Astrological Equations: Shabatai/Shabbatai : Saturn

10 400 2 300
Gematria: 712
Formative: 2 Vayt-Bayt
Sephira: 5 Gevurah
Direction: Above
Contrary: Hhaim-Mot
Ghedi Deli

Shabatai / Saturn

Traditional Meaning:   Limitation, restriction, discipline. Time as Chronos, father of Aether, Eros and the Hours. Sorrow and hardships. Father. Malefic. Modern: Form as definition, focalization, differentiation, personal identity.
Formative Meaning:   2/Bayt forms Shabatai, responsible for the containers of cosmic life on all levels of abstraction. Under the impact of the cosmic breath (Sheen) Shabatai builds a container (Bayt) to serve as the Tabernacle (Tav) of cosmic Aleph in existence (Yod). The life of all containers, from body to consciousness. Depth of Above/Otherness in the Cube of Space. Higher goals and aspirations. Duality: Hhaim-Mot (alive-dead) in Ghedi/Deli (Capricorn/Aquarius) -- a new birth or the death of structures.
The traditional astrological connotations of Saturn only hint at the semantic complexity and deep structure of Shabatai and its related equations. The formative language of the Sepher Yetsira provides an opportunity to understand the inner meaning of the planet and its significance for human existence. Instead of vague associations, we can penetrate into the core of Shabatai and the other living planetary bodies and understand their essential nature and interrelatedness.

The vertical axis of the 5th and 6th Sephirot passes completely though our bodies. It is sealed by Yod-Hay-Waw (twice) and by Yod-Waw-Hay. This is the axis of Yod, formative of ex-is-tence.

        How is it that we cannot remember that Schabatai in the 5th Sephira, is blessed with two seals by Yod-Hay-Waw? How is it that this prodigious energy is not recognised to be monopolising its sign, Ghedi, a new life, whose common elements are movement, resistance and existence? Why is the evidence that Ghedi is formed by 70 (Ayn) not recognised? Lastly, why is it not seen that Schabatai is here Hhaim?           Suares, SY, 158

SY: 1:13    Five: three Autiot among the simples. Sealed (the) height (or apex). Three chosen. Solidified them with his great Name: Yod-Hay-Waw. And sealed with six extremities. Turned towards the upper, sealed it with Yod-Hay-Waw.

A little detail, usually overlooked, that the apex and 5th Sephira are sealed twice by Yod-Hay-Waw, unlike the rest which receive a single seal, but so important for an understanding of Saturn/Shabatai, formed by Bayt in the Universe at the 5th Sephira of Life.

SY 4:5     (This is) in what manner was bestowed (the) kingship on Aut (Bayt) in (by) Hhaim (the living) and bound (a) crown on it and created with Schabatai (Saturn) in the universe and Yom Rischon (Rishon) (the day of principle) Beschinah (in the transformation) and Ein Yamin (right eye) Benefesch (in the individual).

The 5th Sephira is a hinge-point between the inner and outer energies of Adam Qadmon as symbolized and determined by the axes/center and faces of the cube, respectively, the first four sephirot and the last six. The 5th (archetypal life) Sephira reflects an inner (Hay-Waw) and outer (Hay-Waw) Life. Saturn/Shabatai is the agent for the realization of those two lives.

Shabatai (Saturn) is formed by Vayt-Bayt on the upper surface of the cube and thus graces us with the blessing of the Sabbath. It gives us freedom of action through the release of our complete vitality. Its name is Sheen, the cosmic breath, Bayt, our physical body, Tav, the completion of our body as a Tabernacle of universal life-death and, finally the Yod manifested existence. Thus Shabatai on our head showers us with symbolic fire, that which forms the head: it is Hhaim (alive) by Vayt in Ghedi (Capricorn), and Mot (dead) by Bayt in Deli (Sagittarius).

