9: Tayt forms Leo/Arieh

Keyword: Structure (Cell)
Formative symbolism: Leo/Lion is formed by Tayt, the Serpent's tooth/power, controlled by the (female) energy of structuration/replication: the Sun's contrary qualities of Wealth/ Poverty in Leo in the open/closed mouth of the Lion.
Archeytpe of the primeval female energy, draws its
life from Hayt and builds it gradually into structures.

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Here we find astrological and natural symbolism speaking about as plainly as we are capable of hearing. A woman opening/closing the mouth of a lion gives us both Leo and the female character of Tayt, the cell. Here energy may assume the two contrary qualities of the Sun, wealth and poverty, according to its success in building physical structures. This is why the action of the female figure should be kept ambiguous -- the point is not to either open or close the lion's mouth, but in knowing when to do either. And that the key to the lion's (serpent's) power is in the transformation (liberation) of the feminine (Waite's infinity sign).

Strength refers to the completion of the archetypal level of the development of energy, under the sign of Tayt, 9. Only with the next card, the Hermit, do the energies actually come into existence. Here, in Leo, we find ourselves at a switch point in the Zodiac. Hayt, 8, forms Cancer/Sartan, 60.9.700; Tayt, 9, forms Leo/Arieh, home of Hamah, the Sun, 8.40.5. Energy can go either way -- in an evolutionary direction, building up physical structures (Tayts), or in involutionary direction, backwards in the zodiac, dissolving the structures of conditioned existence (Hayt, unstructured energy/consciousness).

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To review: 1/Aleph/the Fool falls into 2/Bayt/World and their interaction produces the movement of 3/Ghimel/Wheel, which is met by the resistance of 4/Dallet/Tower -- these are preconditions of 5/Life, the Emperor -- which fuse matter and Spirit (6/Waw/High Priest) to proliferate undetermined possibilities (7/Zayn/Lovers) from unstructured energy/consciousness (8/Hayt/Chariot) to form a seed or cell (9/Tayt/Strength) for existence (10/Yod/Hermit).