The Moon

100: Qof forms Pisces / Daghim

Keyword: Cosmic Aleph
Formative symbolism: the cosmic Aleph is invisible, gone beyond duality. Qof forms Pisces, where fish swim in the two directions of involution and evolution.
The Qof (100) is the most difficult symbol to understand. It includes Aleph exalted in its principle yet acting through its projection, against itself, and thereby being cosmically deathless. It is best seen in Qaheen (Cain) that mythical destroyer of illusions.

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Gone, Gone. Gone beyond. Gone beyond beyond.

Only two Tarot trumps lack an human figure in their usual representations: the Wheel and the Moon.
The Tarot de Marseille design looks rather unusual in the company of the Italian cards with their astronomers and allegorical Moon maidens, and it was once thought that this was a rather late (17th century) variation. However, an uncut sheet of cards (the Cary sheet) from Milan in the early 1500s shows a very similar design; lacking only the dogs. so there is a possibility that this eerie nighttime scene, lacking human figures, dates back to the very earliest days of the tarot.       Tom Tadfor Little: Histories of the Trump Cards: The Moon.

Qof -- the transcendent resolution of the eternal conflict between the two partners in the Game of Life, Death and Existence, Aleph and Yod -- forms Pisces, the last sign of the zodiac, where the fish (Dag) swims in the sea (im). Qof is beyond space-time, beyond the duality of the two towers. Here is both the Cosmic Mountain, Qaf, and Qaheen, Cain, active when Qof is in existence (Yod) and indeterminate (Noun).

The first column in our alphabetical matrix must be read as the initiating energy of each level: Aleph/Archtypal, Yod/Existential, Qof/Cosmic. The third level, 100's, containing the last four letters of the Hebrew alphabet and their five final letters, represent cosmic, realized states of energy and consciousness. They are the transcendent reconciliations of their archetypal/Intemporal and existential/Temporal manifestations on the first two levels, of 1's and 10's.

The energy of the Moon finds its cosmic container in the Magician, its cosmic movement in Judgement, the Breath of God and its cosmic resistance and mirror (note the two towers/pillers) in the holy sanctuary of the High Priestess in her true place.

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The five final letters, completing the level of 100's, represent projections of existential structures into realized, cosmic states: life (Kaf/500), cosmically prolific (Mem/600) and dwelling in cosmic indetermination/freedom (Noun/700) draws on a cosmic store of undifferentiated energy (Pay/800) to create transcendently beautiful structures (Tsadde/900). Three letters migrate: 20/Kaf/Sun to become the container for life, 500, 40/Mem/Hanged Man whose organic structures become prolific at 600, and 50/Noun/Death which is realized in cosmic freedom, 700.

Just as Yod is Aleph hidden in existence and opposing itself, Qof is the cosmic transcendence and resolution of their eternal partnership and war. The pillars of duality are left behind. Pisces, formed by Qof, 100, is the sign of the perfected man, where the archetype of Jesus is born. Qof's interior structure (Qof-Waw-Phay), resembles Aleph's (Aleph-Lammed-Phay) but is simpler and more fertile. Both penetrate unstructured energy (Phay).


Here is the illusion of conventional wisdom and rational thought:
The Moon symbolizes the reflected light of subconsciousness. The drops of light falling from it correspond to the implications that "corporeal" is related to "rain." ... The pool below is the "great deep" of cosmic mind-stuff, out of which emerges the "dry land" of physical manifestation. The shell-fish climbing from the pool is a symbol of the early stages of conscious unfoldment ... wolf and dog are are ... symbols of the animal kingdom. ... The towers are the handiwork of man ... mental states symbolized by the hard carapace of the shell-fish ... the path rises and falls, suggesting ... wave-motion ... Key 18 represents the fourth stage of spiritual unfoldment, wherein the knowledge gained by meditation is incorporated into the bodily organism ... at the bottom is the Moon, representing the actual organisation of the cells ... the unfoldment of our latent powers is made possbile by physiological changes in these bodies of flesh and blood ... necessary vehicle for mastery as expressed here on the physical plane, and though it cannot inherit or transmit the powers of adeptship, it can become a vehicle for those powers when it is rightly organized by adaptive methods ... ...      Case, (The Tarot, 1949, p.177-9