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Numerical / Formative Symbolism of the 22 Hebrew Letters

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Comparative Numerology and the Semantic Structure of the Hebrew Alphabet
L# SY Trump Icon Suares Haralick R. Ginzburgh Breslov
Crown Diamond R. Munk Stan Tenen Chronicle Project Margaret Magnus St Mary Hulse Christian Numerology
Archetypal 1-9
Air Ox Unthinkable pulsation of life-death: infinite expansion Pulsating Unbridled Force Paradox: God and Man Pattern Primal cause: Expansion Spiritual trans-
formation from human to super-human
All Activity Unity First, leader, strength Ox, first, to train, teach, study Unity; New beginnings
1   1 Fool: Aleph: Beyond Thought, Cosmic Pulsation of Life-Death
House Container: Indwelling of Aleph: House of God Container God's Dwelling Group House, habitation, receives expansion of Aleph Duality and Plurality of Creation Break open Inside
Interior action and movement Household, in into House, enclosure, temple, family, body, inside, within Union; Division; Wittnessing
2   2 World: Bayt/Vayt: Indwelling of Aleph, Container: Saturn
Camel Uncontrolled organic movement: functional linkage Nour-
Reward and punishment Increase Conduit, process, transmitter Kindness and of Completion Act Fold Opening, outlet, canal, organic covering Pride, to lift up Camel, throat, caravan, walking, to load, repay or be kind Divine completeness and perfection
3   3 Wheel: Ghimmel/Djimmel: Movement: Jupiter
Door Resistance: physical existence response to life Physicality Selflessness Extension, periphery, limit Door, gate, separation Dimensions in space and time Divide Over
Origin of physical existence, division Pathway, to enter Door, shut door, doorway, womb, page Creation; The world; Creative works
4   4 Tower: Dalet/Thalet: Resistance: Mars
Window Archetype of universal life Power of Being Expression: thought, speech, action Specification, example Life universal; animation Life Connect Focus that which vitalizes, air, life and being, universal life, breath and spirit "the", to reveal Window, lattice, sighting, desire, to be, exist, is it that? Grace; God's goodness; Pentatuech
5   5 Emperor: Hay: Archetypal Life: Aries: Leader of the Zodiac
Nail Male copulative principle: connection, union, fertilization Connection, unification Connection Active Connect, bond, tie Completion, redemption, trans-
Multiply And
(to be)
Knot which unites, the point which separates being and non being "and", add, secure, hook And, but, is it so? oh, woe, nail, penis, peg Weakness of man; Manifestation of sin; Evils of Satan
6   6 The Pope/High Priest: Waw: Copulation: Taurus
Sword Principle of cosmic indetermination: probability amplitude Movement Woman of Valor Memory Penetrates; aim, complete, finish Spiritual struggle, spiritual sustenance Project Centre
Ownership, piercing noises, which penetrates Cut, cut off Sword, blade, hilt, militaryweapon, crownlets Resurrection; Spiritual completeness; Fathers perfection
7   7 Twins: Zayn: Principle of Indetermation: Gemini
Fence Unstructured undifferentiated energy: sum of probability states or possibilities Life Life dynamic: run and return Sense Emerging, changing Transcen-
dence and divine grace
Enclose Opposite
Distribution, fear, vital aspiration, elementary existence, the field of man private, to separate Hedge, fence, wall, ladder, animal, life-force, alive New birth; New beginnings
8   8 Chariot: Hayt: Sum of undifferentiated probabilities: Cancer
Serpent Female structural energy: draws from Hhayt's unstructured possbilities Goodness Intro-
version: concealed good
Action Collects, separates, resolves; interchange Goodness and humility Bind Order Prudence, asylum, refuge, resistance, a hiding wall To surround Serpent, coiled serpent, something rolled, crossroads Fruit of the spirit; Divine completeness
9   9 Strength: Tayt: Archetype of cell/structure: Leo
Existential 10-90
Hand Existence: projection of Aleph (Life/Death) into temporal continuity Spirituality Infinite point Individual Giving, receiving; attainment, manifestation Creation itself and all metaphysical processes Will Is So
Order, manifest power, duration and eternity deed, work, to make Hand, right hand, fist, handle, symbol of God, seed, semen, penis Testimony; Law and responsiblity
10   10 Hermit: Yod: Aleph in existence: Virgo
Palm, Sole Physical Support: any material object as container for consciousness (Yod) Crowning Achievment Power to actualize potential Relation Productivity, doctrines, coverings, conscious-
Crowning Accomp-
Hold in/on (De)Press A mold which receives and communicates all forms indifferently, analogy Cover, allow, strength Left hand, palm or hollow of hand, arched, cave, vault, scalepan of balance Disorder and judgement
20   11 Sun: Kaf/Khaf: Physical supports (palm/sole) for existence: Sun
Ox Goad Controlled organic movement: equilibration, conscious motion Learning, teaching, purpose Aspiration: Contemp-
lation of the Heart
Direction Supportive structure; directive movement Learning AbstrACT To
Go to
Sacrifice, the arm or wing, movement of extension, direction, learn Prod, to toward, tongue Ox goad, prod, staff, erect serpent, tame, towards, into, against Governmental perfection
30   13 Justice: Lammed: Controlled movement/equilibration: Scales/Libra
