Carlo Suares: Sepher Yetsira: The Seven Doubles

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Sepher Yetsira: 4:2-4
4:2 Seven Doubles, BGD KPRT: Seven and not six, seven and not eight. Examine with them and probe from them, make each thing stand on its own essence, and make the Creator sit on His base.

4:3 Seven Doubles, BGD KPRT, parallel the seven extremities. These are the six extremities: up, down, east, west, north, south. And the Holy Palace precisely in the middle upholds them all.

4:4 Seven Doubles, BGD KPRT: Engrave them, carve them, combine them, as planets in the Universe, days in the Year, and gates in the Soul. From them engrave seven firmaments, seven earths, seven weeks. Seven is therefore beloved under all heavens.   Kaplan SY 1991 Short p.264
4:2   Seven Doubles, Vayt-Djimel-Thalet (and) Khaf, Phay, Raysh, Thav. Seven and not six. Seven and not eight. Behhon Behen We Hhagor Mehen: (a tower or strong structure) with them and an investigation (important) into that structure, and arise the word reverse (or close to) its creator, and restore (the) form-maker to its place (or in its function).
  To go thoroughly into the essential being through the strength of appearances. To maintain the integrity of the word. To perceive the method of formations (or structurations). But above all to understand the meaning of number 7 and why the seven are doubles.
4:3   Seven Doubles: Vayt, Djimel, Thalet (and) Khaf, Phay, Raysh, Thav as in the presence of Seven extremities, six of which -- height, depth, East, West, North and South -- and the holy sanctuary (which) directs them from the middle (or kernel) and it is the Aleph- Tav theme of everything
  Aleph-Tav, union of the beginning and the end: central theme, as seventh invisible direction of the intemporal, holy, sanctuary.
4:4   Seven Doubles: Vayt, Djimel, Thalet (and) Khaf, Phay, Raysh, Thav, Hhatsavah Tsarafan (see these words in 2:2) Vetsar (formed) with Kawkabim (plural of Kawkab: Kaf-Waw-Kaf-Bayt, which will be seen, further on, in the name of Mercury, "messenger of the gods," here indicates, in plural, the seven astrological planets combined, in their capacity of inverted emanations of the YHWH principle). Resuming: Kawkabim Be-Olam (in the universe) Ve Yamon Beschinah: the seven aspects of transformation which gave rise to the myth of the seven days of creation. Yamom is the plural of Yom and Yom is the transformation of Aur (light) in the sphere of appearances.

200 6 1
40 6 10

  Veschierim Benefesch (the tempests in the breath, or by analogy, the individual's speculations and imagination) and from them carved (or enacted) seven spaces and seven Adamot this word plural of Adamah, expresses the hiding of Aleph in the reistance Dallet-Mem-Tav) and seven Schabatot (this plural of Schabath -- the Sabbath -- expresses the organic action of Sheen on the physical formations Bayt, Tav) and consequently loved Schabyi under all the Schamain.

Schabyi (seventh) is what Elohim sactifies and blesses in Genesis 2:2 and 3. Schamaim, traditionally "heaven" is the action of Sheen on Maim, the waters.

Suares, SY, 1976, p.205-206