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HyperCube : Sound reactive, app-enabled, hyper-chromatic art that will transport you to another dimension
21st Century Promethea is creating poetry, prose, music, recipes, reviews, and more. | Patreon
Dr. Amber Tortorelli is creating music, art, explosions, interactions, discomfort, and magic. | Patreon

World leaders return to U.N. with focus on pandemic, climate : worldnews
COP26: Chinas Xi Jinping yet to confirm attendance at climate change talks, admits summit president Alok Sharma

Icelands volcanic eruption the longest in half a century ... Fagradalshraun: Beautiful valley of lava
People evacuated on Spanish island of La Palma after volcano eruption warning : worldnews ... Megatsunami imminent?
La Palma Volcano Eruption ( Happening right now in Canary Islands, Spain) : videos
Megatsunami Scenario - La Palma Landslide - YouTube

Smoke from massive wildfires in Australia led to algae bloom : worldnews

The Planet Has Lost Half of Its Coral Reefs Since 1950 : worldnews

Three Poachers Are Sentenced To A Combined 105 Years In Prison For Killing Three Rhinos In South Africa : worldnews

Cape honey bees suspected to have killed 63 African penguins : worldnews

Scientists studying whether its possible to grow, eat mRNA vaccines
An observational and Mendelian randomisation study on vitamin D and COVID-19 risk in UK Biobank : science

Modeling The Pandemic: How Many Will Die? - Lawyers, Guns & Money
Newsflash: The COVID pandemic has been the worst public health catastrophe in American history, and it's not close - Lawyers, Guns & Money
The Tucker and the Hare - Lawyers, Guns & Money West Virginia, owing to its relatively old population and independent pharmacy network, was an early vaccination success story. Then the wingnut industrial complex took over: ... Republican propaganda efforts aimed at making as many Republican voters sick or dead as possible have been smashingly effective.

Wait times can now be measured in days: How non-COVID patients are paying the price for the Delta surge

Texas COVID-19 death toll passes 60,000 : news

Escalator falls have soared in Tube stations because passengers are too afraid to hold handrails over fears they could catch Covid : worldnews

Entire B.C. school district to go into lockdown after vaccine protesters enter 3 schools : worldnews ... Your body, my choice

Vietnam government draws $113 mln from Covid fund to buy 20 mln doses from Pfizer : worldnews

Australia had deep and grave concerns about French submarinescapabilities, PM says (Macaroni has another meltdown)

Boxer-senator Manny Pacquiao to run for Philippine president : worldnews

Japan takes step toward first female leader as two women run : worldnews
Japans older population (65 and older) hits record high to 36,4 million or 29,1% of population, the highest among 201 countries and regions across the world

Chinas military has an Achillesheel: Low troop morale
China plans tax crackdown on richest entertainers, including online influencers : worldnews
Chinese scientists grow rice that yields twice faster in hydroponic experiment : worldnews

YouTube blocks Navalnys team videos with a list of Smart Voting candidates it wants to back in nationwide parliamentary elections currently underway

CIA warned kids were at scene of Kabul drone strike before missile hit : worldnews
Apology not enough say survivors of US drone attack in Kabul
Kabul governments female workers told to stay at home by Taliban

UAE: European Parliament votes to boycott UAE Expo in Dubai due to human rights issues : worldnews

Israel nabs remaining fugitives from prison break : worldnews
Mossad killed Irans top nuke scientist with remote-operated machine gun

German election: 85,000 adults with disabilities can vote for the first time : worldnews

Notre Dame cathedral in Paris will reopen in 2024, five years after disastrous fire : worldnews
French highline walker makes 600-metre Seine crossing from Eiffel Tower : worldnews

Universal credit cut will push 800,000 people into poverty, Boris Johnson warned : worldnews
Britain May Revert to Imperial System As Part of New Brexit Freedoms ... Karl Popper: historicist ideologies that rear their head in times of great social change. (dumbfuckxit)
Conspiracy theorist caused more than 100,000 of damage by torching 5G mast [UK]

Canada leaders kick off final day of campaign, polls suggest Trudeau has edge : worldnews

The strategic reverberations of the AUKUS deal will be big and lasting | A profound geopolitical shift is happening : politics
Nuclear subs and a diplomatic blowup: The US-France clash, explained : politics

Fox News Poll: Majorities favor mask and vaccine mandates as pandemic worries increase : politics
Mississippi governor: Biden vaccine mandate an attack onhardworking Americans | State has second-worst death rate in world, after Peru (Evil Dumbfuck Chinless FatNeck PoTATEohead Reeves)
Tate Reeves and the high cost of covid incompetence

AOC introduces amendment to halt US arms sale to Israel : politics

Senate GOP says it will allow debt default; Democrats rush to avert economic crisis | Analysis : politics
The Biden administration could sidestep McConnells refusal to pay off America's bills by minting a $1 trillion platinum coin
House Democrats are scared to tax billionaires thats a costly mistake

Low turnout, low drama mark rally for jailed pro-Trump rioters : politics
The JusticeForJ6 Rally Wasn't a Joke It Was A Warning
Shimon Prokupecz Goes Down Rabbit Hole With Justice for J6 ... "so many people who just believe their own thing, nothing is based on fact, on truth, reality, its just people who just want to believe what they want to believe, whether its real or not"

Fascism makes a comeback but nothing about its methods is especially new | The Trump movements assault on democracy is directly descended from both the Jim Crow era and the Nuremberg laws

Eric Swalwell says J6 rally like holding 9/11 vigil for the hijackers : politics
GOP looks like Tinder for terrorists says former homeland security official as he criticises Capitol rally
Rep. Raskin: Republicans have embraced the insurrection
Why has Republican rhetoric gotten so unhinged? Its pure projection
The GOP Is Sacrificing Its Stars on the Altar of Trump : politics

Trump Looks for Challenger to Depose Mitch McConnell as Split Widens - WSJ
Donald Trump wrote to Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger asking him to 'decertify' the 2020 election
Trump Angling To Put In Power Election Officials Who Could Twist Vote For Him In 2024 : politics

Troll farms peddling misinformation on Facebook reached 140 million Americans monthly ahead of the 2020 presidential election, report finds : technology

Were watching the implosion of the Supreme Court in real time
The Senate knew about Kavanaughs partisan history. It confirmed him anyway

Beto ORourke is preparing to run for governor of Texas in 2022
The Exvangelicals
The Alpha-Male Style in American Evangelicalism | Christianity Today

Texas doctor who provided abortion in violation of new law: I had a duty of care
Texas Doctor Says He Performed an Abortion in Defiance of New State Law : politics
A doctor in Texas says he broke the law and performed an abortion: I can't just sit back and watch us return to 1972

The Atlantic: The Arizona Election Audit Is Still Unraveling in Chaos : politics
Democrats push to shield election workers from violent threats : politics

Georgia Is How American Democracy Falls Apart : politics

California recall vote show Trumps big lie is now Republican playbook

Support for Abbott plunging in Texas: poll : politics

Madison Cawthorn on Twitter: battling significant medical complications (def not Covid)

How white evangelical became a synonym for 'conservative'

Republicans trapped in a media prison of their own making : politics

Gabby Petito Search Expands, FBI Looking for Witnesses From a Specific Campground : news
North Port Police on Twitter: "Saddened and heartbroken to learn that Gabby has been found deceased. Our focus from the start, along with the FBI, and national partners, has been to bring her home. We will continue to work with the FBI in the search for more answers." / Twitter
Gabby Petito disappearance: The case has unleashed a throng of Internet sleuths. Why has it sparked so much interest? - The Washington Post

3 people were shot at a Pennsylvania baby shower after an argument over gifts, police say : news

Women report being happier than men are, and more depressed than men are. This gender life satisfaction/depression paradox holds true across Europe, building on research that has been conducted outside of Europe. : science (women have "emotions" study says)

Rent rant : boston

What is really better than sex? : AskReddit

Whats the scariest moment youve encounter in your whole life?
Whats the worst thing youve ever seen online?

What subreddit did you regret visiting? : AskReddit


World on catastrophic path to 2.7C warming, warns UN chief
Grim and AlarmingUN Report Details Catastrophic Global Failure on Climate |

Coral reef cover, biodiversity, fish catches have declined by half since the 1950s : worldnews

Scientists created the worlds whitest paint. It could eliminate the need for air conditioning.

Australian Government proposes to scrap recovery plans for 200 endangered species and habitats : worldnews

A new heatwave across North America will soon be replaced by a significant cold blast, temperatures could drop more than 30 degrees in just 24 hours. The first snow is forecast for the northern Rockies while the Fall Season starts on Tuesday next week. : worldnews

Big gap between Pfizer, Moderna vaccines seen for preventing COVID hospitalizations ... the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine reduces the risk of being hospitalized with COVID-19 by 91% in the first four months after receiving the second dose. Beyond 120 days, however, that vaccine efficacy drops to 77%. Meanwhile, Moderna's vaccine was 93% effective at reducing the short-term risk of COVID-19 hospitalization and remained 92% effective after 120 days.
Big gap between Pfizer, Moderna vaccines seen for preventing COVID hospitalizations : worldnews

Coronavirus variants better at travelling through the air, raising transmission risk, study finds
New studies suggest a possible superhuman immunity to COVID-19

Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp keeps mentioning failed AIDS vaccine mandates. But there is no AIDS vaccine : politics

Why Facebook Wont Stop Pushing Propaganda Vaccine disinformation. The Big Lie. The hate poisoning your community. It all goes back to Mark Zuckerbergs business model. (death for profit)
A great response for Facebook "researchers"
Do YoUr OwN ReSeArCh : PoliticalHumor

Championed by doctors and conservative radio hosts alike, monoclonal antibodies for Covid are in high demand even from those who dont want a vaccine.

Death panels is real! - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Doctor Who Said Masks Cause Carbon Dioxide Poisoning Has License Revoked

Anti-Mask Florida Official Dies of COVIDand Takes GOP Software Secrets With Him

Idaho Botched Its Pandemic Response. Now Its Begging Neighbors Like Washington State for Help.

Vaccine Protests Prove the Only Personal Liberties Cops Care About Are Their Own : politics

W.Va. Gov. frustrated over vaccination rate: We just aregoing to keep lining the body bags up

Alabama Pickers, couple known for reselling and vaccine opposition, both dead of COVID -
Alabama ass whuppin' - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Mississippi now has countrys highest rate for COVID deaths (

Nearly half of Israeli COVID deaths are unvaccinated, although they are only 17% of population. Data shows booster shots increase protection over tenfold : worldnews

Brazils Bolsonaro vows to break NYC COVID-19 mandate by attending UN meetings without getting vaccinated

India vaccinates 25 million people in a single day : worldnews

Italy makes COVID-19 Green Passmandatory for all workers

WHO warns lack of COVID-19 vaccine supply in Africa could make it breeding ground for new variants and send the whole world back to square one

Hundreds arrested in Australian anti-lockdown protests : worldnews

Chinese scammers enslave jobless teachers and tourists in Cambodia : worldnews

Investigation finds World Bank leaders pushed staffers to boost rankings for China and Saudi Arabia in high-profile reports : worldnews
Hong Kong Tiananmen Massacre group vanishes from internet after police demand; 11 years of Victoria Park vigil vids deleted : worldnews

Indian state passes bill to register child marriages, Opposition calls it a black day : worldnews
Indias New Laws Against Love Jihad Give Hindu Conservatives Power To Halt Weddings ... In India, several states have outlawed brides or grooms from converting to their new spouses religion. These new laws are backed by Hindu conservatives who accuse Muslim men of pressuring Hindu women to convert. The laws of complicated things for interfaith couples

US admits Kabul drone strike killed civilians : worldnews ... Must be a Friday afternoon in DC.
US Urged to End Drone Strikes After Pentagon Says Killing 10 Afghan Civilians Was Horrible Mistake
Khalil-ur-Rahman Haqqani punched Talibans Mullah Baradar before shootout in Kabul palace
Taliban ban girls from secondary education in Afghanistan : worldnews
Salima Mazari, the female governor fighting the Taliban in Afghanistan, was not captured by the Taliban, and is now a resident in the United States : worldnews
Afghan women push back against Taliban restrictions with #DoNotTouchMyClothes campaign : worldnews
Taliban replaces womens ministry with ministry of virtue and vice ... Ministries of Prayer and Guidance and the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice

Belarus Olympic runner says she fled to avoid being forced into mental hospital : worldnews
Belarusians launch campaign in Vilnius to free political prisoners:country is drifting into a gloomy Soviet reality

Egypt is building a $4.5 billion high-speed rail line. Passengers and cargo will soon be able to shoot through the Egyptian desert aboard a high-speed train, in a first for the country : worldnews

Biden administration signs its first military deal with Saudi Arabia : worldnews

Israeli agents had wanted to kill Irans top nuclear scientist for years. Then they came up with a way to do it with no operatives present.
Israeli grandfather says he saved, not kidnapped, grandson in Italy : worldnews

Berlin buys thousands of apartments from corporate landlords : worldnews

The Sharp U.S. Pivot to Asia Is Throwing Europe Off Balance - The New York Times

Why are the French so mad about the submarine deal? - The Washington Post
France Recalls Ambassadors to the United States and Australia in Protest of Submarine Deal - The New York Times
France recalls its ambassadors to US and Australia in submarine deal backlash : worldnews
Secret Talks and a Hidden Agenda: Behind the U.S. Defense Deal That France Called a Betrayal U.S. officials gave no heads-up about their plans to upend Frances largest defense contract.
French government extremely mad about...something - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Red Bull suing Gin manufacturer Bullards over name : worldnews
Man has hand chopped off at the wrist after Whitechapel vigilantes corner him

The U.K. Left The EU, And Now Its Inching Away From The Metric System Too
mother of boy killed by dog in cornwall truly sorry
Infection known as mad cow disease found on Somerset farm in UK : worldnews

Afghanistan Outcome Affirms a Warning: Beware the Blob - The New York Times The chaotic withdrawal from Afghanistan exposed the shortcomings of views within the foreign policy establishment, also known as The Blob
There is no reflexively pro-war Blob, says Blob - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Bureau of Land Management will move back to D.C., reversing Trump-era decision : politics
New Evidence of Corruption at EPA Chemicals Division : politics

So-called Dem moderates sabotage Medicare power to bargain drug prices

Biden signs executive order adding measles to list of quarantinable diseases after outbreak among US-bound Afghan refugees : politics

Joe Biden Basically Tells GOP Governors to Rot in Hell Can you blame him? : politics
Tremendous hypocrisy All the GOP governors banning COVID-19 vaccination mandates require other vaccines

Venal "moderate" House Dems torpedoing Biden's agenda - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Right-Wing Conspiracy Rally Collapses Under Weight of Right-Wing Conspiracies : politics
Smaller than expected Justice for J6rally met with large police presenceAbout 400 to 450 people were inside the protest area
Sparse crowd gathers near Capitol to protest treatment of those jailed in Jan. 6 riot
Massive Capitol security operation awaits rally to support hundreds charged in deadly January riot : politics
Police say theyre ready for rally supporting Jan. 6 rioters
More than 600 charged in Jan. 6 attack as D.C. braces for pro-defendant rally : politics

Trump says his heart is with 'persecuted' January 6 rioters as Washington DC braces for a protest in support of 'political prisoners' ... Trump pardoned more Taliban than he did his own supporters.
Republican leaders remain silent as Trump casts perpetrators of Jan. 6 attack as political prisoners : politics
Decertify the 'Illegitimate Election,' Says Man Under Investigation for Election Interference: Donald Trump, who lies a lot, tells Georgia officials that 'the truth must be allowed to come out'
Trump writes letter to Georgia Secretary of State demanding that election be decertified, or "whatever the correct legal remedy is" - Lawyers, Guns & Money
A $100 million loan on Trump Tower in Manhattan has been placed on a bank watch list, due to a slump in occupancy, reports say : politics

Peril review: Bob Woodward Trump trilogy ends on note of dire warning | Books : politics

Federal government announces funding for emergency contraception for Texans impacted by near-total abortion ban : politics
Clarence Thomas and His Friends Are Coming for Your Uterus : politics

Amid COVID surge, states that cut benefits still see no hiring boost : politics (nevr the point)

Nebraska Is Getting Into Some Gerrymandering Shenanigans With National Implications : politics

After 200 years of white men, Bostons next mayor will be a woman

Yes, you were right to panic over the recall election even though Newsom won easily : politics
In red California, anger over recall blowout. The Democratic Party is the New York Yankees
California dreaming did not become reality for Republicans | TheHill

Hyperpartisanship is ruining America : politics ... White-right terrorist Hyperpartisanship is ruining America

Post-Schar School poll shows McAuliffe, Youngkin locked in tight race for Virginia governor - The Washington Post

Gabby Petito's family attorney says fiance Brian Laundrie is not missing, he is hiding
New bodycam video shows emotional Gabby Petito after reported fight with fianc in Utah
Attorney for Brian Laundrie says his whereabouts are unknown : news
Search underway at vastFlorida wildlife reserve for Gabby Petito's fiance

Loudoun judge jails alleged domestic violence victim for pot use : news

Several Oakland police officers face disciplinary action following Instagram scandal : news

LAPD to stop requesting civilians social security numbers after backlash

New study shows Fibromyalgia likely the result of autoimmune problems Passive transfer of fibromyalgia symptoms from patients to mice

Pfizer Recalls Its Anti-Smoking Drug Chantix Over Cancer Concerns : worldnews

Being highly immersed in your job paves the way for longer working hours and symptoms of major depression, prospective study suggests. : science

Two studies (N = 467) find that women are less likely to introduce their partners to large-breasted women. Breast size appears to be part of intrasexual competition. : science

College students drank less during the pandemic but used weed, psychedelics at record highs, study finds. : science

Why do you want to stay single? : AskReddit

What are things that sound like compliments, but are actually insults? : AskReddit

What do you think really happens after death? : AskReddit


Chances of alien life in our galaxy are 'much more likely than first thought - scientists claim as they find young stars teeming with organic molecules using Chile's Alma telescope.

The ozone hole over the South Pole is now bigger than Antarctica - CNN
The ozone hole over the South Pole is now bigger than Antarctica : worldnews

Al Gores Climate TRACE tracking group finds vast undercounts of emissions in many countries

Pandemic did not slow advance of climate change: The results of the United in Science 2021 report are an alarming appraisal of just howfar off course we are, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres has said
World needs to spend another $100 trln on UN fight against global woes - report : worldnews (World: "that's way too expensive")

New 2030 Glasgow pledges fall short of global target, U.N. says, putting the planet on path to warm by 2.7 degrees Celsius by 2100 - The Washington Post

Fossil fuel companies are suing governments across the world for more than $18bn | Climate News : worldnews

Fast fashion in the U.S. is fueling an environmental disaster in Ghana : worldnews

Faroes PM pledges dolphin hunt review amid outcry at carnage : worldnews

U/darkxmoon shares sad presentday dystopian story reads like a chapter out of ministry for the future. Post Hurricane Ida/ 2 weeks after in Tangipahoa Parish : bestof

09/17/2021 COVID-19 Update for Massachusetts with 2.26% positivity rate.
2,024 confirmed cases, 16 deaths, and 7,977 vaccinations. See todays COVID-19 data from Mass.

COVID-19 has claimed 1 in 500 American lives; 1 in 375 in Massachusetts. : CoronavirusMa
Protesters rally against Baker vaccine mandate outside State House - The Boston Globe (Mass Morons)

FDA panel votes against broad rollout of Pfizer booster shot, but may endorse narrower use - POLITICO

Natural immunity to covid is powerful. Policymakers seem afraid to say so. - The Washington Post A 700,000-person study from Israel two weeks ago found that those who had experienced prior infections were 27 times less likely to get a second symptomatic covid infection than those who were vaccinated.

Israeli data: How can efficacy vs. severe disease be strong when 60% of hospitalized are vaccinated?

Pediatric Diabetes Surge in Mississippi: Doctors Concerned COVID-19 Is To Blame ... Mississippians have died of COVID-19 per capita more than any other state. Where diabetes is concerned, Mississippi is the second most afflicted state in the nation, behind only West Virginia. In 2016, the Mississippi State Department of Health estimated that over 13.6% of adult Mississippians had diabetes, at the time ranking first in the nation.

More on the moral panic regarding "overweight" and "obesity" - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Ron DeSantisDisastrous COVID-19 Response Ripped In Viral Florida Is VietnamVideo | The Florida Republicans response to the pandemic is hammered in author Don Winslow's latest video, which has topped 1 million views.
Don Winslow on Twitter: "NEW VIDEO: #FloridaIsVietnam Under @GovRonDeSantis Covid Deaths in Florida will surpass American deaths during *ENTIRE* Vietnam war. We need your RETWEET and QUOTE RETWEET." / Twitter

Laura Loomer, Who Once Said Bad FajitasWere Worse Than COVID, Says Shes Tested Positive

Net is gone : All of Idaho put in crisis standards of care amid 'unabated' COVID spread
A doctor called coronavirus vaccines fake.Now he sits on an Idaho regional health board.

Carmines hostess attacked after asking diners for proof of vaccination (3 Texas Karens arrested)

Doctor Runs 22 Miles Wearing a Face Mask to Sh?w it Doesn't Cut Oxygen Levels

France suspends 3,000 unvaccinated health workers without pay : worldnews

Cambodia vaccinating 6-to-11-year-olds before schools reopen : worldnews

Over 2 crore (20 million) Covid-19 vaccine doses administered in India in a day, setting new record on PMs birthday.

China Announces Full Vaccination of Over 70% of Its Population : worldnews

Australia To Buy Tomahawk Cruise Missiles, Will Get At Least Eight Nuclear Submarines : worldnews
Applause in Queensland Parliament gallery as historic bill passed, legalising voluntary assisted dying : worldnews

Absolutely appalling Christchurch partygoers slammed for 'ignorant' Hitler, Holocaust victim costumes

Philippine President Duterte Is Being Investigated By An International Court : NPR : worldnews

Myanmars junta will put ousted leader Aung San Suu Kyi on trial for corruption adding to a raft of ongoing cases that could see her jailed for decades. Suu Kyi has been under house arrest since she and her elected government were deposed by the military in a February coup

Japans defense minister draws red line in island dispute with China
Leading candidate to become PM of Japan supports gay marriage : worldnews

Chinas Shenzhou-12 crew landed safely back to Earth after a 90-day mission in space
NDTV: Chinese Billionaire Loses $27 Billion In Worlds Biggest Wealth Drop
A U.S.-backed Uighur photo exhibit of dozens of people who are missing or alleged to be held in camps in Xinjiang, China, opened in Switzerland on Thursday, prompting Beijing to issue a furious statement accusing Washington of 'low political tricks'
China denies German warship entry into harbor, Berlin says : worldnews

U.S. military admits horrible mistake in Kabul drone strike that killed 10 Afghans
Chinas Xi urges Afghanistan to stamp out terrorism, vows more aid
Al Qaeda regrouping in Afghanistan, says CIA : worldnews
Taliban ban female employees from entering ministry of women : worldnews
Armed American civilians on private plane to Afghanistan arrested in Dubai : worldnews

Under pressure from Russian government Google, Apple remove opposition leaders Navalny app from stores as Russian elections begin
Top Russian Diplomats Secret Life With Millionaire Mistress Exposed - Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has reportedly bankrolled his mistresss travel abroad with him on official diplomatic trips to almost two dozen countries around the world

Armenia takes rival Azerbaijan to top UN court : worldnews

Budget overruns and culture clashes over long vacations plagued the $50 billion submarine deal France got booted from in favor of the US and UK : worldnews

Europeans view Germany as a declining powerno more so than in Germany, where a majority (52%) hold the view that their country ispast its "golden age"
German police arrest four on Yom Kippur over synagogue attack plot : worldnews
Northern Ireland police charge two over killing of journalist Lyra McKee : worldnews
f=""> France cancels Washington reception and tones down celebrations of US-French Revolutionary War victory amid submarine spat : worldnews

UK Equalities Minister Goes on Anti-LGBTQ Rant in Leaked Audio : worldnews

Bolivian Woman Bites into Hamburger at Fast Food Restaurant to Find Rotten Human Finger Inside : worldnews

Haiti's chief prosecutor seeks charges against prime minister in president's assassination

One killed as Pakistani-origin family attacked in Canada : worldnews
About damn time: First Nation gets clean water after 24-year wait | Canada

This Day in Labor History: September 17, 2011 - Lawyers, Guns & Money
Another World Is Possible: How Occupy Wall Street Reshaped Politics & Kicked Off New Era of Protest

400+ Economists Press Congress to Permanently Expand Child Tax Credit : politics

Worst Kind of Politics Biden Bashes GOP Governors Who Balk at Vaccine Mandates
Clueless GOP governor cites nonexistent AIDS vaccine to bash Joe Biden

Capitol Police chief warns of "chatter" about possible violence during far-right rally
Jan. 6 probe request sends hundreds of pages to Trump team for review : politics
Oath Keepers founder draws scrutiny from federal officials and followers - The Washington Post

Biden calls out US billionaire wealth surging $1.8 trillion during the pandemic: 'it's simply not fair'

Sanders Blasts Conservative Democrats for Siding With Big Pharma Over Voters : politics
Patient Group Targets Pair of Democrats for Selling Us Out to Drug Companies

Milley: Calls to China were perfectly within scope of job
Rogue general vs. rogue president: GOP cultists willing to defend Trump destroying the world : politics
The Real Criminals General Milley Exposed? Every Republican in the US Senate : politics

Pelosi said the Republican Party has been hijacked by a 'cult' and slammed Trump's disdain for governance
Trump Lawyers Had to Explain to Him How Supreme Court Works: Book : politics
Trump yelled give 'I don't give a fuck' at his defense secretary for opposing the troop deployments Trump wanted to quell unrest after George Floyd' s murder, book says
Eight months after Jan. 6 attack, Trump remains in full control of the GOP : politics
Bob Woodward Extends His Trump Chronicles With the Chaotic Transfer of Power : politics

Georgia criminal probe into Trump's attempts to overturn 2020 election quietly moves forward
After two years, this is the best Trumps chosen investigator can do?

Disturbing for democracy: Americans are divided into two media worlds, survey shows
The non-Trump GOP erodes a little further : politics

Another State Is Lighting the Cyber Ninja Signal. Hold Onto Your Wallets.: In Pennsylvania, Republicans want to give the last four of your Social Security number to some contractor to be named later. : politics

Clarence Thomas says Supreme Court could be most dangerous branch

Overturning Roe v Wade will promote abstinence, says architect of Texas abortion ban : politics

exas Lt. Gov. Spews Racist Great Replacement Theory on Fox: A Revolution Has Begun
A Texas Republicans vile rant shows great replacement is becoming GOP dogma

Gov. Newsom abolishes single-family zoning in California : politics
In celebration of Caitlyns embarrassing election loss I thought we should all take a moment to remember this.

GOP Rep. Says the Entire State of Montana Cant Make Room for 75 Afghan Refugees - Rep. Matt Rosendale says the presence of 75 refugees would compromise the safety of Montanans, but he wouldn't say how.

North Carolina judges block voter ID law, saying it discriminates against Black people : politics

Where you Sit is Where You Stand - Lawyers, Guns & Money Our question is this: Why would a Republican President devote so much attention to a Confederate general who committed treason against the first Republican President, and who was eventually defeated by the second Republican President, and so little to the US Army general who won the Civil War?

US rightwing group targets academics with Professor Watchlist | Turning Point USAs list gains fresh attention after it expands and some notice it disproportionately names academics of color

Bostons Aly Raisman blasts FBI, USA Gymnastics over handling of Larry Nassar case: Like serving innocent children up to a pedophile on a silver platter
The Indianapolis Star showed Simone Biles the magnitude of gymnastics abuse. How it got the story.

