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Suares:   Ghimel-Lammed-Sheen (3.30.300): these three letter-numbers express a movement in progressive enlargement, from the uncontrolled functional action of Ghimel (3), through the controlled connecting agent Lammed (30), going as far as the universal Sheen (300), mythically considered to be the "spirit", of "breath" of God. Through the action of Qof on Raysh we have the ultimate movement of:

Sheen (300) which is symbolically the 'Breath' of God. Sheen looks very similar to the symbol for the wave function in quantum mechanics (psi) or the psi field of extra-sensory-perception. Sheen then represents a motion beyond the speed of light. It thus can be compared to pure thought, instantaneous communication, the collapse of the wave function paradox in quantum physics. Sheen is the projection of Ghimel (3) throught Lammed (30) breaking through the light barrier.      Suares, Spectrograms

Sheen: spelled Sheen-Yod-Noun: 300-10-50/700: cosmic movement -- existence -- existential/cosmic life is Aleph's representative in the universe as the universal movment or wavefunction or Breath of God. Raysh and Sheen are the only two back-to-front letters:

Sheen   Raysh

Sheen, 300, Rouhh Elohim (Ruach Elohim), arises endogenously from within the universe (Raysh) itself -- life is not endowed from the outside. Raysh is the only letter whose last letter is the first letter of the next letter. The two Sheen's of Raysh and Sheen (the only places they appear in the full spelled-out alphabet) are the two intertwined energies of structuration: the breath from above (turning spirit into matter); and the breath from below: turning matter into spirit.

Only three letters share the Yod-Noun root: Zayn, Ayn, Sheen. These three all bring existential life (Noun) into existence (Yod) (see Raysh). In Sheen we find the myth of the universal life-force energy.

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