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Qabala / Kabbalah

1000+ links   Sepher Yetsirah | Genesis | Gematria | Suares

Aleph Bayt
David Porush: Aleph
aleph lamed pei
ExclusivelyKabbalah : Message: Yod - Summary
Hypertext Hebrew Alphabet
A Hebrew Lesson: A-O-T
Aleph and the Name in 72 Letters
Rabbi Akiva's aleph tav
Rabbi Akiva's aleph tav (expansion vs constriction)
Rabbi Akiba's Excellent Adventure
Jewish Home: Hebrew Letters: Topics
Erica Schultz: The Mystical Dimensions of the Aleph-Bet
Jean Houston: The Powers of Genesis
Biblewheel: Meaning of the 22 Symbols
[Wheel] > Aleph-Tav: First and Last

Meru Foundation Research: Hebrew Alphabet, Genesis, Geometric Metaphor, and Kabbalah
Meru Foundation Research: Atbash Hand Gestures
Meru Foundation Research: Letter-Matrix Icons: Whole Matrix in 3 levels
Meru Foundation Research: Hebrew-Arabic Letter-Meaning Correspondences
Meru Foundation Research: A Model of Continuous Creation
Stan Tenen: Meru Foundation
Meru Foundation Research: Enneagram View of 3-Levels of the Hebrew Alphabet
Stan Tenen: Meru: The 3,10 Torus Knot, Adam Kadmon, and the Tree of Life
Meru Foundation Research: Enneagram View of 3-Levels of the Hebrew Alphabet
Stan Tenen's Meru Foundation
A Matrix of Meaning for Sacred Alphabets : Tenen, Stan :: Internet Archive
Stan Tenen: On the Double-Triangle (Mogen David)
Hebrew Language - Crystalinks - Stan Tenen
Focus on the Author: Stan Tenen | The Dubious Disciple

The Alphabetic Labyrinth - Joanna Drucker

What Does Autiot Mean Semantically, Semiosologically in Qabala?
'eth: untranslated
Jesus and the Aleph-Bet
Jesus et la Kabbale
Essence in the Knowledge Book
Precepts of GOD - Psalm 119 (with formative letter meanings)
Numbers Related to Kabbalah | The Hebrew Alphabet: It's Inner Structure
Nature's Language: Hebrew: A Language of Life
Building Words from Letters in the Holy Language
Mysteries of the Qabalah: Part I: The Hieroglyphical Interpretation of the Hebrew Alphabet
The Hebrew Alphabet, explanation of the letters, also in relation to the Tree of Life.
A Quantonic Quantum~Exegesis of Hebrew Qabala's (Carlo Suares') Autiot - by Doug Renselle 14Oct2009.
What is Qabala? Qabala issi n¤t Kabbalah!
The Energy of Hebrew Letters: The Quantum Story of the Original Alphabet: Rav P.S. Berg: 9781571896407: Books

Hebrew Alphabet: Formative/Creative Meanings of the Autiot
Philosophical Qabala: Hebrew letter meanings
Aleph-Bet (Modern & Paleo) w/meanings
Bethashem: Basic Meanings of the Hebrew Letters
Alphanumeric Symbolism of the Hebrew Alphabet
Alphabet of Kabbalah - Aleph - Samael Aun Weor
Hebrew Letter Meanings
The Hebrew Letters
Starting With Aleph: An On-line Course in Hebrew Reading and Jewish Values
Jewish Language Research Website
Ammi Shaddai: Hebrew Alphabet Meanings in Spanish
Memosys: The aleph-bayt connection

User:Vuara/Hyperlanguage of the Hebrew Alphabet - Wikibooks
User:Vuara/Hyperlanguages transcend human languages - Wikibooks, open books for an open world
Knowable and Unspeakable

Symbala: Symbols and their Meaning: Kabbalistic Charts, Prints & Models
Thomas Ackermann Qabala Paintings
David Friedman: Kabbalah: Art | The Holy Palace
Art Inspired by Kabbalah and Science
Tzfat Gallery of Mystical Art: Avraham Loewenthal
David Gafni: Kabbala legends paintings
The Ratner Museum: Kabbalah Museum

Wiki: Kabbalah (also Qabbala, Cabala, cabbala, cabbalah, kabala, kabalah, kabbala)
Faust » Kabbalah (better re-write of WP Kabbalah)
Metareligion: Kabbalah
Colin Low: Kabbalah FAQ Version: 3.0 Release Date: February 1996
Jewish Encyclopedia: Kaufmann Kohler, Louis Ginzberg: Cabala
Religions Movements: Qabalah/Kabbalah

Jewish Kabbalah and Christian Cabalah - Professor Bryan Griffith Dobbs, Richard Brzustowicz, Yakov Leib haKohain, and Professor Pinchas Giller - posted on the Donmeh mail list June 1999
(99+) From the Depth of the Well: An Anthology of Jewish Mysticism | Ariel Evan Mayse - Ariel Evan Mayse
Kabbalah: The Way of the Jewish Mystic
Rabbi Falk, The Baal Shem of London - Yakov Leib haKohain
Glossary Kabbalistic of Terms
Glossary Kabbalistic of Terms
Glossary of Terms
Glossary of Bibliography (kabbalists and terms)
Cherub Press

Song of Songs: Hebrew/English Customer Reviews: The Second Coming of Reb Yhshwh: The Rabbi Called Jesus Christ
Song of Songs Interpretation Samples
Sights and Sounds of the Song of Songs
Song of Songs (No. 145)
Song of Songs
Commentary from The Song of Songs: A New Translation and Interpretation by Marcia Falk
Lambert Dolphin: Keys to the Song of Solomon
Song of Songs: A Comparison of Texts
The Song of Songs (Suares trans.)
How Song of Songs Became Part of the Hebrew Bible | My Jewish Learning ... Rabbi Akiva argued that the Song of Songs defiled the handswhich meant it was sacred. In fact, he argued it was the most sacred book of the Bible.

Sacred Texts: Zohar: Bereshith to Lekh Lekha by Nurho de Manhar [1900-14]
Sacred Texts: Maurice Harris: Translations from the Talmud, Midrashim and Kabbala
Sacred Texts: Westcott's Sepher Yetsira
Christian Knorr von Rosenroth - Wikipedia
The Kabbalah Unveiled Index
Sacred Texts: Introduction to The Kabbalah Unveiled S.L MacGregor Mathers, tr. (1887)
Sacred Texts: Mathers: Kabbalah - Sepher Dtzenioutha: Book of Concealed Mystery
Sacred Texts: Midrash Tanhuma

The Philosophical Writings of Solomon - Ben Yehudah Ibn Gebirol, or Avicebron, Etc. - Isaac Myer

SOL: Servants of the Light: Kabbalistic Texts Index
SOL: The Bahir (Kaplan)
SOL: The Zohar (excerpts)

The Zohar (Soncino), 3 Sefer Yetzirah editions, and Hekaloth Zut (download torrent) - TPB

