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Masterpost on spotting Russian (and other) disinfo operations
Ukraine Crisis Relief Fund Ukraine Charities


World can still avoid worst of climate collapse with genuine change, IPCC says : worldnews

The world saw a record 9.6% growth in renewables in 2022 : worldnews

Greta Thunberg, climate activists get court nod to sue Swedish state : worldnews

Sailboat crew rescued in Pacific after abandoning ship sunk by whale - The Washington Post Four people aboard the Raindancer were stranded in the Pacific Ocean for 10 hours ... "Everything was in control as much as it could be for a boat sinking"

S. Korea fully restores bilateral military information-sharing pact with Japan : worldnews

Czech Republic readies big Taiwan delegation in defiance of China : worldnews

Ignoring experts, Chinas sudden zero-COVID exit cost lives
Beijing still seeking answers a year after China Eastern plane crash : worldnews
Qantas pilots told to fly through radio interference reportedly coming from Chinese warships : worldnews

Putin Hosts Xi for Second Day of Talks After Welcoming Chinas Ukraine Peace Plan
Xi Jinping says China, Russia have similar goals
Xi invites Putin to China for third Belt and Road Forum - Xinhua : worldnews
2/ #Xis rhetoric suggests that he is not inclined to fully give #Russia the economic and political support that Russia needs to reverse setbacks in #Ukraine.
ISW on Twitter: "4/ #Xi will likely offer a more concrete proposal for a negotiated settlement to the war in #Ukraine, but it's unclear what his proposal will entail & how receptive the #Kremlin will be to it. The prospects of #China supplying #Russia w/ military equipment also remain unclear." / Twitter

russia is carrying out probably the worlds largest child abduction in modern history with more than 16 thousand Ukrainian children having already been kidnapped. putin is a criminal the Hague is waiting for. How can russia vote in the UN Security Council?

Russia defies Vladimir Putin arrest warrant by opening its own case against ICC - ABC News ("Crimes against Putin")
Russian Hawks Threaten Nuclear Strikes Over Putin Hague Warrant : worldnews

Moscow students are reportedly being handed mobilisation orders along with their diplomas, literally at the very minute that their exemption from military service expires. This is happening at the same time that Russia is reportedly seeking 400,000 new soldiers. : UkrainianConflict
Russia planning to pardon surviving convicts in Wagner Group ranks who made it through war
Russian Pop Star Who Criticized Putin Found Dead After Drowning : worldnews

Kremlin Bans iPhones for Officials Involved in Putins 2024 Re-Election

Russia says SU-35 scrambled over Baltic as 2 US bombers flew towards border : worldnews

Kazachstan seizes Russian space base : worldnews

US report lists significant human rights abuses in India

In fear of default, over 127,000 flee Pakistan in 2023 : worldnews

Turkey halts transit of sanctioned goods to Russia : worldnews
Seven British patients who travelled to Turkey for weight loss surgery died after operations there. : worldnews

Yemeni government and rebels agree prisoner swap in Geneva : worldnews

Top Oil Exporter Saudi Arabia loads up on Russian diesel : worldnews

UN says Iran may have committed crimes against humanity: Cases of murder, torture, and sexual violence in Irans crackdown on widespread protests may amount to crimes against humanity

Israeli authorities shutter Voice of Palestine radios Israel operations, summons 5 journalists for questioning
Arab outcry after Israeli minister Smotrichs anti-Palestinian rant in Paris
Top Israeli minister: No such thing as Palestinian people ... He spoke at a lectern draped with what appeared to be an image showing the map of Israel that included the occupied West Bank, Gaza and Jordan.

Japanese leader heading to Ukraine for talks with Zelenskyy : worldnews
Japan, China leaders visit rival capitals in Ukraine war : worldnews
Japanese leader arrives in Kyiv as Chinas Xi visits Russia

More on the Terror CampaignGreat WSJ article on Ukraines response to Russias anti-infrastructure campaign:
US to send Patriot missile systems to Ukraine faster than originally planned | CNN Politics
US speeds up Abrams tank delivery to Ukraine war zone : worldnews

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 391, Part 1 (Thread #532) : worldnews

There is no evidence that Mariupol was visited by the real Putin -- Ukraines Intelligence Directorate

ISW on Twitter: "New: #Russian forces made marginal gains in and around #Bakhmut amid a reported increase in the tempo of Russian operations around #Avdiivka. Our latest:" / Twitter
Tatarigami_UA on Twitter: "2/ The formation of assault groups by Russian forces suggests a persistent demand for further assaults. However, it is observed that many of these groups lack experienced or motivated personnel to effectively operate on the battlefield." / Twitter
Tatarigami_UA on Twitter: "4/ The enemy has established an echelon-like organizational structure to sustain their offensives, which allows them to effectively rotate their troops. However, it is noteworthy that the number of combat-ready equipment at their disposal is gradually decreasing." / Twitter
Tatarigami_UA on Twitter: "6/ The forthcoming stage of the battle for Bakhmut is likely to unfold soon." / Twitter
A Ukrainian drone flies over a significant number of Russian soldiers who have been killed in the trenches. : UkraineWarVideoReport
Russian Air Defence Shoots Down Its Own Fighter Jet Over Donetsk : UkrainianConflict ... The invaders again demonstrated their abilities and demilitarized a Russian military aircraft.

EU agrees to send Ukraine one million artillery shells : worldnews

Ukrainian drones hit Russian train carrying Kalibr missiles in temporarily occupied Crimea : worldnews
Explosions destroy Russian cruise missile shipment in Crimea : worldnews

Finland still purchasing gas from Russia : worldnews

Croatia Convicts Yugoslav Intelligence Chief of War Crimes : worldnews

Police finds an unknown Jackson Pollock painting in Sofia : worldnews

Further Dutch restrictions on chip technology exports will damage trade relations between China and the Netherlands and repercussions will follow, the Chinese ambassador to the Netherlands has warned : worldnews

The $17 billion wipeout of Credit Suisse bondholders has not gone down well in Europe : worldnews
Goldman Sachs prepares claims trading for wiped-out Credit Suisse debt : worldnews

Emmanuel Macron survives first confidence vote amid protests : worldnews

Fifteen years of wage stagnation has left British workers 11,000 worse off a year, according to research shared exclusively with BBC Panorama. (Toryfucked)
London police institutionally racist and sexist, major review finds : worldnews (copfucked)
Danish far-right leader banned from UK over threat to burn Quran in Wakefield : worldnews

Letter bombs addressed to journalists were sent to three TV stations in violence-plagued Ecuador Monday, one of which exploded without causing casualties, officials and the outlets reported : worldnews

Colombia suspends ceasefire with drug cartel. : worldnews

Venezuelas oil minister Tareck El Aissami resigned on Monday after prosecutors opened a corruption investigation into officials at the state oil company PDVSA

7 killed in shootout as gunmen ambush soldiers in Mexico : worldnews
Vulcan Materials Company seized in Mexico, lawmakers respond : worldnews

George W. Bush misrepresented our work at CIA to sell the Iraq invasion. Its time to call him what he is: A liar. (now try war criminal)
How many U.S. soldiers were wounded in Iraq? No one knows or seems to care - Press Watch ... But the wounded figure wildly understates the number of American servicemembers who suffered injuries, losses, and lifetime afflictions during the war that George W. Bush and Dick Cheney started based on lies.
The elite liberal(ish) case for invading Iraq ... an unpleasant trip down memory lane: worth noting that at this point by most of these dudes were not really even pretending that Iraq posed any material threat to the US. Instead, the arguments were mostly premised on dreams about how democracy could be created by force ex nihilo by, er, George W. Bush, Donald Rumsfeld, and some Heritage Foundation interns
Michael Ignatieffs infamous NYT magazine cover story from January 2003 (Ignatieff was founding director of Harvards Carr Center for Human Rights)
New Yorker editor David Remnicks case for invasion, 26 January 2003
Leon Wieseltier, literary editor of The New Republic, 3 March 2003
Nicholas Guyatt on Twitter: "Thomas Friedman, three-time Pulitzer winner and NY Times columnist, "D-Day," 19 March 2003" / Twitter

Eschaton: They Killed An Immense Number Of People raq war mea culpas were a thing about 12 years ago or so, and most of them were along the lines of, "wow how could my immense brain have failed me, no worries, my immense brain will never do that again, because it is so immense." Almost no reckoning with what they caused ... I'd be more forgiving if it wasn't the case that 20 years later, "support for the Iraq war" wasn't still an almost (not quite!) perfect indicator of whether someone is a complete asshole today.
How Start? - by John Ganz - Unpopular Front Reflecting on the War in Iraq ... Many of the nations journalists and writers gladly volunteered for that work. They set out to make sure an insane thing became common sense among the elite ... We went to war and killed hundreds of thousands for something that was just not real. If the jingoism, militarism, and bureaucratic machinery of the Bush era somehow fuses with the rowdy, populist hate-mongering of Trumpism, then the question of fascism will be settled: we will unambiguously have it
The real weapons of mass destruction are the enemies we made among the way : It is, I suppose, not surprising to see Bret Usually Wrong And Never in Doubt Stephens proclaim that he was correct to have supported the invasion of Iraq. It is amazing to see him justify it in originalist terms that is, because of weapons of mass destruction that didnt exist:

Iraq and the limits of anniversary journalism - Columbia Journalism Review
The Iraq War and Modern Memory - by James Fallows Except for those directly involved, the war fades steadily from U.S. attention, mentioned mainly on major anniversaries like this weeks. Convenient amnesia increases the damage done in those years

The pre-Pearl Harbor GOP
Open letter to Jeffrey Sachs on his position regarding Russian war on Ukraine (another respected Putin dicksucker)

Tracking the Chinese Balloon From Space - The New York Times

Biden signs bill to declassify information on origins of COVID-19 : politics
We Were Helpless : Despair at the C.D.C. as the Pandemic Erupted - Current and former employees recall rising desperation as Trump administration officials squelched research into the new coronavirus.

U.S. State-Government Websites Use TikTok Trackers, Review Finds - WSJ states might be inadvertently helping Chinese-owned app collect data

Obama wants companies to strip degree requirements from more six-figure jobs to address the labor shortage : politics

'Waco: American Apocalypse' Netflix documentary recounts 1993 siege - The Washington Post (Janet Reno killed 76 people)

Comer, Republicans' Investigative Chief, Embraces Role of Biden Antagonist - The fourth-term Kentuckian and chairman of the House Oversight and Accountability Committee has become an aggressive promoter of sinister-sounding claims about the president and his family.

Supreme Court ruling hands victory to public school students with disabilities : NPR

Ruperts would-be fall person
Tucker Carlsons senior producer repeatedly made antisemitic comments to Jewish staffers, lawsuit claims
Fox News producer alleges network coerced her testimony in Dominion case
Inside the 3 Months That Could Cost Fox $1.6 Billion - The New York Times The decision by Fox News executives in November 2020 to treat the more hard-right Newsmax as a mortal threat spawned a possibly more serious danger.
Is Sean Hannity a journalist? Fox News hosts' role key in Dominion lawsuit - The Washington Post
Fox News Host Tries Strange New Way To Define WokeDana Perino suggested the term wokeis more of a sense, a feeling." (jfc, she's still here)

A president has never been indicted. But one was arrested ... The man who led the North to victory in the Civil War was busted for speeding in his horse-drawn carriage.

Manhattan D.A. Alvin Bragg saw case against Trump as potentially "charge ready" years ago : politics ... Does anyone think it is a coincidence that Trump is holding a rally in Waco, Texas as he rallies his cult followers to violence close to the 30th anniversary of the Waco, Texas cult siege?
"Kangaroo investigation": Dems push back as Jim Jordan, House GOP go after Manhattan D.A. Rep. Jerry Nadler says last-ditch GOP attempts to stop Trump indictment are the real "weaponization" of government : politics
Liberal Manhattan DA takes on Trump in perilous legal fight - POLITICO Progressive policies pushed by Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg have made him a convenient target for Trump, who has a history of claiming bias by those investigating him.

Trump at Mar-a-Lago: Magical Thinking and a Perp-Walk FixationThose who have spent time with Donald Trump in recent days say he has often appeared significantly disconnected from the severity of his potential legal woes.
The Circus Continues : For Trump, Legal Woes Resurrect Old Habits - The former president strengthened his political position in recent weeks, but an impetuous response to his potential indictment could alienate voters he will need to win back the White House.

Special counsel claims Trump deliberately misled his attorneys about classified documents, judge wrote
Looks Like Trump Is Going Down As Special Counsel Nails Him With Evidence Of Classified Docs Crimes

Trumps unprecedented call for protests is the latest sign of his aim to degrade America's institutions (
Far-right activists wary of trap after Trump calls for protests
MAGA protesters in Manhattan crowded out by anti-Trump rivals - POLITICO I wish more people had shown upsaid Trump supporter Philippe Lejeune.
Bomb Threat Called In to New York Court Where Trump Hearing Held - Bloomberg
Trumpageddon: Its time to take Trumps threats of retributionseriously Trump has been channeling Hitler and Mussolini
Trump protest fizzles out: "More reporters here than Trump supporters" : politics
Donald Trump wants his 74 million supporters to sign a petition railing against his potential arrest. Those who sign it are asked to donate $3,300 and more.
Dismal Crowd At NYC Trump Rally Despite Ex-Prezs Call For Action As Arrest LoomsLeaders of the New York Young Republican Club told HuffPost they kept the rally tiny on purpose.
An indictment would help Trump! is wholly premature

Donald Trump bizarrely claimed that his phone got hacked by the radical leftwhen he dialed into an evening prayer session with Roger Stone and Michael Flynn
Thoughts And Prayers: The Radical Left Has Infiltrated The Phone Lines Now Too

Trump loses last bid to keep key evidence out of rape trial A federal judge ruled that key witnesses will be allowed to testify, and misogynistic remarks Trump made about women in 2005, when he apparently didn't realize he was being recorded, can be played for a jury.
Make No Mistake, the Investigation of Donald Trump and the Stormy Daniels Scheme Is Serious

Under His Wings: Leaked Emails Reveal an Anti-Trans Holy WarLeaked emails from anti-trans lobbyists and state lawmakers read, at times, like scripts from The Handmaids Tale ... It is the language of Christian nationalism ... They are not trying to protect children. They are trying to murder the transgender community,
Under His Wings: Leaked Emails Reveal an Anti-Trans Holy War

The GOP gains among voters ofcolor are overhyped ... Asian, Black and Latino Americans combined in 2020 to vote around 73 percent for Joe Biden, compared to 25 percent for then-President Donald Trump
The shape of polarization in America - by Patrick Ruffini not as badly divided as we think, and is all thanks to nonwhite voters -

Ron DeSantis Slammed For Writing He Was Culturally Raised in the Midwest, But geographically in Tampa
Ronald DeSantis Populist, Midwestern Roots Go About as Deep as Astroturf | Nobody is going to mistake this meathead for a man of the people.
DeSantis Privately Called for Google to Be Broken UpRepublican governor takes his anti-big tech rhetoric beyond what he has said publicly.
Inside Ron DeSantiss Plan to Ride Anti-vaxxism to the White House (stupdity you mean)
Florida GOP lawmaker who wrote 'Don't Say Gay' bill facing up to 35 years after pleading guilty in COVID fraud case

The war on drag shows

Anti-porn bills in 8 states could force device makers to censor sexual material - Florida, South Carolina, Maryland, Tennessee, Iowa, Idaho, Texas and Montana

From red bastion to blue bulwark: What political shift in Colorado and West means for U.S.

States Are Cracking Down On Militias Except For Idaho

The racial wealth gap in the Bay Area starts with the stunning test scores coming out of our education system.

The FBI raided a notable journalists home. Rolling Stone didnt tell readers why ... It should have been a coup. Instead, acrimony inside the newsroom over how that scoop was edited led to accusations that the magazines brash leader pulled punches in overseeing coverage of someone he knew

Pumping GasThe Oregon House on Monday overwhelmingly approved a bill to allow self-service options at every gas station in Oregon, raising a real possibility the state will cast off its place as one of just two states still forbidding many drivers from touching the pump.

LA School Workers Strike

Inside the rural Texas resistance to the GOPs private school choice plan

Schultz Out at Starbucks

Sugar nepo baby: The Bethany Mandel story ... She is now home schooling her brood of nascent Jews for Fascism, because of course she is.

LGM Film Club, Part 360: The Seventh Seal

Eschaton: Sounds Bad Antifa rampaging. : Fresno Police Chief Paco Balderrama on Wednesday announced the arrest of five people after a series of bombings in the city. A task force of local police and FBI agents also seized bomb-making components, firearms, methamphetamine and white supremacist paraphernalia, including Nazi flags.

Video Shows Virginia Mans Death in Custody

The Supreme Guide to LPR Causes & Treatment

A rare 19th-century photo of the Great Sphinx before it was excavated and restored. : pics

Why Americans should eat more lentils - The Washington Post

12 MA Places Among Top 100 Best To Live In U.S.: Niche | Cambridge, MA Patch One Harvard Yard-having city along the Charles River was particularly well represented on the list.

Linux is gone!! : massachusetts
Fellow Massachusetts Subreddit In Need of Help : boston
Check Out the Alternative to this Subreddit : massachusetts
Power tripping mod retroactively adds rule stating its illegal not to support Ukraine after banning multiple users for a rule that did not exist.
R/Massachusetts Refugees : Massachusetts_US
If you were banned from r/Massachusetts, comment inside : Massachusetts_US
Either Linux-Is-Best is back, or new-and-unidentified mods are his clones. : Massachusetts_US
Mod of 3 months in r/massachusetts "purg[es] members who have been promoting racism, segregation, homophobia, blatant sexism, spam, etc.", but is accused of actually removing anything he "doesn't politically agree with, and especially those that criticize his actions as a moderator" : SubredditDrama

Gregg Braden - Wikipedia


Earth to Hit Critical Warming Threshold by Early 2030s, Climate Panel Says - The New York Times A new U.N. report says it is still possible to hold global warming to relatively safe levels, but doing so will require global cooperation, billions of dollars and big changes.
UN climate change report: Catastrophic warming will claim lives without action - The Washington Post
Scientists deliver final warning on climate crisis: act now or its too late
Scientists deliver final warning on climate crisis: act now or its too late

UN climate report: Scientists release survival guide to avert climate disaster

Living on Earth: Broken Promise for the Arctic

Samoa PM urges world to save Pacific people from climate crisis obliteration : worldnews

Vaccine makers prep bird flu shot for humans ust in case; rich nations lock in supplies

Avian Flu discovered in carcasses of five seals from Cornwall : worldnews

Candida Auris, a Deadly Fungus, Spread Rapidly During Pandemic, CDC Says - The New York Times Candida auris, a drug-resistant fungus that health officials hoped to contain is now in more than half the 50 states, according to a new research paper.

Low oxygen levels behind mass fish death in Australian river : worldnews
New giant spider discovered in Australia : worldnews
SAS veteran Oliver Schulz arrested as part of war crimes investigation into killing of Afghan man in field - ABC News : worldnews

Japan announces $75 bln new plan to counter China in Indo-Pacific : worldnews
Japan, German leaders agree to strengthen ties, supply chain : worldnews
Japanese Prime Minister Kishida invites Indian Prime Minister Modi to Japan for G7 Summit : worldnews

North Koreas Kim calls for nuclear attack readiness against U.S., South Korea
Atmosphere of War: North Korea Said 1.4 Million People Just Enlisted to Fight the U.S.

Former Taiwan president Ma to visit China in landmark trip : worldnews

Xi Jinping arrives in Moscow to meet Putin : worldnews
Chinese President Xi Jinping is welcomed byhe Deputy Prime Minister Chernyshenko. He is the minister for tourism, sport, culture and communication. The deputy? The tourist minister? Ok ... Putin didnt want to be in a predetermined place outside.
Defense Ministry: Putin visited Mariupol at night to avoid showing destruction of city. : worldnews
Medvedev threatens to strike court in The Hague with Oniks hypersonic missile : worldnews
Drunk former Russian President Dmitry Medvedev (and spokesman for war criminal Putin) has just threatened the ICC with a hypersonic missile. He also threatened to shoot down Lindsey Grahams plane last week and hire a hitman to kill Italys defence minister. Seriously unhinged. -- Bill Browder

Kremlin employees are given month to get rid of their iPhones : worldnews

Russian court freezes all Volkswagen assets in Russia : worldnews

Taliban officials must sack sons given government jobs : worldnews

Central African Republic rebels storm mine; 9 Chinese killed : worldnews

South Africa takes into account warrant for Putins arrest.
South African authorities arrest 87 ahead of anti-government protest : worldnews

Report: 43,000 estimated dead in Somalia drought last year | AP News : worldnews

Jeffery Woodke: American citizen held hostage for 6 years in West Africa has been freed | CNN Politics

#Turkey may approve #Sweden's application for #NATO membership before the alliance July summit in #Vilnius, Turkish Foreign Minister #Cavusoglu said. He stated that #Turkeys approval of Swedens NATO membership bid depends on #Stockholm.

Saudi National Bank loses over $1 billion on Credit Suisse investment : worldnews ... less than they gave Jared Kushner

Biden urges Netanyahu to reach compromise on judicial overhaul : worldnews
Israeli minister condemned for claiming no such thing as a Palestinian people | Israel
Israel army reservists refuse to serve in protest against judicial reform : worldnews

ICC to plead for extra money to pursue Russian war crimes in Ukraine : worldnews
Russia surrenders or withdraws troops Ukraines Security Council Secretary on implementing Chinas peace plan
Ukrainian officials express outrage over Putins surprise visit to city of Mariupol, saying visiting under the cover of night befits a thief
Someone shouts at Putin in Mariupol: Its all lies. Its all for show
Most of the participants from the meeting of "Putin" with the "local residents" of #Mariupol have been identified

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 390, Part 1 (Thread #531) : worldnews

A Ukrainian soldier wondered if the Russians advancing on Bakhmut are on drugs: Otherwise, how can they go to certain death?
Unarmed Russian soldiers run into Ukrainian fire for the sole purpose of digging trenches or carrying ammunition. Those who refuse could be killed or imprisoned, report says. : worldnews

Ukrainian Ambassador: Russian Jews escaped regime, Ukrainian Jews see Ukraine as home : worldnews

Polish Ambassador to France: Poland will be forced to enter war if Ukraine fails to defend itself : worldnews

Czech President believes Ukraine has one attempt to carry out major counteroffensive : worldnews

Finland named worlds happiest country for 6th year running

Hungary blocked European Union member states from issuing a joint statement about an international arrest warrant against Russian President Vladimir Putin, writes Bloomberg. I am genuinely sick and tired of Hungary.

Meta Manager Was Hacked With Spyware and Wiretapped in Greece - The New York Times Artemis Seaford, a dual U.S.-Greek national, was targeted with a cyberespionage tool while also under a wiretap by the Greek spy agency in a case that shows the spread of illicit snooping in Europe.

UBS agrees to buy Credit Suisse for more than $2 bln : worldnews

French President Emanuel Macron faces a critical test on Monday when the National Assembly is due to examine no-confidence motions filed after his government bypassed parliament on Thursday to push through a deeply unpopular pension reform, sparking days of unrest : worldnews
Jupiter Macron fails to align for South American trade deal

Tony Blair: Putin cant use Iraq to justify Ukraine invasion | The former British prime minister rejected comparisons between Russias war in Ukraine and the US-led invasion of Iraq.
China condemns British lawmakers for ignoring demand not to visit Taiwan : worldnews (we're the boss of you, Xi screams)
British man deported to Jamaica launches action against Home Office | Richard Wallace wrongly classed as Jamaican and deported after serving murder sentence, despite having been born in London : worldnews
Kitchen renovation reveals 400-year-old friezes in York flat : worldnews

El Salvador: Bukele intensifies war on gangs: 2,000 more inmates transferred tobiggest prison in all America

Why do so many men dislike Justin Trudeau? | The Star

Expert analyzes new account of GOP deal that used Iran hostage crisis for gain : politics

Why the Press Failed on Iraq | Foreign Affairs And How One Team of Reporters Got It Right
Iraqi reporter who threw his shoes at George W. Bush says his country is still paying the price for the US-led invasion : worldnews
Two decades on, how the UK/US-led invasion turbo-charged Iraq into chaos : anime_titties
Iraq and the Pathologies of Primacy. The Flawed Logic That Produced the War Is Alive and Well : anime_titties
The shadow of the Iraq war lingers onThe United States invaded Iraq 20 years ago. The rationale for the war was a lie, and the consequences remain to this day.
I was a Guantanamo detainee. Those DeSantis allegations didnt surprise me

Wealth Inequality in America visualized : interestingasfuck

186 US Banks at Risk for Failure
Before Collapse of Silicon Valley Bank, the Fed Spotted Big Problems - The New York Times The bank was using an incorrect model as it assessed its own risks amid rising interest rates, and spent much of 2022 under a supervisory review.

Asleep at the switch: Sen. Elizabeth Warren calls for independent probe of Fed, banking regulations
Elizabeth Warren says Jerome Powell has 'failed' as Federal Reserve chair ... And yet Biden allowed him to stay. Corporate goons are going to corporate goon.

Biden issues first veto, rejecting bill to reverse ESG rule This bill would risk your retirement savings by making it illegal to consider risk factors MAGA House Republicans dont like. Your plan manager should be able to protect your hard-earned savingswhether Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene likes it or not,

Clarence Thomas criticized this 1963 precedent on the right to counsel : politics

Fear, burnout and insubordination: Insiders spill details about life at the highest levels of FBI - POLITICO A discrimination case has pulled back the curtain on the tense atmosphere at the bureaus legal office.

McConnells absence leaves colleagues wondering about GOPs future

Oath Keepers: Six convicted in connection with January 6 US Capitol riot | CNN Politics

N.Y. Authorities Prepare for Unprecedented Arrest of an Ex-President : politics
Indictment Week? : politics
Donald Trump could be charged any day - what happens next? : politics
Trump indictment could land as early as Monday, sending law enforcement scrambling - POLITICO A grand jury is expected to charge Trump late Monday or Wednesday, according to three people involved in the deliberations.
Trumps call for protests gets muted reaction by supporters
McCarthy says Americans should not protest if Trump is indicted : politics
House GOP targets Manhattan DA
"Significant increase" in threats online ahead of possible Trump indictment : politics

Republicans Suggest Possible Trump Indictment Is to Distract from Hunter Biden Allegations : politics

Trump indictment mystery solved: surprise Trump grand jury witness is Giuliani lawyer Robert Costello, source says : politics

Georgia prosecutors considering racketeering and conspiracy charges in probe of effort to overturn Trumps 2020 loss, source says
Trumps Lawyers Seem Pretty Panicked Hes Going to be Indicted in Georgia Too

Notable legal clouds that continue to hang over Donald Trump in 2023 : politics
Send lawyers guns and money : If Donald Trump can be arrested, when his only crime has been to repeatedly break the laws of this nation throughout the course of his entire adult life, then who among us is truly safe? Somehow, it seems all too fitting that at this particular historical moment Rupert Murdoch, age 92, has gotten engaged yet again, thus indicating his eagerness to continue doing literally what he's been doing to this country metaphorically for so many decades now.
Fox News Tries to Silence Top Producer Abby Grossberg, Who Threatened to Reveal Internal Convos The network is taking a key producer for Tucker and Bartiromo to court to stop her from disclosing internal chatter as part of her own threats to sue for discrimination.

Trump Can Serve as President From Prison, Alan Dershowitz Suggests (Dershofuckwad)

Ben & Jerrys Founder Is Top Donorof Group Campaigning Against U.S. Military Support for Ukraine
Ben & Jerrys Founder Is Top Donor of Group Campaigning Against U.S. Military Support for Ukraine
Psychology expert says blaming Russia for Trump was an easy way out for a traumatised US society (Gabor Mate)
America in denial: Gabor Mate on the psychology of Russiagate (lying pro-Putin asshole didn't age well)
What about Israel Should Americans Support in 2023?

Republicans slam DeSantis for calling war in Ukrainea territorial dispute
A drag queen who survived the Orlando Pulse shooting says Floridas LGBTQ community is 'scared' of further hate following DeSantis push to revoke a hotels liquor license
Undercover agents saw nothing lewd at Orlando dragshow. Florida is going after venue anyway
DeSantis administration sent undercover agents to an Orlando drag show and they found nothing wrong with it. The state is still trying to punish the venue. : politics
Not just Florida: The entire GOP is waging a nationwide racism-fueled war on public education : politics

US maternal mortality is more than 10 times higher than in Australia. Why? | Moira Donegan | The Guardian US maternal mortality is more than 10 times higher than in Australia. Wh

Texas abortion law means woman has to continue pregnancy despite fatal anomaly : news

How close to death must a woman be to get an abortion in Tennessee? : politics

Maryland House of Delegates approves trans rights bill. The Trans Health Equity Act, passed by a 93-37 vote margin. The measure now goes before the Maryland Senate : politics

Georgia County Spends $1 Million to Avoid Paying for One Employees Gender-Affirming Care

Filibuster over transgender bill jams Nebraska legislature for weeks : politics

Lauren Boebert blows up the GOP's biggest talking point - Here are some inconvenient facts that upset the dominant narrative about the color line and poverty in America

He has a battle rifle: Police feared Uvalde gunmans AR-15

Homeschooling in Michigan ... There are zero educational requirements in Michigan. They just decide when to say their kids have graduated. They have faith-based math >

Antisemitic tweets soared on Twitter after Musk took over, study finds - The Washington Post

Gadfly Reporter Simon Ateba Throws White House Presser Into Chaos With Over-the-Top Tantrum

Two US mothers sue hospitals over drug tests after eating poppy seed bagels : news

Experts Conclude Genome Editing in Human Embryos Still Too Risky : worldnews

$250,000 prize offered for deciphering Ancient Roman scrolls : worldnews

Researchers, with the help of magnetic resonance tomography, have found evidence that the language we speak shapes the connectivity in our brains that may underlie the way we think : science

Longitudinal study links childhood sexual abuse to mental and physical difficulties throughout adulthood : science

ELI5: If Neanderthals were a separate species, why were humans able to make fertile babies with them? : explainlikeimfive

Amanda Bynes Placed on Psychiatric Hold, Found Naked and Roaming Streets : television

If you could go back to any year, which would it be? : AskReddit

The Internet Archive is defending its digital library in court today : worldnews


Aviation chiefs rejected measures to curb climate impact of jet vapours : worldnews

Samoa PM urges world to save Pacific people from climate crisis obliteration : worldnews

A wake-up call: total weight of wild mammals less than 10% of humanitys

Big oil firms touted algae as climate solution. Now all have pulled funding : worldnews

Swansea University academics develop worlds first printable solar cell

Strong 6.7-magnitude earthquake hits Ecuador : worldnews
Ecuador earthquake kills at least 15 people : worldnews

Chile reports at least 532 sea lions believed to have died following H5N1 bird flu, much higher than previously reported. : worldnews

Australia has absolutely not committed to join US in event of war over Taiwan, Marles says
US fighter pilot moved to a maximum security jail in regional NSW for allegedly helping train Chinese military pilots : worldnews

Rainbow Greens ask government to ban anti-transgender activist from New Zealand. : worldnews

A radioactive cylinder has gone missing in Thailand. Authorities are now scrambling to find it : worldnews

Trouble in paradise as Bali loses patience with Russians, Ukrainians fleeing war : worldnews

N Korea launches missile into sea amid US-S Korea drills : worldnews

Xi Jinping to visit Russia in show of support for Vladimir Putin : worldnews

NATO considering deployment of up to 300,000 troops on border with Russia : UkrainianConflict
Russia is ready for the proposals of Western countries and Ukraine regarding the diplomatic settlement of the conflict, but it is possible to achieve a resolution of the conflict only by removing all sanctions and lawsuits in international bodies against Russia said Ministry of Foreign affairs spokeswoman Zakharova
Study: Sanctions on Russia expected to bite in 2023 but more can be done.

putin is becoming more and more toxic both for the world and for the russian federation ... And within the Kremlin, there is growing dissatisfaction with what is happening.
Russias Medvedev endorses MAGA, calls for overthrowing Biden on Tuesday and destroying Washington

Russian mercenary chief announces plans to recruit 30,000 more fighters : worldnews
In the new audio message, answering the question about the perspectives of this year, Prigozhin says they are foggy and that Russians have a couple of weeks to prepare for the Ukrainian strikes, otherwise it will be too late to drink Borjomi (which is a popular Russian saying related to Georgian healthy mineral water from Borjomi, i.e. too late to drink Borjomi when your kidneys fail ed
Furniture sellers in Moscow have started selling decorated "PMC Wagner" sledgehammers, decorated with skulls, for use as interior decorations. Demand is reportedly high. Their initiative comes as part of a boom in Wagner-themed merchandise in Russia. : UkrainianConflict

Books Removed and Movies Banned Under Russias LGBT Propaganda Law (why DeSatan loves Poopsters dick up his ass)

Indigenous Languages in Russia Disappearing Faster than Data Suggests, Activists Warn : worldnews

The fences dividing Europe from Russia and Belarus visualized - The Washington Post

India says China situation dangerous on Himalayan front : worldnews
India is getting an eye-wateringly big transport upgrade : worldnews
Khalistani Leader Amritpal Singh Yet To Be Arrested, Punjab On High Alert : worldnews

A court in Pakistan had to cancel a hearing involving former Prime Minister Imran Khan after hundreds of his supporters clashed with police outside of the court building in the Islamabad. The court had been expected to indict Khan on charges of corruption and for unlawfully selling state gifts : worldnews

Kenyas plan to curb alcohol abuse: One pub per town

Anti-immigration sentiment threatens to topple Erdogan ahead of Turkish elections : worldnews

Egypt hosts Israeli-Palestinian talks in push for pre-Ramadan calm : worldnews

Palestinian Islamic Jihad claims senior engineer assassinated by Israel in Syria : worldnews

Judaism is the foundation of Israel, not democracy, former chief rabbi claims - Israel is a Jewish state before it is a democratic state, former Ashkenazi chief rabbi of Israel, Rabbi Yisrael Meir Lau alleged at a conference run by the Fund for Zionist Leadership in Israel on Thursday.
Leading NY rabbi: Israeli government speeding headlong toward abyss with overhaulIsraeli government is tearing society apart, bringing world Jewry along for dangerous ride

Zelenskyy: Russia and its accomplices will be punished for aggression not only against Ukraine, but also against Syria : worldnews
Zelensky imposes sanctions against Syrian dictator Bashar Al-Assad, other officials : worldnews
Volodymyr #Zelensky introduced sanctions against 300 individuals and 141 legal entities, including Syrian citizen Bashar #Assad, the presidents official website reported.
Report: Putin visits Mariupol - occupied city in Ukraine : worldnews
US deploys Global Hawk for Black Sea recon after Russia downed drone : worldnews

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 389, Part 1 (Thread #530) : worldnews

Losses of the russian army as of 19.03.2023 : ukraine
700+ Russian invaders, 21 tanks, and 8 artillery pieces wiped out in a single day in Ukraine : ukraine

The russians have already failed the operation to capture Bakhmut, - the spokesman of the Eastern group of troops of the Ukrainian Armed Forces Serhiy Cherevatyi.
Ukraine still able to resupply troops in battered Bakhmut, says army : worldnews

Battalion commander of 46th brigade demoted after interview to Washington Post, hands in resignation : worldnews

Muscowian cosmonaut spotted : ukraine

Estonian Defense Minister: Russian army has not changed in 100 years
NATO fighter jets intercept Russian aircraft near Estonian airspace : worldnews

Kosovo and Serbia stopped short of signing a potentially landmark deal late Saturday night after holding a marathon round of talks, even as the EU hailed progress toward reaching a long-sought agreement between the arch-foes : worldnews

MH17: Netherlands, Australia press case against Russia for damages : worldnews

Lets continue with the general events. Belgium donated 240 Volvo army trucks which are very much needed in terms of logistics for the upcoming offensive.

Putin will get arrested if he comes to Germany : worldnews
Germany and Japan want to expand cooperation, says Scholz | Japan and Germany pledged closer defense ties and cooperation on diversifying supply chains, Chancellor Olaf Scholz said during his visit to Tokyo. : worldnews

Crowds in Milan protest against curbs on rights of same-sex parents : worldnews
Italy leaves children of same-sex parents in limbo : worldnews

Credit Suisse: Bank of England wont object to takeover as UBS considers $1bn bid
Membership in Swiss assisted-suicide organisations reaches record high : worldnews

Cocaine production hits record high as post-Covid demand picks up in Europe : worldnews

Violence erupts at French pension protests for 3rd night: Authorities banned protests near the National Assembly building in Paris over plans to raise the retirement age. A location change failed to stop angry demonstrators from facing off with riot police : worldnews
Paris stinks as uncollected trash mounts to 10,000 tonnes due to strikes : worldnews

Sunaks Pivot Away From Global BritainMakes Friends on World Stagehas dropped Boris Johnsons bombastic approach to foreign policy, echoing the new British leaders personal style and reflecting the countrys changed global status.

SpaceXs Starlink devices found in illegal mining sites in the Amazon

Chinese diplomat named in CSIS reports should have been expelled, says former mayor : worldnews
Border concerns, defence priorities: Wide range of topics to discuss during Bidens official visit to Canada

Reagan Allies Schemed to Delay U.S. Hostages Freedom to Sabotage Carter, Alleged Witness SaysOfficials passed word to Tehran not to free the hostages before Election Day 1980, according to one politician who says he was witness to the plan
The Iran Deal

20 Years On, a Question Lingers About Iraq: Why Did the U.S. Invade? - The New York Times Two decades after the Bush administration said it wanted to disarm weapons of mass destruction and free Iraqis, the debates rages on about who knew what when, and which motive mattered most.
The Architects of the Iraq War: Where Are They Now? Theyre all doing great, thanks for asking. (no consequences for extreme evil if you're a Republican, and in case you forgot, David Frum invented "axis of evil")
A million lives later, I cannot forgive what American terrorism did to my country, Iraq : politics ... No WMDs. No connection to 911. Cheneys Halliburton got fat contracts. The defense sector literally made a killing.

Saturday Morning Political Cartoon Thread : politics

Former presidential candidate John Edwards was accused of funneling nearly $1 million in donor contributions to support his pregnant mistress and criminally charged with a campaign finance violation. Heres how the case played out.

Sen. Warren Doubles Down on Failed Jerome Powell Amid SVB Collapse

Nearly 8 in 10 Voters Support Sanders Bill to Raise Minimum Teacher Pay to $60k : politics
Sanders Calls for All Drug Prices to Be Cut After Third Insulin Maker Cuts Price Moreover, analyses of thecompanies price cuts show that the cuts arent as altruistic as they might seem.

DOJ asks SCOTUS to review ruling that overturned firearm ban for those with domestic violence restraining orders : politics

This Day in Labor History: March 19, 1917

Higher cancer rates found in military pilots, ground crews | AP News

Trump has reason to be afraid of indictment in Georgia case; his lies were bigger than anyone knew
No one is above the law: Critics condemn Trumps 'reckless' statement as he stokes unrest overindictment
Manhattan DA Bragg privately warns on intimidation after Trump calls for protest : politics
Manhattan D.A. says attempts to intimidate office wont betolerated after Trumps call for protests
Officials Prep for Protests as MAGA Sycophants Push Patriot Moat Around Mar-a-Lago

Dissecting Charges That Could Arise From the Trump Investigations

Pence indicates he wont challenge all aspects of special counsels subpoena, as more details emerge
Mike Pence, unmoored from Donald Trump, finds his old voice - The Washington Post
Pence says prospect of Trump arrest isa politically charged prosecution
ABCs Jon Karl Confronts Pence With Stunning Audio of Trump Defending Hang Mike Pence! Chanters

Trump in panic mode as he braces for likely charges in Stormy Daniels case | Donald Trump | The Guardian

Who said it: Ron DeSantis or Donald Trump? Can you tell Floridas two most powerful Republicans apart?
Ron DeSantis Is Completely Out of Touch With Ordinary Americans Florida governor feeds culture war red meat to the GOP base, but his policies are unpopular and the majority of voters dont care about his war on woke.
If Ron DeSantis did not exist it would be necessary to invent him - If this unctuous NBC News puff piece about Ron DeSantis is any indication, the longing in the legacy media for Floridas favorite fascist to depose Donald Trump as the presumptive 2024 Republican presidential nominee is a truly deep and abiding passion.

Conservatives scoff at Trumps leftist plan to build 10 new American cities featuring flying cars ... a Trump casino and some mixed-used buildings run by Jared Kushner rising off an unfinished spur of highway somewhere in the vacant portions of the American West, funded by hard-sell fundraising appeals to vulnerable seniors

George Santos never filed a key financial disclosure. Enforcement has been lax for years. - POLITICO

Lets make these folks famous: the leftwing push to raise 18 Republicans profiles.
EMILYs List: These 18 Democrats are crucial to taking House control

Two more Republican states abruptly depart from interstate voter list program : politics

Covid Politics Leave a Florida Public Hospital Shaken - The New York Times Staff members of Sarasota Memorial Hospital are bewildered by critics who continue to wage a campaign against federal guidelines on Covid treatment.

Opinion | A poll on religion explains the White Christian freak-out - The Washington Post You might find it strange that a large segment of the Republican base thinks Whites are the true victims of racism and that Christians are under attack.
The GOPs white supremacist fantasy world - It's difficult for people not in the right wing bubble to grasp the extent to which 30% to 40% of the US population is sealed inside a paranoid fantasy world, in which the following truths are so self-evident they dont require evidence of any kind:

The brewing war over who goes hungry in Americaand how to feed them

The Drastic Measures D.C. Is Taking to Clean Up the New York Democratic Partys Mess | The national party does not trust the big blue states leaders to keep it together.

New California bill would protect doctors who mail abortion pills to other states : politics

Tennessee shuns federal HIV funds : politics ... They think everyone who has HIV is gay so this is their way of killing the undesirables.

Maryland House Passes Bill Requiring Gender-Affirming Care Under Medicaid : politics

Very, very low: Voter turnout was light for Broward and Palm Beach County elections

Navajo Nations long quest for water and for the federal government to keep its promises ends up at Supreme Court

Citing staffing issues and political climate, North Idaho hospital will no longer deliver babies : news

New Mexico governor signs bill ending juvenile life sentences without parole : politics

Mississippi Republicans Want to Take Over a Majority Black City to SaveIt

Minnesota becomes fourth state to offer universal free school meals : news

A Crisis of Care : Senior care is crushingly expensive. Boomers aren't ready.Long-term care options are too expensive for middle-income Americans, narrowing options for millions of seniors

As the families seek more than $1.4 billion awarded by courts for Mr. Joness lies, a New York Times review shows he is transferring millions of dollars to family and friends, potentially out of reach of creditors.

BuzzFeed, after gutting its newsroom, asks reporters to produce even moreMeanwhile, the companys stock is struggling, revenue is in free fall, and editorial ambitions remain hazy

Individuals who live in areas that historically favored men over women display more pro-male bias today than those who live in places where gender relations were more egalitarian centuries agoevidence that gender attitudes are "transmitted" or handed down from generation to generation.

Heartbeat May Shape Our Perception of Time, Study Shows - The New York Times Researchers have long assumed that the brain controls our sense of time. A new study suggests the heart plays an important role.

In a new study, participants were able to categorize the sexual orientations of gay and straight men by the voice alone at rates greater than chance, but they were unable to do so for bisexual men. Bisexual voices were perceived as the most masculine sounding of all the speakers. : science

Four Common Misconceptions About Quantum Physics

What famous person didnt deserve all the hate that they got?

Whats the most ridiculous NSFW thing youve ever seen someone do in public?

The single best guitar playing I have ever seen: Roy Clark - Malaguena : Music


Global fresh water demand will outstrip supply by 40% by 2030, say experts : anime_titties

Analysis: US grid could be 90 percent carbon-free by 2030 with IRA tax credits : politics

Millions of dead fish wash up in Australian town : worldnews
The smell is next level: millions of dead fish spanning kilometres of Darling-Baaka river begin to rot

Genetic data links raccoon dogs to covid origin; WHO seeks China cooperation : worldnews

Belgium reports 11 cases of H5N1 in Red Foxes, 6 in Mustelids and 2 in European Polecats. : worldnews

Fire authorities on high alert as temperatures soar across several Australian states : worldnews
Nazi salutes performed on steps of Victorian parliament at protest over transgender rights : worldnews

Indonesias Merapi volcano erupts, spews hot lava

Japans Fumio Kishida to announce new Indo-Pacific plan, seek Indias support

German minister to visit Taiwan, first such trip in 26 years : worldnews
Taiwan charges ex-MP and former admiral with spying for China : worldnews

Former envoy urges China to be realistic about power to broker Middle East deals : worldnews
Goldman Sees China Nearly Tripling Its 2030 Target for Wind and Solar : worldnews
Half a billion in US imports blocked due to Uyghur forced labor : worldnews
Britain says China should encourage Russia to withdraw troops from Ukraine : worldnews
Use of Chinese ammunition in Ukraine confirmed by U.S. : news
Use of Chinese ammunition in Ukraine confirmed by U.S. : worldnews

Biden: Putin has committed war crimes, charges justified : worldnews
Putin is a wanted man a trial isnt imminent, but the world is closing in
In the long run, this war means the end of PutinPolish defence minister ... Medvedev is just a puppy and not a serious politician. His only qualification is that he is smaller than putin to make putin look bigger(Medvedev: 1,63m, Putin: 1,7m).
Predictably, head of RT Margarita Simonyan is implying that any country that might try to arrest Putin would be nuked. Yawn. But really, thats all they have left. Desperation and threats
1/ Who is Russia's Commissioner for Childrens Rights, Maria Lvova-Belova, co-accused with Vladimir Putin over the deportation of Ukrainian children to Russia? A new profile highlights her rise as a project of fundamentalists in the the Russian Orthodox Church.
This video could be one of the reasons why the International Criminal Court in The Hague issued an arrest warrant for Vladimir Putin and the Commissioner for Childrens Rights Maria Lvova-Belova. The video shows Lvova-Belova bragging to Putin that she stole and illegally adopted a child from occupied #Mariupol. It is about 15-year-old Philip. Last May, the teenager was stolen from Mariupol and brought to #Russia along with 30 other children.

Search for Putins successor is already in progress, and it's not Putin doing it - Andrii YusovHe added that people around Putin are growing increasingly dissatisfied with him and realize the perspectives of the geopolitical catastrophe.
After the decision of the International Criminal Court to arrest putin, the Kremlin is looking for a successor to the President of the russian federation, said Andrii Yusov, a representative of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine.

Putin intensifies punishment for fake news about the war and the Russian occupiers

Russia likely preparing for wider military conscription: UK intelligence : worldnews

Dionis Cenusa on Twitter: "of 2023. Last spring, the govt invested in import substitution to produce the key missing components, but progress has been rather slow. The Superjet 100 is mainly used for regional flights within Russia. The total number of such aircraft used by Russian companies is 160 units." / Twitter

Not 6, now India to buy only 3 nuclear submarines as cost escalates : worldnews
Indias Supreme Court sets date for historic same-sex marriage case

Pakistani police storm home of former PM Khan, arrest 61 : worldnews
40,000t wheat supplied by Russia to Pakistan stolen by govt officials : anime_titties

Libyan armed group says barrels of missing natural uranium recovered | CNN : worldnews

Iran bats for renewal of oil sale, says India can withstand Wests pressure

In rare rebuke, Germanys Scholz voices great concern over Israels judicial reforms
German tourists attacked by Palestinians after entering Nablus with Israeli car : worldnews

The formal annexation of Crimea by Russia on Mar 18, 2014, is illegal under international law. On this date, 9 years ago,President Putin signed the treaty of accession with Crimean leaders in Moscow. Russia was suspended from the G8. International sanctions imposed
Putin visits Crimea on anniversary of its annexation from Ukraine : worldnews (green screen)
Since August 2022 when we first shared this photo, much has changed. First, the length of the front line. Drvonf -- Today. The Hague. is. Much. Much. Closer.
Ukraine's army must shed its Soviet legacy, says a military expert - Its senior officers must not stifle junior initiative, warns Franz-Stefan Gady
#BlackSeaGrainInitiative agreement is extended for 120 days. Grateful to @antonioguterres @UN , President Erdogan, Minister Hulusi Akar & all our partners for sticking to the agreements. Due our joint efforts, 25M tons ofgrain delivered to world markets

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 388, Part 1 (Thread #529) : worldnews

Losses of the russian army as of 18.03.2023 : ukraine

Chuck Pfarrer | Indications & Warnings | on Twitter: "BAKHMUT AXIS /1020 UTC 18 MAR/ Positional combat continues in the urban areas of Bakhmut. S of the city, UKR repelled RU attacks at Ivanivske & Klischiivka; the latter engagement confirms UKR progress east of the canal network. Air defense downs a Russian Su-25 strike aircraft." / Twitter

Today, rumors began to appear that Sergei Moskalenko was killed by IED planted under a car in Nova Kakhovka. He is/was Russian-appointed head of pre-trial detention center, where one of the largest torture centers in the occupied territories is located. [photo] : ukraine

No risk of war in Moldova while Ukraine holds out - President Sandu : worldnews

Turkey will ratify Finlands NATO bid, Erdogan says
Hungarys ruling party to back Finlands NATO accession in March 27 vote

Poland arrests nine over alleged plot to sabotage Ukraine arms supplies : worldnews

General Strike Brings Greece to Standstill Amid Anger over Fatal Train Crash : worldnews

Rural populist party emerges as big winner in Dutch elections | Netherlands | The Guardian : worldnews

2nd Vatican official says pope OKd ransom payments for nun ... Sounds like a bunch of bishops thought they could bring down Francis by exposing his use of funds to save the life of a nun, rather than using the money for something respectable like hushing up abuse victims.

Credit Suisse meets to weigh options, under pressure to merge with UBS : worldnews

France pension protests: Crowd clashes with police as government pushes through reform : worldnews
Paris police ban gatherings on key sites as French pension protests grow : worldnews

Brazils Lula to go to China with 240 business representatives, says official

First Nations sue Canada over child-welfare systems destruction of culture, language
I came here to escape: Toronto tackles caste-based discrimination in schools

20 Years After U.S. Invasion, Iraq Is a Freer Place, but Not a Hopeful One - The New York Times Conversations with dozens of Iraqis offer a portrait of a nation that is rich in oil, hobbled by corruption and unable to guarantee its citizens safety ... The United States invaded Iraq as part of its war on terrorannounced by President George W. Bush after the Al Qaeda attacks on Sept. 11, 2001. Mr. Bush and members of his administration claimed that Mr. Hussein was manufacturing and concealing weapons of mass destruction, though no evidence to back up those accusations was ever found. Some U.S. officials also said Mr. Hussein had links to Al Qaeda, a charge that intelligence agencies later rejected.
Iraq War Anniversary: The Lessons Not Learned From Iraq Twenty years on, the war still shapes policy -- mostly for the worse
U.S. burn pits in Iraq leave a toxic legacy 20 years after the invasion - The Washington Post

A Four-Decade Secret: One Mans Untold Story of Sabotaging Carter's Re-election - A prominent Texas politician said he unwittingly took part in a 1980 tour of the Middle East with a clandestine agenda ... What happened next Mr. Barnes has largely kept secret for nearly 43 years. Mr. Connally, he said, took him to one Middle Eastern capital after another that summer, meeting with a host of regional leaders to deliver a blunt message to be passed to Iran: Dont release the hostages before the election. Mr. Reagan will win and give you a better deal.

Its Clear the GOP Is a Party of Death, Not Life -- Heres a very long list that proves it ... Is there any area where Republicans will put the interests of life above making a buck or pandering to their base? Outside of their affection for fertilized eggs, I cant find a single one. (party of suffering, death and destruction)
Noam Chomsky: Republican Party is the most dangerous organisation in human history | The Independent | The Independent Has there ever been an organisation in human history that is dedicated, with such commitment, to the destruction of organised human life on Earth?

Navy secretary cited climate change as top priority as Biden proposes shrinking the fleet | Fox News The Biden administration proposed cutting two ships from the Navy in its 2024 budget plan

Migrant numbers dropping at U.S.-Mexico border under Biden policy : politics
Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene mistook some sand for a bomb. Shes still calling for military attacks across the border.

Biden administration quietly resumes deportations to Russia : politics ... This is ICE fucking around. Theres nothing in the article showing the Biden Administration has changed its policy. Abolish ICE.

3 GOP lawmakers just introduced a plan for Congress to overturn Bidensstudent-loan forgiveness

Budget officials tell Republicans what they dont want to hear

GOP Blames Silicon Valley Banks Failure on a Black Lives Matter Donation That Never Happened
Silicon Valley Bank said it was too small to need regulation. Now itstoo big to fail: Student debts and underwater mortgages are private burdens, but corporate losses are matters of urgent public interest (

Why are groceries so expensive? Food billionaires are raking in on inflation. : politics

Victory -- The Lincoln Project (pro-Putin/genocidal refucks like TC root for Russia)

The Jan. 6 investigation is the biggest in U.S. history. Its only half done.Nearly 1,000 people have been charged to date, and a federal courthouse strains to handle what may be years more of trials

House GOP ignored Capitol Police requests to review public Jan. 6 footage, lawyer says: Only one of the 40 clips aired on Tucker Carlsons show were reviewed and approved beforehand, the forces general counsel wrote in a sworn court filing.

