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Masterpost on spotting Russian (and other) disinfo operations
Ukraine Crisis Relief Fund Ukraine Charities
Digital Resources : Albert Einstein Institution : advancing freedom through nonviolent action
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Antarctica sea ice reaches alarming low for third year in a row : news

Abandoned pipelines could release poisons into North Sea, scientists warn : news

Long Covid ‘brain fog’ may be due to leaky blood-brain barrier, study finds. If barrier controlling substances entering and exiting brain is off balance, it can drive changes in neural function. : science Long Covid brain fog may be due to leaky blood-brain barrier, study finds. If barrier controlling substances entering and exiting brain is off balance, it can drive changes in neural function.

South Korean hospitals extend working hours to tackle doctors protest
S. Korea struggles with ongoing missing babiestragedy
S. Korea struggles with ongoing ‘missing babies’ tragedy S. Korea struggles with ongoing missing babies tragedy - Babies treated as mere objects while government and doctors sit on their hands

Russia is currently mobilizing new forces at the rate equivalent to losses -- ISW

Iran conducts another military strike inside Pakistan, attacks terrorist group : worldnews
Vast majority of Iranians want a secular government, poll reveals : worldnews

US and UK carry out fresh strikes on Houthi targets in Yemen : worldnews

Hezbollah fires rockets, drone at Galilee as Israeli jets pounds southern Lebanon : worldnews

UNRWA suspends aid to northern Gaza amid collapse of civil order

U.S. officials warn: Gaza is turning into Mogadishu
Palestinian govt could resign within days, new one formed by week's end

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 732, Part 1 (Thread #878) : worldnews

Only Ukraine's invitation to NATO will give the world real chances to return to true security – Yermak : worldnews
Ukraine-NATO Council: Russia must immediately stop war : worldnews

Zelensky says Ukraine’s counteroffensive plans leaked to Russia : worldnews

31,000 Ukrainian troops killed since the start of Russias full-scale invasion, Zelenskyy says
Ukrainian forces kill over 800 Russian soldiers over past 24 hours : worldnews

Ukraine’s defence minister says half of western arms arrive later than promised : worldnews Ukraines defence minister says half of western arms arrive later than promised

By the end of March, theEU will provide Ukraine with 170,000 artillery shells, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, Kuleba, based on the results of negotiations with the High Representative of the European Union, Josep Borrell.

Hungary blocks EU leaders statement pledging support for Ukraine

160 tons of Ukrainian grain were destroyed at a Polish railway station. Deputy Prime Minister Oleksandr Kubrakov posted on X along with photos of mounds of grain spilled out from train wagons.

UK PM Sunak says West should be bolder about seizing Russian assets : worldnews

Mexican church officials have helped arrange a truce between 2 warring drug cartels : worldnews

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says ’weakling’ Putin executed Navalny to crush dissent : worldnews Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says weaklingPutin executed Navalny to crush dissent

Top general says US Army would be a key player in a war in Pacific : politics

U.S. lawmakers are calling on Elon Musk to make SpaceX’s Starshield military-specific satellite communications network available to American defense forces in Taiwan after years of refusing to do business in the country : technology

As US Congress stalls on aid, Ukrainian soldiers head to the frontlines knowing they dont have enough ammunition

Biden’s frustration with the media boils over : politics
Biden brokers $1 billion deal with Oregon, Washington, 4 Columbia River tribes to revive Northwest salmon population : politics

Marines pass full financial audit, a first for any US military branch : politics

Republicans need to explain when they learned the truth about Alexander Smirnov: Were GOP lawmakers played the fool by Russia, or were they in on their "informant's" claims?
Dim or disloyal? Republicans again ensnared in possible Russian plot. : politics
A Biden Accuser Was Discredited. Right-Wing Media Is Undeterred. : politics
Former CIA Director explains how Russia is using 'Republican lawmakers as tools’ : politics

Eschaton: Victory Tour A lot of things wrong with Biden's response to Gaza (for the kids, this is what we called "understatement"), but one is their absolute inability to game out where this is going. Whatever else they thought in mid-October, that this would somehow all wrap up and then there would be a "next day" in a politically convenient time frame was part of it.

Supreme Court weighs blocking a federal plan to cut smog pollution : politics

The case of Clarence Thomass new clerk taints the entire judiciary
Do a little racism and you get cancelled, do a lot and they make you a Supreme Court clerk - Lawyers, Guns & Money ... In the years since, Ms. Clanton has maintained a close relationship with Justice Thomas and his wife, Virginia Thomas. Ms. Thomas once served on the advisory board of Turning Point USA, and subsequently hired Ms. Clanton. The justice has called the allegations against Ms. Clanton unfounded and said that he does not believe her to be racist.

Supreme Court to decide if states can control fate of social media : politics

GOP elder statesmens message to Johnson: Stop dithering

Lara Trump stands to inherit a fundraising mess of Trump's own making : politics Lara Trump stands to inherit a fundraising mess of Trumps own making
Trump mocked over forgetting to mention Eric and Lara in victory speech : politics
Lindsey Graham gets booed during Trump South Carolina victory remarks : politics

January 6 insurrection glorified at pro-Trump CPAC gathering : politics
Being Denied a Press Pass at CPAC Was the Best Way to Cover the Conference : politics ... crazy and yet unsurprising that the head of CPAC, Matt Schlapp, is currently under investigation for groping multiple male staff members. All while CPAC promotes hate and violence against LGBTQ people. This is the republican way
Republican Sexual Predators – Exposing the Corruption of the "Family Values" Party
My ultimate and absolute revenge: Trump gives chilling CPAC speech on presidential agenda
Trump says hell defend Christianity fromradical leftthat seek to tear down crosses

10 ways a second Trump term could be more extreme than the first : politics
Trump agrees with Putin that Biden should be president : politics
Donald Trump Is the Leeroy Jenkins of the Republican Party : politics
Clock is ticking for Trump to post bonds worth half a billion dollars : politics

Donald Trump calls wife Melania Mercedes in CPAC speech

Justice Thomas Hires Law Clerk Accused of Sending Racist Text Messages : politics
Republicans Prefer Rapists Having Babies Over IVF, Gavin Newsom Says : politics

125 House Republicans back 'life at conception' bill, no IVF exception : politics

After Alabama Court Decision, Panic And Heartbreak In Fertility Clinics : politics
What Alabama ruling means for patients with frozen embryos: one womans story
Cancer patients express worry, devastation about Alabama IVF ruling - The Washington Post
RFK says he didnt read Alabama IVF ruling, declines to say when life begins

South Carolina veterans feel disrespected by Trump. Many will support him anyway : politics
Trump wins South Carolina, beating Haley in her home state and further closing in on GOP nomination : politics
If Trump Drives Haley From the Race, What Will Her Voters Do in November? : politics
The South Carolina primary is a joke. It tells us something deadly serious. : politics
Fewer grievances, more policy: Trump aides and allies push for a post-South Carolina 'pivot' : politics Fewer grievances, more policy: Trump aides and allies push for a post-South Carolina 'pivot'
Fox News cuts into footage of Trumps speech in Carolina to point out inaccuracies

Wisconsins extreme gerrymandering era ends as new maps come into force

A prediction: Andy Kim is going to win | Moran : politics

Texas School Can Suspend Black Student for His Hair, Court Rules. A GOP judge held that state laws against race-based hair discrimination didn’t apply. : politics

Would this Oklahoma bill actually ban IUDs, Plan B? What we know about HB 3216 : politics

Republican suggests vaccines may be getting injected into lettuce : politics

Ex-NRA chief funneled millions of dollars into his own pockets, according to an NYC jury : politics

Nearly 800,000 Texas immigrants could gain citizenship in time to vote in the 2024 general election : politics

Louisiana governor makes it easier for companies to receive lucrative tax breaks that take money away from cash-strapped schools : politics

Judge bars Nassau County from requiring urine test, social media check for handgun applicant : politics

Illinois judge who reversed rape conviction removed from bench after panel finds he circumvented law : politics

Woman attacked, slashed on MTA bus in the Bronx : news

Conservative Family DisappointedAfter Moving To Russia To Escape LGBTQ Ideology

Court Strikes Down California Ban on Possessing Billy Clubs : politics

Governor signs executive order declaring Hawaii a trauma-informed state

Inside the porn industry, AI looms large - The Washington Post

Our Weirdo Techbro Elites - Lawyers, Guns & Money .. Zuckerberg has decided that a flammable moat is a better way to deal with the world than solving any world problems with his unearned billions.

Where Does Our Consciousness Live? It’s Complicated A recent experiment suggests the brain is not too warm or wet for consciousness to exist as a quantum wave that connects with the rest of the universe ... Penrose and Hameroff suggested that consciousness is a quantum wave that passes through these microtubules. And that, like every quantum wave, it has properties like superposition (the ability to be in many places at the same time) and entanglement (the potential for two particles that are very far away to be connected).

Recent US presidential elections triggered religious and spiritual struggles, new study finds, suggesting that the divisive and polarizing nature of these elections not only affected societal and communal relationships but also deeply impacted individuals’ internal spiritual and moral landscapes. : science

Psychology study: Men are more likely to choose riskier tasks, especially when paired with women : science

A study of working adults found that males are 91% more likely than females to be invested in the stock market. With every year of age, the odds of being invested in the stock market increased by 3%. : science

Researchers found why chronic stress spreads cancer: stress causes certain white blood cells called neutrophils to form sticky web-like structures that make body tissues more susceptible to metastasis : science

TIL that termites are one of the planet's most effective bioreactors; they can make up to two liters of hydrogen from consuming a single sheet of paper, which is why they are being studied as a potential renewable energy source. : todayilearned

Research has found that bullied teens' brains show chemical change associated with psychosis : science

Study found that empathy is socially transmitted: this means that people can acquire or lose empathy by observing their environment and other people : science

Google to pause Gemini AI image generation after refusing to show White people. : technology

A former Gizmodo writer changed his name to Slackbot and stayed undetected for months

What’s something you regretted doing in the moment, but ended up improving your life? : AskReddit

Which profession gets the most hate just for doing their job? : AskReddit

How did you "waste" your 20s? : AskReddit

Who is a person that everyone thought was crazy, but they ended up being right? : AskReddit

Not for the Faint of Heart: The Most Shocking Movies of All Time : movies


Earth just experienced its hottest 12 months in recorded history : worldnews

February to end with record-smashing warmth in Midwest, Eastern U.S. : news

The Complete Failure of Recycling - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Robot to recover treasure worth billions from legendary shipwreck : worldnews

Large Part of World Faces Measles Outbreaks After COVID, WHO Says : worldnews

Singapores Ministry of Education responds to parents’ criticisms over Israel-Hamas lesson material

Philippines arming up for D-Day with China : worldnews

South Korean government orders protesting doctors back to hospitals : worldnews

China arrests more than 1,000 Tibetans protesting Chinese dam project : worldnews

Yulia Navalnaya demands Satanic Putin release her husbands body
Navalnys mother given her sons body after more than a week of waiting

KyivPost on X: "Two different worlds." / X

Fire broke out at Russias largest metallurgical plant in the Lipetsk region after a drone strike - Novolipetsk Metallurgical Plant produces 18% of Russias steel.

In Russia, the number of individuals convicted on political grounds during President Vladimir Putins most recent term has surpassed that of the USSR under Nikita Khrushchev and Leonid Brezhnev, reports the Russian publication Proekt (Project)

India confirms citizens have joined Russian military : worldnews
Indian warship provides assistance to merchant vessel in Gulf of Aden : worldnews

Huge oil slick from cargo ship hit by Houthis triggers environmental disaster concerns : worldnews
Houthis to step up Red Sea strikes, usesubmarine weaponsleader says

Hamass sadistic sex crimes on Oct. 7 set forth in new report

US says Israels new settlements in West Bank are inconsistentwith international law

White House reverses West Bank policy, calling Israeli settlements illegal : politics

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 731, Part 1 (Thread #877) : worldnews

Study: Over 75,000 Russian soldiers killed in two years of war in Ukraine : worldnews

Stoltenberg: Ukraine will join NATO its not a question of if but ofwhen

Volodymyr Zelenskyy / Володимир Зеленський on X: "Dear great people of a great country, I am immensely proud of each of you. I admire each one of you. I believe in each one of you. Any normal person wants the war to end. But none of us will allow Ukraine to end. That is why when it comes to ending the war, we always add: on our…" / X Dear great people of a great country, I am immensely proud of each of you. I admire each one of you. I believe in each one of you. Any normal person wants the war to end. But none of us will allow Ukraine to end.

MAKS 23 🇺🇦👀 on X: "2 years..." / X

President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen arrives in Kyiv on the second anniversary of the full-scale invasion. Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, and Belgian Prime Minister Alexander De Croo also arrived in the capital.
Four Western leaders arrive in Kyiv to show solidarity on 2nd war anniversary : worldnews
Dont lose heart: NATO chief tells Ukraine and allies

Russia’s Su-34 down in Kherson region - media : worldnews

Defense of Ukraine on X: "Again? Again! The Ukrainian Air Force destroyed another enemy A-50 long-range radar detection and control aircraft, worth $330 million. Great job by Ukrainian warriors!" / X

Fleet of Russian Tanks Spotted at Crimean Train Station, Guerrillas Report : worldnews

Inside Ukraine’s Wartime Salons | Allure

Sweden: Eight in hospital after reports of unusual smell at Security Service headquarters : worldnews

Four women and girl, 13, killed in Vienna in two separate incidents | Austria : worldnews asylum seeker from Afganistan.

Spanish court to order arrest of Equatorial Guinea leaders son

Our yields are going to be appalling: one of wettest winters in decadeshits Englands farms

U.S. rice exports to Haiti have unhealthy levels of arsenic, study finds : worldnews

Thousands protest as hunger grows amid Argentine austerity : worldnews

Mexican president defends disclosing a reporters phone number, saying the law doesnt apply to him

Trudeau calls Putin a “weakling” for executing Navalny, other opponents - National : worldnews
Canada Gives Ukraine $2.2 Billion Lifeline as Kyiv Awaits US Aid - Bloomberg

Warren Buffetts son Howard has given $500M to Ukraine -- he warns the US is making a historic mistake by pulling its support ... Russiapublicans.

Biden, Macron talk Ukraine aid amid Congress stall : worldnews
How Trump Turned Conservatives Against Helping Ukraine - WSJ

Vindman: Trumps NATO threat likely acontributing factorin Navalnys death

Former U.S. spies warned in 2020 that the Hunter Biden scandal had Russian fingerprints. They feel vindicated now. : politics

Judge ordered rearrest of FBI informant charged with Biden lies over fears he would flee : politics

The real Russiagate is the ongoing Russian efforts to ratfuck American elections with Republican collusion that we met along the way - Lawyers, Guns & Money

The Biggest Supreme Court Case That Nobody Seems to Be Talking About : politics
Another States High Court Just Told the U.S. Supreme Court: Enough With the Gun Craziness
Another States High Court Just Told the U.S. Supreme Court: Enough With the Gun Craziness

Biden missing opportunity on legalizing marijuana, advocates warn : politics

Joe Biden gives the media a desperately needed lesson about Donald Trump : politics

Speaker Mike Johnson unveils plan to avert shutdown next week The House will vote on four funding bills next week to stave off a partial government shutdown, the speaker told House Republicans on a conference call Friday night.

The disturbing cognitive decline of the American political press - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Tommy Tuberville not sure what to make of the implications of his purportedly deeply held worldview - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Hospital officials warn dozens of Alabama hospitals are at risk of closing : news

Trump formally ordered to pay $454 million in New York fraud case : politics
Trump adds $111K on what he owes in civil fraud judgment every day he refuses to pay it : politics

Trump says Black voters like him more because of his indictments and mug shot - The Washington Post
Trump Rambles His Way Through Incoherent Nashville Speech : politics

Donald Trump says he made Israel the capital of Israel in speech gaffe : politics

Fox News Aired Some Dumb Racist Shit About Trumps New Sneakers This Week

Trumps GOP shows its extremism could be a problem in November

The Republican party wants to turn America into a theocracy | Robert Reich : politics
Anti-abortion extremists in the US are waging a holy war against women | Arwa Mahdawi | The Guardian
This week, we faced all that the Dobbs justices unleashed From reproductive rights to marriage equality to trans lives, the fallout from the decision overruling Roe v. Wade is extreme, dangerous and expanding.

Republicans Suddenly Realize Alabama's IVF Ruling Is Bad For Them : politics
The Right Is Cracking Down on Abortion and IVF. IsRecreational Sex Next? | Conservative influencers have set their sights on birth control amid the GOPs continued to push to curtail reproductive freedoms

WA bill to eliminate child marriages may soon become law : politics

Oklahoma senator calls LGBTQ+ people "filth" while commenting on death of Nex Benedict : politics

They Came, They Saw, They Left Early: Trump Stumps in South Carolina : politics

Nazis mingle openly at CPAC, spreading antisemitic conspiracy theories and finding allies : politics

Lauren Boebert Met GOP Voters in Her New District. It Wasnt Pretty.

Jury finds NRA liable for mismanagement, says Wayne LaPierre violated duties : news

Addict Nation - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Students could get grades changed over politics under Arizona Senate plan : politics

Video shows police open fire on California man holding a fork : news

Mom who left toddler at home for 10 days while on holiday pleads guilty to murder : news

Authorities to release video from school where family of LGBTQ student said teen was attacked day before their death

I Know What You Did on the Playground Inside the chaos that often ensues after a parent posts about a bad nannyon Facebook.

Want Enlightenment? Go Ask Cynthia at MoMA

‘Foundation’ Shakeup: David S. Goyer Steps Down as Showrunner Amid Budget Clash : television

TIL Of the Filthy Thirteen, the paratroopers who were the basis for The Dirty Dozen and behaved just like them. On D-Day they jumped five miles behind the lines, blew up 2 German supply line bridges and held a 3rd bridge for 5 day until relieved. They were also pivotal in the Battle of the Bulge. : todayilearned

A population level study on the determinants of COVID-19 vaccination rates at the U.S. county level. Political affiliation, namely the percentage of voters who voted for Donald Trump in the 2020 presidential election, has the strongest association with COVID-19 unvaccinated percentage in the US : science

TIL smell is the only sense that isn’t processed by the thalamus (sensory integration center of the brain); instead, smell is directly processed in the primary olfactory cortex without us consciously registering them, which is why odors can bring back memories without us understanding why. : todayilearned

Study demonstrated the use of deep brain stimulation (DBS) to precisely identify and target circuits for the treatment of Parkinson's disease, dystonia, obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) and Tourettes syndrome

TIL that theres a condition called Fregoli delusion, where individuals believe that different people they meet are actually the same person in disguise.

Amy Schumer reveals she has Cushing syndrome | CNN

Scientists have long believed that a newborns immune system was an immature version of an adults, but new research shows that newborns’ T cells outperform those of adults at fighting off numerous infections.

A study of working adults found that males are 91% more likely than females to be invested in the stock market. With every year of age, the odds of being invested in the stock market increased by 3%. : science

A brain pacemaker helped a woman with crippling depression. It may soon be available to more people : news

Gigantic new anaconda species discovered in Amazon rainforest : worldnews

The Peculiar Merging of Couples’ Personalities - The Atlantic

ELI5 - Why is it so easy to overwater a plant, but sticking the roots directly underwater is how you propagate it? : explainlikeimfive

What is the most beautiful song you have ever heard? : AskReddit
Both sides now, Joni Mitchell - Google Search

Which lesser-known website do you find particularly useful? : AskReddit

Just found out there is images of the 9/11 attacks taken by satelites : pics

Birds and Windows - Lawyers, Guns & Money


Military tracking high-altitude balloon flying over Western U.S. - CBS News

Bleaching fears along 1,000km stretch of the Great Barrier Ree\ f : worldnews

Over 70% of Trainee Doctors Submit Resignations in South Korea\ Amid Protests : worldnews

Russia makes its case to China social media users ahead of Ukr\ aine war anniversary : worldnews

Putin says nearly all of Russias nuclear forces have been moder\ nised

Putin Fears Navalny Funeral Could Trigger Mass Demonstrations, Kh\ odorkovsky Says : worldnews

Kremlin threatens to let Navalnys body rot unless he is burie\ d in secret, says family
Blackmailing and torturing Navalnys mother like this is just a new height of disgrace even for Putins re\ gime. Despicable
Guards at prison where Navalny died allegedly tortured inmate to d\ eath in 2022 : worldnews

U.S. Announces 500 New Sanctions Against Russia Following Alexei \ Navalnys Death
US targets Russia with more than 500 new sanctions : worldnew\ s

Russia has never hurt us: India says Europes view of Mosc\ ow cant be same as Indias
Indian Foreign Ministry urges citizens to avoid joining Rus\ sian army in Ukraine conflict : worldnews

Taliban crash wedding to punish those playing music : worldne\ ws

Sudanese militiamen carry out wave of abductions, seeking \ slaves and ransom : worldnews
Over 95 Percent Of Sudanese Cannot Afford A Meal A Day : w\ orldnews

Blinken reverses Trump-era policy on Israeli settlements in occu\ pied West Bank : politics The Israeli government on Thursday announced that it will soon approve plans for more than 3,000 new housing units in the settlements.