The Zohar 1: Pritzker Edition, Volume One - Translation and Commentary by Daniel C. Matt
Kabbala then and now - TLS Highlights - Reviews of Matt: The Zohar, Green: Guide to Zohar, Idel: Kabbalah and Eros
Tishby's Wisdom of the Zohar
The Wisdom of the Zohar: An Anthology of Texts (3 Volume Set): Tishby, Isaiah, Goldstein, David: 9781874774280: Books
Full Zohar Online

(99+) Translations of the Zohar: Historical Contexts and Ideological Frameworks | Boaz Huss -

Hebrew and Aramaic as Languages of the Zohar -- Liebes 4 (1): 35 -- Aramaic Studies
YouTube - P'Tach Eliahu - Tikkuney Zohar - Complete in one part
Oneness in difference: Jewish kabbalah teaching: Zohar

Work of the Chariot
WC: Idra Rabba Qadusha
WC: Sifra Detzniyutha
WC: Idra Zuta Qadusha
WC: Ma'aseh Merkabah Literature
WC: Books of Enoch
WC: Sh'ir Qoma (Shiur Komah)
WC: Etz HaChayyim
WC: Revelation of John
The Abes_Kids Archives
[Abes_Kids] AHYH AShR AHYH Note: AHYH adds up to 17 = TVB (Tov, Good). Tov is a qabalistic synonym for Master Mosheh. The WOC mentor taught us that Master Mosheh is the Head of Celestial Mashiach L'YHVH filtered through the Mother Letter Mem. He is the Omiq (OMYQ, depth) of the Inner Court Sefirah Water/Good (aka Gedulah/Chesed) (that made sense, and 1+5+10+5=17?)

Jewish Encyclophedia: Bahir
Bahir, Sefer Ha–
Kaplan's Translation of the Sepher-ha-Bahir (PDF)
Sefer ha-Bahir: "The Book of Illumination" Attributed to Rabbi Nehunia ben HaKana (Kaplan)
Sepher Ha-Bahir (Kaplan, HTML)
Sepher Bahir
Bahir: Abstract
Sefer ha-Bahir
Francis Landy: Parables and Princesses in the Bahir
Place du Bahir dans la Litterature Esoterique
Bahir Selection: 141-146, 155, 157, 169
The book of Bahir: Flavius ... - Giulio Busi, Flavius Guillelmus Ramundus Mithridates - Google Books (Aleph)
The Bahir (Scribd, Kaplan)
Biblical Connotations and Commentary in the Book Bahir
Sefer ha-Bahir: The Book of Brilliance: An analysis of the content and influences of the earliest work of Kabbalah By Joseph Dan
Bahir: The Secret at the Heart of Alchemy: Excerpt from A Monument to the End of Time: Alchemy, Fulcanelli, & the Great Cross by Jay Weidner & Vincent Bridges

Larry Tabick: Rab Tab's Sources of Jewish Mysticism | Notes on the Shiur Qomah

Documents Kabbale - - Bénéficier du nécessaire. Se consacrer à l'Essentiel

Morgane: Online Texts (Francais)
Morgane's World: Les Instruments de la Kabbale
5 Premiers Verset de la Genèse
Un texte sur le Bérèshit de Spartakus FreeMann

Wikipedia: Zohar
Zohar Excerpts
Sepher haZohar: excerpts: Portuguese
Sepher Zohar
Hayim. Joseph David Azulai: Zohar MS
Jewish Virtual Library: Kabbalah
Moses ben Shem Tov De Leon (& Zohar Authorship)

(99+) Qabbalah, The Theos-Sophia of the Jews | Boaz Huss -
(99+) Theosophical Appropriations: Esotericism, Kabbalah, and the Transformation of Traditions, edited by Julie Chajes and Boaz Huss | Boaz Huss and Julie Chajes -
(99+) Mysterious Aspects of YHVH & AETHER | Bettina Morello - ... Carlos Suares defined and explained the two flowsof Breath or Spiritual Energy throughout his works, but especially in his commentary on the Song of Solomon where he transcribes two spiritual experiences using the analogy of two flows of energy. (2019)

Albert Soued: Qabala: Conférences et cours: Secret Meanings of Hebrew Letters
Albert Soued: Symbols in the Bible (English)
The Decrypting of the Kabbalistic Value of Thirty-Seven
LA Rose Croix Pentagrammatique DE HENRI KHUNRATH
Dictionnaire des cabalistes
Sites Web consacrés à la cabale
Boaz Huss : Ketem Paz - The Kabbalistic Doctrine of Rabbi Simeon Lavi in his Commentary of the Zohar
Journal of Kabbalah: Journal des Études de la Cabale
Daniel Abrams : New Study Tools from the Kabbalists of Today...

Spheres, Sefirot, and the Imaginal Astronomical Discourse of Classical Kabbalah. - Document - Gale Academic OneFile

Ilanot-Portal manuscript view - The Magnificent Parchment - Private Collection, Tel Aviv-London
Yossi Chajes heralds the recent study of rarely depicted huppahs in kabbalistic manuscripts by Uriel Safrai and Eliezer Baumgarten.
The Magnificent Parchment - MS Hunt. Add. D - Google Search

Project MUSE - "The Wedding Canopy Is Constituted by the Being of These Sefirot": Illustrations of the Kabbalistic Huppah and Their Derivatives

Kolel: Zohar: Eating from the Tree of Life (Justin Lewis) The Mystery of the Book of Zohar | The Book of Zohar
Zohar - Tree of Sephiroth
Jordan Finkin: Maintaining God’s Living Reality Through Images of the Torah in the Zohar
Kabbalah Center: Zohar excerpts

(165) Pinterest - Trees of Life

The Isometric Sephirot: The Forgotten Correspondences
3-D Tree

Eating from the Tree of Life: A Course on the Zohar
Sepher Milhhamot Ha-Shem: the Holy Wars against the false Kabbalah of the Zohar
The Truth About The Zohar As "Kabbalah"
Kolel: Online Zohar Course
Thirty-Seven Books: Zohar Archive
Zohar on Genesis
Kolel's course: Zohar: Eating from the Tree of Life by Justin Lewis | The Rose

Le Sephra DiTsenioutha ou Livres des Mystères Cachés, un ouvrage
Kabbalistique important sur le Microprosopus et le Macroprosopus

Siphra Dizenioutha: The Book of Concealed Mystery Translated by M. MacGregor Mathers. (1887)

Questia: Gershom Scholem Joseph Dan: Gershom Scholem: Between Mysticism and Scholarship
Binah: Studies in Jewish Thought: (includes Gershom Scholem: Between History and Historiosophy)
Powell's Books - Review-a-Day - Gershom Scholem: A Life in Letters, 1914-1982 by Gershom Scholem, reviewed by The New Republic Online
Gershom Scholem: The Name of God and the Linguistic Theory of the Kabbala
The Messianic Idea in Judaism