Thousands of bodies go unclaimed in the United States every year - The Washington Post

u/Adds_Chuck_Testa shares a thorough list of all of the ways the Trump and his administration mistreated veterans in a post about a Newsmax host kicking a veteran off his show for claiming Trump wouldnt have done a better job in Afghanistan

Surprise: Ivanka, Eric, and Donald Trump Jr. Are Still Mooching Off U.S. Taxpayers Trumps adult children received six months of taxpayer-funded security after their dad left office, despite having nothing to do with the government and being rich enough to pay for it themselves.
Jared Kushners Family Firm Set to Unleash Eviction Wave Amid Pandemic

Billionaire Sacklers immunity threatened as DOJ moves to block opioid deal - The DOJ argues the immunity is unconstitutional and expects the deal to be overturned.

The Eyes of Tammy Faye captures the moment the GOP got in bed with the Christian right : politics

Editorial: How low, Ms. Stefanik?

Beyond Britney: Abuse, Exploitation, And Death Inside Americas Guardianship Industry

NY millionaire Robert Durst guilty of best friends murder

Iowa citys first Black police chief faces backlash after bringing change .. including the removal of its longtime insignia that resembles a Ku Klux Klan dragon.

Texan tied to boogaloo sentenced to 50 years in prison (huge ears)

Pencil drawing of old man identified as Van Gogh work | Vincent van Gogh | The Guardian Drawing has been in private hands since around 1910 and is now going on display in Amsterdam

Female Octopuses Throw Objects at Males Who Harass Them, Finds Study

Scientists have found individuals with high levels of cognitive activity (top 10%) developed Alzheimers at an average age of 93.6 years -- five years later than those individuals with low levels of cognitive activity (bottom 10%), who developed the disease at an average of 88.6 years.

Life-Size Camel Sculptures in Saudi Arabia Are Older Than Stonehenge, Pyramids of Giza : science

LSD Induced Changes May Explain How Brain Generates Behavior : science

Dopamine increases responses to stressful stimuli, not just pleasurable ones. The result could have implications for the treatment of mental health disorders and addiction, study shows : science

What instantly makes a girl hot? : AskReddit
What instantly makes a guy hot? : AskReddit


SpaceX launches worlds first amateur astronautcrew to orbit Earth (Bezos is angry)

Swarm of earthquakes portends a volcanic eruption on La Palma (Canary Islands) in the upcoming days. : worldnews

Is this the beginning of the Category 6 hurricane? - The Boston Globe Category 5 is what we use to identify the strongest hurricanes on the planet, with sustained winds of 157 miles per hour or more. But some Atlantic hurricanes are arguably strong enough to merit a Category 6 designation thanks to climate change ... The devastation would be almost unimaginable all the glass blown out of high-rise buildings, homes wiped off their foundations, and neighborhoods well inland completely underwater from the storm surge.

UN warns unchecked AI & machine-learning tech can violate human rights, damage lives as it calls for safeguards against abuse

Larger than usual: this years ozone layer holebigger than Antarctica Scientists say ozone hole is unusually large for this stage in season and growing quickly

None of the worlds major economies -- including the entire G20 -- have a climate plan that meets their obligations under the 2015 Paris Agreement, according to an analysis published Wednesday, despite scientistswarning that deep cuts to greenhouse gas emissions are needed now.

Thousands of scientists, academics call for fossil fuel non-proliferation treaty

Illegal logging reaches Amazons untouched core, terrifying new research shows (Balsofuckyou fucks the planet)

More than 850 anti-logging protesters are arrested in Canada, making history : worldnews ... a little disingenuous to refer to them as anti-logging protestors. They are protesting logging of the last remaining old-growth forest on Vancouver Island. These are 1,000+ year old trees which are being cut down -- and their ecosystem irreparably destroyed -- because it is slightly more profitable than logging second- and third-growth forests.

Faroe Islands killed so many dolphins they had to destroy their blubber ... "tradition" ... Using traditional jetskis.

Priciest Food Since 1970s Is a Big Challenge for Governments : worldnews

09/16/2021 COVID-19 Update for Massachusetts, with 2.3% positivity rate.
1,999 confirmed cases, 16 deaths, and 9,733 vaccinations. See todays COVID-19 data from Mass.

Last Week, 32 fully vaccinated Bay Staters died of COVID-19. Past week was 18. : CoronavirusMa ... 3,919 fully vaccinated Bay Staters fell ill with breakthrough Covid last week. This represents approximately 31% of cases.
Urgent Care Clinics in Mass. at Capacity Due to COVID Surge : CoronavirusMa
Baystate reporting most COVID hospitalizations in Massachusetts by more than double, caused by low vaccination rate in Hampden County : CoronavirusMa
Any fellow JJ and recipients go for a booster? Share your thoughts and experience : CoronavirusMa

Woman suffers from brain fog, cardiac issues long after COVID : news

A local news station was allowed inside the ICU of a hospital in a city in Washington State that is exploding with COVID cases in order to show an example of what patients and staff are going through on a daily basis currently : videos

COVID and the moral panic over obesity - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Kyle Griffin on Twitter: "Almost 500,000: That's the number of children diagnosed with COVID from Sept. 2 to Sept. 9, a number the American Academy of Pediatrics said has "increased exponentially." @NBCNews" / Twitter (refucks killing America's children for profit)

What a time to be alive : PoliticalHumor

At least 7 conservative radio hosts and anti-mask advocates have died from COVID-19 after bashing the vaccines : politics

US vaccine mandates induce bad case of rightwing hysteria -- that could worsen

Raytheon requires U.S. workers get COVID-19 vaccination : news

Los Angeles County to require vaccines in indoor bars : news

Florida GOP official who wanted to 'end Faucism' dies from COVID-19 - Raw Story
It's like 10,000 tubes of horse paste when all you need is a vaccine - Lawyers, Guns & Money Adventures in the DeSantis variant: The Hillsborough County Republican Party alerted federal election regulators Tuesday that it may file its monthly campaign finance reports late because a key member of the organization died Saturday from COVID-19.
GOP Group That Fights Against Vaccine Mandates And For Election Integrity Might Miss Campaign Filing Deadline After Bookkeeper Dies From Covid
There is no right to engage with a captive audience while unvaccinated

Missouri Is the Next Front in the COVID Culture War : politics
Idaho rations health care statewide as COVID surge continues : politics
Covid today, covid tomorrow, covid forever - Lawyers, Guns & Money ... Its just enormously difficult to solve collective problems in a decentralized state when one of the two major parties is a literal death cult.
Southern Illinois Health Care Region Has Zero ICU Beds Available Amid COVID Surge: IDPH : news
All Anchorage ICU beds full as Alaska COVID hospitalizations keep rising : news
Overwhelmed With COVID Patients, Oregon Hospitals Postpone Surgeries And Cancer Care : news

Unvaxxed Teen Councilman Who Attacked Mask Mandates Now Battling 'Terrible' COVID Pneumonia (Alabama)

Most office workers will never return full-time, survey says : worldnews

Doctors take to the streets demanding salaries for the critical care they provided in covid hospitals : worldnews (India)

3,000 health workers suspended in France over vaccination mandate : worldnews

Israeli anti-vaxx leader dies of COVID-19 : worldnews (Haredi)

World Leaders May Have To Be Vaccinated To Speak At the U.N. Next Week : worldnews

Australian nuclear subs will be banned from New Zealand waters: Jacinda Ardern : worldnews ... Title is crap. Apparently ALL nuclear powered vessels have been banned for over 35 years. IIRC, the ban is older than their Prime Minister.

"Stab In The Back": France Fumes As Australia Scraps Huge Submarine Deal : worldnews
US, UK and Australia forge military alliance to counter China : worldnews (Macaroni is angry)
US, UK, Australia announce historic military partnership in move likely to anger China (Xi is angry)

1,730 LGBT people sent to Jakim rehabilitation camp this year | The Malaysian Insight : worldnews

Japan immigration footage shows mistreatment of detained foreigner : worldnews (all Japanese cops are fuckers)
Japans defense minister draws red line in island dispute with China

Both North and South Korea fire ballistic missiles as tensions rise on peninsula : worldnews

'Cold war mentality' : China criticises US-UK-Australia submarine pact
Chinas aggression led to the formation of a new trilateral security pact, says defense expert
Wikipedia bans 7 mainland Chinese power users over 'infiltration and exploitation' in unprecedented clampdown
China accounts for 40% of 6G patent applications despite US sanctions : worldnews
Shang-Chi China Release Unlikely In Wake Of Unearthed Comments By Star Simu Liu; 'The Eternals' Hopes In Question

Dossier regarding Indian atrocities in Kashmir : worldnews

Vladimir Putin says dozens in Kremlin inner circle have Covid : worldnews (they gave themselves covid, shot themselves in the back of their head and jumped out the window)

Friction among Taliban pragmatists, hard-liners intensifies : worldnews
Taliban leader Mullah Baradar finds place on Time Magazine's list of '100 Most Influential People of 2021'
Afghan musicians mourn abandoned instruments after Taliban takeover : worldnews
Afghan female footballers evade Taliban, reach Pakistan : worldnews

Iran is a Month away from having enough fuel for a nuclear weapon, International Atomic Energy Agency warns. : worldnews
Iranian Rapper Arrested for a Song Criticizing the Islamic Republic : worldnews

Average monthly salary of Saudi Arabian women exceeds that of men for the first time in history : worldnews
Perlis Islamic edict allows Muslim wives to get Covid-19 vaccine without husbands' agreement (Texas: ... "hmmmm")

One million Nigerian children to miss school due to mass kidnappings, UNICEF says : worldnews
Attackers blow up Nigerian prison fence, free 266 inmates : worldnews

Ransomware encrypts South Africas entire Dept of Justice network

Macron announces the death of Abu Walid al Sahrawi at the hands of French forces, leader of ISIS in the Sahara : worldnews
Marks & Spencer blames Brexit as it closes 11 French stores : worldnews

Jair Bolsonaros ban on removing social media posts is overturned in Brazil

Draft of Cubas new family code opens door for gay marriage

Ottawa is lending billions to developers. The result: $1,500 'affordable' rents
Religious schools in Victoria will lose right to sack workers based on sexuality in law change : worldnews

37,000 Afghans to start new lives across U.S. - Axios ... Hawaii, South Dakota, West Virginia and Wyoming are the only states not slated to receive anyone from the first group of evacuees, along with Washington, D.C.
Divided Opinion on Handling of Afghanistan Withdrawal | Monmouth University Polling Institute

Biden faces new border emergency in Texas, where thousands of Haitian migrants are stuck under bridge in squalid conditions

Court Orders End to U.S. Policy of Turning Back Families Crossing Mexican Border Illegally - WSJ

CNN Poll: Most Americans feel democracy is under attack in the US : politics
The Most Important Statistic of the Biden Presidency | The New Yorker One in five hundred Americans has died in the pandemic, and Republicans are actively rooting for the country to fail.

AOC to introduce bill to extend pandemic unemployment insurance to 2022 : politics

Sanders Says There's No Excuse for Any Democrat to Oppose Lowering Drug Prices (Manchin and Sinema cackle)

No, the Richest One Percent Dont Pay 40 Percent of the Taxes
Child Tax Credit Payouts Biggest in GOP States, Despite No Republicans Voting for Bill : politics

Opinion | A Public Religion Research Institute poll shows how Fox News is helping Trump spread the big lie - The Washington Post (Foxaganda)
How Tucker Carlson Lost It | The New Republic
He is what he's always been - Lawyers, Guns & Money - Tucker Carlson - a very good piece about a guy who is knowingly getting his viewers killed with the kind of smarmy deniability that is best learned at debate club.

Law enforcement taking no chances on September 18 rally at U.S Capitol
US Capitol Police request DC National Guard assistance ahead of September 18 right-wing rally : politics
Fencing Around US Capitol Returns Ahead of Saturday Rally : politics
Republican lawmakers keep Saturdays right-wing rally at arms length as Democrats spotlight GOP extremism
Trump expresses solidarity with rioters arrested in Jan. 6 attack ahead of planned rally - The Washington Post

Ben Collins on Twitter: "Pro-Trump extremist boards have basically conspiracy theory'd themselves into inactivity. Everything is "glowing," their word for a setup. Everything's a "false flag" or "honeypot." They realize now their own rhetoric has put them in a bit of a bind." / Twitter
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Says She Feared Some Capitol Police Were Aligned With 1/6 Rioters
Roger Stone interrupted during radio interview to be served Capitol riot lawsuit papers : politics

Judge raises concerns about speed of Oath Keepers trial related to Capitol riot - POLITICO
Oath Keeper pleads guilty in Jan. 6 riot, will cooperate : news
Oath Keeper pleads guilty in Jan. 6 riot, will cooperate - ABC News A member of the far-right Oath Keepers militia group that stormed the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6 pleaded guilty Wednesday and will cooperate with investigators against his fellow extremists
Second Oath Keeper in massive conspiracy case over Capitol riot pleads guilty : politics
How an Oath Keeper brought QAnon to the masses : politics

Trump Wants General Milley Charged With Treason for Making Him Look Stupid A reaction keeping in line with Trumps famously thick skin
Gen. Mark Milley fumed that he was fucking done with this shit after Trump used him to stage a photo op during George Floyd protests: book
Then-CIA director Gina Haspel said Trump's post-election behavior was 'insanity' and he was acting out like a 6-year-old with a tantrum,
Barr Warned Trump That He Would Lose the Election Because Suburban Voters Just Think You're a Fucking Asshole, Book Says

Mitch McConnells debt limit game-playing is lunacy, and we should say so

The problem of Republican questioning Biden's legitimacy gets worse | In April, a national poll found 70 percent of Republicans rejecting the legitimacy of Biden's presidency. Five months later, it's even worse. : politics
Incredibly dangerous Trump is trying to get Big Lie promoters chosen to run the 2024 election
Billboard Comparing Donald Trump to Jesus Christ Removed

A broken America should build a monument to Joe Manchins massive ego | Will BunchThe self-centered, greedy West Virginia senator is a poster child for everything wrong with U.S. politics. So what is the Joe Manchin workaround?

Rep. Stefanik claims in ads that Democrats seek apermanent election insurrectionby providing pathways to citizenship
Ohio Redistricting Commission approves new state legislative maps that maintain Republican supermajority despite anti-gerrymandering reforms : politics

American fascism is on the rise as anti-abortion and voter suppression bills thrive : politics
Texas abortion ban prompts push in Congress to pass federal reproductive rights bill, while renewing filibuster feud
Judge schedules Oct. 1 hearing on DOJ request to halt Texas abortion law : politics
Court-Packing Doesn't Seem So Radical After TX Abortion Law
Expanding the Supreme Court Has Support Because the Court Has a Credibility Problem : politics

House Democrats Opposed To Biden Agenda Actually Hail From Safe Seats - Corporate donations, not electoral fears, appear to be motivating obstructionist Democrats. : politics
Rep. Kurt Schrader of Oregon helps kill drug pricing bill, endangering Biden infrastructure plan : politics ... Schrader, who inherited a fortune from his grandfather who was a top executive at pharmaceutical giant Pfizer, has accepted large donations from big pharma during his seven terms in Congress. (bought and paid for)

Study: When Republicans control state legislatures, infant mortality is higher. These findings support the politics hypothesis that the social determinants of health are, at least in part, constructed by the power vested in governments. : science
List of U.S. states and territories by life expectancy - Wikipedia

Our Best Tool For Predicting Midterm Elections Doesnt Show A Republican Wave -- But History is on GOP's Side

Unredacted Pompeo whistleblower complaint reveals new allegations - CREW | Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington A State Department whistleblower accused former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and his staff of a litany of misconduct in 2019,included false or misleading statements to the agencys legal department, misuse of government resources on personal and political activities potentially prohibited by the Hatch Act, verbal abuse of employees by Mike and Susan Pompeo and directives to staff not to communicate in writing in order to evade transparency laws. ("Fat Neck" Pompeo)

Key senators eye the exits ahead of 2022 midterms: It's a six-year commitment

Opinion: This is a golden age of high voter turnout : politics

The California Recall Results Were a Resounding Win for Common Sense : politics
How much was spent on the recall? One estimate: Nearly half a billion dollars. : politics
Newsom Crushed the Recall. Now Democrats Want to Change the System : politics
California to examine tighter rules for recall elections after Newsom victory : politics
Caitlyn Jenner Receives Only 1 Percent of Vote in California Recall Election (90K voted for this idiot)

Trumpworlds Fingerprints Are All Over Arizonas Phony Audit
Senate President Fann tells Cyber Ninjas to immediately make available records on election audit
The Arizona Supreme Court Took a Lead-Lined Gavel to the Cyber Ninjas Yet Again

Republican Governors Association was hacked earlier this year - CNNPolitics

The Olympians Laid Out the Worst FBI Malfeasance Since the Days of Whitey Bulger - Director Christopher Wray has copped to the Bureau's destructively apathetic approach to these crimes.
McKayla Maroney: FBI made entirely false claims about what I said

The Republican concept of the upper middle class - Lawyers, Guns & Money -- It's time for the Wall Street Journal to publish its episodic people who make a half a million ollars a year arent really well off financially at all, are you insane? op-ed, which it trots out every time the possibility that tax rates might be raised slightly on the top 1% of the population. Behold:

Women Are Nearly Half of New Gun Buyers, Study Finds - WSJ

Approx. 255 deaths from all terrorists from 2016-2020 vs 5000+ cop killings in the same period. Were so obviously free. (OC)

Colorado attorney general report found Aurora police racially biased and fire department administered ketamine illegally : politics

There is no evidence that capital punishment has deterrent effect on murder. [Synthetic control method comparing American states that abolished the death penalty with comparable states that retained it] : science

Beaten and Maligned by Police, a Philadelphia Mom Seeks Justice Over a Thin Blue Lie; Rickia Young won a $2 million settlement from Philadelphia after she was "terrorized" by riot cops. Now she suing the top national police group for depicting her as an "unfit mother"

4 people found slain in SUV in Wisconsin cornfield: "Everybody's a suspect"

New bodycam video shows emotional Gabby Petito after reported fight with fiance in Utah (the plot twists)

Derek Chauvin to be arraigned for alleged civil rights violation : news ... a taxpayer funded serial killer.

TIL a few months before his wife and a waiter were killed with a knife, OJ Simpson filmed a pilot for an adventure series where he received a fair amount of "military training" including use of a knife. However, the prosecution never introduced it as evidence during the trial.

Goblin, ghoul, a zombie with no conscience - Lawyers, Guns & Money Yalie venture capitalist asshole J.D. Vance has some more working class whispering for you: (fucking asshole/idiot)

Before we get into the details of Jameslife, I think we should take a step back and ask a couple of questions. Why do we care about this violent treasonous scumbag? Why has he become legend? Why is it that even in the relatively recent past, hes been the subject of movies that downplay his awfulness? Moreover, why was he seen as a hero at the time and especially after his death? What did this serve in the American psyche?

New York City Has Once Again Defied the Doomsayers. Here's Why. By far the most densely populated metropolis in the country, Gotham offers a kind of urban living no other U.S. city has been able to replicate ... more people moved to the New York City metropolitan area during the pandemic than moved out. Young people are especially eager to move in.

Instagram is toxic for young teenage girls according to a report by Facebook itself : worldnews (Fuckerberg fucking everything)
Facebook under fire over secret teen research : worldnews
Facebook Employees Flag Drug Cartels and Human Traffickers. The Company's Response Is Weak, Documents Show.

Love in the Time of Cholera and the musicality of Gabriel Marquez's prose

Rolling Stone updated their 500 Greatest Songs of All Timelist for the first time in 17 years. I made a Spotify playlist of all 500 songs in sequential order.

Astronaut blood can be used to make concrete on Mars, scientists say : worldnews

Is there any relationship between creativity and psychosis? : askscience
Polygenic risk scores for schizophrenia and bipolar disorder predict creativity | Nature Neuroscience

Do men with Jacobs syndrome (XYY) have a 2/3 chance of fathering a son (rather than 1/2) any given time?

Lioness of Gobedra : Ethiopia : According to one local legend, this image was created during a battle between a wild lioness and the archangel Michael.

What causes the largest wounding to a narcissist? : AskReddit

New engineered anti-sperm antibodies show strong potency and stability and can trap mobile sperm with 99.9% efficacy in a sheep model, suggesting the antibodies could provide an effective, nonhormonal female contraception method. : science

A massive astroid/comet hits the surface of jupiter on the 13th of september : gifs

Eli5 why do people have Aphantasia? : explainlikeimfive

TIL that unlike chimpanzees, bonobo societies are relatively peaceful, with squabbles rarely escalating to serious violence. Female bonobos spend their time together in the center of the group, grooming, eating and socializing. Often, two females will embrace and rub their genitals together : todayilearned

Scientists review the current evidence supporting ketamine as a therapeutic for treatment-resistant depression (TRD) and find that due to its efficacy and tolerability this psychedelic compound should be used before the 2nd generation antipsychotic drugs when treating TRD : science

Scientists find evidence of humans making clothes up to 120,000 years ago : science

ELI5: What caused the Great Depression? : explainlikeimfive

What is perfectly legal, but creepy as hell? : AskReddit

Whats the nastiest thing you've seen on Reddit by accident?


2,180+ Scientists Worldwide Demand Fossil Fuel Non-Proliferation Treaty

1428 Dolphins Slaughtered In The Faroe Islands Sunday Night : worldnews
hensethe1 comments on 1428 dolphins was brutally slaughtered or beat to death yesterday in the Faroe Islands.

More than 850 anti-logging protesters are arrested in Canada, making history : worldnews

MA COVID-19 Data 9/15/21 : CoronavirusMa
09/15/2021 COVID-19 Update for Massachusetts, with 2.44% positivity rate.
2,716 confirmed cases, 15 deaths, and 9,506 vaccinations. See todays COVID-19 data from Mass.
Charlie Baker says a lot of people got the COVID-19 outbreak in Provincetown all wrong

What brand mask is this person wearing? It looks like a better fit than most. : CoronavirusUS
RespoKare N95 NIOSH Mask - 5 or 30 Pack ($5.00+ per mask)
Where can I buy genuine N95 masks? : CoronavirusUS
N95 Masks and Respirators
White Powecom KN95 Respirator Face Mask - Ear Loop - 10 masks per pack

Getting fully vaccinated massively reduces your chance of dying from COVID-19, a new real-world study suggests : worldnews
Disgust growing over vaccine protesters Holocaust comparisons - Demonstrators seen wearing yellow stars, holding pictures of Anne Frank
Unvaccinated America, In 5 Charts | FiveThirtyEight (core rightwing nutjubs)

I Got A Mild Breakthrough Case. Heres What I WishId Known
I Got A Mild Breakthrough Case. Heres What I Wish Id Known
Where can I buy genuine N95 masks? : CoronavirusUS

US coronavirus: 1 in 500 US residents has died of Covid-19 - CNN

Mississippi Now No. 1 in Covid Deaths Per 100,000, Dethroning NJ : politics
Coronavirus USA Status Map

Seth Osborn with his father, Nathaniel Osborn, at their home in Jensen Beach, Florida. Credit: Saul Martinez for ProPublica - Health Care - A Boy Went to a COVID-Swamped ER. He Waited for Hours. Then His Appendix Burst.

Indiana ICUs stressed by COVID-19 surge gripping the state : news

Pastor says donate to his church to get a religious exemption for vaccines - The Washington Post The pastor, Jackson Lahmeyer, is a 29-year-old small-business owner running in the Republican primary challenge to Sen. James Lankford in 2022. ("pastor")

Unvaccinated TikTokers Are Calling Themselves Purebloods

Ada County commissioners vote to appoint Dr. Ryan Cole to health board - Idaho Capital Sun ... called vaccinations "needle rape" (Fuckaho)

LA officers sue over vaccine mandate as police across California threaten to resign : news ("Infect and Serve")

There is no "right" to engage with a captive audience while unvaccinated - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Nicki Minaj said Covid vaccine could make you impotent. Fauci shut her down. : news

Anti-Vaxxers Are Now Gargling Iodine to Prevent Covid-19 : politics

Last year, when patients came in, they had fear in their eyes. They looked to us for hope and help and we provided that to them. And this time, were not being treated as, quote,unquote, heroes. Rather than hope, were seeing hate in their eyes ... This is horrific. The unvaxxed Covid patients are spitting on nurses, scratching staff, and being verbally abusive to the hospital staff. How long is this going to go on, I think they should start refusing service to these morons. Sorry, but I have lost empathy for them. Here is the link to read or listen:

Here is a visual of how deaths (over time) from Covid-19 compares to other diseases. : CoronavirusUS
Selected Deaths Vs Covid-19 United States

New Zealand bill to ban LGBTQ conversion practices receives record 100,000 submissions. : worldnews

Japans tally of centenarians hits record 86,500 and women account for 88% of them

Apple fined $1,000 for hosting social gathering with more than 50 staff at Orchard store : worldnews (Singapore)

China is purging celebrities and tech billionaires. But the problem is bigger than 'sissy men'
Chinese property giant Evergrande warns again that it could default on its enormous debts : worldnews

Russian feminist runs for Duma to take on domestic violence : worldnews

US defends deadly drone strike that killed innocent family after investigation reveals target was an aid worker - The Pentagon is still supporting a drone strike that killed 10 innocent Afghans, despite reports confirming the target was actually an aid worker. : worldnews
US mistakenly killed NGO worker and kids in Kabul drone strike : worldnews
Taliban leaders had a massive brawl after disagreeing over which of them did the most to boot the US out of Afghanistan, report says : worldnews

Ex-U.S. Intelligence Officers Admit to Hacking Crimes in Work for Emiratis - The New York Times They were among a trend of Americans working for foreign governments trying to build their cyberoperation abilities.

Women's ritual baths closed by Jerusalem chief rabbi due to promiscuity

US Coast Guard spots Chinese warships off Alaska : worldnews

Bidens child tax credit pays big in Republican states, popular with voters
America's 'unworkable' child-care system is failing families, Treasury Department says

20 years after 9/11, political journalists decry extreme polarization but blame no one, certainly not themselves | Press Watch

U.S. Army says active duty soldiers must be vaccinated by Dec. 15 : politics
Bidens vaccine policy proves more popular than the GOP hoped
9/15/21 - Nearly 7 In 10 Say Recent Rise In COVID-19 Deaths Was Preventable, Quinnipiac University National Poll Finds; Job Approval For Supreme Court Drops To All-Time Low | Quinnipiac University Poll
OSHA's job is protecting workers. Of course that includes ensuring vaccination. Covid presents an obvious hazard at workplaces

Inside the crisis surrounding Joint Chiefs Chairman Mark Milley - Axios
Gen. Mark Milley acted to limit Trumps military capabilities
Psaki rejects GOP calls for Gen. Mark Milleys dismissal, saying ' many of them were silent' as Trump 'fomented an insurrection'
Trump Calls Allies to Demand Gen. Mark Milley Be Arrested for Treason (said the treasonous asshole)
Jon Stewart on Trump: You have to be shameless to do shameful things

Jason Dolan set to plead guilty in Jan. 6 Oath Keepers conspiracy case - The Washington Post
Paranoia and accusations cloud efforts to launch 'Justice for January 6' rally

Awful new revelations about Trump and Jan. 6 show Mike Pence is no hero
Opinion: Awful new revelations about Trump and Jan. 6 show Mike Pence is no hero : politics
Melania Trump Said 'No' When Given Chance to Call for Peace on January 6, Sources Say
Trump Calls Allies to Demand Gen. Mark Milley Be Arrested for Treason

Federal judge denies Trumps request to stop E. Jean Carroll lawsuit from moving forward

Lawmakers, staff asked to avoid the Capitol during pro-Trump protest | TheHill

New Ad Shows Texas Gov Is Far From Only Republican To Make Offensive Comments About Rape | The montage history of horrific GOP statements, seen hundreds of thousands of times on Twitter, shows Texas Gov. Greg Abbott has plenty of company. : politics ... For a woman to claim that rape kits are used to prevent pregnancy is just insane.
Retweet if you agree the GOP are the most despicable force for evil in America. #DespicableGOP
Democrat-Sponsored TEXAS Act Would Allow 10K Bounties On Sexual Abusers, Those Who Cause Unwanted Pregnancies

FBI director faces new scrutiny over investigation of Brett Kavanaugh : politics
I'd Like to Hear Christopher Wray Explain Why the FBI Used This Memo to Avoid Investigating Brett Kavanaugh It looks like Senator Sheldon Whitehouse will see to it that he does
Protests held at Brett Kavanaughs home over Texas abortion bill decision

The Supreme Court is drunk on its own power : politics
The Supreme Courts right-wing Catholics are destroying true religious freedom | Religious faith isn't the probolem -- but Texas ruling shows Supreme Court has been hijacked by Christian nationalism
Manufacturing complexity - Lawyers, Guns & Money I would say that this disproves the theory that RBG refusing to resign strategically would preserve the integrity of the Court if I thought anyone actually believed it in the first place.

