Astrological Equations: Hhokmah-Olet

400 30 6 1    5 40 20 8
437    73
Gematria: 510

Dallet formed by     Thallet is Hhokmah (intelligent) in Aqarav (Scorpio).
Dallet formed by     Dallet is Olet (folly) in Toleh (Aries).

These are the contrary qualities of the formative Dallet, archetype of resistance. "We project on Mars the maturity we have not yet attained. Our response to that projection is Hhokmah (intelligence) by Thallet in 'Aqarev (Scorpio); our blunt resistance to that future is Olet (folly)." Olet: Aleph fertilizes Lammed and projects Mars' resistance into the cosmic 400, destroying all personal resistance to life. This can be "madness."

In Aqarav Meadim is Hhokhah: the conditioned man finds his personal realization in this sign. He is Hhokmah (, that is to say, his subconscious (8) comes into view, enters fully into existence (20) and tries to resolve all kinds of problems (Mah: what?). In fact, 'Aqarav opens all possibilities to him (Ayn: 70) and, by Qof (100), permits the Aleph captive in him to have access to the Universal. Meadim's awakening, however, does not change its nature, which can be summed up in the one word: resistance. It impounds Raysh and Vayt, the outcome of 'Aqarav, in a "house." Meadim claims to know itself and gains positive confidence.         Suares, SY, pp.166
In Toleh Meadim is Olet from its hardening that occurs in this sign. It breaths its cosmic resistance into an embryonic consciousness.         Suares, SY, pp.166
Hay forms Toleh:
From the zero of the Zodiac of life, Hay confers on the primordial cell, Tayt (9), the Lammed (30) of the organic movement and Life (Hay): Toleh. Here Meadim (Mars) is seen marked with pointed Dallet (4) which forms it, symbol of reistance, to become Olet (translated: madness). This last word, Aleph-Waw=Lammed-Tav indicates that Aleph rises, fertilses Lammed, the organic movment with Waw, and projects Mars's resistance into the cosmic 400. This fantastic projection destroys all presonal resistance to life: enough for anyone to be 'fixated'!         Suares, SY, pp.151
Noun forms 'Aqarav:
The half-awoken consciousness projects innumerable images. Manifested life (Noun) oopens the wayto all the possibles forming 'Aqarav (, Scorpio. This schema projects the image of the cosmic Aleph (Qof) into the manfested world and animates its contents (Bayt). This process actuates Mars which, here, is in its unpointed sign, The "Wisdom" of Mars is earthy. Its name Meadim, which decoded, shows a particular condition of Aleph.         Suares, SY, pp.154 Contents