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While the Arctic sea ice extent is declining in the recent decades, there are huge holes opening in the so-called Last Ice Area north of Greenland and Ellesmere with increased frequency. The thinning Ice could trigger more opening holes in the future. : worldnews

Glue that holds icebergs together is melting in Antarctica

Spanish drone company races to save trapped dogs on La Palma volcano with 'unprecedented' rescue mission

Air pollution was responsible for 1.1 million deaths across Africa in 2019, with household air pollution accounting for 700,000 fatalities, while increased outdoor air pollution claimed 400,000 lives. Air pollution can also correlated to losses in cognitive development among Africas children.

UK to put nuclear power at heart of net zero emissions strategy : worldnews

In its first COVID-19 data report since Friday, Mass. reports 2,815 confirmed cases and 10 deaths

Almost 1,600 Massachusetts state workers may face discipline over COVID vaccine mandate : CoronavirusMa

CDC sends out guidelines for vaccinations of kids 5 to 11 years old | TheHill FDA panels are meeting at the end of this month to discuss granting emergency authorization.

Threats, Resignations and 100 New Laws: Why Public Health Is in Crisis - An examination of hundreds of health departments around the country shows that the nation may be less prepared for the next pandemic than it was for the current one : politics

For 105 days, COVIDs death toll in Florida counties went missing (while DeathSantis went on a mass murder rampage)
A Florida school says students who get vaxxed must stay home for 30 days due to unfounded claim that they'll infect others : politics (christofuck charter is the best "education")

Texas bill to block COVID-19 vaccine mandates for employers stalls in the Senate as business groups rally against it : politics

After months of right-wing figures pushing vaccine hesitancy, Chuck Todd suggests Democrats be blamed for a continued COVID-19 threat | Media Matters for America

Dennis Prager has COVID - watch this space : HermanCainAward
Update: Anti-vaxx Blue's husband Red has died. She claimed he was rushed to hospital after a "heart attack" but Reds friend Green spilled the beans -- it was COVID.She still has not admitted the true cause of her husbands death. ... Well, he dropped a fork on the floor, bent over to pick it up and the next thing we know hes in the ICU with a leaf blower in his mouth
" Well, I finally caught the damn 'Rona'" but instead of fun little week-long hospital vaca, he got his very own HCA ,,, after spending over a month in the hospital.
How do you think this moment in history will be explained/taught to a generation not born yet and how do you think they will view this sub? : HermanCainAward

/u/libertanggo provides a fascinating comparison between the recent QAnon cult phenomenon and Russian culture/history in the past 20 years : bestof

My mother found out my brother got the vaccine : QAnonCasualties

Australian politician rips into Sen. Ted Cruz for mocking COVID-19 vaccine requirements: 'We don't need your lectures, thanks mate'

Allison Williams Quits ESPN Over Vaccine Mandate : television

Covid: Thousands of children left without parents in Iran : worldnews

Romania has the highest COVID mortality rate in the world : worldnews

Russias daily COVID-19 death toll at record high as vaccination program stalls

Mumbai: No death due to Covid-19 for the first time since the pandemic began : worldnews

For the first time since April, Taiwan has reported Triple Zeroes 0 Covid Deaths, 0 Imported Cases, and 0 Local Cases

Vaccines, masks? Japan puzzling over sudden virus success : worldnews

Singapore exports rise 12.3% in September, marking 10th straight month of growth : worldnews

Japan PM says Fukushima wastewater release cant be delayed
Japanese Princess Mako attends last rite as imperial family member : worldnews

China condemns U.S., Canada for sending warships through Taiwan Strait : worldnews
Sony China fined 1 million yuan for undermining national dignity and interests by trying announce a new product on the day that marked the beginning of the Second Sino-Japanese War : worldnews
China considers law to punish parents of children who misbehave ... So the essence of this law seems to be that if your kid does crime, the parents are forced to go to a seminar on how to stop your kids from doing crime. This doesnt seem that crazy.
New crew docks at Chinas first permanent space station

Russia suspends its mission to NATO: Moscow is also closing the alliances liaison mission. The announcement comes after NATO expelled eight members of the Russian mission to the military alliance

Torrential downpour kills at least 18 in southern India, with several missing as rescue operations continue : worldnews

Islamists kill two Hindu men, vandalize temples in Bangladesh violence : worldnews
Bangladesh to be secular, will revert to 1972 Constitution: Hasina govt minister after attacks on Hindus : worldnews ... a woman with a lot of guts. Her father and almost entire family was assassinated, shes survived 19 attempts on her own life, and still has the brass to stand up to the radicals. All the respect to her.

Warning from ISIS : Shia Muslims will be targeted everywhere : worldnews

Threatened With Death And Rape: Iranian Activist Back Behind Bars After Exposing Prisoner Abuse

Iraqs election was a disaster for the pro-Iranian former paramilitary force Hashed al-Shaabi, with voters desperate for an economic recovery rather than shows of military muscle. According to preliminary results the Conquest (Fatah) Alliance won 15 MPs down from 48

In a first, Saudi Arabia allows beach parties with women wearing bikinis as the Kingdom continues a liberalization drive : worldnews

Syria accuses Israel of assassinating former member of parliament : worldnews
IDF official: Israel expects Hezbollah to fire 2,000 rockets a day in wartime : worldnews
Hamas issues ultimatum to Israel: Give us $8 million by Tuesday : worldnews
Marking Rabin assassination, Bennett warns: We mustnt burn our house down ... Rabin's family has accused Netanyahu of playing a part in public incitement against Rabin prior to his death.
Diver pulls 900-year-old Crusader sword from seafloor : worldnews

Centre-left poised to win Italian mayoral run-offs as right flounders : worldnews
TIL roughly 70% of businesses in Sicily still pay protection money to the Sicilian Mafia. : todayilearned

Lauded Spanish female crime writer revealed to be three men : books
Spains PM says he will abolish prostitution, which enslaves women

UK faces wave of lone wolf terror attacks by bedroom radicals experts warn
I get abuse and threats online why cant it be stopped?
Nine UK schools start scanning childrens faces to take their lunch money

Canada decries shutdown of UN panel documenting possible war crimes in Yemen : worldnews

7-Foot-Tall Harambe Statue Stares Down Wall Streets Charging Bull, Which Is Now Covered in Bananas

Money For Green Energy Creates More Jobs Than Fossil Fuel Investment, New Study Finds. The findings are true across the world, but the U.S. could see some of the biggest benefits from spending on renewables and nature restoration. : politics

This is our last chance: Biden urged to act as climate agenda hangs by a thread

Colin Powell, whose immune system was weakened, died of Covid-19 after fighting cancer.
Colin Powell dies of COVID - Lawyers, Guns & Money
Lots of boo hooing from the Blob today about what a great guy Colin Powell was - Lawyers, Guns & Money ... Except for that one unfortunate slipup you know, the ongoing multi-year conscious enabling of a massive war crime via egregious lies because he didnt have the guts to walk away from his fancy job.
Powell - Lawyers, Guns & Money
Eschaton: Saying Nice Things About The Recently Departed My most charitable view of Colin Powell is that he deliberately tried to undermine the case for the Iraq war by giving an absolutely hilariously ridiculous presentation to the UN, but then every journalist and pundit reacted with orgasmic delight anyway.

Senate to vote on sweeping voting rights bill Republicans promise to filibuster : politics

The Real-Life Costs Of Shrinking The DemocratsBig Spending Plan | Poor people need insurance. Seniors need dental care. And there may not be money for both.

Supreme Court backs qualified immunity for police officers, allowing cops greater protection from lawsuits : politics
U.S. Supreme Court again protects police accused of excessive force : politics
Whitehouse Statement on SCOTUS Commission Interim Report : politics
Bidens Supreme Court commission has good ideas. But the courts problems run deeper
Locked and Loaded: Supreme Court is ready for a showdown on the Second Amendment : politics (every incest baby will be given an AR-!$)
The secret Supreme Court: Late nights, courtesy votes and the unwritten 6-vote rule : politics

Jon Stewart warns more risks to the political system than Trump : politics
How screwed are Democrats in the Senate? : politics
This is the future: Black Senate candidates crush fundraising expectations
The courts have a new chance to block Texass abortion law. They must take itSB 8 not only stripped Texan women of their rights under Roe v Wade, it made a mockery of the US constitution and the supremacy of the federal courts

The wealthiest 10% of Americans own a record 89% of all U.S. stocks

Sen. Bernie Sanders Backs John Deere Strike, Citing CEO Salary up 160% During Pandemic : politics

Manchin Sparks Fury With Demands for Work Requirement, $60K Income Cap on Child Tax Credit| Who besides a cartoon villain would ever think this is a good idea? ... average teacher salary for WV is 27k
West Virginia Leads U.S. in Flood Risk, Adding to Manchins Climate Dilemma
The man who would drown his state - Lawyers, Guns & Money
Opinion: Joe Manchins ugly new demands expose the absurdity of arbitrary centrism ... Manchin wants to avoid sapping individual initiative ...

AOC Accuses Sinema of Putting Lobbyists Over People, Shows Off Higher Fundraising Haul

Rep. Adam Schiff says Jan. 6 committee plans to hold Steve Bannon in criminal contempt for not complying with subpoena : politics
Thompson rejects former Trump aide Bannon's reason for defying Jan. 6 committee subpoena - The Washington Post
Steve Bannon Befriended Jeffrey Epstein, Thought He Was a Spy - Rolling Stone The billionaire may have exaggerated his connections to the world of international espionage, but the tales were enough to pull in a top official in Trumpworld
Rep. Schiff: We're not messing around here -- No one is above the law
Biden says Justice Department should prosecute those who refuse Jan. 6 committees subpoenas

New Capitol Surveillance Footage Shows A Breach By Jan. 6 Rioters From Start To Finish : politics
New Capitol Surveillance Footage Shows A Breach By Jan. 6 Rioters From Start To Finish
His Street Cred Went Up: The Unintended Consequences of Outing the GOP Lawmakers at Jan. 6

Trump faces a pile of civil lawsuits as depositions begin The former president is defending himself in at least 10 civil suits alleging fraud and defamation to incitement of violence.
Trump sues to keep White House records secret, claiming executive privilege : politics
Donald Trump Asks Supporters for $45 Each to Help Solve the Election Fraud
GOP Senator Thinks Donald Trump Will Not Even Win Nomination for President in 2024 : politics
GOP Gov. Calls Trumps 2020 Election Fixation A Recipe For Disaster in 2022
John Eastman isnt going away quietly
CNBC Reporter Smeared as Anti-Putin Special Ops TemptressThe Kremlin media claims Hadley Gamble was part of an American Special Ops mission to pay Putin back for sending a beautiful translator to bamboozle Trump.

Were at an Unbelievably Dangerous Time in America: Former Bush Guy Matthew Dowd Is Trying to Turn Texas Blue
Bidens agenda may end up falling apart but the GOP is eating itself alive

Pete Buttigieg responds to bizarre GOP attack that hes taking care of his family
Pete Buttigieg is a concert pianist and a veteran who speaks seven languages and is a practicing Catholic. Tucker Carlson stares like an idiot on TV. : PoliticalHumor

Fetterman continues to dominate fundraising in crowded Pennsylvania Senate race : politics

Marjorie Taylor Greene & Matt Gaetz are burning through cash as their PAC becomes a money suck : politics

GOP senator calls for senility test for aging leaders : politics

Texas GOP advances new maps that would tighten their slipping grip : politics
Texas governor moves state sharply to the right ahead of 2022 election : politics
Texas Holocaust both-sides-ing debacle is scary. Worse? Its already happening.

Colorado school board contests, stoked by COVID, draw intense partisan fervor and big money : politics

How Mitch McConnell Accidentally Created An Unregulated THC Market : politics

NC Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson Says Transgender Rights Movement Is 'Demonic' and 'Full of the Antichrist Spirit'

The New Lost Cause : politics

In book, former Sen. Joe Lieberman describes how Karl Rove and Republicans helped him beat Ned Lamont in 2006 - Hartford Courant (Lieberputz the traitor)

94 unvaccinated staff at Yale New Haven Health lose their jobs : news

QAnon Is Becoming Even More Antisemiticbiggest influencers just encouraged his followers to watch a 10-part neo-Nazi film.
The dark side of wellness: the overlap between spiritual thinking and far-right conspiracies | Health & wellbeing | The Guardian ... conspirituality
So how does a liberal hippie fall for Q? : QAnonCasualties

Study says 2 a.m. booze ban would cost Miami Beach hospitality industry $227M a year : politics

Fatal Shooting of Unarmed Moroccan Man in Texas Sparks Uproar : news

As much as I prefer not to link to Politico, I think this piece on how Trumps anti-Asian racism may have created significant shifts in the Asian-American community that may build toward a sort of pan-Asianism that could have very real political consequences is worth a conversation.
Inside the N.Y.C. Neighborhood With the Fastest Growing Asian Population - In a corner of Queens, a fivefold increase in Asian residents since 2010 is transforming the area's restaurants, housing and politics.

Before the new version, lets revisit 1984s Dune -- the greatest movie ever madeThe pursuit of greatness must embrace the ridiculous.

Sinclair TV stations disrupted across the US in apparent ransomware attack : television

Microsoft leaders warned Bill Gates over inappropriate e-mails

Which country will start WW3? Why? : AskReddit

New research indicates that a shared sense of reality plays an important role in social connections. The findings help explain what makes new acquaintances feel like they "click" when they first meet, and also why romantic couples and close friends feel like they share a common mind.
TIL researchers were able to predict whether or not a couple will stay together with extreme accuracy based on one partners reaction to things that excited the other. For example, if a wife says "look at that beautiful bid" and the husband blows it off, that's a strong indication theyll divorce.

ELI5: Why does plaque seem to build up faster on the outside-facing side of teeth rather than inside? : explainlikeimfive

A Common Infection Could Be a Trigger For Multiple Sclerosis, Large Study Finds : worldnews glandular fevers, such as mononucleosis.

Americans love for individual billionaires affects their views on economic inequality -- and makes them less likely to support wealth taxes on the super-rich, a new study finds.

Potential to bolster misinformation resistance by explaining science: briefly viewing an infographic about science appeared to cause a small aggregate increase in trust in science, which may have, in turn, reduced the believability of COVID-19 misinformation. Replication research encouraged. : science

Ketamine investigated as potential obsessive compulsive disorder treatment : science

Personality traits and hallmarks of Alzheimers disease. Researchers found personality can help protect against Alzheimers and other neurological diseases by delaying or preventing the emergence of neuropathology for those strong in conscientiousness and low in neuroticism.

Highly aggressive breast cancer cells use a molecule called swiprosin-1 to promote the circulation of adhesion receptors, which increases cell migration and formation of metastases. The discovery can impact the direction of cancer studies in the future. : science

The Children of Sperm Donors Want to Change the Rules of Conception - Does everyone have a right to know their biological parents?
OBr />
Women of reddit, what instantly turns you on about men and why? : AskReddit
Who is the most attractive man in your opinion? : AskReddit

Redditors who found out a close friend or family member was a sexual predator/abuser: how did you find out and how did you handle the situation? : AskReddit

Amazon may have lied to Congress, five U.S. lawmakers say : technology (Bezos lied under oath)


Animals love for each other : aww

Scientists discover large rift in the Arctics last bastion of thick sea ice. The area of open water, the first to be identified in an area north of Ellesmere Island, Canada's northernmost island, and is another sign of the rapid changes taking place in the Arctic, according to the researchers.

Incredible video shows La Palma volcano lava tsunami traveling at "amazing" speed

When the world actually solved an environmental crisis : worldnews (Ozone)

Burning peat and wildfires bring unseasonal smoke apocalypse to Urals and Siberia | Roads blocked, planes diverted due to low visibility, schools shut, people advised to stay home. : worldnews

Coast Guard: 1,200-foot ship dragged California oil pipeline : news

Winter Forecast 2021/2022 - October Update - La Nina is getting colder/stronger than initially forecast. It is already impacting the new Winter forecast, with the latest data showing a stronger Pacific-American pattern and a lifted jet stream over the Euro-Atlantic sector. : worldnews

Flooding could shut down Logan airport, hospitals, and other critical infrastructure in Mass., and the risk is only growing, report says - The Boston Globe

A Bucks County dad angered by COVID-19 closures gave $500,000 to school board candidates. Critics say it's fueling 'toxic' politics.
They Can't Stop Everyone: GOP Congressman Dangerously Encourages Kids to Defy Statewide School Mask Mandate
These Republicans torpedoed vaccine edicts then slipped in the polls
Texas Gov. Abbott bans any vaccine mandates - including for private employers : politics

ESPN Reporter Quits Her Job Instead of Getting Vaccinated

The Thin Blue Line - Lawyers, Guns & Money - There is no question what is the biggest threat to police officers today, and its MAGA ideology:

Kansas reports fourth child COVID death as school-aged children have highest case rate : news

Buh bye disease vectors : HermanCainAward
Order Now! : HermanCainAward ... Do you take Praypal?
Sunday, so here it goes!
Tennessee Snowflake trusted Tucker Carlson over doctors and scientists. Accepts his HCA. : HermanCainAward
Reddit r/HermanCainAward posts stories of anti-vaxxers dying of Covid
HermanCainAward CNBC story was 3rd highest story on google news feed. : HermanCainAward
Glad to see this place being recognized for being both hilarious AND beneficial : HermanCainAward
Sure can! : HermanCainAward (Corona can fix stupid)
Coronavirus deaths are highest in counties with the largest share of Trump voters : HermanCainAward

My dad died : QAnonCasualties
Leaving and Recovering from QAnon: Thousands of People Are Trying to Leave QAnon, but Getting Out Is Almost Impossible
How to Leave QAnon - QAnon Addiction Treatment and Recovery

Quebec nurses refuse mandatory overtime this weekend as pandemic adds to pressure : worldnews

Singleton pub closed by police for repeated and continued COVID breaches

Australian Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce is insisting the Nationals will not be bullied into backing a target of net zero carbon emissions by 2050, as he also ruled out supporting more ambitious short-term climate targets. : worldnews ... "We will not be bullied into fact-based action to save civilisation."
Australia seeks to overturn law that bans deportation of Aboriginal Australians : worldnews
Australian police make record $104m heroin seizure : worldnews

Revealed: how UK spies incited mass murder of Indonesia's communists | Indonesia ... British propagandists secretly incited anti-communists, including army generals, to eliminate the PKI. The campaign of apparently spontaneous mass murder, now known to have been orchestrated by the Indonesian army, was later described by the CIA as one of the worst mass murders of the century.
Indonesian Authorities Captured A Sumatran Tiger That Killed Two Residents of Jambi : worldnews

The Denver Art Museum is preparing to return four antiquities to Cambodia following a news media collaboration that reported the pieces are linked to a man charged with trafficking looted artifacts : worldnews

China tested a nuclear-capable hypersonic missile in August that circled the globe before speeding towards its target, demonstrating an advanced space capability that caught US intelligence by surprise. : worldnews
The Ex-Husband of a Missing Chinese Billionaire is Risking All to Tell Their Story [TIME] : worldnews
Uyghurs who fled with their families now face the threat of being deported back to China by the Taliban. : worldnews
China Tested A Fractional Orbital Bombardment System That Uses A Hypersonic Glide Vehicle : worldnews (South Pole attacks!)

Most Russians Oppose Same-Sex Relationships

Iran warns of divisive schemes as ISIS attacksAfghanistan across ethnic lines

Kenya child killer escapes prison, gets beaten to death by mob 2 days later : worldnews

Iran: on the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty, an Iranian official who stole 160 million dollars and 20 million euros and impoverished 80 million Iranians, was only sentenced to 10 years in prison! : worldnews
Honor Killing Or Self-Immolation? Questions Raised Over Horrific Death Of Young Iranian Woman
Amnesty Urges Transparent Iran Probe Into Death Of Alleged Witness To Executed Wrestlers Torture
British-Iranian Woman Fears Return To Prison In Iran After Extra Year Added To Sentence : worldnews

Syria denounces Israel for allegedly killing ex-security prisoner, intel agent: Midhat as-Saleh, once jailed in Israel on security-related crimes and since connected to Syrian intelligence, reportedly shot dead in town of Ain Eltinah : worldnews

Israeli settlers hang and torture Palestinian teen with fire, human rights group reveals : worldnews (murderous invaders)
Additional sexual assault accusation revealed against former Israeli president and prime minister Shimon Peres. : worldnews
Arabs Are Here by Mistake, Because Ben-Gurion Didnt Finish the Job, Far-right Leader Tells Lawmakers
9,300 olive trees destroyed by Israel in the West Bank in one year, says ICRC : worldnews
Anonymous Google, Amazon workers decry deal with Israel : worldnews

Czechs want to know what is wrong with their ill president : worldnews

2 arrested in Athens for protesting Beijing Olympics by raising a Tibetan flag at acropolis hill : worldnews

Tens of thousands demonstrate in Rome against neo-fascists : worldnews

The Paris Massacre of 17 October 1961 - Lawyers, Guns & Money ... If we are to learn anything from 17 October 1961 in Paris, let it be this: discrimination and disproportionate force are foundational to state power andas convenient as it may be to blame the especially flagrant violators of public truswe the public must recognize how deep and pervasive racist and imperialist ideologies remain on our streets today.

Sir David Amess murder: Terror suspect accused of killing MP is son of former top aide to Somali PM : worldnews
Sir David Amess: MP murder suspect held under Terrorism Act : worldnews
Sir David Amess murder: Name of terror suspect accused of killing MP emerges, as police search three properties in London : worldnews
British defence strategy is undergoing a naval tilt : worldnews
Woman conceived through rape wins award for campaign to convict father : news

Argentine judge indicts Spanish Franco-era minister on murder charges : worldnews

Officials: Up to 17 American missionaries kidnapped in Haiti : worldnews

Venezuelan President Maduros close aide extradited to US

The worlds richest man is an African American (take a guess)

US heating bills set to surge as energy costs jump : worldnews

How China ate America's lunch as a distracted U.S. focused on terror : politics
After 9/11, China grew into a superpower as a distracted U.S. fixated on terrorism, experts say - The 9/11 attacks were a geopolitical gift to China

Joe Bidens Nixon moment: A policy agenda that could change history -- and the media yawns

Katie Couric's RBG Coverup Shows How We Ended Up With Trump
Christopher Steele dishes on Trump dossier in new interview: Pee tape probably does exist

Is Biden Doing Enough to Protect Democracy?

Biden: DOJ should prosecute those who defy Jan. 6 subpoenas : politics
Ted Lieu Lashes Out After DOJ Pushes Back Against Bidens Advice to Prosecute Bannon
John Dean Says Trump Deeply Linked To Insurrection, And Bannon Can Bare All : politics
5 things we learned from the committee investigating January 6 this week : politics
90 Seconds of Rage on the Capitol Steps - The New York Times
Im So Stupid: MAGA Fan Who Attacked Officer Mike Fanone Called Himself A Piece Of S**t
A Jan. 6 blood flag and a Bond villain in the Senate -- It's no time to go back to brunch

Trump cant always get what he wants
Donald Trump supporters baffled and divided over his claim that Republicans wont vote in 2022 or 2024

37 Members of Congress Caught Violating Law on Stock Trades in 2021 : politics

Manchin Fumes After Sanders Op-Ed in West Virginia Paper Calls Out Obstruction of Biden Agenda |Poll after poll shows overwhelming support for this legislation
Manchin Accepted Over $400,000 from Energy Companies and GOP Donors in the Third Quarter : politics
Kyrsten Sinema Pads Campaign Coffers with Even More Big Pharma Funds, New FEC Filing Shows This is What Someone Who's Bought and Paid for Looks Like
Winemaking and marathon running: what Kyrsten Sinema does instead of her job : politics

One of Trumps top targets has outraised the opponent he backs to oust her. Shes not the only one

Marjorie Taylor Greene and Matt Gaetzs Big Fundraising PAC is Nearly Broke

Dems find their anti-Rubio warrior in Val Demings - POLITICO

Outcry over woman found guilty of manslaughter after suffering miscarriage : politics

Native Americans Demand Fox News Apology, Firings Over Outrageously Racist Comments : politics

Texas House votes to keep transgender girls out of female sports : politics

Covid and critical race theory: Sleepy school board races are waking up : politics

In New Hampshire, vaccine fights and misinformation roil GOP : politics
State school board leaves national association saying they called parents domestic terrorists : politics (threaten to kill people, get offended when called terrorists)

[Serious] What specifically is it about Bob Dylan that many consider him to be one of the greatest songwriters ever? : Music

More immediate, more visceral and a lot tougher on Eric Clapton: A plan for reviving Rolling Stone

Who Killed The Red Delicious? : videos

TIL two main contending candidates for dark matter are the Weakly Interacting Massive Particle (WIMP) and the Massive Astrophysical Compact Halo Object (MACHO) : todayilearned

Research review shows intermittent fasting works for weight loss, health changes : science

Apparently, it's the next big thing. What is the metaverse? - BBC News


Space Station Emergency Prompted by Russian Thruster Firing - The New York Times While the astronauts were said to not be in any danger, it was the second such incident since July.

Fast flowing, lava tsunami, at the La Palma volcano on the 15th Oct, 2021 (@involcan) : WTF

Its easy to feel pessimistic about the climate. But we've got two big things on our side - Bill McKibben : One is the astonishing fall in the cost of renewable energy. The other is the huge growth in the citizens movements demanding action ... Compared to continuing with a fossil-fuel-based system, a rapid green energy transition will probably result in overall net savings of many trillions of dollars -- even without accounting for climate damages or co-benefits of climate policy
Thanks to Joe Manchin, we're on the edge of a devastating climate loss - Bill McKibben

The myth of the climate moderate: There isnt a middle ground between a livable and unlivable world.

U.N. panel says it can't rule on climate case brought by Thunber

A half-mile installation just took 20,000 pounds of plastic out of the Pacific - proof that ocean garbage can be cleaned : worldnews

Deforestation threatens tree kangaroo habitat in Papua New Guinea : worldnews

Nipah virus could cause another deadly pandemic, warns the inventor of AstraZenecas COVID vaccine

U.S. to open border to fully vaccinated travellers starting Nov. 8 : worldnews

Scientists have shown for the first time that coronavirus vaccines and prior coronavirus infections can provide broad immunity against other, similar coronaviruses. The findings build a rationale for universal coronavirus vaccines that could prove useful in the face of future epidemics : science
COVID super-immunity: one of the pandemics great puzzles. People who have previously recovered from COVID-19 have a stronger immune response after being vaccinated than those who have never been infected. Scientists are trying to find out why.

The Great Resignation Is Accelerating - The Atlantic A lasting effect of this pandemic will be a revolution in worker expectations.

Vaccine mandates stoked fears of labor shortages. But hospitals say theyre working.

Five times as many police officers have died from Covid-19 as from gunfire since start of pandemic : news ... COVID-19 is the # 1 Cause Of Death for Americans age 35-54.

Ron DeSantis Is Offended by Bidens Attempt to Prevent Americans From Dying a Miserable, Preventable Death
State withholds Leon County School Board salaries over mask policy : politics

Rep. Good encourages Rappahannock students to shed masks at school and rise up in opposition to mandates | Schools & Sports | (VA)

Christian Go fund me site serves up this tragic story of a nominee who found a doctor to write a script for Ivermectin. It did not go well, so the doctor told her to dial 911. Upon arriving she promptly refused Remdesivir, then texted her complaints from the ICU. Since then she stopped texting. : HermanCainAward
I'm In ThE cOnTrOl GrOuP : HermanCainAward
Largest Study of Prayer to Date Finds It Has No Power to Heal - Los Angeles Times In an unexpected twist, patients who knew prayers were being said for them had more complications after surgery than those who did not know, researchers reported Thursday. (God said fuck off and die)
MAGAMike here had an immunocompromised son. Still refused the vaccine. Him, his son, AND his wife all catch COVID. MAGAMike suffered severe secondary infections due to COVID, including to a surgery site. Sepsis, neurological issues, multiple organ failure, double pneumonia, ventilator. COVID kills. : HermanCainAward
North Carolina Snowflake accepts her HCA : HermanCainAward

My Husband is Delusional : QAnonCasualties

Scientists uncover a psychological factor that explains support for QAnon better than political ideology: Especially with the ascendance of Trump, we witnessed a blending of left-right political concerns with antagonistic orientations toward the political establishment

France ends free Covid testing for all : worldnews

Lithuanian hospitals stop accepting non-urgent patients amid COVID-19 surge : worldnews

Supermarkets in German state of Hesse can now block entry to the unvaccinated : worldnews

New Zealand vaccinates over 100k (2% of the population) today in 'Super Saturday' vaccination event

Russia on Saturday recorded 1,000 Covid-related deaths in a single day for the first time since the pandemic began. The figure had been rising all week, with the Kremlin blaming the Russian people for not taking up vaccination. : worldnews

ASEAN excludes Myanmar junta leader from summit in unprecedented move : worldnews

Third electricity provider calls it quits in Singapore : worldnews

Holding each others hands: 11 children drown in Indonesia during river cleanup
11 kids drowned, 10 rescued in Indonesian river cleanup - Times of India : worldnews

Biden links China policies targeting Uygurs in Xinjiang to the Holocaust : worldnews
Terror & tourism: Xinjiang eases its grip, but fear remains
Chinas Shenzhou 13 crew docks with space station for 6-month stay

U.S. Navy denies Russian claim it chased off American destroyer : worldnews
Masked men storm Moscow screening of film about Stalin-era famine | Russia : worldnews

Pakistan parliamentary committee refuses to criminalize forced conversions of non-Muslim girls citing public interest : worldnews

Hours after Bangladesh PMs warning, mob vandalises ISKCON temple in Noakhali district, attacks its devotees on Dussehra, One ISKCON member killed by mob.

UK Carrier Strike Group led by HMS Queen Elizabeth enters Bay of Bengal : worldnews

Drought in northern Kenya pushes millions towards hunger : worldnews
Husband arrested in killing of Olympic runner Agnes Tirop : worldnews

WHO to send in experts to prevent sexual abuse after Congo scandal : worldnews

Islamic State claimed responsibility for the bombing that killed 41 and injured 70 in suicide bombing at Afghan mosque : worldnews
Taliban crack down on Pakistani militants targeting Belt and Road : worldnews

IRGC Official Says Media In Iran Should Extol The Supreme Leader : worldnews
Iran sentences ex-central bank chief to 10 years in prison : worldnews
Threatened With Death And Rape: Iranian Activist Back Behind Bars After Exposing Prisoner Abuse

Hezbollah says it wont be dragged into war after Beirut bloodshed

After snub, Bennett says Netanyahu dangerously delegitimizing his government ... "Undermining legitimacy of (current) government by failing to acknowledge new PM" ... Hmm sounds kinda familiar
Israeli army says troops kill Palestinian firebomb suspect : worldnews
Israel stops hundreds of Jews from moving to Iran as asylum seekers : worldnews

Cyprus said Friday it would revoke the citizenship of 45 foreign investors and relatives who obtained a Cypriot passport through its disgraced citizenship-by-investment scheme, which collapsed last year under corruption allegations : worldnews

Holocaust was a scam projected on Swedish synagogue during antisemitism summit: neo-Nazi group claims responsibility for the incident

Italy ship captain convicted after sending migrants to Libya in 2018 : worldnews

French president calls massacre of Algerians in 1961 an unforgivable crime : news

Glasgow Man Helps Stranger Fix His Bike, Then Realises It Was His Bicycle : worldnews

Sir David Amess killing was terrorist incident, say police : worldnews
Sir David Amess stabbing: What we know so far - BBC News
UK bakery banned from using sprinkles which are legal in the US : worldnews

Brazil pandemic probe to recommend Bolsonaro face 11 criminal charges, senator says : worldnews

'I have not done anything wrong': Top Canadian military commander says he wants his job back : worldnews

U.S. Pledges to Pay Family of Those Killed in Botched Kabul Drone Strike - The New York Times The Pentagon offered unspecified amounts to relatives of the 10 civilians who died in Aug. 29 attack and agreed to help relocate those who want to move to the U.S.

Russia is pouring millions into Kremlin propaganda targeting the U.S. : politics

After 20 years, its time to repeal the Patriot Act and begin to dismantle the surveillance state | After 9/11, Congress gave the government unchecked authority to spy on its own people. Its been a disaster ... Interesting how a lot of people dont mind the Patriot Act but universal healthcare is communistic tyranny.

Key to Biden's Climate Agenda Likely to Be Cut Because of Manchin Opposition - The West Virginia Democrat told the White House he is firmly against a clean electricity program that is the muscle behind the president's plan to battle climate change.

50 Percent of Republicans Back Tax Hikes on Wealthiest Americans to Fund Bidens Agenda
Military bases swung hard away from Republicans in 2020 : politics
New Study Reveals Poor, Low-Income Voters Were Crucial in Toppling Trump in 2020 | The findings challenge the media-driven narrative that white low-income voters are the de facto base of the Republican Party

Bidens Supreme Court Commission Walked Straight Into the Legitimacy Trap
Time for a judicial ethics commission - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Biden says DOJ should prosecute those who defy January 6 committee subpoenas : politics
Democrats Are Ready to Send Steve Bannon to Jail : politics
Steve Bannons defiance of the Jan. 6 committee is just his latest con

Caroline Wren helped Publix heiress who funded Jan. 6 rally give a related contribution to GOP attorneys general group - The Washington Post

Joe Biden Is Not Jimmy Carter, and This Is Not the 1970s : politics (speaking of disasters)

Assistant House Sergeant at Arms arrested in child pornography investigation : news

A Senate Report Shows How Close American Democracy Came to Disaster : politics
Four Hours At The Capitol: Official Trailer | HBO : television

Pro-Trump protesters chant f*** Joe Biden in front of a group of children
Pro-Trump protesters chant f*** Joe Biden in front of a group of children - Donald Trump Jr has encouraged MAGA supporters to verbally attack current president

MAGA Supporters Left Confused by Donald Trumps Call Not to Vote in Midterms, 2024

Trump praised Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin, ranted about windmills, and pushed his baseless election fraud claims at a GOP retreat, report says : politics
Trumpist county clerk barred after leak of voting-system passwords to QAnon : politics
Trumps stolen election lie is on the ballot in 2022, thanks to these candidates
Trump now claims voter fraud in Pima County; officials say hes wrong

Money Floods the Race for Control of Congress, More Than a Year Early : politics

New Filing Reveals Sinema Pads Campaign Coffers With More Pharma and Finance Funds : politics

Ousted by AOC, Joe Crowley Now Lobbying Against Tax Hikes on Corporate Giants : politics

The Jan. 6 Committee Has The Right Idea: Now Congress Should Subpoena Zuckerberg | Its time lawmakers take Facebook officials at their word and make clear that answering to the peoples representatives under oath is not optional.

Jeffrey Epstein believed he could make a deal with prosecutors by revealing the secrets of Donald Trump or Bill Clinton, a new book says : politics
Jeffrey Epstein Bragged Bill Barr was in Charge, Not Trump

Conservative Pundit Torches Absolutely Bats**t Crazy Republicans In Texas

Meet The Tomahawk-Toting QAnoner Terrorizing School Boards : politics ... Prayer Warriors are the foot soldiers of the Christian Nationalist army.

School District Admits There Aren't 'two Sides' to Holocaust

Pete Buttigieg delivered a sharp clapback to Tucker Carlson's bigoted "breast-feeding"' comment

KBI say it has opened 122 clergy sex abuse cases in Kansas : news

Robert Durst, Millionaire Convicted of Murder, on Ventilator With Covid - The New York Times

Woman raped on train as bystanders did nothing, police say : news

Speaking of the power elite, check out this rogues' gallery - Lawyers, Guns & Money

A Hack by Any Another Name Would Still be a Hack - Lawyers, Guns & Money - Speaking of perhaps the most mendacious living recipient of a Pulitzer Prize, it appears no one at LGM has blogged about his most recent self-immolation. It blazed brighter than a thousand suns. (Greenwaldfuck)

Erik Visits an American Grave, Part 933 - Lawyers, Guns & Money This is the grave of C. Wright Mills ... So he worked hard, basically all the time when he wasnt cheating on his wives. His fourth attack killed him in 1962, when he was all of 45 years old.

Netflix cant shake Chappelle controversy

Her unexplained jitteriness and weight loss were telling clues - The Washington Post The existence and treatment of chronic Lyme disease has been among the most contentious issues in medicine in recent years ,,, but it was Grave's disease ..

The Highs and Lows of Finding Love on the Spectrum - The New York Times Not surprisingly, the romantic lives of autistic adults are just like those of neurotypical adults: never easy.

Why is simplicity so unreasonably effective at scientific explanation? | Aeon Essays Why simplicity works : Does the existence of a multiverse hold the key for why nature s laws seem so simple?

TIL: Honey can exist unspoiled and still edible, almost indefinitely. Archeologists excavating Egyptian tombs have uncovered preserved pots of honey several thousand years old. : todayilearned

NASA to launch first space probe to study Jupiters Trojan asteroids

Gene Editing Trial Makes Blind Man See Again : worldnews

DHA prevents cognitive impairment and inflammatory gene expression in aged male rats on a carb diet : science

Its becoming impossible to find a therapist -- Is it all because of COVID-19? And what do we do about it?

What is the most largely believed piece of misinformatiom? : AskReddit


Its easier to weaken peoples belief in climate change than strengthen it, a meta-analysis found. Experimental interventions that present misinformation or Anti-Climate Change arguments show greater effectiveness than ones that present facts or Pro-Climate Change arguments.

White House plans to address economic risk of climate change : politics
Americas Next Great Migrations Are Driven by Climate Change

Liquid Gallium Shown to Break Down Carbon Dioxide : worldnews

oala chlamydia vaccine trialled by Australian researchers in bid to improve species survival

Boss of Europes biggest slaughterhouse warns there are not enough ways to reduce beefs environmental impact without downsizing herds and cutting production before 2030

Malaysias Indigenous Penan block roads to stop logging in Borneo

Deforestation threatens tree kangaroo habitat in Papua New Guinea : worldnews

Friday 15 October Update : CoronavirusMa
1,512 confirmed cases and 12 deaths. See todaysCOVID-19 data from Mass.

Sunday deadline looms for thousands of Mass. state workers to get COVID-19 vaccinations or risk being fired - The Boston Globe
Cluster breakout at Pittsfield Post Office. Health department says local USPS refusing to cooperate with contact tracers, so the health department is going public. : CoronavirusMa

Data Shows More Children Are Getting Sick And Dying From Covid : news

Opinion | The Unvaccinated May Not Be Who You Think - The New York Times - Republicans are more likely to tell pollsters that they will not get vaccinated ... but ... Almost 95 percent of those over 65 in the United States have received at least one dose. This is a remarkable number, given that polling has shown that this age group is prone to online misinformation, is heavily represented among Fox News viewers and is more likely to vote Republican. Clearly, misinformation is not destiny ... There has been strikingly little research on the sociology of the pandemic, even though billions of taxpayer dollars have been spent on vaccines ... fear of needles ...

FDA panel endorses broad use of Johnson & Johnson booster shot - POLITICO
The Morning: Booster confusion Good morning. When an F.D.A. panel meets today about J. & J. booster shots, an elephant will be in the room. - Science vs. bureaucracy
Merck wants Americans to pay $712 for a Covid drug that taxpayers helped develop : politics

Navy prepares to begin discharging sailors who refuse COVID-19 vaccine : politics

Republicans Are Trying to Repeal Vaccine Mandates for Every Disease : politics (Make Polio Great Again)

New CDC data shows the risk of dying from Covid-19 is 11 times higher for unvaccinated adults than for fully vaccinated adults - CNN ... , the risk of being hospitalized was nearly 19 times higher for unvaccinated adults than fully vaccinated adults

Here's an Update From Our Doctor Friend in Arkansas on the Situation in Hospitals There : Dr. Ken Starnes works where Arkansas meets Missouri, and life there now might tell us about our future.

Va. Couple Die of COVID Weeks Apart, Leaving Behind 5 Children: Please Get Vaccinated, Family Says
I aint afraid of covid or dying, I dam sure aint afraid of taken someone out with me
This man set an example for his kids by arguing with strangers over the face mufflerss been against since last year. His friends wanted him to make it a racial issue whenever he could. Now those four children are supported by GFM as their mother mourns. Please dont do this to your family
A message to these anti-vaxxers comparing themselves with Holocaust victims : HermanCainAward
Mr X believed government keeps cures a secret, people should run to hills instead of getting vaccinated, unvaccinated sperm the new bitcoin now has got A light of covid and can't breathe.
r/HermanCainAward Daily Vent Thread - October 15, 2021 : HermanCainAward Here is the latest as of 10/12/2021 from the Pushift API. Awarded 2515 Nominated 2393 Redemption Award 298 IPA 75 *

My dad has been unemployed for a decade and spends his days watching conspiracy theory videos : QAnonCasualties
Feeling alone. My dad has lost it. : QAnonCasualties
Getting divorced
My Covid Calamity : QAnonCasualties
One of my best friends is in a trauma center with Covid, and other friends are still in denial, and my dad is in La La Land. : QAnonCasualties

News avoidance during the COVID-19 pandemic is associated with better mental well-being : science

COVID-19 pass becomes mandatory for all workers in Italy - amid fears of unrest | World News : worldnews

Victoria the first Australian state to bar unvaccinated MPs from its parliament : worldnews ... The veteran anti-abortion campaigner said everyone had "the right todecide what they put into their bodies and as adults we all make our own medical choices"
Judge dismisses challenges to NSW COVID-19 vaccination orders for workers : worldnews
Melbourne chiropractor suspended for promoting dangerous anti-vax material

US Donates 17 Million J&J Doses to African Union : worldnews

Covid test lab in Wolverhampton suspended over wrong results. Around 43,000 people in the south west of England may have been wrongly told their Covid-19 test was negative because of errors at a testing lab. : worldnews (when they were positive)

New Zealand council ends contract with wizard after two decades of service | New Zealand : worldnews ... The official Wizard of New Zealand, perhaps the only state-appointed wizard in the world, has been cast from the public payroll, spelling the end to a 23-year legacy.

Myanmar bars Aung San Suu Kyis lawyer from speaking about her case

A Singaporean man was given the death penalty after he was found with 2 pounds of cannabis : worldnews
F*ck off, you cant arrest me: Drunk British man, 37, fined S$4,000 for swearing at policeman outside Jurong Point

Afghan teen evacuees share joys of new life in Korea : worldnews

At least 46 killed in Taiwanese apartment building inferno : worldnews

Upgrades for Chinese military airbases facing Taiwan hint at war plans | South China Morning Post Satellite images show work began last year to expand and reinforce three PLA air force bases in Fujian province
China coal prices hit record highs, early winter chill adds to energy woes : worldnews
China: LGBT people face threat amid growing Govt introduced regulations : worldnews
Apple takes down Koran app in China - BBC News

Russia President Vladimir Putin has further stoked up a new arms race by claiming the state is with hypersonic missiles capable of wiping out US cities and five times faster than American weapons
Russia Throws Tantrum Over 'Crazy' American Women in Government ... Women are plenty strong, one had to push your dumb ass out into the world and based on what I see shes probably regretted it ever since

Dalit man lynched, hands chopped off and killed by a fringe Sikh group at the site of farmer protests in India for allegedly descrating Sikh holy scripture. : worldnews
Mans Body Tied To Barricade, Wrist Chopped Off, At FarmersProtest Site

Bangladesh: Goons attack Hindu temples during Durga Puja celebrations, three killed; paramilitary deployed-World News , Firstpost : worldnews

Pakistan: Hindu temple vandals ordered to pay Rs33m ($200k approx) cost of restoring the temple. : worldnews

Explosion strikes Afghan mosque during prayers : worldnews
33 killed, 73 injured as blast hits Afghan mosque in Kandahar : worldnews

Alarm as police respond violently to Eswatini schoolchildrens protest

Mob beats Kenyan child serial killer to death - police : worldnews

Four IDF soldiers held over alleged abuse of Palestinian detainee : worldnews ("murderous invaders")
Palestinian olive farmers attacked by big group of settlers : news (more murderous invaders)

EU says anti-Semitism has no place in bloc after Jansa tweet : worldnews
Antisemitism is reaching younger audiences via social media, says new study

Man kills several people in Norway in bow and arrow attacks, police say : worldnews

British man held hostage for eight days in Italy is freed by police : worldnews

Old wounds are exposed as Spain finally brings up the bodies of Francos victims

German coalition negotiators aim for 2030 coal exit : worldnews

Macron: France is lucky because France has nuclear power
France honours quiet hero teacher killed for showing Prophet Mohammed cartoons

In Britain, childlessness seems likely to return to 1920s levels : worldnews
Pigs pile up as Brexit and COVID leave UK farms with butcher shortfall : worldnews
Conservative MP David Amess stabbed multiple times in incident at constituency surgery : worldnews
Sir David Amess: Conservative MP stabbed to death - BBC News

Panama searches mass graves for victims of 1989 U.S. invasion : worldnews (HW Bushfucker mass murder)

Volunteer Groups Dedicated to Searching for Nearly 100K People Listed As Missing in Mexico : worldnews
Indigenous woman is featured in a new statue to replace Columbus statue in Mexico City : NPR : worldnews

Over 530 Arrested in Historic Indigenous-Led Climate Protests in DC : politics

Biden suggests free community college proposal on the chopping block : politics

The End of American Militarism? Biden Must Confront Washingtons Addiction to Force

Elizabeth Warren backs Deere strike, saying workers have gotten the short end of the stick 'for decades'
Well If It Isn't the Power of the Strike : Workers everywhere from John Deere to Hollywood have brushed the dust bunnies off the picket line ... The pandemic and its economics and social impacts have caused many people to reconfigure their ideas of work.

Condemning 'Stunning' Ethics Violations, Warren and Jayapal Demand Answers on US Judges With Financial Conflicts ... Over 131 judges violated federal law and ethics rules by overseeing cases in which they had personal financial interests,

Biden's commission on Supreme Court reforms examines adding more justices and setting term limits : politics
Sen. Whitehouse blasts Alito speech: You have fouled your nest, not us
Bidens Supreme Court Commission Loses Two Conservatives (1)
The Cult of the Court - Lawyers, Guns & Money ... I had extremely low expectations for the Biden commission on the federal judiciary, but initial reports would seem to indicate that they werent low enough
This Is Just Another Unsolved Bureaucratic HomicideBidens Supreme Court reform commission has rendered a vital issue dead in the water ... Special presidential commissions function in national politics the way the East River functioned for the New York mob.

Justice Department will ask Supreme Court to block Texas abortion law while legal fights play out - The Washington Post

Prosecutors: Capitol cop told Jan. 6 rioter to hide evidence
Capitol Police officer Michael Riley charged with cover-up of other persons role in Jan. 6 riot
US Capitol Police officer indicted on obstruction of justice charges in connection with January 6 - CNNPolitics
Woman becomes combative attempting assault on Capitol Police officers with baseball bat
Andrew Leyden on Twitter: "My video of the baseball bat protestor at the US Capitol getting arrested, Marine One, more protests, a new Capitol fence(?) and a bunch of other stuff. Crazy Day." / Twitter

Rep. Raskin: Steve Bannon committed a crime today
Will Merrick Garland Put Steve Bannon in Jail? : politics
Adam Schiff Says Donald Trump Will Run in 2024 to 'Keep Ahead of the Jailer'
Capitol riot committee to vote on criminal contempt move against Steve Bannon : politics
Good': House Panel Moves to Hold Steve Bannon in Criminal Contempt | Witnesses who try to stonewall the select committee will not succeed, said Rep. Bennie Thompson, chair of the panel investigating the January 6 insurrection.

Jen Psaki took a dig at Trumps role in the Capitol riot, saying Biden has no intention to lead an insurrection

Trump Tells His Supporters Not to Vote in the Next Election, Which Would Actually Be Great for Humanity : politics
Trump allies eye election law push should he be reelected - POLITICO
Analysis: Donald Trump is doing everything he can to hurt Republican chances in 2022 : politics
Trump Tells GOP: Back My Big Lie or I'll Burn the Party Down
Trump Yells at Elite GOP Donors: Im Not Into Golden Showers

Former President Bill Clinton admitted to hospital : news

The most innocent victims of Texas abortion ban: Children forced to carry their abusers baby ... The Texas GOP think that children who are raped by their family members should be forced to give birth to those children and carry that shame for their entire life and that childs life. (next: legalize incest)

Noam Chomsky: The GOP Is a Gang of Radical Sadists ... Overwhelmingly, its the old Confederacy and a couple of outliers like Idaho and Wyoming, which are rock-ribbed Republican states.
A party of callow assholes - Lawyers, Guns & Money
Fellas is it gay to be a good father to your children
Pete Buttigiegs Parental Leave Is Driving Conservatives Mad: The party of family values cant understand why the secretary of transportation is spending time with his family.
Tucker Carlson snidely claims Pete Buttigieg took paternity leave to figure out how to breastfeed| Rightwing pundits have launched a coordinated attack on the out Transportation Secretary after he and his husband adopted newborn twins.
Doing What an Angry 3-Year-Old Would Do Is the Only Remaining Republican Principle

Is It Time for Kyrsten Sinema to Leave the Democratic Party? : politics
Biden's soft-touch with Manchin, Sinema frustrates Democrats : politics
5 Theories on What Kyrsten Sinema Wants | Is she just the Glenn Greenwald of senators? : politics

Is a Democratic Wipeout Inevitable? Even when the president's party passes historic legislation, voters dont seem to care. - By Ronald Brownstein

Republican Adam Kinzinger suggests "Satan" writes pro-Trump fundraising messages

NV GOP erupts into swing state civil war

House Dems outraise GOP by $10 million in third quarter : politics

With surgical precision, Republicans draw two congressional districts that dilute power of Hispanic and Asian voters : politics

Senate candidate Sean Parnell loses bid for a sweeping gag order against his estranged wifeIn seeking the gag order, Sean Parnell, one of the leading Republican candidates in a critical Senate race, sought to silence his wife on an issue that has threatened to become a major liability.

Gov. Ron DeSantis challenger and Democrat, Charlie Crist, says hedlegalize marijuana and expunge records as governor.
Tallahassee leaders are suing Florida over the anti-riot law and its encroachment on home rule : politics

Texas passes controversial transgender student athlete bill : politics
NC Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson Suggests Transgender Rights Activists and Drag Queens Want to Molest Children : politics
Outrage as Texas school District Considers Holocaust Denial Books in Response to Anti-Racism Crackdown : politics

Eschaton: What's It All About Then - The FREE SPEECH crowd was only and always about preserving safe spaces for elite racists to do racism and get paid for it.

Ron Watkins, who many speculate might be QAnon, eyes Congressional run in Arizona : politics

Dozens of Oregon law enforcement officers have been members of the far-right Oath Keepers militia : politics
Oregon appeals court rules its illegal to deny gun sales to buyers between 18 and 20

Tales of the New Gilded Age, University Endowments Edition - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Fear of a Black Protest - Lawyers, Guns & Money Black Lives Matter protests are quite nonviolent, even if they have no good moral reason to be. Thats in stark contrast to the way in which they are covered, especially by FOX and the rest of the fascist side of the media, which is as scary marauders threatening good white people.

After white students displayed Confederate flag at school, Black students suspended for planning protest | TheHill

Texas school district returns book by acclaimed Black author to shelves amid critical race theory claims : books

Breonna Taylors death sparked remarkable changes to no-knock raids across America ... for the first time in a generation, lawmakers finally began to ask if sending armed cops barging into homes in the middle of the night might not be the best way to prevent drug addiction.

In waves of civil unrestincluding recent examples such as the Black Lives Matter movementstructuralinjustices and histories of antagonism explain which cities riot, but not when they riot. Police preemptive mobilization may draw a crowd, inadvertently expanding the numbers on the streets.

Loudoun schools superintendent: we failed to provide safe environment after assaults

How Celebrity Gossip Site Crazy Days And Nights Went QAnon

Politico's New Owner Plans to Grow Staff, Launch Paywall - Axel Springer, whose $1 billion acquisition of Politico is expected to close next week, also eyes foreign-language editions

Netflix just fired the organizer of the trans employee walkout - The Verge The company suspects they leaked metrics about the Dave Chappelle special to the press ... "All these white people are going around talking to the press and speaking publicly on Twitter and the only person who gets fired is the Black person who was quiet the entire time"

Teen in Barnard student murder sentenced to 9 years to life in prison : news

Final Disrespects: A South Carolina judge is under investigation for plundering a deads man's home before his family arrived - October 2021 : videos

Katey Sagal Hit by Car in L.A., Hospitalized for Injuries : television

UMass Amherst reports another incident of racism - The Boston Globe Less than two full months into the semester, the University has reported 10 incidents of bias, which include homophobic and antisemitic graffiti, anti-Asian harassment, racial profiling, and the distribution of crudely racist e-mails in the inboxes of Black student leaders.

In 2018, 1 in 6 US adults binge drank. Binge drinking was most common among men, adults with higher family incomes ($75,000+), non-Hispanic Whites, and persons living in the Midwest. Among adults who binge drank, 25% did so at least weekly and 25% consumed at least 8 drinks during a binge occasion. : science ... Binge drinking was most common among men, adults with higher family incomes ($75,000+), non-Hispanic Whites, and persons living in the Midwest.

Contagious Cancers in Animals Are a Warning to Humans : worldnews

ELI5: Why is ancient Mesopotamia described as a lush land but (the most equivalent) modern Iraq is mostly desert? : explainlikeimfive

Daily use of cannabidiol (CBD) oil may be linked to lung cancer regression May be worth further exploring cannabinoids as potential cancer treatment, say researchers
Cannabinoids orchestrate cross-talk between cancer cells and endothelial cells in colorectal cancer : science
Cannabinoids pharmacological effects are beyond the palliative effects: CB2 cannabinoid receptor agonist induced cytotoxicity and apoptosis in human colorectal cancer cells (HT-29) : science
Self-Reported Effects of Cannabis on ADHD Symptoms, ADHD Medication Side Effects, and ADHD-Related Executive Dysfunction

If a persons brain is split into two hemispheres what would happen when trying to converse with the two hemispheres independently? For example asking what's your name, can you speak, can you see, can you hear, who are you... : askscience

A mysterious new radio signal is discovered coming from the heart of the galaxy. Radio astronomer /u/Andromeda321 explains how such signals are in fact more common than you'd think : bestof

A brain imaging study found evidence that missing out on math education can alter neural development. Young adults who had chosen not to pursue math had lower levels of the neurotransmitter gamma-aminobutyric acid within the middle frontal gyrus when compared to students who were continuing math. : science

The Demon-Haunted World - Wikipedia

A research team at Georgia State University has identified how the brain changes when artists are in a state of "flow" and found that simply imagining improvised performances elicits the same flow-like brain states as when musicians are singing.