For Joe Manchin, Its Always About Joe Manchin

The January 6 attack never ended - by Judd Legum, Tesnim Zekeria, and Rebecca Crosby - Popular Information
Trump ignored pleas to intervene during Capitol riot and kept watching the violence unfold on TV instead, book says : politics
Donald Trumps defining trait? Childishness.
Donald Trumps mental health becomes an issue again

Robert Mercer family gave nearly $20 million to dark-money GOP fund during 2020 election Mercer family played bigger role in 2020 election than thought, giving nearly $20 million to dark-money GOP fund

Pennsylvania GOP lawmakers vote to subpoena voter records, official emails in 2020 probe - The Washington Post

California Recall Election Results: Live Map - The New York Times
California recall: 5 election takeaways - CNNPolitics
Vaccine mandates were on the ballot in Californiaand they scored a huge victor
Newsom's Anti-Trump Recall Strategy Offers Republicans a Warning for 2022 : California Democrats were able to nationalize the vote -- thanks to an avalanche of money, party discipline and, above all, an easily demonized opponent.
Does the GOP Really Want to Do This Again? - by Charlie Sykes - Morning Shots The abyss, of course, was Trumpism. This seems a point worth pondering, as the GOP contemplates lashing itself even more tightly to the Orange Man-Child of Mar-a-Lago.
Trump, Elders campaign falsely claimed fraud before California votes were counted a growing GOP tactic
Democrats Won the California Recall by Invoking Trump. Theres More of That Coming
Gavin Newsom goes scorched earth on Larry Elder over false recall voter 'fraud' claims
Newsoms winning recall strategy offers a playbook for Democrats in 2022
CA recall price tagcould be more than $300M, secretary of state says, as experts call for reform
Party of Death gets massive ass-kicking - Lawyers, Guns & Money ... Remember when the press sent six weeks talking about how much better DeSantis's COVID response was? What a country!
California voters overwhelmingly reject effort to recall Newsom - Lawyers, Guns & Money
Tells you all you need to know. : PoliticalHumor
2 maps that explain how partisanship has poisoned our fight against Covid-19 - CNNPolitics
This paragraph is a perfect encapsulation of the New York Times political coverage: Republicans win if they win, they win if they lose narrowly, and they win if they get blown out. Everythings a win for the GOP, always. (that fucking newpaper, as usual)

Pennsylvania Republicans' election review will subpoena documents, hire contractor The developments underscore how the new taxpayer-funded partisan investigation has become a top priority for the GOP-controlled legislature.

Third Republican drops out of race to replace Cheney after Trump endorses challenger | TheHill

Florida woman pleads guilty to threatening to kill Vice President Harris : politics

Gymnasts testify as Congress investigates FBIs handling of Larry Nassar sexual abuse caseA report said the FBI made fundamental errors in the investigation.
'We have been failed': Simone Biles breaks down in tears recounting Nassar's sexual abuse
FBI fires agent accused of failing to properly investigate Larry Nassar : politics
"Is that all?" - Lawyers, Guns & Money Four of the gymnasts who were repeatedly molested by Larry Nassar and told the FBI about it, leading to the FBI doing jack shit about it and then covering it up, testified before the Senate today:

Josh Hawley, Clownish Menace - by Daniel Larison - Eunomia Hawley is a hypocrite and an opportunist, and now he has shown himself to be the lowest kind of demagogue.

Democrat Jay Carey says Rep. Madison Cawthorn brought weapon to school board meeting : politics

ABC News Staffer Claims Network Retaliated After She Filed Sexual-Assault Complaint - WSJ The claim from a producer on Good Morning America comes in an amended version of her lawsuit against the network and her former boss

Alex Murdaugh Shooting: Former Client Charged With 'Assisted Suicide' - The New York Times

Philadelphia to pay $2M to Black woman beaten by officers, separated from toddler during unrest (all cops are fuckers)

Gabby Petito's boyfriend named person of interest after her disappearance during road trip - Brian Laundrie has refused to share information on his girlfriend's whereabouts.
Family of New York woman missing on road trip say fiance refuses to help find her

"Essentially child pornography" Ohio mayor asks school board to resign over racy writing assignments

Fox contributor Mollie Hemmingway accuses Democrats of intentionally prolonging COVID pandemic for political advantage | Media Matters for America

Facebook Tried to Make Its Platform a Healthier Place. It Got Angrier Instead. - WSJ Internal memos show how a big 2018 change rewarded outrage and that CEO Mark Zuckerberg resisted proposed fixes (Fuckerberged again)

Boston's quiet revolution

U/Zolden poetically describes the size and power of our sun : bestof

The more attractive a man was judged to be, the less likely women were to intend to use a condom during sex. Participants were more willing to have sex with more attractive men, but were less inclined to use condoms when they do so. : science

A judge reinstated former Nickelodeon star Amanda Bynesconservatorship until at least 2023

/u/Ghawk134 lists dozens of GOP members convicted of child sex crimes over the past two decades : bestof

did the Black Plague end because natural selection made human immune systems strong enough to defeat it easily via everyone who couldn't dying off, or is there a different reason? : askscience

Earths magnetic north pole has been shifting south at speeds up to 30 miles per year recently. Thats promptingsome scientists to suggest we're on the brink of a geomagnetic reversal, where Earth's magnetic north and south poles swap places. Such a reversal hasn't happened for 780,000 years.

Scientists have uncovered childrens hand prints from between 169,000 and 226,000 BC which they claim is now the earliest example found of art done on rock surfaces

Mass grave of Christian crusaders shows bloody reality of medieval war. Some of the skeletal remains show sword wounds to the back of the body, suggesting the soldiers were attacked from behind, likely running away at the time they were cut down : science

EmilyU1F984 comments on TIL that cigarette filters were designed with color-changing chemicals to give the illusion that they filter out toxins. In reality, the filters have little to no health benefits.

/u/FjortoftsAirplane gives a new perspective on the concept of friendzoning : bestof

Whats the thing you wish the opposite gender would stop doing?

TIL that in 1995, Newsweek writer Clifford Stoll predicted the Internet would fail.

What is the female equivalent to having a big car to compensate for a small penis? : AskReddit

Hackers steal decade's worth of data from far-right webhost Epik


Catastrophic supervolcano eruption much more likely than previously thought, scientists warn

Climate change: Horrifying warning of 10 million deaths if world leaders fail to act at 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference, COP26
Climate change: World now sees twice as many days over 50C : worldnews

Scientists race to preserve crucial climate records in glacier ice before they melt away : worldnews

A new study finds worldwide greenhouse gas emissions are 28x higher in meat production vs crop production and are responsible for nearly 60% of all food related emissions : worldnews

Most plans for new coal plants scrapped since Paris agreement : worldnews

227 people were killed last year protecting forests, water and other natural resources under increasing stress from climate change, making 2020 the deadliest year on record for environmental defenders, according to a report : worldnews

Poisoning generations: US company taken to EU court over toxic forever chemicals in landmark case

China Restricts Excessive Packaging in Foods & Cosmetics : worldnews

Tobacco giant behind the Marlboro man has sparked outrage in medical circles over a bid to invest in a company that develops inhaler technology, which could see it profit from the smoking-related lung diseases it helped create. : worldnews

Dragonflies spread north in warming world : worldnews

09/14/2021 COVID-19 Update for Massachusetts, with 2.28% positivity rate. Previous 5 is in u/affinitypaw's comments : CoronavirusMa
1,453 confirmed cases, 24 deaths, and 6,582 vaccinations. See todays COVID-19 data from Mass.

Covid Hospitalizations Hit Crisis Levels in Southern I.C.U.s

Indian study finds big drop in COVID antibodies within four months of vaccination : worldnews
More than 10% of Israeli kids who got virus now suffer from 'long COVID' - study : worldnews
Data shows Covid booster shots are not appropriate at this time, U.S. and international scientists conclude ("unless" ...)
Over-50s and care workers among those to be offered booster COVID jabs : worldnews

Now look at what you just saw, this is what you live for - Lawyers, Guns & Money -- Minaj pretended to take the story at face value because she doesnt want to take the vaccine and hence was (properly) banned from the Met gala.
COVID Vaccines Show No Signs of Harming Fertility or Sexual Function. The novel coronavirus, in contrast, can disrupt both things in unvaccinated men and women. : science
Ali on Twitter: "Michael Tracey visits Connecticut College ostensibly to do journalism about their covid rules but decides to give a speech to the students while standing in front of a highway holding a briefcase with an antenna on it for some reason" / Twitter
Lily on Twitter: "@mtracey Exclusive footage of the discourse from today" / Twitter

Resistance to vaccine mandates, once a fringe position, has entered the Republican mainstream. But the governors fighting President Bidens Covid-19 requirements impose mandates of their own.
Will Republicans and their fellow travelers make whooping cough great again? - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Bob Enyart, conservative firebrand and pastor, dies of COVID-19
Colorado pastor who mocked AIDS deaths and spread vaccine conspiracy theories dies from COVID-19 - Raw Story
Bob Enyart, conservative firebrand and pastor, dies of COVID-19 : news

N.J. top cop notes 22 COVID-related deaths among police in a week as unions continue anti-mandate push : news

Anti-Vaxx protesters block hospital entrances in Canada : worldnews

Italy steps closer to making covid Green Pass mandatory for all workers : worldnews

Israeli anti-vaxx leader dies of COVID-19 : worldnews
Israeli anti-vaxx leader dies of COVID-19 - The Jerusalem Post Hai Shaulian died from the effects of coronavirus on Monday, claiming he had been poisoned by police.

COVID-19 cases in southeast China more than double as Delta spreads : worldnews
Man who spent 21 days in quarantine, tested negative 9 times still brought COVID-19 to China : worldnews
Pressed on Chinese Aggression, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken Calls Taiwan Country Again

Chinas largest property developer, with total liabilities of $310 billion looks like it's on the brink of collapse
Video shows 15 high-rises blasted to smithereens in Chinas Kunming
Chinese students hit by US visa rejections amid tension : worldnews
China aims for 'civilised' internet with focus on 'socialist values'

A 9-year-old girl was raped and murdered in India. Her death is part of a bigger problem facing Dalit women : worldnews
India - Bihar: Girl Students Go on Rampage After Being Asked to Wear Burqa in Campus : worldnews

Taliban accused of killing 20 civilians in Panjshir valley : worldnews
Afghan women are sharing photos of dresses to protest the Talibans black hijab mandate

Putin to self-isolate due to coronavirus among inner circle : worldnews
Russia opposition stifled but unbowed as Duma election nears : worldnews

US suspends military support to Guinea after Special Forces-trained troops launch coup on their day off

Iranian Guards Physically Harassed Female U.N. Nuclear Inspectors, Diplomats Say - WSJ Allegations come amid rising tensions between Tehran and the U.N. atomic energy agency

Prosecution witness in Netanyahu trial killed in plane crash off Greek island : worldnews
Israeli spy tech firm exploited vulnerability on ALL IPHONE devices to implant Pegasus malware
Apple issues Emergency software Update after discovery of 'zero click' Malware : worldnews

Norways left-wing opposition wins election in a landslide

World's most stupid tunnel plan between Scotland and Northern Ireland scrapped

Video Shows Alleged Mexican Special Forces Busting Cartel Boss Out of Prison : worldnews

Trudeau to protesters: Isn't there a hospital you should be going to bother right now?
Refuse to wear a mask? Dont come to vote in some provinces, Elections Canada warns

Woodward/Costa book: Worried Trump could go rogue, Milley took top-secret action to protect nuclear weapons
Top general was so fearful Trump might spark war that he made secret calls to his Chinese counterpart, new book says
In a sign of his concerns, the nations highest-ranking military officer also gathered commanders to remind them of the safeguards in the nuclear launch procedures.
Guardrails everybody! - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Bidens proposed tenfold increase in solar power would remake the U.S. electricity system

Axios-Ipsos poll: Six out of 10 voters back Biden vaccine mandates : politics

The United States Will Spend $3.5 Trillion Without Batting an Eye -- As Long as it's on War
Study says nearly half of defense spending for 9/11 wars went to private contractors : politics
Profits of War: Corporate Beneficiaries of the Post-9/11 Pentagon Spending Surge

Opinion: Lets stop pretending Bidens tax increases on the rich are radical

Memo shows how Homeland Security restricted flow of election-related intelligence ahead of 1/6

Democrats cut deal with Manchin to get party behind long-shot voting overhaul bill - CNNPolitics
Democrats are pouring cold water on Joe Manchins suggested work requirement for the Biden child tax credit (Fuckchin says being a parent isn't work, let them work six jobs, poverty is good for children)
Scoop: Sinemas secret spreadsheets

New York Will Soon Lose 1 House Seat. The G.O.P. Might Lose 5. - The New York Times A new bipartisan commission is drawing up district lines, but New York Democratic leaders are laying the groundwork to take over the redistricting process.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez sends political message in first Met Gala appearance. : politics
AOC responds to criticism of tax the rich dress worn at Met Gala (from Don Jr so there)

Amy Coney Barrett, Last Seen Helping Effectively Outlaw Abortion in Texas, Says Judges Can't Let "Personal Biases" Affect Rulings As a reminder, Barrett once signed a letter calling for the end of the "barbaric" Roe v. Wade.
Texas governor says hes committed to eliminating rapists. The state has more than 5,000 untested rape kits
First Texas Came for Abortion. Now Its Going After Voting Rights.

Rep. Swalwell: When cameras are off Republicans know their statements are 'batty'

GOP faces potential embarrassment in California recall election - The Washington Post
When will we know the outcome of the Gavin Newsom recall election in California? If the race is close, it may take several days before we know the final outcome. Current polls indicate Newsom has a healthy lead, but there are reasons to be at least somewhat skeptical of polling.
The GOP is now a zombie of the party that triumphed in the 2003 recall
How Larry Elder has helped Gavin Newsom in California's recall election - CNNPolitics
Larry Elder Campaign Concedes Defeat and Claims FraudBefore Election Day
Are we the sheep?: QAnon believers struggle to process Gavin Newsom recall election in California

Condom 'stealthing' is a vile practice. California is right to ban it

Al Franken: I'm Keeping My Options Open for Another Senate Run

Will the GOP dump Trump? - The Boston Globe

Words matter. So these journalists refuse to call GOP election meddling an 'audit'

Facebook Knows Instagram Is Toxic for Teen Girls, Company Documents Show -- Its own in-depth research shows a significant teen mental-health issue that Facebook plays down in public

TIL Fetal Alcohol Syndrome wasn't discovered until the mid 1970s, and in 1988 the CDC concluded a fifth of women drank while pregnant. : todayilearned

Astronomers simulate the worlds largest virtual universe which you can even download for free

Egypt team identifies fossil of land-roaming whale species : worldnews

Is the age of the universe a matter of perspective? : askscience

Can someone explain to me the general criticism of Dan Brown's "The Da Vinci Code"? : books
Don't make fun of renowned Dan Brown

Zoom plans to add real-time translation for 12 languages next year : worldnews

Anonymous says it will release massive trove of secrets from far-right web host : technology


Abandoning 60 Percent of Global Oil and Gas Might Limit Warming to 1.5 C : worldnews

Record number of environmental activists murdered : worldnews

09/13/2021 COVID-19 Update for Massachusetts, with 2.22% positivity rate. Previous 5 is in u/affinitypaw's comments : CoronavirusMa
In its first COVID-19 data report since Friday, Mass. reports 4,752 confirmed cases, 19 deaths, and 23,781 vaccinations

Global Covid cases exceed 224 million : worldnews

Pfizer vaccine could be authorized for kids ages 5 to 11 in October: former FDA head : politics

Hospitalized COVID Denier Whose Calls for Ivermectin Became QAnon Crusade Dies Before her COVID-19 diagnosis, Veronica Wolski was a prominent Illinois booster of the QAnon conspiracy theory who recorded herself hanging pro-QAnon banners over bridges and flouting mask laws in stores
Hospitalized COVID Denier Whose Calls for Ivermectin Became QAnon Crusade Dies : politics

COVID Hospitalization Numbers Can Be Misleading - The Atlantic A new study suggests that almost half of those hospitalized with COVID-19 have mild or asymptomatic cases.

More than 300,000 suspected of breaking quarantine rules : worldnews

Fully vaccinated people made up just 1% of coronavirus deaths in England in first half of 2021, figures show : worldnews

Former Australian Prime Minister fined for not wearing a mask : worldnews

North Korea successfully launches new long-range cruise missiles: KCNA : worldnews

Chinas richest woman Whitney Duan disappears without a trace

Death From The Sky - Lawyers, Guns & Money On August 29, a Hellfire missile hit a target that General Mark Milley, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, assured us was "a righteous strike"
Ryan Goodman on Twitter: "2. Second reporter immediately follows up pressing Kirby. Kirby says he thought the question was about a different drone strike. And then ... does not answer the question even now that it has been made very plain that the question includes the August 29 strike." / Twitter
apples_oranges_ comments on Indian news channel uses Arma 3 gameplay footage to claim Pakistan bombed Afghanistan
Nuns in Kerala, India stage walkout protesting priest's speech against Muslims : worldnews

Taliban say girls, women may study in no-men classrooms : worldnews
Taliban breaking promises including over women, says U.N. : worldnews
Afghan American womans escape highlights secretive CIA role in Kabul rescues

British American Tobacco negotiated bribe for Mugabe, new evidence suggests : worldnews

Attackers blow up Nigerian prison fence, free 266 inmates : worldnews

Israeli prime minister visits Egypt in first official trip for a decade : worldnews
2 injured in stabbing attack at Jerusalem Central Bus Station : worldnews

Czech Republic wont recognize Taliban under any circumstances
Uber drivers are employees, not contractors, says Dutch court : worldnews

Hundreds protest against rise in homophobic attacks in Madrid : worldnews

Nicola Sturgeon to ask UK government to agree to second Scottish independence referendum | UK News : worldnews

Britain Prepared for a Jobs Crisis, Just Not the One It Got : worldnews (Dumbxit literally)
Women to protest repressive police bill proposed by UK government (Tories criminalize "noisy' and "annoying" protests)

Long-Secret FBI Report Reveals New Connections Between 9/11 Hijackers and Saudi Religious Officials in U.S. : politics
The Pentagon spent $14 trillion after 9/11. Up to half of it went to for-profit defense contractors. : politics

More than half of Americans support vaccine mandates for workplaces, classrooms and sporting events : politics
As many return to the office, tensions flare between the vaxxed and unvaxxed
Opinion: Republicans arent rational about covid-19. So stop reasoning with them.

The Forever Trial at Guantanamo

$10 Billion in Student Debt Erased Under Biden, but Calls Grow for More : politics

House Democrats plan 26.5 percent corporate rate as part of multitrillion tax hike. House Democrats want to raise the corporate rate to 26.5 percent as part of nearly $3 trillion in tax increases to defray the cost of their next big spending package. : politics
Democrats look to hike taxes on the rich and corporations to pay for $3.5 trillion budget bill : politics
A leaked tax plan draft shows how Democrats want to raise $2.9 trillion from wealthy Americans and big corporations, rolling back Trump-era tax cuts : politics

Manchins Obstruction of Build Back Better Act Is Absolutely Not Acceptable ... Many of us made a major compromise in going from the $6 trillion bill that we wanted to the proposed $3.5 trillion package, said Sen. Bernie Sanders (compromise with me and then compromise our compromise: Fuckchin)
Opinion: Joe Manchins selfishness
Why Moderate House Democrats Torture Their Colleagues and Why Theyre Wrong (Manchin in a "moderate" stfu you TNR assholes)
Ocasio-Cortez fires back at Manchin after he refers to her as 'young lady'

Kevin McCarthy Ripped On Twitter After Bizarre 3-Word All-Caps Vaccine Rant : politics
Trumps White House chief of staff is target of Capitol attack records request. House select committee investigating 6 January wants telecom and social media companies to preserve records on Mark Meadows
Former FBI special agent singles out Senator Josh Hawley for instigating Capitol riot : politics

Homeland Security chief of staff abruptly resigns - POLITICO

Republicans Have Declared War Against Honest Elections : politics

59% of GOP Voters Say Believing Trump Won 2020 Importantto Being a Republican
Trump is showing just how divisive a new White House run would be : politics
Trump Hails Moonie Church Founders In Virtual 9/11 Rally
Trump Politicizes Soldier Deaths. Gold Star Families Call It 'Disgusting'
Jim Acosta says Donald Trump relates to Robert E. Lee because they're "both losers" : politics
Remember Michael Flynn? Hes coming to Salt Lake next month. Organizers expect 10,000 people to pay $139 each for the October event at Salt Palace

After Being Introduced by Mitch McConnell at an Event, Justice Barrett Worries People See SCOTUS as Political Institution : politics
Why Amy Coney Barrett's new rhetoric is so hard to take seriously : politics
If Amy Coney Barrett means what she just said, she should resign from the Supreme Court right now : politics
Amy Coney Barrett Is the Product of a Corrupt and Politicized Supreme Court Nomination Process : politics

The Texas Abortion Law Creates a Kind of Bounty Hunter. Heres How It Works
From Abortion to Voting, Texas Is Set on Making It Illegal to Help People : politics
Texas GOP website down after Anonymous hack and replaced by Planned Parenthood fundraiser : politics

NC Gov. Cooper vetoes anti-Critical Race Theory bill he calls 'conspiracy-laden politics'

Floridas well-fed governor heartlessly lets kids go hungry | Editorial (the Republican way)

This is a game of Russian roulette: Gray Davis on the Newsom recall
California Voters: Less Republican and White Than in 2003 : politics

Chris Wallaces grilling of a GOP governor exposes a much bigger scam

Air Force finds one-third of female airmen have been sexually harassed : news (military is a total mess)

Anti-trans lawmaker arrested for defrauding government on his way to a six-figure payday. An ex-legislator that previously faced child abuse allegations and tried to ban trans youth from sports is now facing years of jail time. : politics

George Packer's Center Cannot Hold His muddled defense of liberalism comes with a heavy dose of disdain for the left.

Facebook Says Its Rules Apply to All. Company Documents Reveal a Secret Elite That's Exempt. - A program known as XCheck has given millions of celebrities, politicians and other high-profile users special treatment, a privilege many abuse

PIERS MORGAN: It's time to stop this trans sport insanity before women start being killed | Daily Mail Online

Help! I Couldnt Stop Writing Fake Dear Prudence Letters That Got Published

A Cautionary Tale About Science Raises Uncomfortable Questions About Fiction

TIL that the purpose of the fairy tale Beauty and the Beastwas to help young girls accept arranged marriages.

drewiepoodle comments on Hobby Lobby Loses 11 Year Fight To Block Trans Woman From Bathroom
u/drewiepoodle goes into why sex is far more complicated than just XX and XY : bestof

u/inconvenientnews explains, with examples, how right wing trolls brigade big city subreddits to influence them and control the narrative

Whats your dodged a bullet story?

Boston University professor, 40, dies in JFK/UMass stairway accident : boston

Scientists claim that overeating is not the primary cause of obesity Perspective published in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition argues the root causes of the obesity epidemic are more related to what we eat rather than how much we eat : science

TIL A study with over 1,600 patients concluded that acetaminophen is ineffective for low back pain and it worked no better than placebo to speed up recovery : todayilearned

Physicists make unexpected discovery: Black holes exert pressure [-2E-46bar] on the space around them : science

TIL theres a mineral element (Promethium) so rare that it's estimated there are 500-600 grams of it in the Earth's crust

New Pegasus hack found targeting Apple devices through iMessage, researchers say - The Washington Post


UN chief: World is at pivotal moment and moving in wrong direction

Fossil Fuel Capitalism Is Cutting Our Lives Short | A new study shows that 17 billion life years could be saved if air pollution was reduced to WHO standards, but there's only one way to do it -- ending the system that pollutes the world in the name of profit

Massive solar storm could cause global Internet blackout for months finds new research- Technology News, Firstpost : worldnews (meanwhile, on your bingo card)

England will be first country to require new homes to include EV chargers : worldnews

Indonesia ends deforestation pact with Norway, citing non-payment : worldnews ... Indonesia is the worlds fourth most populous country, and 60% of its population (165 million people) is in coastal areas.

Condors! - Lawyers, Guns & Money

A new stratospheric Polar Vortex is forming over the North Pole, as the seasonal cooling begins. It will keep strengthening into December, influencing the 2021/2022 Winter season. : worldnews ... The US, central and Northern Europe will be freezing their asses off.

Hurricane Larry has made landfall in Newfoundland this morning and is now transformed into a powerful extratropical storm over the Labrador Sea. It is forecast to deliver a massive winter storm with 100+ cm (3+ ft) of snow across southern Greenland until Tuesday. : worldnews

CDC study: Unvaccinated 11 times more likely to die from Covid-19 : worldnews
Covid vaccines wont end pandemic and officials must now gradually adapt strategy to cope with inevitable spread of virus, World Health Organization official warns

Sophie's choice, over and over: Death panels are the new phase of the pandemic
Susan J. Demas: Republicans never had a COVID plan. They just wanted us to accept mass death.
Republicans have pulled off an incredibly successful mass murder PR effort - Lawyers, Guns & Money - The US, despite in most cases a huge head start, is now the least vaccinated country in the G7:
Brendan Nyhan on Twitter: "Brutal" / Twitter (Canada wins)
The U.S. is falling to the lowest vaccination rates of the worlds wealthiest democracies.
Why Americans Die So MuchU.S. life spans, which have fallen behind those in Europe, are telling us something important about American society.

What we experienced was not inevitableAs COVID raged in Florida, DeSantis underestimated threat
Child Covid deaths more than doubled in Florida as kids returned to the classroom : politics

Idaho governor asks people to get COVID-19 vaccine. Lt. Gov. calls that 'shameful'

Doctor says death is imminent for a woman on a hospital bed in Michigan who refused the COVID-19 vaccine 'adamantly'

REVEALED: 26 out of the 27 Lancet scientists who trashed theory that Covid leaked from a Chinese lab have links to Wuhan researchers

This Israeli professor is inspiring AmericasIvermectin craze

England vaccine passport plans ditched, Javid says : worldnews
Boris bows to Tory fury by abandoning compulsory Covid passports in England

Chinese city with coronavirus outbreak stops buses, trains : worldnews
China administered total of 2.14 bln doses of COVID-19 vaccines as of Sept 10 : worldnews

Japan, Vietnam sign defense transfer deal amid China worries : worldnews
Japan says suspected Chinese submarine seen near territorial waters : worldnews

Chinese parents fear childrens English skills will suffer as schools cut back on language classes and tutors face crackdown
China tells Alibaba, Tencent to open platforms up to each other : worldnews
China bans effeminate men from being on television : worldnews

Taliban rolls out red carpet to China's Belt and Road Initiative : worldnews
The Taliban Ends Womens Sports in Afghanistan
The Taliban held their own womens march, with armed guards and scripts for the protesters
The Taliban tracked down and killed 4 Afghan counterterrorism agents, in one case pulling out all their fingernails, report says : worldnews (talifuckers)
Terrorism will increase under Afghanistans newly appointed Taliban government, experts warn
The Taliban are lying and France will not have any relationship with its newly-formed government, Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian said late on Saturday before heading for talks in Qatar on Sunday to discuss future evacuations from Afghanistan. : Reuters : worldnews
Dmitry Medvedev: Russia and Central Asian countries are threatened with a new wave of a migration crisis against the background of the situation in Afghanistan, ex-PMs : worldnews

US removes advanced missile defense system from Saudi Arabia: AP : worldnews

IAEA and Iran reach agreement to avert nuclear deal crisis : worldnews
Iran to allow new memory cards in UNs nuclear site cameras

For second straight day, Palestinians in Gaza fire rocket at Israel : worldnews

In Hungary, pope says anti-Semitism 'fuse' must not be allowed to burn

Norwegians begin voting in election centred on oil, equality : worldnews

Thousands in the Netherlands set to demonstrate for urgent action to end housing shortage - : worldnews

Thousands of Catalans rally for independence in Barcelona : worldnews

Lafarge case uncovers French duplicity, hypocrisy, says analyst | ISIL/ISIS News : worldnews

The hard reality of Brexit is hitting Britain : worldnews
Prince Andrew served with legal papers for sex abuse lawsuit, Virginia Giuffre's lawyers claim : worldnews
BBC admits Syria chemical attack documentary had 'serious flaws'
Facebook office cleaner who led protests at London site fears for his job : worldnews

Curacao police under heavy scrutiny for illegally strip searching minors without parents consent. Parents threatening legal action.

