Astrological Equations: Shalom-Raa

70 200    40 6 30 300
270    376
Gematria: 646

Tsedeq formed by     Djimmel is Shalom (peace) in Daghim (Pisces).
Tsedeq formed by     Ghimmel is Raa (bad) in Qoshet (Sagittarius).

The contrary qualities of Tsedeq/3, organic movement. This movement is Raa (bad, unstable) in Sagittarius/Qoshet and completed (at peace) in Pisces/Daghim. Tsedeq can be seen as the "hermaphrodite who represents the profound purpose of the aim, or fusion, between the sexes." The evolution of Tsedeq is finished in Daghim (a proliferation of life) and blocked in Qoshet (materiality takes precedence).

2nd Stage: Djimel (3) forms Tsedeq, non-pointed in Daghim. In this sign Tsedeq is a movement, a proliferation drawing its substatnce from the Primordial Waters, which begets 40 indefintiely. (Dag, fish: Ym, the sea: Daghim Here the 4 and the 3 are reversed in relation to Ghedi: existence is assured.

With pointed Ghimel Tsedeq rises in Qoshet to the highest degree of the hierarchy. Powerful and rich its personal evolution ends here. Of this nature is Tsedeq's arrested movement.
            Suares, SY, p.157, 160

Sephirot: 6/Union
100 4 90

In Daghim Tsedeq is Shalom. It destoys the psychological crystallisations maintaining the "Imaginary I" and the conflicts engendered by it.         Suares, SY, pp.164
In Qoshet Tsedeq finds the best setting for its material triumph. Its Qof final is extended into the initial Qof of Qoshet, which gives it, through Sheen and Tav, the feeling of having been chosen for a divine mission. Its feminine, blossoming through the Tsadde (90) of Tsedeq, is no more than a sumptuous religious display of ceremonies.         Suares, SY, pp.165
Sammekh forms Qoshet:
The cosmic Aleph, Qof (100) is in this ninth sign, which is formed by the female Sammekh (60). The name Qoshet is cosmic and complete: 100 and 400 are connected by 300, the breath, completing the terrestrial female cycle. Here Tsedeq (Jupiter) equips a building to contain and represent the cosmic Qof. Does it not have the dual female-male realisations with 90 and 100 (Tsadde-Qof)? From this fact it acquires authority over spirits in the name of the Higher Powers it is thought to represent.         Suares, SY, pp.154
Qof forms Daghim:
Eleven is the number of going beyond oneself. Deli is formed by Tsadde (90), feminine perfection. Twelve is the number of Zodiacal completion: it is formed by the Qof (100). Aquarius, feminine, supports it with the 30 of Lammed (Deli: 4.30.10). Pisces is multiplicity in motion. Saturn dies (Mot) in Aquarius, just as the structures of evolution die one after the other. Jupiter is Shalom (at peace) in Pisces.         Suares, SY, pp.155

See: Tov-Raa and Note 5 for the problem of "evil" being the contrary of "peace." Contents