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Suares:   Aleph-Yod-Qof (1.10.100): Whereas Aleph (1) is the beat, or pulsation of life-death-life-death, Yod (10) is its projection in temporal continuity. So Yod (in Hebrew: the hand), is the opposite of Aleph, its partner playing against it the game without which nothing would be. The Qof (100) is the most difficult symbol to understand. It includes Aleph exalted in its principle yet acting through its projection, against itself, and thereby being cosmically deathless. It is best seen in Qaheen (Cain) that mythical destroyer of illusions.

And thus we begin the cosmic hundreds. Here we speak of existence beyond ordinary existence, signals moving at speeds beyond the speed of light and thus to multidimensionality of existence.

Qof (100) comes through Aleph (1) -- Yod (10) -- to Qof (100). It is difficult to understand Qof for as Aleph and Yod play the game of contradiction, in Qof the puzzle is resolved, the duality is. Qof includes timeless Aleph acting through its projection Yod in time against itself -- resulting in the cosmic victory of deathless Qof. It is here that the illusion of space-time is destroyed -- the game both begins and ends continuously without end.      Suares, Spectrograms

Qof: spelled Qof-Waw-Phay: 100-6-80: Cosmic consciousness -- copulation -- actual possibilities. Qof, cosmic Aleph, simultaneously Aleph (Timeless) and Aleph against itself, Yod (Time). It is thus a paradox within a paradox.

Aleph, Aleph in Existence, and Aleph aware-of-itself in existence beyond space-time are the primary forms of consciousness that each row of nine completes on three levels of reality.

Just as Tayt/9 completes a cell for Aleph to appear in existence as Yod, Tsadde/90 completes a living formation or structure for Qof to manifest. Tsadde is generalized feminine structural energy: it builds structures and replicates them in space-time. The masculine, cosmic-level Qof cannot appear without the existential structure of the feminine perfected Tsadde.

Qof begins the row of nine cosmic energies: cosmic because they are beyond space-time. Qof, Consciousness beyond space-time, receives its cosmic container in Raysh, which already contains (in its spelling: Raysh-Yod-Sheen) the universal movement Sheen and the cosmic resistance and final sanctuary of its original self: Aleph as Tav. Tav is cosmic Dallet, the door. The cosmic and transcendental expressions of the five final letters behind the door are life (final Kaf), fertility (final Mem), cosmic indetermination/freedom (final Noun), undefined cosmic potentials (final Phay), and the completed formation of the last level in structures of transcendent femininity, final Tsadde.


Aleph and Yod have become Qof, the Waw of Yod has become the Waw of Qof and the Phay of Aleph has become the Phay of Qof in the union of the structures of Aleph and Yod. Both Dallet and Lammed have disappeared and Qof is fertile (Waw) and unstructured (Phay): cosmic consciousness.

Only two Hebrew letters have detached (two-part) forms. The Yod/leg of Hay walking in time and the Khaf containing/defining the indetermination of Qof.

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Only three lettere contain Phay -- Aleph-Lammed-Phay, Khaf-Phay and Qof-Waw-Phay, the three levels of conscioiusness: archetypal infinite conscioiusness, the person (container of awareness) in existence and cosmic (Aleph-Yod duality resolved) consciousnesss Qof defined as Aleph aware (Phay) of itself.

Between the world of pure spiritual Lights (Luces victorialies, the world of the "Mothers" in the terminology of Ishraq) and the sensory universe, at the boundary of the ninth Sphere (the Sphere of Spheres) there opens a mundus imaginalis which is a concrete spiritual world of archetype-Figures, apparitional Forms. Angels of species and of individuals; by philosophical dialectics its necessity is deduced and its plane situated; vision of it in actuality is vouchsafed to the visionary apperceptions of the active Imagination. The essential connection in Sohravardi which leads from philosophical speculation to a metaphysics of ecstasy also establishes the connection between the angelology of this neo-Zoroastrian Platonism and the idea of the mundus imaginalis. This, Sohravardi declares, is the world to which the ancient Sages alluded when they affirmed that beyond the sensory world there exists another universe with a contour and dimensions and extension in a space, although these are not in the world of physical bodies. It is the "eighth" keshvar, the mysical Earth of Hurqalya with emerald cities; it is situated on the summit of the cosmic mountain, which the traditions handed down in Islam call the mountain of Qaf.       Henry Corbin, The Man of Light, Shambhala, Omega 1971,1994 pp.42-43

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