The Star

90: Tsadde forms Deli

Keyword: Feminine transcendence/transfiguration
Formative symbolism: Tsadde: Feminine structuration: Aquarius: the Star draws from the pool of undifferentiated alternatives of the Empress to perfect structure.
Tayt-Tsadde-Tsadde in finals (9.90.900): these ideograms express a progression ascending from the simplest and most primative cell (or female structural energy) up to the transfigured symbols of womanhood, social and mythical.

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The Star is both a symbol of Aquarius and a representation of that sign's developmental challenge for the next two thousand years of Humanity. The age of Pisces was the age of perfected man (Qof = 100, the age of perfection in men); we now enter the two millenia of Aquarius, under the sign of perfected womanhood (Tsadde = 90). See Abraham and Sarah.

The Star is a symbol of the Aquarian transfiguration of femininity, where womanhood is liberated and perfected. Suares emphasizes that the key to human evolution is in the development and transformation of the feminine in the psyches of both sexes. This transformation has an effect on personal, interpersonal and societal relationships and is based on dissolving the obsolete structures that hinder human equality and development. Saturn (Shabatai) is dead (Mot) in Aquarius (Deli).


Feminine structualizing energy on every level: archetypal, existential, cosmic. Note the similarity of Strength and the Star: a bending woman managing the flow of energy: opening/closing the Lion's (Serpent's) mouth and pouring the cups between the pool (unstructured energy of Phay/Empress) and the earth (structured energy of Eretz ). Only a fool would move the Star somewhere else.