A study of over 560,000 men in Canada, published in the journal of the American Urological Association in September 2021, found no significant difference in the risk of HIV between groups of circumcised and intact men. : science

A brain implant that zaps away negative thoughts raises thorny ethical questions : technology

TIL that, ideally, you need to use your fake Christmas tree for 20 years to make it outweigh the minimal environmental damage done by chopping down a real tree every year. Production and disposal of plastic and steel trees is worse for the environment, and real trees are typically recycled. : todayilearned

What do you hate most about the world today? : AskReddit
What is an outdated word or phrase an older family member uses that makes your brain hurt? : AskReddit

What are you thinking about just this second? : AskReddit

THIS is what it looks like when you find out your outdoor marijuana farm shot to the top of Reddit. : pics

What could stop existing and no one would notice? : AskReddit

I am expert on heists, cons, and scams and just released my first book about some of my favorites. AMA! : IAmA

Apples Proposed Phone-Scanning Child Safety Features Invasive, Ineffective, and Dangerous,Say Cybersecurity Researchers in New Study


The Climate Disaster is here! Earth is already becoming unlivable, we must act now! : worldnews

Deep-Ocean Cooling May Have Offset Global Warming Until 1990 : worldnews

In a historic ruling on the harmful effects of climate change on childrens rights, the United Nations Child Rights Committee has found that a State party can be held responsible for the negative impact of its carbon emissions on the rights of children both within and outside its territory

One in five of Europes bird species slipping towards extinction

China Sets Up First Five National Parks to Protect Wildlife : worldnews

Cheetahs return to Southern Mozambique after six decades : worldnews

Toilet of Europe: Spains pig farms blamed for mass fish die-offs

Nobel Prize: We will not have gender or ethnicity quotas - top scientist : worldnews

UKs Prince William says great minds should focus on saving Earth not space travel (deathmongers Bezos and Muskrat lol)

Toddler dies of Ebola after 3 suspicious deaths in DRC; 148 contacts identified : worldnews

Silver-infused bacteria make fuel cells more efficient : worldnews

WHO honors Henrietta Lacks, woman whose cells served science : worldnews

Death toll in Philippines storm rises to 19 : worldnews

Pamela forecast to intensify into hurricane and bring life-threatening flooding to parts of Mexico and Texas : worldnews

1,560 confirmed cases and 14 deaths. See todays COVID-19 data from Mass.
October 14 MDPH Summary : CoronavirusMa

China to investigate Wuhan population and virus : worldnews

COVID-19 may have caused the extinction of influenza lineage B/Yamagata which has not been seen from April 2020 to August 2021 : science

COVID-19 pandemic led to stark rise in depression, anxiety: study.Researchers calculated that in 2020, the pandemic led to an additional 53 million cases of major depressive disorder and 76 million cases of anxiety disorder, representing an increase of 28 per cent and 26 per cent, respectively.

A 1901 smallpox epidemic, a charismatic quack, and the rise of anti-vax propaganda in Boston - The Boston Globe An aggressive smallpox vaccination campaign had nearly contained the outbreak. Then Immanuel Pfeiffer came along

Jim Jordan Makes His Move to Be the Most Batshit Anti-Vaxxer of All : politics
The only thing more dangerous than an opportunistic Republican is a principled Republican - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Alaska lawmaker banned from airline over mask mandate gets COVID-19 : politics
Reinbold positive for COVID-19 : anchorage

Chicago police union head urges cops to defy Covid vaccine mandate : news

17 employees have died from Covid in a Florida school district since August : news

Update: Former nominee who proudly "raw dogged life" has accepted his award after first developing symptoms on 8/22. He kept an ICU bed occupied for 5 weeks. His final Facebook post, for posterity, is a meme mocking Joe Biden with the caption, "I laughed so hard I choked". [reposted at mod request] : HermanCainAward ... (They are really getting the worst of societys dregs in their units right now; as far as I can tell, the antivax/Trump/evangelical movement is the last refuge for untreated severe personality disorders these days.) ... Thankfully, only 5% of COVID ICU admissions are vaccinated. 97% of COVID deaths are unvaccinated ... god as a celestial vending machine ... (important question:) Why are these idiots ALWAYS fucking religious?

WaPo Article: How many thousands of people are choosing death over vaccination? : HermanCainAward ... 90,000 deaths in the past four months could have been prevented through vaccination ... Let that sink in
How many thousands of people are choosing death over vaccination? (Fox has killed at least 100,000 Republicans)

My dad died last night from disinformation and grifting : HermanCainAward

All the facts you need about Covid in one place, from our sisters and brothers in r/Nursing : HermanCainAward
So I hear were being brigaded

Does anyone else keep it a secret that youre vaccinated? ... I go to high school in a predominantly rich white suburb of Atlanta that has fully embraced QAnon conspiracy theories. So at school I need to keep my vaccination status a secret or else I will be relentlessly bullied. (this is mass delusion, not a "fringe")

ATTENTION: Qultists are pretending to be teenage casualties and posting. Dont interact with anyone under 18 via DM or chat. : QAnonCasualties ... The Q is a cult of authoritarian terrorists with persecution fetishes.

Covid: Lateral flow tests more accurate than first thought, study finds - BBC News

Russias Coronavirus Excess Death Toll Hits 660K

Once Covid-19-free, New Zealand prepares for 5,000 cases a week : worldnews

Failed deal with China delayed made-in-Canada COVID-19 vaccine plans Officials wasted months, spent millions on a lab that never produced a single shot

No new deaths reported in Israel in 24 h. for 1st time in 4th wave : worldnews
Top virologist says Delta defeated, predicts 6+ months of COVID quiet for Israel : worldnews

Brazils Bolsonaro says he is bored by COVID-19 death toll questions

60% Navy forces in Indo-Pacific region now: US Navy chief - Defence News India

Independents rule the roost as South Australias parliament shaken up ahead of state election

Suicides among Japanese children at record high during pandemic : worldnews
Record 196,000 students absent from school in Japan in FY2020 : worldnews

North Korea Gives Props to Squid Game for Critiquing South Korea's 'Beastly' Realities of Capitalism

At least 46 people killed after fire tears through 13-story residential building in Taiwan : worldnews

Chinas Ghost Cities Offer a Look Into Its Huge Housing Market Problem
Thousands of historical sites damaged by torrential rain in Shanxi, China : worldnews

Russia's population undergoes largest ever peacetime decline, analysis shows

Indian Troops Kill Five Militants in Kashmir as Hundreds of Hindus Flee : worldnews
Rarest Of Rare Case: Kerala Man Guilty Of Wifes Murder With Cobra Bite

Taliban struggling with new counterinsurgent role EU announces 1 billion in humanitarian aid for Afghanistan

Beirut protest over judge erupts into violence : worldnews

Israel Approves 442 Palestinian Reunification Requests in West Bank, Gaza : worldnews
Analysis | The Struggle for Palestinian Family Unification Succeeds -- Haltingly, Little and Late : Instead of keeping to its agreements, Israel offers "a gesture" n the form of Palestinian IDs to people without status in the West Bank and Gaza. Still on hold is family unification for residents of the territories married to Israeli citizens
IDF troops maced by settlers while responding to alleged attack on Palestinians : worldnews ("settlers" = batshit insane super orthodox invaders)
Israelis secretly evacuated 167 Afghans : worldnews
Israeli hospital targeted by ransomware attack : worldnews

Suspect in Norway bow-and-arrow attack that left 5 dead is convert to Islam and police had radicalization fears, officials say : worldnews

Man arrested for preparing to assassinate Dutch PM Rutte : worldnews

German police warn against legalizing weed, as parties hash out coalition deal : worldnews ("hash")

Four Egyptian officers stand trial in Italy over Regeni murder : worldnews
Giulio Regeni murder: Four Egyptian officers face Italian trial - CNN A postgraduate student at Britains Cambridge University, Regeni disappeared in the Egyptian capital in January 2016. His body was found almost a week later and a post-mortem examination showed he had been extensively tortured before his death.

France's Le Pen says she will take down wind turbines if she is elected ... "Wind and solar, these energies are not renewable, they are intermittent" (she never heard of "batteries")

Welcome to Britain, the bank scam capital of the world : worldnews ... "The most sophisticated fraud tends to start in the UK, and then move two years later to the U.S. and then around the world"
Afghan refugee stabbed to death in London in front of schoolchildren : worldnews
Man may have to pay 100,000 to neighbour as Ring doorbell invades her privacy

Chile's opposition on Wednesday moved to impeach the country's president, Sebastian Pinera, for the controversial sale of a mining company through a firm owned by his children, which appeared in the Pandora Papers leaks

Canadian CEO tests four-day work week for employees and says she wont go back
Dont drink from tap, Canadian city says, as gasoline suspected in water

US to rejoin UN Human Rights Council after walk-out under Trump : worldnews

Top 1 Percent in US Now Have More Wealth Than Entire Middle Class Combined : politics

3 in 4 Democrats support larger social spending bill over scaled-back package: poll : politics
Vast majority of Democratic voters prefer bigger social spending bill:
Yes, Pentagons annual budget is twice the spending proposed to pay for Build Back Better Act

Warren calls for Amazon breakup : politics (send Bezos to Pluto)

Justice Alito complains, but the evidence is clear: This Supreme Court was built by dark money : politics

January 6 panel prepares to immediately pursue criminal charges as Bannon faces subpoena deadline : politics
Steven Bannon to face criminal charges as he confirms he wont show for Jan 6 subpoena today
If Steve Bannon Defies the January 6 Committee's Subpoena, He Should Be in Handcuffs - He has no claim to executive privilege whatsoever, and Congress must assert itself. By Charles P. Pierce Oct 13, 2021
Enforce the subpoenas - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Jeffrey Clark Is Looking Like the Perfect Fall Guy for Trump's Operation Overturn - Time for the Justice Department apparatchik to wise up.

Former Trump attorneys are now steering clear of him, partly because he fails to pay, report claims : politics
Committee Uncovers Evidence that Trump Concealed Millions in Losses, Hid Debts, and Received Millions from Foreign Governments at Trump Hotel : politics
Trump tells Republicans they should not vote in 2022 or 2024 without answers to 2020 'fraud'
Republican Group Trolls Trump With Massive Billboard Reminding Him Hes A Loser
The Republican Accountability Project on Twitter: "Today, Republicans for Voting Rights (RVR) launched a billboard campaign across the country in response to reckless Republican calls for sham audits of the 2020 election. Here's one we've put up in New York City's Times Square:" / Twitter
Trump asserts his dominance inside GOP, pushing Republicans to embrace his false claims of fraud - The Washington Post

The New Line Among the True Sickos Is That Trump Had Nothing to Do (!) With January 6 - Representative Barry Loudermilk sets a new standard for insane rejections of reality.

F.B.I. Official Fired Under Trump Wins Back His Pension : politics

Calls intensify to end Wisconsin election review amid blunders by ex-judge in charge
Colorado county clerk who embraced conspiracy theories is barred from overseeing elections : politics

Kyrsten Sinema ditches Senate negotiations for fundraising trip to Europe : politics
Progressive Groups Poll Suggests Deep Primary Trouble For Kyrsten Sinema
Kyrsten Sinema Is Unfriending Her Network Into Oblivion : politics

Lauren Boeberts cringeworthy video insisting she isn't hdumb backfires spectacularly
In response to #LaurenBoebertIsSoDumb trending again tonight, Boebert puts out a video

Missouri governor slams newspaper for uncovering data security flaw - The Boston Globe
Governor Wants to Prosecute Journalist Who Clicked View Source on Government Site
Missouri Governor Vows to Prosecute St. Louis Post-Dispatch for Reporting Security Vulnerability

Shameful and Dangerous : Oklahoma Woman Faces 4 Years in Prison for Miscarriage. Brittney Poolaw was charged and convicted of a crime without basis in law or scienceher advocates said. (more Fucklahoma)
'Shameful and Dangerous': Oklahoma Woman Faces 4 Years in Prison for Miscarriage After seeking medical attention at Comanche County Hospital for the pregnancy loss, which happened early last year when Poolaw was 17 weeks pregnant, she was arrested in March 2020 and incarcerated with her bond set at $20,000. Unable to afford bail, Poolaw has now spent more than 18 months behind bars for her miscarriage.

Texas women driving hundreds of miles to seek abortions from neighbouring states : politics
Why Abortion May Now Motivate Democrats More Than Republicans : politics

This Is a Sprawling and Dangerous Assault on Public Education in America : Masks, Critical Race Theory, school-board meetings, tenure at public universities - it's all part of one thing.

Outrage Grows Over Jailing Of Children As Tennessee University Cuts Ties With Judge Involved : politics

Bobby Lee: traitor, slaver, pompous windbag - Lawyers, Guns & Money ... President Dwight D. Eisenhower hung Lees portrait in the Oval Office as one of the four greatest Americans, with George Washington, Abraham Lincoln and Benjamin Franklin.

Republican rally attendees in Virginia pledge allegiance to January 6 flag : politics
Column: The U.S. fought the Civil War, then honored its enemies by naming army bases after them. Why? : politics ... There are 10 major U.S. military bases named in honor of Confederate military leaders, all in former Confederate States:
Josh Klein: Can we compare America with pre-Hitler Germany? Only if we are willing to examine Christian complicity : politics

Alden Global Capital, the Hedge Fund Killing Newspapers - The Atlantic A Secretive Hedge Fund Is Gutting Newsrooms : Inside Alden Global Capital

Nicholas Kristof Leaves The New York Times as He Weighs Political Bid - The New York Times Mr. Kristof, a two-time Pulitzer Prize winner, is weighing a run for governor of Oregon, the state where he grew up. (the narcissism was always deep)

Its Time to Stop Talking AboutGenerationsFrom boomers to zoomers, the concept gets social history all wrong ... The essay has a lot of other good stuff in it; and the general topic is one that seems increasingly important in the age of what could be called the reddening of America.
Do generations exist? - Lawyers, Guns & Money
The Two Sixties - Lawyers, Guns & Money
What are some awful things from the 80s,90s and 2000s everyone seems to not talk about? : AskReddit

Southlake school leader tells teachers to balance Holocaust books with 'opposing' views (pro-nazi)

Toxic culture : NFL cheerleaders demand release of full workplace inquiry

Federal grand jury investigating Kansas City cop who allegedly exploited and terrorized Black residents for decades

Cincinnati police officer under investigation for allegedly shelving rape DNA test results, prosecutor says : news

Just found out my stepfather is leaving his estate to Trump. : QAnonCasualties (demands stepchild support mother)

Has anyone else noticed how grocery stores are sold out of more an more things these days? : boston
Somerville outlines a plan to expand Assembly Square : boston

TIL that Oklo mine in Africa consists of 16 sites at which self-sustaining nuclear fission reactions which are thought to have taken place approximately 1.7 billion years ago, and ran for hundreds of thousands of years. : todayilearned

Reddit User and Growth Stats (Updated Oct 2021)
Reddit - Statistics & Facts | Statista
r/HermanCainAward stats


Population by Country (2021) - Worldometer

Tropical Storm Pamela expected to regain hurricane status as it nears Mexico landfall : worldnews

Climate action at COP26 could save millions of lives, WHO says: The burning of fossil fuels is killing us. Climate change is the single biggest health threat facing humanity, the WHO said on Monday.

Carbon emissions will drop just 40% by 2050 with countries current pledges

Tesla pushing Volkswagen to accelerate electric vehicle shift (Reuters) : worldnews

Dont drink the water: Iqaluit Nunavut Canadas drinking water supply possibly tainted with petroleum hydrocarbons

Double standards: Australia failing to protect its ecosystems while backing global diversity target

Climate change: England must adapt or die, agency warns

The global supply chain nightmare is about to get worse : worldnews

The IMF warns that the global economic recovery will be grossly uneven : worldnews

The climate colonizer mentality : Musk, Bezos, and Gates believe the natural world can be bent to accommodate humanity's existing behaviorand they are obsessed with doing the bending. (more money = less humanity)

The Do-Nothing Attitude on Climate Change - Lawyers, Guns & Money As always, Greta Thunbergs utter contempt for global political leaders doing nothing but talking about climate change is the correct position.

Biden Administration Plans Wind Farms Along Nearly the Entire U.S. Coastline - The New York Times Interior Secretary Deb Haaland announced that her agency will formally begin the process of identifying federal waters to lease to wind developers by 2025. (and rot in hell, Teddy K)

Wednesday October 13 2021 Update : CoronavirusMa
1,471 confirmed cases and 19 deaths. See today COVID-19 data from Mass.

Boston puts 812 workers from five city agencies on unpaid leave for failing to get vaccinated

Are there any good estimates on how big the first wave actually was? : CoronavirusMa

COVID No. 1 cause of death for 35-to-54-year-olds in September : news

COVID lesson: trust the public with hard truths : science

How an Online Pharmacy Sold Millions Worth Of Dubious COVID-19 Drugs While Patients Paid the Price (horseshit scammers)

The Mysterious Case of the COVID-19 Lab-Leak Theory | The New Yorker Did the virus spring from nature or from human error? ... Alina Chan, a postdoc in molecular biology and gene therapy at the Broad Institute of M.I.T. and Harvard, tweeted recently ... "It could also have been the extra ingredient for a lab virus to jump into a researcher and be carried out of the lab unnoticed."

Pfizers Vaccine Protection May Wane After 2 Months
Vaccine mix-and-match approach bolsters antibodies, study finds - The Boston Globe
White House tells states to prepare for Covid vaccinations in young children : politics

Trevor Bedford's Covid Endgame - Lawyers, Guns & Money
Trevor Bedford on Twitter: "I've meaning to write a "COVID endgame" thread for a while and I apologize this is somewhat delayed compared to media interviews like and and to recent seminars like 1/17" / Twitter

Being 10 years old in 1900 was like being 50 years old today in terms of mortality risk - Lawyers, Guns & Money ... The big drivers of increasing mortality among young adults over the past 15 years have been drug overdoses, homicide, and suicide, which together now account for about half the deaths in this cohort. The result is, that while mortality rates are down by more than 50% since the middle of the 20th century for everybody else, for young American adults they are currently the same as they were during the Truman administration.

Rep. Jim Jordans Anti-Vax Tweet Gets Turned Into A Scathing Reminder Of His Past
Rep. Eric Swalwell on Twitter: "Ohio should mandate sexual assault reporting for coaches." / Twitter
List of Ohio mandated vaccines that Rep Jordan never once objected to & 100% submitted to prior to COVID vaccine:

This Florida County Was Fined Millions for Its Vaccine Mandate -- and Folks Are Pissed | Gov. Ron DeSantis touted the steep fine, insisting he'd continue "fighting for Floridians rights"

Vaccines have saved an estimated 279,000 deaths in the US, thats more than the Western front of WW2.

TSA says 40% of employees are unvaccinated as deadline looms - CNNPolitics

Anti-masker Alaska state representative Lora Reinbold gets COVID, boasts about taking unproven meds | She was previously banned from flying with Alaska Airlines for refusing to mask up. Now shes relying on a Vicks steamer and ivermectin to keep her out of a hospital

Tired ED nurse who comes across these people daily

Activists carry coffins down Whitehall ahead of Covid-19 vaccine patent talks : worldnews

Canberra set to become the most Covid vaccinated city in the world | Canberra : worldnews

Unvaccinated pockets of France expose inequalities and could fuel a winter wave - The Washington Post

U.S. to reopen land border to fully vaccinated Canadians next month : worldnews

Assisted Dying to Be Legal in New Zealand From November : worldnews
Sydney magistrate unimpressed by NSW Polices application to suppress FriendlyJordies videos

60% Navy forces in Indo-Pacific region now: US Navy chief. : worldnews

AP: China exports up 28% in September : worldnews
Chinas Xi launches $232 mln biodiversity protection fund for developing countries
Billionaire Alibaba founder Jack Ma reappears in Hong Kong : worldnews
Terror & tourism: Xinjiang eases its grip, but fear remains : worldnews

Russia says Taiwan is part of China as two powers further align against U.S. : worldnews
Coughing Vladimir Putin tells officials it's not COVID-19 : worldnews
Russia excluded from 30-country meeting to fight ransomware and cyber crime : worldnews

In an apparent attempt to avoid offending the government of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Oxford University Press has declined to print the Indian release of To Kill a Democracy. Authors lash out at Oxford University Press India's refusal to publish volume critical of Modi's anti-democratic ways
India has set aside over 17.41% of its geographical area for meeting conservation objectives

Online education is the only hope for Afghan schoolgirl, but its a slog

Football coach jailed for 25 years in Dubai over CBD vape oil : worldnews

A rusting oil tanker off Yemens coast is at risk of exploding. It could cut off humanitarian aid to millions

Official claims tomb of Alexander the Great is in Siwa area : worldnews

In Libyan city, mass graves evoke stakes of faltering peace push : worldnews

Tunisia gets new government, appoints record number of women : worldnews

Poland plans to spend over $400 million on wall on Belarus border : worldnews

Norway: Several people killed and others injured in bow and arrow attacks, say police : news

'I Just Froze': Former Nun Talks About Experiences Of Sexual And Spiritual Abuse : NPR Pope Francis made history earlier this week as the first pontiff to visit the Arabian Peninsula. And, on the plane flying back to Rome, he made history again. He acknowledged for the first time that priests and bishops in the Catholic Church have not only abused children but also nuns. And he said it may still be happening
Ex-Nun Talks About Sexual Abuse in Germany : worldnews
Why Germany could be on the brink of legalising cannabis : worldnews

EU rights court rejects sex abuse case against Vatican, cites 'sovereign' immunity ofstates

Dutch royals can marry same-sex partner without giving up crown : worldnews

Former Irish PM warns countries not to make deals with Boris Johnsons government after Dominic Cummings claims plan to 'ditch bits' of Brexit treaty they didn't like
Brexit: Irish deputy PM Leo Varadkar warns nations UK might not keep its word : worldnews

Monument honoring indigenous women to replace Columbus statue in Mexico City : worldnews

Drone delivers lungs for transplant to Toronto hospital in world 1st, health network says : worldnews

'Seized by some invisible hand': What it feels like to have Havana Syndrome A doctor said "it's like you aged 20 years all at once," said Kate Husband, diagnosed with a brain injury "related to a directional phenomenon exposur

Robot Dogs Now Have Assault Rifles Mounted On Their Backs | The Drive Robot dogs have been met with equal parts fascination and fear by the public, but their utility for military applications is becoming undeniable.

Harvard lawyer locked up by Federalist judge for $9B Chevron settlement : worldnews
The corporate state came for human rights lawyer Steven Donziger -- and we're next

Record numbers of Americans are quitting their jobs. Theres no one reason.
Is America experiencing an unofficial general strike? | Robert Reich : politics

All 206 House Republicans voted against raising the US debt ceiling : politics

Aim to ease supply chain bottlenecks with LA port going 24/7
Biden to expand Port of L.A. hours amid supply chain woes - Los Angeles Times

The Undignified Demise of Centrism - The American Prospect Centrist Democrats may force changes to the Build Back Better Act, but their rationale as a political orientation has disintegrated.

Social Security benefits to rise 5.9 percent for roughly 70 million people in 2022 - The Washington Post Inflation pushes the cost-of-living increase to the highest one-year bump in almost four decades
Is Feds Inflation View Built on Sand? A Staffer Suggests So, Stirring Debate About Economics own professional ranks accuses economists of making assumptions to suit their theories

Sen. Elizabeth Warren says billionaires haveenough money to shoot themselves into space because they don't pay taxes

Jan. 6 committee to aggressively enforce subpoenas, may target former Trump DOJ official Clark - The Washington Post
Trump cronies who defy subpoenas may be prosecuted. Heres why that matters.
US Marshals could go after Trump aides as Liz Cheney vows charges for those who dodge subpoenas. Democrat says committee has engaged with a wide variety of law enforcement offices
How close were we to an actual stolen election -- stolen by Trump? ... This plot was foiled in large part because the Justice Department and Vice President Mike Pence opted not to go along with it. But what if they had? Or what if Trump had followed through on firing acting attorney general Jeffrey A. Rosen and replacing him with the Justice Department official who was willing to do his bidding, Jeffrey Clark?
Jan. 6 committee subpoena targets begin turning over docs | At least three of the officials involved in organizing and running the Jan 6 : politics
100 Capitol Rioters Have Pleaded Guilty. Heres What They Did And What Theyre Facing - Guilty pleas are stacking up

The Laughable Defenses of Trumps Personal Coup Lawyer (Claremont's John Eastman)

Judge calls for Justice Dept. civil rights probe into D.C. jails treatment of Jan. 6 detainees
There have to be consequences Judge ups sentences for Capitol rioters (
Brandon Fellows sought to have his bond status revoked, only to make the legal case against him stronger.
Jordan Fischer on Twitter: "Judge McFadden: "What speaks most saliently, and loudly, is your conduct in post-arrest, pretrial status, where you repeatedly failed to follow the conditions of release. I've listened to your explanations and I think Ms. Furst is right. These are excuses."" / Twitter

Republicans would rather end democracy than turn away from Trump, says Harvard professor
Trump Tells Republicans Not to Vote in 2022 or 2024 : politics

Trump Supporters Are Waving All-Black American Flags, and Heres Why You Should Be Nervous

Jen Psaki mocks world-renowned business, travel & health expert Ted Cruz

Primary Kyrsten Sinema : politics

Pro-Trump Activist Said He Was Working to Hack Dominion Machines : politics

Judge dismisses lawsuit seeking a deep inspection of Georgia ballots ... the latest in a series of decisions against supporters of the former Republican president who have asked the courts to help them pursue suspicions of fraud or reverse the results of the election.

How Schools Are Shaping the Virginia Governor's Race - The New York Times tapping into conservative anger over mandates and critical race theory. (racist idiots)

Val Demings pulls in $8.4M in 'historic' third quarter fundraising haul Val Demings pulls in $8.4M in historic third quarter fundraising haulDemings will need a massive war chest to unseat two-term incumbent Marco Rubio. (Flubio Dubio )

Toxic texts: Matt Gaetzs friends assume the FBI is reading their messages to the embattled congressman

Hunter Biden isnt Trump, but what he's up to is bad and deserves your attention -- even if you hate Fox News

Who's on Utah's hacked Oath Keeper rolls? Police, veterans and a top government official. Utah corrections director is on the list, along with hundreds of other Utahns, but he denied ever joining the group.

Trial set for Giuliani associate with Russia ties : politics

Minneapolis Police Caught on Video HuntingActivists: Local civil rights leaders demand firings, denounce terrorism at the hands of the Minneapolis Police Department

Katie Couric covered up RBGs dislike for taking the knee: Anchor says she edited 2016 interview to protect the justice after she said people who kneel are showing contempt for a government that made a decent life possible (rot in your happy little family of hell, asshole)

Auditor Demands Favre Return $828k In 'Illegally Spent Welfare Funds' NFL star Brett Favre must return $828,000 he received from welfare funds that should have gone to needy families, Mississippi State Auditor Shad White said in a statement today. The famed quarterback and Mississippi native received $1.1 million in funds from two non-profits whose founder has since been indicted on state and federal charges for their alleged role in the largest embezzlement scheme in state history.

Inside the quasi-elite private university scam - Lawyers, Guns & Money In addition to running a rape factory, Baylor was a real leader in bilking the taxpayers and working-class families to stoke the egos of university administrators and manipulate arbitrary ratings: ... US News has extended its dumb ratings systems, which have led to these races to offer the least economical educational experience possible, to elementary and middle schools. I see no downside here.

Why Rose McGowan stumped for Larry Elder in the California recall. The former #MeToo activist stumped for a Republican during the California recall. Why?

GOP candidate humiliated as police haul him out of school board meeting after trans kids rant. Boys are boys! Girls are girls! Senate candidate Josh Mandel said at a school board meeting for a district he doesnt live in. He also complained about masks.
Colorado first state to require transgender care as essential health benefit. Biden officials sign off on change for state insurers : politics (Texas has a fit)

Netflix Staff Raised Concerns About Dave Chappelle Special Before Release - Bloomberg The company is dealing with an internal outcry unprecedented in its history (Fuckflix)
Dave Chappelle's Rorschach Test - The comedian's latest special blurs the line between victim and bully (asshole shithead)

We Can All Thank AT&T for the Rise of Pro-Trump One America News, Report Says : politics
Lincoln Project creates mock AT&T ad promoting the company's funding of 'white nationalist' on OAN - Raw Story

How to Modernize Your Church - Church Technology Superstore

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How Did Humans Evolve? A Complete Guide To Human Evolution - MyBioSource Learning Center

How Invisible Stuff Like Mold Destroys A House : Everything You Need To Know About Radon

Your antiperspirant deodorant may be causing breast cancer, two new scientific studies from Europe show : worldnews
Chemicals in shampoo and makeup are linked to early death, study finds : science
Deaths Linked to Hormone Disruptor Chemical Costs Billions in Lost U.S. Productivity.

When people who use heroin used a safe consumption site, they disposed of significantly fewer syringes in public places, including streets, sidewalks, parks, or parking lots, compared to people not using the site. (n=494, 2018-2020, cohort study) : science
The Efficacy of Buprenorphine for Treating Opioid Use Disorder | San Diego Suboxone
Dangers of Fentanyl, Synthetic Drugs, and Research Chemicals

Some aspects of military culture and lifestyle contribute to experiences of intimate partner violence and abuse (IPVA) in civilian partners of military personnel, according to a new report. : science ... So teaching people to ignore their emotions and use violence to solve problems is a bad thing for relationships?

A document written by a Milanese friar, dated to around 1345, has been found to contain what looks like a reference to the Atlantic coast of North Americasuggesting Italian sailors were already aware of the continent some 150 years before Christopher Columbus set sail for it.

Psychedelics have shown great promise in treating mental-health conditions, but their use is severely limited by legal obstacles, which could be overcome. : science
Psychedelic use associated with lower odds of heart disease and diabetes, study finds : science

Many breast cancer patients are using marijuana and not telling their doctors : news

Appalachian Trail News, Information, and Advice -

This Cambridge cafe is the only Mass. eatery to make The New York Times 2021 Restaurant List (Sofra)

Denis Villeneuve: The greatest sci-fi director of the 21st Century : movies

This seal slaps a man with an octopus! : WTF

guys of reddit, whats one thing you hate about being a dude? : AskReddit

TIL that In 1971, former Fleetwood Mac guitarist Jeremy Spencer went AWOL before a gig at LAs Whiskey A Go Go and couldn't be found for weeks. The band eventually tracked him down and discovered that he joined the religious cult Children Of God and formed a band of his own with the members.
River Phoenix - Wikipedia
David Berg - XFamily - Children of God
Mo Letters - XFamily - Children of God
The Family International - Wikipedia

Just found out my stepfather is leaving his estate to Trump. : QAnonCasualties

The nearly forgotten mystical artist who still foretells fates - The Boston Globe Pamela Colman Smith might be historys greatest victim of copyright injustice.

Amazon copied products and rigged search results to promote its own brands, documents show : worldnews

Social media surveillance can watch your every move : worldnews
Revealed: Facebooks Secret Blacklist of Dangerous Individuals and Organizations


You may be able to see the Northern Lights tonight, thanks to geomagnetic storm - The Boston Globe
ABC News on Twitter: "A photographer filmed breathtaking timelapse footage of the aurora borealis illuminating the sky in the early morning hours in Rollinsford, New Hampshire over the course of 47 minutes." / Twitter

Lockdown ends for 3,000 La Palma residents as volcano cloud passes : worldnews

6.2 magnitude earthquake strikes island of Crete, Greece - EMSC : worldnews

Overwhelming backing for strong climate action, UK study shows

France will ban plastic packaging for nearly all fruit and vegetables from January 2022 in a bid to reduce plastic waste. Implementing a February 2020 law, the government published a list of about 30 fruits and vegetables that will have to be sold without plastic packaging from Jan. 1 : worldnews

Led by France, 10 EU countries call on Brussels to label nuclear energy as green source : worldnews
Finland lobbies Nuclear Energy as a sustainable source : worldnews
Japans new PM wants to restart nuclear power in the country

Nobel prize will have no gender or ethnicity quotas, academy head says : worldnews

Gas prices skyrocket as the global energy crisis worsens : news

What sea level rise will do to famous American sites, visualized | Climate crisis | The Guardian
Billion-dollar weather disasters challenge records in 2021 - The Washington Post 2021 is on pace to be among the most active and costliest years for such disasters, which are becoming more frequent

These images show what Boston landmarks will look like underwater depending on the climate choices we make - The Boston Globe ... (scroll down, zoom in for Onset)

October 12, 2021 5PM MPDH Update : CoronavirusMa
In its first COVID-19 data report since Friday, Mass. reports 4,466 confirmed cases and 36 deaths

In covid origins search in China, Enshi caves and wildlife farms draw new scrutiny - The Washington Post

What the Future May Hold for the Coronavirus and Us - The New York Times Viral evolution is a long game. Heres where scientists think we could be headed.
Covid and Age - The New York Times An unvaccinated child is at less risk of serious Covid illness than a vaccinated 70-year-old.
Opinion | Oral covid treatment would be big progress. But vaccines remain key. - The Washington Post
Boosters Are Complicating Efforts to Persuade the Unvaccinated to Get Shots - The New York Times The number of eligible people still weighing whether to get a Covid vaccine has sharply dwindled, leaving an unvaccinated population that is mostly hard-core refusers. (dumbfuck evangelicals in the South)

Eschaton: Cops The anti-vaccine culture is interesting! -- Far more law enforcement officers in the U.S. have died from Covid-19 than from any other work-related cause in 2020 and 2021. Even so, police unions are fighting vaccine mandates. -- The great and glorious Donald Trump blessed us with this wonderful magic!
Covid Has Killed Hundreds of Police Officers. Many Still Resist Vaccines. - The New York Times Far more law enforcement officers in the U.S. have died from Covid-19 than from any other work-related cause in 2020 and 2021. Even so, police unions are fighting vaccine mandates.

Greg Abbotts Vaccine mandate ban comes as Texas leads U.S. in daily COVID Deaths
Governor Abbott of Texas nominating his entire state. : HermanCainAward
Texas man charged with threatening prominent doctor over her Covid vaccine advocacy : news

New York must allow religious exemptions to COVID-19 vaccine mandate, judge rules : news

Home healthcare professional describes problems some critical Covid patients face after returning home: barely eating from fear of removing BiPap and PTSD from the constant feeling of drowning : bestof

/u/rev_5 writes about how covid dramatically highlighted the inefficiencies, greed and problems with 911 infrastructure and the healthcare system broadly, and how poorly EMS service staff are treated through profit driven motives to the detriment of all : bestof

My dad was Q-lite right at the beginning of the pandemic. Getting sick and almost dying from Covid saved his life, I think. : QAnonCasualties

r/Nursing Is Doing Yet Another COVID Horror Thread : HermanCainAward
COVID is so much worse than the public could imagine. : nursing
RASSof4 comments on COVID is so much worse than the public could imagine.

The drug overdose epidemic - Lawyers, Guns & Money ... Overdose deaths soared to a record 93,000 last year in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, the U.S. government reported Wednesday ... "What's really driving the surge in overdoses is this increasingly poisoned drug supply" ... Fentanyl ... Heroin is contaminated. Cocaine is contaminated. Methamphetamine is contaminated

This Couple Caught COVID-19, So Authorities Drowned and Burned Their Dogs : worldnews (Vietnam and it's worse than it sounds)

Vaccinate people in their sleep, Duterte says to fix hesitancy vs COVID-19 shots : worldnews (actually not a bad idea)

Russian Rocket Facility Suspends Tests To Save Oxygen For COVID Patients : worldnews

Far-right Covid conspiracy theories fuelling antisemitism, warn UK experts : worldnews

COVID-19 pandemic has forced 100 million into poverty, UN chief says : worldnews

Teens charged over 14 kangaroo deaths on NSW South Coast, as sole surviving joey recovers : worldnews

Couple indicted for murder of Tokyo high school girl in August : worldnews

Samsung leader Lee admits in court to unlawful sedative use | Reuters Lee appeared at the Seoul Central District Court where, in a short first hearing, he said he received propofol - a sedative used in anaesthesia - 41 times from 2015 through 2020.

North Korea's leader has vowed to build an invincible military in the face of hostile policies from the United States, according to state media.
Kim Jong Un was quietly helping design North Korean wine bottles, cargo ships, and school uniforms when he mysteriously vanished from public life, report says : worldnews

China says it held beach landing drills in province opposite Taiwan : worldnews
China appears set to ban reporting by news outlets not directly funded by the Communist Party, in a further blow to free speech : worldnews
Evergrande misses 3rd round of bond coupon payments, intensifying contagion fears : worldnews

Kremlin says it disagrees with Japans sovereignty claim over islands

Nepal bus crash kills at least 25 in Mugu district : worldnews

India faces electricity crisis as coal supplies run critically low : worldnews
Indian TV reporter found dead after covering violence at farmersprotest
Indian shop assistants finally win the right to sit down, after years of standing up : worldnews

Arrested Pakistani terrorist stayed in a Delhi residence for 4 months to create fake identity : worldnews

Opinion | Afghanistan Is in Economic Free Fall. It Needs Aid. - The New York Times
Strange Quiet Arrives in Afghanistan After Decades of War - WSJ Residents are returning to Taliban-controlled regions after years of displacement, visiting homes and relatives they havent seen in years
Interpreter who helped rescue Biden in 2008 leaves Afghanistan : worldnews

Rotting Red Sea oil tanker could leave 8m people without water : worldnews

Pro-Iranian groups reject early Iraq election results as scam
Azerbaijans Defiant Message to IranWashington should take note of its alliance with Israel.

Hezbollahs leader on Monday accused the judge leading the Beirut Port explosion investigation of being politicised, telling victims of the deadly blast "you won't get the truth"

Sally Rooney wont release new bestseller in Israel, publisher says, intensifying debate on cultural boycott

Nazi Douchebag Arrested After Hiding in Apartment for 8 Months To Avoid Jail Christos Pappas, Greeces notorious runaway Nazi, is a fugitive no more ... Golden Dawn

Norwegian wind farms violate rights of Sami reindeer herders, says court

Catholic Church sex abuse claims: Vatican has immunity, rules ECHR : worldnews

Offers Open for 60,000 EU travel passes, allowing 300,000 18-20 year olds travel fee across Europe : worldnews ... better put a No-Go zone over vatican

Poland seeks to clarify court ruling in EU legal supremacy row : worldnews
Polish prime minister accuses opposition of lying about Polexit

German far-right party co-chief quits after election disappointment: The co-chief of Germanys far-right AfD Joerg Meuthen said on Monday that he would not seek to continue as head of the eurosceptic and islamophobic party

President Emmanuel Macron on Tuesday announced a plan worth 30 billion euros ($35 billion) to re-industrialise France, saying the country should reclaim its crown as a global leader in innovation : worldnews ... 1/2 the cost of the canceled 12 submarines deal with Australia..
Macron: French Military Intervention in Libya in 2011 was a Mistake : worldnews

UK start to pandemic worst public health failure ever, MPs say (
Tory MP loses charity role after allegedly saying Asian ministers 'look the same'

Bolsonaro must be held criminally responsible for assault on the Amazon, say activists : worldnews
Brazil's Bolsonaro accused of crimes against humanity at ICC (elect a rightwing fucker, get fucked)
Brazil's Bolsonaro says he is bored by questions on COVID-19 deaths

We are the journalists behind the biggest investigation of financial secrecy ever, the Pandora Papers. Ask us anything! : IAmA

The Authority to Defend Taiwan - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Havana Syndrome Hits at Least Five U.S. Families Connected to Embassy in Colombia - WSJ - Bogata's embassy is host to anti-narcotics operatives, spies, diplomats, aid workers

Toward a Unified Theory of Blob-dom - Nonzero Newsletter

Large Majorities Across Parties Favor Allowing the Federal Government to Negotiate Drug Prices, Even After Hearing Common Arguments About It | KFF

Biden administration orders halt to ICE raids at worksites - The Washington Post

Drop in U.S. birth rates amid Covid-19 could have lasting economic impact : politics

JOLTS report: A record number of workers are quitting their jobs - The Washington Post 4.3 million people quit their jobs in August, nearly 3 percent of the workforce
No One Wants Your Crappy Job - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Opinion: The ultra-rich are a threat to democracy - They undermine the rule of law by hiding their assets with the help of courts and politicians : politics

Bidens Proposal to Empower I.R.S. Rattles Banks and Their Customers
The Little-Known Power Brokers at the Federal Reserve - The American Prospect Individual senior staffers play a huge role, and may explain the Feds insularity and governance problems. (and corrupt as fuck)

Unruly customers threaten economic recovery - Axios

Racial Bias Skewed Small-Business Relief Lending, Study Says - The New York Times Black business owners were more likely to get Paycheck Protection Program loans from online lenders than from banks, according to new research.

Progressives are now heavyweights in the Democratic party : politics
Progressives Control the Democratic Party - Lawyers, Guns & Money ... As Gerstle points out, the real tell is how much further to the left the Biden administration is than Obama. Biden might blow in the wind a bit, which is OK in a president. But Obama was a true believer in neoliberalism and surrounded himself with people he was comfortable with, like Rahm Emanuel and Larry Summers. Gross. Those guys are now basically persona non grata in the leading economic circles in the Democratic Party.

Juan Williams: Women wield the power | TheHill the social safety net plan scored 61 percent support among women compared to 51 percent support among men a 10-point gender gap.In a Quinnipiac University poll released last week, the gap was even wider, at 14 percentage points, with 64 percent support among women and 50 percent support among men.

Eschaton: I Thought We'd Be Heroes I suspect they both didn't realize times have changed, a little bit, that Biden isn't Obama (*cough* black), that eventheliberals in the news media are a bit sick of this act.

Either Merrick Garland Gets to Work or We Can Kiss Democracy Goodbye : politics ... Carville ... What is Merrick Garland doing by the way? I dont think this man knows whether to wind his ass or scratch his watch.
The Senates findings on the last days of Trumps presidency are grim. Will it matter?

The GOP alliance with Europes far-right deepens (they love their dicto-fucks)
Mark Meadows and Laura Ingraham unmask the GOPs corrupt core
The Trump nightmare looms again

Trump Matter-of-Factly Tells His Lackeys to Obstruct Justice : politics ... He did the same thing while his administration was being investigated for obstructing justice.
Some GOP officials are urging Republican voters to back Democrats in 2022 to save the party from pro-Trump extremists
Black flag: Understanding the Trumpists latest threatening symbol | Trump zealots have begun flying black U.S. flags, which signal no quarter for enemies. Its a threat of violence ... no abortions, no same-sex marriage, no communism and must obey Biblical law -- If they do not yield, kill all males
Whats at stake if Trump wins in 2024? Single-party authoritarian rule
Trumps DOJ officials stopped his January election scheme. But theyre not heroes. | The true test of their integrity came not inthe Oval Office, but in their absence in the weeks that followed

Biden Announces Hell Be Exposing Trumps Traitorous Ass
Trump aides who try to avoid subpoenas over Capitol riot will be prosecuted, top Democrat warns : politics
'He's Exposed' : Steve Bannon Could Go to Jail for Defying Jan. 6 Subpoenas, Says Rep. Raskin ... For those old enough to rememberRepugs sent Susan McDougal to Jail for 18 months for refusing to testify when they were trying to impeach President Clinton
Schiff Warns Bannon That Hes In A Completely Different Situation Now Without Trump In Charge
Kevin McCarthy looks pitiful and scared running from Jan. 6 investigators
Trump's Coup Attempt Is Far From Finished - Trump is preparing to run in 2024, but a new Senate report detailing his sedition gives officials the evidence they need to disqualify him from completing the coup.
Capitol Riot: January 6 Was No Hoax, Trump Abused Supporters' Trust | National Review

Capitol Police whistleblower blasts two senior leaders for 'failures' on Jan. 6 - The whistleblower also accused Congress of not holding Capitol Police leaders accountable in the fallout

The siloed media narratives around Biden and Trump - Columbia Journalism Review

Behind the scenes of Donald Trumps very strange White House meeting with Vietnam's prime ministe - Nothing in my 30-year diplomatic career prepared me for this Trump administration event (and Kushfucker)

Trump to Skip 2024 Campaign and Go Straight to Claiming He Won | The New Yorker

Trump Close to a Deal to Sell Marquee Washington, D.C., Hotel - WSJ Miami-based CGI Merchant Group in talks to pay ex-presidents family company around $370 million for property in former Old Post Office
Not a Joke: Trump Was Going to Appoint Ivanka President of the World Bank Until Steven Mnuchin Intervened : politics
State Department Investigating if Trump Officials Stole G7 Gift Bags Meant for Foreign Leaders : politics

Dear Democrats: Only 10% of People Even Know What You Are Fighting For - The Bulwark Even if Democrats can pass their big bill, they wont be able to sell it.

Republicans are todays Dixiecrats

Trump Won the County In a Landslide. His Supporters Still Hounded the Elections Administrator Until She Resigned. : politics
Georgia election workers fired, accused of shredding voting applications : politics
Our National Political Factions Now Fight Brushfire Wars in Local Politics

Cheney campaign sees second-highest fundraising quarter | 307 Politics |

Ted Cruz & Co. Promote Nonexistent Anti-Vax Airline Strike

My "The Supreme Court is Not a Dangerous Cabal" t-shirt has many people asking questions already answered by my shirt - Lawyers, Guns & Money ... Serwers response to his public critic Sam Alito is absolutely A+ content:
Adam Serwer: Justice Alito Proved My Point by Attacking Me - The Atlantic If he wants the public to see the Court as apolitical, he should try meeting that standard himself.

Another Facebook whistleblower says she is willing to testify before Congress - CNN
A second Facebook whistleblower says shes willing to testify before Congress, and that shes shared documents with a US law agency

Confederate monuments and the history of lynching in the American South: An empirical examination | PNAS - We find that the number of lynching victims in a county is a positive and significant predictor of the number of Confederate memorializations in that county, even after controlling for relevant covariates. This finding provides concrete, quantitative, and historically and geographically situated evidence consistent with the position that Confederate memorializations reflect a racist history, one marred by intentions to terrorize and intimidate Black Americans in response to Black progress.

DOJ asks court to halt Texas abortion ban during appeal : politics
Bulletproof glass and 24-hour surveillance: The life of an American abortion doctor : politics

The war on terror, school shooting edition - Lawyers, Guns & Money ... For 20 years now weve turned American society upside down in an attempt to forestall an incredibly rare type of event (a foreign terrorist attack), but we do basically nothing or actually worse than nothing about the dozens of school shootings per year, which are essentially a form of stochastic domestic terrorism.
Jason Allen on Twitter: "Texts a mother shared with me from her son, during the shooting at a high school today in Mansfield. Captures the moment well" / Twitter

Texas Gov. Abbott issues order banning Covid vaccination mandates in rebuke of Biden Abbott has also resisted mask mandates and requiring proof of vaccination in the state.
Prompted by Abbott primary challenger, Texas agency removed webpage with suicide hotline, other resources for LGBTQ youth

Pro-Trump candidate suggests taking 'all the boats out of the water' to lower sea levels - Raw Story

FDA authorizes first e-cigarettes, cites benefit for smokers : news - BUT NO OTHER DEVICES, only this one that belongs to a company with enough money to bribe the FDA.

Jon Gruden Resigns After Homophobic and Mysogynistic Comments - The New York Times In emails detailed by The New York Times, Raiders Coach Jon Gruden casually used misogynistic and homophobic language to disparage people. (brain like a michellin tire)
I don't recall saying good luck - Lawyers, Guns & Money Yesterday, Sunday Night Football had Tony Dungy and Mike Tirico awkwardly defend Jon Gruden in light of the revelation of his racist email, which was strange and unpleasant to watch: ... Among other things this represents a bet that there would be nothing else in Grudens emails that would be similarly hateful. This is ... a terrible bet, and sure enough:

Coroner says Gabby Petito was strangled to death : news ... Dirty Laundrie
Meet the Alt Right gabycel r/hidefuk who is trolling this sub : FriendsOfBrian

Walgreens closing 5 SF stores due to organized retail crime

GrubStreet, Boston-area writing center of Who IsThe Bad Art Friend? says its launching a review after NYT story

Most adults shouldn't take daily aspirin to prevent heart attack, panel says

'We've never seen anything like it' - University of Sydney researchers detect strange radio waves from the heart of the Milky Way which fit no currently understood pattern of variable radio source & could suggest a new class of stellar object.

How a large corporation tried to discredit a scientist who exposed their product that was being leaked into public water and turned male frogs into hermaphrodite or females. The company later settled a class action lawsuit for $100,000,000 (a hundred million USD). : videos

Researchers say fossil shows humans, dogs lived in Central America in 10,000 BC : worldnews

Italian sailors knew of America 150 years before Christopher Columbus, new analysis of ancient documents suggests : worldnews

Largest wine factory in the world from Byzantine period unearthed in Yavne : worldnews

Humans used tobacco 12,300 years ago, new discovery suggests : news

what show is overrated but is treated like a masterpiece? : AskReddit

ElI5- what did Nietzsche mean when he said When you stare into the abyss, the abyss stares back at you.

Whats the most British phrase you can think of?

What kind of game is this? : WTF Hand job game, popular at bachelorette parties in the US. Bachelor and bachelorette parties have a bunch of this kind of crap in them.

What's the worst reason you woke up? : AskReddit

CIA Funding Arm Gave Encrypted App Wickr $1.6 Million The funding solidifies Wicks position as an encrypted chat platform for government agencies.


Geomagnetic storm warning as solar flare expected to directly hit Earth today. : worldnews

An unusually early Stratospheric Warming event is starting over the North Pole, with more events forecast to follow behind. It will have a yet unknown effect on the Polar Vortex for this upcoming cold season. : worldnews

More Than 30 Countries Join U.S. Pledge to Slash Methane Emissions | Methane is the second largest driver of global warming after carbon dioxide emissions. Scientists say the promised cuts could help avert the worst consequences of climate change. : politics

85 percent of the world population lives in areas affected by climate change, new study shows - The Washington Post Researchers used machine learning to analyze more than 100,000 studies of weather events and found four-fifths of the worlds land area has suffered impacts linked to global warming

Hidden camera footage exposes how bribery aids palm oil expansion in Papua New Guinea: executives also described a tax evasion scheme involving palm oil exports to India : worldnews

Malaria vaccine will change African lives forever : worldnews

BioNTech begins Phase 2 trial of mRNA-based vaccine against cancer : worldnews
New cancer treatment destroys tumours in terminally ill, finds trial | Cancer : worldnews

According to the infection rate is rising again in MA :/ : CoronavirusMa
7 Mass. counties remain [CDC-rated] high-risk for COVID-19 transmission October 11, 2021

Doctors warn of possible rise of debilitating nervous-system disorder in patients with long COVID-19 : worldnews
Delta has 235% higher risk of ICU admission than original coronavirus : CoronavirusUS
Vaccines are highly unlikely to cause side effects long after getting the shot Science shows that even the most serious side effects for any vaccine, including COVID-19, occur within just a few weeks.
The rate of Covid-19 cases is dropping nationally but rising in these 5 states : CoronavirusUS Montana, Colorado, Minnesota, Michigan and Pennsylvania

Researchers found that pregnant women and postpartum mothers thought the COVID-19-related hospital restrictions gave them a positive birth experience. Mothers reported that having only their partner instead of friends and extended families around during labor and delivery was peaceful. : science

Democrat-led states tended to have stronger response to COVID-19, which improved health outcomes. Difference between the policies made in Democrat-led states and those made in Republican-led states corresponded to an about 7-8 percent lower rate of the spread of the virus. : science

Parent sues school district after child contracts COVID-19 : news

After staff members died from COVID-19, Waco ISD vows to keep mask mandate in defiance of Gov. Greg Abbott's order

Joe Ladapo, Florida's new surgeon general, receives 52% raise over his predecessor : politics (DeathSendtence's flunky)

If you are anti-vax/hesitant browsing this subreddit, read this and take it in, youre most likely part of a foreign plan to destroy your own nation(s).
Anti-vaxxer and father of four plans to stay strong til they close his casket
His third baby was born 10.5 weeks early by emergency c-section. Why? He and his science teacher wife were both in the hospital with covid. He died without meeting the baby. : HermanCainAward
Alaskan Snowflake accepts his HCA (reposted with an additional redaction) : HermanCainAward
Mom tells the story about her sons death in his obituary.
Trucker Snowflake accepts his HCA : HermanCainAward
YELLOWs brain was rotted by Facebook well before his lungs were destroyed by COVID. The majority of these posts are from the past few weeks alone. Conspiracies, fake news, misinformation, YELLOW was infected with these well before he caught a deadly disease he didnt think was real. GET VACCINATED
An emotional plea from a daughter who couldn't convince her father to vaccinate - this is what HCA winners are choosing to leave behind and it didn't have to be this way : HermanCainAward

To my cousin Jon. There's a reason you dont have fucking Rubella you idiot

Epidemiologist warns COVID situation in Serbia worst in Europe : worldnews

Most Canadians support health-care workers refusing treatment to threatening, disrespectful unvaccinated patients: Nanos survey : worldnews

New Zealand makes Covid-19 vaccinations mandatory for teachers, healthcare workers : worldnews
Sydney lockdown ends after 106 days : worldnews

Over 90% of Malaysia's adult population fully vaccinated against Covid-19 : worldnews

Russias Navalny says prison has changed his status to terrorist
KGB archives show how Chrystia Freeland drew the ire (and respect) of Soviet intelligence services - The Globe and Mail ... Ms. Freelands ties to Ukraine are no secret, but materials uncovered from the KGB archives in Kyiv illuminate her role in the Ukrainian independence movement while on exchange there from Harvard University ... " Out of this experience, what struck me, very powerfully, was how quickly a rotten political system could collapse, and how important the work of brave dissidents could be" (Putin hates her)
Russian spy stole blueprint for AstraZeneca vaccine to make Sputnik jab
Russia shatters COVID-19 death record as surge persists, killing 968 in a single day : worldnews

Japan is considering exempting Australian soldiers from the death penalty for crimes committed during joint drills on its soil : worldnews

China floods: Nearly 2 million displaced in Shanxi province : worldnews
Operation bed warming: plan to pressure women to marry bachelors backfires - We did not get educated so that we could go back to our hometowns and serve our in-laws one woman wrote on Weibo.
China has won AI battle with U.S., Pentagon's ex-software chief says : worldnews

Astonishing Photos Show Heroin Users Forced Into Harsh Rehabby Taliban

A military court in Ouagadougou on Monday began the long-awaited trial of 14 men, including the former president, accused in the assassination of Burkina Fasos left-wing leader Thomas Sankara 34 years ago. Sankara was a pan-Africanist icon

Mozambique crisis: Sex-slave freeing Rwandan soldiers greeted as heroes : worldnews

Gunmen kill 19 traders in Nigeria market raid : worldnews

Migrants in Libya fearful and angry after crackdown and killings : worldnews

6 Years Old Egyptian Girl Sues Egypts Ministry of Education; she wins the case

Iraq says top Islamic State leader arrested : worldnews
In the end you get nothing: Disenchanted non-voters make up Iraqi elections biggest constituency

Iranian authority mandates pregnant women be reported to prevent 'criminal abortions'

How the US Media Misreads Naftali Bennett Despite recent favorable coverage, the new Israeli prime minister is just as authoritarian and anti-Palestinian as his predecessor.