Genesis of Eden
Gerschom Scholem

Abelson, J.: "Jewish Mysticism"
Eliezer Segal:Jewish Mysticism
Kabbalah Bibliographical Guide : Selected Bibliography on Kabbalah and Jewish Mysticism
David Blumenthal: Judaic Studies
the Kabbalah of the Tora Verse Numbers
VaYeTZE: A Heavenly Ladder to Bridge the Gap
SHM0T: Names of Symmetry and Sequence
VaYiSHLaCH: The Timeless Lesson of Yaaqov
Lessons of Torah Kabbalah: SHaMaYM
Dancing with Angels - Title Page/contents
Sefirot and Torah
Sefirot and Torah
Kelipot and Sitra Achra - The Principles of Kabbalah
Crown Diamond of the Believers' Tree of Life
Shraga Friedman: The First Substance of the Qabala
The Arcane Archive - Shraga - Kabbalah K-3 (old M-Comp)

Iona Miller Home Page and Collected Works
Jim Cornwell: The Alpha and the Omega
Cornwell: "Another view of the Heavens - Zodiac Age and the Ten Sefiroth"
The Logos: Felix the Helix and the Metabolism of Time

The problem of Exoteric and Esoteric in Judaism
M.Alan Kazlev: Lurianic Kabbalah
Isaac Ben Solomon Luria (1534-1572) by Shira Schoenberg
Ma'arekhet Ha-Elohut - "The Order of God"
The Soul and its Salvation according to Lurianic Kabbalah
Tikkun - The Lurianic Theory of Creation and Redemption
Mystieke Overpeinzingen: Kabbalah Personen
Works of Rabbi Chaim Vital - Other Safed Kabbalists
Keys to True Prophecy - Other Safed Kabbalists
Reincarnation Discrimination - "Gate of Reincarnations": Chapter Nine, Section 1 (men reincarnate; women just go to hell)
The RAMCHAL: Meillat Yesharim: Path of the JusT
Gilgul Neshamot - Reincarnation of Souls
Kabalah at Mountain Temple Center | Light, Chaos, and Redemption: The Kabbalistic Cosmology of Isaac Luria
Imrey Binah Course Curriculum – Perceiving True G-dly Unity in Creation – The Mystical Meditations of the Shema - Foundation for Kabbalah Curriculum. (Prerequisite) (Ronnie Rendel)

Primordial Language
Matter and Consciousness
Ovid Jacob: Kabblah Now
David Porush: MS Scars: Personal Talmud
Inner Dimension
The Historical Evolution of Kabbalistic Thought (starting in 1570)
Sciences and Kabbalah: Kabbalah and String Theory
Astroqab: Astrological Qabala and Hebrew Alphabet
Astroqab: Jacob's Wheel Personal Calendar
The Six 'Rings' of IHV
Astroqab: The Seven Double Letters
The Key to Jacob's Wheel
Double Letters, Sofit Letters, & Vowels

The Mystery Of The Aleph: Mathematics, the Kabbalah, and the Search for Infinity
SparkNotes: The Kabbalah: Maaseh bereshit
Maaseh Bereshit
Hebrew Kabbalah (Ordinal Gematria) Genesis/Sepher Yetsira
Yashanet: Tipheret: The Image of the Eyn Sof

Les Juifs en Provence : une histoire miraculeuse ! - JForum
Histoire des Juifs en Provence et au Languedoc

Segal: Roman Holiday (Abraham Abul]afia pays a visit to Pope Martin
Abraham Abulafia – Ecstatic Kabbalist and Prophet

ABRAHAM ABULAFIA AND THE DOCTRINE OF PROPHETIC KABBALISM ... According to him, only the "Guide" and the "Book of Creation" together represent the uue theory of Kabbalism." ... An object which fulfills all these conditions he believes himself to have found in the Hebrew alphabet. in the letters which make up the written language ... Basing himself upon the abstract and noncorpmeal nature of script, he develops a theory of the mystical contemplation of lettersand their configurations, as the constituents of Cod's name.

Abraham Abulafia - Wikipedia
Internet Archive: Free Download: Abraham Abulafia: A Starter Kit
Abraham Abulafia: Enlightenment Story
Rabbi Avraham Abulafia
Lawrence Attard Bezzina: The Jewish Community of Malta: Abraham Abulafia
Commentary on an Exerpt From Abraham Abulafia’s Otzar Eden HaGanuz: A Comparison of Kabbala & Tantra
The Mystical Experience in Abraham Abulafia - Questia Online Library
Cognitive Models and Spiritual Maps ... - Google Book Search
Scribd: enneagon's Documents
Abraham Abulafia abraham abulafia
Abulafia Consciousness - Speaking with One's Self
EQ040308 Abulafia & Ecstatic Kabbalah
Abraham Abulafia: Light of the Intellect

Avi Solomon is creating a translation of Abraham Abulafia's Kabbalah Meditation Manual | Patreon
The Heart of Jewish Meditation: Abraham Abulafia's Path of the Divine Names
Full text of "Textual Flesh, Incarnation, and the Imaginal Body: Abraham Abulafia's Polemic with Christianity" - Elliot R. Wolfson

Shahar Arzy, Moshe Idel, Theodor Landis & Olaf Blanke - Speaking With One's Self - Autoscopic Phenomena in Writings from the Ecstatic Kabbalah
Abraham Abulafia: Light of the Intellect | by Avi Solomon | Learning for Life | Medium
R. Abraham Abulafias Sefer ha-Ot - preliminary insights on a critical edition
sefer ha-ot (PDF)

2120 Abulafia Practice with Y-H-V-H
Abraham Abulafia Kabbalah Life of the World to Come Divine Name Meditation Circles Animation - YouTube
72 "Names" of God (pronounced) | Abulafia's Meditations on the Divine Name - YouTube
Abulafia Kabbalah and Abulafia Meditation - YouTube
Judaism 101: Olam Ha-Ba: The Afterlife abraham abulafia: Books

Abraham Abulafia's Path of the Divine Names
Avi Solomon -

Chaye Olam HaBa - Life in the World to Come
Abulafia's Kabbalah Circles
Abulafia: 72 Names of the Angels
Chayye Ha Olam HaBa Free Download - Abulafia and "Life in the World to Come" Links
Chaye Ha Olam Ha Ba- Hebrew Text Download
Abraham Abulafia
Qabalah Time Time

The Book of Creation "Sefer Yetzirah"

Markus Wessendorf - Kabbalah and Gnosticism in Richard Foreman's Ontological-Hysteric Theatre [1996]
Kathy Bernstein: The Forgotten Language of Creation
Ayn Sof: Kabbalah Community of the San Francisco Bay Area
Discovery of the Thworah 'Elohim * Eytan: The Search After The Truth Of Elohim
Beth Elohim Messianic Synagogue: Kabbalah: What is Kabbalah? Introduction to Kabbalah
A. W. Greenup: Sefer ha-Levanah -- The Book of the Moon
Who was Abraham?
Catholic Encyclopedia: Abraham
Hebrews and Phoenicians
Michael Wassil: Dance of Ecstasy
Chief Fela Sowande
Mateus N. Carneiro da Cunha: Hermetic Garden (English, Francais, Portugues)
la Kabbale
Kabbale en Ligne v4
The Hope: To Realize the Vision of Jerusalem in our Lifetime: The City of Peace, a House of Prayer for all the Nations