Judge Rules Trump Lawyer Must Testify in Documents Inquiry : politics

Timeline: Donald Trump, Stormy Daniels and the $130,000 payment to buy her silence : politics

The former president and 2024 GOP candidate urged his supporters to take our nation back over unprecedented potential criminal charge.
Trump says illegal leaks indicate he will be arrested Tuesday in N.Y. hush money proberelating to a hush money payment to adult film star Stormy Daniels.
Trump Says He Will Be Arrested on Tuesday as Indictment Looms - The New York Times
Trump to be arrested Tuesday by Manhattan DA - The Stormy Daniels stuff was so obviously illegal and so well documented that an ordinary person would have been indicted years ago, but baby steps!
Donald Trump Could Be Indicted by New York Prosecutors as Early as Next Week: Reports : politics

Trump will surrender to face charges if indicted, defense lawyer says : politics ... If the lawyer says it, that means Trump has zero intention of surrendering.
City, state and federal law enforcement agencies meet about how to prep for possible Trump indictment : politics
Officials are preparing security in case of Trump indictment : politics

Donald Trumps Protest Call to Arms Sparks Jan. 6 Comparisons
'It's time' : Trump calls on supporters to'protestand take our nation backin an ominous echo of January 6 riot

Judge Rules Trump Lawyer Must Testify in Documents Inquiry - The New York Times The ruling found that the government had met the threshold for the crime-fraud exception, which allows prosecutors to get around attorney-client privilege if they believe a crime has been committed.
Federal Judge Hands Over Trumps Lawyers Notes to DOJ

Trump, family failed to disclose more than 100 foreign gifts, congressional report says : politics

Trumps claims about dead voters undercut by his own researchers | Prosecutors investigating Jan. 6 obtained a report from Donald Trumps researchers: He was shown proof of his defeat, but he kept lying anyway.
Trumps own research showed that voter fraud did not cost him election

Mike Pence Doubles Down On Homophobic Joke About Pete Buttigieg : politics

Republicans worry pro-Trump candidates will haunt them in 2024 : politics
Election conspiracy movement grinds on as 2024 approaches : politics

Women who have abortions may be headed to prison or worse
BBC News: Abortion pills banned in Wyoming as Texas judge considers nationwide decision : politics
Wyoming Becomes First State to Outlaw Abortion Pills : politics
New Mexico gov. signs bill overriding local abortion bans : politics
9 Republicans pull support from South Carolina bill allowing the death penalty for abortion : politics

Michigan Is Becoming The Anti-Florida On LGBTQ RightsAnd A Lot More

Rep. Cory Mills founded a company that sells arms to foreign governments. He wont say which ones.

Pro-Moscow voices tried to steer Ohio train disaster debate : news

Lawmaker pauses filibuster on agreement to debate trans bill : politics

Florida drag queen says DeSantis-backed anti-LGBTQ laws are exactly what we were taught about in schools about how the Nazis rose to power
Report: Florida textbook altered Rosa Parks story to remove references to race : politics
James Patterson, Judy Blume, Toni Morrison, Jodi Picoult on list of 80 books one Florida school district pulled : politics
Mike Flynn and MAGA Activists Wage War Against a Florida Hospital : politics
In Florida, showing mental health struggles could get a child detained : politics

Nuclear power plant leaked 1.5M litres of radioactive water in Minnesota : news

Governor Walz signs free school meals bill for Minnesota students : politics

Former President Donald Trumps first 2024 campaign rally will be in Waco

Iowa Republicans have proposed a bill that would bar people who receive SNAP from buying fresh meat, butter and flourblaming inflation; yet in Sept 2022 Gov. Kim Reynolds was quoted saying, our fiscal health is strong, while celebrating the state $2B budget surplus

Utah College Picks Anti-Gay Apostle as Commencement Speaker : politics

Oregon bill aims to counter antisemitism by educating students about Jewish culture : politics
Americas Dumbest Political Movement

RuPauls Drag Race Slams Absurd Drag Bans in Powerful New Episode

Gideon v. Wainwright Was a Landmark Decision, But Women Invented the Idea of the Public Defender | Teen Vogue

Former youth pastor proclaims innocence as she gets 12-year sentence for molesting girl : news

Body of teenager in hit-and-run death near Murdaugh estate to be exhumed : news

Erik Visits an American Grave, Part 1,313This is the grave of Andy Rooney.

Eli5: how have supply chains not recovered over the last two years? : explainlikeimfive

How parenting became optimized and made mothers miserable

The mystery of Alice in Wonderland syndrome - BBC Future

The Brilliant Inventor Who Made Two of History's Biggest Mistakes - A century ago, Thomas Midgley Jr. was responsible for two phenomenally destructive innovations. What can we learn from them today? - chlorofluorocarbons and lead in gas

TIL When random people of varying physical attractiveness get placed into a room, the most physically attractive people tend to seek out each other and to congregate with only each other. : todayilearned

New study explores why we disagree so often: our concepts about and associations with even the most basic words vary widely, and, at the same time, people tend to significantly overestimate how many others hold the same conceptual beliefs : science

Scientists Identify New Schizophrenia Risk Genes in First-of-Its-Kind Study

Critical Theorys paradigm is quintessentially Jewish: An Interview with Yael Kupferberg

The Birth of Purpose - Bartholomy - Biological Intelligence and Unconscious Process
Bartholomy | Substack

What is the Book of Life? |
Is there a difference between the book of life and the Lambs book of life?
10 Things You Should Know about the Lambs Book of Life
0 Things You Need to Know About the Lambs Book of Life

How did Japan become Buddhist? - History of Religions Documentary : HistoryofIdeas
Buddhism in Japan (article) | Japan | Khan Academy

What software is so good you cant believe its free?

What non-political opinion gives away someones politics?

What was your final fuck you to a boss you didnt like?

What is something youve learned along your sexual journey?

Who Is Still Inside the Metaverse? Searching for friends in Mark Zuckerbergs deserted fantasyland. (Zuckerborg's Emptyland)


Scientists discover signs of modernglacier on Mars that hints at buried water ice

Mountain forests are disappearing at an alarming rate, threatening nature in some of the planets most biologically rich areas, warn scientists.

Logging, wildfires and farming are causing mountain forests, habitat to 85 percent of the world's birds, mammals and amphibians, to vanish at an alarming rate, according to a study. At least 78.1 million hectares -- an area larger than the US state of Texas -- have been lost between 2000 and 2018 : worldnews

New Data Links Pandemic's Origins to Raccoon Dogs at Wuhan Market - Genetic samples from the market were recently uploaded to an international database and then removed after scientists asked China about them.

Breakthrough in COVID research: link between immune cells and long COVID : worldnews
Fractalkine: A Survivor's Guide - Chemokines as Antiapoptotic Mediators

Opinion | America Has Decided It Went Overboard on Covid-19 - The New York Times (gibberish from Wallace-Well, and TFN NYT : a million+ dead and more with long covid, shrug)

Taiwan finds H9N2 bird flu, orders close monitoring of 21 people and culling of 4,551 chickens on Kinmen. : worldnews

Mystery Illness Kills Five in Tanzania. Symptoms include fever, vomiting, bleeding in various body parts and kidney failure : worldnews

Australia to buy more than 200 Tomahawk cruise missiles from the US in billion-dollar deal : worldnews
Latitude Financial Services suffers major data breach in New Zealand / Australia - over 300,000 customer drivers license and identification documents stolen : worldnews
Australians are spending an average of $580 a year on bottled water, the second-biggest consumer globally : worldnews

At least 22 people killed in suspected massacre at Myanmar monastery : worldnews

Tokyo citizens hand in record 4 billion yen of lost cash to police last year : worldnews

South Korea to build world's largest chip center with $230 billion investment from Samsung |

North Korea claims almost 800,000 people have signed up for military to fight against US : worldnews

Hong Kong: Two men arrested for possessing seditiouschildrens books

Xi Jinping heading to Russia to deepen ties with Vladimir Putin : worldnews
The Kyiv Independent on Twitter: "Trade and customs data between June and December 2022 showed that Chinese companies have exported 1,000 assault rifles and other equipment, such as drone parts and body armor, to Russian entities, Politico reported." / Twitter

ICC issues arrest warrant for Putin over war crimes in Ukraine - The Washington Post
ICC issues arrest warrant for Putin over Ukraine war crimes | AP News
ICC judges issue arrest warrants against Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin and Maria Alekseyevna Lvova-Belova : worldnews
The Law of Immunity and the Prosecution of the Head of State of the Russian Federation for International Crimes in the War against Ukraine
Dmitri/Wartranslated: Russians are in full butthurt mode today. Girkin believes the West is so confident in its victory, it wouldnt have issued an arrest warrant for Putin otherwise
Mark Hertling: Well-deserved notoriety for Putin. Im sure this may affect Xis approach to his "friend" during the visit. Perfect timing.

Russia threatens to destroy Ukraine jets after Poland and Slovakia pledges : worldnews

Putin tells Russias billionaires to put patriotism before profit
Russian defence minister decorates pilots for downing U.S. drone : worldnews
Russias former President Dmitry Medvedev has promised Wagner $15million if it assassinates Italys defence minister

Russian forces temporarily depleted offensive potential : worldnews

Russian Politician Fined for Viral Noodle Stunt During Putin Speech : worldnews

One killed in blast at FSB building in southern Russia ... Today I learned buildings can fall out of their own windows, exclusively in Russia

Pakistan Army Chief Supports Imran Khans ArrestTo End His PoliticalCareer
Low on food, high on nukes: Pakistan government will not compromise anything on the nuclear missile program of the country. : worldnews

Denied education, over 3 million Afghan girls face bleak future: Report : worldnews

Ten million children in west Africa's central Sahel region are now in "extreme jeopardy" and desperately need humanitarian help due to worsening violence, the United Nations warned. The number of children in dire need of aid in Burkina Faso, Mali and Niger is twice as many as in 2020 : worldnews

Turkeys anti-Erdogan opposition vows a reset on EU and NATO
Turkey, Hungary both signal backing to Finnish NATO entrySwedens timeline for accession is shrouded in uncertainty
Turkey has stopped servicing Russian airlines planes - Turkey refused to service Boeing and Airbus aircraft of Russian and Belarusian airlines, including their refueling. The decision was taken by the countrys Ministry of Customs and Trade following a letter from the U.S. Department of Commerce, reports AirportHaber.

A Young Saudi Trans Woman Is Believed Dead After Being Lured From the US and Forced to Detransition : worldnews

Why Israels former prime minister is encouraging protests against Netanyahus government ..."because the government of Israel is the enemy of the state of Israel" ...

All Rashists will be held accountable. They will be held to account for every Ukrainian life taken.
Ukraine doesnt have any time to waste: U.S. races to prepare Kyiv for spring offensive
Ukraine will remember who backed us - foreign minister : worldnews

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 387, Part 1 (Thread #528) : worldnews

Russia loses 15 of its so-called invincibleT-90M tanks in Ukraine, GS reports
Ukraine has downed more Russian aircraft than it has lost : UkrainianConflict
Oryx: #Russia is now visually confirmed to have lost more than 100 surface-to-air missile (SAM) systems since it launched its invasion of #Ukraine on February 24, 2022. Including: - 12 9K33 Osas - 14 9K35 Strela-10s - 26 Buk-M1-2 and M2 TEL(AR)s - 31 Tor TLARs - 14 Pantsir-S1s : UkrainianConflict

Bakhmut-bound infantry assault troops: We are holding on, ready for any scenario
Battle for Bakhmut grinds down Wagners mercenaries and cuts their notorious leader down to size
Russians tried a breakthrough at the Kreminna front with at least one of their most modern T-90M and it ended in a disaster. The T-90M was damaged and, more interestingly, captured by Ukrainian forces.

As news emerges that the Ukrainian officer Kupol was demoted for his negative comments on the situation, Ukrainian war correspondent Yuri Butusov - who has been embedded on the front pretty much the whole war - comes out to support Kupol and his comments https://

Moldovan Parliament votes to recognize Moldovan language as Romanian : worldnews

Poland to be 1st NATO member to give Ukraine fighter jets to defend itself : worldnews

The Slovak government approved sending MIG-29 fighter jets to Ukraine : worldnews

Sweden announced today that it is sending 8 self-propelled Archer artillery systems to Ukraine. This video explains what is so special about this top-modern system and why the Russians wont have a clue about what hit them.

Belgium to hand over 240 Volvo military trucks to Ukraine, with the first batch to be sent as early as next week, reports Belgian newspaper De Standaard. : worldnews

Archaeologists find medieval Excalibur sword in Bosnian lake

Italian far-right government limits parental rights of same-sex couples : anime_titties
Italy Revives Bridge-to-Sicily Plan That Eluded Ancient Romans : anime_titties

Germany passes law to shrink its XXL parliament : worldnews

French cities protest after Macron forces through pension reform : worldnews
Frances Macron risks his government to raise retirement age from 62 to 64

Gangs sow terror in Brazil cities for third night : worldnews

Five missing women found dead in Central Mexico : worldnews

Vancouver Mayor Ken Sim rejects insinuations he won election due to Chinese interference
Man wanted on Canada-wide warrant arrested after spotted by nurse near Toronto : worldnews (with full face tatoo that says "I am insane")

The Unlearned Lessons From the War in Iraq | The Nation You dont have to reflect on a war if that war doesn't end, let alone pay reparations for your crimes. By Spencer Ackerman
Edifying fables from the Big Book of Alternate History - This weekend marks the 20th anniversary of the Iraq war. Lets review what happened to the principal architects of an immense war crime that ended up killing hundreds of thousands of people, and leaving a broken shell of a country wracked by a years-long particularly vicious civil war.

Mystery swirls over Biden's unfilled Italy ambassador pick Between the lines: The U.S. is unique among G20 countries in that roughly 30% of its ambassadors come from outside the career foreign service, with presidents from both parties doling out ambassadorships to allies and donors, as kings and queens bestowed titles in medieval European courts.

The State of the Stock Market Amid the Bank Crisis - The New York Times Despite the rescue of First Republic, investors continue to sell off shares in the ailing bank and some other regional lenders, dragging the market lower.
Powell Blocked Mentions of Supervisory Failures From Bank Rescue Statements - The American Prospect The Fed chair resisted mentioning supervision, regulation, or accountability after the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank. His resistance delayed the announcement.
Biden Calls On Congress To Punish Executives At Failed Banks : politics
Silicon Valley Bank Regulators Found Issues More Than a Year Before Collapse - Bloomberg
Regulatory Failure 101: What the Collapse of Silicon Valley Bank Reveals - Its an all-too-familiar cycle: First comes the boom, then the breathtakingly speedy bust, and then the bailout. Now were in the moment where everyone wonders where the financial regulators were.
11 banks pledge $30 billion to rescue First Republic Bank
I Was an S.V.B. Client. I Blame the Venture Capitalists.
Kyrsten Sinemas name is all over the Silicon Valley Bank collapse

Sorry, Clarence Thomas, but Supreme Court Ethics Reform Is on the Table : politics ... ethics laws for the Supreme court is unconstitutional!

Law enforcement agencies are prepping for a possible Trump indictment as early as next week Multiple agencies are discussing potential security plans for in and around the Manhattan Criminal Court in case Trump is charged in connection with an alleged hush money payment to Stormy Daniels.
Trump wont refuse to surrender if indicted in NYC, lawyer says: There wont be a standoff at Mar-a-Lago
The prosecutor, the ex-president and the zombie case that came back to life (Bragg came back from the dead)

Trump Media executives worried over murky $8m loans, emails reveal | Donald Trump | The Guardian Exclusive: financing with suspected Russian ties came at a critical time as company was running out of cash after a planned merger

Dozens of Mar-a-Lago staff, from servers to aides, are subpoenaed in classified documents probe : politics
Judge rules Trump lawyer Corcoran must testify, people familiar say - The Washington Post undefined

"Jaw-dropping": Experts stunned after report reveals new tape of Trump pressuring Georgia official : politics

As a Possible Indictment Looms, Trumps Team Plans to Attackhis campaign plans to begin a broad offensive against Alvin Bragg, the Manhattan district attorney and a Democrat, accusing him of political bias.

Trump Picks an Enemy: Us - by Charlie Sykes - Morning Shots The Orange Caligula sides with Russia.

Saudi Arabias crown prince once bragged Jared Kushner was in his pockets - It's getting harder to convince people otherwise.

Donald Trump Hates America! Joe Scarborough Disgusted by Trump Calling the US Greatest Threat to Western Civilization Today
YouTube restores Trumps channel
Trump Posts on Facebook for First Time Since Ban in 2021 - Bloomberg

Two gifts to Trump family from foreign nations are missing, report says - The Washington Post More than 100 gifts worth nearly $300,000 were not properly reported to the government, a new report finds

Hunter Biden files counterclaims against computer repairman over handling of infamous laptop : politics

What Secrets Does the Donald Trump of Beijing Know? The case against Guo Wengui could expose more about America's politics than Chinas.
Steve Bannon Is Neck-Deep in Guo Wengui's Allegedly Fraudulent Business Empire - Federal investigators have asked witnesses about Bannon's connections to the far-right mogul.

Marjorie Taylor Greene says claims that Putin wants to extend invasion further into Europe are 'lies'

Ron DeSantiss stance on Ukraine is a serious political blunder
Former Guantanamo prisoner: Ron DeSantis watched me being tortured : politics
Ron DeSantis Wants to Make It a Felony to Have an Undocumented Person in Your Home or Car : politics
Ron DeSantis suffers blow as court rejects "dystopian" anti-woke law : politics
Federal appeals court blocks enforcement of Florida Stop W.O.K.E. Act
Publisher Deletes Race From Rosa Parks Story for Florida; Studies Weekly, whose curriculum reaches 45,000 schools, went to extreme lengths to avoid mentions of race : politics
Florida becomes eighth state to restrict transgender care for minors : politics
The customer is always right, schoolhouse rock edition ... n Ron DeSantiss Florida, freedom will mean the freedom for one parent to ban a book from the entire states public school system

This sleeper race could wreck MAGAs 2024 dreams
Longtime Wisconsin Secretary of State resigns - Pluribus News

Gov. Whitmer signs bill expanding Michigan civil rights law to include LGBTQ protections : politics

Texas officials will take over the states biggest school district, raising questions about who controls America's classrooms (will replace Houston schools with Christo-nationalist charters)

North Dakota Supreme Court says state abortion ban is unconstitutiona

ERIC loses another GOP state as Ohio departs voter compact : NPR Ohio on Friday announced it was the latest Republican-led state to pull out of a key election partnership that has become the focal point of conspiracies on the far-right.... refucks dismantling democracy ...

Utah governor signs bill banning abortion clinics across the state - ABC News The clinics have to close by the end of the year or when their license expires.

Arizona Governor Vetoes Bill Banning Critical Race Theory : politics

The Dallas Express: Your Go-To Source for Right-Wing, Astroturf News

Tennessee child advocates raise alarm as GOP moves to dissolve child advocacy commission : politics

Town residents lose patience with stolen election deluded board

The Federalist Society Isnt Quite Sure About Democracy Anymore

Is woke just a re-labeling of politically correct?

Residents Right to Be Rude Upheld by Massachusetts Supreme Court

Sexuality panics at the New York Times ... Same as it ever was: Arthur Schlesinger once again proven to be overrated even for a JFK crony (and, look, Asimov and Russell Baker)

7 deputies charged with murder in the death of Irvo Otieno in custody | AP News (sat on him until he died, in a mental hospital) Three people employed by the hospital have also been charged.

FYI, you can give ChatGPT a list of your favorite books and it can generate a list of recommendations better than any website. : books

One dose of psychedelics can result in belief changes about the supernatural or non-physical world : science
Psilocybin Mushrooms, Spirit Guides & Otherworldly Intelligence | Shonagh Home

TIL An estimated 50.000 Irish were made into indentured servants by Cromwell after he took Ireland in 1653. : todayilearned

u/thatguywithglasses97 explains why, contrary to common claims, Fascism & Communism aren't the same. : bestof
thatguywithglasses97 comments on Queensland to ban Nazi swastika tattoos as part of crackdown on hate symbols - A good thought excercise is to compare the enemies of political ideologies. For communists, it's usually the rich and powerful, whilst for facists, it's homosexuals and racial minorities ... It's an exterminationist ideology in a way that far left ideologies just arent.

u/kusuriurikun succinctly explains the history of Christian nationalists trying to ban desegregation : bestof

u/KetamineBolus shares why Emergency Medicine is broken : bestof

What ended your friendship with a former best friend? : AskReddit


Conclusion To Series On The Dawn Of Everything - emptywheel

Rare three year long La Nina which brought hurricanes and flooding is finally over, scientists warn upcoming El Nino could bring heat waves and an increase in global temperature

Phenomenal loopholein quotas could lead to massive overfishing | Drastically weakened rules on how vessels document their catches of endangered species could endanger the marine ecosystem, confidential EU papers reveal

Worlds first octopus farm proposals alarm scientists

Climate Change Disaster Hitting North Carolina

2,612 confirmed cases and 49 deaths in a week. See the latest COVID-19 data from Mass.

More Mass. residents struggling to get medical appointments A fourth of Massachusetts doctors plan to leave the field in the next two years, according to a survey.

Queensland to ban Nazi swastika tattoos as part of crackdown on hate symbols : worldnews

50,000 teachers strike in New Zealand over cost of living : worldnews
Earthquake of magnitude 7.1 strikes Kermadec Islands in New Zealand : worldnews

Taiwan asks Google to blur images showing new South China Sea facilities : worldnews

Chinese companies are shipping rifles, body armor to Russia - POLITICO direct shipments of Chinese assault rifles, as well as drone shipments and body armor routed via Turkey and the UAE.

Russia sinks to worst rating in a new global ratings report on civic freedoms | CIVICUS Monitor
Putin urges Russia's billionaires to invest in face of "sanctions war" : worldnews

Russia to sentence Russian soldier who admitted to war crimes in Ukraine to 6 Years in prison "for spreading fake news". : worldnews

Security building on fire in Russias Rostov-on-Don

10 Saudi judges are charged with treason. They were too lenient
Saudi trans woman dies by suicide after being forced to de-transition ... Worse than that, she had fled the country, and they sent people out to force her back

Child detainees in Iran tortured brutally, says Amnesty : worldnews

Israelis step up protests after Netanyahu rejects compromise : worldnews
Israeli protesters paint red line leading to Supreme Court after Netanyahu spurns compromise
Israel for 1st time since war began OKs export licenses for anti-drone systems for Ukraine : worldnews
More Democrats sympathize with Palestinians than Israelis for first time: Gallup : politics ... So-called settlers are ironically carrying out pogroms while the Israeli government is on the verge of nuking their judiciary to keep a strongman in power. Sounds right. (doomed to fail)

US military releases video from Russian fighter jet crash with drone : worldnews
Russian leadership approved aggressive actions of jets that damaged U.S. drone, U.S. officials say - One official said he had not gotten indications that the signoff went all the way up to President Putin.
Russia wants to recover debris of US drone from Black Sea : worldnews
According to U.S. Defense Officials some of the Wreckage may be up to 5,000ft deep so Recovery Operations may be difficult; its possible that the Russian Navy may attempt to use the Salvage Ship Kommuna which was reportedly used to help in Recovery Operations for the Moskva.
US Navy ships want to enter the Black Sea : worldnews

The Russian full-scale war against Ukraine is believed by the senators to be now at a critical juncture and providing F-16 jets to Ukraine could prove to be a game changer on the battlefield.

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 386, Part 1 (Thread #527) : worldnews

Russia has lost over 161,500 soldiers, almost 6,800 armoured combat vehicles, almost 4,500 tanks and more than 2,100 drones in its war against Ukraine.
Russia Loses 12 Tanks, 11 Armored Vehicles and 1,040 Troops in a Day: Kyiv

It is difficult to call Russian advance in Bakhmut even Pyrrhic victory
KREMINNA AXIS /0040 UTC 16 MAR/ RU attack on Nevske again repelled. UKR forces maintain contact in Kreminna urban area. Two RU assaults on Bilohorvika broken up.
A close-up map of the approximate situation around the city of Bakhmut.
Governor: Less than 3,000 residents remain in Bakhmut. There are people who absolutely refuse to leave,

Footage reportedly showing disappearance of the Russian Su-24 near Bakhmut on the screen of a tablet using the Kropyva app

The New Voice of Ukraine on Twitter: "In 2022, Ukraine presented a revamped national education program, which envisages the implementation of various reforms. Among them is the introduction of a bilingual education system." / Twitter .. meanwhile, in Muscovy, schools teaching marshal values and gun maintenance.

Russia has committed wide range of war crimes in Ukraine, U.N inquiry finds

Poland to transfer MiG-29 jets to Ukraine within days
Poland breaks with NATO allies by pledging to send fighter jets to Ukraine : worldnews

Assault on archaeologist triggers protests in Greece : worldnews

Farmers protest party win shock Dutch vote victory

Spain will send a new batch of four more Leopard main battle tanks to Ukraine, Spanish Defense Minister Margarita Robles said at the meeting of the Contact Group for the defense of Ukraine. These will be added to six other Leopards Spain pledged to send to Ukraine.

Macron Pushes French Pension Bill Through Without Full Vote - The New York Times President Emmanuel Macron, shy of support in Parliament for his contentious proposal to raise the retirement age, used a constitutional measure to enact the bill without putting it to a vote in the powerful National Assembly.
Pictures show Parisians living in filth while thousands of tons of trash pile up around the city : worldnews

Hostile, authoritarian UK downgraded in civic freedoms index ... The UK is just being murdered by the tories

Cocaine production reaches record levels as new trafficking hubs emerge : worldnews

Russia sorry to see Canada support Ukrainian Neo-Nazis after sanctions ... Canada has the third largest population of Ukranians, only behind Ukraine and Muscovy.

Senate advances bill to repeal Iraq war authorizations in bipartisan vote - CBS News ... nearly 20 years to the day since the U.S. began its shock and awecampaign to topple dictator Saddam Hussein.
My Lai Massacre (March 16, 1968): Vietnamese women and children before being killed by the US Army : pics

Former NATO chief: Trump nomination would be geopolitical catastrophe

Sharp drop in illegal border crossings continues in February : politics
Texas Bill Would Create Unit of Unaccountable Border Cops : politics

In letter to Fed chair, Elizabeth Warren blasts an astonishing list of failures that led to two banks collapse
Warren and Porter Lead SVB Act to Repeal Trump-Era Bank Deregulation Law : politics
Why Is Larry Summers So Obsessed With Tech Bros? | The Nation The former Treasury secretarys business partnerships may have influenced his early calls to bail out Silicon Valley Bank.
Sam Bankman-Fried transferred $2.2bn in FTX customer funds for personal use, filings show : news

Wealthy Executives Make Millions Trading Competitors Stock With Remarkable Timing

FCC officials owned stock in Comcast, Charter, AT&T, and Verizon, watchdog says : politics

Opinion | America Is in a Disgraced Class of Its Own - The New York Times The United States has a poverty problem.

Louis DeJoys Surprising Second Act ... The notion that DeJoy, 65, would help advance a key Democratic agenda item would have seemed unfathomable a few years ago. But to the astonishment of many in Washington, the man Democrats once denounced as a threat to American democracy has become one of their most important allies in government

Republicans Are Delusional If They Think Biden Will Be Easy to Beat | The power of incumbency and a Trumpified GOP give Biden the advantage in 2024. : politics

Why the GOP is obsessed with woke but cant define it: MAGA cant explain what "woke" is, but that's the point -- it's a "choose your own bigotry" term for Republicans
Republicans right now are about stunts, not problem solving, says House member : politics
Fake audio falsely claims to reveal private Biden comments : politics

The myth of "liberal" news: How the media does the work of fascists : politics
Rupert Murdoch Lies at the Heart of Democracys Destruction Worldwide

How Far-Right Movements Die: The decline of the John Birch Society offers possible strategies for containing the MAGA movement. : politics ... Exactly, the JBS "declined" because a newer shinier more radical cult emerged and attracted most of its members. Nobody just sobered up and took a hard look at themselves, they chased a higher high.

Trump Media Got Millions in Loans from Foreign Sources with Russian Ties : politics
Federal investigators examined Trump Media for possible laundering: Guardian : politics
Jan. 6 Capitol Riots: DOJ Says Over 1,000 Could Still Face Charges - Bloomberg DC US attorney sent a letter late last year to the chief judge - Individual cases press ahead along with Trump-focused probe
Special counsel Jack Smith wants to force Trump lawyer Evan Corcoran to testify.
Glenn Kirschner is right: We will see charges way beyond hush money by Manhattan DA versus Trump. Here is how we know.

Fulton County investigators have another recording of a Trump phone call pressuring a Georgia official | CNN Politics - Fulton County investigators have an audio recording of a phone call that former President Donald Trump made to the Georgia House speaker to push for a special session to overturn Democrat Joe Biden's 2020 victory in the state, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.
Another Trump phone call pressuring Georgia election official was played for special grand jury : politics
Georgia Grand Jury Says It Heard Another Taped Call Of Trump Pressuring Official : politics

Donald Trump, Under Criminal Investigation for January 6, Declares It Was All Mike Pences Fault

Trump Lawyer Tacopina Says Trump Didnt Lie About Stormy Daniels Payment, He Just Said Stuff That Wasnt 'True'
udge Who Could Decide Trumps Fate Was Kavanaughs Roommate

In the mobs eyeline: A senior Republicans close brush revealed in new Jan. 6 footage - I wasnt aware of any of it, Sen. Chuck Grassley ... said (demented Grassfuckly)
Kyle Cheney on Twitter: "NEW: Footage here shows Chansley's first moments inside the Capitol. From 1:25-1:32 you can see rioters reach the ongoing evacuation of senators. Can't quite ID the person who appears to be a senator or other VIP being escorted out." / Twitter
New Jan. 6 footage shows Grassley just feet away from rioters, Chansley : politics (says he didn't notice anything)

Pentagon Analyst Kept Intel Job After Joining Jan. 6 Mob, Planned to Kidnap Jewish Leaders : politics
Republicans Cant Run Away From January 6 Forever: Donald Trumps rivals dont want to talk about the riot at the Capitol. Theyre going to have to.
More than one in four Republicans approve of Jan. 6 rioters: poll : politics

GOP lawmakers cringe over Trumps effort to destroy DeSantis

Russia disinformation looks to US far right to weaken Ukraine support. : politics
Thune: Majority of Senate Republicans disagree with DeSantis on Ukraine : politics
The two biggest 2024 Republican names would mean bad news for Ukraine : politics

No, Ron DeSantis cant stop Donald Trumps extradition from Florida to New York if hes indicted. Heres how it would go down. (DeFckis would declare Florida part of Russia)

Do Republicans really not care about Ukraine? While there is a shift happening within the G.O.P., it is far from unanimous.
Could the GOP Divide Over Ukraine Become a Lasting Split? - The Bulwark
Ron DeSantis Dismisses Ukraine Conflict as Mere "Territorial Dispute" DeSantis Doesn't See What All the Fuss Over Ukraine Is About - It's just a "territorial dispute" between them, and don't we have other things to do?

A Quick Look at the Lying Trumpist Liars Behind that Database on Corporate Giving to BLM
Silicon Valley Bank donated zero dollars to Black Lives Matter

The Abortion Pill Case Is About Who Makes the Rules in America : politics
Judge appears sympathetic to abortion pill challenge in consequential Texas hearing - Judge Matthew Kacsmaryk
Heres What Happens If Trump Judge Ends Access To Critical Abortion Drug Nationwide
The sole US supplier of a major abortion pill said it would not distribute the drug in 31 statesA list circulated in January by the distributor to Walgreens and CVS underscores the uncertainty surrounding abortion pills in the post-Roe era.
S.C. Republicans propose bill that could subject women who have abortions to the death penalty : politics
Utah governor signs legislation banning clinics from providing abortions : politics
North Dakota High Court Upholds Pause On State Abortion Ban | HuffPost Latest News only abortion clinic hopped across the state line to Minnesota over the summer, while the lawsuit proceeds.
Maternal deaths in the U.S. spiked in 2021, CDC reports : politics

Floridas decision to punish the Hyatt Regency over a drag show could be a win-win for DeSantis by having a chilling effect on similar events and scoring him political points
Notes on the DeOrban regime
Inside Floridas higher education culture wars
Toxic political ideology: Florida professor blames DeSantis, fired for teaching racial justice unit
Reporter Describes Being Fired By Axios After Being Targeted By Ron DeSantis Media Machine
Fla. reporter fired after calling news release on DeSantis event propaganda ... The reporter made this comment in an email in response to a DeSantis press release. It wasnt in a published article. Fascism isnt threatening America, its here
Axios Fires Reporter for Calling out Ron DeSantis Event as "Propaganda" The Media Better Be Smart and Get Wise to DeSantis' Bad-Faith Press Operation - If a reporter can't recognize propaganda and call it out when he sees it, then what's even the point?
Florida Scoured Math Textbooks for Prohibited TopicsNext Up: Social Studies Behind the scenes, one publisher went to great lengths to avoid mentions of race, even in the story of Rosa Parks.
Florida Republican Says His Bill Would Ban Young Girls From Discussing Their Periods In School : politics

Michigan Senate repeals right-to-work law in historic victory for organized labor : politics
Michigan prosecutor mulls charging Lapeer library over LGBTQ book : books

I Will Burn the Session to the Ground Over Anti-Trans Bill, Says Nebraska Democrat

Republican Lawmakers Vote (Again) to Allow Conversion Therapy. While opponents say the issue is about protecting LGBTQ+ youth, Wisconsin Republicans claim they are fighting a bureaucratic turf war. : politics

Toxic school: How the government failed Black residents in LouisianasCancer AlleyFor decades, a rubber plant near an elementary school has been spewing a carcinogenic chemical into the air

Legislating by Trolling -- Arkansas continues to lead the laboratories of democracy: The majority-Republican House approved by a 60-19 vote a proposal allowing the creation of a monument to the unborn on the Capitol grounds.

What did Congressman Andy Ogles do with nearly $25,000 meant for child burial garden? He won't say - Ogles used photo of stillborn child in 2014 for GoFundMe, promising a place for burial of babies with benches for families, life-size statue of Jesus. It never happened, but he kept the money.
Tennessee Rep. Andy Ogles Has Been Accused of Stealing GoFundMe Money : politics

What Cant Be Taught
Texas officials target climate science in textbooks : politics

Shasta County offers top job to secessionist leader - Los Angeles Times The Shasta County Board of Supervisors has offered the job of running the day-to-day-operations of its government to a top figure in the New California movement pushing to split California into two states.

Marianne Williamsons abusive treatment of 2020 campaign staff, revealed The self-help guru, who is running for president again, was emotionally and verbally abusive to staff, according to interviews with former employees.

Be skeptical of Elon Musks claims of educational indoctrination

The Dilemma of Horny Bro Conservativism - by Charlie Sykes

Americans Feel More Positive Than Negative About Jews, Mainline Protestants, Catholics | Pew Research Center Most are neutral toward several groups; evangelical Christians viewed negatively, on balance, by non-evangelical Americans

Catholic sex abuse researchers demand Pope Francis name investigated bishops - The Washington Post

Former editor of Jewish newspaper charged for Jan. 6 actions - POLITICO Elliot Resnick faces charges of civil disorder and impeding police officers ... The former editor of an Orthodox Jewish newspaper in New York City

Eschaton: White Knighting The World's Worst Person -- Chait is so awful and so dumb.

Why is the Boston Globes comment section overwhelmingly far-right?

A Pro-Trump Social Network Wants to Corner the Anti-Vax Jizz MarketGettr, a struggling right-wing social media company, is looking to create a marketplace for men who wont take the Covid vaccines to sell their sperm ... the online anti-vax semen market, in which unvaccinated men would self-advertise and sell sperm to the highest bidder

The Era of Urban Supremacy Is Over

Microsoft lays off entire AI ethics team while going all out on ChatGPT : technology

An experimental pill achieves complete cancer remission in 18 people with aggressive leukemia : worldnews

Webb Telescope Spots A Star On The Brink Of Exploding : worldnews

Study: U.S. Veterans Reported "Positive Outcomes for Pain, Sleep, and Emotional Problems Because of Cannabis" : science

Will the heavy rain and snowfall in California replenish ground water, reservoirs, and lakes (Meade)? : askscience

Decoding the Antikythera Mechanism, the First Computer | History| Smithsonian Magazine Hidden inscriptions offer new clues to the origins of a mysterious astronomical mechanism

What Earth Would Have Really Looked Like in Adam Drivers 65

Genealogy : Free Texts : Free Download, Borrow and Streaming : Internet Archive

The Most Boring Number in the World Is ... - Scientific American That prime numbers and powers of 2 fascinate many people comes as no surprise. In fact, all numbers split into two camps: interesting and boring

Why Old Norse myths endure in popular culture

TIL that First Lady Mamie Eisenhower, disliked the Kennedys. Mamie did not inform Jacqueline of a wheelchair available for her during a White House tour. Kennedy remained composed during the tour but collapsed once home. When questioned, Eisenhowers reply wassimply, Because she never asked ... She also banned White House staff from crossing from one wing to the other inside the building, so they had to go outside to go from the east to the west wing. They were also banned from using the main elevator. The book was upstairs at the White House

TIL about Mrs. Winslows Soothing Syrup, a medicine used in the early 1900s to quiet infants and teething children. Popular in the US and UK it took twenty years of doctors complaints before it was withdrawn from the market for being a "Baby Killer" - The main ingredient was morphine.

What was your worst/weirdest experience at somebody elses house?

What has caused you to become bitter? : AskReddit

Whats the sentence that can melt the girls heart?

Learning to relax at the Kripalu retreat in the Berkshires - The Boston Globe


UK Budget 2023: Nuclear power to be reclassed as environmentally sustainable

Scientists discover superconducting material that could bring total revolution in energy and electronics : worldnews

Dutch greenhouse gas emissions down 9% in 2022 achieving court ordered target | : worldnews

Indian state to open new Asiatic lion sanctuary as numbers soar | Endangered species : worldnews

Wolves back in Belgium after 100 years, sparking controversy : worldnews ... "You need to ask if everything has to have a positive effect on the way we see it as humans,Maybe some animals just have a right to exist, not just because we find them useful."

Fires in heat wave- and drought-stricken Argentina have devoured some 6,000 hectares (14,800 acres) of forests in the northern Corrientes province in just days, officials reported Tuesday : worldnews

Colombia floats new strategy for Escobars hippos: ship them abroad

Virus outbreak in West Bengal leaves 19 children dead and thousands in hospital : worldnews

Catholic church in Australia accused of using deaths of paedophile clergy to shield it from legal claims | Catholicism : worldnews
Australian boy, 13, spent six weeks in solitary confinement : worldnews

Myanmar is a failing state, led by a junta fuelled by Russian arms, says UN rights envoy : worldnews (Russia cancer on the world)

Thai authorities searching for missing radioactive cylinder taken from coal power plant : worldnews

Survivors of Japans colonial crimes call for apology, compensation from Japan

South Korea U-turns on 69-hour working week after youth backlash : worldnews
South Korea to end mandatory wearing of mask for public transport : worldnews

Taiwans Isolation Deepens as Ally Honduras Switches to Beijing

Putin says Russia is in a fight for the existence of the state : worldnews
Vladimir Putin rejects theory about Ukrainian role in Nord Stream blasts: The Russian president once again insisted that the United States was behind the incident : worldnews

Russian army to be replenished with 400,000 new conscripts : worldnews
Reportedly, starring in April the Russian defense ministry will launch a propaganda campaign across the country to recruit 400,000 contract soldiers (kontraktniki) before the end of the year. This is another indication of the high rate of attrition of RUS forces in #Ukraine.

(1/5) Since the start of Russias invasion of Ukraine, Russian public officials and workers have been subject to increasingly severe foreign travel restrictions. Some officials have likely had to forfeit their passports to the Federal Security Service.

The 8-year-old daughter of a Vladimir Putin ally is listed as the owner of a multimillion-dollar apartment in one of London's most exclusive areas : worldnews ... Her ownership began just 20 days before Russia invaded Ukraine, records show.

Steven Seagal to help set up international pro-Russia movement : worldnews

Kazakhstan Impounds Property Of Russian Cosmodrome Operator In Baikonur - Radio Free Europe : worldnews

Risk of Armed Confrontation Along Indias Borders With China, Pakistan Continues: US Report

Real Intent To Abduct, Kill: Imran Khans Post As Supporters Block Cops
Police siege continues for 2nd day at Pakistan ex-PM Khans residence

Turkey floods kill 5 in earthquake-affected provinces : worldnews
Reuters: Turkey to approve Finlands Nato bid independently from Swedens
Sweden hopes for quick NATO accession after Turkish election : worldnews

Tons of uranium missing from Libyan site, IAEA tells member states : worldnews

Human Rights Watch says over 2,000 Afghan evacuees in detention in UAE : worldnews

Saudi Arabia Plans to Buy Up to 121 Boeing 787 Dreamliners : worldnews

Palestinians pave new road over archaeological site in West Bank : worldnews
West Bank mayor calls to kick Arab-Israelis, Palestinians out of buses : worldnews ... Heredim run "modesty squads" ...

Russia expanded its territory in Ukraine by less than 0.04% in a month of brutal fighting that cost it thousands of soldiers and vital equipment, says think tank : worldnews
The coalition of countries providing Ukraine with Leopard tanks continues to grow. Now 9 countries have committed to providing more than 150 Leopard tanks, US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin said at the tenth Ramstein.

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 385, Part 1 (Thread #526) : worldnews

Brady Africk on Twitter: "In southern Ukraine, Russian forces continue to expand existing defenses and add new layers of fortifications. (4/6)" / Twitter In southern Ukraine, Russian forces continue to expand existing defenses and add new layers of fortifications. (4/6)

KyivPost on Twitter: "The #SBU say they have detained an alleged FSB agent in Kharkiv to prevent planned #terrorist attacks against Ukrainian pilots, special forces and SBU employees." / Twitter

Russia has started basic military training courses in one of the schools in occupied Crimea This is exactly how generation after generation in Russia is indoctrinated. At an early age, children are instilled with fear of a so-called enemy.

Whats known and not about US drone-Russian jet encounter
Russian jet collides with US drone over Black Sea : worldnews
U.S. warns Russia to be more careful, downed drone not recovered -White House : worldnews
RAF and German jets intercept Russian aircraft near Estonian airspace : worldnews
One Russian pilots released a video of a flyby next to American MQ-9 Reaper drone. Could be from yesterday.

Russias secret document for destabilizing MoldovaYahoo News obtains Putins strategic plan for promoting Russian interests in Ukraines next-door neighbor.
EU to buy long-range radar for Moldova to detect Russian missiles : worldnews
Moldovan Church Denounces COVID Vaccine as Anti-Christian Plot ... The global anti-Christian system wants to introduce microchips into peoples bodies with whose help they can control them, through 5G technology,a cleric said in a press release (2020 for background, +russian orthofucks in their weird cosplay costumes)

Denmark establishes $1 bln fund to aid Ukraine : worldnews

Russian spy network planning sabotage exposed in Poland, 6 accomplices detained : worldnews

Needed but overdue: MPs want Communist Party of Lithuania labelled criminal organisation

Latvian Prime Minister Krisjanis #Karins believes that after the end of hostilities, Ukraine should become a #NATO member to prevent a new war, the Financial Times reported.

Hungary further delays Sweden and Finland NATO ratifications, reportedly due to a delay in negotiations with Brussels over the release of EU funds
They Tried to Frame Us: New Assault on Hungarian Journalists Highlights Media Freedom Crisis in the Heart of Europe

Swiss President regrets reference to warlike frenzy over Ukraine
Credit Suisse sheds nearly 25%, key backer says no more money : worldnews

Germany Will Move Forward With Marijuana Legalization After Receiving Very GoodFeedback From EU, Top Official Says
Irans Revolutionary Guard responsible for German synagogue shooting, officials say

Vienna police step up armed patrols as they warn of potential Islamist terror attack on churches : worldnews

Italian public sector boss resigns after Mussolini email : worldnews
Italian right-wing slam EU Green Homes Directive : worldnews

Ads like this should be illegal (Cathedral of Barcelona) : pics

Tons Of Garbage Pile Up In Paris As Pension Strike Continues, Rat Invasion Feared : worldnews
French Journalists Receive Suspended Prison Sentences For King Mohammed VI Blackmail Case : worldnews

BBC apologizes for shows falling off air as 1,000 staff stage biggest strike in 13 years : television (BBC markets rightwing shit)
Welcome to a filthy, littered dump called Britain

A Brazilian court ruled Wednesday ex-president Jair Bolsonaro has five days to hand over pricey jewelry he received as a present from Saudi Arabia, and ordered an audit of all official gifts during his presidency : worldnews

Inflation in Argentina surges past 100 percent for the first time since 1991 : worldnews

Submarine with 2 bodies, 3 tons of cocaine seized in the Pacific Ocean off Colombia : worldnews

Honduras president plans to seek official ties with China : worldnews

Artist rediscovers mysterious recipe for ancient Maya Blue dye (corrupt Mexican government fucks it up)

Biden says Jimmy Carter has asked him to deliver his eulogy : politics

Warren unveils bill to repeal Trump-era bank deregulation she says led to SVB, Signature collapses : politics

Largest U.S. banks first shut out of Silicon Valley Bank bid | Semafor
White House eyes accountability for Silicon Valley Bank collapse
SVB collapse was driven by the first Twitter-fueled bank run

Republicans Accept No Blame For Bank Failures After They Voted To Deregulate Banks : politics

Guo Wengui, Exiled Chinese Billionaire, Charged With Fraud in New York - The New York Times
Chinese business tycoon and Bannon ally Guo Wengui arrested in $1bn fraud conspiracy | China | The Guardian US attorney says Wengui, also known as Miles Guo and Ho Wan Kwok, used stolen money to buy a $3.5m Ferrari and finance a $37m yacht
NYC Fire: FBI investigating after blaze at Upper East Side hotel where Chinese billionaire Guo Wengui arrested - ABC7 New York

Federal investigators examined Trump Media for possible money laundering, sources say | Donald Trump | The Guardian New York prosecutors expanded criminal inquiry of company last year and examined acceptance of $8m with suspected Russian ties
Stormy Daniels speaks to Manhattan DA in Trump payment probe : politics
Lindsey Graham testified Trump would believe aliens stole ballots: Jurors
FBI says it has no records related to Trumps claim he 'sent' agents to stop voter fraud in Florida during 2018 election

The Pace of the January 6 Investigation Dont confuse running out of patience with running out of time

3/15/23 - Trump Inches Higher In GOP Primary, Quinnipiac University National Poll Finds; Nearly Half Of Americans Would Support A Ban On Tiktok | Quinnipiac University Poll

Trump prepares an extensive opposition file on Ron DeSanctimoniousnothing is off the table.
Ron DeSantis hit with an ethics complaint from Trump super PAC

2 in 5 Republicans want Fox held accountable for false 2020 claims : politics

GOP Group Puts Tucker Carlsons Putin Love Affair On Full Display In New Video The Republican Accountability Project put together 96 seconds of the Fox News host spreading Russian propaganda.

We present one and a half minutes of Tucker Carlson parroting Vladimir Putin. New video from RAP:
Tucker Carlson Packages 2 Of His Biggest Lies In 1 Stupefying Statement
A Republican civil war on Ukraine erupts as Reagans example fadesGOP leaders and voters are increasingly skeptical of an extended commitment, part of a broader shift away from conservative support for foreign interventions

DeSantis saying Ukraine support is not vital national interest sparks backlash in GOP
DeSantis joins the pro-Putin MAGA crowd : politics
Ukraine invites Ron DeSantis to visit after Florida governor calls war a "territorial dispute" : politics
GOP senators push back on Ron DeSantis over Ukraine : politics
Chris Christie compares Ron DeSantis stance on Ukraine to appeasing Hitler before WWII
DeSantis Ukraine flip alarms pro-Israel Republicans

Florida bill proposes allowing only certain flags at government buildings, including Confederate : politics (and Russian, no doubt)

Sold: Yacht With a Waterfall. Price: $19 Million. Broker: George Santos.Just before his House election, Mr. Santos helped two of his largest donors reach a private deal on a $19 million boat, mixing his political and personal interests.

I need a woman who looks like she got punched: Republicans become more openly pro-abuse | The GOP embraces a raging misogynist identity, backing controlling husbands and the death penalty for abortion

Sununu: GOP Will Keep Losing Elections If Its Priority Is Culture Wars : politics
Now that Hate has Become the GOPs Main Political Weapon, What Can Americans Do?

Texas announces takeover of Houston schools, stirring anger : politics

A viral moment reinforces the hollowness of woke as an attack
In Which Briahna Joy Gray Inadvertently Does A Service To Mankind

Manhunt for former Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan's ex-chief of staff Feds launch manhunt for former Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan's ex-chief of staff - Roy McGrath, who faces several fraud charges, failed to show up for his trial Monday

Nebraska lawmaker 3 weeks into filibuster over trans bill : politics

Oklahoma Republicans Vote to Let Teachers Hit Kids With Disabilities : politics
Oklahoma Republicans Stop Bill That Wouldve Banned Hitting Disabled Kids at School ... Republican lawmakers read Bible verses and talked about the need for physical discipline, before voting against the bill.

Uniquely Evil Minnesota Republican Votes Against Free School Lunches BecauseHunger Is a Relative Term ... 8.4% of the kids in Wabasha county, which he represents the entirety of, are living in poverty. But Im sure Steve is doing just fine.
GOP Lawmaker Says Hungry People Dont Exist Because Hes Never Met One
Republicans Think Low-Income Americans Arent Working Hard Enough to Deserve Food

Bill restricting electric car stores now law in Mississippi : politics

Michigan poised to become first state in almost six decades to repeal right-to-free-ride laws

Poverty, by America

Steps from Capitol, Trump allies buy up properties to build MAGA campus - The Washington Post

A thin reed to hang a culture war on ... Remember the whistleblowerwho cant find any corroborating evidence for her wild and implausibleclaims about a gender clinic in St. Louis? ... Jamie Reed
worms cited on Twitter: "Jamie Reed on what needs to be done: no gender affirming care for people until we figure out how to tell which mice should transition" / Twitter

Former New Orleans cop is sentenced to 14 years in prison for molesting teenage rape victim, whom he drove to the ER to get a rape kit. : news

Dude, I Blew Zero!: College Athlete Sues Iowa Cops for DUI Arrest

Florida man serving 400-year prison sentence walks free after being exonerated of robbery charge : news

The AI Challenge - My Response ... As weve seen over the weekend, the people who fund these things are neither very bright nor emotionally stable. The company behind ChatGPT4 fired their ethics team.

Exclusive: Effective Altruist Leaders Were Repeatedly Warned About Sam Bankman-Fried Years Before FTX Collapsed

The Haunted Life of Lisa Marie Presley

An Ivermectin Influencer Died. Now His Followers Are Worried About Their Own Severe Symptoms.Danny Lemoi took a daily dose of veterinary-grade ivermectin and told his thousands of followers to give the drug to children. He died of a common side effect of the medication.

Heavenly Bodies | Olivia Church Space burials sell a shot at immortality

Does Running Burn Belly Fat?

How Listening to the Bodys Clock Can Help Students Learn Faster & Be More Productive

Broadly speaking do all cultures and languages have a concept of left & right? : askscience

ELI5: Why is the Dunning Kruger effect a thing? : explainlikeimfive

Air pollution disrupts sexual communication in flies females are less attracted to males, and males attempt to copulate with other males

Is there any truth to the idea that we're now "too clean" and we are somehow weaker for it? : askscience

High blood caffeine levels may reduce body weight and type 2 diabetes risk, according to new study : science

Lasers Reveal Massive, 650-Square-Mile Maya Site Hidden beneath Guatemalan Rain Forest : news

Boys, what is something you didnt know about girlsuntil you got with one?

Have you given up on love, if so why? : AskReddit


Investigating: Reddit is currently offline. Were working to identify the issue.

International Womens Day: Global opinion remains committed to gender equality, but half now believe it is coming at the expense of men

Toxic forever chemicals found in toilet paper around the world

Danish satellite manufacturer to send the worlds first nanosatellite into geostationary orbit

Skunks found dead in Metro Vancouver had avian flu: government : worldnews
Some 260,000 birds killed by avian influenza in Argentina : worldnews

AUKUS ... It's a BFD, and I suspect that its the foundation of a larger agreement that may eventually include Japan, South Korea, and Canada.

Rohingya camp fire was planned sabotage - investigators

Bali plans tourist motorbike ban over misbehaviour : worldnews

Japan OKs bill to reform sexual offense charge, raise age of consent : worldnews

China accuses UK, US and Australia of going further down dangerous road with submarine pact (claims "China-Pacific Ocean")
China is aging fast, will retire people late to deal with problem : worldnews
China - Two arrested for allegedly having seditious books - RTHK : worldnews
Russia and China threaten to create global danger and disorder, says UKs Sunak

ICC to issue first arrest warrants linked to Russias invasion of Ukraine
Russia says it does not recognise Hague court amid reports of arrest warrants : worldnews

Russia downs U.S. Reaper surveillance drone over Black Sea - The Washington Post with one of the warplanes colliding with the unmanned aircrafts propeller after both jets dumped fuel on it ... U.S. officials characterized the encounter as being part of a pattern of dangerous actions by Russian pilots while interacting with American and allied aircraft in international airspace.
Russian aircraft collides into US unmanned system in international waters

Morality Shouldnt Get in the Way -- Russias Genocidal State Media - With the bloody all-out invasion now in its second year, the euphoria has been replaced by a lingering sense of dread, with Putins mouthpieces routinely fretting about the possibility of war crimes tribunals. The issue is playing on their minds.
RTs director of broadcasting Anton Krasovsky suggests drowning or burning Ukrainian children

Russian Lawmakers Introduce Bill Raising Draft Age - The Moscow Times The new bill, which was authored by State Duma Defense Committee chair Andrei Kartapolov and two other deputies from the ruling United Russia party, raises the upper age limit for conscription to 30.
Russian Duma votes to censor criticism of mercenaries in Ukraine : worldnews

Conflict between Kremlin and Wagner Group likely reached its climax : worldnews
The Wagner Groups soldiers-for-hire fight for the Kremlin in a war Russians dont want to fight themselves. The U.S. has sanctioned The Wagner Group and designated it a Transnational Criminal Organization. We will stand with Ukraine for as long as it takes.
ISW on Twitter: "#Russian defense ministry may be using #Bakhmut to lessen #Wagner influence, ISW analysis finds @CNN" / Twitter

Many in the West praise Russian opposition leader #Navalny and the Oscar-nominated documentary about him. But theres something else to remember: Being anti-Putin doesnt negate Navalnys imperialist and chauvinist views. Lets take a look at specific examples in this threa

Essential reading from @JuliaDavisNews - t is easy enough to understand the link between Kremlin TV talking points that routinely compare the Ukrainians to animals, bugs, or worms with atrocities like Bucha and the torture and murder of Ukrainian POWs.

