rich, technically highly evolved part of the word will destroy itself in all respects, so that its life also will become impossible.

  Aquarius will be an Age of difficult transition before humanity really meets Shabatai, living in Ghedi, whose diametrical Cancer with its diagonal East-Bottom (Mars-Jupiter). Then, perhaps, the Cosmic Nuptials may be celebrated on Earth: either humanity will be worthy of such a blessing, or be in conditions more or less similar to those of the Deluge, or to some prehistorical glacial Era, with no one to witness it.

Suares, Sepher Yetsira, 1976 p.147

  10 4 3
  10 30 4
40 10 3 4
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