Calls rise in Italy to ban pro-fascism groups after rampage : worldnews

We are staying!: Poles demonstrate in support of EU membership (stayxit) ... the largest net recipient of EU cash (like MS seceding)

Pandora Papers Expose Britain's Role in Money Laundering : The City of London Is Hiding the World's Stolen Money
U.K. police wont take action against Prince Andrew over sex abuse claim
Disgraced Prince Andrew has no way back into public life as family block royal return
BBC describes Alfred Dreyfus as notorious Jewish spy

Chile's billionaire president under scrutiny over Pandora leak
Riot police clashed with protesters Sunday during a rally by the indigenous Mapuche community, leaving 18 people injured and 10 arrested. About a thousand activists marched in the center of Santiago, many in traditional garments, demanding autonomy for the Mapuche : worldnews

Bolsonaro blocks free tampons and pads for disadvantaged women in Brazil | Campaigners say president's veto is absurd and inhumane in country where period poverty keeps one in four girls out of school

We Finally Know How 43 Students on a Bus Vanished Into Thin Air : worldnews (St Ronnie rots in hell)
Ayotzinapa: messages indicate cops handed over students to crime gang | The evidence supports the previous government's version of what happened to the 43 missing students : worldnews

The Origins of Columbus Day - Lawyers, Guns & Money Why do we celebrate this genocidal and generally horrible person anyway? Turns out that like everything else in this country, it goes back to the history of American racism and not in the way you think:

Puerto Rico has a once-in-a-lifetime chance to build a clean energy gridbut FEMA plans to spend $9.4 billion on fossil fuel infrastructure instead

Biden officials have reunited only 52 of at least 1,000 separated migrant families, a task they say is almost impossible because of Trump : politics
A Secretive Counterterrorism Team Interrogated Dozens of Citizens at the Border, Government Report Finds : politics

Can we stop calling our humongous military spending the "defense" budget? | Paging George Orwell: Even antiwar progressives use the term, which suggests how far our discourse has degraded

A Pentagon official said he resigned because US cybersecurity is no match for China, calling it kindergarten level

Nuclear Engineer Sells Sub Secrets To The FBI - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Fiona Hill, a nobody to Trump and Putin, saw into them both : politics

Schiff: Jan. 6 panel could seek prosecutions of Trump aides who dont comply with subpoenas
Rep. Schiff reveals impeachment regrets, tensions on Capitol Hill after insurrection : politics
Bannons subpoena snub sets up big decision for Biden DOJ
US Capitol Police whistleblower alleges leadership failures on January 6 : politics

Schiff: Republican Party Is Now an Autocratic Cult Around Donald Trump
CNNs Jim Acosta Says Trumps Rally Comment Gave Away The Big Lie
Trump enjoyed watching Capitol riot and boasted of crowd size, new book claims. Ex-president reportedly argued with aides who wanted him to put out a message calling off his supporters. : politics
FBI raids home of Philadelphia Proud Boys vice president to gather info about Capitol attack plans
Texas Boogaloo Boy Admits In Court He Traveled to Minneapolis After George Floyd Died, Fired 13 Shots In Police Precinct Building to Sow Chaos

John Eastman's employer tries to whitewash his road map for overturning Trumps loss - The conservative Claremont Institute
Claremont Institute dishonestly presents John Eastman as a different kind of fascist than he is - Lawyers, Guns & Money
Heres the short (pictures) and longer (link) Eastman memos. They speak for themselves, despite Claremonts transparent and bad-faith attempt to rewrite history:

The amazingly bad voter-fraud theories behind Trumps DOJ scheme
The media are finally waking up to the rolling coup.They must take the side of democracy.
New Senate report details Trump plot to overturn election : politics
Trump 'Without Question' Trying to Overhaul Election System, Warns His Ex-Cybersecurity Head
'Mark My Words' : MSNBCs Mehdi Hasan Reveals GOPs 'Chilling' Plot For 2024
What happens to Americas mental health under a second Trump administration? Very bad things

Trump had to be stopped from appointing Ivanka to run the World Bank : politics
Gift Exchanges in the Trump Administration: Furs, Gold and a Mess - The New York Times Gift exchanges between U.S. and foreign leaders, a highly regulated process, devolved into sometimes risible shambles during the Trump administration.
The Saudi royal family gave Jared Kushner gifts worth over $47,000 including 2 swords and a dagger, report says : politics

The Rundown: That infamous dinner between Trump and Romney was precisely what we thought. New book says dinner was a power play to humiliate Romney

Michigan Senate Republicans pass voter ID law 'on steroids'

Frustration is at an all-time high: Behind Bidens falling poll numbers

'It's irrelevant' : Stacey Abrams brushes aside Trump mockingly endorsing her in order to needle Georgia GOP Gov. Brian Kemp

Franklin Graham praises GOP Lt. Governor for telling "the truth" that LGBTQ people are "filth." "They have no business around children."

MAGA QAnon's 2 Biggest Celebrities Are at War (

Majorie Taylor Greene tried to celebrate Columbus Day but failed miserably | This is what happens when you're way more racist than you are smart

A Woman-Led Hacking Team Defaced the Texas GOP Website. So We DMd Them
Do we want Texas-style anti-abortion vigilantes in Arizona? : politics

It was bad for the country that Al Gore wasn't taken seriously as a candidate, says Maureen Dowd - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Rick Scott wrongly warns FBI coming after loud parents at school board meetings : politics

Ohio State Board of Education Member Defends White Supremacy : politics

Rep. Claudia Tenney calls Pope Francis a communist after he meets Nancy Pelosi : politics

The Lincoln Project Got Attention but These Never Trumpers Got Results

Shor is mainly wrong about racism (which is to say, about electoral politics) ... The fundamental challenge for Democrats is to develop a unified, effective response to the intense polarization around race intentionally driven by Trump and boosted by the interlocking elements of the rightwing propaganda machine ... The best evidence calls for a new approach that reframes racism as a tool of division that threatens all racial groups.

Inside Blue Origin: Employees say toxic, dysfunctional bro culture led to mistrust, low morale and delays at Jeff Bezoss space venture (Brozos is a heartless asshole)

Dave Chappelle's Betrayal
Netflix suspends trans employee who tweeted about Dave Chappelle special - The Verge Internally, trans employees and allies are asking executives tough questions about the line between commentary and hate

Superman Comes Out, as DC Comics Ushers In a New Man of Steel - The New York Times Up, up and out of the closet!

Paul McCartney Doesn t Really Want to Stop the Show - Half a century after the Beatles broke up, he's still correcting the record -- and making new ones. -- David Remnick
Paul McCartney - Jenny Wren - Live

Missing Apostrophe in Facebook Post May Cost a Man in Defamation Case - The New York Times

Which one of you did this? - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Ancient humans living between 12,000 and 15,000 years ago in what is now Northern Israel were using sophisticated hooks, lines, weights, and lures to catch fish, a new analysis published to PLoS ONE reveals. : science

TIL Researchers at the University of Montreal were attempting a study on the behaviour of men who watch pornography compared to those who dont but were unable to find any men who hadnt consumed porn


Antarcticas last 6 months were the coldest on record

UN declares access to a clean environment a human right : worldnews

U.N. urges nations to spend more on species protection as new pact talks begin : worldnews

Less than what NFL earns: India urges rich nations to provide developing countries with $100 billion for climate action.

In a World Fighting Climate Change, Fossil Fuels Take Revenge : worldnews

In Chile, a scientist is testing metal-eati bacteria she hopes could help clean up the countrys highly-polluting mining industry. Starving microorganisms capable of surviving in extreme conditions have already managed to "eat" a nail in just three days.

Facebook will now ban the sale of protected Amazon rainforest land on Marketplace

Mukesh Ambani joins Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk in worlds exclusive $100 billion club (Putin laughs)

Delta variant 133% more deadly than original COVID strain. Delta causes more serious disease and is associated with an increased risk of death compared to previous strains _ dangers that are drastically reduced with vaccination. : science

Coronavirus: WHO officially defines long COVID

People are developing diabetes after COVID-19. It might be because the virus messing with insulin-producing cells, new research suggests. : science
L-arginine, an off-patent, low cost and safe nutraceutical, reduces need for respiratory support and length of hospitalisation for COVID-19 by almost 50% in a recent RCT published in the Lancet : science

mRNA vaccines explained by XKCD : HermanCainAward

Florida board of education votes to sanction school districts with mask mandates : politics

Allen West Goes on Unhinged Anti-Vaxx Tirade Amid COVID Hospitalization : politics

And the shame, was on the other side - Lawyers, Guns & Money -- In its successful campaign to kill as many of its viewers as possible ...

Sometimes In Life, You Get What You Ask For - Lawyers, Guns & Money So, Idaho politics are an incredibly toxic shitshow. You have a extremist right-wing governor, Brad Little, who is horrible on COVID and everything else. But the lieutenant governor Janice McGeachin, who is challenging him in next year's primary, is a full-blown fascist ... Pete Coulson ... Vaccinated in Christ.

Tennessee doctors who spread COVID-19 vaccine misinformation could lose their licenses : news

We are witnessing a mass suicide event like nothing that could ever have been imagined in history. : HermanCainAward
COVID Anti-Vaxxers Arent a MAGA Death Cult Its Worse Than That -- Deathbed regrets from vaccine resisters speak volumes about the brokenness of conservatism ... As I said last year, this is a mass murder movement.

Eric Clapton Isnt Just Spouting Vaccine Nonsense -- Hes Bankrolling It : Eric Clapton went from setting the standard for rock guitar to making full-tilt racist rants to becoming an outspoken vaccine skeptic. Did he change? Or was he always like this? (apparently, yes)

Japans eight-month booster shot timeline could cause large sixth wave, study says

Italy hits target of fully vaccinating 80% of people over-12s : worldnews
Italian police arrest far-right party officials after anti-vax riot : worldnews

Malaysia to resume interstate and international travel from Monday as 90% of adult population fully vaccinated : worldnews

A sea of broken children: COVID-19 leaves orphans, child labourers in its wake in India

Covid-19 update: 60 new community cases reported in NZ today : worldnews

Japan has lowest share of women studying science: OECD report : worldnews
DNA study points to three ancestral populations for modern Japanese : worldnews

Last embassy from EU country shuts down in Pyongyang, say sources : worldnews

Taiwan president to pledge defence of sovereignty, democracy : worldnews
Taiwan won't be forced to bow to China, President Tsai says during National Day celebrations

Hong Kong homebuyers snap up all flats in Northern Metropolisdistrict in first weekend sales after Carrie Lams policy address ... The flats range from 138 sq ft to 259 sq ft in size and cost between HK$2.42 million and HK$5.12 million after discounts of up to 12 per cent.
150 Sq Feet Shoebox Apartment | Small Spaces | HGTV Asia - (Video Shorts) Small Spaces - Videos | HGTV Asia

Police arrest Indian ministers son in killing of farmers

Father of Pakistans nuclear programme Abdul Qadeer Khan dies | Nuclear Weapons News
Biden administration delivers brusque message to Pakistan | Pakistan | The Guardian

Taliban say they wont work with U.S. to contain ISIS
I'm just trying to survive: These WhatsApp messages show a gay man's terror while hiding from the Taliban

Turkish opposition deepens cooperation, heaping pressure on Erdogan : worldnews

Iran says more than 120kg of uranium enriched to 20% : worldnews
Coming weeks are decisive for Iran nuclear deal, Merkel says : worldnews

Power returns to Lebanon after 24-hour blackout - BBC News : worldnews

Iraqis vote in general election, a test for democratic system : worldnews

Merkel and Israels Bennett differ on Iran, Palestinians ... Bennett, a former settler leader who opposes the establishment of a Palestinian state, quickly pushed back ... To be clear, Israels crimes in promoting ethnic cleansing was never a Netanyahu problem, it was always an Israeli-government problem. ("settler" = fucking invader)

Czech voters oust communists from parliament for first time since 1948 : worldnews ... important to note that these are actual Stalinists (most of them anyway), strongly pro-Russia, strongly anti-EU, and anti-NATO.
Czech President hospitalized on ICU unit. : worldnews ... The 77-year-old is a heavy smoker and former heavy drinker who uses a wheelchair and suffers from diabetes.

Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz announces resignation : worldnews

Berlins car ban campaign: It's s about how we want to live, breathe and play

Two-fifths of police forces in England and Wales lack rape units | Violence against women and girls : worldnews (well, they are the rapers)

Colombian nun kidnapped in Mali in 2017 is freed : worldnews

Burlington man, who made up a tale about being an Islamic State executioner, sees terrorism-hoax charges dropped : worldnews

Major Climate Action at Stake in Fight Over Twin Bills Pending in Congress : politics

Top 1% of U.S. Earners Now Hold More Wealth Than All of the Middle Class : politics
This Isnt a Labor Shortage - Its a Strike by Workers Kicked in the Face by Low Wages for Too Long

Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen said minting a trillion-dollar coin would be a 'gimmick' that jeopardizes the independence of the Federal Reserve

Opinion | What Killed the Blue-Collar Struggle for Social Justice : politics

When Child Care Costs Twice as Much as the Mortgage : politics

Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer needs to retire now - or the country may be doomed : politics ... We all remember the farce of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg who was extremely sick for years and finally she died of cancer at 87!. (rot in hell, RGB)
Katie Couric suppressed RBG's comments attacking players for kneeling during the national anthem - Lawyers, Guns & Money
A fitting bookend to RBG letting Scalia bully her into removing references to Floridas rampant vote suppression from her Bush v. Gore dissent: ... They also exemplify why even generally admirable figures convincing themselves that they are Indispensible Demigods as they get older is extremely bad, even if the effects are rarely as disastrous as RBGs vain decision not to step down in 2013, a disaster the even more dispensable Stepehen Breyer is determined to court despite this.

Fix the Senate, save America : politics

Fiona Hill says January 6 was a dress rehearsal for future political violence
The hollowness of the but it didnt work defense of Trumps attempt to retain power
Opinion : Distinguished pols of the week: Pulling back the curtain on the attempted coup : politics
Trump wanted to stay in power forever like Putin, says his ex-national security adviser
Former Trump cybersecurity official says GOP leaders have lost control of voter base: This is a death spiral
Daniel Goldman: Donald Trump committed obstruction of justice : politics
Trump Explored Conspiracy About Chinese Thermostats Changing 2020 Votes

Almost a Year Since Trump Was Soundly Defeated, Republican Leader Still Wont Admit the Truth
Liz Cheney Accuses Scalise of Attack on U.S. After He Refuses to Say Election Wasnt Stolen
Most Senate Republicans dont want to see Trump run again
Donald Trump will never be president again, says renowned pollster Frank Luntz : politics
Trump Promotion of Michigan Rally Decried as ChildishPetulant and Downright Dangerous
POLITICO Playbook: GOP hands Trump the party - POLITICO

Facebook exec Nick Clegg said he couldnt give a "yes or no answer" on whether its algorithms boosted insurrection sentiments ahead of Jan. 6 riot (sounds like "yes, of course")

Steven Mnuchin Stepped In to Prevent Ivanka Trump World Bank Appointment - President Donald Trump very much wanted Ivanka at the helm, and it was the Treasury secretary who blocked her ascent. : politics

McAuliffe on 2000 election: I wish the United StatesSupreme Court had let them finish counting the votes

Democracy is coming to the Democratic Primary Process - Lawyers, Guns & Money Looks like the Democrats are finally going to tell Iowa to eat shit over their stupid caucus: "We have to be honest with ourselves, and Iowa is not representative of America"

2021 saw a record number of abortion restrictions enacted : politics

Southwest Airlines cancels 1,000 more flights as disruptions mount : news

Black Lives Matter, She Wrote. Then Everything Just Imploded.A Black superintendents email to parents after the killing of George Floyd engulfed a small, predominantly white Maryland community in a yearlong firestorm. (no systemic racism there, or anything)

Study finds huge global potential for energy from rooftop solar panels - "This potential of 27 PWh per annum from rooftop solar is very significant. For comparison, our total electricity use in all homes around the world was 6 PWh in 2019" : science

Blue-blocking lenses did not alter signs or symptoms of eye strain with computer use relative to standard clear lenses. Clinician advocacy type had no bearing on clinical outcomes. : science
Blue light has a dark side - Harvard Health Exposure to light suppresses the secretion of melatonin, a hormone that influences circadian rhythms.

What is the nastiest or creepiest subreddit out there?


UN says access to a clean, healthy environment is a human right

Mature Trees Will Increase CO2 Absorption By a Third in Response to Raised Levels on Earth, Study Shows : worldnews

Fossil fuel companies paying top law firms millions to dodge responsibility

Nestle and Kellogg's linked to shocking palm oil abuse in Papua New Guinea

Stunning Satellite Image Shows Lava Burning a Path to the Sea From La Palma Volcano : worldnews
Volcanic lava in Spains La Palma engulfs more houses

New Ebola case confirmed in eastern Congo : worldnews
New Ebola case confirmed in eastern DR Congo : worldnews

U.S. averaging nearly 1M vaccine doses a day; booster, mandates likely driving demand : politics

Why did excess mortality in the USA in 2020 rise more among young adults than among the cohorts that accounted for almost all COVID deaths? - Lawyers, Guns & Money ... While increasing age was very tightly related to the increased mortality risk caused by COVID, mortality rates in 2020 among younger people in the USA actually increased more than they did among older people.

COVID-19 pandemic led to stark rise in depressive and anxiety disorders globally in 2020, with women and younger people most affected. : science
Heart Damage Plagues Covid Survivors a Year After Infection, Study Shows : CoronavirusMa
One-year sustained cellular and humoral immunities of COVID-19 convalescents : science

Oregon politician says ask God about COVID-19 vaccination, you cant trust doctors (but refuses to give out God's phone number)
GOP rep. who shared claims of tentacled creatures in COVID vaccines quits panels : politics ... lindie: small intoxicating rocks made by mixing cocaine, ivermectin, and chopped memory foam
GOP Rep. Who Shared Claims of Tentacled Creatures in COVID Vaccines Quits Panels A New Hampshire Republican who disseminated a document claiming COVID-19 vaccines contained tentacled creatures that enter the human body has resigned from two committees of the states legislature - State Representative Ken Wyler
GOP doc dispenses sketchy medical advice on virus immunity : politics

Unvaxxed Allen West Has COVID Symptoms, Takes Unproven Meds | A day before West's vaccinated wife got the virus, the Texas gubernatorial candidate spoke to a packed indoor crowd of unmasked supporters.

Marjorie Taylor Greene says ivermectin should be used to treat COVID because it 'won the Nobel Peace Prize'

Anti-vax protesters at school event: This is rape

LA Sheriff Refuses To Enforce COVID Vaccine Rule For His Employees : politics

Allen West Contracts COVID After Taking Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin The Texas gubernatorial candidate had been taking unproven drugs to ward off the virusand now may be hospitalized. (HCA candidate)

Anyone else find extreme irony in those individuals who are stoutly against socialized healthcare asking the community to help pay for uninsured COVID medical costs through GoFundMe? : HermanCainAward
Idiots in the conspiracy sub posting edited videos and making up lies that the vaccines kill people, just sad. : HermanCainAward
Any non-"Christians" (in quotes for a reason) getting nominated? : HermanCainAward

New data suggests Canada gamble on delaying, mixing and matching COVID-19 vaccines paid off : worldnews

Five Scandinavian countries limit or halt Moderna : worldnews

Russians flock to Serbia for Western-made COVID-19 vaccines : worldnews

Global Supply-Chain Problems Escalate, Threatening Economic Recovery - WSJ Component shortages, surging prices of raw materials and transportation backups compound the bottlenecks
Theres an urgent need to clean up the World Bank and IMF

Australia to buy $1.3 billion fleet of US-made choppers as navy dumps troubled European-made MRH-90 Taipans : worldnews

Filipina Journalist Maria Ressa Wins Nobel Peace Prize After Facing Years of Threats & Arrests : worldnews

Damaged US Navy sub was operating in one of worlds most difficult undersea environments, analysts say

China's Xi vows reunification with Taiwan, but holds off threatening force
Starting a Fire : : U.S. and China Enter Dangerous Territory over Taiwan - The self-ruled island has moved to the heart of deepening discord and rivalry between the two superpowers, with the potential to ignite military conflagration and reshape the regional order.
China proposes bans on private capital participation in media : worldnews
Chinese Journalist Detained After Criticizing Government-Sponsored BlockbusterThe police arrested Luo Changping on Thursday, two days after he questioned China role in the Korean War, the subject of Chinas box office hit The Battle at Lake Changjin ... crime was to question the legal justification of Chinas intervention when North Koreastroops were on the verge of defeat after invading the South.

Russia labels reporters foreign agents after journalist Dmitry Muratov awarded Nobel Peace Prize
Putin slashes Russias space budget and says he expects better results
Alcohol poisoning leaves 26 dead in Russia : worldnews
Three U.S. Embassy staff in Russia face expulsion over allegations of property theft - The Washington Post the alleged theft occurred Sept. 18 and reported that the Interior Ministry estimated the value of the stolen items at just over $200. (Putin's dick)

Strapped for cash, the Taliban met with officials from the UK in Kabul for the first time since taking power : worldnews

White House says Turkey is undermining fight against ISIS in northern Syria
Six people with Russian passports detained in Turkey for alleged espionage : worldnews

Nigerian forces free more than 180 hostages, say police : worldnews

Lebanon: Total power outage as electricity grid shuts down after running out of fuel

Hungarys Orban backs Polish court ruling challenging EU law

Poland stokes fears of leaving EU in Polexit
France and Germany say Poland must abide by EU rules : worldnews

Germany suspends soldiers in military guard over far-right allegations : worldnews

French EU presidency to push for worldwide end to death penalty, says Macron : worldnews
Far-right TV pundit climbs to second behind Macron - Axios

136 countries agree to global minimum tax for corporations in historic OECD deal
BBC: Nations agree to 15% minimum corporate tax rate
Ireland, the low-tax European home of Apple, Facebook, and Google, will raise its corporate tax rate to 15%, joining a global agreement : worldnews

Supply crisis: Eight million Britons unable to buy essential food items in last fortnight, ONS survey suggests : worldnews
6 Cartoons That Show What The World Thinks Of Brexit Britains Many Catastrophes
James OhBrien on Twitter: "I think this, from the New Yorker, might be closer to reporting than satire." / Twitter
Britain as seen by a Slovak newspaper on Wednesday. We have become a laughing stock.
Erwin Vanmol (Hij/Ger) on Twitter: "#Doorbraak #cartoon #UK #shelves #BrexitFuelShortages #BrexitChaos #Brexitcrisis #brexit" / Twitter
Cambridge colleges accused of exploiting gig economy tutors

Key witness in Assange case jailed in Iceland after admitting to lies and ongoing crime spree : worldnews ... This was the best person the CIA could find to make their key liar / witness?

Chile prosecutors to investigate President Pinera following Pandora papers leak : worldnews

Ontario students to get free menstrual products as part of deal with Shoppers Drug Mart : worldnews
California to require free menstrual products in public schools. : politics

Berlin police investigating Havana syndrome cases at U.S. Embassy

The CBP Fascists - Lawyers, Guns & Money - Be a real shame if there were mass resignations among the fascists working in Customs and Border Protection:

Biden declares October 11 Indigenous Peoples' Day and says restoring national monuments is the 'easiest thing I've ever done so far as President'

Biden administration cancels remaining Laredo, Rio Grande Valley contracts for Trump's border wall, angering Republican lawmakers : politics

As Americans Demand Tax Reforms, Analysis Finds Top 1% Hold More Wealth Than Whole Middle Class. By Comparison, in 1990 the Top 1% Held Just 17% of the Nation's WealthLess Than Half of the Middle Class' 36%. ... So in just 30 years the middle class has lost 10% of combined wealth, and the super rich have gained that 10%. (thanks, Clinton)

Ending Unemployment Benefits Had Little Impact on Job Growth : politics
Jobs Report Confirms Ending Unemployment Aid for 8 Million People Was a Complete Disaster (Refucklican specialty(
Americas unemployed are sending a message: Theyll go back to work when they feel safeand well-compensated - an alarming number of women had to stop working again to deal with unstable school and child-care situations
The Great Reassessment - Lawyers, Guns & Money The assertion that maintaining expanded UI was causing significant numbers of people not to return to work has been thoroughly debunked. What is in fact happening is that people arent going back to bad and in some cases unsafe jobs that pay badly:

ppeals court reinstates Texass six-week abortion ban, two days after it was lifted (Trumpy court)
Stasi back in charge in Texas - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Biden Announces He'll Be Exposing Trumps Traitorous Ass | The new president laughs in the face of the old presidents 'executive privilege.'
Biden Approves Access to Trumps White House Records for Jan. 6 Probe
'Drunk on power' : Trump lashes out after Biden rejects former presidents appeal to withhold Capitol riot records (no projection too far)
Bannon Isnt Complying With His Jan. 6th Subpoena. Will Democrats Actually Do Something About It?
Jan. 6 committee to swiftly consider criminal contempt for Steve Bannon, others who ignore subpoenas
Bannon to defy subpoena from January 6 committee as Trump urges defiance, sources say : politics
Former Trump aide Dan Scavino served January 6 committee subpoena after struggle to locate him : politics (found hiding under his bed shitting his pants)
Rudy Giuliani testified that he represented Trumps 2020 campaign for free because the former president ordered me to do it
Why Trumps January DOJ election meeting failed to subvert justice
Adam Schiff points to a second insurrection by members of Congress themselves (finally)
Trumps coup plot was worse than anyone knew
Congress' Jan. 6 investigators face an inevitable reckoning with their GOP colleagues - The probe into the Capitol attack could trigger a clash over lawmakers' powers to police their own members.
Capitol rioter suspected of stealing Nancy Pelosis laptop is charged. Her plot to sell it to Russian spies is still being investigated, says report.

Donald Trump, Melania Trump, Prince Andrew, Jeffrey Epstein, and Ghislaine Maxwell at 'secret' party

Trumps DC hotel received over $3.7 million from foreign governments while he was in office, documents show
Trump received undisclosed preferential treatmenton a $170 million loan from Deutsche Bank for his DC hotel, House Oversight Committee says
Stephanie Grisham said she was part of something unusually evil in the Trump White House

Mitch McConnell Tells Biden He Wont Deal On Debt Again After Chuck Schumer's 'Tantrum' | The Senate Republican leader from Kentucky apparently can take it only from Donald Trump.
McConnells done dealing (will stick out his forked tongue and wreck the economy)
Joe Biden complains Kyrsten Sinema is ignoring his calls but she talks to Mitch
Cruel and Unfathomable Sinema Pushing $100 Billion in Climate Cuts From Reconciliation Bill

Stop calling Joe Manchin moderate he's just a greedy reactionary
Biden joked that getting Manchin and Sanders to sit in a room together to discuss the Democrats spending bill would almost be like 'homocide' a report says
Joe Manchin Should Stop Talking About Entitlement

Stephanie Grisham says she needed to be deprogrammed after leaving the White House

A New Confederacy: Trump and the Republicans have already seceded | Now theyre preparing to fight a new civil war. In fact, theyre already doing it in all but name

Michael Flynn to QAnon Believers: Im Not a Satanist! ... "We are your instrument of those sevenfold rays and all your archangels, all of them" ("I'm Satan himself" he claimed)

US Postal Service hit with lawsuit over DeJoys plan to slow delivery of first-class mail

Democrats edge toward dumping Iowas caucuses as the first presidential vote

New group aims to flip NC, through 1 million people of color who didnt vote in2020

National Democrats seek to intervene in GOP-backed challenge to mail voting in Pennsylvania The DNC is asking to get involved in the Republican effort to nix a mail voting expansion many in the GOP supported in 2019.

Billionaire Peter Thiel has a Republican US Senate candidate on his corporate payroll who is earning more than $1 million, documents show : politics (vampire sucking on the neck of America)

84% of Trump voters say US discriminates against white people : politics

Why outlawing harmful social media content would face an uphill legal battle - The Washington Post Even in cases with tragic facts, courts have resisted penalizing speech involved with some general societal harm.

Two Parents Found Guilty of All Charges in College Admissions Cheating Case - WSJ Jury finds Gamal Abdelaziz, John Wilson guilty after about 10 hours of deliberation

Hollywood Media Mogul Is Degrading Boss From Hell, Her Staffers Say ... TheWraps founder, CEO, and editor has created a toxic workplace culture, said 20 current and former staffers. Sharon Waxman is very sorry to hear this. (not just men) ... Waxman grew up in a Modern Orthodox, Jewish family in Cleveland, Ohio.

Michigan Students Accuse Celebrated Music Professor of Racism for Screening Othello He screened the 1965 version of Shakespeares Othello in class as part of a lesson about how the play was adapted for the opera. This version stars Laurence Olivier, a white actor, who wore blackface to portray the protagonist Othello, a Moor. The choice was controversial even at the time, and today, the portrayal is considered by many to be akin to a racial caricature.

Jon Gruden Used Racial Trope to Describe NFLPA Chief DeMaurice Smith in 2011 Email - The NFL has been examining more than 650,000 emails, including the one sent by the Las Vegas Raiders coach, as part of a recent investigation. Gruden apologized for the comment. ... "Dumboriss Smith has lips the size of michellin tires"
Jon Gruden is as dumb as a pair of Michellin tires - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Jim Acosta to Andrew Yang: What the Hell Were You Doing on Tucker Carlson?

Sam Anthony, Facing Death, Found the Courage to Find His Father - The New York Times After struggling with cancer for years, Sam Anthony was running out of time. Before he died, he found the courage to mail a letter that he had long been afraid to send.

A Cop Killed an Innocent Man After a Swatting Prank Call. The City Cant Be Sued. (because they had never been successfully sued before because inception)

Miami-Dade teacher accused of sexual battery against teenage boy is pregnant, police say : news

Mass. Locked Up People With Mental Illness For Decades. Now Advocates Want Their Stories Told : massachusetts
Mass. Locked Up People With Mental Illness For Decades. Now Advocates Want Their Stories Told | WBUR News the former Metropolitan State Hospital in Waltham ... Brown and her brother were sent to Fernald by a judge, who deemed their mother unfit. Fernald was a hard place to grow up ... Club members were offered oatmeal for breakfast. But unbeknownst to the boys, the oatmeal was laced with radioactive material. It was part of an experiment conducted with MIT and Quaker Oats to learn whether the cereal inhibited the absorption of iron ... They raped girls, they molest girls ... They drug you up and they molest you
Memorial honors history, people of Danvers State Hospital - News - Danvers Herald - Danvers, MA

12 hours at Mass. and Cass - The Boston Globe The encampment of addiction and misery at the edge of the city South End is a travesty that only grows worse. And until something effective is done, Boston must not look away.

Revealed: anti-vaccine TikTok videos being viewed by children as young as nine | TikTok : worldnews
Some students face charges for the slap a teacher challenge. Now schools are issuing warnings.

Guy crawling out of Beemer 330i that caught his fall from nine story high-rise. He survived. : pics

Can the Rule of Three Solve All My Dressing Problems? - The New York Times Can the Rule of Three Solve All My Dressing Problems? A reader, trying to build a capsule wardrobe, wonders if there is such a thing as a personal fashion trifecta.

Vaping aerosols contain thousands of unknown chemicals and substances not disclosed by manufacturers, including industrial chemicals and caffeine, Johns Hopkins University researchers found. : science

Lyme vaccine from Valneva (French) and Pfizer performed well in Phase II trials (doses at months 0, 2, 6; booster at month 18) : massachusetts

Women earn less because they choose the wrong degrees, study finds : worldnews

Mars scientists now know where to look for life : worldnews

A chemotherapy drug derived from a Himalayan fungus has 40 times greater potency for killing cancer cells than its parent compound. : science
Israelis discover traitor immune cells that first fight, then aid brain cancer

Scientists partially restore vision in legally blind people with the help of CRISPR Gene- Editing : science

Why did Churchill lose reelection after WW2? (WW2 wrecked the British class-based patriarchical colonial system but Churchill and Tories came back in 1951.)

B.C. woman awakes to a hole in her roof and a space rock on her pillow : news
TIL that on October 9, 1992, a meteorite not only crash landed into a Chevy Malibu in Peekskill, NY, it was recorded by 16 different cameras on the way down. Its one of the most recorded meteorites in history, and the car is displayed in a museum.

TIL that in 2004 at the Smithsonian, Walnut, a rare female White-Naped Crane, fell in love with a zoologist named Chris Crowe, who was able to rear her eggs without Walnut hurting other males. White-Naped Cranes are monogamous and stress easily so Chris must stay until he, or Walnut, dies. : todayilearned

[Serious] What is a conspiracy theory you actually believe in? : AskReddit

What was completely ruined by idiots? : AskReddit

Without revealing your age, whats something you remember that if you told a younger person they wouldnt understand?

Whats the worst sentence you could possibly hear?

What are your opinions on premarital sex? : AskReddit

Firefox Now Sends Your Address Bar Keystrokes to Mozilla : technology

Philippine Nobel winner Ressa calls Facebook biased against facts (lizard boy Fuckerberg cackles)


Nobel peace prize goes to Maria Ressa and Dmitrij Muratov : worldnews

U.S. Agencies Worry Most About These Climate Threats - The New York Times Two dozen federal agencies flagged the biggest dangers posed by a warming planet. The list spreads across American society.

Hyperinflation Could Send Oil Prices Above $180 : worldnews

World food prices hit 10-year peak, UN agency says : worldnews
A new UK study reveals daily meat consumption has fallen by 17% in the last decade : worldnews

Norway to hit 100 per cent electric vehicle sales early next year: the last new petrol or diesel car sold in Norway will come as early as April, 2022 three years ahead of the governments target.

Landmark trial in Northern Queensland, Australia eliminates pest mosquito: a bacteria can successfully sterilise and eradicate the invasive, disease carrying Aedes aegypti mosquito which is responsible for spreading dengue, yellow fever and Zika : worldnews

Google, YouTube to prohibit ads and monetization on climate denial content : worldnews

Your MA COVID-19 Interactive Data Dashboard for October 08, 2021, with 1,583 new cases reported. Compare between last week and today is in u/DragonPup's comments : CoronavirusMa
1,583 confirmed cases and 16 deaths. See todays COVID-19 data from Mass.

Millions of kids coronavirus shots ready to go; initial doses to be shared on a population basisKickoff likely in early November once regulators give okay
7% of Israels serious COVID cases had three vaccine

Long before COVID-19, states have been mandating vaccinations: "In fact, mandatory childhood immunizations have been a feature of American society since the 19th century." : Coronavirus

Covid cases dip below 100,000 a day in U.S. as nation faces colder weather and more closed-in spaces : Coronavirus

The Covid Fable - The New York Times When we treat Covid as a simple morality play, we can end up making bad predictions.
NIHs Francis Collins, on covid, science and faith: There is sucha thing as truth

What's Delaying Vaccine Mandates? - President Biden is making another push for companies to require workers to be inoculated against the coronavirus.
More people are getting Covid-19 vaccine boosters than first shots - CNN

Witch Doctors Promote Witch Doctory - Lawyers, Guns & Money Wow, who could have guessed that chiropractors would be leading promoters of anti-vax trash?

Unvaccinated pregnant people: Hospitals confront a wave of severe covid illness and death - The Washington Post

Not The Onion. : PoliticalHumor

Overwhelmed by COVID patients, Alaskas health care workers also face harassment (Alaskassippi)

Here's what the seven stages of severe COVID-19 look like - Los Angeles Times

One month ago I was a avid anti-vaxxer. After just a week of browsing on this sub, I have decided to get vaccinated. HCA saves lives. : HermanCainAward (HCA saves lives, fuck off media assholes)
My family had me very nervous to take the shot, Im disabled and stay at home most days so I thought there was no need. This sub definitely opened my eyes!
Thanks to this subreddit I am one step closer to being fully vaccinated!! Reading the post from here with the combination of being pregnant and having Lupus pushed me to make the right decision thank you all!

This sub has grown exponentially since it started and its hard tokeep up! Any idea about the actual number of individual awards that have been given out so far?
How we got here... : HermanCainAward ... (at least) 2800 winners to 2400 nominees (almost all white dumbangelicals who tried "bombarding heaven with (their) prayer cannons" while Jesus said fuck off an die, pawns of Satan)
[OC] How many Herman Cain Awards have been submitted? : dataisbeautiful
r/HermanCainAward stats

Vaccine mandates work - Lawyers, Guns & Money Meanwhile, the anti-anti-anti-vaxx set, while completely ignoring the massive Fox News anti-vaxx propaganda campaign, is (pretending to be) outraged by stories that point out that potential treatments for COVID are promising but still not substitute for vaccines that prevent the vast majority of people from getting seriously ill in the first place. I had no idea it was biologically possible to be that far up your own ass.
The Cult of the Vaccine - by Matt Taibbi - TK News by Matt Taibbi (noted for Taibbi's place in the Annals of Evil)

Canada faces wave of terminations as workplace vaccine mandates take effect: lawyer : worldnews

Eye-watering: climate change disasters will cost Australia billions each year, study finds

It was a nice break from everything: two men rescued after 29 days lost at sea

U.N. expert calls for N.Korea sanctions to be eased as starvation risk looms : worldnews

British carrier leads international fleet into waters claimed by China : worldnews (all your waters belong to Xi)
US nuclear attack submarine collides with an unknown object in the South China Sea amid rising tensions with Beijing over Taiwan
China's financial system could collapseReserve Bank
Debt-Laden Chinese Property Developer Fantasia Defaults on USD206 Million US Dollar Bonds : worldnews
University of Hong Kong orders removal of Tiananmen Massacre statue after 24 years : worldnews

200 Chinese troops stopped at Arunachal border in latest face-off with Indian Army : worldnews
The son of a union minister, whos office is responsible for law and order kills 8 people. The so called Police seem powerless to question the man, let alone ensure justice

Terrorists Kill 2 Srinagar Teachers At School In Targeted Killings - NDTV : worldnews

At least 15 dead, 90 wounded as blast targets Shiite mosque in Afghanistans Kunduz city

Video Leak Shows Rampant Torture at Russian Prisons : worldnews
Microsoft: Russia behind 58% of detected state-backed hacks : worldnews

A Ukrainian lawmaker involved in a probe into corruption in the defence sector fell ill and died in a taxi on Friday morning, police said : worldnews ... More Novichok Flu going around.
Ukrainian airline ditches skirts and heels for loose suits and sneakers (Reuters) : worldnews

A major setback: UN ends Yemen war crimes probe

Iranian authority mandates pregnant women be reported to prevent criminal abortions

Jerusalem police appeal lower court ruling allowing Jew to pray at Temple Mount : worldnews
Jordan, Palestinian Authority Condemn Israeli Courts Decision SupportingSilent Jewish Prayer on Temple Mount
Israel denies entry to son of WWII Japanese envoy who saved thousands of Jews | The Times of Israel : worldnews

You are playing with fire: EU faces crisis after Polish court ruling

Czech prime minister's party narrowly loses re-election days after Pandora Papers revelations in surprise outcome - Scandal-clouded billionaire Andrej Babis now faces probes over secret luxury property deals exposed in ICIJ's global investigation based on the biggest ever offshore data leak.

A 100-year-old former Nazi guard has gone on trial, facing charges for 3,518 deaths : worldnews

Dairy farmers forced to pour tens of thousands of litres of milk away due to HGV driver shortage and rising costs and labour shortages | UK News : worldnews
Intel not considering UK chip factory after Brexit : worldnews
English Premier League club Newcastle United sold to Saudi Arabias sovereign wealth fund
UK Man Wears Fatsuit, Disguises Himself as a Black Woman Before Carrying Out Acid Attack on Ex-Girlfriend : worldnews

Pandora Papers sparks more international calls for investigation as pressure mounts on leaders in leaked records : worldnews
Son of Afghanistans Former Defense Minister Buys $20.9 Million Beverly Hills Mansion
/u/headzoo details the overlooked impact that the Panama Papers leak has had on reducing tax evasion among the wealthy around the world : bestof

Representatives Malinowski, Salazar, Cohen and Wilson Introduce Bipartisan Legislation to Stop Enablers of International Corruption: Bill Introduced in Response to the Recently Released Pandora Papers : politics
37 members of Congress have violated a law designed to root out insider trading and prevent conflicts-of-interest : politics (Dems almost as bad and oh look, DiFucker)
Bankrupt companies gave $165 million in bonuses to top execs before going belly up last year : politics

U.S. investigators increasingly confident directed-energy attacks behind Havana Syndrome - POLITICO

Craig Lang, ex-US soldier, investigated for Ukraine actions The probe involves seven men but is centered on former Army soldier Craig Lang, who is separately wanted in connection with a double killing in Florida and is fighting extradition from Kyiv.

Restoring the National Monuments - Lawyers, Guns & Money

September jobs report badly misses expectations with payrolls increasing by just 194,000
Bank of America hikes its U.S. minimum wage to $21 an hour : news

Congress moves toward requiring women to register for the draft : news

Trump urged GOP senators to vote 'no' on raising the debt ceiling. 11 senators, including Mitch McConnell, ignored him and voted to pave the way for passage.
Arsonist heroically agrees not to light deadly fire? Let me rewrite that for you. | Press Watch Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell is getting exactly the kind of coverage he had hoped forand had every reason to expect from a press corps that is incapable of holding the Republican Party accountable for anything ... the corporate media is letting McConnell and Republicans share the credit for averting the disaster they threatened to cause

Trump sought to pin US vaccine hesitancy on Biden, ignoring the times he and his allies undermined trust in the shots : politics

Following 8 Month Investigation, Senate Judiciary Committee Releases Report on Donald Trumps Scheme to Pressure DOJ &Overturn the 2020 Election
Donald Trumps Election-Stealing Plot Was Even Worse Than We Knew
The GOPs fanciful defense of Trumps DOJ plot
Insurrection Commission Subpoenas Far-Right Activist Who Said Three GOP Reps Helped Him Plan Rally : politics ... Biggs, Brooks and Gosar ...
Trump Asked DOJ Nine Times to Overturn Election, Says 'Damning' Senate Report
Donald Trump intends to invoke executive privilege in House probe into the Jan. 6 Capitol insurrection : politics
Biden rejects Trumps request to withhold documents from House committee investigating Jan. 6 attack
Biden declines Trump request to withhold White House records from Jan. 6 committee : politics
Rep. Liz Cheney on Twitter: "This is not true. 1/6 Committee is making significant progress and we will enforce subpoenas. Committee statement coming soon." / Twitter
January 6th Committee : This is all nonsense
This Is Called 'Contempt of Congress' - Congress must act now that Trump's good soldiers are following his orders to defy the federal legislature's subpoenas.
Eschaton: Pretty Please At some point Congress is going to decide if their subpoenas are just sternly worded requests, or if they are actually, you know, subpoenas.
Bannon to defy subpoena from January 6 committee as Trump urges defiance, sources say - CNNPolitics
Jan. 6 Panel Threatens to Pursue Charges Against Bannon - The New York Times After Stephen K. Bannon refused to comply with a subpoena, the committee investigating the Capitol riot said it would consider recommending contempt of Congress charges.
The Battle of January 6th Has Just Begun | The New Yorker Nine months after the storming of the Capitol, Trump is more popular with the G.O.P. and his Big Lie is more widely believed.
Christian Conservative Lawyer Had Secretive Role in Bid to Block Election Result : politics
Trump-Loving Cousins IDed By Online Sleuths Are Arrested For Attacking Cops At Capitol | HuffPost Latest News #MississippiFlagGuy and #KingstonAsh were identified by online sleuths back in February.
Puzzling Developments in the January 6 Investigation - emptywheel
EXCLUSIVE: Leaked Documents Show January 6th Rally VIPs - by Hunter Walker - The Uprising

Capitol Police whistleblower delivers scathing rebuke to two of its senior leaders on Jan. 6 - POLITICO The whistleblower alleges, among multiple serious allegations, that former acting chief Yogananda Pittman lied to Congress about an intelligence report Capitol Police received before that days riot.

Breaking up is hard to do - Lawyers, Guns & Money For all you Pollyannas who were so sure that the Biggest Loser would just fade away, thats not happening: ... seventy-five per cent of Republicans said that Biden was not legitimately elected President. In April, that number declined to seventy per cent, but now, according to the most recent CNN survey, it has risen to seventy-eight per cent. Yes, more Republicans believe that the 2020 election was stolen now than did when the pro-Trump mob stormed the Capitol.

Losing a game rigged in your favor: the Donald Trump story - Lawyers, Guns & Money Donald Trumps hotel in Washington D.C. was essentially a bribery laundering operation during his presidency. But this being Trump it lost tons of money anyway:

Michael Sussmann Attempts to Bill [of Particulars] Durham for His Sloppy Indictment Language - emptywheel

Trump Supporters Have Already Turned on the Cyber Ninjas (insuffiently insane)
Arizona Republicans testified before Congress that Biden won free, fair, and accurate elections in Maricopa County
Idaho official says hes sending MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell the bill for an audit debunking the CEO's claims of voter fraud

Ted Cruz said these Democratic mayors support abolishing the police. His office wouldnt provide any evidence.
Ted Cruz under fire for glossing over Texas school shooting at press conference : politics

The U.S. Constitution has become a radically dysfunctional document that needs to be replaced by something completely different - Lawyers, Guns & Money This long Ezra Klein piece about the debates surrounding the work of wunderkind pollster David Shor is full of technical arguments that Im not qualified to evaluate. It features this particularly sobering prediction from Shor: ... Were screwed in the Senate, he said. Only he didnt say "screwed"

NC senator demands Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson resign for calling homosexuality 'filth'

North Carolina Republicans Threaten to Use Police Force to Inspect Voting Machines : politics

Abortion services resume at Texas clinics after judge blocks six-week ban : politics

California is the first state to ban stealthing nonconsensual condom removal

Trump-backed candidates face scrutiny after minimal vetting : politics

Facebook and Trump: America is sleepwalking towards fascism : politics

Eschaton: We Burned These Cities I doubt Lara believes this, but a lot of MAGAs do. -- Urban hellholes being places for Those People is part of the worldview, and the general urban revival of the past couple of decades upended that almost as much as the Kenyan Muslim becoming president. That Those People burned down all the cities restores their basic framework.
Trump DC hotel incurred more than $70 million in losses while Trump was president, documents show : politics

Lets get real about Nikki Haley
Pence and Haley Arent the Future of the GOP: They're Roadkill

Billy Bush Says He Was Victim of Access Hollywood Tape: NBC Sacrificed Me For Their Own Political Gain (poor baby)

When Facebook went down this week, traffic to news sites went up : worldnews

Dave Chappelle Gets Standing Ovation Amid Netflix Special Controversy: If This Is What Being Canceled Is,I Love It
GLAAD condemns Dave Chappelle, Netflix for transphobic The Closer : television

Southlake, Texas, schools restrict classroom libraries after backlash over anti-racist book Some teachers in the Carroll Independent School District blocked off their bookshelves in response to a new policy regulating inappropriate content. (books that "violated" parents "racist beliefs")

Black real estate agent and his Black clients file lawsuit after being handcuffed by police during home showing : news

The Coward of Rutherford County - Lawyers, Guns & Money Eleven children in all were arrested over the video, including the 8-year-old taken in by mistake. Media picked up the story. Parents and community leaders condemned the actions of police (racist cop fuckers in Tennessee
Black Children Were Jailed for a Crime That Doesnt Exist. Almost Nothing Happened to the Adults in Charge.

15-year-old girl gunned down in road rage shooting in Oakland : news

Woman accused of telling Black child shed kneel on his neck

I am John Horgan, a science writer obsessed with quantum mechanics, the mind-body problem and the mystery of who we are. AMA. : IAmA
What God, Quantum Mechanics and Consciousness Have in Common - Scientific American Theories that try to explain these big metaphysical mysteries fall short, making agnosticism the only sensible stance
John Horgan: Mind-Body Problems
Mind-body problem

MDMA-assisted psychotherapy associated with sleep improvements among PTSD patients : science

810,719 non-Muslim Danish males circumcised during infancy or childhood were studied over 22 years. No correlation was found between circumcision and HIV, however, circumcision was correlated with increased STIs overall, and significantly positively correlated with anogenital warts and syphilis. : science ... circumcised men tended to engage in a somewhat more elaborated set of sexual practices than intact men [43], which is consistent with a recent study showing higher sociosexual activity, including higher partner numbers in circumcised than genitally intact U.S. males [44]. Additionally, in a U.S. study of males attending STI clinics, circumcised males reported less consistent condom use than genitally intact males

People of higher socioeconomic status (SES) score consistently lower on tests of emotional intelligence, especially when they perceive high levels of inequality in their community. : science

A meteor recently fell into the most active volcano (Mount Merapi) in Indonesia : pics

Parents of children who have committed unspeakable crimes, how did you react and handle it? : AskReddit

Man attempts to give life to a lost egg

iPhone apps no better for privacy than Android, Oxford study finds : technology

AT&T quietly becomes powerhouse in conservative politics : politics

Is Mark Zuckerberg Autistic? Sources and Experts Weigh In (or just non-human?)


Climate change huge threat to humanity, physics Nobel winner Parisi says : worldnews

Eco-anxiety: fear of environmental doom weighs on young people (boomers cackles, we got ours)

World food prices hit 10-year peak -FAO : worldnews

Over two feet of rain fell in Italy in only half a day, something not seen in Europe before : worldnews ... In Australia we just had our richest person, Gina Rinehart, mining billionaire, release a video directed at school children telling them that man made climate change wasnt real.

First malaria vaccine could be rolled out to billions as World Health Organisation experts give approval : worldnews

Your MA COVID-19 Interactive Data Dashboard for October 7, 2021, with 1,532 new cases Compare between last week and today
1,532 confirmed cases and 22 deaths. See todays COVID-19 data from Mass.
Middlesex and Norfolk County down to "Substantial" rating on CDC transmission map : CoronavirusMa

Efficacy of Pfizer in protecting from COVID-19 infection drops significantly after 5 to 7 months. Protection from severe infection still holds strong at about 90% as seen with data collected from over 4.9 million individuals by Kaiser Permanente Southern California. : science
mRNA COVID vaccines highly effective at preventing symptomatic infection. Health care personnel who received a two-dose regimen of PfizerBioNTech vaccine had an 89% lower risk for symptomatic illness. For those who received the two-dose regimen of the Moderna vaccine, the risk was reduced by 96%.

