60: Sammekh forms Sagittarius / Qoshet

Keyword: Female fertilizing agent.
Formative symbolism: the High Priest in Existence, now female, concentrating the rainbow energies of Qoshet to build and proliferate material structures.
Waw (6) is the male agent of fertility, Sammekh (60) is the female.

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The Tarot establishment likes to pretend that the meanings of the Trumps extend beyond their Hebrew letter or astrological assignments. This leaves them not particularly responsible to the Astrological establishment. The Rational establishment, of course, considers them both irresponsible.

Temperance is no more, or less, than Sammekh, 60, forming Sagittarius, Qoshet, the Rainbow of Cosmic Energies: Qof-Sheen-Tav and Jupiter, Tsedeq, Tsadde-Dallet-Qof, being Raysh-Ayn, evil, there.

Both a kind of perfection and a choice is reached with Sagittarius/Temperance. Material energy has reached its completion in the perfection of a shell for the Cosmic Aleph, Qof. But it must die to itself to reach Ghedi, the next sign. Gemini -- opposite to Sagittarius both in the external Zodiac and the Cube of Space where they both flow into Saturn, Shabatai -- forces a choice in the opposite, involutionary direction.

We can learn from the images of the trump:

Sagittarius, Qoshet, is formed by Sammekh, 60, the feminine. Temperance is a female archetype, the completion of the cycle of material development.

The two cups are the chalices of material and spiritual energies in interpenetration. Most interpretations only consider the flow one-way. Qabala is the knowledge of the two-way flow of structuralizing energy from Aleph to Tav and back, here represented by Aleph's cosmic projection in the universe, Qof transmitting its energy through Sheen (the Rainbow) into Tav (Qof-Sheen-Tav, Qoshet).

The name Qoshet is cosmic and complete: 100 and 400 are connected by 300, the breath, completing the terrestrial female cycle. Here Tsedeq (Jupiter) equips a building to contain and represent the cosmic Qof. Does it not have the dual female-male realisations with 90 and 100 (Tsadde-Qof)? From this fact it acquires authority over spirits in the name of the Higher Powers it is thought to represent.

    Suares, The Sepher Yetsira, p.154