Astrological Equations: Arieh: Leo

Arieh / Leo
5 10 200 1
Formative: hay/heh
Edge: NH
Ruler: Mars/Meadim


Traditional Meaning: Vitality, authority. Affection, nobility, generosity, loyalty, dignity, leadership. Ego, self-centered, arrogant; fixed, stubborn, persistant.

Formative Meaning: Tayt/9, Cell/Structure forms Arieh, a cell for physical/solar energy. Aleph (1) is buried in the containers of the Universe (200) which are existence (10) alive (5). Their existence will be affirmed in the next sign, formed by Yod/10, space-time and duration.
In conclusion, Sartan filled with Tav, formative of the Moon, needs a new cell to fertilise it, but Tav can only blend with Aleph: the two opposite poles of energy must meet. So we come to Arieh, (Aleph, Raysh, Yod, Hay) meaning that Aleph gives existence (Yod) and life (Hay) to its cosmic container, Raysh. The name Arieh, meaninglessly called Leo, is, in fact, formed by Tayt, a cell, and is the residence of the purveryor of all earthly energies, the Sun.

    Suares, The Sepher Yetsira (Yetzirah), p.142

Energy has evolved from primitive beginnings in Aries/Toleh, through Sartan/Cancer where it acquired the cell (Sammekh-Raysh-TAYT-Noun) of interior, psychological energy and formed the environment of Lavanah/Moon, our own psyches, with the Hayt/8 of (un)conscious energy. Arieh/Leo is formed by Tayt/9, the last of the archetypal formative numbers 1-9, and the end of a cycle of development started with Aleph/1. Tayt is the archetype of a physical cell, an energy capable of carrying Aleph and propagating it into existence (the reflection of these 9 into the actual/existential level of the letters Yod/10 through Tsadde/90).

Arieh/Leo forms the cell (Tayt) of physical energy which will come into actual existence in the next sign, Betolah/Virgo, formed by Yod/10. Aleph-Raysh-Yod-Hay: Aleph creates the Raysh/cosmic container for Yod/existence to be Hay/alive. Just as Sartan was the double home of the Moon, Arieh is the double home of the Sun, with both contrary qualities found in the same sign, which means the same as it did there, that energy can flow in two directions.

It is not enough for energy to blend, the two opposite poles must meet and a new cell must be formed. Tayt/9 (cell) forms Arieh/Leo, Aleph-Raysh-Yod-Hay, Energy now can proceed in two directions -- as evolution of physical energy or involution of psychological energy. If the physical cell of Tayt is emphasized, energy developes an outer existence through the signs of objectivity from Virgo through Sagittarius, where material perfection is achieved.

If the unconscious Hayt of Hamah, Sun, Hayt-Mem-Hay is emphasized, it can join with the Hayt forming Sartan, and begin a journey backwards.

From Aries to Leo and Back

The signs now describe psychological stages as energy springs free (Memshalah) of the female unconsious structures of Sartan/Cancer to encounter the selection process (Shemama) operating between the Tav and Aleph of Teomaim/Gemini (one can be the projection of Tav-Aleph, or the Waters). Then the ambivalance of Shaur/Taurus -- where Sheen couples with Raysh and the image of the Cosmic Androgyne resides -- leads us back to the beginning, where the "folly" of Mars projects Aleph into the Universe.

Oomq/Depth and Geveruh/Strength share the 216 gematria with Arieh. Contents