Amot: Mothers

400 6 40 1
Gematria: 447

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2:1: Twenty-two Autiot Yassod. Three Amot (Mothers) seven doubles and twelve simples. Three Mothers: Aleph-Mem -Sheen. Yassodan (based on) Kaf Zakot-We-Kaf Hhovah. And Lischon, the tongue Hhaq Merkaryi between the two.     Suares, SY, 1976
Amot: Mothers (feminine pl of am, amma, mother). There are three Mother letters in the Hebrew alphabet — Aleph, Mem and Sheen. Aleph represents maximum energy, Mem minumum energy, and Sheen, the energy mediating between them. They engender the three elements of the Sepher Yetsira, the Fathers, Air, Water and Fire, respectively. Here, ancient — as opposed to medieval — Qabala agrees with alchemy (Mercury, Sulfur and Salt) and the Vedic system (Satva, Raja, Tamas). There is no fourth element in the Sepher Yetsira. See the interplay of the Three Mothers in forming the axes of existence, life and experience in Cube of Space: Metapsychology and their explanation in Chapters Two and Three of the Sepher Yetsira.

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