    Suares, The Sepher Yetsira (Yetzirah), p.132

Just as Dallet, 4, resistance, resonates though the structure of Meadim, Bayt, 2, archetype of containment and duality, is at the core of Shabatai. In the case of Meadim, Aleph and Yod are locked in the waters of existence (mayim); here Sheen (300), acts on our bodies (Bayt/2) to make them tabernacles (Tav/400) of cosmic energy, manifest (Yod/10) and alive (Hhaim). The two Yod's of Hhaim (Hayt-Yod-Yod-Mem) reflect what this life is: unstructured energy providing two existences for the two Hays of the double seal of the 5th Sephira.

... Shabatai, living in Ghedi, is none other than "sanctification of the Seventh Day," a symbol whose realisation, considering the average state of human consciousness, is very far away. It is a state of endogenous life and action, a focusing of cosmic energy in unity and in its essential duality.           Suares, SY, p.146
Linked Semantic Categories of Shabatai:

Bayt (Beth-Beis-Bayit) in the Linked Categories of the Sepher Yetsira
# Sephirot Seal Letter Planet Universe Change Soul Luria GD
5 Gevurah Shabatai Day 1 Right Eye

Shabatai Hhaim Ayn Ghedi
Mot Tsadde Deli

Autiot: Sheen-Bayt-Tav-Yod, 300.2.400.10. In Bereshit, Yod is created between Sheen and Tav. Here, rather than the endogenous resurrection of Aleph in Bayt-Raysh-Aleph (Sheen-Yod-Tav), we find the cosmic process (Sheen-Tav) focused on individual containers (Bayt) in existence (Yod). Missing only Raysh-Aleph, Shabatai is a subset of the total creative process, projected into existence (10), with the goal of building containers able to house Aleph.
Tarot Autiot:

Sephirot: The early versions of the Sepher Yetsira all state that Saturn is formed at the 5th Sephirot. Of all the planets given to wandering around the Tree of Life in different authoritative interpretations, Shabatai/Saturn is the most likely to be found among the first four sephirot, where no version of the Sepher Yetsira, ancient or redacted, places it. The "Six" are the sephirot 5 through 10, which form Adam Qadmon's "outer" space, and the classical planets Saturn through Venus. The Zoharic names of the the sephirot are a semantic subset of the formative name. What is important to know is that the 5th Sephirot is the Sephirot of Life, and it is sealed twice with Yod-Hay-Waw.

5 H'amesh G'veruh Oomq Rom Lam'alah
Five Strength Depth of Height Above

Seal: Turned towards the upper, sealed it with Yod-Hay-Waw. The 5th Sephira is sealed twice by Yod-Hay-Waw. As noted, these are the inner and outer lives (Hay) of YHWH, and the two Yod of Hayim. This is the axis of existence (Yod), which is found to have an inner and outer component.
Formative: Bayt forms Sheen-Bayt-Tav-Yod. Why Bayt forms Shabatai ("the ringed planet") and not some other planet.

Chapter 4, verse 5 will tell you a lot about what version of the Sepher Yetsira you are reading.

SY IV: 5     (This is) in what manner was bestowed (the) kingship on Aut (Bayt) in (by) Hhaim (the living) and bound (a) crown on it and created with Schabatai (Saturn) in the universe and Yom Rischon (the day of principle) Beschinah (in the transformation) and Ein Yamin (right eye) Benefesch (in the individual).

The Sephirot 5-10 develop the outer/existential space of Adam Qadmon. The container for cosmic consciousness is established with an inner and outer life at the 5th/Life Sephira; the Sheen and Tav encourage Bayt to become a Tabernacle for Aleph. The container must be formed first, which is why Bayt/2, the semantic prime of containment, forms Shabatai, the equation for the complete release of vitality.
Triad: Shabatai at the 5th Sephira begins the primary triad of Saturn-Jupiter-Mars.
Binomial: Opposite sephirot on the axes of the Cube of Space can be considered as two aspects of the same energy, because they are opposities and they are sealed with the same initial letter of YHWH: YHW and YWH in the case of the 5th and 6th Sephirot. The energy is a one-way flow which appears two-fold to us according to our orientation to the flow and resistance/acceptance of the planetary energies.