GOP Virginia lieutenant governor nominee refuses to say if shes vaccinated

Divorced parents are going to court over vaccinating their kids against the coronavirus : news

How stories about vaccine denial deaths chip away at our empathy - The Washington Post (better than average HCA story)
Mr. Marceau loved posting false information almost as much as he hated fact checkers. Mark him down as another failure for The Prayer Warriors
Pastor Snowflake encouraged everyone to walk by faith, not by sight : Accepts his HCA.

u/phx-au Vulgarly yet succinctly explains why you should get vaccinated : bestof

More than 120,000 US kids had caregivers die during pandemic : worldnews
Studies confirm waning immunity from Pfizers Covid-19 vaccine
Finland joins Sweden and Denmark in limiting Moderna COVID-19 vaccine : worldnews ... for younger males due to reports of a rare cardiovascular side effect

Maryland man, accused of killing pharmacist and 2 others, believed COVID vaccines are 'poison' (Fucker Carlson cackles)

Will a City Mandate Cause Thousands of Unvaccinated L.A. Cops to Walk Off the Job? Were About to Find Out; An October 20th deadline looms, and nearly 40 percent have still not gotten the jab (perve and infect)

Canada issues Covid-19 vaccine mandate for travelers 12 or older on trains and planes : worldnews

Venezuela says IMF has not delivered COVID-19 funds because of US veto : worldnews

A coward's palace: Australian PM slams social media amid defamation law controversy (they insulted him)

Magnitude 6.1 quake jolts Tokyo area : worldnews

Guan Eng asks law minister after Islamic affairs minister confirms Bill to control non-Muslim religion | Malaysia : worldnews
Malaysian government has agreed to decriminalise suicide : worldnews (no more life sentence in prison)

South Korean Court orders cancellation of forceful discharge of deceased transgender soldier : worldnews

Small presence of Americans secretly training local forces marks concern over China's years long military buildup and recent moves
UPDATED: Attack Submarine USS Connecticut Suffers Underwater Collision in South China Sea - USNI News
French senator calls Taiwan a country in visit China protests
British carrier leads international fleet into waters claimed by China : worldnews ("the "Pacific Ocean")
Profound regret: Chinese University of Hong Kongs student union dissolves after 50 years amid pressure
EU should move manufacturing out of China, says Lithuanian president : worldnews

In targeted attack, terrorists shoot dead Sikh school principal and Hindu teacher in Jammu and Kashmirs Srinagar ... targeted by radical Islamic terrorists

Vladimir Putin turns 69 years old : worldnews
As Prices Rise, Russias Gazprom Cuts Gas Supplies to EU by 70%

Pakistan earthquake kills 20 in Balochistan province : worldnews

Taliban Helping Ongoing US Evacuations, Want Americans Out : worldnews
Afghanistan: Hundreds gather outside passport office in Kabul in desperate bid to flee the country : worldnews

Azerbaijan shuts office of Iranian supreme leaders Baku representative as war game tensions mount
Cybereason exposes Iranian state-sponsored cyber espionage : worldnews

2 more student sentences to jail today in Turkey due to protests that have been going on for 9 months for LGBTI+ rights, freedom of speech and a free and democratic academy. More than 1000 students were detained and 14 were arrested in total. : worldnews

As Lebanese got poorer, politicians stowed wealth abroad : worldnews

Palestinians outraged over ruling allowing Jewish prayer on Jerusalem Temple Mount : worldnews
The time has come to act: Hamas conference examines post-liberation
Nike to stop sales using Retailers in Israel by the end of May in 2022. : worldnews (shift to online and "company stores")
2,700-year-old toilet found in Jerusalem was a rare luxury : worldnews

Austrian chancellor under investigation over alleged misuse of funds : worldnews

Danish prime minister Mette Frederiksen is being interrogated and held as the prime suspect in a case where 15 million minks were killed in response to a covid mutation last year. She did not have legal grounds to kill healthy minks as well, which she claims to not have known at the time. : worldnews

Pope 'shamed' by churchs failures over child abuse in France

Granddaughter of Mussolini wins seat in Rome municipal vote : worldnews

Belgian government to propose four-day working week : worldnews

100-year-old goes on trial accused of 3,518 Nazi war crimes : worldnews
German police raid ring suspected of laundering $162 million : worldnews ... The raids were part of an investigation into a so-called hawala network widely used in Muslim countries, in which individuals rather than banks act as brokers for money transfers.
Germany: Police special forces units have carried out raids North Rhine-Westphalia, Lower Saxony and Bremen. Its thought that some illegal profits may have been channeled to finance terror activities in Syria

Outrage after gay woman diagnosed at Spanish hospital with 'homosexuality'

France moves closer to banning so-called gay conversion therapy : worldnews
French unions march for better pay as cost of living spikes : worldnews

'Economically illiterate' PM'ss Tory conference speech gets frosty reception | Next boss, thinktanks and unions criticise Boris Johnson, saying shortages cannot be blustered away
Grown men in tears: Hundreds of pigs culled with farms overcrowded amid butcher shortage
Universities failing to mark down students for poor writingskills (Tories exit education)
Homeowners demand full payout in Irelands crumbling homes scandalHomeowners in Ireland hit by a devastating building defect that causes walls to Crumble like Weetabix

Key witness in Assange case jailed in Iceland after admitting to lies and ongoing crime spree - igurdur Thordarson, a key witness for the FBI against Julian Assange, has been jailed in Iceland. The notorious alleged hacker and convicted pedophile was remanded to custody in Icelands highest security prison, Litla Hraun, on September 24. Thordarson was given immunity by the FBI in exchange for testimony against Julian Assange.

Brazils highest court has upheld a ban on missionaries trying to contact isolated Indigenous communities: Beside the risk of spreading COVID & other diseases, missionaries are shown to undermine traditional cultures and social cohesion
Fast track to disaster? Brazils Grain Train plan raises fears for Amazon

Colombia deploys 14,000-strong military unit in restive border region : worldnews

The widow of slain Haitian president Jovenel Moise gave witness testimony Wednesday to a magistrate investigating the July assassination of her husband, an attack in which she herself was seriously wounded : worldnews

After Pandora Papers, EU says it plans new rules against tax avoidance : worldnews ("plans")

The Last Thing the United States Government Wants Is Abu Zubaydah Testifying in a Courtroom - The Guantanamo detainee, tortured at a CIA black site, is pretty much a breathing advertisement for the existence of an International Criminal Court.

Bidens CIA director creates high-level unit focusing on China

Navy Facebook Account Hacked to Stream Age of Empires
Hundreds of billions were spent by the US in Afghanistan. Here are 10 of the starkest examples of waste, fraud and abuse

Senate majority leader confirms deal to raise debt ceiling and avoid default : politics
The Dumbest Congressional Standoff Ever Is Getting Somehow Dumber : politics

Bidens signature bill isnt that expensive. Its a drop in the bucket
Sanders Pushes Back After Manchin Says He Doesn't Want to Create 'An Entitlement Society'
Congress fights over money for child care but never questions billions for war (

In Speech, Warren Calls Out Culture of Corruption Among H igh-Ranking Federal Reserve Officials; Says Responsibility is with Powell : politics

Republicans thought the Supreme Court could stealthily ban abortion. They were wrong : politics
he federal court ruling blocking Texass abortion law is a marvel
The Decision Blocking Texas Abortion Ban Is a Meticulous Rebuke to the Supreme Court
Not wartime consiglieres - Lawyers, Guns & Money Remember when the Supreme Court made a critical contribution to the theft of an election with a wholly lawless opinion? Linda Greenhouse takes us down memory lane:
/u/UncleVatred plainly describes the magnitude of the Republican Party's triumph with the Supreme Court : bestof

Fiona Hill: Trump was turning himself essentially into a pretzel dealing with Putin

One of the truly weird and unanswered questions of the Trump era is now resolved. But why was it ever a secret in the first place? ... Why, exactly, did President Donald Trump make an unscheduled trip to Walter Reed National Medical Center one sunny Saturday afternoon in November 2019? (they stuck a camera up his butt)

New Details of Trump Pressure on Justice Dept. Over Election - The New York Times A Senate panel fleshed out how Donald Trump pursued his plan to install a loyalist as acting attorney general to pursue unfounded reports of fraud.
Senate Report Details Trumps Dramatic Efforts To Undercut 2020 Election In Waning Days | White House counsel Pat Cipollone likened Trumps effort to a murder-suicide pact, a Judiciary Committee probe found.
Senate Judiciary Committee issues sweeping report detailing how Trump and a top DOJ lawyer attempted to overturn 2020 election : politics
Senate report gives new details of Trump efforts to use Justice Dept. to overturn election : politics
The Story of Trump's Attempt to Overturn the 2020 Election Is Coming Into Focus - It's all beginning to make awful sense.
Trump Whined to Acting Attorney General: Youll Do Nothing to Help Me Overturn Election
Trump Tried to Force the DOJ to Just Say the Election Was Corrupt ... On that same call, Trump complained that the DOJ wasnt on top of what was really happening because "You guys arent following the Internet the way I do."
A new report reinforces the danger of a president who lives in an echo chamber : politics
Opinion: As a stunning new report reveals Trumps threat to democracy, Republicans shrug
The intelligence was there: Law enforcement warnings abounded in the runup to Jan. 6 (oh, how did that happen?)

Select Committee Issues Subpoenas Related to January 6th Stop the Steal Rally at U.S. Capitol | Select Committee to Investigate the January 6th Attack on the United States Capitol
Trump tells 4 former aides to defy Jan. 6 committees subpoena
Many Jan. 6 rally organizers poised to comply with committee, top Trump aides expected to rebuff - ABC News The House committee probing the Jan.6 attack issued 11 subpoenas last week.
Senate Judiciary probe of Trump 2020 machinations zeroes in on Pa. House Republican

Trump allies did little to investigate election fraud claims, court documents show : politics

The Jan. 6 committee wants to hear from the Facebook whistleblower on any role the platform had in the Capitol insurrection : politics

An accused rioter has told the F.B.I. that Joseph Biggs, a leader of the far-right Proud Boys, directed him to challenge the police at a key moment on Jan. 6. Mr. Biggss lawyer denied the allegation.

Sidney Powell ignored a Trump campaign memo saying her Dominion theories were bunk, legal filings show : politics

Kyrsten Sinema Has Made Herself Into a Shame to Democrats

A Nervous Lindsey Graham Doesnt Deny Freeloading Off Trump

GOP lawmakers threaten forcible entry into Durham elections office :: (refucks want to inspect "modems" that aren't there)

Sean Hannity says Mitch McConnell should act like a conservative or step aside

84% of Trump Voters Worry About Discrimination Against Whites, Think Christianity Under Attack : politics

Texas school district pulls books by acclaimed Black author amid critical race theory claims : politics
Guilford GOP school board campaign manager says helping children of color feel like they belong hurts white children | Connecticut News |

Jimmy Carter Was a Horrible President - Lawyers, Guns & Money I want to remind everyone that just because Jimmy Carter was an excellent ex-president does not mean he was not a horrific actual president. He was very, very bad. And that has to be part of our historical memory of him.

Americans Trust in Media Dips to Second Lowest on Record

Dozens of states have tried to end qualified immunity. Police officers and unions helped beat nearly every bill. : politics

Bill de Blasio hasnt repaid NYC funds he used for his failed presidential campaign, investigators say

Corey Lewandowski Demanded Cash After MAGA-Land Kicked Him to the Curb ... Instead of grappling with the notoriously belligerent operative, however, his MAGA Action colleagues simply abandoned him ... a power-hungry, talentless, amoral psychopath who hit the jackpot with Donald J. Trumps ... a piece of trash

The Liberal Activist Who Targets Republicans With a MAGA Masquerade : politics

Massachusetts Senate approves bill to expand voting rights : politics
Boston to replace Columbus Day with Indigenous Peoples Day : politics

Boston Cop Who Bragged About Running Down Protesters Back On Full Duty - by Eoin Higgins - The Flashpoint

Video footage amid unrest after George Floyds death captures Minneapolis police discussing hunting people

Woman, 18, shot by school officer removed from life support : news

New details of Brian Laundries movements emerge as officials find recent campsite in Florida reserve

Greed at the Museum - Lawyers, Guns & Money Everyone said in the 80s and 90s and 00s that public institutions should be run like a business. Now they arewith high priced leadership taking all the resources while cutting staff and making life worse for most of its workers ... Thousands of museums, zoos and aquariums received $1.61 billion in forgivable loans through the PPP ... Museums with large endowments and multimillion-dollar budgets grabbed more than $1 billion in taxpayer-funded loans and grants to fill their coffers and then tossed their workers to the curb ... Sounds like modern capitalism to me! What is a Payroll Protection Program if not to steal more money from workers!

Federal judge orders FEC to investigate allegations NRA illegally gave to Republican campaigns : politics

How AT&T fuels right-wing extremists - by Judd Legum - Popular Information
When It Costs $53,000 to Vote : politics
Opinion | Fines Prevent Too Many From Voting in Florida - The New York Times - Photographs by Damon Winter Text by Jesse Wegman

Historical Memory Priorities - Lawyers, Guns & Money
Remembering the Boarding Schools - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Woody Harrelson involved in altercation at Watergate Hotel, police say - The Washington Post

Va. jury shown video of killing in neighborhood dispute - The Washington Post

Under new ownership, the online publication aimed at younger readers unveiled a revamped version of itself on Wednesday ... a long-scroll site filled with stories falling under the rubrics Culture, Identity, Impact and Life, along with photo portraits and illustrations to go with a casual-seeming design that includes a blend of typefaces.

Why Nothing (Even The Air Force) Can Kill The A-10 Warthog - 19FortyFive

There's a battle over your gas stove, climate change and health : NPR ... kids who live in a home with a gas stove have about a 20% increased risk of developing respiratory illness.

LGM Film Club, Part 213: Greenwich Village, Sunday 1960 - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Identity Fraud

What to know about the years-long plagiarism dispute involving two Boston writers that has Twitter buzzing - The Boston Globe

The best percussion massagers

TIL: Genesis isnt the oldest book of the bible. It was written later than at least a dozen other books

Im a life coach, youre a life coach: the rise of an unregulated industry

/u/RamsesThePigeon performs a hat trick with an incredible post, a poignantly edited quote, and a thought-provoking discussion of Reddit (and social media as a whole). : bestof

A support community to help stop smoking cannabis, marijuana, pot, weed, edibles, or getting high.

hotelcharlie22 comments on Thoughts on open carry?

Whats a super sketchy US city that we never hear about?

u/stoovdub demonstrates stunning badassery whilst confronting Aurora CEO, highlighting abusive sexist culture : bestof
The real nefarious reason for Kennys little PR interview yesterday.
Is Ken a criminal? | This site is dedicated to Ken Griffin and his alleged crimes

the_silent_redditor comments on Drain sinus and clear stuffy nose in one move. This actually works!

Anyone Seen Tether s Billions? A wild search for the U.S. dollars supposedly backing the stablecoin at the center of the global cryptocurrency trade and in the crosshairs of U.S. regulators and prosecutors.

Facebook is nearing a reputational point of no return : technology
Time magazine cover : pics
U/EnglishMobster shows how false Zuckerbergs post is : bestof
Facebook Banned Me for Life Because I Help People Use It Less : technology
Instagram fuels both body-image issues and social connections, teen girls say : worldnews


orphaned mountain gorilla, Ndakasi, dies in the arms of lifelong caretaker and friend, Andre Bauma : pics
The crane who fell in love with a human - The Washington Post

Fossil fuel industry gets subsidies of $11m a minute, IMF finds : worldnews

Clean environment could become U.N. human right. Not so fast, say U.S., Britain : worldnews

Wake up to the looming water crisis, report warns : worldnews
UN report warns of global water crisis amid climate change. Much of the world is unprepared for the floods, hurricanes and droughts expected to worsen with climate change and urgently needs better warning systems to avert water-related disasters, according to a report by the U.N.'s weather agency. : worldnews

Indigenous protesters in Peru take over Petroperu pipeline : worldnews

Mongolia to spend no less than one percent of GDP to plant one billion trees : worldnews

WHO says increased surveillance urgently required to explain rise in human cases of H5N6 bird flu (China says no way)

Massive oil spill sends crude onto Orange County beaches, killing birds, marine life : worldnews
Ships anchor may have caused massive oil spill off the coast of Southern California

Gene-edited crops: No plansto relax rules in Wales; Welsh government says it will maintain its precautionary approach towards genetic modification

Yezo virus, new disease that infects humans, discovered in Japan : worldnews

A Historic Event : First Malaria Vaccine Approved by W.H.O. - Malaria kills about 500,000 people each year, about half of them children in Africa. The new vaccine isn't perfect, but it will help turn the tide, experts said.

MA COVID-19 Data 10/6/21 : CoronavirusMa
MA: 1,492 new cases and 27 new deaths, +101,368 tests, 1.83% positivity rate (10/06/2021) : CoronavirusMa
Mass. reports 3,741 new breakthrough COVID-19 cases, raising total to 0.87 percent of fully vaccinated people - The Boston Globe

Mass. hospitals prepare to fire hundreds of employees who refuse COVID vaccine - The Boston Globe
Boosters were a shot in the arm to Mass. COVID-19 vaccination numbers - The Boston Globe

Delta wave appears to be receding in Vermont : news

Science Closes In on Covid's Origins - Four studies -- including two from WHO -- provide powerful evidence favoring the lab-leak theory (no zoonotic evidence)
Revealed: Wuhan and US scientists planned to create new coronaviruses Before Covid pandemic erupted, group submitted proposals to mix genetic data of related strains and grow completely new sequences ... if Sars-CoV-2 had been produced in this way, it would explain why a close match has never been found in nature. (Peter Daszak, edo-death alliance, mass murderer, helped China kill millions)

Those under 40 more likely than older adults to recover COVID-related smell and taste loss: Ongoing survey tracking smell and taste recovery of COVID-19 survivors shows 4 out of every 5 recover senses within 6 months. : science

Canadian study: risk of death 133% higher with Delta than original COVID : worldnews

Hospital system says it will deny transplants to the unvaccinated inalmost all situations

Fauci rails againstthese f---ing dark web people harassing his wife and daughters with violent threatsorcing them to change cell phone numbers

Feds: Florida missed deadline to receive $2.3B in school aid : politics (FuckSantis plays to his evil idiot base)
Broward School Board stays defiant on masks as state threatens to strip $421,000 Biden grant : politics

Treasury says Arizona cant use federal COVID-19 aid for anti-mask education grants
ADHS - COVID-19 Deaths (old white refuck males killing themselves to own the libs)

GOP lawmaker blocks $27M in COVID funds because vaccines contain living organisms with tentacles ... the babies of vaccinated parents are born with pitch black eyes and can stand and even walk at only three months old

Americas Finally Telling the Anti-Vax Nuts Where They Can Go ... "Passengers who choose to be unvaccinated should have the freedom to travel on horseback as the rest of us fly. Unfortunately for them, theyve caused a shortage of horse medicine."

AP: Flush with COVID-19 aid, schools steer funding to sports : politics

Vaccine holdouts are just 1.8% of NYs largest health provider now they're fired

Kaiser Permanente suspends 2,200 unvaccinated employees : news

Eschaton: Doctors - They aren't all like this, of course, but an education (often, not always!) lacking in breadth, the arrogance of overachievers, a hierarchical profession that puts them (certain specialities, at least) in the stratosphere, and a lack of people ever telling them to just shut the fuck up, means a lot of them are, whatever their training, just arrogant dumb assholes.
Watch: UCLA doctor is escorted out of medical center after speaking at anti-vax rally | Boing Boing

AskScience AMA Series: I am a medicinal chemist and pharmaceutical scientist at the University of Florida who is an expert on Kratom, which is currently under investigation as treatment for opioid withdrawal syndrome. AMA! : askscience

Absolutely brutal Facebook takedown from a friend of the people posted : HermanCainAward (another prayer warrior failure)

Anti-vaxxers have taken to directly killing people now. : HermanCainAward
Prayer Warriors are needed for The Other Anne Frank : HermanCainAward
W (and his wife) love making posts about minimizing the virus or hurting people they dislike, but now that hes in the hospital shes asking for prayer
nickydca comments on At a loss of words...
Fundamentalist Felicia claims that Fauci killed her dad. On a bright note she also turned me on to a stash of 250 dank anti-vax memes which are darker and weirder than anything we see on the Hermies. Dm if you want the link to the memes. : HermanCainAward

Sweden pauses use of Moderna COVID vaccine for younger age groups : worldnews

Additional 2.63 mln doses of Moderna vaccines to arrive in S. Korea | Yonhap News Agency : worldnews

France stole 5,000,000 vaccine doses from UK

A longstanding deal that saw Australia detain asylum skers in an offshore camp in Papua New Guinea will be scrapped. Under Australia's hardline immigration policies, migrants attempting to reach the country have been sent to detention centres in Papua New Guinea and the Pacific nation of Nauru
Matildas legend unleashes explosive allegations about culture in Australian womens soccer

Ferdinand Bongbong Marcos, son of late dictator, announces Philippines presidential bid

ASEAN ministers weigh not inviting Myanmar junta boss to summit - envoy : worldnews

Dystopian world: Singapore patrol robots stoke fears of surveillance state

Fighters launched from Japanese warships for the first time since WWII : worldnews

China capable of mounting full-scale invasion by 2025, Taiwan says
Taiwan defence minister says tensions with China are the worst in four decades : worldnews
World War III with China possible; Taiwan asks Australia for help
Joe Biden says Xi Jinping has agreed to abide by Taiwanagreemen (photos reveal pooh-bear had his fingers crossed)
US national security adviser will meet Chinas top diplomat this week in Switzerland
When Trump Caved to Xi and Threw Taiwan Under the Bus : politics
Tiananmen Square protestors swept to the side of the road like trash as Chinese army approaches : pics

Hong Kong to build 1m homes by China border to speed integration : worldnews
Two former Hong Kong leaders named in Pandora Papers leak : worldnews

U.S. suspends authority to ship nuclear materials to Chinas CGN
China unloads Australian coal despite import ban amid power shortage : worldnews ... indonesia who is the biggest coal exporter in the world is exporting 100% of their capacity

India to provide free healthcare for transgender people, including sex change operations : worldnews

A group of 45 Western countries demanded at the global toxic arms watchdog on Tuesday that Russia provide urgent answers about the poisoning of Kremlin critic Alexei Navalny. Moscow now has 10 days to respond to the questions : worldnews
Pandora papers reveal hidden riches of Putins innercircle.

A Secret CIA Gate at Kabul Airport Became an Escape Path for Afghans - WSJ Nicknamed Glory Gate, the back entrance was hidden from the Taliban and used to evacuate embassy staff and others
Afghanistan Asks UN to Pay Power Bills Before Country Goes Dark (Fuckiban can't run their country)
Afghanistan Asks UN to Pay Power Bills Before Country Goes Dark
Afghanistan Fears Literal Darkness as Taliban Fail to Pay Electric Bills : worldnews (Fuckiban bring back the dark ages)

Secretive Offshore Maneuvers Enriched Unofficial Third Wife of Kazakhstani Leader Nursultan Nazarbayev - OCCRP : worldnews

London-based Arabic newspaper Rai al-Youm claimed that Mossad abducted an Iranian general in Syria during its operation last month. : worldnews
UN prevented Israels ambassador from displaying UNRWA teachers pro-Hitler posts

Are Brotherhood members forming terror cells in Sudan? : worldnews

Ethiopia used its flagship commercial airline to transport weapons during war in Tigray - CNN : worldnews

Mozambique crisis: Sex-slave freeing Rwandan soldiers greeted as heroes : worldnews

Sri Lanka probes presidents niece over Pandora claims

Ukrainians unearth hiding places of Jews in city sewers during Nazi Holocaust : worldnews

Antisemitic graffiti found at Auschwitz-Birkenau: The Auschwitz Memorial and Museum said the spray-painted inscriptions included "denial slogans" written in English and German. More than 1.1 million people died at the camp during World War II
Germany expands pensions to more Holocaust survivors : worldnews

Spain to pass host of rent-lowering measures : worldnews

In its current shape, the defence pact with France is unacceptable: According to the biggest opposition party in Greek. - KD Revision : worldnews

Ireland set to agree historical minimum corporate tax rate : worldnews

Inside Boris Johnsons post-Brexit bubble, where hes king of his party but cut off from reality ('twas ever so)
UK PM Johnson to announce a rise in minimum wage within weeks -The Times : worldnews (BoJo offers 2 pence)

European Parliament calls for a ban on facial recognition : worldnews

Brazil police find 3 mln euro Nazi haul at home of suspected pedophile | Reuters

Jamaicas Olympic and world championship medallist Nesta Carter, whose positive doping test caused Usain Bolt to be stripped of his Beijing 2008 Olympic 4x100 metres relay gold, has tested positive again and faces an anti-doping hearing next week.

The Pandora Papers: The secret riches of a parallel universe : worldnews
A look at world leaders named in the Pandora Papers - Times of India : worldnews
The Pandora Papers Show That South Dakota Is a Moral Sewer and Should Be Abolished : politics (flush pos Noem down the toilet)

Federal Judge Halts Enforcement of Texas Abortion Law - The New York Times The Justice Department had sued to block the law, which banned nearly all abortions in the state.
Federal judge issues order blocking Texas' 6-week abortion ban - CNNPolitics

U.S. debt default could wipe out 6 million jobs and $15 trillion in wealth (Moscow Mitch cackles)
Mitch McConnell Just Produced Such a Load of Manure That Even Quoting It Verbatim Feels Like Malpractice : The Senate minority leader wants to "begin negotiations" the same way a mugger wants to begin negotiations for your watch and wallet.
Biden Gives Democrats a Green Light to Weaken the Filibuster for Debt Ceiling Votes : politics
Democrats are serious about potentially changing Senate rules to avoid default : politics
Romney to join Republican filibuster against debt ceiling vote. Democrats will attempt to move forward with measure to raise debt limit on Wednesday. : politics (Mitten votes to destroy the economy)

Abject Fold | Talking Points Memo This is open and shut. McConnell caved when Democrats refused to budge. Now they can focus on their reconciliation bill. It comes up again in December. But McConnell has already shown he doesn't have the stomach for it. With recon out of the way he'll have less leverage not more.
Heres Why McConnell Blinked ... But here is the gist. Democrats refusal to budge on using reconciliation to beat Republicansrepeated filibusters is moving quickly toward a situation where there will literally be only two options: filibuster carve-out or debt default. Those are both very bad options to McConnell

Eschaton: Or Not Which concession, AMONG THE ZERO OFFERED BY REPUBLICANS, should Democratic leaders accept?

Bidens Education Dept. just wiped out $1.74 billion of student debt for 22,000 borrowers through a major overhaul of a loan forgiveness program
Biden to overhaul student loan system and cut cost for more than 500,000 : politics

10/6/21 - Americans Give President Biden Lowest Marks Across The Board, Quinnipiac University National Poll Finds; Majority Say The Biden Administration Is Not Competent | Quinnipiac University Poll

Cruz pins debt crisis on Democratstrillions but Trump spilled 11x more red ink than Biden so far (fat wolverine again)
The Debt Ceiling: An Arcane Financial Fiction That Almost No Other Country Deals With : politics (laughs in Russian)

Biden administration plans to restore environmental review policies weakened by Trump : politics

Warren urges SEC to open insider trading probe into Fed Vice Chair Clarida, others : politics

Leahy Leads 48 Senators In Introducing John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act : politics

Senate Confirms 4th Native American Judge On The Entire Federal Bench | Lauren King, 39, now holds a lifetime seat on a U.S. district court in Washington state. : politics

Norm Ornstein on the crisis of democracy: This is the same roadmap we saw in Germany

Former Trump DOJ No. 2 sits for interview with Jan. 6 committee - POLITICO
The Legal Architects of Trumps Failed Coup May Finally Face Real Consequences
The Jan. 6 Select Committee & Disinformation: Start Pre-bunking The Lies Now | Talking Points Memo ... In 2017, former FBI Director Robert Mueller was named a special counsel to investigate Russian interference in the 2016 election, and potential links between the Trump campaign and Russian officials. Some two years later, Muellers report was released. In the intervening time Mueller and his team avoided speaking about their work, and made little effort to counter disinformation.
Steve Schmidt: The GOP is no longer faithful to Americandemocracy
Tampa Oath Keeper stays jailed after judge finds he threatened cops Jeremy Brown, a one-time congressional candidate, attended the Jan.6 Capitol riot. Agents say they found unregistered guns, and hand grenades, in his home.
Fiona Hill calls out GOP lawmakers for showing blind support to Trump and assisting 'his effort to overturn the constitutional order'
Former White House Russia expert Fiona Hill says U.S. is in a 'cold civil war'
Will the mainstream media ever face its failure to tell the truth about Jan. 6? : politics

Screaming Matches, Oxygen Masks, and Wild Stampedes: A Congressman Describes January 6 From the House Floor : politics
Report: Trumps Former Aides Plan to Defy January 6 Commissions Subpoenas
House Jan. 6 panel cant find Trump aide to serve him subpoena ... Dan Scavino, former White House deputy chief of staff for communications
Don't Believe in This Kind of Luck - Video shows some of the first rioters to break through the police line running past 15 reinforced windows, making a beeline for a recessed area on the Senate side of the building, where two unreinforced windows and two doors with unreinforced glass were all that stood between them and hallways leading to lawmakers inside.
Cyber Ninjas CEO declines US House request to testify at Arizona audit hearing : politics
Arnold Schwarzenegger: January 6 insurrection is what happens when people are being lied to about the elections

5 Points On The Newly Released Testimony Of Rudy! Sidney! And The Big Lie Gang | Talking Points Memo

Opinion | Trump True Believers Have Their Reasons - The New York Times ... disproportionately white, Republican, older, less educated, more conservative and more religious (particularly more Protestant and more likely to describe themselves as born again) ... and more authoritarian and anti-intellectual

Former Trump press secretary Stephanie Grisham believes Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump hought they were a shadow president and first lady (shadows for sure)
Allen Weisselbergs History of Playing Dumb Probably Wont Save Him (or Trump) This Time

Opinion: The Trump threat may soon get worse. Heres the under-the-radar reason for it.

Voting Laws Roundup: October 2021 - In an unprecedented year so far for voting legislation, 19 states have enacted 33 laws that will make it harder for Americans to vote : politics
Texas GOP Gerrymandering Plan Reveals Ominous and Deeply Racist Threat to US Democracy

Senate Republicans Shrug Off Candidates With Domestic Violence Allegations : politics

Eschaton: Wow Great Insight I get so enraged by journalists praising an utterly banal insight, something that should have been obvious to them all along and was screamed at them by shitposters they ignored for years. This got lots of praise yesterday!

Senator Kyrsten Sinemas approval rating drops as Democrats accuse her of blocking Bidens agenda |Senators approval ratingswith registered voters of Arizona fell to 42 per cent from 48 per cent this year

Texas has raised $54 million in private donations for its border wall plan. Almost all of it came from this one billionaire. : politics

Taylor Swift fans are getting caught up in the Virginia gubernatorial race || Republican nominee Glenn Youngkin was involved in the controversial sale of Swifts master recordings ... Youngkin the Republican nominee for Virginia governor retired as co-CEO of the private equity firm The Carlyle Group before launching his 2021 gubernatorial bid (owned by bin Ladien)

Voters in 36 states will elect a governor next year. Heres a cheat sheet

Idahos MAGA Lt. Governor Just Tried to Seize Power, Again
Idahos Palace Coup Is Like Game of Thrones If It Were Produced by OAN | This is Republican politics in a shot glass. (haha, Charlie ftw)
Idaho governor leaves town; lt. gov tries to ban vaccine mandates, deploy National Guard | How stupid can you be?

Mike Lee may finally pay for his Trump sycophancy : politics

Its bad news -- MAGAs Gaetz sex crime probe takes new turn
Gaetz friend asks for more time to cooperate with feds : politics

Kellogg Strike - Lawyers, Guns & Money

How the Christian Right Embraced Voter Suppression : politics (Fuckangelicals)
Evangelicals Love of Cultural Theft - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Former Supreme Court Justice Gableman, head of Wisconsin election review, says he does not understand how elections work : politics (Federalist Fucker)

Parnell seeks gag order against wife as dispute spills into campaign : politics ... Pennsylvania Republican Senate candidate Sean Parnell has asked a judge to seal records in his ongoing custody case and to ban his wife and her attorney from talking publicly about past protection-from-abuse orders against him matters that have stirred political attacks and media scrutiny.

Critical race theory fades as a hot topic on Fox, other right-wing networks - The Washington Post Concern about the intellectual framework triggered clashes at local school board meetings. But it seems to be dropping off the public radar now.

Will you fall into the conspiracy theory rabbit hole? Take our quiz and find out.

Victims of love - Lawyers, Guns & Money This long Vox essay by Constance Grady on Americas evolving reactions to the Clinton-Lewinsky affair annoyed the hell out of me for various reasons.

Yang'd - Lawyers, Guns & Money You will never guess where Andrew Yang went to promote NoLabelsUniteAmerica24. OK, you probably already have:

Former FBI Agents Blame Misogynist Culture For Botched Larry Nassar Investigation - The Department of Justice said it will review the misconduct of agents in the USA Gymnastics case, but FBI veterans say the problems run much deeper.

Revealed: pipeline company paid Minnesota police for arresting and surveilling protesters : politics

Police and thieves - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Cold case team says Zodiac Killer ID'd, linking him to another murder - The Zodiac Killer terrorized the San Francisco area in the late 1960s and has never been caught
The Zodiac Killer Has Finally Been Identified, Says Team of Independent Investigators : news

Cops: Man who murdered 3 thought pharmacist brother was killing people with COVID shots : news

Court reverses man's murder conviction, death sentence - ABC News Court reverses mans murder conviction, death sentence - reversed the murder conviction and death sentence of a Black man, saying his defense team failed to interview a key witness who saw a white man fleeing the victim's home

R. Kellys YouTube channels removed after conviction

Some States Want to Charge for Rescuing Lost Hikers : politics

13 organizing hacks for your tidiest fridge yet |

The Revolutionary War Veterans Who Lived Long Enough to Have Their Pictures Taken | PetaPixel

Two scientists share Chemistry Nobel for developing tool for building molecules : worldnews

Scientists have developed an experimental, protein-based vaccine against rheumatoid arthritis. The vaccine-based treatment strategy proved successful in preliminary animal studies . : science

Tiny rare fossil found in 16 million-year-old amber is once-in-a-generation find

Mysterious World Appears to Be The First Exoplanet Ever Found Orbiting 3 Stars : worldnews

ELI5: Why is it that people can cross their eyes to center, but we are not able to look outward, to both sides at once (i.e., right eye looking to the right and left eye looking to the left at the same time)? : explainlikeimfive

A study of 1,035 mothers estranged from their adult children found that nearly 80% believed that an ex-husband or their son- or daughter-in-law had turned their children against them. : science

AskScience AMA Series: I am a medicinal chemist and pharmaceutical scientist at the University of Florida who is an expert on Kratom, which is currently under investigation as treatment for opioid withdrawal syndrome. AMA! : askscience

eli5: I don't understand why hieroglyphics a lost language. Egypt was the biggest civilization of its time and there is no translation other than the Rosetta stone? Why? : explainlikeimfive

Music of the Mushrooms: Study Finds Pairing Psilocybin With Music May Help Treat Depression - : science

What shit are you getting too old for? : AskReddit

Men who were sexually assaulted, what is your story? [serious] : AskReddit

Whats the worst response to I love you

Whats the dumbest thing youve ever heard described as evil or satanic?

Whats the best insult youve ever heard?

Drain sinus and clear stuffy nose in one move. This actually works! : videos

What is the worst lie someone has ever told you? [serious] : AskReddit

Special Report: How AT&T helped build far-right One America News
One America News Network Is Funded Almost Entirely by AT&T : television

Google is giving data to police based on search keywords, court docs show : politics

The entirety of Twitch has reportedly been leaked | VGC : worldnews

Not True: Zuckerberg Denies Facebook Prioritising Profits Over Safety (said pathological lying lizard boy)
Senators demand Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg answer questions after whistleblowers revelations at hearing
Mark Zuckerbergs Days of Skating by Congress May Be in the Rearview

FCC Finally Gets Off Its Ass To Combat SIM Hijacking : politics


Nobel Prize in Physics 2021: Trio get Physics Nobel for discoveries in climate, complex physical systems | World News - Times of India : worldnews

Climate scientists hit with steep COP26 bill -- The worlds preeminent climate science organizations plan to downgrade their presence at next months COP26 climate talks after being told they would be charged over500,000 for their pavilion due to shortages of material and labor.

Exposure to deadly urban heat has tripled since the 1980s, and now affects nearly a quarter of the worlds population, a study has found. Amid surfaces such as concrete and asphalt, which trap and concentrate heat, and little vegetation, temperatures are generally higher in urban areas.

Illegal logging threatens rare Cameroonian hardwood with extinction : worldnews

14% of worlds coral lost in less than a decade, study shows

UK plans fossil fuel-free power grid by 2035 using nuclear energy : worldnews

Yezo virus, new disease that infects humans, discovered in Japan : worldnews

Tuesday October 5 2021 Update : CoronavirusMa
Mass. reports 3,741 new breakthrough COVID-19 cases, raising total to 0.87 percent of fully vaccinated people - The Boston Globe ... 46 more COVID-19 deaths among fully vaccinated people, bringing the total to 300 deaths among those fully vaccinated ... 31% of hospitalized are vaxxed.
[Analysis] COVID cases in Massachusetts continue to drop as 138,315 vaccine booster doses have now been administered - MassLive - October 4, 2021 [New cases of COVID-19 continued to trend downward ... the lowest Monday report of new cases since Aug. 16] : CoronavirusMa

Intramuscular injections can accidentally hit a vein, causing injection into the bloodstream. This could explain rare adverse reactions to Covid-19 vaccine. Study shows solid link between intravenous mRNA vaccine and myocarditis (in mice). Needle aspiration is one way to avoid this from happening. : science

96 Percent of New Yorks Teachers Are Now Vaccinated, Because Mandates Work

Fauci Didnt Cancel Christmas. Conservatives Are Still Mad

Coronavirus live updates: Johnson & Johnson asks FDA to authorize booster shot - The Washington Post - Covid cases in kids are soaring. In Tennessee, most remain unmasked and unvaccinated.

Florida only state to not submit plan for COVID funds; US Department of Education wants to know why : politics

Bexar Facts poll shows 59% disapproval for Texas Gov. Greg Abbott - Governors disapproval numbers have grown with each poll, results show

Texas, Florida, Ohio and more: Californias state travel ban covers one-third of America

NH Gov. Chris Sununu Seeks To Remove Panel Chair Ken Weyler Over False COVID Claims : politics ... Weyler sent the entire committee an email containing a 52-page "report" with disinformation on COVID-19, including claims that live creatures with tentacles are entering peoples bodies through the vaccine and that technology was placed in the vaccine to control peoples thoughts.

America's most influential fascist interviews America's dumbest man to try to kill as many of his viewers as possible - Lawyers, Guns & Money
Josh Marshall on Twitter: "Tired: The Jews will not replace us! Wired: You will not stop us from replacing ourselves!" / Twitter

ESPN Anchor Sage Steele Removed From Air Steele has tested positive for COVID-19, according to sources. But her not appearing on air goes beyond her diagnosis.

An Ohio COVID patient treated with ivermectin after wife sued hospital has died | Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Wuhan high school classes shut over mystery virus as early as November 2019 : worldnews

New Zealand admits it can no longer get rid of coronavirus, will adapt to live with it -- ABC News : worldnews

Bizarre save Australia protest blocks New York streets ... Hundreds of Americans gathered outside the Australian consulate in New York on Monday (local time) to protest against Australias COVID public health measures.
Bizarre save Australia protest blocks New York streets
Hillsong founder pleads not guilty to concealing sex abuse allegations : worldnews (Evanfuckers)

S. Korea moving to introduce state-run health insurance for pets : worldnews ... Korean dogs will have healthcare before American children. (Mitch laughs)

Malaysia Air victims can move forward with terror lawsuit against Russian banks : worldnews

Taiwan president warns of catastrophic consequences if it falls to China
Australia warns China over massive breaches of Taiwans air defence zone
French senators to visit Taiwan amid soaring China tensions : worldnews
Japans foreign minister says hopes Taiwan, China resolve issues peacefully
Malaysia summons Chinese envoy to protest South China Sea incursion : worldnews
China's Xi instructs army to increase military pressure near Taiwan : worldnews

Chinese detective in exile reveals torture inflicted on Uyghurs : worldnews

Modi ministers son rams SUV into protesting farmers, 9 killed
India nears widespread power crunch on coal shortage : worldnews
Indian shop workers most of them women win the right to sit

Russian Rights Defender Shares Shocking Videos On Prison Torture Machine (Putin's sado-fuckers)
Russian film crew blasts off to make 1st movie in space : worldnews
Russia test fires submarine-launched hypersonic Tsirkon missile for first time : worldnews

Taliban Say Graduates Of 2000-2020 Of No Use: Report : worldnews ... any education past the 6th century is of no use.
Taliban killed 13 members of Hazara ethnic group: Report : worldnews

3 Workers Died, More Than 70 Injured While Building Dubai Expo : worldnews

Put your star away : Jewish singer refused service at German hotel - When German musician Gil Ofarim arrived at a hotel in Leipzig, he says he was told to put away his Star of David necklace or he would not be allowed to check in.

Porr Fined 62 Million Euros, Highest Cartel Fine in History : worldnews

Estimated 216,000 children abused by French Catholic priests, report finds : worldnews (burn it all the fuck down)
More than 200,000 minors sexually abused by French Catholic clergy, landmark report finds : worldnews
French priests abused 216,000 victims since 1950 : worldnews
It's Time for Some Country to Use Secular Law to Disestablish the Institutional Catholic Church - This organization has been marinating in cruelty and scandal for so long that investigating it feels like archaeology ...

NATO expels eight Russian undeclared intelligence officers in response to suspected killings and espionage - The move, which is understood to have been agreed on Tuesday, comes after revelations emerged about suspected Moscow involvement in a deadly explosion at an ammunition depot in the Czech Republic in 2014.

French child kidnap plot shows global sway of QAnon : politics

UK Supermarkets urged to stop selling Faroe Islands seafood after dolphin slaughter : worldnews

The Greatest Heist In History: How Haiti Was Forced To Pay Reparations For Freedom ... In July 1825, the French King, Charles X, sent an armed flotilla of warships to Haiti with the message that the young nation would have to pay France 150 million francs to secure its independence, or suffer the consequences. That sum was 10 times the amount the United States had paid France in the Louisiana Purchase, which had doubled the size of the U.S. ... . The French economist Thomas Piketty resurrected the idea in 2020, arguing that France owes Haiti at least $28 billion. The French government, under multiple presidents, has balked at the idea, and it is unlikely to pay Haiti back anytime soon.

European politicians call for Facebook investigation after whistleblower revelation : worldnews
Oxfam calls EU's revised tax haven blacklist 'a joke'. "Today's decision to delist Anguilla, the only remaining jurisdiction with a zero percent tax rate, and the Seychelles, which are at the heart of the latest tax scandal, renders the EU's blacklist a joke

Venezuela announced the reopening of its land borders with Colombia, more than two years after they were closed amid a diplomatic crisis between the neighbors. Vice President Delcy Rodriguez said cross-border trade between the two countries would resume on Tuesday : worldnews

Deliberate misgendering violates human rights, Canada tribunal rules : worldnews

World leaders were on the defensive after the documents detailing how heads of state use offshore tax havens to stash assets worth hundreds of millions of dollars. Thirty five current and former leaders are featured in roughly 11.9 million leaked documents : worldnews
Pandora Papers: World leaders deny wrongdoing after leaks : worldnews
Pandora Papers: World leaders deny wrongdoing after leak of financial documents : worldnews
Leaked Pandora records show how the powerful shield assets
While Canada sent hundreds of millions in aid to Jordan, its king grew his collection of luxury homes : worldnews (suckers)
Revealed: Pandora papers unmask owners of offshore-held UK property worth 4bn
Pandora Papers: Qatar ruling family avoided 18.5m tax on London super-mansion
Elton John, Shakira Named in Pandora Papers as U.K. and Australia Call for Review of Leaked Tax Shelter Documents : worldnews ... First she gets attacked by boars, and now is outed as a tax dodger.
The Queens estate has been dragged into the Pandora Papers it appears to have bought a $91 million property from Azerbaijans ruling family, who have been repeatedly accused of corruption
A former high-ranking official of the Japanese soccer association who served as a Cabinet adviser and the wealthy CEO of a telecommunications giant are among Japanese individuals whose names crop up in secret records collectively known as the Pandora Papers : worldnews
1,000 Japan firms, people named in Pandora Papers on tax havens
Pandora Papers show mystery foreign investors making it harder for Australians to buy property : worldnews
Pandora Papers leak: Indian-origin Tory donor Mohamed Amersi among those named : worldnews
Sri Lankan power couple piled up luxury homes, artworks and cash offshore as ruling family rose and rose : worldnews

C.I.A. Admits to Losing Informants - The New York Times Counterintelligence officials said in a top secret cable to all stations and bases around the world that too many of the people it recruits from other countries to spy for the U.S. are being lost.

Trillion-dollar platinum coin could be minted at the last minute : politics
This jarring chart shows Biden's economic agenda is a tiny fraction of what the US government will spend over the next decade : politics
Democrats Must Raise the Debt Limit to a Quadrillion Dollars ... Congressional Democrats are about 48 hours away from staking the stability of the global financial system on Mitch McConnell's capacity for shame. Senate filibuster change on debt a real possibilityBiden says
What Was the Debt-Ceiling Showdown Really All About? - The Bulwark The answer is: Democracy.
Republicans Swear They Wont Blink On Debt Limit

Jen Psaki knocks down Fox reporters asinine word game:'Let's not dumb this down'
Exasperated Psaki tells far-right reporter 'there's no reason to yell' about Hunter Biden ... Emerald Robinson of Newsmax ... Unlike Bidens son, Donald Trumps daughter Ivanka Trump and his son-in-law Jared Kushner both had official positions in the White House during the Trump administration. They made up to $640 million while Trump was in office by one estimate, and their businesses got trademarks approved and extended in Russia, China, and Japan during the administration, sometimes shortly after Ivanka Trump met with the leaders of those countries.

Russias eroded democracy seen as cautionary tale for U.S. after Trump
The Trump White House was as dirty and filled with intrigue as the Kremlin, former advisor says

Bidens legal ability to cancel $50,000 in student debt per borrower is still unknown, says the White House. Its been 6 months.

These Hack Justices Are Gunning for Roe, and Lying About It : politics
Abortion rates rise in Ohio despite efforts to ban it : politics

Grim Reaper Mitch McConnell is coming to kill the economy : politics

Mother, son arrested in theft of Pelosis laptop during Capitol riot (

Mike Pence Tries To Spin Jan. 6 Insurrection, Gets Brutal Reminder In Response : politics
Martha Kelly on Twitter: "@Mike_Pence - Trump sent people to kill you bro" / Twitter
Lying bigot Mike Pence says focusing on insurrectionists who stormed the US Capitol as well as chanted that they wanted to hang him is simply a distraction. Thats because his role in trying to help execute the attempted coup is bigger than realized. What a pathetic traitor.
Mike Pence Should Go Away and Enjoy the Memory of Being One Clogged Artery Away From the Big Chair - The former vice president will never be the Republican nominee for anything because he did the right thing that one time.

67% of GOP want Trump to stay in politics, 44% want him to run for president | Pew Research Center
Steve Bannon pledges 20k shock troopsready to go as he rants that 'we control this country' : Donald Trump's former strategist has called on GOP to 'deconstruct' the state
Trump Reportedly Isnt Announcing for 2024 Yet Because Aides Told Him Hes a Loser
Donald Trump Falls Off The Forbes 400 For First Time In 25 Years

'I Was Part of Something Unusually Evil - In Kansas with Stephanie Grisham, who does not believe she will be redeemed.
Stephanie Grisham: I told the Trumps my relationship with a White House staffer had turned abusive. They didnt seem to care.
Ex-Trump staffer Max Miller files defamation lawsuit against Stephanie Grisham over abuse allegations -
~ Trump-Backed Candidate Loses Bid to Silence Tell-All Book Author

Criminal inquiry into Trumps Georgia election interference gathers steam
OB Raffensperger Went on TV and Said Biden Won GA in Audit and Recount, Then Trump Called : politics
What Happens When Local Election Administrators Believe Trumps Big Lie?: A Colorado clerk's conspiracies highlight a growing insider threat

Biden reverses Title X gag order - Lawyers, Guns & Money The Biden administration has revoked a Trump-era rule that had become a flash point in the abortion wars, saying Monday it would no longer bar clinics that receive federal family planning aid from advising people about ending their pregnancies ... This is also an exquisite setting for Andrew Yangs long wank about how he no longer wants to be part of a political party that will not give him a major nomination he has no qualifications for. The quest to take the politics out of politics will never end and nor will it ever accomplish anything positive.

Trump endorses Geoff Diehl for Massachusetts governor : boston

The Facebook Whistleblower Hearing May Be the Start of a Bipartisan Reckoning on Monopoly Power - Plus, Frances Haugen's testimony was written so even senators and elderly bloggers could understand.
AOC Pounces on Facebook Blackout:'Break Them Up : It's almost as if Facebooks monopolistic mission to either own, copy, or destroy any competing platform has incredibly destructive effects on free society and democracy.
Whistleblower to Congress: Facebook products harm children and weaken democracy : politics
Sen. Amy Klobuchar says Congress has done nothing to oversee Facebook because tech companies are throwing money around this town

Lets Call Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema What They Are: Extremists | What does it mean to be a moderate in the era of the climate crisis?
Her calculation is off: Sinema dares the left to take her out
Now she worships at an altar of a stagnant pool and when she sees her reflection, she's fulfilled - Lawyers, Guns & Money Why is Kyrsten Sinema? Michelle Goldberg read her book so you dont have to: ... "Maverick" ... Sinema is already falling off, and if she torpedoes the BBBA shell be a one termer sharing a channel on the latest alt-right video service with Tulsi Gabbard and Glenn Greenwald

DOJ to investigate threats against teachers, school board members nationwide : politics

Workers at all of Kelloggs U.S. cereal plants go on strike

Death of a Clown - Lawyers, Guns & Money The man who helped Democrats keep the Senate for two more years through misogynist buffoonery is dead: ... Todd Akin
Michael Tae Sweeney on Twitter: "Trying to imagine the headlines and op-eds forecasting electoral doom if Dems passed something this unpopular" / Twitter

Black woman in rural Texas unable to obtain ID needed to vote, advocates say system is unfair : politics

Right-Wing Commentator Dan Bongino Runs Into Florida Anti-SLAPP Law, Now Owes Daily Beast $32,000 In Legal Fees : politics

Andrew Yang announces hes leaving the Democratic Party, changes registration to independent (Yang-bang Wanks)

Md. Gov. Hogans former chief of staff is indicted on federal wire fraud charges ... McGrath resigned as Hogans (R) top aide in August last year after it was publicly revealed that he authorized a quarter-million-dollar severance package for himself when he left the agency.

Where did all the white Hispanics go? - Lawyers, Guns & Money - A massive but to date little noted shift took place in the US population, as measured by the 2010 and 2020 censuses, respectively ... In the 2020 census, these numbers shifted drastically. Only 20% of Hispanic/Latino/Spanish respondents listed their race as whitea 62% decline The percentage of respondents listing their race as Other rose by 13.5%, while that of those listing themselves as two or more races increased by a staggering 450%, from 6% to 33%. ... he age of Trump is featuring a kind of exodus from white identity among subgroups that, culturally speaking, have that option (It should be unnecessary to emphasize here that whiteness is a purely sociological phenomenon that has no non-social independent reality

Bodycam shows Minneapolis officers hunting civilians during Floyd protests

FBI raids home of NYPD union head Ed Mullins and NYC offices - New York Daily News
F.B.I. Raids Headquarters of the N.Y.P.D. Sergeants Union
FBI raids New York City police union headquarters : news
Scott Hechinger on Twitter: "This is extraordinary. FBI is raiding one of the largest NYPD leadership unions-SBA. Represents tens of thousands of Sergeants. And is led by Ed Mullins. An overt racist, who regularly promotes violence & hatred through the SBA Twitter Account. Here's more on Ed Mullins:" / Twitter

Check Out These Exclusive Pics From Hunter Biden's Big LA Art Opening : Shepard Fairey, Moby, and Eric Garcetti were among the VIPs who attended.
Art often draws inspiration from life but what happens when its your life? Inside the curious case of Dawn Dorland v. Sonya Larson ... On June 24, 2016, a Facebook friend of Dorlands named Tom Meek commented on one of Dorland's posts ... GrubStreet Muse conference in Boston ... The third one, in August, was a Cambridge Public Library event featuring many of the Chunky Monkeys (+hello, Nextdoor)

A Botched Circumcision and Its Aftermath | The New Yorker The constant discomfort of a genital injury creates a covenant of pain. It is impossible to think about anything else ... Seven years later, soon after our arrival in the United States, my father fell under the influence of some ChabadniksHasidic followers of the Lubavitcher Rebbe, who were going door to door telling Soviet Jews in Brooklyn and Queens that they had to circumcise their boys ... Misha begs the Chabadniks who have driven him to a Brooklyn hospital, but he is told by one of them that Abraham was ninety-nine when he performed the bris with his own hands! ... Maimonides ... "There is no doubt that circumcision weakens the power of sexual excitement, and sometimes lessens the natural enjoyment"
The latest blog from Orban fanboy Rod Dreher is the subtext renting out every billboard in town to proclaim itself the text:
Little Failure by Gary Shteyngart | Book Trailer - YouTube

Ozy Media is accused in a lawsuit of fraudulent conduct

(29) Ithamar Paraguassu Ramos's answer to Sometimes we idealize the United States from the 1950s. What was common in the 1950s that would horrify us now? - Quora ... nudity ...

OZY Rules: The House Negro Gets It in the End: The now-defunct OZYs business chicanery conceals a much more corrosive narrative. -- Eugene S. Robinson (Eugene is the best)
Ozy CEO Insists Nothing Is Awry at His Still-Imploding Company | Vanity Fair

Jane Fonda, 83, reveals she wants men 'to say she looks good for her age' | Daily Mail Online ... as she speaks candidly about seeking male approval

What is the metaverse, and do I have to care? - The Verge

Adult Obesity Prevalence Maps | Overweight & Obesity | CDC
MA one of the few green states for adult obesity rates in the USA : boston (CO and MA and HI)
Best and Worst Places to Have Babies: Were #1 (MA) ... Bottom 3 are South Carolina, Alabama, and Mississippi

Simulations suggest an Earth or Mars size planet may be lurking out beyond Neptune : worldnews (scientist says definitely not an alien black=hole base)

Brain implant may lift most severe depression : worldnews

According to a 2011 study, SpongeBob is messing with the memory retention of children, impairing their readiness for learning.Findings show that allowing preschoolers to watch the series causes short-term disruptions in mental function and attention span due to frequent camera cut scenes.

History buffs, what is a commonly held misconception that drives you up the wall every time you hear it? : AskReddit

Are there any authors you refuse to read, no matter how many time people have suggested them to you? : books

What is an untruth people tell themselves to feel better about life or world they live in? : AskReddit
What is one popular belief you strongly disagree with? : AskReddit

Tesla must pay $137 million to ex-worker over hostile work environment, racism : technology

A Major Telecom Firm Says Hackers Accessed its System for Almost 5 Years : worldnews

Facebook says outage was due to a faulty router configuration change. : worldnews
1.5 billion Facebook users personal information allegedly posted for sale


Canary Islands volcano increasingly aggressive as Spain's leader announces emergency funds

Sea levels rising and Arctic ice at a record low, global report says : worldnews

175 House Republicans Voted to Block Relief for Hurricane Ida and Wildfire Survivors : politics

Major oil spill washes ashore in California, killing wildlife : worldnews

Covid, in Retreat - The New York Times New cases in the U.S. have fallen by more than a third in the past month.

