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Gematria: 80/640
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Biological: Organ: There are inter-actions of atoms which constitute a network of ways of communications (the Endo-plasmic Reticulum ). The plasma is the liquid part of the blood.
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Suares:   Dallet-Mem-Tav (4.40.400): the physical resistance of structures, Dallet (4) finds its purveyor in the maternal waters, Mem (40), where all life originates. Tav (400) is the exaltation of the entire cosmic existence in its utmost capacity to resist to life-death. The root Dallet-Mem (Dam) is "blood" in Hebrew and the root Mem-Tav (Met) is "death." Thus the two together express the complete cycle of existence.

Mem (40) as in Maim (waters) has practically no resistance at all, no hardness, but is responsive to forces acting on it. In fluid mechanics water is often imagined to be a perfect fluid without resistance and thus as a projection of Dallet (4) we see another example of opposites. However, Mem also responds as the waters and is vital to life as we understand it.      Suares, Spectrograms

Mem: spelled Mem-Mem: 40-40. Mem, like Waw, contains only a copy of itself. The gematria of Mem-Mem is 40+40 = 80, Phay, the sum of actual possbilities. The structure for actualizing them is Mem-Yod-Mem, the passively resistant Waters (Mayim is waters in Hebrew) of existence, which nuture all life. The gematria of Mayim is 40+40+10 = 90, Tsadde, a realized structure.

Besides Mem itself, only three letters have Mem within them -- Ghimmel, Lammed and Sammekh -- uncontrolled, controlled and interior organic movement.

See: Mayim and The Mothers.

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