Russia ready to extend grain agreement, but only for 60 days

Detailed article by The Insider abut Moscow air defense. Where its located and how forest and protected areas were cut down for the installation of air defense systems

In #Belarus, the security agencies began detaining psychotherapists and psychiatrists - at least 20 were detained in the past few days. During interrogations they are requested to report to the security forces on 'unreliable' tients.

Kazakhstan seized the property of Roscosmos of Russia - The Kazakh authorities seized the property of the main operator of Russian spaceportsthe Center for the Operation of Ground-Based Space Infrastructure (TsENKI). A formal reason is a debt of 2 billion rubles.

Navies of India, Australia, Japan, US, France and UK to participate in Exercise La Perouse : worldnews

Iran Confirms Death Sentence Against Swedish-Iranian Dissident Lured To Turkey : worldnews

Bill to shield Netanyahu from recusalcleared for plenum vote after fiery debate : worldnews ... Netanyahu is riding to tyranny on the back of fundamentalist Jewish support. He's nailing one nail at a time into the coffin of Israels democracy
Israelis Are Now Openly Talking About the Total Destruction of the Jewish StateBenjamin Netanyahus push toward autocracy has triggered massive protests and a sense that the end of the 75-year-old Israeli experiment may be near

Zelensky has promised Poland exhumations of WW2 massacre victims in Ukraine, says Polish PM : worldnews
Zelenskyi held a meeting of the Supreme Commander-in-Chiefs Staff. All members expressed a common position on the further holding and defense of Bakhmut. They also analyzed the supply of weapons and ammunition to the units at the front lines.

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 384, Part 1 (Thread #525) : worldnews

Here are todays control-of-terrain maps of #Russia's invasion of #Ukraine from @TheStudyofWar and @criticalthreats

ISW on Twitter: "2/ Russian milbloggers widely circulated claims on March 12 that Wagner fighters began assaults on underground sections of the AZOM complex in northwestern #Bakhmut and strengthened their positions at the complex on March 13." / Twitter

Ukrainian partisan underground group Atesh shared footage of reportedly blowing up a rail track in Kherson Oblast to disrupt Russian logistics

Ukraine accuses Russian snipers of abusing child, gang raping mother : worldnews

The Kyiv Independent on Twitter: "On March 10, the Ministry of Culture published a statement that monks of the Russian Orthodox Church's Ukrainian branch must leave the Kyiv Pechersk Lavra, Ukraine's most important Orthodox monastery, by March 29." / Twitter

'Court' in occupied Crimea fines woman fordiscrediting Russian army by video with Ukraines national anthem ... Her name was MEMEtova? And got convicted for making fun of the russian army online?

In 2022, #Moldovas exports to #Russia fell by 31%, while exports to EU and Ukraine rose. #Russia is now 6th largest destination for Moldovan exports, after Romania, Ukraine, Italy, Turkey and Germany. Only 4.4% Moldovan exports go to Russia:

Lithuania designates Russian Wagner as terrorist organisation : worldnews

Russian diplomats expelled from the EU after the start of the war were transferred to the RU embassy in Serbia. Solely with the help of OSINT, we found out their links to FSB 16th Center, accused of hacking U.S. nuclear companies, and to Russias Foreign Intelligence Service (good pic of midget Pootie orc)

OSINTdefender on Twitter: "The Danish Defense Ministry has stated that they are expecting the first batch of Refurbished Leopard 1A5 Tanks from Denmark, Germany, and The Netherlands to arrive in Ukraine sometime in Early May; this first batch of Tanks will hopefully be used to train Ukrainian Tank Crews." / Twitter

German university quietly removes comfort women statue amid pressure from Japan
Two girls, under 14, suspects in killing of 12-year-oldTwo children are now the suspects in the murder of a 12-year-old girl from Freudenberg, German police say. The girl was found dead on Sunday and had later been confirmed to be the victim of a homicide.

Journalists of French network suspended for praising Hamas, Hitler : worldnews

Brazils Bolsonaro will be subpoenaed in jewelry scandal, says minister

Jesuits of Canada releases list of 27 members credibly accused of child sex abuse
Ontario considering banning TikTok in public schools : worldnews

Bidens confabulation

Biden's private concerns, a rescue plan and the political firestorm that ensued - Frustrated by 2008 bank bailouts, the president made clear to advisers that federal action must not rescue banks or their shareholders
Signature and Silicon Valley Bank Collapses Followed Softened Regulation - The New York Times Officials with Signature and Silicon Valley banks, which regulators seized in recent days, had called for looser financial requirements for midsize banks.
The Boys Who Cried Woke! ... As soon as it was clear that Silicon Valley Bank would not survive the weekend, conservative influencers and Republican politicians had a culprit in sight. Wokeness.
Silicon Valley Banks political blame game ... While progressives like Warren and Sanders may feel vindicated, 17 of their Senate Democratic colleagues voted with Republicans to pass Trumps deregulation in 2018.
Eschaton: Whose Head At The Fed Should Roll Playing into the hands of the whiny rich Randroids to blame THE REGULATORS after they lobbied to reduce regulation, but they aren't entirely wrong -- The president of SVB was on the Board of the San Francisco Fed until Friday when he left for obvious if undisclosed reasons -- Light touch regulation doesnt just happen because Congress passes bad laws. It happens because the regulators are actually corrupt and serve the interests of those they are supposed to watch over.
Silicon Valley Bank bailout implies tech startups are too big to fail - The Washington Post The government stepped in to save the start-up industry from itself. Not everyone is relieved.

Back-to-back bank collapses came after deregulatory push supported by Barney Frank - The Boston Globe

Trump Grand Jury Moves Into Final Phase as Key Witness Testifies A Manhattan District Attorney investigation into Donald Trump looks to be in its final stage as a major witness testifies before the grand jury. And Trump may testify too ... Jennifer Weisselberg, a one-time Trump family confidant embroiled in a bitter divorce, walked into the DAs office midday Monday and claimed to reporters staking out the grand jury that she was about to help prosecutors nail Trump on something that is bigger than any taxes, paper, insurance, banks, insurance

Trump Blames Mike Pence For Jan. 6 Violence For Not Going Along With His Coup Attempt : politics (traitor to the supreme traitor)

Ex-intelligence officials challenge the Hunter Biden witch hunt
Framing Hunter Biden Your quick reference guide for understanding the Hunter Biden Laptop scandal and meta-scandal. Buckle up.
James Comer says Treasury will allow Oversight Committee to review certain bank activity reports related to Biden family and business partners | CNN Politics

Eschaton: The Evolution Of Dumb Defenses A long time ago, reporters at your local newspapers would get angry emails and calls about how BIASED THEIR NEWSPAPER IS. And they'd explain that, well, actually, the callers was complaining about the OPINION section and that was separate from the news section and did not reflect on the broader coverage of NEWS by the JOURNALISTS.
Nonsense. The Wall Street Journal news side is not the One True Wall Street Journal. Referring to the opinion side as the WSJ is 100% as valid as referring to the news side as such. As usual the lol rubes you dont understand journalism scolds are the ones who are wrong.

GOP election deniers increasingly admit they're just going off vibes - There has never really been evidence the 2020 election was stolen, but even election deniers are acknowledging it ... All told, back in January 2021, a majority of Republican-leaning voters (54 percent) said they believed that the election was stolen and that there was solid evidence. Today, thats fallen to just 33 percent.

Why MAGA is so appealing to older Republicans ... rump won people ages 65 and older by about four points ... Older Americans are less likely to be Black, Hispanic or Asian than younger Americans, all groups that vote more heavily Democratic
CNN Poll: Most Republicans care more about picking a 2024 GOP nominee who agrees with them on issues than one who can beat Biden | CNN Politics

House Republicans could expand their majority if they win these court cases - POLITICO How redrawing the maps with a series of court cases potentially puts the GOP in a stronger position in 2024.

The GOPs magic words have lost their magic ... Republifuckers said Dem's were all "tax and spend" and then Biden said "Hold my beer"

DeSantis Sends Putin a Message - by Charlie Sykes ... Nor, in the new GOP, is it considered disqualifying that Tuckers pro-Putinism has made him a fixture on Russian state television in the midst of a genocidal war. (Ukraine a "minor territorial dispute" say Putin-paid fascist)
DeSantis, Backing Away From Ukraine, Angers G.O.P. HawksThe Florida governor, who joined Donald Trump in declaring that defending Ukraine from Russia was not a vital interest, drew swift condemnations from establishment Republicans.
The level of ignorance is just profound: Ron DeSantis blasted over his defense of Russia (it's a republifuck value) ... He delivered a message to Vladimir Putin that says, if you hold on until the 24 election is over, I just might be your guy that makes all your problems go away ... DeSantis never flew a plane. Before becoming a military lawyer, DeSantis assisted with testing urine for drugs.
Donald Trump just called for another coup and hardly anyone even noticed
The party of Putin - Even master of bothsiding Peter Baker wont tart up this particular effusion of deplorableness: ... (2) Russia is a reactionary ethno-nationalist authoritarian proto-theocratic regime, i.e., what the Republican base wants the USA to become.
Is Ron DeSantis Flaming Out Already? - The Atlantic The Florida governor has a plan to win the Fox News primaryand lose everything else.
Gov. Ron DeSantis takeover of New College of Florida puts $29 million in donations at risk

Senator Marco Rubio On Aid To Ukraine And 2024 - The Hugh Hewitt Show

DeSantis Admin Revokes Hyatt Miami Alcohol License After Drag Show

George Santos files paperwork indicating he may seek reelection - The Washington Post

Heres What Happened When Judge Kacsmaryk Told Lawyers About Secret Hearing In Mifepristone Case

The horrors of the post-Roe era, an endless seriesThe Alito regime is about turning state violence against pregnant women, even in the most dire circumstances:
Doctors Warned Her Pregnancy Could Kill Her. Then Tennessee Outlawed Abortion.

She Had a Heartbeat Too: Waiting for One Dead Woman

Vermont Christian School that Refused to Play Trans Player Banned from Future Tournaments

At Wellesley College, a Fight Over Whether to Admit Trans Men - The New York Times Students will vote Tuesday on a nonbinding referendum that considers opening admission to all nonbinary and transgender applicants. Opponents say the schools mission is to educate women

L.A. riders bail on Metro trains amid horror of deadly drug overdoses, crime

Police Killed His Son. Prosecutors Charged The Teens Friends with His Murder.

Justice Dept can seize funds from white supremacist convicted in deadly Charlottesville car attack - CBS News

Time changes and ranked choice voting (the "science" is fucked)

Herman Cain Award, Intellectual Dark Web Subdivision ... Another victim of the Republican/Academia-to-Substack propaganda complex: (elizabeth bruenig is an idiot.. and .. ) One of the things that caused Matt Taibbi to go full MAGA was his perception that the "Take HOrse Paste" variant of anti-vaxxism was not being given a wide enough platform. Heckuva job!

How long does a woman get to enjoy her so-called prime? A year? A week? A single golden hour? - The Boston Globe Some women say they cant even focus on themselves until the kids are grown but by then society has rendered them invisible

My neighbor found Lincolns hair in his basement. I found a mystery.

The Brandon Miller Situation Is Completely Grotesque

Tate-Pilled What a generation of boys have found in Andrew Tates extreme male gospel ... By the end of 2022, #AndrewTate had been searched on TikTok 22 billion times.

GPT-4 has arrived. It will blow ChatGPT out of the water. - The Washington Post The long-awaited tool, which can describe images in words, marks a huge leap forward for AI power and another major shift for ethical norms

Midjourney - Midjourney is an independent research lab exploring new mediums of thought and expanding the imaginative powers of the human species.

Will black holes turn into something else once theyve consumedenough of whats around them?

Whats the hardest thing for you to comprehend about the American culture?

Meta to Lay Off Another 10,000 WorkersIt would be the tech companys second round of cuts since November. Mark Zuckerberg, its chief executive, has declared 2023 the year of efficiency
Meta gives up on NFTs for Facebook and Instagram - The Verge
Eschaton: Now Fly Away A bunch of the worst SV guys are just addicted to posting, proving every single day that they're stupid assholes. Just a bunch of Elons. Why would we like you? Your latest innovation was this. Christ.


Diplomats from nearly 200 nations and top climate scientists began a week-long huddle in Switzerland on Monday to distil nearly a decade of published science into a 20-odd-page warning about the existential danger of global warming and what to do about it : worldnews

Worlds biggest oil producer Saudi Aramco reports record $161 billion profit for 2022 ... They raped $20 for every man, woman and child... on the entire planet in just 1 year

Facing Intense Heat and Dust Storms, Iraq Aims to Plant 5 Million Trees : worldnews

Cheetahs Back in Wild in India After Seven Decades : worldnews

Storm Freddy triggers floods in Malawi, killing at least 11 : worldnews

Residents evacuated in Australia as heavy rains trigger floods. : worldnews

Indonesias Bali wants to tighten visa requirements for Russian tourists

Myanmar army kill more than 30 in monastery attack - insurgent group : worldnews

Iwao Hakamada: Japan retrial for worlds longest-serving death row inmate ... The former professional boxer confessed after 20 days of interrogation during which he said he was beaten. He later retracted the confession in court. Rights groups have criticised Japan's reliance on confessions, which they say police often obtain by force.

Seoul mayor calls for South Korean nuclear weapons to counter threat from North : worldnews

North Korea launches missiles from submarine as US, South Korean drills begin. : worldnews

Xi could visit Russia next week, sources say, as Bakhmut battle rages : worldnews
China's Xi Plans to Speak With Zelensky for First Time Since Ukraine War Broke Out - Conversation would likely follow the Chinese leader's meeting with Russias Putin next week
China to develop dredger more powerful than artificial islandbuilder of South China Sea

International Court to Open War Crimes Cases Against Russia, Officials Say - The New York Times The cases before the International Criminal Court would accuse Russia of abducting Ukrainian children and of deliberately targeting civilian infrastructure.
International Court to Open War Crimes Cases Against Russia, Officials Say : worldnews

Russia has resorted to recruiting inmates from womens prisons to serve in the Russian military in a bid to make up for its growing losses in Ukraine, according to both Ukrainian officials and an independent Russian prisons watchdog

Kremlin elites are fighting over how best to control their Ukraine war narrative, says the Russian foreign ministrys top spokesperson

Navalny wins best documentary at Oscars.
Many in the West praise Russian opposition leader #Navalny and the Oscar-nominated documentary about him. But theres something else to remember: Being anti-Putin doesnt negate Navalnys imperialist and chauvinist views. Lets take a look at specific examples in this thread
Danylo Mokryk on Twitter: "No, Mr. Zelensky, you can't speak at the Oscars, that's politics. But we'll give an Oscar to "Navalny", that's not politics. And Navalny's wife will speak, that's also not politics. But she won't mention her country's invasion of Ukraine, because... Yeah, you got it." / Twitter
If #Oscar is outside of politics how should we understand the documentary manifesto Navalny where internal Russian politics is overflowing? If Oscar is out of the context of the war in Ukraine & the mass genocide of Ukrainians, why do you constantly talk about humanism & justice?
What you should know about @navalny? 1. Far right politician, promoter of hate propaganda 2. Never disowned his extremist agenda or assumed responsibility for it. When being called out, he lied and smeared his critics 3. Enjoyed thorough whitewashing by Moscow & Western media

US turns to new aggressive ways to punish Russian oligarchs for Ukraine war : worldnews

India will not breach Western sanctions on Russia including the price cap of $60 imposed on purchases of oil from Moscow,as government authorities have asked banks and traders to adhere to the rules : worldnews
India And France Conduct Maritime Partnership Exercise In Arabian Sea : worldnews
One of Indias trash mountains is on fire again and residents are choking on its toxic fumes

Russia Outside Russia - For Elite, Dubai Becomes a Wartime Harbor - In the exclusive neighborhoods and palatial shopping malls of the United Arab Emirates' biggest city, wealthy Russians can build a new life without having to cut ties to their home country.

Polls show Erdogan lags opposition by more than 10 points ahead of May vote : worldnews

Suspected Islamist militants kill 19 in another village raid in east Congo : worldnews

Saudi Arabia executes Jordanian man after allegedly giving forced confession : worldnews
Saudi Arabia Closing In On $35 Billion Aircraft Deal With Boeing For New Airline : worldnews

Iran: Deal With Saudi Arabia Will Help End Yemens War
Detente between Saudi Arabia and Iran is no panacea for Yemen war : worldnews

Global trade union leader sacked over Qatargate : worldnews - from an NGO at the heart of an investigation into allegations Qatar tried to corrupt the European Parliament.
Qatar spied on meeting of Swiss prosecutor and FIFA president : worldnews

In groundbreaking ruling, Middle Eastern Islamic council declares'fatwa' against Hamas

Women across Iran are refusing to wear headscarves, in open defiance of the regime : worldnews
Iran says 22,000 who were arrested in protests have been pardoned : worldnews

Half a million Israelis join latest protest against Netanyahus judicial overhaul, organizers say

Ukraine war latest: Authorities identify defiant Ukrainian POW executed by Russians : worldnews
F-16s will eventually be sent to Ukraine,former U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff chair says
Wouldnt it be a lot cheaper to just help Ukraine win?
A Year into Russias Invasion, Survival in Ukraine is Still Like a LotteryTicket (

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 383, Part 1 (Thread #524) : worldnews

Bloodshed in Bakhmut: Russia Suffers Potentially Deadliest Day Yet in Ukraine
Another dramatic interview with Prigozhin. He complains about the situation in Bakhmut.
A close-up map of the approximate situation around the city of Bakhmut.

Ukraine, Russia Locked In Brutal Battle For Key Donetsk City, Casualties Mount : worldnews
Ukrainska Pravda in English on Twitter: "Resistance forces blow up railway in occupied Kherson Oblast" / Twitter

Moldova Fears Hybrid Warfare Generated by Russia Defense Minister

Finnish president says disputes with Turkey still holding up NATO membership : worldnews

Serbia gives definite no to Kosovo recognition, NATO accession
Bosnian Serb leader to copy law on foreign agents that sparked mass protests in Georgia : worldnews
Vucic admits Serbia could be supplying weapons to Ukraine : worldnews

Swedish pension giant loses 12 billion kronor from US banks collapse

Women can now swim topless in Berlins swimming pools. The move reflects Germanystradition of nudity.

Pope Francis says he will come to both Kyiv and Moscow, or neither : worldnews

Police use water cannon to end climate protest, 700 arrested : worldnews (Dutch)

Switzerland to destroy anti-aircraft missile systems that could be used in Ukraine : worldnews
City of Lucerne votes to restrict Airbnb rentals : worldnews

French General Michel Yakovleff considers Ukraines army the best in Europe
France challenging Russia as second biggest arms exporter behind US : worldnews
France mulls nuclear revamp as Ukraine war prompts an energy mix rethink : worldnews
France to Invest 100 Billion in Railway Infrastructure

Keep Ireland Irish: Say hello to Irelands growing far right

Father attempted to rob his own son at knifepoint in Glasgow : worldnews

UK to spend extra 5bn on military to counter intensifying threats from China and Russia
BBC Serving the Desires of the Tories ... Ah yes, defending immigrants, the greatest crime one can commit in a post-Brexit England. Not that the BBC becoming a bought and sold adjunct of the Tory Party will convince British voters to go for a different option, especially in Jolly Ole England. ... Who runs the BBC these days anyway?
Junior doctors across England go on str ike over pay, burnout : worldnews
No plans to return Parthenon marbles to Greece, says Rishi Sunak : worldnews

Plane uses parachute after engine fails, saving six passengers including baby : worldnews (Brazil)

Regime change in Moscow definitely the goal, Joly says, as Canada bans Russian steel, aluminum imports
Facebook to block access to news if Canada adopts Online News Act : worldnews

The self-deceived deceivers of war - The Boston Globe - Andrew Bacevich - The Iraq War, its 20th anniversary now at hand, offers an example : In a 1971 essay written for The New York Review of Books, the political philosopher Hannah Arendt placed responsibility for the then-still-ongoing Vietnam War at the feet of self-deceived deceivers.These were the senior US officials who in selling the American people on war in Southeast Asia came to believe the untruths, half-truths, and evasions they themselves had contrived to justify a grotesquely needless conflict ... the global war on terrorism, which turned out to be as ill-conceived as the domino theory devised to justify Vietnam. Compounding their error, they also persuaded themselves that liberatingIraqa country of modest importance possessing an inept army and ruled by an inconsequential if brutal dictator held the key to reaffirming the inevitable triumph of American-style freedom and democracy.

U.S. Space Force budget hits $30 billion in 2024 proposal : politics

AP sources: Biden OKs huge Willow oil project in Alaska : politics
Biden Once Again Shows Why We Will Do Nothing to Stop Climate Change ... This is absolutely indefensible in 2023: The Biden administration on Monday will formally approve a huge oil drilling project in Alaska known as Willowdespite widespread opposition because of its likely environmental and climate impacts.

Hate crimes in U.S. rose to highest-ever level in 2021, FBI says - The Washington Post The number represents the most since the federal government began tracking bias-motivated attacks in 1990. (white rightwing fuckers)

Biden says the banking system is safeafter Silicon Valley Bank shutdown
Biden delivers 5-minute remarks on SVB following massive crash : politics ... It turned out that one of the biggest risks to our business model was catering to a very tightly knit group of investors who exhibit herd-like mentalities ... Privatize the profits, socialize the losses
Opinion | Elizabeth Warren: We Can Prevent More Bank Failures - The New York Times
SVB Collapse Sparks Blame Game Over Trump-Era Regulatory Rollback - Bloomberg Congress cut burdens for smaller and mid-sized banks in 2018
Bernie Sanders says Silicon Valley Banks failure is the direct result of a Trump-era bank regulation policy
The Incredible Tantrum Venture Capitalists Threw Over Silicon Valley Bank -- Remind me why, exactly, these guys have so much control over technological innovation?
Wokeness killed the Silicon star ... Former Harvard University president and Treasury Secretary Larry Summers took to Twitter Monday to say that student debt relief could have negative effects on inflation.

The Supreme Court ConservativesFavorite New Weapon for Kneecapping the Administrative State ... That doctrine, which allows the justices to overturn a federal regulation if they think Congress didnt speak clearly enough to authorize it,

Why we should all be liberal: The power of an adjective : politics ... Tradition is just peer pressure from dead people ...

Americans Favorable Rating of Russia Sinks to New Low of 9% ... The all-time low favorable rating for any country was 3% for Iraq in 1991 during the Persian Gulf War.

Trump Said He Might Have Let Russia Take Over Parts of Ukraine. Fox News Edited It Out. Thats what Russia secretly asked for in 2016

True lies - This WSJ op-ed is a real classic of the genre, the genre being Donald Trump is a sociopathic liar, but what about Hunter Bidens laptop and the Covid lockdowns?
House Oversight Chair Comer quietly subpoenas bank records for Hunter Biden business associates : politics
House Oversight Chair James Comer quietly subpoenas bank records for Hunter Biden business associates | CNN Politics

House Republicans Quietly Halt Inquiry Into Trumps FinancesG.O.P. leaders are declining to enforce a court-supervised settlement for Mazars, Donald J. Trumps former accounting firm, to turn over records in an investigation into whether he profited from the presidency.

Former Vice President Mike Pence openly mocked Donald Trump with a series of pointed jokes ridiculing his former boss : politics
Opinion: Mike Pences hypocrisy knows no bounds in his strongest rebuke of Trump to date

Why Fox's Call on Arizona, Which Was Right, Was Still Wrong - It was more a risky guess than a sound decision, and easily could have led to a missed call.

Fox News braces for more turbulence as second defamation lawsuit advances : politics
Prosecutors refute claims Tucker Carlsons airing of security footage exonerates January 6 defendants
GOP senator says McCarthy should not have released Jan. 6 tapes to only Tucker Carlson : politics

Donald Trump: The dangerous monster the media is ignoring : politics
Trump to Snub Manhattan DA as Criminal Charges Loom : politics
Trump Grand Jury Moves Into Final Phase as Key Witnesses Testify

A New Chief Judge Oversees Trump Inquiry Grand Jury - The New York Times James E. Boasberg will take over from Beryl A. Howell as the chief judge of the Federal District Court in Washington, a post that plays a key role in the special counsel investigations into Donald J. Trump.

Prosecutors say newly aired Chansley footage paints misleading portrait of his Jan. 6 conduct : politics
Prosecutors say Tucker Carlson omitted key Jan. 6 footage of QAnon Shaman

Biden calls legislation targeting transgender people in Florida closeto sinful

21 South Carolina GOP Lawmakers Propose Death Penalty for Women Who Have Abortions

Kari Lake morphs into The Fonz and jumps the shark, again (no stupid too far for refucklicans)
Sanity reigns (briefly) in the Senate as bill to break up Maricopa County bombs : politics ... Hoffman is a Queen Creek Republican best known for his role as one of 11 fake electors who tried to hijack Arizonas vote after the 2020 presidential election.

The Colorado GOPs Slow-Rolling MAGA Suicide

In historic shift, Minnesota pushes to abolish subminimum wages for people with disabilities : politics

Plantation Politics: How White Mississippi Lawmakers Want to Seize Power in Majority-Black Jackson

The Federal Government Is Investigating an Illinois School Where Students With Disabilities Were Frequently Arrested : politics ... In recent years, Garrison administrators called the police to report student misbehavior every other school day on averageStaff members routinely asked to press charges against the children some as young as 9 and officers arrested them.... No other school districtnot just in Illinois, but in the entire country had a higher student arrest rate than Four RiversThe school has fewer than 65 studentsn most years

RI leaders push for affordable, reliable child care : politics

An Ivermectin Influencer Died. Now His Followers Are Worried About Their Own Severe Symptoms. Danny Lemoi took a daily dose of veterinary-grade ivermectin and told his thousands of followers to give the drug to children. He died of a common side effect of the medication ...HAPPY FRIDAY ALL YOU POISONOUS HORSE PASTE EATING SURVIVORS !!! Hours later, Lemoi was dead.

Old School UnionbustingAs Stephen Greenhouse argues in The Guardian, the iconic companies of the new economy are kicking it real old school when it comes to unionbusting.

The end of history (departments) ... My own view is that a university without a history department is not really a university, but I more than suspect that the $500,000 per year Excel spreadsheet jockeys who rule over the business of academia which is apparently now business dont see it that way

Lets Talk Barbara Walters Seventeen leading broadcasters on her legacy and making their way in the world she made.

Riley Keough Reportedly Locked Priscilla Presley Out of Graceland - after Priscilla contested an amendment to her late daughter Lisa Marie Presleys will.

Why Artificial Intelligence?

The New Crisis of Increasing All-Cause Mortality in US Children and Adolescents | Adolescent Medicine | JAMA | JAMA Network ... Firearms play a central role in this crisis. They are the leading cause of death among youths aged 1 to 19 years and accounted for nearly half (47.8%) of the increase in all-cause mortality in 2020.
Want to reduce your risk of dementia? Get your hearing checked today - Harvard Health A new study shows that, although hearing loss increases your risk of dementia, using hearing aids lessens that risk.

Revolutionary Tool Can Measure Spins a Million Times More Precisely Changing the Future of Chemistry and Biology ... The new tool could help scientists develop more powerful quantum computers by making it easier for them to measure spin ensembles with greater accuracy.

Robot lawyer DoNotPay is being sued by a law firm because it does not have a law degree

Dave Epstein's (@growingwisdom) Snow Forecast - he tends to be one of the more realistic forecasters. Hes lessabout the drama and more about the science.


700 climate activists arrested at XR demonstration on A12 in The Hague, 4 activists became unwell : worldnews

Brazils Amazon deforestation again hits record high for February

Saudi Aramco reports record profit of $161.1 billion in 2022 : worldnews

Scientists warn of phosphogeddon as critical fertiliser shortages loom: We have reached a critical turning point

Children face acute risk amid Malawis deadliest cholera outbreak

China cautions Australia on US nuclear submarine deal Posing threat to Asia-Pacific (Chinese Pacific Ocean)

Thousands of South Koreans rally against humiliating govt plan to resolve forced labour row with Japan

Hong Kong court jails Tiananmen anniversary vigil organisers | Hong Kong : worldnews

Li Qiang becomes Chinas premier, tasked with reviving economy
Chinese city proposes lockdowns for flu -- and faces a backlash : worldnews
Hong Kong asks: what to do with 40,000 empty Covid quarantine units in a housing shortage? | CNN : worldnews
Severe criticism of Carlsberg in China - Scandasia : worldnews ... a Chinese woman was standing with a megaphone encouraging the men to drink. The witness states, the woman repeatedly told them they were brave and that they were challenging religious extremism. Behind the Chinese woman was paramilitary forces and police officers with weapons

Ex-deputy commander of NATO forces in Europe, General Michel Yakovleff: NATO needs to prepare for the collapse of Russia. Yakovleff says the collapse of Russia is inevitable and will be much bloodier than the collapse of the USSR.
Preparing for the Final Collapse of the Soviet Union and the Dissolution of the Russian Federation | Hudson
Russias Bite No Longer Matches its Bark in Ukraine - The Moscow Times

When the snow melts, thousands of russian soldiers will simply become statistical red dots on Ukrainian soil. How many more deaths are needed to stop the kremlins mad king of red dots?
Putins Winter Bet Fails ... Despite these setbacks, Putin still has some advantages, such as backing from non-Western countries and growing Republican opposition to U.S. military aid to Ukraine.
Russian Foreign Ministry Spokesperson confirmed there is infighting in the Kremlin inner circle, that the Kremlin has ceded centralized control over the Russian information space, and that Putin cannot fix it : worldnews
Kremlin admits Putin losing control of Russias war narrative
Russian wives and mothers call on Putin to stop sending mobilized men to the slaughter
Russian Officials Face Almost Total Ban on Foreign Travel : worldnews ... The investigation found that the rules tended to get stricter with proximity to power. Kremlin employees, for example, are no longer allowed to leave Russia at all.
Putins hidden war: the Russians fighting back The Economist

Why Putin Miscalculated So Badly In Ukraine - Vlad Vexler : UkrainianConflict
(82) Historian predicts how Russia's war in Ukraine could end - YouTube
Did a culture of institutionalised lying contribute to Russias military disasters by giving its senior commanders a distorted and false picture of the true situation on the ground?
1/ Did a culture of institutionalised lying contribute to Russia's recent disaster east of Kharkiv, by giving its senior commanders a distorted and false picture of the true situation on the ground?reviewing the evidence.

Girkin says we lost everything, well lose Transnistria and wont be able to take Odesa
Terrorist Girkin-Strelkov says sadly that with Russian ministry of defense they wont win the war.He actively criticizes Russian authorities and officials and hes still free?
Girkin....Shoigu and his team are a coward : UkrainianConflict

Mass Backstabbing Spree Over Putins War Sweeps Russia A surge of citizens snitching on each other for anti-war comments is reportedly landing Russians across the country in jail.
Mass Backstabbing Spree Over Putin War Sweeps Russia
Olga Skabeyeva, a Russian propagandist, is having trouble persuading the Russian audience on live television. : RussiaUkraineWar2022
u/Unapologetic_Warthog rewrites "Stan" in the context of Russian internal conflict : bestof

ChrisO_wiki on Twitter: "4/ Training turned out to be minimal. A wife says that that the men "played on their phones" for two weeks and had one session at a firing range where they shot ten blank rounds from a sniper rifle. According to No Future:" / Twitter
ChrisO_wiki on Twitter: "5/ "Relatives say that the mobilised rebelled and demanded to be taken to exercises more often, to which one of the unit commanders replied: "You are meat."" / Twitter
6/ Disillusionment set in. One man told his wife, Dont believe anything that they say in the news, they are bullshitting, not a single word of truth, a complete lie

Rights experts deeply disturbed by Russian Wagner Group recruitment of prisoners

UK presses Olympic sponsors to ensure Russian athletes are banned from games : worldnews

#Russias hybrid warfare & shrinking influence in #Moldova #Georgia #Armenia #Kazakhstan

India government opposes recognising same-sex marriage - court filing : worldnews

U.S. arms left in Afghanistan surface in Pakistan Taliban insurgency : worldnews
Pakistan offers to transfer 44 T-80UD tanks to Ukraine in exchange for financial assistance : worldnews

South Africas anti-corruption watchdog cleared President Cyril Ramaphosa of any wrongdoing in a preliminary report into a cover-up scandal that has tarnished his reputation, local media reported on Saturday ... What a shock, they investigated themselves and found that they did nothing wrong, then drove off in brand new Mercedes S-Classes.

300,000 flee ongoing violence in DR Congo in February alone: UNHCR : worldnews

China Plans New Middle East Summit as Diplomatic Role Takes Shape - WSJ Beijings involvement in the details of dispute between Saudi Arabia and Iran led to a re-establishment of ties
Saudi Arabia launches new national airline : worldnews

Azerbaijan says Iranian warplane violated its airspace, summons Tehrans ambassador

Iran says deal reached with US for prisoner swap : worldnews
Iran says deal reached to buy Russian fighter jets, as defense cooperation deepens : worldnews

US defense chiefs visit to Israel reveals divisions on Iran
Netanyahus Response to Iran-Saudi Deal Shows a Growing Detachment From Realityinsistence that he is the one leading the Western worlds fight against Iran and that peace with the Saudis is within reach shows how disconnected he is both at home and abroad

250,000 protesters take to the streets against regime change | Israel : worldnews
Anti-overhaul protesters call to turn up heat as over 300,000 estimated at rallies last night| Israel : worldnews
Half a million Israelis join latest protest against Netanyahus judicial overhaul - organizers
Biggest in Israeli History: Organizers Claim Half a Million Protesters Against Netanyahus Constitutional Coup
Rising violence, growing political crisis in Israel strain U.S. support : worldnews ... Any U.S. move to reduce or leverage support for Israel would undoubtedly trigger fierce blowback from nearly all Republicans and many Democrats, not to mention Orthodox Jewish and evangelical groups in the U.S. that have been more supportive of Netanyahus approach.
Israels judicial reform is concerning, German president says ... concern about the restructuring of the rule of law in Israel.
3D analysis shows how Israeli troops fired into group of civilians - In an incident last month that left two Palestinians dead, troops shot at least 14 times in four seconds while civilians would have been visible.

Zelenskyy: Russia Has Become a Synonym for Terror : worldnews
Twelve Months of War in Ukraine Have Revealed Four Fundamental Lessons on Urban Warfare
Why do we still fight? This is first part of our answer. The second part youll see in the coming weeks. #SpringIsComing
War will end at negotiating table with Ukraine in best place Sunak says
Has Putins assault on Ukraines power grid failed?
And Putin is a condom... Glory to the heroes
Ukraine admits the Ghost of Kyiv was not real
There is nothing more European than this image. All of European art and literature and thought and action is about this. But today Europe lives above all in Ukraine

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 382, Part 1 (Thread #523) : worldnews

Recent updates as of 12.03 +1090 +8

Russian advance stalls in Ukraines Bakhmut, think tank says
War Mapper on Twitter: "A timelapse of the situation around Bakhmut each week over the past 2 months." / Twitter
In Bakhmut, Russia Controls East, Ukraine Controls West : worldnews

Moldova police say they foiled Russia-backed unrest plot : worldnews
Moldova smashes pro-Moscow subversion ring : worldnews

Celebrations in Georgia as controversial law dropped : worldnews

Russia is not a superpower, it is a superproblem - former Lithuanian Foreign Minister

US Envoy Calls on Hungary s Orban to Pivot from Russia 'Now'

Protestors take to the street to demand strict Swiss neutrality : worldnews
Swiss under pressure over frozen assets of Russian oligarchs : worldnews

1,300 migrants rescued by Italian coastguard from Mediterranean Sea : worldnews

Corsican leaders decry a court ruling that bans the use of the local language in islands parliament

French Senate adopts Macrons pension reform in wake of days of protests

Rishi Sunak has electricity grid upgraded to heat his private pool
Eschaton: British Q Tory MP, just so you know we don't have *all* the nutters

Canadian government-owned Trans Mountain oil pipeline expansion costs surge 44% to C$30.9 billion : worldnews
Canadian Forces looking into role of military personnel involved with Mriya Report : worldnews
Beijing-friendly Liberal politician calls for public inquiry into unlawful CSIS
Document reveals Canadas undisclosed motives for arming Saudi Arabia - It's oil ... the least surprising motive of any motive that ever motived, because all Saudi Arabia has is Oil.

None of the emerging narratives surrounding the Nord Stream pipeline bombing really contradicts Seymour Hershs central allegation that Biden authorized the operation.

Little fissures : The U.S.-Ukraine war unity is slowly cracking apart - A tough week for U.S.-Ukraine news reveals an imperfect harmony (pro-putin paid refuckers)

Maybe We Should Turn STRATCOM Off And Then On AgainOn Thursday, Air Force General Anthony Cotton, the head of the US Strategic Command, the service in charge of nuclear weapons, argued in testimony before Congress for more nuclear weapons ... General Cotton apparently has his own definition of nuclear war ... Cotton is from Dudley, North Carolina

Superpower Posturing: Fears Grow of New Cold War Between U.S. and China : politics
How China Boxed America Out of the South China Sea - WSJ China incrementally built up military outposts, with little pushback from the U.S., and has emerged as a power in the strategic waters through which trillions of dollars in trade passes

Stripping Confederate Ties, the U.S. Navy Renames Two Vessels - The New York Times The vessels will be named for Robert Smalls, a mariner who commandeered a Confederate ship to freedom from slavery, and Marie Tharp, an ocean geologist who studied continental drift.

Saturday Political Cartoon Thread : politics

Saudi Arabias golf case threatens to spill kingdom secrets

Yellen says no federal bailout for Silicon Valley Bank : news
Yellen says no federal bailout for Silicon Valley Bank : politics
U.S. officials weigh protecting all deposits at Silicon Valley Bank - The Washington Post Extraordinary step eyed if plan to sell SVB to another institution fails
Regulators close New Yorks Signature Bank, citing systemic risk
Trump era roll back of bank regulations resurfaces amid SVB collapse : politics
Trump-Era Deregulation Deemed a Key Culprit in the Failure of Silicon Valley Bank : politics
Silicon Valley Bank Used Former McCarthy Staffers to Weaken Regulations, Lobby FDIC : politics
/u/coffeesippingbastard succinctly explains why Silicon Valley Bank failed : bestof

Eschaton: Nice Economy, There Lots of twitter posts from "Tech" guys saying that that economy will implode and the world will burn to a crisp unless the government puts all their toys back in the pram. The reality is the FDIC is good at their jobs and things will mostly be fine, and all these billionaires can step in and provie short term loans themselves if they really care so deeply (people are going to get most of their money, some of them might not get it tomorrow). But even more than the Wall Street types, these guys really will try to burn it all down if they don't get everything they want. Giant red flags should follow around any politician who is too close to them.
Eschaton: Amazing Scenes - They are out here buying ads comparing themselves to Ukraine aid. - I wonder why people might not want to bail them out

White House brands Freedom Caucus deficit plan astax breaks for the super wealthy
Bidens carrot patch: The whole (energy) world loves the Inflation Reduction Act

Pence says Trump endangered my family on Jan. 6
Pence says history will hold Donald Trump accountable for Jan. 6th (Refucklicans: "what's history?)

The D.C. District Court Upholds the Governments Geofence Warrant Used to Identify Jan. 6 Rioters
Judge denies media access to records in Mar-a-Lago grand jury fight - POLITICO
Donald Trump, E. Jean Carroll Trial May Get Anonymous Jury - Bloomberg
Trump faces "legal avalanche" as indictments "imminent": Former prosecutor : politics

Michael Cohen to testify Monday in Trump hush-money probe : politics
Trump indictment? Possibility throws wrench into campaign plans : politics
Former Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson: Trump should quit 2024 presidential race if indicted

Fox's P.R. Woes May Not Directly Translate to Legal Ones : Some of the unflattering private messages among the network's hosts and executives may never become evidence when Dominion Voting Systemsdefamation case against Fox News goes to trial.

Kimberly Guilfoyle Is Just Another Grifting Ass Republican ... Don jr does coke off of your tits and now somehow we know your name and talk about you like you matter. Jfc america, wtf

Little rewards get people to see truth in politically unfavorable info : politics ... Even if you pay conservatives, they're not as good at IDing fake news as liberals. Surprising no one these are the same people that believe the earth is 6000 years old and evolution is a myth. They have been trained all there life to disregard truth and critical thinking skills.

Judge in Texas schedules Wednesday hearing on abortion pill mifepristone case - The Washington Post Judge Matthew Kacsmaryk wanted to minimize protests and threats in connection with the closely-watched case, people familiar with the plan said ... The Texas judge who could undo government approval of a key abortion drug has scheduled the first hearing in the case for Wednesday but took unusual steps to keep it from being publicized, according to people familiar with the plans. (asshole refucker)

Texas Republican Introduces Bounty Hunting Bill Targeting Drag Queens. Taking a page from the anti-abortion fight in Texas, a Republican lawmaker wants to make everyday citizens bounty hunters looking for drag queens. : politics
Drag queens and Nazis: Two threats to the Republic - The far right of the Republican party in 2023 is on display here:
CW for thread: Language and violence - Several anti-drag groups including avowed Neo-Nazis, "White Lives Matter," Proud Boys, Patriot Front, and non-affiliated conservative activists protested outside a drag show today at a public park in Wadsworth, Ohio.

Ron DeSantis poses danger to democracy, Kirschner warns
Ron DeSantis blames Silicon Valley Banks collapse on DEI
US agencies debunk Florida surgeon general's vaccine claims
LGBTQ Floridians heading to state Capitol, where they face increasingly hostile political climate : politics
A Tampa teen was racially harassed by her teacher. He's bullied students for years - Hillsborough records show allegations ranged from performing a Nazi salute to calling a transgender student a slur.

More anti-LGBTQ+ bills have already been filed this year than all of 2022 : politics
What We Talk About When We Talk About Trans Rights | The New Yorker Masha Gessen on the public discourse over trans identity, the real reasons for the culture war over gender, and how well-meaning people can do better. By David Remnick

Bill banning marriages under age 16 passes in West Virginia : politics

Missouri Senate stalled as Democrats filibuster bill to ban gender-affirming care for youth : politics

A California county has dumped Dominion, leaving its election operations up in the air : politics

Texas Senates priority bills on higher ed would end tenure, diversity policiescould have profound impacts on how Texas universities recruit top faculty and other employees.
Texas state lawmakers unveil plan to curb renewable energy, subsidize natural gas : politics

New York governor, attorney general press pharmacy chains on abortion drug policy : politics

CO Dems Introduce Bills That Would Protect Abortion and Gender-Affirming Care - If passed, the bills would expand access to targeted health care and protect out-of-state patients from prosecution. : politics
Dave Williams, an election denier whose nickname is Lets Go Brandon,elected to lead battered Colorado GOP ... Put another nail in gammy boeberts reelection bid in 2024

High school student accosted by teacher for not reciting Pledge of Allegiance, lawsuit says : politics

Illinois bill would legalize human composting

Republican legislator arrested after hes caught on video swearing at snowplow truck driver clearing road (New Fuckshire)

Mississippi lawmakers stop effort to take over Jackson water : politics

Former congressman convicted of insider trading : politics ... Former Rep. Stephen Buyer (R-Ind.) was convicted of insider trading in New York on Friday after the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) alleged he used nonpublic information to buy stocks last year.

Gun bills coming in Michigan after 2nd school mass shooting | AP News
FBI: Michigan man threatened to "kill anyone who tries to take my guns"

Exile on Wingnut Avenue - The funding for Rod Drehers blog has been pulled because hes too much of a freak in the eyes of the funder, who one must remember was presumably acquainted with the work of Rod Dreher:

As they still have a neutral charge, can antineutrons replace neutrons in a regular atom? : askscience

Remains of ancient temple with hieroglyphic inscriptions discovered in Sudan : worldnews

(Serious) People who know murderers- Were there any signs that something was off? If so, what were they? : AskReddit


Plastic pollution in oceans has reached unprecedented levels in 15 years

About 4600 Extinction Rebellion activists expected to block the A12 in The Hague : worldnews

Brazils Amazon deforestation again hits record high for February | Climate Crisis News

EU, US to immediately start work on green subsidies deal

Argentinas grain harvest suffers under worst drought in 60 years

Canada, home to a massive boreal forest, lobbied to limit U.S., EU anti-deforestation bills : worldnews

Profiteering of Covid pandemic must never be repeated, world figures warn

Former Malaysian Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin was charged on Friday with corruption and money laundering over dealings related to a COVID-19 fund he set up while in power, dealing a blow to the opposition ahead of state elections in the coming months : worldnews

60% of South Koreans oppose Japan wartime labor dispute resolution : worldnews

North Korean hackers target security researchers with a new backdoor: Campaign uses carefully crafted LinkedIn accounts that mimic legit people : worldnews

Hong Kong court jails 3 members of Tiananmen vigil group : worldnews

China and Russia have deep defense sector ties. Putins war has not changed that, data show

Five regions want to break away from Russia, referendum shows : worldnews
Putin likely to attend India G20 summit : worldnews
Vladimir Putin is much more broke than we think - Financial Times : UkrainianConflict
Staring Down the Black Hole of Russia's Future - A Ukrainian victory may be the country's only chance at long-term salvation ... Unlikely as Russias disintegration might sound, breaking the country into national successor states may be the only way to put an end to its pattern of predatory, consumptive despotism against its neighbors.

Ukraine will study renaming Russia to Moskovia. The Kremlin has responded : UkrainianConflict
Russia will rename Ukraine Bandera Reich, Medvedev warns

Kadyrov evacuated to Germany for renal treatment after FSB poisoning, Ukrainian military expert says : UkrainianConflict

Russian officials and employees of state-owned companies are increasingly being told to surrender their passports to members of the security services to ensure they cannot flee the country : worldnews

NEXTA on Twitter: "The office of the propaganda religious TV channel "Spas" is on fire in #Moscow." / Twitter

There are so many debates about US or European colonialism and imperialism. Russians love to push this discussion. But its usually forgotten that Russian Federation is not a country. Its a colonial empire that oppresses indigenous cultures

Russia cautions regional allies against aligning with the United States : worldnews
Anti-Russia guerrillas in Belarus take on two-headed enemy

Ugandan bill threatens jail for saying you're gay : worldnews

Turkish opposition unites against weaker than everErdogan ahead of elections: Kemal Kilicdaroglu, the leader of Turkeys Republican People's Party (CHP), has emerged as the main challenger
Erdogan officially sets May 14 as Turkeys election date

China brokers Iran-Saudi detente, raising eyebrows in Washington - The Washington Post After decades of U.S. failures in the region, China takes a turn as Middle East power broker

Saudi deal with Iran worries Israel, shakes up Middle East : anime_titties
Israel Wont Be Allowed To Use Azerbaijan To Attack Iran - New Ambassador

Opinion | Israel's Long-awaited Secular Uprising Is Finally Here -- wave of protests isnt just about the balance of power between the government and judiciary. It is also about a secular middle class fighting to preserve Israels essential character
Israel: Protesters take to streets in one of the biggest protests in its history : news
Tens of thousands of Israelis demonstrated across the country Saturday in the 10th consecutive week of protests against government judicial reform plans critics view as a threat to democracy : worldnews
UN special coordinator condemns appallingnew settler attacks in Huwara: Israeli settlers assaulted Palestinian family in their car with stones, pepper spray and an axe, before shots were fired ("invader")
Two Palestinians killed as West Bank violence rumbles on : worldnews

Ukraine rebounds from Russian barrage, restores power supply : worldnews
Ukraine war latest: Ukraine holds onto Bakhmut as the country mourns legendary soldier killed near the ruined city : worldnews
Ground Forces Commander: Spring counteroffensive not far off

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 381, Part 1 (Thread #522) : worldnews

These are the indicative estimates of Russias combat losses as of March 11, according to the Armed Forces of Ukraine. +1010 +10
Russians lose 500 soldiers in Bakhmut over last day

K-2 battalion, 54th brigade ambushes 2 Wagner fighters, taking 1 POW : CombatFootage
The special forces of the SBU destroyed a Russian tank by kamikaze drone attack. Great footage on how a moving object can be hit.

I hope the Ukrainian command really, really, really knows what its doing in Bakhmut.

Child separation: Kremlin invents new torture for activists : worldnews

Russia casts Georgia protests as coup attempt, accuses West of fomenting unrest : worldnews

U.S. says Russian-linked actors planning protests and hope to topple Moldovan government : worldnews
US to help Moldova fight Russias destabilization efforts

Poland builds Europes largest land force to counter Russian threat (good job, Pootie)

Former Greek Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis with a broken nose after an attack in Athens : worldnews

Without us there is no Google: EU telcos ramp up pressure on Big Tech to pay for the internet ... The traffic is already paid for by multiple parties and the internet providers are just trying to get even more money for shit that was already paid for.

German police say "multiple" hostages held at Karlsruhe pharmacy : worldnews

Belgian parliament officially recognizes Holodomor as genocide against Ukrainians : worldnews
Belgium bans TikTok from government phones after U.S. and E.U. : worldnews

Demonstrators in France took to the streets Saturday for a seventh day of protest against President Emmanuel Macrons pension reform plans, with police expecting up to a million people at rallies nationwide
Corsican language ban stirs protest on French island | France : worldnews
Britain and France to coordinate aircraft carrier deployments : worldnews

Lineker pulled from BBC presenting after migration row : worldnews
Tweet by UK soccer hero Gary Lineker on asylum seekers kicks up a huge culture war and BBC boycott - The Boston Globe
Class war: Londons street markets cling on against gentrification

Colombian government and ELN rebels define first steps for ceasefire : worldnews

Chiles president shakes up Cabinet, replaces five ministers

Perus Pedro Castillo gets 36 more months of appropriate and proportionatepretrial detention: The former president is accused of being the leader of a criminal organization. This legal decision comes on top of the 18-month preventive prison term for the alleged crime of rebellion

U.S. sanctioned 2 Montreal companies for supporting Russian war effort : worldnews
Trudeau faces fury of Canadian MPs over alleged Chinese election meddling : worldnews
Canada rules that flipping the middle finger is a God-given right

New color scheme unveiled for Air Force One that discards Trumps design

Biden Expected to Move Ahead on a Major Oil Project in Alaska : politics

Congressman wants to make 32-hour workweek U.S. law to increase the happiness of humankind

Hundreds of startups face a crippling cash crunch and an extinction-level event if no one buys Silicon Valley Bank by Monday
The Second-Biggest Bank Failure
Silicon Valley Bank is shut down by regulators in biggest bank failure since global financial crisis
Silicon Valley Bank Fails After Run on Deposits - The New York Times The failure raised concerns that other banks could face problems, too.

SVB Chief Pressed Lawmakers To Weaken Bank Risk Regs
Summers Sees No Systemic Risk From SVB If Depositors Protected
SVB CEO Sold $3.6 Million in Stock Days Before Banks Failure
SVB paid out bonuses on March 10 (Thiel Vampirism)
The collapse of SVB and the partial repeal of Dodd-Frank
Eschaton: Broad Social Insurance FDIC insurance isn't free. It's a charge levied on banks based on various things (a bit above my pay grade), but designed to cover what it's supposed to cover - deposits up to $250,000.
Garry Tan has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars trying to defeat socialist and progressive policies in San Francisco and now hes begging for socialism for himself and his friends
Eschaton: Ah, Well, Nevertheless Bail him out and try again ... Silicon Valley Banks chief executive, Greg Becker, was a strong supporter of the change, which removed the requirement that banks with assets under $250 billion submit to stress testing by the Fed, and changed requirements for the amount of cash they had to keep on their balance sheets to protect against shocks.
Why Silicon Valley Banks Failure Felt a Lot Like GameStop Mania The bank run was fueled more by venture-capitalist influencers than financial reality.
Tucker Carlson blames collapse of Silicon Valley Bank on pioneering glass-ceiling-shattering women

Biden Tax Boost Targeting the Rich Called Fair, Popular, and Long Overdue

IRS audit finds 42,000 feds cheating on taxes : politics

House Freedom Caucus Economic Hostage-Takers Issue Latest Ransom DemandsThese power-hungry lawmakers are so determined to keep the Biden administration from rebuilding the middle class that theyre willing to tank the economy to do it one advocate warned.

US is racing toward a looming "hunger cliff," food insecurity experts warn: As pandemic-era emergency SNAP benefits expire, millions of Americans face food insecurity : politics

Private equity is plotting a child care takeover: Congress must step in : politics

The true cost of Dominion's devastating Fox News bombshells - The result just might be a financial death penalty for the network.
Rupert Murdoch: Fox News fired Kimberly Guilfoyle for inappropriate behavior
7 false claims from Fox News host Tucker Carlsons segments on Jan. 6 footage
Explaining the Missing Context of Tucker Carlsons Jan. 6 Presentation
The FCC could choose to act against Rupert Murdoch for Fox News election lies, but few expect it to

Kevin McCarthy joins the insurrection : politics

Republicans Are Scrambling to Invent Facts for Their Alternate Reality: The GOPs big project isnt creating jobs or beating inflation, its trying to make their weird and ever expanding canon of lore and grievances make sense.

Trump Gets Caught Trying to Play Judges to Manufacture Trial Delays : politics

Michael Cohen to Testify at Grand Jury as Likely Trump Indictment Looms : politics

Trump in growing legal and political peril ahead of 2024 - The Washington Post Multiple investigations into him and his actions are entering advanced stages while many Republicans drift away

The Rights Obsession With Wokeness Is a Sign of Weakness

Lets Just Say It: The GOP Is Obsessed With Penises

Swalwell Calls Out Jordan's 'Subpoena Complicance' Hypocrisy: VIDEO - Second Nexus Eric Swalwell Perfectly Shames Jim Jordan Over HypocriticalSubpoena Compliance Demand hypocrisy for issuing subpoenas after defying them when Democrats were in control.

