Cube of Space: Planetary Binomials and Flows of Energy

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The Axes of the Cube of Space are created by three uni-directional flows of energy -- Top to Bottom, East to West and North to South -- that pass through our psyches (Tav/Moon) as threads through a needle. We experience these one-way flows as dual according to our orientation and resistance to them, which we then experience as the contrary (hard/soft) qualities of the planets.

Most analyses (with the obvious exception of Suares) of the Cube of Space do not go very deeply into the linked semantic categories that describe its structure: Seal, Sephirot, Formative, Planet, Contrary Quality, etc. Without an understanding of the deeper integration of the structures of the cube -- why a particular seal for a particular sephirot, why a particular planet with those particular contrary qualities for a particular Hebrew letter -- we are adrift in a sea of arbitrary signs and have to rely on authorities to guide or mislead us.

Formative Hebrew Letter / Planetary Attributions in the Cube of Space
Sephirot 5 6   7 8   9 10    
Version/Letter Bayt Ghimmel   Dallet Kaf   Pay Raysh   Tav
Short Version Saturn Jupiter   Mars Sun   Venus Mercury   Moon
Gra Moon Mars   Sun Venus   Mercury Saturn   Jupiter
Golden Dawn Mercury Moon   Venus Jupiter   Mars Sun   Saturn
Ptolomy Saturn Jupiter   Mars Sun   Venus Mercury   Moon
Classical Order of the Planets

In addition to the categories already mentioned, the linking of the planetary energies through the axes of the cube creates three sets of planetary binomial equations (Shabatai-Tsedeq: 300.2.400.10-90.4.100, etc). These are seen as two poles of one energy: Shatabai/Saturn and Tsedeq/Jupiter must be considered both in their own structures and in their relationship to each other. Their meaning is incomplete without the complement.

This means that we also have to ask: -- why a particular planet with a particular planet? And that planetary "assignments" to the sephirot should be justified in terms of their oppositions in the Cube of Space.

We have seen that the axes of the cube are sealed with successive permutations of Yod, Hay and Waw, representing existence, life and their union or interpenetration, experience. In terms of an overview of the planetary energies, the Yod/existential axis connects Shabatai/Saturn/body and Tsedeq/Jupiter/self, the Hay/Life axis connects Meadim/Mars/future with Hamah/Sun/past and the Waw/Union axis connects Nogah/Venus/sensous experience with Kawkab/Mercury/sense perception. Lavanah/Moon/psyche is at the intersection of these axes.

Before we ask why Saturn with Jupiter and not Moon with Mars or Mercury with Moon, we can focus on the Seal, Sephirot and Formative of the first two outer directions to put the question in the context of the linked categories of the Cube.

We have already seen that the vertical, apex/deep axis defined by the 5th and 6th sephirot is sealed by the Yod of existence. This means that the two sephirot are two poles of one energy, in this case the "energy" (or "structure") of existence itself. The three polar energies are formed from the same components of existence, life and union/copulation in different combinations; the same energies considered from different perspectives.

First, the 5th/Life Sephirot and the 6th/Union Sephirot, sealed with the Yod of existence, are formed by 2/Bayt/body and 3/Ghimmel/energy to establish the container/contained self-other identity of being. 2, a body, is a container for 5, life. 3, organic movement/energy of every Bayt animated by Aleph, produces the second, inner Hay, which is doubled in 6, union. At 5, the Hay of Yod emits a Waw. At 6, the Waw of Yod emits a Hay.

We can see in these analogies the abstract semantic primitives, or basic formative structures, of being. The first set constitutes the vertical axis of existence, which has two poles: the existence (body) of the container and the life (energy) of the contained, which constitute identity. The second set is the front/back axis of life, which is determined by an indeterminate future and a realized past. The third is the left/right axis of union, characterized by unstructured/unconscious sensual input and (relatively ) conscious/structured cognitive/perceptual response. Their intersection is the experience of living identity, or embodied being.

With this context we can consider: why Saturn and Jupiter as the first binomial?

First Planetary Binomial
5th Sephira
2 Formative
10 400 2 300
Gematria: 712
6th Sephira
3 Formative
  100 4 90
Gematria: 194
Total: 906
400 6 40    40 10 10 8
446    68
Gematria: 514
70 200    40 6 30 300
270    376
Gematria: 646
Total: 1160

Which is the same question as: why are Saturn and Jupiter the basic formative structures of embodied identity?

3 Formative
  100 4 90
2 Formative
10 400 2 300

In classical Hebrew and Ptolomaic cosmology, the second and third letter of the Hebrew alphabet bring Saturn and Jupiter, the two outermost planets and celestial spheres into being. The first letter, Aleph, which has been working its way down from Aleph-Yod-Noun, is represented here by the Sheen (300) of Shabatai in its impact on the Bayt (2) of our bodies with the goal of making them tabernacles (400) of Aleph in existence (10). This state, representing "the complete release of our vitality" in a new birth and cosmically realized freedom, is far in mankind's developmental future. And so is the union of male (100) and female (90) energies capable of producing the necessary resistance (4) to release Cosmic Aleph, the Qof of Tsedeq. In unrealized man, these energies appear as our higher aspirations and material foundations.

We often find a formative or close relative imbedded in the planetary (or other) equations. Bayt is at the core of Shabatai. We find Dallet in the center of Tsedeq because it is the resistance of the structures of Tsadde that allows Qof/Cosmic Aleph to form. This resistance will be mated with Aleph and projected into an uncertain future with Meadim (Mem-Aleph-Dallet-Yod-Mem)/Mars at the 7th Sephira.

It should be clear that we are dealing with basic concepts of identity and existence, both in terms of a present state and a developmental potential. Saturn and Jupiter are polar, complementary energies or structures, concerned with establishing both the foundations of existence and its purpose.

The beginning and end of this process are Sheen and Qof: Aleph as Sheen/Cosmic Breath permeates our bodies and the energy of Aleph/Qof evolves through the resistant structures of Tsadde (spelled Tsadde-Dallet-Yod)-Dallet. The purpose of identity is the cosmic resurrection of Aleph as Qof.

The contrary qualities of the respective planets make this even more clear. 2/Bayt forms a body for 5/Life with the energy of Shabatai. Shabatai has the contrary qualities of life and death. The contrary qualities of Tsedeq, formed by the organic movement/energy of Ghimmel/3 and the 6/Union Sephira are peace and uncertainty. A 2/body can be alive or dead. 3/Energy is at rest or unpredictable. The Sephira fits with the formative semantics of the contrary quality of the planet.

The Saturn-Jupiter/vertical/existence axis is the only one that runs through the whole body from head to foot. These categories are experienced internally as other/body and self/female-male (Tsedeq: Tsadde/90-Dallet/4-Qof/100) bisexual identity. Contents