The Devil

70: Ayn forms Capricorn / Ghedi

Keyword: Actualized possibility.
Formative symbolism: The Lovers in existence. Goat/Devil = Capricorn, formed by Ayn, 70, realized freedom, where Shabatai is alive. The choice is yours.
Ayn, (Hebrew "eye") the vision seeing all possible possibilities (Zayn).

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The Devil expresses a profound and disturbing truth -- our egos perceive the absence of stability as evil. Here's an example:

The Devil's uplifted right hand has all its fingers open ... "What sensation reports is all there is to know." On the palm of this upliftd hand is outlined an astrological symbol of the planet Saturn, ruling in Capricorn. Saturn is the planet of limitation, inertia, and therefore of ignorance. In his left hand is a torch, burning wastefully, and giving little light. The torch is a phallic symbol, representing the transmission of life from generation to generation. Its fiery quality refers also to the exaltation of the Mars vibration in Capricorn. In one sense, this is the fiery torch of revolution, based on materialistic interpretations of experience, the torch of terrorism and anarchy. .     Case (Tarot, 1949, p.158) em. added

Don't trust your senses, don't be materialistic and don't revolt like the Devil has been telling you. Case's fantasy seems more characteristic of Jupiterian "authorities" with overactive imaginations and represents an extraordinary spiritual impoverishment of the symbolism of the Devil.

Evolution is impossible without the exploration of all possibilities within all ecological niches of the biosphere (Mem). In terms of human consciousness, Ayn can be seen as the goal of the evolutionary process which started at 5, Hay, reached existence at 10, Yod, and material culmination in 60, Sammekh. The next step, if one is mature enough, is to enter Ghedi/Capricorn, where Shabatai offers freedom and the blessing of the Sabbath.

It's hard to say which is more ironic -- seeing life as death (Death) or freedom as sin (Devil), but they are both typical of the inversions found throughout the various myths of Genesis: Adam and Eve, Eve and the Serpent, Cain and Able, which are found in some of the deepest stratums of our psyches.

The Lovers, 7, is a transformation of the Hierophant, 6, showing the same three figures in a new configuration. The Devil is the further transformation of the same triangular system, and shows our deep fear of realized freedom, as demonstated by Case's and other commentary on this trump. Note the symbol for cosmic freedom, Noun Final/700, the goal of the game of life.

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