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Suares:   Bayt-Kaf-Raysh (2.20.200): Whereas Bayt (2), the archetype of all containers, has its roots in the cosmic resistance to life, Kaf (20) -- in Hebrew, the hollow of the hand -- is ready to receive all that comes and Raysh (200), the cosmic container of all existence, has its roots in the intense organic movement of the universe.

Raysh (200) is the cosmic Bayt acting in projection through Bayt (2) -- Kaf (20) -- Raysh (200). Raysh is the cosmic container, itself, thus is a paradox for its contents is at once its own container. It is the universe wherein the one energy exalted Qof lives. A key to its meaning comes from the Hebrew word Aleph-Vav-Raysh which we interpret as Aleph copulating or fertilising the cosmos. That can that mean? This word is the Hebrew word for light . In relativity physics, light plays a special role for it moves in space-time at one speed, has no rest mass and for it, there is no passage of time or extension of space in the direction in which it moves. It rides the 'wall of light'.

When we jump off the wall of light we create at one shot space-time and matter or rest mass, provided we jump into existence at speeds less than light. In the game of the hundreds, we are on the other side of this wall.      Suares, Spectrograms

Raysh [Double Letter]: spelled Raysh-Yod-Sheen: 200-10-300: universal container -- existence -- universal movement: The paradox "whose contents is at once its own container," the "house" of Qof, cosmic Aleph. These contents include the two letters after Raysh: Sheen ("its roots in the intense organic movement of the universe") and Tav. Such is the completeness of our non-arbitrary alphabet.


The full structure of Raysh is literally the key to the universe. Once again, we see the central theme of the Qabala, the dual structuration of the One energy in the two Yods of Raysh and its inner Sheen, which branch into two existences rooted in two Tavs, around a central double existential life (Noun-Waw-Noun endlessly). Life arises endogenously from the multiverse itself: life that is rooted in the double existence of the container (Bayt-Kaf-Raysh) and the contained (Aleph-Yod-Qof).

Sheen   Raysh

Sheen, 300, Rouhh Elohim, arises from within universe itself -- life is not endowed from the outside. Raysh is the only letter whose last letter is the first letter of the next letter. The two Sheen's of Raysh and Sheen (the only places they appear in the alphabet) are the two intertwined energies of structuration: the breath from above (turning spirit into matter); and the breath from below: turning matter into spirit.


Bayt, as an archetype, has its roots in ultimate resistance; in existence as Kaf, it is hollow and accepts other structures; on the cosmic level beyond space-time, the Tav of Bayt becomes the Sheen of Raysh: the cosmic container is rooted in its internal cosmic movement (expansion) driven by Aleph as Sheen. Light is the speed of that expansion.

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