Astrological Equations: Betolah: Virgo

Betolah / Virgo
5 30 6 400 2
Gematria: 443
Formative: Yod
Edge: NL
Ruler: Kawkab/Mercury


Traditional Meaning: Service, mentality. Discrimination, analysis, studiousness, hygienics, purity. problems of adjustment dealing with the world and others. Service, helping, self-effacing; perfectionist.

Formative Meaning: Yod/10, Existence, forms Betolah, a container (2) for the resistance (400) necessary for the proliferation (6) of biological process (30) alive (5).
Thus, accentuating the Tayt forming 'Arieh as a cell, energy flowing into the next sign Betolah (Virgo) emphasises Yod forming that sign, symbol of actual existence. The name Betolah , so wrongly said to be Virgo the Virgin, is pregnant and Kawkab in that residence is Zar' (seed).

    Suares, The Sepher Yetsira (Yetzirah), p.143

The first six signs are below the horizon: energy has not yet aquired an objective existence. Betolah/Virgo, formed by Yod/10/existence, gives it this capacity, which will not be realized until the next sign, Mozenaim/Libra, the first above the horizon. Here, in Betolah, Bayt-Tav-Waw-Lammed-Hay, Bayt forms a container for Tav/cosmic resistance and Waw/fertilizes Lammed/movement-Hay/life -- the requirements for living, physical existence have been met. Thus, Kawkab/Mercury in this sign is Z'ar: Zayn-Raysh-Ayn, 7.200.70, translated seed. The possibilities sown here will be actualized (Lammed) in Libra, where existence acquires objectivity, and realized in 'Aqarav/Scorpio where they are given life (Noun).

Energetic Structure of the Zodiac: First Six Autiot/Signs
5 6 7 8 9 10
Seed of Fertile Indeterm- Unstructured Physical Temporal
Life Union ination Energy Structure Existence
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Srongs: H1330 (ESV) (Hebew: Betolah)
Virgin, Virginity
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