Netanyahu unveils plan for Gazas future post-Hamas

Zelenskyy: Trump cannot end Ukrainian war in 24 hours : worl\ dnews

ABC News: Ukraine could face catastrophic arms shortage wit\ hin weeks, US officials say

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 730, P\ art 1 (Thread #876) : worldnews

AFU (Armed Forces of Ukraine) destroy 1,000 invaders, 37\ armored vehicles and 49 artillery systems. General Staff names Russias losses over day

Ukrainian air defenses destroy 23 out of 31 kamikaze drones ove\ rnight : worldnews

Air Force: Ukraine shoots down another Russian A-50 aircraft over Azov Sea : worldnews

Latvia to become first EU country to ban imports of grain \ from Russia, Belarus : worldnews

Hungary buys Swedish fighter jets, prepares to approve NATO b\ id : worldnews

Germany legalises cannabis, but makes it hard to buy : worl\ dnews

Smartphones to be banned in Italian classrooms : worldnews <\ /a>

High-rise complex consumed by fire in Spain was made in 200\ 8 with innovativematerialsby a developer that went bankrupt

France unveils 10 billion budget cuts as growth slows \

Shamima Begum loses appeal against removal of British citizen\ ship : worldnews
UK firms make four-day workweek permanent after worlds bigg\ est trial

Probe launched over Mexican president disclosing phone num\ ber of NYT journalist : worldnews

Landmark Decision: Veltman Murder Case Ruled as Terrorism : \ worldnews

Bidenomics Is Still Working Very Well : politics

Ex-ambassador to Russia on new sanct\ ions: Why did it take an assassination? | The Hill
No one is replacing Joe Biden, ffs - by Noah Berlatsky The bed-wetting needs to stop ... New York Ti\ mes columnist Ezra Klein argued last week that President Joe Biden should step aside and not run for another term

Dr. John Gartner on a tale of two brains:Bidens brain is aging. Trumps brain is dementing
Trump struggles to say evangelical and muddles up Israel \ in wild, incoherent speech at Christian event

GOP shutdown fears grow: We could be in a world of hurt <\ /a>

The Crazy Collapse of the House G.O.P.s Impeachment Case Against Biden
Ken Buck Says Republicans Ignored Warning About Biden Impeac\ hment Witness : politics
Russia-linked smear campaign against Hunter Biden began ear\ lier than previously thought : politics
What is the cost for Republicans of their key FBI informan\ t having Russian ties? : politics
Jim Jordan Offers Startling Confession on Indicted Biden Informan\ tHouse Judiciary Chair Jim Jordan finally revealed the truth about exFBI informant Alexander Smirnov.

The Smirnov Affair: MAGA Republicans Are Useful Idiots for Ru\ ssian Intelligence : politics
How Putin Co-Opted the Republican Party : politics

How Ukraine became a dirty word at CPAC : politics

How Democrats Could Disqualify Trump If the Supreme Court Doesnt

Sonia Sotomayor Traveling With A Medic, Records Show | HuffPost Lates\ t News New Records Show Supreme Court's Sonia Sotomayor Took Unusual Step Of Traveling With A Medic - Marshals Service records indicate Sotomayor was the only sitting ju\ stice to request such care. Some progressives have called in the past for her to retire while Biden is president.

Imagine a President Trump Who Owes Saudi Arabia $540 Millio\ n: Whos going to pay Trumps legal penalty?
Cant escape this: Legal analyst says fraud ruling may forc\ e Trump into personal bankruptcy

Donald Trump praises Capitol rioters fortremendous spirit during i\ ncoherent speech

Donald Trump and RFK Jr have the same largest donor : politics\

What a joke: Experts trash Trump's insultingly stupid filing a\ sking Judge Cannon to dismiss case

Trumps Defense: He Intended to Steal Boxes a\ nd Boxes of Classified Documents
Ken Vogel Covers Up Rudy Giuliani and His Alleged Russian\ Spies - emptywheel

Hit Trump on Theocracy, Not Hypocrisy | The former presiden\ ts alliance with religious fanatics is a far bigger problem than his lack of piety.

Nikki Haley Desperately Tries to Walk Back Comment on Alabama Emb\ ryo Ruling : politics
Alabama justice who ruled embryos are people says American law should be rooted in the Bible : politics

Alabama Justice Who Ruled That Embryos Are Children Appeared On QAnon Conspiracists Show \
Sen. Tommy Tuberville struggles to answer questions on Alabamas IVF ruling
Alabama Lawmakers Move to Protect I.V.F. Treatments - The New York Times A court ruling declaring frozen e\ mbryos to be legally considered children has set off a scramble among leaders in both parties to preserve access to a crucial reproductive treatmen

Defense says cellphone data raises questions abo\ ut start of Willis-Wade relationship Thousands of texts between DA and special prosecutor in 2021, court filing says

Rashida Tlaib Slammed for Urging Voters to Withhold Support for Joe Biden : politics

Marjorie Taylor Greene viciously mocked for telling women not to tempt your Christian br\ others

Trump fundraising arm referred for prosecution by Wisconsin ethics commission - The Washin\ gton Post recommended felony charges against Donald Trumps Save America committee as well as state and local Republicans

MAGA Republican Pledges End of Democracyto Rabid Cheers at CPAC

Strange that US conservatives at #CPAC openly embraced terrorism like this. Usually folks try to hide that kind of thing or \ at least deny it. WowAnd, yes, this image is real

Sen. Kyrsten Sinema is almost out of time to launch a re-election campaign : politics

Texas spent nearly $1 million on four flights for migrants, records show : politics \

Idaho has lost 22% of its practicing obstetricians in the last 15 months, report sa\ ys : politics

Virginia Senate passes bill to strip Confederate organizations of tax breaks : politics

Tennessee Governor Rolls Back Marriage Equality in Just Once Sentence : politics \

Jon Stewart On Dying TV Vs. Social Media: Heroin Is Heroin
Jon Stewart responds to an audience member who claims TV is dying : videos

The Americans Who Need Chaos : politics

Judge blocks California law targeting suppliers ofabnormally dangerous firearms \

But What About Johnny Unbeatable? - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Florida surgeon general defies science amid measles outbreak : politics

Israeli researchers find breakthrough in lab-made sperm for infertile couples : wor\ ldnews

Scientists unveil 240-million-year-old reptile likened to Chinese dragon

Psychology study: Men are more likely to choose riskier tasks, especially when paired w\ ith women : science

Study shows physical activity can counteract the negative consequences of being alone. Moderate walking was found to reduce social-affective deficits, even more so in those at higher risk for affective disorders. : science

Meta Staff Found Instagram Tool Enabled Child Exploitation. The Company Pressed Ahead Anyway. - WSJ : techno\ logy

Godel, Escher, Bach- The eternal golden braid : books

Achilles Come DownGang of Youths

Reddit Files to Go Public, Reveals That It Paid CEO $193 Million Last Year : technology
Do you think NSFW Reddit communities will be removed now that Reddit will go public? Whats your opinion? \
Reddit is asmaller, more volatileTwitter, says Big Technologys Alex Kantrowitz


Private lunar lander touches down on moon Thursday

Long Covidbrain fogmay be due to leaky blood-brain barrier, study finds. If barrier controlling substances entering and exiting brain is off balance, it can drive changes in neural function

Photos Of First Trans-Pacific Narco Submarine Caught Heading To Australia : worldnews
Australian bishop Christopher Saunders has been charged with rape and a string of sex offences - some against children. : worldnews

U.S. Navy petty officer based in Japan charged with espionage : worldnews
The Nuclear Materials In The Ebisawa Indictment - Lawyers, Guns & Money
Police searched alleged Chinese overseas police base in Tokyo : worldnews

Chinas aggressive andinsidiousmoves in the Pacific have the US Army strengthening what a top general says is the greatest counterweight
China's aggressive and insidious moves in the Pacific have the US Army strengthening what a top general says is the greatest counterweight ... Flynn is not a topgeneral hes the brother of an insurrectionist and was sent to PACOM to get him away from the continental US.

Biggest Opposer Of UN Security Council Reform Is Not a Western Country: Jaishankar In Apparent Dig at China
Massive leak shows Chinese firm hacked foreign government, activists: Analysts : worldnews
Leaked files from Chinese firm show vast international hacking effort : worldnews ... The cache containing more than 570 files, images and chat logsffers an unprecedented look inside the operations of one of the firms that Chinese government agencies hire for on-demand, mass data-collecting operations.
Cargo ship fractures bridge in Guangzhou, sending vehicles into the water below : worldnews

Nvidias China sales are down to a mid-single digit percentage as U.S. controls restrict exports of the $1.7 trillion chipmaker's leading AI chips

Putin still believes he can win in Ukraine, says western assessment | Russia : worldnews

Russias Supreme Court rejects Boris Nadezhdins final appeal against ballot rejection
Leonid Gozman, arrested in absentia this week, muses on those who persecute the innocent

Kremlin lashes out after Joe Biden aims sweary barb at Vladimir Putin : worldnews
Alexei Navalny: Mother demands Putin return sons body
Navalnys mother says she has been shown his body
Russian priests sign open letter calling for Navalnys body to be released to family

Rajan Menon: 'Putin has lost Ukraine' Rajan Menon: Putin has lost Ukraine

Russia pulls out of fishing deal and tells Britons to 'lose weight' : worldnews

Russia Threatens Moldova With Military ScenarioOver Transnistria
Moldovan breakway Republic Transnistria going to request annexation to Russia : worldnews
A viable European security architecture must include Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia, guaranteeing protection for the whole continent FROM Russia, not WITH Russia. A day might come when we will be able to trust Russian government, but it is not this day, and not this government.

The Taliban carry out a double public execution at a stadium in Afghanistan : worldnews

Turkish lawyer faces up to 3 years in prison due to remarks on Islamic law : worldnews

Governments around the world are "reaching beyond their borders" to attack their own citizens abroad in order to crush dissent, Human Rights Watch said Thursday, urging more protection for them : worldnews

New Houthi Attack Sets Cargo Ship Ablaze in the Gulf of Aden : worldnews ... Lots of things weren't on my bingo card, including houthis bullying the entire world

Terror in Israel: One murdered, eight wounded in highway shooting : worldnews

Israel a no-show at the ICJ, but its advocates argue the occupation isnt illegal

Eight UNRWA employees arrested by Israel over Hamas ties : worldnews
US intelligence has low confidencein some of Israels UNRWA claims, report says

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 729, Part 1 (Thread #875) : worldnews

Ukraines air defenses shoot down 8 out of 10 enemy Shahed UAVs overnight

Ukraine will have right to use F-16s to attack military targets in Russia - Stoltenberg : worldnews

Joe Biden Could Send Millions Of Artillery Shells To Ukraine, For Free, Tomorrow. And Its Perfectly Legal.

Denmark Signs 10-year Security Agreement With Ukraine : worldnews

US and UK endorse Dutch PM Mark Rutte as next Nato chief : worldnews

Polish government approves changes to remove political influence over judicial council : worldnews

Romanian Parliament bans sale of energy drinks to minors : worldnews

Germanys Bundestag votes against Taurus missiles to Ukraine

Gunmen sent by Moscow killed defector sheltering in Alicante, Spanish intelligence services say : worldnews

Russia threatens to shoot aircraft patrolling Black Sea, claims France : worldnews

Britains deep state thwarted my plans, Liz Truss tells US hard-right summit

Martine Moise, assassinated Haitian president's widow, among dozens indicted over his death (

Canada summons Russian ambassador in protest of Alexei Navalny's death : worldnews
Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre says he is against transgender women in female spaces : worldnews
Conservative government would require ID to watch porn: Poilievre : worldnews
Largest gun bust in Ontario history revealed in joint OPP, U.S. Homeland Security investigation : politics
Judge rules killer of London, Ont., Muslim family committed terrorism, calling it a textbook example

President Biden to meet with Alexei Navalnys widow and daughter

Putin looms over a third successive US election : politics ... And the Republican Party are his stooges.
Trump and Putin, wannabe macho men : politics
House GOP and Speaker Mike Johnson continue to embolden Putin by holding up Ukraine funding : politics

The Real Russiagate - Lawyers, Guns & Money

How a trusted FBI source became the center of a Washington scandal : politics
The Biden bombshells all lead back to Trump -- and Russia
MAGA GOPers knew all along Biden bribe lies came from Russia, former Trump insider says
Fox News co-host surprisedby GOPs threshold for humiliation in Biden probe

Theres No Question This Is Dead: Biden Impeachment Inquiry Falls Apart

How is an ex-FBI informant charged with lying about Bidens allegedly linked to Russian intelligence? : politics
GOP Congressman Says Colleagues Were Warned About Ex-FBI Informant
James Comer and Tucker Carlson are fooled by Russian lies -- they're complicit
House Republican Levels Massive Allegation Against Comer and Jordan : politics

Elon Musk quietly visited the Biden White House in September : politics

Law enforcement leaders urge Biden to reclassify marijuana to lesser status : politics
Biden weighs invoking executive authority to stage border crackdown ahead of 2024 election : politics

Biden holds 4-point lead in hypothetical Trump rematch: Survey : politics
Its Time to Get Over Bidens Age

Kamala Harris is an underrated asset : politics

Some Biden nominees languished in Senate limbo for hundreds of days : politics ... At the Pentagon, it took 505 days on average - The confirmation process has become a killing field for members on both sides who are anxious to take as many hostages as possible in order to get whatever they want out of the administration

Tax evasion by millionaires and billionaires tops $150 billion a year, says IRS chief : news

Alitos delusions of persecution
Dobbs is a battle in a larger war on women - Lawyers, Guns & Money .. And the practical effects of the crazy Alabama ruling are already being felt:
Supreme Court faces continued strong disapproval, poll shows : politics

Bennie Thompsons Plan to Make Sure Voters Remember Jan. 6
Fetterman to Democrats criticizing Biden: Get your MAGA hat

House Republicans privately expect government shutdown : politics

Republicans push for discharge petition against Mike Johnson : politics

Synecdoche for Ossification - Lawyers, Guns & Money

How everything became a psyopfor conservative media

Blabbering Donald Trump Hands Jack Smith a Key Piece of Evidence : politics

National security lawyers alarmed by Fox News town hall: Did Trump justdisclose classified info? Experts think Trump potentially revealedclassified information about our nuclear weapons arsenal on live TV

Donald Trump accused of not having the cash to pay $400M bond : politics
It Sure Looks Like Trump Cant Pay the Bond in His Fraud Trial
Trumps Next Legal Move: Personal Bankruptcy
"Really ironic": Analyst warns Trump's $400 golden sneaker drop "could be a lawsuit in the making" : politics

Lara Trump suggests GOP voters would support the RNC paying Trumps legal bills

Trump mocked after promising very powerful crimein Washington, D.C.

Nikki Haley calling out Trump's dementia risk angers MAGA

Trumps Abortion Plan Leak Inflamed His Campaign and Energized Democrat -- Trump's plan for a 16-week, national abortion ban wasn supposed to be public. Democrats are ready to pounce

Pulled out of thin air: Daniel Dale fact-checks Trumps claim about Ukraine

One study estimated "there were more than 64,500 pregnancies as a result of rape in 14 states with abortion bans after the Dobbs decision, with the majoritynearly 59,000occurring in nine states with abortion bans that lack exceptions for rape or incest

Bill to allow abortions for children 12 and under fails in Tennessee committee : politics ... So making 12 year olds (and younger) carry to term incest and rape babies is their goal? That is some seriously fucked up shit right there! ... God's plan ...

Bill that lowers age to buy firearms from 21 to 18 moves forward in Florida legislature : politics

Appeals court rules NYC law allowing noncitizens to vote in local elections violates state constitution : politics

New Arizona Senate poll: Ruben Gallego up big over Kari Lake in race for Kyrsten Sinemas seat

'Pay up:' Marjorie Taylor Greene loses Supreme Court bid to overturn $100k in mask fines : politics

Mike Lindell must pay man $5M in Prove Mike Wrongchallenge, judge says

West Virginia's top election official embraces conspiracy theories and election denial

Donald Trump dons the armor of God and pushes for theocracy

Inside the Christian Nationalist Church Where Proud Boys Go to be Baptized : politics
Inside the Christian Nationalist Church Where Proud Boys Go to be Baptized Southern California pastor Hansel Orzame leads an unwoke church where he prepares his followers to wage spiritual warfare

Inside the Christian Nationalist Church Where Proud Boys Go to be Baptized : politics
Inside the Christian Nationalist Church Where Proud Boys Go to be Baptized Southern California pastor Hansel Orzame leads an unwoke churchwhere he prepares his followers to wage spiritual warfare

Pennsylvania Supreme Court rules that GOP subpoena for voter information cannot be enforced. The move is the latest legal defeat for Republicans who took to the courts nationwide to challenge the results of the 2020 presidential election. : politics

Gov. Whitmer blasts Rep. Schrivers posts as unpatriotic

Lawmakers pass resolution condemning, opposing neo-Nazism after Nashville march : politics

Advocates, lawmakers link nonbinary Oklahoma teens death to anti-LGBTQ legislation and rhetoric

Fertility treatments freeze after Alabama Supreme Court's embryo ruling : politics
Alabamas Unhinged Embryo Ruling Shows Where the Anti-Abortion Movement Is Headed ... It looks to me like Alabama has condemned to death any woman unlucky enough to have an ectopic pregnancy.
Hillary Clinton warns birth control isnextafter Alabama IVF ruling
Alabama Supreme Court embryo ruling: What it means for Mass.

Arizona won't extradite the accused SoHo killer to New York, blaming the DA for being soft on crime. NYC's murder rate is half of Phoenix's, Bragg's office says. : politics

Black teenager suspended over dreadlocks in Texas heads to court in CROWN Act case : politics

Majority of teachers think government, parents have too much influence over school curriculum: Survey : politics

8 states move to ban utilities from using customer money for lobbying : politics

I Never Thought I Could Fall In Love With a Woman. Then Came Prison. | The Marshall Project gay for the stay.

Wendy Williams diagnosed with same form of dementia as Bruce Willis
Wendy Williams diagnosed with dementia and aphasia: Many have speculated

How Columbus, Indiana, became a living museum of modern architecture - Roadtrippers

What Is a Sommelier in the Post-Pandemic Restaurant Economy? - The New York Times The job, once seen as an essential feature of any establishment serious about wine, now seems to be a luxury in the post-pandemic restaurant economy ... Yumilka Ortiz, a New York sommelier, says the emphasis in restaurants has changed from hospitality to sales

Inside the Biggest Art Fraud in History | Arts & Culture | Smithsonian Magazine A decades-long forgery scheme ensnared Canadas most famous Indigenous artist, a rock musician turned sleuth and several top museums. Heres how investigators unraveled the incredible scam

When Money Is Tight, These 7 Resources Will Help Nearly Everyone -- 1. Stop Overpaying at Amazon

Knuckle-Cracking Is Fine: Nine Myths About Your Joints Busted Research shows how to avoid joint pain through healthier living and eating, so stop worrying about rain and take vitamin D.

The Uncharted World of Emerging Pathogens In their quest to detect early outbreaks, virus hunters are sampling environmental DNA in water, dirt, and air ... Scientists have learned a lot of lessons during the Covid-19 pandemic, he said. Now they just need to apply them.

Harvard researcher Richard Evans Schultes and psychedelic drugs Decades ago, Richard Evans Schultes braved malaria and worse to study Indigenous medicine. Now, scientists want to finish what he started.

Depressive symptoms are a key link between ADHD and hypersexuality, study suggests : science

Finasteride, also known as Propecia or Proscar, treats male pattern baldness and enlarged prostate in millions of men worldwide. But a new study suggests the drug may also provide a surprising and life-saving benefit: lowering cholesterol and cutting the overall risk of cardiovascular disease. : science

ELI5: Why does mouthwash recommend being used after brushing, when it has lower ppm fluoride than toothpaste? : explainlikeimfive

ELI5: The celcius was designed without regard to the temperature of absolute zero. Why does the exact value of absolute zero only have 2 decimal points in the celcius scale? : explainlikeimfive

Study suggests about one-third of trans men taking testosterone could still be producing eggs every month. Critically, whether a trans man ovulated did not correlate with how long they had been taking HRT, testosterone level, or type of HRT. : science

The Hollow Moon Conspiracy Theory, Explained We break down how misinterpreted science from the Apollo moon missions gave rise to this bizarre belief.

Gabby Petito: Parents reach deal with parents of alleged killer Brian Laundrie : news

Forensic evidence implicates Karen Read in death of Boston police officer, prosecutors say in court filing


A dead satellite will crash back to Earth this Wednesday. What to know. : worldnews

Tax records reveal the lucrative world of covid misinformation - The Washington Post

Preparing for the hottest year Japan has ever seen : worldnews
U.S. Attorney Announces Nuclear Materials Trafficking Charges Against Japanese Yakuza Leader : worldnews
TIL that a Japanese laboratory designed a robot to win rock paper scissors with a 100% success rate : todayilearned

Alarming Rise in Obesity Rates Among South Koreans : worldnews
Number of surgeries halved as hospitals suffer from strike : worldnews ... amid escalating confrontation between doctors and the government.

Red Sea crisis sees China's brisk business in Africa waver under high shipping costs amid Houthi attacks - China has particular exposure to Africa, with investments reaching rising by 4.4 per cent to US$1.8 billion in the first half of 2023

Beijing crushing Tibetans, exiled political leader says : worldnews

Putin says Russia has no intention of putting nuclear weapons in space, denying US claims : worldnews

Kremlin rejects call for international investigation into Alexei Navalnys death
UK Plans Sanctions Against Officers at Prison Where Navalny Died : worldnews
The UK freezes assets of six Russian prison bosses in charge of the Arctic penal colony where opposition leader Alexei Navalny died : worldnews

Russians Who Paid Tribute to Navalny Are Hit With Military Summons : worldnews

Russia arrests dual US citizen Ksenia Karelina on accusations of treason for sending $50 to Razom for Ukraine, a nonprofit in New York that sends assistance to Ukraine : worldnews
Russia arrests US dual national over alleged $51 Ukrainian charity donation, faces up to 20 years in prison for treason : worldnews

Radio Free Europe named undesirable organisationby Russian government

Police called to investigate alleged LGBTQ propaganda at Russian My Little Pony convention

Pro-war Russian blogger who revealed huge Avdiivka losses dies by suicide - Andrey Morozov said he had been pressured to delete post detailing number of casualties : anime_titties

Turkey detains six people accused of spying on Uyghurs for China : worldnews ... housands of Muslim Uyghurs fled to Turkey from Chinas Xinjiang region in recent years after Beijing arbitrarily detained large swaths of the population in re-education camps, an effort U.S. officials have labeled a genocide.
TAI TF Kaan the Turkish 5th generation fighter completed its maiden flight today : worldnews

Iran sends Russia hundreds of ballistic missiles : worldnews

Pipeline blasts: Iran accuses Israel of sabotage | AP News
I dont believe the Iranians want a broader war: Saudi foreign minister

Israels Knesset votes 99-11 against any unilateral recognition of Palestinian state

Israeli airstrike kills two people in Damascus, Syrian state TV says : worldnews

UN pauses food deliveries to the north of Gaza due to attacks on trucks : worldnews

Hamas chief Sinwars health deteriorates, suffering from severe pneumonia

How Israels war went wrong ... In one case the Israeli military command knowingly approved the killing of hundreds of Palestinian civilians in an attempt to assassinate a single top Hamas military commander
The dueling Gaza ceasefire resolutions at the UN, explained - Vox The US vetoed another Gaza ceasefire resolution at the UN Tuesday and proposed a different one.