Don Karr's Bibliographic Surveys: Early Kabbalah, Merkabah, Sefer Yetzirah, Zohar
Notes on the Zohar in English by Don Karr
Notes on the Study of Merkabah Mysticism and Hekhalot Literature in English
Hermetic Kabbalah: The Big Picture
ekie.pdf Notes on the Study of Early Kabbalah in English to which is appended Kabbalah Study: Jewish Mysticism In English by Don Karr
4960-001.pdf 4960 - Kabbalah: Jewish Mysticism, Myth, and Magic Last revised 1-05

Kabbalah: A Newsletter of Current Research in Jewish Mysticism

What is Kabbalah?
The History of Kabbalah in the Diaspora
i4all what is kabbalah? | In the beginning... - i4all - what is kabbalah?
English Language Resources for the Student of Traditional Rabbinic Kabbalah
Mirach: Practical Kabbalah
Orot: Rabbi Avraham Yitzhak Hakohen Kook
Rabbi Kook on Weekly Torah Portion (Parsha), Jewish Holidays and Psalms (Tehillim)
Judaism Reading List: Kabbalah and Mysticism
SCJ FAQ: Part 3: Torah and Halachic Authority
Truekabblalah: Gateway to Understanding
The Work of Return: A Society of Souls: Jason Shulman
Qabalah Study Hall
SparkNotes: The Kaballah: Overview of Major Kabbalists (in chronological order)
Kabbalah Wiki

Levine: Practical Kabbalah & Related Folklore
Expansions of the Holy Names of G–d.
Jewish Encyclopedia: Tetragrammaton
Wiki: Tetragrammaton
Two Esoteric Masonic Concepts Which Are Linked By The Tetragrammaton

Kabbale En Ligne
Tohu et Bohu « Etudes Générales « Etudes Kabbalistiques « KeL « Kabbale en Ligne v.5
Jeff Spiegel: 10 Names of God
The Name of God in 42 Letters
Rabbi Eli Teitelbaum: Parshas Pekudei: In the Shadow of Ha'Shem: 42 Letters of Bereshit

Organelle: New Ways of Knowing
Organelle: The Chapel and Organ of Song: The Mystical 'names' of God
Organelle: The mystical ‘names’ of God

Ishaya: Savitr: Speaking The Infinite Silence I: What's in a Name?: Shem
The Name in 72 Letters from the Sepher Yetsira
The SheM Ha-MePhoRaSh The Extended Name (of 72)
Tarot University ArkLetters: The Shem Angels; Clues to a Lineage
Yakov Leib haKohain: The Unspeakable Name of God in Kabbalah: Shem HaMeforash

AstroQab: Astrology & Hebrew Kabbalah by Patrick Mulcahy
Esoteric Harmonics
Patrick Mulcahy - Issuu
Astroqab: Astrology & Kabbalah: Kabbalah

Boaz and Jachin (Tarot High Priestess)
Richard Cassaro - Boaz and Jachin—The Deeper Meaning Behind The Most Powerful of all Freemason Symbols (pairs of opposities)

Jewish Encyclopedia: Merkabah
SparkNotes: The Kabbalah: Maaseh merkavah
"The Hekhalot Literature and Shamanism"
Yakov Leib haKohain: Merkabah Mysticism and Neo-Sabbatian Kabbalah
Hekhalot Mysticism: Bibliography
Hekhalot Mysticism and Shamanism
Merkabah Animation
The Heichalot & the Merkavah
Merkaba Meditation: What Is The Merkaba And How To Activate It!

Yashanet: The Work of the Chariot
The Seven Palaces and the Cosmic Planes
EL Segal:In Seventh Heaven
The Midrash on “As the Apple-Tree amongst the Trees of the
James R Davila: The Hekhalot Literature and Shamanism
James Davila: What is Heikhalot Literature?
Seven Heikhalot
Pair: Of Sages and Scholars
Ascent to Heaven in Antiquity
Recovered Science: Ladder to Heaven
The Sacred Merkaba Techniques Website - A Union of Three Organizations

32 Paths: Energetic Transformations in the First Four Sepherot
Thirty-Two/32 Paths: Comparative Interpretations
Blavatsky: 32 Paths: The Hair of Macroprosopus
Mosiastics: 32 Paths: 10 lines of 32 letters of the 10 Commandments
A Bardon Companion: The 32 Paths of Wisdom - Part One
The 32 Paths of Wisdom - Rawn Clark
The 32 Paths of Wonder in the Creation Story Genesis |

Fifty Gates of Understanding
The Fifty Gates of Wisdom

Brian Lancaster: The Golem as a Transpersonal Image | Golem II
The Golem Legend
Rachel Strasser: An anomalous Genesis: metaphor and implication in the creation of the Golem
How to Create a Golem from the Comfort of Home
Background on Golem Legends
Of Men and Mud by Heinz Insu Fenkl
the Seforim blog: The Letter of the Maharal on the Creation of the Golem
Phorum :: Lookjed List Archive :: Animals Created Through Sefer Yetzirah - Does this animal need shechita? Can it be eaten with milchigs? (are golem animals kosher?)
May a golem count towards a minyan? | San Diego Jewish World

The Cube of Space: Deep Structure
Hulse/Townley: The Golden Dawn Cube
The Cube of Space - Colored Pictures (from New Dimensions, check out page 5)
Andart: Hermetic kitsch
Cube of Space: 27 Trinary Trigrams
David Allen Hulse Interview: The Golden Dawn System for the Cube of Space
Nick Sandberg: Opening the Body with the Cube of Space
Bardon: SY: Unlocking the Hebrew Sequence of Creation
Wolfram: Mathworld: Cube | Octahedron
The Isometric Sephiroth: The Forgotten Correspondences
Isometric Sephiroth and the Sepher Yetzirah
The Sephiroth and the Four Worlds in Three Dimensional Perspective
3 Dimensional Kabbalah
The Tree of Life Projected in the Third Dimension - Vol. 2 No. 4 - Caduceus: The Hermetic Quarterly
Structural Implications in the Sepherot - Sam Webster, May 1992 (Sephirot as Numbers)
Signs of the Times Forum / Bible Code II
The Backyard Professor: Podcast (#13 of 20) Sacred Geometry and Throne of God as the Cube of Space
Qabala Tree - The Sepher Yetzirah five-part series of classes intended for beginning to intermediate students of Qabala. It was presented by Mark Pemburn, acting High Preist (sic) of The Keepers of the Holly Chalice
Raumwürfel – AnthroWiki
Der Raumwürfel