Your MA COVID-19 Interactive Data Dashboard, with 1.69% positivity rate. Previous 5 is in u/affinitypaw's comments. : CoronavirusMa
In its first COVID-19 data report since Friday, Mass reports 3,283 confirmed cases and 12 deaths
Massachusetts COVID cases nearly four times higher this September than last: But hospitalizations, death rates down - Boston 25 News - October 3, 2021 : CoronavirusMa

Analysis of data from 6.2 million people finds no significant associations between mRNA COVID-19 vaccines and serious side effects : science

For those who got Pfizer boosters, were the side effects as bad as your first go round? : CoronavirusMa undefined
Virus surge hits New England despite high vaccination rates : CoronavirusMa
US passes 700K dead from coronavirus more than the population of Boston
Twitter thread from epidemiologist Dr Ellie Murray on what "endemic" means and what's involved in managing it : CoronavirusMa

Clinical trial concluded that convalescent plasma is futile as a COVID-19 treatment for most critically ill patients. The trial concluded for futility when enough data was collected to say witha greater than 99% certainty that convalescent plasma did not help critically ill COVID-19 patients.

It's like 10,000 spoons when all you need is for people to take a safe and effective vaccine - Lawyers, Guns & Money - Death panels in the state Sarah Palin served as governor for several months:

New Yorks largest health care provider fires 1,400 unvaccinated workers

(Update) Qnut I know is finding out Covid is real : HermanCainAward (the usual xtian journey ending in the loving arms of Jesus)
Searching 'COVID' in gofundme is an award-mine! : HermanCainAward
Congratulations, James. You won an HCA.
Looks like fun : HermanCainAward
Be careful with your HCA intake, it may accidentally make you choke your friends! : HermanCainAward
TW: What the fresh hell... : HermanCainAward

Research by the Center for Countering Digital Hate shows how Instagram owned by Facebook recommends anti-vaccine and CoVID-19 misinformation to its users

Republicans Shout Down Rep. Lindsey Graham for Pushing Vaccine -- Ninety-two percent of people in hospitals in South Carolina are unvaccinated - Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) was booed by Republican activists Saturday after he suggested they should consider taking the coronavirus vaccine, making him the latest prominent Republican to face a backlash from the partys grassroots over the vaccine.

Jim Acosta: Far-right is behind its own 'great replacement' theory

Russia hits record number of daily COVID-19 deaths : worldnews

An investigation by the Philippine government has found 154 police officers could be criminally liable over their conduct in President Rodrigo Dutertes bloody war on drugs.

Thai Ministry of Education Caught Using Photoshopped Image Showing Minister Visiting Flood-Affected Area : worldnews

NCIS case files reveal undisclosed U.S. military sex crimes in Okinawa : worldnews

Two Koreas reopen hotlines as North urges South to mend ties : worldnews

British aircraft carrier have entered the South China Sea for the second time, despite Chinese warnings : worldnews
Taiwan asks Australia for help to prepare for war with China : worldnews
British carrier group joins huge international fleet in the Pacific : worldnews

Xi Jinping warns that Chinese laboratories handling deadly pathogens will face closer scrutiny : worldnews
Shares in China property giant Evergrande suspended after debt payments missed : worldnews
China will BAN video games that feature gay relationships or allow players the choice of being good or evil : worldnews

Russian state news outlets covered the Pandora Papers, but made no mention of the involvement of Putin's inner circle : worldnews

Belarusian strongman Alexander Lukashenko tries to turn the tables in combative interview : worldnews

Far-right extremists in Ukraine brag of training by Canadians: report : worldnews

Cases pertaining to Pandora Papers to be investigated by Indian Government
India - Union ministers son allegedly runs car over protesting farmers in UttarPradesh, 5 killed
MoS sons convoy kills 4 in UP, angry farmers lynch 4 BJP men
The Other Four Killed in Lakhimpur Kheri: UP Ministers Driver, 2 BJP Workers, a Journalist
Indias Christians live in fear as claims of forced conversions

Pandora Papers roil Pakistani politics; PM pledges investigation : worldnews

Kabul faces blackouts because the Taliban stopped paying foreign companies that generate most of Afghanistan's electricity : worldnews ... Returning them to the dark ages in more ways than one.
Civilians killed in deadliest Kabul attack since US withdrawal : worldnews
Taliban say forces destroy Islamic State cell hours after Kabul blast : worldnews
Satellite Imagery Contradicts Reports Of Foreign Aircraft At Bagram Air Base In Afghanistan : worldnews

Michelangelos David statue's private parts covered up at Dubai Expo

Jordans king denies impropriety in luxury home purchases

Iran tried to assassinate Israeli businessmen in Cyprus - Bennett's office : worldnews
U.S., Qatar target Hezbollah financial network with sanctions : worldnews

War crimes and crimes against humanity have been committed in Libya since 2016, a United Nations investigation has revealed. : worldnews

Swedish cartoonist Lars Vilks, whose Prophet Muhammad depiction drew death threats, killed in car crash : worldnews

3000 paedophiles held positions in French Catholic Church since 50s
Church sex abuse: Thousands of paedophiles in French Church, inquiry says : worldnews

Emotional Merkel, marking German reunification, calls for tolerance : worldnews

Milan plane crash: Eight dead as private jet hits building : worldnews

Animals die in the food industry: Boris dismisses farmersfury over potential mass cull of 120,000 pigs ("we would have eaten the little piggies anyway" BoJo said)
Britains Brexit minister to claim UK renaissance has begun despite shortages

Thousands protest across Brazil calling for President Bolsonaros impeachment

Pandora papers: biggest ever leak of offshore data exposes financial secrets of rich and powerfu : worldnews
Pandora Papers: Document dump allegedly links world leaders to secret wealth : worldnews
Who has been named in the Pandora Papers? : worldnews
Quarter of Boris Johnsons Cabinet took Russia-linked cash as Tories head to Conference
Pandora Papers: Blairs saved 312,000 stamp duty in property deal ... B-liar is a man of many talents. Bush's poodle. Hypocrite. Feculent piece of dog shit ... And somehow still the best PM the UK has had since Atlee. Really shows the utter dearth of political talent and honesty in Westminster. We really need to do better.
Major Tory donor advised on Uzbekistan deal later found to be $220m bribe : worldnews
Putin's alleged mistress has $100M, Pandora Papers reveal
Pandora Papers Reveal Offshore Holdings of Ukrainian President and his Inner Circle - OCCRP : worldnews
King of Jordan hidden property empire worth more than $100m, Pandora papers reveal : worldnews
Pandora Papers: Uhuru Kenyattas familys secret assets exposed by leak

Pandora papers reveal South Dakota's role as $367bn tax haven
Major probe accuses South Dakota of rivaling offshore tax havens : politics (the real story behind Kristi Fucking Noem)

Ending the War in Afghanistan Wont End Inflated Defense Spending. While preparing to consider big cuts to the $3.5 trillion reconciliation bill, Congress is simultaneously advancing a defense spending plan that would pay out more than twice that in the same time period
Most people in US favor Afghan ally refugees: AP-NORC poll : politics

Military members promised student debt relief in exchange for ten years of public service say promise is often broken

Big Oil is going all-out to fight climate rules in Build Back Better : politics

A Judge Sent A Capitol Rioter To Prison, Rejecting The Governments Lighter Recommendation
The revelations about Mike Pences role in Jan. 6 keep getting worse (and Trump still tried to kill him)
Opinion: The revelations about Mike Pence's role in Jan. 6 keep getting worse ... Pence apparently went further than previously known in probing whether he could execute a version of Eastmans scheme.
Trump lawyer John Eastman subject of bar complaint over advice on Pence's role in election - The Washington Post
What The Trump Books Tell Us About Jan. 6 - For the rest of our lives probably, we'll be learning new info about the days leading up to Jan. 6. This is just phase one.

Biden torches Mitch McConnells Senate GOP ashypocritical, dangerous, and disgraceful for blocking US debt limit hike

Fiona Hill says Trumps presidency was a 'mistake,' warning populist politicians like himshort-circuit our democracy

Trump wanted to announce his 2024 presidential candidacy in the middle of the chaotic Afghanistan withdrawal but his advisors talked him out of it: report : politics

If Trump wins in 2024 he will be about revenge says former White House press secretary
Court orders Trump to give a deposition in a lawsuit over Summer Zervos sexual-assault claims before Christmas
Trump sued her, she won : politics

Opinion | The Supreme Court Has Gone Off the Rails - The New York Times
Supreme Court declines to hear dispute over DC representation in Congress | TheHill

The provisions in Texas restrictive abortion law are not popular, an NPR poll finds
Susan Collins Is Furious About the Abortion Crisis She Helped Create : politics

Activists corner Kyrsten Sinema in bathroom over refusal to support Biden agenda : politics
LGBTQ people need to wash our hands of Kyrsten Sinema. She doesnt deserve our support. We may have to put up with the out bisexual Senators antics for three more years, but we shouldnt for one more day beyond.
Biden: Not appropriate for protesters to follow Sinema into bathroom (narrator: they didn't, you idiot)
Kyrsten Sinema Bathroom Protest Was Justified This senator is holding all of us back, and some of her most vulnerable constituents are, rightfully, sick of it.
Left-Wing Billionaire George Soros Bankrolling Group Behind Harassment of Kyrsten Sinema - Washington Free Beacon (instant bullshit example)
What's Wrong With Kyrsten Sinema? : politics

Report: Michael Flynn Received $200,000 in Undisclosed Secret Payments - Rolling Stone
Michael Flynn And The 40 Russian Reactors In The Middle East - Lawyers, Guns & Money

The MAGA Trashiest Police Report in History : politics ... Trashelle Odom ...
The MAGA Trashiest Police Report in History - The Bulwark : Is Corey Lewandowski a murderer or does he just pretend he is to get chicks?
Trump PAC Fires Corey Lewandowski for Allegedly Being as Big a Sleazebag as the Ex-President : politics

Whitmer vetoes GOP-backed election bills, saying they perpetuate the 'Big Lie'

How the GOP Is Turning the States Into the Laboratories of Oligarchy - Republicans in state legislatures all across the country are slowly gaming the system to deprive voters of their power. : politics
Now the GOP has a coup plan and Steve Bannons ready to put boots on the ground

Fully Vaccinated Senator Known as Fat Wolverine Stands With NBA Players Who Refuse to Get Vaccinated : politics

Conservative media is killing Republican voters the party can ill afford to lose : politics
The GOP has become the stupid party and proud of it

This historically red Texas county diversified in the last decade. Now, Republicans are trying to divide up its voters of color. : politics

Iowa high school QB ejected after complaining to ref about opponent yelling a racial slur : news

Seven candidates challenging Georgia Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene in 2022 : politics

Mayor Q: Far-Right Candidate Caught Scrubbing QAnon Ties From Website : politics
Eugene Ho, Pro-Trump Candidate, Has Long History of Ties to QAnon - Rolling Stone Eugene Ho is running as a pro-Trump, anti-vaxx, law-and-order candidate but he built his following with an even darker message ... a Myrtle Beach mayoral candidate,

Madison Cawthorn Releases a Historically and Theologically Incoherent Christian Nationalist Election Ad : politics

Opinion | Monica Lewinsky Has Some Things to Say About Cancel Culture - The New York Times

McKinsey Never Told the FDA It Was Working for Opioid Makers While Also Working for the Agency : politics

White Riot In 1992, thousands of furious, drunken cops descended on City Hall and changed New York history ... Rudy Giuliani, who had run for mayor and lost in 1989, was seen as the chief inciter of the City Hall Riot

Porter Square Books opens new location, this time in the Seaport - The Boston Globe

PSA for ebook lovers : books
Standard Ebooks: Free and liberated ebooks, carefully produced for the true book lover.

Traumatic volatilte and noxious: BU students voice lasting impacts of working Orientation under Director Shiney James (BU knew she was an abusive traumatic bitch to work for for 12 YEARS WITH HUNDREDS OF COMPLAINTS and did nothing)

The White Lotus score makes me ANXIOUS. Heres why.

ELI5: Why do us humans have to brush our teeth, even eating natural foods? : explainlikeimfive

ELI5 How in the world does 0!=1? And how does the integral of 0 equal a constant? : explainlikeimfive

Company That Routes Billions of Text Messages Quietly Says It Was Hacked Syniverse handles billions of text messages a year, and hackers had unauthorized access to its system for years.

Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp are down : news
Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp Were Down: Here's What to Know - The New York Times When apps used by billions of people worldwide blinked out, lives were disrupted, businesses were cut off from customers and some Facebook employees were locked out of their offices.
Facebook, Instagram appear to partly reconnect after nearly six-hour outage | Reuters
Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp Down - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Psaki on Facebook whistleblower revelations: Makes clearself-regulation is not working
Facebook is on the ropes, just as the right wanted. But theres a catch.
Facebook whistleblower exposes a dark reality: Right wing disinformation is popular and profitable | Lies are profitable on social media because millions want to be radicalized (
A Facebook whistleblower said it knows that its algorithms are pushing QAnon and white nationalist content to Trump fans, but denies it : politics
Why this Facebook scandal is different then the other dozen from this year. : technology ... If sociopaths were moths, Facebook would be a room full of lightbulbs.

Internal evidence shared by former Facebook product manager Frances Haugen shows Facebook has known but ignored the harm it causes. (Fuckerberg laughs)
Facebook encourages hate speech for profit, says whistleblower : politics
Personal Information of More Than 1.5 Billion Facebook Users Sold on Hacker Forum : worldnews (and Fuckbook won't let you delete your account)


A dramatic hole in the ground dominates the landscape of Yakutia, North-East Siberia, and keeps growing at an accelerated rate. The Batagaika Crater is the largest permafrost crater in the world. : worldnews

Gigantic Solar Project Plans To Power Singapore All The Way From Australia : worldnews (ScuzMo loves coal donors)

Spain to ban sale of fruit and vegetables in plastic wrapping from 2023 : worldnews

Rich nations must commit more than $100 bln in climate fight, says India : worldnews (2 months of US military spending)

Poor countries must not be forced to take on debt to tackle climate crisis : worldnews ... Why not let the huge corporations that cause the most if it take on the debt?
Gambia the worlds only country on track to meet its Paris agreement goals

A Fire Age Is Upon Us : The Pyrocene

World surpasses 5M COVID-19 deaths : worldnews

Administering an influenza vaccine at the same time as a second dose of a covid-19 vaccine produced no safety concerns and preserves the immune response to both vaccines : science
New study shows universal masking of healthcare workers decreases occupational COVID-19 infection : science
Vaccinated people are less likely to spread Covid, new research finds - NBC News - October 1, 2021 : CoronavirusMa

In Alaska's Covid Crisis, Doctors Must Decide Who Lives and Who Dies : Amid the nation's worst Covid-19 outbreak, patients are trapped in remote communities and doctors are prioritizing treatment based on who is most likely to survive.

Comedian Russell Brand Has Become a Powerful Voice for Anti-Vaxxers one thing few people had on their 2021 bingo cards, it would be anti-vaxxers becoming enamored with British comedian Russell Brand for his conspiracy theory-laden YouTube channel. (another dimbulb celeb asshole smarter than the doctors)

Israel to Require Booster Shot to be Considered Fully Vaccinated Going Forward : worldnews

UK might not be over the worst, scientists warn, as Covid case numbers stay high : worldnews

COVID-19: Jurgen Klopp says refusing vaccine is like drink-driving as it endangers others | UK News : worldnews

New Zealand says foreign nationals must have coronavirus vaccination to enter country from November : worldnews
Air New Zealand becomes latest airline to announce international passengers will need to be vaccinated | World News : worldnews

Queensland police refuse to remove traditional owners occupying Adanis coalmine site

President Rodrigo Duterte on Saturday said daughter Sara Duterte-Carpio will run for president (Philippines) : worldnews

North Korea threatens top UN body after emergency meeting : worldnews

If we fight, we both lose: Chinese ambassador to the US says 'smoother' road ahead is a priority
Hong Kongs largest pro-democracy labour coalition voted to disband Sunday, blaming threats to its leaderships safety as China imposes a sweeping clampdown on dissent in the semi-autonomous city. The Confederation of Trade Unions (CTU) has long advocated for labour rights and democracy
One-third of Chinas Belt and Road projects facing major problems: Report
China tightens political control of internet giants : worldnews

Afghanistan on verge of socio-economic collapse, EUs top diplomat says
Suspected Chinese Military Planes Reportedly Landing at Bagram Air Force Base, Afghanistan : worldnews
Kabul Mosque bombing attack today leaves numerous dead. : worldnews
Afghans are self-medicating with antidepressants bought on the black market as despair at life under Taliban rule grows : worldnews
Afghan girls stuck at home, waiting for Taliban plan to re-open schools : worldnews
Taliban to deploy suicide bombers at borders; eye on Tajikistan: Report | World News : worldnews

Voice behind the violence: English-speaking narrator of ISIS propaganda videos arrested by the Syrian Kurds and charged by Justice Department

Jordans King Abdullah received a phone call from Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, the royal palace said on Sunday in what officials said was the first such communication since the start of the conflict in Syria a decade ago

"I am not weak": Qatari women unsuccessful in first legislative elections : worldnews

Mozambiques tuna corruption scandal puts justice on trial

Algeria has closed its airspace to French military planes - French media : worldnews

Tunisia arrests lawmaker and TV presenter who called president a traitor : worldnews

686 migrants dock in Lampedusa in biggest arrival in years : worldnews

A German power plant just ran out of coal in latest energy shock : worldnews

Dutch PM under protection as the Mocro Mafia drug cartel sows fear in the Netherlands (keep banning those drugz)

French Catholic Church had an estimated 3,000 paedophiles since 1950s - commission head : worldnews ... The French Catholic Church posted a prayer on its official Twitter account on Sunday, on behalf of victims,
Thousands of paedophiles have operated inside the French Catholic Church since 1950, the head of an independent commission investigating the scandal told AFP, days ahead of the release of its report : worldnews
Paris demonstrators demand EU ban products linked to Uighur slave labour : worldnews
As Bikers Throng the StreetsIts Like Paris Is in AnarchyAn ecologically minded experiment to make Paris a cycling capital of Europe has led to a million people now pedaling daily and to rising tensions with pedestrians.

UK pork and meat crisis: Farmers face shooting dead hundreds of thousands of pigs as industry warns of an acute welfare disaster (Tories cackle)
Lone police Officers in Scotland to offer checks on Their Own Identity : worldnews
Nearly a quarter of callers to NHS helpline give up after being left on hold : worldnews (Tories cackle)

Outcry in Brazil over photos of people scavenging through animal carcasses : worldnews
Mass protests in Brazil call for Jair Bolsonaros impeachment. Huge crowds paraded through downtown Rio on Saturday to voice their outrage at Bolsonaros response to a Covid outbreak that has killed nearly 600,000 people and dealt a heavy blow to the South American countrys economy ... Tropical Trump is truly the worst!

Another Mexican journalist murdered, sixth this year : worldnews
Uncovering Mexico Citys skull tower (human sacrificial death cult, esp women and children)

Fourth person charged in Ontario COVID-19 relief fund embezzlement scheme. : worldnews

Pandora Papers - "Most Expansive Expose Of Financial Secrecy" To Be Published Today by ICIJ : worldnews
Pandora Papers: Secret wealth and dealings of world leaders exposed : news
Pandora Papers reveal secret offshore financial system for global elites - Washington Post
Pandora papers: biggest ever leak of offshore data exposes financial secrets of rich and powerful | World news | The Guardian
Key findings from the Pandora Papers investigation - The Washington Post ... how foreign political and corporate leaders or their relatives moved money and other assets in recent years from international tax havens to even more secretive American trust companies, including those in South Dakota (hello, Kristi Noem)
Pandora Papers: A simple guide to the Pandora Papers leak - BBC News
Massive Leak Exposes the Hidden Fortunes of World's Elite and Crooks
Offshore havens and hidden riches of world leaders and billionaires exposed in unprecedented leak - ICIJ
Czech Prime Minister secretly bought lavish French Riviera estate using offshore companies - ICIJ Leaked documents reveal how self-styled man of the people Andrej Babis hid his ownership of a $22 million chateau.
Pandora papers reveal hidden riches of Putin s inner circle
Secret money, swanky real estate and Putin's Monte Carlo mystery
While foreign aid poured in, Jordans King Abdullah funnelled $100m through secret companies to buy luxury homes ... "You know who" ...
While his country struggles, Jordans King Abdullah secretly splurges
When Latin America's elite wanted to hide their wealth, they turned to this Panama firm - Alcogal set up offshore companies for 160 politicians and public officials, leaked records show - including some accused of looting their countries.

US Empire Is Lining the Pockets of Defense Contractors : politics

NASA Won't Rename New Space Telescope Despite Anti-LGBTQ Controversy : worldnews ... James Webb, who was an influential figure at NASA during the 1960s and 1970s, participated in the systematic discrimination against gay and lesbian employees during his tenure at the agency ... the firing of NASA employee Clifford Norton, which happened under Webbs leadership. Norton was arrested for "gay activity" interrogated by the police, and questioned by NASA about his sexual activities.

MAGA supporters have raised $2 million for a jailed Marine. But the soldier says he hates how Trump has divided the US. : politics

Hack exposes law enforcement officers who signed up to join anti-government Oath Keepers : politics undefined

Supreme Court will likely kill Roe v. Wade and gun restriction laws this term : politics (tnx, RGB you idiot)

Fourth stimulus check update: Petition for monthly $2,000 passes 2.9 million signatures : politics

Bernie Sanders says spending bills $3.5 trillion price tag likely to be lowered

While Americans Sleep, Our Corporate Overlords Make Progress Impossible | Both the Republicans and the Democrats vote as if the nations middle-class taxpayer is a sleeping sucker

Sinema Opposes Drug Bills After Receiving $750K in Donations From Big Pharma : politics
Why Kyrsten Sinemas tactics may backfire
Sinema Locks Herself in Bathroom to Avoid Young Activists on ASU Campus : politics

Ted Cruz Spitefully Delaying Biden Ambassador Nominees Over Russia Pipeline : politics
The Worlds Worst Deliberative Body, Part the Zillion (Cruz doing Putin's work)

No More Mister Nice Blog: THEY GET YOU COMING AND GOING -- A tweet from Fox News this morning: Democrat Tammy Duckworth hasn't paid property tax on her Illinois home since 2015 (someone should blow a few legs off some Fox Fuckers)

Why Republicans Are Still Recounting Votes | The New Yorker The point of the so-called audits is not so much to delegitimize the past election as it is to normalize unnecessary reviews of future onesincluding, perhaps, a 2024 race in which Trumps name may be on the ballot.

Opinion: The Donald Trump cult of personality threatens democracy : politics
Stephanie Grisham was irritated by Hope Hicks and accuses her of taking the easy way out after leaving the Trump White House for Fox: book

A Whiff of Civil War in the Air - by David French - The French Press Malice and misinformation are driving national division.
Kristofer Goldsmith: For domestic extremist groups, every failedcoup is just practice

'He grabs me and freakin' kisses me' : WyCo GOP vice chair accuses JoCo GOP chair

DOJ Lawsuit Against Alabama Prison System Resurfaces Amid Plans to Expand It With COVID Funds : politics

School boards are asking for federal help as they face threats and violence : politics

Whistleblower: Facebook is misleading the public on progress against hate speech, violence, misinformation - 60 Minutes - CBS News

The Terrible Treatment of Female Athletes - Lawyers, Guns & Money ... in light of the horrifying stories of male coaches accused of abusing and harassing players in the National Womens Soccer League.

Somebody loan me a dime - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Why the Empire State Building, and New York, May Never Be the Same

How a Tip to Obituaries Breathed New Life Into a Decades-Old Mystery - The New York Times A news assistant on the Obituaries desk describes how information he received while doing a routine part of his job set him on an investigation of a notorious 1975 kidnapping.
A Lawyer's Deathbed Confession About a Sensational 1975 Kidnapping - Samuel Bronfman, heir to the Seagram fortune, was abducted by two men who confessed to the crime. But then their story evolved wildly, and the jury believed it. Was it all a lie?

Jack Brown Earns $1 Million to Run Homeless Shelters Despite Troubled Past - The New York Times Some executives at nonprofit groups that operate New York City homeless shelters are benefiting from the plight of the people they serve.

Young Drinkers Are Pissed Their Fake IDs Dont Match Their Real Vaccine Cards

Higher Mushroom Consumption Is Associated with Lower Risk of Cancer : science

3-D Reconstruction Reveals the Faces of Three Ancient Egyptian Mummies | Smart News | Smithsonian Magazine

What is the most generic answer on Reddit? : AskReddit


European spacecraft reveals rare images of Mercurys craters after a flawless flyby
ESA Operations on Twitter: "A flawless, radiant, #Mercuryflyby After a flawless flyby of Mercury, @BepiColombo is starting to feel the heat." / Twitter

Huge 7.2 earthquake strikes near Vanuatu : worldnews

Four National Parks in Australia Returned to Indigenous Nations: Nearly 400,000 acres of ancient rainforest are now under the co-management of the Eastern Kuku Yalanji people. : worldnews

Australias climate policy is being dictated by a former accountant in a cowboy hat ... This is the same person who campaigned against same sex marriage and then later cheated on his wife and had a child with the mistress.
marquelawyers on Twitter: "Transcript of Barnaby Joyce, the deputy prime minister, speaking in parliament yesterday afternoon. That is the factual basis on which one might express an honest opinion as to the state he was in." / Twitter

Iceland Has Built a Carbon Negative Power Station Using Volcanic Rock : worldnews

Rare one-in-30-million orange lobster rescued from grocery store tank : worldnews

Experts warn of high levels of chemicals in clothes by some fast-fashion retailers : worldnews

A perfect storm: supply chain crisis could blow world economy off course

La Palma volcano eruption forces stay-home order for some residents : worldnews

A major hurricane Sam is passing near Bermuda, then heading into the North Atlantic for an extratropical transition on Monday. Sam could turn towards Europe next week, becoming the first system to track this far east in this Atlantic Hurricane Season. : worldnews

Mass. begins reporting number of COVID-19 booster shots administered The Department of Public Health said in its daily COVID-19 vaccination report on Thursday that 93,344 boosters have been administered in Massachusetts.
Cambridge, MA Covid Trends
Winchester, MA Covid Trends
An interactive visualization of COVID-19 | 91-DIVOC

Drew Weissman helped make mRNA vaccines possible - The Washington Post

Vaccinated people are less likely to spread Covid, new research finds : CoronavirusUS
Heart inflammation rates higher after Moderna vaccine - Canada data : worldnews
Covid antiviral pill can halve risk of hospitalisation : worldnews
For unvaccinated, reinfection by SARS-CoV-2 is likely, study finds : worldnews
Senator Paul Asserts Natural Immunity Is As Good As COVID-19 Vaccine : politics
Mongolia reports first COVID-19 cases in beavers : worldnews
An Infectious Disease Doctor Explains Why Some Of His Colleagues Are Quitting In The Face Of Vaccine Mandates : CoronavirusUS

Southern Red COVID explanation: How an inferiority complex fuels vaccine resistance. (long history of racist dumbfuck Southern assholes)
U.S. Covid Death Toll Nears 700,000 Despite Availability of Vaccines - The New York Times The latest Covid-19 deaths were concentrated in the South, and included more younger people than before. Every age group under 55 saw its highest death toll of the pandemic this August

Supreme Court denies New York City teachers request to block vaccine mandate
NY Nursing Homes See Overnight Surge In Employee COVID Vaccinations Thanks To State Mandate ... Ultimately, only four of the 120 employees at the facility declined to get vaccinated, and one got a medical exemption. By Wednesday, Highbridges vaccination rate had risen to near perfect, 98.6%.
Too Bad, Anti-Vaxxers: California Will Mandate Covid Vaccines for Students : politics

One day after GOP lawmaker criticized for invoking George Floyd's last words, 'I can't breathe'while debating COVID-19 masking rules, another Republican compares vaccine requirements to slavery ... Rep. Gale Mastrofrancesco, R-Wolcott, (CT)

Threats, long hours, drive-by heckling Public health officials in Michigan near breaking point amid backlash over COVID orders

Turns Out Most Americans Will Get the COVID-19 Vaccine to Keep Their Job : politics

At least 49 Kentucky public school workers dead from COVID : news (KY killing all their teachers, of course)

As coronavirus cases mount and vaccine mandates spread, holdouts plague police and fire departments - The Washington Post ... Covid was the leading cause of line-of-duty deaths last year, killing at least 182 officers, according to the National Law Enforcement Memorial Fund, which tracks such deaths. Thats nearly double the number killed by gun violence and vehicle crashes combined. At least 133 officers have died of covid so far this year

Many are searching for vaccine mandate loopholes. These are the people trying to stop them. - The Washington Post ... Those employees would have to sign an agreement not to take any other medical treatments developed using fetal cell lines. Among the 28 medications on the list: Tylenol. Motrin. Preparation H. Claritin. Benadryl. Tums.

Update: After a month on the ventilator, this former nominee, now nameless, has received his award. : HermanCainAward (another Jesus didn't save me story)

[NBC News Opinion Piece] The bleak psychology behind Reddits viral 'award' celebrating Covid deaths (fucking 'celebrating' : your dumbass media wants to kill more people) ... She doesnt acknowledge that so manyprobably the majorityof these HCA characters are espousing racist, homophobic, transphobic, and otherwise hateful rhetoric. Many are irrational religious zealots. Most hate Joe Biden and anyone who voted for him ... By F. Diane Barth, psychotherapist (is a bad-faith evil killer)

He thought Covid deaths were massively inflated, fought against vaccines & masks. Then his family blamed doctors. : HermanCainAward ("prayer warrior" part 500,000, they really believe Jesus loves them for being murderous idiots)

Trust in social media linked to heightened susceptibility to COVID-19 conspiracy theories : science

Sovereign Citizens Are Trying To Set Up Their Own Anti-Vax Schools in the UK : worldnews

India imposes 10-day mandatory quarantine on fully vaccinated British nationals, after Britain's decision not to recognise Indian vaccine, Covishield

Global COVID-19 deaths hit 5 million as Delta variant sweeps the world : worldnews

Philippine president Duterte announces retirement from politics : worldnews

Chairman of Mitsubishi Electric quits over coverup : worldnews

Rights Groups Denounce Mistreatment of Moroccan In Korean Custody : worldnews
Korean ISP Demanding Bandwidth Fees From Netflix Because Everybodys Watching 'Squid Game'

Hacktivism: China site shows Taiwan emblem, 'Tank Man'
China flies record 38 planes over Taiwan defence zone in national day show of force : worldnews
China to ban video games featuring same-sex relationships, 'effeminite' men and moral choices

India snaps up cheap Australian coal sitting at Chinese ports : worldnews

US museum returns stolen 10th-century Shiva statue to Nepal : worldnews

Russia Makes Covering Military Corruption News Grounds for Foreign Agent Status. News organizations in Russia risk being labeled foreign agentsfor covering corruption, crime and other issues within the military and space industries, under new rules that will likely furtherstrain the country
Descendant of tsars becomes first royal to marry in Russia since revolution | A descendant of Russias former imperial family married his Italian bride on Friday in the first royal wedding to take place on Russian soil since tsarist times more than a century ago.

Far-Right Group Made Its Home in Ukraines Major Western Military Training Hub

Belarus mass arrests as Lukashenko cracks down after shooting : worldnews

Qataris cast ballots in first ever legislative elections : worldnews

UN urges Lebanon to implement reforms as extreme poverty grows; The UN estimates that 78 percent of the Lebanese lives below the poverty line with 36 percent of the population living in extreme poverty : worldnews

Police arrest 3 Jewish suspects in attack on Palestinians in South Hebron Hills : worldnews

The Communist Party Won the Elections in Austrias Second-Biggest City

Macron, France Reject American Woke Culture That's 'Racializing' Their Country (Macaroni has no clue, tells America to forget their systemic racism)
Frances Sarkozy plays down new conviction at book signing event
Paris serial killer of 80s and 90s Was Ex-Police officer, DNA shows : worldnews
Former French Cops DNA Ends 35-Year Manhunt for Serial Killer

The British public are paying for the defence of Prince Andrews underage sex trafficking
Queen spends millions on Prince Andrews sex abuse allegations fight

Ecuador to pardon thousands of inmates after deadly prison riot : worldnews

About damn time: First Nation gets clean water after 24-year wait

Jamal Khashoggi was murdered three years ago. These Saudis are still being silenced.

Eschaton: Maybe Stop Pretending To Believe Them About Everything
Sahil Kapur on Twitter: "After fiercely criticizing the Biden administration for abandoning Afghan partners, all 50 Republican senators vote to curtail aid to Afghan evacuees who are granted parole to quickly enter the United States." / Twitter

Eschaton: The Left Should Refashion As A Pro-"Bombing The Shit Out Of Everyone" Movement Either that would win the love of "objective journalists" or discredit bombing the shit out of everyone.

Big Pharma Makes More Off of US Sales Than Rest of the World Combined : politics

Wonking Out: Biden Should Ignore the Debt Limit and Mint a $1 Trillion Coin
Is it fair to call Bidens $3.5 trillion plan another New Deal? ... In an average year from 1934 to 1940, New Deal spending was equal to 2.8 percent of all goods and services sold in the United States. The Great Society averaged about 0.9 percent a year, while Obamas plans combined averaged around 1 percent of GDP. Bidens plan comes in around 1.1 percent of the economy for an average year from 2021 to 2031 2.1 percent if you include the American Rescue Plan and infrastructure bill.

Big Business Is Bankrolling an Effort to Kill the Democratic Climate Bill : politics
Joe Manchin, who is holding up crucial climate change initiatives in Bidens reconciliation bill, collects $500,000 a year from coal stocks dividends: report
Manchin Has No Understandingof How Monetary System Works: Democrat House Budget Chair

Ocasio-Cortez Slams Manchin for Opposing $3.5T Bill But Approving Defense Budget : politics ... In 2020, the nation ranked #1 in the world in terms of military spending at $778 billion outpacing the next nine highest spenders, which came out to $703.6 billion combined

Progressives Flex Muscles on Biden Agenda, Adopting New Tactics - The New York Times Their persistence forced Speaker Nancy Pelosi to delay a planned vote on the $1 trillion infrastructure bill. In the end, President Biden sided with their position.
Progressives Just Won A High-Stakes Game of Chicken In Congress : politics
With The Biden Agenda Imperiled, Its Time For Democrats To Break With Foolish TraditionsThe dysfunction created by the filibuster, the debt ceiling, parliamentary opinions and deficit fear-mongering can end.

Eschaton: Moderates Some are just corrupt of course, but many truly believe they win elections becauae they are damn good at politics. And when they lose it is somebody else's fault. Claire McCaskill comes to mind.

Eschaton: THE NARRATIVES, THEY COMPETE It's dumb to see things this way, but everybody, including members of Congress, has cable news brain. Does the Axios +7 Propaganda spell manage to defeat the Greg Sargent Shield of Righteousness?
Eschaton: Bullies Stand up to them, especially when they are dorks with no one but the world's worst journalists on their side.
Eschaton: Oh No The Precious Moderates Delicate types, going through the stages of grief ... Mood coming out of room is Biden clearly came down on the side of Team Progressive. In other words: No call for immediate passage of infra. Both bills needs to pass. No rush. - Moderates seems peeved. @RepJimCosta said he was "disappointed."

Opinion | Sinema Stars in Her Own Film - The New York Times (nice boob job)

The right wing lie that actual tax rates on the rich weren't higher during the 1950s - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Thousands gather at Womens March rallies in D.C., across U.S. to protect Roe v. Wade
DOJ lays out cruelty of Texas abortion law in federal court hearing : politics
Abortion rights advocates will march across U.S. to protest restrictive laws : politics
Judge questions Texas abortion bans controversial enforcement mechanism
Texas Says Forcing Women to Go Out of State for Abortions Is Stimulating Commerce : politics

Supreme Court could force Boston City Hall to fly a Christian flag as hate group's case advances. The anti-LGBTQ group complains that Boston flew the rainbow, transgender, and Juneteenth flags, but not their Christian flag. But the Supreme Court is taking them seriously.

Heres Who Got The Jan. 6 Panels Latest Round Of Subpoenas ... The subpoenas go to eleven people involved in either organizing or supporting the Jan. 6 rally at the ellipse, colloquially known as the Stop the Steal rally but titled on government permits as the March to Save America (eight women)
Jan. 6 Chair Threatens Criminal Referrals for Witnesses Who Dont Comply
DOJ: Former Congressional Candidate Facilitated Travel for Capitol Rioters : politics
FBI Arrests 'Airhead' Mother-Son Team Who Raided Pelosi's Office During Capitol Attack | HuffPost FBI Arrests Airhead Mother-Son Team Who Raided Pelosis Office During Capitol AttackAfter the FBI raided the home of the wrong Trump supporter, online sleuths successfully identified the duo in about 30 minutes ... The FBI has made more than 600 arrests in connection with the Jan. 6 Capitol attack, and online sleuths are awaiting the arrest of dozens of suspects they have identified who havent yet been arrested. There are hundreds more arrests in the pipeline.
Whistle-Blower to Accuse Facebook of Contributing to Jan. 6 Riot, Memo Says : technology (lock up Fuckerberg)

Rudy Giuliani admits under oath that he got some of his 'evidence' of alleged election fraud from Facebook
Rudy Giuliani Is (Probably) Screwed -- Former prosecutors say he is in an excruciating legal predicament and could very well flip ... Giuliani is being treated, by all appearances, as a dead man walking.
Donald Trump asks Florida judge to force Twitter to restart his account : politics
Please Let Me Tweet, Trump Begs Judge in New Court Filing : politics

Eschaton: Never Change, Fucking Newspaper - I know you never will.
"Some have called" lol (evil shitheads)

Opinion | Jan. 6 Was Worse Than We Knew - The New York Times
The Editorial Board : Jan. 6 Was Worse Than It Looked (that fucking "newspaper" finally gets around to mentioning the name "Eastham")
The Lawyer Behind the Memo on How Trump Could Stay in Office - The New York Times John Eastman was a little-known but respected conservative lawyer. Then he became influential with Donald Trump and counseled him on how to retain power after losing the election
More On January 6 - Lawyers, Guns & Money
January 6 Clearinghouse Congressional Hearings, Government Documents, Court Cases, Academic Research

White terror: Millions of Americans say theyd support violence to restore Trump to power

Durhams Attempt to Discredit Trumps Enemies Is Falling Apart Trumps prosecutor omitted key evidence from his indictment.
Kraken Queen Sidney Powell Is Now on Trump's No-Go List

Surprise: Ivanka Trump Was Responsible for Her Fathers Disastrous COVID Address (brainless evil lizard girl)

The criticism is working so please keep it up: Chris Hayes on the chorus of whining coming from the Supreme Court Justices

As redistricting gets under way, Democrats prospects lookbrighter

Is this a Cleetus safari? It might be. But we do have to figure out what on earth is going on in south Texas, with its amazing and horrifying transformation from being a Hillary stronghold in 2016 to a purple area in 2020, with majority-Mexican-American counties moving up to 30 points to Trump (Latinos went full machoman white guys)

The Long History of Anti-Asian Discrimination - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Majority of Trump voters believe it's 'time to split the country' in two, new poll finds : politics (but says libtards will still have to support them anyway)

The Texas Social Media Law Is Blatantly Unconstitutional : politics (says Koch-funded "Reason")

How a Racist Scandal at the F.D.N.Y. Led to Its Biggest Suspensions Ever -- The Fire Department has long faced allegations of discrimination. But after George Floymurder, a thread of racist messages renewed concerns about the department's racial climate (they all live on racist Staten Island)

Caslen calls coming to USC biggest regret of my lifeas emails show split over departure ... "This place sucks so bad. know how anyone can stand it. At some point you have to ask why do you put up with this stuff. It is insane. I dont know how you can stand living here" (S.Carolina)

It Was Weird and Culty: Carlos Watsons Mismanagement of Ozy

Senator Asks Hall of Fame Terrible Tech QuestionU.S. senators, not exactly a young bunch, havent recently been known for their technological acumen

U.S. prosecutors ask judge to sentence men accused of plotting race warahead of Va. gun rally as domestic terrorists

Bullshit, Branding and CRT - by Don Moynihan - Can We Still Govern? The Nine Incredible Tricks to Get Your Moral Panic Trending! ... (James Lindsay, racist bullshit artist and a cast of related charactors, inc Douthat) )

Why are universities with huge endowments such cheap dates? - Lawyers, Guns & Money

The problem with The Problem With Jon Stewart (past his time)

Why I felt betrayed by Netflix s Midnight Mass - Horror is a natural refuge for atheists and sinners. But Netflix's Midnight Mass made me feel erased.

The eternal pivot to video - Lawyers, Guns & Money - I'm a quite Highly Online Person, and I had never heard of Ozy before this week, apparently because it was pretty much a Silicon Valley Ponzi scheme with no actual audience:

What famous celebrity can just fuck right off? : AskReddit

Mass. General Hospital says 2 to 3 of its nurses face assaults every day : boston

Portrait of Jesus using AI incorporating what we know of his ethnicity & culture for time and region : pics
Photorealistic image of George Washington if he lived in the present day : pics

Were wars and battles all that deadly before guns were invented?

Did Albert Einsteins kids inherit his IQ? (one disowned daughter (!) one ok guy and one schizo)

Does the internet think you have ADHD, anxiety, or autism? - Vox Social media is now basically WebMD for mental health.

Seven Mysterious Sounds Science Has Yet to Solve The loneliest whale in the world is just one example.

Astronomers may have discovered first planet to orbit 3 stars.The planet itself cannot be seen, but the finding suggests that this is the first circumtriple planet ever discovered. Further observations from the ALMA telescope could provide direct evidence of the phenomenon. : science

What happened when you saw someone pick on the wrong person? : AskReddit


Climate change: Youth have every right to be angry says UK PM
Climate action: Time is running out UN chief tells ministers. I cannot emphasize enough that time is running out. Irreversible climate tipping points lie alarmingly close. Civil society is watching closely and is running out of patience

Eliminating plastic from our lives today is impossible: Scientists are looking for a way to make it less bad for the environment : worldnews

One of the worlds oldest rainforests has been returned to the Australian Aboriginal people who have lived there for millenniums

UK becomes first country to only accept government bids from companies that have committed to achieving net zero by at least 2050 - requires all UK organisations to report emissions and what plans they have to manage them periodically : worldnews

EU demands Volkswagen compensate all EU purchasers for misleading them about vehicle emissions : worldnews

Irish EPA calls for no more expansion to the countries dairy herd as animal agriculture is labelled one of the main pressures for the decline in water quality nationallyand responsible for one third of our green house gas emissions

Its like a war: Greece battles increase in summer wildfires

A Racial Reckoning at Doctors Without Borders : worldnews

The price of living near the shore is already high. Its about to go through the roof. | As FEMA prepares to remove subsidies from its flood insurance, a new assessment says 8 million homeowners in landlocked states are at risk of serious flooding because of climate change

U.S. COVID-19 death toll hits 700,000 - Reuters : news

October 01 5PM MDPH Update : CoronavirusMa
1,543 confirmed COVID-19 cases and 20 deaths. See todays COVID-19 data from Mass.

The epic COVID-19 memorial on the National Mall, in one stunning photo 4,882 photos taken over 30 hours. More than 670,000 flags representing American lives lost. An incalculable measure of grief.

A year later, 45% of COVID patients in Wuhan still have symptoms. The findings are largely in line with other studies. The authors conclude that taken together, our research suggests that the health consequences of COVID-19 extend far beyond acute infection

Newly discovered biomarker predicts COVID-19 death days in advance. Research found changes to electrical activity in the heart can help predict which hospitalized COVID-19 patients are more likely to decline and die. The biomarker is easily measurable and may predict death several days in advance. : science

Utilities Took $1.25 Billion in Pandemic Aid Then Shut Off Power to Households Nearly 1 Million Times: Report : politics

Merck Pill Intended to Treat Covid-19 Succeeds in Key Study - WSJ

California Pushes First US Vaccine Mandate For Schoolchildren : politics
These charts show what red COVID looks like in California now

How anti-vaxxers cling to centuries-old conspiracy theories : politics

Vaccine mandate expands as hospitals adjust : politics

The corporatized university and COVID - Lawyers, Guns & Money ... This story from the Chronicle of Higher Education about COVID policies at the University of Michigan captures so much about what is wrong with the contemporary American research university in one Kafkaesque little nutshell:

Koch-backed group fuels opposition to school mask mandates, leaked letter showsA template letter circulated by Independent Womens Forum offers a glimpse into a well-resourced campaign against public health regulations ... Higgins, an heiress to the Vicks VapoRub fortune, did not respond to a request for comment ...

Fitness buff underestimates the weight of covid (repost, name redactions are a pain!) : HermanCainAward
To those who cannot resist calling this sub schadenfreude
This subreddit was mentioned today in an article by FiveThirtyEight. " [It] exists exclusively to mock people who expressed anti-vaccine views and later died of COVID-19 " ... I dare say this subreddit and its cautionary tale has saved more lives than 538 or any of the other clueless media hacks trying to write articles about it. (Nate Silver working on being even more of an idiot)
A month ago my healthy young patient refused to get vaccinated in my clinic during a wellness exam. Today I got a notification from the hospital that this patient died of COVID19. : HermanCainAward
Another Scientology OT dies of Covid, this time near the Florida 'spiritual mecca'

In Portugal, There Is Virtually No One Left to Vaccinate - The New York Times Portugal is among the most highly vaccinated countries in the world. Vice Adm. Henrique Gouveia e Melo, who led the campaign, said there was a key to his success: Keep politics out of it ... The true killer, he said, would be people who live like it is the 13th century without any notion of reality.

Israel reports very few myocarditis cases after Pfizer boosters : worldnews

Cybercriminals are offering to sell fake Canadian COVID-19 vaccination certificates online - Experts warn lure of fake certificates could also expose the unwary to ID theft or ransomware : worldnews

New U.S. travel rules excludes those vaccinated with Russia's Sputnik V : worldnews

Japan fully drops COVID state of emergency for 1st time in 6 months : worldnews

Australia to reopen border after 18-month Covid travel ban : worldnews

New South Wales premier Gladys Berejiklian resigns after Icac announces investigation Independent Commission Against Corruption is investigating whether Berejiklian was involved in a 'breach of public trust'

US Government Crossing the Line by Demanding Confidential Data of Semiconductor Companies : worldnews

Japan princess to wed commoner next month despite dispute : worldnews
Japans Princess Mako suffering PTSD, to marry boyfriend on Oct. 26

Malawi court sentences Chinese wildlife trafficking kingpin to 14 years in jail : worldnews

Taiwan jets scramble again as China air force enters air defence zone : worldnews
25 Chinese warplanes enter Taiwans air defence zone

Round 2 of Anonymous hack of China site shows Taiwan emblem, Tank Man : worldnews
Chinas population could halve within next 45 years
China reports another death from H5N6 bird flu : worldnews

Russia declares editor who delved into Navalny poisoning a wanted man, he says : worldnews
Russia extends foreign agents law to critics of military and security
Russia Proposes Extremist Label for LGBT, Feminist, Child-Free Movements

Ukraine demands sanctions on Russias Gazprom after Kyiv loses gas imports

Belarus detains 100 people after KGB shootings: Rights group : worldnews

Qatar calls Taliban moves on girls education very disappointing
Fears grow for photojournalist arrested by Taliban as executions resume : worldnews

Iran research site damaged by fire is missile production facility, Satellite pictures show : worldnews (guess who?)

Suspect in ATM attacks blew himself up filming tutorial, says Europol | Netherlands : worldnews

Former Nazi camp secretary, 96, caught after skipping trial : worldnews
Chip shortage leads carmaker Opel to shut German plant until 2022 : worldnews
Germany probes Turk over alleged spying on Gulen supporters : worldnews

Salvinis social media mastermind faces drug dealing

Met Police: Run away and call 999 if you feel in danger when stopped by lone 'officer'
Botox-style injections and lip filler ban for under-18s in England : worldnews
Trump and Boris Johnson once spent a considerable part of a meeting discussing how strong kangaroos are, book says : worldnews
Boris Johnson handed a life peerage and ministerial job to a Tory donor who gave the party 122,500 lbs
Many British gas stations still dry, pig cull fears grow : worldnews
Brexittastic - Lawyers, Guns & Money
u/lemons_of_doubt answers how Brexit is going with some examples : bestof

Almost half of Argentines are now living in extreme poverty : worldnews (yesterday: 75% of Venezualans)
Venezuela introduces new currency with 6 fewer zeros : worldnews

Mexico prepared to offer asylum to 13 000 Haitians, foreign minister tells Senate : worldnews

Ontarios 10-cent increase in minimum wage called 'insult' to workers

Havana Syndrome Noises Were Likely Crickets, Not Super Weapons, State Department Report Says (and a little "male hysteria")

Special ops troops hunkered down in California airport hangar after nighttime ninja attack

Fact check: Did the Marine who Trump brought on stage at rally actually hoist a baby over a wall at Kabul airport? - CNNPolitics

Top US general says Afghan collapse can be traced to Trump-Taliban deal : worldnews
Afghan debacle cumulative effect of 20 years of mistakes, says US military chief : worldnews
The politics of bad faith, Afghanistan edition - Lawyers, Guns & Money ... Republicans pivoting from Biden is abandoning people in Afghanistan to Afghan refugees are bloodsucking parasites was more predictable than the tides, but the Blob proved that there was a major political price to pay for ending even the most catastrophically failed and useless war, so mission accomplished! (+Tom Rotten Cotton)
Marines deny troop at Trump rally was man who saved baby in viral Afghanistan photo. The Marine identified in that particular image was not LCpl Clark, Marine spokesman says.

UN rules that Steven Donziger house arrest violates international laws : worldnews (totally corrupt US judge in Chevron's pocket will face no consequences)

U.S. will no longer deport people solely because they are undocumented, Homeland Security secretary says : politics

The DemocratsLast Best Shot to Kill the Filibuster

Eye-Popping Rip-Off Americans Pay Nearly Double Rest of World Combined for Top Meds

Janet Yellen makes a historic declaration: She wants to get rid of the debt ceiling : politics

Psaki rails against senators for treating debt ceiling debate like a 'game' | White House press secretary reads out quotes from GOP senators at podium

Pelosi scraps Thursdays House vote on infrastructure bill as Democrats can't reach agreement

Bombshell recordings show police warned they were overwhelmed by Capitol rioters hours before Trumps speech ... Chad Wolf, the acting director of DHS at the time, had previously blamed the capitol police for not being prepared ... There are only two options with what we now know: Either he and the DHS are dangerously incompetent at their jobs, or they deliberately misinformed and withheld crucial information that could have averted the attack.
Trump Extremists Brought Numerous Guns on January 6, Evidence ShowsRioters at the Capitol carried concealed pistols, allegedly stockpiled weapons nearby, and called for overthrowing the US government.
Far-right militia group membership surged after Capitol attack, hack shows : politics
De Blasio vows full investigation after data leak appears to link two NYPD officers to the Oath Keepers
Far-Right Boogaloo Admits Posing as BLM Supporter While Shooting Up Minneapolis Cop Station : politics
Texas man, 24, admits shooting at Minneapolis police station during riot | MPR News

Bannon's War

How Jared and Ivanka Hijacked the White House's Covid Response - A new, inside the room account of the chaotic day Trump addressed the nation on the pandemic.

Rudy Giuliani, under oath, reveals baseless origins of Trump Big Lie claims : politics We have the entirety of human knowledge available to us right in our hands at any one time, and the way our democratic republic dies is through some demagogues posting some bullshit on Facebook that gullible imbeciles eat up?
Dershowitz, Stop the Steal Lawyer Team Up for New Dominion Lawsuit (Dershofuckass)

USPS is about to charge you more for slower mail. Here s why. Systemwide changes at the U.S. Postal Service, including planned service slowdowns and price hikes, take effect in the beginning of October

Megathread: Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh Tests Positive for COVID-19 : politics

Federal judge takes up Biden administration request to block Texas abortion law : politics

Try us: House progressives finally flex their power

Poll shows WV voters support using tax hikes on rich, corporations, to help pay for Biden plan : politics
Joe Manchin Ambushed on His Yacht by Activists Demanding He Back Infrastructure Bill : politics
Joe Manchin whines about $3.5 trillion but he spent $9.1 trillion on defense ("defense" of the rich)
Manchin Admits Getting His Bill Passed and Then Tanking Progressive Package Was Always the Plan : politics
Joe Manchin's Reconciliation Bill Stance Is Gonna Cook the Planet - Rolling Stone
Manchin and Sinema are hurting their party more than any Republican ever could : politics

Former senior Kyrsten Sinema aide now top lobbyist for bank opposing Bidens corporate tax increase | Sinemas former legislative director now lobbyist for biggest U.S. bank, which would love to kill Bidens tax plan
Cracking the Sinema code

Alito's political broadside against Supreme Court criticsand how it misfires
Dissension at the Supreme Court as justices take their anger public - CNNPolitics

The Democratic Civil War Has a Winner: Donald Trump

Majority of Trump voters want to split the nation into red and blue halves
SHOCK POLL: Majority of Trump Voters Now in Favor of Seceding from the Union
National Divorce Is Expensive, But It's Worth Every Penny - by David Reaboi - Late Republic Nonsense
The Conservatives DreadingAnd Preparing for Civil War - A faction of the right believes America has been riven into two countries. The Claremont Institute is building the intellectual architecture for whatever comes next. (fucking Trumptank says "progressives" want to secede)
With a majority of Trump voters saying they are in favor of seceding from the union, I think its time we replace them with Canada and form this beaut. For those in favor of the motion, say aye.