Overnight Israeli strikes kill at least 67 Palestinians, including in civilian refuge areas : news

Police from 10 nations take down LockBit ransomware gang : worldnews

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 728, Part 1 (Thread #874) : worldnews

Ukraine outnumbered, outgunned, ground down by relentless Russia : worldnews
WSJ Exclusive | Ukraines Military Spy Chief Says Russia Will Struggle to Keep Up the Fight
Russia struggling with supply of weapons for war

Hundreds of Ukrainian soldiers captured in chaotic withdrawal from eastern city

Ukraine Destroys 13 Russian Drones : worldnews

Russians Left Warehouse Doors Open; Ukrainian Drones Flew Right Inside : worldnews ... The United States was the main supplier of Ukraines heavy munitions, and Russia-aligned Republicans in the U.S. Congress since October have refused to vote on fresh aid to Ukraine. Ukrainian forces are running out of their heaviest weapons

Ukrainian missile attack on Russian training ground kills at least 60 : worldnews

Russia is rebuilding capacity to destabilize European countries, new UK report warns : worldnews

Estonias Prime Minister Kaja Kallas said on Tuesday that her country had successfully halted a hybrid operation by Russias security services on Estonian territory

Farmers have interrupted transport of Ukrainian produce entering Poland, claiming unfair competition from cheaper goods. Meanwhile, tractors blocked city streets and major highways across the country : worldnews

Police interventions fall by half after Polish city of Krakw bans alcohol sales at night

Germany faces a political crisis over sending Taurus cruise missiles to Ukraine : worldnews
Germany Becomes First EU Country to Forge Strategic Partnership With Mongolia : worldnews
Germany to approve cannabis bill this week in legalisation drive : worldnews

Trident missile test fails for second time in a row : worldnews ...from a Royal Navy submarine
Trident missile misfired and crashed into ocean during rare test launch : worldnews

Mexican police confirm grisly gang video showing bodies kicked, burned and shot : worldnews

Canada set to help bankroll massive ammunition shipments to Ukraine: sources | CBC News : worldnews

Biden to sign executive order to keep hackers out of ports, cargo ships

Alexander Smirnov: FBI source accused of Biden lies 'linked to Russian intelligence' : worldnews

Russias Staggering Success In Duping GOPers And Right Wing Media

Trump and allies planning militarized mass deportations, detention camps - The Washington Post

Biden Cancels $1.2 Billion of Federal Student Loans : politics ... more than 150,000 borrowers will receive $1.2 billion in student loan forgiveness

Alito is mad that jurors were struck for saying homosexuality is a sin : politics
Supreme Court declines to undo sanctions on pro-Trump 2020 campaign lawyers : politics

Republicans Star Hunter Biden Witness Is an Epic Disaster - As if it wasnt bad enough already, a new Justice Department memo says ex-FBI informant Alexander Smirnov confessed that he has ties to Russian intelligence.
FBI informant said Russian intelligence involved in Hunter Biden story : politics
Indicted ex-FBI informant told investigators he got Hunter Biden dirt from Russian intelligence officials : politics
How was I to know he was with the Russians too? - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Jim Jordan is in deep trouble : politics ... Ohio congressman Jim Jordan could face major repercussions over the Republican attempt to impeach Joe Bidenafter a former FBI informant charged with making false bribery claims against the president was accused of using Russian intelligence,
Watch: Jim Jordan Freaks Out When Asked About Losing His Star Biden Witness : politics
House Judiciary Chair Jim Jordan subpoenas HHS Secretary Xavier Becerra

[Serious] How would US conservatives have reacted if Obama were convicted of sex abuse and then tried to sell $400 gold sneakers? : AskReddit

Trump says he doesn't know if he could work with Mitch McConnell if re-elected - The Senate GOP leader and the former president, once allies, split after the Jan. 6 attack.

Mike Johnson invoked God in a GOP presentation on keeping the majority. It didnt land well.

Aileen Cannon Might Actually Get Herself Kicked Off the Trump Classified Docs Case : politics

New York Attorney General says she'll seize the Trump Building if Donald Trump can't pay his $355 million fine : politics New York Attorney General says shell seize the Trump Building if Donald Trump cant pay his $355 million fine
Trump is racking up $2.6 million in interest for every month that he hasnt paid his $355 million fine

Trump admits he ruined border deal to hurt Democrats : politics

Donald Trump may not believe in God, but he still plans to turn America into a Christian theocracy : politics
Alabama ushers in the theocracy : politics

Trump makes series of worrying blunders at weekend rally : politics

Georgia Gov. Kemp reveals he was interviewed by special counsel in 2020 election interference case | CNN Politics

Truckers Pour Cold Water on Pro-Trump New York Boycott: Not Happening

Turning Point USA may do to national GOP what it did to Arizonas -- destroy it

Shock, anger, confusion grip Alabama after court ruling on embryos - The Washington Post


The most prevalent form of degradation in journalistic life - Lawyers, Guns & Money All of us have our obsessions and kinks, and Ezra Kleins is that sometime between now and the general election Joe Biden is going to decide not to run for president: ... Basically, Donald Trump got elected president of the United States, and may well be elected again, because the people running the media industrial complex discovered that he was great for ratings.

I Think We Should KillEm AlGOP Rep. Andy Ogles Says of Palestinians in Gaza ... It was January 2004 that a presidential candidate named Howard Dean dropped out after emitting a awkward sounding scream at a campaign event. Politicians were scrutinized for every single detail. And here we are today with some madman saying Holocaust 2 Electric Bugaloo would be fine with him and it's like a blip on the radar.

Is the New York Times neutral on the future of democracy? Why does the Times opinion page amplify liars and extremists?

Boeing replaces head of troubled 737 Max program : worldnews

Dude, I Blew Zero!: College Athlete Sues Iowa Cops for DUI Arrest

A CT scan performed in 2016 on the best preserved Guanche mummy : pics

After 2-year-old girl shoots self, man becomes first person charged under Michigan's gun storage law : news

Soul-searching and recriminations after teens death in Oklahoma
Oklahoma Republicans Passed a Bathroom Bill. Now, a Trans Kid Is Dead. : politics

Conception: for Republicans, where life both begins, and ends - Lawyers, Guns & Money

St. Louis Police Chief Receives a Third of His Pay From a Local Foundation, Raising Concerns of Divided Loyalties | In a city with a high violent crime rate and claims of inequitable policing, leaders are questioning the $100,000 per year the chief receives from local business owners : politics

ChatGPT has meltdown and starts sending alarming messages to users : technology
AI-Generated Propaganda Is Just as Persuasive as the Real Thing, Worrying Study Finds : science
Study unveils a new AI model that was more than 90% successful at determining whether scans of brain activity came from a woman or a man. : science

TIL about 75 percent of persons who recover from alcohol dependence do so without seeking any kind of help, including specialty alcohol (rehab) programs and AA. Only 13 percent of people with alcohol dependence ever receive specialty alcohol treatment. : todayilearned

Combining three healthy behaviours can reduce the risk of irritable bowel syndrome by 42%, a new study suggests. Three healthy habits not smoking, vigorous exercise and getting at least seven hours of sleep a night appeared to have the biggest effect individually.

A ban on menthol cigarettes would likely lead to a meaningful reduction in U.S. smoking rates, a survey showed that 24% of menthol cigarette smokers quit smoking after a menthol ban : science

ELI5: Why do most powerful, violent tornadoes seem to exclusively be a US phenomenon? : explainlikeimfive

TIL that the brain only uses 20 watts of power. It would require a nuclear power plant to energize a computer the size of a city block to mimic your brain, and your brain does it with just 20 watts. : todayilearned

Taking the Long View on Industrial Planning - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Astronomers discover universs brightest objecta quasar powered by a black hole that eats a sun a day

A new tool has been developed to identify the early warning symptoms of burnout due to work stress: 1. You feel mentally exhausted at work. 2. You struggle to feel enthusiastic about your job. 3. You have trouble concentrating when working. 4. You sometimes overreact at work without meaning to. : science

Scientists unlock key to reversible, non-hormonal male birth control | The team found that administering an HDAC inhibitor orally effectively halted sperm production and fertility in mice while preserving the sex drive. : science

The Gigantic, Glorious Dune: Part Two Squishes Other Epics Like Ants
Dune: Part Two - Review Thread : movies

Narco Farm - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Romantic norms are in flux. No wonder everyones obsessed with polyamory.Americas sexual anxieties are on full display ... currently a record-high share of 40-year-old Americans whove never been married (25 percent, as of 2021, an increase from 20 percent in 2010 and six percent in 1980), and according to a Pew Center study last year, only 23 percent of Americans see marriage as essential for living a fulfilling life.

ELI5: Why does the body stop using crying as a pain response as we get older? : explainlikeimfive

TIL that in ancient Greece, Pythagoreans, followers of Pythagorass teachings, hated the number 17 because it separates 16 and 18, which uniquely form quadrilaterals with areas equal to their perimeters.
17 (number) - Wikipedia Seventeen is the seventh prime number, which makes it the fourth super-prime,[

All-Cladd - Home - - VIP factory seconds

Whats a practical tip or trick thats deceptively simple yet remarkably effective, causing you to wonder why it's not more universally recognized?

ELI5: Why is it " I'm at work" but " I'm in class"? Why does " I'm in work" or "I'm at class" sound wrong grammatically? : explainlikeimfive

what used to be considered nonsense, but now many people use it? : AskReddit

What do many people deny, but it is actually 100% real? : AskReddit

Apple Announces GroundbreakingNew Security Protocol for iMessage - Kyber

Heat pumps outsold gas furnaces again last yearand the gap is growingWhile sales of both heat pumps and gas furnaces were down in 2023, heat pumps are proving more popular than ever.

Australia says to build biggest navy since World War II : worldnews

South Korean doctors strike in protest of plans to add more physicians : worldnews

North Koreas Kim Jong Un receives car as gift from Putin

Taipei protests after Chinese coast guards board Taiwanese tourist boat : worldnews

North Korean Workers in China Riot over Unpaid Wages; 2,000 Occupy Factory, Kill Plant Manager : worldnews

Putin is trying to take advantage of a stalemate in Ukraine but the war is also draining for Russia : anime_titties

Kremlin refuses to conduct international investigation into Navalnys death
Alexey Navalny's widow says Russia "hiding his body, refusing to give it to his mother" : worldnews
CCTV cameras appear to capture Navalnys body being transported in midnight convoy
Alexei Navalnys body to be held for two weeks for chemical analysis family told
Putin Promotes Top Prison Official Accused of Tormenting Navalny Behind Bars : worldnews
EU moves closer to new Russia sanctions as Navalny widow pins blame on Putin : worldnews

Alexei Navalnys wife Yulia Navalnaya has X social media account suspended ... Elon is a fascist prick.
X suspends account of Navalnys wife
White House hits Russia with major sanctions inresponse to Navalnys death

Russia detains U.S citizen on suspicion of treason : worldnews
Dual US-Russian citizen arrested in Yekaterinburg for raising funds for Ukrainian Armed Forces : worldnews

Five Russian nationals charged after disruption of notorious cyber crime gang Lockbit : worldnews

Death of Ivan Sechin, son of Putins ally and Rosneft CEO, under suspicious circumstances

US Navy trains alongside Russian & Iranian ships at Indias Milan 2024 exercise

Hezbollah dug a network of tunnels in Lebanon that is more dangerous than Hamas

Iranian Murders 12 As Revenge For Honor Killing Of Sister : anime_titties
Iran arresting teens for celebrating soccer loss to Qatar: rights activists : worldnews

Yemens Houthis say they attacked two US ships in Gulf of Aden
Houthis Say They Shot Down a U.S. Drone Off Yemen - The New York Times The downing of the Reaper drone is another escalation of violence between the United States and Iran-backed groups.

Israel Weighs Eichmann-Style Public Trials for Oct. 7 Hamas Attackers - Bloomberg - Hundreds of Hamas attackers are being held in Israeli prisons - Lawyers divided over creating a special military tribunal

Pentagon Official Says Without Funding, Ukraines Defense Will Likely Collapse - Department of Defense

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 727, Part 1 (Thread #873) : worldnews

Canada sending more than 800 drones to Ukraine to support its fight against Russia : worldnews
Sweden boosts military aid to Ukraine with $682 million armament package : worldnews

What is happening on the border with Poland cannot be perceived as something normal or ordinary, - Zelensky - Only 5% of our agricultural exports pass through the Polish border. So, in fact, the situation is not in grain, but rather in politics. And near Kupyansk, not far from the border with Russia, where the enemy artillery does not stop, the news from the border with Poland looks simply mocking.
Polish farmers blocked railway near Shehyni-Medyka checkpoint and dumped grain from freight car : worldnews

Russia Returns 11 Children to Ukraine After Qatari Mediation : worldnews

ISS: Russian special services behind attack on Estonian minister's car : worldnews

Sweden and Hungary agree on a large-scale defense industry package, which, among other things, may include the Swedish Gripen plan. The decision on Swedish NATO membership can already be ratified at the next government meeting on February 26. : worldnews

WikiLeaks founder Assange starts final U.K. legal battle to avoid extradition to U.S. on spy charges : worldnews
Special forces blocked UK resettlement applications from elite Afghan troops : worldnews

Israel declares Brazils Lula persona non grata for comparing Gaza war to Holocaust

Wife of Haiti's assassinated president amongst dozens indicted in his killing : worldnews Wife of Haitis assassinated president amongst dozens indicted in his killing

Is the Media Prepared for an Extinction-Level Event? Ads are scarce, search and social traffic is dying, and readers are burned out. The future will require fundamentally rethinking the presss relationship to its audience.

Biden wants people to know most of the money hes seeking for Ukraine would be spent in the US

IRS says it will collect hundreds of billions more in unpaid and overdue taxes, thanks to new funding : politics

"The math keeps getting worse": James Comer admits he may have to give up on Biden impeachment probe : politics

Democrats are sticking with Biden no matter what the pundits say

Voters may at last be coming round to Bidens sunny view of the economy

How far can cities go to clear homeless camps? The U.S. Supreme Court will decide : politics
The Supreme Court Is on the Verge of Criminalizing Homelessness : politics
Supreme Court rejects appeals from Trump-allied Kraken lawyers sanctioned for election lies

Speaker Mike Johnson faces critical decision on Ukraine aid as international pressure grows to act : politics

Fani Willis turns the tables on her attackers : politics

Nikki Haley says she would pardon Donald Trump if elected president : politics

After a bad legal week for Trump, even worse could be on the horizon : politics
Donald Trumps miserable Presidents Day

You *are* the sucker, Merrick Garland edition - Lawyers, Guns & Money

E. Jean Carroll might sue Donald Trump a third time : politics

Trumps RNC Takeover Is on the Brink of Becoming a 'Purge'

Pelosi: Trump comments on Navalnys death beneath the dignity of a human being
Putin has 'financial' power over Donald Trump, Nancy Pelosi suggests : politics

Trumps Final Hours in Office Were Consumed With Fury at Snoop Dogg
Donald Trumps niece says former US President is increasingly unhinged

Getting rid of birth control is a key GOP agenda item for the second Trump term - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Trump allies prepare to infuse Christian nationalism in second administration
Why Cant We Go Back? Christian Nationalist State Sen. Dusty Deevers Wants To Go Back To The 1600s

I was horrified: Lawmakers speak out after Nazi group marches through Nashville
2 extremist groups behind Nashville Nazi march, ADL says

Jon Stewart on Tucker Carlsons Putin Interview & Trip to Russia | The Daily Show

No Labels faces dwindling options : politics

People of color are not only dying more often from violence in the U.S., they are dying at younger ages from that violence, new research finds : science

YouTube vlogger Ruby Franke, business partner Jodi Hildebrandt sentenced in child abuse case - ABC News

Rise in measles cases at Broward elementary school could just be the beginning, doctor says : news

Wave of House Republicans Resign and Senate Majority Unstable Republicans Apparently Hate Their Jobs - Can't blame them for that, but dropping out now ensures the MAGA crowd will rush in.

Arizona developer at the center of historic federal corruption investigationIn the first criminal referral made by the Committee on Natural Resources, officials claim an Arizona developer participated in bribery with Trump admin officials.

Oklahoma top education official called out for Libs of TikTok ties after non-binary student beaten, killed at school

West Virginia GOP Passes Deranged Bill That Could Put Librarians in Jail : politics

Frozen embryos are children, Ala. high court says in unprecedented ruling : politics

Chris Larson stated on November 9, 2023 in X, formerly Twitter: Says expanding Medicaid in Wisconsin would save the state $530 million, which could pay for 3,287 K-12 teachers, or 7.8 educators per district. : politics

Capital One to Acquire Discover, Creating a Consumer Lending Colossus - The New York Times - The all-stock deal, which is valued at $35.3 billion, will combine two of the largest credit card companies in the United States.

Texas Anti-Immigration Bill SB4 Would Allow the State to Deport People Greg Abbott Thinks Texas Should Have Its Own Foreign Policy : SB4 is as direct an assault on the Supremacy Clause as this country has seen since 1861.

Colorado man dies after being bitten by pet Gila monster : news

What would you like to witness before you die? : AskReddit

A new study found that conspiracy theory beliefs don't change much over time. The most popular theory was Big Pharma have suppressed a cure for cancer to protect their profits(18%). The least popular was the theory that COVID-19 vaxxines contain microchips to monitor and control people (2%).

What companies have extremely high quality standards for products that people might not realize? : AskReddit

AI hiring tools may be filtering out the best job applicants - BBC Worklife : worldnews

A biblical text with newfacts about Jesus was found - and Christians ignore it - The strange story of Jason and Papiscus

Inside the plan to diagnose Alzheimers in people with no memoryproblems and who stands to benefit

The Loneliness of Jodie Foster - The Atlantic

Astronomers Caught Dark Matter in the Cosmic Web, Revealing an Unseen Universe
Brightest and hungriest black hole ever detected : worldnews

Ancient viruses played a pivotal role in the development of myelin, crucial for complex vertebrate brains. The discovery of RetroMyelin" a retrovirus-derived element essential for myelin production across mammals, amphibians, and fish, underscores the impact of viral genes on vertebrate evolution.

IQ distribution in the United States (and more) | by Mike Sage | Medium

What is the most unorthodox way you know of that a couple has met and fallen in love? : AskReddit

Why doesn't Boston have more diners? : boston

How to improve your sense of direction

Apple Officially Warns Users to Stop Putting Wet iPhones in Rice | The company said the popular remedy could cause "small particles of rice to damage your iPhone." : technology

Atlantic hurricane alley sees ominous mid-July heat in February

How Risky Are Repeat COVID Infections? What We Know So Far | Scientific American

10 sickened in E. coli outbreak linked to raw milk cheese 10 sickened with E. coli infections linked to raw milk cheeses sold nationwide, CDC says - The CDC is advising consumers not to eat Raw Farm Raw Cheddar cheeses, and to discard or return the items to their place of purchase.

Measles erupts in Florida school where 11% of kids are unvaccinated | Ars Technica Over 100 children at the school are susceptible to virus.

Israeli flight from Thailand faced attack by hostile elements
'Hostile elements' attempted to take over Israeli flight from Thailand : worldnews Hostile elements attempted to take over Israeli flight from Thailand

China has a lot more to lose: U.S. considering sanctioning Chinese firms aiding Russias war
In unusual move, China offers to back Hungary in security matters : worldnews
Foreign direct investment in China falls to 30-year low : worldnews

Medvedev threatens Berlin, London and Washington with nuclear retaliation if Russia is to return to 1991 borders : worldnews undefined

Russian probe into Navalny death extended amid cover-up accusations : worldnews
Alexei Navalnys widow vows to continue his fight against Putin
400 detained in Russia for attending events in memory of Navalny : worldnews
Germany to propose new sanctions against Russia after death of Alexei Navalny : worldnews
Trump breaks silence on Navalny, casts no blame on Putin : worldnews undefined
Trumps first remarks about Navalny compare Russians death to his own legal situation
Trump Has Finally Spoken on Navalnys Death. Youll Wish He Hadn't. - Donald Trump first remarks about the death of Alexei Navalny are actually unhinged.

HUR Confirms Death of Russian Helicopter Pilot Who Defected to Ukraine With Mi-8 : worldnews

St. Petersburg tattoo artist investigated for sacrilegiousdesigns prevented from leaving Russia

Armenia is not on Russias side regarding the Ukraine issue - Armenian PM

Iran, wary of wider war, urges its proxies to avoid provoking U.S. : worldnews

Houthis claim catastrophic attack in Red Sea that prompted crew to abandon ship
U.S. strikes Houthi underwater drone for first time since Red Sea attacks started : worldnews

/r/WorldNews Live Thread for Israel-Hamas War (Thread 46) : worldnews

US to block UN resolution for Gaza ceasefire as Israel bombs Rafah : worldnews
Gantz: Israel will launch Rafah offensive if hostages not returned by Ramadan : worldnews undefined

Hamas terrorists posing as doctors arrested in IDF hospital operation : worldnews undefined

Israels economy slumps 19.4% in the fourth quarter 2023 as war takes a toll

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 726, Part 1 (Thread #872) : worldnews

Russian losses per 19/02/24 reported by the Ukrainian general staff - +1290 men +11 tanks

Theres only Plan A': Defense leaders fear failure in Ukraine

How Does the Ukraine War End? - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Russia claims full control of Avdiivka after Ukrainian retreat : worldnews undefined
Over 1300 killed Russians in Avdiivka over 24 hoursFrom a Russian source -- Avdiivka is a giant Russian grave, nothing more

Russian forces try to storm Ukrainian positions in Kherson Oblast : worldnews

Biden administration is leaning toward supplying Ukraine with long-range missiles : worldnew

Russia threatens to unleash entire arsenal on London if it loses war in Ukraine

First Sighting Of British Banshee Jet-Powered Drone In Ukraine : worldnews

Czech President says Czechia found way to get 800,000 shells for Ukraine : worldnews

Germany likely in recession, Bundesbank says | Reuters : worldnews
Germany: More demos against far-right, AfD slips in polls : worldnews

Strike at the Eiffel Tower closes one of the worlds most popular monuments to visitors

EU to hit Apple with first ever fine in 500mn music streaming penalty

Julian Assange judge previously acted for MI6 : anime_titties

A perverse distortion: Brazils Jews slam Lulas comparisonof Israel to Nazis
Israel declares Brazils Lula persona non grata for comparing Gaza war to Holocaust

12 Gunmen Killed In Clashes With Military In Mexico : worldnews
Thousands rail against Mexicos president and ruling party in march for democracy
Mexico: More than a hundred thousand march against electoral reform proposal : worldnews

Justice for Alexei Navalny: 5 Ways Joe Biden Can Respond : politics

Republican Senator Lindsey Graham: Time to designate Russia a state sponsor of terrorism : worldnews

New Pew poll: 74% of Americans view the war in Ukraine as important to US national interests - 43% describe it as very important59% of Americans describe the war in Ukraine as important to them personally when asked
The High Cost of the GOPs Reckless Decision to Withhold Aid to Ukraine

Biden: House Republicans walking away from the threat of Russia - It's just shocking. I've never seen anything like it' the president said Monday.
Cheney warns of Republican Party Putin-wing after Navalny death

Biden administration providing $1.5B to produce computer chips in NY, Vermont : politics

Bidens reset moment

Clarence Thomas offered $1 million a year to resign : politics undefined
Bribing Clarence - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Mike Tyson urges Biden to free thousands locked up over cannabis: Right these wrongs

How Merrick Garland Mistook a Trump Hitman for a Career Prosecutor - emptywheel

Only the KGB could have planted the seeds for our dysfunctional US government : politics

Abraham Lincoln best U.S. president ever, Donald Trump worst, historians say in poll : politics
Poll Ranks Biden as 14th-Best President, With Trump Last : politics
Donald Trump Places Last in New Presidential Greatness Rankings
Hail to the Chief: One Great Article About Every U.S. President

In a word, horrific: Trump's extreme anti-environment blueprint

Judge Engorons Ruling Is a Detailed Road Map to Trumps Thievery

Trump misses Supreme Court deadline to fight civil immunity from Jan. 6 lawsuits : politics undefined

AOCs questions years ago helped spark the investigation into Trumps business. Now, hes been ordered to pay $355 million.