231 Gates
Derivation of 231 Gates
The 231 Gates of the Sefer Yetzirah
YisraEL = There are 231 Gates
Blumenthal: 231 Gates: The Creator and the Computer
Mallukh AHI: 231 Gates: Yetziratic Magic
BibleWheel: The 231 Gates of the Sepher Yetzirah
Rawn Clark: Book 231: Permutations of the Tree of Life
YouTube - 231 Shaarim - Sefer Yetzira
The Virtual Israel Bible Museum Sepherot - "Sepherot of the Ten Commandments" (Sephirot as numbers) Bnei Baruch: Kabbalah Web
Bnei Baruch World Kabbalah Center - Shamati 1: There is None Else Beside Him (shells) (Laitman)
Michael Laitman | Kabbalah Library - Bnei Baruch Kabbalah Education & Research Institute

The Original Cabala, the Cabala of Eight Elements, the Sufi Cabala
Graveworm Ha-Qabala | Cosmological Qabala Primer
Qabalistic Cosmology: Formation of the Sephioth
The Sophia of Jesus as it Relates to Qabala
Precession as it Relates to The Sophia of Jesus
Ancient Hebrew Cosmology on Flickr - Photo Sharing!
Andreas G. Szabo: Torah-Kosmos
CrystalLinks Kabala
Colin Low's Qabala Page
Hermetic Kabbalah
Cordovero: Tomer Devorah (The Palm Tree of Deborah)
Marvin J Heller: Two Little Known Works from Moses Cordovero (Ramak)
Kabbalah Online: Rabbi Markel's Kabbalistic and Chassidic philosophy site | Sifros/Sifrah
Donmeh West - The Neo-Sabbatian Collective of the Internet
Donmeh-West: "Commentary on Rabbi Azriel of Gerona's 12th Century Text, "Explanation of the Ten Sefirot" | Ayn-Sof
Donmeh-West: Yakov Leib HaKohain: The Two Torahs of Kabbalah: Torah D'Atziluth and Torah D'Beriah
The Hidden Structures of Water - Secret of Water - Water
The Secret of Water: Water is life, Water is King, G-d is in the Water

Kabbalah Secrets
The Ultimate Reality Behind the Universe - By Jeffrey Meiliken
Part XIX Moshiach and the Birds Nest
Part XXI The Seed of Creation

Donmeh West - "Commentary on Rabbi Azriel of Gerona's 12th Century Text, "Explanation of the Ten Sefirot"
Donmeh West - Sabbatai Zevi's 'God of the Faith' ("hovered" and "the dark god")
Shabbetai Zevi, Abraham Miguel Cardoso, and the Friedberg Zohar
Tracing The Antinomian Trajectory Within Sabbatean Messianism
The Levels of the Creation of Man - The Holy Ari ("hovered")
Torah Commentary - Hovered. Hebrew: merachefet
Rab Tab's Jewish Mysticism Sources
Rabbi Yechiel Bar-Lev: Song of the Soul: Based on Rabbi Chaim Moshe Luzatto ‘s “Kalach Pitchei Chochma”
Yedid Nefesh: Kol Hator
Emmanuel Lévyne

4/Four Worlds
Kheper: Classification of Reality - the Four Worlds
Yashanet: Tree of Life and Four Worlds
Inner: Arba'ah Olamot: "The Four Worlds"
Meta-Religion: Four Worlds (Byzant)
Work of the Chariot: Four Worlds
Miriam's Well: Edna Lister: The Kabbalistic Four Worlds
Mazzaroth: "Another view of the Heavens - Zodiac Age and the Ten Sefiroth"
Gnostic Kabbalah - Four Worlds: Atziluth (1)
Qabalah Lessons 13 and 14: Four Worlds and Ten Heavens

Adam Qadmon
Adam Kadmon: Primordial Man
The Worlds: Adam Kadmon
Chapter 3.22 - The Birth and the Breaking of Adam ha Rishon
The Five Partzufim of the world Adam Kadmon | The Preamble to the Wisdom of Kabbalah | The Science of Kabbalah (Pticha) | Books | Michael Laitman | Kabbalah Library - Bnei Baruch Kabbalah Education & Research Institute
Adam Kadmon
Otz Chiim: Adam Kadmon and the Tree of Life
Philtar: Adam Kadmon
Kheper: The Archetypal Man
Holophany | ADAM KADMON from Kabbalah (Cabala) | Shet, Adam, Cabala, Kadmon, Kabbalah - Holophany | a New Philosophy and Logic

10 Sephirot of the Kabbalah: Tree of Life
Tony Smith: Sefirot and Torah
The Cosmology of Lurianic Kabbalah
Rabbi Azriel of Gerona's Text: Ten Sephirot
The Tree of Life: according to the Ari - Rabbi Isaac Luria The Divine Emanations: The Ten Sefirot Names of God associated with the Sephirot
Basics in Kabbalah and Chassidut: The Names of God – Havayah |

Organelle: Tree of Lights
Aiwaz: TOL: LOGICAL PROGRESSION on the order of letters and it's re-construction
Aiwaz: Leon Cabal: Egytian (Neter) Attribution of the Sephiroth
Project Mind Tree of Life
Servants of the Light
Will Parfitt: The Mysteries of the Tree of Life and the Kabbalah
An History & Commentary on the Tree of Life
The Sephirot
Boehme's Tree of Life
Tree of Life, Crop Circles and Da'ath (upside down Tree)
The Pleroma:The Fulness of Him That Filleth All in All
Fourth Dimension: Tree of Life (Crowleyite)
Mazzaroth: The Tree of Life, the Ten Holy Emanations - the Sephira (Sefiroth), the Divine Names
Da'ath, Sepher Yetzirah, and 11°=0° by Robert Furtkamp.©1998
The Traditional Tree of Life
Tree of Life
Tech Sheet: The Tree of Life
Jay Weidner and Vincent Bridges: The World Tree, The Canon and the Cabala
The Gnostic Science of Alchemy Chapter Eight (Draco / Teli)
Comic Tree
The Tree of Life: The Commentary of Kabbalist Y. Ashlag on The 'Tree of Life' by Ari
Copenhagen Qabala: Ten Sephiroth
Polaris: GD Tree of Life
TOL w/alternative Sephirot names
Sanford Drob: The Sefirot: Kabbalistic Archetypes of Mind and Creation (numbers)
Names and Arrangement of the Sephirot (Ari-Gra scheme)
Aliyah Ziondra: Tree of Life Models: Tikkun, Kaddushin
Tree of Life: Ten Spheres
Qabalah Stew, Supplement 2: The Qabalistic Tree of Life with some Correspondences
Qabalah Number 1 -- Heidrick: Qabalah Number 1 -- Bill Heidrick: Learning the Tree through Meditation
Etz Ha'im: Tree of Life (Hebrew Letters)
-- -- article - etz chayyim (kabbalistic tree of life)
Grace F. Knoche: Bright Space, Son of Dark Space
Eighth Day Assembly: The Ten Sefirot of Jewish Mysticism
Out of Darkness: The Tree of Life
Prosveta: Arbre kabbalistique de la vie ou tableau des dix séphirot
Kabbalistic Tree of Life or table of the ten sephirot The Mysteries of Yesod (Study of purity)
Mazloth: The Tree of Life
Wisdoms Door: Tree of Life
The A-A Society's Afrikan Version of the Tree of Life
The Tree of Life - by Samuel Scarborough Filing Cabinet of the Western Mystery Tradition and Methods to Recall the Information
Servants Of the Light: Tree of Life