Three Texas women are sued for wrongful death after assisting with abortion : politics
Texas women sued for wrongful death after aiding in abortion : news
The Lone Star War on Women escalates
Under the Texas abortion ban, a woman went into sepsis before doctors would treat her and nearly died, lawsuit says : politics
As Texas Privatizes Child Protective Services, Will the Horror Stories Go Unheard? (2019 background)

Lauren Boebert will be a grandmother at 36. This is what conservatives want for us : politics
West Virginia senators reject bill to ban child marriage : politics

The drag show bans sweeping the US are a chilling attack on free speech : politics
Tennessees anti-trans bill could cost the state $2 billion in lost revenue, panel says

Consider my priors unchanged (Jesse Singal digs himself deeper into his anti-trans hate-hole)
Jamie Reeds Misinformation Exposed by Jesse Singal ... Whats being lost is the humanity of these teens, who are making jokes and opening up to these providers because they trust them to have their best interests at heart. To take an innocent joke made by a teenager, and attempt to spin it into evidence that the child has such severe psychosis they dont even understand they are a human is an act of breathtaking cruelty and dehumanization. That is the picture of the real Jamie Reed that emerges, even in such a sympathetic outlet as Jesse Singal's substack.
Senator Bribeluncheon on Twitter: "@tomscocca he really does not know how obviously deranged he looks to anyone examining his claims even slightly realistically" / Twitter
Megan Greenwell on Twitter: "When your research into how HIPAA works definitely resulted in a full and correct understanding." / Twitter
~ Erica E. Anderson and transgender people -- Anderson is part of the so-called parental rights movement and markets her services to anxious parents who want to delay or prevent their children from making gender transitions.

Virginia judge cites slavery rulings when determining human embryos are property : politics

Rape victims must show proof to get an exception under Floridas 6-week abortion ban
Inside Ron DeSantiss Politicized Removal of an Elected Prosecutor
nside Ron DeSantiss Politicized Removal of an Elected ProsecutorThe Florida governor accused the Democratic prosecutor of undermining public safety. But a close examination of the episode reveals just how fueled it was by Mr. DeSantiss political aims.
Florida public official recorded saying he will Jew down store owner

Secret Service has declaration of Brazilian ATM thief who reportedly says George Santos

The Horrifying and Shameful Return of Child Labor | The Nation Bipartisan buck-passing and a ramshackle immigration system have revived Victorian degradation.
The Horrifying and Shameful Return of Child Labor : politics (Fuckabee Sanders cackles)

This Populist Democrat (and Distant Cousin of Elvis) Could Become Mississippis Next Governor: With the Republican-run state in disarray, polls suggest Brandon Presley has a real shot at defeating Governor Tate Reeves this year.

Tennessee lieutenant governor, 79, comments on young gay mans racy Instagram photos

Ex-intern sues Idaho lawmakers for harassing her after rape : politics

Newly Empowered Michigan Democrats Move on Labor, Gay Rights and Guns : politics

Many Colorado teachers dig into their own pockets to buy classroom supplies. The state may soon pay them back. A bipartisan bill would give 50,000 public school teachers an income tax credit of up to $1,000 to reimburse personally incurred expenses : politics

Oregon opens the door to universal basic income in WA : politics

Nevada Democrats propose legalizing magic mushrooms, studying effects of ecstasy : politics

Are antiquated marijuana policies exacerbating supply chain issues? : politics

A bakery gave BLM activists free coffee. Now counterprotesters are mad. - The Washington Post

5 archaic D.C. laws still on the books after crime bill is nixed - The Washington Post

Drag queen grooming innocent children : PoliticalHumor

How Rod Drehers Blog Got a Little Too Weird for The American Conservative ... "All us boys wanted to stare at his primitive root wiener when we were at the urinal during recess, because it was monstrous. Nobody told us that wieners could look like that."

Nelson Peltz Files to Have His Daughter Nicola and His Wife, Claudia, Removed From Weddings Planners Countersuit

I snapped | Day care owner says she shot her husband accused of child molestation in a moment of rage

Houston woman held captive inside locked trailer for 4 years, prosecutors say : news

Minnesota father allegedly uses moose antler, shovel to fatally beat man he suspected of abusing children, police say : news

TIL in 2004, Linda Ronstadt was booted and banned from the Aladdin hotel for dedicating a song to Michael Moore in support of his documentary, Fahrenheit 9/11. Along with this, bedlam began and Ronstadt was immediately booted, not allowed to return to her suite. (when America went insane)

The Spectacular Life of Octavia E. Butler : books

Scientists create mice with two fathers after making eggs from male cells : worldnews

Childs Weirdly Enlarged Brain Turns Out to be Her Unborn Parasitic Twin

TIL that an extensive research of dropping wallets was done to study honesty. 279 top economists agreed that a wallet with more money would be less likely to be returned but the actual results turned out to be opposite across countries and culture. : todayilearned

Study pinpoints salary required tolive comfortably in Boston area ($110,000+)

Vinyl records outsell CDs for the first time since 1987 : worldnews

I updated the World War 2 movies timeline I made and posted a couple weeks ago with suggestions I got on this sub and more, im still open to any ideas and suggestions : movies
Midway (1976 film) - Wikipedia
Midway movie review & film summary (1976) | Roger Ebert
7 Weird Facts About the 1976 Movie Midway

Hotel staff of reddit, whats the most NSFW moment you witnessed at your hotel?

What was the most fucked up thing someone said to you? : AskReddit

Which profession attracts the worst kinds of people? : AskReddit


Newly spotted 50-meter asteroid tops Risk List : worldnews
Valentines Day asteroid? NASA says asteroid as wide as a football field could hit Earth in 2046

California faces new threat of heavy snow, rain and floods that could put lives in great danger

Heres Why the Science Is Clear That Masks Work ... Cochrane Review ... The calculations the review used to reach a conclusion were dominated by prepandemic studies that were not very informative about how well masks blocked the transmission of respiratory viruses.

House votes to declassify info about origins of COVID-19 | AP News

Micronesia President Writes Bombshell Letter on Chinas Political Warfare
Pacifics Micronesia in talks to switch ties from Beijing to Taiwan- letter

Former Fiji leader Bainimarama charged with abuse of office - prosecutor : worldnews

Malaysia ex-PM Muhyiddin charged with corruption, laundering : worldnews
Former Goldman Sachs banker Roger Ng will spend a decade in prison for his role in a $4 billion money laundering and corruption conspiracy in the 1MDB case, which involved the looting of Malaysias sovereign wealth fund

South Korean government proposes increase in work week to 69 hours from 52 : worldnews
/u/sdric Shares His Experience With Overworked Koreans And Why It May Get Worse For Them : bestof
A World Without Men The women of South Koreas 4B t fighting the patriarchy theyre leaving it behind entirely.

North Korean leader Kim calls for intensified drills in case of 'real war' : worldnews
North Korea fires at least six short-range missiles as Kim Jong Un and daughter look on : worldnews

Chinas Xi gains unprecedented third term as president
Chinas Xi demands rapid military upgrade to world class standards
Russia Reportedly Supplying Enriched Uranium to China : worldnews

For those who worry that standing up to Russia would just provoke Putin and drag the world into war - we only have to look at the history of the 20th century. Nothing is more provocative to a dictator than the weakness of free nations. : ukraine

Be the American Russian propaganda thinks you are : ukraine
(81) Killer Mike - "Reagan" (Official Music Video) - YouTube

Putin dealt double blow as two of his closest allies turn on him : UkrainianConflict (Erdofuck and Orbadick)
The Terror CampaignI have a few thoughts on Russias strategic air campaign, which seems to have succeeded at nothing other than mollifying Putins most bloodthirsty supporters:
Russia cant make new missiles fast enough to keep up its attacks, so massive strikes are becoming rarer, UK intel says
US, international partners freeze more than $58 billion worth of Russian assets : worldnews
Wagner boss says the Kremlin wont talk to him anymore after he complained that Russia isn't giving his troops enough ammo
Gloom Envelops Putins state TV:
Russian state TV propagandists realize that nuclear threats arent deterring the West from supporting Ukraine and finally admit that Russia cant defeat NATO.

1/ Mobilised Russians from at least 16 regions of Russia have posted videos in the last few weeks complaining about poor training, lack of equipment, brutal commanders, mistreatment, and being used as meatfor suicidal assaults on Ukrainian positions

Navalnys close ally resigns after it was revealed that he had signed letters calling for EU to drop sanctions against Russian oligarchs

The heart of the war: Inside the secret talks with Putinsgenerals that ended the siege of Mariupol

Lukashenko implements death penalty for treason : worldnews

Kazakhstan refuses Russian citizens to buy new cars : worldnews

Uganda considers criminalising identifying as LGBTTQIA+ : anime_titties

Sanctions Loophole Closed as Turkey Blocks Parallel Imports to Russia : worldnews
The New Voice of Ukraine on Twitter: "Russian logistics companies claim that Turkey has started blocking transit of sanctioned goods to Russia." / Twitter
Turkiye says steps by Finland, Sweden not enough
Turkish police fire pepper spray after International Womens Day protest in Istanbul

Saudi Arabia Offers Its Price to Normalize Relations With Israel : worldnews ... The Saudi crown prince is seeking a civilian nuclear program and security assurances from President Biden, a steep price for an agreement long sought by Israel.
China brokered agreement between Iran and Saudi Arabia to re-establish diplomatic ties : worldnews
Iran and Saudi Arabia agree to restore relations

Defence secretary says US disturbed by Israeli settler violence ("invader")
3 wounded, including 1 critically, in central Tel Aviv terror shooting : worldnews

Zelenskyys Office Expects Procedure Approval for Ukraines NATO Accession at Vilnius Summit
Russian forces launch 95 missiles in the largest missile attack on Ukraine in weeks on March 9, according to the General Staff report. : worldnews
Electricity has been restored for 90% of people in Kharkiv Oblast following yesterdays mass Russian missile strike: Governor Oleh Syniehubov
Zelenskyy condemns attack on Zaporizhzhia power plant that put European continent in danger
Ukraine detains officials for famous planes destruction at start of war

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 380, Part 1 (Thread #521) : worldnews

Ukraine says Bakhmut battle pins down Russias best units

Donbas terrorists jail human rights activist Butkevych for 13 years : worldnews

Georgian Gov withdraws the controversial bill allowing it to "crackdown" on dissidents after bill after mass protests : worldnews

Satellite images reveal Russian activity on Gulf of Finland island | News | Yle Uutiset. : worldnews

Ukraine war: Latvia sends cars seized from drunk drivers to help Kyiv : worldnews

Hungary Needs to Think Hard About Future Russia Relations, Orban Says : worldnews

Poland ready to deliver fighter jets to Ukraine, says president : worldnews

Get back what was scrapped: Most Germans want compulsory military service to return
German police: 8 dead in Jehovahs Witnesses hall shooting ... Reports indicate that it was an ex-member of the religious group.
What we know so far about the Hamburg shooting : worldnews
Berlin to allow women to go topless in public swimming pools : worldnews

Another Credit Suisse Client Revealed as Boss of Russian Criminal Group : worldnews

Italian officer given 30-year jail term for selling secrets to Russia : worldnews
Italy shaken by earthquake close to city of Perugia : worldnews

BBC will not broadcast Attenborough episode over fear of rightwing backlash ... from Tory politicians and the rightwing press
BBC will not broadcast Attenborough episode over fear of rightwing backlash | BBC : anime_titties
I once admired Russell Brand. But his grim trajectory shows us where politics is heading | George Monbiot | The Guardian

Brazils Lula says judiciary should force businesses to pay equal wages for men and women

Honduran president ends ban on emergency contraception, making it widely available : worldnews
Reproductive Justice in Honduras ... Glad to see that half of American states are now to the right of Honduras on reproductive justice.

Mexico Cartel Turns In Own Men Over US Kidnappings : worldnews
Mexico president rebukes calls for US military action against cartels as an "offense"

Canada bans Russian aluminum and steel imports : worldnews
China accuses Canada of smearing over secret police stations : worldnews ... China accuses is the new Russia denies
Giving the middle finger is a God-given right Canadian judge rules ... Alas, he said, the courtrooms of the Montreal courthouse do not have windows

20 years ago today, at a concert in London, country band the Dixie Chicks denounced George W. Bush and the impending invasion of Iraq, angering many in the country music community and leading to their music being blacklisted. : Music

US hiring boom continued in February with 311,000 added jobs : politics

Joe Bidens 2024 budget is out. Aims to boost taxes on the rich, cut the national deficit
Biden Proposes Raising Taxes on People Making Over $400,000 a Year to Fund Medicare The plan is a direct challenge to Republicans. : politics
Biden wants to send Americans more checks : politics
Biden is once again pushing to give all US workers paid parental leaveand he wants their kids to have free universal preschool, too

The Fed wants to limit wage growth. Thats particularly bad for women

Sanders introduces bill to raise minimum teacher pay to $60,000 a year : politics

Live: SVB Collapse Marks the First FDIC-Insured Bank to Fail in 2023 (SIVB) - Bloomberg Silicon Valley Bank fails; FDIC appoints a receiver
Second-biggest failure of a financial institution in US history
Silicon Valley Bank is shut down by regulators, FDIC to protect insured deposits : news ... What SVB is uncovering is the impact of the rapid changing economic environment and the impact of the rapid rate hikes and it exposes a pretty significant flaw in the system because for what was essentially a guarantee for decades, was not immediately liquid. And this is going to get amplified by any shutdown as a result of debt ceiling issues too
Eschaton: EATED = BREAKING: SVB has just become the first FDIC-insured institution to fail this year.
Troubles at Silicon Valley Bank ripple across Boston tech scene - Startups and investors could face frozen accounts.

The Real-Life Consequences of Silicon Valley's AI Obsession - Sam Bankman-Fried made effective altruism a punchline, but its philosophy of maximum do-gooding masks a thriving culture of predatory behavior.

Donald Trump: Id have let Putin annex Ukraine to end the war
The Republican Position on Ukraine & Donald Trump, explained. : bestof

/u/CaptainNoBoat explains why the Jan 6 insurrection was not a random event, recounting all of the efforts made by Trump, elected officials, and conservative media : bestof

Prosecutors Signal Criminal Charges for Trump Are Likely : politics
NY prosecutors indicate Trump criminal charges likely, report says : politics
Report: Trump invited to testify before NY grand jury : politics
Trump invited to appear before New York grand jury on Stormy Daniels payments - The Washington Post
Criminal Charges Against Trump Take a Leap Toward Reality ... it's amazing that the Stormy Daniels Escapade could be first out of the gate.

Over 200 Donald Trump documents to be handed over in huge court defeat : politics
Jury can seeAccess Hollywood tape in E. Jean Carrolls rape case against Trump, federal judge rules

Trump Is Losing His Grip on the Grassroots - POLITICO A new survey of GOP leaders shows Ron DeSantis edging out the former president.

Federal judge orders Peter Navarro to turn over hundreds of White House emails : politics ... Remember when conservatives lost their shit when Hillary had emails on a private server?

Judge says Jacob Wohl, Jack Burkman violated Voting Rights Act, KKK Act with 2020 voter suppression : politics

Man accusing CPAC's Matt Schlapp of sexual misconduct faces sexual battery claim - The Washington Post

House "Weaponization" Subcommittee Shows What Happens When One Bad-Faith Exercise Pokes Another : politics
House "Weaponization" Subcommittee Shows What Happens When One Bad-Faith Exercise Pokes Another - The panel's hearing on the Twitter Files is a classic "two wrongs don't make a right."
Matt Taibbi Declares John Podesta's Risotto Recipe Was "True" - emptywheel

Can Georgia Republicans Really Fire a Prosecutor for Indicting Trump? : politics

House Republicans refuse to join Democrats in denouncing white supremacy : politics

Meet the Ghost Woman Fox Relied on for Voter Fraud Claims

Fox News Editor Overseeing Crime Fearmongering Is Felon Himself

Republicans push wave of bills that would bring homicide charges for abortion : politics

George Santos masterminded 2017 ATM fraud, former roommate tells feds : politics
Santos accused of orchestrating credit card skimming operation : politics

GOP Virginia Governor Stumbles As Trans Student Confronts Him On Live TV : politics
Democrats Need to Fight Harder as the GOP Tries to Eradicate Trans People : politics

/u/inconvenientnews lays out the dramatic difference in many metrics (life expectancy, crime, gun violence, maternal mortality, federal aid) between Democratic and Republican policies, and how "red" states tend to be worse in all of the above (3 comments total) : bestof
As Wisconsins and Minnesotas lawmakers took divergent paths, so did their economies

Michigan House and Senate pass bill repealing 1931 abortion ban : politics
Michigan becomes 22nd state to pass LGBTQ+ protections after decades of fighting. Amid the ongoing legislative attacks on LGBTQ communitiesthis proactive law is a beacon of hope and optimism

Ron DeSantis is just getting started with his rightwing agenda. That should worry us all | Margaret Sullivan | The Guardian
Ron DeSantis $100m private Florida army raises questions
Florida Republicans Are Reminding Us Again: The Right Doesnt Care About Free Speech
Far-right Florida groups look to capitalize on political climate. : NPR

Tennessee congressman Andrew Ogless resume is too good to be true

Former Ohio Legislator Found Guilty of Racketeering in $60 Million Scheme : politics
Neo-Nazi Homeschoolers Could Be Paid $22,000 to Teach Their Kids About Hitler : politics (Ohio)

Norfolk Southern train derails in Alabama hours before CEO testifies before Congress : politics

The Polls Were Historically Accurate In 2022 | FiveThirtyEight Weve updated our pollster ratings.

The Messenger, a Media Start-Up, Aims to Build a Newsroom Fast - The New York Times The company, which will begin operating in May, plans to have around 550 journalists covering entertainment, politics and sports within a year.

Elons well-compensated head of PR immolates what remains of his dignity ... As you may have seen, professional Putin/Trump/Tucker apologist and Elon Musk errand boy Matt Taibbi made an appearance at the committee chaired by his admired political ally Gym Jordan:
Sam Sacks on Twitter: "Honestly this clip is far more embarrassing for Taibbi than anything that happened at the hearing." / Twitter

How the FBI proved a remote admin tool was actually malware | TechCrunch

From ELIZA to ChatGPT, our digital reflections show the dangers of AI - Vox From ELIZA onwards, humans love their digital reflections.

Masham and me : Were it not for her friendship with John Locke, the radical feminist gems of philosopher Damaris Masham might be unknown

Allegedly beaten and abused in an Oxford house of horrors, former foster children file suit against state social workers - State received more than a dozen complaints, but left children in the home.

Touch optimised free Drawboard PDF alternatives? : Surface

Salary transparency thread : boston

People of Reddit, what is the dumbest reason your (ex) partner gave for cheating? : AskReddit


Antarctic sea ice cover at record low | Sea ice in Antarctica shrank to the smallest area on record in February for the second year in a row, continuing a decade-long decline; Startlingly, the record lows this year and in 2022 are about 30 percent below the 1981-2010 average : worldnews

Oceans littered with 171 trillion plastic pieces : worldnews

Shocking trophy hunting reveals: SA safari rep urges rhino hunt before species goes extinct : worldnews

Shell CEO pay up 50% as soaring energy prices boosted profit | AP News : worldnews

New idea for sucking up CO2 from air and storing it in the sea shows promise: novel approach captures CO2 from the atmosphere up to 3x more efficiently than current methods, and the CO2 can be transformed into bicarbonate of soda and stored safely and cheaply in seawater. : science

2,703 confirmed cases and 61 deaths in a week. See the latest COVID-19 data from Mass.

COVID survivors at increased risk of long-term gastrointestinal conditions | Although people with severe COVID had highest risk, mild cases also upped risks. : science

Skeptical of the lab leak theory? Heres why you should take it seriously.

Otter, sea lions and red foxes test positive for H5N1 bird flu : worldnews

Australia to buy US nuclear submarines to fill capability gap : worldnews

A top Cambodian official suspected in a massive legalized logging operation was recently given access to thousands of hectares of the countrys rich tropical forests, a new investigation reveals

70% of flight attendants in Japan report possibility their photos were secretly taken : worldnews
Teens made up over 40% of Japan child porn offenders in 2022: police : worldnews
Arrests made after sushi terror pranks outrage Japan and halt conveyor belts
Japanese vlogger-turned-lawmaker has skipped work for over 7 months : worldnews

U.S. eyes new framework on nuclear deterrence with Japan, South Korea : worldnews

Chinas Xi calls for more quickly elevating armed forces

Putin Is Losing His Ex-Soviet Backyard - Bloomberg

Increased spending, falling revenue, Russia is currently running a 45% budget deficit : worldnews

Russian journalist Alexander Nechayev found dead in Uzbekistan : worldnews

In Russia, children opposing the Ukraine war are being targeted : worldnews

Toxic Trash the size of 12 football fields catches fire in India. : worldnews

UN: Afghanistan is worlds most repressive country for women
Afghanistan blast: Taliban governor killed at his office : worldnews

Impunity drives cycles of horrific crimes in South Sudan, Human Rights Council hears

Thousands of Turkish women have defied a ban on protests on International Womens Day and rallied in the city of Istanbul for what they called a feminist night march

Iran sent Russia over 100 million rounds of ammo, plans to send more - report : worldnews

Israelis stage day of resistanceagainst Netanyahu plan

Ukraine claims a drone strike on a military target inside Russia : worldnews
Ukraine is turning down hundreds of Afghan soldiers who want to join its war effort : worldnews

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 379, Part 1 (Thread #520) : worldnews

The Kyiv Independent on Twitter: "" / Twitter - Russian Losses as of March 9
Latest Defence Intelligence update on the situation in Ukraine09 March 2023

Invaders destroy 400 apartment blocks in Mariupol to hide war crimes

Russia launched a mass missile and drone attack across Ukraine in the early morning hours of March 9, killing at least 5 people and injuring at least 7. Numerous energy infrastructure sites were targeted.
Russian missiles target cities across Ukraine, officials say : worldnews
Russian launches massive missile barrage, target cities across Ukraine : worldnews
Ukrainian air defence shot down 34 of 81 missiles launched overnight. Russia launched 28 Kh-101, 20 Kaliber, 6 Kh-22, 6 Kh-47 Kindzhal, 2 Kh-31P, 6 Kh-59, 13 S-300 and 8 Shahed drones
OSINTtechnical on Twitter: "Network tracking metrics indicate that the Ukrainian power grid is recovering from overnight Russian missile attacks, though Kharkiv and Zhytomyr Oblasts have been much slower to recover." / Twitter Network tracking metrics indicate that the Ukrainian power grid is recovering from overnight Russian missile attacks, though Kharkiv and Zhytomyr Oblasts have been much slower to recover.
Ukraine Nuclear Plant Without Power After Russian Strike : worldnews
Ukraine war: Why Russias infrastructure strikes strategy isn't working

ISW on Twitter: "NEW: #Wagner Group financier Yevgeny #Prigozhin announced on March 8 that #Russian forces captured all of eastern #Bakhmut, a claim consistent with available visual evidence. Russian forces remain unlikely to rapidly exploit a breakthrough beyond Bakhmut." / Twitter
Ukraine sees bloody battle for Bakhmut as chance to wipe out Wagners army of convicts

Ukraine to pursue legal action against Russia over environmental crimes : worldnews

Georgia withdraws foreign influence bill that sparked angry protests

Poland is ready to transfer all its MiG-29 fighters to Ukraine. "The rest of the MiG-29s that we have in Poland & that are now serving in our Air Force -we are ready to deliver these planes, & I a
Disabled people begin protest in Polish parliament seeking rise in benefits to level of minimum wage : worldnews
Polish state media under fire after politicians son died by suicide

Four bankers in Switzerland accused of helping to hide Putins millions | Swiss national and three Russians appear in court in connection with accounts in name of Putins friend Sergei Roldugin

Czech President Milos Zeman leaves, opponents celebrate : worldnews ... He told Russian President Vladimir Putin during a meeting in China that there were too many journalists and some should be Liquidated

Pope John Paul IIs handling of sex abuse needs further researchsays Polands Catholic church

Belgium bans gambling advertising from July 1 : worldnews

French Senate votes raising retirement age to 64 : worldnews
` Bags containing 2.3 tonnes of cocaine wash up on Normandy coast in France : worldnews

Iran targeting Israelis, Jews in UK, British parliament hears : worldnews

Venezuelans struggling to afford food - even if they have access to dollars : worldnews

Two dead after intense airport shootout in a failed attempt to steal $32.5m from Santiago, Chile : worldnews

Medecins Sans Frontieres shuts Haiti hospital amid gang violence : worldnews

Four Americans kidnapped in Mexico have lengthy rap sheets | Daily Mail Online

The Pentagon is funding experiments on animals to recreate Havana SyndromeThe testing looks to see if directed energy on ferrets can replicate the mysterious ailment suffered by U.S. personnel.

War Crimes Happen - American military leaders oppose helping the court investigate Russians because they fear setting a precedent that might help pave the way for it to prosecute Americans

The four factors that fuel disinformation among Facebook ads. Russia continued its programs to mislead Americans around the COVID-19 pandemic and 2020 presidential election. And their efforts are simply the best known -- many other misleading ad campaigns are likely flying under the radar all the time.

Biden to propose 25% billionaire tax : politics
Biden to propose cutting the deficits by nearly $3 trillion : politics

Why Poverty Persists in America - The New York Times A Pulitzer Prize-winning sociologist offers a new explanation for an intractable problem ... "It is much easier in the United States to be decently dressed than it is to be decently housed, fed or doctored" Why, then, when it comes to poverty reduction, have we had 50 years of nothing? ... "Neoliberalism" is now part of the lefts lexicon, but I looked in vain to find it in the plain print of federal budgets, at least as far as aid to the poor was concerned ... Neoliberalismis now part of the lefts lexicon, but I looked in vain to find it in the plain print of federal budgets, at least as far as aid to the poor was concerned ... As a result, states have come up with rather creative ways to spend TANF dollars. Arizona has used welfare money to pay for abstinence-only sex education ... anti-abortion crisis-pregnancy centers ... Christian summer camp ... The primary reason for our stalled progress on poverty reduction has to do with the fact that we have not confronted the unrelenting exploitation of the poor in the labor, housing and financial markets ... Unwinding ourselves from our neighbors deprivation and refusing to live as enemies of the poor will require us to pay a price. Its the price of our restored humanity and renewed country.

House Republicans are reportedly getting ready for the US to default as the debt ceiling draws closer : politics

U.S. Senator Mitch McConnell taken to hospital after fall : politics
Senate GOP leader Mitch McConnell hospitalized after fall : news
Senior Senator Down?

Republicans signal they will block policies requiring meningitis vaccination for 7th graders, new rules on chickenpox : politics

A Startling Document Predicted Jan. 6. Democrats Are Missing Its Other Warnings. : politics

Trump Likely to Be Charged

Trump publishing letters from Oprah, other celebrities in new book Exclusive: Trump publishing private letters from Oprah, other celebrities ... Oprah Winfrey in 2000 in which she says: Too bad we're not running for office. What a team!

Tucker Carlson calls critics sociopaths and accuses Merrick Garland of lying about January 6 officer deaths

Court records show political pressure behind Fox programming : politics
Dominion suit against Fox News spotlights Maria Bartiromo - Los Angeles Times

Jan. 6 rioters trashed a GOP senators office, and he hasn't acknowledged it - Newly released court documents and video reveal that a mob of rioters broke into the office of Sen. Jim Risch of Idaho on Jan. 6 and trashed it.

Ex-Army Private Gets 45 Years for Passing Sensitive Info to Misogynist Neo-Nazi Satanists Now We Have to Worry about Misogynistic Neo-Nazi Jihadist Satanists Infiltrating the Military? This story is fucking nuts.

Inside the Private and Confidential Conservative Group That Promises to Crush Liberal Dominance - Leonard Leo, a key architect of the Supreme Court's conservative supermajority, is now the chairman of Teneo Network, a group that aims to influence all aspects of American politics and culture.

Democrats see abortion as electrifying issue in 2024 : politics

California wont renew $54M Walgreens contract over companys abortion pill decision

Behind the Republican war on trans people ... his legislative session, at least 18 states have considered bills containing language closely resembling the text of the Vulnerable Child Protection Act.
Lauren Boebert rails against sex-ed then announces her teen son is having a baby : politics (runs in the family)
Children of men ... I did not have prominent Republican politician comes out in favor of unwed teen parenthood on my Conservative Family Values bingo card, but to be fair that card predated the transformation of Conservative Family Values into an explicit campaign to produce more white babies.

Florida parents are grappling with a wave of laws that affect families - The Washington Post The state has introduced new laws that affect nearly every stage of parenting. Some families are choosing between fight and flight.

Child marriage ban bill defeated in West Virginia House : politics ... Don't you dare do drag in front of my child bride! (and who else could we fuck? Refucks say)

Make Child Labor Great Again ... Arkansas Gov. Sarah Huckabee Sanders signed a measure this week loosening child labor protections in the state.
Arkansas Makes It Easier to Put Children to Work Arkansas Is Gonna Stop Those Kids from Going Woke with a Healthy Dose of Capitalism - Everybody knows that when there is no paper trail for a child in a professional environment, that's just freedom.

Michigan Democrats move quickly to repeal right-to-work : politics

Former Trump attorney Jenna Ellis censured for election rigging lies : politics
Ex-Trump attorney admits statements about 2020 election were false and is censured by judge : politics

Anti-Drag Tennessee Lt. Guv Really Loves This LGBTQ Mans Thirst Traps
Anti-LGBTQ Tennessee Lt. Gov. McNally Comments On Racy Instagram Pics of Young Gay Male

Former Ohio speaker, GOP chair found guilty of racketeering - Ohio Capital Journal ... Larry Householder and state Republican Chairman Matt Borges guilty of felony racketeering charges in connection with a billion-dollar utility bailout that was passed in 2019 (fat neck refucker)

Details in a lawsuit against Texass abortion ban shock the conscience

The Government Does a Bad Job Assessing Toxic Exposures - The American Prospect The history of the captured federal agencies that reassure the public after chemical disasters should give East Palestine residents pause.

Jaded with education, more Americans are skipping college | AP News

Dafna Linzer abruptly steps down as Politico's executive editor - The award-winning journalist had clashed with another top executive amid a new corporate owner's plans for global expansion.

Eschaton: Fans King of the British transphobes, Glinner, is a big Chait fan, a bit mixed on Singal.

Missing Indiana 14-year-old Emily Barger is found in SHED 200 miles from home: Cops arrest 18-year-old she left home with

Vandal who painted "groomer" on libraries had disturbing evidence of child sex abuse in apartment: police

Colorado Catholic group bought app data that tracked gay priests - The Washington Post A group of philanthropists poured money into a Denver nonprofit that obtained dating and hookup app data and shared it with bishops around the country, a Post investigation has found

Alex Jones would get $520,000 salary under bankruptcy plan | AP News

The scale of local news destruction in Gannett's markets is astonishing - It might not be as mustache-twirling a villain as Alden Global Capital, but its enormous scale has meant enormous losses for local journalism ... Gannett has eliminated 59% of its jobs in four years. (refuck priorites: destroying education, thinking and information)

Its a pressure cooker: Inside the chaos of Elon Musks Twitter ... The company, which once had more than 8,000 staff, is down to fewer than 2,000hose few remaining on the infrastructure team are working 11 or 12 hour days just to keep the platform online (Muskfucking goes on, how much longer can TW last?)

White supremacist propaganda activity surged in New England in 2022

Yeti recalls nearly 2 million soft cooler bags over magnet hazard - CBS News

Room-temperature superconductor works at lower pressures : worldnews

Scientists have revived a zombie virus that spent 48,500 years frozen in permafrost

TIL the Myers-Briggs has no scientific basis whatsoever. : todayilearned

Math Hacks for Math Haters

America's most and least educated states, ranked - wicked smart massholes : massachusetts

Abhidharma - Wikipedia
Anagarika Govinda - Wikipedia
Robert Thurman - Wikipedia
Secret Midnight Magic Nico Snow
Keeping With Tradition, New Yorks Famous Babies Have Funny Names
Chasing Artist and Downtown Legend Dash Snow -- New York Magazine - Nymag
Dash Snow Seemed Happy and Healthy in Weeks Leading Up to Death, Say Shocked Friends - Slideshow - Vulture


Women were beginning to hit the streets en masse across the globe on Wednesday to defend rights that are coming under increasing attack : worldnews
Womens rights vanishing before our eyes warns UNs Guterres as marches ramp up for Womens Day.
Campaign calls for gender apartheid to be crime under international law : worldnews

Scientists now have a name, "plasticosis," for the health problems that stem from animal plastic consumption : worldnews

WHO fires director in Asia accused of racist misconduct | AP News

A new study found 59 percent of long-COVID patients had organ damage, but experts say its not that simple

Available evidence still points to covid originating from spillover

Perth Mint sold diluted gold to China, got caught, and tried to cover it up : worldnews

Hope is rare now in Myanmar, UN Human Rights Council hears

Thai man jailed for insulting king over duck calendar : worldnews

South Korea approves howitzers transfer to Ukraine for Russia war : worldnews
Forced labour victims protest in wheelchairs, reject S.Korea deal on Japan
New government plan opens up possibility of 80.5-hour work week in Korea : worldnews
Foreign residents struggle with Koreas impossible body standards ,,, But Korean beauty standards border on the absurd. For women, a slim figure, flawlessly pale skin, distinctive jaw and large, double-lidded eyes are examples of the supposedly attractiveyet simultaneously unachievable features.

Seouls intelligence reveals new facts about North Korean leaders daughter
Kim Jong Un Sister Threatens Action on US-South Korea Drills

Taiwan suspects Chinese ships cut islands internet cables

Chinese prosecutors charged 78,000 people for corruption over 5 years : worldnews
China's New Smart Religion App Requires Faithful To Register To Attend Worship Services

Demographics could well be the biggest threat to Russian economy (with no fix available) - Russias population is declining, which will weigh on long-term growth outlook - Death of tens of thousands of young men and exodus of highly-trained workers to compound phenomenon
Russia's population nightmare is going to get even worse - War in Ukraine has aggravated a crisis that long predates the conflict

The recent meeting between Russian dictator Vladimir Putin and Kadyrovs eldest son, 17-year-old Akhmat, sparked rumors this might be a casting for a new Chechen leader.

Putins Cellist Friend Moved MillionsThrough Swiss Banks: Lawyers
Russian propagandist Skabeyeva says that some restaurants in Great Britain started serving squirrels because of the food shortage in the country. She implies that all the money went towards weapons for Ukraine, and now Britons must eat squirrels. : UkrainianConflict

It is reported that the building of the capital headquarters of the Ministry of Internal Affairs is on fire in Moscow, reports RIA Novosti. : UkrainianConflict

UkraineWorld on Twitter: "Russia is using the new markings in the last columns, the Triangle over the "Z". Before that, most columns had a "V" mark or no marks. The circle in the triangle has not been observed since the beginning of winter. Source: Andryushchenko, adviser to the mayor of #Mariupol." / Twitter

Prigozhin ...."You have not yet encountered a well-trained and equipped Russian army" : UkrainianConflict

NATO team holds talks with Indian officials in closed door meet

Hijabs Now Must For Female Students, Teachers at Co-ed Institutions in Pakistan-controlled Kashmir : worldnews

Afghanistan is worlds most repressive country for women, says UN
On International Womens Day, Afghan women blast the Taliban and say the world has neglected us completely
India To Send 20,000 Metric Tonnes Of Wheat To Afghanistan Via Iran Port : worldnews

No foreigners: Discrimination allegations mar Turkey quake response
Erdogans polar opposite wants to replace him as President of Turkey

Iran Witnesses Fresh Round Of Protests In Wake Of Continued Student Poisonings : worldnews
Outraged Over Illnesses Among Schoolgirls, Iranians Return to Streets : worldnews (typical NYT: just a little "illness")
Iranian Officials Stress They Wont Back Down On Hijab ... God has made hijab mandatory for Muslims according to Quran, although this has long been a matter of debate.
Canadian woman missing in Iran and her family believes shes been detained
Iran said to have supplied Russia with large shipment of ammunition : worldnews

ADL Staffers Dissented After CEO Compared Palestinian Rights Groups to Right-Wing Extremists, Leaked Audio Reveals A special meeting called to answer internal critics shows that the ADLs vocal opposition to the anti-Zionist left is controversial even within the organization.

Zelensky warns of open road through Ukraines east if Russia captures Bakhmut, as he resists calls to retreat
U.S. military eyes mounting Western air-to-air missiles on Ukrainian MiGs : worldnews
Ukrainian Attack On Russian Port In Black Sea : worldnews
The light will always win over the darkness. #Kharkiv. Street lighting was turned on for the first time since the full-scale invasion.

Zelensky invites House Speaker Kevin McCarthy to visit Ukraine | CNN Politics ... as the Republican Party faces a divide over whether the United States should continue to provide aid to the country under attack from Russia.
U.S. House speaker declines Zelenskiy invitation to visit Ukraine : worldnews

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 378, Part 1 (Thread #519) : worldnews

Recent updates as of 08.03
Latest Defence Intelligence update on the situation in Ukraine8 March 2023

Kyiv to send more troops into Bakhmut, seeing chance to break long Russian siege : worldnews
Ukraine updates: Wagner claims control of eastern Bakhmut
Ukraine Claims Bakhmut Battle Is Wagner's Last Stand - mercenary group is running low on fighters recruited from prisons, used in attacks on Bakhmut, where Ukraine has also endured heavy losses.
~ ISW on Twitter: "7/ ...will likely greatly limit the ability of #Russian forces to properly exploit any paths of advance opened by the capture of #Bakhmut Russian forces remain unlikely to secure more than a tactical victory following 10 months of assaults." / Twitter

Only 307 children out of 16,221 (only verified cases) minor citizens of Ukraine kidnapped by Russia, have been returned to their homeland. It is the largest case of kidnapping initiated at the state level in history according to the head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Dmytro Kuleba : ukraine

OPINION: One of the most remarkable outcomes of the war in Ukraine has been Kyivs advancement of rights for LGBTQpeople a sharp rejection of Russias effort to weaponize homophobia in support of its invasion
Lawmaker submits draft law providing legal rights to same-sex couples : worldnews

#Tbilisi tonight: the second day of pro-EU protests.
Georgia: crazy scenes in front of parliament in Tbilisi tonight. : UkrainianConflict
Georgians throw stones, petrol bombs at police in protest over new law : worldnews
Georgian foreign agent bills pass first reading as thousands protest Russian law
Always leery of Russian influence, Georgians see a new foreign agentslaw as a Kremlin-inspired tool to undermine their faltering democracy.

Ukraine Needs Shells, and Arms Makers Want Money. Enter the E.U. - The New York Times Ukraine is firing artillery shells faster than manufacturers can make them. Brussels is working on a plan to increase production by guaranteeing big advance purchases.
EU defense ministers discuss war economyammo for Ukraine

EU commissioner visits Canada, says Europe moving away from dependency on Moscow fossil fuel : worldnews

Hungarian delegation backs Swedens NATO application

Greece faces a fresh round of mass strikes and nationwide protests on Wednesday as anger mounts over the countrys worst rail tragedy that killed 57 people last week
Greeces GDP Grew 5.9% In 2022
Fisherman facing 4,760 years in jail receives centuries-long sentence

Clash Report on Twitter: "German Defence Minister Pistorius: We will ramp up support for Ukraine in case China should supply weapons to Russia." / Twitter

UK will miss out on EUs massivencrease in arms spending for Ukraine | Only EU and Norwegian firms will be able to take advantage of joint procurement agreement, says leaked paper
Rishi Sunak extinguishing the right to seek refugee protection in UK
Archaeologists in England Say They Found a 2,000-Year-Old Penis-Shaped Sex Toy : worldnews

Two high-level memos allege Beijing covertly funded Canadian election candidates | : worldnews
Canada repeals historic laws targeting women, LGBTQ community : worldnews

Russia tried to influence U.S. elections in 2022 and will do it again, nations top intel agency says

Pentagon Blocks Sharing Evidence of Possible Russian War Crimes With Hague Court : worldnews ... American military leaders oppose helping the court investigate Russians because they fear setting a precedent that might help pave the way for it to prosecute Americans.

The climate impact of the doctrine that Democratic presidents cant govern ... Republican judges who think that the Environmental Protection Agency should not be able to issue regulations to protect the environment:

A new nuclear reactor in the U.S. starts up. Its the first in nearly seven years

Biden to propose 5.2 percent pay boost for federal workers, biggest in 23 years - The Washington Post

Washington teeters on the brink of a Cold War over Social Security - POLITICO Amending entitlements is a tall order for a Congress that disagrees on nearly everything. Lawmakers are still wading into the mess, hoping to recreate a famed bipartisan deal that shored up the programs four decades ago.

With Social Security and Medicare off the table, conservatives are focusing on a wide range of smaller programs as a clash with President Biden and Democrats looms.

proposals, included in the budget he will release on Thursday, are expected to heavily feature tax increases on corporations and high earners.

Conservative covid backlash handcuffs public health, pandemic response : politics

American Colonialism : Joe Biden, among other Democrats, have joined Republicans in overturning the DC crime law. Whatever you think of the DC law, this is pure, uncut colonialism. DC voters and politicians have no real authority, unlike anywhere else in the U.S. It is 100% a colonialist act to overturn that law. Shame on Biden and every other Democrat who are part of this. Shame on the Republicans too, but we expect the worst from them.

Justice Dept. arrests hit 1,000 in connection with Jan. 6, and new accusations surface in latest prosecutions : politics

DOJ takes on the Jan. 6 Tucker Carlson tapes : politics
US Senator Schumer condemns Speaker McCarthy for supplying Jan.6 videos to Fox : politics
Capitol Police chief tears into Tucker Carlson over Sicknick claims

Trump Privately Proposes Wave of High-Level Jan. 6 PardonsThis would be like hitting the delete-key on all of DOJs work on these investigations
House Republicans say they plan to visit Jan. 6 defendants in jail - ABC News Marjorie Taylor Greene claims shes received reports of abuse.

White House goes after Tucker Carlson by name over Jan. 6 coverage - POLITICO - "not credible"
How Tucker Carlson is wrong about Jan. 6 - The Washington Post (and everything else)

The big lie and the limits of journalism - a rather sobering light on the extent to which the journalistic documentation of the Big Lie Donald Trumps wildly false claims about how he supposedly won the 2020 presidential election but had the vote stolen from him has made almost no detectable difference in American political life as a whole, let alone on Fox News and in the rest of the right wing epistemic bubble.
They scaled walls, they brought ropes: House Speaker Kevin McCarthys own words contradict January 6 footage used by Tucker Carlson
Tucker Carlson Exposed: Says He Hates Trump Passionately In Private Texts
Tucker Carlsons Jan. 6 revisionism is a self-own for conservatives
The GOP backlash on Tucker Carlson's depiction of Jan. 6 - The Washington Post
The Whole Thing Seems Insane : : New Documents on Fox and the Election - Messages and depositions from stars like Tucker Carlson revealed serious misgivings about claims of fraud even as some hosts told millions of viewers a very different story.
Just a lie: Senate Republicans blast Tucker Carlsons Jan. 6 narrative

Takeaways from the Fox Dominion filings - The Washington Post

Intelligence contractor who praised Nazis found guilty in Jan. 6 riot - The Washington Post : Hatchet M. Speed

A GOP war on "woke"? Most Americans view the term as a positive, USA TODAY/Ipsos Poll finds - By 56%-39%, Americans say "woke" means being aware of social injustice, not being overly politically correct ... also more than a third of Republicans.

The Boogaloo Bois Are Plotting a Bloody Comeback: We Will Go to War

Bush Pal Marc Racicot Has No Standing to Lecture Anybody about Pursuit of Power | Anyone so instrumental in the 2000 recount no longer occupies the high ground. : politics

Inside the Secret Working Group That Helped Push Anti-Trans Laws Across the Country - Leaked emails give a glimpse of the religious-right networks behind transgender healthcare bans.

Documentarian Ken Burns says DeSantis bills are like Soviet system

Women sue Texas over abortion ban, say it risked their lives : politics

The Tennessee House Just Passed a Bill Completely Gutting Marriage Equality | The bill could allow county clerks to deny marriage licenses to same-sex, interfaith, or interracial couples in Tennessee. : politics

Photo of Republican Gov. Bill Lee in drag gets full-page ad in Tennessee newspaper : politics

Wild Bribery Allegations Are Tearing The Arizona GOP Apart : politics

Ron DeSantis leads charge for more coercive conservative government - The Washington Post embrace of regulation of private business comes as many leaders on the right are revisiting their ideological boundaries

UPDATE: Walgreens deceptive damage control ... in a letter last month, Kobach claimed that it was illegal for Walgreens to distribute Mifepristone anywhere based on an 1873 law that prohibits sending "indecent" materials through the mail.
Abortion pill boycotts draw Walgreens and CVS into culture wars - The Washington Post Seeking to adhere to a patchwork of state laws on abortion, the drugstore chain ends up pleasing no one

Oklahoma Republican tells Teamsters president shut your mouth in terse exchange at Senate hearing

Eschaton: What Choice Do They Have -- I wouldnt practice medicine of any kind in a state with punitive abortion laws, if I could choose otherwise.points out in the Idaho Capital Sun today that a recent survey shows that more than 45% of OBGYNs are considering or actively working on leaving the state. And in just the last six months, he writes, three out of just six maternal fetal medicine doctors in the state have decided to leave
Mission accomplished!

Arkansas Gov. Sarah Huckabee Sanders signs law loosening child labor protections - The Washington Post (four year olds should have jobs, she says)

Alaskas Fisheries Are Collapsing. This Congresswoman Is Taking on the Industry She Says Is to Blame.

Gov. Walz signs "driver's licenses for all" bill into law : politics

Oklahoma Rejects Recreational Marijuana Legalization | HuffPost Latest News Opponents seized on problems with existing medical marijuana regulations and crime in the campaign to stop full legalization.

Memphis City Council Passes Major Police Reform After Death Of Tyre Nichols : politics

Kyle Rittenhouse, the MAGA Star That Wasn't - After his acquittal, the Kenosha shooter has gone on the right-wing media circuit with mixed results.

Lauren Boebert blasts sex-ed classes. Twitter reminded her she was a teen mom : politics

Arnold Schwarzenegger warns those on a "path of hate" and antisemitism, they could end up a "loser" like his Nazi father : politics
Arnold Schwarzenegger has a powerful message for those who have gone down a path of hate. : videos
Arnold Schwarzenegger s Last Act - What happens when the Terminator turns 75 ... Schwarzenegger does not wear a helmet and seems to enjoy being recognized, startling commuters with drive-by cameos.

Louisville police use excessive force, invalid warrants and discriminatory stops, DOJ review finds The review, conducted by the Justice Department's Civil Rights Division, follows the 2020 shooting death of Breonna Taylor in a botched police raid.

> F.T.C. Intensifies Investigation of Twitters Privacy PracticesThe commission is seeking an interview with Elon Musk, who has made major cuts at the company since acquiring it last year.
Twitter just let its privacy- and security-protecting Tor service expire ... Twitter no longer has a communications department to ask about the change, (Muskfucked)
Eschaton: The Hardest Day Of Elon's Life

Erik Visits an American Grave, Part 1,305 - This is the grave of Ross Perot.

NHL teams permitting homophobes to have hecklers veto over Pride jerseys

Tiger Woods Ex-Girlfriend Says NDA is Unenforceable ... Cites Law Regarding Sexual Assault, Harassment

6-year-old who shot teacher in Newport News won't face criminal charges, prosecutor says The chief prosecutor in Newport News, Virginia, said there is no legal basis to charge the child, although his office is still reviewing whether to charge others.

Oldest known reference to Norse god Odin found in Danish treasure trove : worldnews ... he first solid evidence of Odin being worshipped as early as the fifth century t least 150 years earlier than the previous oldest known reference ... The Norsemen worshipped many gods, each of whom had various characteristics, weaknesses and attributes. Based on sagas and some rune stones, details have emerged suggesting that the Vikings believed the gods possessed many human traits and could behave like humans.

RubSalt1936 comments on to make someone accept reality



Pacific Islanders Want Japan To Stop Dumping Nuclear Waste Into the Ocean : worldnews

North Korea warns US: Shooting down any missile will bring war. : worldnews

China says U.S. relations have left rational path, warns of conflict unless they hit the brake
China's Leader, With Rare Bluntness, Blames U.S. Containment for Troubles - Xi Jinping criticized what he called a U.S.-led campaign of encirclement and suppression. His new foreign minister said it was impossible for China not to fight back.
Conflict with China is inevitable unless U.S. changes course, Beijing's new foreign minister warns -- The fiery comments echoed remarks by President Xi Jinping blaming U.S. efforts to contain China for deteriorating relations and suggesting Beijing would increasingly seek to push back.
China reportedly approves resolution to make Taiwan separatists 'kill list'

Surviving Putin - Puck

Student gets 8 years in prison for criticizing Ukraine war : worldnews

1/ Russian soldiers on the front line in Ukraine are reportedly cooking and using drugs to deal with combat stress and try to get out of fighting by injuring themselves but military doctors arent fooled and wont accept bribes. Its said to be impossible to get out
Youve Been Screwed: Russian Inmates Rebel and Flee From Commanders ... If you refuse to go fight, people from Wagner will come and well shoot you,

Heineken commits to exiting Russia after criticism about continued operations : worldnews

Russian forces resort to welding war relics on to tankenstein vehicles
The T-80B Was A Great TankIn 1978. Now Its The Latest Obsolete Vehicle To Join The Russian War Effort.

India ready to help Bangladesh with its defence modernisation efforts: Envoy : worldnews
Indias Kochi city covered in toxic haze from waste dump fire

Egypt archaeology: Dig unearths smiling mini-sphinx which may represent Claudius : worldnews

Iran makes first arrests as school poisoning cases top 5,000 : worldnews
Iran Doubles Down on Arms for Russia : worldnews

Israel: All living Air Force commanders sign letter against judicial overhaul : worldnews ... Bibi has become Israeli version of Trump. It is unprecedented that all living air force commanders sign letter objecting to judicial overhaul.
Israel attacks Aleppo International Airport : worldnews
Can American Jewish Support for Israel Survive This New Government? | The New Republic For many liberal American Jews, this most extreme right-wing government in Israels history is a test of long-held assumptions and beliefs.

Intelligence Suggests Pro-Ukrainian Group Sabotaged Pipelines, U.S. Officials Say - The New York Times New intelligence reporting amounts to the first significant known lead about who was responsible for the attack on the Nord Stream pipelines that carried natural gas from Russia to Europe ,,, New intelligence reviewed by U.S. officials suggests that a pro-Ukrainian group carried out the attack on the Nord Stream pipelines last year, a step toward determining responsibility for an act of sabotage that has confounded investigators on both sides of the Atlantic for months ... Officials who have reviewed the intelligence said they believed the saboteurs were most likely Ukrainian or Russian nationals, or some combination of the two.
NordStream Revisited

How Ukraine's surrender hotline for Russian soldiers works - Los Angeles Times

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 377, Part 1 (Thread #518) : worldnews

Latest Defence Intelligence update on the situation in Ukraine7 March 2023

Ukraine war: President Zelensky vows to find killers of unarmed soldier with cigarette : worldnews
Ukraine urges ICC to investigate video appearing to show Russians killing PoW : worldnews
Russians cowardly and dishonorably executed this unarmed Ukrainian POW. His last words were Glory to Ukraine He was shot repeatedly after saying it. If Russians did it with a goal of intimidating Ukrainians, they achieved the opposite effect: he will be forever seen as a hero

Ukraine seeks US cluster bombs to adapt for drone use, lawmakers say : worldnews

Russia is massively transferring military equipment to the Zaporizhzia region through occupied Mariupol. The last 24 hours Russian online channels started to panic about an upcoming offensive in the area.
Mar 3-6:Russian forces managed to make significant progress in Bakhmut direction;
Up to 30,000 Russian casualties claimed in Bakhmut - BBC News ... For Ukraine, one official said, the battle for Bakhmut has been a unique opportunity to kill a lot of Russians
The situation around Bakhmut might change drastically after Ukrainian military leadership made the decision to continue the city's defense - Ukrainian Institute for the Future.

The New Voice of Ukraine on Twitter: "The company has added HIMARS to its selection of over 30 life-sized inflatables." / Twitter

FLASH on Twitter: ""I must emphasize that thanks to Poland's efforts, Patriot batteries or the first Leopard tanks, among other things, have already reached Ukraine," the minister said in an interview with the Spanish newspaper Razon." / Twitter
Suicide of Polish MPs sonprompts backlash against state media that helped identify him as abuse victim

Pope John Paul II covered up child abuse as cardinal in Poland, says report : worldnews

France pension protests bring France to a standstill over plans to raise the pension age from 62 to 64. : worldnews
Unions vow to shut Frances economy down amid pension battle
The reconstruction of Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris is going fast enough to allow its reopening to visitors and faithful at the end of 2024, less than six years after a fire ravaged its roof : worldnews

State-owned electricity generation firm could save Britons nearly 21bn ayear

Brazil investigates undeclared $3 million jewelry gift to Bolsonaro : worldnews

House GOP Chairman Calls It A Mistake That Trump Didnt Bomb Meth Labs In MexicoRep. James Comer (R-Ky.) appears to be the only House Republican wishing we had launched a military attack on a longtime U.S. ally.
Survivors of deadly Mexico abduction return to America | AP News
Mexico kidnapping: Why a million Americans a year risk Mexico medical tourism - BBC News ... Medicines and services are cheaper in Mexico, especially dental procedures. You can get your teeth cleaned or an implant for a fraction of the cost of what you get in the US
The Deadly Failure of American Medical Care
Spying by Mexicos Armed Forces Brings Fears of a Military StateThis is the first time a paper trail has emerged to prove definitively that the Mexican military spied on citizens who were trying to expose its misdeeds.