House Republicans majority is falling apart

After parade shooting, Kansas City leaders want to pass gun safety laws. Missouri wont let them

AI-generated voices of dead shooting victims are sending gun-control pleas to lawmakers | CNN

Gov. Tony Evers signs new election maps, ending Wisconsin Republicans grip on legislative power
Democracy is coming to the state of Wisconsin - Lawyers, Guns & Money ... After threatening to impeach a duly elected justice without any constitutional basis to protect his illegally gerrymandered maps, Robin Vos capitulated by accepting Everss maps to preempt the possibility of the courts drawing maps that might be less favorable to Republicans:

Kyrsten Sinema trails far behind in the polls. Can she make a comeback in Senate race? : politics

Matt Gaetz Chaos agenda : politics

The Billionaire Bully Who Wants to Turn Texas Into a Christian Theocracy : politics

Will Costco Put Its Money Where Its Mouth Is? - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Utahs new Sovereignty Act sets up a process to overrule the federal government. But is it constitutional?

8 states restricted sex ed last year. More could join amid growing parents' rights activism : politics 8 states restricted sex ed last year. More could join amid growing parents rights activism

Nazi marchers at state Capitol prompt bipartisan blowback : politics

Millennials, Gen Z getting used to living on a financial cliff : politics undefined

Every Accusation a Confession

Is This How We Became A Cooperative Species? - Lawyers, Guns & Money
In praise of negativity : On average, we're better at criticizing others than thinking originally ourselves - Henry Farrell

How to avoid the top scam of 2023: The internet has really supercharged it, expert says


Scam victims in Spore lost $651.8m in 2023, with record high of over 46,000 cases reported

Japan to launch worlds first wooden satellite to combat space pollution

The Evil Empire collapsed. Putins regime will, too.

Russias Opposition in Exile Calls on EU Not to Recognize Putin Election - The Moscow Times

Russian Nuclear Spacecraft Would Reportedly Attack With Massive Energy Wave : worldnews

Putin Says Ukraine Matter Of Life And Death For Russia : worldnews

Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalnys body found bruised in Arctic morgue

Indian government: Were sticking with Russia
India freezes accounts of main opposition Congress party : worldnews

Senior Pakistan official admits election rigging as protests grip country : worldnews

Several More Bahais Jailed In Iran As Crackdown Continues

India-bound oil tanker hit by missile in Red Sea attack : worldnews

Hostages rescued in Rafah call on Netanyahu to push for deal : worldnews
Netanyahu: Those telling us not to enter Rafah are essentially saying lose the war
Netanyahu will try to formulate a Day Afterplan for Gaza this week, says Israels National Security Adviser
Top UN court rejects South African request for urgent measures to safeguard Rafah : worldnews

Hamas suspends Gaza ceasefire, hostage deal negotiations with Israel : worldnews

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 725, Part 1 (Thread #871) : worldnews

Kremlin runs disinformation campaign to undermine Zelensky, documents show : worldnews

Ukraine war: Artificial shortage of weapons helps Putin, says Zelensky

Russia takes control of the city of Avdiivka in eastern Ukraine after Ukrainian troops withdraw : worldnews
Biden blames congressionalinaction for Ukrainian withdrawal of key town

Justice Department Transfers Approximately $500,000 in Forfeited Russian Funds to Estonia for Benefit of Ukraine : worldnews
For the first time ever. U.S. handed over confiscated Russian assets to Estonia to help Ukraine : worldnews

Prime Minister: Denmark to supply all its artillery to Ukraine : worldnews

Germany: Number of school dropouts is rising : worldnews

Argentina Sees First Monthly Budget Surplus In 12 Years : worldnews

Swalwell on Biden age: I'll take the guy whos 81 over the guy who has 91 felony counts
The Hilarious Collapse of a Republican Smear Job - The takedown of the GOPs pet informant has been an extremely satisfying spectacle to watch. But it wont chasten Trumps minions in the least.

What happens if Trump or Biden can no longer run for president?

Who Is Konstantin Nikolaev? Putin Ally Behind Mike Johnson Campaign Donation : politics

Russian state TV mocks Donald Trump supporters : politics

Donald Trump GoFundMe raises $84K of $355 million target in 24 hours : politics
Trump introduces sneaker line as he faces multimillion-dollar fines - The Washington Post

Trump hawks $399 branded shoes at SneakerCon, a day after $355 million ruling against him
Trump booed as he hawks $399 Never Surrendershoes at Philadelphia Sneaker Con
Donald Trump booed onstage while promoting new $399 sneakers : politics

A $450 Million Blow to Trumps Finances, and His Identity

Donald Trump mocks E. Jean Carroll at Michigan rally : politics

Ocasio-Cortez says Trump win would result in grave impacts on democracy

Former YouTube CEO's son found dead at UC Berkeley : news

Texas teacher suspended after anti-LGBTQ+ Libs of TikTok attack. Student & parents defended the teacher. More than 1,500 people have signed an online petition to bring the him off of administrative leave : politics

Wyoming bill could take trans kids from parents. House Bill 156 would define gender-affirming care to be "not in the best interest" of youth in the state. The bill affects guardianships, custody fights, and child protective services. : politics

A Florida high school required parents permission for students to watch Disneys'Tangled' prompting some tosay local education laws are out of control

Michigan Just Became the First State in 6 Decades to Scrap an Infamous Anti-Union Law : politics

New bill could ban sale of refrigerated, cold beer in Tennessee : politics
Lawmakers decry Nazi gathering : politics
Lawmaker captures video of Nazis marching in downtown Nashville : politics

Court orders Connecticut sports bar, owner to pay $359K for retaliating against employees : politics

Erik Visits an American Grave, Part 1,554 - Lawyers, Guns & Money ... Gerry Studds is buried in Mount Auburn Cemetery, Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Sentenced to Life for an Accident Miles Away | The New Yorker Sentenced to Life for an Accident Miles AwayA draconian legal doctrine called felony murder has put thousands of Americansdisproportionately young and Blackin prison.

How do scientists know what makes up other planets if thee never been? E.g Mercury has an iron core, how do they know???

Double risk of dementia after mouth ulcer virus: People who have had the herpes virus at some point in their lives are twice as likely to develop dementia compared to those who have never been infected. : science undefined

Our Mathematical Universe: My Quest for the Ultimate Nature of Reality: Tegmark, Max: 9781846144769: Books


They lied: plastics producers deceived public about recycling, report reveals

Very cool: trees stalling effects of global heating in eastern US, study finds : science

Chun Ki-won: Hero pastor jailed for sexually abusing North Korea teenage escapees : worldnews

China using cyanide to destroy Scarborough on purpose
Science fiction authors were excluded from awards for fear of offending China : books

Russia attempting to develop nuclear space weapon to destroy satellites with massive energy wave, sources familiar with intel say : worldnews

Putin must be held accountable - Yulia Navalnaya : worldnews

Russian photographer Dmitry Markov has died at the age of 42 : worldnews

Russian Presidential Press Secretary Dmitry Peskov States the Special Military Operation is Now a War Against the Collective West : worldnews

U.S. Official Says Irans Revolutionary Guard Is Serving Side-By-SideWith Houthi Rebels In Yemen

Man guns down 12 relatives in rare mass shooting in Iran, state media says

Houthi attacks in Red Sea having a catastrophic effect on aid to Sudan

Hamas says Israeli hostages have suffered many losses : worldnews

Video is said to show U.N. relief worker taking Israeli shot on Oct. 7 : worldnews

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 724, Part 1 (Thread #870) : worldnews

Ukraine shoots down three Russian warplanes, air force chief says : worldnews

Ukrainian Armed Forces announce withdrawal from key town of Avdiivka : worldnews
Russia has captured some soldiers, Ukrainian commander says, as Kyivs forces withdraw from key town of Avdiivka
Ukraine Russia war: US warns Avdiivka could fall : worldnews

Zelenskyy ready to take Donald Trump to Ukraines front line

Banner facing the Russian embassy in Riga, capital of Latvia : pics

Mass killer Breivik loses human rights case to end prison isolation : worldnews

Hungarys President resigns, Orban faces his biggest political scandal in years

~Czech Republic has identified a way to procure 3.5 million rounds of ammunition for Ukraine but needs funding to do so, said the countrys president Petr Pavel

Germanys top security official wants easier ways to track right-wing extremist financing

Canadas UN ambassador on Putins hit list:This is a regime that murders its opponents ... Ambiguous headline crime department: sounds like Russia has canadas UN ambassador on its hit list, when they really mean to say that he commented on Russias hit list.
Zombie Fires burning at an alarming rate in Canada

Saturday Morning Political Cartoon Thread : politics

US warships are shooting down weapons no onesever faced in combat before, and a Navy commander says its a great opportunity

Bidens rightward shift on immigration angers advocates. But its resonating with many Democrats

Massive benefit: Immigration surge set to boost U.S. economy by $7 trillion

Merrick Garland Is Too Weak to Be Attorney General: Over and over again, the Biden appointee has proven to be painfully nae inthe face of Republican bad faith.

t Appears the Burisma Saga Wasn't Quite What It Seemed - A former FBI informant allegedly lied about the company's relationship with Hunter Biden.
A now-indicted FBI informant was at the heartof the GOP's case against Joe Biden

For Donald Trump, the Recriminations Will Be Televised : politics

Can Trump pay? What if he doesnt? Heres what to know about Trumps massive civil judgments.
Civil damages and civic damages - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Haley warns Trump could try to use RNC as piggy bank if reelectedHaley warns Trump could try to use RNC as piggy bank if reelected

Trumps hubris has brought about the downfall of his familys business empire - Even the giant fortune Trump inherited from his father did not stop him from steering the familys dynasty on to the rocks

Faced with actual example of political persecution, Trump goes uncharacteristically silent : politics

Trumps cruelty plays to worst of human nature. For his MAGA supporters, that's the point.

Trump Allies Plan New Sweeping Abortion Restrictions : politics

Christian-nation idea fuels US conservative causes, but historians say it misreads founders intent

Matt Gaetz accused of paying woman for sex parties as new bombshell texts emerge : politics

Democrats relieved as Manchin rules out White House bid : politics

Sure, Let's Let the Head of a Militia Group Redefine 'Terrorism' - A militant with ties to the Bundy Ranch's 2014 standoff with the Bureau of Land Management wants to pass a bill that would change the word's definition.

The Billionaire Bully Who Wants to Turn Texas Into a Christian Theocracy : politics

Judge rejects attempts to toss indictments against Texas AG Ken Paxton, keeps April trial on course. Paxtons securities fraud trial will kick off on April 15. He has been under indictment for nearly nine years. He has pleaded not guilty.

TIL Walmart stores receive 3-4 times more police calls than other big-box retailers like Target. In St. Petersburg, FL, 25% of all arrests are made at a single Walmart location, while in Granite Falls, NC, 92% of larceny calls are attributed to a single Walmart store. : todayilearned

Woman who fired inside a church allegedly praised Hamas, Hezbollah, Osama bin Laden : worldnews

Most Americans want legal pot. Heres why feds are taking so long to change old rules

Jury awards $10 million to man who was wrongly convicted of murder : news

TIL Robert Chesebrough, the inventor of Vaseline, practiced the unusual habit of consuming a spoonful of it each day. He attributed his long life of 96 years to this practice, without any scientific research to back it up. : todayilearned

Amazon and SpaceX are quietly trying to demolish national labor law : worldnews
Amazon argues that national labor board is unconstitutional, joining SpaceX and Trader Joes

This Is Why Teslas Stainless Steel Cybertrucks May Be Rusting

The surprising role of narcissism in US state-level health outcomes: States with higher narcissism had lower obesity and depression rates, and a lower likelihood of heart failure and hypertension deaths. However, these states reported less sleep and higher demand for plastic surgeons. : science

eli5 explain diarrhea : explainlikeimfive

TIL in February 1941, James O. Richardson was fired after pleading with FDR about his poor decision to centralize the Naval fleet at Pearl Harbor and warning of the risks. Unfortunately, his warning was proven right on December 7th when the Japanese attacked and sunk the fleet. : todayilearned

GOP House Intel Chair Urged to Resign Over Russian Space Nuke Scare : politics

Jacques Lacan: The Psychoanalyst of Lac(k) - Lacan initially proposed 3 registers of human existence: the Imaginary, the Symbolic, and the Real. He later added a fourth, the Sinthome.

Lacans Sinthome; or, the Point of Psychoanalysis
Sinthome - No Subject - Encyclopedia of Psychoanalysis - Encyclopedia of Lacanian Psychoanalysis

Topology - No Subject - Encyclopedia of Psychoanalysis - Encyclopedia of Lacanian Psychoanalysis

Diagrams - No Subject - Encyclopedia of Psychoanalysis - Encyclopedia of Lacanian Psychoanalysis

Can anyone give some practical examples of the sinthome? : lacan
How is one to find/create their sinthome / sinthomic activity ? : lacan

The Borromean knot for Joyce, with the sinthome as that which restores... | Download Scientific Diagram


Climate experts sound alarm over thriving plant life at Greenland ice sheet : worldnews

Coral bleaching is now so extreme, scientists had to expand their scale for it : worldnews

One of the worst methane leaks ever recorded took place last year in Kazakhstan. Estimated 127,000 tonnes of gas escaped. : worldnews

Study shows broad majority of global population supports climate action | A broad majority of the world's population supports climate action and is willing to incur a personal cost; overwhelming majority of 86% endorses pro-climate social norms, and 89% call for increased political action : worldnews

Long COVID Seems to Be a Brain Injury, Scientists Discover : worldnews

Ebola vaccine halves the chance of dying from the disease, says new study

Russian opposition politician and Putin critic Alexei Navalny has died : worldnews
Putin Other War of Attrition - Alexei Navalny, Russias opposition leader and founder of the Anti-Corruption Foundation, died today as a complication of Vladimir Putins trumped-up imprisonment ... the Russian emperor is an organized crime overlord whose henchmen have hollowed out Russia ... It has not helped that useful idiots like Tucker Carlson have been so eager to kneel down before Putin and kiss his ring.
Biden blames Putin for Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny's death : worldnews

Putin urges Russians to have more kids, says ethnic survival at stake : worldnews

If Putin dies, what is the worst that can happen? : AskRedditMark Dawson Is A Plagiarist UPDATE : books

Putin signs property confiscation law - The law is aimed to punish for spreading "falsehoods? about the Russian army

Pentagon estimates Russia spent over US$200 billion on war in Ukraine : worldnews

India resumes buying Russian Sokol oil after 2-month hiatus, sources say : worldnews

Iran declares Antarctica its property in direct challenge to Biden, global treaty : worldnews
Iran Navys Plan To Establish A Military Presence In Antarctica Sparks Global Concerns

Egypt Is Building a Wall Across From Gaza Border : worldnews
Gazan riots erupt near Rafahs border with Egypt, fire breaks out

Netanyahu rejects unilateral Palestinian statehood after Biden call : worldnews

Israel blasts top UN aid official after he says Hamas isnot a terrorist group for us

ICJ rejects request to prevent Israeli operation in Rafah : worldnews

1 dead, 5 wounded in terror shooting in southern Israel : worldnews

Ukrainian intelligence knows who poisoned spy chiefs wife and hints at countermeasures in Russia

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 723, Part 1 (Thread #869) : worldnews

Ukrianian intelligence officials have also told me this. They are worried that Russias military will return to pre-2022 invasion levels by 2028.

The western entrance to Avdiivka now shows a Russian/USSR flag. Just 1,5 month ago, Zelenskyi made a video in the same location when he visited the 110th mechanized brigade at the front line.

Russians have kidnapped, tortured, and executed Ukrainian Orthodox priest Stepan Podolchak, who served in Kalanchak, Kherson region. Russians wanted Father Stepan to accept Moscow Partiarchyshierarchy, he refused, and was murdered. This is martyrdom we know from ancient times.

Ukraines Zelensky signs medical marijuana bill, a step he says can heal pain, stress and trauma of war with Russia

Japan to aid Ukraine in 7 key areas, including with land mines : worldnews
Swedish minister reaffirms willingness to send jets to Ukraine after finalizing NATO bid : worldnews

Over 30 countries sign new war crime treaty in The Hague : worldnews

Tens of thousands protest in Budapest over sexual abuse case pardon | Hungary | The Guardian : worldnews

An entire generation of young people from Gaeltacht (the Irish-speaking area of Ireland) cannot buy a house nor a site in their own area:There are no houses available to rent, all the houses are up on Airbnb

U.K. becomes 2nd G7 economy to fall into recession

Political gender gap grows as young women move left : politics

Based on Incomes, Americans Are a Lot Better Off Under Biden Than Under Trump : politics

How AOC Became One of Bidens Most Valuable Boosters

Fox News Silent on Bogus Hunter Biden Witness It Hyped Constantly : politics

Fox News coverage of Fani Willis backfires : politics

Republicans impeachment farce implodes with indictment of star Biden informant The FBI just charged the GOPs so-called whistleblower. So will right-wing media cover the story they blew up?
GOP suffers most spectacular embarrassment imaginablein anti-Biden case

Raskin calls on GOP to end Biden impeachment inquiry after indictment of FBI informant : politics

Remember the Biden bribe allegation? DOJ now says it was made up.

Trumps Master Plan to Defeat His Criminal Cases Isn't Working

Megathread: Judge Fines Trump Over $350 Million in Civil Fraud Trial, Bars Him From Doing Business in New York : politics
Judge fines Trump more than $300 million, bars from running businesses in N.Y. for three years : news
Civil lawsuits seeking to hold Trump accountable for January 6 can move forward

Trump opts against appealing civil immunity claim in Jan. 6 lawsuits to Supreme Court : politics

Trump is suddenly in need of a lot of cash. Thats everyones problem.
The Trump gravy train is about to run over the RNC. Good. : politics

A chaotic US House is losing three Republican committee chairs to retirement in the span of a week : politics

James Comer faces potential investigation over lying FBI source : politics

Group featured in debunked 2000 Muleselection doc admits it has no evidence

Group photo shows Michigan GOP electors on day they signed false certificate

Kevin McCarthy rips Matt Gaetz over ethics probe at surprise press conference
Witness Told Feds She Was Paid for Sex Parties With Matt Gaetz : politics

Ron DeSantis Finally Admits War on Books Has Been a Total Disaster : politics

Republicans to parents: Let us peep at your kids vagina before we let them play sports. Conservatives are bullying kids who don't look boyish or girlish enough for their tasteseven if t kills them.

Ted Cruz faces losing his seat in Texas : politics

Judge rejects Texas AG Ken Paxtons request to throw out nearly decade-old criminal charges

X accused of taking payments from terrorists : worldnews
You Are Dead To Me: Twitter Files Journalist Matt Taibbi Posts Unhinged Messages from Elon Musk
The majority of traffic from Elon Musks X may have been fake during the Super Bowl, report suggests

AI hiring tools may be filtering out the best job applicants : worldnews

How do we know Neanderthals had bigger brains? : askscience

A study that analyzed over 1,500 faces discovered that faces with unique facial proportions are perceived as less attractive | Males found the more feminine faces of women to be more beautiful, whereas masculinity had little to no impact on womens perception of male attractiveness.

Mark Dawson Is A Plagiarist UPDATE : books


google is making a map of methane leaks

Japan unexpectedly slips into a recession : worldnews
Japan loses crown as worlds third-largest economy after it slips into recession
Are we about to find out the moons origin? Japan's space agency says it may now have clue

South Korea opens ties with Cuba, a traditional ally of the North : worldnews
Bulgarian president says he hopes to meet S.Korea Yoon to discuss partnership in defense industry : worldnews

Taiwan ranked No. 1 full democracy in Asia, 10th in world
Two Chinese fishermen die after chase with Taiwans Coast Guard, which alleges trespassing

Molecular Genetics & Genomic Medicine (MGGM) journal retracts 18 papers from China due to human rights concerns about sourcing of the blood samples : worldnews

Putin says Russia prefers Biden to Trump because he's more experienced and predictable
Putin on war against Ukraine: We regret not starting it earlier : worldnews

ABC News: Alleged serious threat to US national security relates to Russias plans to put nuclear weapons in space
Kremlin dismisses U.S. warning about Russian nuclear capability in space : worldnews

Russian priest charged with justifying terrorism over social media comment : worldnews

Armenia warns that Azerbaijan is planning a full-scale war

US Centcom says its forces seized Iranian arms shipment bound for Houthis on Jan. 28 : worldnews
Iran-backed Houthi rebels are seizing on the Israel-Hamas war to recruit more child soldiers, watchdog reports : worldnews

Iran's main gas pipeline hit by sabotage, oil minister says

Israeli jets hit Lebanon in heaviest strike since Gaza war began : worldnews

Hamas is not a terrorist group,says UN Relief Chief Martin Griffiths

Israel Says Wounded Al Jazeera Journalist A Hamas Militant : worldnews

Helmets and Vests found in aid trucks to Gaza. : worldnews

US aggressively investigating after two US teenagers killed in West Bank

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 722, Part 1 (Thread #868) : worldnews

Ukrainian cities hit in massive fresh wave of Russian attacks : worldnews
Ukraines air defense shoots down 13 out of 26 Russian missiles

Ukraine Sends More Troops to ExtremelyCriticalAvdiivka

Trump suggests Ukraine take loan for aid : worldnews

A brilliant start: gay Greeks eager for MPs to legalise same-sex marriage

Germany Overtakes Japan As Third-biggest Economy : worldnews ... The change in positions primarily reflects the sharp fall in the yen against the dollar, rather than the German economy -- which contracted 0.3 percent in 2023 -- outperforming Japan, economists said.