Marco Rubio called the $3.5 trillion Democratic spending bill 'Marxism' the latest example of the GOP baselessly linking things they oppose to communism

Gods will is being thwarted. Even in solid Republican counties, hard-liners seek more partisan control of elections.The political battle in one Texas county where Trump got 81% of the vote offers a rare view into the virulent distrust and unyielding pressure facing elections administrators. ("God" = Trump)

Ending federal ban on marijuana clears key House committee : politics

Pot lounges, keeping salaries private, investigating police just some new Nevada laws now in effect : politics

California scrambles to ban ghost guns as untraceable weaponspopularity soars Concern grows as guns appear in homicides, school shootings and domestic terror incidents

Federal court orders FEC to rule on NRA shell entity campaign allegation : politics

A Quarter of Rural Wisconsinites Lack Adequate Internet Access : politics

Newsom signs #FreeBritney bill to help reform conservatorship laws : politics

Ex-Proud Boy Celebrates Rivals Murder With Steak and Whiskey
The Target of an Alleged Proud Boys Plot Has Been Found Murdered in El Mirage | Phoenix New Times

Make it make sense : PoliticalHumor

Alex Jones must pay damages to Sandy Hook families after calling shooting a giant hoax, judge rule

More than half of police killings in USA are unreported and Black Americans are most likely to experience fatal police violence. Over the 40-year study period (1980-2019), Black Americans were estimated to be 3.5 times more likely to die from police violence than white Americans. : science
More than 17,000 deaths caused by police have been misclassified since 1980 : politics

"A Sean Hannity monologue wrapped around a parking ticket" - Lawyers, Guns & Money Remember when beloved LGM commenter Alfredo Garcia asserted that the Sussman indictment was a YOOOOOOGE deal? ... Glenn Greenwald, the blogger who shares the same specific obsessions as Mr. Garcia and expresses them in the same prose style, had an extended meltdown at his ShakeShack about this epochal, five-alarm blockbuster, as did fellow Trump sycophant Matt Taibbi.

This is kind of like what happened to Emmett Till, except for the top five law school part - Lawyers, Guns & Money

TIL Rabies has the highest mortality rate of any virus at 99.9%. : todayilearned

How does Europa have liquid water? : askscience
Landmark study shows one dose of psilocybin induces new neural connections : worldnews

Enigmatic Fossils From The Isle of Wight Reveal 2 New Predatory Dinosaurs : worldnews

Lead detected in more than half of U.S. kids under age 6. The study, which investigated the blood tests of 1.1 million kids is the first to examine the impact of individual and community variables on childrens detectable blood levels

TIL that despite its popular depictions, the 5 stages of grief is considered to be an outdated theory. : todayilearned

Why are galactic centers always occupied by black holes? Are galaxies to black holes what accretion disks are to stars? : askscience

What is more deadly than people think ? : AskReddit

When have you witnessed pure evil? : AskReddit

Which are Cosmic Horror movies i should definitly watch? : movies

Commenting on archived posts, images in chat, and classes for mods : blog

Ozy Media Will Shut Down - The New York Times The digital media start-up had come under scrutiny for its business practices after articles in The Times.
Ozy Media shuts down just one week after most of us found out it exists - The Verge Ozy Media had funding, events, and writers, but where was the audience?

Facebook is an out-of-control system bent on surviving at all costs : technology


Missing moon rock from Apollo 17 mission recovered : worldnews

Climate strike: Under capitalism, we cant save the climate

Rich nations pledged $100 billion to help fight climate change. The money never arrived. : worldnews

One Of The Worlds Oldest Rainforests Returns To Indigenous Control

Chickens Severely Mistreated at Humane California Slaughterhouse, New Video Alleges - Activists arrested while protesting Foster Farms are being held in county jail on $50,000 bonds

Young woman dies of H5N6 bird flu in southern China : worldnews

The workers who keep global supply chains moving are warning of asystem collapse

September 30 2021 MA COVID-19 Interactive Data Dashboard : CoronavirusMa
1,486 confirmed COVID-19 cases and 27 deaths. See todays COVID-19 data from Mass.

HAN Archive - 00453 | COVID-19 Vaccination for Pregnant People to Prevent Serious Illness, Deaths, and Adverse Pregnancy Outcomes from COVID-19

Covid is killing rural Americans at twice the rate of people in urban areas The pandemic is devastating rural America, where lower vaccination rates are compounding the already limited medical care (the great dumbfuck die-off)

Floridas per capita Covid death rate is 50x Australias

The Red COVID phase of the pandemic is here

Conservative radio star Steve Quayle has COVID and is refusing treatment : HermanCainAward
Are there demonstrable effects of distant intercessory prayer? A meta-analytic review - PubMed

Slovenia police use water cannons at anti-COVID-19 pass protest : worldnews

New Zealand makes plotting a terrorist attack a crime, fixing legal loophole : worldnews

Kim Yo Jong, sister of North Korean leader, promoted to nations top ruling body

Anonymous posts Taiwan flag, national anthem on China government site : worldnews
Insulting Chinese national flag on the internet now illegal in Hong Kong - violators face up to 3 years prison : worldnews
Hong Kong approves jail terms for upskirt shots
China's factory activity in shock slowdown as energy crisis hits home

Communists sue, say online voting in Moscow was rigged : worldnews

Uncertainty hovers over Helmands schools as Taliban ban older girls
Taliban disperse women protesters with gunfire in Kabul : worldnews

Babi Yar: Ukraine marks 80 years since Nazi massacre of nearly 34,000 Jews in just two days : worldnews
Babi Yar By Yevgeni Yevtushenko | The Holocaust History - A People's and Survivor History -

Nigerian Air Force kills at least 50 civilians in fish market airstrike- sources : worldnews
Many Ugandan children forced into hard labor, sex trafficking as COVID closes schools : worldnews

After death threats, Iraqis who attended pro-Israel normalization summit recant : worldnews

We will remove you Hezbollah official told Beirut blast judge

Israeli police kill woman who attempted knife attack in Jerusalem : worldnews

New US Ambassador To Turkey: No Two State-solutionFor Cyprus, I Will Say Armenian Genocide

Polish regions are scrambling over themselves to junk resolutions denouncing what they called LGBT propaganda after facing the threat of losing billions in EU funding

Pop superstar Shakira says she was the victim of a random attack by a pair of wild boars while walking in a park in Barcelona with her eight-year-old son. : worldnews

96-year-old former Nazi death camp secretary flees elderly care home hours before trial was due to begin and remains on the run. She is charged with with 11,000 counts of complicity in murder. : worldnews
Waterspout hits German port city of Kiel, throwing people from boats : worldnews

France to close six mosques and disband associations suspected of radicalism : worldnews
Nicolas Sarkozy given one year in prison for illegally financing 2012 election : worldnews
Eschaton: It's Possible to Do Sarkozy's legal woes are not over yet as French prosecutors are looking into alleged illegal campaign funding from Libya. Libya's former leader, the late Moammar Gadhafi, allegedly provided Sarkozy's 2007 campaign with millions of euros shipped to Paris in suitcases ... Somebody needing to get rid of a witness, and then enlisting a couple of other world leaders to get involved, is the only satisfying explanation I've ever heard. (so much shit went down and still is)

53% of British people now think Brexit is going badly, poll says, after empty shelves and fuel shortages hit the UK : worldnews

More than 75 percent of Venezuelans now living in extreme poverty : worldnews

Four hundred police officers have entered a prison in the Ecuadorean port city of Guayaquil where at least 116 inmates have been killed in a gang war. : worldnews
At least 100 dead in gang clash at Ecuador jail; 5 beheaded : worldnews

Indigenous children set to receive billions after judge rejects Trudeau challenges : worldnews

A Declassified State Department Report Says Microwaves Didnt Cause Havana Syndrome ... ("crickets")

Top US general says Afghan collapse can be traced to Trump-Taliban deal : politics
US Marine under investigation for appearing at Trump rally

Senate defeats GOP amendment to block Biden vaccine mandate : politics
The Anti-Vaxx Movement Is Taking Over the Republican Party : politics

Trump Server's Connections to Alfa Bank Produces Fresh Conflict - The New York Times A recent indictment suggested that researchers who found strange internet links between a Russian bank and the Trump Organization did not really believe their own work. They are pushing back.
Durham issues fresh round of subpoenas in his continuing probe of FBI investigation into Trump, Russia - CNNPolitics
Donald Trump attempted to overthrow the government of the United States - Lawyers, Guns & Money Neither he nor any of his many many co-conspirators throughout the national and state Republican parties have suffered any legal consequences for this. One reason is that the details of this story, which are still emerging nine months later, are not currently being treated as an actual news story by the news media: ... the only national network broadcasts to mention Trumps coup memo were the late-night variety shows hosted by Jimmy Kimmel, Stephen Colbert, and Seth Meyers (we're so fucked)
The Washington Post on Twitter: "Perspective: A Trump lawyer wrote an instruction manual for a coup. Yet it was covered by few mainstream news outlets." / Twitter

A Trump lawyer wrote an instruction manual for a coup. Why havent you seen it on the news?
Trumps not innocent January 6th Committee issues new subpoenas
Panel investigating Jan. 6 subpoenas Trump allies, rally organizers : politics
Hack Of Oath Keepers Militia Group Includes Names Of Active NYPD Officers, De Blasio Launches Investigation - Gothamist

Yellen calls for very destructive debt limit to be abolished
By refusing to raise the debt limit, Republicans are gambling with AmericansSocial Security benefits

The Koch Empire Goes All Out to Sink Joe Bidens Agenda and His Presidency, Too
Republicans -- even Mitt Romney -- will crash the economy just to make Democrats look bad, Editorial Board writes

Trump Support Drops 20 Points as Ron DeSantis Surges to Tie in New 2024 Poll : politics

Big Myth About Trump, GOP Leaders Is Busted In Blistering New Ad | These aren't leaders of a political movement, they're leaders of a cult. And they kill, progressive PAC MeidasTouch says about its #TrumpCultKills spot.

The trainwreck of Sen. Kyrsten Sinema is the cost of not getting money out of politics : politics
Draft Ruben Gallego effort launches as progressives seek to oust Kyrsten Sinema : politics
Katie Porters epic beatdown of Kyrsten Sinema reveals an important truth

Joe Manchin wanted $4 Trillion in infrastructure spending eight months ago : politics
a href=""> Joe Manchin, Americas climate decider-in-chief, is a coal baron

Top Republicans rub shoulders with extremists in secretive rightwing group, leak reveals | Republicans | The Guardian Wealthy entrepreneurs and media moguls also named on membership list for influential Council for National Policy

Rep. Dan Crenshaw bypassed Capitol security, police say. He's the latest lawmaker to be hit with a $5,000 fine.

Ted Cruz ridiculed for tweeting YourBodyYourChoice despite anti-abortion position

Nevadas Blue Wave Once reliably Republican, the state has suddenly become a laboratory of progressive experimentation

Republicans Dont Want to Reform Public Education. They Want to End It.

New Initiative Explores Deep, Persistent Divides Between Biden and Trump Voters

Illinois bill would allow anyone to sue someone who causes an unintended pregnancy| Half of the money would be placed in a state fund meant to pay for abortions for women from Texas who can't get them in their home state.

Texas two-step: Ending abortion rights and voting rights are part of the right's long-term plan (
Republicans are about to lose Texas so theyre changing the rules (
Analysis: Texas government wont represent the states population unless its political maps do
Tomlinson: Texasmost powerful oil family also regulates the industry. That's a problem

Idaho Secretary of State refutes Mike Lindells statewide election manipulation claims

Opinion | If theyre going to keep passing religious laws, were going to need exemptions

My "we are not nullifying Roe v. Wade" t-shirt has many people asking questions already answered by by shirt - Lawyers, Guns & Money (Alito is a lying evil asshole)

2nd Cuomo Investigation Expected to Confirm Harassment Claims - The New York Times The final report, expected in October, could revive calls for lawmakers to impeach Andrew Cuomo, the former governor, to prevent him from running again, though that seems unlikely.

Caitlyn Jenner says GOP leaders were embarrassed to be seen with her in public, but met in private : politics

Travis County Democrats office damaged by incendiary device
Flag-wearing man throws Molotov cocktail into Austin Dems HQ : news

Report: David Ortiz shooting suspect is killed in the Dominican Republic : boston

Alabama GOP Condemned for Plan to Build Prisons With Emergency Covid-19 Funds : politics

Kristi Noem Ditches Lewandowski After Two Bombshell Reports : politics

Ozy Built a TV Show on a False Claim, Says Its Former Producer - The New York Times

Leader of Prestigious Yale Program Resigns, Citing Donor Pressure - The New York Times The historian Beverly Gage, who has run the Grand Strategy course since 2017, says the university failed to stand up for academic freedom amid inappropriate efforts to influence the curriculum. (Yale doing Trump's work)
Campus Cancel Culture is out of Control - Lawyers, Guns & Money Very interesting happenings up at the Yale:

The psycho who was torturing and killing cats in Cambridge killed himself : massachusetts

Middle school teachers told to remove rainbows from classrooms. : news

Teenager who hit six cyclists while rolling coal still walking free - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Heres what we know about the sexual assault allegations filed against former Boston Ballet star Dusty Button and her husband

A Man Died From Rabies In Illinois. Heres Why Thats So Unusual In The U.S. ... an 80-year-old man died of rabies after waking up to find a bat on his neck. It is the first human case of rabies in the state since 1954. The man refused rabies treatment at the time of the incident in mid-August, health officials said in a press release. A month later, he started experiencing rabies symptoms such as neck pain, headache, difficulty controlling his arms, finger numbness and difficulty speaking.

Review Analysis: Stanford students are more likely to wear masks on bicycles than helmets

Steven Pinker's new book contains the worst sentence you will read today
fish in a barrel, but: Pinker is using a racist dogwhistle here insofar as these (incredibly dated) examples of slang are also mostly former AAVE that migrated- the tacit effect of this claim is to keep rationality coded white
Meth, Not Even Once | Know Your Meme
In Rationality, Steven Pinker Sticks Up (Again) for Reasons Role in Human Progress
Steven Pinker: Rationality Is Da Bomb - This has nothing to do with Jeffrey Epstein

Driving the Stake Through Emotional Vampires - The New York Times How a visit to a love shaman helped put an end to draining relationships.

Similar to a recently asked question. If 2 cars travel at half the speed of light or more toward opposite directions, will the relative speed from one car to another be more then the speed of light? : askscience

Landmark study shows one dose of psilocybin induces new neural connections : science
Psychedelics might reduce internalized shame and complex trauma symptoms in those with a history of childhood abuse. Reporting more than five occasions of intentional therapeutic psychedelic use weakened the relationship between emotional abuse/neglect and disturbances in self-organization. : science

what are some of the professions that are slowly dying ? : AskReddit

Facebook Inc. knows, in acute detail, that its platforms are riddled with flaws that cause harm, often in ways only the company fully understands (Fuckerberg says you're not allowed to know how evil he is)

Bezos Wants to Create a Better Future in Space. His Company Blue Origin Is Stuck in a Toxic Past. (Dicks in Space)

Google is most searched word on Bing, Google says

Leaked Apple Training Videos Show How It Undermines Third-Party Repair : worldnews


Air pollution linked to nearly 6 million premature births in 2019, study finds : politics

The worlds longest subsea cable will send clean energy from Morocco to the UK

Cocktail of pesticides in almost all oranges and grapes, UK study finds : worldnews

Whale Advocates: At Least 575 Whales Killed During 2021 Norwegian Whaling Season : worldnews (fucking humans)
Calls For UK To Suspend Trade Deal With Faroe Islands After Dolphin Bloodbath : worldnews

US says ivory-billed woodpecker, 22 other species extinct : worldnews

Australia has lost one-third of its koalas in the past three years : worldnews

World-first artificial synthesis of starch from CO2 outperforms nature : worldnews

The World Health Organization has described itself as "heartbroken" after an independent inquiry it commissioned said scores of women and girls were sexually abused by aid workers during the devastating 2018-2020 Ebola outbreak in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The abuse led to 29 pregnancies.

Cool fall air has arrived in Massachusetts, a sign that the season is here - The Boston Globe

MA COVID-19 Data 9/29/21 : CoronavirusMa
MA: 1,448 new cases & 23 new deaths, +97,488 tests (09/29/2021 : CoronavirusMa
1,448 confirmed cases, 23 deaths, and 6,337 vaccinations. See todays COVID-19 data from Mass.

Selected Adverse Events Reported after COVID-19 Vaccination | CDC

Xi is a pimp. He never could have outfought the Donald. But I didn't know until this day that it was Australia all along. - Lawyers, Guns & Money Desantis has determined to make his foreign policy bones by declaring against Australia:

r/HermanCainAward Daily Vent Thread - September 29, 2021 : HermanCainAward
I heard Ben Garrison caught Covid so I drew him a cartoon : HermanCainAward
I heard Ben Garrison caught Covid so I drew him a cartoon : PoliticalHumor
The HCAs are attracting more media attention. At least this one is more balanced. : HermanCainAward

Laura Ingraham: Its almost always a lie that hospitals are beingoverwhelmed

YouTube is banning prominent anti-vaccine activists and blocking all anti-vaccine content : worldnews

COVID in Israel: The 17% unvaccinated make up 60% of deaths this week : worldnews
COVID in Israel: The 17% unvaccinated make up 60% of deaths this week - Israel News - The 17 percent of eligible Israelis who have not received the vaccine account for 85 coronavirus deaths in the past week ... More than a million Israelis who qualify to be vaccinated have not yet gotten the coronavirus vaccine. That includes about 110,000 people 60 and over, and about 90,000 between the ages of 50 and 59. (huge hat Heredim)
Over 1 million Israelis who havent had 3rd dose to lose Green Pass on Sunday

Japan to end COVID-19 state of emergency on Thursday : worldnews

Brazil hospital chain hid Covid-19 deaths, whistleblowers lawyer tells Senate

Controversial preacher arrested on Calgary tarmac for warrants after U.S. anti-vaxx speaking tour : worldnews
Ron Filipkowski on Twitter: "Pastor Artur Pawlowski was arrested today at the airport in Calgary, after he returned from a 4 month tour of the US, where he was a darling of MAGA media. He spent every day in the US spreading lies and vaccine conspiracies on TV and speeches around the US." / Twitter

New Zealand to halt removal of at riskchildren from families

Philippines Senate backs bill to raise sexual consent age from 12 to 16 : worldnews

Myanmars junta powerless as currency drops 60% in fou r weeks, economy tanks

Japans ruling party elects Fumio Kishida as the next PM

Over 42% of South Koreans in their 30s unmarried : worldnews
North Korea joins race for new hypersonic missile with latest test : worldnews

China vows to keep Taiwan out of Pacific Rim trade group : worldnews
U.S. needs to work with Europe to slow Chinas innovation rate, Commerce Secretary Raimondo says
U.S. says Chinese government blocking airplane purchases : worldnews
Chinas Belt and Road plans losing momentum as opposition, debt mount
Chinas Xi calls for nurturing of patriotic scientists: President Xi Jinping wants to increase the talent pool of scientists and intellectuals in China who have the correct political inclination
Analysis: China has upgraded its best stealth fighter jet with domestic-made engines : worldnews undefined
Microsofts LinkedIn censors US journalist over China content, makes disturbing offer for reinstatement (Fuckya Scumbag Nutella)

U.S. bars flight from landing with Americans from Kabul, organizers say : worldnews
Pakistan mulls options to keep Afghan banks afloat : worldnews
Afghan women barred from teaching or attending Kabul University. Militants have in some instances ordered women to leave their workplaces, and when a group of women protested the announcement of the all-male government in Kabul, Taliban fighters beat them with whips and sticks. : worldnews

Vladimir Putin gets corrected by schoolboy about Russian history : worldnews
Russia arrests top cybersecurity executive in treason case : worldnews

Opinion | Erdogan-Putin meeting: Mad at Biden, the Turkish president must now make good with Putin - The Washington Post (Erdofuck fucked up)
Turkish man presumed missing attends search efforts for himself : worldnews

The crisis in Ethiopia is a stain on our conscience the United Nationshumanitarian chief said, as children and others starve to death in the Tigray region under what the UN has called a de facto government blockade of food, medical supplies and fuel.

Patrick Zaki: Egypt tries Christian rights activist on false news charge : worldnews

Masked settlers hurl rocks in south Hebron; 15 said injured, including toddler : worldnews ("settlers" = genocidal invaders)

Tunisia president names Najla Bouden as countrys first female PM

Packs Of Ravenous Wild Boars Are Ransacking Rome : worldnews

A Spanish judge rules no crime committed in case where hidden camera recordings of women, including minors, urinating in public were uploaded to porn sites : worldnews

Macron says Europe must assert independence from US : worldnews

Sarah Everard murder: Wayne Couzens falsely arrested and handcuffed victim : worldnews
Prince Andrew Selling $24 Million Mansion In Switzerland To Settle Lawsuit With Former Owner: Report : worldnews
Amazon plans a pay cut of up to 23% for hourly workers who guide trucks in and out of its UK delivery stations : worldnews
Blind Paralympian who glued himself to roof of British Airways plane jailed : worldnews

Thousands of women took to the streets across Latin America Tuesday to demand abortion rights, a practice largely prohibited in the region where hundreds of women are serving prison time under draconian laws : worldnews (Texas: hold my beer)

Canada grants asylum to four people who hid Edward Snowden in Hong Kong : worldnews
While 2 Canadians are released from Chinese custody, 115 more Canadians remain behind bars in chinese prisons : worldnews

CIA evacuates intelligence officer from Serbia as Havana Syndrome attacks on American spies and diplomats continue to grow

Austin Says Trump Pentagon Team Left No Afghanistan Withdrawal Plan : politics
Bidens defense secretary says Trump admin. didnt handover plans for Afghanistan withdrawal, despite making deal with Taliban
We Now Know Why Biden Was in a Hurry to Exit Afghanistan : politics
Milleys blunt private blame for the State Department
Despicable Liz Cheney rips GOP colleagues for haranguing Gen. Milley over book revelations

U.S. Facing Over Twice as Many Domestic Terror Threats as Foreign, FBI Says : politics

After the Milley incident, it's time to limit presidential powers -- or regret it forever | Gen. Milley didn't "go rogue" -- instead, he made clear that Congress must take steps to rein in the presidency

Trump wanted to permanently exclude the press from the White House, Grisham book claims : politics
Former Trump press secretary Stephanie Grisham calls Jared Kushner Rasputin in a slim-fitting suit: book
Donald Trump Still Faces a Reckoning in New York | The New Yorker Court documents and interviews indicate that the Manhattan District Attorney is accumulating evidence of pervasive tax fraud.

First Thing: Trump plans to sue to keep Capitol attack records secret : politics
Friends from Ohio get 45 days in jail for Capitol riot - ABC News Two friends from Ohio have been sentenced to 45 days in jail for storming the U.S. Capitol together in January
Olympian Klete Keller pleads guilty to Capitol riot charge - Los Angeles Times
Jan. 6 investigators subpoena organizers of rallies that preceded Capitol attack - POLITICO

The Main Problem Congress Has Is That Republicans Refuse to Cooperate in Governing the Nation : politics

Jen Psaki shuts down far-right journalist who wouldnt stop shouting at her

Mellman: McConnells strategy: Hurt the country to help the GOP

Rep. Ro Khanna: It's insane that Sinema is holding up spending bill
Kill the Bill | Talking Points Memo
Senator Kyrsten Sinema Emerges As Main Obstacle To Joe Bidens Legislative Agenda
The Bottomless Emptiness of Manchema
Activists who helped elect Kyrsten Sinema launch CrowdPAC to fund a primary challenger | Organizers say if Sinema doesnt vote to end filibuster and back Biden they'll replace her with someone who will
Kyrsten Sinema Is at the Center of It All. Some Arizonans Wish She Werent.
I just realized that sometime in the next few weeks, Krysten Sinema is going to start caucusing with the Republicans, and Stephen Breyer is going to drop dead three days later.
Centrist Dems broke a promise on infrastructure. They should not get their "bipartisan" victory now | Centrists reneged on a deal to pass Bidens agenda. Progressives should adopt an F around and find out response
Why House Democrats May Be More United Than They Seem | FiveThirtyEight

New Report Exposes Corporate Scheme to Derail Biden Agenda and Upend Democracy

Fire DeJoy Demand Intensifies as 10-Year Plan to Sabotage Postal Service Takes Effect

Maddow Reads Damning Giuliani Testimony Showing Roots Of Election Conspiracy: |t's all made up, the MSNBC host said.

Oops, the Arizona recount the MAGA crew demanded actually took votes away from Trump : politics
Arizona Audit Backers Turn on Each Other After Recount Flop : politics
QAnon Is Spreading a Fake Version of the Arizona Audit That Says Trump Won: The fake audit report contains the line The election should not be certified, and the reported results are not reliable.

He caved in minutes: Texas judge slams governor for agreeing to Trumps election audit
Chick-fil-A inspired Texasnew abortion ban | Texass abortion ban was modeled in part on a bill to "save" Chick-fil-A. Now conservatives are hoping for a win in a bizarre chicken lawsuit
It just keeps on happening: Texas parents fight legislation targeting their trans children for the fourth time this year (

Nearly a dozen states enact

Trumps failed attempt to enforce Omarosa's NDA in court may unleash a new wave of embarrassing disclosures, said the lawyer who beat him

Trump donor accuses Corey Lewandowski of unwanted sexual advances, report claims : politics ... Trashelle Odom alleged that Mr Lewandowski repeatedly touched her leg and buttocks, spoke in sexually graphic terms (almost as good as "Robert Monster")
Gov. Kristi Noem Denies Affair With Trump Aide Corey Lewandowski : politics
It certainly seems like South Dakotas governor bullied state employees to help her daughters career
South Dakota attorney general actively reviewingGov. Kristi Noem's controversial family meeting
Kristi Noem denounces rumors in statement on her Governor Twitter account

The Cops Who Touched Fentanyl : Police around the country have claimed to overdose on fentanyl merely from handling the drug. Whats really going on? (cop fuckers lying and fucking people over, what else?)

DEA Still Insists Marijuana Has No Accepted Medical Use

Far-Right Group Wants to Ban Kids From Reading Books on Male Seahorses, Galileo, and MLK : politics

America Is Having a Violence Wave, Not a Crime Wave - The Atlantic As violent crime rose in 2020, property crime continued a years-long decline.

Fox News host Tucker Carlson has for years alluded to elements of replacement theory. Former President Trump emboldened some believers, as well, including by retweeting accounts that identified themselves as believers in"white genocide

Teen who ran over 6 cyclists outside Houston walks free : news

Critical Race Theory Bans Are Expanding To Cover Broad Collection Of Issues But the spreadsheet of objections seems to fall far outside the issues of historic and systemic racism in the US. Objections include books about poisonous lizards, Johnny Appleseed, Greek and Roman mythology, and owls. One respondent objects to a book about Galileo because there is no HERO of the church to contrast with their persecution of the astronomer. This group has also objected to a book about Ruby Bridges because it offered no "redemption" for the protestors who screamed at a child trying to go to school ... But the anti-CRT movement is increasingly broadening to attack anything that conservative parents dont like in schools ...

Think tank president quits after domestic violence complaint - POLITICO The wife of Jerry Taylor, the co-founder and president of the Niskanen Center, made the allegations after an incident in June ... Taylor, who previously had been a longtime top official of the Cato Institute, was arrested in early June on a misdemeanor charge of assault and battery of a family member in Arlington, Va. (libertarian thinktanker violent abusive drunk conservafuck)

Judge suspends Britney Spears father from conservatorship

Why Is Every Young Person in America Watching The Sopranos? The shows new audience is also seeing something different in it: a parable about a country in terminal decline.

A New Yorker staffer questions racial equality at the magazine -- and becomes the talk of the town ... the top editorial ranks of prestigious magazines like the New Yorker resembledmember registries at Southern country clubs circa 1950.

FBI arrested Mass. man on charges of threatening an interracial couple after they announced engagement online - The Boston Globe
Feds arrest local right-winger on charges he threatened to kill and chop up a mixed-race couple | Universal Hub

Attorney general alleges Manuel Duran stole at least $1.5 million from states most vulnerable

I-90 highway in Allston will be grounded, state says, vowing to move forward with mega transportation project - The Boston Globe Massive $1.7 billion project would unlock valuable land for development and bring a long-awaited train station

Two women, 89, and 86, killed after car crashes into Needham home; driver hospitalized - The Boston Globe

Depression in early adulthood may increase odds of dementia in old age by 73% : news

Ancient text said to solve mystery of why Dead Sea Scrolls were placed in Qumran : worldnews

In 2019, Almost All of Facebooks Top Christian Pages Were Run By Foreign Troll Farms


Removal of atmospheric methane could mitigate climate change even faster than CO2 removal. Removing three years worth of human-caused methane emissions would offset 0.21 C of global warming. As an added benefit, it would also reduce surface ozone, preventing 50,000 premature deaths per year.

Climate change: Antarctic seal numbers tied to global temperature : worldnews

Spain declares volcano hit La Palma as disaster zone : worldnews

Oil prices rise above $80 a barrel for first time in three years : worldnews (Putin's gas station is boooming)

Blah, blah, blah: Greta Thunberg lambasts leaders over climate crisis

Woman charged with starting Californias FawnFire while trying to boil water (much worse than that)

Five zebras escaped from a Maryland farm, and they still havent been caught.

MA: 1,380 new cases & 22 new deaths, +54,215 tests (09/28/2021) : CoronavirusMa
1,380 confirmed cases, 22 deaths, and 7,380 vaccinations. See todays COVID-19 data from Mass.

The Commonwealth (God Save It!) Has Anti-Vaxxers, Too -- And they just happen to be in the police union.

Pfizer submits data for COVID-19 vaccine in younger children : worldnews

75% of U.S. adults have taken at least one dose of COVID-19 vaccine - CDC : news

Gottlieb: Up to 90% of Americans may have some amount of immunity. : CoronavirusMa
Smokers are 60%-80% more likely to be admitted to hospital with Covid-19 and also more likely to die from the disease compared with those who have never smoked, study finds. It contradicts research published at the start of the pandemic suggesting that smoking might help to protect against the virus : science
37% of COVID-19 Patients Diagnosed With A Long-COVID Symptom : science

KFF COVID-19 Vaccine Monitor: September 2021 | KFF ... The largest increases in vaccine uptake between July and September were among Hispanic adults and those ages 18-29, and similar shares of adults now report being vaccinated across racial and ethnic groups (71% of White adults, 70% of Black adults, and 73% of Hispanic adults). Large gaps in vaccine uptake remain by partisanship, education level, age, and health insurance status.

We've reached the 'Red Covid' phase of the pandemic - CNNPolitics ... Roughly nine months into his presidency, however, red states and blue states have widely diverged on what should be the least political of issues: Vaccination rates for Covid-19 ... More than 9 in 10 self-identified Democrats (92%) report that they have had at least one dose of one of the three vaccines for Covid-19. That number among Republicans? Just 56%. (and then the virus came for the really stupid)
How badly unvaccinated Republicans are misinformed, in one stat - The Washington Post ... So the median unvaccinated Republican essentially says the vaccines have net-zero efficacy i.e. there is no benefit to getting vaccinated when it comes to landing in the hospital. A recent Centers for Disease Control and Prevention study found that unvaccinated people in Los Angeles County were 29.2 times more likely to require hospitalization. This was because they were about five times more likely to get infected, and then, once infected, significantly more likely to wind up in the hospital.
Analysis | How badly unvaccinated Republicans are misinformed, in one stat : HermanCainAward
Leveling as a Manipulation Tactic: Equating Ones Character with Someone Elses

New York City can proceed with covid vaccine mandate for school workers, court says - The Washington Post Teachers and other school workers in the city have until Friday to show they have received at least one vaccine shot Vaccine Mandate Leads Thousands of New York Health Workers to Get Vaccinated - The New York Times Though many hospital and nursing home employees remain unvaccinated, officials say worst-case staffing shortages seem less likely.
North Carolina hospital system Novant Health fires 175 unvaccinated employees refusing covid shot - The Washington Post

Vaccine mandates are good and highly effective - Lawyers, Guns & Money
Give me liberty or give me my nice little government sinecure; your choice really - Lawyers, Guns & Money

r/HermanCainAward gets new rules from Admins. users not happy : SubredditDrama

Idaho COVID Insanity Shows How Much Worse the GOP Can Get : politics ... "we have never seen a U.S. political movement tied so passionately to one man and his lies as it is to Trump."

Judge rules Arizonas ban on mask mandates in schools unconstitutional

Kyrie Irving and his covid-19 vaccine stance are incomprehensible - The Washington Post (dumbfuck flat-earther sportsball head)

Joining the Fight Against the Cure Is Now a Litmus Test for Republican Politicians Top to Bottom - Utah Senator Mike Lee's nine separate bills obsessing over vaccine mandates provide the latest example.

A really good article that can be used to counter a popular anti-vaccine narrative. No, Vaccinated People Are Not Just as Likely to Spread the Coronavirus as Unvaccinated People

Ben was a super spreader of antivax ideas : HermanCainAward (Ben Garrison, superTrumper)
CONFIRMED:Ben Garrison endorses the storming of the capitol : TheRightCantMeme
5 out of 6 of the top "hot" HCA posts are locked : HermanCainAward

Russia reports its worst single-day Covid-19 death toll since start of pandemic : news

Social distancing to end indoors in Northern Ireland. At a meeting yesterday evening, ministers decided to remove the one-metre distance requirement for the retail sector, indoor attractions and seated indoor venues. The measures are to take effect from 6pm on Thursday. : worldnews

Malaysia: Nearly 94% of adult population has received at least one vaccine dose : worldnews

Tensions high between vaccinated and unvaccinated in Canada, poll suggests : canada

Singapore's total population falls 4.1% to 5.45 million as Covid-19 hits

AP News: Japan to lift all coronavirus emergency steps nationwide : worldnews

North Korea launches missile as diplomat decries US policy : worldnews

Elon Musk praises China, says Tesla will continue to expand investments there : worldnews
China power crunch spreads, shutting factories and dimming growth outlook : worldnews
China electricity shortage: industrial production grinds to halt and traffic lights fail amid rationing | South China Morning Post
Former Alstom executive: Chinas national power ensuresMengs different outcome
China lets US siblings return home after three years : worldnews ... Public records show that a person named Changming Liu is linked to a home in Chestnut Hill, Mass. The address matches the one Cynthia Liu lists on her Harvard alumni page. The home is owned by Sandra Han, the mother. Zillow, the real estate website, estimates its value at $2.3 million.

Indian authorities are using politically motivated allegations of tax evasion and financial irregularities to silence human rights activists, journalists, and other critics of the government, Human Rights Watch said : worldnews

U.S. wont be investigated for claims of torture, mistreatment in Afghanistan, ICC aays
Afghan economy on brink of collapse, diplomat warns : worldnews
Female Afghan judges hunted by the murderers they convicted : worldnews
Taliban leader scolds fighters for taking selfies, wearing sunglasses & fashionable clothes
The Taliban vowed no revenge. One Afghan family tells a different story : worldnews
Taliban ban barbers in south Afghanistan from shaving or trimming beards : worldnews
Afghan women barred from teaching or attending Kabul University. As long as real Islamic environment is not provided for all, women will not be allowed to come to universities or work. Islam first Mohammad Ashraf Ghairat said on his official Twitter account
A U.S. general warned the Taliban to stay out of Kabul or be bombed. The Taliban rolled into Kabul anyway. : worldnews

Free Speech Still a 'Core Value' YouTube CEO Says After Blocking Russian Opposition Videos at the Request of Russian Government
Russian investigators launch a new criminal case against Navalny that will likely extend his time in prison : worldnews

Georgian ex-president says he will fly home, despite jail threat, to 'save the country'

Patrick George Zaki: Egypt rights activist goes on trial over article : worldnews

Congo sees increase in use of Bombe drug made from catal ytic converters which causes users to sleep standing up

Pentagon chief tells French counterpart U.S. supports Sahel mission : worldnews

Irony as IED placed by Al Shabaab kills 15 of its own militants in Kenya : worldnews

Iraq Government Issues Arrest Warrants For Iraqi Speakers Who Championed Peace With Israel : worldnews

Bennett lied about Israels COVID-19 success at UN

Drowning girl statue causes a stir in Bilbao : worldnews

More Polish regions revoke anti-LGBT status after EU funds withdrawnMore Polish regions revoke anti-LGBT declarations over EU funds withdrawal

Explosion hits building in Swedens Gothenburg, 25 in hospital (organized crime/gang wars)

The far-right Alternative for Germany party remains strong in the east, but has suffered small losses nationwide and will not be involved in any coalition talks, as it remains a pariah for all other parties
Two transgender women win seats in German parliament : worldnews

Macron tells Europe to stop being naive after France signs defence deal with Greece
A Michelin-starred chef from Martinique turned away from a gala dinner in the French city of Lyon despite being one of the invited guests has denounced his treatment. Marcel Ravin who hails from the Caribbean island is Black : worldnews

Crazy: Britain puts army on standby as panic buying leaves petrol pumps dry
UK fuel crisis: Prices rise to eight-year high as army on standby : worldnews
Southeastern rail nationalised by UK government after operator 'pocketed' taxpayer cash
Prince Andrew to be honoured with Platinum Jubilee medal from Queen despite his active child sex trafficking cases : worldnews
She Was Walking Home: How Sarah Everards Murder Revealed Feminisms Fault Lines exposed deep rifts in feminist approaches to criminal justice.

7 shot & killed at house party in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, house later burned down. : worldnews

Rescue operation underway for 39 miners stuck underground in Sudbury, Ontario Canada : worldnews

Havana Syndrome Attacks Widen With CIA Officers Evacuation From Serbia the still-unexplained assaults are steadily expanding and sapping morale at the CIA and State Department

They treated us like animals: Haitians angry and in despair at being deported from US
About 250 migrants imprisoned in Texas border security push set for release | The Texas Tribune The men were arrested by state troopers and held for weeks without facing formal charges, a violation of state lawhe latest misfire in Abbotts hastily assembled effort to involve Texas in patrolling the border.

House passes defense bill with commission to investigate Afghanistan failures, mandate that women register for draft : politics
Speed equals safety: Inside the Pentagons controversial decision to leave Bagram early
Gen. Mark Milley testifies to Congress: Live updates - The Washington Post
Afghan army collapse took us all by surprise, U.S. defense secretary says
Trump initially gave the order to withdraw all troops from Afghanistan by Jan. 15, Joint Chiefs Chair Milley confirms : politics
Top generals testify that Trumps deal with the Taliban hurt morale among Afghan forces and 'negatively' affected their performance (sack of shit fucked everything up on his was out)

Analysis: A Capitol Hill reckoning for top US general may again put Trump's political storms on full display : politics
'No major incidents of illegal activity' : DHS told Pentagon as pro-Trump mob breached Capitol ... DHS run by installed sychophant Chris Miller, who Trump installed after firing Mark Esper AFTER he lost reelection. He put Miller in place to help with his coup attempt.. which Miller dutifully did.
Memo surfaces confirming actual Trump coup was underway Jan. 6 : politics

U.S. hands Big Oil $20 billion a year to spew greenhouse gases. Congress needs to cut off the tap : politics

Republicans block measure to fund US government beyond Thursday : politics
Just 1 in 5 voters would blame the GOP if the government defaults, poll finds : politics
Debt Limit Follies Morph Into Festival of Bad Behavior : politics
Republicans Block Government Funding, Refusing to Lift Debt Limit - The New York Times - Senate Republicans opposed legislation to avert a government shutdown and prevent a debt default at a critical moment for Democrats domestic agenda.
Theres a flurry of studies trashing the Democrats' tax agenda. They have corporate and GOP dark money ties.
Mitch McConnells Senate GOP votes for the US to default on its debt and for the government to shut down
Mitch McConnell Accuses Democrats of Playing Politics as GOP Blocks Bill to Stop Shutdown
Top Democrat compares GOP voting not to fund the government or raise the debt ceiling to running out of a restaurant without paying : politics

Opinion: Stop focusing on the negative. Biden and Harris have gotten things done. : politics

As billionaires grow richer, children go to sleep hungry : politics
Joe Manchin Might Single-Handedly Upend the Child Tax Credit: The West Virginia senator insists that work requirements be included in the bill, despite all the evidence suggesting they are unnecessary and ineffective. : politics

131 Federal Judges Broke the Law by Hearing Cases Where They Had a Financial Interest - WSJ The judges failed to recuse themselves from 685 lawsuits from 2010 to 2018 involving firms in which they or their family held shares, a Wall Street Journal investigation found
How the Journal Found Judges Violations of Law on Conflicts
Federal Judges Reportedly Violated Law in Cases With Financial Interests, WSJ Says The Wall Street Journal Just Dropped a Bomb on the Federal Judiciary - The potential for these revelations to tie the federal courts in knots for years cannot be overstated. (lock them all the fuck up)

The Largest Autocracy on Earth : Facebook is acting like a hostile foreign power; it's time we treated it that way ... supranational regime reached 2.9 billion monthly active users, more humans than China and India combined ... advertisers that poured $54 billion into Facebook in the first half of 2021 alonea sum that surpasses the gross domestic products of most nations on Earth.
Facebook Grew Marketplace to 1 Billion Users. Now Scammers Are Using It to Target People Around the World. : worldnews
Misinformation Is About to Get So Much Worse

Trump played tough with Putin when cameras were around, while Putin toyed with his insecurities, a new book says : politics
Trump played tough with Putin when cameras were around, but a new book details his insecurities - The Washington Post
Stephanie Grishams Book Details Trumps Terrifying Temper
10 Things in Politics: Dems Failing to Trump-Proof the Presidency : politics

Jan. 6 trials slowed by mounting evidence in US Capitol riot : politics
Raskin: Trump allies should think twice before trying to evade Jan. 6 subpoenas : politics
Third Oklahoman pleads guilty to charges in US Capitol riot : politics
U.S. Capitol Violence - FBI
What we know about the unprecedented Capitol riot arrests

Our constitutional crisis is already here : politics

USPS mail delivery is about to get permanently slower and temporarily more expensive : politics

Amy Coney Barrett sullies the Supreme Court : politics

Trump Loses Case to Enforce Omarosa Manigault Newmans N.D.A.
'It's Over' Omarosa' s Attorney Celebrates as Trump NDA Ruled Unenforceable, Paving the Way for More Secrets to Be Spilled
The bully has met his match: Trump loses NDA case against former aide Omarosa Manigault Newman

3 Trump associates, including a Marvel exec, tried to get the Department of Veterans Affairs to sell vetsmedical records for profit, docs say
Trump's Press Sec: He Called Me to Insist His Penis Wasnt Toadstool-Shaped
Republicans' trail of destruction may haunt them

Cartoonish Level Corrupt: As Dems Fight for Bold Agenda, Sinema to Fundraise With Its Corporate Opponents

Protesters demonstrate outside Manchins houseboat over opposition to reconciliation package
In deep red West Virginia, Bidens $3.5tn spending proposal is immensely popular

Report: Trump May Be Hit With Multiple Criminal Charges Over His Effort to Overturn the Election in Georgia : politics
Trumps spiteful support for Abrams over Kemp sparks midterms fear from Georgia Republicans
Trump demanded a Texas 'audit' and Gov. Abbott scrambled
Texas abortion ban defies Medicaid protections for rape, incest victims : politics
Report Alleges Conflicts Of Interest Among Texas Oil And Gas Regulators : politics

Alabama Wants to Use $400 Million in COVID Relief Money to Build More Prisons Lawmakers have eagerly jumped on board with the plan, while activist groups want the money to be used to fund, say, straining health care facilities or PPE purchases instead. : politics (crooks will crook and kill their people)
Alabama trying to use COVID relief funds for new prisons : news

Rep. Lauren Boebert Tries To Make A Point About Vaccines, Gets A Big Dose Of Mockery : politics

Matt Gaetz Has Apparently Hired a Who's Who of Sex-Crime Lawyers to Defend Him One of them represented the gynecologist accused of sexual assault by 200 patients ... worth noting that the $25K for this lawyer was paid by Gaetz' CAMPAIGN. Unless he was sex trafficking and raping children in an official capacity that's a crime.

Alabama schools facing unprecedented food shortage

QAnon backer Bill Mitchell and former Trump official Seb Gorka go to war amid doxxing threats | Two pro-Trump pundits and former friends feud over alleged doxxing, QAnon links. If thats even what it's about
Seb Gorka duped by fake Twitter account; young journalist says shes being smeared

Gaslighting GOP Governor Ripped For Hypocrisy After Getting Caught In Scandal | Kristi Noem tried not to directly address the issue.

NY Times' cluelessness is wrecking journalism | Will Bunch Newsletter (racist elitism is built in to that fucking newspaper)
Scandal fatigue, wealth redistribution, and the media - Lawyers, Guns & Money The two biggest stories of our time climate change and revenant fascism cant be both sided without a whole lot of quite conscious lying on the part of those doing the both siding. And both are intimately related to the advancement and protection of plutocratic interests.

Why evangelical Christians are backing voter suppression laws in Texas, Georgia, and beyond - Vox Abortion isnt the only victory conservative evangelicals have won in 2021.

Gov. Tom Wolf is calling for Democratic State Rep. Kevin Boyle to resign from the state Legislature, following his arrest for violating a protection from abuse order and harassment. : politics

Postmature justice - Lawyers, Guns & Money (cops covered for Kelly, natch)

Woman injured in shooting by school safety officer near Millikan High School in Long Beach : news

Father beats up pastor allegedly caught on video touching boy at bus stop : news
Choctaw Church To Hold Prayer Vigil For Former Pastor Accused Of Inappropriately Touching A Boy

The Republicans Ideal Woman Voter

Pinkers progress: the celebrity scientist at the centre of the culture wars ... world's most prominent defender of the status quo ... the pictures that began circulating of him with the financier Jeffrey Epstein at various public events, including after Epsteins 2008 conviction for sex offences against a minor. It turned out that Pinker had also helped his friend Alan Dershowitz interpret a statute in Epsteins defence on sex trafficking charges in 2007 ... He also believes that the excesses of the left are partly to blame for the dangerous lunacy of the right ("contrarian" idiot Peevan Stinker)

New sexual assault allegations filed against former Boston Ballet star Dusty Button and her husband - The Boston Globe

It's Been 10 Years Since I Started This Blog. Cheers to Everyone Who's Made It Possible. It is safe to say the world has been a target-rich environment for a political blog over this past decade. By Charles P. Pierce - Sep 24, 2021

Astronomers discover enormous cavity in the Milky Way being masked by a cosmic illusion (American Dental Association advises Milky Way to brush its teeth more)
Gigantic Spherical Void 500 Light Years Across Found In The Milky Way - YouTube

Girls are being socialized to lose political ambitionand it starts younger than we realized

Neanderthalderived genetic variation in living humans relates to schizophrenia diagnosis, to psychotic symptom severity, and to dopamine synthesis
Neanderthalderived genetic variation in living humans relates to schizophrenia diagnosis, to psychotic symptom severity, and to dopamine synthesis ... These results may help to elucidate the evolutionary history of a devastating neuropsychiatric disease by supporting the notion of schizophrenia as a human-specific condition. Additionally, the relationship between Neanderthal admixture and dopamine function suggests a potential mechanism whereby Neanderthal admixture may have affected our gene pool to alter schizophrenia risk and/or course.
Spirituality, dimensional autism, and schizotypal traits: The search for meaning
(PDF) Religious orientation and schizotypal traits ... higher Belief in God is linked with better Social Skills and higher levels of Magical Thinking, as well as female sex, which fits with the well-established female bias in spirituality and religiosity

ELI5: Do animals know what they are doing when things get complex? : explainlikeimfive

A Meta-analysis of 15 published studies found that when exercise ended two hours before bedtime, there were sleep benefits, including the promotion of sleep onset and increased sleep duration. On the other hand, when exercise ended less than two hours before bedtime, sleep was negatively impacted : science

TikTok's Reading Renaissance Is Making Old Books Bestsellers : books ("old" = last year)

Naked Lunch'by Burroughs is touted as being a satirical masterpiece, but I am having trouble finding the satire.
Am I misunderstanding The Stranger by Albert Camus? : books

What feels like a cult, and is in fact a cult? : AskReddit

What is one subreddit that you should absolutely never go to? : AskReddit

Chrome 94 released with controversial Idle Detection API : worldnews
Bad Apple - by Judd Legum, Tesnim Zekeria, and Rebecca Crosby - Popular Information you might be surprised that Apple is part of a massive lobbying blitz to kill the reconciliation package and its Clean Energy Standard.


Our climate projections for 2500 show an Earth that is alien to humans : science

Race to the bottom: the disastrous blindfolded rush to mine the deep sea : worldnews

Industrial plastic is spilling into Great Lakes, and no ones regulating it, experts warn - Plastic pollution is becoming a growing problem in the Great Lakes, especially near busy cities and industries

Children today will live through three times more climate disasters than their grandparents, study suggests : worldnews (Boomers cackle, "we got ours")

Scientists solve the mystery of how Easter Islanders were able to drink water straight from the sea : worldnews

Australian PM may not join climate summit: report : worldnews

Crispy weather is coming, ending a long streak of highs in the 70s - The Boston Globe

MA: 4,095 new cases and 14 new deaths, +244,030 tests (09/27/2021) : CoronavirusMa
In its first COVID-19 data report since Friday, Mass. reports 4,095 confirmed cases, 14 deaths, and 24,298 vaccinations

Mask mandate in Massachusetts schools extended through at least November 1 : CoronavirusMa
Dozens Of Massachusetts State Police Troopers Resigning Over COVID Vaccine Mandate, Union Says - About 20% of State Police employees are not vaccinated,
Assholes (threaten to) resign from well-compensated union job, proving they never should have had their jobs in the first place - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Herd Immunity Requires 90% Vaccination Rate Because of Delta: Experts : CoronavirusMa

Covid has wiped out years of progress on life expectancy, finds study. Pandemic behind biggest fall in life expectancy in western Europe since second world war, say researchers. : worldnews
Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla predicts normal life will return within a year and adds we may need annual Covid shots : worldnews

One Science Reporters Experience With A Mild Breakthrough Infection

Harvard Business School Moves MBA Classes Online Amid Rising Covid Cases : news

Red Covid : politics ... In counties where Donald Trump received at least 70 percent of the vote, the virus has killed about 47 out of every 100,000 people since the end of June ... In counties where Trump won less than 32 percent of the vote, the number is about 10 out of 100,000.
COVID-19 continues to wallop Republican states and areas in the US as partisan vaccine refusal persists : politics
They're dying to own the libs. Literally
Owning the libs one tombstone at a time : PoliticalHumor
Varieties of anti-vaxxer - Lawyers, Guns & Money 77% of American adults have been vaccinated against COVID (66.4% fully). What about the other 23%?

Reality isnt optional, no matter how much some people wish it would be
r/HermanCainAward finally gets their HCA : HermanCainAward

The perspective of a new nurse working in the ICU, at their breaking point : HermanCainAward

Ben Garrison (MAGA cartoonist) has Covid : HermanCainAward ... Jesus is experiencing abnormally high call volume and my prayer is still on hold ...
Anti-Vaccine Cartoonist Ben Garrison Says Hes Got Covid-19, Wont Go to HospitalThe pro-Trump cartoonist says hes lost about 15 pounds and is taking ivermectin.

Doctors Are Being Forced Off Clubhouse by Anti-Vax Harassment doctors who have given up trying to fight what they see as a tide of anti-vax hostility and misinformation on the audio-only app.

Judge rules in Wisconsin teens favor after sheriff threatened jail over Covid post

These Health Care Workers Would Rather Get Fired Than Get Vaccinated - The New York Times

Idaho Republicans achieve their goal of overwhelming the morgues - Lawyers, Guns & Money

What Do We Do With All This Rage? - by Charlie Warzel - Galaxy Brain It has to go somewhere
We Found Rage In A Hopeless Place We Found Rage In A Hopeless Place - A lot of people thought this summer would be great, but most people seem totally fried and at loose ends instead - expectations keep getting subverted, and anger keeps flowing into the void.

The Public Continues to Underestimate COVIDs Age Discrimination ... death among vaccinated seniors was two and a half times more common than death among unvaccinated people ages 18 to 49.

Nursing for nurses and by nurses for the care of all.