Twitter astroturfing campaigns intensify as Canada's election day draws near
St. Thomas, Ont. man charged with assault with a weapon after gravel thrown at Justin Trudeau : worldnews
Ontario school board 'regrets' burning books in the name of reconciliation as part of educational program

FBI releases newly declassified record on Sept. 11 attacks - The Boston Globe
FBI releases newly declassified record on September 11 attacks : worldnews
Biden Declassifies Secret FBI Report Detailing Saudi NationalsConnections To 9/11
Escape From New York The great maritime rescue of lower Manhattan on 9/11.
Where the Meaning of Flight 93 Can Never End The national memorial was built to allow multiple interpretations.
9/11, 20 Years Later: The Woman in White

George W. Bush Didn't Keep Us Safe : The president was warned about the risk of terrorist attacks, but we weren't. Not about the 9/11 attacks, the wars or the scar they've left on our world.
George Bush delights Democrats, infuriates MAGA world with veiled Jan. 6, 9/11 comparison : politics ("veiled")
George W. Bush compares violent extremists at home to 9/11 terrorists in 20th anniversary speech
WATCH: Rudy Giuliani Impersonates Queen Elizabeth II in 9/11 Speech : politics
Rudy Giuliani goes on a tear during 9/11 memorial dinner

Surgeon general: New vaccine policies neither illegal nor unusual : politics
COVID Cases, Deaths Notably Worse In Red States Than Blue States: Report | Of the 23 states that have new case totals per capita higher than the nation overall, 21 voted for Donald Trump ... For every 1 unvaccinated Biden voter, there were 11 unvaccinated Trump voters ... Biden voters in 2020 general election: 91 percent : Trump voters in 2020 general election: 50 percent (2021's great red-state die off) ... on top of 4 million GenZ a year turning 18 and 3 million mostly boomers and silent dying each year adding 1.5+ million net Democratic voters over Republicans every 2 years
The Absurdity of Police Comparing Vaccine Mandates to Nazi Germany : politics (said the Nazi copsters)
The GOP's halting, uneven journey toward becoming the anti-vaccine mandate party - Or in this case, toward opposing something that isn't a vaccine mandate at all.

Biden Tells Top Democrats Hes Preparing Lobbying Blitz on Filibuster Reform, Voting Rights | The president, sources say, has promised to lean on centrists to change the filibuster rules and save Democrats imperiled effort to pass a new voting rights bill (that'll work)
Manchin: I will not vote for $3.5 trillion bill : politics
Democrats see $3.5T spending goal is slipping away | TheHill

Republicans may regret restricting reproductive rights : politics
Republicans once called government the problem - now they want to run your life

'Guaranteed Disaster' : Proud Boys Discourage Members From Attending September 18 Rally in DC
Top security officials to reinstall Capitol fence ahead of far-right rally : politics
Six Capitol Police officers facing discipline for Jan. 6 actions, dozens absolved : politics

U.S. lawmakers seek to protect election workers after Reuters investigation : politics

Most Republicans want Trump as the GOP's leader but are divided about whether he'd help them retake the White House - CNNPolitics
Leader of authoritarian Christofascist cult addresses rally of another authoritarian Christofascist cult - Lawyers, Guns & Money
With the End of Roe the Verdict is in: The Supreme Court Majority is Christian Nationalist
Trump's Judges Are Playing A Huge Role In Upholding Anti-Abortion Laws Across The Country - Judges nominated by Donald Trump have staked out strong anti-abortion stances in their short time on the bench.
After crushing women's right to choose, Greg Abbott says Texans have right to choose not to get vaxxed ... GOP logic: Compelling a incestually raped 11-year-old to endure a nine-month pregnancy is not infringing on her liberty but requiring someone to receive a single injection that could save their life is infringing on their liberty ... and save other lives

This L.A. Beach Was Seized From a Black Couple Nearly 100 Years Ago. Their Family Is About to Get It Back. : politics

False Election Claims in California Reveal a New Normal for G.O.P. - The New York Times

Toyota, Honda oppose U.S. House electric vehicle tax plan : politics

Phony Diagnoses Hide High Rates of Drugging at Nursing Homes - The New York Times At least 21 percent of nursing home residents are on antipsychotic drugs, a Times investigation found.

'Overall crime decreased in 2020' in the United States, report finds ... runs counter to popular perceptions of rising crime nationwide. (but Antifa burned all the libtard cities to the ground)

Maryland man whose attack on a woman with a semen-filled syringe was caught on camera sentenced to 10 years : news ... "Stemen" ... nominative determinism?

Which celebrities have famously gotten away with serious crimes? : AskReddit

Varieties of Historical Leftist Violence - Lawyers, Guns & Money The Battle of Algiers, which I would argue is not only the greatest political movie of all time but the greatest movie of all time

TIL 'This Land Is Your Land,' a common patriotic song or lullaby for children, was written as a criticism of Capitalism and the US government, by a Socialist folk singer, Woodie Guthrie

Recreational marijuana now a $2 billion industry in Massachusetts The Massachusetts Cannabis Control Commission this week released numbers revealing sales of recreational marijuana has topped $2 billion dollars in the first three years of legalization.

The odor of anxiety-induced body sweat can make women become more risk adverse and less trusting of others, according to new research. The findings indicate that chemosensory anxiety signals can act contagiously but predominantly affect women : science
Are Human Pheromones Real? - Scientific American
Pheromones and their effect on womens mood and sexuality

Bacon grease: How to store and use the leftover fat in your cooking - The Washington Post

taitmckenzie comments on Can a person display attributes from multiple different archetypes?

/u/Need2Burn Breaks Out A Running List of Right Wing Conspiracy Theories - That Went Nowhere.


Top 5 Meat and Dairy Companies Match Exxon in Greenhouse Gas Emissions : worldnews

he world's most influential conservation congress passed resolutions Friday calling for 80 percent of the Amazon and 30 percent of Earths surface -- land and sea -- to be designated "protected areas" to halt and reverse the loss of wildlife

Drought in Iraq and Syria could totally collapse food system for millions, aid groups warn : worldnews

Super Typhoon Chanthu could impact the global automobile delivery and cause months of delays as destructive landfall and impact on Taiwan are expected on Sunday. Chanthu is now the 2nd strongest Earth storm of 2021 with 180 mph winds and 910 mbar. : worldnews

Biden vaccine mandate could affect 500 unvaccinated Cape Cod Healthcare employees - Cape Cod Times - September 11, 2021 : CoronavirusMa

Covid in the U.S.: Latest Map and Case Count - The New York Times
US data show child COVID-19 cases rising exponentially : Coronavirus

How effective is the vaccine against each of the different covid variants? : askscience
U.S. could authorize Pfizer COVID-19 shot for kids age 5-11 in October -sources | Reuters

CNBC poll shows very little will persuade unvaccinated Americans to get Covid shots Among the 29% of U.S. voters who are unvaccinated, 83% say they do not plan to get the lifesaving shots, the survey shows ... 56% of the unvaccinated report having received a flu shot in the past ... 60% of Republicans and 87% of Trump voters responding that they were unvaccinated

America has remained unusually vaccine sceptical | The Economist Only Russians are more likely to express reservations about the covid-19 jab

COVID kills moms: 8 pregnant women dead in Mississippi ... The eight women who died from the virus were unvaccinated
Yucaipa father of 5 dies of COVID-19 weeks after his wifes death

Alabama man dies from cardiac event after 43 hospitals turn him away
NY hospital to pause baby deliveries after staffers quit over vaccine mandate : news

Even on their death beds, some COVID-19 patients in Idaho still reject vaccination : Coronavirus
80% of Oregon's new COVID cases are among unvaccinated

France bans unvaccinated American travelers : worldnews
France: Former health minister Agnes Buzyn charged with "endangering the lives of others" over her handling of the coronavirus pandemic : worldnews

High-risk activity: Ardern advises hospital visitors against sex with patients during Covid | New Zealand

Australia's treasurer says economy must diversify from China reliance (oh, how did that happen?)
France could access Australian military sites as countries look to boost ties. French warships and troops would be given guaranteed access to Australian naval bases and military sites under a proposal being discussed by both countries : worldnews
More than 2 tonnes of cocaine seized in British and Australian operation : worldnews

FamilyMart preps 1,000 unmanned stores in Japan by 2024 : worldnews

Myanmar: reports of 15 or more killed after nationwide uprising call : worldnews

Philippines vows to ignore China maritime law, seeks US help | South China Sea News : worldnews (Xi says Philippines are in East China Sea, belongs to them)

Google handed user data to Hong Kong authorities despite pledge after security law was enacted : worldnews (always be evil)

"India Can Produce 1,000 GW Solar Energy On 0.5% Of Land": Mukesh Ambani : worldnews

US drone strike that Pentagon said killed Kabul suicide bomber actually killed aid worker and seven children who ran to greet him when he arrived home: Video allegedly shows he filled car with water not explosives
US says Taliban businesslike and professional in Afghan evacuation
Veiled protest: Afghan women rally in support of the Taliban - RFI : worldnews

Kremlin Internet Crackdown Causing Major Outages as Election Looms : worldnews

Putin and Lukashenko move to integrate economies of Russia and Belarus : worldnews

U.S. Forces Were Training the Guinean Soldiers Who Took Off to Stage a Coup : worldnews (as usual)

US pulls missile defenses in Saudi Arabia amid Yemen attacks : worldnews

Egypt committed to protecting personal freedoms, right to political participation, freedom of expression: Sisi : worldnews

Lebanon gets new government amid deepening crisis : worldnews
New Lebanese PM: Well work with any country, except Israel, of course

A Twitter user insulted a German politician. Police then raided his house. : worldnews

Catalan separatists are expected to jam the streets of Barcelona on Saturday in a test of their strength ahead of fresh negotiations with Spain's government

Prince Andrew served with paperwork in sexual assault lawsuit : worldnews
Businessman Jailed For Life for Murder of two men shot dead in Dudley to Avoid Paying lb 400k debt

More than 100 headstones smashed at Jewish cemetery in Argentina : worldnews

Trump considering attending mega-rally in Brazil to endorse Bolsonaros re-election: report

Abimael Guzman, a maoist terrorist leader of Perus Shining Path dies 29 years after being captured for killing tens of thousands of Peruvians

Haitian prosecutors seek to interview PM over presidential killing : worldnews

'I'm angry at white women,' incel told Sudbury, Canada police

9/11 as it happened in real time, including almost every video : videos
All 2,977 known victims of the September 11 attacks : pics

Biden, Obama, Clinton mark 9/11 in NYC with display of unity : politics
Biden, former presidents honor heroes, lives lost as nation marks 20th anniversary of 9/11
The costs of the war on terror after 9/11: $6 trillion and 900,000 deaths - Vox The enormous costs and elusive benefits of the war on terror.
America's been in a two-decade suck since 9/11. And we have no one to blame but ourselves (yeah, let's let Bush, Obmma, our totally corrupt military-media complex totally off the hook)
Mike Pence falsely claims the US has gone 20 years without another major terrorist event on American soil, ignoring a string of white supremacist attacks
Wheres Trump on 9/11? Not at ground zero.
Violent extremists at home and abroad are children of the same foul spirit,George W. Bush says in Pennsylvania. (speaking of foul spirits)
Yes, the Jan. 6 insurrectionists were terrorists. George W. Bush just indicted them.
20 Years After 9/11, Republicans Are the Greatest Threat to the United States : politics (and 20 before)
9/11 and the birth of the Big Lie : politics (try January)
The world 9/11 created: What if the U.S. had not invaded Iraq? : politics (what if Gore had won the election he won?)
After 9/11 Security Became Omnipresent In Washington, But Threats Are Different Now : politics

Top National Security Posts Sit Empty, Mired in Senate PurgatoryTwo decades after the Sept. 11 attacks, there are again dozens of unfilled Senate-confirmed national security positions. ... "Bipartisan Stalling" (that fucking newpaper, they're all refuckers)

Saudi embassy says it welcomes the release of classified documents related to September 11 attacks : news (after Bonewaw edits it)

It's about time: Biden puts the screws on the unvaccinated
COVID is exacting the death toll of a 9/11 every two days : Coronavirus ... 263x 9/11s... so far
Bidens Vaccine Push Aligns Him With a Fed-Up, Vaccinated Majority
Biden Is Right: Vaccine Refusal Has Cost All of Us
Bidens vaccine push wins cautious business support as political opponents fume
Republicans Want the Freedom to Live in a Pandemic Forever: Their arguments against Bidens vaccine mandate are selfish, amoral, and rooted in an ignorance of American history ... And now they are being held hostage by a minority of Americans whose understanding of freedom and liberty goes no further than personal convenience and whose sense of community and civic life is only felt through partisan hatred
Bidens COVID Vaccination Strategy Triggers Full-Scale Republican Meltdown
Critics Remind Dan Crenshaw That Mandatory Vaccines Have Existed In U.S. For Decades : politics
I'd Love the Freedom to Leave My Home Without Getting COVID From a Random Unvaccinated Bozo
GOP Senate Candidate Flips Out At Vaccine Mandates In Deeply Offensive Video | Ohio Republican Josh Mandel's cornfield rant about tyranny and the Gestapo was condemned as beyond the pale by Jewish advocacy groups.
Alaska Airlines banned her for refusing to wear a mask. Now state Sen. Lora Reinbold cant reach the capital to vote.

House Democrats seek to extend monthly child tax payments as part of sweeping new economic package

Prosecutors: Jan. 6 defendants should expect jail time : politics
Mike Lindell held secret meeting with Trump on "reinstatement day"

Don't Be Fooled By Religious Arguments For Texas Abortion Law. It's Un-Christian.
Salesforce offers to relocate employees after Texas abortion bill
Biden Is the Most Pro-Family President in Decades. So Why Is the Catholic Church Attacking Him? : politics
Connecticuts governor takes a swipe at Texas abortion ban, urges pro-women businesses to move to the Nutmeg State

Fox News host Chris Wallace said GOP reps who made false claims about election fraud cannot appear on his Sunday show : politics
Internal Google document ties white supremacy to Trump, MAGA, and Ben Shapiro : politics

Republican state senator who criticized Arizona audit targeted with threat : politics

Dont DeSantis my California: Newsom recall opponents find a foil in Florida's governor
By defeating Newsom recall, pro-choice women would send a powerful message : politics
Gavin Newsom blasts Donald Trump, Larry Elder over recall election fraud claims : politics
How the delta surge changed the death divide between Californias Republican and Democratic areas ... Our analysis shows that counties that voted heavily for Trump have seen higher death rates than their bluer counterparts since vaccines became widely available in June
Right-wing vaccine disinformation is killing people, and the propagandists are furious Biden is fighting back | Media Matters for America

Texas Governor Greg Abbott signs social media censorship bill into law

What goes around and goes around and goes around and...I'll come in again - Lawyers, Guns & Money Stephen Breyer has a book to promote, which means he has to give interviews in which he tries to pretend that the extremely easy question about whether he should have retired already actually presents many complexities, with grimly hilarious results:

Ex-Kansas state rep charged with fraud of more than $450K in COVID-19 relief money : politics
Maryland judge who was about to be arrested by the FBI kills himself, officials say : news

A secretive Pentagon program that started on Trumps last day in office just ended. The mystery has not. (fucker tried to steal the internets 3 hrs b4 he was evicted)

"I came in at the end. The best is over" - Lawyers, Guns & Money he latest member of the Intellectual Horse Paste Web to announce their resignation at Bari Weisss ShakeShack to pimp their own forthcoming social media grifts is very upset that his story isnt getting national coverage from non-wingnut networks:
Wild Geerters on Twitter: "This guy voluntarily quit his job at some university and now he's wondering why CNN isn't covering it like it's national news that an obscure assistant professor quit their job to start a substack where they complain about wokeness or whatever" / Twitter
Scott Lemieux on Twitter: "Today in Greenwald: California should have an MAGA governor, vaccines are a matter of atomistic consumer preference, Breyer is right that the Supreme Court is just fine as it is, the New Deal regulatory state is bad" / Twitter
The function of criticism at the present time - Lawyers, Guns & Money Scott has already given aspiring Intellectual Dark Web martyr Peter Boghossian some of the attention from the Liberal Media he so openly craves, but I wanted to flag another issue that this kerfuffle of nanoscopic significance inadvertently raises.

Lauren Boebert allows 8-year-old to play alone, next to possibly-loaded firearm | In apparent violation of Colorados new gun safety law, congresswomans son plays alone near rifle and handgun

hillsonghoods comments on When and why did the general political tone of American country music shift from left-wing to right-wing?
/u/eddie_fitzgerald's book review of Caste: The Origins or Our Discontents, detailing some interesting misconceptions about India's 'caste' system.

Study of 486 families finds essentially no influence of adoptive parents on adoptees' IQ in adulthood, providing further evidence for the predominance of genetic influences on adult intelligence over any other systematic source of variation. : science

Weight loss via exercise is harder for obese people, research finds. Over the long term, exercising more led to a reduction in energy expended on basic metabolic functions by 28% (vs. 49%) of calories burned during exercise, for people with a normal (vs. high) BMI. : science

TIL For centuries, Kurdish villagers knew an ancient rock relief simply as "Naram-Sin" but didn't know who or what it represented. Later, archaeologists discovered it to be a depiction of Naram-Sin of Akkad, King of the Akkadian Empire (the world's first empire) who ruled over 4200 years ago!

ELI5: What exactly is Chaos Theory? How does it apply to everyday life? : explainlikeimfive

Which persons death affected the world the most?

What is an example of pure evil? : AskReddit


Fire alarms sound on International Space Station as crew reports smoke and smell of burning : worldnews (US will launch fire engine)

US team claims viable path to commercial fusion power : worldnews

Razan Al Mubarak becomes first woman from the Arab world to head International Union for Conservation of Nature, one of the worlds largest and best-known conservation institutions

Worlds biggest machine capturing carbon from air turned on in Iceland. Operators say the Orca plant can suck 4,000 tonnes of CO2 out of the air every year and inject it deep into the ground to be mineralised.

Vessels return to Victoria after collecting 8 tonnes of trash from Great Pacific Garbage Patch : worldnews

Worlds top oil guzzlers surpass pre-pandemic consumption

Harvard University to end investment in fossil fuels : worldnews (better late than never)

A powerful Super Typhoon Chanthu is literally exploding while moving very near Luzon island, Philippines today. Then, it turns for a life-threatening landfall to eastern Taiwan on Sunday. : worldnews

Hurricane Olaf heading toward Mexicos Los Cabos resorts

COVID-19 Interactive Data Dashboard for Massachusetts as of September 10, 2021 : CoronavirusMa
1,726 confirmed cases, 18 deaths, and 8,861 vaccinations. See todays COVID-19 data from Mass.

Study of 32,867 COVID-19 vaccinated people shows that Moderna is 95% effective at preventing hospitalization, followed by Pfizer at 80% and J&J at 60% : science

Unvaccinated people were 11 times more likely to die of covid-19, CDC report finds - The Washington Post Moderna vaccine is most effective, says another study, the largest to date in U.S. to assess real-world effectiveness
Stillbirths double in Mississippi amid coronavirus pandemic - The Washington Post ... in unvaccinated pregnant women infected with the coronavirus

Qantas to ban unvaccinated travelers from international flights in new pandemic measure : worldnews
Air travelers refusing to wear masks could face up to $3,000 fines : politics

How many people have died of COVID-19 in your Florida community? State won't tell you
almost all of the judges on this court were appointed by republicans

Los Angeles school board votes to mandate Covid-19 vaccine for students age 12 and over : politics

Kentuckys school mask mandate axed after Gov. Andy Beshears veto overridden

San Francisco Schools Have Had No COVID-19 Outbreaks Since Classes Began Last Month : news

Data shows the U.S. is the worlds largest Covid vaccine donor

Denmark lifts all covid restrictions, with 73% of the population fully vaccinated : worldnews
Denmark lifts all Covid restrictions as vaccinations top 80%. Scandinavian country declares it no longer considers coronavirus a socially critical disease

Ivermectin: Australian regulator bans drug as Covid treatment after sharp rise in prescriptions : worldnews

Cuba begins vaccinating children as young as two for Covid-19 : worldnews

Police arrest self-appointed true governor-general of Australia for allegedly ordering fake police badges
Austrian man mummifies dead mother to keep receiving her benefits : worldnews

Malaysian Influencer Exposed For Sexual Harassment & Assault Of Over 100 Women : worldnews

Couple face death penalty over cannabis cookies and cakes : worldnews

6 y.o. girl rescued after her family tried to gouge out her eye in cannibalistic black magic ritual | Coconuts Jakarta : worldnews

Hunger was something we read about: lockdown leaves Vietnams poor without food

Japan officials escalate concerns about possible China attack on Taiwan : worldnews

Philippines to ignore new China maritime law within West PH Sea : worldnews ... "You mean East China Ocean" Xi ranted)

Taiwan launches homegrown carrier killer as China deterrent
School sexual assault reports rising, probe shows - Taipei Times : worldnews

Biden speaks with Chinese President Xi Jinping amid tensions in recent months : worldnews

Billboard of BTS Jungkook removed in Pakistan for promoting homosexuality (insufficienty macho, oh wait)
Pakistani village achieves full literacy and a 0% crime rate : worldnews ... In two years they went from 60% literacy to 100%.

In U.S. Drone Strike, Evidence Suggests No ISIS Bomb - The New York Times U.S. officials said a Reaper drone followed a car for hours and then fired based on evidence it was carrying explosives. But in-depth video analysis and interviews at the site cast doubt on that account. (US military fucked up tragically yet again)
Imminent Threator Aid Worker: Did a U.S. Drone Strike in Afghanistan Kill the Wrong Person?

The Islamic world has changed over the past 20 years. The Taliban is about to feel it ... The real clash of civilizations was never between the West and Islam. It was within the world of Islam, between the existing regimes and their Islamist opposition movements, and more broadly between moderates and radical religious groups.
Afghan Journalists Beaten By Taliban For Covering Womens Protests ... "You are lucky you werent beheaded" - Taliban 2.0 remains true to form.
Taliban bans all protests that dont have their approval
Women should give birth, they cant be ministers: Taliban (dicks over brains)
Talibans government includes designated terrorists, ex-Guantanamo detainees
Afghanistan cricket: Australia will cancel mens Test if women's team banned
Taliban: Afghan families flee to Pakistan over forced marriage fears : worldnews (you mean rape and sexual slavery)

Death threats sent to participants of US conference on Hindu nationalism : worldnews
India jewellery ad starring trans model wins hearts : worldnews

Putin and Lukashenko discuss integrating Russia and Belarus | Belarus : worldnews
Russia completes Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline construction : worldnews

Turkish court finds police officers guilty of attempting to overthrow the Erdogan government by uncovering a match-fixing scandal

Cameroon sentences four men to death for shooting attack on school. : worldnews

A big ship got stuck in the Suez Canal and blocked traffic. Again. : worldnews

Report: Palestinians agree to help Israel track down escaped inmates : worldnews
Israel arrests family members of Palestinian jail escapees - France 24 : worldnews
Israeli forces attack Palestinians rallying for escaped prisoners : worldnews

Germanys left-wing socialists- leading election voter polls, are ready for power, former leader says ... The SPD is far from being left-wing socialists.
Paid influencers must label posts as ads, German court rules : technology

France grants citizenship to 12,000 Covid frontline workers : worldnews
French court overturns convictions of 7 people accused of helping migrants cross Alps at Briancon

Spain arrests Venezuelan spymaster wanted on US drug charges : worldnews
Gay man who reported homophobic gang attack in Madrid admits he made it up: It was consensual ... So a liar but also someone who met a strange man to cheat with and this man had some kind of kinky foreplay that involves carving slurs on his ass? And he allowed that? This seems all around like a man who makes terrible life decisions.

EU rejects reworking N. Ireland deal, urges rhetoric dial-down : worldnews ... We'll just have to carry on using the oven ready great deal the lying cunt got elected on the back of.

UK faces permanent food shortages and it will get worse (fuckxit, Tories cackle)
UK ministers met fossil fuel firms nine times more often than clean energy companies
Queen supports Black Lives Matter, says senior royal representative : worldnews ... Meghan: I see what you did there
Call for police to get mandatory neurodiversity training after officer assaulted young autistic boy in school : worldnews

Jair Bolsonaro backs off attacks on Brazils institutions
Truckers support Bolsonaro, block many roads all across Brazil : worldnews (trucker -companies-

Trudeau says Rebel News spreads disinformation on vaccines : worldnews

Mexicos Supreme Court on Thursday ruled that a state law defining life as beginning at conception and equating abortion with murder was unconstitutional in another victory for abortion rights campaigners

'Havana Symdrome' and the mystery of the microwaves

America is still stuck in the world 9/11 built : politics
How 9/11 led the US to forever wars, eroded rightsand insurrection
The Next 9/11 - Lawyers, Guns & Money

A disastrous war ended far too late - Lawyers, Guns & Money
Matthew Yglesias on Twitter: "To take this out of irony mode, the NYT ran an op-ed by an the Afghan National Army corps commander for Helmand complaining that he'd been betrayed by Joe Biden. Two weeks later, the New Yorker reports he was out there ordering the massacre of civilians." / Twitter

Nearly 18 Million US Adults Couldnt Afford a Prescription Medication This Year: Study

Biden to announce requirement for employers with more than 100 employees to mandate vaccines, impacting over 80 million workers : politics
Biden To Unvaccinated: Our Patience Is Wearing Thin
The federal government will restore '100%' of pay to any school officials who are punished for defying state mask mandates, Biden says
Biden slams governors he says are actively working to undermine the fight against COVID-19 while announcing new strategy to rein in the pandemic ... 1. Lie about COVID, push anti-vaccine/anti-mask lies, push fake drugs. 2. GOP governors oppose health measures. 3. As a new COVID surge occurs, somehow blame Dems for not containing it. 4. When Dems push policy to contain it, cry dictator. 5. Repeat.
President Biden calls on all governors to mandate COVID vaccine for teachers, school staff : politics
Biden flexes executive power in Covid vaccine push; leaves GOP, pundits sputtering : politics
No Issue of Constitutionality: Legal Experts Give Biden's 'Certainly Constitutional' Vaccine Mandates the Go-Ahead
What legal ground do Republican governors have to push back on vaccine mandates? Not much, based on a century of Supreme Court precedent
Republicans Float "Full on Revolt" While Urging Large Employers to "Openly Rebell" Against New Vaccine Rule (sound familiar?)
"Weapons-grade base fodder": GOP erupts in rebellion over Biden's vaccine mandates : politics

The sociopathic style in American politics - Lawyers, Guns & Money The hysterical reaction on the right to Joe Bidens eminently moderate vaccine mandates provides a kind of textbook example of what I will call the sociopathic style in American politics ... The position of the Republican party is that individual liberty is always and everywhere (again, note the caveat above) of such overwhelming importance that people should suffer no negative consequences whatsoever for refusing a free, safe, and highly effective vaccine, in the midst of a global pandemic that has killed millions around the world, and that by the end of this year will have, directly and indirectly, killed more than one million Americans.