Top European rights court upholds Belgian ban on kosher slaughter : worldnews

Spanish citizens feel abandoned after 10 months without clean water

France and Ukraine to sign a security agreement in Paris in the presence of President Zelenskyy : worldnews

UK enters recession after steeper-than-expected fall in GDP : worldnews
UK worst year for antisemitism since 1980s after outbreak of Israel-Hamas war : worldnews
Britains tea supply facing disruption from Red Sea crisis
England now seeing clusters of measles cases : anime_titties

Argentinas annual inflation soars above 250% in January

How Senate Democrats Flipped the Border Issue on Republicans : politics
Fox News blasts Republicans for killing strongest border bill
Shocker: A Big Win for Dems Flips the Script on Trump's Favorite Issue - Have Democrats finally figured out how to go on offense over the border?

Constitutional law scholars tell Supreme Court Trumps absolute presidential immunity arguments have no support in the Constitution's stext and history

Hawaii Rightly Rejects Supreme Courts Gun Nonsense

The Supreme Court Could Radically Redefine the Right to Protest : politics

Of Course Presidents Are Officers of the United States | To think otherwise threatens the entire idea of a constitutional republic : politics

Biden and Trump are both too old but only one is a traitor

After Fighting Ukraine Aid, Trump Says Biden Will Give Ukraine to Putin
After Fighting Ukraine Aid, Trump Says Biden Will Give Ukraine to Putin - Donald Trump suggested he would do more to protect the country from Russia, seeking to flip the script on the president, who has been calling for more military aid for months.

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Former FBI informant charged with lying about the Bidens role in Ukraine business
18 Adorable Baby Animals That Will Instantly Make You Smile

Funny how Dem President always add less to the debt than the previous GOP President : PoliticalHumor

Trump will face a criminal jury next month after judge refuses to dismiss hush money case in New York, saying trial date is certain

Trump first criminal trial will start next month : politics
Trump hush money trial to start March 25, judge denies dismissal request : politics
Finally, a Judge Steps Up and Denies a Trump Trial Delay Bid : politics

Four signs Trumps weaknesses are deepening

Senior Republicans fear Trump will tap the RNC to cover legal bills again : politics
Donald Trump is
"Trump is out of money": Republicans fear Trump will drain RNC funds to pay his own legal bills : politics

Trump says when he mixes up names it is on purpose : politics

You make ONE illegal hush money payment to a porn star and they treat you like some sort of criminal - Lawyers, Guns & Money

They Came Here for a New Life. Now Theyre Trapped in O'Hare -- Angi and her family left Venezuela for a better life in the States. But after Texas Gov. Greg Abbott put them on a plane to Chicago, they and so many others were stuck in limbo at the airport

Staff ExodusHits Robert F. Kennedy Jrs Campaign And Thats Not All, Report Says

Marjorie Taylor Greene calls LGBTQ+ people groomers as she backs LibsofTikTok

She Was Denied an Abortion After Roe Fell. This Is a Year in Her Familys Life.

New GOP conspiracy theory: Babies are getting abortions! : politics

It kills millions, it has no productive use, and even its farmers see the end coming. Put that in your pipe and smoke it.

How I Won My Lawsuit Against the University of Colorado Part III

Collier County commissioners vote to remove fluoride from water : news

In 10 years, computers will be doing this a million times fasterThe head of Nvidia does not believe that there is a need to invest trillions of dollars in the production of chips for AI

Creating video from text - Sora is an AI model that can create realistic and imaginative scenes from text instructions. : technology

The Case for Cooking Steak from Frozen

Suicide rates in the U.S. are on the rise. Increased access to potentially lethal prescription opioids has made it easier for women, specifically, to end their own lives; and a shrinking federal safety net has contributed to rising suicide rates among all adults during tough economic times : science

Scientists have developed a drug to treat mesothelioma, a notoriously hard-to-treat cancer linked to asbestos : science

Gray Hair Can Return to Its Original Color - and Stress Is Involved, of Course - The universal marker of aging is not always a one-way process.

TIL the lungs perform the vast majority of or bodies excretion. The majority of weight we lose daily is though our breath, not our butts. : todayilearned

A team of physicists in Germany managed to create a time crystal that demonstrably lasts 40 minutes 10 million times longer than other known crystalsand could persist for even longer.

ELI5: What does it mean for Google Gemini 1.5 Pro to come with a 1 million token context window? : explainlikeimfive

TIL In late 70s-80s, 117+ healthy SE Asian men, many Hmong, died in their sleep mysteriously, leading to CDC investigation. The Hmong attributed it to evil spirit Dab Tog, inspiring Wes CravensFreddy Krueger in Nightmare on Elm Street.

Boston Faces $1 Billion Tax Deficit From Faltering Office Market

Redditors who fucked around and found out, what did you find out?

ELI5: What does a Chiropractor actually do? : explainlikeimfive

ELI5: How did we "calibrate" the second? : explainlikeimfive

Who got the comeuppance they deserved, but you still felt bad for them? : AskReddit

What are you starting to like as you get older? : AskReddit


Global survey shows broad majority of global population supports climate action | Study demonstrates for the first time that a broad majority of the world's population (89%) supports climate action, and 69% is willing to incur a personal cost to fight climate change : worldnews

Global defence spending rises 9% to record $2.2tn : worldnews
A new report says the world faces a dangerous decadeas instabilityand military spending rise

Nearly 15% of Americans deny climate change is real. Researchers saw a strong connection between climate denialism and low COVID-19 vaccination rates, suggesting a broad skepticism of science : science

S. Korea vows overwhelming response if N. Korea provokes

US to deploy 5 aircraft carriers in western Pacific in show of strength to China : worldnews

Kremlin denies Reuters report that Putin offered a ceasefire in Ukraine : worldnews

Republican warning ofnational security threat is about Russia wanting nuke in space -- Two sources familiar with deliberations on Capitol Hill said the intelligence has to do with Russia wanting to put a nuclear weapon into space. This is not to drop a nuclear weapon onto Earth but rather to possibly use against satellites.
House Intel Chairman announces serious national security threat, sources say it is related to Russia
Rep. Mike Turner Is Very Concerned About A Mysterious Space ThreatOne things for sure: the U.S. House of Representatives is becoming unglued.

Putin signs law allowing seizure of property for spreading false information about military

Globetrotting Millennial Woman Pleads Guilty to Sending $7M of Drone, Missile Parts to Russia : worldnews

Russia arrests German for carrying cannabis gummy bears : worldnews

Russian landing ship Caesar Kunikov hit in Black Sea, it has su intelligence sources, photo, video
Military says Russian landing ship sunk in Black Sea
Ukraine says it has sunk another warship, disabling a third of Russias Black Sea Fleet ... Drone swarms are the wave of future war. Sink a warship that costs 10s of millions of dollars with a group of drones that cost a fraction of a percent of that. And they are built unbelievably fast and with not too much technical know how. You are seeing it with armor and artillery as well. This will completely rewrite military doctrine.

Russian Black Sea commander sacked after Ukraine downs warship

The race to decode Russias tea bags and cucumbers for the future of Ukraine

New EU sanctions: Lukashenko also stealing Ukraines children

Academics in the United States, the United Kingdom and Australia collaborated on drone research with Iranian university Sharif University : worldnews

Elon Musks X Will Give Blue Checks to Anyone, Even Terrorist Leaders | Leaders of Hezbollah, and other sanctioned groups, paid for premium features on Elon Musk's 'free speech' platform.

US Navy aircraft carrier going head-to-head with the Houthis has its planes in the air strike-group commander says

ICC Prosecutor threatens Israel with war crimes scrutiny if it invades Rafah : worldnews

Netanyahu to Biden: I want a hostage deal, but Hamassdemands are a non-starter

Northern Israel: 1 dead, 8 wounded following rocket barrage - I24NEWS : worldnews
NY Times: Tunnel under Al-Shifa Hospital used by Hamas for cover, weaponsstorage
Families of Gaza hostages head to ICC to file charges against Hamas : worldnews
In covert interviews, Gazan civilians rail against Hamas for wrecking their lives : worldnews

France to impose travel bans on violent Israeli settlers : worldnews

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 721, Part 1 (Thread #867) : worldnews

Exhausted Ukraine struggles to find new men for front line : worldnews

Catholic church in Poland opposes reducing number of religion classes in schools : worldnews

Wilders calls Islam "reprehensible" in same breath as promise to protect Muslim freedoms : worldnews

Belgium confirms Hamas operating within its borders through shell companies : worldnews

Germany Hits 2% NATO Target for First Time Since 1992, Reports Dpa : worldnews

All for one: France, Germany, Poland to tighten defence ties
Former French president Sarkozy handed one-year sentence, including six months suspended, in appeal trial for campaign overspending : worldnews

UK to urge allies to boost defence production for Ukraine : worldnews
Brexit Britain has significantly underperformed other advanced economies, Goldman Sachs says
We can be killed in the UK at any time: Sikh activist fears for life afterbeing named on Indian hit list

Biden Shields Palestinians in the U.S. From Deportation - The president, who is facing mounting criticism over U.S. support for Israel, used an authority that exempts people from deportation if their homeland is in crisis.

The stakes in Ukraine are too high for the House GOPs partisan nonsense

AOC defends Biden as one of the most successful presidents in modern history

Statement from President Joe Biden on House GOPs Baseless Impeachment of Secretary Mayorkas

A Third of Conservatives Think Taylor Swift Is Part of a Conspiracy to Elect Biden : politics ... This is the moral/intellectual sludge of America. They are the grease trap of human potential. Their existence is a net negative to whatever regions they inhabit because they are inversely motivated to do/say the absolute worst thing in any given situation. All they can do is impotently externalize their rage at their own shortcomings and export all their mental toxicity into whatever society they happen to exist within.

Nearly 1 in 5 Believe Taylor Swift Election Conspiracy Theory

Republicans amass a record of loss under Trump: Democrats have been winning at an impressive clip

New documents underscore why the Supreme Court must let Jack Smiths Trump case move forward

The Tangled Fates of Fani Willis and Her Biggest Case
Trump prosecutor Fani Willis scolds highly offensiveattorney in fiery testimony: s lies

Republicans admit it. Kevin McCarthy has never looked so good.House GOP insiders view the new speaker as a man perpetually without a plan.

Trump On Pace to Drain Legal Funds by July, With Only $27 Million Left : politics

Nikki Haley says Trump has become diminishedand unhinged since 2016

House Democrat says Trump setting stage for World War III : politics

Lara Trump vows "every single penny" RNC has will go to Donald Trump : politics
Cohen Says Trump Couldnt Stand Daughter-in-Law Lara

Democrats gain seat in U.S. House as Tom Suozzi wins election to replace George Santos : politics
Democrats flip Santoss New York House seat in high-stakes special election
3 takeaways from the New York special election

Sen. Chris Murphy urges Democrats to follow Tom Suozzi and go on the offensive on the border : politics
It was a big mistake: GOPers regret booting George Santos after majority shrinks with NY loss
Haley campaign calls Trump huge weighton GOP candidates after Republicans loss in NY

House Republicans have a George Santos hangover after losing his seat : politics
George Santos Mercilessly Trolls GOP After Democrats Win His Old SeatHe even took the time to text his former colleagues to call themf***ing idiots

Perpetual loser Trump rages on Truth Social after being blamed forstupid strategyin NY loss
New York special election shows Trumps one-man assault on early voting continues to hurt the GOP
New York defeat shows Donald Trump has lost the suburbs -- Scaramucci

House panel obtains texts allegedly showing Gaetz setting up 2017 Florida Keys trip with woman his associate paid for sex : politics

GOP-led Wisconsin Legislature passes Democratic governors legislative maps

Sen. Menendezs wife got engagement ring as part of bribery scheme, prosecutors allege in new filing

Terrorists Are Paying for Check Marks on X, Report Says - The report shows that X has accepted payments for subscriptions from entities barred from doing business in the United States, a potential violation of sanctions.

1 dead, 10-15 injured near Chiefs Super Bowl parade, officials say

How I Won My Lawsuit Against the University of Colorado Part II - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Abortions by telemedicine and mailed pills are as safe and effective as when the pills are obtained by visiting a doctor. The method was about 98% effective and was safe for over 99% of patients, the study reported. : science

People around the world have high levels of trust in scientists, and most want researchers to get more involved in policymaking, a global survey with more than 70,000 participants finds : worldnews

Scientists identify water molecules on asteroids for the first time : worldnews

The existence of a new kind of magnetism has been confirmed: Altermagnets, theorised to exist but never before seen, have been measured for the first time and they could help us make new types of magnetic computers : worldnews

Beyond whats possible': New JWST observations unearth mysterious ancient galaxy

A Pee Story: Scientists Finally Know How Your Urine Turns Yellow

The Unsettled Science of Motion Sickness and the Accidental Way We Learned to Treat It - If you rely on Dramamine to get through long car rides, you have hundreds of seasick sailors to thank for it.

Judge rejects most ChatGPT copyright claims from book authors : books

Apple fans are starting to return their Vision Pros : technology

Wi-Fi jamming to knock out cameras suspected in nine Minnesota burglaries -- smart security systems vulnerable as tech becomes cheaper and easier to acquire : technology

A night view from Prospect Hill Park : boston

Wise people of Reddit, whats a one-liner pearl of wisdom you know?

Tai chi reduces blood pressure better than aerobic exercise, study finds : science

FDA to review ecstasy for treating PTSD in clinical settings : news

There is no current evidence that AI can be controlled safely, according to an extensive review, and without proof that AI can be controlled, it should not be developed, a researcher warns : technology

Scientists have discovered a jab that could prevent rheumatoid arthritis (RA), a development experts say could offer hope to millions at risk of the disease. A randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled, clinical trial found abatacept to be effective in preventing the onsetof RA.

What's an everyday item that has a hidden feature most people don't know about? : AskReddit

Mozilla downsizes as it refocuses on Firefox and AI: Read the memo | TechCrunch


Hottest January on record sees the world reach 1.7C warming mark | January was the hottest on record, at 1.7C above the pre-industrial average for the month. This means there has been a 12-month period in which average global surface temperature was more than 1.5C above the 1850 to 1900 average

How Did We Miss 20% of Greenlands Ice Loss? The ice loss was hidden in places existing monitoring methods cant reach, such as hard-to-map fjords. Machine learning helped scientists revise mass loss estimates and uncover patterns in glacial retreat.

Climate experts sound alarm over thriving plant life at Greenland ice sheet : worldnews
Climate experts sound alarm over thriving plant life at Greenland ice sheet. Research has documented the change since the 1980s and shows that large areas of ice have been replaced with barren rock, wetlands and shrub growth, creating a change in environment. : science

Climate changes effect on Arctic sea ice is forcing polar bears to find food on land, putting the apex predators at risk of starvation. The bears are now using different strategies to reduce their energy loss now that there are more ice-free days, including fasting and eating berries & birds.

Crucial ocean current system could be on course to collapse with catastrophic impacts on global weather | CNN -- The Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation (the AMOC)
A Vital Ocean Current Is Apparently FUBARYou may not have heard of the Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation, but it's about to become very relevant to your life.

CDC plans to drop five-day covid isolation guidelines - The Washington Post

Australia to ban doxxing after pro-Palestinian activists publish information about hundreds of Jews : worldnews

Better than a real man: young Chinese women turn to AI boyfriends

Putin to Skip Presidential Debates, Kremlin Says : worldnews

Putins suggestion of Ukraine ceasefire rejected by United States, sources say

Russia warns the West: we will be very tough if you stealour assets

Russia preparing for military confrontation with West, says Estonia : worldnews
Estonia Says Russia Is Preparing For A Military Confrontation With The West : worldnews Russia declares Estonian PM Kaja Kallas a wanted person

Russia puts 29 Lithuanian politicians, public figures on wanted list : worldnews
Russia Orders Arrest of Meta Exec for Extremist Activities

Israel to send delegation to Cairo hostage talks as Biden touts push for 6-week pause : worldnews

NBC News correspondent casts doubt on forced displacement of Palestinians in 1948 | Media Matters for America

Victims of October 7 demand declaration of UNRWA as terror group : worldnews
UNRWA chief rebuffs calls to resign over alleged Hamas links : worldnews

New testimony reveals grim details of Hamas sexual violence on captives : worldnews

Russia Gaining Upper Hand in Ukraine, Norway Warns : worldnews

Germanys Scholz calls for urgent massproduction of European arms

France uncovers a vast Russian disinformation campaign in Europe : news

UK unemployment rate drops to 3.8% : worldnews

Angry farmer protests are spreading across Europeand getting results

Senate passes $95.3 billion aid package for Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan after rare all-night session : politics
Democrats propose discharge petition to get past Mike Johnson : politics

Ron Johnson Says Putin Will Not Lose the War, Votes Against Ukraine Aid
Ron Johnson Says Dumb Thing Before Casting Pro-Putin Vote: The Republican senator from Wisconsin had an unbelievable explanation for voting against a bill to send aid to Ukraine. : politics

Speaker Johnson rejects Israel, Ukraine aid package ahead of Senate vote : politics

Donald Trump encouraging Kremlin puts US troops in danger: Official

GOP claims that Homeland Security Secretary Mayorkas is responsiblefor fentanylcrisis are false

Everyone should be scared as hellDemocrats call for Trump-proofing NATO
Trump thinks NATO is a protection racket. : PoliticalHumor

GOP Congressman Accidentally Gives Real Reason for Mayorkas Impeachment: Republican Representative French Hill just gave away the game. : politics

Merrick Garland under fire by his former Harvard law professor : politics

Get Used to It: Biden Isnt Going Anywhere - The GOP fantasy crowd is so accustomed to conspiracy theories that theyre betting the Democrats will switch candidates at the last minute. Have they actually paid attention to politics?

Biden has forgiven $136 billion in student debt. More relief is on the way : politics

But Her Emails, Meet But His Memory - Nobody asked Robert Hur or his prosecutors to be drive-by neurologists.

Half of Americans think Biden got special treatment in document probe, Reuters/Ipsos poll finds | Reuters

Donald Trump faces secret document showdown today : politics

All 4 of Trumps criminal cases reach inflection points this week

Trump Is Losing It : politics

Supreme Court Gives Prosecutors a Week to Respond in Trump Immunity Case - The New York Times

Republicans Are No Longer a Political PartyIts become yet another subsidiary of Trump Inc.

Lawrence: Biden on his worst day is better than Trump on his best day : politics

Donald Trump rages at "out-of-control" Judge Engoron : politics

John Bolton: Trumps Just Totally Making Stuff Up Now

From the Mixed-Up Files of Mr. Kenneth Chesebro, Esq. A trove of the Trump lawyer's documents reveals a complex web of plans, schemes, and wishful thinking.

GOPs Star Witness in Hunter Biden Probe Has Ties to Russian Oligarch

Trump says his very talented daughter-in-law Lara will help run the RNC

New York special election to replace Santos could further shrink a thin GOP majority : politics

Hobby Lobby-funded Jesus Super Bowl ads cant hide the hate that fuels the Christian right

Analysis: It took me three tries to register to vote in Texas andIm an elections reporter

A Palpable Fear of Even Letting Your Friends Know You Are a Democrat: In deep red Wyoming, a Democratic Party organizer says inflamed political tensions are his greatest hurdle.

Gerth: White Kentucky politician who opposes DEI tells NAACP: My father was a slave

The Far Right Is Spreading Misinformation Claiming the Lakewood Church Shooter Was Trans : politics

GOP Lawmaker Raises Scenario Of 1-Year-Olds Having Abortions | HuffPost Latest News

Transgender girl stabbed 14 times in alleged murder attempt at party : news

Jon Stewarts Return Boosts The Daily Showto 1.9 Million Viewers,Biggest Episode Since 2018

CBS News Layoffs Claims Former Fox News Star Catherine Herridge Embroiled in First Amendment Case

How I Won My Lawsuit Against the University of Colorado - Lawyers, Guns & Money

In dating, what profession would be a deal breaker for you and why? : AskReddit

What cant you believe still exists in 2024?

Journalist says he finds it surrealto have account on X suspended after writing critique of platform

Stone age wall found at bottom of Baltic Sea may be Europes oldestmegastructure Named the Blinkerwall, the structure stretches for almost a kilometre off coast of Germany. Researchers believe it was constructed by hunter-gatherers on land next to a lake or marsh more than 10,000 years ago.

Contrary to what has long been believed, there was no peaceful transition of power from hunter-gather societies to farming communities in Europe, with new advanced DNA analysis revealing that the newcomers slaughtered the existing population, completely wiping them out within a few generations. : science

Study suggests increasing the recommended daily intake of Vitamin D to 2000 IU for the general adult population. The current guidelines advise a daily intake ranging from 400 to 800 IU.

Researchers reveal lost library of Charles Darwin for the first time

The simple secret to relationship satisfaction is feeling understood | Research shows that valuing understanding others over being understood can lead to more fulfilling relationships.
The simple secret to relationship satisfaction? Feeling understoodResearch shows that valuing understanding others over being understood can lead to more fulfilling relationships.

A major new study to identify kleptocracys redflagswill help create better rules and regulations to fight worldwide corruption. Lawyers, accountants, often play essential roles in the movement of illicit wealth. They can be enormously effective at resisting both scrutiny and regulation

What is the cheat code in life? : AskReddit

What's the best thing to say if you walk in on your SO cheating on you? : AskReddit


World temperatures go above 1.5 C warming threshold for a year: climate scientists | For the first time on record, global warming has exceeded temperatures of 1.5 C over a 12-month period, European Union climate scientists reported this week.

