The Sun

20: Khaf/Kaf form Sun/Hhamah

Keyword: Existential support
Formative symbolism: Kaf/20 provides the biological supports (Wall) for all life, powered by the physical energy of the Sun, which it forms. The child on the horse is the World in natural existence. Follow him/her downward.
Khaf, in Hebrew the hollow of the hand, is ready to receive all that comes.

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With the Sun, we are back with one of the misplaced seven double letters.

Case states flatly:

The Sun is the heavenly body corresponding to Resh.    Paul Foster Case (The Tarot, 1949, p.181)

As we know, none of the versions of the Hebrew source text, the Sepher Yetsira, agree with him. Kaf forms the Sun and Raysh forms Mercury in all early versions of the Sepher Yetira. Letting the cards fall where they may, not trying to monkeywrench with the underlying alphabet means that the World will fall on Bayt, the Sun on Kaf and the Magician on Raysh. This vertical development of the containing principle through the levels of 2, 20 and 200 was explored here.

Now, in the role of the active physical support for existence, Kaf, hollow, forms, and is symbolised by, the Sun, not the Wheel, which obviously belongs in the three's column, not the two's. The Sun is the source of the physical energy that supports the biological process. Its equation, Hayt-Mem-Hay, shows unstructured energy (solar photons and wind) stepping down and creating life in the biosphere. The Sun belongs here where it can provide the energy of existence, rather than a level below, where the Magician properly resides to complete the sequence of 2.20.200, and symbolize containment on the level of cosmic mind.