Americas civil war of 2021 : top Republicans are calling for a public uprising to protest President Bidens broad vaccine mandates, eight months after more than 500 people stormed the U.S. Capitol to try to overturn the election.
Heres who loves Bidens vaccine mandate: The companies that have to enforce it

Georgia Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene fined $2,500 for failing to wear mask on House floor : politics

Justice Department sues Texas over six-week abortion ban : worldnews
Rep. Ilhan Omar called the governor of Texas a hypocrite for defending the 'right to choose' on vaccines a week after the state passed a restrictive abortion law
Susan Collins, Brett Kavanaugh, and Texass Abortion Ban
Susan Collins Claims Trump Has Learned His Lesson | All In | MSNBC - Bing video
Justice Stephen Breyer calls Supreme Court decision on Texas abortion law very, very, very wrong ('be careful what you wish for' depends on having a future you fucking asshole)

Al Sharpton calls on Biden to fight the filibuster: If we cant depend on you here, when can we?
John Fetterman wants Democrats to stop wasting time and eliminate the filibuster : politics
Katie Porter asks whether fellow Democrat Joe Manchin cares more about corporate donors than helping Americans : politics

FBI Seizes Phone Of Oath Keepers Lawyer In 'Seditious' Conspiracy Investigation
Capitol riot panel says it received thousands of documents for probe
Michigan officials demand pro-Trump lawyers reimburse state for costs of election case : politics
McCarthy flirts with felony by threatening telecom companies on Jan. 6 Committee request : politics
GOP AG offshoot group held 'war games' prep before Trump loss
Alleged Capitol rioter Gabriel Garcia asks court to remove his GPS ankle monitor - The Washington Post ... His wife of 15 years, with whom he has three minor children, had recently filed to end their marriage.
Hundreds of law enforcement officials were prepped early for potential Jan. 6 violence - POLITICO ... The extent of the FBIs awareness that the rally by Trump backers could turn violent raises fresh questions about why national security and law enforcement officials didnt do more to protect the Capitol on that volatile day.
What happened at the Capitol on Jan. 6 was not a coup attempt. It was half of a coup attempt the less important half. The more important part of the coup attemptlike legal wrangling in states and the attempts to sabotage the House commissions investigation of Jan. 6 is still going strong /a>

GOP Sends Out Fake Pence Email Calling 2020 Election 'Contested Takeover,' Then Apologizes

A dangerous trend among GOP candidates shows the Trump threat is here to stayAre more and more Republican candidates across our great land going to treat it as a requirement that they cast any and all election losses as dubious or illegitimate by definition?
Republicans are laying the groundwork to lie that the California recall was stolen : politics
Opposition to California recall widens in new poll : politics ... 60 percent of California voters would reject the recall, while just 39 percent say they will support removing Newsom from office. (Black Limbaugh going down)
Gavin Newsom recall will end in a whimper, final polls in California say : politics
New poll finds Newsom could easily beat recall thanks to motivated Democrats : politics
Republican says voter suppression is response to party being 'scared'

'An insult to democracy': Ohio Republicans' redistricting plan panned soon after release

Chris Christie says GOP needs to cast off QAnoners, white supremacists and conspiracies : politics

Texas passes law that bans kicking people off social media based on 'viewpoint'

Parents want kids to learn about ongoing effects of slavery but not critical race theory. They're the same thing.

First Flynn, now Patrick Byrne, the conspiracy kooks are flocking to Sarasota | Opinion Once they finish finding voter fraud in the presidential election, and they will find it, the Cyber Ninjas should rappel down the Tomb of the Unknown Ballot Box and turn their considerable auditing skills to the real estate acquisitions of Patrick Byrne, Sarasota Countys newest resident-in-hiding and conspiracy-spewing kook.

'Woke' corporations are funding groups working to undermine criminal justice reform

Robert E. Lee was a stone-cold loser
U.S. Approval of Interracial Marriage at New High of 94%

Alaska state senator says she cant work at Capitol after Alaska Airlines ban (just get a fuck dogsled, asshole)

Florida's 'Anti-Riot' Law Blocked By Federal Judge
The Second Amendment fight that could upend Floridas midterms

New bill could restore veteran benefits to 114,000 unfairly discharged LGBTQ military members. Thousands of LGBTQ veterans aren't getting benefits they're entitled to, just because of their identities. Its time to change that.

Iowa uses federal virus relief funds for $3.7M ad campaign : politics (yeah, see S Fuckota)

Ted Cruz Tries Trolling Patton Oswalt, Who Just Puts The Joke On Him : politics

Kellyanne Conway didn't belong on the Air Force Academy board

Tracking Viral Misinformation - The New York Times ("flawed data" = blatent lies by lizard boy Fuckerberg)

Journalism Schools Leave Graduates With Hefty Student Loans : Students take on debt for master's degrees in hope of news jobs even as opportunities diminish

California continues to attempt to control Amazon's Gilded Age style labor practices:

Identities of Florida condo collapse victims stolen for shopping sprees; 3 arrested : worldnews

Truck driver sentenced to 16 years for slashing neck of Black man in hate crime : news

Portland Cop Who Was Caught on Video Bashing the Head of a Protest Medic Won't Be Charged With a Crime; Civil rights attorneys warn the decision is a "green light" to future police violence

Affidavit: Texas man murdered woman, shot her husband, because they voted for Biden : news

What Not To Say To Someone Who Has Suicidal Ideations | HuffPost Life People can have thoughts about dying without being in total crisis. Heres what to do and what to avoid if your loved one has them.

Antioxidant drug already approved for human use, Cysteamine, reverses process responsible for heart attacks and strokes in mice. : science

Dark personality traits and feelings of deprivation predict support for political violence, study finds : science

For the first time, a non-pharmaceutical clinical trial has proven effective in reversing the main activators of Alzheimers disease ... the use of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) to improve brain function

Cambridge Family Face Racial Profiling at Farm in Danvers : boston

Opt out of followers, front-end improvements to Reddit search, and an experiment to inspire new communities : blog

Apple can no longer force developers to use in-app purchasing, judge rules in Epic Games case : news


Australia vows to keep mining coal despite climate warning : worldnews

Good news for the ocean as tuna species bounce back from the brink of extinction : worldnews

Anti-logging protest becomes Canada biggest ever act of civil disobedience

COVID-19 Interactive Data Dashboard for Massachusetts as of September 9, 2021 : CoronavirusMa

Risk of severe breakthrough Covid-19 is higher for seniors and those with underlying conditions -- but the unvaccinated still face much higher risks : CoronavirusMa

The drama around BPS buses goes round and round and round - The city needs to plan better for getting kids to and from school

Sweeping new vaccine mandates for 100 million Americans : CoronavirusUS
Fauci warns COVID infections in U.S. are 10x too high to end pandemic - Axios

Moderna developing a combo booster shot for Covid and flu : Coronavirus
No evidence that COVID-19 vaccines causing the summer surge in COVID-19 cases : Coronavirus
Israeli Study Finds Third Shot Provides Significant Boost in Covid-19 Immunity : Coronavirus
Is the flu we get vaccinated for today just a variant of the 1918 Influenza? : askscience

Jefferson County shuts down mobile vaccine sites after drivers repeatedly harass staff : Coronavirus

Ivermectin causes sterilization in 85 percent of men, study finds : worldnews (questionable but not the Onion)
Researchers at Harvard, BU to study possible links between coronavirus vaccines and changes in menstruation
Erectile Dysfunction Risk 6 Times Higher in Men With COVID. : CoronavirusUS

Appalled by rich countries hogging vaccines, WHO extends booster moratorium. No more promises, we just want vaccines for low-income countries, WHO director says.

There is no place for threats or violence in the debate over pandemic precautions.
Millions are dying unnecessarily from COVID because of selfishness, greed and a perverse misunderstanding of human freedom : politics

Florida judge orders immediate lifting of DeSantis ban on school mask mandates : politics ... 325 deaths a day for the last week. 46,000 people have died, yet the buffoon is still allowed to hold office?
Ron DeSantis Once Again Told To Sit Down And Stfu By Florida Judge His ban on mask mandates has now twice been shot down. : politics
Ron DeSantis Laments Politicization Of Face Masks After Politicizing Face Masks : politics
Lawsuit for COVID-19 data in Florida moves forward : Coronavirus (check DeSantis' asshole)

Woman in video seen coughing on customers loses her job : news
u/Jessicabird gives an account of what happened before filming with the women that was intentionally coughing on people that has lost her job. The video and outcome has been circulating Reddit. Here is where it was very first posted with an explanation of the events that led to the video. : bestof

Tennessee teen talking about grandma who died of Covid heckled by adults at school board meeting : Coronavirus
Grover Beach bank manager beaten, called racist slur after asking man to wear a mask : Coronavirus

8 Tennessee public school employees dead from COVID in first month of school : news

Patients forced to wait thousands of minutes in rural Texas ER:

North Carolina sounds alarm that nearly half of states middle and high school Covid-19 clusters tied to sports

More than 18,000 students catch COVID-19 in first month of Mississippi school year : CoronavirusUS

Inside an Oregon hospital amid an absolutely stunning Covid surge | Oregon (

TikTok Cult Leader Pivots to Preaching Anti-Vax Conspiracy Theories - Rolling Stone Unicole Unicron is the leader of Unicult,
TikTok Cult Leader Pivots to Preaching Anti-Vax Conspiracy Theories : Coronavirus

COVID-19 is rising again in the U.K., but many shrug it off : worldnews

Cuba prepares to vaccinate its children, entire population : worldnews

COVID-19: 12 to 15-year-olds to get Final Say over COVID jab if disagreement with parent occurs

Nova Scotia to require proof of vaccination for non-essential activities : worldnews

At least 14 die in tragic COVID-19 hospital fire in North Macedonia

Spain supplies New Zealand with 250,000 extra vaccine doses : worldnews

The Latest: Virus infects 99 kids at Philippine orphanage : worldnews

A wide-ranging pro-Chinese influence group is attempting to use social media platforms and other forums to mobilize physical protests around COVID-19 concerns in the United States : worldnews

Israel's 20% Unvaccinated Now Account for Half of All Serious COVID-19 Cases : Coronavirus (antivax Hasid/Heredim dying)

The Philippines has started taking in Afghan refugees : worldnews

In North Korea, the pandemic has closed the few windows for world to peer inside - The Washington Post

Xi Jinpings crackdown on everything is remaking Chinese society
Hong Kong national security police raid Tiananmen Massacre museum, a day after vigil group leaders arrested : worldnews
Chinese state media label George Soros a global economic terrorist
China welcomes 'end of anarchy' with Talibans interim Afghan govt,pledges US$31 million in aid

Indian news channel uses Arma 3 gameplay footage to claim Pakistan bombed Afghanistan : worldnews

Pakistan FDE bans teachers from wearing jeans, tights and T-shirts : worldnews (Crapistan)

Taliban to allow 200 Americans, other civilians to leave Afghanistan -U.S. official : worldnews
Two journalists detained and beaten up for covering womens rights protests in Kabul, human rights group says
Taliban fighters use whips against Afghan women protesting the all-male interim government : worldnews
Ex-Afghan President Ghani apologises after fleeing. Ghani has apologised to the people of Afghanistan after fleeing to take refuge in the United Arab Emirates. : worldnews

125 villagers massacred in Ethiopias Amhara: doctors

Top Saudi royals, including US ambassador, tried to gain control over a DC-based foundation, report claims : worldnews

Suez Canal shut down, another ship stuck : worldnews

Ready-made tunnel, online blueprints, sleeping guard: How six Palestinians escaped Israels maximum security prison

As EU membership stalls, Balkan countries make controversial move to create their own mini-Schengen : worldnews

Liberals win most seats in Moroccos parliamentary election, routing Islamists

Spanish minister warns hate groups are singling out LGBT+ people after terrifying knife attack : worldnews
Catholic bishop refuses exorcism from Pope and moves in with erotic, satanic author : worldnews

German Prosecutors Raid Finance, Justice Ministries Over Money Laundering Probe : worldnews
A 30-year old suspected far-right extremist has been found guilty for attacking a Jewish restaurant owner in 2018. The attack was part of a week of anti-immigrant rioting that struck the eastern German city of Chemnitz : worldnews

Italy to allow small-scale cannabis growing at home. Up to four plants to be allowed : worldnews

France extends free contraception benefits to women up to 25 years of age : worldnews
Britain no longer in top 10 for trade with Germany as Brexit bites : worldnews
UK has authorised Border Force to turn boats carrying migrants back in to French waters to prevent them reaching the UK. : worldnews

Bitcoin crashes on first day as El Salvadors legal tender

Analysis: Bolsonaro rallies base but turns off allies and markets : worldnews

Mexican abortion ban punished poor women, top justice says : worldnews

We feel very unsafe: Indian-Canadians in shock over Truro killing (Sikhs mistaken for muzfucks by idiots)

9/11 Made the Media Whitewash Bush vs. Gore ... A smaller group of Americans understands that the rally-around-the-flag atmosphere canonized and empowered a series of deeply unworthy figures, ranging from Rudy Giuliani to Dick Cheney to George W. Bush, on the basis of their ability to act out some ideal of masculinity. (but Bush actually lost the election and here we are)

Trump White House tried to play down US injuries in attack by Iran, says ex-official | Donald Trump | The Guardian Alyssa Farah says she was pressured to delay reporting of injuries to more than 100 US troops in Iraq from attack avenging Qassem Suleimani

US airstrikes killed at least 22,000 civilians since 9/11: Report : worldnews (Barry killed that many all by himself)

Biden says jobs that pay $45 or $50 an hournot $7 or $12 are part of his climate-infrastructure plan
First on CNN: Democrats clean electricity program would create nearly 8 million jobs by 2031, analysis shows

Treasury: Top 1 percent responsible for $163 billion in unpaid taxes : politics
Republican defunding of the IRS has been a huge win for Republican donors - Lawyers, Guns & Money The wealthiest 1 percent of Americans are the nations most egregious tax evaders, failing to pay as much as $163 billion in owed taxes per year ... The proposals have been met with deep skepticism from Republicans and business lobbyists who argue that the I.R.S. cannot be trusted with more power and that the proposals are an invasion of privacy.

Biden to announce that all federal workers must be vaccinated, with no option for testing : politics
Biden Going Nuclear, Will Mandate Vaccines (or Testing) for Most Private Employees : politics Oh my god fox is shitting itself right now over this....a room full of fully vaxxed people are doing kabuki theater right now about how evil this is.

Reps. Greene, Roy fined for not wearing masks on House floor : politics

White House pulling ATF chief nomination - The Washington Post

The Capitol Police Said Jan. 6 Unrest On Capitol Grounds Would Be Highly Improbable -- a rare window into a secretive organization and its most consequential day ... The chief of the Capitol Police and its top intelligence officer personally approved permits for six demonstrations to be held on Jan. 6, 2021, despite signs that one of the applications was filed for an organization that didnt exist and that five of them were a proxy for a group staging large, violent protests across the country. (they didn't want to make Trumpy mad even though he lost the election and then they tried to hide what they did, of course)
The FBI Releases New Video Of The Suspect Who Planted Bombs Before The Capitol Riot : politics

Biden ousts 18 Trump military academy board appointees, including Kellyanne Conway at the Air Force Academy : politics
Ocasio-Cortez to Kellyanne Conway: 'Don't Let the Fascist Victim Complex Hit You on the Way Out'

Biden administration readies lawsuit over Texas abortion law: Report : politics
Authoritarians, not hypocrites - Lawyers, Guns & Money Sarah Jones has a good post observing that Republican supporters of abortion criminalization have a perfectly coherent ideology, even if the ends are generally justified with pretextual means: Only the fetus has an absolute right to life because it cannot err. Women are more complicated. They sin, these Eves, and deserve punishment. The right to life is fragile. The right to a good life is more fragile still. A person must be poor because of some moral failing; ... We should also be very clear that complacency from people in blue states is completely unjustified
A thought experiment that illuminates the moral absurdity of the nations most restrictive abortion law. (paternity tests, send the men to jail)
Big Tech Companies Helped Fund Far-Right Groups Pushing for Texas Abortion Ban : politics ... Facebook, Google and Amazon (and AT&T)
Pete Buttigiegs kids will be fine without a mom. Right-wingers should be happy he 'chose life'
Alabama pastors wear Handmaids Tale costumes on TikTok to decry Texas abortion law

Opinion | God Has No Place in Supreme Court Opinions - The New York Times (but Satan is fine) ... the paramount destiny and mission of woman are to fulfill the noble and benign offices of wife and mother ... Religion is American society's last taboo ...

The most dangerous Trump expose ... Stephanie Grisham has quietly written a top-secret memoir of her four years in Donald Trumps White House, and a publishing source says shell reveal surprising new scandals ... Grisham knows where all the bodies are buried because she buried a lot of them herself

Trump Insiders Are Quietly Paying Teen Memers For Posts : politics

Pro-Trump lawyers face $200,000 legal bill for frivolous election case

Does Pence really call his wife mother? (of course he does)

Robert E. Lee Statue Removal Sign That Right Wing Fringe Is Losing Culture Wars : politics
Donald Trump Can Suck My Whole Ass - Lawyers, Guns & Money ... If only we had Robert E. Lee we would have won Afghanistan ... It is still hard to believe that American whites elected this degenerate racist asshole president and damn near did again even after four years of his shit.
A perfect distillation of Trumps malleable, always-be-closing approach to politics

Trump, without evidence, already claiming Gavin Newsom recall election is 'rigged' (said the rigger)
Only election losers cry voter fraud Remember that during the California recall
Video of Larry Elder being egged by woman in gorilla mask viewed 3.5 million times : politics
Kate Cagle on Twitter: "Breaking: A flying egg narrowly missed the back of recall candidate @larryelder's head after it was thrown by an activist wearing a gorilla mask in Venice. A scuffle broke out and the candidate was escorted into an SUV. Here's the raw (pun intended) CW: f-bombs @SpecNews1SoCal" / Twitter

Jane Mayer wins September Sidney for Revealing the Republican Megabucks Behind the Big Lie of Election Fraud | Hillman Foundation

Men Fall Behind in College Enrollment. Women Still Play Catch-Up at Work. - The New York Times Women are overrepresented in low-paying professions that require college credentials.

Come back rapping librarian, all is forgiven - Lawyers, Guns & Money A member of the Intellectual Horse Paste Web has taken to Bari Weisss ShakeShack to announce his flouncing from academia with unintentionally hilarious results. Here is a man who was Just Asking Questions: (Peter Boghossian)

California QAnon believer indicted on charges of killing his 2 children with a spearfishing gun : news

Beatings, buried videos a pattern at Louisiana State Police : politics (white-wing cop fuckers)

A Deputy Mayor Is Charged With Amassing 16 Assault Weapons And Fake FBI IDs : politics

Boston sheds more light on its relationship to slavery - The Boston Globe

Cambridge couple questions if they were racially profiled while apple picking at Connors Farm in Danvers - The Boston Globe (and Danvers cops suck)

Oberon, Harvard Squares Beloved Fringe Theater Stage, To Close Its Doors

New superconducting magnet breaks magnetic field strength records, paving the way for fusion energy : worldnews

mRNA cancer therapy now in human trials after shrinking mouse tumours : worldnews

TIL that baby and childrens brains look/seem to function very similarly to an adult brain on psychedelics (LSD, psilocybin, etc)

u/SnoDragon describes his unusual experience with a pending heart attack : bestof

TikToks algorithm is promoting sexual content to children as young as 13

Hackers leaked 500,000 Fortinet VPN users passwords on Dark Web


Mexico hit by powerful 7.0-magnitude earthquake, sparking tsunami warning : worldnews
More of last night Mexico's earthquake+ Storm : WTF

Scientists reveal the shocking percentage of fossil fuels that must stay in the ground to prevent global temperatures from increasing beyond 1.5 degrees Celsius. The findings reveal an urgent need to halt fossil fuel extraction. : science
Dr_seven comments on We leaked the upcoming IPCC report!
/u/Dr_seven gives a chilling breakdown of the takeaways from the leaked IPCC report on Climate Change : bestof ... That means, per capita, every human being must give up four-fifths of every manufactured good, provided service, and energy expenditure they own or use.

Biden Offers Ambitious Blueprint for Solar Energy - The New York Times The Energy Department analysis provides only a broad outline, and many of the details will be decided by congressional lawmakers.

Editorial: Goodbye fossil fuels. California should commit to going carbon neutral by 2045 : politics

Climate Careers - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Lots of rain coming to Eastern Mass. on Thursday - The Boston Globe

COVID-19 Interactive Data Dashboard for Massachusetts as of September 8, 2021 : CoronavirusMa
MA COVID-19 Data 9/8/21 : CoronavirusMa

Mass. reports 162 total breakthrough COVID-19 deaths, or 0.004 percent of all fully vaccinated people - The Boston Globe
Breakthrough COVID cases in Mass. at about 40% of infections while unvaccinated people dominate hospitalizations : Coronavirus

WHO says Covid will mutate like the flu and is likely here to stay : worldnews
Ineffective neutralization of the SARS-CoV-2 Mu variant by convalescent and vaccine sera : worldnews
How Delta came to dominate the pandemic. Current vaccines were found to be profoundly effective at preventing severe disease, hospitalization and death, however vaccinated individuals infected with Delta were transmitting the virus to others at greater levels than previous variants. : science
What is the Infection Fatality Rate from COVID 19 if you are fully vaccinated? : askscience

Daily COVID-19 infections up more than 300 percent from Labor Day last year : worldnews
deputybadass comments on COVID-19 Has Revealed Critical Knowledge Gaps on the Transmission of Respiratory Viruses
New York Times article about the dangers of infection for vaccinated people : CoronavirusMa

Inside the Wuhan lab: French engineering, deadly viruses, and a big mystery - The Washington Post

Murc's law, pandemic edition - Lawyers, Guns & Money This Vox piece illustrates how the major media will go to very great lengths to avoid stating the following incredibly obvious truth: COVID continues to be a social and economic problem in America because people refuse to get vaccinated. I mean look at this framing: (more Voxster bullshit)

NY Severe COVID Cases Hit troubling 4-Month Highs as Delta Fuels Back-to-School Fears

Child Covid-19 Cases Rise in States Where Schools Opened Earliest : CoronavirusMa
Mississippi Baby Dies of COVID; Child Deaths In Past 45 Days Exceed Prior 17 Months : news

Fauci Says DeSantis Is Completely Incorrect To Call Vaccine A Mere Personal Choice
Florida Councilman Who Mocked 'Dr.Falsey' Fauci Is Hospitalized With Severe COVID
Florida Councilman Who Mocked Dr. Falsey Fauci Is Hospitalized With Severe COVID ... Lowry, a Republican halfway through his second term on the Volusia County Council, spread COVID-19 disinformation and conspiracy theories, going so far as to say the pandemic was a hoax.

What is the mu variant of the coronavirus? : Coronavirus
Mu COVID variant found in at least 50 patients at Houston Methodist Hospital, doctors confirm : Coronavirus
A collection of hospital infographics from across the US, showing vaccinated and unvaccinated hospitalization, ICU, and ventilator numbers. All directly from the hospitals. : CoronavirusUS

Most Parents Support School Mask Mandate | Monmouth University Polling Institute Majority of voters back UVA unvaxxed student disenrollment

West Virginia leads nation in covid acceleration, straining hospitals : Coronavirus

Florida school masks: Judge rules against DeSantis, says schools can require face coverings - The Washington Post

Idaho begins rationing care as hospitals crumple under COVID load Crisis standards of care is a last resort. It means we have exhausted our resources

"I am angry today:" Jeffco's top health official halts mobile COVID-19 vaccination clinics after medical staff harassed Motorist runs over signs at a vaccine clinic over the Labor Day weekend

Fights break out, one person handcuffed following Pleasant Hill School Board meeting - The school board voted to reinstate a district-wide mask mandate Tuesday Night (MO)

Anarchy in the US - Lawyers, Guns & Money Manchester, Michigan is a 2,000-person village about 25 miles southwest of Ann Arbor. Itsroughly as white as an Osmond Family reunion (per the 2010 census seven black people lived in the town). Now the People have risen up against the local school board enacting a mask mandate for students attending Manchesters high school

Joe Rogan Is Getting This Completely Wrong, Says The Scientist Who Conducted The Vaccine Study ... Jesus Christ, he looks like Robert Di Nero got stung by a bunch of hornets

Vaccinate or resign, Zimbabwe tells government workers : worldnews

India vaccinated over 180 million people in August, more than all the G7 nations combined : worldnews
India scrambles to contain potential outbreak of Nipah, a deadlier virus than COVID : worldnews

Police surround Melbourne synagogue over COVID-19 lockdown breach : worldnews (Hasids)

Africa Covid death toll tops 200,000 : worldnews

Singapore -Talk to rich people nicely, youre a poor girl: 2 women fined for insulting auxiliary police officer

Kremlin critic decries doppelgangers at St Petersburg election - two other candidates had changed their names and surnames, and even altered their appearances in their election photographs to look more like him : worldnews

Multiple Indian News Channels Air Arma 3 Gameplay As Pakistani Airforce Attacking Panjshir Valley

Taliban willing to establish relations with all nations except Israel : worldnews
PhD, Masters degrees not valuable, mullahs greatest without them: Taliban Education Minister (longbeards and rugheads)
Afghanistans Tiananmen Square Moment - When A Woman Faced Taliban Gun
Taliban say women wont be allowed to play sport
Afghanistan's last Jew finally leaves the country, reportedly headed to US : worldnews
The new director of the Central Bank of Afghanistan : pics
The Taliban breaking a Norwegian children's movie after entering the Norwegian embassy : pics

Biden reiterates plan to reopen Jerusalem consulate despite Israeli objections - Axios The consulate handled relations with the Palestinians for 25 years before being shut down by Donald Trump. Senior officials in Bennetts government see the consulate issue as a political hot potato that could destabilize their unwieldy coalition.

Sweden arrests 2 women suspected of war crimes in Syria : worldnews

Hungarys opposition unites in bid to oust Viktor Orban from power

Polands government risks fines for flouting European court order

Denmark wants migrants to work for welfare benefits : worldnews
Italy evicts Steve Bannon's right-wing group from medieval monastery - Move follows long-running dispute with the Italian ministry of culture over the 13th-century Certosa di Trisulti

French company (Lafarge) paid ISIS and other groups $15 Millon. They also sold cement to ISIS which it used to build tunnels and fortifications. All while french intelligence was aware. : worldnews

Study finds growing government use of sensitive data to nudge behaviour. National and local governments using targeted ads on search engines and social media.
Andrew bolts for Balmoral: Prince quits Windsor to join his mother on her Scottish holiday to avoid attempts by US lawyers to serve sexual assault papers

Braveheart statue unveiled in Scotland branded worst since Ronaldo

Mexicos Supreme Court rules that abortion is not a crime
Mexico provides lesson in human rights to atavistic reactionaries in bordering country - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Far-right terror poses bigger threat to US than Islamist extremism post-9/11
After 9/11, the U.S. Got Almost Everything Wrong - The Atlantic
9/11s Unsettled Dust: Bushs EPA Hid Health Risks from Toxic Dust at Ground Zero & Thousands Died
Cynthia Weils WTC 9/11 Footage (Enhanced Quality & Doubled FPS)

Biden administration tells ex-Trump officials to resign from military academy advisory boards or be dismissed - CNNPolitics ... Sean Spicer, former senior counselor to the President Kellyanne Conway and former national security adviser H.R. McMaster.
Defiant Kellyanne Conway refuses to quit Air Force Academy board -- and demands Biden fire her - Raw Story (the "rancid witch")

12 weeks of paid family leave made it into Democratsearly plan for $3.5 trillion in social spending
Minimum wage would be $26 an hour if it had grown in line with productivity : politics

Medicare Dental Benefit Pushed to 2028 Under Democrats Bill (Dentists sabotaged the bill)
Just Say It: The Health Care System Has Collapsed : politics

Yellen warns of likely October debt cliff and incoming irreparable damageThe Treasury secretary again called on Congress to take swift action to address the debt limit, cautioning that uncertainty in the meantime could hurt the global economy. (Republicans: that's the p0int)

Top 1 Percent Evade $163 Billion a Year in Taxes, Treasury Finds - The New York Times

Capitol Police memo warns of potential for violence during September 18 rally - CNNPolitics
Pelosi says participants in Sept. 18 Capitol rally are coming back to praise the people who were out to killon Jan. 6

Kevin McCarthy Really Doesnt Want the January 6 Committee to See Those Phone Records
Trumper Pleads Guilty After His Mom Bragged About His Capitol Riot Antics On Facebook
FBI Washington Field Office Releases Video and Additional Information Regarding the Pipe Bomb Investigation
Opinion | What should the Jan. 6 probe examine? A veteran Sept. 11 investigator weighs in. - The Washington Post
Oath Keeper Snitched on Himself to FBI Agent During Tattoo Session, Docs Say Roberto Minuta unwittingly poured his heart out to an off-duty FBI agent whod stopped by for an appointment, according to court documents.