In this case the flow is from the 5th/Life Sephira to the 6th/Union Sephira, defining the first axis of the Cube of Space: the vertical/existential axis, sealed, again, by Yod. The axis defines existential identity as Body (Shabatai) and Self (Tsedeq).
Upper   Lower
246/806 40/600 6 200   400 8 400 808
Rom   Tahhat

Rom, Upper, or Above, shows Raysh, the whole universe, above us, penetrating (Waw) all biological structures (Mem) with its Sheen-Noun. Tahhat, lower, related to Hhatam, Seal, shows unstructured energy arising between two cosmic resistances.

Subjective Direction:
Over   Under
175 5 30 70 40 30   5 9 40 30 84
Lama'lah   Lamatah

Lama'alah/Over and Lamatah/Under complement this duality with another polarity. Controlled organic energy, Lammed/30, in biological structures (Mem/40) takes two paths: towards the determination of cellular structure in the Tayt in Lamatah, or towards the realization of freedom in the Ayn of Lama'alah. Both are alive, but the indeterminate yields a second movement (Lammed). This is the structural circuit of the energizing energy of existence, sealed with Yod, the result of Rom burying itself in Tahhat and resurrecting as consciousness. The next double pair of equations will begin with Mem/40 and concern themselves with the fate of organic structures, under the seal of Hay, 5, Life, at the Seventh Sephirot.

Contrary Quality:

400 6 40    40 10 10 8
446    68
Gematria: 514
Zodiacal Environment: Ghedi/Capricorn and Deli/Aquarius are the zodiacal homes of Saturn/Shabatai. In Capricorn, the nocturnal home, formed by Ayn/70 of realized freedom, Saturn is Hayim, Life. In Aquarius, the diurnal home, formed by Tsadde/90, Saturn builds and destroys structures (Tsadde) and is Mot, Dead.

Pointed Bayt is Shabatai's "death" in Deli, in the sense in which it is said that "If the seed does not die ... or the shell is broken at the birth of a chick." Of this nature is the fruitful death of Shabatai.

In Ghedi Shabatai is Hhaim. The equation Ghedi places the elements 3.4.10 in their simple state of life. In this sign Shabatai drives the individual to work hard, both internally and externally. Its Sheen (300) and its Tav (400) on either side of Bayt, try to confer a double animation on it (with the two Yod of Hhaim) by cause Hhayt to arise from its unconsciousness.

In Deli Shabatai is Mot. What is usually translated as "the death" of Shabatai in Deli (and Mot in general) is the transfer of physical Mem (40) to cosmic Tav (400). In this sign Shabatai opens unknown worlds that attract the individual and tend to make him lose his balance. By a succession of jumps through space, going from 40 to 400, the individual dies to himself, or at least, to the sense of his own reality. By the Dallet (4) of Deli and its organic Lammed (30), the individual can react against this current, but it requires an extreme effort.

In Shaur Shabatai finds an analogous setting: Sheen for Sheen, Waw for Bayt, Raysh for Tav. The Bayt of Shabatai, as well as its Tav (2 and 400) give consistency and resistance to the Waw and to the Raysh of Shaur, stabilizing them, so to say, in a solid container. The conjunction of the two Sheen affored deep meditation.

In Teomaim Shabatai is, as we have seen, in a setting where Aleph and Yod live together characterized by separate identites. Aleph comes out of its Tav sanctuary, and its fruitfulness (Waw) meets Maim, Waters in whose depths is Yod. Shabatai, being precisely the "reply" of Tav and Yod to Sheen, the breath of Aleph, is here the catalyst. The individual is faced with having to blend two different directions.   SY 162-163 Contents