The Daring Ruse That Exposed China's Campaign to Steal American Secrets - How the downfall of one intelligence agent revealed the astonishing depth of Chinese industrial espionage.

Neo-Nazi cyberattacks on the rise: DHS "very concerned" about power grid DHS is more worried about far-right groups than Islamists and sees increasing risk of infrastructure attacks

Biden says new taxes on the rich can help save Medicare : politics
Biden Budget Will Propose Tax Increase to Boost Medicare | The presidents plantargets Americans earning more than $400,000 a year in an attempt to increase the programs solvency by 25 years.

Justice Department sues to block JetBlues acquisition of Spirit Airlines

Recent orders suggest that the justices are thinking of dismissing cases involving the independent state legislature theory and Title 42, an immigration measure imposed during the pandemic.

Gigi Sohn, Biden FCC nominee withdraws, following bruising lobbying battle - The Washington Post Gigi Sohn notified the White House she would drop out after her nomination stalled for 16 months, amid industry opposition

Republican depravity, Democratic fecklessness - The Covid epidemic demonstrated that giving poor people a little money and slightly more generous in-kind benefits was both extremely effective and extremely popular. Of course it wasnt popular with the financial oligarchy and its running dogs in the Republican party.

Hope Hicks Meets With Manhattan Prosecutors as Trump Inquiry Intensifies : politics

Prosecutor Fani Willis Is Investigating Trump. By Sheer Coincidence, The GA Legislature Has Decided To Investigate Prosecutors. : politics

The Country Is Paying for Merrick Garlands Failure to Prosecute Trump - The special counsel may indict Trump for something, but its already too late to stop him from running for president again.

Fox News Edits Out Trump Saying He Mightve Let Russia Take Over Parts of Ukraine
Trump, Vowing Retribution, Foretells a Second Term of Spite the former president charged forward in an uncharted direction, talking openly about leveraging the power of the presidency for political reprisals.

Family of Capitol Police officer Brian Sicknick, top Democrats lambast Fox News and Tucker Carlson over Jan. 6 portrayal : politics
US Capitol Police chief rips into Tucker Carlson over offensive use of January 6 footage
Capitol Police says it reviewed just one Jan. 6 clip Tucker Carlson showed : politics

Watchdogs Demand Ethics Probe of Kevin McCarthys Jan. 6 Footage Gift to Tucker Carlson

Bulls---: GOP senators rebuke Tucker Carlson for downplaying Jan. 6 as mostly peaceful
Tucker Carlsons Jan. 6 Footage Dump Delivers The Sloppy Propaganda Kevin McCarthy Wanted
Tucker Carlson, with new video provided by Speaker McCarthy, falsely depicts Jan. 6 riot as a peaceful gathering : politics
Tucker Carlson downplays Jan 6 violence with Fox News segment falsely depictingpeaceful riot

Bombshell? Fox News is Completely Ignoring Tucker Carlsons Jan. 6 Tapes
Even Republicans Are Bashing Tucker Carlson for Lying About Jan. 6 Violence : politics +list of lies
A fascism too far (for some) ... The McCarthy/Tucker whitewash is propaganda so nakedly dishonest and abjectly stupid that only the most credulous moron or cynical partisan hack could even pretend to take it seriously:
Andrew Lawrence on Twitter: "tucker is actually saying that bc there isnt violence in every frame of video that there wasnt an insurrection" / Twitter

Is 2020 the last year Fox will allow independence from its election projections unit?

Q: Whos unsurprised by shocking Fox News revelations? A: Ex-Fox journalists
Veterans Group To Pentagon: Ban Fox News On Military Bases : politics
Pure, Unadulterated Fascism: Mehdi Hasan on Trump, Fox News, Jan. 6, GOP & 20th Anniversary of the Iraq War

The New Anarchy: America faces a type of extremist violence it does not know how to stop. : politics ... the enemy must "surrender on terms" of no abortions, no same-sex marriage, no communism and "must obey Biblical law", then continued: "If they do not yield -- kill all males

Jim Jordan scrambles amid claims "weaponization" probe is a dud : politics

Too little, too late: Why the media goes missing when Republicans go on the offensive : politics

Republicans gaslight voters on their covid response and failed policies : politics
This is the dynamic that could decide the 2024 GOP race | CNN Politics ... Analysts have often described such an educational divide among primary voters as the wine track (centered on college-educated voters) and the beer track (revolving around those without degrees)

MAGA sinks GOP trolling to genocidal lows: Republicans are competing for attention by ratcheting up anti-LGBTQ speech. The inevitable result is violence : politics

DeSantis Does Not Support Forcing Bloggers to Register With State (his own bill)

Why Tennessees law limiting drag performances likely violates the First Amendment

Walgreens Stock Plummets After Gavin Newsom Vows to Cut Business Ties
Before abortion pills, Walgreens customers said they were denied birth control : politics
Boycott Walgreens

Five Women Sue Texas Over the States Abortion Ban

N.T.S.B. Will Investigate Norfolk Southerns Safety PracticesThe agency said it was opening a special inquiry because the railway has had several significant accidents since late 2021.

Election-denying former Colorado clerk guilty of obstruction : politics (FAFO
RAW: Body cam footage of Mesa Clerk Tina Peters arrest

New York mayor says retailers must force shoppers to remove masks when entering stores to prevent crime. It's not not about being fearful of a pandemic

Steve Bannon, an Exiled Mogul, and the Ukraine Rescue Effort That (Mostly) Wasn't - How a far-right group raised money and sowed confusion in the middle of a massive refugee crisis.

The "Assistant Manager" scam - Obviously, legislation to protect workers is off the table as long as Republicans control any veto point and enormously difficult otherwise. But I think the best remedy here would be to substantially increase the minimum salary necessary to deny workers overtime pay rather than trying to tinker with definitions of management that are likely to be mostly unenforceable no matter what.

Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz agrees to testify at Senate hearing after subpoena threat : politics

Musk mocks wheelchair-bound Twitter employee : The billionaire implied that the disability accommodations requested by the worker, who has muscular dystrophy, werent credible.
Tucker Carlson Convinces At Least One Guy With His Jan. 6 Nonsense: Elon Musk
Elon Musk Goes All In On Jan. 6 Denial | HuffPost Latest News
The biggest asshole in the world

US judge strikes down Missouri gun law as unconstitutional | AP News

Niskanen Center, the Most Interesting Think Tank In Politics | Time Niskanen Center, a little-known think tank that may be the most interesting institution in D.C

The book somebody else wrote that lists me as its author turns out to be full of plagiarism

Semafors China problem - Semafor, the 5-month-old news startup, is drawing criticism in the U.S. for partnering with a think tank in China that is known to have close ties to the Chinese Communist Party. The group has in the past obscured those ties to Western audiences.

Sausalito said it could build new housing on underwater sites. Now its getting sued

FDA: Two more eyedrop brands recalled due to risks | AP News

The privacy loophole in your doorbell - POLITICO Police were investigating his neighbor. A judge gave officers access to all his security-camera footage, including inside his home.

Ronny Chiengs Kublai Khan Reveals Why Men Cheat in History of the World, Part II

Penis sizes in historical paintings have gradually increased over the past seven centuries, study finds : science


Everyone should be concerned: Antarctic sea ice reaches lowest levels ever recorded

U.S. Considers Vaccinating Chickens Amid Bird Flu Outbreak - The New York Times The largest outbreak of avian influenza in U.S. history has driven up egg prices and raised concerns about a human pandemic, though C.D.C. experts say the risk of that is low ... affecting more than 58 million farmed birds in 47 states, as well as birds in the wild. It has already spilled over into mammals, such as mink, foxes, raccoons and bears, raising fears that the virus that causes it, known as H5N1, could mutate and start spreading more easily among people

Australia condemned for indefinitely locking up Iranian political dissident (

Myanmar military has caused perpetual human rights crisis, UN report says

No babies, no Japan: PM Kishida's aide says country willdisappear if people dont have more children

S. Korea, U.S. hold joint air drills involving U.S. B-52H bomber : worldnews
South Korea proposes to compensate victims of Japans forced labour through its public foundation
Calling woman ajumma leads to subway stabbing in South Korea
Over 1,000 dead dogs found in horrific animal abuse case in South Korea : worldnews

Taiwan warns of China militarys sudden entry close to island
Man threatens random killings at Taoyuan, Songshan airports in Taiwan

Chinas Ukraine Peace Plan Is Actually About Taiwan

Russia cant be allowed to take presidency of the U.N Security Council next month

Eschaton: It's your back that you been stabbin' The extreme version of my basic confusion over the behavior of certain rich people is, basically, why doesn't Vladimir Putin want to live like Keaanu Reeves? Keeanu is rich and and famous, seems to have a nice life, isn't widely hated, and most importantly, doesn't have to worry about which person in his entourage is about to stab or poison him. The prize of becoming the mafia boss seems to be spending the rest of your life worrying about who is going to take a hit out on you. That kind of thing.

"Kill all Ukrainians including their babies" - Open Video Polling in Russia : UkrainianConflict

Over 200,000 Russian soldiers and more than 1,800 officers have been either killed or wounded since Russia's full-scale invasion of #Ukraine, Der Spiegel reported, citing the Supreme Allied Commander Europe, Christopher Cavoli.

Russia's population nightmare is going to get even worse - War in Ukraine has aggravated a crisis that long predates the conflict ... Over the past three years the country has lost around 2m more people than it would ordinarily have done, as a result of war, disease and exodus. The life expectancy of Russian males aged 15 fell by almost five years, to the same level as in Haiti. The number of Russians born in April 2022 was no higher than it had been in the months of Hitlers occupation. And because so many men of fighting age are dead or in exile, women outnumber men by at least 10m ... Russia may have had the largest covid death toll in the world after India and the highest mortality rate of all, with 850-1,100 deaths per 100,000 people ... if you look just at peacetime years, the number of births registered in April 2022 was the lowest since the 18th century ... making Russia a smaller, worse-educated and poorer country, from which young people flee and where men die in their 60s. The invasion has been a human catastrophe and not only for Ukrainians

Russias Wagner Mercenary Group Launches Youth Club in St. Petersburg

Russias elite tank unit was meant to get its most advanced armor. Instead its fighting with obsolete Soviet tanks from the 60s, UK intel says.

Azerbaijan must end its aggression, says German parliaments foreign affairs committee chair after Pashinyan meeting

EC appointments: SC says its a mythcourt cant make law, no strict separation of powers in India
CBDC: Indias Digital Rupee Moves Closer to Real-World Adoption

Bangladesh: Coxs Bazar, one of the worlds biggest refugee camps, was ravaged by a massive fire on Sunday, the UN and other aid agencies reported. The camp is home mostly to Muslim Rohingya who have fled Myanmar into neighboring Bangladesh
Fire rips through Rohingya refugee camp in Bangladesh leaving thousands homeless | CNN : worldnews

Pakistani TV channels banned from broadcasting the speeches, press conferences, and statements of former prime minister Imran Khan : worldnews
Pakistani companies put on US trade blacklist for involvement in missile and nuclear activities : worldnews
Balochistan: Nine security officers killed in suspected suicide attack : worldnews

Devil Has Returned: Taliban Force Divorced Afghan Women Back To Husbands

Saudi Arabia deposits $5 bln in Turkeys central bank: Statement
Turkey earthquake: Survivors living in fear on streets - BBC News

Syrian earthquake survivors in Turkey have nowhere to go | The Economist They have lost everything, again

Iraq alcohol ban: Christian political party appeals, saying it is undemocratic : worldnews

Chemical Attacks On Schoolgirls Surge As Islamic Republic Denies Foul Play | Iranian doctor says the gases used to poison the students are a combination of different chemicals, which it is "not possible for ordinary people" to access. : worldnews
Poisoned Iranian Schoolgirls Threatened In Hospitals (Iran) : worldnews
Crisis over suspected Iran schoolgirl poisonings escalates : worldnews
Khamenei says poisoning of schoolgirls in Iran is an unforgivable crime ... 'But I shall forgive myself for ordering it.'

Gulf states and Israel are secretly lobbying Russia not to arm Iran : worldnews
Herzog says Israel closer than ever to compromise agreement on judicial overhaul
Israeli finance ministers call to erase Palestinian village was inappropriate, Netanyahu says
92 Flights From Israeli Base Reveal Arms Exports to Azerbaijan : worldnews
In Hawara We Saw Our True Face - Opinion - A week ago some 400 settlers entered the West Bank village of Hawara, set fire to homes with their occupants inside, shot at reporters and apparently shot to death a 37-year-old Palestinian. David Ben-Gurion once said that when we have a Jewish thief, a Jewish prostitute and a Jewish murderer, well know we have a country.
Israeli ministers approve bill on $270,000 gift to Netanyahu : worldnews

Ukraine says it has fulfilled EU accession reforms : worldnews

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 376, Part 1 (Thread #517) : worldnews

Recent updates as of 06.03 +650 +9
Latest Defence Intelligence update on the situation in Ukraine - 6 March 2023
Tonights abbreviated campaign update on #Russias invasion of #Ukraine from @TheStudyofWar & @criticalthreats analyzes the ongoing Battle for #Bakhmut and Russian prospects for further offensive efforts.
CNN: NATO estimates Russia lost 5 times more soldiers in Bakhmut than Ukraine : ukraine
Ukraine war: Russias Wagner boss suggests betrayal in Bakhmut battle

The Russian military shot our prisoner of war at close range. His last words were "Glory to Ukraine". : UkrainianConflict
~ A Ukrainian p.o.w. is being brutally executed after not submitting under russian abuse and saying Slava Ukraini

I think the tenacious defense of Bakhmut achieved a great deal, expending RU manpower and ammunition. But strategies can reach points of diminishing returns, and given UA is trying to husband resources for an offensive, it could impede the success of a more important operation.
6/ Ukrainian forces are unlikely to withdraw from #Bakhmut all at once and may pursue a gradual fighting withdrawal to exhaust #Russian forces through continued urban warfare.

Russian mercenary leader complains of critical ammunition shortage in battle of Bakhmut : worldnews
Russias Wagner chief warns of frontline collapse if forced to retreat from Bakhmut
Russias Wagner chief warns of frontline collapse if forced to retreat from Bakhmut
Wagner chief says Russian position at Bakhmut at risk without promised ammunition : worldnews
Wagner is running out of people, too. They cant sustain thisEven in Russia, they dont have enough men who seek suicide on our land.Yaroslav Trofimov
Russias offensive to capture Bakhmut will likely culminate whether its forces capture the city or not. The Russian military will likely struggle to maintain any subsequent offensive operations for some months, giving Ukraine a chance to seize the initiative.

Mayor: Hundreds of Russian soldiers may have been killed in Ukrainian strike on occupied Melitopol

Olena Halushka on Twitter: "russian mortar shelling killed a mother and 2 kids in the Kherson region, acc to the prosecutor's office. For how long this will last? Why aren't we getting all we need to stop the terrorist state russia on our soil before it extends its terrorism to other peace-loving states?" / Twitter

Estonias Pro-Ukraine Prime Minister Kallas Wins Reelection
Ukraines most committed backer wins a huge election victory in Estonia - The Economist
Media: UK, Germany to conduct joint NATO air policing exercises in Estonia. : worldnews

Lithuanias local elections: results summary

Serbian nationalists march in protest against Kosovo talks : worldnews

Over 4,600 refugees from Ukraine can stay in Netherlands for another six months : worldnews
Inside the Suspicion Machine | WIRED Obscure government algorithms are making life-changing decisions about millions of people around the world. Here, for the first time, we reveal how one of these systems works.

Germanys Olaf Scholz warns of consequences if China sends arms to Russia
German police lift lid on worldwide cyber blackmail gang : worldnews

NI protocol deal: After Johnson and Truss, Sunak was a prime minister the EU could work with : worldnews
Britain to present new legislation to stop the boats of migrant arrivals. (

4 Americans kidnapped in northern Mexico, officials say | AP News
Matamoros, Mexico: 4 US citizens were kidnapped by gunmen in case of mistaken identity, US official says | CNN

Canadas roadmap to expanding assisted suicide to mature minors revealed

Surveillance program needs new protections, oversight board member says - The Washington Post
DHS has a program gathering domestic intelligence and virtually no one knows about it -- Collecting information from Americans raises ongoing civil liberties concerns.

Pentagon Sees Giant Cargo Cranes as Possible Chinese Spying Tools - WSJ - China says concerns are paranoia-driven

The Judge with the King Complex - The Bulwark Should trial judges have the power to issue nationwide injunctions? A lawsuit over abortion drugs is the latest major case to raise the question.

The Curious Rise of a Supreme Court Doctrine That Threatens Bidens Agenda: The major questions doctrine, promoted by conservative commentators, is of recent vintage but has enormous power and may doom student loan relief and other programs ... The court can definitively say what the founders meant 250 years ago, but somehow what Congress enacted 20 years is a little too blurry.

Supreme Court declines to hear Florida prayer vigil dispute The case could have made it harder for people to sue over the alleged government endorsement of religion in violation of the First Amendment ... with conservative justices Neil Gorsuch and Clarence Thomas both writing opinions suggesting they believe the court should take up a similar case in future.

Republican Votes Helped Washington Pile Up Debt: As they escalate a debt-limit standoff, House Republicans blame President Bidens spending bills for an increase in deficits. Voting records show otherwise.

In Selma, Biden says right to vote remains under assault : politics

We Arent Talking Enough About Wage Theft. Every year, $50 billion are stolen from American workers by their bosses. The Left and labor should be working tirelessly to pass anti-wage-theft legislation at every level of government. (j

The Programs Youd Have to Cut to Balance the Budget
As they escalate a debt-limit standoff, House Republicans blame President Bidens spending bills for an increase in deficits. Voting records show otherwise.
The debt-limit time machine: What the last 10 big fights tell us about this one - POLITICO A decade filled with fiscal standoffs shows us three telling truths about how Congress and the White House might handle the current impasse

Rep. Schiff: McCarthy is giving away the security of the House
Jeffries: No indication Capitol Police vetted Jan. 6 footage Tucker Carlson plans to air

Feds say Proud Boys associates fanned out to facilitate Jan. 6 breach - POLITICO

Hope Hicks Meets With Manhattan Prosecutors as Trump Inquiry Intensifies : politics

Group Seeks Disbarment of a Trump-Aligned Lawyer for a Key Jan. 6 Witness - The New York Times Prominent lawyers filed a scathing ethics complaint against Stefan Passantino, who represented Cassidy Hutchinson in the early stages of the House committees investigation.

What is Fox News hiding in the Dominion lawsuit?
Fox News says loss in $1.6 billion defamation case would harm all media : NPR ... The amount and weight of evidence is perhaps without equal among other major, recent defamation cases.
They All Knew: Media Matters Files FEC Complaint That Fox News Broke Election Laws, Lied for Trump

How is Fox News Different From All Other Media? All news outlets have their biases. This is something different.
Timid media and GOP figures are again, dangerously, normalizing Trump : politics
Eschaton: Worst Guy You Know Makes Great Point Right about the Murdochs (for the wrong reasons, I know).
Steve Bannon says the Murdoch family is trying to destroy the United States of America
Fox libel defense at odds with top GOP presidential foes : politics
Fox News co-host warns of "danger to America" if Trump loses : politics

The DOJ thinks Trump can be sued for Jan. 6.
If the FBI was reluctant to search Mar-a-Lago, its a sign Trumps bullying worked
Donald Trump said he wont drop out of the 2024 race even if he is indicted
Once an albatross around Trumps neck, Jan. 6 is now taboo in the GOP primary

House Committee Budgets Swell as G.O.P. Plans Road Shows Across U.S. : politics
House GOP readies its first big agenda push: A massive energy bill - POLITICO slated to include a cavalcade of popular Republican ideas from the last decade, from Keystone XL to speedier environmental reviews

Oversight committee Republicans wont sign Democrats letter denouncing white supremacy

Digital foot soldiers: Pro-Trump bots swarm DeSantis, Haley : politics
Fact check: Trump delivers wildly dishonest speech at CPAC : politics
Trump spends days workshopping nicknames for DeSantis: report : politics
Trump Has Become the Thing He Never Wanted to Be - Boring.
If You Aint First, Youre Last: How State Sore-Loser Laws Make It Impossible For Trump To Run A Successful Third-Party Campaign If He Loses The Republican Primary

Election deniers take aim at group that helps states maintain voter rolls - The Washington Post Defenders say attacks on the system are fed by misinformation and will only make it easier to commit voter fraud

CPAC Speaker Calls Eradication of Transgenderism, Crowd Goes Wild
Haley chased into elevator at CPAC after taking veiled shot at Trump : politics

A threat to free speech: Ron DeSantis targets journalists, media with new legislation : politics
Newt Gingrich Demands Withdrawal of Insane Republican Bill ... It would impede on the rights of conservative bloggers/journalists too, so the bill is dead.

Eyeing a run for president, Ron DeSantis wants to Make America Florida
Florida Republicans seek to establish state-run kidnapping
Frost on DeSantis targeting Black, LGBTQ transgender people: its fascism
DeSantis declares war on the free press
New Florida bill would restrict use of gender pronouns in schools : politics

Slavery was wrong and 5 other things some educators won't teach anymore -To mollify parents and obey new state laws, teachers are cutting all sorts of lessons

The anti-drag bills sweeping the U.S. are straight from historys playbook

Rosendale calls neo-Nazi photo op a mistake U.S. Rep. Matt Rosendale said he unwittingly posed for a photo with high profile members of the neo-Nazi movement last week walking between congressional hearings.

Greene to introduce resolution declaring Antifa a terrorist organization : politics

How Walgreens supports the anti-abortion movement
Gavin Newsom says California is done with Walgreens over abortion pill
Newsom slams Walgreens, says California will cease doing business with company : politics

The Real, Sinister Political Threat of Tennessees New Anti-Drag Law | Politicians have never needed precise laws to brutally police who can and cannot exist freely in public.
Asian Americans, Shifting Right - The New York Times The new politics of class in America.

Atlantic: The New Anarchy - America faces a type of extremist violence it does not know how to stop ... Then, in 2020, extremists on the left hijacked largely peaceful anti-police protests with their own violent tactics, and right-wing radicals saw an opening for a major fight. (Atlantic both sides BS)

The destruction of public higher education in red states ... North Idaho College ... I suspect the local gentry is about to discover that theyve lost control over the monster they created, and in the end where are they going to go? Theyre still aching for that upper-class tax cut.
The MAGA-fication of North Idaho College - The New York Times G.O.P. activists set out to root out the deep state at home. An Idaho community college may never be the same.

Conservatives on campus by Henry Farrell on March 6, 2023

When the anti-woke crusaders come for a teacher | Opinion

Conflict of Interest at the Post | Semafor On Friday, February 24, four Washington Post executives crossed town to meet Republican National Committee Chair Ronna McDaniel to discuss hosting a Republican presidential debate.

Eschaton: Salute Thinking about the Iraq era, it's quite amazing the degree to which our glorious media outlets were aligned in catapulting the propaganda in various ways. I don't just mean the sales pitch on the Iraq war itself, I mean the whole post-9/11 rally-around-your-flag-and-president stuff. Hard to remember now, but pre-9/11 they were all settling on the narrative of, basically, George Bush is a big dunce and if anything bad happens we're pretty fucked, and then something really bad did happen and suddenly he was the glorious leader we all needed. Lots of ways "news" is corrupted by propaganda, constantly, but normally it isn't completely encompassing like it was then.

The dazed and confused generation
The Dazed and Confused Generation - People my age are described as baby boomers, but our experiences call for a different label altogether.

Best American Band?

They thought loved ones were calling for help. It was an AI scam.Scammers are using artificial intelligence to sound more like family members in distress. People are falling for it and losing thousands of dollars.

Eschaton: Journalists Against Style Guides - George Packer is enraged that the Sierra Club has an in house style guide that he doesn't like, and this is worthy of an Atlantic piece about how mad George Packer is that the wokes are ruining language, or whatever. Same article they publish every month ... Packer also spent years trying to force me to put two dots over random vowels.

Twitter insiders: We cant protect users from trolling under Musk - Twitter insiders have told the BBC that the company is no longer able to protect users from trolling, state-co-ordinated disinformation and child sexual exploitation, following lay-offs and changes under owner Elon Musk.
Melons Latest Innovation -- In an innovative attempt to check whos actually reading the links before they comment on Twitter, the new owner has broken all links from tweets. Additionally, images are not being allowed through to distract the serious reader and as another way to protect against child sexual exploitation.
Bodyguards Follow Elon Musk Everywhere at Twitter HQ, Even to Restroom, Says Engineer
Eschaton - Related: When I wrote this post, I hadn't actually seen this yet, but, you know, just go piss off to Italy or whatever rather than spend your life fearing that twitter nerds are going to poison your Red Bull ... Billionaire Elon Musk is routinely followed around Twitter headquarters by two bulky bodyguards -- even when he goes to the restroom, according to a Twitter engineer ...

Eschaton: Flipped He was given incredibly lenient pre-trial conditions and he fucked it, as The Real Thing tends to do - FTX founder and former CEO Sam Bankman-Fried may be stuck using a dumb phone for the foreseeable future

The bewildering descent of Scott Adams and Dilbert

Polygamist cult leader and self-proclaimed prophet brazenly used jailhouse phone system to have sexual discussions with kids: Feds
Abhorrent, heinous, and brutal: Iowa man gets max sentence for cold-blooded execution of parents and sister

A bacterial infection killed three patients at Brigham and Womens. The culprit? A water purification system.

Dont do that. Four mistakes youre making with home internet.

Nature prefers symmetry and simplicity | University of Oxford Research recently published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences by Oxford-led scientists suggests that Mother Nature plays favourites and that she believes in the elegance of simplicity.
Lifes Preference for Symmetry Is Like A New Law of Nature
Informational simplicity may explain why nature favors symmetry
Why symmetry matters | Nature

Worlds 1st horseback riders swept across Europe roughly 5,000 years ago ... he findings strengthen the hypothesis that the horse played an integral part in the expansion of this group, and therefore, in the spread of the Indo-European language.


Everyone should be concerned: Antarctic sea ice reaches lowest levels ever recorded

Ocean treaty: Historic agreement reached after decade of talks : worldnews
Historic ocean treaty agreement reached after years of talks : worldnews
A treaty to protect the worlds oceans has been agreed after a decade of talks

Polish law does not adequately protect forests, finds EU court : worldnews

Philippines says Chinese navy ship spotted near disputed island : worldnews

Large-scale US-South Korea military drills to begin on March 13 : worldnews
S. Korea to announce fixes to wartime labor rift with Japan on March 6 : worldnews
1 in 4 foreign laborers in the past 6 years have applied to change their workplace with some citing violence: South Korea : worldnews

North Korea says UN should demand end to S.Korea-US military drills : worldnews

Freed Taiwan activist attends free Tibet parade in Taipei : worldnews

China says should advance peaceful reunification with Taiwan : worldnews
China to increase defense spending by 7.2% : worldnews

Russia Doesnt Belong in the United Nations

Conflict brewing among Russias military leadership due to lack of battlefield successes. General Staff Report information as of 18.00 March 05.

A year on from Russias initial invasion of Ukraine, Russian fossil fuel exports still flowing to various nations around world; according to estimates from @CREACleanAir , Russia has made > $315B from fossil fuel exports, with ~1/2 from EU
"Russia has lost the energy battle": Since Russia's attack on Ukraine, the West has been in a showdown with Moscow on the energy markets. For a long time it looked as if the Kremlin could win - but the tide has turned, says IEA boss Fatih Birol. : UkrainianConflict

Propagandist Solovyov Nearly Gets Killed Near Vuhledar : UkrainianConflict
Russian Ship Loaded With Military Equipment Enters Black Sea Towards Ukraine : worldnews
LED TO SLAUGHTER: Correlating an uptick in marriage licenses, a RU news outlet has determined that half a million men were mobilized by Putin last year-- 200,000 more than officially acknowledged. Undertrained & badly equipped, mobniks only added to RUs swelling casualty lists.

Russian ministers claim Ukraine war launched against us met with laughter

Sanctions leave Russia unable to produce vital radar plane - Ukraine intel : worldnews

From claiming to be the 2nd strongest army in the world to welding decades old (developed in the 1940s) 25mm 2M-3 naval canons on top of MT-LBs as if this is an ISIS cell in the Syrian desert. This speaks volumes in what pathetic state the Russian arms industry has turned into.
Russian reservists fighting with shovelsUK defence ministry

Prigozhin today is once again seen explaining how invaluable Wagner is for Russia, and how retreating from Bakhmut will lead to the collapse of the whole Russian front. Also appears to be hinting at the fact that his mercenaries might find it rather unpleasant if they suspect that Russian authorities set them up by not providing ammo and reinforcements. Besides. Why is he talking about retreating from Bakhmut at all, if just yesterday he was claiming to have nearly surrounded it?

Its absurd to think India is not permanent member of UNSC: Ex UK PM Tony Blair
India funded warlords instead of Afghan govt, say US documents : worldnews

Pakistani police have been unable to detain former Prime Minister Imran Khan on court orders. A warrant was issued for his arrest after he failed to show up in court in a corruption case : worldnews
[Pakistan]Inflation so high that living seems unaffordable

American Trained Soldiers Keep Overthrowing Governments in Africa : anime_titties

Cameroonian businessman charged with complicity in torture after journaliss murder
Cameroon Charges Tycoon in Reporter Killing Case

Nigerian troops killed 133 extremists over election period : worldnews

Frightened Africans flee Tunisia after presidents anti-migrant tirade

Egypt sentences 14, including activists on terrorism charges : worldnews

Turkey is blocking NATOs expansion. It could backfire and hand Putin a propaganda coup | CNN
Turkey posts official February inflation of 55% : anime_titties

UAE to not renew visas of Pakistani parents if they deprive their children of education : worldnews

Iran says suspected schoolgirl poisonings occurred in more than 50 schools : worldnews
Schoolgirls in 5 Iran provinces treated for new poisionings. : worldnews
Protests break out in Iran over schoolgirl illnesses : worldnews

Israel tells top U.S. general it sees need to cooperate against Iran : worldnews
Israelis protest against proposed judicial reforms for ninth straight week : worldnews
Elite Israeli Reserve Air Force Pilots Refuse to Serve as Long as Netanyahus Constitutional Coup Continues
These Are Not Judicial Reforms. Were in a Battle for the Soul of Israel
Entebbe rescue squad blasts Netanyahu for sacrificing country for own interests
Good Evening, Anarchists and TerroristsRecord Number of Israelis Protest Against Netanyahus Judicial Coup - Despite the force used by police against protesters on Wednesday, up to 150,000 people arrived to the central Tel Aviv demonstration

Opinion | Michael Bloomberg: Israel Is Courting Disaster - The New York Times

Canadas chief of the defence staff makes trip to Ukrainian capital
Two Ukrainian pilots are in the U.S. for training assessment on attack aircraft, including F-16s : worldnews
A Senior U.S. Official has stated today that there is currently 2 Ukrainian Air Force Pilots that are in the United States undergoing Evaluations and Assessments to determine how long it may take for Ukrainian Pilots to be trained on Western Combat Aircraft specifically F-16s.
Ukraine to use $460 million worth of confiscated Russian assets for reconstruction : worldnews
Rheinmetall Group negotiating construction of tank factory in Ukraine : worldnews
The German company that makes Leopard and Panther tanks wants to build a factory in Ukraine, report says : worldnews
Im Bel Trew, The Independents International Correspondent, and Ive been in Ukraine since the outbreak of the war. AMA!

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 375, Part 1 (Thread #516) : worldnews

Ukrainian forces cling to Bakhmut as Russia attacks from three sides : worldnews
ISW on Twitter: "2/ The #Russians have, rather, managed to push close enough to critical ground lines of communication from the northeast to threaten Ukrainian withdrawal routes from #Bakhmut in a classical turning movement." / Twitter
4/ ISW assesses that #Ukrainian forces are far more likely to withdraw than to become encircled and that the Ukrainians might still be able to hold their positions in #Bakhmut if they choose to try.
A close-up map of the approximate situation around the city of Bakhmut.

Ukrainian Paratroopers Destroyed 15 Groups Of "Wagnerites" In Bakhmut In One Night : UkrainianConflict

This long historical thread also covers Armed train operations in the Russo-Ukrainian War. It is very much worth the time to read.

Ukraine has identified 171 sexual crimes committed by Russian troops, saidFirst Lady Olena Zelenska - Among the victims of sexual violence are women, 39 men, and 13 children, including one boy
Russian policy of deporting Ukrainian children under investigation by ICC : worldnews

Estonian Premier Kallas Secures Solid Win as Far Right Slips - Bloomberg Kallas outperforms polls with clear view to form majority - Far right slides after targeting Kallas on Ukraine, inflation

The Polish harbor of Gdynia is packed with Westen military gear. The production capacities of the West cannot be challenged by anyone in the world.
Polish gynaecologists patients launch legal action after authorities seize medical records ... as part of an investigation into the alleged aiding of abortion
Polish gynaecologists patients launch legal action after authorities seize medical records (see pics)

Greek prime minister apologizes over train collision amid public fury | CNN : worldnews

Netherlands: Healthcare workers will go on strike on March 16 at 64 hospitals nationwide as their campaign for higher pay continues : worldnews

Only Putin can break Russia-Ukraine stalemate, Germanys chancellor says
Germanys Scholz says China declared it will not deliver weapons to Russia

After seven years of Brexit talks, Europe has emerged as the clear winner : anime_titties

UK to provide Ukraine with twice as many Challenger 2 tanks as promised
Holy anointing oil for King Charles IIIs coronation will not contain the intestinal wax of sperm whales or civet secretions ... A serving of eggs and ambergris was reportedly King Charles II of Englands favorite dish.
TIL that although World War II ended in 1945, the rationing of food and other items in the UK continued for another NINE YEARS, until 1954. : todayilearned

Former President Bolsonaro tried to smuggle jewellery from Saudi Arabia into Brazil without declaring it and without paying taxes : worldnews

No Adversary, No Directed Energy Weapon

The Iraq War Unleashed an Age of Grift. We're Still Living in It - This month marks the 20th anniversary of the U.S. invasion of Iraq, a giant con that heralded a thousand more

Iran may be behind antisemitic hit-list targeting U.S. Jews

Facebook and Google are handing over user data to help police prosecute abortion seekers : politics
Calls to boycott Walgreens grow as pharmacy confirms it will not sell abortion pills in 20 states, including some where it remains legal : politics

Democrats vow fierce fight if GOP cuts Medicaid : politics

US Fed Reserve Zoom Conference Canceled After Porn-Bombing

Fix the Courts by Investigating Federalist Society Sleaze : politics

Rupert Murdoch, Fox Corp. Sued For Sharing Bidens Presidential Ads Before They Aired
Inside the Panic at Fox News After the 2020 Election : politics
Fox News Is Trapped by Its Own Zealotry - Bloomberg Fear of losing viewers to more fervent purveyors of the Trump gospel ultimately ensnared the network in a $1.6 billion defamation suit.
Inside the Panic at Fox News After the 2020 Election - The New York Times - If we hadnt called Arizona our ratings would have been bigger.
How Has Fox News Infected Your World? - by Steven Beschloss

As Trump Inquiry Continues, Republicans Seek Oversight of Georgia Prosecutors - The New York Times The proposals are part of a broader push by conservative lawmakers around the country to rein in district attorneys whom they consider too liberal.

Somerville man found guilty of charges related to Jan. 6 Capitol riot - Noah Bacon, 29, was convicted on a felony charge of obstruction of an official proceeding, and five misdemeanor charges, including including entering and remaining in a restricted building and disorderly or disruptive conduct in a Capitol building, according to the statement released Friday.
DC jury convicts Somerville yoga instructor as Jan. 6 Capitol rioter | Universal Hub

Trump Asks Judge to Block Pence's Testimony to Grand Jury - The former president's lawyers cited executive privilege, a tactic they have used with other ex-Trump aides.

Donald Trump vows to stay in 2024 race if he faces criminal charges : politics
Trump pledges to stay in 2024 presidential race even if he is criminally charged : politics
Trump Promises to Continue Presidential Campaign if Indicted, Then Delivers a Snoozy CPAC Speech

Donald Trump is now fully at war with the Republican Partys past

Kellyanne Conway and George Conway Are Divorcing - The New York Times The political odd couple had bewildered Washington when Ms. Conway was serving as an adviser to President Donald J. Trump and her husband was one of his fiercest critics.

Trump Calls US Democracy a Very Dangerous System at CPAC
Trump wont commit to the Republican National Committees loyalty pledge
Trump easily wins CPAC straw poll : politics
I am your retribution: Trump rules supreme at CPAC as he relaunches bid for White House
The new order requires joy divisions
Fact-Checking Trumps Speech at CPACformer president made inaccurate claims about the murder rate in New York, the withdrawal from Afghanistan and windmills at a conservative conference.

The Sad, Desolate Scenes of CPAC 2023 : politics
At CPAC, A Call For Trans People To Be Eradicated Gets Big Cheers
Genocidal rhetoric at CPAC gets loud cheers
CPAC Speaker Calls for Transgenderism to Be Eradicated far-right conservative Michael Knowles said, drawing raucous applause (weird-looking fucker)
Eschaton: What's It All About Then Have to be a dipshit centrist to pretend not to understand. - Michael Knowles works for Ben Shapiro, who is, according to the NY Times, "the cool kid's philosopher" (fucking newspaper has its evil fingers in every shitpile)
These attacks were never about "protecting kids," they were always about eradicating trans people.
Marjorie Taylor Greene Gets CPAC Crowd to Boo Zelensky With False Claim : politics
Fact check: Republicans at CPAC make false claims about Biden, Zelensky, the FBI and children : politics
We asked CPAC attendees what they thinkwoke means. Their answers were all over the place.
CPAC attendees cant agree on what the word 'woke' means

First step to authoritarianism: attack the free press : politics

The Republican Child Labor Agenda

Is Floridas Blogger Registration Bill Inspired by Viktor Orban?
Florida Is Trying to Take Away the American Right to Speak Freely : politics
Opinion | Florida Is Trying to Take Away the American Right to Speak Freely
Florida bills would ban gender studies, transgender pronouns, tenure perks : politics
Florida Republicans propose fascist bill to remove trans kids from parents custody
Florida Republicans propose fascist bill to remove trans kidsfrom parents custody
Can we stop pretending Ron DeSantis is for Free Markets? : politics
Former state attorney slams DeSantis after criticism in Orlando spree shooting : politics

From Dilbert to DeSantis, white grievance is all the rage After Trump opened thePandoras box of bigotry, Dilbert creator Scott Adams and Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis dont even feel bad about their anti-Blackness.

Drag performers take part in Drag Out Santos rally at congressmans office in Queens

Texas, Which Banned Most Content Moderation, Now Pushing Law Requiring Abortion-Related Info Be Blocked From The Internet : politics

Shelter-in-place ends after train derails in Springfield
Sen. Sherrod Brown not entirely satisfied with Norfolk Southern response to second Ohio train derailment
This is what deregulation looks like. : politics (another train fuckup)
Pete Buttigieg starts to rethink how he does his job in wake of East Palestine train disaster | CNN Politics

Election-denying former Colorado clerk guilty of obstruction : news

Voting rights restored to more than 55,000 Minnesota felons under new voting rights law : politics

Alaska Says Its Now Legal in Some Instances to Discriminate Against LGBTQ Individuals

Assault weapons ban introduced in the Colorado legislature

Pot vote has Oklahoma hungry to rake in green from Texas : politics (Dallas-Fort Worth has 2x the population of all of OK (8 million)
Oklahoma House approves bill to ban insurance coverage for transgender care : politics

Transgender athlete wins discrimination case against USA Powerlifting : news

Three things to know about what critics are calling Mississippis Jim Crow bill

Remember Pamela Smart?To Die For Convict Now Seeks Mercy. The woman who became a national sensation in 1990 after her teenage lover killed her husband has become a prison preacher. She hopes New Hampshire will set her free

Police: Texas mother arrested after stabbing her 5 children, killing 3 : news

Los Gatos Mom Accused of Hosting Alcohol-Fueled Teen Parties Attacked in Jail, Hospitalized : news

Celebrity Big Brother Winner Stephen Bear Sentenced To 21 Months In Prison For Posting Sex Video Of Ex-Girlfriend, Love Island Star Georgia Harrison, To OnlyFans

Gun seizure orders due to failed background checks hit historic pace

Russian Man arrested for blowing up PG&E transformers in San Jose, police say : UkrainianConflict

Musk Delayed Paying Twitters Amazon Cloud Bill, Sparking Ad Threat
Twitters Revenue, Adjusted Earnings Fell About 40% in Month of December

The surprisingly short history of creativity - The Boston Globe - Artists lay claim to it. So do industry leaders looking to engineer profits. The short, surprising history of a buzzword.

TIL studies show that acute exercise can increase sexual arousal in women. : todayilearned

Lifestyle bigger influence on womens sex lives than menopause. Thedouble caring duties for children and parents were seen as an issue the previous generation had not experienced. Many womens lives were so busy that they left little time or energy to enjoy a regular and satisfying sex life.

A new surgery gives quadriplegic patients the use of their hands and arms : worldnews

Does the age of the universe depends on where you are? : askscience

TIL In his book The Descent Of Man, Charles Darwin wondered whether human language abilities had started with singing. By studying fossils of hyoid bone in the throat, humans would have had the ability to sing over 530,000 years ago : todayilearned

Eli5: Whats the difference between a mile and a nautical mile

Eli5: There's this Immunologist at Stanford suggesting the possible existence of a shadow biosphere. What is that though? : explainlikeimfive

the surface of Venus if you havent seen it already

Artificial intelligence could soon be widely used to detect breast cancerand may be more effective than doctors at doing so, study says

Ageing is associated with a reduction in markers of mitochondrial energy metabolism in the human epidermis (2023) : science

I Watched Ancient Apocalypse So You Don't Have To : videos

TIL that in the late 1890s and early 1900s, the Imperial German government made plans to invade the United States. These plans were first made public in 1970.

Harvard Square: A Love Story: Marketplace lessons from a place that isnt what it used to be

When did you find out that someone in your family is evil? : AskReddit

Who is a bad guy in history who actually wasnt abad guy?

People whose homes have dog/cat doors, have wild animals ever entered your pet doors and what happened when that occurred? : AskReddit


SpaceX Dragon crew blasts off for International Space Station : worldnews

Warmer UK weather adding to spread of fruit tree diseases | Plants : worldnews

Storms in U.S. kill 9, leave more than 1 million without power : worldnews

In a crowded place, a face mask or respirator keeps the virus away

Lab-Leak Intelligence Reports Aren't Scientific Conclusions - Intelligence reports supporting the lab-leak theory for COVID are not based in science
Intelligence Analysis Is Not Scientific Investigation

Filipino Governor Roel Degamo among 6 dead in shooting : worldnews

Hong Kong court convicts activists behind Tiananmen vigil : worldnews

U.S. intel on China considering lethal aid for Putins war was gleaned from Russian officials
Xi Jinping to tighten Communist partys grip with overhaul of Chinas government at key meeting of the National Peoples Congress

Putin has gone mad from power: Kremlin critic Ilya Yashin speaks out from Russian prison
Moscow Might Run Out Of Money By Next Year, Says Russian Oligarch : worldnews
Russias losses amount to 200,000 people, 1800 officers killed and wounded Supreme Allied Commander Europe
russias losses are more than 200,000 people, 1,800 officers have been killed and wounded, NATO commander in Europe Christopher Cavoli said, stressing that the scale of this war is unbelievable
Russian Duma calls on businesses to install air defense systems independently : worldnews

Chechen warlord Kadyrov reportedly having health problems : worldnews
Top Putin ally Ramzan Kadyrov seriously ill from suspected poisoning

Russias Wagner Mercenary Group Launches Youth Club in St. Petersburg

A regiment of drafted Russian soldiers who made video plea to Putin to stop them being "slaughtered" are now mostly dead, report says

Russian Covid vaccine creator found dead in his Moscow apartment, 1 held: Report : worldnews
Russian COVID Vaccine Creator found strangled to death with belt : worldnews

An American walked her pet cow in Moscow's Red Square. Spoiler alert: Trouble ensued : worldnews

India is smashing records once again as it accelerates its purchases of Russian oil for a third straight month, reaching 1.9 million barrels per day in February : worldnews

Thousands of Afghan women in peril as Taliban voids their divorces, experts say - The Washington Post Taliban law has voided thousands of divorces, experts say, and many remarried women are now considered adulterers

Dozens more Iranian schoolgirls taken to hospital after suspected poisonings : worldnews
Iran president blames foreign enemies for wave of schoolgirl poisonings : worldnews
British health worker shot multiple times in Iran protests, injuries show : worldnews

Israeli Pro-democracy Protests Enter Ninth Week as Police Ramp Up Forces in Tel Aviv - Israel News -

Zelenskyy says 70,000 war crimes committed in Ukraine as Kyiv moves to open ICC office : worldnews
2023 Air defense not difficult: Rheinmetall wants to build tank plant in Ukraine
Members of BYPOL, the group responsible for the recent attack on a Russian AWACS plane on a Belarusian airfield, have joined the Ukrainian Armed Forces. They join their fellow Belarusians in the Kalinouski Regiment, and are almost done with their training. : ukraine

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 374, Part 1 (Thread #515) : worldnews

Losses of the russian army as of 04.03.2023 : ukraine +820 +4

Prigozhin talking Wagner may retreat from Bakhmut and if they do, the front will quickly move all the way back to the Russuan border. : UkrainianConflict
Mariinka burned to ashes by russians. Thats how they "liberate" territories from people
Ukrainians defending Bakhmut under severe pressure from Russian onslaught : worldnews
Ukrainian commander says there are more Russians attacking the city of Bakhmut than there is ammo to kill them : worldnews

2/ Geolocated footage posted on March 3 shows that Russian forces have made incremental advances on the NW outskirts of #Donetsk City near #Vodyane. Russian sources continued to report on Russian efforts to seize the remainder of western #Marinka.
4/ A #Russian source claimed that Russian forces are continuing positional battles in the dacha area SE of #Vuhledar, and another Russian milblogger posted footage reportedly of 40th Naval Inf. Brigade elements assaulting Ukrainian positions near Vuhledar.

Trenches at the coastline of temporarily occupied Crimea. What do they expect. Normandy 3.0?

Ukraines Defence Minister asks EU to send Ukraine 250,000 artillery shells a month
US sending bridge-launchers to Ukraine for spring fight : worldnews

Mariupol students forced to donate blood for Russian WIAs : worldnews

Finland seeking to reduce economic dependence on China : worldnews

Thousands protest across Switzerland for end to fossil fuel plants : worldnews

"It is incredibly impressive how ambitious, inquisitive and technically skilled these ukrainians are. They practice almost to the point of fainting," says german tank-general in charge of Leopard 2 training. : ukraine
Germanys opposition flying high in polls ... So the guys who dismantled the german solar industry and made the country more dependent on russian gas.
Climate activists protest Germanys transportation policies

Tory austerity has cost UK half a trillion pounds of public spending since 2010
UK to provide Ukraine with twice as many Challenger 2 tanks as promised

Two dead, dozens of police held hostage in Colombia in protest against oil company : worldnews

Deplorable living conditions: 64 Mexicans rescued from Ontario human trafficking ring

More than 110,000 Ukrainian Refugees Arrive in US Since April : worldnews

US President Joe #Biden and German Chancellor Olaf #Scholz met at the White House. Both leaders promised to continue supporting #Ukraine as long as necessary.
US, Germany to impose costs on Russia as long as needed -- White House

Trump and DeSantis are giving Putin reason to believe he can win in Ukraine : politics

Warren Accuses John Roberts Of Acting As Super Legislator During Student Debt Oral Arguments

US senators reintroduce bill to make daylight saving time permanent : politics

DOJ Makes Radical Argument That Inciting Violence Is *Not* Within The Scope Of The Presidents Job

F.B.I. Queries for U.S. Messages Collected Without Warrants Are Said to Drop Dramatically -- A report about a warrantless surveillance program detailed new limits imposed since 2021, but it did not provide a number for how often the F.B.I. searched it for Americansinformation in 2022.

Biden bucks liberals and tells Democrats to get tough on crime : politics ... Americas incarceration rate is 6x Canadas and 10x Germanys. We are 5% of the worlds population and have 20% of the worls prison population. The people that defend this are cruel, stupid, or both

Fair and Balanced? Murdochs private messages show Fox News was instructed to help Republicans
Rupert Murdoch, Fox Corp. Sued For Sharing Bidens Presidential Ads Before They Aired
Fox Corp. and Trump campaign hit with FEC complaint
Rupert Murdoch's Post-Truth Nihilism - The only thing that will get you fired at Fox is telling the truth.
Conservative Media Pay Little Attention to Revelations About Fox News - The New York Times Even in todays highly partisan media world, experts said, the lack of coverage about the private comments of Foxs top executives and hosts stands out.
The Trump world-Fox News war gets nasty - POLITICO Relations have been rocky before. But the punches being thrown now are particularly aggressive.
Dems want to cut Fox off after lawsuit revelations - POLITICO

Nancy Pelosi relishes her new post-speaker role of mentoring - The Washington Post Pelosi 3.0

Republicans Use Arcane Political Tactic to Thwart Democrats - The New York Times The party has used resolutions of disapproval to confound President Biden and Democrats, forcing them to make tough decisions and debate issues they would prefer to avoid.

Donald Trump releases song with Capitol riot prisoners called Justice for All

House Democrats are skeptical about Bidens call for working with GOP: Marjorie Taylor Greene seems to be the lead spokesperson these days
Fact check: Republicans at CPAC make false claims about Biden, Zelensky, the FBI and children | CNN Politics
CPAC attendees fear the event is now just a slush fund for Matt Schlapps legal defense
Michael Knowles Says Transgender Community Must Be Eradicated at CPAC
Wokeness killed my grandmother and stole my car keys

A nation of messianic lunatics
A new book explains how QAnon took hold of the GOP and why its not going away

Jim Jordans Bogus Probe Exposed For The Charade It Is

An unburdened Rep. Gaetz calls for abolishing the FBI, CDC, ATF : politics

Statesman or Shitposter? J.D. Vance Makes His Entrance in Washington | Vanity Fair

Kellyanne Conway and George Conway to divorce after 22 years of marriage

Founding fathers didnt own AR-15s or large capacity magazines, Pritzker and Raoul argue in defense of ban

Lauren Underwood, single and Black, learns what a life in Congress costs - The Washington Post As a single Black woman in the House, the 36-year-old Illinois Democrat tries to balance who she is versus what she does.

North Carolina Lurches Toward the 21st CenturyAgainst the will of the states Republicans of course ... Just after the Affordable Care Act fully took effect in 2014, around two dozen GOP-run states were refusing to implement the ACAs expansion of Medicaid. This left millions of Americans languishing in a needless crisis, all because ACA-despising Republican legislators were turning away enormous sums of federal cash earmarked to cover their states poorest adult residents.

South Carolina Woman Arrested For Allegedly Taking Abortion Pills : politics
Women who seek abortion in South Carolina could face death penalty : politics

GOP Utah Governor Says He Plans To Sign Abortion Clinic Ban | HuffPost Latest News Republican Spencer Cox said he supports the measure that would mean hospitals are the only places where abortions can be provided in the state.

How the Fall of Roe Turned North Carolina Into an Abortion Destination : politics

These Texas DAs refused to prosecute abortion. Republican lawmakers want them stopped : politics
Texas property tax bill excludes divorced, LGBTQ couples from getting relief : politics

Students switch up college plans as states pass anti-LGBTQ laws : politics
A New Bill Could Legalize Kidnapping Trans Kids by Their Parents A new bill in Florida could let parents take their child from their other parent or across state lines if the child is receiving gender-affirming health care.
Florida courts could take emergency custody of kids with trans parents or siblings even if they live in another state

US teachers grapple with a growing housing crisis: Wecant afford rent

Vandoliers Play Tennessee Concert in Dresses to Protest States New Drag Bill
Tennessee fascism

Child labor unravels one immigrant family, company faces no criminal charges - The Washington Post One of 27 minors hired to clean a Nebraska slaughterhouse, the middle-schooler and her family now fear deportation and more.

Attorney Ben Crump Says His Team Has Obtained Consequential New Evidence Related To Malcolm Xs Death ... he Federal Bureau of Investigation and the New York City Police Department failed to disclose the presence of undercover officers at the scene of the crime and withheld exculpatory evidence ... conspiracy ... that included many, many individuals and many, many government entities and many affiliates of those agencies.

"Bayesian Priors" is this annoying way a certain type of pundit refers to "shit they believe without real evidence" - your BIASES, their INFORMED UNDERSTANDING - to make it sound like SCIENCE. (Chaitster)
Jeet Heer on Twitter: "2. Whatdoes "Bayesian priors" mean here? Based on earlier Chait tweets, it's something like "this is a claim I find plausible even without fact checking because it fits my sense of the world" i.e. "I find trans people icky & think some conspiracy is creating more of them."" / Twitter

Eschaton: Squirrel Can't believe we're doing this with chatbots. But make no mistake: Mark Zuckerberg just buried the metaverse. The metaverse is dead.
Mark Zuckerberg Quietly Buries the Metaverse - TheStreet The CEO of social-media giant Meta has sworn by AI, popularized by the chatbot ChatGPT.
Eschaton: Chatbots There are big leaps from "neato" to "extremely lucrative businesses" to "economy and society transforming" and being at the first step does not imply the next two are coming. It's funny that Zuck has gone from trying to make the holodeck to trying to make Lieutenant Commander Data, but doesn't mean he's going to succeed at either.