As If Things Couldnt Get Any Worse for Humanity, Trump Is Reportedly Laying the Groundwork for a 2024 Run
The looming chaos of Trump 2024 - The Washington Post
Trump and the next big, bogus stolen-election claim - The Washington Post
Donald Trump May Still Destroy the GOP, After All | Washington Monthly Republicans think the former president is their electoral savior, but his toxic influence over the party might just bring about its demise.

Ocasio-Cortez Gives Gov. Greg Abbott A Biology Lesson After Disgusting Rape Claim (TX has most rapes by state: 15,000)
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez slams Texas GOP governor's deep ignorance on abortion
Gov. Abbott said Texas will eliminate all rapists from the streets so women dont have to worry about thenew anti-abortion law having no exception for rape
Conservative Politicians Have Realized They Don't Even Really Need to Try Anymore : Greg Abbott's answer to a question whether Texas women will have to carry a rapist's baby to term will only make sense to the wingnut initiates
The war on women returns: How GOP governors may doom Republicans in Congress | The last time Republicans ran a "war on women" campaign, they got wiped out : politics

South Dakota to Ban Delivery of Abortion Drugs from Telemedicine, Mail Pharmacies : politics

How a Massachusetts case could end the Texas abortion law - The Boston Globe - A legal decision once prevented a church from vetoing a Harvard Square restaurants liquor license. Now it could prevent other private parties from wielding government power.
How the case of one bars liquor license could bring down the new Texas abortion ban

Four-Alarm Fire for Democracy as Texas Voter Suppression Bill Becomes Law
Opinion: The John Lewis Act would restore key voting protections. Democrats should fight for it : politics

Weaponizing Savvy - Lawyers, Guns & Money Good piece by Perry Bacon Jr. on how Savvy inside-baseball coverage of politics turned particularly disastrous during the rise of Trump:

Republicans, elections experts say Wisconsin probe is flawed - ABC News Former Republican officeholders and election experts say that the GOP-ordered investigation into the 2020 presidential election in Wisconsin lacks credibility, transparency and raises security risks and legal concerns

Feds ask Marjorie Taylor Greene to account for over $3.5M of unitemized donations : politics

Californias recall becomes the new epicenter of unfounded fraud claims
Tomi Lahren Baselessly Says Gavin Newsom Needs 'Voter Fraud' to Win California Recall Election : This Fox News Segment Is an Object Lesson in the Power of Right-Wing Conjuring Words "Teachers' unions," "tech," "voter fraud," "woke," "Kamala."
Recanting nothing, Larry Elder becomes the likeliest candidate to replace Gov. Gavin Newsom and the likeliest to let him hold on to his job

Evangelical Pastors Are Secretly Spreading QAnon Conspiracies on YouTube (they are the same)

Richmond crowd cheers as Robert E. Lee statue removed: "Hey hey hey, goodbye!" : politics
Robert E. Lee statue removed from base : videos
Opinion | The right has lost the debate over the Confederacy - The Washington Post

How Educational Differences Are Widening America's Political Rift - College graduates are now a firmly Democratic bloc, and they are shaping the party's future. Those without degrees, by contrast, have flocked to Republicans (Dumbpublicans)

How the N.Y.P.D. Is Using Post-9/11 Tools on Everyday New Yorkers - The New York Times Two decades after the attack on New York City, the Police Department is using counterterrorism tools and tactics to combat routine street crime.
LAPD officers told to collect social media data on every civilian they stop (your driver's license and Facebook account, please)
Revealed: LAPD officers told to collect social media data on every civilian they stop : politics

Portland may exempt police force from citywide vaccine mandate : politics
#ACAB - Lawyers, Guns & Money The cops want to kill you with their guns and fists and they also want to kill you by giving you COVID.

Elderly Woman Who Was Bodyslammed by Laughing Cops Gets $3 Million

South Carolina suspends lawyer Alex Murdaughs law license as investigation widens

Naked woman drove golf cart through armed standoff in Florida, deputy says : news

NXIVM co-founder Nancy Salzman sentenced to 3.5 years in prison : news

Guardian Pulls Judith Butlers Comments On "Gender-Critical" Anti-Trans Movement - "it's legitimately baffling" ... "one of the dominant strains of fascism in our times ... So the Terfs will not be part of the contemporary struggle against fascism, one that requires a coalition guided by struggles against racism, nationalism, xenophobia and carceral violence, one that is mindful of the high rates of femicide throughout the world, which include high rates of attacks on trans and genderqueer people," Butler said.

Bad Faith | Dale Peck Andrew Sullivan's infinite repression (infinite asshole) ... becoming a bear is a way for Sullivan to "escape from the effeminacy of the old-school gay subculture." ... A Bear in Wolf's Clothing ... a cock-obsessed cum-guzzling homosexual who (as he informed potential partners on barebackcity) ... craves "one-on-ones, three-ways, groups, parties, orgies and gang bangs."

A Generation of American Men Give Up on College:

/u/RamsesThePigeon tells the true story of /u/Unidan after showcasing how Redditors create myths about high-profile users. : bestof

What's a made up fact that sounds real? : AskReddit

Whats a job that you just associate with jerks?

Reddit shut down a forum for self-described Texas abortion bounty hunters


West Antarctic ice melt due to geothermal activity. : worldnews

Europe to miss 2030 climate goal by 21 years at current pace - study : worldnews
More global aid goes to fossil fuel projects than tackling dirty air : worldnews

20 meat and dairy firms emit more greenhouse gas than Germany, Britain or France : worldnews

Aluminum prices hit decade high as coup threatens supplies from Guinea : worldnews

Wolf Populations Drop as More States Allow Hunting: Repercussions of planned and anticipated wolf hunts and traps could ripple through ecosystems for years to come, scientists say : science

COVID-19 Interactive Data Dashboard for Massachusetts as of September 7, 2021 : CoronavirusMa
In its first COVID-19 data report since Friday, Mass. reports 5,484 confirmed cases, 12 deaths, and 28,494 vaccinations

U.S. Records 40 Million Known Virus Cases - The New York Times

One in 5,000 - The New York Times The real chances of a breakthrough infection.
What is the Infection Fatality Rate from COVID 19 if you are fully vaccinated? : askscience

New Details Emerge About Coronavirus Research at Chinese Lab - More than 900 pages of materials related to US.-funded coronavirus research in China were released following a FOIA lawsuit by The Intercept. : worldnews

Research has found people who are reluctant toward a Covid vaccine only represents around 10% of the US public. Who, according to the findings of this survey, quote not trusting the government (40%) or not trusting the efficacy of the vaccine (45%) as to their reasons for not wanting the vaccine. : science

Florida accounts for nearly a quarter of new U.S. COVID-19 deaths | The Week
Your personal choice not to get COVID vaccine is putting our healthcare heroesat risk
DeSantis Gets Vital History Lesson From Fauci Over Completely Incorrect Vaccine Claim
Liberals may not like it, but this what winning looks like - Lawyers, Guns & Money
Soledad O'Brien on Twitter: "I REALLY think maybe this Governor did not win the pandemic, contrary to what a reporter wrote about that." / Twitter

The man who started the movement to recall Gov. Gavin Newsom has COVID-19 : politics
Volusia Councilman Lowry, conspiracy theory promoter, hospitalized with COVID-19 : politics

The Zombie Trumpism of GOP governors gives Democrats a big opening : politics

QAnon Is Harassing a Hospital Into Giving Bogus COVID Cure IvermectinVeronica Wolski, who is known for boosting anti-vaccine and QAnon conspiracies from a bridge in Chicago, was hospitalized two weeks ago.

Unvaccinated Couple Died of COVID 3 Hours Apart and Left Behind 2 Teens Martin and Trina Daniel were skeptical about taking the COVID vaccine, and it cost them their lives

How Professors Are Handling Unmasked Students Amid Delta - The New York Times

We Found Rage In A Hopeless Place
Unruly passenger arrested after growling, swearing on flight : news

Curbing my enthusiasm - Lawyers, Guns & Money

India's daily vaccination crosses 1 crore (10 million) doses, thrice in 11 days. Close to 700 million doses Administered till date.

Scott Morrison: Australia PM criticized for Fathers Day trip amid lockdowns

Vietnamese man jailed for 5 years for spreading coronavirus : worldnews

Delta variant outbreak threatens Singapores living with Covid model

Myanmar shadow government calls for revolt against military dictatorship : worldnews

Hong Kong Tiananmen Massacre vigil organiser defies police demand for info, says requests are groundless : worldnews

Taliban announce new government for Afghanistan - BBC News

Angry families of MH17 victims accuse Russia of lying : worldnews
European news sites targeted by pro-Kremlin propaganda campaigns: Some 32 media outlets across 16 countries have been targeted

Iran condemns Taliban for assault on holdout fighters in Panjshir Valley : worldnews

Egypt security forces accused of covering up extrajudicial executions : worldnews

Bolsonaro is stoking a Capitol riot-style insurrection in Brazil that could happen as early as Tuesday, more than 20 ex-world leaders warn : worldnews
Brazil President Bolsonaros Supporters Breach Police Blockade During Protest

Mexico decriminalizes abortion, a dramatic step in worlds second-biggest Catholic country

Trudeau hit by gravel as protesters surround campaign bus in London, Ont. : worldnews

7 Wealthiest Americans Have Enough Wealth to Cover a Third of $3.5T Budget Plan : politics

Ex-FBI official says law enforcement needs to take upcoming right-wing rally in DC very seriously

GOP Lawmakers Sent Threatening Letter To Wrong CEO To Thwart Jan. 6 Probe : politics
GOPs Promised Jan. 6 Probe Has One Problem: No One Wants It

Trump made fun of Georgia election officials for receiving death threats after they refused to audit the 2020 election results, report says : politics

Supreme Court trashed its own authority in a rush to gut Roe v Wade : politics
Texas governor says rape and incest victims have six weeks to get abortion : politics
Texas Gov. Greg Abbott slammed for not understanding pregnancy or periods or facts after abortion ban comments
Gov. Abbott: Abortion bill wont force rape victims to have babies, Texas will eliminate rapists (most rapes are by family/friends)
The Fugitive Uterus Act is bad faith all the way down - Lawyers, Guns & Money Greg Abbott says that its fine that he just signed a law coercing people to potentially carry their rapists child to term because he will simply eliminate all rape:
UN Human Rights Experts: Texas Abortion Ban Is a Violation of International Law : politics
The Supreme Courts Texas abortion decision is a threat to constitutional rights (all of them)
Portland to declare trade and travel ban against Texas : politics
These corporations bankrolled the sponsors of Texas abortion ban

Former Trump aide Jason Miller questioned for three hours by police in Brazil : politics alleges that Miller had an affair with a woman he met at a strip club in Orlando, Florida in 2012. As a result of the affair the woman got pregnant. Miller is accused of then giving her an abortion pill without her knowledge or consent. The woman claims the pill caused her to lose the baby and nearly cost her her life.

Rep. Jim Jordan Gets Jabbed On Twitter After Screwing Up Basic U.S. History | The Ohio Republican received a blunt fact check after his latest claim about vaccine mandates. : politics

Lauren Boebert may lose her seat in Congress : politics

The QAnon crowd looks familiar: Right-wing cults have long plagued American politics | Vicious bigotry and misogyny go all the way back in America. Consider the proto-Trumpers of colonial Massachusetts (references colonist Hatevil Nutter) : massachusetts

Catholic schools cant fire teachers for being gay, federal court rules. The Catholic church said that the First Amendment gives it the right to fire LGBTQ teachers, but a federal judge has said that's a bunch of hooey.

Virginia to take down Robert E. Lee statue on Wednesday : politics

21st-century storms are overwhelming 20th-century cities : technology

Young adult cannabis consumers nearly twice as likely to suffer from a heart attack, research shows : worldnews perioperative marijuana use,

Possibly the coolest free reading group Ive ever heard of : 100 Days of Dante in honor of Dante Alighieris posthumous anniversary of 700 years.

What are your unpopular opinions about Boston? : boston

What is easier to do if youre a woman?

ProtonMail deletes we dont log your IP boast from website after French climate activist reportedly arrested


Asteroid Traveling Through Space at 21,000 MPH Classified As Potentially Hazardous, Will Pass Earth This Month : worldnews

More than 200 health journals call for urgent action on climate crisis : worldnews
Global warming is already affecting peoples health so much that emergency action on climate change cannot be put on hold while the world deals with the Covid-19 pandemic, medical journals across the globe warned on Monday

Australia warned climate crisis will wreak havoc on economy if coal isn't phased out | Climate change

New Zealand records its warmest ever winter with average temperature of 9.8C : worldnews

Syrian oil spill spreads across the Mediterranean and could reach Cyprus on Wednesday : worldnews

Elephants in Ambosheli National Park, Kenya terrorizing the neighborhoods by breaking into businesses and peoples homes to lick and eat sugar.

Here Are The Massachusetts Colleges Requiring Students, Staff To Get COVID-19 Vaccines : CoronavirusMa

The Coronavirus May Never Go Away. But This Perpetual Pandemic Could Still Fizzle Out - WBUR - September 3, 2021 : CoronavirusMa
Theyre called mild cases. But people with breakthrough covid can still feel pretty sick.

Pfizer, Merck launch new trials of oral COVID-19 drugs : worldnews

Doctors in these states could soon be forced to make tough choices about who gets an ICU bed, Fauci warns ... Alabama, Georgia, Texas, Arkansas, Florida, Mississippi, Nevada and Kentucky (and OK, hold my beer)

Covid Deaths Surge Across a Weary America as a Once-Hopeful Summer Ends - The New York Times Cases are starting to fall in some hard-hit Southern states, but nearly half of Americans are not fully vaccinated, allowing the Delta variant to persist.

Research has found people who are reluctant toward a Covid vaccine only represents around 10% of the US public. Who, according to the findings of this survey, quote not trusting the government (40%) or not trusting the efficacy of the vaccine (45%) as to their reasons for not wanting the vaccine. : CoronavirusUS

Kentucky governor says the states Covid surge is 'dire' (78% of KY'ers don't know what that word means)

Hospitals in crisis in least vaccinated state: Mississippi : politics

In Florida, a summer of death and resistance as the coronavirus rampaged - The Washington Post

Whats happening in Oregon is almost at the same scale as Florida. Needs more coverage.
Oregon governor sued by police, firefighters over vaccine mandate : politics

OSMA speaks out on Stitt removal of the only physicians from the Oklahoma Health Care Authority Board of Directors (don't need no steenking doctors)

Georgia Councilman Urges Hard-Headed Conservatives to Get Vaccine After Nearly Dying of COVID

"Just asking questions, never learning a single thing" - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Judge reverses order forcing hospital to give ivermectin to COVID-19 patient

Three members of unvaccinated Texas family in same hospital after contracting Covid : CoronavirusUS

Arizona reporting more than 3,000 virus cases a day : CoronavirusUS

u/clickclick-boom explains the life cycle of conservative misinformation gaslighting and "celebrity worship" projection by Joe Rogan's new fans on the right and u/Lumpy_Doubt diagnoses the latest Joe Rogan posts defending his platforming of COVID pseudoscience advice as stage 4

> Sweden Announces Ban On U.S. Travelers : worldnews

England to require COVID-19 vaccine passports by the end of September, confirms Goverment : worldnews

Sky News Australia defends broadcasting COVID-19 misinformation : worldnews (Murdoch cackles)
Australian Police State : Governments Identify and Disrupt Bill passed, allows altering and deletion of data ( (precrime)

Carlos Ghosn prepares to turn the tables on his accusers : worldnews

Taiwan scrambles jets against renewed Chinese military activity : worldnews

The group behind the annual Tiananmen Square memorial vigil in Hong Kong said Sunday it will not cooperate with police conducting a national security investigation into the groups activities, calling it an abuse of power
German Ambassador to China dies just a few weeks into his posting : worldnews

Multiple planes are ready to take U.S. citizens and green card holders out of Afghanistan but the Taliban won't let them leave, officials say
Panjshir Valley, last resistance holdout in Afghanistan, falls to the Taliban : worldnews
Infighting breaks out within Taliban; co-founder Mullah Baradar hurt in clash with Haqqani. : worldnews
Taliban order university women to wear face-covering niqab : worldnews
University classes resume in Afghanistan with a curtain of separation
Afghan man, 29, repeatedly stabs female gardener in the neck in park because he didnt like the fact she was a working woman
The Other Afghan Women | The New Yorker In the countryside, the endless killing of civilians turned women against the occupiers who claimed to be helping them.

Google told to clamp down on Navalny's "Smart Voting" : A Moscow court has ordered Google to stop displaying the term in it's search results -- two weeks before elections. Smart Voting is a strategy developed by Navalnys team against the pro-Putin bloc
Three near-identical Boris Vishnevskys on St Petersburg election ballot : worldnews
Malware found preinstalled in classic push-button phones sold in Russia : worldnews
Pro-Kremlin trolls target news website comments, researchers say : worldnews

Ukraine says Russia has detained over 50 Crimean Tatars : worldnews
Belarus protest leader Kolesnikova sentenced to 11 years in jail : worldnews

Thousands are being put into concentration camps and butchered in an ethnic purge in Ethiopia, reports say (Rwanda v2 w/better tech)
Tigrayan men are marched out of prison camps. Then corpses float down the river into Sudan. : worldnews

Army colonel on Guinean TV says govt dissolved, borders shut : worldnews

Zimbabwean government apologizes to traveler after airport officials confiscate her passport, demand bribe for return : worldnews

Six Palestinian prisoners escape Israeli jail through tunnel : worldnews

Saadi Gaddafi, son of former Libya dictator Muammar Gaddafi, released from prison : worldnews

EU threatens to withhold $150M in aid from Poland over anti-LGBTQ zones : worldnews

COVID-19: Italian life expectancy down 1.2 years in 2020 : worldnews
Tobacconist stopped at Rome airport after allegedly Running Off with Naples Customers Winning ScratchCard

Frozen eggs and sperm storage limit increased to 55 years : worldnews

Fighting record-low poll numbers, a weakening economy and a judiciary he says is stacked against him, President Jair Bolsonaro has called huge rallies for Brazilian independence day Tuesday, seeking to fire up his far-right base : worldnews
Brazil: warning Bolsonaro may be planning military coup amid rallies | Brazil : worldnews

Mexico City to swap Columbus statue for one of indigenous woman : worldnews

The Coming Wave of Evictions Is More Than a Housing Crisis : politics
More than 7 million Americans to lose jobless benefits on Labor Day : politics
From Cradle to Grave, Democrats Move to Expand Social Safety Net - The New York Times The $3.5 trillion social policy bill that lawmakers begin drafting this week would touch virtually every American, at every point in life, from conception to old age.
Labor unions are showing signs of life on Labor Day - Axios
There Is No Greater Threat to Worker Rights Than This Republican Party : politics
A Century Ago, Miners Fought in a Bloody Uprising. Few Know About It Today. - The New York Times At the Battle of Blair Mountain, thousands of miners clashed with sheriffs deputies in the largest insurrection since the Civil War.

Companies Lobbying Against Infrastructure Tax Increases Have Avoided Paying Billions in Taxes : politics
Addressing Tax System Failings That Favor Billionaires and Corporations : politics

Its a real possibility that our next 9/11 could arrive from within

we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military-industrial complex - Lawyers, Guns & Money .., No matter how dire the financial position of universities, there always seems to be money available to 1)hire high-priced consultants (especially those in consultancies that may have use for academic administrators) and 2)give the people who presided over failed wars enormous sums of money to do nothing in particular.

It's Time to Put the Right-Wing Zombie Death Cult on Trial
How to Stop the GOPs Race to the Crazy, Contagious Bottom

Americans Are Sleepwalking Into Completion of Trumps Unfinished Coup | As the former president continues to stoke his base with his big lie that the election was stolen, GOP lawmakers are adding fuel to the fire, pushing more Americans into Trumps paranoid nightmare
Republicans in crosshairs of 6 January panel begin campaign of intimidation : politics

Swiftboating grief - Lawyers, Guns & Money
Honestly, Ive got to say hats off to the Blob on this whole Afghanistan thing. They couldnt achieve any of their stated war aims, but theyve proven they can absolutely wreck you politically if you fuck with them

Threats & Leaks New Documents Show Just How Crazy the Georgia Recount Fiasco Got : politics

The Filibuster Is Blocking Roe v. Wade From Becoming the Law of the Land : politics
President Biden: Texas shows we cant wait any longer. Its time to pack the court (bad headline, he didn't say that)
Klobuchar Urges Nixing Archaic Rule Of Filibuster To Codify Abortion Rights

Texans are almost evenly divided on abortion, but a combination of Republican control, conservative judicial appointments and cultural shifts helped the states anti-abortion movement find success.
Justice Department to protect women seeking an abortion in Texas - The Washington Post
A Texas clinic worker says 70% of the women who called in for abortion care this week were turned down : politics
Satanic Temple launches legal challenge to Texas abortion law : politics
Republicans are not celebrating the Texas abortion law. Heres why (in the be careful what you wish for dept)
Texas Gov. Greg Abbotts Approval Plummets as 52 Percent Believe State Is on Wrong Track

Missouri Republicans Plan To Introduce Abortion Restrictions Modeled On Texas Law : politics

Southern Republicans Cannot Be Trusted With Public Health : politics

Donald Trump Beats Joe Biden in 2024 Election Poll

Poll: Fewer than half of West Virginians believe legitimacy of 2020 presidential election : politics

AOC Reminds America That Rahm Emanuel Covered Up the Murder of 16-Year-Old Laquan McDonald. So Why Is Biden Still Kiki-ing With Him? : politics

Arizona GOP Hired Anti-Vaccine Vote Conspiracist Dr. Shiva For Sham Election Audit (you know, the guy who "invented" email)

Betting markets swing in favor of Gov. Gavin Newsom as California recall effort enters home stretch : politics
Recall candidate Larry Elder says sex ed has no role in school in message to Rocklin church (also, "reading" and "math")
Women voters want to keep Newsom in office - Los Angeles Times
In red California, Trumps lies about a rigged election echo among recall supporters
QAnon Believes California Recall Election Will Somehow See Trump Reinstated : politics

Why liberal Portland has become a focal point for the far right : politics (even after Antifa/BLM "burned it to the ground" six times)

Reduced pot penalty approved for Georgia beach community : politics

Oxfam ranks North Carolina as worst state in the U.S. for wages and worker protections : politics ... The other bottom-five states were also in the South, with Georgia in 51st place, Mississippi in 50th, Alabama in 49th and South Carolina 48th ... and NC 5th in Covid deaths right now.

The Strange Tale of the Freedom Phone, a Smartphone for Conservatives. A 22-year-old Bitcoin millionaire wants Republicans to ditch their iPhones for a low-end handset that he hopes to turn into a political tool. : politics

A Generation of American Men Give Up on College: I Just Feel LostThe number of men enrolled at two- and four-year colleges has fallen behind women by record levels, in a widening education gap across the U.S. ... affirmative action for boys (60/40: aother big sort)

Can Progressives Be Convinced That Genetics Matters? | The New Yorker The behavior geneticist Kathryn Paige Harden is waging a two-front campaign: on her left are those who assume that genes are irrelevant, on her right those who insist that they're everything.

A Guide To Buying Awesome Gifts - Unique Gifter .com

If Gawker Is Nice, Is It Still Gawker? - The New York Times

Michael K. Williams, RIP - Lawyers, Guns & Money A tremendous loss of one of the best television actors in the genres history.
The Wire actor Michael K Williams found dead aged 54 in possible overdose

Dakota: Internal moire ,,, A fine example of the metaphoraphoto

Cancer vaccine developed using Oxford astrazeneca vaccine technology : worldnews

ELI5: What is the difference between Alzheimers and Dementia?
Algorithm developed by researchers at Kaunas University of Technology can predict possible early onset Alzheimers with near 100 per cent accuracy

Scientists have observed wild cockatoos making their own cutlery setcrafting the equivalent of a crowbar, an ice pick, and a spoon to pry open one of their favorite fruits. Discovery puts parrots on par with primates in terms of toolmaking.

When scientists excavated an ancient lake in the Nefud Desert, they found thousands of stone toolsand evidence that multiple waves of Homo sapiens and their relatives have been migrating across the Arabian interior for at least the past 400,000 years.

What is a very interesting or odd psychological phenomena or fact? : AskReddit

Who is wrongly portrayed as a hero? : AskReddit ... Oprah ...

What fact do you know that makes people go Why the fuck do you know that!?

FTM_PTB comments on This was easier than I thought
Please read if considering the name Scout : namenerds


Nearly 30 percent of the 138,374 species assessed by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) for its survival watchlist are now at risk of vanishing in the wild forever, as the destructive impact of human activity on the natural world deepens : worldnews

Wealthy Americans eat a better-balanced and more nutritious diet than do those in lower income groups, but their food habits are a bigger burden on the environment. Prosperous people in the United States tend to consume food that requires large amounts of land and water to produce. : science

Brazil suspends beef exports to China after confirming mad cow disease cases : worldnews

Tuna are starting to recover after being fished to the edge of extinction, scientists have revealed. : worldnews

With No Tourist Handouts Because Of COVID, Bali's Hungry Monkeys Raiding Homes

Catastrophic Flooding Kills at Least 41 in New York Area
Majority of Idas NYC Victims Died in Illegally Converted Basements, Cellars

Wonder why cases are accelerating in Worcester county vs Middlesex county

Worldwide coronavirus cases cross 220.3 million : Coronavirus
The US leads the world in Covid cases. Who's surprised? [Scroll below map to find chart at this URL: https:// data.citizen-times. com / coronavirus / deaths/] (take out spaces when pasting)] : CoronavirusUS ... Adjusted for population it's actually 15th in cases and 20th in deaths.
Just looked at the most upvoted post of all time from r/Coronavirus (posted March 10, 2020, as COVID was flaring up in the U.S.), and it's insane how much our understanding of the virus has changed : CoronavirusUS
By the end of the year, wealthy nations will have 1.2 billion vaccine doses they dont need

More kids hospitalized with Covid-19 in states with lower vaccination rates. In the two week period in mid to late August, ER visits were 3.4 times higher in the states with the lowest vaccination rates and hospitalizations were 3.7 times higher than in states with the highest vaccination rates : science (refucks killing their kids)

The 'true delta wave' starts this weekend, expert says - Dr. Scott Gottlieb said the delta wave begins after Labor Day weekend (northeast will get slammed)
The 'true delta wave' starts this weekend, expert says

New kidney problems linked to long COVID; loss of smell may be followed by other smell distortions

Inhaled Water and Salt Suppress Respiratory Droplet Generation and COVID-19 Incidence and Death on US Coastlines | Molecular Frontiers Journal : Coronavirus

QAnon and anti-vaxxers brainwashed kids stuck at homenow teachers have to deprogram them ... 15 percent of Americans believe QAnon conspiracy theories ... 22% of Americans self-identify as anti-vaxxers ...