2024 Begins With More Record Heat Worldwide On the heels of Earths warmest year, January was the eighth month in a row in which global temperatures blew past previous records.

Philippines landslide: Death toll rises to 68 in Davao de Oro : worldnews

~Eli5: Why was Japan so strong during ww2

India welcomes release of eight Indian Navy veterans detained in Qatar : worldnews

In big win for India, Qatar frees 8 Navy veterans detained on espionage charges

Dozens of civilians killed by Ethiopian state troops in Amhara region, say reports : worldnews

Biden angry at Netanyahu, calls PM an 'as***le' - NBC_thread/">/r/WorldNews Live Thread for Israel-Hamas War (Thread 46) : worldnews

Biden angry at Netanyahu, calls PM an 'as***le' - NBC
Biden disparages Netanyahu in private but hasnt changed U.S. policy toward Israel

Rafah - Lawyers, Guns & Money
Egypt relays message to Hamas that it has two weeks for hostage deal, or IDF will enter Rafah : worldnews

Israeli government passes draft bill to shutter Al Jazeera : worldnews

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 719, Part 1 (Thread #865) : worldnews

Zelenskys New General Staff

One of the floats in Dusseldorf, Germany

Dutch court orders halt to export of F-35 jet parts to Israel : worldnews
Swiss police probe hotel ski rental ban for Jewish guests : worldnews

Brazil army colonel arrested in military coup probe on return from US : anime_titties

Israel's assault on Gaza is exposing the holes in everything liberal politicians claim to believe --Nesrine Malik

We have to get this done A top House Republican pushes for Ukraine aid, stat

Eschaton: Tearing It All Down - In recent weeks, both CNN and the New York Times have been reportedly riven with internal discord after some employees deemed their coverage too credulous and sympathetic to Israels actions

Despite What You've Read In the New York Times, Trump Actually Looks Terrible

The Only Mental Acuity Im Questioning These Days Is the Mainstream Medias

Just Say It, Democrats: Biden Has Been a Great President : politics

Im a Neuroscientist. Were ThinkingAbout Bidens Memory and Age in the Wrong Way

Just Say It, Democrats: Biden Has Been a Great President : politics

Violent crime is dropping fast in the U.S.even if Americans dont believe it

Right-wing judges flaunting their bias and conflicts threaten democracy
President Biden deserves a well-earned victory lap on judges : politics

Texas law professor says influx of migrants doesnt meet the definition of invasion
Will the border bill debacle scare senators away from bipartisan dealmaking? : politics

GOP lawmakers wont govern while Trump runs for president. They're just following orders.

Donald Trump and Tucker Carlson gave Putin exactly want he wants : politics

Trumps America Will Lose the Climate Race

Two Cases. Two Judges. One High-Stakes Week for Trump. : politics

GOP senators defy Trump by advancing foreign aid bill : politics
Trumps NATO comments stir up a political storm as Russia keeps quiet

Hurs political hatchet job. Garlands blunder. Media complicity

Donald Trump and Tucker Carlson gave Putin exactly want he wants It is no coincidence that Trump made his biggest threat against NATO right after Tucker Carlson sat with Putin

Trump Asks Supreme Court to Pause Ruling Denying Him Absolute ImmunityThe filing was former President Donald J. Trumps last-ditch effort to press his claim of total immunity, which has been rejected by two lower courts.

Trump's 'Disloyal' Warning to Taylor Swift Makes No Sense

Final Proof That Trumps Appeal Was Never About the Economy (

G.O.P. Officials, Once Critical, Stand by Trump After NATO CommentsDefending Donald Trump or deflecting his statements, some top G.O.P. officials reflected the trajectory of a party that the former president has largely bent to his will.

Wow!Morning Joe Crew Stunned By Montage of Trump Repeated Gaffes from Weekend Rallies

Donald Trump Jr.s Michelle Obama joke sparks fury

Jack Smith rejects Biden comparison in Donald Trump documents case : politics

Sorry, conservatives - Taylor Swift, Joe Biden and The Chiefs win the Super Bowl LVIII. On Twitter, Joe Biden poked fun at the far-right;s psyop fears of the Super Bowl's outcome affecting the election.
Gov. Newsom calls Republicans pathetic for going after Taylor Swift

Trump says a Taylor Swift endorsement of Biden would be disloyal because he made her so muchmoney

Matt Gaetz Refuses to Watch Super Bowl Because of Black National Anthem : politics

Kansas Plans to Phase Out Subminimum Wage for Disabled People : politics

Michigan GOP lawmaker stripped of committee, office staff after great replacement post

Kennedy cousin blasts Super Bowl ad for Robert F. Kennedy Jr. invoking JFKs 1960 campaign
DNC files complaint over RFK Jr. super PACs efforts to put him on state ballots
DNC Statement on RFK Jrs Trump Megadonor-Backed Super PAC Spending Millions on an Ad
DNC Statement on RFK Jrs Trump Megadonor-Backed Super PAC Spending Millions on an Ad DNC launches billboards in Michigan hitting RFK Jr. over donors linked to Trump

RFK Jr. Apologizes for Super Bowl Ad Thats Still Pinned Atop His Twitter Page

South Carolina bill would offer compensation to women denied abortions : politics

The Decline of the N.R.A. : politics

What's an 'unwritten rule' of life that everyone should know about? : AskReddit

Inside tech billionairespush to reshape San Francisco politics: a hostiletakeover

What was the most shocking thing you ever experienced when first hooking up with a new partner? : AskReddit

Researchers have discovered a massive spr

ELI5: How do lactose intolerant people survive as toddlers when you basicly only drink milk for the first a few months of your life? : explainlikeimfive

Cinnamon supplements reduce blood glucose in people with prediabetes. Research found consuming roughly a teaspooon of the sweet spice can significantly reduce blood sugar levels in those with prediabetes - potentially preventing full-bown diabetes. : science

Protein biomarkers predict dementia 15 years before diagnosis. The high accuracy of the predictive model, measured at over 90%*, indicating its potential future use in community-based dementia screening programs : science

Whats one drug thats dangerous but is considered normal?

Ebola vaccine cuts fatality even in people who were infected before the jab, new study shows : science

Warrant: 12-year-old boy found cold, stiff at NC wilderness camp : news -- hypothermia

Community Behavioral Health Centers - Eliot
Anything goes for 48 hours Ahead of Tuesdays snowstorm, here are the rules for Bostons space savers


Madagascar Passes Bill To Castrate Child Rapists : worldnews

Record six China balloons fly across Taiwan: MND

China, Russia and Iran attempting to illegally acquire US technology, top DHS official says - ABC News

Russia has recruited as many as 15,000 Nepalis to fight its war. Many returned traumatized. Some never came back. | CNN : worldnews

Ukraines missing children tracked down in Russia by digital sleuths

Haldwani violence was pre-planned, mob did not try to save structure, they just attacked us: District magistrate : worldnews

Pakistan in turmoil as Imran Khan leads election vote, despite being in jail : worldnews
At least 9 Pakistanis killed in shooting in southeastern Iran: Report : worldnews

SSU identifies 5 more Russian military personnel involved in torture of civilians in Sumy region : worldnews

Al-Shabab Infiltrator Kills UAE Trainers in Mogadishu : worldnews

Southern Africas cholera outbreak is a multinational fight

Yemens Houthi militiaready forpeace with Saudi Arabia

Four IRGC members die in suspected poisoning : worldnews

Iran and the United States have exchanged messages throughout Israels four-month-old war on Hamas in Gaza, including about Lebanese armed group Hezbollah, the Iranian foreign minister said

Biden says Israel shouldnt press into Rafah without plan to protect civilians

Israels military says it conducted strikes in Rafah, rescued two hostage

Israeli poll: Gantz holds lead over Netanyahu, public wants election - Israel Politics

Report: Egypt warns Israel Rafah offensive may lead to suspension of peace treaty : worldnews

Israeli strikes kill 44 Palestinians in Rafah after Netanyahu warns of ground invasion : worldnews

Hamas had command tunnel under U.N. Gaza headquarters, Israeli military says : worldnews
UNRWA head says agency was in dark about Hamas center under Gaza HQ; Israel: Youknew

New US directive links military aid to human rights, including for Israel : worldnews

Hostage talks with Qatar, US - Israel News : worldnews

Zelenskiy fills out rebooted Ukraine military team : worldnews

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 718, Part 1 (Thread #864) : worldnews

Biden Likens Failure to Grant Ukraine Aid to Criminal Neglect
US aid indispensablefor defense of Ukraine, Scholz says
NATO reportedly wants to coordinate arms supplies to Ukraine instead of US : worldnews

Russia launches 45 drones in mass barrage of Ukraine as Kyiv continues war cabinet reshuffle : worldnews

Ukraines military intelligence says it confirms use ofMusks Starlink by Russian forces

Interesting piece.

Poland still far from allowing same-sex marriage, ruling coalition MP admits : worldnews

German police arrest two for 2022 bombing of left-wing party offices

Top German General: Germany must prep for potential war in 5 years : worldnews

Italy takes aim at tourists with Airbnb crackdown and loudspeaker bans : worldnews

Former Dutch Prime Minister Dries van Agt and his wife die handin handby euthanasia at age 93

The hard truth is that Britain's entrepreneurs simply dont innovate

A tornado of fire: How El Niosparked Chiles worst firestorm

Saturday Morning Political Cartoon Thread : politics

Biden moving closer to a breach with Netanyahu over Gaza war: Some of Bidens aides are urging him to publicly criticize the Israeli prime minister as casualties mount

Interesting Note on Cognition and Anger

The Nuclear Election Conspiracy Doc Trump Cited In Court Is A Sign Of Things To Come

What We Learned From The CarlsonPutin Interview
In light of the Carlson-Putin interview, lets (once again) review the reason Russia invaded Ukraine. Hint: it wasnt about NATO
That Carlson-Putin Interview - Hardly Frost-Nixon, but in a way the degree to which this #TuckerPutin propaganda event was Putin unmediated, unmoderated, gives us some insights into his character. My 4 takeaways.

Trump Encourages Putin to Attack NATO Members : politics
Trump says he'd let Russia do whatever the hell theywant to NATO countries that dont pay enough

Trump Comments on Russia and NATO Appalling and Unhinged, White House Spokesperson

The Newspaper of Record on the evident virility of the once and future caudillo:

It takes two to ratfuck - Lawyers, Guns & Money ... Andrew Weismann and Ryan Goodman point out that the Robert Hurs report unambiguously states that there is no basis for criminal charges agains Biden, but has not been reported this way:

Merrick Garland Needs to Be Thanked For His Service and Shown the Door : politics

The Newspaper of Record on the evident virility of the once and future caudillo:

Nikki Haley fires back at Trump for asking where her husband is : politics
Nikki Haley Claps Back After Trumps Jab About Her Husband Michael is deployed serving our country, something you know nothing aboutHaley wrote.

Senator defending Putin sparks furious backlash : politics

This Lawmaker Wants to Jail People for Watching Porn. Oklahoma lawmaker Dusty Deevers is a hardcore Christian nationalist who believes the government should terrorize evildoers

Nextdoor has gotten way out of hand

An intriguing psychedelic assessment is back from the dead, thanks to Swiss scientists : science

Nicotines Appetite-Suppressing Effects Are Driven by the Gut Microbiota | In a new study, researchers explored the role of nicotine on weight management through host metabolism and gut microbial metabolites.

Heavy cannabis use increases risk of developing an anxiety disorder, study suggests. Researchers report that 27% of people who went to an emergency department for cannabis use developed a new anxiety disorder within 3 years, & men & younger people who used cannabis may be at higher risk for anxiety. : science

Why did the WHO recommend flu vaccine manufacturers to return to making trivalent vaccines instead of adding another influenza A strain to existing quadrivalent vaccines? : askscience

Protein accumulation on fat droplets implicated in late-onset Alzheimers disease: In an effort five years in the making, researchers describe the interplay between fats and proteins in brain cells and how their dysfunction contributes to the development of late-onset Alzheimers disease.

Women who had their first period at age 12 or younger had a decreased risk for dementia, according to a large study of 273,260 women. Women who experienced menopause after the age of 50 had a 24 percent decreased risk for dementia. : science

Scientists in UK set fusion record : worldnews

ELI5: why did us humans become way taller from 1900 to 1990? Is there a scientific reason to it? Why are we not becoming any taller in recent years? : explainlikeimfive

Girls outperform boys from primary school to university : science

An exploded star can pose more risks to nearby planets than previously thought, according to a new study. This newly identified threat involves a phase of intense X-rays that can damage the atmospheres of planets up to 160 light-years away. : science

Who is the worst person right now on earth? : AskReddit

What are first things that come to mind when you think Boston? : AskReddit

Whats the most ridiculous conspiracy theory youve ever heard?
What do you think Europe will be like in 50 years?

What is an inappropriate question that many adults ask to children? : AskReddit


Russia is using SpaceXs Starlink satellite devices in Ukraine, sources say

`Pakistans Military Has Swayed Many Elections. Now Its Going Full Tilt.
Shocking Opposition Victory Throws Pakistan Into ChaosThe party of Imran Khan, the jailed former prime minister, took the most seats, humiliating the countrys military rulers and creating a political crisis.

Body of 6-year-old killed in deliberateIsraeli fire found after 12 days

Zelensky Bets on New Generation, Battle-Tested Officers for Top Army Posts : worldnews

Hungarian president resigns over sex abuse case pardon : news

If Russia Wins: Republican obstructionism could lead to global disaster. : politics

Bernie Sanders says he wants to kill funding for Netanyahus war machine

White House frustration with Garland grows : politics

When the Republican Daddy is a Democrat - Lawyers, Guns & Money
Elite lawyer brain is killing us - Lawyers, Guns & Money

A State Supreme Court Just Issued Another Devastating Rebuke of the U.S. Supreme Court : politics

Partisan Hit Job: Legal Experts Slam Special Counsels Biden Report
I smell a ratsays Dem Gov. Pritzker of special counsel report on Biden

Hair on fire: Democratic worries grow over claims about Bidens memory lapses
The Real Robert Hur Report(Versus What You Read in the News) How the Special Counsel report has been misinterpreted

The malaise of MAGA : politics

Trump Says He Might Encourage Russia To Attack NATO Allies
Trump Says He Might 'Encourage' Russia To Attack NATO Allies : politics

Trump says he cooperated far more than Biden in classified documents cases. Pants on Fire!

Thumbs up if you think Tucker secured a spot on the list!
BORIS JOHNSON: Putins interview with his fawning stooge Tucker Carlson was straight out of Hitlers playbook. I pray Americans see through this unholy charade

Texas woman sentenced to 3 years in prison for death threats to judge in Trumps documents case

Teen under police protection after school board member falsely implies this girl is transgender, prompting threats : politics

Well, I can think of at least one - Lawyers, Guns & Money
Listen to Missouri Republican State Sen Sandy Crawford justify her vote against a rape/incest exception to the abortion ban by stating God doesnt make mistakes.
God is perfect.Missouri Republicans unwilling to amend near-total abortion ban

North Carolina Republican says trans people shouldind a corner outside somewhere to go to the bathroom. only the latest anti-LGBTQ+ statements from North Carolina Lt.Gov. Mark Robinson, who has called LGBTQ+ people filth and maggots

Times Square shooting suspect, 15, taken into custody in Yonkers : news
What is the scariest place youve ever visited?

What is the most fucked up book youve ever read?

What is it genuinely like when staying and/or working at a mental hospital? : AskReddit

Vision Pro EyeSight feature doesnt really work, argues Macworld

Researchers have developed a new blood test for schizophrenia that can objectively measure their current severity and future risk and match them to treatments that will be most effective for their individual biology : science

America tires of big telecoms shit, driving boom in community-owned broadband networks
U.S. broadband consumption climbs as powerusersproliferate

Quitting smoking at any age brings big health benefits, fast: study : science

A study from Norway has found that men who use muscle-boosting steroids are more likely to suffer from poor sleep quality. These sleep issues persist even after steroid use ends, highlighting the need for increased awareness of the side effects associated with these substances. : science

Using brain images from thousands of people worldwide, researchers created a machine learning-based algorithm that can predict (with 73% accuracy) those who are healthy and those at risk of a psychotic episode : science

TIL the life expectancy of people with down syndrome has risen from 25 years old in 1983 to 60 years old today. : todayilearned

What is something that you believe every cannabis user should know? : AskReddit

New research suggests that dance is incredibly effective in burning fat and helps improve heart health, mental health, and other indicators of wellness. : science

Alarming neuroscience research links high school football to significant brain connectivity changes | Researchers see significant changes in the brain function of high school football players over a single season, despite the absence of diagnosed concussions. : science

People who almost killed themselves, what stopped you? : AskReddit

Ozzy Osbourne Says Antisemite Kanye West Sampled His Music Without Permission

ELI5: Can you have a conversation with a Parrot, or are they just imitating what they hear? : explainlikeimfive

People who have straight up rage quit a job, what was the final straw?

Whats the best reading light youve ever used? I need to buy a new one and would like recommendations. : Glocusent USB Rechargeable Book Light.
Reddit beats film industry again, wont have to revealpirates IP addresses

Who is the biggest criminal still at large? : AskReddit


The world is reducing its reliance on fossil fuels except for in three key sectors

Why the Cost of Biden s Climate Law Keeps Going Up - Forecasters say the president's clean-energy incentives will be more effective than they had originally expected, in part because of new federal regulations.
Jury awards climate scientist Michael Mann $1 million in defamation lawsuit | AP News

Critical Atlantic Ocean current system is showing early signs of collapse, prompting warning from scientists | CNN : worldnews

New study estimates that 163k excess natural-cause deaths in the US were not reported as COVID19 deaths, or 15.8 excess deaths for every 100 reported COVID deaths. Results of temporal correlations suggest that many of these deaths were uncounted COVID19 deaths. (open access) : science

Malaysias top court invalidates states Islam-based laws on incest, sodomy and other offenses

Kim Jong Un Says He Has Lawful Right to Destroy South Korea : worldnews

Xi Tells Putin That Both Nations Need to Oppose Foreign Meddling
Welcome to the neomedieval eraNations like the US have more firepower than ever before but they also appear weaker than ever. The upshot is a world that feels out of control.

Putin signals hes open to prisoner swap for Wall Street Journal reporter Evan Gershkovichs release
Poll: 77% of Russians support war in Ukraine : worldnews

Number of terrorist attacks recorded in Russia reaches 20-year high : worldnews

Women prisoners getting pregnant while in jail, 196 babies born in jails: Calcutta High Court told : worldnews

Meta suspends Irans Supreme Leader Ali Khameneis Facebook and Instagram accounts

Biden calls Israels response in Gazaover the top

Latest Israel-Hamas war updates on fighting and deaths in Gaza
Netanyahu orders population of Gazas crowded Rafah evacuated ahead of an expected ground invasion
US says it will not back unplanned Rafah offensive : worldnews

Israel can handle a multi-front war, IDF infantry chief tells Post

Ex-Israeli PM makes devastating condemnation of Netanyahus war inGaza

Ukraines New Commander In Chief Says Change Of Warfare Methods Necessary

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 716, Part 1 (Thread #862) : worldnews

Ukraine accuses Russia of intensifying chemical attacks on the battlefield : worldnews

Danish defence minister warns Russia could attack NATO in 3-5 years : worldnews

Scholz says Carlson interview with Putin tells absurd story

Kremlin Refuses to Say If Berlin Park Hitman Was Russian Agent : worldnews

Police in Switzerland kill Iranian asylum seeker who took 15 hostages on train : worldnews

Irish unification referendum by 2030, Sinn Fein leader tells Sky News : worldnews

Bolsonaro and Allies Planned a Coup, Brazil Police Say : worldnews

By the Numbers: U.S. Economy Adds Over 350,000 Jobs in January Exceeding Expectations : politics
Inflation in December was even lower than first reported, the government says

S&P 500 closes above 5,000 for first time ever, notches fifth straight winning week

Sanders Casts Sole Democratic Vote Against Bill to Send $14B to Israel : politics

The border crisis is helping to mainstream a dangerous conspiracy theory : politics

Just Say It, Democrats: Biden Has Been a Great President His achievements have been nothing short of historic

Trump is too old and incited a coup. Biden is too old and mixes up names. America, how to choose? : politics

Biden classified documents special counsel report released
Biden Classified Documents Report Is Partisan and Unprofessional : politics
Robert Hurs Box-Checking
Thoughts On the Hur Report By Josh Marshall | February 8, 2024
MSNBCs Joe Scarborough trashes special counsels report

Trump Might Be Convicted in D.C. Just Days Before the Election : politics There are 320 million people in this country and this is the only person the Republican Party can find to be their standard bearer. A twice impeached game show host held civilly liable for rape who is facing 91 felony counts. Remember when people were having conniptions about nominating Hillary Clinton because of her emails?

The Supreme Court Wants No Part of Disqualifying Trump From the Ballot : politics
Im sure the Supreme Court will want to use only the best scientific evidence

Im sure the Supreme Court will want to use only the best scientific evidence Evangelicals Trump Worship Looks More Like QAnon Every Day
Jack Smith claps back at Judge Cannons clear errorin ruling
Relentless and misleading: Jack Smith shreds new Trump motion as proof he will stop atnothingo delay Mar-a-Lago documentscase

Fani Willis turns the tables on her accusers : politics

Elite lawyer brain is killing us - Its difficult to overstate what an absolutely astonishing own goal Merrick Garland scored by appointing Robert Hur to lead the Biden documents case.
Both Sides Now -- Also, thanks a lot Merrick Garland, for this and ...
Its devastating: Trump seizes unmatched control over GOP
Shocking: Hillary Clinton surprised at ease of GOP capitulation to puppeteer Trump
It would be devastating: inside Trumps plan to destroy the EPA

Research at the heart of a federal case against the abortion pill has been retracted : politics

DNC accuses RFK Jr. campaign and super PAC of illegal coordination | The Hill

Republican Representative Says Shed Totally Do a Coup for Trump

Cis tomboy athlete requires police protection after GOP official implies shes transgender

What to know about South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noemsbanishment from the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation

Jonathan Katz's The Racket

New Videos Contradict NYPD Account of Lead-Up to Times Square Attack on Cops

The thermostat wars are real. Heres why women often get colder than men.

TIL: As recently as the 1950s around 50% of Americans age 65 and older lived in multigenerational households.