Deliriumsrealm Blogging - Kabbalah Copenhagen Qabalah: spiritual technology lab
Kabbalistic Cosmogony and Modern Cosmology (Italian)
Byzant Kabbalah
La nature prise à la lettre

Tim Scott: Who Was Franz Bardon?
Re: A perspective on Bardon - Magic Forums
Rawn Clark: A Bardon Companion
Rawn's Commentary on The Key to the True Quabbalah by Franz Bardon
Rawn's Commentary on The Key to the True Quabbalah
Franz Bardon Hermetics, Fairy Tales, and Transpersonal Psychology

Israel and Zion
Kabbalah 101
Aish: Rabbi Pinchas Winston: Approaching the Threshold
Vedibarta Bam: Makom
Anticipating The Redemption: Third Temple
Dictionary of the History of Ideas: Space (Makom)
Kabbalah Dictionary with more than 5300 terms - Gematria, Atbash, Notariqon and many more details (Qabala Dictionary / Kabala Dictionary / Caballa Dictionary / Cabala Dictionary)
Maqom in the Bible
Project Mind
Project Mind: Science as Applied Qabala
The Rosicrucian Archive
Jack Courtis: Greek Kabala
Primum Mobile - Rosicrucian Archive
Reconciliation, Orientation and Unity - Rosicrucian Archive (7 pairs of opposites)
Lectorium Rosicrucianum: Internation School of the Rosy Cross
De wereld rond Kabbala
A Greek Sepher Sephiroth Astronargon - Us PDF | PDF | Area | Circle
Dance of the 7 Veils: Planetary Powers
The Word Bahá':   Quintessence of the Greatest Name
Jack Courtis: Kabala... Jewish or Greek?
Herring: History of the Modern Kabbalah: A Jewish Heritage
The Deadly Fruit of the Kabbalah <:)>
Michas, Maten & Michas: The Rod of an Almond Tree in God's Master Plan
Toledano Tradition of Kabbalah Studying Qabalah Makes You Smarter
Brian Pivak: Studies in Kabbalah and Western Esotericism
Davidmann: One Law for All: Freedom Now, Freedom for Ever
Qabala in a Nutshell
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Yahoo Group: kabbalah-n archive: Trimm, Negby, Dobbs
Hebrew Book of the Dead The Kabbalah Centre: Philip Berg
Decoding the Past: Secrets of Kabbalah (TV 2006) - IMDb Stars: Michael Berg, Yehueda Berg and David Friedman (+Ronit Meroz)
Ronit Meroz-Who wrote the Zohar? | The Book of Doctrines and Opinions:
Was the Zohar ever a book? | The Book of Doctrines and Opinions: Abrams claims the idea of the Zohar as a preexisting book was created in the 16th century by the printers- before that point there were only various unconnected manuscripts of esotericism ... Danny Matt is creating a synthetic text that does not correspond to any text out there. Meroz is creating a synoptic edition but that already assumes a whole to be recreated or an original text to retrieve Abrams compares the Zohar to Rabbinic works - . He asks rhetorically why doesn’t anyone ask for the spirit of the author of Sefer Yetzirah to descend on them? (be careful what you wish for)
RonitMeroz.pdf The Middle Eastern Origins of Kabbalah*
Journal for the Study of Sephardic & Mizrahi Jewry
Glyn Williams' Kabbalah Page
Sha-ar Nun Productions: Current History & Kabbalistic Ideas
Thirty-Seven Books: The Essence: Kabbalah, Chassidut, Arizal, Chabad Masters *
Kheper: Avraham Elqayam: The Treatise on the Dragons
Soc Culture Jewish Kabbalah, Mysticism, and Messianism Reading List: Introduction (Amazon marketing tool)
Twilit Grotto: Sepher Maphteah Shelomoh (Book of the Key of Solomon)
Twilit Grotto: Sword of Moses: Introduction
Gary Jones: Kabbalah Awareness
Lexiline: Star of David
What is Magen (shield) of David
Eschatological Symbolism in Judaism and early Christianity - Speculation II
Judaism Reading List: Kabbalah and Mysticism (Pt. III)
Sanford Drob: New Kabbalah Kabbalah: Rabbi Raphael Afilalo | Kabbalah Glossary
coinc.pdf A Rational Mystical Ascent: The Coincidence of Opposites in Kabbalistic and Hasidic Thought
Freud, Psychotherapy and Lurianic Kabbalah
Kabbalah & Indian Philosophy

The Kabbalah Connection
Laibl Wolf: Kabbalah
Rabbeinu's Most Humble Abode: Scholmo Carlebach
Crown Diamond: The Howl of Whole Palestinia
The Tree of Death and the Qliphoth
Hebrew Roots: The Kabbalah | Kabbalah Connections | The Talmud & Demonology
Color in Qabala
Real Magick: The Occult Library: Muadhnait: About the Kablalah
Jay Michaelson: The Anxiety of Influence: Philosophical Questions and Kabbalistic Answers
Jay Michaelson: Saadia Gaon's kavod nivra and its place in his philosophy of Judaism
Solomon Ibn Gabirol: An Andalusian Alphabet
Lance Owens: Joseph Smith and Kabbalah: The Occult Connection
The Hope: New Genesis Exegesis
~ J. H. Chajes, The Kabbalistic Tree as Material Text, Henoch 43, no. 1 (2021): 162 - 96.

The Origins of Jewish Mysticism - Peter Schafer – post #1 | The Book of Doctrines and Opinions:
fa: Metatron
(99+) Discussion: YITHRON -METATRON -
(99+) Discussion: YITHRON -METATRON - - Bettina Morello 10/02/2023 Page 1 - Potential Super Abundance & Activated Measurement of Sephiroth - We have to hear Elohim before we can see YHVH
Bibliography of Metatron
Metatron as the Deity: Lesser YHWH
Metatron Info Page
Metatron Cube and Eve's Grid
New age / angel / metatron

Israel and the Seventy Nations: A Kabbalistic Approach to an Eternally Enduring World Peace
The New Jerusalem: The concept of the 144,000 citizens of the New Jerusalem
Yitzhak I. Hayutman: World, Adam and Adamah: Olam Haba, Olam Hazeh
The Hope: Yitzhak I. Hayutman: Kabbalah As Model For Healing
Dr. Yitzhaq Hayut-man Discusses the Quest for the Heavenly Jerusa | The News is

Borges and Kabbalah -- Jaime Alazraki

Aiwaz: THE MELANCHOLIC NUMBERS on the image of All (Durer)(Venus as Tree)

