Semantic Structure of the Seven Double Letters of the Hebrew Alphabet
Phonosemantic Data from Margaret Magnus Magical Letter and Gods of the Word
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Seven of the twenty-two Hebrew letters are double because they have two pronunciations according to whether the consonant is hard or soft, with a point or without, and whether the energy is resisted or accepted. In the Cube of Space the Seven Doubles (contraries, or seven pairs of opposites) occupy the faces and center and thus represent energies that pass through us. We perceive these one-way flows as dual according to our orientation to them.

Astrological Correspondences in the Sepher Yetsira (Book of Formation)
Looking at the Tarot: The Natural Sequence and True Order of the Tarot by Hebrew Letter

The indwelling/container of Aleph: physical support without which nothing is, matter
Sepher Yetsira 2 Bayt / Vayt Hebrew: House   Golden Dawn
  Formative House (of God), container, boundary, creation, form
Symbolic mother, man's mouth, interior, virility, interior action
two things, one lesser; birth, big bang, border, to be.
empty container, vase, vast, veiled, vessel
birth, bring into being, bloom, bear, bare, body
Qualities Alive Ghedi Dead Deli

  Organic movement of every Bayt animated by Aleph. Primary seed of space-time
Sepher Yetsira 3 Ghimmel / Djimmel Hebrew: Camel Golden Dawn
  Formative uncontrolled motion: interaction of contained & container
Symbolic nature, throat, canal, hollow, profound, opening
motion to & from a void; too much, too little
edge, jangle, jitter, jump, gem, junk, jilt, joke
give, get, go, grow, glow, good, grail, gap
Qualities Peace Daghim Evil Qoshet

Resistance/response to Ghimmel of Bayts containing Aleph: physical existence: root of all things
Sepher Yetsira 4 Dallet / Thallet Hebrew: Door Golden Dawn
  Formative physical existence as resistance/response to life
Symbolic authority, origin of physical existence, division
Door, divides into two parts, energy gate
thin thread thrust through thick; think, thing
do, don't, down, drown, dull, dance, delay
Qualities Wisdom 'Aqarav Folly Toleh

  Action of all physical supports as containers (energetic structures) of existence ( Yod )
Sepher Yetsira 20 Kaf / Khaf Hebrew: Palm / Sole Golden Dawn
  Formative any material object: consciousness is in all things
Symbolic force, hollowness, assimilation, mold which receives
container with an opening, covered / uncovered
container, cover, close; come, keep
/?/ catch, cap, can /?/
Qualities Wealth Arieh Poverty Arieh

Primordial substance; unstructured, undifferentiated energy; superposition of alternatives
Sepher Yetsira 80 Pay / Phay Hebrew: Mouth Golden Dawn
  Formative actualization of mother Nature's evolutionary potentials
Symbolic immortality, expression
precise place or point, spreads into a plane; part vs whole
fountain, fizz, fray; form, flux; flower, fecund
pin prick, peak, prime, pow; imposter, proof
Qualities Charm Shaur Dreamy Mozenaim

Cosmic container as archetype of the universe; 2-20-200 are containers for 1-10-100: Mind
Sepher Yetsira 200 Raysh / Raysh Hebrew: Head Golden Dawn
  Formative universal container with roots in the breath ( Sheen ) of God
Symbolic recognition, progress, independence, direction
active directed force
/?/ rose, wrong, write
/?/ right; real, reason; react, rise
Qualities Seed Betolah Selection Teomaim

Sanctuary and tablenacle of cosmic resistance; Aleph's mirror and partner in the two-way flow
  Secret of Feminine Energy
Sepher Yetsira 400 Tav / Thav Hebrew: Cross Golden Dawn
  Formative all of existence in its capacity to resist to life/death
Symbolic Synthesis, sympathy, perfection, universal soul
directedness towards endpoint; process, not goal
they, thou; the, those; there, then; through that
to, too, until, toward; tele, trans; take, track, tag
Qualities Freedom Sartan Slavery Sartan

Formative Development of the Planetary Major Tarot Trumps
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