Low voice pitch increases standing among strangers: Researchers found that lower voice pitch makes women and men sound more attractive to potential long-term partners, and lower voice pitch in males makes the individual sound more formidable and prestigious among other men. : science

A study has found that a cannabis extract can inhibit the growth of melanoma cells and trigger cell death. The next step is pre-clinical trials to investigate whether the extract can be used to treat other types of cancers. : science

New research finds that U.S. professors in more scientific fields receive lighter punishments for committing sexual misconduct than professors in artistic fields : science

Chernobyls mutant wolves appear to have developed resistance to cancer, study finds

Black women in the US murdered six times more often than White women over last 20 years. The racial inequity was greatest in Wisconsin, where in 2019-20, Black women aged 25-44years were 20 times more likely to die by homicide than White women.

Sony is erasing digital libraries that were supposed to be accessible forever

Theres a Curious Link Between Depression And Body Temperature, Large Study Finds

Scientists Believe Light Speed Travel Is Possible. Here's How. A functioning warp drive would allow humans to reach the far ends of the cosmos in the blink of an eye.

That Electric Toothbrush Botnet Story Is Totally Fake : technology

What industry secret doyou know that most people dont?

Steward Health Care chief Ralph de la Torre has two yachts
Steward chief Ralph de la Torre has two yachts, not one : boston

Concord residents wonder what comes next after prison closes

Massachusetts shouldn't put its lottery online -- No need to stop by a convenience store or a casino, people would need only to unlock their smartphones to play the lottery.

Bostonhenge sunset 2024: Best places and times to view

Its none of my business but it breaks my heart

Florida man bludgeons father to death after learning he got thevaccine


World surpasses key warming threshold across an entire year for the first time : news

Thoughts on this - 2024 best wildlife photograph : pics

Researchers have developed a simplified, sustainable method of converting sewage sludge from wastewater treatment into high-value activated carbon that can be used in a wide range of industrial and residential applications.

A volcano in Iceland is erupting again, spewing lava and cutting heat and hot water supplies : worldnews

Ireland measles: Adult dies in hospital after contracting disease

Killer whale pod trapped by sea ice in Japan has seemingly escaped, local official says : worldnews

Leading Chinese bank halts operations in Russia, Belarus : worldnews

Cyber-attack by Ukrainian Defence Intelligence: large-scale failure of Russian drone control program occurs : worldnews

The Puppet Master - Omnibus - BBC Sounds

Iranian Finger Amputations Continue Against International Law : worldnews

Why Are Muslim Countries Poor?

Israel cannot use Oct. 7 as license to dehumanize others, Blinken warns in Tel Aviv

Ukraines top commander, Zaluzhny, officially out
Russia deploying Starlink in Ukraine

Polish leader says US Republican senators should be ashamed for scuttling Ukrainian aid : worldnews

IRS says it will collect $560 billion more from rich tax cheats thanks to Inflation Reduction Act : politics

Opinion: The Great Republican Con Over Immigration : politics

Data Dont Lie: BidensEconomic Record is Much Better than Trumps

The Only Way Trump Stays on the Ballot Is if the Supreme Court Rejects the Constitution
Trump to Supreme Court: Insurrectionists Can Be President
Warn Voters About the Radicalism Beyond Trump - The Republicans are plotting to literally rewrite the Constitution to eliminate core rights and protections. : politics

Judge Aileen Cannon Just Handed Donald Trump a Massive Favor : politics
Jack Smith could seek to remove Aileen Cannon for granting Trump's request Awful and unethical: Legal experts say Judge Cannon could face removal for 'disturbing' order
Johnson Stumbles, Deepening Republican Disarray and His Own Challenges : politics

A fake recording of a candidate saying hedrigged the election went viral. Experts say its only the beginning

Republicans Admit in Private That They Killed a Good Deal | Democratic Senator Michael Bennet says GOP colleagues have privately confessed that the now-dead immigration deal was the toughest one theyd ever get.

Texas firm allegedly behind fake Biden robocall that told people not to vote : technology

Kremlin All But Admits Tucker Carlson Is a Useful Idiot : politics

Missouri Republican candidate torches LGBTQ-inclusive books in viral video : books

Book banner humiliated at Florida school board meeting. She fled without saying a word. : politics

Activists liken GOP to Nazis for bill that outs trans folks & changes the meaning of "equal" rights. The new legislation would force trans folks to mark their birth certificates as neither man nor woman.

17-year-old shot and killed by officer conducting welfare check : news

Killing of Justine Damond - Wikipedia

Sheriff: Camp not fully cooperating after apparent suspicious death of 12-year-old

Photos from 33 Surprising Facts You Might Not Know About Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen
Why Farrah Fawcett Quit Charlies Angels After One Season

Man Arrested After Climbing Las Vegas Sphere : news

Whats the worst pain youve ever felt in your life?

Viagra may help to lower risk of Alzheimers disease, suggests new study of 260,000 men with erectile dysfunction. Men prescribed Viagra and similar drugs were 18% less likely to develop Alzheimers. The effect was strongest in men with the most prescriptions, with a 44% lower risk of Alzheimers.

High doses of DXM (dextromethorphan) and psilocybin, substances known for their hallucinogenic effects, can lead to significant psychological benefits when administered in a controlled, supportive setting, finds a new double-blind placebo study in healthy volunteers by Johns Hopkins Medicine. : science

TIL that we are born with only two innate fears: the fear of falling and the fear of loud sounds. : todayilearned

Rare subclonal sequencing of breast cancers indicates putative metastatic driver mutations are predominately acquired after dissemination (21 patients)

Eli5: Do different eye colors function differently? Or do all of them process light the same?? : explainlikeimfive

Stress found to send harmful enzymes to the brain : worldnews

1st look at asteroid Bennu samples suggests space rock may even be a fragment of an ancient ocean world


Researchers report that replacing 50% of animal products with alternative proteins by 2050 could free up enough agricultural land to generate renewable energy equivalent in volume to today's coal-generated power while simultaneously removing substantial CO2 from the atmosphere. : science

Nitrogen pollution may threaten a third of the worlds natural water reservoirs by 2050 | Potentially causing severe drinking water scarcity for 3 billion people, according to Dutch and German researchers.

Pod of at least 10 killer whales appears trapped by sea ice in Japan : worldnews

COVID-19 vaccination in pregnancy was not associated with any increased risks in newborn infants. On the contrary, the study of nearly 200,000 newborns in Sweden and Norway showed that babies born by women who chose to be vaccinated were less likely to suffer serious complications, including death : science

Philippines to put military base near Taiwan in high gear to tackle tensions with Beijing : worldnews
China Was Responsible for 96% of Coal Plants Constructed in 2023 : worldnews

Russia poised to bar only antiwar candidate from presidential race : worldnews

Ukrainian Special Ops Destroy Russian-Held Mining Platform in Black Sea : worldnews

Indias plan for untouched Nicobar isles will be death sentencefor isolated tribe

Bomb Blasts Kill 27 in Pakistan Ahead of Thursdays Elections

Residents in Merawi town, Amhara region in shock a week after at least 50 people killed by Ethiopian government forces in execution-style

Doctors Without Borders: Darfur displaced in catastrophichumanitarian conditions, one child is dying every two hours
UN food agency says it has reports of people dying from starvation amid the conflict in Sudan : worldnews

$375,000 - The Sticker Price for an Iranian Shahed Drone sold to Russia : worldnews

Syria says Israel bombed targets in Homs area : worldnews

Lebanon rejects proposal for Hezbollah withdrawal from Israeli border ignoring UN Resolution 1701 : worldnews

US drone strike kills Iran-aligned militia leader in Baghdad : worldnews

Saudi Arabia tells US that Palestinian state necessary for relations with Israel : worldnews

Hamas proposes three-stage ceasefire over 135 days, leading to end of war : worldnews

Dozen cages for hostages found in Gaza, used by Hamas as human shields : worldnews
Almost every Gaza home has tunnel shafts, IDF commander says : worldnews

Im covering the Israel-Hamas war for Reuters. Ask me anything about the effects the conflict is having on reporters

The two-state solution is anathema to most Arabs XS

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 714, Part 1 (Thread #860) : worldnews

Explosions Heard in Kyiv as Russia Launches Another Mass Missile Strike : worldnews
Ukraine war: Russian air strikes reported across the country : worldnews
Russia attacks Kharkiv with North Korean missiles : worldnews

Zelenskyy instructs Ukrainian Armed Forces to set up separate service branch of drone forces : worldnews

Russia sees sabotage of its "elections" in Baltic States and resorts to threats
Latvia reintroduces conscription to deter Russia from invading Europe : worldnews
Iranian intelligence suspected of plot to kill Swedish Jews : worldnews
Sweden ends Nord Stream sabotage probe, hands evidence to Germany : worldnews

Brussels launches legal action against Hungarys controversial sovereigntylaw
Long-lost stained glass masterpiece discovered in Vilnius strip club - LRT

EU agrees first law combatting violence against women : worldnews

Europe farmers protests: EU scraps plans to halve pesticide use : worldnews

US set to overtake China as Germanys top trade partner

Macron pays tribute to victims of biggest anti-Semitic massacre of our centurypays tribute to the French victims

Sunak under fire after trans jibe made while Brianna Gheys mother in Commons

Argentine President in tears at Western Wall; says embassy to move to Jerusalem : worldnews

For First Time in Two Decades, U.S. Buys More From Mexico Than China : worldnews
Canadian woman arrested for impaired driving after leaving court for the same charge : worldnews

Congress is in crisis : politics

A major U.S. national-security bill is at risk of spectacular collapse. What happens next? | Funding for Ukraine, Israel, Taiwan and the U.S. borderll in a bill Republicans are ditching

Hospitalized Texas Democrat Al Green rushed to Capitol for impeachment vote in scrubs, saving Mayorkas. The Houston Democrat is recovering from abdominal surgery. Democrats did not expect him to attend the vote, but his surprise appearance sank the impeachment vote. : politics
Al Green leaves hospital to cast vote against Alejandro Mayorkas impeachment : politics

Unleash Joe Biden the public needs to the hear the private truth about Donald Trump

Bill that could ban Trump from Hawaii ballot passes first test : politics

"What the hell are they thinking?": Furious Republicans erupt over "embarrassing" defeat : politics Republicans royally botch their one election year play : politics

Senate Republicans retreating into the same ungovernable chaos as House GOP : politics

Megathread: Federal Appeals Court Rules That Trump Lacks Broad Immunity From Prosecution : politics

Putin interview with Tucker Carlson shows Kremlin outreach to Trumps GOP
How Tucker Carlson Helped Turn Americans Against the Military : politics
Tucker Carlson slammed for ignoring Putins jailing of US journalists

Michael Fanone Hits Spineless Matt Gaetz And Allies With Facts About Jan. 6

The border bills collapse leaves some Republicans dazed and confused

A record number of Americans cant afford their rent. Lawmakers are scrambling to help

Military helicopter with 5 Marines on board goes missing en route to California : news

ELI5: in Archeology, why do some discoveries get hidden for years before being made public? : explainlikeimfive

Splitting the Section 3 baby - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Busted: Dem Makes House GOPer Eat His Own Words on Impeachment Representative Mark Green was caught arguing against his own op-ed, in a telling exchange on the Biden impeachment farce.

Booting Trump from the ballot is the best way to prevent a second Jan. 6 The Supreme Court has the power to stop MAGA from finding another excuse for violent insurrection : politics

Florida Republicans eye new target: Flags : politics

Tennessee militia member planned to attack US border agents, feds say : politics

Project Veritas admits there was no evidence of election fraud at Pennsylvania post office in 2020 : politics
A parents responsibility

In largest-ever survey, in the face of rising discrimination & a barrage of legislative attacks, 94% of Transgender Americans report being happier after transitioning. : politics
Indiana launches anti-LGBTQ+ snitch line;users flood it with memes in protest. Attorney General Todd Rokita launched a tool for parents to report gender ideology in schools. It didnt go as planned.

Oklahoma Republicans introduce bill to ban Pride celebrations

Opinion: The right-wing misreading of Blazing Saddles is so telling | CNN

Inside the shifting plan at Elon Musks X to build a new team and police a platform so toxic its almost unrecognizable

Detecting secret underground nuclear tests: researchers can now detect with 99% accuracy if a nuclear underground explosion has taken place (up from previous 82%) : science

Researchers at the University of Queensland have revealed the crucial role of saturated fatty acids in the brains consolidation of memories.

Women with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) were eight times more likely to attempt suicide than their peers without the condition. PCOS is a prevalent endocrine disorder, affecting up 10% of women in their reproductive years. N = 18,000 women : science

Babys death ruled a homicide after suffering broken neck during delivery at Georgia hospital | CNN

The most popular dementia videos on TikTok are mostly shared by family members and are of poor quality. The source (uploader) of 65% of the videos was family members, while only 4% were uploaded by doctors. The videos uploaded by doctors had the highest quality scores and the lowest popularity. : science

Body temperature and depression may be linked according to a new study. People with depression have higher body temperatures, suggesting there could be a mental health benefit to lowering the temperatures of those with the disorder. : science

Study uses gender-based heat map images to visually capture differences in the experience of walking at night for men and women. The resulting images show a significant contrast: Men tend to look down the middle of a path; women look at the periphery, scanning outside the path for potential hazards.

Meta-analysis finds discrimination against women for male-typed jobs decreased, while discrimination against men for female-typed jobs remained stable across time. : science

No, 3 million electric toothbrushes were not used in a DDoS attack : technology

Tunnel that could lead to Cleopatrs Tomb is geometric miracle

Lynn man sentenced for armed home break-in, sexual assault; had 197 prior convictions : boston

Brookline detective arrested after fracas at Disney's Epcot : boston


Category six hurricane rating proposed as study warns ofmoreintense weather caused by climate change
Category 6 - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Ancient sea sponges at centre of controversial claim world has already warmed by 1.7C

There are no instances of fatal ecoterrorism The only fatal terrorist attacks associated with the environmental movement are the Unabombers activities. However, close scrutiny of theUnabombers ideology shows that his motivations were anti-technological rather than pro-ecological.

EU Leaders Call on Full Banof Forever Chemicals After Testing Positive for Cancerous Pollutants
Climate Scientist Michael Mann's Defamation Trial Has Big Stakes For Science ... This Trial Between a Climate Scientist and Some Internet Yahoos Has It All

Toppling of one memorial to Korean forced laborers spawns call by Japanese lawmaker for more to come down : worldnews

Yandex: Owner of Russias Google pulls out of home country

Lukashenko allowed the army to shoot at civilians - decree : worldnews

Indian state led by Mods party seeks to ban polygamy, give women more rights

Kenyan Cult Leader Is Charged in the Deaths of 191 Children : worldnews

Yazidi woman held by Islamic State for 10 years freed from al-Hawl camp by Womens Protection Units (YPJ) in Syria

Iran could be nuclear within a week, new report says : worldnews
Iran goes public with stark warning over suspected spy ship as U.S. refuses to rule out more strikes : worldnews

The Prana Network hacker group breached the email servers of the Iranian company IRGC Sahara Thunder, that facilitates arms sales from Iran to Russia. The servers contained data on the production of Shahed-136 attack drones for Russia.

Hackers find out worth of Iranian drones sold to Russia : worldnews

Ship targeted in suspected Yemen Houthi rebel drone attack in southern Red Sea as tensions high : worldnews

Israel tells families of 31 hostages their relatives are dead as Hamas mulls truce deal : worldnews
One fifth of hostages in captivity are actually dead, NYT reports : worldnews

Hamas demands end to fighting in response to proposed hostage deal : worldnews
Biden: Hamas response to hostage deal proposal "a little over the top" : worldnews

Palestinian teen shot dead after trying to stab police : worldnews

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 713, Part 1 (Thread #859) : worldnews
EU countries are afraid of Russian cyber attacks and other response for the possible transfer of frozen assets of the Russian Federation to UkraineTherefore, the G7 is developing a workaround for using frozen assets to restore Ukraine.

In todays update, @Deepstate_UA says the situation in Avdiivka continues to deteriorate.

Ukraines Donetsk region pounded by up to 2,500 Russian strikes daily - governor

Ukraines Special Forces blew up Russian radar station in Black Sea

Italys far-right government submits plan to decriminalise abuse of office

UK professor suffered discrimination due to anti-Zionist beliefs, tribunal rules : worldnews

In Huge Reversal, GOP Poised To Kill The Border-Ukraine Package It Demanded : politics
Biden Would Veto GOP-Backed Standalone Bill for Aid to Israel, White House Says : politics

House to vote on separate Israel bill amid conservative backlash to border and aid package The vote on Israel aid comes as GOP hardliners try to thwart a bipartisan Senate bill that aims to address record-high border crossings and includes assistance for Israel, Ukraine and Taiwan.

The G.O.P. Bumper Sticker: Trump First. Putin Second. America Third. : politics
Go After the Wage Thieves - Lawyers, Guns & Money

On the Border, Republicans Set a Trap, Then Fell Into It
The GOP Owns the Border Now. Heres How Democrats Make Sure of It.

In stunner, House GOP bid to impeach Mayorkas fails : politics
In stunning defeat, House Republicans fail to impeach DHS Secretary Mayorkas : politics

Show some spine: Biden calls out Trump and GOP on border bill

Not wearing a mask during COVID-19 health emergency isnt a free speech right, appeals court says

Disqualify Donald Trump petition hits 480,000 signatures : politics

DOJ Not Expected to Bring Charges in Biden Classified Docs Probe: Report : politics

Donald Trump does not have presidential immunity, US court rules

Trump is in even more trouble: Judge demands answers after report that Trump CFO lied under oath

Trump's Lawyers Need a New Box of Crayons. The System Is Gearing Up. For once, sanity and common sense are singing in tune, a rare melody in this cacophonous time.
Bizarre: Legal experts warn Trumps Supreme Court argument is a massive tactical blunder. 'Weak' filing is littered witharguments that have largely been picked apart,legal experts say
4 takeaways from Trumps loss in his immunity case

N.H. attorney general says he found source of fake Biden robocalls : politics ... Life Corporation, a Texas telecom marketing company,

They got paid, so there aint nothin else to think about ... Another report that is incredibly damning of Boeing:

Iowa Republicans bill would defund public libraries, eliminate local library boards Iowa Republicans bill would defund public libraries, eliminate local library boards
Public libraries need our help.

What would you say is the worst overall state in America right now? : AskReddit

Sexual Boredom is running rampant with Jordan Peterson & Ben Shapiro - Lawyers, Guns & Money
Toby Keith Dead at 62 After Battle With Cancer : news

Nose-picking may increase risk of developing Alzheimers disease

Researchers have discovered how to fix a defect that causes lupus, and hope their discovery will offer effective long-term treatment | The study found a way to reprogram the defective cells of lupus patients with protective molecules from healthy people. : science

What was the largest averted tragedy of all time? : AskReddit

Giant successor to Hadron Collider could uncover secrets of 95% of the universe : worldnews

Microsoft revives aggressive Windows 11 upgrade campaign with intrusive popups for Windows 10 users : technology

Whats something that give away that a woman character has been written by a man?

Adam Neumann, the ousted co-founder of WeWork, is exploring a deal to buy back the office sharing company after expressing dismay over its bankruptcy process.

Reinstate Standardized Testing - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Eli5: Why are Dolphins specifically friendly towards humans only and not towards other animals/fish like sharks?

A pre-clinical study found the new drug (CDDD11-8 )successfully inhibits the growth of triple negative breast cancer without any toxic side effects : science
Adolescents aged 13 to 14 years old who had used cannabis showed lower scores on an episodic memory task, and more cannabis use was linked to poorer performances on verbal, inhibitory, working memory, and episodic memory tasks.

Men of Reddit, which hobby is a BIG green flag in women? : AskReddit

Bluesky Opens Up - Lawyers, Guns & Money >br />


Hurricanes becoming so strong that new category needed, study says : science

Many people question the existence of climate change or refuse to believe that it is caused by human activity. This way of thinking is an important trait that sets them apart from other political groups, and thus they are likely to simply not care what researchers have to say on the topic.

~300 years of sclerosponge thermometry shows global warming has exceeded 1.5 C the planet exceeded 1.5 C of warming by around 20102012, and is on track to surpass 2 C in the next few years.

China Drops to Second in BloombergNEFs Global Lithium-Ion Battery Supply Chain Ranking as Canada Comes Out on Top

Mild COVID-19 linked to insomnia, especially for people with anxiety or depression. A survey of around 1,000 Vietnamese people diagnosed with COVID-19 but never hospitalised found around 3 in 4 reported insomnia. Of the 76% who reported insomnia, around one in five said it was severe. : science

China named as hypothetical enemy for 1st time in Japan-U.S. exercise : worldnews

Ukraine-born Miss Japan relinquishes crown following affair - The Japan Times

Iran says will not hesitate to respond to US attacks on its soil; Do not test the wrath of the region

Houthis may sabotage western internet cables in Red Sea, Yemen telecoms firms warn : worldnews

A Friedman Conundrum - Tom Friedmans commentary on Israel and Gaza

Israeli settler violence must stop: French FM

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 712, Part 1 (Thread #858) : worldnews

Kremlin supporters are fuming after footage appears to show Ukrainian drones decimating an entire Russian armored column : worldnews

Ukrainian special forces capture and interrogate Russian mercenaries from Wagner PMC in Sudan : worldnews

SkyLab UA, part of Brave1, unveils the Shoolika mk6 dronea strategic strike drone with precision and superior night vision. Boasting a 10 km range, 6 kg payload, and resistance to electronic warfare, it receives positive feedback from defense forces for its tactical significance, especially in nocturnal operations. The drone is undergoing NATO codification, with plans to enhance its AI system and cameras for better target identification and course adjustments.

