Astrological Equations: Hhan-Kee'or

200 6 70 10 20    50/700 8
306    58/708
Gematria: 364/1014

Nogah (Venus) formed by     Phay is Hhan (charm) in Shaur (Taurus).
Nogah (Venus) formed by     Pay is Kee'or (dreamy) in Mozenaim (Libra).

When the sole 'Assiahic planet, Nogah/Venus, is deprived of her abode in the 10th sephirot, the Shekinah is exiled, and the world is evil (Luria) or sterile (hermetic kabbalah).

The sensual psyche of Venus must have its roots in the sphere of Action/Making and its home in the tenth Sephirot of existence/Kingdom. The Sepher Yetsira is precise in its descriptions: Phay/80 (levels of unstructured/unconscious energy) forms Nogah/Venus (, existential life interpenetrating with a living flow. This is our felt experience of "what happens." (Antonio Damasio). Everything else is an evasion and incapable of generating a modern metapsychology.

The contrary qualities of Nogah are (unpointed) Hhan in Shaur/Taurus and (pointed) Ki'eor in Moznamim/Libra. These two equations show the same energy at opposite ends of the evolution and involution of sensuous experience. Hhan is 8.700, unstructured and indeterminate. Ki'eor is, the projection of the principle of indetermination into the objective universe. On the one hand, sensous experience is unconscious and swept away in the dynamism of life. On the other, it is conscious, but not intelligent about discerning which possibilities possess the quality Ki'eor, indeterminate freedom.

In Libra, the first sign above the horizon, consciousness attains objectivity for the first time and loses itself in the projections of the unconscious.

In Shaur what can Nogah do when its organic life is Hhan (8.700), that is, unconscious, and when it is immersed in the dynamism of Shaur? What can a very sensual person do in a world that projects cosmic pleasures upon the human individual?
In Meoznaim Nogah acts, as in all spheres where energy has two aspects, as an organic and physical connecting agent. The scope and depth of this harmony depends upon the individual's degree of maturity.         Suares, Sepher Yetsira, p.168,169.
Mozenaim (Libra):
Lammed (30) is the symbol of organic movement. Here its affirmation of everything that exists is expressed by Moznaim's first Aut (40). Following the previous sign this is an entirely living process. Moznaim is made of Maim (Waters) inside which is Ozen, ear. (The capacity to hear is again submerged in the Primordial Waters.) In this sign Nogah (Venus) is active and lively, but consciousness is reflective and not yet an intelligent reflex. It is incapable of selecting which of all possibilities offered has the quality Ki'aur ( Birth of myths: the unconscious has its own life.         Suares, SY, 154
Shaur (Taurus):
The process born at the 1st sign is now present and amplified. Shaur is a new division: formed by male forces, Waw (6), it reveals the Sheen, or cosmic organic movement, actuated by the same Waw which fecundates the Raysh: taht is, the entire cosmic container. The equation Shaur and Aur (light) are almost the same. Here Venus is Hhan (8.700), unresolved equation of the undifferentiated and the undetermined (what is "before" and "after" evolution?). Contents