Astrological Equations: Tzedeq/Tsedeq : Jupiter

100 4 90
Gematria: 194
Formative: 3 Ghimel
Sephira: 6 Tipheret
Direction: Below
Contrary: Shalom-Raa
Daghim   Qoshet

Tsedeq (Jupiter) formed by Djimel-Ghimel on the bottom surface is the sense of Justice upon which we stand: the sense of our rights and duties. Its name, Tsedeq, is, first of all, the Tsadde of all structures; then the Dallet of the necessary resistance to structures, leading to the cosmic Aleph: Qof. It is Shalom, (in peace) by Djimel, in Daghim (Pisces), and Raa (uncertain) by Ghimel in Qoshet (Sagittarius).

    Suares, The Sepher Yetsira (Yetzirah), p.132

Tsedeq / Jupiter

Traditional Meaning:   Expansion, compensation, opportunity, success, prosperity. Benefic. Modern: preservation, increase, assimilation.
Formative Meaning:  Abstract conception of a human being. Self defined as the separate (Dalet) evolution of masculine and feminine energies (Tsadde and Qof). Sense of justice on which we stand; inner movement and outward assertion of rights and responsibilities; basis of identity, material evolution. Duality: Shalom (at peace) - Raa (uncertain).
Why Jupiter formed by Ghimel at the 6th Sephira of the Tree of Life and not Mars or the Moon, as some (Gra, Golden Dawn) would have it?

Among many seldom-noticed facts, the vertical axis of 5th and 6th Sephirot is the only one to pass completely through the body. This axis is sealed by Yod-Hay-Waw and Yod-Waw-Hay. It is the axis of existence (Yod/10) which creates individual being with an inner and an outer life. This existence stands out, or is thrown into life. It consists of two poles: the life of the container (Bayt) and the life of the contained (Ghimel) and has both a spiritual (Saturn/Shabatai) and a material (Jupiter/Tsedeq) destiny.

The two poles of body and self, or container and inner energy, form existential structures on every level of analogy. As a generalized abstract containing energy, Body is thought and ego, not just flesh and bone. The fate of Bayt is inscribed in Shabatai: Sheen-Bayt-Tav-Yod, an existent Tabernacle of cosmic energy. The fate of Ghimel is engraved in Tsedeq: Tsadde-Dallet-Qof: the structuration of a resistance capable of emitting cosmic Aleph, Qof.

These are only some of the considerations when deciding which planets to place above and below.
Autiot: Tsadde-Dalet-Qof, 90.4.100: structuration-resistance-cosmic Aleph: Tsadde and Qof (Deli/Aquarius and Daghim/Pisces) are archetypes of feminine and masculine perfection. They are joined, or fused by Dalet, the resistance/response that makes life possible, the same Dalet at the center of Aleph-Dalet-Mem. Tzaddik adds an existential Yod: Tsadde-Dallet-Yod-Qof; the "soul of the righteous man." Melchizedek, Mem-Lammed-Kaf-Yod-Tsadde-Dallet-Qof (40-30-20-10)-(90-4-100) the legendary King of Salem, represents the fully evolved man of Justice, where Tsedeq is Shalom (at peace) in Daghim/Pisces: he is literally "the King of Peace."

Tsedeq | Justice and Righteousness | Melchizedek
Tarot Autiot:

The feminine structuralizing Tsadde of the Star separated by the resistance Dalet of the Tower from the masculine cosmic conscousness of the Moon.

2nd Stage: Djimel (2) forms Tsedeq, non-pointed in Daghim. In this sign Tsedeq is a movement, a proliferation drawing its substatnce from the Primordial Waters, which begets 40 indefintiely. (Dag, fish: Ym, the sea: Daghim Here the 4 and the 3 are reversed in relation to Ghedi: existence is assured.

With pointed Ghimel Tsedeq rises in Qoshet to the highest degree of the hierarchy. Powerful and rich its personal evolution ends here. Of this nature is Tsedeq's arrested movement.

