Avir: Air

200 10 6 1
Gematria: 217

Avir, Aleph-Waw-Yod-Raysh is Aur, Aleph-Waw-Raysh, light, plus the existence of Yod (10). Or Aleph (1) in conjunction (6) with Yod (10) in the universe (200). Light, defined as timeless, enters into existence as Air, "solidified" light. Esch, Fire (1.300) contains the timeless Aleph; Mayim, water (40.10.40) contains the Yod of duration and existence; Avir, Air, contains both Aleph and Yod and is thus "inclined" towards or "mediates" between, Aleph and Yod, Fire and Water.

See The Three Mothers and Chapter Three of the Sepher Yetsira for the mediation of Air between Fire and Water.

Also note that God's word for "saw" is Veyarey, the same word but with Aleph at the end instead of the beginning.