300: Sheen

Keyword: Cosmic Breath
Formative symbolism: the Angel = Breath of God, Rouhh Elohim = 300. Cosmic Movement: universalization of the Wheel and Justice. Element: Fire
Ghimel-Lammed-Sheen (3.30.300): these three letter-numbers express a movement in progressive enlargement, from the uncontrolled functional action of Ghimel (2), through the controlled connecting agent Lammed (30), going as far as the universal Sheen (300), mythically considered to be the "spirit", or "breath" of God.

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Sheen/Seen is the third mother letter. Acting on Mem, it produces Aleph. The symbol is the Angel, Ruahh Elohim, the Breath of God, or the Holy Spirit. The three figures mirror the points of the Sheen and symbolize the Breath from below as reflected by the next letter, Tav, Cosmic Resistance and the sanctuary of the High Priestess in her true place. The flag and cross are late Christianizations. This trump is totally defined by its Hebrew letter,     Sheen. The overall structure of the three Mother-letter Tarot perfectly mirror their elements.

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