Astrological Equations: Zar'-Shemama

5 40 40 300    70 200 7
385    277
Gematria: 662

Kawkab formed by     Raysh is Zar' (seed) in Betolah (Virgo).
Kawkab formed by     Raysh is Shemama (waste) in Teomaim (Gemini).

Zar' and Shemama are the unpointed and pointed contrary qualities of Kawkab/Mercury. Zar: Zayn-Raysh-Ayn: 7.200.70: is a seed which allows indetermination in the universe to be realized. Shemama: Sheen-Mem-Mem-Hay: 300.40.40.5: is a waste because that is what most people do with their mental activity. Otherwise, it is selection, as its name is recognized (Shem-Mah: name-what) in the hieracrchy of structuration.

The root Zar, Zayn-Raysh, 7-200, the seed of the seed before it has actualized in Ayn/70, has the same gematria -- 207 -- as Light, Aleph-Way-Raysh, 1-6-200. Each seed of possibility contains a seed of light.

The letter Zain/Zayn makes its first appearance in Bereshit in Genesis 1:11: "And God said: 'Let the earth put forth grass, herb yielding seed.'"

In Betolah Kawkab comes upon both the cosmic 400 (Bayt-Tav) and an organic movement (Lammed-Hay). Its intelligent and wholly earthy perception sees its cosmic significance and becomes active.
In Teomaim Kawkab makes the two facets of this twinned sign very lively: in the very core of Teomaim it incites an intense dialogue.         Suares, SY, pp.170
The 7 of every possibility distinguishes this energy. Teomaim is composed of Teo with Aleph and of Maim (the Waters) with Yod. Here Mercury exercies its power of selection: it is Shamama, that is, Sham (the Name) with the addition of Mah (meaning "What?").         Suares, SY, pp.151
Manifestaion (existence) of Yod (10) projected under the previous sign forms its container, Bayt. The name Betolah indicates that these containers become structurising energy with, as support, the Tav (cosmic) logical development of the previous sign. The container and the contents are both alive, just as Mercury bears witness (Kawkab:, maginified in its own sign and giving all its fruits here.

The name Betolah fully extant expresses parthenogenesis where its resistance becomes organic movement. Here Mercury, Kawkab formed by upointed Raysh, strongly supports this process with its own magnification. Earth (in the alchemical sense) produces all its grain, 'Zar (7.200.70). All possibilities have flourished. A cycle is completed.         Suares, SY, pp.153

The structure of planetary rulerships in the Zodiac shows the cadeusus of involution and evolution running from Saturn (Capricorn/Aquarius) to the Sun and Moon (Leo and Cancer). The full external development of material (solar) and psychological (lunar) energies are expressed in their opposing signs, running in opposite directions.
Cadusus of Signs and Planetary Rulers

Mercury is the only planet besides the Sun and Moon whose rulerships are completely below the horizon in the subjective realm of existence (thought has no objective impact) with both a self and an other orientation. Mars (adaptive future) and Venus (sensuous experience) manifest in both the subjective-self and objective-other realms. The Sun and the Moon, reside in the subjective-other quadrant. Jupiter is in both the objective-other and the objective self. And Saturn is only in the objective-self quadrant of realized experience (70-90-100). Contents