Mass brawls reported as pandemic restrictions are lifted in Norway : worldnews

Police aware of concerns about far-right Indian nationalist groups in NZ - NZ Herald : worldnews

South Korean president suggests ban on eating dog meat: Moon Jae-in, a dog-lover, says time has comefor traditional practice to end

Taiwan court rules against surgery requirement for legal gender change : worldnews

China accuses British navy of evil intentions as UK warship sails through Taiwan Strait
China bans TV, radio advertisements for medical beauty loans : worldnews
China limits abortion for "non-medical purposes" : worldnews
China power crunch spreads, shutting factories and dimming growth outlook : worldnews

YouTubes CEO says free speech is a core valueeven after removing videos by Putin critic Alexey Navalny (lying is a "core value" says Google)

Taliban Vowed to Re-enforce the Sharia Law : worldnews
Last president of Afghanistan says his Facebook account was hacked when it posted a message telling people to accept Taliban rule : worldnews
Head of Daesh (ISIS) terrorist group in Afghanistan killed, Taliban say : worldnews
Italy rules out recognising a Taliban government in Afghanistan : worldnews

Serbian military units on alert after license plate spat with Kosovo. : worldnews

Sudan: Ethiopian troops repelled after al-Fashaga advance

Erdogan says Turkey plans to buy more Russian defense systems : worldnews

Probe into Beirut blast frozen over judge impartiality suit - source : worldnews

Bennett at the UN: Hating Israel doesnt make you woke

Iceland falls short of women majority in parliament after recount : worldnews

Apple opposes EU plans to make common charger port for all devices : worldnews

German Social Democrats beat conservatives in vote to decide Merkel successor, and claimed a "clear mandate" to lead a government for the first time since 2005 and to end 16 years of conservative-led rule under Angela Merkel : worldnews
Germans reject political extremes in victory for centrist parties : worldnews
How Clinton's 'Basket of Deplorables' Taught Germany a Lesson - Olaf Scholz rooted his campaign in respect - and won.
The Latest: Berliners back plan to expropriate big landlords : worldnews

San Marino voters overwhelmingly back legal abortion : worldnews

Eleven men sentenced for kidnap and gang-rape of Moroccan girl : news

Communist party wins municipal election in Austrian city : worldnews

Students delighted by parliaments demands to abolish loan system (NL)

Extra security for Dutch Prime Minister Rutte amid fears of growing underworld threat : worldnews

The tallest mural in Ireland has been completed in Dundalk. The mural, which depicts the warrior god Lu the namesake of Co Louth, is 41 metres in height. It has been painted on the side of the Crowne Plaza Hotel by Australian Artist Sam Bates aka 'Smug One'

British petrol stations run out of fuel as motorists panic buy amid truck-driver shortage : worldnews
UK petrol station problems show Brexit was "intellectual fraud" - French minister Beaune (the rich fuckers weren't that smart)
EU truckers will NOT help Britain out of the s**t they created themselves: European HGV drivers union chief dashes hopes of short-term visa fix

Peru PM warns gas sector: pay higher taxes or face nationalization : worldnews

Thousands of mostly Haitian migrants traverse Panama on way to United States : worldnews

Costs of the 20-year war on terror: $8 trillion and 900,000 deaths : news (Bushfucked)

Trumps CIA Considered Kidnapping or Assassinating Assange: Report
No true MAGA - Lawyers, Guns & Money You might wonder how the libertarian SubStacker who is both a huge fan of Assange and someone who has spent five years asserting that Trump was the candidate dovish civil libertarians should support is coping with this. The answer is some truly hilarious shit:
Michael Tae Sweeney on Twitter: "He's since burned Manning but he's sticking with Donald even though he no longer has the power to issue pardons! This is what GG actually believes!" / Twitter
Jeet Heer on Twitter: "How does Glenn Greenwald respond to the news that senior Trump officials plotted to assassinate Julian Assange? "The Czar is a good man, he just has bad advisors." I'd ask him to ponder Brad DeLong's adage, "The Cossacks work for the Czar."" / Twitter
Lol even the very article Glem cites explicitly says that Trump was the one who ordered but he is so pathologically wedded to the Trump Innocent narrative, he has to create some laughable DeepState conspiracy.

Fional Hill: The Kremlins Strange Victory. How Putin Exploits American Dysfunction and Fuels American Decline
DHS Whistleblower: Trump Team Wanted Us to Lie About Russia, the Border, and White Supremacy |They did not want the public to know that the Russians were supporting Trump, the whistleblower says

Biden got his coronavirus booster on live TV while taking reportersquestions
President Biden on Twitter: "Tune in as I deliver remarks and receive my COVID-19 booster shot." / Twitter
The pandemic didnt have to be politicized. One party is to blame for it.

Dem, GOP heavyweights launch ballot drive to decide presidency by popular vote : politics
Texas Republicans Seem Pretty Much Over That Whole Constitution Thing : politics

Dentists' Group Fights Plan to Cover Dental Benefits Under Medicare : ADA opposition could be factor as Democrats look to trim $3.5 trillion spending plan

Why were willing to put our votes on the line for the Build Back Better Act
The latest effort by moderates to upend Bidens agenda is already backfiring (fuck with the fucking "moderates" shit)

With a straight face to an adoring crowd, Trump lies and says Arizona audit found he won : politics
Trump's new interviews and appearances show that a storm is brewing : politics

Sidney Powell drags Justice Alito and Supreme Court into January 6 mess : politics

Even if Georgia doesnt pursue Trump, the Justice Department must

Most Prisoners Cant Vote, But They're Still Counted In Voting Districts

Republicans plot to keep Texas red in redistricting : politics
With abortion largely banned in Texas, an Oklahoma clinic is inundated : politics
The Post-Roe world begins - Lawyers, Guns & Money

AG: Whitmer kidnapping defendants not victims of government entrapment : politics

Governor Newsom Signs Landmark Elections Legislation Making Vote-by-Mail Ballots Permanent for Every Registered Voter, Strengthening Elections Integrity : politics
Californias universal voting by mail becomes permanent

Cruz set to filibuster any Democratic attempt to raise debt limit : politics
These Show Ponies Made Themselves Threats to Our National Security : politics

Almost half a million US households lack indoor plumbing: The conditions are inhumane

GOP Rep. Matt Gaetz said Tucker Carlson is correct about white nationalist replacement conspiracy theory and called ADL racist
What Matt Gaetzs Legal Lineup Tells Us About His Troubles

As daughter sought state license, Noem summoned agency head : politics

Harriet Hageman, a Wyoming Republican, is the former presidents choice to take on his leading G.O.P. critic. But five years ago, she tried to overturn his victory in the partys primary race.
Lying for Power: A Wyoming Parable in Two Parts Harriet Hageman tried desperately to stop Donald Trumpuntil she needed to worship him to gain power for herself

John Hinckley, Who Shot President Reagan, Wins Unconditional Release : news

They fell in love at Fenway Park. After a terminal diagnosis, they came home

Goldman Sachs, Ozy Media and a $40 Million Conference Call Gone Wrong - The New York Times The digital media company has raised eyebrows for its claims about its audience size for years. Then came the strange voice on the phone.

R. Kelly Has Been Found Guilty Of Federal Crimes After 11 Sexual Abuse Victims Testified Against Him : news

Prestige Doesnt Pay The Bills: McLean Hospital Research Assistants Form Union

Neanderthal DNA discovery solves a human history mystery. Scientists were finally able to sequence Y chromosomes from Denisovans and Neanderthals. : science

Moralistic impressions help explain the reduced social attractiveness of vegetarians and vegans : science

Diet created by scientists found to strengthen the brain in 2 critical ways. Scientists found while some brains contained the protein deposits commonly found in the brains of people with Alzheimer's disease -- enough to merit a postmortem diagnosis -- they never developed clinical dementia

What percentage oxygen would mars need to have to support humans at its current atmospheric density? : askscience

TIL drawings of battles between knights and snails appear in the margins of many texts from the 13th and 14th centuries. There is no known explanation for the meaning behind this recurring depiction. : todayilearned

TIL that during the Russo-Japanese war in 1905, the Japanese army challenged the Russians to send out a champion for a sword duel on the eve of a battle. A Montenegrin Serb named Aleksandar Lekso Saicic answered the call and promptly killed the Japanese champion.

What is a cult, but doesn't feel like a cult? : AskReddit

Forget questions, what's your favorite answer? : AskReddit

What is the stupidest thing you've ever seen a religious person call "satanic / demonic"? : AskReddit

Facebook denies internal research shows Instagram is toxic for teenage girls (also that Fuckerberg is a lying alien lizard)
Facebook puts Instagram Kids app on hold : worldnews


New climate plans fall far short of limiting global warming to 1.5C

Greta Thunberg takes another swipe at Jacinda Arderns response to climate change

New lava vents burst open in La Palma volcano as eruption forces airport to close : worldnews

Australian PM refuses to commit to phasing out fossil fuels : worldnews (phase out ScuzMo, pls)

A Mystery Worm Infection in Vietnam Shows a New Species Can Live in Humans: The man was plagued by an unknown species related to the Guinea worm, one that may have recently jumped from reptiles to humans. : worldnews
Two German activists from the youth climate movement who have been on hunger strike since August 30 are now also refusing liquids after German lawmakers declined to meet with them. : worldnews

French President Macron wants to allow trapping of 110,000+ wild birds: the French President is preparing to authorise the trapping of more than 110,000 wild birds, even though the French Council of State and the European Court of Justice have recently declared this practice illegal. : worldnews (fuck Macaroni)

Hurricane Sam explosively intensifies into Category 4, the 4th major storm of the Atlantic Hurricane Season. Continues west towards the Lesser Antilles, then a track shift towards Bermuda or even the United States is forecast. : worldnews

How America Lost Its Lead on Vaccination - The Atlantic The U.S. has fallen far behind in distributing the vaccines that it pioneered.

Covid-19 Surpasses 1918 Flu to Become Deadliest Pandemic in American History : worldnews

A daily pill to treat Covid could be just months away, scientists say : worldnews

Covid-19 origins: Why the search for the source is vital : worldnews

Varieties of anti-vaxxer - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Statistical impact of the HCA on Trump voters : HermanCainAward
The #COVID19 death rate in the top 10% decile of the country voting Trump has been 5.3x higher than in the least-Trump voting 10%.
1/ Why has Florida suffered the nations highest COVID death rate during the Delta wave?

Idaho morgues are running out of space for bodies as covid-19 deaths mount - The Washington Post

Norway dumps all Covid restrictions to live as normal

Decision to end all COVID-19 measures was a mistake, says provincial infectious disease doctor : worldnews

Duterte Wont Cooperate As Intl Criminal Court Probes His War on Drugs ... "Extrajudicial killings are my only sin" (Reagan cackles from the grave)

North Korea willing to talk to South if respect is assured: The comments, made by the powerful sister of North Koreas leader Kim Jong Un, could see a restart of stalled peace talks between the governments on the split peninsula

Chinas Xi warns of grim Taiwan situation in letter to opposition

After seeing photos of black-clad Afghan women in full face veils at a pro-Taliban rally in Kabul, Bahar Jalali, an Afghan-American historian, launched a campaign highlighting the vibrant colors of traditional Afghan dresses : worldnews
Afghanistan: Taliban hang bodies as warning in city of Herat, say reports : worldnews

Russias Lavrov says Taliban recognition not on the table
Over a thousand Russians including prominent members of the Communist Party packed Saturday a central square in Moscow to protest what Kremlin critics call mass electoral fraud as police detained a number of activists : worldnews

Ukrainian lawmakers pass law on oligarchs after assassination attempt : worldnews

Then the killing started: Witnesses accuse Tigray fighters

Iraq orders arrests of ministry official and tribal leader who urged Israel ties : worldnews

Leaving for NY, Bennett dismisses failed anti-Israel minority in US House
Four Palestinians dead after gunfire exchanges with Israeli army in West Bank. Israel prepares for rockets from Gaza : worldnews

Iceland elects Europes first female majority parliament

Swiss people adopted Gay Mariage ! All ALL Swiss cantons (states) said YES, even the most rural and conservative one! : worldnews
Swiss vote overwhelmingly for same-sex marriage, according to poll : worldnews

German national election too close to call, polls suggest, as key candidates hold final rallies : worldnews

Brexit threats not helpful in solving N.Ireland problems, says EU : worldnews

UK: Ministers are poised to agree an extraordinary post-Brexit U-turn that would allow foreign lorry drivers back into the UK to stave off shortages threatening fuel and food supplies. : worldnews (Starvxit)
Behave normally, UK transport minister tells Britons queuing for fuel : worldnews
Police issue CCTV appeal in Sabina Nessa killing, as mourners gather to remember London teacher : worldnews
> Prison guards, but not mother, get counselling after baby dies in cell : worldnews (UK "privately run" prison)

Kidnapping, assassination and a London shoot-out: Inside the CIA's secret war plans against WikiLeaks : worldnews (super fatneck Pompeo)
The Yahoo Story about All the Things CIA Wasnt Allowed to Do Against WikiLeaks

Amtrak Derailment: At Least 50 Hurt in Montana, Official Says - The New York Times

One Thing Will Save Us From These Suicidal Lunatics : Mandates (and homocidal, more to the point)

$3.5 Trillion Is Too Expensive, But $10 Trillion for War Is Business as Usual : politics

Medicaid coverage for children has more than paid for itself in the long run. Young children in 60s & 70swho grew up with Medicaidbecame healthier adults who paid more work-related taxes and relied less on welfare. Minorities were likely to see long-run benefits from childhood insurance coverage.

Pro-Trump website host subpoenaed by law enforcement following Jan 6 Capitol attack: hacked documents - Raw Story - Celebrating 17 Years of Independent Journalism

Eschaton: Use It Or We All Lose It One does wonder what our military and security and intelligence and law enforcement apparatus is for if we're unwilling to bring any of it down on the people attempting to overthrow the government. 2021 is peak Democratic power. Sure you can get a few more Senate and House seats, maybe, but that Senate number is never going to 60.
The survival of U.S. democracy may hinge on this decision by Pa.s next governor | Will Bunch

Supreme Court observers see trouble ahead as public approval of justices erodes : politics

The Entire United States Is Now the Reichstag Building | The Republicans smell blood in the water. Is it possible to overstate how dangerous this situation has become? : politics

Theyre 80+. Theyre in charge. Theyre not going away. (mostly Dems)
Liz Cheney Fires Back at Trump Over Bush Meme: I LikeRepublican Presidents Who Win Re-Election

Arizona Dems promise to disavow Kyrsten Sinema if she doesnt support filibuster reform

New reporting casts Pences Jan. 6 actions in an unflattering light

Trump falsely claims Arizona audit found he won at a level you would not believe
Donald Trump could be charged with multiple crimes over his attempts to overturn his loss in the state of Georgia, report says : politics
House committee investigating Jan. 6 riot must make Steve Bannon appear | Congress has the power to force an appearance from Trumps inner circle.

Marjorie Taylor Greene flips out on Capitol steps & gets told off by Michigan Rep. Debbie Dingell : politics
Marjorie Taylor Greene flips out on Capitol steps & gets told off by Michigan Rep. Debbie Dingell / LGBTQ Nation
Scott Wong on Twitter: ".@MTG and @RepDebDingell just got into screaming match on steps of Capitol after MTG heckled Democrats holding a press conf after passing legislation responding to Texas abortion law" / Twitter
Marjorie Taylor Greene's 'good Christian' abortion meltdown | A recent congressional screaming match showed how Christianity remains a moral bedrock of political dispute in this country -- and why that's a bad thing ... Dingell thinks being a Christian means being neighborly and civil. Greene thinks being a Christian means attacking anyone who supports abortion rights

Alabama Supreme Court ruling is the end of public accessto law-enforcement records, chief justice writes

The Supply-Chain Mystery | The New Yorker (underlying problems exposed)

She Bought Her Dream Home. Then a Sovereign Citizen Changed the Locks - A New Jersey woman was preyed upon by a fast-growing extremist group that claims its members are sovereign Moors, not bound by U.S. laws.

The Problem of Marital Loneliness | The New Yorker The newScenes from a Marriage on HBO, avoids the dark questions that Ingmar Bergman confronted in the original.

As menopause hit, my libido waned, my brain felt dull. So I gave testosterone a try. - The Washington Post

Did Ronald Reagan's campaign make a deal in 1984 with Iran to delay the handover of the US embassy hostages to help him win the election over Carter? : AskHistorians

Update: Someone on my Instagram seems to have found her. Her name is Emma Sarley. ... and then ... Emma has been terminated. I do hope people learn that there are consequences for their behavior, and take the chance to be better.

Time traveler 1980s Paranoid Schizoprenic Interview. : videos

What human being has killed the most people without knowing it? : AskReddit


Worlds youth return to the streets to fight climate change
Hundreds of Thousands Take to Streets Worldwide for Uproot the System Climate Strikes

Firefighters retreat as La Palma volcanic explosions intensify : worldnews

*Winter forecast 2021/2022* First look at the upcoming Winter season reveals a shift in the Jet Stream over North America, and also in the North Atlantic and Europe, due to the growing influence of the emerging La Nina in the tropical Pacific Ocean. : worldnews

Reintroducing wolves to UK could hit rewilding support, expert says : worldnews

Dolphin slaughter continues in the Faroe Islands as 53 more are butchered days after 1,400 killed : worldnews

Vanuatu to push international court for climate change opinion : worldnews

The city council is draining a unique lake system that serve as home for more than 100 type of wildbirds including flamingos, in Kazakhstans capital for interest of developers. Local people and artists are trying to stand up for nature (Corruptistan)

Newsom signs historic $15 billion to combat growing climate crises : politics
PG&E charged with manslaughter for sparking California wildfire : politics

The new COVID-19 Variant "Mu" and vaccinations ... The most pressing concern about the Mu variant is that its vaccine-resistant.

Poll after poll shows the same thing: Americans are cool with vaccine mandates : politics

I got the Moderna vaccine. Can I get a Pfizer booster? known about mixing-and-matching Covid-19 vaccines.

The Lab-Leak Debate Just Got Even Messier : worldnews
A new leaked document is stirring up another frenzy over the pandemics origins. What does it really tell us? ... Peter Daszak (is a big liar, for one thing)
Closest known relatives of virus behind COVID-19 found in Laos - Scientists have found three viruses in bats in Laos that are more similar to SARS-CoV-2 than any known viruses. : worldnews

COVID-19 may impair mens sexual performance

Preliminary research finds that even mild cases of COVID-19 leave a mark on the brain : worldnews

Masks Protect Schoolkids from COVID despite What Antiscience Politicians Claim : politics
As Florida punishes schools, study finds masks cut school COVID outbreaks 3.5X. Universal masking prevents some school outbreaks and lowers case rates. : politics

Speaking of people being assaulted by Tuckers Army of Sociopaths for doing their jobs: ... and it's not like turning to a police force dominated by anti-vaxx/mask people is going to be an option in most cases.

The future of remote work - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Intellectual Horse Paste Web counsels self-triage - Lawyers, Guns & Money
Vigilante treatments: Anti-vaccine groups push people to leave ICUs

Return to school has caused a surge in covid-19 cases in under-vaccinated counties : worldnews

Bizarre legal theory making anti-vaccine movement more extreme, experts warn - Opposition to public health measures vaults Freemen-on-the-land ideology into public eye : worldnews

Turkmenistan claims it hasnt had a single Covid-19case. Activists say thats a lie

Absolutely madness: Melbourne teenagers reveal they are behind leading Covid tracking website

S.Koreas daily COVID-19 cases top 3,000 for first time after holiday

WHO says Covid-19 third wave easing in Africa : worldnews

The group behind Hong Kongs annual Tiananmen Massacre vigil has decided to disband after 32 years following a vote at a special meeting on Saturday. It comes after months of pressure from the authorities and the arrest of the groups leadership.

Huaweis Meng Wanzhou flying back to China, after striking deal with US over fraud charges a few hours after the US withdrew its request for her extradition
Two Canadians released from prison in China hours after Huawei executive resolves US charges : worldnews
Michael Spavor, Michael Kovrig on flight returning to Canada: Trudeau | CBC News : worldnews
China: Entertainment industry told to create healthy cartoons and remove vulgar and violent content
China Announces Complete Ban On Cryptocurrencies : worldnews

Victims of Taiwans White Terror Massacre call for urgent removal of Chiang Kai-shek statues

The Russian election was supposed to shore up Putins legitimacy. It achieved the opposite.
Russian Actors Jailed In Latest Clampdown On Political Parody : worldnews

As punishment for rape attempt, Bihar court asks accused to wash womens clothes
Patna High Court seizes judicial powers of Jhanjharpur court judge - The Hindu
Gangster among three killed in Delhi courtroom shootout : worldnews
Gangster among three killed in Delhi courtroom shootout - France 24 Gunmen dressed as lawyers shot dead a notorious Indian gangster inside a Delhi courtroom on Friday before police killed the two assailants.
Indian police arrest 28 for suspected gang-rape of 15-year-old girl : worldnews

See Americas daughters: Deriding video of Imran Khans UN leader goes viral Shehryar Khan Afridi's video actually pointed to women roaming around the street in Manhattan and Afridi said the women in Pakistan are far more respected than this

Taliban leader advocating strict punishments says television, smartphone a necessity : worldnews
Witness: Taliban hang dead body in Afghan citys main square

Starvation worsens as Ethiopia blockades target Tigray region | See Pics : worldnews

Somalia: Seven killed in suicide attack near presidential palace : worldnews

Israel has a year to withdraw from all Palestinian territories,Abbas says at UNGA

Over 100 Ennahdha members resign amid Tunisias political crisis

Over 500,000 Signatures To Decriminalize Cannabis In Italy Are Trapped In A Bureaucratic Quagmire : worldnews

Swiss voters will determine on Sunday whether to allow same-sex couples to wed and enjoy the same rights as heterosexual marriage partners, after a bitter referendum campaign in one of the last western Europeans countries still to ban gay marriage. : worldnews

Germany set to vote in most unpredictable elections in years : worldnews
Russia accused of Ghostwriter cyberattacks ahead of German election
German millionaires rush assets to Switzerland ahead of election : worldnews
Berliners want a new landlord. Could a community land trust be the blueprint to give power back to citizens? : worldnews
Cologne cardinal stays, despite sex abuse cover-up scandal : worldnews

Prepare for basics shortages as 23% of stores report low stocks and 20% of transport companies stop trading, says ParcelHero : worldnews
My Secret Brexit Diary by Michel Barnier reviewa : a British roasting
England is on track to have diagnosed 95% of people living with HIV by 2025, putting it in a strong position to eliminate HIV transmission by 2030. : worldnews
Prince Andrews lawyers accept he was served with US case papers
Fluoride will be added to UK drinking water to cut tooth decay | Health : worldnews

Colombia seizes nearly 3,500 shark fins bound for Hong Kong : worldnews

Mexico asks Israel to extradite ex-official over missing students case : worldnews
Mexican state of Sonora approves same-sex marriage : worldnews
Prosecutors in Mexico seeking arrest warrants for more than 30 scientists : worldnews

Canadian Catholic bishops apologize unequivocally for residential schools (sorry, not really sorry)
/u/scrotorious210 explains the difference between Canadas behavior in the legal detention of the Meng Wangzhou and the mistreatment of Canadian citizens Michael Spavor and Michael Kovrigby the CCP

Empire of chickenhawks: Why Americas chaotic departurefrom Afghanistan was actually perfect
Situation becoming dire at US airbase in Germany housing approximately 2,000 pregnant Afghan refugees (measels outbreak)
First Afghan refugees have arrived in Oklahoma, Catholic Charities of OKC says : politics

Joe Bidens stance against China is radically different from Donald Trumps

To Avert Debt Ceiling Calamity, Democrats Urged to Finally Kill the Filibuster : politics
The Next Real-Time Test for the Press - by James Fallows ... the "debt limit" (is more Republican bullshit that the press will eat up)

90% of households won't see a bigger tax bill under Democrats' $3.5 trillion plan : politics
White House: 400 wealthiest families paid average tax rate of 8.2 percent : politics

Opinion | The Roots of Democratic Disarray - POLITICO The Roots of Democratic Disarray : The party never actually agreed on an agenda, even as Biden moved aggressively with the slimmest of margins in Congress. (Biden's fault for trying to get shit done)
Pelosi goes all in with domestic agenda on the line - POLITICO (and Nancy's)

Donald Trump said that he did pretty much the opposite of what Dr. Fauci advised during the COVID-19 pandemic (
Trump on what would prevent 2024 bid: I guess a bad call from a doctor

CNN reporter says Steve Bannon's admission creates a 'huge problem'
Law Expert Wonders Why A Grand Jury Isnt Mulling Sedition Charges Against Steve Bannon | Bannon boasted on his "War Room" podcast that he told Trump before the Jan. 6 insurrection: You need to kill this administration in the crib
An FBI Informant Marched Into the Capitol on Jan. 6 Riot - The New York Times A member of the far-right Proud Boys texted his F.B.I. handler during the assault, but maintained the group had no plan in advance to enter the Capitol and disrupt the election certification.

29 members of Congress have violated a law designed to root out insider trading and prevent conflicts-of-interest : politics
GOP congressmen reap millions in federal loans for personal car dealerships| All three Republicans abstained from or voted against legislation that would have added transparency to the program : politics

House passes bill preserving the right to abortion : politics
Medication abortion becomes latest GOP target : politics
A Florida Lawmaker Is Proposing A Restrictive Texas-Style Abortion Bill : politics

Georgia Republican Official Compares Trump To Satan, Says Hes Out to Steal The Partys Soul
Georgia Secretary of State Says Donald Trump Knows in His Heart That He Lost (if he had a "heart")

Arizona Audits Big Reveal: Trump a Bigger Loser Than First Thought
Arizona GOP Chair Calls For New Audit After Biden Confirmed Winner Again : politics ... "Amazing report from Dr Shiva" ...
Maricopa Republicans call on Arizona GOP chair Kelli Ward to resign over election "lies"
Wisconsin GOP official urges party to stop nonsenseelection audits
Stop the Steal Movement Races Forward, Ignoring Arizona Humiliation : As a Republican review of 2020 votes in Arizona sputtered to a close, Donald Trump and his allies signaled that their attack on the election, and their drive to reshape future elections, were far from over.
The Arizona "Audit" Was Election Subversion - The subversion will continue until morale improves.

Fallout begins for far-right trolls who trusted Epik to keep their identities secret : The colossal hack of Epik, an Internet-services company popular with the far right, has been called the mother of all data lodes for extremism researchers. Some of those named in the data have already lost their jobs ... Epiks founder, Robert Monster, who did not respond to requests for comment

The FEC unanimously rejected Matt Gaetzs complaint accusing Twitter of interfering in the 2020 election by using fact-check labels on Trumps tweets

Kayleigh McEnany targets Biden, accidentally makes Trump look worse : politics

Imeach Biden demands spelling-challenged Rep. Lauren Boebercdt
Georgia Republican Official Compares Trump To Satan, Says Hes Out to Steal The Partys Soul
Could American Evangelicals Spot the Antichrist? Here Are the Biblical Predictions: - Benjamin L. Corey

Marjorie Taylor Greene's Chief Of Staff Announces His Resignation : politics

Hugging Sea Horse Book Is Too Racy For Schools, Tennessee Moms Group Saysin a steamy passage in a book Conservative moms want banned, sea horses twist their tails together and twirl gently around

Alaska legislator compares Biden to Hitler, shares link to Holocaust-denial website : politics

Oregon school board ban on anti-racist, LGBT signs draws ire : politics

How Moderate Democrats Derailed Police Reform : politics ... Clyburns comment hindered negotiations, and the fact that it came from the highest-ranking African American in Congress gives cover for the number of moderates that had no intention of honoring the commitment they made as they marched or tweeted Black Lives Matter last summer. (Black guy Clyburn fucked the pooch and more "moderate" bullshit even from the Intercept)

Noam Chomsky on the cruelty of American imperialism : politics
Noam Chomsky on the cruelty of American imperialism | The Economist

An Openly Anti-Liberal Times ReporterIn light of his openly expressed anti-liberal bias, why does the NY Times let Michael Powell write story after story about liberal/progressive groups? (that fucking "newspaper")

Fourteen words, with Tucker Carlson - Lawyers, Guns & Money The nations most-watched cable news show is becoming even more explicitly fascist: (this fascist asshole needs to be replaced)

With friends like Susan Collins

Lauren Cho disappearance: Search intensifies for missing New Jersey woman last seen near Joshua Tree : news

/u/muffinsrising explains his opinion (with evidence) that Brian Laundrie was most likely a controlling individual : bestof

D.C. officer Terence Sutton charged with murder of Karon Hylton after deadly pursuit - The Washington Post

Seven-seven-what? After 74 years, D.C. braces for a new area code - The Washington Post -- 771

Toxicity in the land of enlightenment? This yoga dispute has the community tied up in knots - The Boston Globe At first, Liz Gawel enjoyed teaching at Down Under School of Yoga.

The Meaning of Yusuf/Cat Stevens (went full islamofuck)
The R. Kelly Trial: Here's What You May Have Missed - The jury could start deliberating as early as Friday afternoon, wrapping up the R&B singer's six-week criminal sexual abuse trial.

A teenager on TikTok disrupted thousands of scientific studies with a single video - The Verge Researchers were caught by surprise after a short video sent a flood of new users to a survey platform

Criminalizing prostitution increases risks to sex workers and makes it harder to stop underage prostitution and sex trafficking. : science

Adolescents who were asked to focus their attention inward and monitor their performance during a conversation task experienced more anxiety, appeared more anxious, and performed worse as conversation partners than those who were instructed to focus their attention on their partners. : science

When It Comes to Communication SkillsMaybe Were Born with It. Children born with higher indications of white matter organization had better language skills five years later, suggesting that communication skills could be strongly linked to predisposed brain structure

Can anything in the universe travel faster than the speed of light? : askscience

One Great Article About Every Planet in the Solar System

That time Sweden made such a fantastic Russian Eurovision song parody that the Russians demanded an official apology : videos
Russia attacks Sweden parody - YouTube

BlackJackJeriKo comments on MMC after I suddenly die while giving someone a ride

u/smallbrainnofilter provides a concise and eloquent comparison of fascism and communism : bestof

u/JudyLester gives some really helpful and insightful advice for living on your own : bestof

What still creeps the fuck out of you? : AskReddit

A guide to every privacy setting you should change now - Washington Post


Flights cancelled after new Canary Islands volcanic eruption | Volcanoes News : news

Low-lying nations implore faster action on climate at UN : worldnews

Whale Pod Slaughtered Just Days After Horrific Dolphin Massacre : worldnews

Flood Insurance Costs Are Set to Skyrocket for Some - The New York Times New federal flood insurance rates that better reflect the real risks of climate change are coming. For some, premiums will rise sharply.

One Louisiana community struggles with power after Hurricane Ida - Washington Post Lights Out : Living without power in the wake of Hurricane Ida

MA: 1,784 new cases and 13 new deaths, +109,692 tests (09/24/2021) : CoronavirusMa
1,784 confirmed cases, 13 deaths, and 8,746 vaccinations. See todays COVID-19 data from Mass.

Study ranks Massachusetts as the safest state during the pandemic. Source: WHDH : CoronavirusMa
Safest States During COVID-19 (Florida always lies)
Judge rejects Massachusetts state police unions vaccine mandate lawsuit

The Moderna vaccine seems to be more protective as the months passed than the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine. Heres why.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention published three reports that provide evidence that masking can help cut transmission of coronavirus within schools. - The Washington Post

C.D.C. Chief Overrules Agency Panel and Endorses Pfizer Boosters for Frontline Workers - The New York Times In a highly unusual decision, the C.D.C. director, Rochelle Walensky, reversed a move by agency advisers and endorsed additional doses of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine for health care workers, teachers and other workers at risk.
Staff described a summer marked by demands to digest complex data in record time as the government raced to update policies in the face of Delta.

Leaked Grant Proposal Details High-Risk Coronavirus Research : worldnews ... Peter Dasziks Ecohealth Alliance authored the proposal and coincidentally Daszik is a prominent and vocal opponent of the lab leak theory. The proposal was rejected by DARPA. But Mr. Dasziks Ecohealth Alliance also does business with the Wuhan Institute of Virology (more drippity)

People will suffer and will die: Emergency doctor says some health triage has begun

Vigilante treatments: Anti-vaccine groups push people to leave ICUsAs the anti-vaccine movement escalates its rhetoric, doctors warn that theyre dealing with the fallout:Theyre starting to target people, the messengers nurses and doctors - Anti-vaccine Facebook groups have a new message for their community members: Dont go to the emergency room, and get your loved ones out of intensive care unit ... something thas happening on the and its dramatically increasing steam ("internet" = Fuckbook)

Get Out the Fainting Couch! - Lawyers, Guns & Money Folks, I hope you are sitting down for this shocking and completely expected news:The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on Friday offered more evidence that school mask requirements can help keep children healthy and in classrooms, showing lower spikes in pediatric covid cases and fewer school closures in places that require them.

The View Pulls Two Hosts Mid-Show for Positive COVID Tests Before Kamala Harris Interview

Doctor who has lost over 100 patients to covid says some deny virus from their deathbeds: 'I don't believe you'

DeSantis pulls ahead of 2024 GOP pack as Floridas Covid cases fall
Apart from that, Mr. DeSantis - Lawyers, Guns & Money It has become Hard Political Reporter Law that Ron DeSantiss responsibility for COVID policy outcomes is inversely correlated with the current case rate. So with case rates finally burning out (albeit with death rates still sky-high) its time to get on ones knees again: (America and its 5 minute memory span)

Jason shitposts himself into the ICU : HermanCainAward

The biggest enabler of vaccine misinformation spread. : HermanCainAward (Lizard Boy of Death For Profit)

The Daily Show on Twitter: "Jordan Klepper vs. anti-mask parents at a North Carolina school board meeting" / Twitter

Delta wants other airlines to share 'no-fly' lists of unruly passengers

Judge won't order hospital to give ivermectin to patient : news

Half of unvaccinated workers say theyd rather quit than get a shotbut real-world data suggest few are following through

Wisconsin teenager wins lawsuit over COVID-19 social media post : news ... The judge wrote ... "The First Amendment is not a game setting for the government to toggle off and on" (oh snap)

Police Officers Resist Getting Vaccinated for Covid-19, Now Their No. 1 Killer - WSJ The disease is the leading cause of death among police, surpassing gunfire, but resistance persists

Quebec outlaws protests within 50m of schools, hospitals and vaccination sites | CBC News : worldnews

Brazil approaches 600,000 COVID deaths in second-deadliest outbreak : worldnews

Portugal closing in on COVID vaccines for 85 percent of population, highest rate in world : worldnews

Singapore reports highest single-day rise in COVID-19 cases : worldnews

9 community cases of covid reported today in NZ; first time in single digit cases for weeks : worldnews

Melbourne anti-lockdown protests fizzle out as daily cases hit pandemic high : worldnews

Romanian hospitals fill up with COVID patients amid widespread vaccine refusal : worldnews

Sri Lanka Shaman Who Tried to End Pandemic With "Blessed" Water Cure Dies of Covid-19

Suicide within 30 days of testing positive to be counted as Covid death in India : worldnews

China declares all crypto-currency transactions illegal : news

China sends 24 fighter jets toward Taiwan in show of force : worldnews
Great Wall of Light: Chinas Sea Power on DarwinsDoorstep
China carrying out Nazi-style experiments on Muslims with organs cut out & mystery injections, chilling report claims : worldnews
Over 100 kittens, puppies rescued from 'blind boxes' in latest bust of China's 'mystery box' craze

Dozens of men arrested in India accused of gang raping 15-year-old girl repeatedly : news

Necessary for security: veteran Taliban enforcer says amputations will resume
The Taliban is bringing back executions and cutting off hands as punishment after retaking control of Afghanistan : worldnews
Trapped in Kabul, Prominent Afghan Women Fear Retribution Under Taliban Rule - WSJ Lacking documents and unable to flee, high-profile women are at risk because of their past roles
Afghans perish at border town as Pakistan refuses to let any more refugee in. : worldnews
Afghanistan war: UKs lowest payout for civilian death was 104.17 lbs

Russian plane enters NATO member Estonias airspace for 6th time this year

Migrants freezing to death on Belarus-Poland border - BBC News

Ownership of Chemicals that Exploded at Beirut Port Traces Back to Ukraine : worldnews
Hezbollah threatened top judge probing Beirut port blast, source says : worldnews

Over 300 prominent Iraqis publicly call for full peace with Israel | The Times of Israel
No, Iron Dome doesnt save Palestinian lives
Jailbreak shines light on mass incarceration of Palestinians : worldnews

Moroccans want English to replace French as countrys first official foreign language

Italian Priest Arrested for Stealing $117K from Church to Pay for Drug-Fueled, Lavish Gay Orgies : worldnews

Ancient DNA analysis sheds light on a dark event in medieval Spain : worldnews

Catalonia: Top separatist Carles Puigdemont arrested in Italy : worldnews

Spyware found on phones of five French cabinet members

UK ministers are tempting Russian hackers to strike again by using shoddy email security, former natsec official warns : worldnews
As queues form at gas stations, Britain vows to solve trucker shortage : worldnews
Brexit cancels bonfire night: Import rules reduce UK firework supply by 70 per cent : worldnews
Restaurant, cafe and pub bosses are set to be banned from keeping tips left for staff by customers in Britain. The government plans to make it illegal for hospitality firms to withhold tips from workers, who often rely on them to top up their income
Boris Johnson asked for emergency food deal, says Bolsonaro ... On the one hand Bolsonaro is an untrustworthy piece of shit, on the other...

Britain offers Canadas military help to defend the Arctic
Suicides in Canada fell 32 per cent in first year of pandemic compared with year before, report finds : worldnews

Huaweis Meng Wanzhou to be freed in US deal

CIA Vienna station chief removed amid Havana syndromecriticism

Fort Bliss woman soldier assaulted at Afghan refugee camp - KVIA

Eschaton: Disease-Spreading Vermin That's the point of this, of course, that immigrants are vermin, but how dumb do you have to be, or think your viewers are, to express the idea that you need "migrants" to spread a "virus attack.". (Lara Logan off the crazy cliff with Hannity)

White House wants millions of government contractors vaccinated by Dec. 8 | Reuters

Democrats File Bill to Abolish Flagrantly Wasteful Trump-Formed Space Force

More Republicans Announce Support For $1.2 Trillion Infrastructure Bill

Eschaton: Rip Off The Band Aid This quote (on the debt limit) appears to be Peak Tester
Colin Wilhelm on Twitter: "This quote (on the debt limit) appears to be Peak Tester" / Twitter
McCarthy Lied. But You Knew That (said Nancy)

Its Too Early to Consign Joe Biden to the Ash Heap of History - But not too early for Democrats to start panicking (almost like there's a double standard)

Biden will allow Jan. 6 investigators access to Trump records, White House says | Biden concluded that it would not be appropriate to assert executive privilege on Trump's behalf, White House press secretary Jen Psaki said. Biden Declines to Shield Trump WH Records From 1/6 Committee, Invoke Executive Privilege : politics
The Bannon Subpoena Is Just the Beginning. Congresss Jan. 6 Investigation Is Going Big reveal the massive scope of the House select committee probe ... The request for White House records also included any from that day related to Trump, Pence, a slew of top staffers, the presidents oldest children and First Lady Melania Trump, and top associates including Giuliani and veteran campaign operative Roger Stone. The committee also asked for all White House visitor logs from January 6th and any documents and communications within the West Wing related to any member of Congress or congressional staff.

Senate GOP pushes DOJ to roll back Trump oversight rule - Axios ... The effort to roll back the policy comes as Republicans ready investigations into Biden administration policies on Afghanistan, immigration and the COVID-19 pandemic. (shoes on the other foot)

For Probably Totally Innocent Reasons, Trump Doesnt Want Biden to Reveal What He Was Up to on 1/6
Jan. 6 Video Suggests Russia Insider Entered Capitol
Marjorie Taylor Greene was gleeful during Capitol riots, Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney says
Youve disgraced this country: Judge rips Capitol riot defendantI find it outrageous that American citizens would do what you did

Corporations have given $10 million to the Sedition Caucus - CREW | Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington
Broadcast news shows ignore Trump coup memo | Media Matters for America Only late-night shows covered the Eastman document
The plot against America - Lawyers, Guns & Money The Paper of Record, which sent six reporters to write four stories about Alan Dershowitzs dinner invitations and did two news and three opinion pieces about whether a Harvard Law professor would be able to keep his side gig as a dorm RA, still has no news stories about the Eastman memo. But at least there is now an excellent Jamelle Bouie column:
Opinion | The Jan. 6 Plotters Had a Mob. They Also Had the Eastman Plan. - The New York Times
Maybe We Should Be Talking More About the Trump Coup Memo -- Why did TV networks ignore it?
Epik hack reveals prominent, Trump-supporting websites under subpoena investigation : politics

Prosecutors Pit Trump Organization Dynasties Against Donald Trump Allen Weisselberg Matthew Calamari As prosecutors try to find cooperating witnesses in the Trump Organization investigation, two families with long Trump ties could be the key. ('stache bros)
Trump Organization Warned by Judge to Obey N.Y. Subpoenas - Bloomberg
Think tank: Trump faces 'substantial' legal risk in Georgia case ... "Stated simply, soliciting and then threatening senior state officials to alter the outcome of a presidential election does not fall within any reasoned conception of the scope of presidential power"

Rudy Giuliani Whines About Fox News Ban to Steve Bannon: Its Outrageous ... very hurt over getting booted from a network who's facing a $1.6 billion lawsuit because of the former mayor's remarks

Arizona audit draft report confirms Biden beat Trump in 2020
Arizona recount results raise stakes for GOP-backed ballot reviews in other states - The Washington Post
U.S. House panel calls for Cyber Ninjas CEO to testify on Arizona ballot review
The Arizona audit just destroyed a big GOP lie in more ways than one
Trump reportedly deletes statement praising highly respected GOP auditors after they confirmed that Biden won Arizona
Republican Review of Arizona Vote Fails to Show Stolen Election - The New York Times The much criticized review showed much the same results as in November, with 99 more Biden votes and 261 fewer Trump ones.
Arizona audit results reveal Trump lost to Biden by even bigger margin : politics
Hand count in audit affirms Biden beat Trump, as Maricopa County said in November : politics
Trump accused Democrats of trying to distract from the Arizona audit results, seemingly unaware that they confirm Bidens victory
Trumps Arizona election audit only furthers Bidens lead: 'You can't make it up' TV hosts say damming results of Republican-backed audit were 'delightful' ... 1 in 9000 votes were off or a error rate of 0.01%.

The Cyber Ninja Ratf*ckers Set a Bunch of Money on Fire to Show Biden Actually Won By a Larger Margin But they're doing another sham "audit" in Texas because if Trump asked, Governor Greg Abbott would count unicorns in his bathtub.
Texas Caves To Donald Trump And Announces Election Audit : politics

Its dangerous when we allow the losers to rewrite history
Fascism is a mind-killer and Trumps version is destroying Americans grasp of reality | Trumpism goes full Orwell: "Democracy" is when Republicans win, and reality is replaced by fascist fantasy

The Jolt: Trumps 2022 prediction for Brian Kemp: The base isnt going to showup

I hope the people of Iowa will be happy: US Sen. Chuck Grassley will run for reelection ... 88 years old ...

How decades of security blunders led to the formation of the TSA and forever changed the way we fly - The Boston Globe

Reaganism with a feral face - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Overrated - Lawyers, Guns & Money For those of us who did not experience Boomer nostalgia, its hard to understand the obsession with JFK, especially since Lyndon Johnson was a better president in every conceivable way. One can argue that had Kennedy stuck around longer, he would have adopted the pro-civil rights platform of Johnson, but the fact of the matter is that he didn't

Eschaton: Harper's Assholes Just go read Julia's thread. Remember blogs? People should do that again. Twitter threads are hard to read. Though it seems the racist substacks are really popular! Maybe I should turn up the racism and anti-trans bigotry dial. That stuff sells!
Its true that if you mischaracterize what Franzen said by ignoring half of his stated reason (the context of the BLM uprisings), you can twist it into a point thats easier to attack, but since we can all read what he actually said, the only person who looks bad here is you. (Chaitster being his usual asshole)

Eschaton: SIREN SIREN SIREN SIREN A Washingon Post reporter has insulted the HONOR of a prize source of a New York Times reporter by pointing out that she is full of shit.
so you think this will cause people to "dunk" on her or maybe prompt a "ratio?"

Budapest to host CPAC in 2022 - BBJ (how on-brand)

Chris Cuomo Sexually Harassed Me. I Hope Hell Use His Power to Make Change. (Italian dickster)

Obama casually sinks a 3-pointer : gifs

Why the Term JEDI Is Problematic for Describing Programs That Promote Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusionmeant to be heroes within the Star Wars universe, but the Jedi are inappropriate symbols for justice work ... They are a religious order of intergalactic police-monks, prone to (white) saviorism and toxically masculine approaches to conflict resolution (violent duels with phallic lightsabers, gaslighting by means of "Jedi mind tricks" ... supernatural powers are naturalized as biological, hereditary attributes. So it is that Force potential is framed as a dynastic property of noble bloodlines ...

Why Sex-Positive Feminism Is Falling Out of Fashion .. assertions that could come straight from Andrea Dworkin. (the turntables)

Pennsylvania school district reverses ban on books by authors of color after students fought back : books (only white people allowed almost worked)

Elon Musk and Grimes break up after three years together

The Surveillance Apparatus That Surrounded Britney Spears - The New York Times (her father is a fucking creep)

On the Internet, We're Always Famous : What happens when the experience of celebrity becomes universal?

What happened to Roxbury Preps football team was a disgrace

Ancient Footprints Suggest Humans Arrived In Americas During Ice Age - The New York Times Human footprints found in New Mexico are about 23,000 years old, a study reported, suggesting that people may have arrived long before the Ice Ages glaciers melted.
Footprints - Lawyers, Guns & Money - Ancient human footprints preserved in the ground across the White Sands National Park in New Mexico are astonishingly old, scientists reported on Thursday, dating back about 23,000 years to the Ice Age. The results, if they hold up to scrutiny, would rejuvenate the scientific debate about how humans first spread across the Americas, implying that they did so at a time when massive glaciers covered much of their path.
Newly discovered fossil footprints show humans were in North America thousands of years earlier than we thought. Scientists found 60 human footprints between 21,000 and 23,000 years old. Indicating humans occupied southern parts of the continent during the peak of the final ice age : science

We all know it's dangerous to drink alcohol during pregnancy, but is it more dangerous to drink alcohol during earlier stages of pregnancy, or later stages? : askscience ... Early stages during neural development is more dangerous.

Chinese scientist achieve cell-free chemoenzymatic starch synthesis from carbon dioxide : worldnews

You can get "yellow" either by having monochromatic light at ~590 nm, or by combining red and green light. Why do these two physically different types of light both end up looking the same? : askscience

What would the world be better off without? : AskReddit (reddit says rapists, corruption and algorithms)

Whats one unsolved mystery youd like to see solved before you die?

What happened that changed the way you looked at someone forever? : AskReddit

Happened in Australia : WTF

Whats a conspiracy you truly believe?

What was the most embarrassing tantrum youve seen a grown ass adult throw?


EPA to cut greenhouse gases thousands of times more powerful than carbon dioxide | The agencys final rule will slash the use and production of hydrofluorocarbons often found to be leaking from U.S. supermarkets freezers by 85 percent over 15 years

Gabon Minister Suspends Shrimp Fishery and Expels Purse Seiner that Tormented Two Humpback Whales : worldnews

Spain will ban selling fruit and vegetables in plastic containers starting 2023 : worldnews

Boris Johnson says the world needs to grow up and deal with climate change

US and China must ban petrol and diesel cars by 2035, UK and Dutch governments warn : worldnews

09/23/2021 COVID-19 Update, with 2.11% positivity rate
Breakthrough COVID cases remain at about 36% of new cases as hospitalizations see slight dip for second day - MassLive - September 21, 2021 : CoronavirusMa

President Biden pledges 500m more vaccine doses to developing world : worldnews

Johnson & Johnson & Regret
No, Vaccinated People Are Not ust as Likely to Spread the Coronavirus as Unvaccinated People
Unvaccinated but willing: The group volunteers and clinics hope to vaccinate against coronavirus - The Washington Post
Mapping America's hospitalization and vaccination divide : Stark differences across the country revealed
Some experts see signs of hope as COVID cases fall - Axios Change in COVID-19 cases per 100k people in the last two weeks
Obesity and COVID-19: The trends Novant Health doctors are seeing among children and adults : CoronavirusUS

An Unprecedented Event In Modern Medicine : What Happens When A State Fails To Flatten The COVID Curve : A COVID nightmare is unfolding in Idaho, where overwhelmed hospitals are starting to ration care and medical workers feel like the public has turned on them. (Fuckaho is full of idiots)
An Unprecedented Event In Modern Medicine: What Happens When A State Fails To Flatten The COVID Curve
New Florida Surgeon General Appeared at Demon-Sperm COVID Conspiracy Event With Future Capitol Rioter : politics
Health Experts Speechless as DeSantis Taps Anti-Mask Vaccine Skeptic for Florida Surgeon General
Florida Students Are No Longer Required To Quarantine After Being Exposed To COVID : politics (spread the spread)

Texas Father of 12 Dies of COVID After Desperate Scramble for Last-Ditch Treatment (HCA and 12 fucking kids)

US public health workers leaving 'in droves' amid pandemic burnout

[2x Media Mention] NY Magazine with an interesting take on this subreddit and WebMD with discussion of this sub and HCA-inspired twitter page : HermanCainAward

Fed up with anti vaccination protests at schools, hospitals, Quebec premier prepares special law to ban them : worldnews
Restaurant staff seeking proof of vaccination receive threats, verbal abuse : worldnews
Canadian police seek man who allegedly punched nurse for vaccinating his wife | Canada : worldnews
Divorced Saskatchewan parents fight in court over COVID-19 vaccination for teen daughter : worldnews

Germany to end quarantine pay for those without vaccinations : worldnews

Ireland: Over 90% of people aged over 16 are now fully vaccinated against Covid : worldnews

Melbourne, Australia to endure worlds longest lockdown of 267 days. : worldnews

More than 100 countries face spending cuts as Covid worsens debt crisis. As pandemic widens inequalities, many developing countries spend more on debt than health. : worldnews (capitalists cackle)

US rules out adding India or Japan to security alliance with Australia and UK : worldnews

A flashy cop with a taste for fast cars falls from grace following the leak of spine-chilling footage of a brutal interrogation gone wrong. : worldnews ... An average policeman with 42 cars and net worth of 18 million. With a Thai salary. Thats some next level corruption.

Many flee as army torches homes in Myanmars Sagaing region
Myanmar junta abducting children of people targeted for arrest, says UN expert : worldnews

French study warns of the massive scale of Chinese influence around the world : worldnews
Chinas Xi Jinping said at the United Nations that democracy is not a special right reserved for one country ... Hi, my name is Xi and i came here to teach you how good democracy is, especially when there is only 1 party allowed and you can only vote for it
China: Over 700 Entertainment Enterprises Closed in Clampdown : worldnews

2-year-old Dalit child runs into temple in Karnataka, family fined Rs 25,000 for 'purification ritual' : worldnews

Pakistani clerics oppose anti-forced conversion bill : worldnews

Taliban breaking instruments, ordering customers from karaoke parlors in latest crackdown : worldnews
Taliban official: Strict punishment, executions will return

Cinema returns to Somalia with first public screening in 30 years : worldnews

The U.N. Is Warning That 16 Million People in Yemen Are Marching Towards Starvation

Erdogan: Mideast peace impossible if Israel continues oppressing Palestinians
Turkish Trans Doctor Suspended, Banned from Civil Service After Posting Bikini-Clad Photos on Social Media : worldnews

A senior Hezbollah security official threatened judge Tarek Al-Bitar whosinvestigating Aug 4th Beirut explosion

Lithuania urges people to throw away Chinese phones : worldnews

Polish region withdraws anti-LGBT resolution amid EU funding threat : worldnews

Woman with Downs syndrome loses UK abortion law case

Brazils Bolsonaro in COVID isolation after trip to U.N

Canadas Tory party left reeling after dismal performance in federal election

Biden administration to reopen migrant detention camp near Guantnamo Bay prison
Biden's Disgraceful Immigration Policy : immigration policy truly is barely better than that of Donald Trump and Stephen Miller. What is happening to Haitian refugees is absolutely disgraceful and this will be a central part of Biden's legacy
U.S. Special Envoy to Haiti resigns, citing nhumane deportation of Haitians

White House analysis says wealthy Americans pay far less in taxes than others : politics

Nuking the Filibuster Is the Obvious Way to End This Dumb Debt-Ceiling Standoff : politics

11 senators urge House to pass $3.5T package before infrastructure bill : politics

How the far-right Oath Keepers militia planned for violence on Jan. 6 : politics

Biden called Trump a f***ing a**hole over man toys and giant TV screens he added to White House

Jan. 6 investigation accelerates as it turns toward Trump : politics
Jan. 6 Committee Subpoenas Top Trump White House Officials - The New York Times
Opinion | Our constitutional crisis is already here - The Washington Post
Biden, Trump headed to executive privilege showdown over Jan. 6 information - The Washington Post
Trumpworlds Star Lawyers Exit as Storm Clouds Gather
Donald Trump Sounds Pretty Panicked About Spending His Twilight Years Behind Bars : politics
The Five Coup Schemes of Donald J. Trump : politics
Trump's Plans for a Coup Are Now Public - Some of the plots to overturn the election happened in secret. But don't forget the ones that unfolded in the open.
Guardrails on the drunk man's autobahn - Lawyers, Guns & Money
A year after Trump said he wanted to get rid of the ballots, has the press learned anything?
The Rundown: Why didnt Mike Lee say something in January? New book says Utah senator knew Trumps team was attempting to subvert the Constitution to illegally keep him in power

Loser Trump: legal walls closing in on rattled 45
Trump Sends Out Three Increasingly Furious Late-Night Statements in 77 Mins

Michael Cohen says Trump is bluffing about another presidential run because he can't stomach the notion of being a 2-time loser
,br /> Trump Big Lie Republicans positioning themselves to administer future elections : politics
These Republican Candidates Believe Trump Won 2020. Now They Want to Control 2024 | Vanity Fair

Law professor tells Cruz Texas' voter ID law is racist in fiery hearing exchange

Susan Collins, Who Doesnt Actually Support Abortion Rights Despite Claiming Otherwise, Wont Support AbortionRights Bill You dont get to describe yourself as pro-choice when you routinely do things that are the exact opposite. (Suzie-Floozy)

Pharma and medical companies donated over $750K to Kyrsten Sinema before she opposed drug bill : politics

Ruh-Roh! GOP Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene's Scooby-Doo Stunt Did Not Go Well

Lauren Boebert paid rent and utilities with campaign money, FEC filings show : politics

Young voters turned out in force for Democrats in 2020. Will they stick around? : politics

Will Susan Collins Admit She Was Wrong About Brett Kavanaugh and Roe v. Wade? Ha! - Nope, she'll double down then endorse Paul LePage
Paul LePage Is Back. And Maine Is Terrified. : politics

Kerry James Marshall, Elizabeth Alexander to Reimagine Confederate Windows - Washington National Cathedral

The Unraveling of the Murdaugh Dynasty: Unsolved Murders, Insurance Fraud and Missing Millions - WSJ

Dont ignore the normalization of Tucker Carlsons poisonous rhetoric on race
Tucker Carlson Blows Up Murdochs White Supremacy Denial on Air

J.D. Vance Defends Texas Abortion Ban, Calls Rape Inconvenient

Video shows woman pulling out gun in Chipotle after store closes early : news

Pa. prosecutor charged with violently raping woman in her home : news

The Unraveling of the Murdaugh Dynasty: Unsolved Murders, Insurance Fraud and Missing Millions - WSJ ... a real Penny Dreadful ... The shoes drop on this caterpillar every single day.