Robert Fludd, Utriusque cosmi maioris scilicet et minoris metaphysica, physica atque technica historia (1617-18) - Flickr
OTHMER Library /Neville Fludd, Robert, 1574-1637.
Robert Fludd's Color System
Robert Fludd's Temple of Music by David Todd Barton
Robert Fludd - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Doctor Robert Fludd
Titlepages to Robert Fludd's books (Diagrams)
No. 614: Robert Fludd
Robert Fludd - Mosaical Philosophy
The Invisible Basilica: Robertus de Fluctibus
Ordo Summum Bonum - Doctor Robert Fludd
Robert Fludd's Microcosm and Macrocosm
Neoplatonic and Hermetic alchemy: Eternal infertility versus incarnation (part 3)
Agrippa: de occulta philosophia (text)
Christian and Rosicrucian Kabbalah
Jewish Alchemy: the Kabbala
Kenneth Wear: Exegetical Theory and Practice in Origen and Bereshit Rabba
Origen (182-251)
"Christian Kabbalah" and Pico della Mirandola *
Pico: Of Being and Unity
J.R. Ritman Library - Giovanni Pico della Mirandola, Opera
Humanism (Rome Reborn: The Vatican Library & Renaissance Culture)
Progetto Pico / Pico Project | Introduction in English
Pico Project | MetaFilter

Athanasius Kircher - Wikipedia
Two Idiots Discuss Kabbalah
Hatch: Kircher and the World Systems
New Advent: Athanasius Kircher
BibliOdyssey: Kircher's Magnetism
The World is Bound With Secret Knots: The Life and Works of Athanasius Kircher
Übersicht: Athanasius Kircher
athanasius kircher - Google Image Search
Kircher Musurgia Universalis
Kircher's Mathematical Organ
Athanasius Kircher - Wikimedia Commons

"Christian Kabbalah" Origins
Georg von Welling: Opus Mago-Cabalisticum et Theosophicum
Cecilia Bryant: Kabbalah Illustrations
Sheila Vitale’s Notes To ETZ CHAYYIM (Tree of Life) Vol.1

Franz Kafka and Kabbalah
Franz Kafka and Jewish mysticism: Kabbalah

The Last Four Books of Moses: Spiritual Guide for the Return to Eden
Messianic claimants (17) Simon ben Kosiba (132-135 CE)
Moshe Idel: Dream Techniques in Jewish Mysticism
Moshe Idel: Mystical Weeping
Moshe Idel: Pardes: the Quest for Spiritual Paradise in Judaism (1991 Lectures)
Idel: Primordial Wisdom: The Philosophers' Quest
Idel: The Primordial Light: The Ecstatics' Quest
Idel: Pardes: From Sefiroth to Demonology
Moshe Idel : Abulafi's Secrets sof the Guide: A Linguistic Turn
(83) Abraham Abulafia & Ecstatic Kabbalah - YouTube
JSRI: Moshe Idel: «Unio Mystica» as a Criterion: Some Observations on «Hegelian» Phenomenologies of Mysticism
Moshe Idel: Studies in Kabbalah : Moshe Idel : Free Download & Streaming : Internet Archive
Androgyny and Equality in the Theosophico-Theurgical Kabbalah -- Idel 52 (4): 27 -- Diogenes
Language, Torah, and Hermeneutics in Abraham Abulafia - Google Book Search The present volume ... is part of a doctoral dissertation

Works of classic pre-Hasidic Kabbalists in English
Eugene D. Matanky, Picturing the Tetragrammaton: Moses Cordoveros Pardes Rimonim from Manuscript to Digital Form,

Pardes Rimonim - Wikipedia
Pardes Rimonim | Sefaria
Kabbalah | Sefaria
Four Entered Paradise

Sefer Yetzirah Gra Version 1

"Studying the Kabbalah" from Salomon Maimon's Autobiography, Berlin, 1792
Maimonides' Confrontation with Mysticism - Google Book Search
Androgynie et égalité dans la Kabbale théosophico-théurgique -
Review by Philip Beitchman: Circle in the Square: Studies in the Use of Gender in Kabbalistic Symbolism by Elliot R. Wolfson
Language, eros, being: kabbalistic hermeneutics and poetic imagination By Elliot R. Wolfson - Google Books
Messianism in the Christian Kabbalah of Johann Kemper by Elliot R. Wolfson
Projet René Guénon: Elliot R. Wolfson, Messianism in the Christian Kabbalah of Johann Kemper, (full texte)
Liebes on Elior: Children of the sun vs. children of the moon
YudelLine: Ronit Meroz teases out multiple authors in the Zohar
Elior — Nahum Goldmann Fellowship - READING ASSIGNMENTS for Jewish Mysticism: The Infinite Expression of Freedom - Rachel Elior
James N. Judd: Book Excerpt: The Green Serpent and the Tree: Kabbala and Kundalini Yoga
Mather Walker: Shylock and Kabbalah in The Merchant of Venice
Discussions on the differences between Jewish Kabbalah and modern "Hermetic Qabalah"
Kabbalah Timeline
The Etymologies of the Q.B.L., The Kabbalah, and The Ineffable Name
Simply Mystical: Mystic truth for the common Man
A (Short) History of the Kabbalah
Letter of R. Isaac the Blind to the Kabbalists of Gerona (ca. 1235)
ALESSANDRO SCAFI, The garden of Eden of Giles of Viterbo, christian Kabbalist
Kabbala Some Insights To Ponder and Evaluate About the Hidden, Secretive Makeup Of Kabbalism (anti-Kabbalah)
Kabbalah Exposed!
Torah, Mishnah, Kabbalah: The Home Of The Structured Mishnah
Glyn Williams' Kabbalah Page
La Cabala: Cabala in Italy
CCEL: Cabala, cab'a-la.
Chthonios Books: An Approach to Kabbalah & Jewish Mysticism
Mizian Language Explorer: Jewish Mysticism * The Numenius Factor: Alexandria, Egypt, 203 AD.
Michael Glover: The Holy Kabbalah
Kheper: Proclus: Henad: The Knowable and the Unknowable Godhead
Kheper: The Ontodynamics Of Emanation
Internet Encyclopedia of Philosopy: Emanation
Kabbalah Now - The Gathering of Sparks
Review: Rebecca Macy Lesses: Ritual Practices to Gain Power
Bryn Mawr Classical Review 1998.12.02: Hagith Sivan: Ross Shepard Kraemer, When Aseneth Met Joseph. A late Antique Tale of the Biblical Patriarch and his Egyptian Wife Reconsidered
Kevin Acres: Computers in Genesis: The Computer as a Tool in Kabbalah
Francis Bacon and Cabala
Kabbalah Trainer V1.99
Gnostic Kabbalah
The Mystica: Kabbalah (Cabala)
The Reluctant Messenger: Kabbalah: Jewish Mysticism
David Friedman: A Cure for Messianic Madness
The Rev. Dr. Mobiustrip: From the Face of God to the Seat of the Soul (Pineal Gland)
Nefesh Haya Jewish Meditation Website: Ophanim: "Yoga" of the Kabalah
Ahavat Olam was founded in 2004 to cultivate the understanding and the practice of Jewish meditation
The Kabbalah Ark
The Catastrophe of vowels in the Torah
Cherubic Sword: A Qabbalistic Glossary (with some Nazorean Terms)
John Trimethius: De Septem Secundeis
Yahoo Groups: Messianic Kabbalah (James Trimm)
Jewish Messianic Expectation Revealed in the Intertestamental Period
Mail.Jewish Mailing List: 613 mitzvos
alt.freemasonry (1996): The Holy Kabbalah
Yahoo Group: Exclusively Kabbalah: Yod
Kosher Torah: A Guide to the Practices of the Prophetic Kabbalah
Libary of Halexamdria: Ha-Qabala
Eidolon: The Kabbalah Robert Eisen: Mysticism Renewed
QBLH Forums
The Way of Kabbalah
Charles Mopsik: Union and Unity in Kabbala
Unitas: Alphabet: The Kabala: The Authentic Tradition
KABALAH: Dançando com os Anjos
“Kabbalah Revealed” Episode 1 – A Basic Overview
Kabbalah Revealed - Kabbalah Introductory Lecture Series (Anthony Kosinec) (videos)
Baal Shem Tov Foundation - The Baal Shem Tov Story Room
Saperstein: The Baal Shem Tov and the Priest : On Problematic Texts and Dialogue
duquette - chicken qabalah
World of Kabbalah
Kabbalah - What Magic is This (links)