FTX Confirms $9 Billion in Customer Funds Vanished | According to a presentation to customers, ex-FTX CEO Sam Bankman-Fried allegedly let Alameda borrow $9.3 billion from customer accounts. : technology

Twitter s Revenue, Adjusted Earnings Fell About 40% in Month of December - The company recently made a first interest payment to banks that lent $13 billion to help pay for Elon Musk's buyout, people familiar with the matter said

Tales from the Right Wing Terrorist Present - Can't make this shit up ... A Sacramento dildo saleswoman was secretly unmasked as the leading propagandist behind a neo-Nazi network ...

California nurses slam state decision to roll back COVID-19 requirements in health care settings | The Hill

After 17th court hearing, woman with TB ordered to jail for refusing treatment | Ars Technica

A Murdaugh family death in 1940 was also suspicious and eerily similar
Alex Murdaughs conviction rested on a fateful phone video

Sanctuary A woman, an elephant, and an uncommon love story spanning nearly half a century.

Newly discovered chemicals are so deadly to fungi they are named after Keanu Reeves : worldnews

Ancient DNA Reveals History of Hunter-Gatherers in Europe - The New York Times Looking at DNA gleaned from ancient remains, researchers identified at least eight previously unknown populations of early Europeans.

Attractive women wield more power in their households, study finds : science

Touch friendly PDF editor? : Surface
Drawboard Sucks Now. Any New Recommendations for PDF Markup? : Surface

Hi, Im Keanu Reeves, AMA

I heard my wife break out laughing in the book store. This was why. : funny

What is the biggest unsolved mystery in human history? : AskReddit


Pablo Escobars cocaine hippos wont stop multiplying. Colombia wants to move dozens of them out of the country.
Hippos living near Pablo Escobars former Colombia ranch may be shipped to India

Cut off for 10 days, running low on food, stranded residents of Californias San Bernardino Mountains are angry, afraid

Nearly 3,500 sea lions in Peru die of H5N1 bird flu : worldnews

Thousands of Russians Flee to Thailand to Escape War : worldnews

South Korea doesnt need nuclear weapons to face the North, prime minister says

China is building six times more new coal plants than other countries, report finds : worldnews

Blinken: Russia Cannot Wage War with Impunity : worldnews
Russia must be punished for Ukraine war, says Blinken : worldnews
Antony Blinken says Russia can end war tomorrow if it wants, urges return to START treaty negotiations : worldnews

Putin Has Assembled an Axis of Autocrats Against Ukraine : worldnews

Russian politician charged for mocking Putin with spaghetti video

Russia reports fighting on its territory for the first time : worldnews

Russias Shadow Army Accused of Raping Their Own Allied Troops

Belarus court sentences Nobel Peace Prize winner to 10 years in prison -TASS : worldnews

Russia Must Be Punished For Ukraine War, Quad Says After Delhi Meet : worldnews
Crowd erupts in laughter at Russias topdiplomat after he claimed the Ukraine war was launched against us
iPhone Maker Foxconn plans $700 million India plant in shift From China : worldnews

Kenyas LGBTQ community wins bittersweet victory in battle for rights | Supreme court rules for freedom of association but landmark decision sparks backlash from government and churches

One person dies, five wounded in blast outside Montenegro constitutional court : worldnews

Alarm Raised Over Chilling Execution Spree In Iran
Iranian Teachers Call For Protest Against School Chemical Attacks : worldnews

Israeli troops shot dead a 15-year-old Palestinian and critically wounded another child in the occupied West Bank Thursday, the Palestinian health ministry said, with the army reporting they came under attack : worldnews

Attorney General Merrick Garland makes unannounced trip to Ukraine | CNN Politics
Garland says the U.S. is pushing war crimes probes in Ukraine and has several suspects : ukraine ... For fucks sake can we prosecute the people responsible for this shit in our own country first? Half of the GOP helped Putin start this shit in the first place.
Russia will be out of military tools by spring, Ukraines top military spy says
Putins army stuck in mud like Hitlers in 1941
Nearly 10,000 Russian soldiers have surrendered via Ukraine's "I want to live" hotline since it was created : ukraine
Ukraine war: Zelenskyy pledges response to Zaporizhzhia missile strike : worldnews
U.S. hosts war games for Ukraine ahead of next phase of Russia conflict : worldnews
Explosions Near Russian Weapons Site Coincide with Zelenskys Hints of More Long-Range Strikes

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 373, Part 1 (Thread #514) : worldnews

2/ #Russian forces appear to have temporarily scaled back efforts to encircle #Bakhmut from the SW as well as from the NE and may instead be focusing on pressuring #Ukrainian forces to withdraw from the city by concentrating on the NE offensive:
Ukrainian officials have suggested that their troops might have to pull out of Bakhmut entirely once the defense of the city becomes too costly.
Ukrainian Military Claims Russian Forces Suffering Massively Disproportionate Causalities in Bakhmut
EXPLAINED: The Most SuccessfulSabotage Operation Against Russia During the Full-Scale Invasionpartisans on Sunday destroyed a very rare and very expensive Russian aircraft, blowing it up at an airfield before making their escape.

At least 100 incredibly cheap ($1000-$5000) Australian drones made of cardboard+rubber bands are being delivered to Ukraine every month. Designed to be totally expendable, some have completed 60 flights and drop bombs, deliver supplies, or conduct recon.

EU member states have agreed on a plan to quickly transfer scarce artillery ammunition to Ukraine, @FinancialTimes . It is now a matter of "days, weeks, not months."
This is likely due to Russian industrys inability to manufacture high-tech systems at scale, a problem which is exacerbated by the effect of international sanctions reads the ministrys latest intelligence update.

Ukrainians say they were pressured to register babies as Russian during occupation : worldnews

Ericsson fined $207m for concealing internal probe into bribes paid to ISIS : anime_titties

Woman goes on trial in Poland for praising Russias war against Ukraine on social media

Greece train crash: 57 people confirmed dead as public anger grows : worldnews

EU tells Italy to recoup unpaid property tax from Church : worldnews

Belgium freezes Russian assets worth EUR 58 billion : worldnews
Genevieve Lhermitte: Belgian mother who killed her five children euthanised : worldnews

France will place an order for 16,000 155-mm projectiles. Three large-scale orders will also be placed for the annual production of 15,000 155-mm shells, anti-tank systems (MMP) and missiles for Mistral,

Russians assaulted, threatened and abused in UK as hate crimes linked to Ukraine war surge | UK News : worldnews
Mosque downplayed its links to Manchester Arena suicide bomber

Gunmen in Argentina target Lionel Messi and his family
Argentina pulls out of pact with UK on Falklands : worldnews

Canadian biosciences company Sunshine Earth Labs announced Thursday it has been licensed to produce and sell cocaine, reflecting the federal health agencys bid to improve safety conditions for the country's addicts

Biden and Scholz will meet today in Washington where they will discuss support for Ukraine and concerns about China.

US Attorney General Says He Would Not Object to Designating Wagner a Foreign Terrorist Organization : worldnews

Why Republicans keep spreading the lie about Biden hiring 87,000 IRS agents : politics

Doctor: Lesion removed from Bidens chest was cancerous

Democrats hit snags on Biden judicial nominees

Joe Biden just stabbed Washington, D.C., in the back.

Trump special counsel, grand jury includes focus on Trump lawyers - The Washington Post Prosecutors have sought information from multiple attorneys and senior aides to the former president, triggering new legal battles

Jim Jordans Credibility Questioned Over WhistleblowersTestimony
Democrats challenge credibility of GOP witnesses who back Jan. 6 conspiracy theories - The Washington Post

Rupert Murdoch could face FEC fines if he tipped off Jared Kushner about Bidens presidential ads before they aired
Theres Never Been a Better Time to Take on Fox News
Its time to revoke Fox News press credentials

Marjorie Taylor Greene prompts CPAC crowd to boo Zelensky : politics

The Far-Rights Culture Wars Are Just a Distraction So Oligarchs Can Keep Looting the Working Class

The very long con
The Long Con Mail-order conservatism

Is Trump or DeSantis worse? Yes
DeSantis cannonballs into Americas deep blue states for war on woke ahead of 2024
Ron DeSantis Usually Avoids the Press. For Murdoch, Hell Make an Exception.
The Courage to be Fascist
Floridas Blueprint for Americas Media
DeSantis appointee to new Disney oversight board suggested tap water could turn people gay | CNN Politics

Leaked audio reveals US rail workers were told to skip inspections as Ohio crash prompts scrutiny to industry | Ohio train derailment | The Guardian

Walgreens will not sell abortion pills in 20 GOP states : politics
Walgreens Caves to Antiabortion Republicans Including in States Where Abortion Remains Legal ... where Republican officials are opposed.
Walgreens wont distribute abortion pills in some states where they remain legal | The decision is the latest to demonstrate how widely abortion access can vary state to state in a post-Roe America

A Texas Republican Wants to Ban People From Reading About How to Get an Abortion Online : politics

Lauren Boebert faces calls from over 17K Christians to repent and resign : politics

Maryland mayor arrested on child porn charges, resigns : politics

A LGBTQ+ mental health crisis could form in KY as anti-trans bills advance, experts say
Eschaton: Trans Panic Vertical The NYT, The Atlantic, and various others, are running trans panic verticals, and no they don't even feel the need to meet the obligation of being correct. Even if they did, the point would stand. Running stories over and over again how trans youth might be being rushed into treatment, inappropriately, without even having any evidence of this absent dubious anecdotes, is just their way of having present trans panic verticals.

Jon Stewart expertly corners pro-gun Republican: You dont give a flying f**k about children dying
Starbucks hit for massive labor violations

He Believes Hitler Went to Heaven -- and Wants to Take Over the Lutheran Church : A nearly 2 million-member synod is fighting an attempt to turn its pews into a bastion for young fascists

Pandemic Murder Wave Has Crested. Here's the Postmortem. - Homicides were down in the US in 2022 and continue to fall in the biggest cities. The cause of the spike is still being determined.

Alex Murdaugh found guilty of murders of wife and son : news
Alex Murdaugh stands accused of killing his wife and son. That's just scratching the surface. Five deaths, millions in fraud, and 100 years of family power crumbling to ruin in South Carolina.

Meet the Bronx Activists Who Won a Historic Settlement for NYPDs Violent Attack at 2020 BLM Protest

Deputy gangs a cancer within the Los Angeles County Sheriffs Department, scathing report says

Ex-Navy SEAL Tony DeDolph Hires Trump Lawyer to Reduce His Jail Time For Killing Green Beret Logan Melgar
Ex-Army private gets 45 years for plot against his unit | AP News A former U.S. Army private from Kentucky who was devoted to a violent extremist group seeking to erode or destroy Western civilization was sentenced to the maximum 45 years in prison Friday for plotting a murderous terrorist attack on his paratrooper unit.

No jail time for woman who admitted having sex with 13-year-old, having his baby : news
Warrant: Ex-New Fairfield lunch lady sent nude images to student on Snapchat for months before sex assault

Michigan State Police trooper charged in beating of Saginaw man who wasnt using sidewalk

Eschaton: The Real Thing Is that a lot? - FTX says it has identified a deficit of $8.9 billion in customer funds that it can account for, the first time the bankrupt cryptocurrency exchange has pinned down how much money has gone missing.

MRI for all: Cheap portable scanners aim to revolutionize medical imaging : technology

Review of 1,039 studies indicates exercise can be more effective than counselling or medication for depression : science

TIL that we start forgetting early childhood memories at around age 7 : todayilearned

Paleo and keto diets bad for health and the planet, says study. The keto and paleo diets scored among the lowest on overall nutrition quality and were among the highest on carbon emissions. The pescatarian diet scored highest on nutritional quality of the diets analyzed. : science

Study: Marijuana Legalization Associated With Reduction in Pedestrian Fatalities : science

Women who have experienced intimate partner violence are almost three times as likely to have a diagnosed mental health condition and almost twice as likely to have a chronic illness, compared with those who have not experienced intimate partner violence. : science

/u/MattsAwesomeStuff does a PSA by summarizing the billion dollar industry of parents paying $50,000/yr to abduct their "troubled" teenagers into a remote cult called Elan for years of torturous and inescapable brainwashing and zero contact, then claim they didn't know. : bestof

/u/AnathemaMarantha shares their Agent Orange story : bestof

CO2 emissions may be starting to plateau, says global energy watchdog | IEA records rise of less than 1% from energy use in 2022, but 7% reduction needed every year this decade to meet emissions goal : worldnews

Carbon dioxide emissions reached a record high in 2022: Communities around the world emitted more carbon dioxide in 2022 than in any other year on records dating to 1900, a result of air travel rebounding from the pandemic and more cities turning to coal as a low-cost source of power. : worldnews

Coronavirus : 3,356 confirmed cases and 87 deaths in a week. See the latest COVID-19 data from Mass.

The missing evidence in the COVID origins debate : worldnews

LGBTQ rights: Japan PM under fire for same-sex marriage remarks : worldnews
Japan just found 7,000 islands it didnt know it had

Top 0.1 pct of wealthy S. Koreans made 70 times more than median income earners in 2021 : worldnews

Taiwan sees second Chinese air incursion as US agrees arms sale : worldnews
U.S. approves potential sale of arms worth $619 million to Taiwan : worldnews

Where does China stand on the Ukraine war? : worldnews
Putin ally Lukashenko meets Chinese leader Xi Jinping as US warns China against shipping arms to Russia | CNN : worldnews
Chancellor Scholz warns China: Dont send weapons to Russian aggressor

Putin signs bill to suspend last nuclear arms pact with US : worldnews
Putin calls emergency meeting after Ukraine took hostages in Russia

Alexei Navalnys Big Shift on Crimea Is a Blow to Putins Imperial Designs: For the first time, liberal opposition to the Ukraine invasion is beginning to reckon with Russias tatteredempireand a future without it.
Russias budget deficit [at the end of] February exceeded the [2023] annual plan by 1.1 trillion [or 38%]
Russia could run out of money in 2024, says billionaire Oleg Deripaska : worldnews
#Russias revenues from oil and gas exports dropped by nearly 40% in January, reports Reuters.

Russian man detained over daughters pro-Ukraine drawings | Russia (and they put the girl in an orphanage)

Russia reports Ukraine sabotage attack on its territory ... A reconnaissance and sabotage group penetrated from Ukraine to the Klimovsky district in the village of Lyubechane

A mysterious fleet is helping Russia ship oil around the world. And its growing | CNN Business
Russia wont go dry: Indian liquors to replace Western brands in Moscow

Sakharov Center forced to close as wartime Russia purges human rights groups : worldnews

These groups doing the Bryansk raids have some semi-autonomy within and around the Ukrainian military, and are mostly made up of far-right and neo-Nazi nutjobs who are crazy enough to do these (mostly symbolic) actions within Russia. It isnt terribly complicated.
As Michael details in the thread -- these aren't random FSB guys pretending to be partisans. They include well-known Russians who were active in Ukrainian far-right circles before Feb 24. Again: this isnt a false flag.
Denis Nikitins group in Ukraine, which was founded in August, said that it came to Bryansk region to show their compatriots that there is hope, that free Russian people with weapons in their hands can fight the regime

Crisis in multilateralism affecting developing nations most: PM at G20 meet : worldnews
Grand test for Indian diplomacy as American, Chinese and Russian ministers meet in Delhi : worldnews
Blinken, Lavrov meet briefly as U.S.-Russia tensions soar and war grinds on : worldnews
Russia Condemns Western Blackmail, Threats At G20 Meeting
Attempts By West To Take Revenge - Russia As India Hosts G20 Ministers
Modi Most Loved Among World Leaders Italian Right Wing PM Meloni Says : worldnews
Russia delivers third S-400 system to India : worldnews
India Embraces Digital Payments Over Cash, Even for a 10-Cent Chai. : worldnews ... India is on track to become one of the largest Cash-less societies as more people adopt the UPI system that allows one person via QRcode to transfer money instantly to a shopkeeper, malls or any product without additional fees like a credit-card would charge a store owner.

Markets Brace for Pakistan Default Risk as $7 Billion Debt Looms : anime_titties

Taliban use fingerprints, gun records to hunt down Afghans who assisted US before 2021 takeover, says new report : worldnews

Turkey taken to International Court for crimes against humanity
Turkey Faces Challenge Beyond Comprehension To Clear Earthquake Rubble
Turkish soccer fans who chanted anti-government slogans banned from stadium : worldnews

Al Qaeda leader in Yemen killed in airstrike attributed to US - report : worldnews
British navy seizes Iranian boat carrying missiles, parts for Yemen rebels : worldnews

Iran Schoolgirls Allegedly Targeted With Poisonings To Stop Them From Going To School : worldnews
Wave of poison attacks on schoolgirls alarms Iranians : worldnews
Iran: Dozens of schoolgirls taken to hospital after new gas poisonings : worldnews

Israel's Window to Strike Iran Narrows as Putin Enters Equation - Iran seeks S400 air defenses from Russia which would make an attack harder
Israel's Window to Strike Iran Narrows as Putin Enters Equation
Weeks of anti-government protests in Israel turned violent on Wednesday for the first time as police fired stun grenades and a water cannon at demonstrators who blocked a Tel Aviv highway. The crackdown came shortly after Israels hard-line national security minister urged a tough response
Israeli police clash with anti-Netanyahu protesters : worldnews
Police rescue Sara Netanyahu as protesters accost her at Tel Aviv hair salon : worldnews
Israel should wipe out Palestinian town of Huwara, says finance minister
US slams Israeli ministers disgusting comments about Palestinian village.
Israelis donate over NIS 1 million for Palestinian victims of settler rampage : worldnews
Head of anti-LGBT party slams Netanyahu, leaves government : worldnews

Nato boss Jens Stoltenberg says Ukraine to join bloc in long term
On March 1st, the Defense Forces of Ukraine repelled more than 170 enemy attacks in 5 directions. General Staff Report information as of 06.00 March 02. : ukraine

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 372, Part 1 (Thread #513) : worldnews

Recent updates as of 02.03 +715 +3
General Staff: Ukraine repels more than 170 Russian attacks. The Ukrainian military repelled over 170 Russian attacks in five areas over the past 24 hours in northeastern and eastern Ukraine, the General Staff of Ukraine's Armed Forces reported on March 2.

Ukraine Reports Russian Missile Strikes Residential Building : worldnews

Two drones attack military base in Crimea, Russian media acknowledges : worldnews

Ukraine war: Over 100 Russian tanks destroyed in fighting in Vuhledar, says Kyiv : worldnews

(3/5) Daytime soil temperatures have risen and are now largely above freezing. As experienced since mid-February 2023, overnight freeze and daytime thaw remains likely until next week.
(5/5) It is almost certain that by late-March, CCM will be at its worst following the final thaw. This will add further friction to ground operations and hamper the off-road movement of heavier armoured vehicles, especially over churned-up ground in the Bakhmut sector.

Russian saboteur disguised as a EU citizen caught in Rivne. He planned to blow up a critical railroad section. : ukraine
Ukraines Security Service exposes lieutenant colonel who supports 'Russian world

1/ Russia appears to have recently removed a span of the Kerch railway bridge to Crimea, presumably to carry out repairs following the (likely Ukrainian) bomb attack on the bridge last October. Heres why this is significant.

Anime-inspired teenage gangs that originated in Moscow plaguing streets of Ukraines cities, Kyiv says

Torture chambers in Ukraines Kherson financed by Russia - war crimes probe
At least 20 torture centers in Kherson were directly financed by the Kremlin, international lawyers say in a new report : worldnews

If the US is not behind Nord Stream explosions, it should have no reason to block a UN investigation : anime_titties (says Xi the liar)

Eurozone inflation drops to 8.5% in February: Eurostat : worldnews

Little Mermaid in Denmark vandalised with colours of Russian flag : worldnews

Poland plans mandatory fitness tests for schoolchildren : worldnews

Romania debuts worlds first AI government adviser

Death toll keeps rising in Greeces deadliest train crash
Human error to blame for train crash - Greek PM : worldnews

Hungarys ruling party to back Finland and Swedens NATO bid

A case in Switzerland may unravel how Russian president Vladimir Putin hides his enormous assets

Ex-chancellor Schroder not penalized for Russian ties | The SPD body said it could not beestablished with sufficient certainty that Schroder had infringed on any principles, party rules or statutes.
Ukrainian youth will be allowed to complete Swiss apprenticeships : worldnews
German Court Places Limits On Mass Surveillance Enabled By Peter Thiels Palantir Software ... If theres a sewage pool anywhere in the world, Peter Theil can be found wallowing in it.

MI5 missed significant opportunity to prevent Manchester Arena bombing (
Babys Remains Found After Missing British Aristocrat Nabbed With Partner

A new Moai, one of Easter Islands iconic statues, was found in the bed of a dry laguna in a volcano crater, the Indigenous community that administers the site on the Chilean island has said

Eduardo Mendua, Ecuadorian Who Fought Oil Extraction on Indigenous Land, Is Shot to Death

Panamas Supreme Court rules against same-sex marriages

Canadians Fume as Migrants Surge at Their Border - The New York Times A surge in illegal crossings from the United States has led to calls to shut down a rural road on the Canadian border.

UN urged to intervene over destruction of US abortion rights : politics

US Air Force fires leaders for failing nuclear safety inspection : politics
To lower military suicides, Pentagon panel advises waiting periods on guns and more : politics

Heres why Bidens new cyber strategy is notable ... The strategy calls for security regulations, moves to hold software manufacturers liable for insecurity and signals that the administration will stay on offense against malicious hackers

Biden set for first veto on Senate bill opposing climate-friendly investing. Two Democratic senators joined with GOP lawmakers to pass the bill, revealing how vulnerable incumbents can be recruited to oppose climate policies ... Tester and Manchin does not surprise me

Biden begins push for funding for pandemic fraud measures : politics

Millions could see cuts to food stamps as federal pandemic aid ends : politics
White House proposes $1.6 billion to combat historic covid aid fraud

Binance Is a Hotbed of Illegal Activity, Bipartisan US Senators Allege

Supreme Court will not hear case to oust Biden, reinstate Trump : politics (Alito is unhappy)

The Supreme Court justices deciding whether to axe Bidens student loan relief program paid an average of $42,539 to go to college. Today, theyd have to pay around $320,531.
Biden administration lawyer may have saved student loan forgiveness plan at Supreme Court : politics

A 4-Day Work Week Bill Is Being Reintroduced in the House as Idea Gains Speed - Rep. Mark Takano is reintroducing a bill that would hack eight hours off of the standard work week. : politics

Joe Biden rallies Democrats in glimpse of possible re-election campaign | Joe Biden | The Guardian
Opinion | Give Kamala Harris the Credit She Is Due - The New York Times

Congress Suddenly Wants to Know If US Taxpayers Were Helping El Chapo : politics

Senate votes to overturn Biden administration retirement investment rule Republicans decry as woke ... The Senate passed a politically charged resolution on Wednesday to overturn a Biden administration retirement investment rule that allows managers of retirement funds to consider the impact of climate change and other environmental, social and governance factors when picking investments.

Finally, Democrats appear ready to wage war on Fox News ... his is a seminal moment in the history of mass media. And we need to treat it that way
Fox News election fraud revelations could take down the network's embattled chief

The FBI Desperately Wants to Let Trump Off the Hook ... Donald Trumps legal troubles is that they exist not because federal agents are out to get him, but despite the fact that the FBI is full of Trump supporters who would really like to leave him alone.
The FBI is still Trumpland
Christopher Wray is getting away with doing a lousy job ... Wray, a Trump appointee ...

Two U.S. Capitol Police officers and 11 Democratic House members are seeking to hold Donald Trump liable for injuries they suffered during the riot

Trump successfully chilled FBI from being willing to investigate anything related to him: Peter Strzok
Justice Department pushes back on Trumps sweeping claims of presidential immunity for January 6 speech

Trumps loosening grip on GOP defines early 2024 campaign
Trump Will Sell Out Jared Kushner and Ivanka, Kirschner Predicts

Kellyanne Conway Meets With Prosecutors as Trump Inquiry Escalates : politics

Pentagon official calls out Gaetz at hearing. See the moment : politics

Marjorie Taylor Greene falsely blames Biden for fentanyl deaths under Trump : politics
Biden mocks Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene: Isnt she amazing?
Joe Biden says Marjorie Taylor Greene is helping Democrats recruit GOP support
Marjorie Taylor Greene Says Conservatives Need Their Own Safe Space

The GOP Is Weaponizing LibsOfTikToks Anti-Woke Hate

Florida bill would require bloggers who write about governor to register with the state | WFLA
Ron DeSantis Is On A Mission To Make Florida Dumb, And Its Spreading
DeSantis Cronies Force College to Close Diversity Office : politics
Ron DeSantiss final solution to the (((woke))) question ... We are making Florida the state where the economy flourishes because we are the state where woke goes to die.
Disney-backed Florida legislator proposes major expansion of Dont Say Gay law ... bill that would, among other things, ban the use of pronouns that dont align with a students or employees sex at birth.
Florida man dies from brain-eating amoeba after rinsing sinuses with tap water: report | WFLA

Feds arrest Michigan man who plotted to kill Jewish elected officials : politics
Michigan AG says she was among those targeted in plot to kill Jewish members of state government : politics

Representative George Santos now under investigation by House Ethics panel
House Ethics Committee Opens Inquiry Into George Santos - The New York Times The House Ethics Committee unanimously voted to authorize an investigation into whether Mr. Santos broke various laws or engaged in sexual misconduct.

/u/and_dont_blink provides some highlights from Lori Lightfoots time in office (dumb and bad)
and_dont_blink comments on Lori Lightfoot becomes the first Chicago mayor in 40 years to lose re-election

Top Arizona GOPer Sonny Borrelli Was Involved in Second Domestic Violence Incident, Police Reports Show Sonny Borrelli, the head of Arizonas Senate Republicans, called 911 during a 2004 incident that left his then-wife in the hospital covered in blood.
Top Arizona GOPer Was Involved in 2nd Domestic Violence Incident, Police Reports Show : politics
Arizona Senate Panel Ignores Own Attorney, OKs Bills Attacking Trans Students and Drag Queens : politics

Texas Republican wants ISPs to block a wide range of abortion websites : politics

GOP congressman faces censure vote from Texas Republicans for gun-control vote - The Washington Post

Dallas Morning News Fires Reporter for Calling Mayor 'Bruh' on Twitter - D Magazine Dallas Morning News Fires Reporter for Calling Mayor Bruh on Twitter - Meghan Mangrum moved to Dallas to cover education

Lawmaker Proposes Hanging on a Tree as Execution Method ... Paul Sherrell (R-Sparta, TN)
A state lawmaker suggested hanging by a tree to execute death row inmates. Now hes apologizing.

New York City mayor flunks test on separation of church and state : politics
Topeka Mayors Advice for Eric Adams: Learn Humility (Adams: "no way")

Murdaugh guilty
Jury quickly finds Murdaugh guilty of murder of wife, son | AP News ... The jury deliberated for less than three hours ... After the verdict was read, the defense moved to have a mistrial declared and the outcome tossed out, but Judge Clifton Newman denied the motion and commented on the massive amount of evidence and testimony jurors heard ... He blamed his decadeslong addiction to opioids for making him paranoid, creating a distrust of police
Jury Finds Murdaugh Guilty of Killing Wife and Son - The New York Times The verdict came more than 20 months after the June 2021 fatal shootings. On the stand, the prominent South Carolina lawyer admitted to lying and stealing but tearfully denied the murders.
Both sides use trove of cell data at Alex Murdaugh trial | AP News
Bubba, Buster, Paw-Paw - whos who in Murdaugh murder trial
The Corrupt World Behind the Murdaugh Murders | The New Yorker In isolated, poor regions of South Carolina, coming from an elite family offered a feeling of impunity. Did this license lead Alex Murdaugh to commit fraud after fraudand then kill his wife and son?

Texas GOP Bill Gives Tax Cuts to Heterosexual Parents - A new proposal would give massive breaks to large families, but only if the parents are straight property owners who've never been divorced.

rogueblades comments on Tennessee Governor Bill Lee back before he had a huge problem with guys dressing up in drag...

Hershey put a trans woman on a candy bar, and some customers are calling for a boycott

Parents push back on allegations against St. Louis transgender center. Im baffled ... Explosive allegations made public last month about a St. Louis clinic that treats transgender children have flung parents into a vortex of emotions: shock, confusion, anger, fear ... The idea that nobody got information, that everybody was pushed toward treatment, is just not true. Is devastating. I'm baffled by it ... Almost two dozen parents of children seen at the clinic, which opened in 2017, say their experiences sharply contradict the examples supplied by Jamie Reed, a case manager who left the WU center after being employed there for more than four years.
Those priors wont confirm themselves! Bari Weisss awful but lucrative group blog recently published a lurid, unsubstantiated first-person account of misconduct at a Missouri gender care center.

Eschaton: But There Was An Affadavit But There Was An Affadavit - A random person claiming to be aware of kids identifying as helicopters were being rushed through treatment (I don't know what hormones you give to kids who identify as helicopters) got our Sensible Centrists (Just ASKING QWESCHINS - OH LOOK FINALLY THE ANSWER I WANTED) very excited ... Ludicrous claims about trans clinics also echo the ludicrous claims made about abortion clinic practices for decades by the same lunatics, and the same centrists fell for them then. You know, they kill babies after they're born and the doctors eat the fetal material. That kind of thing. Jon Chait, in particular, spent a couple days badgering people saying, basically, "I'm not saying it's true, but what if it is???? CHECK MATE, LIBS."
The Useful Idiots Fueling the Right-Wing Transphobia Panic

Sorry, Twitter. Elon Found His Next Shiny Object. - The Washington Post ... Twitter stands little hope of becoming a financial or cultural success under Musk as he continues to drain the online platform of talent, revenue sources and integrity. His latest antic has been to deflect criticism of Dilbert creator Scott Adams for a bizarre and racially offensive tirade on YouTube and blame the media for being racist instead ... Musk has been approaching artificial intelligence researchers in recent weeks amid the explosion of attention around ChatGPT to look into forming a new research lab.
U.S. regulators rejected Elon Musks bid to test brain chips in humans, citing safety risks
Eschaton: Oh, Elon A big Tesla "INVESTOR DAY" presentation which was 4 hours of arglebargle.

Starbucks committed egregious violations in battling union, judge rules - The judge's order requires the company to stop a long list of behaviors and reinstate workers who began a nationwide union drive ... chief executive Howard Schultz

Massachusetts governor budgets for free community college : politics

After being targeted by white supremacists, a N.H. business owner criticized police. The chief held it against her. - The Boston Globe ... Franklin Police Chief David Goldstein took exception to her remarks (bad copster)

How I Changed My Mind on Social Media and Teen Depression Randomized experiments and cross-national data argue that phones are making kids miserable
Honestly, it's probably the phones - The most plausible explanation for teenage unhappiness.

How a Texas girl scared of school shootings was punished

A Guide On Black Mental Health - Treatment Over Incarceration

Adidas has $500 million worth of Kanye sneakers and no good options - The Washington Post ... Celebrities, political leaders and Jewish organizations condemned the artist and called out Adidas, which was slower to act than his other business partners. Balenciaga, JPMorgan Chase and other companies had ended relationships with him weeks earlier, and Gap announced it would no longer carry his products.

Once the Worlds Largest, a Hotel Goes Poof! Before Our Eyes The Hotel Pennsylvania in Manhattan was a virtual city within a city. But in the end, nothing could save it.

The Good Life apparently requires other people Being alone might feel better sometimes, but according to a study of happiness, we need others to thrive

More than half of the world will be overweight or obese by 2035 - report : worldnews

Ice Age Europeans found refuge in Spain, doom in Italy | AP News : worldnews
Genetic origins, singularity, and heterogeneity of Basques

Scientists discover hidden corridor in Great Pyramid of Giza : worldnews
Scientists discover corridor in Great Pyramid of Giza : worldnews

Bostons police oversight office has yet to uphold a single civilian complaint

ELI5: How do internet domains work? Who are you paying? : explainlikeimfive


Seabirds deliberately avoid wind turbine rotor blades offshore, new study finds. During two years of monitoring using cameras and radar, not a single bird was recorded colliding with a rotor blade. : worldnews

EPA to award $250 million in IRA funds to reduce climate pollution | The Hill

Drugmaker Eli Lilly caps the cost of insulin at $35 a month, bringing relief for millions : worldnews

Wray publicly comments on the FBIs position on COVIDs origins, adding political fire
COVID-19 conspiracies soar after latest report on origins : politics

No Human-to-human Bird Flu Transmission Found In Cambodia: Officials : worldnews
Bird flu victim had virus with mutations that made it better adapted to human cells : worldnews

BlackSky details building of Chinas secret naval base in Cambodia

South Koreas Yoon says Japan changed from aggressor to partner

Taiwan says 25 Chinese planes, 3 ships sent toward island : worldnews

China's Imports of Russian Uranium Spark Fear of New Arms Race - Russian nuclear fuel deliveries to a new Chinese reactor are raising US concerns about the potential to produce weapons-grade plutonium
What could Chinese artillery and ammunition mean for Putins war in Ukraine?
Chinas collapsing birth and marriage rates reflect a peoples deep pessimism
Global Bird Flu Outbreak Leaves China Facing Baby Chick Shortage : worldnews
Chinas CCP warns Elon Musk against sharing Wuhan lab leak report ("sharing" = having an opinion on Twitter +Elon totally owned by Xi)
Chinese banks try to revive housing market with mortgages for 95-year-olds : worldnews

Russia not a responsible nuclear power for suspending new START treaty - U.S. official : worldnews
The New Voice of Ukraine on Twitter: "Russians have become less supportive of the war, but mostly still support their leadership because of the strong influence of Russian propaganda." / Twitter Russians have become less supportive of the war, but mostly still support their leadership because of the strong influence of Russian propaganda.
Moscow accuses Ukraine of multiple attempted drone strikes deep inside Russian territory : worldnews
Moscow Accuses US of Preparing a Toxic Chemicals Provocation in Ukraine
Putin living in fear as Ukrainian drone strikes edge closer to Moscow : RussiaUkraineWar2022

Russia fines Wikipedia for publishing facts instead of Kremlin war propaganda : worldnews

Russia, So Desperate for Armor, Is Digging Up Ancient Soviet Amphibious Vehicles : worldnews

Russia debates penalties for discrediting military

Russia's s oil and gas revenue plunged 40% in January as western sanctions take a toll, IEA says ... feeling the squeeze of western sanctions, the International Energy Agency said ... Our expectation is that this oil and gas revenue decline will be steeper in the next months to comeIEA chief Fatih Birol said.
Russias oil and gas revenue plunged 40% in January as western sanctions take a toll, IEA says

Russian Man Arrested for Daughters Anti-War Drawing
Russian schoolgirl who drew an anti-war drawing was sent to an orphanage, and her father was detained : worldnews

Nearly 2 million barrels of Russian diesel are stranded at sea because no one wants to buy them : worldnews

Russia delivers the 3rd regiment of S-400 to India : worldnews
India, worlds largest democracy, leads global list of internet shutdowns

Soldiers from neighboring Eritrea went house to house killing villagers in Ethiopias Tigray region, witnesses say

Uganda will propose a new anti-gay bill on Wednesday, the speaker of the countrys parliament said, as conspiracy theories accusing shadowy international forces of promotinghomosexuality flood social media

ISIS Women Accused of Turning Boys as Young as 13 Into a Human Stud Farm : anime_titties

UN atomic agency confirms Iran has enriched uranium close to weapons grade : worldnews
The scope of Trumps failed Iran policy comes into sharper focus | As Irans nuclear program advances, it's important to understand just how spectacularly Donald Trump's policy failed and in turn created the current mess.
Gas Attacks On 10 Girls Schools In Iran, Over 100 Hospitalised: Report

Putin paying Palestinians to fight in Ukraine : worldnews

Israel: Protesters launch nationwide day of disruption against justice overhaul
Day of disruption: Tel Aviv protest against judiciary reform turns violent
Israel has angered its closest supporters
Trumps former ambassador to Israel slams Bibis judicial overhaul plan
Israel should wipe out Palestinian town of Huwara, says senior minister
Video: How an Israeli Raid on a Safe House Ended With Civilians Killed - The New York Times A New York Times analysis of videos shows how an Israeli raid to capture Palestinian gunmen rippled into one of the most violent encounters in the West Bank in decades.
Inscription bearing Persian King Darius the Greats name discovered in Israel

The Satellite Hack Everyone Is Finally Talking About : As Putin began his invasion of Ukraine, a network used throughout Europe -- and by the Ukrainian militaryfaced an unprecedented cyberattack that doubled as an industrywide wake-up call.
The Ukrainian government is initiating a self-audit of its legislation for compliance with the European Union in order to start negotiations on accession to the EU as soon as possible
Providing Ukraine with the supplies it needs to force a Russian military collapse is the shortest path to peace
General Staff: Ukraine repels more than 85 Russian attacks over past day. Ukrainian forces repelled over 85 Russian attacks in five areas in the past 24 hours in northeastern and eastern Ukraine, the General Staff of Ukraines Armed Forces reported on March 1

How Russia Lost an Epic Tank Battle, Repeating Earlier Mistakes - The New York Times A three-week fight in the town of Vuhledar in southern Ukraine produced what Ukrainian officials say was the biggest tank battle of the war so far, and a stinging setback for the Russians ... Russia had lost at least 130 tanks and armored personnel carriers in the battle.

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 371, Part 1 (Thread #512) : worldnews

Russian losses per 01/03. +650 men +7 tanks +8 APCs +10 artillery pieces +1 MRLS +4 UAVs

Ukraine Says Intensity of Bakhmut Fighting Only Increasing
Views of Bakhmut, Donetsk Oblast

Pro-Ukrainian activists in Crimea are turning Russian Zwastikas into blue and yellow hourglasses to remind the Russian occupants their time is running out
At about 2:30, three explosions were heard in the area of Evpatoriia, occupied Crimea

Today, we can say that Russias energy blackmail has failed: EU looks set to end the winter heating season with its gas storage facilities more than half full, despite a huge drop in Russian pipeline gas supplies, says EU energy commissioner Kadri Simson.

Finnish parliament passes NATO bill : worldnews

Hungarys president calls on parliament to ratify Nordics NATO bid

At least 32 dead, 85 injured as trains collide in Greece : worldnews
At least 26 dead, 85 injured after trains collide in northern Greece : worldnews

Serbia handed over 3,500 missiles to Ukraine for Grad MLRS,

Germany: Ex-Nazi camp guard dies, ending case against him | The 99-year-old was under investigation over suspected complicity in the murders that took place at the Ravensbruck Nazi concentration camp, where tens of thousands of women were killed.

Swiss bankers face trial accused of helping Putin's friend transfer cash

Peru police find pre-Hispanic mummy in ex-delivery mans bag

Forced labour vineyards in Brazil expose modern slavery : worldnews

Canadian government urged to test sick patients for herbicide | Herbicides : worldnews

US seeks allies backing for possible China sanctions over Ukraine war

Havana syndrome not caused by energy weapon or foreign adversary, intelligence review finds
Havana syndrome not caused by energy weapon or foreign adversary, intelligence review finds

Five Things to Know About Long Shot Push for 585-Member US House : politics

Fox Stars Privately Expressed Disbelief About Election Fraud Claims.Crazy Stuff
Rupert Murdoch isnt sinking the Fox News legal case. Heres why.
Fox Leaders Wanted to Break From Trump but Struggled to Make It Happen - The New York Times Executives and top hosts found themselves in a bind after Donald Trump began pushing unfounded claims about election fraud, court filings show.
Murdoch, exposed - It's not a secret that Fox News is a political operation seeking to bolster the prospects of Republicans.

McCarthy, GOP pump brakes on release of Jan. 6 footage to Tucker Carlson | The Hill
Senior McCarthy aide, House Oversight chairman each met with mother of Jan. 6 rioter Ashli Babbitt

Showdown before the raid: FBI agents and prosecutors argued over Trump : politics ... This account reveals for the first time the degree of tension among law enforcement officials and behind-the-scenes deliberations as they wrestled with a national security case that has potentially far-reaching political consequences. (refuck traitor FBI)

The former president is assailing his primary opponents for entertaining entitlement cuts in the past and exacerbating divisions among Hill Republicans in the process.
Trumps enablers must face consequences, too

Garland promises free rein for prosecutors probing Hunter Biden - POLITICO attorney general pledges broad autonomy for U.S. attorney

House Oversight Chair Laments That Joe Bidens Dead Son Was Never ProsecutedFuming that the Trump-appointed attorney probing Hunter Biden hasnt yet brought up charges, Comer then invoked Beau Biden and wondered why he wasnt indicted at some point.
White House Livid Over Republicans Attack on Biden Dead Soncompletely inappropriate. Its ugly White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said of Rep. James Comers comments
every american president, but theyre all cool and they all sport a mullet - 46. Joe Biden

President Alito to deny you student loan relief ... Their position is that the president cant use the legal authority explicitly given to it by Congress because they dont like the policy choice Congress made.
Matt Ford on Twitter: "Roberts says the Biden order "modified" student-loan programs in the same way that the French Revolution "modified" the status of the French nobility." / Twitter

Republicans keep forgetting who the U.S. president was in 2020 : politics

Khanna, Deluzio Unveil Derail Act to Prevent Another Disaster Like East Palestine
GOP urges no burdensome regulations on freight rail, after derailment
After Weeks of Fake Outrage Over East Palestine, Republicans Push to Weaken Water Protection : politics

Rep. Lauren Boebert Gets Absolutely Schooled By Jamie Raskin Using Trumps Own Words

DeSantis Promises Florida Will Control Disney Content : politics
DeSantis is championing medical freedom. GOP state lawmakers like what they see. (freedom to kill)
Florida Republican pitches bill to ban the state Democratic Party The Ultimate Cancel Actwould cancel the filings of any party that previously advocated forslavery, which the Democratic Party did more than 150 years ago. (who are all Refucklicans now)
The Laboratories of Democracy

Another Lab Experiment - Nearly eight years after the Supreme Court legalized same-sex marriage and several months after Congress codified gay nuptials, Iowa legislators proposed banning such unions in their state constitution

Fun Times from the American Past

Corruption of Blood - A bill to ban donors who have received the COVID-19 vaccination from giving blood will decimate blood supply in Montana and leave patients at risk of even death, said opponents of House Bill 645.

Life in Gilead - Multiple pregnancies are inherently risky, and selective reduction can increase the chance of a live birth or births. But now, almost all abortions are illegal in Texas ... trisomy 18 ... Time for another Amy Coney Barrett monologue about how abortion bans are no big deal because you can just drop the baby off at the bus station, and since babies are just born immediately after conception with no health complications that solves everything. (refuck war on women)

New College conservative board votes to abolish DEI office : politics (DeathSantis)

Burning Books and Destroying Education on the Path to Fascist Dictatorship -- From Nazi Germany to the Pinochet regime in Chile, global parallels with where this type of repression leads should set off alarms. : politics
Democrats win all 3 state house special elections : politics

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot Falls Short In Bid For Second Term | HuffPost Latest News The defeat of the Windy Citys first Black female mayor and first openly gay mayor speaks to the challenges facing major U.S. cities.
Lori Lightfoot becomes the first Chicago mayor in 40 years to lose re-election : politics

Less than 40% of registered voters in Tennessee turned out for the 2022 midterms. Tennessees voter turnout was 38.61%. More attention needs to be focused on the South.
Whiskey Fungus Fed by Jack Daniels Encrusts a Tennessee Town

Mississippi Bans Trans Youth From Seeking Gender-Affirming Care : politics

Push for clergy to report abuse stalls in deeply Mormon Utah : news (Latter-Day Pedos)

The Worst New York Democrat, a perpetual beer-holding competition - Never count Eric Adams out: "When we took prayers out of schools, guns came into schools," Adams said to applause from hundreds of religious leaders gathered at an annual event in Manhattan ... Giuliani, Bloomberg, Adams ,,,
Outcry after New York mayor dismisses separation of church and state : politics
New York City Mayor Dismisses Separation Of Church And State : politics ... NYC really knows how to pick themselves an asshat for a mayor.

New York Will Pay Millions to Protesters Violently Corralled by Police - The New York Times The police boxed in racial justice demonstrators in 2020, an anti-protest practice known as kettling then hit them with batons and pepper spray. Hundreds will receive $21,500 each.

Sometimes Things Break: Twitter Outages Are on the Rise ... Elon Musks repeated job cuts (baby Muskfucker wrecks his toys)

Eschaton: This Young Whippersnapper Is Prematurely Wise The instititutional belief at the NYT is that they are super liberal but these kids today are making them more conservative by, you know, being trans and thinking black people can express opinions and stuff like that. A young guy saying, "Yes! The kids today are crazy! It's true we want to genocide the trans people, but only because they got so unreasonable!" confirms every dipshit thought they've ever had about anything.
Eschaton: Anything Else Going On? Every day at that fucking newspaper.

Racial Intolerance and Hate Are No Longer Banned on Coinbase - After helping spark techs backlash to Black Lives Matter, the crypto platform gutted its anti-racist safeguards.

Years Before Firing from University Job, Idaho Suspect Bryan Kohberger Was Problematic 'Fish Cutter' Employee -- Kohberger was trained by Conklin to cut and filet raw fish, using industry-standard knives.

The Witch Trials of J.K. RowlingHas Gone Off the Rails ... As every woman will know who speaks up on this issue, [theres been] a huge amount of, I want her to choke on my fat trans dick

Taking vitamin D supplements may help ward off dementia, according to a new, large-scale study. : science

5 Best High-risk Homeowners Insurance Companies of 2023 Learn more about the five best high-risk homeowners insurance companies for a better chance of protecting your property and its contents.


Antarctic sea ice likely shrunk to a record low last week, US researchers said Monday, its lowest extent in the 45 years of satellite record-keeping : worldnews

Norway: Thunberg joins Indigenous protests against turbines. The young environmental activist says green energy cannot come at the expense of human rights. A court order has deemed the turbines location in Norway illegal, as they disrupt Sami reindeer-herding traditions

Last of Irans endangered Asiatic cheetah cubs in captivity ... Yet another failing by the regime. They've consistently jailed environmental activists over the years, including Kavos Seyed Emami, who worked to protect Asiatic cheetahs.

Another humpback whale was spotted dead late Monday, floating near a shipping channel between New York and New Jersey, the 13th whale found in the two states in three months ... more whales appear to have found themselves in the direct path of more ships.

Industrial pollution key factor in poisoning of Oder river, finds EU

Rewilding Pennsylvania

Record number of countries enforced internet shutdowns in 2022 : worldnews

Little-known scientific team behind new assessment on covid-19 origins - The Washington Post Small shift in favor of lab leak theory was prompted by new data and group of weapons-lab scientists

Looming global health crisis: urgent action needed to prevent spread of drug-resistant superbugs, CSIRO says

Rooftop solar set to take mantle as Australias biggest power sourceas coal woes hasten

Japan to add Russias Wagner Group, others to sanction list over invasion

1 in 5 young Koreans suffers from snowballing debt : worldnews
Constitutional Court of Korea upholds law forcing school bullies to write a written apology to their victims : worldnews

North Koreas Kim Jong-un sounds alarm on agriculture amid reports of food shortages

Anna Netrebkos Taiwan concert canceled over her ties to Putin

After 959 days, Hong Kong is finally dropping their mask mandate, becoming the last major city to stop requiring masks indoors & outdoors. : worldnews

China very clearly taken Russia's side in war, says US
China Challenges Russia by Restoring Chinese Names of Cities on Their Border : worldnews ... China is in territorial disputes with its 16 neighbours and yes that includes its allies North Korea, Pakistan, and Russia of course.
China Challenges Russia by Restoring Chinese Names of Cities on Their Border
China Is Relentlessly Hacking Its Neighbors : worldnews
China says US overstretching concept of national security on TikTok ban -Chinese foreign ministry : worldnews ... Why is the chinese government concerned about whether or not another country's government allows some social media app on their employees phones? I wonder ...
As Chinas birth rate slumps, political advisor urges egg freezing for single women

No conditions for peace: Russia reacts to Chinas 12-point plan to end war ,,, The Russian foreign ministry on Friday thanked Chinese efforts but said that any settlement of the conflict needed to recognise Russia's control over four Ukrainian regions.
Kremlin complains of Scholz and Macron not contacting Putin at all lately : worldnews
Russia: Flights turned back from St. Petersburg : worldnews
Putin is a dictator. He doesnt need to save face in front of anyone to end his war in Ukraine. He could declare victory that he (1) stopped the NATO invading forces in Ukraine before they got to Russia (2) freed Donbas, (3) defended Crimea and end the war tomorrow -- Michael McFaul
A total Russian collapse is surprisingly close : UkrainianConflict

Putin lives with Russian gymnast and earns money through offshore company selling vodka
Video:Putin names some of the nationalities into which the Russian nation will collapse. : UkrainianConflict
Russia moves to criminalize Russophobia

The average life span of a Russian soldier in Ukraine is estimated at 60 days. Russian soldiers in Ukraine, on average, disappear in 60 days after being sent to the front,

From St. Petersburg To Tuapse: Russia In Turmoil Over Drone Attacks : UkrainianConflict
Drones fly deep inside Russia; Putin orders border tightened | AP News
Flurry of drone strikes hit Russia as TV, radio are hacked. One drone crashed just 60 miles from Moscow in an alarming development for Russian defenses : UkrainianConflict ,,, 25% of Russsia doesnt have indoor plumbing

Top Global Criminal Justice Diplomat Discusses Russia War Crimes : worldnews
Russia deports more than 16,000 children from Ukraine - PGO : worldnews
Poland to launch EU scheme for tracing Ukrainian children abducted by Russia : worldnews

THE PURGE: On the heels of a mysterious drone strike on a $300 million A-50 AWACS aircraft parked in Belarus, command of Russias air defense was transferred abruptly from the ground forces to the aero-space forces, led by General Surovikin. https://

I have relatives in Kharkiv who swore at us and said, that they would not communicate with us, Russian pigs, anymore. And I understand them perfectly ... We'll probably never understand the true breadth of anti-Russian sentiment within Russia. So these isolated videos are pure gold for that.
Elderly Russian woman blaming Putin for the world hating us goes viral

(3/7) On 26 February 2023, Belarusian partisan group BYPOL and exiled opposition leaders reported an A-50 MAINSTAY had sustained damaged from Uncrewed Aerial Vehicle (UAV) attacks at Maschulishchy air base.
(7/7) This will likely leave 6 operational A-50s in service, further constraining Russian air operations.

Baza, Shot: drone crashes near Gazprom facility in Moscow region : worldnews

Russia has just one tank factory churning out 20 tanks a month, with demand outstripping production by a factor of ten, says report : worldnews

Explosions heard in Krasnodar Krai in Russia, oil refinery on fire : worldnews

Pakistan hospitals short on insulin, essential drugs as financial crisis hits healthcare system : worldnews

World bank estimates Turkey quake damage at $34 bln. : worldnews

Dubai-based Russian shipping company sanctioned : worldnews

Iran can make fissile material for a bomb in about 12 days - U.S. official
Belgian Jailed In Iran Forcibly Disappeared, Subjected To Torture
Iran schoolgirls poisoned as some people seek to stop education for girls, Iranian official says

Putin paying Palestinians in Lebanon refugee camps to fight in Ukraine : worldnews

Israel: Far-right MK Avi Maoz resigns from government : worldnews
Thousands of Israelis donate to Palestinian victims of riots : worldnews

Antony Blinken, Secretary of State of the United States, has delivered an absolutely remarkable and historical speech on Ukraine and Russia at the at the United Nations Security Council. : UkrainianConflict
(58) WATCH: Blinken speaks at UN Security Council ministerial meeting on Ukraine - YouTube
Nato boss Jens Stoltenberg says Ukraine to join bloc in long term
NATO chief says Ukraine will ultimately join alliance : worldnews
A senior manager from a major investment firm told me there will be no investments into rebuilding Ukraine if there is no ironclad security guarantee for Ukraine. Ukraine will have no security so long as Russia occupies Crimea.
Ukrainian Innovation in a War of Attrition - The average rate of Russian soldiers killed per month is at least 25 times the number killed per month in Chechnya and 35 times the number killed in Afghanistan, which highlight the stark realities of a war of attrition

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 370, Part 1 (Thread #511) : worldnews

Ukraine government organization +550 +3

Ukraine war: Zelensky says situation in Bakhmut worsening : worldnews
Ukraine says Bakhmut situation extremely tense as army battles elite Russian units
Russia tries to encircle Bakhmut amid mud of Ukraines Donetsk

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 370, Part 1 (Thread #511) : worldnews

Work to salvage parts from destroyed An-225 Mriya ongoing, Antonov General Designer says. MS Flight Simulator contributes to reconstruction fundraiser. : worldnews

Moldova expels 2 foreigners caught in destabilization plot

Finland begins building $597 million barbed wire fence on Russian border : worldnews

Scrounging for Tanks for Ukraine, Europe s Armies Come Up Short - The struggle to deliver on promises to provide Leopard 2 tanks for use against Russian forces has exposed just how unprepared European militaries are.
Scrounging for Tanks for Ukraine, Europe s Armies Come Up Short

Hungarian approval of Finnish Nato bid delayed yet again : worldnews

Russia starts pumping Kazakh oil to Germany, flows to Poland halted | Reuters : worldnews

Switzerland condemns Russian abuse of human rights : worldnews

Putins henchmen - Some members of the European Parliament continuously refuse to back resolutions against the Ukraine war. Novaya-Europe reveals their names and their connections with Russia
The war in Ukraine has made eastern Europe stronger - The Economist : UkrainianConflict
The war in Ukraine has made eastern Europe stronger | The Economist But will the EUs new balance of influence endure?

