The Chariot

8: Hhayt forms Cancer/Sartan

Keyword: Undifferentiated Energy
Formative symbolism: Chariot of consciousness (Merkaba), the contrary qualities of the Moon in Cancer: Freedom/Slavery as the horses/sphinxes.
The sphere of storage of all undifferentiated energy, or unstructured substance. Hhayt expresses the most un-evolved state of energy, as opposed to its achieved freedom in Zayn.

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Complete receptivity is the secret of the most powerful manifestations of the will. Receptivity may be increased by control of language. Herein lies the key to all mighty works of practical occultism, for, as Eliphas Levi says truly, "All magic is in the will."    Paul Case (The Tarot, 1949 p.160)

He is above all things triumph in the mind ... if he came to the pillars of that Temple between which the High Pristess is seated, he could not open the scroll called Tora ...    A.E. Waite (Pictorial Key to the Tarot, 1910)

He's apparently not the only one. If we forsake confusing speculation and oracular intimations, we are left trying to find a rational structure for this card. We have seen that all the astrological symbolism in the Tarot Trumps is based on the Sepher Yetsira; the symbols chosen to portray the interior energies of the 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet rely heavily on astrological iconography to build their associative complexes of meaning. The Tarot approach the Autiot through astrology and natural symbolism.

We can then read each card through the mirror of the Tarot, backwards through the astrological symbolism to the formative Hebrew letters and their inner, abstract structural-energetic meanings.

The Chariot, however, is cleaner of astrological symbolism than most Tarot Trumps, and refers directly to the Merkaba (Mem-Raysh-Kaf-Bayt-Hay or, the chariot (through all the levels of mind: 2-20-200) of unconsiousness/unstructured energy -- Hayt (8). The two horses or sphinxes are the two contrary qualities of the Moon, which in Cancer is both Memshalah and Abadot, Freedom and Slavery.

Know the self to be sitting in a Chariot, the body to be the Chariot, the intellect (buddhi) the charioteer, and the mind the reins.     --The Upanishads

"The word Merkava comes from the root Rakhav meaning "to ride", and hence means a "chariot" or "riding vehicle". In general, the concept of riding involves travelling and leaving one's natural place. When the Bible says that God "rides", it means that He leaves His natural state where He is absolutely unknowable and inconceivable, and allows Himself to be visualised by the prophets. One who "sees" God in this manner is said to experience a Merkava vision. The term Maaseh Merkava or "workings of the Merkava" refers to the setting up of a Merkava, that is, attaining a state where a Merkava vision can be attained. From the context in which this term is used in the Kabbalah texts, it is obvious that M'aaseh Merkava refers to the meditative techniques involved in attaining this mystical experience."    Aryeh Kaplan "Meditation and Kabbalah" page 19