Tsedeq (90.4.100) formed by Djimel (3) in Daghim (, which in turn is formed by Qof (100), summarises the abstract conception of a human being, which follows from Genesis and The Sepher Yetsira. In fact, the numbers of the Tsedeq express both feminine and masculine perfection, resulting from the movement of Djimel-Ghimel (3). But does this perfection every occur? By asserting itself with pointed Ghimel in Sagittarius Jupiter blocks human evolution.

Tsedeq, the second Planet, is complete, finished (Schalom) in Daghim, the following sign, whose formative number is Qof (100). The name Tsedeq 90.4.100, is the very symbol of ambivalance. In Hebrew, Tsedeq is Justice; in mythological language it is Jupiter. Neither of these two allegories fits with the hermaphrodite who represents the profound purpose of the aim, or the fusion of the sexes.             Suares, SY, p.157,159

6 Shesh Tipheret Oomq Tahhat Lamatah
Six Beauty Depth of Abyss Below

Seal:   Six: sealed the lower, turned towards the underneath and sealed it with Yod-Waw-Hay.
Existence is defined as a duality or polarity: the life of the container (the Hhaim of Shabatai formed by Bayt) and the life or inner movment of the contained (the Shalom of Tsedeq formed by Ghimel). In Shabatai, existence projects life (Yod-Hay-Waw) on the head of Tsedeq, which responds with a second, inner life (Yod-Waw-Hay).
Formative: Ghimel forms Tsedeq/Jupiter b'olam in the universe at the 6th Sephirot.

Tsedeq/Jupiter, formed by 3/Ghimmel (organic movement) provides the return life (Seal: Yod-Waw-Hay) for Shabatai's blessing of a living container capable of containing Aleph. The energy of the self ("sense of Justice on which we stand") is based in a bipolar fusion of masculine and feminine energies. Its evolutionary and involutionary potentials are defined as the perfection of those energies in their native environments. Both the inner meaning and the developmental destiny of the structure of "self" is written into a few related signs.

We can use the corresponding Tarot images to illustrate the progression.

The Fool, Aleph, is all that is and is not, beyond time, beyond thought. He is about to incarnate.


First as the World, where we find Aleph with everything and everything with Aleph; and everything with Bayt and Bayt with everything. Bereshit, Genesis, starts with Bayt because it cannot start with Aleph.


Then, as the hidden, inner movement of the infinite, the result of Aleph's interaction with Bayt, or God with His Creation, Ghimel/3, the root of Sheen/300, Breath of God, Rouhh Elohim, Holy Spirit:


forms Tsedeq/Jupiter. We call this Self, because it is a movement (Ghimel/3) which participates in the infinite movement of Aleph, within the containers provided by Shabatai/Saturn. Tsedeq, the structure formed by this movement, is realized in its central letter, Dalet/4, as the binding of male and female energies.

In terms of psychological development, the fully evolved states of Aquarius and Pisces as symbols of the perfection and fusion of masculine and feminine energies, are seldom attained as the threshold of new life at Capricorn must first be passed. For this to happen the repetitive female reproduction of Tayt/Strength must be transformed into the intelligent feminine choice of Tsadde/Star and the ego of the Hermit must vanish entirely.


Leo/Arieh and Virgo/Betolah are formed by Tayt/9 and Yod/10. These are the only signs that have their existential projections directly across in the circular zodiac. The Star/90/Aquarius is the projection into existence of the archetypal structuralizing energy of 9/Leo/Strength, just as the Moon/100/Pisces is the projection into cosmic consciousness of the energy of 1/Aleph/Fool hidden in the 10/Yod/Hermit.

Triad: Jupiter at the 6th Sephira is the second planet of the primary triad of Saturn-Jupiter-Mars, the triad of coming-into-existence, which describes the developmental course of a person's life.