Macron plans noticeable reduction of French troops in Africa

Salisbury Novichok poisoning medics still traumatised
Boris Johnson dangles threat of rebellion over Northern Ireland deal | Brexit : worldnews
Women make up 40% of boards at top UK companies for first time : worldnews
Teachers strike: 200,000 to walk out in three days of industrial action over pay
Eggs and margarine drive food inflation to record 17.1% : worldnews (Putin the murderer)

Brazil allows two Iranian warships to dock in Rio despite US pressure : worldnews

US requests extradition of El Chapos son, Mexico says

Canada Bans TikTok from Government Devices, Following US and EU : worldnews

Ukraine war: Viral conspiracy theories falsely claim the war is fake - BBC News A number of US right-wing accounts with large followings posted a series of baseless claims that suggested the entire Ukraine war might be a hoax perpetrated by Western media and governments.
Ukraine war: Viral conspiracy theories falsely claim the war is fake : worldnews

Murcs Law as a school of international relations - Jeffrey Sachs has apparently gone the full Greenwald, and decided to let Chotiner interview him about his tankie views about Putins unprovoked imperialist aggression: (put Sacjs on the flaming wrong lying asshole list)

Biden Administration Urges Congress to Renew Spy Law - WSJ Officials say surveillance power once used chiefly to stymie terrorists is vital to combating hackers and rivals like China

National Poll: 71% of Democratic Voters Think Biden Should Be 2024 Nominee : politics
Biden sees surge in Dem backing for 2024 run, with support highest among the young: poll : politics

New TikTok ban is poised to advance in Congress : politics

Biden takes aim at Republican plans to cut health care benefits : politics
Report Shows Big Insurance Profiting Massively From Medicare Privatization | The seven largest for-profit insurance companies in the U.S. have seen their combined revenues from taxpayer-backed programs grow 500% over the past decade. : politics

The American Child Labor Regime

Supreme Court Skeptical of Bidens Student Loan Cancellation Plan
Supreme Court weighs Biden student loan plan worth billions : politics
A Challenge to Student Debt Relief : politics

SCOTUS Says Domestic Spying Is Too Secret To Be Challenged in Court : politics

Women are regarded as a fragile vessel: Dress code fighta back door to spread Christian theocracy A mandatoryskirt rule could give the Supreme Court a chance to further gut secular public education

Is the Supreme Court as extreme as the Trumpian 5th Circuit?A new case tests how far the 6-3 Republican majority will go ... The Supreme Court on Monday agreed to hear a case that could help Republicans kneecap federal agencies, including one of the GOPs favorite targets: the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

Will This Make Biden Acknowledge the Supreme Court Is Out of Control? : politics

Biden sketching dire picture of GOP desire to cut spending : politics

The House was supposed to grow with population. It didnt. Lets fix that.

Government watchdog report finds FBI, Capitol Police identified but didn't sharecredible threats before Jan. 6
Top Republicans question McCarthy over release of January 6 footage as speaker vows deliberate approach : politics
House GOP moving to let Jan. 6 defendants access Capitol security footage - POLITICO

Democrats push to end security exemption on Capitol Hill as Republicans demand the right to carry guns House Democrats are calling on President Joe Biden to name a new architect of the Capitol who will force members of Congress to go through security screenings.

Rupert Murdoch acknowledged that Fox News hosts endorsed stolen election claims | CNN Business : news
Murdoch Acknowledges Fox News Hosts Endorsed Election Fraud Lie : politics
Rupert Murdoch Reveals Which Fox News Hosts 'endorsed' Election Fraud
Rupert Murdoch admitted some Fox commentators endorsed election lies
Rupert Murdochs big admission about Fox News

Rupert Murdoch gave Jared Kushner confidential information about Bidens 2020 ads before they were public, Dominion alleges
The other way Rupert Murdoch tried to tip the scales for Trump - The Washington Post
Eschaton: Handing Over The Ads To Jared Handing Over The Ads To Jared - The NYT buries that little nugget in a tiny paragraph way down in its coverage. Obviously all the Fox behavior is bad for an organization pretending to be a news organization under any reasonable definition of what that is, but that seems to be a headline ethical breach done by Uncle Rupert himself. Don't say it too loudly.

Trump Loses It Over Murdochs Admission About Election Lies ... Trump continued, pointing to Dinesh DSouzas conspiracy film 2000 Mules as evidence.
Feds Inadvertently Reveal Theyre Looking Into Trumps Shady Recount Campaign

Eschaton: Foxy One regular criticism of journalism you find on this very fine blog is that elite journalists tend to stand united in defense around the absolute worst of their profession. It isn't entirely clear to me why this is. The factors that determine club membership in any such club are often a bit complicated. There's Oliver Darcy, but I'm not confident his lead will be followed!
CNNs Oliver Darcy: Dominion filings prove Fox News knowingly lies to its viewers and is not at its core a news network
Eschaton: Now It's Time Simon was a semi-regular Fox guest for a time. Not all the time, but still. It's time for all of us to have THE conversation about Fox.

A Murdoch advisor said the booze had got to Giuliani following his unhinged rants about the 2020 election

Crying wont help you, praying wont do you no goodDonald Trump is going to be the 2024 GOP presidential nominee. This is becoming more evident by the day: (as the choice becomes clearer)

Kimmel Riffs on Rolling Stone Report That Trump Tried to Censor Him: President Karen Demanded to Speak to My Manager

Wearing a Ukraine flag is virtue-signalling like Covid mask,says Ted Cruz

Matt Gaetz Called Out for Citing Chinese Propaganda in Hearing : politics
Marjorie Taylor Greene Votes Against Mourning Victims Of Turkey-Syria Earthquakes : politics
Marjorie Taylor Greene 'attacked' by woman while at restaurant

The Reactionary Wing of the GOP, a story in two video clips
Underrecognized: Extremist murders are usually from right-wing actors - The Washington Post

Conspiracy Theorizing Goes Off the Rails : politics

Just how big is the Always Trump component of the Republican Party? - POLITICO about a third of Republicans and Republican-leaning voters still consider themselves supporters more of Trump than the Republican Party,

CPAC was once for the GOP fringe. Then the party shifted that way : politics
As CPACs head faces sexual assault claim, other leadership concerns emerge ... Matt Schlapp

The conservative battle against 'woke' banks is backfiring | States and cities fear that blacklisting financial giants for their climate policies will hurt their bottom line, because of reduced competition (

Trump easily beats DeSantis in GOP primary: poll : politics
New bill would eliminate Florida Democratic Party : politics ... if the partys platform has previously advocated for, or been in support of, slavery or involuntary servitude.
Opinion | Florida Could Start Looking a Lot Like Hungary - The New York Times
The Never Ending Competence of the Florida Democratic Party

Louisiana anti-abortion group calls on doctors to stop denying care exempted by ban | Group speaks out after hospitals refused to offer treatment for a woman who had a near deadly miscarriage citing ambiguous law : politics

West Virginia, Florida make moves to undermine science education : politics
Book bans and restrictions are a losing issue for Republicans : politics
Arizona Senate bill to ban ewd or sexual books called unconstitutional by experts

Tennessees Taliban flips their wig over the gays. What makes these fundamentalist MAGA types so afraid of a man in a dress with make up on his face and a goddamn wig on his head?

Our state is at war with our family: Clergy with trans kids fight back: They say their childrens lives and religious liberty are threatened by bills in Missouri and elsewhere.

GOP lawmakers propose amending Iowa Constitution to ban gay marriage : politics

Arizona Republicans disavow wide-ranging bribery allegation : politics

Mississippi House votes to create an unelected, state-appointed court system within majority-Black Jackson : politics

DPS sent at least 3,000 drivers licenses to organized crime group targeting Asian Texans

SQ 820 supporters push back on hyperbolic rhetoric against marijuana vote in Oklahoma
Virginia fails to establish legal marijuana market : politics

George W. Bush's anti-HIV program is hailed asamazing and still crucial at 20
Republicans Want to Ban People Vaccinated for COVID From Donating Blood : politics
Covid denialism and the revisionist history of the pandemic

NYC Mayor Adams dismisses separation of church and state, declares himself a servant of God

Proposed Oregon law would give homeless, low income people $1,000 a month : politics

New bill would make it illegal in Florida to approach police officer after receiving warning : politics ... This is about getting people to stop filming cops. If you are filming a cop, they'll move towards you, say to get away, then they can arrest you for approaching a cop.

Jonathan Capehart quits WaPo editorial board, leaving no people of color ... after a dispute over an editorial about 2024 politics, leaving the paper with an all-white editorial board

The tech tycoon martyrdom charade ... VC Qanon ... It's impossible to overstate the degree to which many big tech CEOs and venture capitalists are being radicalized by living within their own cultural and social bubble.

Eschaton: So Much Straw Wonder what details will emerge about the campaign finance stuff. - Bankman-Fried, FTX's founder, pleaded not guilty to eight criminal charges filed against him in December. Prosecutors say he stole billions in FTX customer funds to plug losses at Alameda. He has acknowledged inadequate risk management, but says he did not steal funds.

Fighting Woke AI Musk Recruits Team to Develop OpenAI Rival

/u/jellofiend84 talks about discovering Scott Adams racist AIM handles years ago
Dropping the creator of Dilbertis free speech at work
Cartoonists say a rebuke of Dilbertcreator Scott Adams is long overdue

Scientists unveil plan to create biocomputers powered by human brain cells | Scientists unveil a path to drive computing forward: organoid intelligence, where lab-grown brain organoids act as biological hardware : science

Immune cells called microglia, which keep the brain free of debris but also contribute to inflammation, are the likely culprits behind concentration and memory problems ("chemo brain") that sometimes follow paclitaxel chemotherapy treatment, a new study in mice suggests. : science

Researchers are calling for exercise to be a mainstay approach for managing depression as a new study shows that physical activity is 1.5 times more effective than counselling or the leading medications : science

TIL renowned architect Frank Lloyd Wrights houses were famously leaky

Whats the craziest thing youve ever seen in Boston
Boston drivers, why are so many of you running red lights? : boston
A topless marijuana dispensary may be coming to Western Mass. : boston

whapxi describes the origin behind the use of "Caucasian" to describe Europeans. : bestof
Japhetites - Wikipedia
The Blessing of Whiteness in the Curse of Ham: Reading Gen 9:18-29 in the Antebellum South
Why do Americans use Caucasian to describe white people?
Five things you didnt know about the Caucasus

what has been your most bone-chilling, hair-raising, Lets getthe hell out of here experience?

What is a subtle sign someone isnt a good person?


The world is on track to overshoot 1.5 degrees of warming, so its time to study reflecting sun away from the earth, says UN

UN chief slams climate-wrecking firms at human rights body

See where Americans are at risk for hurricane winds, by Zip code - Washington Post 1 in 3 Americans may face risk by mid-century as winds are projected to reach further inland, northward

'We may not ever know' Fauci says origins of coronavirus may never be revealed, even as pandemic threats continue

No positive cases of Bird Flu detected Cambodia following the death of a 12-year-old girl. : worldnews

CDC warns about drug-resistant Shigella bacteria, stomach bug deemed "serious public health threat" - CBS News ... XDR Shigella, have shown resistance to all of the typically recommended frontline antibiotic treatments for bacteria: azithromycin, ciprofloxacin, ceftriaxone, trimethoprim-sulfamethoxazole, and ampicillin.

Australia uncovers Russian espionage ring, expels spies: Report : worldnews

Thai drug dealer had plastic surgery to look like Korean man, police say : worldnews

As Tokyo Electric Power Co. moves closer to discharging tons of stored water from its stricken Fukushima No. 1 nuclear plant, local opposition has intensified and cries of betrayal are being heard : worldnews
With backing from business lobby, Japan PM calls for workers pay hikes

North Korea calls for 'rural revolution' amid worst food shortage in decades ... But Kim Jong Un has got to keep feeding his daughter, so she can grow up short and fat, with a bad haircut. That way she can surely be the next leader of North Korea.

China says U.S. endangered peace with Taiwan Strait fly-through ... But constantly sailing and flying into Taiwans territorry is not? What nonsense mongers authoritarian regimes are.
CIA chief: China has some doubt on ability to invade Taiwan : worldnews

China considers sending artillery and ammunition to Russia, U.S. officials say : worldnews
US says China will face real costs if it supplies Russia with lethal aid for war in Ukraine
U.S. warns China that helping Russia in war in Ukraine would alienate it from world
U.S. Renews Warning To China About Providing Lethal Weapons To Russia For War In Ukraine : worldnews
China accuses U.S. of disinformationover warnings its considering sending artillery and ammo to Russia
China aims to launch 13,000 satellites to suppressStarlink
China approves biggest expansion in new coal power plants since 2015, report finds | China : worldnews

Ex-husband and relatives charged with murder of Hong Kong model Abby Choi as body parts found : worldnews

UN chief: Russia unleashed widespread death, destruction and displacement with Ukraine invasion
Russia ditches nuclear security amid China visit,dangerous decade ahead, expert warns
CIA director: Putin too confident he can grind down Ukraine : worldnews ... Putin is the chief asshole of the world. He can take credit for murdering tens of thousands of people, Russians and Ukrainians. Also Georgians, Chechens, Syrians. Hundreds of thousands of people dead, millions of lives impacted all over the world.
Dissident Russians Protest Even as Putin's Repression Reaches New Heights The Russian state is doing more than ever to crush dissent ... Political repression in Russia has reached unprecedented levels, jumping far above even the staggering baseline reached since the start of Putins fourth term in 2018.
Ukrainian Nobel peace laureate calls for special tribunal to try Putin : worldnews
Volodymyr Zelenskyy predicts Putin will fall to own people: Russians will find a reason to kill the killer

Calls it a war. Admits that russia started it. A dose of reality I wasnt expecting from this source. The myths though. He hasnt been to the front and there's been no great reset of the russian armed forces.
Putin gives US actor Seagal top state award for humanitarian work

The mobilized are purportedly sent on meatassaults, according to Russian terrorist Igor Girkin. These actions of the Russian command imply a large number of losses, so they are forced to hide and underestimate the real numbers of the dead.

@bellingcat : Today is the eighth anniversary of Boris Nemtsovs murder. A year ago, we released an investigation that showed he was followed by the same assassination squad that poisoned Navalny up until a week before his murder

Anti-war partisans in Belarus claim to have damaged Russian plane | Belarus : worldnews
Explained: The Most Successful Sabotage Operation Against Russia During the Full-Scale Invasion

A time bomb: Indias sinking holy town faces grim future ... The holy town was built on piles of debris left behind by years of landslides and earthquakes.
Samsung may shift its next-gen foldable phone production to India : worldnews

Magnitude 5.6 quake hits Turkey; more buildings collapse : worldnews
Turkish soccer fans challenge Erdogan over quake response: During some of the first football games after the deadly earthquake, supporters of major clubs have called for the government's resignation : worldnews

Iran Experiencing New Strikes, Protests As Rial Keeps Falling : worldnews
CIA director says Russia is offering to help Iran's advanced missile program in exchange for military aid : worldnews ... Sure makes the Israelis refusing Ukraine military aid look pretty stupid now, doesnt it?

Israeli settlers rampage through Huwara; Palestinian killed - The Washington Post
We need burning villages: Israeli coalition lawmaker backs settler rampage ... the same guy that says that he wants to put the anti-government protesters in jail. A real piece of work, from Ben-Gvir's party
Damage revealed the morning after Israeli settlers riot in Hawara : worldnews ... According to the Palestinian authorities, 66 Palestinians died in the two months since the beginning of 2023, from IDF or settler gunfire, a staggering figure that causes concern among Israeli security officials
Israel beefs up troops after unprecedented settler rampage : worldnews (after doing nothing)
Secret Hezbollah gold trade in South America foiled by Israeli intelligence : worldnews

You add it together--and this was a very good week in cementing US support for Ukraine (as long as the Dems/Biden remain in power).
Phillips P. OBrien on Twitter: "Pres Biden seems to tweet daily about his identification with and support of Ukraine. This shows just how important it is to him personally and I would argue politically." / Twitter
US: Crimea Remains Part of Ukraine, RetakingRussian-Held Areas Top Concern
Zelensky has fired Major General Eduard Moskaliov, commander of the joint forces in Donbas : worldnews
Ukraine to prevail, were already building peaceful future -- Chief Rabbi of Ukraine
Russian occupation authorities prepare to flee from Kherson Oblast

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 369, Part 1 (Thread #510) : worldnews

Paul Jawin on Twitter: "The joint work of the Self-propelled Howitzer Battalion and mortars of the 1st mechanized battalion of the 3rd assault brigade." / Twitter (17 dead Russians)

Bakhmut - Show this to those idiots who say they havent seen any war footage.
(4/4) Although widely devasted earlier in the war, Mariupol is important to Russia because it is the. largest city Russia captured in 2022 that it still controls, and sits on a key logistics route.

More Than 1,800 Ukrainian POWs Have Been Freed During the Year of War

Arrests in Bulgaria after 18 Afghan migrants found dead in a truck : worldnews

German minister warns of massivedanger from Russian hackers | Nancy Faeser says Ukraine war has exacerbated German cybersecurity concerns

Media: alleged embezzled millions from Lebanon ended up in Swiss banks : worldnews

UK, EU Seal New Post-Brexit Deal on Northern Ireland Trade
Minimum marriage age rises to 18 in England and Wales : worldnews

First 2000 inmates moved to El Salvador's new gangster prison - President Nayib Bukele, who has declared a "war" on gangs, claims Center for the Confinement of Terrorism is largest mega-prison in Americas. : worldnews

Cocaine worth $330m found in Ecuador banana shipment : worldnews

Mexico protests: Huge crowds rally against electoral reform : worldnews
Mexican president claims he has proof of mythical woodland elf : worldnews

How the Fed Opened Pandora's Box - Jerome H. Powell's no-holds-barred response to the pandemic was made possible by history. It raises questions about the future. (undermined their hands-off austerity myth)

A financial disaster for millions of Americans could arise if the Supreme Court strikes down Bidens student-loan forgiveness, Elizabeth Warren details in a new report
Supreme Court to Rule on Student Loan Relief: What to Know : politics

Supreme Court to Take Up Case on Fate of Consumer Watchdog - The New York Times A decision against the bureau could cast doubt on every rule and enforcement action the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has taken.

Sanders Pushes Biden to Embrace Social Security Expansion It is not enough to point out the reactionary, anti-worker vision of the Republican Party,the democratic socialist senator stressed. We have to present a positive, pro-worker alternative

President Bidens Succession Problem ... The last president to die of natural causes while in office was Roosevelt. He was only 63 when he died, 82 days into his fourth term. (let voters decide)
Presidential election rematches - Right now its looking quite likely that the 2024 presidential election will be feature the same two major party candidates as in 2020. This is very unusual: in fact its happened only once in the 30 presidential elections since 1900 -- in 1956, when Eisenhower faced Adlai Stevenson for the second election in a row.

Safety concerns raised over Kevin McCarthy giving Tucker Carlson exclusive Jan 6. footage : politics
Fox News Rejects Ad From Progressive Group Highlighting Stars Damning Texts - The MoveOn ad features messages from Tucker Carlson and Sean Hannity blasting the baseless election fraud conspiracies being peddled by Team Trump.
How do you say liability in Australian?

FBI arrests man dubbed Sedition Panda for allegedly storming Capitol wearing bear head - Jesse James Rumson was arrested in Florida on Monday and charged with assaulting, resisting or impeding an officer, among other offenses.

Figure it out: Witnesses in Donald Trump investigation may have lied under oath, report finds

Trump mocked after revealing his plan to end Ukraine war: Knock heads and get it done
Trump has a get people in a room plan for the war in Ukraine

Donald Trump Gets the Chance to Rant about Peter Strzok, But This Time Under Oath | The former FBI agents wrongful termination suit could get a very special guest star.

Trump tried to get talk show censored in 2018, report says : politics

Most Americans Think House Republicans Arent Investigating Real Problems
House GOP turns heat up on federal workers - The Washington Post

Inside the Unholy Sex Scandal Rocking Trumps Ex-Adviser

Buttigieg reminds Rubio of his recent record on rail inspections : politics

Ron DeSantis will destroy our democracy, says fascism expert
DeSantis would be a catastrophically bad president ... As an antidote to Damon Linkers truly ridiculous pseudo-defense of Ron DeSantis, the Times has also published Jennifer Szala's review of DeSantis's new "book" and it's an infinitely sharper piece of work: ... strategy is to try to mask his hard-right authoritarianism in some meaningless abstractions and not literally being Donald Trump, and hope that much of the media plays along. How many choose to be dissemblers and minimizers like Linker and how many people are willing to tell the truth like Szalai will go a long way to determining how this works out.
The beautiful dream life of the centrist Democrat - Damon Linker advises his "fellow liberals" not to get all hysterical about a potential DeSantis presidency, because after all:
Preaching Freedom, Ron DeSantis Leads By Cracking Down ... In his new book, courage to be a Fascist Asshole ...
Florida bill would ban gender studies majors, diversity programs at universities : politics ... The real damage is ending tenure for professors and giving the governor complete control over university leadership hiring/firing. Governor controls the leadership and the leadership can fire & hire professors at will.
Florida Republicans Are Terrified of Gender Studies Majors : politics

How many Republicans does it take to change a light bulb? None! Their backyard will do it for them! : PoliticalHumor

Voters of all stripes sour on Santos : politics

Freshman Rep. Andy Ogles Admits He Didn't Know What He Majored in Republican Andy Ogles
Embattled Rep. Ogles acknowledges misrepresenting his college major - The Washington Post ... In a statement Monday, he said his degree was for liberal studies. That is a general education degree typically for those who cannot settle on a major ... a wider range of misrepresentations by Ogles about his background, including calling himself an economistwhen, in fact, he took only one community college economics course that he barely passed.
GOP Rep. Andy Ogles Said Hes an Economist, But He Barely Passed His One Econ Class in College

Idaho dropped thousands from Medicaid early in the pandemic. Which state's next? : politics

Rural Hospitals Are Shuttering Their Maternity Units - The New York Times Citing costs, many hospitals are closing labor and delivery wards, expanding so-called maternity care deserts.

A new bipartisan push for paid family and medical leave : politics
Mississippi GOP governor now backs longer Medicaid for moms : politics

Trans people facehorrifying rhetoric at statehouses

Michigan lawmakers call for hearings after widespread power outages : politics

Maryland Gov. Wes Moore taps gas industry official for key energy post - The Washington Post Environmentalists say Wes Moores pick for the Public Service Commission goes against his climate pledges

Fraud hunters challenged 92K Georgia voter registrations in 2022 The vast majority were unsuccessful, but a 2021 law allows for such mass challenges that drown election workers in paperwork and threaten voting rights.

Alaskas unprecedented food stamp backlog is taking a harsh toll on rural communities

Grieving Army families lost fortunes with financial adviser Caz Craffy - The Washington Post

Doctors who touted ivermectin as covid fix now pushing it for flu, RSV

GRAPHIC: I am going to die: Body camera footage released in womans in-custody death

Is Shoplifting Surging? What a Panic Reveals About U.S. Crime Policy. : politics

Fourth Circuit: Individuals Have a First Amendment Right to Livestream Their Own Traffic Stops : politics ... The court did not rule you cant be beat, tased or killed while livestreaming. Just you have the right to livestream.

New Jersey Man Tried to Fly With AR-15 and Fake U.S. Marshal Badge: TSA

In Latest Round of Job Cuts, Twitter Is Said to Lay Off at Least 200 Employees - The New York Times The social media platform now has a work force of less than 2,000, down from 7,500 when Elon Musk took it over in October. (Muskfucked)
Elon Musk tweets support for Dilbert creator after racist tirade
Scott Adams and the right-wing insistence on White victimhood - The Washington Post
Dilbert distributor drops creator Scott Adams over his racist remarks

Vaping CBD Causes More Severe Lung Damage Than Vaping Nicotine, Roswell Park Study Shows : science - he CBD was diluted with MCT oil. Seems obvious vaping a super heated oil is bad for you. (funded by the tobacco lobby)
The simple act of wearing an eye mask to block out light while sleeping can improve cognitive function the next day. In two experiments, the researchers found that participants who slept with an eye mask showed enhanced episodic memory encoding and alertness the following day. : science

Bad dreams in children linked to a higher risk of dementia in adulthood. Children who experience regular bad dreams and nightmares between the ages of seven and 11, may be nearly twice as likely to develop cognitive impairment (the core feature of dementia) by the time they reach age 50. : science

How to see a full circle rainbow | Earth | EarthSky

What is something you think every person should experience in their lifetime? : AskReddit


U.S. and Russia come together on ISS rescue mission
Russian Soyuz capsule docks with ISS - 02/26/2023

Worst-ever February Rainforest Data For Brazilian Amazon : worldnews

Red states leading the US in solar and wind production, new report shows : news

A Lab Leak in China Most Likely Origin of Covid Pandemic, Energy Department Says - WSJ - U.S. agencys revised assessment is based on new intelligence (so China fucked the world)
Lab Leak Most Likely Caused Pandemic, Energy Dept. Says - The New York Times intelligence agencies remained divided over the origins of the coronavirus.
Lab Leak Most Likely Origin of Covid-19 Pandemic, U.S. Agency Now Says : news
Leak or No Leak

Anthony Albanese has become Australias first sitting prime minister to take part in Sydneys Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras parade

North Koreas Kim Jong Un mobilises young labourers in new housing plan amid economic woes ... all mountains there. Harder to grow food in mountains. So you need to trade for food. But what are you going to trade? When your communist system cant seem to get any competitive industries going?

Protesters rally in Taipei to support Ukraine on anniversary of Russias invasion

Hong Kong models in-laws face charges in grisly killing

China considers sending Russia artillery and ammunition, U.S. officials say : worldnews
China has not yet supplied arms to Russia in its war with Ukraine, U.S. officials say - The Washington Post Russian stumbles on the battlefield as well as the solidarity of Ukraines allies have continued to pressure Putin
India, China may have prevented Russia from nuking Ukraine, says US secretary of state. : worldnews
China to Welcome Belarusian Leader, Raising Concerns Over Ukraine : worldnews
China should be judged by its actions, not its words - German defense minister : worldnews
China wants to partition Ukraine. It wants to legalize Putins landgrab and condemn Ukrainians to occupation/genocide. That is not peace

Putin casts war in Ukraine as a battle for Russias survival
Putin: Russia cant ignore NATOs nukes, West wants to liquidate Moscow
NATO "Indirectly" Taking Part In Ukraine Conflict By Sending Weapons: Vladimir Putin : worldnews
British intelligence believes that Russia is trying to exhaust Ukraine rather than occupy it in the short-term Russia will degrade Ukraines military capabilities and hope to outlast NATO military assistance to Ukraine before making a major territorial offensive

Most G20 nations condemn Russia for war, China silent : worldnews
Russia grossly violated global financial system, watchdog rules
EU slaps sanctions on top Russia officials, banks, trade : worldnews
EU Sanctions Russian Wagner Group For African Operations : worldnews

Russian troops say they're being sent to the slaughter in video to Putin

Russia offered bonus exam marks to college students so they would show up to a pro-war propaganda rally: NYT : worldnews
Chinese brands have replaced iPhones and Hyundai in Russias war economy

It is reported that a Russian military plane AWACS A-50 was blown up at Machulishchy military airfield in Belarus : ukraine
Lukashenko on alleged Russian plans to take over Belarus by 2030: There might have been such a document
Belarus says it has 1.5 million potential soldiers outside armed forces. : worldnews

India Spotted Flying Object Over Strategic Island : worldnews
US Will Continue To Develop And Foster Ties With Indian Military: Pentagon : worldnews
Indias Largest News Agency, Part-Owned by Reuters, Continues to Quote Fake Sources: Report

Saudi Arabia will supply Ukraine with aid worth $400 million : worldnews

Irans currency slides to record low as savers buy dollars
Their Hair Long and Flowing or in Ponytails, Women in Iran Flaunt Their Locks - The New York Times

Tens of thousands of Israelis on Saturday protested their far-right governments plans to overhaul the legal system, three days after parliament advanced a bill that would enable lawmakers to overturn a Supreme Court decision with a simple majority.
Two Israelis murdered in Palestinian terror shooting in West Bank : worldnews
Israeli settlers rampage after Palestinian gunman kills 2 : worldnews

Zelenskyy after one year of war : pics
Saudi Arabian Foreign Minister visits President Zelenskyy : worldnews
Zelenskyy Seeks More Sanctions, Argues Russia Can Be Defeated In 2023 : worldnews
Crimea Is Ukraine - United States Department of State
9 years ago, Russian aggression began in Crimea. By returning Crimea, we will restore peace. This is our land. Our people. Our history. We will return the Ukrainian flag to every corner of Ukraine.

Hell on earth: I reported from the war in Ukraine. What I witnessed still haunts me.

Were Reuters correspondents Stefaniia Bern and Jonathan S. Landay. We cover Russias war on Ukraine from Kyiv and from D.C. Today is the one-year anniversary of the war ask us anything!
(52) YEAR - a documentary project by Dmytro Komarov | Part One - YouTube - Absolutely stellar documentation about the war in Ukraine by an ukrainian journalist. Footage with President Zelynskyy and other high miltary personel. Also including hard to stomach war footage. Activate ukrainian subtitles for the english translation

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 368, Part 1 (Thread #509) : worldnews

Latest Defence Intelligence update on the situation in Ukraine - 26 February 2023 Find out more about Defence Intelligence:

Russian forces are revamping their assault tactics after experiencing failures with their current structure. The Battalion Tactical Groups (BTGs) are getting replaced with a new unit called the Assault Unit or AssaultDetachmentwhich I will discuss in this thread.
(2/6) NI is seen as an elite infantry force within the Russian military.
(4/6) As such, NI has been tasked with some of the toughest tactical missions in the war and has suffered extremely high casualties.
6/6) This lack of experience is almost certainly exacerbating Russian officers tendency to micromanage, which in turn reduces operational agility. There is a realistic possibility that degraded NI units will again be committed to new assaults near Vuhledar.

Drone footage published by the Russian state media showing the current state of Bakhmut. Theres nothing left to fight over but ruins.
A timelapse of the changes around Bakhmut over the past week as Russia continues to advance.
AU forces, including but not limited to 17th Armored Brigade and the 3rd Assault Brigade (former Azov) lead a counterattack. Now, the RUS attack from the north on Bakhmut not only collapsed, but the AU came to the rear of the Russian army. : ukraine

Thats my neighbour: Mariupol residents shock at Putins parade line-up

Lithuanians raise 14 million euros to buy radars for Ukraine : worldnews

Bulgaria bans neo-Nazi event after public outcry : worldnews

Newly elected president of Czech Republic: NATO should consider Ukraines membership immediately after war

Croatia prepares to send 14 Mi-8 helicopters to Ukraine : worldnews

(1) Sergej Sumlenny on Twitter: "One of the posters left today by the Russian mob at the Russian tank wreck: "We pray on our knees daily for the Russia's victory. Forgive us, we don't know what to do. Germany will be free from the Anglo-Saxon slavery. We are mourning and crying for the fallen heroes of Russia"." / Twitter

Brexit News for February 2023: Sunak, Von der Leyen to Meet - Bloomberg UK, EU hope to announce agreement after Monday meeting - Post-Brexit pact would ease cross-border trade barriers
Tomato-free pizza on the menu as chefs choke on the price of fruit and vegetables in the United Kingdom : worldnews
Signal app warns it will quit UK if law weakens end-to-end encryption : worldnews

Brazilian authorities this week intensified their fight against illegal mining on the land of the Indigenous Yanomami people, sending helicopters over the Amazon jungle in search of clandestine dig sites : worldnews

Today, we are reminded of the bravery of the people of Ukraine, and we reaffirm our commitment to supporting them. Canada will always #StandWithUkraine. Read Prime Minister Justin Trudeaus statement on Ukraines Day of Resistance:

Why Mohamed bin Salmans Slush Fund is an Urgent National Security Matter for Congress

McConnell calls Ukraine aid a direct investment for US against Putin's war machine
Condoleezza Rice warns GOP candidates against pulling back from Ukraine: These conflicts always come home

The Fate Of Bidens Student-Loan Relief Plan Rests With The Supreme Court

How a Supreme Court justice's paragraph put the Voting Rights Act in more danger : politics

Millions who rely on Medicaid may be booted from program : politics

Extra SNAP food stamp benefits are being cut, causing new worries for people in need Extra SNAP payments under a pandemic-era policy are set to expire in 32 states, ending a program that economists have linked to reductions in poverty.

Child labor violations are on the rise as some states look to loosen their rules : politics

Your moment of anti-Zen : A reminder that in the Rupert Murdoch Extended Media Universe Vladimir Putin is a more democratically legitimate leader than Joe Biden ... It seems bad that Americas most influential television news network is an endless succession of mash notes to dictators and aspiring dictators.
Tucker: It is galling to be lectured about democracy by a man who took power in an election so sketchy that many Americans don't believe it was real. Biden is far less popular in the US than Putin is in Russia.. And it says everything about Joe Bidens tenuous legitimacy ... Just rename the network Depravda and be done with it ...
Why Fox News Lied to the Viewers It 'Respects'
Fox News host speaks out after company bans reporting on Dominion lawsuit

Trump White House Pressured Disney to Censor ... Jimmy Kimmel - The former president was so incensed by the late-night host making fun of him that he had his staff take action

Judge Reveals Rep. Scott Perrys Bid To Shield Thousands Of Files From Jan. 6 Committee

Report: The Special Counsel Isnt Going to Let Mike Pence Weasel Out of Testifying About 1/6

With Trump running, nearly all Republican senators say no to a presidential bid : politics

CPAC reflects the decline of the GOP from Reagan to Trump : politics

Failing at polls, election deniers focus on state GOP posts : politics
The GOP's shooting itself in the foot on future elections. This poll shows why. : politics

U.S. Rep. Jim Jordan, House Republicans scour southern border, but dont find any illegal crossings ... Jim Jordan also couldnt find a sexual assault scandal, common sense, dignity, or a clue. (and can't find MTG's 6 billion)
Jim Jordans Weaponization Committee Is Misfiring

Scoop: House GOP plans Ohio derailment hearings
Saturday Night Live mocks Trump visit to East Palestine
How a small-town train derailment erupted into a culture battle - The Washington Post The East Palestine train accident is one of hundreds each year, but its become a significant political flashpoint
Trump is taking advantage of the Ohio disaster in a way thats eerily reminiscent of 2016

Depression and the public life ... he Swiss-born psychiatrist Adolf Meyerhad a tin ear for the finer rhythms of English and therefore was unaware of the semantic damage he had inflicted by offering "depression" as a descriptive noun for such a dreadful and raging disease. Nonetheless, for over seventy-five years the word has slithered innocuously through the language like a slug, leaving little trace of its intrinsic malevolence and preventing, by its very insipidity, a general awareness of the horrible intensity of the disease when out of control.

Imma tell my grandkids this was Ivanka Trump

Manchin, on Fox News, Refuses to Call Himself a Democrat : politics

Newcomers moving to SC in droves. Some lawmakers want them to pay a Yankeetax for coming

Minnesota Democrats rapidly advance the most progressive agenda in a generation : politics

Calls come to disbar former AG Brnovich after he concealed records debunking 2020 election fraud cases : politics
Hobbs urges state bar to conduct ethics review of former Arizona attorney general : politics

Model for bad democracy: Voting rights wins may be reversed after GOP flips North Carolina court

Idaho lawmakers are seriously considering absorbing Oregons conservative rural counties if they can secede from the blue state

Ky. high school students hold walkouts to protest anti-LGBTQ legislation : politics

Proposed Tennessee bill would expand concealed carry law to include all firearms : politics

Nevada Democrats implode over battle for party control The Democratic establishment acccuses state chair Judith Whitmer of dividing the party. The democratic socialist leader says it's a smear campaign

Florida releases list of 350 approved books by grade level. The document misspells "ninth" and "twelfth" (refucks eliminate "spellling" from schools)

California Wants to Keep (Most of) the Colorado River for Itself : politics

Jury awards Va. teacher $5 million over wrongful sex abuse case - The Washington Post The teacher was accused of sexually abusing a 17-year-old student, though she denies his claims

It was an abortionm - A scion of one of Americas most aggressive (albeit least morally authoritative) anti-abortion families got one:
The cruelty is the entire point

(1) Julia Davis on Twitter: "Sorry to disappoint, Seymour lied." / Twitter

Eschaton: Oh, Elon Feel bad for the ones in the US on visas. - Feb 26 (Reuters) - Elon Musk's Twitter Inc laid off dozens of employees on Saturday in what is at least the eighth round of job cuts since Musk took over the social network in late October, the Information reported.

FTX founder Sam Bankman-Fried hit with four new criminal charges : technology
Disgraced FTX founder Sam Bankman-Fried has another big problem: He wont shut up

Elon Musk lays off more Twitter employees, including hard-core loyalists: Looks like Im let go ... Since Musk took over the company in October last year, Twitters headcount has fallen by over 70%, and its chief source of revenue, advertising, has fallen significantly.

Musk defends Dilbert creator, says media is racist against whites
Los Angeles Times ceases publication of Dilbert
Newspapers Drop Dilbert Comic After Creators Rant About Black 'Hate Groups'
Eschaton: Going Backwards The racist things that would've led to politicians being CANCELLED (general condemnation by elite media and similar, something they have the power to do when they choose, and distancing from their colleagues) 10 years ago - hardly a utopian time, either - mostly wouldn't today. Railing about "cancel culture" was always just wanting the return of permission slips to be racist and horrible in other ways without any consequences. Sure the Dilbert guy managed to cross the line, but shows just how far that line has moved.
Eschaton: Dangerous Truths - And despite this being the elite consensus view, they all think they are brave truthtelling contrarians (even though most are too cowardly to go the full Dilbert Guy).
And yet we can still tell its you, Scott (RK Millholland artist)

TIL that in 1938 the Chinese government deliberately destroyed the dikes of the Yellow River in order to cause a flood with the aim of slowing the Imperial Japanese Army and in the process killed up to 900,000 Chinese civilians, created millions of refugees and destroyed thousands of villages : todayilearned ... No one kills the Chinese quite like Chinese governments (except for Japanese)

Psychedelic microdosing doesnt actually help people open up emotionally, study suggests (comments for why this is stupid)

Peruvian archaeologists unearth 30 pre-Inca era graves : worldnews

Strange but ultimately positive genetic discovery reveals up to 1,000 relatives linked to prolific sperm donor : worldnews

New research establishes a link between irritable bowel syndrome and mental health challenges, such as anxiety, depression, and suicidal ideation : science

REM Sleep Is Magical. Here's What the Experts Know. Dreaming, memory-making, problem-solving: A lot happens during the most active sleep phase ... Ideally, you move through the four stages in 90- to 110-minute cycles that repeat four to six times in a typical night.

TIL:Crows are a highly intelligent species, which are self-aware just like humans. They are as smart as Gorillas and have a complex brain which has the ability to reason : todayilearned

BookTubers who read classics : books
Warning about Jack Edwards subscription (its a scam)

A woman who got locked out of her Apple account minutes after her iPhone was stolen and had $10,000 taken from her bank account says Apple was not helpful at all

Instagram users are being served gory videos of killing and torture : news

Discord - Wikipedia Discord is a VoIP and instant messaging social platform. Users have the ability to communicate with voice calls, video calls, text messaging, media and files in private chats or as part of communities


Gulf of Maine sees second-hottest year on record, report shows,getting to the edge of habitability

US Space Force Prepares for Attacks in Space by Procuring a Third Missile Tracking Layer : CredibleDefense

The Promise and Pitfalls of Underwater Domain Awareness

One of Australia most recognisable landmarks @SydOperaHouse lit up in blue & yellow in solidarity with Ukraine & the people of Ukraine #StandWithUkraine

Japans Hokkaido hit by 6.1 magnitude earthquake, no tsunami warning yet

North Korea claims it has nuclear attack capability after US, South Korea hold N-drill : worldnews

Taiwans iconic Taipei 101 skyscraper was again lit up in the colors of the Ukrainian flag #StandWithUkraine

Chinese fighter jet confronts US Navy plane with CNN crew aboard as tensions simmer in the South China Sea : worldnews
ABC News: Biden dismisses Chinas proposed peace plan
Ukraines Zelensky says he plans to meet Chinas Xi
Zelenskiy open to Chinas peace plan but rejects compromise with 'sick' Putin
Its one thing for Mearsheimer to cause a fuss in the pages of Foreign Affairs. Its quite another to go onChinese state TV to say there is no evidence that Putin is fighting a war of imperial conquest in Ukraine. Whats next, an exclusive interview with Russia Today?
China and the Ukraine war: One year on : CredibleDefense

How Putin has unleashed the most globalized war since 1945: The Russian invasion of Ukraine is a challenge to the world order that has precipitated military, geopolitical, economic and human consequences on a planetary scale : UkrainianConflict
Putin pitches the American right with an ungodly invocation of God

Russias nuclear rhetoric is unacceptable, Malta tells UN Security Council
The 10th sanctions package targets russian military industry, propaganda & financial system. The pressure on russian aggressor must increase: we expect decisive steps against Rosatom & russian nuclear industry, more pressure on military & banking.
Russia is isolated. Completely. Irreversibly. During todayOSCE PC meeting, when Russian propagandist (they still call them diplomats to gain some credibility) started reading his statement, the mtg room was emptied immediately. Everyone stands with Ukraine! #UkraineWillWin
Putin called "schizophrenic" in post shared by former Russian commander : UkrainianConflict
Igor Girkin says Russia needs a Chinese lend-lease if its to continue fighting in Ukraine withany level of success
The #Kremlin did not comment on the first anniversary of Russias full-scale invasion of #Ukraine on February 24, likely because #Russia has failed to achieve any of its stated objectives and has not made significant territorial gains since July 2022.
One Year of U.S. Sanctions on Russia: Over 2,500 Russiarelated targets Specially Designated List since February 2022; Over 80% of Russias banking sector by assets; All 450 members of the Russian State Duma the Federation Council (170). Etc.

Russian authorities have arrested several Russians who placed flowers at the statues of famed Ukrainian writers to protest against the war : worldnews

Academics: Russia Selling Oil Way Over Price Cap : worldnews

German Chancellor Scholz Begins India Visit, Meets PM Modi : worldnews
India Saved Over 3.4 Million Lives Due To Covid Vaccines: Stanford Report : worldnews

Sri Lanka forex down to USD 500 million, postpones local polls : worldnews

UN Court Orders Azerbaijan To Unblock Lachin Corridor Amid Armenian Accusations Of Ethnic Cleansing

The death toll from the earthquakes in Turkey and Syria that struck on Feb. 6 surpassed 50,000 on Friday after Turkey declared more than 44,000 people died : worldnews
Turkish journalists detained over earthquake reports : worldnews

Why Russias invasion of Ukraine still divides Africa

Iran: Protests hit restive southeast, internet disrupted. Social media clips show a heavy police presence in Zahedan, a city that has become a major site of protests sweeping the country : worldnews
Iran unveils new Paveh cruise missile that can reach Israel
IRGC commander says Iran seeks to kill Trump, Pompeo, others as revenge for Soleimani : worldnews
Iranian Currency At New Low Of 540,000 Against Dollar : worldnews

Israeli Cabinet Approves $2.8 Billion Budget for Potential Strike against Iran : worldnews
Israel advances plans for 7,000 new settler homes, places E1 project back on docket : worldnews

Zelensky says Israel should back Ukraine, not take mediator position - report : worldnews
Remember this speech? Zelensky speaks directly to the Russian people on February 23rd, when it was obvious that Russia was about to attack. He said if you attack, you will see our faces, not our backs
Vladimir Putin Will Be Killed by His Own Inner Circle, Zelensky Predicts : worldnews
Ukraine Claims Cooperation with Putins Inner Circle in Intelligence Operations
Year Two

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 367, Part 1 (Thread #508) : worldnews

Putin loses nearly 1,000 troops, 13 tanks on war anniversary: Ukraine : ukraine
Zelensky: Russia occupies 1,877 Ukrainian cities and villages.Russian forces currently occupy 1,877 Ukrainian cities and villages, President Volodymyr Zelensky said, speaking online at the German governments Ukraine solidarity event on Feb. 25.

(4/4) Although the weapons do not have a good record in destroying their intended targets, Russia likely sees them as useful decoys which can divert Ukrainian air defences from more effective Russian cruise missiles.
General Staff: Ukrainian forces repel 70 Russian attacks. Russian troops also carried out 27 airstrikes and fired 75 rounds from rocket launchers, targeting communities and civilian infrastructure, the General Staff of Ukraines Armed Forces reported on Feb. 25.

(1) (((Tendar))) on Twitter: "Vuhledar, and Russians tried it again. Full speed into the obvious minefield. Absolutely hilarious to watch. #Ukraine #Vuhledar #Donetsk" / Twitter

Ukrainian children taken to Russia brings back fear, memories of a similar Nazi effort
Ukrainian therapists and mental health workers are unsung heroes in this horrific war. They carry their patients stories & grief alongside their own trauma. They pull people out of dark places. For @Slate , I wrote about a few of these amazing people.

Moldovas Foreign Ministry reminds Russia that its troops must withdraw from Transnistria

Ukrainian colours shine on our representation offices across the EU as a symbol of solidarity and hope.

Kaja Kallas: Estonias High-Profile Prime Minister a Star in the Making.

Russian diplomats received an anniversary wake-up call of wailing air raid sirens and the sound of falling bombs : worldnews
Poland has delivered tanks to Ukraine, government announces on wars first anniversary.

Hungarian PM Orban calls on party to back Finnish, Swedish NATO bids : worldnews

Russian warship, go f**k yourself: Latvian MP invokes Ukrainian rallying cry to slam Russia at OSCE

Sofia, Bulgaria stands with Ukraine, 24.02.2023

demo in support of Ukraine in Amsterdam #standwithukraine

Germany commited to supply Kyiv with additional Leopard tanks : worldnews
Protest In Berlin Over Arming Ukraine Against Russia Draws Thousands : worldnews
Germany restricts the export of Brazilian armored vehicles after Brazil refused to deliver weapons to Ukraine : worldnews
German Defence Minister Pistorius: Peace at the expense of the attacked, just because someone is afraid, Im sorry, thats not possible because then the next victim will wait in line -- In office for 4 weeks and already the most popular politician
Frankfurt cancels Roger Waters apperance : UkrainianConflict

France wont sign G20 communique unless it strongly condemns Russia

Earthquake felt in South Wales as midnight tremor makes houses and walls shake : worldnews
Forty years of Monster Raving Loony wannabe MPs - BBC News
Boys support skirt protest after girls uniforms inspected

Guatemala to join efforts on establishing Special Tribunal for Russia

Thousands of tattooed inmates pictured in El Salvador mega-prison : worldnews (holy shit)

Trudeau rules out public inquiry into Chinese electoral interference : worldnews
My investigation for Global News identifies that PM Justin Trudeaus senior aides were allegedly briefed by CSIS shortly before the October 2019 federal election, that candidate Han Dong, was suspected to be involved in PRC Foreign Interference.

Rabbani brothers leave Guantanamo Bay without charge after almost 20 years : worldnews
Doctor Describes and Denounces C.I.A. Practice of Rectal Feeding of Prisoners - In a hearing at Guantanamo Bay, an expert gave a graphic public depiction of torture after the Sept. 11, 2001, terror attacks ... He experienced it as a violent rape, sexual assault

Biden tells ABCs Muir we would respond if China sends weapons to Russia

(1) UkraineWorld on Twitter: "In New York, the Metropolitan Opera held a concert of memory and hope "For Ukraine" dedicated to the anniversary of the struggle of the Ukrainian people against Russian aggression. Source: Ukrinform" / Twitter
My hometown of Dallas Texas. : ukraine
Ukraines other enemy: US Republicans
Slava Ukraini: A Republican vote to defund Ukraine would come at their own peril

Its clear to me that were still underestimating the Ukrainians. Were still kind of bogged down by our misplaced understanding of Russian power and the limits of Russian power and.a year on, we havent learned all the lessons we should -- Alexander Vindman,
Its particularly galling when politicians who know better, are educated in geopolitics, subvert US national security for base naked ambition. I detest those that use demagoguery masquerading as patriotism to endanger Americans. There are few worse than Hawley and Ted Cruz -- Alexander Vindman
Condi Rice: Ukraine war will not end well for Putin, Russia will turn into large North Korea

Saturday Morning Political Cartoon Thread : politics

Progressives Urge Senate Dems to Ditch Tradition Thats Allowing GOP to Veto Biden Judges

Why scammers who stole jobless benefits may get away with it - Los Angeles Times

Alone and Exploited, Migrant Children Work Brutal Jobs Across the U.S. - The New York Times Arriving in record numbers, theyre ending up in dangerous jobs that violate child labor lawsincluding in factories that make products for well-known brands like Cheetos and Fruit of the Loom.
Alone and Exploited, Migrant Children Work Brutal Jobs Across the U.S. : politics

Opinion | What an Arizona man's death row case says about the Supreme Court - The Washington Post The justices halt an executionand reveal themselves in the processFour other conservatives, in a decision written by Justice Amy Coney Barrett, would have stuck with a cramped rules-are-rules mentality to let an obviously unconstitutional death sentence stand.

With food stamp cuts just days away, millions of Americans brace for tougher times in the grocery aisle : politics

What Fox News Hosts Said Privately vs. Publicly About Voter Fraud : politics
News outlets demand release of Jan. 6 footage given to Tucker Carlson : politics
Media organizations demand Jan. 6 videos McCarthy shared with Fox NewsTucker Carlson
Release the 1/6 footage ... And the thing is, congressional Dems dont need Kevin McCarthys permission to do it:

Its a major blow: Dominion has uncovered smoking gun evidence in case against Fox News, legal experts say
Watching Tucker Carlson for Work | The New Yorker According to Kat Abughazaleh, a researcher at Media Matters for America, You dont know Fox News until you are watching it for a job.

Trump accused of shell game with classified documents after box moved around

Fight over Rep. Perrys phone has prevented review of 2,200 documents in Jan. 6 probe: Six months after the FBI seized Perrys phone, a U.S. appeals court is reviewing a judges order that 90 percent of Perrys messages fall outsideCongresss immunity from criminal investigation
Judge rejected Perrys bid to shield thousands of emails from Jan. 6 investigators

No apologists for Putin: Pence draws contrast with DeSantis on support for Ukraine

In East Palestine, who shows up isnt necessarily a sign of whos helping
Safety regulators say Ohio toxic train derailment 100% preventable
Eschaton: Giving Up All the things you think are bad about journalism are actually GOOD, you see.

Its Not a National Divorce. Its a Call for One-Party Authoritarian Rule. | Marjorie Taylor Greenes idea for America to separate by red states and blue state isn't just dumb and harmless. Its also a window into a dangerous vision thats ascendent in the Republican Party.

Sanders supporters took over the Nevada Democratic Party. Its not going well.

State lawmaker vows to filibuster all bills until GOP withdraws abortion, gender-affirming care bans : politics

Texas federal judge Matthew Kacsmaryk, known for his antiabortion views, could block abortion pills - The Washington Post A devout Christian, Matthew Kacsmaryk has been shaped by his deep antiabortion beliefs

Rep. Lauren Boeberts Shooters Grill will be replaced by a Mexican restaurant - Tapatios recently applied for a liquor license at 120 E. 3rd St. in Rifle

The same old war its always been - The Right's claims of AI "bias" are just the latest in the long line of insincere ref-working - sand the latest in a long line of racists trying to impose their racism on all of us

Fox News Tulsi Gabbard compares diversity policies and the Democratic Party to Nazism andAdolf Hitler

Feminism taught me all I need to know about men like Trump and Putin | Rebecca Solnit | The Guardian Like all abusive men, dictators seek to control who can speak and which narratives are believed. The only difference is scale

Burned Out, More Americans Are Turning to Part-Time Jobs - WSJ The number of people working part time rose by 1.2 million in December and January25 hours is the new 35.

The Attack on Public Education and What We Must Do We are deep, deep into the war on public education and it's past time we look at history and begin to fight (refucks hate education)

A Christian Health Nonprofit Saddled Thousands With Debt as It Built a Family Empire Including a Pot Farm, a Bank and an Airline Despite a history of fraud, one family has thrived in the regulatory no mans land of health care sharing ministries, where insurance commissioners cant investigate, federal agencies turn a blind eye and prosecutors reach paltry settlements.

February 24, 2023 - Sam Bankman-Fried Was Indicted for Hundreds of Illegal Campaign Donations. Who Else Knew?

5 dead after Care Flight plane crash, including a patient and the pilot - CBS News

We are dropping the Dilbert comic strip because of creator Scott Adams racist rant: Letter from the Editor
Dilbert cartoon cut from Cleveland newspaper after creator Scott Adamsracially-charged rant
Letter from the Editor: Why we are no longer running the comic strip Dilbert
Newspapers Across the Country Drop Dilbert After Scott Adams Livestreamed Rant
Dilbert Cartoon Dropped From Many News Outlets Over Creator Scott Adams Racial Remarks
Newspapers Kancel Klansmans Komic

Black TikToker Says Woman Called the Cops on Him for Shoveling Snow

A mysterious object is being dragged into the supermassive black hole at the Milky Ways center

TIL A 2016 study looking at 124 Neanderthal specimens found that 92 of the specimens (74 %) had been victims of animal attacks. 36% of the Neanderthal were victims of bear attacks, 21% big cat attacks, and 17% wolf attacks. : todayilearned

What do you think of the parents that kick their kids out as soon as they have turned 18 years old? : AskReddit

Almost brought a tear to my eye

What was a big or popular saying when you were a teen? : AskReddit


Russia launches capsule to International Space Station to rescue crew of three : worldnews

Dry canals, low rivers and shrunken lakes: Europe braces for severe drought amid winter heatwave : worldnews

The plague years - This is an excellent long NYT Magazine piece about the Covid oral history project at Columbia University. The pandemic hit New York City harder than almost anywhere else in the country, so it makes for grim but fascinating reading: - In the course of the pandemic, we discovered that, as a nation, our capacity to suffer inconvenience in order to avoid killing each other was limited to non-existent. That is what the word freedom means to us. So we are now forgetting what happened, because that is what we do:
What Happened to Us : Most Americans think they know the story of the pandemic. But when I immersed myself in a Covid oral-history project, I realized how much we're still missing.