King Charles III diagnosed with cancer, Buckingham Palace says

Canada extends ban on foreign ownership of housing by two years : worldnews

Chinese migrants are the fastest growing group crossing from Mexico into U.S. at southern border : news

Biden rescinds most of rule allowing religious interference in health care - Americans United : politics

Joe Biden rages at Donald Trump in angriest speech yet
Joe Biden Lists Why a Second Trump Presidency Would Be a Nightmare- Biden told voters at a speech in Nevada that the 2024 presidential election was shaping up to be a battle for the soul of our nation
In the first five weeks of 2024, the Lexis ALLNEWS data base finds 899 stories that include the phrase Bidens ageThats 26 per day

The radical Republicans : Radicalized and incapable of compromise. Both parties are very much not the same. One, the Democrats, work for the betterment of the country. The @GOP does not.
Matthew Yglesias : @mattyglesias : Am I going insane?
Well Its Groundhog Day...Again
Whom do you perceive as genuinely malevolent? : AskReddit
COPE LAND | Aamon Animations - YouTube

Republican Senator Says Hed Totally Do a Coup if He Gets the ChanceSenator J.D. Vance

Lauren Boebert abandoned her district and voters are rejoicing : politics

Komrade Carlson joining us live from from Red Square. : PoliticalHumor

Dearborn ramps up police patrol after bigotedWSJ op-ed as Biden condemns anti-Arab hate

Sarah Huckabee Sanders appoints man who had sex with a minor to top state post. She claims LGBTQ+ rights need to be restricted to "protect kids," but she appointed a man who admitted to having sex with a minor to a high-level position. : politics

Joe Biden age update

Off-duty Nebraska police officers shoot and kill two men : news

Phoebe Bridgers Slams Ex-Grammys Head Neil Portnow for Saying Women Need to Strp Up to Win Awards: I Hope You Rot in Piss
A company lost $25.6 million because of a deepfaked conference call. - The Verge : WTF

Boeing Finds More Misdrilled Holes on 737 in Latest Setback : technology

ELI5: How can something like the Pegasus hack still exist? : explainlikeimfive

Individuals with stronger beliefs in Christian nationalist ideology are significantly more likely to oppose reallocating police funding to social services such as mental health, housing, and other areas, according to new research. : science

What is the worst marketing scam perpetrated upon the American Consumer?

The psychology of sugar dating: New research dives deep into the realities of sugar arrangements | Recent study gives a fresh insight into the motivations, benefits, perceived disadvantages, and the nuanced power dynamics at play.

TIL that while only 8.4% of Americans dont wear seat belts, about 50% of those killed in car crashes were not buckled.

TIL If you can travel in a spacecraft and constantly accelerate at just 1g you can travel across the entire known universe in one human lifetime. : todayilearned

f the K-P Extinction event was the end of the non-avian Dinosaurs, or other organisms, then how come the fossil record doesnt have en-mass fossilization?

I just finished "This is how you lose the time war" by Amal El-Mohtar and Max Gladstone and it was amazing

What Invention has most negatively impacted society? : AskReddit

New study on deaths of despair show white Americans more vulnerable to psychological distress than Blacks, Hispanics -- even though they are less likely to suffer from severe distress.

Eli5 why is cast iron okay to not clean? : explainlikeimfive

ELI5 : Why would deflation be bad? : explainlikeimfive

Whats the most surprising thing you learned from getting divorced?


Bird flu found in penguins near Antarctica, 200 chicks dead : worldnews
Australian researchers have found child marriages contribute to Laos having the highest rate of adolescent pregnancies in Southeast Asia. The male partner's control over reproductive decision-making was also a key factor in young pregnancies, including the decision not to use condoms.

The number of air accidents in Russia has increased due to sanctions- The Wall Street Journal -- Thus, in 2023, at least 74 incidents with passenger aircraft occurred in Russia, while in 2022 - 36.
Russian cosmonaut sets record for most time in space - more than 878 days : worldnews

eli5: Why is Assad family still ruling Syria since years now? even after all those wars and conflicts in syria, No one was able to harm him : explainlikeimfive

Nigerian traditional monarch shot dead and wife kidnapped from palace : worldnews

Houthis vow more Red Sea attacks after third wave of US-UK strikes on Yemen : worldnews

US declines to rule out hitting targets in Iran, Jake Sullivan says : worldnews

Global Protests Erupt Against Iranian Executions : worldnews

Hamas shows signs of return in Gaza City after Israel withdraws of its most troops from area : worldnews

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 711, Part 1 (Thread #857) : worldnews

2/ The VChK-OGPU Telegram channel has published a chronology and location of the attack which matches very well with an impressive OSINT analysis derived from star positions published by @Dmojavensis (see below).

Measles outbreak in the UK declared a national incident : worldnews
Measles outbreak in the UK declared a national incident : worldnews

At Rally for Border Security in Texas, Fears of 'invasion. and 'Cival War'

Discussion Thread: South Carolina 2024 Democratic Presidential Primary : politics

Democratic senators call on DEA to deschedule marijuana entirely : politics

Former Trump White House economic advisor lauds the US economys performance under Biden: I was wrong

George Stephanopoulos Cuts Off GOP Senator After He Suggests Trump Could Defy SCOTUS

Hunter Biden laptop update - Lawyers, Guns & Money

What PolitiFact learned in 1,000 fact-checks of Donald Trump : politics

For many years people have said the resemblance is uncanny, now this pic all over the place. : PoliticalHumor
Donald Trumps Elvis comment sparks avalanche of jokes, memes

Republican military aid decisions are based solely on whether the recipients are far-right goons:

Nikki Haley Flails When Confronted by Her Own Secession Comments : politics

Democratic base just not into antivax woo or mayobro ratfucking - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene defends the prospect of Tucker Carlson interviewing Putin amid rumors he is in Moscow : politics

A stolen digital memory card with gruesome recordings leads to a double murder trial in Alaska : news

Not a single phone in sight. Just two people living in the moment : pics

A freelancers lot is not a happy one

Individuals who use psychedelic substances like LSD and psilocybin may experience a significant increase in unusual visual phenomena, such as seeing patterns or intense colors that are not there : science

Low doses of MDMA, commonly known as ecstasy, can help to reduce the challenging effects and enhance the positive experiences associated with psychedelic drugs like LSD (lysergic acid diethylamide) and psilocybin, the active component in magic mushrooms. : science

How do you make life suck less? : AskReddit

Is it true that honey never spoils? How does it manage to stay edible for so long? : askscience


China Added More Solar Power in 2023 Than US Has Ever Built (1) : worldnews

Ethiopia set to become first country to ban internal combustion cars : worldnews

6Greta Thunberg Case thrown out due to unlawful conditions

China reports death of woman from combined H3N2, H10N5 strains of bird flu : worldnews

Vietnam Overtakes China as Largest Exporter of Goods Made With Uyghur Forced Labor : worldnews

Fake news, online hate swell Indonesia anti-Rohingya sentiment

North Korea tests cruise missiles with super-large warheads in fourth round of launches in 2024

Taiwan says it has tightened export controls after report of Russian arms use : worldnews
ELI5: My understanding is that 1 company in Taiwan makes the greatest chips in the world and no one else can replicate them. How is that possible? : explainlikeimfive

China tells Ukraine to remove its firms from sponsors ofwar list
Bao Fan: Missing China billionaire banker resigns from all roles : worldnews

US Approves $4B Sale of MQ-9B Drones, Hellfire Missiles to India

Pakistan ex-PM Imran Khan and wife jailed for 7 years for unlawful marriage : worldnews

Women in Turkey win right to keep surnames after marriage : worldnews

ICJ rejects Russias claim that UkrainesGenocide Convention case against it is abuse of process
Top UN court says Ukraine case over Russias invasion can go ahead
Record Number of Russians Would Reverse Decision to Invade Ukraine

At least 27 detained at Moscow demobilisation protest : worldnews

Russia finds errors in paperwork of candidate hoping to stand against Putin

Russias State Duma says it is impossible to protect St. Petersburg from drones

Tu-95 commander involved in raids against Ukraine shot in Russia : worldnews

Major Russian Oil Refinery in Volgograd Region Falls Victim to a Drone Attack : worldnews

US starts retaliatory strikes in Iraq, Syria -officials : worldnews

Middle East Crisis U.S. and U.K. Launch Heavy Strikes on Houthi Sites in Yemen
US, Britain strike Yemens Houthis in a new wave, retaliating for attacks by Iran-backed militants

Clips of secondary explosions going off after USAF airstrikes have hit targets in Iraq tonight : CombatFootage
American bases attacked within hours of retaliatory strikes in Iraq - Arab report - I24NEWS : worldnews

Indian Navy foils another piracy attempt off Somalia coast; 11 Iranian, 8 Pak nationals rescued : worldnews

While the World Looks Elsewhere, Iran Hurries Executions : worldnews

Iranian Revolutionary Guard Adviser Killed in Alleged Israeli Strike on Damascus : worldnews

U.S. Slaps Sanctions On Iranian Firms, Individuals Involved In Drones, Revolutionary Guard : worldnews

US moves to seize more than 500,000 barrels of Iranian oil it says was illegally trafficked : worldnews

More than 16,500 sheep and cows stuck on board ship off Australia after Red Sea sailing cancelled : worldnews

/r/WorldNews Live Thread for 2023 Israel-Hamas Crisis (Thread 45) : worldnews

Hamas infighting pushing off ceasefire, hostage exchange deal - WSJ : worldnews

Belgium summons Israeli ambassador after its building in Gaza is bombed : worldnews

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 710, Part 1 (Thread #856) : worldnews

Ukraine informs U.S. about decision to fire top general : worldnews

There is no problem with the so-calledUkraine fatigue for sure, we have Orban fatigue now here in Brussels, - Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk

Paris residents set to vote on plan to triple parking charges for SUVs : worldnews

Northern Ireland elects first-ever Irish nationalist leader : worldnews

Secret US spying program targeted top Venezuelan officials, flouting international law : politics

Everything is melting: Argentines seek cool as heat wave strikes

Half in new poll say Israel has gone too far in Gaza war : politics

To End Nightmare in Gaza, Sanders Moves to Block Funding for Israeli Weapons |Twenty-seven thousand deadtwo-thirds of them women and children, said the senator. This is unacceptable

The leader of the democratic majority of the Senate announced a vote for aid to Ukraine.According to Chuck Schumer, the text of the agreement on strengthening border control with Mexico and aid to Ukraine, Israel, Taiwan will be published in the coming days

Republicans Agonize Over Supporting Bipartisan Border Bill Theyd Insisted On

Nearly 65,000 rape-related pregnancies estimated after US abortion bans take effect : politics

Bernie Sanders Has a Plan to Make Big Pharmas Greedheads Squirm

Saturday Morning Political Cartoon Thread : politics

The Right-Wing Media Takeover Is Destroying America : politics

Senator Josh Hawley admits that Border/Ukraine bill is being stalled just to make Biden look bad : politics

30 Things Joe Biden Did as President You Might Have Missed : politics
Bidens economy keeps messing up Trumps message
The great American jobs machine keeps revving in an election year : politics
Joe Bidens economy is roaring back against right-wing sabotage. The good news is that people are starting to feel it, even if they are yet ready to accept that it might be real

House Dems Urge Biden to Swiftly Appoint Postal Board Governors

The IRS has collected more than $500 million in back taxes from delinquent millionaires : politics

Republican Hits Clarence Thomas With Lawsuit Over His Taxes : politics

Why the Explosive Jobs Report Will Hit Trump Harder Than You Think
The veteran reporter John Harwood observed that the media did an awful job covering the economy, routinely acting as if a recession was inevitable with a tone suggesting that one had already arrived:
Fox hosts forced to grudgingly admit economy booming under Biden : politics

Can Trump be on the ballot? Its the Supreme Courts biggest election test since Bush v. Gore

Federal judge indefinitely postpones Trumps election meddling trial

Trump Is Inching Closer to the Worst Legal Defeat of his Life : politics

Trump said he plans to declare martial law. Heres what that would look like

Jack Smiths prosecutors use new filing to fight back against Trumps claims in Mar-a-Lago documents case

Most Republicans arent aware of Trumps various legal issues

Trump feud with UAW reaches fever pitch : politics

E. Jean Carrolls Lawyer: Trump Told Me See You Next Tuesday

Remember That Indicted Trump Valet? He Hates Women Just as Much as His Boss : politics

The Polling Disaster Thats Starting To Terrify Team Trump

Rico Suave - Lawyers, Guns & Money ... So its a complete disaster, legally and politically. Its also probably the end of Williss broader political and legal ambitions, which I suppose is a fitting punishment, although not one that will ameliorate any of the damage she and Wade have done to the cause of fighting fascism in America in 2024.

The Daily Beast has committed some factual reporting against the former DOPUS. No Habermanesque levels of access for them.

Greg Abbott Remark Raises Civil War Alarm Bells for Watergate Prosecutor
Records: Abbotts migrant busing has cost Texas $124 million

Texas AG Paxton Sues 5 Cities to Block Marijuana Decriminalization Ordinances. Despite Paxtons lawsuit, polls show that two-thirds of Texans support legalizing recreational marijuana.

Im Deric Houston, and Im running against Marjorie Taylor Greene for Georgias 14th Congressional House seat! - Ask Me Anything.

South Dakota apologizes and pays transgender advocacy group $300,000 for discrimination

Free Speech Lover RFK Jr. Loses Bid to Punish Online Critic : politics

DeSantis is playing a dangerous game by sending his Florida State Guard to Texas | Opinion : politics

A White Supremacist Killed Her Dad In El Paso. Now, GOP Politicians Sound Like The Shooter. : politics

13-year-old boy fatally shot man whose leg was blocking aisle of bus, Denver police say : news

Cliche Debunked: Misleading NYT Anti-Trans Article By Pamela Paul Relies On PseudoscienceThe opinion piece by Pamela Paul relies on routinely debunked disinformation and gets factual information wrong about transgender care. It is the latest NYT published piece to do so.

whats the most unique punishment you received from your parents as a child?

ELI5: how have we not run out of metal yet? : explainlikeimfive

Scientists discover a potential way to repair synapses damaged in Alzheimers disease. In laboratory mice that have a condition mimicking human Alzheimers disease, they found that a protein KIBRA can reverse the memory impairment associated with this type of dementia.

TIL: Vikings were extremely well kept for their time. So much so that an English cleric claim that they bathe regularly, comb their hair, and change clothes frequently to seduce highborn English women to their heathen ways. Numerous bone combs, tweezers, and earspoons have been found. : todayilearned

A new mRNA vaccine shows encouraging early trial results as a potential off-the-shelf treatment for certain patients with pancreatic or colorectal cancer : science

Dark personality traits linked to engagement in environmental activism | Research suggests that individuals at the forefront of environmental causes might not only be driven by altruistic motives but also by traits often perceived negatively : science

Psychological care delivered over the phone is an effective way to combat loneliness and depression. Levels of emotional loneliness fell by 21% over a three-month period and the benefits remained after the phone calls had ceased, suggesting an enduring impact. : science

A new study on infidelity and jealousy found that both men and women believed men would be more upset by the sexual aspect of infidelity and that women would be more upset by the emotional aspect (i.e., falling in love).

New planets have flattened shapes like Smartiesstudy finds

Revolutionary 3D-Printed Brain Tissue Mimics Human Function - Neuroscience News : worldnews

Apple employees outnumbered customers at Vision Pro launch in San Francisco's Union Square : technology

Mass. librarian using books to get domestic violence victims phones, info : books

As a patient or an employee, whats the most insane thing youve seen or experienced in a hospital?

wheres a tall natural place like a hill or something with a good view that i can just fucking scream my lungs out at for a few minutes?

I rely on you: MBTA asks riders to speak up as assaults on bus drivers spike


Climate activist Greta Thunberg goes on trial in London for blocking oil and gas conference: Thunberg was among more than two dozen protesters arrested on Oct. 17 after preventing access to a hotel during the Energy Intelligence Forum, attended by the industrys top executives

Updated Covid vaccine has 54% effectiveness, new data suggest : science

Global cancer cases to rise by more than 75% by 2050, WHO predicts : worldnews

Speaker Johnson says it'sabsurd to think he would kill border deal to help Trump
U.S. military stockpiles in Australia amid concerns over Taiwan tensions

"Silent protest" held in Myanmar on 3rd anniversary of military coup : worldnews

Japan, China, South Korea 3-way summit likely to be held in May or later : worldnews

Russia has no plans to deploy nuclear arms beyond Belarus, Russian deputy minister

Putin vows to make military gains in Ukraine as he meets his election campaign staff : worldnews

Navalny calls on voters opposed to Putins re-election to vote at midday across Russia

Bloomberg: Russia creates new mercenary army in Africa called "Africa Corps", replacing Wagner group : worldnews
Malian army and Russian Wagner group execute 25 ethnic Fulana people, including children, in Welingara village, according to Radio France Internationale local sources : worldnews

Russia hands out first convictions in connection with anti-LGBT law
Russian Girl Jailed for Wearing Rainbow-Colored Earrings : worldnews

Kyiv Confirms Drone Attack on St. Petersburg Oil Refinery, Claims UAV Dodged Russias Best Air Defense

India plans to spend $134 bln on infrastructure, narrow fiscal gap - interim budget : worldnews
US set to issue letter of acceptance soon for predator drone deal with India
US Blocks $3-Billion Drone Sale to India Until Meaningful Investigation of Pannun Assassination Conspiracy br />

Cyprus-led sting operation busts illegal European immigration ring that arranged sham marriages : worldnews

Gunmen take hostages at US companys Turkish factory in apparent protest of Gaza war

Sudan Now has the Highest Rate of Internal Displacement in the World : worldnews
US deplores holdups on aid into Sudan : worldnews

Indian Navy deploys unprecedented might near Red Sea to control piracy : worldnews

UK manufacturers hit by Red Sea disruption and rising shipping costs | Manufacturing sector : worldnews

US says Islamic Resistance in Iraq group carried out attack on base in Jordan : worldnews

US sees signs Iran is worried about escalating proxy attacks amid heightened tensions : worldnews

Iran pulls out senior IRGC officers, dozens more from Syria - report - I24NEWS : worldnews

Iran Warns It Will Retaliate After Biden Says Hes Decided How To Respond To Killing Of 3 U.S. Soldiers

US approves plan to strike Iranian targets in Syria and Iraq, officials say : worldnews

Middle East latest: US will take necessaryactions in Middle East, defence secretary says as he warns of dangerous moment after attack on base

Phalanx CIWS Downs Houthi Missile Dangerously Close To Destroyer: Report : worldnews
US navy destroys Houthi missile that posed imminent threat to aircraft
Houthis claim to have hit US merchant ship in Red Sea : worldnews

Biden signs unprecedented order targeting Israeli settlers who attack Palestinians : worldnews
Executive Order on Imposing Certain Sanctions on Persons Undermining Peace, Security, and Stability in the West Bank | The White House
Biden signs executive order sanctioning West Bank settlers : politics

Hamas gives initial approval for Gaza ceasefire, hostage deal - Qatar : worldnews
Hamas gives initial approval to plan for Gaza fighting pause
Netanyahu tells UN envoys UNRWA is totallyinfiltrated by Hamas, must be replaced

The State of the Israeli Left

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 708, Part 1 (Thread #854) : worldnews

New US-made longer-range bomb expected to arrive as soon as Wednesday in Ukraine : worldnews

Ukraine Bombers Launch Waves of French-British Cruise Missiles, Russian Air Base in Crimea Pounded : worldnews

Ukrainian Naval Drones Destroy Russian Missile Boat Off Crimea : worldnews

Well Fight Until We're Dead: With Dwindling Ammunition, Ukrainian Soldiers Defend Their Gains
EU must defend Ukraine even if US reduces military support, Macron says : worldnews

Armenia formally joins international criminal court in snub to Russia : worldnews

EU leaders approve 50 billion deal for Ukraine after Orban lifts veto

Hungary parliament to meet on Monday at opposition request with Swedens NATO bid on agenda

Births drop to new postwar low in Poland as population falls almost 1 million in a decade : worldnews
Germany: Scholz calls for joint opposition against far-right

Agreement on military Schengen easing troop movement signed by Poland, Germany and Netherlands

Barcelona imposes severe water restrictions during worst drought ever : worldnews

Putin ally arrested in London on charge of breaching Russian sanctions : worldnews
Christopher Steele: UK High Court throws out Trump ex-spy dossier case : worldnews
Trump spent $250K of campaign funds losing Christopher Steele lawsuit: report - Raw Story
Donald Trump Loses London Case Against Ex-Spy Over Kremlin Files : politics
BBC News: Clapham attack suspect Abdul Ezedi convicted of sex offence in 2018 : worldnews

Argentine Congress settles in for marathon debate over Javier Mileis bill to dismantle the state

US historians sign brief to support Colorados removal of Trump from ballot: Twenty-five civil war and Reconstruction scholars support invoking 14th amendment to bar Trump from ballot over January 6

Crenshaw hits GOP colleagues opposed to border deal:The height of stupidity

No, Texas Can't Secede, and the Border Fight Is About Politics More Than Policy

'Booming' Biden economy forces GOP to shift focus to new shiny object

Republicans Own Whistleblower Trashes Their Entire Biden Corruption Claim - Hunter Bidens business associate, Eric Scherwin, is rejecting Republicansallegations about the Biden family

Speaker Johnson says it'sabsurd to think he would kill border deal to help Terump
The Profound Influenceof Christian Extremists on Mike Johnson

Why treason is a key topic in Trumps 14th Amendment appeal to the Supreme Court

Special counsel questioned witnesses about 2 rooms FBI didn't search inside Trump's Mar-a-Lago residence

Trump NY fraud verdict now expected by mid-February: Court | The Hill

Inside Trumps Costly Outburst: Like an 8-Year-Old Having a Temper Tantrum

Donald Trump data protection claim over allegations he took part in 'perverted' sex acts in Russia dismissed by judge
Donald Trump suffers polling blow among Independents : politics

Donald Trump stated on January 23, 2024 in a speech in New Hampshire: Democrats

Republicans plotting to block a Democratic president goes public

Ron DeSantis spent nearly $7,000 per vote in Iowa before dropping out : politics

MAGA World Is About to Meet Taylor Swifts Fandom. It Wont Go Well

Half of RFK Jrs Massive Fundraising Haul Came From Two People

Lauren Boebert Brutally Mocked by Republican at Congressional Dinner : politics

Oregon high court says 10 GOP state senators who staged long walkout cant runfor reelection

Wont someone please find some adults to discriminate against?

Video shows Indiana lawmaker flashing holstered gun to students who were advocating for gun control : politics

Boston Doctor, Accused of Masturbating Next to Minor Girl on Plane, Found Not Guilty : boston

Well Stay Tuned for What Happens Next In This Story of a Possible Alzheimer'ss Therapy -- Every solution poses more questions, and every breakthrough is a step into darkness.

Reading The Body Keeps Score has brought me so much peace (TW: SA)

Asking Roxbury to shoulder the burden of the migrant crisis is the most Boston thing ever. : boston