The six supra-lunar planets form three binomials, or opposing pairs. This fact is usually missed in astrology, which uses a two-dimensional map. The axes of the Cube of Space -- existence, life and union -- constitute the outer, experiential, space of Adam Qadmon. When we consider any of the planets, we need to understand its place in a web of related semantic structures: sephirot, seal, formative letter, contrary quality, etc. -- and also in terms of the double equation it makes with its opposite partner.

To understand Jupiter/Tsedeq, we need to understand its relationship to its polar opposite, Saturn/Shabatai. Astrology knows them as contraction and expansion, a reflection of their formative letters, Bayt/2/container and Ghimel/3/movement. Shabatai structures the containers of the universe, and Tsedeq their infinite, inner movement in two directions: for the perfection of structure (Tsadde/90) and the liberation of consciousness (Qof/100).

Binomial: Opposite sephirot on the axes of the Cube of Space can be considered as two aspects of the same energy, because they are opposities and they are sealed with the same initial letter of YHWH: YHW and YWH in the case of the 5th and 6th Sephirot. The energy is a one-way flow which appears two-fold to us according to our orientation to the flow and resistance/acceptance of the planetary energies.

In this case the flow is from the 5th/Life Sephira to the 6th/Union Sephira, defining the first axis of the Cube of Space: the vertical/existential axis, sealed, again, by Yod. The axis defines existential identity as Body (Shabatai) and Self (Tsedeq).

First Planetary Binomial
5th Sephira
2 Formative
10 400 2 300
Gematria: 712
6th Sephira
3 Formative
  100 4 90
Gematria: 194
Total: 906
400 6 40    40 10 10 8
446    68
Gematria: 514
70 200    40 6 30 300
270    376
Gematria: 646
Total: 1160

Upper   Lower
246/806 40/600 6 200   400 8 400 808
Rom   Tahhat

Rom, Upper, or Above, shows Raysh, the whole universe, above us, penetrating (Waw) all biological structures (Mem) with its Sheen-Noun. Tahhat, lower, related to Hhatam, Seal, shows unstructured energy arising between two cosmic resistances.

Subjective Direction:
Over   Under
175 5 30 70 40 30   5 9 40 30 84
Lama'lah   Lamatah

Lama'alah/Over and Lamatah/Under complement this duality with another polarity. Controlled organic energy, Lammed/30, in biological structures (Mem/40) takes two paths: towards the determination of cellular structure in the Tayt in Lamatah, or towards the realization of freedom in the Ayn of Lama'alah. Both are alive, but the indeterminate yields a second movement (Lammed). This is the structural circuit of the energizing energy of existence, sealed with Yod, the result of Rom burying itself in Tahhat and resurrecting as consciousness. The next double pair of equations will begin with Mem/40 and concern themselves with the fate of organic structures, under the seal of Hay, 5, Life, at the Seventh Sephirot.

Contrary Quality:
With pointed Ghimel Tsedeq rises in Qoshet to the highest degree of the hierarchy. Powerful and rich its personal evolution ends here. Of this nature is Tsedeq's arrested movment.   SY 160

In Daghim Tsedeq is Shalom. It destroys the psychological crystallisations maintaining the "Imaginary I" and the conflicts engendered by it.

In Qoshet Tsedeq finds the best setting for its material triumph. Its Qof final is extended into the initial Qof of Qoshet, which gives it, through Sheen and Tav, the feeling of having been chosen for a divine mission. Its feminine, blossoming through the Tsadde (90) of Tsedeq, is no more than a sumptuous religious display of ceremonies.   164-165

70 200    40 6 30 300
270    376
Gematria: 646
Zodiacal Environment: Daghim/Pisces and Qoshet/Sagittarius are the zodiacal homes of Tsedeq/Jupiter. These two active environments describe the two poles of Tsedeq's possibilities: material perfection in Qoshet and the perfection and proliferation of cosmic Qof in Daghim.
  In Arieh Tsedeq restores their cosmic meaning to the hidden Aleph and the subjective Yah: the ego can be transcended.
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