The Lovers/Twins

7: Zayn forms Gemini/Teomaim.

Keyword: Indetermination
Formative symbolism: the Lovers are the Twins of Gemini, transformation of the previous symbolism of the High Priest. Choice/indetermination: seven.
The achievement of every vital impregnation: this number opens the field of every possible possibility.

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For the sake of contrast, let's follow Paul Foster Case on one of his auto-justifying circular commentaries:

Diversity, contrast, antithesis, distinction and therefore discrimination implies nice perception, acuteness, sharpness like a sword's edge, sagacity, and so on ...
Gemini, the Twins, is the zodiacal sign atributed to Zain. The name of this sign suggests duality, division, and other ideas related to the meaning of the letter. It is difficult to tell twins apart, and to do so requires nice discrimination.    Paul Foster Case (The Tarot, 1949)

The "twins" are not that hard to tell apart, especially when they don't have any clothes on. They are the Aleph and the Yod of Teomaim: Tav - Aleph - Waw - Mem - Yod - Mem. The evolution of the Zodiac, starting with Hay, concerns the related states of two basic energies, Aleph and Yod, the Intemporal and the Temporal. It is only with the third sign of the zodiac that we see the two partners, or "twins" in explicit formation. In the evolutionary direction, the Tav (of Teomaim) will be emphasized and will proceed to the sanctuary of the Moon, formed by Tav, in Cancer. In the involutionary direction, the right choice will move toward the union of opposites (Sheen and Raysh) in Shaur/Taurus.

In this sign, formed by the archetype of indetermination, Zayn (7), Tav-Aleph fertilizes (Waw) the Waters (Mem-Yod-Mem). The process of discrimination is found here because Mercury is Shemamah (waste) in Gemini. The interior meaning of "waste" is Shem-Mah (what name?) the structure of selection.

Note once more that when the foolishness of pretending that the Fool/Aleph=0 is rejected, the numbering of the Tarot can be recognized. In this case, the Lovers are the seventh card, not the sixth, and its foundation in indetermination (Zayn=7 forms Teomaim/Gemini) is clear. The so-called "Golden Dawn System" is really a shared delusion that does violence to three separate long-established areas of knowledge -- the Hebrew alphabet, classical astrology and numerology.