Ivermectin Overdoses: National Poison Data System Reports 245% Surge In Cases : CoronavirusUS

My Covid story: : CoronavirusUS (unvaxxed bc didn't want govrnment telling her what to do to save her life)

Doctors Say Texas Leaders Failed To Stop COVID-19 From Spreading : politics (in the no shit dept)

Florida grapples with COVID-19's deadliest phase yet CorRona Death Sentence cackles)
Southwest Florida tourism continues to climb despite COVID-19 cases : Coronavirus

The Masks Were Working All Along - The Atlantic Now we have definitive proof that masks really are effective. (yesterday, The Atlantic told us they were killing our children)

Kentuckys schools struggle as coronavirus outbreaks close entire districts. (that fucking newspaper can't be bothered to tell us how may un/vaccintated in kY)

The Assholes Are ascendant - Lawyers, Guns & Money The truth is that being a ridiculous, bad white person pays dividends ... The assholes are ascendant. Theres no better time to be a sociopath and plague-spreader. Because no one with any power is going to push back on you.

At least 1,000 schools in 35 states have closed for in-person learning since the start of the school year: COVID-19 updates : Coronavirus

Every kindergarten teacher at this Texas school reportedly positive for COVID-19 : CoronavirusUS

There are no ICU beds left at this Sampson County hospital. Every bed is filled with a COVID-19 patient : Coronavirus (NC)

Kid Rock Cancels Shows as Half the Band Has Fucking COVID After Sturgis

Max Kennerly on Twitter: "Sources quoted by @washingtonpost: Monica Gandhi, MD, MPH, professor of medicine Ezekiel Emanuel, MD, PhD, professor of medicine Jay Bhattacharya, MD, PhD, professor of medicine Julie Swann, PhD, professor of health systems Alex Berenson, infamous liar with no qualifications" / Twitter

Tokyo Paralympic-linked COVID-19 cases reach nearly 300 in 3 weeks : Coronavirus

Generational divide clashes with factions in Japans ruling party

S Korea developing missile as powerful as nuclear weapon : worldnews
South Koreas parliament has voted to require hospitals to place surveillance cameras in operating rooms after a series of medical accidents. With the bills passage, South Korea will be the first developed country to require closed-circuit cameras to record surgical procedures

Taiwan scrambles jets against renewed Chinese military activity : worldnews

Hundreds of thousands of Indian farmers rally against farm laws : worldnews

U.S. Citizens and Afghans Wait for Evacuation Flights From Country's North - The Taliban have left hundreds of people stranded in Afghanistan awaiting approval for departure.
Afghanistan: Panjshir forces claim hundreds of Taliban captured : worldnews
Austria and Serbia vow to stop Afghan refugees entering Europe : worldnews

Heavy gunfire reported near Guineas presidential palace

Toxic wastewater from Angolan diamond mine kills 12, sickens 4,400 in Congo : worldnews

Bubonic plague kills 44 children in DRCs Ituri province

Worlds millionaires are moving to Dubai for safety, luxury and tax benefits ... And you can't even drink or smoke weed there. You just stare out at the bleak sand desert as you shit on your gold toilet on the 112th floor of your glass apartment. And if you are gay, well youll enjoy the view from inside your jail cell even less

Saudi forces intercept ballistic missiles and drones fired from Yemen : worldnews

Suspected ISIL attack kills at least 12 Iraqi police near Kirkuk : worldnews

Tens of thousands protest for gay marriage in Switzerland : worldnews (women in some cantons got to vote in the '90s)

Dutch cities want to ban property investors in all neighborhoods : worldnews
8-foot-tall pagan idol unearthed in Irish bog (right before the christofuckers invaded)

UK Elections bill is a power grab to rig polls in favour of Tories. Charities and unions slam move as an attack on fundamental rights (regressives everywhere fucking the world)
Tory law change would let donors bankroll party from tax havens for life : worldnews
Lack of lorry drivers in UK leads to empty shelves and uncertain futures : worldnews

Joe Biden moves to declassify documents about Sept. 11 attacks : politics (some of them, eventually, maybe)
We knew America would never be the same after 9/11. We didnt know how bad. | Will BunchAmerica responded to the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks with paranoia, distrust that turned on foreigners, immigrants, dissidents and finally one another.
9/11 Triggered a Homeland-Security Industrial Complex That Endures - WSJ After the attacks, federal policies swelled a defense sector that has reshaped U.S. surveillance
Opinion: ADL head: On Park 51 Islamic center, we were wrong, plain and simple - CNN (someone call racist asshole war-monger Abe Foxman)
9/11: As the decades pass, the act of remembering evolves
Khalid Sheikh Mohammed: How 9/11 mastermind slipped through FBIs fingers (slow-walking justice on every level)

Unemployment benefits expire for 7 million Americans, pressuring families and the economy - The Washington Post Federal funds meant to ease the economic shock of the pandemic are coming to an end.

The worst predictions about the Afghanistan war - The Washington Post

White House chief of staff: US is 'going to find ways' to get remaining Americans out of Afghanistan - CNNPolitics
The Lessons of Defeat in Afghanistan | The New Yorker After twenty years, it hardly needs saying that America's wars in Afghanistan and Iraq were disastrous to U.S. interests and standing. (Bushfucked and Obama-screwed)
As they did on the battlefield, the Taliban outlasted the U.S. at the negotiating table - The Washington Post
Sit down and shut up: Alexander Vindman fires back at Ohio Republican over Afghan refugees
A preliminary analysis said that it was possible to probable that explosives were in the car and that drone operators took only a cursory scan of the courtyard before launching an attack.
US to give each incoming Afghan evacuee up to $2,275 in aid : news
The end of the war in Afghanistan meant a temporary suspension of the media's Both Sides conventions - pro-Forever War editorializing presented as straight news, and mission accomplished:

badluckbrians comments on Why America has 8.4 million unemployed when there are 10 million job openings

Trumps Long Campaign to Steal the Presidency: A Timeline The insurrection was a complex, yearslong plot, not a one-day event. And it isn't over.
Trumps coup attempt has not stopped -- and Democrats must wake up
Georgia DA Investigates Trumps Call to Find Votes
As Donald Trump makes noise about 2024, Melania Trump tries to stay out of the public eye - CNNPolitics

Biden and Pelosi vow action after Texas abortion ban : politics
The Texas anti-abortion decision is the result of a decades-long plan by the right to take over the courts. Its time liberals start treating the Supreme Court as what it is: a warped, anti-democratic institution.
Opinion: Texas shows us what post-democracy America would look like : politics (CSA)
Satanic Temple Floats Devilishly Clever Strategy To Dodge Texas Abortion Law : politics
Bette Midler calls on women to refuse sex to protest Texas abortion law : politics
New Texas Abortion Law Likely to Unleash a Torrent of Lawsuits Against Online Education, Advocacy and Other Speech : politics
Will the Fugitive Uterus Act hurt the Republican Party? - Lawyers, Guns & Money ... Wilkinson ... crazymaking. It is hypocrisy of infinite density -- a black hole of bad faith from which nary a glimmer of moral principle or intellectual honesty can escape ... Democrats need to do what they can, and that includes telling the truth about whats going on even if PolitiFact doesnt like it.
Texas has betrayed women - UnHerd The abortion bill is a humiliating act of misogyny
The Texas GOPs loving tribute to Nicolae Ceasuescu
Seems fair : PoliticalHumor

MSNBCs Joy Reid Busts A Big Myth Republicans Tell Themselves About Their Party ... 'The Republican Party is a lot of things; anti-democracy, anti-voting, anti-history, anti-facts, deeply opposed to anti-racism. What they are not is pro-life,' she concluded, saying its now 'loudly and proudly the pro-death party.'

Partisan gerrymandering has empowered a hard-right turn in Texas : politics

Suppressing Gay History in Missouri - Lawyers, Guns & Money This is just disgusting. And not surprising in a state that has moved hard right in recent years ... Mike Parson, a Republican, said in a statement on Friday afternoon that the exhibit organizers had violated a state law that required them to coordinate with the states Board of Public Buildings, a three-member panel that includes the governor, the lieutenant governor and the attorney general ... Mike Parson is a terrible human who like Comrade Hawley serves the worst instincts of the voters of Missouri. Unfortunately, this is a majority of Missouri voters.

House Republicans wrote a letter to Yahoo Chief Executive Officer Marissa Mayer but she hasn't t been CEO since 2017 (and then there's really stupid )

California women show decisive support for Newsom, concerns about Elder, as recall looms : politics
California legislature passes bill that would end qualified immunity for police officers, sending it to governors desk
Hold rogue police accountable: Supreme Court needs to be clear about qualified immunity : politics

Eva Longoria, Shonda Rhimes and Jurnee Smollett Exit Times Up Board in Mass Exodus ... Christy Haubegger, Hilary Rosen, Michelle Kydd, Katie McGrath and interim board chair and Nina Shaw also resigning as board members from the besieged organization ... The nonprofit group, which was created three years ago to protect and support survivors of sexual assault amid the growing #MeToo era, has been besieged over the past month since it was revealed that its leadership had been working with ex-New York Governor Andrew Cuomo to mitigate accusations of sexual misconduct against him ... the organization, which has been harshly criticized for prioritizing its connections with powerful people rather than the well-being of survivors ... many have questioned if the organization that was created in 2018 by a focused group of powerful women in entertainment, media and politics would be able to create change, or if it was destined to be co-opted by the very systems their stated aim was to disrupt.

Kristi Noem Used Prison Labor to Build a Gun-Holding $9,000 Desk -- Then Got a Discount

Via joint fundraising committee, Giants owner Charles B. Johnson gave to Lauren Boebert. Again. : politics (another asshole football head)

A Montana town reflects on its effort to drive former President Donald J. Trumps extremist supporters back to the fringes.
White nationalist leader Richard Spencer now says his entire life has collapsed and he cant even afford a lawyer for when he goes on trial next month. Guess he did nazi that coming.
The Hoarse Whisperer on Twitter: "Life has been one endless face-punch for neo-Nazi, Richard Spencer, lately." / Twitter
Richard Spencer is Divorced, Broke, Unwelcome in Restaurants
DemonicEntitiesHat on Twitter: "@KFILE" / Twitter
Jeff B. tried to do his best, but he could not on Twitter: "boy it's a real shame how richard spencer's life has completely fallen apart after all that smug publicity-seeking neo-nazi race war stuff." / Twitter

White supremacy, with a tan - CNN
From Ku Kluxism to Trumpism

CNN's Jim Acosta is labeling Tucker Carlson a "human manure spreader" and threat to democracy

I don't want it near schools - I don't want it sold to children - Lawyers, Guns & Money I realize we pay way more attention at LGM to J.D. Vance than is healthy or probably warranted, but I remain morbidly curious about whats going to happen to him after he flames out in the Republican senate primary in Ohio,
J.D. Vance on Twitter: "Alex Jones is a far more reputable source of information than Rachel Maddow. One of them is censored by the regime. The other promoted by it." / Twitter

Cults, ancient and contemporary - Lawyers, Guns & Money ... One stratagem favored by Keith Raniere, the leader of the New York-based self-help cult NXIVM, was to tell the female disciples in his inner circle that they had been high-ranking Nazis in their former lives, and that having yogic sex with him was a way to shift the residual bad energy lurking in their systems.

'Physically and emotionally exhausted:' This is how flight attendants are really feeling right now | CNN Travel ... FAA data might show fluctuating figures for much of the past 20 years, in 2021, incidents seem to have skyrocketed. In 2019, 146 investigations were initiated by the FAA. So far in 2021 that number is 727 ... Malis says she feels like incidents have been on a steady rise since the January 6 attack on the US Capitol ... of the 5,000 flight attendants surveyed, 85% said they'd dealt with unruly passengers in 2021. Disruptive passengers had used sexist, racist and/or homophobic language, according to 61%, while 17% said they'd been victim of a physical attack this year

Curtis Flowers Sues Prosecutor Who Tried Him Six Times - The New York Times Charges were dropped in 2019 against Mr. Flowers, who spent 23 years in prison after he was accused of killing four people at a Mississippi furniture store.

State Patrol engaged in massive purgeof emails and texts immediately after George Floyd

South Carolina lawyer shot 12 weeks after wife, son gunned down : news

Florida Shooting: 4 Are Found Dead After Man Opens Fire on Deputies - The New York Times The gunman, a veteran of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, fatally shot a man, two women and an infant inside two homes near Lakeland, Fla., the authorities said. A girl, 11, was wounded ... The girlfriend said that Mr. Riley claimed to have received instructions from God to help the survivors of Hurricane Ida, and that he bought $1,000 worth of cigars to give to them, the sheriff said.

Feds Close California River for Toxic Algae After Hikers Deaths

Today is Sci-Hub anniversary the project is 10 years old! Im going to publish 2,337,229 new articles to celebrate the date. They will be available on the website in a few hours
Alexandra Elbakyan on Twitter: "Today is Sci-Hub anniversary the project is 10 years old! I'm going to publish 2,337,229 new articles to celebrate the date. They will be available on the website in a few hours (how about the lawsuit in India you may ask: our lawyers say that restriction is expired already)" / Twitter

Cutting 20 percent of sugar from packaged foods and 40 percent from beverages could prevent 2.48 million cardiovascular disease events, 490,000 cardiovascular deaths, and 750,000 diabetes cases in the U.S. over the lifetime of the adult population, according to a new study. : science

Would radioactive antimatter have anti-radiation? : askscience

Humans are known to perform well when the reward is high (you are more motivated to win a ranked game than a normal game). But paradoxically, when the stakes are really high, we perform disastrously. A new study has found that monkeys, like humans, choke under pressure. : science

Today I learned that Jews were blamed for The Black Death. : todayilearned

"Men nowadays only want sex" is something you probably have heard before, but what do men actually want?

Women of Reddit: what are the excuses men have used because they didnt want to wear a condom?

2017 bolt ev premier exploded : BoltEV


UN: Brief gains in air quality in 2020 over COVID lockdowns : worldnews

August 2021 Sea Ice melt rate was second-lowest in the past 20 years, due to the Cold Weather patterns over the western Arctic Ocean. But despite a larger area, the icecap is thinner and weaker than this time last year. : worldnews
In the Arctic, Less Sea Ice and More Snow on Land Are Pushing Cold Extremes to Eastern North America | A new study shows how global warming is driving more polar vortex disruptions like the one that froze Texas earlier this year. : worldnews

TIL The absence of land mammals in New Zealand allowed birds to become dominant, and with fewer threats from predators many species became flightless. NZ is home to the most flightless birds having 16 out of the 60 species worldwide. : todayilearned

We left it in Gods hands: floods wreck north-east Spain seaside town (God: "That's why I destroyed you, selfish dumbfucks")

Congo says toxic spill from an Angolan mine has killed 12 and poisoned thousands: The government of the Democratic Republic of Congo has said at least 12 people have died after a river was contaminated with toxic waste from an Angolan diamond mine : worldnews

Komodo dragon in danger of extinction as sea levels rise : worldnews ... Endemic to a handful of Indonesian islands

Mexico Just Banned Cosmetic Animal Testing in a North American First : worldnews

The climate crisis is here declares Biden as US is ravaged in one week by hurricane, floods and wildfires (refucks: no crisis, but if there is one, it's caused by migrant workers!)
Nearly 1 in 3 Americans experienced a climate disaster this summer, from Hurricane Ida to the Caldor Fire - The Washington Post Climate change has turbocharged severe storms, fires, hurricanes, coastal storms and floods threatening millions
Satellite Images Find Oil Spill in Gulf Left in Idas Wakeoil spreading off the coast of an oil and gas hub in Louisiana.
Ida-Deluged NYC Drainage System All But Forgotten in Climate Battle : politics
Owners of flooded cars are likely to find their insurance doesn't cover the damage : news

What date do you consider the start of covid in MA?

With time and without masks, COVID-19 vaccines wane in protection. A study of highly vaccinated health workers found that the more contagious delta variant, combined with the masking mandate end, was associated with increased breakthrough cases, paralleling exponential rise of COVID-19 infections. : science

C.1.2 variant: New coronavirus strain has highest mutation rate yet, study says : worldnews
COVID-19: Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine technology used to design jab that could treat cancer : worldnews

Top federal health officials warn that booster shots initially may be limited to Pfizer recipients - The Washington Post

Efforts grow to stamp out use of parasite drug for COVID-19
Y'all got played - Lawyers, Guns & Money ... The second was about Elizabeth Bruenig, the most prominent anti-choicer on the alleged left, tweeting pro-ivermectin nonsense the day after this ruling came down.
Another triumph for the intellectual dark web - Lawyers, Guns & Money In addition to outright MAGA GIVE ME MUH HORSE MEDICINE!!!!! grunts, its not hard tofind Matt Taibbi-like anti-anti-ivermecitin-shilling arguments: (Bruenig is an evil idiot)

Orlando Lawmaker Sues Florida Department of Health To Release Daily COVID-19 Data : politics (DeFuckis: what, no one died!)
Florida to issue $5,000 fines for businesses, schools who ask for proof of COVID-19 vaccine

The governor has abandoned his duties| Texas education official calls for mandatory COVID vaccines
Doctors Say Texas Leaders Failed To Stop COVID-19 From Spreading

Loss of hope: Idaho hospitals crushed by COVID-19 surge ... The patients nestled inside are a lot alike: All unvaccinated, mostly middle-aged or younger, reliant on life support and locked in a silent struggle against COVID-19.

Mississippi ranks second in COVID-19 death rates, last in vaccination rates : Coronavirus
Percentage of adults with obesity in the United States as of 2019, by state (#1; ms / #48: ma)

Federal judge blocks Tennessee governors mask opt-out order in schools

Pediatricians office employee pepper sprayed by woman refusing to wear a mask

Idaho teachers blasted in Facebook comments over maskless teacher workshop pics:Absolutely horrified

Arizona Dad Rishi Rambaran Arrested After Angry Trio Threatens to Zip-Tie Principal Over COVID Rules The surreal confrontation stemmed from the Arizona school asking a child who was exposed to the virus to abide by public health guidelines.

I wish we didnt have to do this: Alberta to offer $100 incentive to get vaccinated against COVID-19

Virus pummels French Polynesia, straining ties with Paris : worldnews

New Zealand reports 20 community cases of covid-19, one death; lowest daily total since the outbreak began 3 weeks ago : worldnews

Anti-vaxxers storm government building where Covid vaccine got green light : worldnews

Saudi Arabia Now Has The Worlds Toughest Vaccine Rules

Philippine Air Force jets intercept unknown aircraft entering countrys airspace
Philippine Airlines files for bankruptcy as Covid-19 travel fallout rises : worldnews

Myanmar: We were always hearing those tortured sounds : claims of abuse and death in custody under countrys military rule

Delivery man gets death sentence for trafficking 299.09gm of cannabis into Malaysia : worldnews

Princess Mako of Japan will reject a $1.3 million dollar payout when she weds her 'commoner' college sweetheart
Yakuza Have Been Ordered To Put Away Guns As Boss Is Sentenced To Death By Hanging : worldnews

Taiwan Government to ask allies to voice support for Taiwans U.N. inclusion

China anti-corruption probe finds local governments are still fabricating economic data
FBI says Chinese authorities are hacking US-based Uyghurs : worldnews

India restores mobile services in Kashmir two days after death of separatist leader : worldnews
Secret centuries-old tunnel found under the Delhi Legislative Assembly connecting it to the Red Fort : worldnews

Leaked Audio Reveals Alleged Secret Session to Rig Russia Election Results
Russia blocks six popular VPN services : worldnews

Pakistans ISI chief arrives in Kabul to prevent spoilers from exploiting the situation
How nightly raids turned Afghans toward the Taliban : worldnews (Barry in the WH basement killing children)
The Afghan Resistance Says Reports Of Its Defeat In Panjshir Are Taliban Propaganda : worldnews
Groups of Afghan women brave Taliban-controlled streets to demand rights : worldnews
Taliban special forces bring abrupt end to womens protest
Hunted By The Men They Jailed, Afghanistans Women Judges Seek Escape
Google locks Afghan government email accounts as concerns grow over the Taliban tracking down their enemies, report says : worldnews
Taliban death squads trawl porn sites to compile kill list of Afghan prostitutes after US withdrawal (their excuse to watch child porn)
U.S. investigating reports girls among Afghan evacuees forced to marry older men to escape : worldnews

Dubai Is A Parody Of The 21st Century : videos

11 children abducted by presumed Islamist militants in DR Congo : worldnews

Cairos new Metro line opens positions for women train drivers for the first time

Sanctioning Iranian Intelligence Affiliates for Targeting Dissidents Abroad - United States Department of State

Israel Fires Missiles at Syrian Capital of Damascus : worldnews
Hamas threatens more Gaza violence: All means available to break the siege
Israeli officials cautioned Biden against heavy criticism of Egypt, Saudi Arabia; fearing Arab countries leaving US sphere of influence and into the arms of Russia and China. : worldnews ... Israel is the best ally to advise any county on how to win the hearts of arab neighbors.

FIFA will take action over racist abuse of England players by Hungary fans : worldnews

Married Kremlin Spies, a Shadowy Mission to Moscow and Unrest in Catalonia - The New York Times Intelligence files suggest an aide to a top Catalan separatist sought help from Russia in the struggle to break with Spain. A fierce new protest group emerged shortly afterward.

Unlawful possession of laughing gas could be made a crime in England and Wales : worldnews

Early Canada election call backfires on Trudeau, who now trails in polls : worldnews

Panic made us vulnerable: how 9/11 made the US surveillance state and the Americans who fought back
Eschaton: Your Moment of Zen

The pandemic is almost certainly a bigger political risk for Biden than Afghanistan - The Washington Post

Inside the Afghan Evacuation: Rogue Flights, Hope and Chaos - The New York Times President Biden has insisted that the evacuation of Kabul was done as efficiently as possible. But key documents obtained by The New York Times suggest otherwise.
US expects to admit more than 50,000 evacuated Afghans : worldnews
At least two Afghans who were evacuated to the U.S. will be sent to Kosovo for more review, but that does not mean they necessarily pose a terror threat.
Oklahoma congressman says he has no regrets about attempts to enter Afghanistan - The Washington Post (the plumber guy)
I did Nazi this coming - Lawyers, Guns & Money ... Stephen Miller seemed floored by the idea, raised during a fall Cabinet meeting in 2018 ...

Democrats Are Better at Running FEMA. They Just Are. | Hurricane Ida and the history of emergency management show that Republicans are their own man-made disaster. : politics ... Are people actually suggesting a qualified public servant is better than an an artisan horse breeder?

House Dems Introduce Bill to Lower Medicare Age to 60 : politics
Majorities of Americans say unions have a positive effect on U.S. and that decline in union membership is bad : politics
when there are 10 million job openings : The economy is undergoing massive changes. There's a big mismatch at the moment between the jobs available and what workers want.

January 6 select committee refutes claim by McCarthy that the Justice Department cleared Trump of any role in insurrection - CNNPolitics
Watchdog Demands Probe Of Kevin McCarthy's Threats Against Firms In Jan. 6 Investigation
The FCC Commissioner Echoing Kevin McCarthy Is Married To McCarthy's Counsel
Washington Post Rips Kevin McCarthy, GOPs Pitiful Path To Jan. 6 'Trutherism'
GOP Rep. Madison Cawthorn says the Capitol rioters were mostly normal people who were kind of wandering in

Video shows Jim Jordan saying Donald Trump is about ready to announce 2024 run
Trump and his religion advisors launch new National Faith Advisory Board Trump and his religion advisors launch new National Faith Advisory Board
Trump in advanced talks to sell D.C. hotel - Axios

AOC slams Manchins urge to cut $3.5 trillion Democratic social welfare bill and delay its passage: 'Bipartisan corruption is killing people'
Joe Manchins Dirty Empire
The Democrats are on the verge of completely and utterly blowing it for vulnerable Americans : politics

Planned Parenthood granted restraining order against Texas Right to Life as abortion battle rages : politics
The Supreme Court aids and abets Texas in violating womens constitutional rights
Sotomayor's Defiant Dissent
Misogyny is a hell of a drug - Lawyers, Guns & Money -- Dahlia Lithwick on the contempt for the rights of women behind the Supreme Court overruling Roe in an unsigned opinion with one kinda-substantive paragraph of laughably bad faith fake-procedural bullshit at midnight on a Wednesday:
The most radical Supreme Court in American history just announced its intentions. Get ready. : politics
In Texas, the GOP Has Just Overplayed Its Hand: Hideous as the Texas law is for women, it could be good for Democrats in 2022anger is a much greater motivator than complacency.
The Texas abortion ban is unconstitutional | Opinion : politics
How Roe v. Wade Stopped Being the Law of the Land in Texas : politics
Texas abortion law is one of the most restrictive in the developed world
Republicans in six states rush to mimic Texas anti-abortion law North Dakota, South Dakota, Mississippi, Indiana, Arkansas and Florida eye similar measures to new Texas ban after six weeks : politics (tnx, RGB, you idiot)
Satanists may be the last hope against Texass abortion bill
Lyft will cover legal fees for drivers sued under Texas abortion law : politics
Pro-life abortion reporting system dropped by website host : politics
U.S. companies lash out at Texas law changes, including abortion ban : politics
Texas law barring most abortions has origins in tiny Waskom : politics - On to banning birth control and instituting virginity checks!
Republicans Finally Caught the Car - by Will Wilkinson - Model Citizen - The Back-Alley Reversal of Roe Just Made the GOP Unsafe for Right-leaning Women

FEC unanimously rejects complaint that Maggie Haberman and news organizations illegally contributed to Hillary Clintons campaign with favorable coverage (by not reporting on her pizza-pedo ring)

Before the legislation is even signed, Texas new voting rules are challenged in two federal lawsuits
The Texas Taliban wing of the Republican Party : politics
Texas gives in further to the seductiveness of its gun culture -- but its a trap

Oregon Democrats propose a congressional district map that would likely give their party 5 of 6 seats in U.S. House : politics
The Top 10 Most Gerrymandered States In America (refucks, every time)

I barely know what the recall is: central California voters puzzle over crucial vote
California Republicans launching campaign to boost trust in mail-in voting | Reuters (refucks refucking themselves)
California Senate Votes to Mail Ballots in All Elections : politics

New Colorado congressional map proposal would put Boebert, Neguse, in same district : politics

Reports Say Wyoming Has Second Highest DUI Rate In U.S. : news

Eloquence is Overrated - by James Fallows - Dont remember lines from a speech? That could be a sign of its success.

Facebook Apologizes After A.I. Puts 'Primates' Label on Video of Black Men

Teenagers arent as lonely in lockdown if interacting positively online. Study finds that connecting online with peers can be a social lifesaver for tweens and teens during a COVID-19 pandemic lockdown

Eli5: why is there no test for the chemical imbalance that is often mentioned for depression?

Keeping Little Joe Cooks spirit alive: The Cantab to reopen with new owners in Cambridge
Vegans/vegetarians of Boston, where is your favorite place to eat? : boston
This Massachusetts stereotype map is pretty good [X-post from r/MapPorn] : boston
Harvard owns roughly one-third of Allston. Now it needs to win over the residents - The Boston Globe


The extreme cold snap that left millions of people in Texas without power last winter appears to have been made more likely by melting Arctic sea ice thousands of kilometres away, research suggests. : science

With no tourist handouts, hungry Bali monkeys raid homes : worldnews

Ida's northern carnage shows how unprepared most of our infrastructure is for the era of climate change:
Storm Ida: At least 58 people dead as flooding and tornadoes continue to batter the US : worldnews

Hurricane Ida power outages lead to shortages in groceries and other essentials - The Washington Post With more than 800,000 customers still without electricity, many Louisiana residents are scrambling to load up on milk, bread and water and find gas for their cars
South Mississippi grocery stores struggling to keep shelves stocked : news

COVID-19 Interactive Data Dashboard for Massachusetts as of September 3, 2021 : CoronavirusMa
1,703 confirmed cases, 10 deaths, and 4,890 vaccinations. See todays COVID-19 data from Mass.

