Depths of Directions: Rom-Tahhat (Height-Abyss)

Upper   Lower
246/806 40/600 6 200   400 8 400 808
Rom   Tahhat

At the 5th Sephira, Bayt forms Shabatai n the universe, an energy which is alive when it is in a state of indetermination (Saturn in the sign of Ghedi/Capricorn, formed by Ayn/70). Rom, Upper, or Above, shows Raysh, the whole universe, above us, penetrating (Waw) all biological structures (Mem) with its Sheen-Noun. Tahhat, lower, related to Hhatam, Seal, shows unstructured energy arising between two cosmic resistances.

Rom is a universal structure/container that fertilizes individual biological structures/resistances. It structurizes. Tahhat is its opposite and response: unstructured energy with/in a double cosmic resistance, where the Sheen in the Raysh of Rom is born again in consciousness. All these equations are untranslatable. They are formulations in another language which must be learned in order to understand the message; learning the language prepares one to understand the message.

With the usually ignored qualities of the six extremities -- over/under, face/behind, left/right -- we find a complete double specification of a unitary dual energy.

Over   Under
175 5 30 70 40 30   5 9 40 30 84
La' Ma'lah   La' Matah

Ma'alah/Over and Matah/Under complement this duality with another polarity. All the directional complements are prefixed with the Lammed of "towards." Controlled organic energy, Lammed/30 energizes biological structures (Mem/40) and takes two paths: towards the determination of cellular structure in the Tayt in La'matah, or towards the realization of freedom in the Ayn of La'ma'alah. Both are alive, but the indeterminate yields a second movement (Lammed). This is the structural circuit of the energy of existence, sealed with Yod at the 5th and 6th Sepherot: the result of Rom burying itself in Tahhat and resurrecting as consciousness. The next double pair of equations will begin with Mem/40 and concern themselves with the fate of organic structures, under the seal of Hay, 5, Life, at the 7th and 8th Sepherot.

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