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Gematria: 106/756
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Biological: Organ: Dynamo factories of energy: the Mithocondries that is to say, the isolated granules of cytoplasm have a respiratory function (the cytoplasm is the medium). The Mithocondria are small cellular organs which contain numbers of enzymes by means of which the oxidations are produced in the cell. The catalysts make up a master-key energy, ATP, branching out to solar energy of which it is the double ... These organs are enveloped by a double membrane. The internal membrane doubles back upon itself and forms the cavities where the enzymes work to transform the alimentary materials of the plasma into energy. The external membrane is a protection.      Suares, Spectrograms
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Suares:   Hay-Noun-Kaf in finals (5.50.500): the universal life, Hay (5) is condensed in individual existences as Noun (50) and is exalted cosmically as Kaf (500) in terminals.

Noun (50) in opposition to the unlimited 'seed' of Life in Hay (5) is a life of cycles, repeating itself in time, every type according to its seed. Thus we are led to a kind of formula for life in man via Yod acting through Kaf giving rise to Lammed responding by Mem.      Suares, Spectrograms

Noun: spelled Noun-Waw-Noun: 50-6-50: only three Hebrew letters have Vav in the middle term -- Yod, Noun and Qof.   Noun/50 is the projection of the archetypal seed Hay/5 of life into existence: it is existential life in duration, which propagates copies of itself "according to its seed" in time.

When the alphabet is considered in its cosmically realized whole with final letters (three rows of nine), Nun/Noun is dead center. This is the position of life in the Qabala.

Further, this life is completely defined by its roots: Noun/existential life -- Waw/Interpenetration -- Existential Life: two lives fertilizing each other. At the core of the alphabet, in the core of the core, we find the meaning of life: it is twofold and dual: one life for the inside and one for the outside; one life for spirit, and one life for matter; one life for the mind and one life for the body. Noun, a factual life in existence, joins (6) inner (50) and outer (50) life in one being.

The archetypal life of Hay (spelled Hay) is unitary and unstructured; the existential life of Noun (spelled Noun-Waw-Noun) is double and structured by a fertile union with itself. Only three letters in the Hebrew Alphabet replicate themselves. Waw and Mem directly, and Noun, Life, with the fertility of Waw to propagate itself. Why Noun isn't spelled Noun-Noun like Waw-Waw and Mem-Mem (the only three letters that end with their beginnings) is yet another proof of the semantic consistency of the deep structure of Autiot -- "twenty-two elements in a single body."

Letters with Noun in them

Five letters have existential life in them. Noun itself, the column of sevens, and Sheen. The sevens are where life is realized in existence (they end in Yod-Noun or Waw-Noun). Sheen, Sheen-Yod-Noun, is the existent living Breath of God.

The Hebrew revelation makes many statements about the dual nature of the one energy. Two central ones are YHWH: the existence of the two lives in interpenetration; and AHYH, which states that both Aleph and Yod are alive.

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