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Sepher Yetsira: 6:1-4
6:1   Three are the fathers and their offspring, seven are the planets and their hosts, and twelve are the diagonal boundaries. And the proof of this, true witnesses, are the Universe, the Year, and the Soul. He decreed Twelve, (Ten), Seven and Three and He appointed them in the Teli, the Cycle, and the Heart. The three are fire, water, and breath: fire above, water below, and breath, the decree that decides between them. A sign of this is that fire upholds water.

Mem hums, Shin hisses, and Alef is the decree that decides between them.

6:2   The Teli in the Universe is like a king on his throne, the cycle in the Year is like a king in the province, the Heart in the Soul is like a king in battle. "Also every desire, one opposite the other was made by God" (ecclesiastes 7:14). Good opposite evil, good from good, evil from evil. Good makes evil recognizable, and evil makes good recognizable. Good is kept for the good, and evil is kept for the wicked .

6:3   Three: Each one stands alone. Seven are divided, three opposite three, with a decree deciding between them. Twelve stand in war: three who love, three who hate, three who give life, and three who kill. The three that love are the heart, the ears and the mouth; the three that hate are the liver. the gall bladder, and the tongue. And God, the fathful King dominates them all. One over three, three over seven, and seven over twelve, and all of them are bound, one to another.

6:4   And when Abraham our father gazed, he looked, saw, delved, understood, engraved, carved, permuted and depicted, and he was successful. And the Master of all, Blessed be He, revealed Himself to him, and took him in His bosom, [kissed him on the head, and called him, "my Beloved"]. He made a covenant with him between the ten toes of his feet - this is the covenant of circumcision-and between the ten fingers of his hand - this is the covenant of the tongue. He bound the twenty-two letters to his tongue and revealed their foundation. He drew them in water, burned them in fire, agitated them with breath. He ignited them with seven planets, and directed them with twelve constellations.

Kaplan SY 1991 p.266-267
6:1   Three Avot (Fathers) and their Toledot (generations) and seven Kawkabim (heavenly bodies) and their Tsebaot (mass or constellations) and twelve diametrical boundaries (or diagonally) and proof is in the spoken word. Faithful witnesses: Olam (universe), Schinah (transformation or year), Nefesch (breath or individual). The boundary: twelve, and seven and three. And they act quivering (vibrations) and whirling and "where, how?" (indefiniteness). Three: Esch and Maim and Rouahh. Esch towards the height, Main towards the low and Rouahh limits them (makes rules) kneeling between the two (as an intermediary) and in the spoken word indicates that Esch is subject (or object) of Maim: Mem is silent, Sheen (of Esch) is restless and Aleph (of Rouahh) rules them, kneeling between the two.
6:2   Vibration in the universe (space) is like a king on his throne: whirling in change (time) is like a king in his Medina (city): "the uncertain heart" (indetermination) in the individual is like a king at war: (and) also (from) Aleph (to) Tav (from beginning to end) all dies out: this opposing that (contradiction). (This is) caused by Elohim. Good opposed to evil. Good with good, evil with evil. Good with (from) Aleph (to) Tav, the appearance of evil, and evil with (from) Aleph (to) Tav, the appearance of good. The good guardian of goods, the evil guardian of evil.
6:3   Three: each keeps itself apart. And 7 separates them three by three. The twelve in battle array: three friends, three enemies, three withthe lieving, three with the dead. The three friends are the heart, the ears, the mouth. The three enemies are the liver, the bile and the tongue. And EL, faithful king dominates everything. One is above three, three above seven, seven above twelve, and all communicate with one another.
6:4   Schetsefa Abraham, our father (may he rest in peace) (when he was set on emitting a flux, on participating in the vital flow), he looked, he saw, he explored, he articulated, he mapped out, he hewed, he combined, he structualized, he rased his hand and Admon Hakol (blessed be his name) filled him to overflowing, revealed himself to him, received him in his bosom, kissed him on the head, called him my friend and made a covenant with him and his descendents, which he authenticated with Hay (Abram becoming Abraham) and meted out justice to him (gave him an exact measure).

And concluded with a covenant between the ten toes of the feet, and it is the covenant of circumcision, and between the ten fingers of the hands, and it is the covenant of the tongue, and attached to his tongue the twenty-two Autiot, and revealed Yassodan (their foundation) and sunk them in water, singed them by Fire, shook them by blowing, consumed them by the Seven and guided them by twelve constellations.

Suares, SY 1976 115-119