Astrological Equations: Lavanah : Moon

Lavanah / Moon
5 50 2 30
Gematria: 87
Formative: 400 Thav-Tav
Sephira: 1/4 Keter
Seal: None
Direction: Kernel
Contrary: Memshelah-Abadot

Lvanah, the Moon, alone is inside the cube, at the centre. Therefore it is inside our psyche. It is formed by Thav and Tav, a strange tabernacle of cosmic energy, resisting Aleph to the point of being Aleph itself. Its name, beginning with the Lammed of Al, projects an infinite organic movement into our consciousness and engenders both the Noun of manifested life and the Hay of life -- two lives, one manifested, the other essential. The moon is regarded here as the source of our psychic energy. Its two formations by Thav and Tav, are both in Sartan (Cancer): Memshelah (towards a high evolution) by Thav and Abadot (in slavery) by Tav.

    Suares, The Sepher Yetsira (Yetzirah), p.134


Traditional Meaning:   Feelings, reactions and instincts. The body and superficial expressions of personality. Everyday affairs, change, the mother. Bio-psychic functions and feeling-instinct response. Adaptation to experience.
Formative Meaning:   "The Whiteness"   Psyche: center of experience: psychological structure as free and bound energy. Tav, sanctuary of Aleph, forms Lavanah: a moving awareness of inner and outer life. What could be easier to understand?
The Undisclosed Secret Location of the Center of our Being:
SY IV:3     Seven Doubles: Vayt, Djimel, Thalet (and) Khaf, Phay, Raysh, Thav as in the presence of Seven extremities, six of which -- height, depth, East, West, North and South -- and the holy sanctuary (which) directs them from the middle (or kernel) and it is the Aleph-Tav theme of everything.             Suares, SY, 1976

All of the earliest versions of the Sepher Yetsira place man in the center of the cosmos and Lavanah, the Moon, in the seventh, "hidden direction" of the Holy Palace, in the center of his experience in the Cube of Space. The Moon is inner, psychological energy and structure, defined as free/bound states of energy. The idea that the human psyche (always represented by lunar symbolism) is the center of our experience seems to have been met with strong resistance from both the post-Lurianic kabbalists and their western Hermetic re-decoraters, who claim that either Jupiter or Saturn belongs in the center of our being. The strangeness of these ideas apparently does not affect their survival, despite their uselessness for a scientific metapsychology.

Autiot: Lammed-Bayt-Noun-Hay: The Lamed of AL, infinite organic movement projected into the B/Vayt of our consciousnesses, engenders both an outer, existential life in Noun and an inner, archetypal life in Hay. Binah, Nogah and Lavanah all carry the stamp of the double life.

This moving (Lamed) awareness (Bayt) of outer (Noun) and inner (Hay) life is the Moon, source and symbol of psychic energy.
Tarot Autiot:

Justice (Lammed: controlled equilibrating movement/energy tranfer) penetrates the World (Bayt: consciousness as container) and gives rise to a double life: Death (Noun: existential life) and Life (Emperor: archetypal life).

Sephirot:   If the Seventh is not one of the outer Six, and Malkut is not discounted as a planetary sephirot (a later development), then it has to be one of the First Four. We can place it either Fourth (Gedolah: Esch Memaim) or First (Keter: Rouhh Elohim Hhaim). Remember that Tav is the Sanctuary of Aleph.

Seal:   None.
Formative: Tav, cosmic resistance, is the mirror of Aleph, infinite compressive energy in opposition to infinite expansive energy. If Lavanah is formed by any other letter, it loses its basis in the sanctuary of energy.

Kawkab and Lvanah revive the whole initial theme of the cosmic sphere: the universe's reply to the breath which animates it.

In a final abstraction this achievement reaches perfection in Lavanah, where Thav and Tav are reunitied. There the deeply hidden energy and its arising as a result of primordial substance, resumes the fundamental theme of the Qabala. This has given rise to a death and resurrection of a deity, a mythological conception that reflects the idea that life perpetually dies and is re-born. Here, to those "who search, who see, who study thoroughly, who understand, who map out, who group ideas, who carve the way, and who erect with their hands" is shown the endogenous nature of the universe.

    Suares, The Sepher Yetsira (Yetzirah), p.160

7 Doubles: Levels of Action
2 3 4
20   80
200   400
Kawkab and Lavanah revive the whole initial theme of the cosmic sphere because they are the only two cosmic level formatives: Raysh/200 and Tav/400. This roots them beyond space-time, on the other side of the wall of light from the archetypal formatives.

Raysh/200, the universal container as cosmic, superconscious mind, forms Kawkab/Mercury, which brings the message of sensous existence into consciousness as inward reflection and outward activity. All thought is rooted in the universal Mind.

Lavanah, formed by Tav/400, situates Aleph's opposite pole and mirror reflection in the center of our being. The Sepher Yetsira places Man in the center of creation and defines his psyche as a structure capable of being the sanctuary of infinite energy, Aleph.

Triad: Lavanah is the intersection point for the three axes and two triads, the psychological triad of Saturn-Jupiter-Mars and the physical triad of Sun-Mercury-Venus.

7 Doubles: Primary and Secondary Triads


The Sepher Yetsira forms Man and places him in the center of the cosmos. Lavanah, Moon and human psyche, is a "hidden direction" in the center of the Cube through which all three binomials -- existence, life and interpenetration/union -- pass in one-way flows through the eye of a needle to infinity. We expererience these flows from the perspective of the I and experience them as dual according to our orientation and resistance to energy.

Direction:   Kernel
Contrary Quality:   Even in translation, the rising and falling of energy leaves its imprint on memsha-lah and aba-dot. Freedom and slavery express the binding and release of unstructured energy in Tav, the psyche. Other systems would form Lavanah with Bayt and make it above in the cube (Gra) or Ghimel and make it below (GD). Both miss the significance of Tav forming Lavanah in the center of the cube of space.

In Sartan Lvanah, formed by Tav, hides living energy in the furthest limit of the passive hardening, whose resurrection depends upon man's accomplishment.   SY 161
400 6 4 2 70    5 30 300 40 40
482    410
Gematria: 892
Zodiacal Environment: Sartan/Cancer is the zodiacal home of Lavanah/Moon.
In Sartan Lvanah is both 'Abadot and Memshelah. In this sign (Cancer) we have seen both the burying of cosmic energy in the undifferentiated world and its rising in the undetermined. Here the end is in the beginnning and the beginning in the end. Here all the transfigurations of the feminine can begin.
It is interesting to note that Tav, the last letter of the Alphabet, forms the Moon (the whiteness) as the 7th mentioned Planet (resting inside the individual in the spacial cube).

In Sartan Lavanah is both Abadot and Memshelah.
In this sign (Cancer) we have seen both the burying of cosmic energy in the undifferentiated world and its rising in the undetermined. Here the end is in the beginning and beginning is in the end. Here all the transfigurations of the feminine can begin.

In Mozenaim Lvanah is in a sign which expresses expectation: it listens (Ozen) in the Waters (Maim) hoping to catch a revelation. But it only fails to begin moving. Lvanah brings it this organic movment.   SY 171

In Dagaim Lavanah. supports the scintillating formative letter, Qof (100), of this sign, in the way that a searchlight reveals the abundance of underwater life. It is creative.

In Betolah Lvanah is found in a sign which by reason of its functional character, resembles it unduly. It does not find the catalyst that it needs. Contents