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1:4 Ten Sephirot Belimah. Ten and not nine. Ten and not eleven. Understand with Hhokmah, Meditate with Binah. Examine them. Delve into them and experiment with them. And the one who is there (standing) speaks to his creator and puts the maker of form in his rightful place (or, his foundation).   Suares, SY 1976 p.71

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Cube of Space
Duality and Unification in the Sepher Yetsira
Cosmologial Models and the Autiot of Descent
Astrological Correspondences in the Sepher Yetsira
Sepher Yetsira: The Formative Meanings of the Ten Sephirot Belimah
Sephirotic Systems in the Sepher Yetsira, Bahir and Post-Zohar Kabbalah
Sephirot in the Sepher Yetsira: Summary
Thirty-Two/32 Paths of Wisdom: Energetic Transformations in the First Four Sephirot
The Name of God in 42 and 72 Letters
Back Cover: Suares: Sepher Yetsira (1976)
Hypertext Sepher Yetsira Carlo Suares trans. (1976)
Short Version trans. Aryeh Kaplan (1990)
Short Version trans. Aryeh Kaplan + Gruenwald and Hayman's Numbering
Kaplan's Short Version + Ronit Meroz' Three Accounts (2007)
Peter Hayman's Earliest Recoverable Text (2004)
Hayman, A. Peter. Sefer Yesira .. Edition, Translation and Text-critical Commentary (TSAJ 104), T|bingen 2004.split
Sefer Yetsirah, a derivation of Hayman's experimental "earliest recoverable text," by Aharon Varady for practitioners -- the Open Siddur Project (untrans in Hayman)
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1:8 Ten Sephirot Belimah. Shut (or, restrain) your mouth and do not speak (or, enclose the word) and your heart and do not think (or, let your heart enclose its thought) and if your heart begins to run, return to the place where it is said: lives run and come back, and on this word (the) covenant is made.   p.73