Astrological Equations: Osser-Oni

10 50 6 70    200 300 6 70
136    576
Gematria: 712

Hhamah (Sun) formed by     Khaf is O'sser (wealth) in Arieh (Leo).
Hhamah (Sun) formed by     Kaf is O'ni (poverty) in Arieh (Leo).

In terms of the potential for objective existence, energy reaches the end of a cycle in Arieh/Leo, formed by Tayt/9 (an archetypal cellular structure) and now has both an inner (lunar/psychological), unstructured, and an outer (solar/physical) structured, aspect. Like Sartan/Cancer, Arieh is both a beginning and an end, because they are the only two signs which contain both of the contrary qualities of their rulers, and energy flows in two directions in both of them.

This achievement is reflected in the initial Ayn of both equations -- the only set that begins with the same letter, in this case the Ayn/70 of real probability, which says that energy now has a realized external, physical (Solar) aspect. Note that the sum of O'sser-O'ni is 712, cosmic indetermination plus the twin copulative Waws of the pair. As usual, we see energy moving in two different directions, towards the universal of ayn-waw-SHEEN-RAYSH, and the contingent specific of ayn-waw-NOUN-YOD.
Ayn (70), phonetically untranslatable, is the key to freedom for it is the projection of Zayn (7), it is the real probability of a state measurable and logical for definite alternatives. It can be viewed as the logical evolution of species alternatives, though the action of Sammekh.      Suares, Spectrograms
Beginning with actuality in the form of real probability (Ayn/70), energy flows in two directions. In 'Osser (wealth, fertile) what is realized is a union with the cosmic Sheen and container Raysh. These are the autiot (Sheen-Way-Raysh) of Shuar/Taurus; the direction is clear. In 'Oni (poverty, burns away), what is realized is a definite existential life: Noun/50-Yod/10.

Sartan/Cancer and Arieh/Leo form the respective cells for the actual (70) existence of both [unstructured: psychological : lunar : inner] and [structured : physical : solar : outer] energy. Arieh, where Aleph and Yod meet each other, is the cell (9) that will allow Aleph to manifest disguised as Yod (in the next sign, Betolah/Virgo under the formative of Yod/10, existence), the last in the sequence of 5-6-7-8-9-10, the zodiac signs below the horizon. Full objective existence will only come above the horizon with Moznaim/Libra.

What is important to remember is that these signs describe the one dual energy in terms of a burial and resurrection of psychological energy (Sartan/Cancer) and a wealth or poverty of physical energy (Arieh/Leo) (do not take them colloquially) Both sets of qualities show energy going in two different directions, towards the evolution of physical energy or the involution of psychological energy.

From Leo, energy can flow towards the structural perfection of Sagittarius or backwards towards the unstructured source in Cancer. From Sartan/Cancer, energy can flow forward toward acquiring physical structure in Arieh/Leo, or (after a long journey) backwards towards the simple structure of another kind of cell, Aries/Toleh and another kind of life.

In Arieh Hamah is both 'Osser and 'Oni. Its dual life (Hhayt, undifferentiated and Hay, evolutionary) express themselves in this sign where the ego establishes itself in every possbile way, both in the universal Sheen-Raysh and in the contingent, repetitive Noun-Yod.         Suares, SY, pp.167
Tayt forms Arieh:
At the first sign we have seen Hay, life, form Tayt (9) with Toleh. Here at the fifth sign (Hay) the Tayt forms the Aleph. The name Arieh shows that the Aleph projected in the universe Raysh exists as Yod. This projection (the fundamental theme of the Qabala) is possible because the primordial cell, Tayt, engenders the Aleph. They are both alive, and hence the Hay and the Hhayt of Hhamah (the Sun) whose sign is Arieh. Hhamah here causes all the biological and conscious possibilities.

It is here that the primordial female gives birth to the intemporal, to the principle, to this Aleph that in so many ways is deified.Sign of endogeneity, it is the balance of two lives, Hay and Hhayt, that express the Sun, Hhamah (Hhayt-Mem-Hay: 8.40.5). Hhamah, our source of energy, is twofold in its "house": it speeds up evolving organic life and also its drying up and destruction.         Suares, SY, pp.153 Contents