The Autiot of the Shekinah by Carlo Suares
Jewish Encyclopedia: Shekinah
Shekhinah - Wikipedia
encyclopedia mythica: Shekhina
Notes on The Hebrew Goddess Raphael Patai USA 1967/78
Genesis of Eden: Fulfilling the Torah of Moses in the Shekhinah and the Asherah
Genesis of Eden: Kabbalah, Shekinah, Messiah
Fred Miller: Shekinah
Keyser: Yehovah's Shekinah Glory in History
Secret Code of the Hebrew Alphabet: The Awesome Mystery of the Hebrew "HAY" [h] and "VAV" [w]
The Sabbath as Millenial Bride
Brother of New Life — todayinkabbalah: Shekinah | The Autiot of the Shekinah
The Divine Feminine in Kabbalah: An Example of Jewish Renewal - My Jewish Learning - Wolfson's criticism is rooted in the approach to the feminine one finds in the vast majority of kabbalistic texts. In general, kabbalah understands the feminine aspect of God to be a limb of the body of the divine, which is masculine, or as something which exists to complete the male. In other words, the feminine in kabbalah has no feminist implications, since the feminine in its redeemed state is assimilated and masculinized. (Shekinah is God's Dick)
A Biography of The Shekinah by Soror Shekinah (no link back)
YouTube - Malkhut haShamayim .:. The Queen of Heaven
The Hebrew Goddess: Asherah/Shekinah
Shekinah: The Presence of Divinity
A Catholic Jew Pontificates: Adoration of the Heart
menorah - cc38
Artificial Intelligence From the Bible: Golden Lampstand
Shekinah: The Divine Feminine
The Chariot and the Shekinah
Ilil Arbel: Shekinah
Ilil Arbel: Shabbat Hamalka
Review: Keel, Othmar: Goddesses and Trees, New Moon and Yahweh: Ancient Near Eastern Art and the Hebrew Bible
Shekinah: the divine feminine
The Magdalene Review » A primordial religious impulse
The Matronit/Maggid
Shekinah, Eema: God the Mother & Pneuma (feminine Holy Soul "Spirit")
Shekinah « For The Love Of Truth
White Moon Gallery - Shekenah
Jewish History and Jewish Memory: Essays in Honor of Yosef Hayim Yerushalmi - Yosef Hayim Yerushalmi - Google Books
Suckling at My Mother's Breasts: The Image of a Nursing God in Jewish Mysticism - Ellen Davina Haskell - Google Books
Female Body of God in Kabbalistic Literature: 9789654932035: Books

The Hebrew Goddess - Wikipedia
Matronit: The Goddess of the Kabbala | History of Religions: Vol 4, No 1
Asherah - Wikipedia
Did God Have a Wife? - Wikipedia

Wiki: Classical elements
Catholic Encyclopedia: Matter / Hyle
Catholic Encyclopedia: Creation
John Opsopaus: The Ancient Greek Esoteric Doctrine of The Elements
Avicenna: Four Elements
Astrological Four Elements

Rabbi Akiva: From Sepherd to Scholar
Two Heroes of Sefirat HaOmer: R. Akiva and R Shimon bar Yochai
Wikipedia: Moses Chaim Luzzato
Jewish Encyclopedia: Eleazar Ben Judah Ben Kalonymus of Worms
Jewish Encyclopedia: Issac the Blind
Jewish Encyclopedia: Joseph B Abraham Gikatilla
Jewish Encyclopedia: Azriel (Ezra) Ben Menaham (Ben Solomon)
Jewish Encyclopedia: Bahir (Ten Amarot)
Jewish Encyclopedia: Issac Luria (The Ari)
Wiki: Isaac Luria
Jewish Encyclopedia: Abulafia, Abraham Ben Samuel
The Third Bolgia: Simoniacs. Pope Nicholas III. Dante's Reproof of corrupt Prelates
Catholic Encyclodedia: Pope Nicholas III : unblemished character
Jewish Encyclophedia: Shekinah
Jewish Encyclophedia: Memra | Bible Church: The Memra
Jewish Encyclophedia: Emanation
Abraham bar Hiyya Ha-Nasi
Stanford Encyclopedia: Saadya Gaon (Saadya ben Joseph, known in Arabic as Sa'id ‘ibn Yusuf al-Fayyûmî
Prius Mori Quam Fallere Fidem --Die rather than betray trust.: The problems with kabalah and also the problems with chasidut.
Prius Mori Quam Fallere Fidem --Die rather than betray trust.: How to learn Kabalah

A Cabinet of Qabalistic Curiosities « A journey into the realms of high weirdness
The kind of stuff Madonna talks about -- that's s not real kabbala, is it?

noicon101: n0052: Salomons Tempel
The Symmetry of Gnosis: The Universe Explained? - Terance Wall - Google Books

la-kabbalah-tradition-cosmique - Romans
la-kabbalah-tradition-cosmique - Le Cantique des Cantiques
Le Cantique des cantiques |

Curtis Narimatsu - Bruno Curfs

The Fool card
Reading & Pronouncing the Sephiroth - Cult of Tarot Forum
Re-Awakening Our Abrahamic Earth Based Wisdom - TikkunTikkun
ALEPH TAV, Paintings of the Hebrew Letters, a Kabbalistic Journey - The Montpelier Bridge

Book of Awe (Yirah) Complete Book | PDF | Jewish Theology | Kabbalah

Amazon: Listmania! - View List "Merkabah and Hekhalot Mysticism: in English" Ascensions on High in Jewish Mysticism: Pillars, Lines, Ladders (Pasts Incorporated) (Pasts Incorporated): Books The Zohar: Pritzker Edition, Vol. 2: Books Kabbalah: A Very Short Introduction (Very Short Introductions): Books: Joseph Dan

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