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Gematria: 12
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Biological: Cell: Reproduces itself

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Suares:   Vav (or Waw), no. 6 expresses the fertilizing agent, that which impregnates. It is the direct result of Hay upon Dallet.

The letter Vav/6 is the male copulative principle. The letter Sammekh, 60, its mirror on the existential level, is female and receives and concentrates energy. The archetype of life (Hay, 5) follows the archetype of resistance (Dallet, 4) and leads to the archetype of copulation or union (Waw, 6). Translation: Life, the response to the motion of material animated by Spirit, proliferates.

Waw or Vav (6) is the copulative element (the 'male' energy), the primary or fundamental act of fertisilation. It is male in both its action and in its form or representation. Is is interesting that it is an archetype for potential belonging to the first row, while its projection in the existence-space-time called Sammekh (60) is the female sex.      Suares, Spectrograms

Focusing on the middle of the archetypal level, life resists on the Dallet side and reproduces into existence on the Waw side.

2nd Triad
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Waw: spelled Waw-Waw is simply a copy of itself. One other letter of the Hebrew alphabet, Mem, spelled Mem-Mem, has only itself for a root. Waw fertilizes; Mem receives. Besides appearing in itself, Waw contributes to the spelling of Yod, Noun, Qof and Tav, where it is the connecting agent between existence and resistance (Yod), between inner life and outer life in life-in-existence (Noun), between cosmic consciousness and real possibilites (Qof), and between Tav and the rest of the alphabet.

If we consider the twenty-two autiot in their full spellings or expansions, we find Waw everywhere but in Hay, Kaf, Sammekh, Phay and of course Mem. The letters proliferate among themselves, with the exceptions being either passive physical supports (Kaf and Mem) for the materialization (Sammekh) of unstructured possibilities (Phay) for biological life, or life itself (Hay). Most of the rest participate in either the Dallet-Lammed rhythm of biological stimulus-response or the existential process of Yod, which itself is a biological process in its root (Yod-Waw-Dallet, contains Lammed, etc.). Exceptions there being Noun (Noun-Waw-Noun) and Qof (Qof-Waw-Phay), and of course Tav itself.

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