Wheel of Fortune

3: Djimmel/Ghimmel form Jupiter/Tsedeq .

Keyword: movement
Formative symbolism: Wheel: uncontrolled (mechanical) movement, energy, connection, three.
The organic movement of every Bayt (container) animated by Aleph (timeless life-death).

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If we can abandon our preconceptions and allow the symbolism of the Tarot to speak for itself, the Wheel says motion, or movement (we are looking for the most generalized categories). Organic movement is the logical consequence of the interaction of Aleph (Fool) and its container, Bayt (World). These three Tarot trumps say 1-2-3 and belong in sequence to initiate the numerical/formative structure of the Hebrew alphabet. Sadly, this clear symbolism has been largely ignored in favor of non-Hebrew astrological assignments and magic(k)al thinking.

We review again, as we expand the formative (structural/energetic) categories available for manifestation, starting with Aleph, symbol for unknowable timeless (super)Consciousness. Creation (Genesis) itself starts with Bayt and Bereshit, which are containers for Aleph.

The Fool (=1) is on the brink of life/death/manifestation. He steps directly into his container, the World (=2): (everything with Aleph, Aleph with everything; everything with Bayt, Bayt with everything). It is important to remember that with the first nine letters/trumps we are dealing with archetypal energies. They will become existential in their projections on the next level from ten to ninety.

We need only one simple concept -- motion, or movement, always symbolized by three. This motion is organic and uncontrolled transfer of energy, in contrast to its projection as Lammed (30), Justice, where it is controlled and equilibrating.

Development of the Tarot
The First Three Arcana
Early Sepher Yetsira
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This card reiterates its threes: three alchemical principles (mercury, sulphur, salt), three outer symbols: Serpent, Hermanubis, Sphinx.

There is no card more appropriate to symbolize the archetype of motion, organic movement and interchange of energy, than the Wheel. The function of the wheel is to move. It takes two to have a container, and three to have movement and a relationship between any two things (as functional linkage). This linkage is on the archetypal/energetic level, shown by the absence of a central human figure (the Moon is the only other -- both two steps from Aleph) and the four archetypes in the corners. Lammed, 30, on the existential level, will see a human judge weighing the scales of Justice between the Aleph and Yod in Mozenaim (Mem-Aleph-Zayn-Noun-Yod-Mem), Libra, the sign of balance (see the Two Partners). As is common in the Tarot (if you look for it), vertical symbolism is consistent in each column; here, the Sword of the Sphinx reappears as the Sword of Justice (Righteousness, Discriminating Wisdom, etc).

The next card, the Tower, in the fourth place of the Hebrew letter Dallet, 4, will symbolize the logical unfoldment of structural energy on the archetypal level after motion has been achieved, and will have to symbolize resistance to organic movement. All four of these things (Life/Death, Container, Movement, Resistance) must happen before Hay, Life, 5, can appear.

In the 3.30.300 column the theme of movement is clear. Beginning with the uncontrolled archetypal movement of the Wheel, descending to the controlled organic movement of Justice, the Wheel in existence, and unifying in the universal cosmic movement of Ruach Elohim, Sheen, Judgement. Three figures on a moving wheel, three points to balance, three figures ascending under the Breath of God. Let those that have eyes, see.