Who is Brianne? Gabby Petito's Father Had a Nickname for Brian Laundrie and Mocked Him With That (backstory: her dad is a total abusive asshole)

replaced a center of knowledge with a merchandise mart that trivializes and commodifies the trappings of learning.

People can distinguish dictators from democratic leaders based on their facial appearance alone : science

Mark Zuckerberg personally approved a project that pushed pro-Facebook stories into the news feeds of the platforms users, report says (lizard boy)

Why is the dark matter halo spherical? : askscience

Nuts are not linked to weight gain : science

Whats your funniest NSFW joke?


A Warning Sign of a Mass Extinction Event Is On the Rise, Scientists Say | Toxic microbial blooms thrived during the Great Dying, the most severe extinction in Earth's history, and they are proliferating again due to human activity. : science
Animals died in toxic soup during Earths worst mass extinction (

Fires in the Amazon have already impacted 90% of plant and animal species : worldnews

Magnitude 6.0 earthquake strikes near Melbourne, tremors rattle southeast Australia : worldnews

Realtime US Baby Boomer Death Clock Born 1946 to 1964

Soul-crushing: US COVID-19 deaths are topping 1,900 a day

MA COVID-19 Data 9/22/21 : CoronavirusMa
09/22/2021 COVID-19 Update for Massachusetts, with 2.14% positivity rate.
1,821 confirmed cases, 24 deaths, and 9,851 vaccinations. See todays COVID-19 data from Mass.

Mass. reports 4,568 new breakthrough cases for the last week [up from 3,919 last week]
Last Week, 23 fully vaccinated Bay Staters died of COVID-19. Past week was 32. : CoronavirusMa

Covid-19 death rate more than 4 times higher in least vaccinated states than in most vaccinated : news
Is The Worst Over? Modelers Predict A Steady Decline In COVID Cases Through March : CoronavirusMa
Delta variant outbreak infects highly vaccinated prison population, but few were hospitalized, CDC says : news
Does My Mask Protect Me if Nobody Else Is Wearing One? Masks work best when everyone in the room has one on, but youll still benefit frommasking up even when those around you arent

Floridas new surgeon general skeptical of vaccines, opposes masks
Ron DeSantis New Surgeon General Appeared in Demon Sperm Doctor's COVID Conspiracy Video

Washington governor to Idaho officials: Stop clogging up my hospitals

Postcard from an overrun ICU: The problem is we are running out of hallways

The Unbelievable Grimness of HermanCainAward, the Subreddit That Catalogs Anti-Vaxxer COVID Deaths - This is not a forum that attempts to change minds. It's much darker.
[ article] The Unbelievable Grimness of HermanCainAward, the Subreddit That Celebrates Anti-Vaxxer COVID Deaths : HermanCainAward
Slate has changed the title to catalogs from celebrates the deaths
For those who say the HCA are immoral. Lets see how we got here.
Has anyone even SEEN a Democrat get a HCA nomination yet, much less an award? : HermanCainAward : Biden voters are 91% vaccinated Turd bucket, I mean trump, voters are 55% vaccinated.
For the media monitoring this page, this Reddit page has been cathartic in some of my darkest hours. : HermanCainAward
Carl is bigoted and wants to cosplay 1776. He could have enjoyed retirement and being with his new wife, but he believed and spread dangerous misinformation instead. It didnt end well for Trumper Santa.
Bride-to-be spent planned wedding day on ventilator before dying of COVID-19 : news | A repository of stories of anti-vaxxers who died or came close to dying of COVID.

The U.S. Is Buying 500 Million More Pfizer Vaccine Doses To Donate To Other Countries : worldnews

Alberta bar closes after overwhelming number of threats after opting into vax pass

Brazils unvaccinated president had to eat pizza on NYC sidewalk ...And now his health minister whos with him in NYC tested positive. The pizza restaurants probably pretty glad they made them eat on the street.
Brazils health minister tests positive for COVID-19 in NYC

Xi tells UN China will stop funding coal projects overseas : worldnews
Evergrande default: Could the property giant's Euro 250 billion debt spark a global financial crisis?

Russia plans 15 new nuclear power units by 2035 : worldnews

An interfaith couple was accosted, the Muslim man beaten up and the Hindu woman forced to hit him in the face with slippers in public as a video was shot to humiliate them : worldnews
India: Hindu man beaten by group of Muslims for travelling with a muslim woman : worldnews

Pakistan Hindu family tortured for fetching drinking water from mosque : worldnews

With No U.S. Support, Leaders of Afghan Resistance Flee the Country : worldnews
Politicians in name only only:Amid a crumbling economy, Taliban ministers dont show up for work, running government business from the mosque.
Women-owned businesses, especially restaurants and cafes, have remained closed for the past month since the Taliban entered Kabul city : worldnews

An Ancient Tablet, Stolen Then Acquired By Hobby Lobby, Will Be Returned To Iraq : worldnews ... Hobby Lobbys Hammurabi robbing hobby

US House Democrats remove $1bn fund for Israels Iron Dome from budget bill

Shots fired at Ukraine presidential aides car in apparent assassination attempt

Woman who killed abusive partner cleared for self defence : worldnews

The mass expulsion of Haitians from the United States without screening for their protection needs may constitute a violation of international law, the United Nations top refugee official said on Tuesday.
Texas Gov. Abbott sends miles of cars along border to deter migrants

Drone war slaughters Afghan civilians while a whistleblower goes to prison for spilling its secrets : politics

Paulson and Mnuchin have warned political leaders about the consequences of default, but the Biden administration and Senate Republicans dont appear close to a deal
Republicans usually lose shutdown fights. So why are they going there again? - The Washington Post
Debt Ceiling / Doomsday Cult
Mitch McConnell tells Democrats not to play Russian roulette with the economy as the GOP plays Russian roulette with the economy

McConnell, Manchin, Sinema and Pharma Dems Are Preparing to Torpedo Everything : politics

Opinion: As the GOP renounces democratic governance, the rationale to keep the filibuster is evaporating : politics

The Trump Campaign Knew the Dominion Voting Machine Stuff Was Nonsense When They Started With It A newly uncovered internal memo closes the case on the big scam. : politics

Hillary Clinton tried to warn us and paid the price. Lets at least call Republicans what they are | Still, America's political class is unwilling to call the fascist, white supremacist Republicans what they are
Steve Bannon admits he helped plan 6 January Trump rally to kill the Biden presidency in the crib

Somehow, were still learning the depths of Trumps dishonesty
New bombshells show Trumps coup threat was real and hasnt passed
Trump Sues NYT and NieceWho Calls Him F*cking Loser

Spygate was always a hoax - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Hate group praises out Sen. Kyrsten Sinema for helping to doom LGBTQ rights bill : politics

Arizona Republican resigns after secret recording released after a recording emerged of him criticizing his GOP colleagues for opposing a review of the 2020 election
Arizona Republican resigns after secret recording released : politics
Yep. Sinemas Cratering Back Home

Secretary of State disputes MyPillow CEO Mike Lindellsclaims Alabama had 100,000 'flipped' votes

Budowsky: Newsom soars while Trump, Abbott, DeSantis ratings lag : politics

Americans *hate* the Texas abortion law : politics
Fewer than 1 in 4 favor overturning Roe v. Wade: poll : politics
Sen. Susan Collins says she would oppose abortion-rights bill : politics (not even pretending anymore)

Mary Trump unplugged - AMERICAblog News

Nebraska Is Getting Into Some Gerrymandering Shenanigans With National Implications : politics

Michigan GOP Lawmaker Needs To Be Babysat At Work After Threatening His Ex : politics

Pennsylvania school district reverses ban on books by authors of colour : politics

Charter school enrollment has boomed during the pandemic - Axios

FBI asks for the public's help in finding Gabby Petito's fiance as new tip emerges about his previous movements : news

What Went Wrong - Lawyers, Guns & Money On June 30, the Los Angeles Police Department detonated fireworks in a containment vessel mounted on a vehicle. The resulting blast damaged cars and houses and injured people

Saadi Yacef, RIP - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Complicating Redlining - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Sexual assault linked to later brain damage in women, study finds : worldnews

ELI5: What is the Fermi Paradox? : explainlikeimfive

We're a group of microbiome researchers here to answer your questions on the gut microbiome and digestive health (IBD, IBS, and more). Ask us anything! : IAmA
Increasing saturated fat intake was not associated with CVD or mortality and instead correlated with lower rates of diabetes, hypertension and obesity. : science

TIL earthlings have emerged so early in the universe that 92% of earth-like planets aren't even born yet. The universe is about 13.8 billion years old and the last star will die after 100 trillion years. : todayilearned

Whats the best theory on UFOs or aliens youve ever heard??

Memestocks and Reddit redesigns - by Ranjan Roy - Margins by Ranjan Roy and Can Duruk
Chaos Theory Is the Future of American Politics - by Jonathan V. Last - The Triad A website changes its algorithm and a game show host becomes president.


Climate change: World now sees twice as many days over 50C : worldnews

Etna Volcano Volcanic Ash Advisory: ERUPTION AT 20210921/0710Z ASH PLUME VISIBLE ON WEBCAM to 15000 ft (4600 m) : worldnews

Traffic noise may raise risk of Alzheimers, other dementias

Poland ordered to pay $580,000 fine for each day it continues operating a controversial coal mine : worldnews

09/21/2021 COVID-19 Update for Massachusetts, with 2.1% positivity rate.
1,283 confirmed cases, 25 deaths, and 8,112 vaccinations. See todays COVID-19 data from Mass.

The state on Tuesday reported 4,568 more COVID-19 cases among fully vaccinated people since last week, bringing the total since the beginning of the pandemic to 32,345 cases, or 0.71 percent of all fully vaccinated people. - The Department of Public Health also reported 23 more COVID-19 deaths among fully vaccinated people, bringing the total to 217 deaths among those fully vaccinated.

Republican editor exposes Democrats for tricking Republicans into rejecting vaccination and committing mass-suicide

A nurse's training didn't protect her from vaccine misinformation. Now, shes one of the victims of Covid-19 (

Tucker Bizarrely Claims Military Vax Mandate Is Plot to Root Out Men With High Testosterone

7NEWS reporter ATTACKED live on air during tense protest in Melbourne : worldnews

Germany: Gas station employee killed over a face mask : worldnews

The number of billionaires grew by 13.4% in 2020 - making the pandemic a windfall to billionaire wealth

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison meets with media mogul Rupert Murdoch in New York : worldnews

Japan urges Europe to speak out against Chinas military expansion

Hong Kong police seize M&Ms as national security threat

India seizes $2.7bn of heroin from Afghanistan at port : worldnews .. 10% of afghanistans total gdp

MoD did not know how to use bcc in mass emails; now more than 250 Afghan interpreters email addresses are leaked
IS bomb attacks on Taliban raise spectre of wider conflict in Afghanistan : worldnews

Pro-Putin party takes majority in Russian parliamentary election sullied by fraud : worldnews
Statisticians Claim Half of Pro-Kremlin Votes in Duma Elections Were False : worldnews
Russia responsible for Litvinenko killing - European court : worldnews

Mysterious woman winds up on a shore of Croatian island Krk, nobody knows who she is : worldnews

Sudan foils coup attempt and 40 officers arrested, senior officials say : worldnews

106 Italian mafia members arrested for SIM swapping, BEC scams, phishing. The group stole and later laundered more than 10 million (~$11.7 million)

Neo-Nazi march against LGBTQ+ community in Madrid raises alarm over growing homophobia : worldnews

Third Russian national charged over Salisbury poisonings | UK news : worldnews
Prince Andrew is served sexual assault lawsuit in United States : worldnews

Justin Trudeau to remain Prime Minister of Canada : worldnews
Trudeau claims victory in Canada election but falls short in bid to form majority government : worldnews
Maxime Bernier and the Peoples Party of Canada fail to win any seats ... an anti-science party supported by anti-vaxxers, white nationalists, q-anon fucks, and tinfoil-hatters

US border officials under fire over treatment of Haitian migrants The Biden administration says it is investigating reports of border agents on horseback charging at migrants near a riverside camp in Texas. : worldnews
Border Patrol Accused of Unfathomable Cruelty for Cracking Whips on Haitians (BPD=KKK)
Deported by U.S., Haitians are in shock: I dont know this country

Member of CIA chief's team reported Havana syndrome symptoms on recent trip to India - CNNPolitics

In Afghanistan, 100 billion dollars spent on military contracts.

GOP signals refusal to help Democrats raise debt ceiling, in opposition to President Bidens spending plans

GOP operatives charged with funneling $25,000 from Russian citizen to Trump campaign in 2016 : worldnews
Former Rand Paul aide, pardoned by Trump, charged with funneling Russian money into 2016 election : politics
Longtime GOP operatives charged with funneling Russian nationals money to Trump, RNC (

Memo shows Trump lawyers six-step plan for Pence to overturn the election
Leaked Memo Shows How Trumps Lawyer Wanted Pence To Overturn Elections
The Legal Minds Who Tried to Overturn the Election for Trump Are Being Welcomed Back Into Polite Society : politics
Trump Campaign Knew LawyersVoting Machine Claims Were Baseless, Memo Shows
Eric Trump's Lawyer In New York State Attorney Generals Suit Quits

Trump officials shouldve exposed him when it counted, not whine for books afterwards

Prosecutors Give Allen Weisselberg 3 Million New Reasons to Help Send Donald Trump to Prison : politics

On the Special Counsels Weird Prosecution of Michael Sussmann

Mitch McConnell says the GOP will vote for the US to default on its debt : politics (fiscal respoonsibility)
Democratic Leadership Calls GOP Bluff: Vote For Bill, Or Risk Shutdown AND Debt Default : politics

Report: Trump Is Trying to Oust Mitch McConnell Like the Vindictive Sociopath He Is - The latest development on the rift between two of the worst people in the world. : politics

Trumpists Dont Need Rallies Anymore

To protect the supreme courts legitimacy, a conservative justice should step down (hahahaha)

Lindsey Graham told Trump over the summer you f---ed your presidency up, book claims. Trump hung up.

Pennsylvania Democrats Sue GOP Over Their Attempt to "Investigate" 2020 Election

Garrett Soldano, GOP Governor Candidate, Permanently Banned From YouTube : politics

Huge hack reveals embarrassing details of whos behind Proud Boys and other far-right websites

Their Baby Died in the Hospital. Then Came the $257,000 Hospital Bill. - The New York Times A New York family had good health insurance. But the bills for their daughters care started showing up and kept coming.

Autopsy confirms remains found in Wyoming are Gabby Petitos,FBI says
Hard Drive Found in Gabby Petito Van, New Last Text Details Emerge as Brian Laundrie Remains Missing : news

Professor yelled racial slurs, spit on Black woman and her 7-year-old daughter outside Oak Park Jewel-Osco, prosecutors say - Chicago Sun-Times Alberto Friedmann also sped toward the woman in his Jaguar and almost hit her, according to prosecutors.

Critical race theory roils a Tennessee school district

Rates of infectious disease linked to authoritarian attitudes. Scientists accounted for socioeconomic factors that influence ideology, including religious beliefs, wealth and education. Higher regional infection rates in the US corresponded to more votes for Donald Trump in the 2016 US Election. : science

Astronomers solve centuries-old mystery of supernova observed in 1181 : worldnews

New Research Shows That Time Travel Is Mathematically Possible : science

Im Dr. Jackie Whittaker, physiotherapist and research scientist at Arthritis Research Canada. Im working to prevent the most common type of arthritis: osteoarthritis. AMA!

The world is not ready to overcome once-in-a-century solar superstorm, scientists say : science

Perturbations in Gut Microbiota Composition in Psychiatric Disorders - Depression, bipolar disorder, & anxiety share a common gut bacteria - New study suggests that people with mental illnesses like depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, & psychosis tend to have lower faecalibacterium & coprococcus. : science

What are some not so fun facts? : AskReddit

What's a gut feeling that saved yours or someone else's life? : AskReddit

Misinformation on Reddit has become unmanageable, 3 Alberta moderators say : technology

Gus Johnson - searching for things on Reddit : videos

New MIT study confirms Teslas autopilot is indeed unsafe (and Elon is an evil liar)


UN to world leaders: To curtail warming, you must do more : worldnews

Australia steps up hydrogen funding ahead of climate talks : worldnews

Natural disasters sparked by climate change have forced more than 100,000 people to flee their homes in Burundi in recent years. Climate shocks -- not conflict -- were now the main cause of internal displacement in the landlocked East African country : worldnews

A significant tornado outbreak with numerous photogenic supercells and damaging tornadoes have been reported from the Po Valley in northern Italy this afternoon. : worldnews

After days of extensive seismic activity a volcano on the Canary Island of La Palma has erupted. : worldnews

Koalas are going extinct with as few as 30,000 left in the Australian wild when the country was once home to Eight Million : worldnews

3 critically endangered killer whales from Canada are pregnant

A swarm of bees has killed 63 endangered African penguins on a beach outside Cape Town, the Southern African Foundation for the Conservation of Coastal Birds said. This is a very rare occurence. We do not expect it to happen often, its a fluke

Faroe Islands reviewing traditional dolphin hunt following slaughter : worldnews

At least 75 animals die at Central Texas pet resort in late night fire : worldnews

Map of Boston if all the ice melts : boston (Underwatertown)
Surging Seas: Mapping Choices

09/20/2021 COVID-19 Update for Massachusetts, with 2% positivity rate.
4,364 confirmed cases, 7 deaths, and 5,561 vaccinations. See todays COVID-19 data from Mass.

Sudders added as defendant in veteranslawsuit against Holyoke Soldiers Home officialsThe complaint seeks $176 million and certification as a class action lawsuit

Covid is about to become Americas deadliest pandemic as U.S. fatalities near 1918 flu estimates

Big gap between Pfizer, Moderna vaccines seen for preventing COVID hospitalizations : worldnews
Covid-19 vaccine for 5 to 11-year-olds is safe and shows robust antibody response, Pfizer says
Covid Vaccine Prompts Strong Immune Response in Younger Children, Pfizer Says - The New York Times Vaccinated kids aged 5 to 11 showed evidence of protection against the virus, the company said. The data must be reviewed by the F.D.A. before children can be inoculated.

Long Covid less common than feared - ONS study : CoronavirusMa
The days of full covid coverage are over. Insurers are restoring deductibles and co-pays, leaving patients with big bills. : CoronavirusMa

Americans who refuse vaccinations are costing US big bucks as well as lives : politics

How Ivermectin Became The New Focus Of The Anti-Vaccine Movement : politics

First Baptists Robert Jeffress: There is no credible religious argument against the vaccines

Idaho declares statewide hospital resource crisis amid Covid surge : politics

WATCH: Children Tell CNN They Blame Tucker Carlson For Their Fathers Covid Death
Breitbart Writer Insanely Blames Libs for Manipulating Trump Fans Into Dying of Vaccine Refusal ... Breitbart News writer John Nolte argued Monday that Howard Stern and the left are using reverse psychology to trick Republicans into dying of Covid.

Mississippi Governor Announces Bold Plan To Do Nothing To Stop COVID : politics
A most Republican pandemic - Lawyers, Guns & Money Mississippi governor and minor Paul Thomas Anderson character Tate Reeves appeared on national TV, and with Jake Tapper not in a Both Sides mood it went very, very badly:

Well, Nicki Minaj did the research : PoliticalHumor

Ohio Medical Board renews license of Sherri Tenpenny, doctor who claims vaccines make you magnetic : news

An open letter to my patient : HermanCainAward

India has administered 800 million Covid vaccine doses till now | Latest News India : worldnews

New Zealand gang members get creative and arrested trafficking KFC across lockdown borders during Auckland's strict level 4 lockdown : worldnews

Myanmar anti-junta dissidents have carried out a bomb attack on security forces near Yangon, with several killed in an ensuing firefight. The Southeast Asian nation has been in turmoil since the military toppled Aung San Suu Kyis elected government in February

Chinese Property Developer Sinic Halts Trading After Sinking 87% : worldnews
Chinese teenagers can now use Douyin, Chinas TikTok, for only 40 minutes a day

Man of untouchable Dalit caste sworn-in as leader of Indias Punjab state

ISIS claims responsibility for attacks on Taliban in Afghanistan : worldnews
Kabul airport bomber was freed from prison as government collapsed : ISIS
Afghanistans women judges are in hiding, fearing reprisal attacks from men they jailed
200 Afghans, mostly women escape Afghanistan with help of Canadian charity : worldnews
About the only job women can do for the Kabul government is clean female bathrooms, acting mayor says : worldnews

Argentina to purchase JF-17 Thunder jets from Pakistan

Pro-Putin party wins majority in Russian elections despite declining support : worldnews
Germany points to reports on massive irregularitiesin RussiasDuma elections
Several Russian opposition candidates who appeared set to win their races suddenly fell behind candidates from the Kremlin party as soon as e-voting results were counted. : worldnews
Google Blocks More Anti-Kremlin Content as Vote in Russia Winds Down : worldnews
At least 8 killed in mass shooting on Russian university campus : worldnews
Gunman Liquidated After Killing Eight In Russian University Shooting Rampage
Mike Eckel on Twitter: "reports of another school shooting in Russia; this time at Perm State University. Russian agencies say there are casualties." / Twitter

Thousands march in Ukraine for LGBT rights, safety : worldnews

Poland: 4 people found dead on border with Belarus : worldnews

Rwandan court finds Hotel Rwanda film hero guilty in terrorism case

Over 45 million Iranians use Telegram despite ban : worldnews

Lebanon outraged as Israel moves forward with gas drilling plans : worldnews (not in Lebanon)
Netanyahu suggests Biden fell asleep meeting Bennett in new video; Claim was debunked last month : worldnews
Israel Was Born in Sin. Im Collaborating With a Criminal Country, Says Former PM's Son (someone call Abe Foxman)

Pope says Church must face truth of cruelty to children : worldnews

Italy will likely hold a referendum on decriminalizing cannabis next year : worldnews

Not just Texas: Europe grapples with abortion laws and limits : worldnews

Greece: Major fire breaks out at soon-to-be-closed migrant camp. The Vathy camp was overtaken by a major fire on the eve of migrants being transferred out. Many are headed to a new 43 million ($50 millon) "closed" high-tech secure facility

France vents over submarines but alone on world stage : worldnews
Australia says France knew of grave submarine concerns

Cheating British Police Officers Resign After Getting Caught Having Sex with Each Other in Squad Car While Ignoring Calls for Assault, Burglary : worldnews
Four charged over anti-Semitic abuse shouted from car : worldnews
Finchley Road. North London. 2021. Genuinely terrifying.
Researchers Unearth a Nearly 900-Year-Old Church in England : worldnews
Rediscovered Medieval Manuscript Offers New Twist on Arthurian Legend : worldnews

Puerto Rico's progress still stalled four years after Maria

Border agents on horseback round up Haitian migrants after closing Rio Grande crossing where 15,000 have congregated under Texas bridge: More than 300 arrive back in Haiti - as up to EIGHT flights a day are scheduled to deal with crisis : worldnews
U.S. launches mass deportation of Haitian migrants camped in Texas | CBC News : worldnews

Canadas Trudeau may cling to power in election but looks unlikely to secure majority
Western University student denied tenancy by landlord who said her tattoos were 'scary'

u/abd_min_ibadillah lists incidents of the US Military murdering civilians and covering it up (the few that we know about) : bestof
Eschaton: Misty Water-Colored Check out this absolutley insane 2002 column about Afghanistan from the NYTimes' Nicholas Kristof ... Such an insane time (yes, kids, even more insane than the Trump era). I do giggle thinking about Nick pulling out his slide rule and doing these calculations.
Check out this absolutley insane 2002 column about Afghanistan from the @Nytimes Nicholas Kristof

Why Israel Supporters are Embracing Arab Autocrats - by Peter Beinart - The Beinart Notebook

Covid Live Updates: Vaccine Uptake Among Young Children Looms as a Major Question - The New York Times

Yellen: U.S. would be permanently weaker if debt limit not raised

Bill Barrs Still Making a Mockery of Justice. Merrick Garlands Letting Him (letting Durham's fake case go forward)

Democrats Urged to Ignore Parliamentarians Advice Against Path to Citizenship Ignore this ruling or get a new one. The GOP didnt hesitate when they pushed their corporate agenda

GOP Senators Reportedly Refuse to Go Along With Trumps Planto Depose McConnell ("plan" haha)

Kyrsten Sinema Threatens to Kill Her Own Infrastructure Bill : politics

Federal officer arrested at Capitol rally wont be charged

Sweaty infomercial con artist to run for president again - Lawyers, Guns & Money
Ominous new details about Trumps coup attempt require Democrats to act
Paul Ryan was convinced Donald Trump had narcissistic personality disorder : politics
Lindsey Graham and Mike Lee personally vetted Trumps fraud claims, new book says. They were unpersuaded
The Rundown: Sen. Mike Lee investigated whether Pence could declare Trump winner of 2020 election
How Trump used goats to cut millions of dollars off his local property taxes, and paid just $700 last year : politics
Peter Thiel Claimed Zuckerberg Agreed to Push State-Sanctioned Conservatism Under Trump Deal (refucks said they would make Fuckerberg emperor of the internets)

New York Prosecutors Find New Evidence in Donald Trump Organization Case Allen Weisselberg Jeff Mcconney Trump Org Prosecutors Find New Evidencein a BasementA lawyer for Trump Organization chief financial officer Allen Weisselberg revealed in open court that prosecutors have found more evidence and that more indictments are expected.
Allen Weisselberg, Trump Org. ex-CFO, expects more indictments, his lawyer says - CNNPolitics

'It's spreading' Phony election fraud conspiracies infect midterms

Wanker caucus in world's worst deliberative body announces intention to try to make Biden a one-term president - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Bidens baffling FCC delay could give Republicans a 2-1 FCC majority

Threats against members of Congress are skyrocketing. It's changing the job.

Trump won these counties big. His supporters question the results there, too. A push to revisit Novembers results is underway or being called for in at least nine counties Trump won by more than 24 points.

Out-of-state crook contacts Stasi to enforce Fugitive Uterus Act - Lawyers, Guns & Money
Evangelical theology is what made the Texas abortion outrage possible : politics (Satangelicals)
Texas Republicans Cant Stop All Medical Abortions: The state is trying to regulate something it cant: the decentralized distribution of pills largely originating in Mexico, where abortion is no longer a crime. (Abbot says they will build the "pill wall')

The state law has been blocked by lower courts because it directly violates Roes protections for pre-viability abortions. (Any Conehead Barrett shrugs)
This Supreme Court Brief Gives Away the Whole Conservative Game on Abortion : It comes to us via one Texas lawyer whose resume reads like a road map through the wingnut-welfare legal terrarium.
Public Pans Texas Abortion Law | Monmouth University Polling Institute Most say leave Roe v. Wade as is

This $100,000 Donation by Matt Gaetz Raises All the Eyebrows : politics

Opinion: How Democrats can capitalize on the MAGA crowds frequent humiliations

Alabama Begins Removing Racist Language From Its Constitution : politics

Devastating: Florida Republicans worried about 2022 as they crafted election law

The woman who brought down Andrew Cuomo: I dropped a nuclear bomb on my life

St. Louis Couple Who Waved Guns At BLM Protesters Face Suspension Of Their Law Licenses | KCUR 89.3 - NPR in Kansas City. Local news, entertainment and podcasts.

Eschaton: Indispensables Racist war architect David Frum has another piece in The Atlantic about how Democrats need people like him. You know, all 25 "Nevertrumpers" and their giant grift. Such boring monsters we are cursed with.

FBI Descends on Gabby Petito Boyfriends House as Search for Him Continues

Evidence that a cosmic impact destroyed ancient city in the Jordan Valley. The shock of the explosion over Tall el-Hammam was enough to level the city. The distribution of bones indicated "extreme disarticulation and skeletal fragmentation in nearby humans." : science

New research suggests that autistic individuals are less likely to identify as heterosexual and more likely to identify with a diverse range of sexual orientations than non-autistic individuals. : science

ELI5: How advanced is corvid social intelligence and behaviour compared to other animals like primates, dolphins or wolves? : explainlikeimfive

Highly effectiv ovarian cancer treatment could help thousands of women

Suicides among men decreased after Viagra became more affordable in Sweden. In July 2013, the patent rights to Sildenafil (generic Viagra) ended in Sweden, causing the price of Viagra to drop by 75%. : science

Men and women living in rural areas have a life expectancy that's 2.5 years shorter than men and women living in urban areas. This divide has more than doubled since 1999, primarily due to worsening death rates from respiratory diseases, cardiovascular disease, and cancer. : science

ParkingPsychology comments on How to make friends in a post-pandemic world?

What do you desperately want right now? : AskReddit

Note taking apps? : Surface

Bitcoins price is plunging dramatically


World leaders return to U.N. with focus on pandemic, climate : worldnews
COP26: Chinas Xi Jinping yet to confirm attendance at climate change talks, admits summit president Alok Sharma

Icelands volcanic eruption the longest in half a century ... Fagradalshraun: Beautiful valley of lava
People evacuated on Spanish island of La Palma after volcano eruption warning : worldnews ... Megatsunami imminent?
La Palma Volcano Eruption ( Happening right now in Canary Islands, Spain) : videos
Megatsunami Scenario - La Palma Landslide - YouTube

Smoke from massive wildfires in Australia led to algae bloom : worldnews

The Planet Has Lost Half of Its Coral Reefs Since 1950 : worldnews

Three Poachers Are Sentenced To A Combined 105 Years In Prison For Killing Three Rhinos In South Africa : worldnews

Cape honey bees suspected to have killed 63 African penguins : worldnews

Scientists studying whether its possible to grow, eat mRNA vaccines
An observational and Mendelian randomisation study on vitamin D and COVID-19 risk in UK Biobank : science

Modeling The Pandemic: How Many Will Die? - Lawyers, Guns & Money
Newsflash: The COVID pandemic has been the worst public health catastrophe in American history, and it's not close - Lawyers, Guns & Money
The Tucker and the Hare - Lawyers, Guns & Money West Virginia, owing to its relatively old population and independent pharmacy network, was an early vaccination success story. Then the wingnut industrial complex took over: ... Republican propaganda efforts aimed at making as many Republican voters sick or dead as possible have been smashingly effective.

Wait times can now be measured in days: How non-COVID patients are paying the price for the Delta surge

Texas COVID-19 death toll passes 60,000 : news

Escalator falls have soared in Tube stations because passengers are too afraid to hold handrails over fears they could catch Covid : worldnews

Entire B.C. school district to go into lockdown after vaccine protesters enter 3 schools : worldnews ... Your body, my choice

Vietnam government draws $113 mln from Covid fund to buy 20 mln doses from Pfizer : worldnews

Australia had deep and grave concerns about French submarinescapabilities, PM says (Macaroni has another meltdown)

Boxer-senator Manny Pacquiao to run for Philippine president : worldnews

Japan takes step toward first female leader as two women run : worldnews
Japans older population (65 and older) hits record high to 36,4 million or 29,1% of population, the highest among 201 countries and regions across the world

Chinas military has an Achillesheel: Low troop morale
China plans tax crackdown on richest entertainers, including online influencers : worldnews
Chinese scientists grow rice that yields twice faster in hydroponic experiment : worldnews

YouTube blocks Navalnys team videos with a list of Smart Voting candidates it wants to back in nationwide parliamentary elections currently underway

CIA warned kids were at scene of Kabul drone strike before missile hit : worldnews
Apology not enough say survivors of US drone attack in Kabul
Kabul governments female workers told to stay at home by Taliban

UAE: European Parliament votes to boycott UAE Expo in Dubai due to human rights issues : worldnews

Israel nabs remaining fugitives from prison break : worldnews
Mossad killed Irans top nuke scientist with remote-operated machine gun

German election: 85,000 adults with disabilities can vote for the first time : worldnews

Notre Dame cathedral in Paris will reopen in 2024, five years after disastrous fire : worldnews
French highline walker makes 600-metre Seine crossing from Eiffel Tower : worldnews

Universal credit cut will push 800,000 people into poverty, Boris Johnson warned : worldnews
Britain May Revert to Imperial System As Part of New Brexit Freedoms ... Karl Popper: historicist ideologies that rear their head in times of great social change. (dumbfuckxit)
Conspiracy theorist caused more than 100,000 of damage by torching 5G mast [UK]

Canada leaders kick off final day of campaign, polls suggest Trudeau has edge : worldnews

The strategic reverberations of the AUKUS deal will be big and lasting | A profound geopolitical shift is happening : politics
Nuclear subs and a diplomatic blowup: The US-France clash, explained : politics

Fox News Poll: Majorities favor mask and vaccine mandates as pandemic worries increase : politics
Mississippi governor: Biden vaccine mandate an attack onhardworking Americans | State has second-worst death rate in world, after Peru (Evil Dumbfuck Chinless FatNeck PoTATEohead Reeves)
Tate Reeves and the high cost of covid incompetence

AOC introduces amendment to halt US arms sale to Israel : politics

Senate GOP says it will allow debt default; Democrats rush to avert economic crisis | Analysis : politics
The Biden administration could sidestep McConnells refusal to pay off America's bills by minting a $1 trillion platinum coin
House Democrats are scared to tax billionaires thats a costly mistake

Low turnout, low drama mark rally for jailed pro-Trump rioters : politics
The JusticeForJ6 Rally Wasn't a Joke It Was A Warning
Shimon Prokupecz Goes Down Rabbit Hole With Justice for J6 ... "so many people who just believe their own thing, nothing is based on fact, on truth, reality, its just people who just want to believe what they want to believe, whether its real or not"

Fascism makes a comeback but nothing about its methods is especially new | The Trump movements assault on democracy is directly descended from both the Jim Crow era and the Nuremberg laws

Eric Swalwell says J6 rally like holding 9/11 vigil for the hijackers : politics
GOP looks like Tinder for terrorists says former homeland security official as he criticises Capitol rally
Rep. Raskin: Republicans have embraced the insurrection
Why has Republican rhetoric gotten so unhinged? Its pure projection
The GOP Is Sacrificing Its Stars on the Altar of Trump : politics

Trump Looks for Challenger to Depose Mitch McConnell as Split Widens - WSJ
Donald Trump wrote to Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger asking him to 'decertify' the 2020 election
Trump Angling To Put In Power Election Officials Who Could Twist Vote For Him In 2024 : politics

Troll farms peddling misinformation on Facebook reached 140 million Americans monthly ahead of the 2020 presidential election, report finds : technology

Were watching the implosion of the Supreme Court in real time
The Senate knew about Kavanaughs partisan history. It confirmed him anyway

Beto ORourke is preparing to run for governor of Texas in 2022
The Exvangelicals
The Alpha-Male Style in American Evangelicalism | Christianity Today

Texas doctor who provided abortion in violation of new law: I had a duty of care
Texas Doctor Says He Performed an Abortion in Defiance of New State Law : politics
A doctor in Texas says he broke the law and performed an abortion: I can't just sit back and watch us return to 1972

The Atlantic: The Arizona Election Audit Is Still Unraveling in Chaos : politics
Democrats push to shield election workers from violent threats : politics

Georgia Is How American Democracy Falls Apart : politics

California recall vote show Trumps big lie is now Republican playbook

Support for Abbott plunging in Texas: poll : politics

Madison Cawthorn on Twitter: battling significant medical complications (def not Covid)

How white evangelical became a synonym for 'conservative'

Republicans trapped in a media prison of their own making : politics

Gabby Petito Search Expands, FBI Looking for Witnesses From a Specific Campground : news
North Port Police on Twitter: "Saddened and heartbroken to learn that Gabby has been found deceased. Our focus from the start, along with the FBI, and national partners, has been to bring her home. We will continue to work with the FBI in the search for more answers." / Twitter
Gabby Petito disappearance: The case has unleashed a throng of Internet sleuths. Why has it sparked so much interest? - The Washington Post

3 people were shot at a Pennsylvania baby shower after an argument over gifts, police say : news

Women report being happier than men are, and more depressed than men are. This gender life satisfaction/depression paradox holds true across Europe, building on research that has been conducted outside of Europe. : science (women have "emotions" study says)

Rent rant : boston

What is really better than sex? : AskReddit

Whats the scariest moment youve encounter in your whole life?
Whats the worst thing youve ever seen online?

What subreddit did you regret visiting? : AskReddit


World on catastrophic path to 2.7C warming, warns UN chief
Grim and AlarmingUN Report Details Catastrophic Global Failure on Climate |

Coral reef cover, biodiversity, fish catches have declined by half since the 1950s : worldnews

Scientists created the worlds whitest paint. It could eliminate the need for air conditioning.

Australian Government proposes to scrap recovery plans for 200 endangered species and habitats : worldnews

A new heatwave across North America will soon be replaced by a significant cold blast, temperatures could drop more than 30 degrees in just 24 hours. The first snow is forecast for the northern Rockies while the Fall Season starts on Tuesday next week. : worldnews

Big gap between Pfizer, Moderna vaccines seen for preventing COVID hospitalizations ... the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine reduces the risk of being hospitalized with COVID-19 by 91% in the first four months after receiving the second dose. Beyond 120 days, however, that vaccine efficacy drops to 77%. Meanwhile, Moderna's vaccine was 93% effective at reducing the short-term risk of COVID-19 hospitalization and remained 92% effective after 120 days.
Big gap between Pfizer, Moderna vaccines seen for preventing COVID hospitalizations : worldnews

Coronavirus variants better at travelling through the air, raising transmission risk, study finds
New studies suggest a possible superhuman immunity to COVID-19

Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp keeps mentioning failed AIDS vaccine mandates. But there is no AIDS vaccine : politics

Why Facebook Wont Stop Pushing Propaganda Vaccine disinformation. The Big Lie. The hate poisoning your community. It all goes back to Mark Zuckerbergs business model. (death for profit)
A great response for Facebook "researchers"
Do YoUr OwN ReSeArCh : PoliticalHumor

Championed by doctors and conservative radio hosts alike, monoclonal antibodies for Covid are in high demand even from those who dont want a vaccine.

Death panels is real! - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Doctor Who Said Masks Cause Carbon Dioxide Poisoning Has License Revoked

Anti-Mask Florida Official Dies of COVIDand Takes GOP Software Secrets With Him

Idaho Botched Its Pandemic Response. Now Its Begging Neighbors Like Washington State for Help.

Vaccine Protests Prove the Only Personal Liberties Cops Care About Are Their Own : politics

W.Va. Gov. frustrated over vaccination rate: We just aregoing to keep lining the body bags up

Alabama Pickers, couple known for reselling and vaccine opposition, both dead of COVID -
Alabama ass whuppin' - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Mississippi now has countrys highest rate for COVID deaths (

Nearly half of Israeli COVID deaths are unvaccinated, although they are only 17% of population. Data shows booster shots increase protection over tenfold : worldnews

Brazils Bolsonaro vows to break NYC COVID-19 mandate by attending UN meetings without getting vaccinated

India vaccinates 25 million people in a single day : worldnews

Italy makes COVID-19 Green Passmandatory for all workers

WHO warns lack of COVID-19 vaccine supply in Africa could make it breeding ground for new variants and send the whole world back to square one

Hundreds arrested in Australian anti-lockdown protests : worldnews

Chinese scammers enslave jobless teachers and tourists in Cambodia : worldnews

Investigation finds World Bank leaders pushed staffers to boost rankings for China and Saudi Arabia in high-profile reports : worldnews
Hong Kong Tiananmen Massacre group vanishes from internet after police demand; 11 years of Victoria Park vigil vids deleted : worldnews

Indian state passes bill to register child marriages, Opposition calls it a black day : worldnews
Indias New Laws Against Love Jihad Give Hindu Conservatives Power To Halt Weddings ... In India, several states have outlawed brides or grooms from converting to their new spouses religion. These new laws are backed by Hindu conservatives who accuse Muslim men of pressuring Hindu women to convert. The laws of complicated things for interfaith couples

US admits Kabul drone strike killed civilians : worldnews ... Must be a Friday afternoon in DC.
US Urged to End Drone Strikes After Pentagon Says Killing 10 Afghan Civilians Was Horrible Mistake
Khalil-ur-Rahman Haqqani punched Talibans Mullah Baradar before shootout in Kabul palace
Taliban ban girls from secondary education in Afghanistan : worldnews
Salima Mazari, the female governor fighting the Taliban in Afghanistan, was not captured by the Taliban, and is now a resident in the United States : worldnews
Afghan women push back against Taliban restrictions with #DoNotTouchMyClothes campaign : worldnews
Taliban replaces womens ministry with ministry of virtue and vice ... Ministries of Prayer and Guidance and the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice

Belarus Olympic runner says she fled to avoid being forced into mental hospital : worldnews
Belarusians launch campaign in Vilnius to free political prisoners:country is drifting into a gloomy Soviet reality

Egypt is building a $4.5 billion high-speed rail line. Passengers and cargo will soon be able to shoot through the Egyptian desert aboard a high-speed train, in a first for the country : worldnews

Biden administration signs its first military deal with Saudi Arabia : worldnews

Israeli agents had wanted to kill Irans top nuclear scientist for years. Then they came up with a way to do it with no operatives present.
Israeli grandfather says he saved, not kidnapped, grandson in Italy : worldnews

Berlin buys thousands of apartments from corporate landlords : worldnews

The Sharp U.S. Pivot to Asia Is Throwing Europe Off Balance - The New York Times

Why are the French so mad about the submarine deal? - The Washington Post
France Recalls Ambassadors to the United States and Australia in Protest of Submarine Deal - The New York Times
France recalls its ambassadors to US and Australia in submarine deal backlash : worldnews
Secret Talks and a Hidden Agenda: Behind the U.S. Defense Deal That France Called a Betrayal U.S. officials gave no heads-up about their plans to upend Frances largest defense contract.
French government extremely mad about...something - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Red Bull suing Gin manufacturer Bullards over name : worldnews
Man has hand chopped off at the wrist after Whitechapel vigilantes corner him

The U.K. Left The EU, And Now Its Inching Away From The Metric System Too
mother of boy killed by dog in cornwall truly sorry
Infection known as mad cow disease found on Somerset farm in UK : worldnews

Afghanistan Outcome Affirms a Warning: Beware the Blob - The New York Times The chaotic withdrawal from Afghanistan exposed the shortcomings of views within the foreign policy establishment, also known as The Blob
There is no reflexively pro-war Blob, says Blob - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Bureau of Land Management will move back to D.C., reversing Trump-era decision : politics
New Evidence of Corruption at EPA Chemicals Division : politics

So-called Dem moderates sabotage Medicare power to bargain drug prices

Biden signs executive order adding measles to list of quarantinable diseases after outbreak among US-bound Afghan refugees : politics

Joe Biden Basically Tells GOP Governors to Rot in Hell Can you blame him? : politics
Tremendous hypocrisy All the GOP governors banning COVID-19 vaccination mandates require other vaccines

Venal "moderate" House Dems torpedoing Biden's agenda - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Right-Wing Conspiracy Rally Collapses Under Weight of Right-Wing Conspiracies : politics
Smaller than expected Justice for J6rally met with large police presenceAbout 400 to 450 people were inside the protest area
Sparse crowd gathers near Capitol to protest treatment of those jailed in Jan. 6 riot
Massive Capitol security operation awaits rally to support hundreds charged in deadly January riot : politics
Police say theyre ready for rally supporting Jan. 6 rioters
More than 600 charged in Jan. 6 attack as D.C. braces for pro-defendant rally : politics

Trump says his heart is with 'persecuted' January 6 rioters as Washington DC braces for a protest in support of 'political prisoners' ... Trump pardoned more Taliban than he did his own supporters.
Republican leaders remain silent as Trump casts perpetrators of Jan. 6 attack as political prisoners : politics
Decertify the 'Illegitimate Election,' Says Man Under Investigation for Election Interference: Donald Trump, who lies a lot, tells Georgia officials that 'the truth must be allowed to come out'
Trump writes letter to Georgia Secretary of State demanding that election be decertified, or "whatever the correct legal remedy is" - Lawyers, Guns & Money
A $100 million loan on Trump Tower in Manhattan has been placed on a bank watch list, due to a slump in occupancy, reports say : politics

Peril review: Bob Woodward Trump trilogy ends on note of dire warning | Books : politics

Federal government announces funding for emergency contraception for Texans impacted by near-total abortion ban : politics
Clarence Thomas and His Friends Are Coming for Your Uterus : politics

Amid COVID surge, states that cut benefits still see no hiring boost : politics (nevr the point)

Nebraska Is Getting Into Some Gerrymandering Shenanigans With National Implications : politics

After 200 years of white men, Bostons next mayor will be a woman

Yes, you were right to panic over the recall election even though Newsom won easily : politics
In red California, anger over recall blowout. The Democratic Party is the New York Yankees
California dreaming did not become reality for Republicans | TheHill

Hyperpartisanship is ruining America : politics ... White-right terrorist Hyperpartisanship is ruining America

Post-Schar School poll shows McAuliffe, Youngkin locked in tight race for Virginia governor - The Washington Post

Gabby Petito's family attorney says fiance Brian Laundrie is not missing, he is hiding
New bodycam video shows emotional Gabby Petito after reported fight with fianc in Utah
Attorney for Brian Laundrie says his whereabouts are unknown : news
Search underway at vastFlorida wildlife reserve for Gabby Petito's fiance

Loudoun judge jails alleged domestic violence victim for pot use : news

Several Oakland police officers face disciplinary action following Instagram scandal : news

LAPD to stop requesting civilians social security numbers after backlash

New study shows Fibromyalgia likely the result of autoimmune problems Passive transfer of fibromyalgia symptoms from patients to mice

Pfizer Recalls Its Anti-Smoking Drug Chantix Over Cancer Concerns : worldnews

Being highly immersed in your job paves the way for longer working hours and symptoms of major depression, prospective study suggests. : science

Two studies (N = 467) find that women are less likely to introduce their partners to large-breasted women. Breast size appears to be part of intrasexual competition. : science

College students drank less during the pandemic but used weed, psychedelics at record highs, study finds. : science

Why do you want to stay single? : AskReddit

What are things that sound like compliments, but are actually insults? : AskReddit

What do you think really happens after death? : AskReddit


Chances of alien life in our galaxy are 'much more likely than first thought - scientists claim as they find young stars teeming with organic molecules using Chile's Alma telescope.

The ozone hole over the South Pole is now bigger than Antarctica - CNN
The ozone hole over the South Pole is now bigger than Antarctica : worldnews

Al Gores Climate TRACE tracking group finds vast undercounts of emissions in many countries

Pandemic did not slow advance of climate change: The results of the United in Science 2021 report are an alarming appraisal of just howfar off course we are, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres has said
World needs to spend another $100 trln on UN fight against global woes - report : worldnews (World: "that's way too expensive")

New 2030 Glasgow pledges fall short of global target, U.N. says, putting the planet on path to warm by 2.7 degrees Celsius by 2100 - The Washington Post

Fossil fuel companies are suing governments across the world for more than $18bn | Climate News : worldnews

Fast fashion in the U.S. is fueling an environmental disaster in Ghana : worldnews

Faroes PM pledges dolphin hunt review amid outcry at carnage : worldnews

U/darkxmoon shares sad presentday dystopian story reads like a chapter out of ministry for the future. Post Hurricane Ida/ 2 weeks after in Tangipahoa Parish : bestof

09/17/2021 COVID-19 Update for Massachusetts with 2.26% positivity rate.
2,024 confirmed cases, 16 deaths, and 7,977 vaccinations. See todays COVID-19 data from Mass.

COVID-19 has claimed 1 in 500 American lives; 1 in 375 in Massachusetts. : CoronavirusMa
Protesters rally against Baker vaccine mandate outside State House - The Boston Globe (Mass Morons)

FDA panel votes against broad rollout of Pfizer booster shot, but may endorse narrower use - POLITICO

Natural immunity to covid is powerful. Policymakers seem afraid to say so. - The Washington Post A 700,000-person study from Israel two weeks ago found that those who had experienced prior infections were 27 times less likely to get a second symptomatic covid infection than those who were vaccinated.

Israeli data: How can efficacy vs. severe disease be strong when 60% of hospitalized are vaccinated?

Pediatric Diabetes Surge in Mississippi: Doctors Concerned COVID-19 Is To Blame ... Mississippians have died of COVID-19 per capita more than any other state. Where diabetes is concerned, Mississippi is the second most afflicted state in the nation, behind only West Virginia. In 2016, the Mississippi State Department of Health estimated that over 13.6% of adult Mississippians had diabetes, at the time ranking first in the nation.

More on the moral panic regarding "overweight" and "obesity" - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Ron DeSantisDisastrous COVID-19 Response Ripped In Viral Florida Is VietnamVideo | The Florida Republicans response to the pandemic is hammered in author Don Winslow's latest video, which has topped 1 million views.
Don Winslow on Twitter: "NEW VIDEO: #FloridaIsVietnam Under @GovRonDeSantis Covid Deaths in Florida will surpass American deaths during *ENTIRE* Vietnam war. We need your RETWEET and QUOTE RETWEET." / Twitter

Laura Loomer, Who Once Said Bad FajitasWere Worse Than COVID, Says Shes Tested Positive

Net is gone : All of Idaho put in crisis standards of care amid 'unabated' COVID spread
A doctor called coronavirus vaccines fake.Now he sits on an Idaho regional health board.

Carmines hostess attacked after asking diners for proof of vaccination (3 Texas Karens arrested)

Doctor Runs 22 Miles Wearing a Face Mask to Sh?w it Doesn't Cut Oxygen Levels

France suspends 3,000 unvaccinated health workers without pay : worldnews

Cambodia vaccinating 6-to-11-year-olds before schools reopen : worldnews

Over 2 crore (20 million) Covid-19 vaccine doses administered in India in a day, setting new record on PMs birthday.

China Announces Full Vaccination of Over 70% of Its Population : worldnews

Australia To Buy Tomahawk Cruise Missiles, Will Get At Least Eight Nuclear Submarines : worldnews
Applause in Queensland Parliament gallery as historic bill passed, legalising voluntary assisted dying : worldnews

Absolutely appalling Christchurch partygoers slammed for 'ignorant' Hitler, Holocaust victim costumes

Philippine President Duterte Is Being Investigated By An International Court : NPR : worldnews

Myanmars junta will put ousted leader Aung San Suu Kyi on trial for corruption adding to a raft of ongoing cases that could see her jailed for decades. Suu Kyi has been under house arrest since she and her elected government were deposed by the military in a February coup

Japans defense minister draws red line in island dispute with China
Leading candidate to become PM of Japan supports gay marriage : worldnews

Chinas Shenzhou-12 crew landed safely back to Earth after a 90-day mission in space
NDTV: Chinese Billionaire Loses $27 Billion In Worlds Biggest Wealth Drop
A U.S.-backed Uighur photo exhibit of dozens of people who are missing or alleged to be held in camps in Xinjiang, China, opened in Switzerland on Thursday, prompting Beijing to issue a furious statement accusing Washington of 'low political tricks'
China denies German warship entry into harbor, Berlin says : worldnews

U.S. military admits horrible mistake in Kabul drone strike that killed 10 Afghans
Chinas Xi urges Afghanistan to stamp out terrorism, vows more aid
Al Qaeda regrouping in Afghanistan, says CIA : worldnews
Taliban ban female employees from entering ministry of women : worldnews
Armed American civilians on private plane to Afghanistan arrested in Dubai : worldnews

Under pressure from Russian government Google, Apple remove opposition leaders Navalny app from stores as Russian elections begin
Top Russian Diplomats Secret Life With Millionaire Mistress Exposed - Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has reportedly bankrolled his mistresss travel abroad with him on official diplomatic trips to almost two dozen countries around the world

Armenia takes rival Azerbaijan to top UN court : worldnews

Budget overruns and culture clashes over long vacations plagued the $50 billion submarine deal France got booted from in favor of the US and UK : worldnews

Europeans view Germany as a declining powerno more so than in Germany, where a majority (52%) hold the view that their country ispast its "golden age"
German police arrest four on Yom Kippur over synagogue attack plot : worldnews
Northern Ireland police charge two over killing of journalist Lyra McKee : worldnews
f=""> France cancels Washington reception and tones down celebrations of US-French Revolutionary War victory amid submarine spat : worldnews

UK Equalities Minister Goes on Anti-LGBTQ Rant in Leaked Audio : worldnews

Bolivian Woman Bites into Hamburger at Fast Food Restaurant to Find Rotten Human Finger Inside : worldnews

Haiti's chief prosecutor seeks charges against prime minister in president's assassination

One killed as Pakistani-origin family attacked in Canada : worldnews
About damn time: First Nation gets clean water after 24-year wait | Canada

This Day in Labor History: September 17, 2011 - Lawyers, Guns & Money
Another World Is Possible: How Occupy Wall Street Reshaped Politics & Kicked Off New Era of Protest

400+ Economists Press Congress to Permanently Expand Child Tax Credit : politics

Worst Kind of Politics Biden Bashes GOP Governors Who Balk at Vaccine Mandates
Clueless GOP governor cites nonexistent AIDS vaccine to bash Joe Biden

Capitol Police chief warns of "chatter" about possible violence during far-right rally
Jan. 6 probe request sends hundreds of pages to Trump team for review : politics
Oath Keepers founder draws scrutiny from federal officials and followers - The Washington Post

Biden calls out US billionaire wealth surging $1.8 trillion during the pandemic: 'it's simply not fair'

Sanders Blasts Conservative Democrats for Siding With Big Pharma Over Voters : politics
Patient Group Targets Pair of Democrats for Selling Us Out to Drug Companies

Milley: Calls to China were perfectly within scope of job
Rogue general vs. rogue president: GOP cultists willing to defend Trump destroying the world : politics
The Real Criminals General Milley Exposed? Every Republic