Avot: Fathers

400 6 2 1
Gematria: 409

3:2 Three Mothers: Aleph Mem Sheen Sod Gadol, Mev Phaylay Vemakossa sealed by six seals (or hall marks) and from them are derived Fire, Waters divided (into) male and female. Three Mothers: Aleph Mem Sheen, Yassodan and from them the Fathers, the creators of everything, are born.

Avot, the Fathers, Air, Water and Fire, are the elemental manifestations in the World of Yetsira, Formation, of the Three Mother letters, Aleph, Mem and Sheen. From them (or their names) everything is created.

The Fathers are intermediary in the creative process, between the Mothers, which create themselves and each other, and the rest of everything else.
Air Water Fire

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