Water Water Passive Resistance: the Waters of Life Perfection and completion Fountain of Wisdom Generalization Reflection, embodiment Waters; revealed and the concealed Divide From Raise up Death, mother, that which is fruitful and plastic Massive, overpower, chaos Waves of ocean, water, river, rain, blood, semen, wine, cleanse, what, why? Apostacy; depravity and rebellion
40   13 Hanged Man: Mem: Passive resistance of organic life: the Waters
Fish Existential Life of physical existences Emergence The Messiah: Heir to the Throne Source, cause Potentiality; flourish, decline Everlasting Faithfulness; emergence of the soul Connect Follow
Reversibility, every being that is individualized and distinctive Activity, life Fish, sea creature, sprout, generate, seed, deteriote, regenerate Deliverance; Salvation
50   14 Death: Nun: the sine-qua-non of Existential Life: Scorpio
Support Female Copulative Energy: proliferation of cells: parthogenesis Support The Endless Cycle Quantity Framework, construction; the boundary of a structure Support and protection Smoke Ring Enclose
Circular movement, relation to the circumference of the sphere Support, turn Serpent biting tail, vault of sky, circuit, vagina, prop, tent peg, support Rest
60   16 Temperance: Sammekh: Material perfection: Qoshet: Sagittarius
Eye Realization: real probability of a definite event Insight and conscious-
Divine Providence Object Under-
standing or confusion
Perception and Insight Go deeply Arc
balance, hearing, what is devoid of harmony, the image of nothingness See, know, experience Eye, face, self, sight, look, discern, fountain, enjoyment, affliction Love
70   16 Devil: Ayn: Realized Freedom: Capricorn
Mouth Pool of undifferentiated or unstructured energy: Sum of actual probabilities Speech and freedom Communi-
cation: The oral Torah
Expression Utterance; soul, nature of expressions; appearance Speech and silence Engulf Release
Immortality, symbol of expression Speak, open, word Mouth and tongue, opening, orifice, speak, scatter, disperse, spiral Victory
80   17 Empress: Pay/Phay: Unconscious, Unstructured Energy: Pool of Potentials: Nogah: Venus
Fish Hook Feminine structural energy: creates material existence Righteous-
ness and Humility
The Faith of the Righteous One Expression Pursue, order the forces, to appropriate the use of energies Righteous-
ness and humility
Upright Set down
(a place)
shadow, reflection, just, accomplished ends Harvest, desire Fishhook, to cast, ensnare, aim, deliberate purpose, focus, upright, just, the left Bondage
90   18 Star: Tsadde: Feminine structuration: Aquarius
Cosmic 100-900
Ear Cosmic Aleph: resolution of Aleph's and Yod's game of life Growth and holiness Omni-
presence, redemption of fallen sparks
Limitation, control Sanctification, purifying; holiness, consecration Holiness, both human and Divine, abstinence and control Copy Empty Light, nature's submerged stratum, subliminal consciousness Behind, the last, least Face turned, concealed, skull, hole, vulva, monkey, demon ape Faith
100   19 Moon: Qof: Reconciliation and dissolution of opposities: Pisces
Head Cosmic Container and universe of Qof Cosmic container Process - The art of clarification Thought Mind, knowledge, intelligence Challenge of the choice--greatness or degradaton Rush out Spread
Recognition, individual movement, determination, direction Person, head, highest Face, see, perceive, top, head, crown, to be moved, in awe, crossbeam Redemption
200   20 Magician: Raysh: Cosmic Mind as Universal Container: Mercury
Fire Tooth Cosmic Breath: Movement: Aleph breaking through the light Cosmic Nourish-
The Eternal Flame Attribute Digest, shatter, assimilate; wisdom Power and Mastery, but also of corruption and falsehood Shine Project Sacred fire, movement, sign of relative duration Consume, destroy Tooth, triple fang, pierce, duration, sleep, enemy, who, which? Exceeding sinfulness of sin
300   21 Judgement: Sheen: 300: Ruahh Elohim
Cross, seal Cosmic Resistance: Santuary of energy: infinite compression True Law Impression - The Seal of Creation Goal desire Sum, totality, infinity; sign, mark completion of the spiritual cycle; sign of truth and perfection Itself Continu-
Synthesis, sympathy and perfection, universal soul Covenant, Seal Cross, brand, mrk, Tau, letter, symbol, twin, desire, delight, holy of holies Light
400   22 High Priestess: Tav/Thav: Sanctuary of Aleph: Moon
Finals: 23-27   Cosmic Realizations of Existential Energies
    Cosmic Life           Possess          
500   23 Sun: Energy of Cosmic Life
    Cosmic Fertility           Expanse          
600   24 Hanged Man: Cosmic Fruitfulness: Goal of Adam
    Cosmic Indetermation           On and on          
700   25 Death: Cosmic Indetermination: Stake in the Game of Life
          Puff out          
800   26 Empress: Spheres of Unstructured Energy
    Transcendent Femininity           Sturdy          
900   27 Star: Woman: Transfiguration of the Feminine

Suares: Letter-Numbers Cipher of Genesis 1970

Robert, M. Haralick, The Inner Meaning of the Hebrew Letters, Aronson, 1995, Contents
David Hulse, Key of It All, Llewellyn, 1996, Book 1, p.25-30

Both Haralick and Tenen organize the alphabet in three levels, archetypal, existential, cosmic, though Tenen reverses the last two.

Planets/Signs: SY: Sefer Yetzira: any of the 9th-10th century pre-medieval recensions.

See: Comparative Numerology.

22 Autiot Yassod + Finals
Hypertext Hebrew Alphabet