CDC reports first human H5 bird flu infection in U.S. - STAT - Michael Osterholm, director of the University of Minnesotas Center for Infectious Diseases Research and Policy, was less sanguine,Any time youre dealing with H5N1, you sleep with one eye openhe told STAT.

Father of Cambodian girl who died from bird flu tests positive for virus : worldnews (person-to-person?)

Australia quietly expels major Russian spy ring, report says : worldnews
Meta profited from anti-LGBTQ+ ads despite entering float in Sydney Mardi Gras : worldnews

Ive seen nothing in the plan that would indicate that there is something that would be beneficial to anyone other than Russia if the Chinese plan were followed, Biden said. Biden also dismissed the idea that Beijing would negotiate peace for Russias full-scale war.
China presents its 12-point peace plan regarding Russias war in Ukraine ( ... Ukraine must respect Russia's borders ... China basically set up the vaguest possible peace plan to ensure they could be seen as supporting the winner when the war is over.
China calls for Russia-Ukraine cease-fire, peace talks : worldnews
China says it wants to prevent Ukraine crisis from g etting out of control : worldnews (will trade Taiwan for Russia)
Zhanna Leshchynska, charge daffaires of Ukraines embassy in Beijing, ruled out a ceasefire that would freeze the conflict along the present front line.Our view is that Russia should unconditionally withdraw all of its forces from the territory of Ukraine
Zelensky wants to meet China over its Ukraine peace plan. : worldnews
Blinken suggests Russia might have used nukes in Ukraine already were it not for China and India : worldnews ... China and India are currently the only two nuclear powers to formally maintain a No First Use policy, adopting pledges in 1964 and 1998 respectively
U.N. ambassador warns it would be a game-changer if China provides lethal aid to Russia

Intelligence suggests China is considering sending drones and ammunition to Russia, sources familiar say
Chinas Xian Bingo in talks with Russia to supply 100 drones
No Commercial Contact: Chinese Drone Maker Denies Selling Arms to Russia

China says U.S. refused to share information on downed Chinese balloon : worldnews ... They literally refused a diplomatic call after the US shot it down, and are now complaining the US isnt sharing classified details about their investigation.

UN to vote on demand for Russia to withdraw from Ukraine : worldnews ... Against: Belarus, North Korea, Eritrea, Mali, Nicaragua, Russia and Syria ... Some Abstentions: Armenia, China, India, Iran, Kazakhstan, Pakistan and South Africa.
Biden announces sweeping new sanctions against Russia one year into Ukraine war : worldnews
Disinformation Roulette: The Kremlins Year of Lies to Justify an Unjustifiable War Report

Putin says Russia to deploy Sarmat nuclear missiles this year : worldnews

Russias Medvedev floats idea of pushing back Polands borders

Russian warlords feud with Putins generals explodes into the open with gruesome PR campaign

India abstains as UN calls for Russia to leave Ukraine : worldnews
Indian opposition politician arrested for allegedly insulting PM Modi | CNN : worldnews

Nigerian Politician Arrested With Nearly $500,000 on Eve of Election, Police Say - The New York Times For years, Nigerian politicians have been accused of buying votes. The lawmaker, the police say, was caught with dollar bills and a list of possible recipients.

Iran claims military exercises behind explosions, gunfire near Tehran

Zelenskyy on one-year anniversary of Russia's full-scale invasion: A year of pain, sorrow, faith and unity
Zelensky was asked on his press conference about his scariest day: When, um, probably, Bucha. Probably, what I saw in the moment we deoccupied it. It was very scary. Because that, we really saw that the devil is not somewhere else, its on the Earth.Probably this.
This will be the year of our victory: Zelensky on anniversary of war in Ukraine
(1) President Biden on Twitter: "When Russia attacked Ukraine, America and our Allies stood strong. For sovereignty. For democracy. For freedom. I visited Kyiv to declare we will continue to stand united. No matter what." / Twitter
Biden official says theres no evidence that Ukraine is misusing US assistance
Today, the United States will announce a new $2 billion military aid package, National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan said on CNN.

Russia launches almost 5,000 missile strikes against Ukraine since Feb. 24 of 2022 : worldnews
Ukraine Repels New Russian Attacks, Leaving a Battlefront Stalemate : worldnews

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 366, Part 1 (Thread #507) : worldnews

Recent updates as of 24.02 ... +970 +13

(1/5) Since 2014 Russia's strategic goal in Ukraine has highly likely been consistent: to control its neighbour. Over 2014-2021, it pursued this objective through subversion, by fomenting an undeclared war in the Donbas, and by annexing Crimea.
(2/5) On 24 February 2022, Russia pivoted to a new approach and launched a full-scale invasion which attempted to seize the whole country and depose its government
(4/5) In recent weeks, Russia has likely changed its approach again. Its campaign now likely primarily seeks to degrade the Ukrainian military, rather than being focused on seizing substantial new territory.

In Crimea, part of the railway was blown up, 12km away from the Simferopol, near the village of Pochtove. - Russian media

Ukraine suffered more data-wiping malware than anywhere, ever: Russia has greatly accelerated cyberattacks on its neighbor in the wake of its invasion : worldnews

Ukraine faces a mental health crisis among soldiers and civilians alike : worldnews

Moldova dismisses Russian claims of Ukrainian plot to invade breakaway region : worldnews
Moldova ready to blow up Chisinau runway to deter Russia : worldnews

Poland delivers first Leopard tanks to Ukraine : worldnews

Lithuania's prime minister says Ukrainians should get all the weapons they want because they are dying for Europe's safety: We're just losing some money

Russian Invasion Changed Europes Security Environment for Decades

Activists have parked a wrecked Russian T-72 tank opposite Russia's embassy in Berlin as a sign of protest against the war. The vehicle was destroyed in Ukraine last year.
Germany Will Support Ukraine As Strongly And As Long As Necessary
Germanys family minister, Lisa Paus, has vowed to introduce legislation to stop anti-abortion activists from blocking access to abortion facilities

Ukrainian forces are training on fast and well-armed Leopard tanks in Spain, prime minister says : worldnews

UK announces new sanctions against Russia : worldnews
Britain Bans Export Of Every Item Used By Russia In War On Ukraine : worldnews
Boris Johnson wants to become NATO Secretary General : worldnews

Not supporting Ukraine could be devastating for the world: Trudeau
Canadas military tracked Chinese surveillance in the Arctic
Researchers fill data gap on police-involved killings in Canada : worldnews

U.S. officials returned two Pakistani brothers to their home country Thursday after holding them two decades without charges at the Guantanamo Bay military prison : worldnews ... Thirty-two detainees remain at Guantanamo Bay, including 18 eligible for transfer if stable third-party countries can be found to take them, the Pentagon said. (tnx, Barry)

BASED: Corruption at the Fifth Estate - Lack of disclosure on de facto lobbying at think tanks has triggered a bipartisan reaction.

Something Was Badly Wrong : When Washington Realized Russia Was Actually Invading Ukraine - A first-ever oral history of how top U.S. and Western officials saw the warning signs of a European land war, their frantic attempts to stop it -- and the moment Putin actually crossed the border.
Oral history: Leaders recall dismay, fury on first day of war in Ukraine : Political, military and intelligence officials describe their reaction to the Russian invasion and what they did that first day
Slava Ukraini: Lets go back and see what the pro-Russia side was saying a year ago (all the usual confident idiots)

U.S. has admitted 271,000 Ukrainian refugees since Russian invasion, far above Bidens goal of 100,000
DOJ Seizing Luxury Hamptons, NYC Pads in $75M Real-Estate Raid on Russian Oligarch

Key US inflation measure surges at fastest rate since June | AP News

Biden ready to run in 2024, first lady says | AP News

Kevin McCarthy Is All in for Pro-Coup Propaganda : politics
McCarthy rewards the pro-Trump radicals who put him in power : politics

Will a $1.6bn defamation lawsuit finally stop Fox News from spreading lies? | Margaret Sullivan | The Guardian
Opinion | Republican elites feed their base's delusions for one reason: Fear - The Washington Post
Some MAGA Republicans Break with Fox Over Ukraine - The Bulwark Some MAGA Republicans Break with Fox Over Ukraine primetime anchors oppose Bidens support for Ukraine. A few in the GOP have stood up to them.

Mike Pences Dangerous Gambit

Trump Tried To Topple Democracy. His GOP Rivals Dont Think Its Worth Mentioning.

Targeted for retribution: Trumps brag badly backfires as judge orders him to sit for deposition

Trump Allies Push to Blacklist Former January 6 Committee Staff The Effort to Rewrite Our National Memory of January 6 Is in Full Swing - An effort to blacklist former J6 committee staffers is another front in Republicans' attack on truth.

Incredible negligence More classified docs found at TrumpsMar-a-Lago months after FBI search: Special counsel Jack Smithsinvestigators suspect a shell game with classified documents
How a box with classified documents ended up in Trumps office months after FBI searched Mar-a-Lago

He should be apologizing: Critics call out Trumps lie to East Palestine residents | I hadnothing to do with slashing rail regulations, Trump claimed after gutting rail regulations
Stunned Fox hosts find actual facts on air & blame Pete Buttigieg because Trump | We see what they did there.
Let them eat MAGA hats (down the refuck crazy hole)
(1) Isaac Chotiner on Twitter: "People this naive should perhaps do something other than write about American politics for a living." / Twitter

Opinion | Marjorie Taylor Greene Has a Dream - The New York Times Marjorie Taylor Greene, now one of the most influential Republicans in the House of Representatives, says it is time for Americans to consider a national divorce.

White supremacists behind over 80% of extremism-related U.S. murders in 2022 : politics

Florida county Republican Party votes to ban the COVID-19 vaccine : politics
Florida man takes over research universities
I tend to take claims like these with a grain of salt. But I just went line-by-line through the DeSantis education bill. And you guys, its *bananas*. A road map for wrecking one of our great state systems of higher education
Florida Republicans New Bill May Be the Biggest Attack on Academic Freedom Yet: The bill, backed by Governor Ron DeSantis, goes after degrees, tenured professors, and more.
A new bill calls for the removal of degrees in critical race theory (CRT), gender studies, and other majors and minors that promote diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) from Floridas public colleges.

Christian patriots are flocking from blue states to Idaho (satanic traitors)

Tennessee Lobbyists Oppose New Lifesaving Exceptions in Abortion Ban (religious liberty to kill you)
Tennessee Republicans Vote to Make Drag Shows Felonies : politics
Inside the Rights Anti-Trans Dog and Pony Show: In state after state after state, its the samethe same quack "experts" the same false or outdated evidence, and the same hatred spewed at vulnerable youth. Step up, Democrats.
Opinion | New York Times reporters criticize guild for handling of trans dispute - The Washington Post
Recording Anti-Trans Bias in the Paper of Record By The Crimson Editorial Board

Opinion | New York Times reporters criticize guild for handling of trans dispute - The Washington Post

GOP Ex-Sen. Inhofe Retired Due To Long COVID After Opposing COVID Aid : politics ,,, Inhofe voted against multiple coronavirus aid packages meant to help Americans at the height of the pandemic, including the Families First Coronavirus Response Act approved overwhelmingly by 90 senators in March 2020, and the American Rescue Plan in March 2021.

Democrats erupt with fury after Republican questions loyalty of Rep. Chu
Rep. Judy Chu hits back at Texas Republican over racist remarks questioning her loyalty to U.S.Chu, the first Chinese American woman elected to Congress, was responding to Rep. Lance Goodens remarks about her support of a Biden appointee he says the FBI should investigate.

Georgia politician slams Clarence Thomas amid statue debate : politics

Eschaton: Infamy My guy here has great timing.
it will surprise no one to learn that brooks signed the letter lecturing his nyt colleagues about being journalists and not activists it appears he was so busy pursuing facts he forgot that doing the bidding of elizabeth kochs pr firm is most certainly activism of a kind ... "perception boxes" ...

The financier, who died at 78 years old, was known for prominent takeovers of Snapple and Warner Music - found dead in his Manhattan office of what appeared to be a self-inflicted gunshot wound.)

The rights new culture-war target: Woke AI

Facebooks new $12 fee is straight out of Don Corleones playbook -- making you pay for security and basic customer service when you get hacked. Thats called a protection racket when mobsters do it.

How to secure your Twitter account for free with an authentication app - The Washington Post
After a Decade of Tracking Politicians' Deleted Tweets, Politwoops Is No More -- Whether officials were deleting an embarrassing post or just correcting a typo, Politwoops tracked them all. But service changes made after Elon Musk's acquisition of Twitter have rendered it impossible for us to continue tracking these tweets.

And you thought Twitter Blue was a terrible business idea!

Inside New York Citys Nastiest (and Smallest) Newspaper WarHas the news of Greenwich Village ever been more fun?

Subway costs: we finally know why it costs so much to build public transit in the U.S. The real reason it costs so damn much to build new subways in America.

Im a chef whos obsessed with my air fryer. Here are my 13 favorite things to make in it.

How America's Most Cherished Photographer Learned to See - For five decades, Stephen Shore has remade our vison of the country, largely by remaking his own.

Who Should You Trust? Psychologists Have a Surprising Answer In each exercise, the researchers found evidence that guilt-proneness (measured separately in questionnaires about how the subjects would feel in different scenarios, like hitting an animal with their car or missing lunch with a friend) positively and significantly predicted trustworthiness, far more than any other indicator of trustworthiness tested.

I Thought Mentalphysics Was New-Age Nonsense. It Changed My Life. It sounds like a hippie fantasy: a kind of super yoga that can supposedly extend your lifespan, give you clairvoyant powers, and help you control your reality. But in a dark moment on a desert retreat, I became a believer ... Joshua Tree Retreat Center ... a>

chrisrayn comments on r/conservative discusses Orwell and Huxley...

Kedosto comments on what brought you to Reddit?


This 'climate-friendly' fuel comes with an astronomical cancer risk ... "biofuels" ...

Australia to make area the size of Germany a marine park in Southern Ocean | Plan to triple size of Macquarie Island protection zone to shield remote wildlifewonderland

6.8 magnitude earthquake shakes Tajikistan : worldnews

3,850 confirmed cases and 85 deaths in a week. See the latest COVID-19 data from Mass.

11-year-old Cambodian girl dies of H5N1 bird flu : worldnews
After death of girl yesterday, 12 more detected with H5N1 bird flu in Cambodia : worldnews
Bird flu: UK public health officials consider introducing lateral flow tests to test for virus in people : worldnews

Myanmar Junta Burned 55,484 Houses Since Coup : worldnews
Ta-ang Girls Return From Yangon Nunnery Showing Signs of Torture - Burma : worldnews

The Invasion of Ukraine Turned Japans Russia Policy on Its Head

Korea again ranks top in gender wage gap among OECD countries : worldnews

The U.S. and Taiwan To Ramp Up Military Cooperation : worldnews

US considers intelligence release on Chinas potential arms transfer
The War in Ukraine: China Is Reportedly Negotiating with Russia To Supply Kamikaze Drones - DER SPIEGEL The U.S. and Germany have warned China not to deliver weapons to Russia. According to information obtained by DER SPIEGEL, however, Beijing and Moscow are said to be negotiating the purchase of 100 strike drones, which could be delivered as soon as April.
Xi Jinping to visit Moscow for summit with Putin: Report : worldnews ... Xitbirds of a feather
Chinese Propaganda trying hard to re-frame Russia's war of aggression : UkrainianConflict
The German foreign minister, Annalena Baerbock, clashed with Chinese diplomats on Thursday, passionately rejecting their claim that the west was adding fuel to the fire by arming Ukraine. : worldnews

The true impact of a year of war on Russia's economy : UkraineWarVideoReport

Putin Still Believes Russia Will PrevailAngela Stent and Michael Kofman discuss one year of the war in Ukraineand what to expect next on the battlefield.
Why Putins iron grip over Russia could be weakening
Wagner boss may seek to replace Putin in coup attempt : UkrainianConflict
Is Russia Still a Great Power?
Why Cant Russia Figure Out How to Win?
Putin says russia should return to its historic borders? Good idea. Thats how the moscow duchy looked like in 14th century.
Russian President Vladimir #Putin revived his imperialistic narrative that #Russia is fighting for Russias historic frontiers today, a narrative that he had similarly voiced in his speech before the re-invasion of #Ukraine on Feb. 24, 2022.
Putin wanted to boast about Russia launching a nuclear-capable ICBM but the launch failed so he couldnt, report says
Andrei Zubov: Generals Will Have To Remove Putin : UkrainianConflict
A global divide on the Ukraine war is deepening -- Russia capitalizes on disillusionment with the United States to win sympathy in the Global South.
The West Tried to Isolate Russia. It Didnt Work.
Medvedev: Russia will disappear if it loses war : UkrainianConflict

Yet another powerful oligarch has died under mysterious circumstances. Vyacheslav Rovneiko, an ex-KGB spy turned oil magnate was found in an unconscious state at his Moscow home. His condition rapidly deteriorated and he was pronounced dead shortly afterwards. : UkrainianConflict

Russias military chiefs go to war ... with each other
Putins Chef Leaks Grisly Corpse Photo in Public Betrayal of Kremlin

Twitter owner helping to promote Kremlin propaganda. : UkrainianConflict

Bloodied Wagner fighters captured in Ukraine recount path from prison to war
Never saw such hell: Russian soldiers in Ukraine call home
Meduza: Russian mobics' sense that their lives are likely to end soon have combined into a violent, alcohol-fueled disaster. : UkraineWarVideoReport
A year of war (and yes, Greenwald played his idiotic part)

1/ Russia's ammunition shortage in eastern Ukraine is reportedly so severe that its troops there have reportedly been issued with completely unusable munitions, including shells which are so rusty they have simply disintegrated.

2/ According to the RussianMobilisation News Telegram channel, the cadets were assembled under the pretext of rehearsing a graduation ceremony. But representatives of the military enlistment office came to the meeting.

More inconsistencies in Hersh report: The US journalist Hersh had claimed that the USA and Norway were behind the explosions at the Nord Stream 1 and 2 pipelines. But several details of his report do not stand up to scrutiny. : UkrainianConflict

India is trying to get G20 countries to follow Putin's instruction not to refer to Russia's war in Ukraine as a 'war,' reports sa : worldnews

Young voters in Nigeria mobilize in record numbers ahead of presidential election : worldnews

Deepfakes worrying threat to democracy in Africa. : worldnews

Turkey fines broadcasters for coverage critical of earthquake response

Iranians Outraged By Swiss Ambassadors Black Veil In Shrine Visit

Netanyahu Faces His Own Israeli Spring
Israel advances plans for 7,000 new settler homes, places E1 project back on docket : worldnews

The United States is preparing additional economic assistance to Ukraine in the amount of $10 billion, Treasury Secretary Yellen said.
How Joe Biden repaired a troubledrelationship with Kyiv and united Nato and the West in defence of Ukraine

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 365, Part 1 (Thread #506) : worldnews

Losses of the russian army as of 23.02.2023 : ukraine

General Kyrylo Budanov also says, To all [Ukrainian] patriots, the time to act has come! Sit tight. Were headed your way!(I assume this is an appeal of sorts for acts of sabotage and maybe more.)
Russian air defense in the occupied cities of Donetsk, Makiivka, Mariupol Ilovaisk and elsewhere are firing wildly into the air. Extremely peculiar. There are rumors especially around Mariupol that Ukraine is using a new weapon

The National Bank of Ukraine issued a souvenir banknote to the anniversary of invasion. One sees a fragment of the map with Crimea and other temporarily occupied regions in the background.

Russian Military Plane Crashes Near Ukrainian Border, Pilot Dead : worldnews
Better than nothing: Outgunned Ukrainian pilots take the fight to Russia in ancient Soviet-era helicopters

They wanted children: Ukrainian doctors say they lied to keep kids safe from Russian troops -- Doctors say they faked medical records to make the children appear too sick to travel

Growth of wind and solar has saved the EU 12 billion since Russia invaded Ukraine

Belgium investigating Russian spy ship in North Sea: Lets notbe naive

Dutch security service warned far-right leader Baudet over Russian influence : worldnews
Heineken says it still plans to exit Russia, take 300 million euro loss : worldnews

German police raid far-right prepper scene over coup plot: The suspects allegedly have connections to the Reichsburger movement. Police said investigations were underway ..."Imperial Citizen"
Twitter suspends accounts of German TV show & journalist after posting a report about Russias abduction of Ukrainian children

A woman dies every two minutes due to pregnancy or childbirth complications, despite maternal mortality rates dropping by a third in 20 years, the United Nations said Thursday : worldnews

Senator Speaker says hed be sorry to have gay son (Italy)

The Eiffel Tower is light up in yellow and blue and will stay like that for three evenings, in support of Ukraine. : ukraine
Eiffel Tower now : UkraineWarVideoReport

Huge Ukrainian flag painted on road outside Russian Embassy in London : worldnews
Due respect. Protest group creates giant #Ukraine flag outside Russian embassy in London. Led By Donkeys @ByDonkeys posted an image of their work on Twitter, saying Tomorrow is the first anniversary of Putins imperialist invasion

All U.S. extremist mass killings in 2022 linked to far right, report says

Biden vows to defend literally every inch of NATO territory. Article 5 is a sacred commitment

Democrats, in Major Shift, Now Prefer Biden as Nominee : politics
Poll: Biden's standing improves, while Trump slumps with Republican voters : politics Poll: Bidens standing improves, while Trump slumps with Republican voters ... August 22: Biden had 3% Republican support. Feb 23: Biden has 15% Republican support.

US ending extra help for groceries that started during COVID : politics

Republicans Are Painting Themselves Into a Corner Over Ukraine : UkrainianConflict

Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse demands more transparency on gifts, food, lodging and entertainment that federal judges and Supreme Court justices receive : politics

McCarthy defends release of January 6 footage to Tucker Carlson: I promised
Schumer: McCarthy is jeopardizing lawmakers safety by giving Carlson Jan. 6 footage
Kevin McCarthys Jan. 6 footage stunt demands a real response
Kevin McCarthy's Horse-Trading to Become Speaker Will Go Down as Another Corrupt Bargain - Apparently giving Tucker Carlson the Jan. 6 footage was yet another part of the deal, and there's probably more.

Incredibly damning: Fox News documents stun some legal experts

Two former senior employees who allege they were targeted for retribution after FBIs Trump-Russia probe may question Trump and Director Christopher Wray, a judge ruled.
Judge orders depositions of Trump, Wray in long-running dispute with ex-FBI officials - POLITICO

Special counsel asks judge to compel Mike Pence to testify in Jan. 6 probe : politics

New York Court Says Fox, Rudy Giuliani Cant Escape Defamation Lawsuit Over BS Stolen Election Claims

What the Hell Is the Trump Georgia Jury Forewoman Thinking? : politics
Take it from a former prosecutor: Emily Kohrsmedia tour is reckless

Donald Trump defends North Koreas not happy Kim Jong-un after missile launches: he feels threatened

Donald Trump, who rolled back rail safety regulations and slashed environmental protections, donates Trump-branded water to East Palestine residents : politics
Trump, Who Deregulated the Railroad Industry, Lies to the People of Ohio in His Visit: Asked about his administrations own record, Trump pretended he had nothing to do with it
How a train derailment in East Palestine turned into a right-wing cause - The Washington Post
Trumps grip on the Republican base is slipping even among his fans

Schiff, Porter in tight race to replace Sen. Feinstein, poll shows; others trail far behind

The George Santos Caucus Is Growing : politics

A national divorce would destroy red states. Lets count the ways ... South Carolina receives $4.51 back from the government for every $1 residents pay in federal tax
6 Billion People Are Crossing The Border!!! : PoliticalHumor

Ron DeSantis wont speak to MSNBC and NBC until reporter apologises over question about Black history book bans
Christians could sue people who call them homophobic if this GOP bill passes. The bills author made sure everyone understood that it's not just about journalists, it's about everyone, even on social media ... The bill specifically says that publications cant use truth as a defense
Fired Florida school teacher vows to expose Ron DeSantis : politics

Kyrsten Sinemas $300,000 Security Expert Is Tulsi Gabbards Sister (oh, and a a Russian spy)
Providers are protected: New Mexico bill defends abortion rights
Women who seek abortion in South Carolina could face death penalty : politics
Abortion Attitudes in a Post-Roe World: Findings From the 50-State 2022 American Values Atlas
Most people in most states support legal abortion - The Washington Post
The countermajoritarian difficulty

Approaching Nine Months Since Tennessees Abortion Ban, DCS Remains in Disarray ... (1. ban abortion 2. make unwanted children die)

Tennessee Republicans Try to Impersonate Serious Adults with New Drag Show Ban | Dressing up bigotry as common sense is a much more dangerous threat to public morals. : politics
Tennessee Republicans Try to Impersonate Serious Adults with New Drag Show Ban - Dressing up bigotry as common sense is a much more dangerous threat to public morals.

NYC Mayor Eric Adams decries remote work: You cant stay home in your pajamas all day
About 90% of drivers searched or arrested by the NYPD in 2022 were Black or Latino - Gothamist

Indiana lawmakers back defunding Kinsey sex institute : politics

States look to remove legal protections for gun industry amid mass shootings : politics

Republicans call opioids No. 1 health threat poll by Axios-Ipsos : politics (guns don't kill anyone, they say)
South Carolina House OKs permitless carry of handguns : politics

GOP Politician Uses Polish Slur In Speech Claiming Party Isnt Bigoted

A master class in antisemitism: East Bay teacher on leave after complaints of conspiracy theories, bigoted materials ... English teacher Henry Bens used a Nazi salute in his classroom.

Murder and Extremism in the United States in 2022 | ADL

Harvey Weinstein sentenced to 16 years in prison for rape and sexual assault - The Boston Globe
Harvey Weinstein sentenced to 16 years for rape conviction in LA : news

Ozy Media's Founder, Carlos Watson, Arrested on Fraud Charges - Mr. Watson had founded the troubled digital-media start-up Ozy, which unraveled after The New York Times examined its business practices.

Elon Musks Twitter Goes Dark on Government Data Grabs

FTX leaders political donations topped $1M weeks before bankruptcy ... including a large donation to Senate Republican leadership.
FTX founder Sam Bankman-Fried faces new criminal charges
fresh sbf bank fraud charges just dropped

R. Kelly Sentenced to 20 Years for Child Sex Crimes - The New York Times The singer will serve most of the sentence in federal prison at the same time as a 30-year term for racketeering and sex trafficking.

The Transformation Of Joyce Carol Oates ... unusual to see a public person be so vocal about changing their mind.
Joyce Carol GOATs
(1) Joyce Carol Oates (@JoyceCarolOates) / Twitter

Fully Unhinged DilbertGuy Tells White People toGet the Fuck AwayFrom Black People

No, Teen Suicide Isnt Rising Because Life Got Objectively Worse
Theres A Lot To Be Depressed About
It not just teenagers who are a lot more depressed and anxious than they were in 2019. Adults - especially women - have been hit hard too. Per a study in the Lancet, adult depression rates went from 8.5% to 27.8% in 2020, then hit 32.8% in 2021.

Images in American History, Part 34

The Invisible Victims of American Anti-Semitism - The Atlantic

Sikhs 2nd most targeted faith group for US hate crimes: FBI : worldnews (turbans bc Americans are idiots)

A review concluded that "cannabinoids in the correct doses and ratio as to the content of individual subgroups can bring relief to people suffering from lack of proper sleep." : science

AI experts suggest 39% of time currently spent on chores could be automated within the next decade : technology

Antidepressants or running therapy (141 patients, 16 week treatment): Running therapy and antidepressant medication had similar effects on mental health (remission and response rates), but running therapy outperformed antidepressant medication on physical health variables. : science

Regret after Gender Affirming Surgery A Multidisciplinary Approach to a Multifaceted Patient Experience14 months post-op the regret rate was 0.3%

James Webb telescope detects evidence of ancient universe breaker galaxies

Women of Reddit - What was the one thing he did that made you think "im gonna marry this man"? : AskReddit


Turkey Earthquake Caused 300 km Long Crack in Earths Crust

Opinion | The Mask Mandates Did Nothing. Will Any Lessons Be Learned? - The New York Times undefined
Bedbug continues to minimize the pandemic
The new scientific review on masks and Covid isnt what you think

Hive of spiestrying to steal sensitive information removed from Australia, Asio chief says
United Nations torture monitoring agency cancels visit to Australia because two states wont give them free access to detention centres.

Philippine police search for killers of New Zealand tourist Nick Stacey : worldnews

Russian families flock to Thailand as Ukraine war enters second year : worldnews

Japan promises to lead the world in fighting Russian aggression with $5.5 billion in Ukraine aid

South Korea court recognizes same-sex couple rights for first time : worldnews
South Koreas total fertility rate fell to a record low of 0.78 last year

North Korean state media urges rejection of poisoned candy foreign aid despite food shortages |

Chinas Xi preparing to visit Moscow for summit with Putin : worldnews
Russia ties solid as rock: China asserts neutrality in Ukraine peace push

Damn Putin had some massive Plastic Surgery done within the past 30 years! : pics

(2/4) He characterised Western elites as having become a symbol of total unprincipled lies and suspended Russia from the New START treaty.
(4/4) Putin continues to present a contradictory narrative of existential struggle, while insisting everything in Russia is fine and going to plan. This renders both messages ineffective.

Putins craven lust for land & power will fail: Biden
Does Russia risk disintegration? Experts Perspectives

The head of Russias Wagner mercenary outfit on Tuesday accused Moscows military chiefs of refusing to supply the group with munitions and seeking to destroy it, saying this amounted to treason
Prigozhin shows corpses of Wagnerites, saying they were killed because of lack of shells : worldnews
2/17 One of the biggest threats posed by Wagner is that they have much more freedom in assaults than regular forces, whose officers must follow rules defined by military regulations, based on the soviet military doctrine. Let's take a closer look at Wagners tactics.

Wives of killed Russian soldiers get sausage and pate in Vladivostok : worldnews
Russia prepares for mass mobilisation of full-time students : worldnews
I realized that my country was doing something wrong: Nearly 22,000 Russians have tried to enter the US since Putins wardraft

US believes Russia had failed intercontinental ballistic missile test while Biden was in Ukraine : worldnews
Russian test of Satan II silo-based ballistic missile with nuclear warheads failed : worldnews

Russian Radio Stations were reportedly Hacked earlier today to Broadcast a Fake Air Raid Alert.
The city of Krasnoyarsk is covered with smoke due to a huge fire, reports local media. According to eyewitnesses, the heat is felt tens of meters from the burning building.

India does not want to discuss more sanctions on Russia : worldnews
Host India does not want G20 to discuss more sanctions on Russia : worldnews

Tunisian president says influx of sub-Sahara African migrants must end : worldnews

Israel Signals Readiness For Military Confrontation With Iran : worldnews
US Backs Statement Critical of Israel at UN : politics
6 Palestinians Killed, Dozens Injured In Israeli Raid In West Bank : worldnews

Before And After Satellite Photos Reveal Devastation In Ukraine After Russias Invasion

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 364, Part 1 (Thread #505) : worldnews

(1) ISW on Twitter: "4/ Transporting such irregular forces who are likely battle weary, poorly trained, or both to #Zaporizhia Oblast suggests that Russian military leadership has de-prioritized making new territorial gains in Zaporizhia Oblast." / Twitter

Soldiers in Ukraine are freezing sperm to have families in case they dont return home from the war

Putin cancels decree underpinning Moldovas sovereignty in separatist conflict

Belarus says Ukraine army groups massed at border, risking its security : worldnews
Belarusian foreign minister died by suicide after meeting Putins officials: report
All roads blocked between Poland and neighbouring Belarus as tensions flare | Euronews : worldnews

Biden issues a rallying cry in Warsaw: Ukraine will never be a victory for Russia
Biden hails rock solid Nato as Putin blames West for Russias war

Orban, F*** You. Slovakian Foreign Minister Harshly Criticized Hungarian Prime Minister For His Position On Ukraine : worldnews

Russian President Vladimir Putin unwittingly accelerated the European Unions green transition with his war in Ukraine, with the 27-nation bloc reducing its dependency on Russian fossil fuels and increasing its renewable energy use over the past year, the EUsclimate czar said Tuesday

The Children of the Nazis'Genetic Project - Across Europe, some adoptees have had to face a dark realization about their origins.

Swiss imports from Russia rose in January : worldnews
Heineken still investing in Russia despite promises to stop : worldnews

Venices picturesque canals run dry as Italy faces drought alert

Do not forget Jeremy Corbyn failure on antisemitism
Staff evacuated from US embassy in London : worldnews ... The US Embassy is back to normal business operations. Local authorities investigated and cleared a suspicious package outside the Embassy
Dozens of U.K. companies will keep the 4-day workweek after a pilot program ends : worldnews

The 72 hours Biden spent on the ground in Ukraine and Poland have been among the most momentous of his presidency : politics
GOPers Furiously Try To Spin Bidens Ukraine Trip As UnAmerican ... 8 Republicans went to Moscow to illegally meet with Sanctioned officials, on July 4, 2018. But Biden going to Ukraine was UnAmerican

10 Surprising Lessons of the Ukraine War So Far

Biden may not run and top Dems are quietly preparing

Bernie Sanders says its time for a four-day work week

NLRB holds that gag orders cannot be part of severance agreements

House Democratic leaders to meet about impact of reported Jan. 6 video release to Fox News Tucker Carlson
Kevin McCarthy offers his first sacrifice to the MAGA cult. His gift to Tucker Carlson is one of many capitulations to the far-right extremists in the party for Kevin McCarthy : politics
Jeffries slams providing Fox with Jan. 6 footage asegregious security breach
Rep. Raskin: Tucker Carlson is a pro-Putin, pro-Orban, pro-autocrat propagandist
The Corruption of Fox News: Worse Than You Thought : By David Corn

Can We Stop Being Cynical and Give Biden the Huge Props He Deserves for Kyiv? : politics
Biden Is Much More Popular Than Trump Around the World : politics
Poll: Biden's standing improves, while Trump slumps with Republican voters)

Trump defends Kim Jong Un after recent missile tests, and says he has a right to feel threatened by US military drills in South Korea : politics

Trump Spent $10 Million From His PAC on His Legal Bills Last Year : politics

Coup bombshell: Trump will be indictedsays prosecutor after GA grand jury leak
Trump GA Investigation Grand Jury Indictments: not a short list
Possible targets in Fulton County investigation of Trump, allies may try to quash charges : politics

Mike Pence wags the dog: His attempt to avoid testifying is constitutional nonsense : politics

Arizonas top prosecutor concealed records debunking election fraud claims (w

Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump Subpoenaed in Jan. 6 Investigation : politics

Florida Great Displacement: Climate Change Forces Residents to Leave State : politics

Marjorie Taylor GreenesNational Divorce Riff Is Weapons-Grade Trolling | This year may see her take her final form as a being of pure grievance, existing online as a pulsing ball of energy.

EPA orders Norfolk Southern to clean up Ohio train derailment site and pay all costs : politics
Investigation Shows Rail Giant Donated to Ohio Governor a Month Before Toxic Crash : politics
Trumps Ohio Visit Puts Spotlight on Rail-Safety Rules He Ended
Pure political theater: Lincoln Project overshadow Trumps Ohio visit with video highlighting rail safety hypocrisy

The media politics of the Ohio train derailment ... For another, since there was no obvious way to turn what the accident was doing to the soil into an indictment of Joe Bidens ongoing project to build landing strips for gay Martians across rural America, Fox News et. al., were paying little attention to it. That all changed when Biden made his surprise trip to Ukraine. Now Bidens failure to visit the site of a possibly serious but also possibly not serious environmental accident somewhere in the ungovernable tribal regions has become the outrage of the week, replacing the ritual slaughter of the balloon-like objects.

In Wisconsin Supreme Court Race, Democratic Turnout Was High - The New York Times Democratic turnout was high in the Tuesday primary for the State Supreme Court, ahead of a costly general election that will decide the future of abortion rights and gerrymandered maps in the state.

Republicans in some states want to ease child labor laws to fill jobs : politics

Nikki Haley defended right to secession, Confederate History Month and the Confederate flag in 2010 talk : politics

Mississippi Senate passes limit on transgender health care : politics

Indiana Dont Say Gay bill pivots to kids gender identity
A Catalogue of the GOPs Paranoid Preoccupations

Seattle becomes first US city to ban caste-based discrimination : politics

The Democratic Party in New York Is a Disaster
Democrats Put Early Money on New York to Retake the House - The New York Times

US adults identifying as LGBTQ double in a decade: Gallup poll | The Hill

Rep. Eastman sparks outrage after asking about the potential economic benefits of the deaths of abused Alaska children

EXCLUSIVE: Arkansas cops rule suicide in death of Clinton aide linked to Jeffrey Epstein - who was found shot and tied to a tree with an electrical cord around his neck - despite no sign of weapon

NPR says its cutting jobs by 10% as ad revenue drops

Russian propgandists get Twitter verification two years in Ukraine war - The Washington Post The verification means their tweets, mostly opposing U.S. aid to Ukraine, are given added prominence ... another sign that Elon Musks takeover is accelerating the spread of politically charged misinformation

To NYTs Peter Baker, Acknowledging Trans PeoplesExistence Is Activism, Openly Advocating for Perpetual U.S. Occupation of Afghanistan Isnt

Clarkesworld Magazine Has Temporarily Banned AI And ChatGPT Generated Books : books

New study finds the more conservative your sexual values, the more challenging it is to stick to them: Religiousness predicts sexual incongruence, but not more than conservative sexual values, which demonstrated the most substantial relationship. : science

Bans on prostitution lead to a significant increase in rape rates while liberalization of prostitution leads to a significant decrease in rape rates. This indicates that prostitution is a substitute for sexual violence. [Data from Europe]. : science

Whats the most fucked up dream youve ever had?

Reddit should have to identify users who discussed piracy, film studios tell court : technology


The lush West African rainforests of Liberia are being cut down and illegally exported with the likely collusion of powerful government officials, according to a diplomatic document describes an apparent parallelsystemfor trade in timber

Incredibly intelligent, highly elusive: US faces new threat from Canadian "super-pig"

Europe hits new wind and solar record after Russian invasion of Ukraine - Vox

UN torture prevention body cancels Australia trip after refused access to detention, mental health centres : worldnews

Stolen trove of 77 Angkor crown jewels returned to Cambodia after resurfacing in London : worldnews

South Korean court recognises legal status of same-sex couples for first time | Seoul high court rules gay couple allowed same health insurance rights as heterosexual couple in landmark case : worldnews
Appellate court rules in favor of gay couple seeking spousal health insurance coverage | Yonhap News Agency : worldnews

North Korea Missile Tests Put Thousands In China, Japan At Radiation Risk : worldnews

Taiwan to bolster military ties with US : worldnews

China is home to 16 of the 20 global regions most vulnerable to climate change, according to data published on Monday, with some of the worlds most important manufacturing hubs at risk from rising water levels and extreme weather

Vladimir Putin gives speech on Russian war plans as Ukraine invasion anniversary draws near : worldnews ... everyone hates us for some reason, we just tried to do things peacefully. Oh and in the west pedophilia is normal and they are also nazis
PUTIN SPEECH SCORECARD: Nazis (11), Terrorists (1), Our historic lands/motherland (8), Coup (3), SMO (3), Kyiv regime (8), Nuclear weapons (7), NATO (5), Bio labs (1), We peaceful (10), Western lies (15), West was going to attack us (5), Rewrites WW2 history (3), Russophobia (3), Satan (1) : UkrainianConflict
Putins whining, mendacious lecture today sounded even more pathetic contrasted with EU leaders in Munich, Biden and Zelensky in Ukraine, and Biden and Duda in Warsaw. A dictators fear and hatred versus the democratic worlds optimism and unity.
Putin says Russia will suspend New START, major nuclear treaty with U.S. : worldnews
Putin Suspends Russian Participation in Nuclear Pact with U.S. : worldnews

In Bidens Unannounced Visit to Kyiv, a Preview of an Increasingly Direct Contest With Putin
Putin falsely claims it was West that "started the war" in Ukraine almost a year after he ordered invasion : worldnews
Putins address, as usual, turned into a monologue by a mentally ill person: The West attacked Russia, so Russia attacked Ukraine to stop NATO expansion. The West is to blame, Russia is a peaceful country, Russia is not at war with Ukrainians
"Western Elites Want To Be Done With Us Once And For All": Putin Hits Out : worldnews
Bidens Ukraine visit upstages Putin and leaves Moscow's military pundits raging
(1) Prune60 on Twitter: "And before you think that sounds too crazy, remember that they talked about nuking the Queens funeral" / Twitter
The same tired lies spilling out of Putins mouth in his state of the nation speech now. He starts by claiming his invasion of Ukraine was justified and vows to see it through. We will accomplish all our tasks carefully and consistently
Putin says its impossible to defeat (Russia) on the battlefield. Ukraine would disagree.
A nations army is drawn from its people, and a nations army reflects the character and values of the societyPutins autocratic kleptocracy is thus far proving no match for Ukraines agile democracy.

Putins invasion was meant to be a 3-day blitzkrieg that saw the capture of Kyiv. A year later, Russia's army is nowhere near Kyiv, let alone victory. How long can he keep fighting?
American intelligence believes that the Kremlin leadership may soon begin another wave of mobilization, writes Focus Ukraine with reference to the New York Times.

About 30 countries call on International Olympic Committee to suspend Russians and Belarusians : worldnews

Wagners Prigozhin accuses Russian top brass of 'treason'

Leaked Russian documents show Russian plan to take full control over Belarus in the next decade : worldnews
Russia plans Belarus absorption by 2030
Belarus to form 100,000-150,000 strong volunteer military force : worldnews

Jihadist ambush in Burkina Faso kills 51 soldiers : worldnews

Israeli government passes judicial reform bill 63-47 in first reading : worldnews

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 363, Part 1 (Thread #504) : worldnews

Losses of the russian army as of 22.02.2023 : ukraine
Russia is heavily shelling Kherson. Missiles against people, residential buildings, pharmacies, markets, vehicle parksTo defeat Russian invaders on Ukrainian land is to save both Ukraine & other nations in Europe, which Russia wants to conquer, from terror. Terror must lose!

Anti-LGBTQ+ violence in Europe hits decade-high, report finds : worldnews

Austria criticised for allowing 18 Russian MPs to attend security meeting | Ukraine to boycott OSCE gathering in Vienna, as reports say Russians have also been invited to a nationalist ball : worldnews

Spain rail head resigns over botched train order : worldnews

Italy faces new drought alert as Venice canals run dry : worldnews

Jury in Georgia Trump Inquiry Recommended Multiple Indictments, Forewoman Says - The New York Times
Trump election theft grand jury to recommend indictments

House Speaker McCarthy gives Tucker Carlson exclusive access Jan. 6 riot footage - The Washington Post
Bennie Thompson rips McCarthy for giving Tucker Carlson Jan. 6 footage | The Hill ... "Its hard to overstate the potential security risks if this material were to be used irresponsibly" (puts it in Putin's pocket)
Why it matters that Kevin McCarthy gave Jan. 6 tapes to Fox News Kevin McCarthy gave 41,000 hours of sensitive Jan. 6 footage to a controversial television personality. What could possibly go wrong?
What if the Twitter Files were about something important? ... Kevin McCarthy is using Elon Musks playbook, giving security footage of the 1/6 riots to a serially dishonest bingo caller who supports the insurrectionists:

How the GOP Lost Its Brain | The recent fight over the speakership proved the point yet again: Todays Republican Party is driven by egos and power rivalries, not ideas. The GOP once had ideaslots of them. The problem was that they were unpopular and bad.
Republicans use wokeism to attack left but struggle to define it
Democrats pounce on GOP woke-waste attacks ... "The belief there are systemic injustices in American society and the need to address them"

Twenty governors are forming a new coalition to support abortion rights - The Washington Post - Twenty governors are joining the new alliance, which was initiated by California Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) and bills itself as nonpartisan, though only Democratic governors have joined as of this morning.

Biden EPA to take over cleanup of toxic Ohio derailment disaster : politics
Pete Buttigieg Launches Rail Safety Blitz, Slams Industry And GOP Critics : politics
The right fans a repulsive campaign to racialize the Ohio train disaster : politics

DeSantis downplays Russia as a global threat after Bidens visit to Kyiv:I think theyve shown themselves to be a third-rate military power
Gov. DeSantis wants to expand state guard to more than triple in size : politics

Michigan Republicans Elect QAnon Conspiracist Kristina Karamo as Party Chair ... Karamo as their new state party chair over the weekend, choosing a candidate who still refuses to concede her 14-point election loss last fall, has close ties to the QAnon conspiracy theory movement and thinks everyone and everything is satanic, from Jay-Z to Cardi B to yoga.
GOPs black best friend totally crazy

Why QAnon Targeted the Creator of Hollywoods Black List ... twisted fixation on Franklin Leonard.

What It Looks Like When the Far Right Takes Control of Local Government : politics
I spent a night at The Nuthouse and glimpsed the future of the Michigan Republican Party : politics

Bonkers Republican bill in Idaho would make mRNA-based vaccination a crime : politics

Mormon church fined over scheme to hide $32 billion investment fund behind shell companies The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints engaged in the scheme for more than 20 years.
Feds fine Mormon church for illicitly hiding $32 billion investment fund behind shell companies : politics

The Era of Shutting Others Out of New Yorks Suburbs Is Ending - In some parts of Scarsdale, in Westchester County, new homes must be built on lots of at least two acres. In most parts of the village of Muttontown, on Long Island, new homes must be at least 2,000 square feet. The town of Oyster Bay, also on Long Island, requires that some guest apartments, known as accessory dwelling units, be occupied only by family members or domestic servants ,,, For much of the 20th century, towns surrounding New York City used a stomach-churning mix of racial covenants and restrictive zoning laws to shut out Black Americans and others considered undesirable from thriving suburbs ... Massachusetts requires towns to allow multifamily housing near transit centers and imposes penalties for those that fail to do so.

$200M in City Purchased COVID Gear Auctioned For Just $500,000 - THE CITY Thousands of ventilators de Blasio commissioned for $12 million sell as scrap metal for less than $25K.

I Was So F*cking Freaked Out: Ex-NYT Staffer Describes Crying andBloodthirsty Colleagues Seeking Vengeance for Cotton Op-Ed ... Embarrassing details about the extent of the 2020 staff revolt at the New York Times have been revealed in a new book featuring an interview with former Times staffer Shawn McCreesh ... Bennet, the top editor of the Times opinion pages, eventually resigned under pressure.

Eschaton: You Know What You Did Last 2009 The "ACORN sting" and the role of the New York Times in promoting it was a big thing! The public editor groveled in apology to conservatives for not covering the story enough!!! (and they fell for O'Keefe's lie and destroyed Acorn)

Eschaton: Ah The 1990s, More Enlightened Times - Not as you might suspect from some syndicated wingnut in some 3rd-tier city paper. Philadelphia Inquirer editorial board. 1990. (how to eliminate Black people)

Meta has profited from over 200 ads using the anti-LGBTQ "groomer" slur, even though the platform claims it prohibits the term | Media Matters for America (Zuckerborg profiting from hate)

Andrew Tate: Self-proclaimed misogynist influencers detention in Romania extended for another 30 days

Whats the Story with Seymour Hersh?

Project Veritas claimed James OKeefe risked groups nonprofit status

Eschaton: I Don't Think These Guys Are Okay ... Marc Andreessen (superrich techbro idiot)

Brad Pitt was the only winner of the Aniston-Jolie tabloid battle In the biggest tabloid love triangle of the 2000s, there was never a right kind of woman to be.

A retro hobby for the end timesThe delicious, divisive, and surprisingly political world of contemporary home canning.

Reckitt recalls plant-based infant formula over Cronobacter concerns : NPR

Ketamine can be mind-altering, and getting it has become much easier. Many mental health patients call the drug lifesaving. But some complain of bladder ailments, inadequate oversight and addiction.

Spotting a hidden exoplanet : worldnews


Cyclone Freddy, most energetic Southern Hemisphere cyclone on record, expected to hit Madagascar later today : worldnews

Mauritius halts flights, Madagascar braces for floods as cyclone Freddy nears : worldnews

Not much time left: Salt Lake City's mayor on the Great Lake drying up - Former environmental activist Erin Mendenhall leads a fast-growing city threatened by toxic dust from the lake's shrinking water levels

Is COVID unique in the way it affects different individuals in such different ways? : askscience
Long COVID Now Looks like a Neurological Disease, Helping Doctors to Focus Treatments
The case of a patient who had COVID for 318 days helped scientists discover a new route for dangerous coronavirus strain emergence. They found mutations enabling T cell escape. Keeping track of mutations is crucial for understanding, monitoring, and controlling the pandemic : science

Third Person proven to be cured from HIV by ccr5d HSCT : science
5th person confirmed to be cured of HIV : news

Stolen crown jewels returned to Cambodia after being handed over in London : worldnews

Vietnam jails 4 South Koreans for an illegal smuggling operation that flew 189 South Koreans into the country under false official documents to bypass COVID restrictions : worldnews

Japan to give Ukraine $5.5B, host online G-7 plus Zelenskyy : worldnews

As Biden visits Ukraine, Chinas top diplomat goes to Russia

Meanwhile in Russia, there was anger, fury and 50 shades of desperation over Bidens visit to Kyiv. More in my latest article, linked below
Putins Cronies: We Should Have Blown Up Biden in Kyiv
Putins Cronies: We Should Have Blown Up Biden in Kyiv
Putins Ukraine gamble seen as biggest threat to his rule
(4/4) If Russias spring offensive fails to achieve anything then tensions within the Russian leadership will likely increase.

History teacher explains the many warlord groups in Russia that could battle for control if the country were to be destabilized due to the ongoing war with Ukraine. : bestof
(39) Russia's Grand Strategy and Ukraine - Is Putin's war already a strategic failure? - YouTube
Putin Critic Alexei Navalny Says Russias Defeat In Ukraine "Inevitable"
Navalny Sets Out 15-Point Plan for Russias Postwar Development

Wagner founder: Russia denying ammunition to its own mercenaries : worldnews
Project 100,000 - Wikipedia - McNamaras Morons,
Russian Army Officials Accept $1,000 Bribes In Exchange For Soldiers Vacations: Ukraine Intel

Duda warns that any attack by Lukashenka against Ukraine will result in a massive uprising by the Belarusian people who do not want any war with Ukraine. Lukashenka will end up like Nicolae Ceaucescu who, along with his wife, was executed with 120 bullets.

Sri Lankan police disperse protesters demanding election | AP News

Magnitude 6.3 earthquake strikes Turkey-Syria border region ... 6.4 ...
New Turkey earthquake leaves people trapped under rubble in Hatay : worldnews

Doctors Without Borders gains access to quake zone in Syria : worldnews

BRICS looks to bring in Iran and Saudi Arabia : worldnews

Iranians Chant Overnight Slogans, Set Khamenei Banner Ablaze : worldnews (hang the mullah-heads by their long beards)
Iran said on cusp of ability to make nukes, having enriched uranium to 84% purity : worldnews
Iran Nuclear Inspectors Detect Uranium Enriched to 84% Purity : worldnews
Pro-Iran regime prof. in US covered up mass murder - human rights report : worldnews ... Oberlin College Professor of Religion Mohammad Jafar Mahallatirole in the cover-up of the massacre of at least 5,000 Iranian dissidents in 1988.

Israel: 84% enrichment means its now or never to stop Iran
Israels Netanyahu advances judicial changes despite uproar (Netanfuckyu as always)
Protesters prepare as Knesset readies to bring judicial revolution to vote | Israel : worldnews
Israel: Protesters block homes of MKs as mass protests set to descend on Jerusalem : worldnews

Zelenskys video team is quick with a montage of todays historic Biden visit to Kyiv. The Ukrainian president writes on Telegram: Ukraine feels the support of the United States and President Joseph Biden personally in these difficult times of struggle. (moving, imagine the fat orange traitorous turd doing this)
Today, President Biden is in Kyiv to reaffirm Americas unwavering commitment to Ukraines democracy, sovereignty, and territorial integrity.The United States of America will stand with the Ukrainian people for as long as it takes.

President Biden Makes Surprise Visit to Ukraine : worldnews
Zelensky on Biden visit to Ukraine: Historic. Timely. Brave
Biden in Ukraine ahead of war anniversary: Kyiv stands
Bidens Surprise Kyiv Visit: Putin Thought Ukraine Was Weak, Dead Wrong
How Biden pulled off a visit to an active Ukrainian war zone : worldnews
Biden in Ukraine for show of support amid concern China could give Putin lethal aid a year into Russias invasion

Zelensky: If China allies itself with Russia, there will be world war : worldnews
Zelensky says Ukraine will defend Bakhmut, but not at any price
US and G7 preparing large-scale sanctions for anniversary of Russian invasion : worldnews

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 362, Part 1 (Thread #503) : worldnews

(1) (((Tendar))) on Twitter: "Based on the most recent footage from Vuhledar, which looks new to me, the situation for the Russians has worsened. Ukrainian troops not only repelled the attacks on Vuhledar but have now also a presence in the southern dachas. You can see small arms fire. #Vuhledar #Ukraine" / Twitter
(2/4) Casualties reportedly remain high, particularly in Bakhmut and Vuhledar. Specifically, the elite155th and 40th Naval Infantry Brigades have sustained very high losses in Vuhledar and are likely combat ineffective.

Blinken offers a cryptic comment on Elon Musk and Starlink ... Elon Musk will continue to add additional paywalls on Starlink unless Ukraine subscribes to Twitter blue.

The Russian troops in Transnistria must be expelled.The new Prime Minister of Moldova, Dorin Recean.Senior commanders of the Ukrainian Army have previously offered to help Moldova rid itself of the Russian soldiers in Transnistria.

Far right launches election campaign promising to give Poland backto the people
Wikipedia intentionally distorts history of the Holocaust, study claims ... small group of actors hijacks Holocaust-related entries on online encyclopedia to whitewash role of Polish society in genocide and bolster stereotypes about Jews