Mayim: The Waters

40 10 40
Gematria: 90

Full Expansion: 180

Mayim, Mem-Yod-Mem, traditionally the sea or waters, and the biosphere as the optimal environment for the evolution of life.

Suares:   "The manifestation is twofold: there is the existence of that which contains and the life of that which is contained."

"The so-called "heaven" in the first verse, the name of which is Shamain, contains a Yod between the two Mem. This sequence indicates the cosmic movement of Sheen acting against Mayim, the so-called waters: the two Mem (40) between which Yod is playing against its partner Aleph in the game of existence versus life."


Mem:   Passive organic resistance
Yod:   Existence
Mem:   Passive organic resistance

The existence of the container. Yod caught between the dual mem, the living and the dead waters.

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