A Turning Point: Harvard Hikes Testing Requirements Amid Campus Covid-19 Surge

U.S. covid death toll hits 1,500 a day amid delta variant scourge - The Washington Post A perfect storm of viral changes and behavioral changess driving pandemics fourth wave ... But only some places mostly Southern states with lower vaccination rates are seeing a parallel surge in deaths ... The driving factor in the current wave is human behaviorhow people interact and how people respond to risk and that is really very unpredictable (no, it isn't)

Here' s what we know about the mu variant ... "variant of interest"
What We Actually Know About Waning Immunity : Reports of vaccines' decline have been greatly overstated.

Health Officials Advise Biden to Scale Back Covid-19 Booster Shots Plan For Now - The New York Times Federal regulators warned on Thursday they may not have enough data to recommend boosters for anyone except certain recipients of the Pfizer vaccine by late September.

Researchers Identify Groups Hesitant About COVID-19 Vaccine While vaccine hesitancy decreased across virtually all racial groups, Blacks and Pacific Islanders had the largest decreases, joining Hispanics and Asians at having lower vaccine hesitancy than whites in May ... Those from counties with higher Trump support in the 2020 presidential election showed higher hesitancy, and the difference in hesitancy between areas with high and low Trump support grew over the period studied ... Generally, COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy was higher among the young (ages 18-24), non-Asian people and less educated (high school diploma or less) adults, and those with Ph.D's.

More Than 100,000 People Are In The Hospital For COVID. Some States May Ration Care : news

Ron DeSantis approval rating plummets as Florida COVID-19 cases skyrocket ... Better headline: Ron DeSantis miraculously still has 48% approval despite trying as hard as he can to kill his constituents
Trump reportedly "f---ing hates" Ron DeSantis
Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis appeals ruling that said he didnt have authority to ban mask mandates in schools
15 Miami-Dade educators die from COVID-19 in 10 days : news
Texas teacher trying to decide about Covid vaccine dies three days after testing positive : news

Patients overdosing on ivermectin backing up rural Oklahoma hospitals, ambulances | Oklahoma City
Severe Ivermectin poisoning is on the rise in Oklahoma as health facilities struggle with finding enough hospital beds for people exacerbating a new outbreak and surge of cases of COVID-19 in the state. : news

Police on-scene at Vail elementary school after group threatens to zip-tie principal over COVID-19 protocols

Get the vaccine or get fired? In Shenandoah Valley, some nurses choose termination. - The Washington Post

The Joe Rona Experience : videos
Miles Teller Gets COVID After Refusing Vax, Bringing Godfather Shoot to Halt

Canada set to welcome fully vaccinated foreign travellers next week : worldnews

Italy may eventually make COVID vaccine shots compulsory for all, Draghi says : worldnews

Vaccine appointments more than doubled after Ontario Covid passport announcement. : worldnews

Cuba prepares to vaccinate its children, entire population : worldnews

Sri Lankan ISIS sympathiser under 24/7 surveillance stabs 6 people in supermarket, shot by police within 60 seconds - NZ Police : worldnews
Man shot dead at New Zealand supermarket; multiple injuries : worldnews

China bans reality talent shows to curb behaviours of 'idol' fandoms | China (unless it's Xi)

India to allow women to join top defense institutions : worldnews

The Kabul Airlift Flew 124,334 People in 778 Flights as the Wars Final Act
Taliban declare China their closest ally : worldnews
Heavy clashes erupt between Taliban and anti-Taliban group in Afghanistan : worldnews
They are so burned we cannot identify their bodies: Grieving relatives fury over US drone strike targeting ISIS-K that killed six children, including two toddlers aged 2, and four adults
Defiant Afghan women held a rare protest Thursday saying they were willing to accept the burqa if their daughters could still go to school under Taliban rule : worldnews
Deadly stampede after Pakistan shuts key border crossing with Afghanistan : worldnews

Syrian air defences shoot down Israeli missiles over Damascus ... "missile tech America gives to Israel, gets shot down by anti missile tech Russia gives to Syria"

Pro-life women of Reddit, why? : AskReddit

Pet abduction to be made new criminal offence in England : worldnews

Brazils worst drought in almost a century is threatening electricity supply and critical crops, pushing up energy and food prices at a time the country was hoping to start recovering from the economic fallout of the coronavirus pandemic

Welcome to America. Your call is very important to us. - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Biden signs executive order requiring review, release of some classified 9/11 documents - The Washington Post
Biden signs order to declassify 9/11 attack investigation documents : politics (20 yrs of protecting America's attackers)
9/11: 20 YEARS LATER : 9/11 was a test. The books of the last two decades show how America failed ... (good survey of the group myth, and ends with:) Still reeling from an attack that dropped out of a blue sky, America is suffering from a sort of post-traumatic stress democracy. It remains in recovery, still a good country, even if a broken good country ... (among other failures, NY real estate developers re-wrote the building code to make evacuation much harder, and Fuckiani put the police command center there so he could bang his mistresses without inconviencing him ... and then there's Bush and the Military-Industrial-Media Death complex, torture, and dumb Hillary and ... "Obama squandered the best chance anyone could ever have to end the 9/11 era" searching for his inner Republican in the WH basement with his joystick)

Jobs report disappoints only 235,000 positions added vs. expectations of 720,000

US has no plans to release billions in Afghan assets : worldnews
White supremacist praise of the Taliban takeover concerns US officials : worldnews (old white people)
Ending the war in Afghanistan brought out opposition that has been labeled "the Blob." But who are the Blob? (evil for profit)
U.S. Struggles to Learn Whos Who in Afghan Airlift of 124,000
Afghanistan's Corruption Was Made in America : How Self-Dealing Elites Failed in Both Countries

Capitol Rioter Known as QAnon Shaman Pleads Guilty - The New York Times Jacob Chansley, who stormed onto the Senate floor in face paint and a horned hat, accepted a deal under which federal prosecutors will recommend a sentence of 41 to 51 months in prison.

Susan Collins calls Texas abortion law 'extreme' under more scrutiny for Kavanaugh vote (said she was extremely concerned that you believed her)
Elizabeth Warren agrees Texas abortion law is like The Handmaids Tale. When abortion is illegal, rich women still get abortions
With the End of Roe the Verdict is in: The Supreme Court Majority is Christian Nationalist (you mean Christo-fascist fuckers)
If Texas leaders want to protect life, where are masks, vaccines, resources for kids? : politics
TikTokers flood Texas abortion whistleblower site with Shrek memes, fake reports and porn
Texass Abortion Law Blunder
u/doscervesas2017 lists slippery slope of Texas new abortion law ... The Texas law is designed to evade constitutional review by the Federal government (the final chapter of the Confederacy)
You cant own more than six dildos in Texas (but unlimited gunz)
Texas abortion ban should wake Democrats up: A dystopian hellscape awaits without filibuster reform : politics
Republicans seethe with violence and lies. Texas is part of a bigger war theyre waging

Democrats Will Hold Hearings On Supreme Courts Use Of Shadow Docket
Democrats announce probe into potential abuse of Supreme Court's shadow docket
Supreme Court Shoot Themselves in Foot as Democrats Prepare for Battle to Expand Court : politics
Release: Reps. Khanna, Beyer, Lee, Tlaib Introduce Legislation to Set Supreme Court Term Limits, Appointments Schedule, Without Constitutional Amendment : politics

Trump Says He Is Unlikely to Get Covid-19 Vaccine Booster Shot - WSJ
Trump Towers key tenants have fallen behind on rent and moved out. But Trump has one reliable customer: His own PAC. (suckers)
Former ambassador Kelly Craft directed government business to Trump International Hotel, emails show - The Washington Post

Misinformation on Facebook beats factual news when it comes to clicks, study finds - The Washington Post Right-leaning pages also produce more misinformation, the forthcoming study found. (Zuckerfucker cackles)

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Accuses Joe Manchin of Letting Lobbyists Write Fossil Fuel Bills : politics
Joe Manchins new threat to destroy Bidens agenda is worse than it seems

After Democratic Takeover, Virginia Is No Longer Ranked Worst U.S. State For Workers

Madison Cawthorn: behold the rotten fruit of extreme Republican gerrymandering : politics

Remember when JD Vance Was the Conservative Liberals Had to Take Seriously? - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Caitlyn Jenner polling at 1% in race for California governor

The Purdue Pharma opioid settlement is a retrospective punishment that cant possibly fit the crime (Sacklers and their death-for-profit industry largely walk)

NYC Basement Apartment Storm Deaths Renew Housing AdvocatesCalls for Legalization

Theodore McCarrick, ex-cardinal and Archbishop of Washington D.C., to face sex abuse charges in Boston court : news

Beanie Feldstein gives Monica Lewinsky a voice while redefining her own - The Washington Post

Police Say Demoralized Officers Are Quitting In Droves. Labor Data Says No. | While other industries were devastated by the pandemic last year, police departments felt a much smaller impact. : politics (snowflake copsters lied?)

As Kansas City Police Resist City Control, Department Refuses To Respond To Audits : politics

Lawsuit Filed By Harris County Woman Tased While In Wheelchair Will Move Forward : news

After calling the police on a 6-year-old boy, Somerville files lawsuit to keep police report secret while DCF moves to expunge its records - The Boston Globe

The lonely journey of a UFO conspiracy theorist : One man's search for truth, credibility, and belonging in America

Artificial sweeteners stimulate horizontal transfer of extracellular antibiotic resistance genes through natural transformation : science

Dance and movement therapy shows promise in the treatment of a wide array of psychiatric symptoms. : science (psychomotor)

Study finds 45% risk of genetically inheriting schizophrenia for children of schizophrenic parents : science

If You Cant Stand People Fidgeting, You May Have Misokinesia: A new study in Nature Scientific Reports found that 1/3 of people have some level of "misokinesia" or the hatred of movements like leg jiggling, fidgeting, or chewing. It may be related to misophoniathe hatred of certain trigger sounds.

CurlSagan comments on After what distance is an orgy still considered an orgy?

I just finished Frank Herbert's Dune and need to talk about it : books

Crow feeds and befriends stray kitten, couple films the unlikely pair's friendship for over 8 months. : aww

TIL that there are 42 buildings in New York City that have their own zip code. : todayilearned

What was the worst advice you have ever received? : AskReddit


The Arctic Circle saw record-high temperatures in 2020, NOAA report finds : worldnews

Almost a third of the worlds tree species are at risk of extinction, largely due to agriculture, logging and livestock farming, according to a new landmark report published by Botanic Gardens Conservation International

In the Amazon, the Worlds Largest Reservoir of Biodiversity, Two-Thirds of Species Have Lost Habitat to Fire and Deforestation

Majority of Academics Behind EV-Sceptic Paper Are Petrol or Diesel Specialists : worldnews (where else would the bear shit?)

The Dream of Carbon Air Capture Edges Toward Reality : technology

Maps: Wildfires, Air Quality and Smoke in CA and the West - The New York Times
'We're still not out of the woods' : Improved weather conditions could aid crews fighting to save Lake Tahoe from Caldor Fire

Four nursing home residents have died at an evacuation facility, Louisiana officials say. - The New York Times
Ida Brings Flash Floods and Upheaval to New York City - The New York Times
Here' s what made the New York City flooding so devastating - The intensity of rain from the remnants of Hurricane Ida converged with urban sprawl, previous downpours and climate change for a flash-flood disaster
New Yorks storm deaths highlight a shadow world of basement apartments ... On Thursday, when the citys death toll reached 12, police officials said that 11 of the dead had been found in basements in residential homes.
Neighbors tried to save neighbors from Idas floods. Sometimes they couldnt.
New York City Shuts Train Service as Ida Barrels Through Region - The New York Times
Ida Floods New York Area - The New York Times
Philadelphia Highway Flooded After Ida Moves Through - The New York Times
Water level in Philly : pics
Somerville New Jersy - From my apartment : pics
Death toll tops 40 after Ida's remnants blindside Northeast

The Surfside Condo Was Flawed and Failing. Heres a Look Inside. how faulty design and construction could have contributed to the collapse of the building in South Florida.

Your MA COVID-19 Interactive Data Dashboard for September 2, 2021 - 14 Deaths, 595Hospitalized, 1,593 New Cases, 84k Tests Reported. 4,514,520 Fully Vaccinated. : CoronavirusMa
1,593 confirmed cases, 14 deaths, and 12,201 vaccinations. See todays COVID-19 data from Mass.

COVID-19: New Mu variant from Colombia could be vaccine resistant
Coronavirus vaccines cut risk of long Covid, study finds : worldnews
Israeli coronavirus vaccine booster data gives the U.S. hope - Axios
Risk of breakthrough infections remains very rare, 3 studies find The vaccines continue to offer strong protection against severe illness and hospitalization.
Millions Of People Are Missing From CDC COVID Data As States Fail To Report Cases : politics

Requiring Masks in Schools Has a Downside - The Atlantic The educational cost of face coverings is far better established than the benefits of mandates.

Stop Death Shaming - The Atlantic Mocking the unvaccinated dead does not save lives.
Largest study of masks yet details their importance in fighting Covid-19. Scientists conducted a randomized trial across 600 villages and more than 340,000 people in Bangladesh and found that even some adoption of surgical masks made a difference. : news
Covid could trigger a spike in dementia cases, say Alzheimers experts
Do the unvaccinated deserve scarce ICU beds? (actually, no)

COVID denialism and policy clarifications [/r/NoNewNormal banned due to brigading other subreddits; plus other related data, actions, and clarifications] - reddit - September 1, 2021 x-post r/redditsecurity : CoronavirusMa

AMA calls on doctors to immediately stop prescribing ivermectin for Covid : politics
Arkansas inmates not told they were given anti-parasite drug : politics

COVID in children: Georgia ranks high in pediatric COVID-19 hospital admissions

Arizona Banned School Mask Mandates. Now Some Kids Are Sick and Parents Are Angry. : politics

Florida adds 1,338 COVID deaths and reports 21,000+ new cases : news (3x the population and 100X the deaths of MA and that's DeSantised data)
Eschaton: Still Winning : Some Politico and New York Times reporters bet their careers on this guy (with no consequences, of course)
Florida COVID update: case, death, vaccine count | Miami Herald Florida COVID update: 1,338 more fatalities. Average daily reported deaths reaches record high ... All but 38 of the newly reported deaths, about 97%, occurred after Aug. 5, according to the Herald analysis. About 70% of the newly reported died in the past two weeks, the analysis showed. The majority of deaths happened during Floridas latest surge in COVID-19 cases, fueled by the delta variant. (speaking of no consequences)
Gov. DeSantis Net Approval Rating Drops 14 Points Amid Covid Spike, Poll Finds

The New York Times whitewashes Republican governors anti-vaccine political actions (NYT could give a shit if you die)

Joe Rogan, A Podcasting Giant Who Has Been Dismissive of Vaccination, Has Covid - The New York Times
Milo Yiannopoulos this morning: I took ivermectin for covid and noticed immediate improvements. This country is corrupt for not talking about how effective it is. - Milo half a day later: Oh shit, my covid symptoms are as bad as theyve ever been and Ive been gasping for air.
Candace Owens gets hypocritical after being refused for COVID-19 screening Earlier this week, Owens wrote that she is unvaccinated, has been traveling, not wearing masks and that she slept next to her husband, who had light symptoms when he was reportedly COVID positive

Proof of vaccination will be required at movie theatres, gyms, restaurants in Ontario : worldnews

New Zealand police surround address after Covid-positive man escapes quarantine : worldnews

Westmead Hospital patient overdoses on online cure for Covid-19

Not acceptable: Island Health CEO says protesters abused, assaulted health-care workers (Vancouver + conservatards)

North Korea rejects almost 3 million doses of Sinovac vaccine, saying it should be given to countries that need it more : worldnews

93% Of Cubans Will Be Fully Vaccinated in November : worldnews

Russia records 18,985 new daily COVID-19 cases, crisis center says : worldnews

Without a judges warrant, Australian cops can now hack your phone, collect or delete your data, and take control of your social media accounts
Victoria to become first Australian state to ban public display of Nazi symbols : worldnews
Invasive cane toads too deadly even for Australia turn to cannibalism : worldnews

Influence of yakuza gangs declining in Japan : worldnews

China slams high actor pay, bars 'effeminate' behavior from screens (is Xi gay? just asking)
China warns US bad ties could imperil climate cooperation : worldnews

Cows should be given fundamental rights, declared as national animal, rules an Indian High Court : worldnews ... Cool now do that for women too ...

European Court Faults Russia in Murder of Natalya Estemirova - The New York Times The European Court of Human Rights ruled that Russia failed to investigate the abduction and murder of Natalya Estemirova, a human rights researcher, but did not directly implicate the state in her killing.
Russia threatens to fine Apple, Google unless they remove Navalny app, Ifax reports : worldnews

Imran Khan and the Generals Imran Khan, Pakistans 22nd prime minister, may turn out to be the second in the countrs history to complete at least one full term

Milley: US coordination with Taliban on strikes possible
Chaotic U.S. exit likely to crush Afghan economy - Fitch : worldnews
'We're all ruined' : Afghan family says U.S. drone strike killed 10, including 7 children
Majority of Afghans who worked for the US and applied for visas were likely left behind, State Department official says
Afghanistan: Women defy Taliban, demand the right to freedom : worldnews

Sixty-five combatants have been killed in fighting after Yemen's Huthi rebels renewed an offensive on Marib, the last government stronghold in the country's oil-rich north, a military official said Thursday.

Mini-bus plunges off road into a valley in Iran, killing 16 : worldnews

Egypt pumps toxic gas into Gaza tunnel, three Palestinians dead

Palestinians save Jewish woman attacked with stones near Hebron : worldnews

Gunmen kidnap 73 students in latest attack on Nigeria school : worldnews

Pope mistakenly quotes Putin instead of Merkel on Afghanistan : worldnews

WhatsApp has been fined $267 million for breaching EU privacy rules : worldnews

Scotland to trial a four-day week || Scotland is to trial a four-day week, but without a loss of pay. A report out today includes some ideas for how it could be done, drawing on experience in Iceland and New Zealand. : worldnews

Faith institutions accused of moral failing as report finds child sexual abuse prevalent in major UK religions (Jesus was a pedo, Churches say)

Panamas Congress approves medical cannabis bill in unanimous vote

Fate of national daycare in the hands of Canadian voters : worldnews

Biden attempts to turn page on Afghanistan with domestic refocus | TheHill
Bidens Afghanistan failures dont vindicate TrumpThe former president is trying to rewrite history.

Fact check: Biden honored service members killed in Kabul, checked watch only after ceremony : politics (he looked at his watch during there ceremony! rightwing bullshit factory screamed)
Pence aide blames Stephen Miller for devastating visa system for Afghans
White supremacist praise of the Taliban takeover concerns US officials : politics
For Afghan evacuees arriving to U.S., a tenuous legal status and little financial support - The Washington Post
Opinion | Facts are finally starting to penetrate bad Afghanistan punditry - The Washington Post
TV news takes heat for relying on former defense officials as Afghanistan pundits - The Washington Post
Daniel Denvir on Twitter: "Lay off and give the Blob some mulligans." / Twitter (always wrong, but mostly right)

Joe Manchin Has Put Bidens Presidency in Mortal Danger The mercurial senator calls for a "pause" -- when Democrats desperately need to move fast.

Jan. 6 panel taps Cheney as its vice chair the move is likely to ignite further divisions among House Republicans (between 2 and the rest of the them)
The new GOP rage-fest at Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger contains a big tell

Far-Right Extremist Groups Planning to Attend September Rally at Capitol: AP : politics
Kevin McCarthy among GOP lawmakers whose phone records 1/6 select committee asks to be preserved - CNNPolitics (that explains his meltdown)
QAnon Shaman Reaches Plea Deal, Now Repudiates Association With Q - Lawyer Says Jacob Chansley has 'genuine mental health issues'

Text messages suggest Donald Trump looked into funding the controversial Arizona election audit : politics
Trumps Plot to Steal Arizona Was Even Wilder Than We Thought

Supreme Court denies request to stop Texas 6-week abortion ban, with John Roberts and liberals dissenting : politics
Supreme Court divides 5-4 to leave Texas abortion law in place | WFLA
Supreme Court Lets Texas Six-Week Abortion Ban Stay in Effect : politics
Sotomayor Says Majority of Justices Buried Their Heads in the Sand Over Texas Abortion Ban
Nancy Pelosi Announces Vote on Bill to Codify Roe v. Wade : politics

Psaki shuts down male reporter's abortion questions: Youve never faced those choices

And the wind began to howl - Lawyers, Guns & Money The Supreme Court of the United States, by a 5-4 vote, has allowed the Texas legislature to overrule a major federal constitutional precedent, via a procedural trick that was designed explicitly for the purpose of evading federal judicial review ... This travesty comes to us courtesy of Brett Kavanaugh and Amy Coney Barrett, via a system that has allowed the party that has lost the vote in seven of the last eight presidential elections to fill two-thirds of the seats on the Supreme Court.
Expand The Court! : Livid Americans Demand Action After SCOTUS Abortion Ruling
Supreme Court inaction wont just bring an end to Roe. Itll make bounty hunting the new norm.The court also winked and nodded to other states, signaling that they can to use the same kind of procedural maneuvering to infringe on other constitutionally protected rights.
The Supreme Court Overturned Roe v. Wade in the Most Cowardly Manner Imaginable : politics
The Deviousness of Texas's New Abortion Law - The statute is the culmination of a decades-long strategy to end abortion without actually banning abortion.
Texas post-democracy America would look like a dystopian Handmaids Tale. : politics
Texas's abortion law is a nightmare for women -- and a warning to the nation
pRo-fOrCe : PoliticalHumor ... life in Howdy Arabia ...

As Kavanaugh Helps Gut Roe, Critics Recount All the Times Susan Collins Said He Wouldn't (tnx, Mainers)
Fancy liberal lawyer brain - Lawyers, Guns & Money ... . Neal Katyal had especially over-the-top praise for Trumps second nominee:
Texas Is What a Real Mob Looks Like: Forget the freakout over campus illiberalism. Pay attention to the rights abortion bounties ... So in Texas, Covid has reproductive rights but women do not.

Texans are trolling an anonymous tip line for reporting suspected abortions : politics
TikToker Makes Script to Flood Texas Abortion WhistleblowerSite With Fake Info
People in Texas can now carry a gun in public without a permit but cant get an abortion after 6 weeks of pregnancy
Neal Katyal: New TX abortion law is on the verge of something very medieval
The FDA Should Remove Its Restrictions on the Abortion Pill Mifepristone
Texas law could flip script on abortion politics, with Democrats eying gains : politics
State lawmaker wants Florida to impose Texas abortion limits : politics

A legal setback for Donald Trump Jr. on false claimsas he spreads more of them
2016 on Steroids: The Race to Inherit Trumps MAGA Base Is Already On -- And the Knives Are Out

Arizona Senate wants to keep nearly 2,900 audit-related documents from public view : politics

Americans Don't Really Hate Density -- They hate other Americans ... density is the enemy of the thing they want most of all: exclusivity (from "those kinds" of people ... and colleges are bad for America)

Poll finds Newsom recall effort struggling in California - Los Angeles Times
Sorry, Republicans. Newsom will survive recalland emerge even stronger. (refucks fuck themselves, and hello, Jenner)

Remington Subpoenas Report Cards of Five Children Killed in Sandy Hook Shooting - As part of a lawsuit defense, the company that made the guns used in the Sandy Hook shooting demanded the disciplinary and attendance records of dead children. ("it was their fault they were dumb enough to get in the way of our gunz)

Former prosecutor indicted over Ahmaud Arbery case, accused of helping shield suspects in fatal shooting

Americas Real Longest War Was the Conflict against Indigenous Americans

Illinois Becomes the First State to Require Media Literacy Classes for High School Students. To encourage students to develop their research skills, the Prairie State is requiring classes that will teach teenagers how to discern facts from fiction. : politics

Texas High Schools First Black Principal Suspended Because White Parents Say He Promotes Critical Race Theory (by being black and they just proved his point)

Yes, Marketing Is Still Sexist - The New York Times Despite womens progress in many parts of society, advertisements still consistently cast women as secondary.

The Dark History and Demise of Elan School

Woman hurls racist slurs at Jefferson Parish workers, aims car at deputy, is shot dead | Crime/Police | ("go back to your country" she screamed)

Ohio man wanted for assaulting reporter during live Hurricane Ida report arrested in Dayton-area : news

How do lungs heal after quitting smoking, especially with regards to timelines and partial-quit? : askscience

Men who catcall claim its a 'normal way of flirting' while at the same time demonstrating greater hostile sexism

Imposter syndrome is more likely to affect women and early-career academics, who work in fields that have intellectual brilliance as a prerequisite, such as STEM and academia, finds new study. : science

Jameela : can you imagine the storm that would be kicked up if men's reproductive rights were changed? ... Out of every 51,000 teen births ADULT MEN impregnated 33,500 CHILDREN causing ~2/3 of all teen pregnancies.

this cant be real (it isn't, but it could be)
Pet bird, a Jungle Myna, has been trained to go out and look for money, then bring it back home with him : gifs

Smart People: When did you realize you were capable of extreme stupidity? : AskReddit

What is your addiction? : AskReddit

Susanna Hoffs, lead singer and co-founder of The Bangles, age 62. : pics (no, she didn't die, she's just hot)

What f*cked you up as a kid? : AskReddit

OG Redditors, what are the darkest Reddit moments/threads that no longer exist or got lost over time? : AskReddit

Security Researcher Develops Lightning Cable With Hidden Chip to Steal Passwords : technology


Air pollution is slashing years off the lives of billions, report finds : technology

Weather disasters jump fivefold and will get worse: UN : worldnews

Up to half of worlds wild tree species could be at risk of extinction
One-in-three trees face extinction in wild, says new report. : worldnews

Scientists warn glacier in Canadian Rockies is slipping away before their eyes at unprecedented rate. It's a nightmare come true. This is grievously serious for the future of life on the Prairies. The world as we know it is being transformed as we watch

Game-changer for geothermal energy as UK plant unlocks vast supply of lithium

South Americas drought-hit Parana river at 77-year low

Air pollution is slashing years off the lives of billions, report finds : worldnews
Pollution to cut 9 years of life expectancy of 40% Indians: Study : worldnews

Iranian cheetah population in critical condition : worldnews
Distribution of the Big Cats mapped - Vivid Maps

Syrian oil spill spreads across the Mediterranean and could reach Cyprus on Wednesday : worldnews

Hurricane Ida: Gas shortages sweep Louisiana as hundreds of thousands remain without power - The Washington Post More than half the fuel stations in New Orleans and Baton Rouge are tapped out as the region continues to dig out from Hurricane Ida

Unvaccinated Americans shouldnt travel during Labor Day weekend, CDC says

According to latest news, Modernas vaccine creates more antibodies than Pfizers, but they show similar efficiency/efficiency. Why?

Has Delta Peaked? - The New York Times We investigate Covids mysterious two-month cycle. (steps aside for Mu)
WHO monitoring new coronavirus variant named Mu
Most mutated COVID strain so far detected in nine countries : worldnews
Massive randomized study is proof that surgical masks limit coronavirus spread, authors say : worldnews
SinoVac COVID-19 Vaccine Has 0 To 40 Antibody Levels Compared To Pfizers1,300:

Massive randomized study is proof that surgical masks limit coronavirus spread, authors say

Brazilian viper venom may become tool in fight against COVID, study shows : worldnews (whose idea was that?)

Maine law reducing vaccine opt-outs goes into effect : politics

Joe Rogan, podcaster who suggested COVID vaccinations werent necessary, tests positive for virus ... Rogan said he was treated with a series of medications including ivermectin, a deworming veterinary drug that the Food and Drug Administration has warned COVID-19 patients against taking and that has repeatedly been shown as ineffective for them in clinical trials. He also mentioned prednisone, a steroid, and a vitamin drip (another dumbfuck asshole)
Please take my advice - Lawyers, Guns & Money Gazillionaire postcast superstar and hero to countless incel dudebros Joe Rogan everybody:
KARMA IS A BITCH : PoliticalHumor

Rural Oregon school superintendent fired after enforcing state mask mandate : politics

Florida school district receives 500+ mask exemption forms signed by local chiropractor : politics

Tennessee sets new record for COVID hospitalizations - with no end in sight : news (remember when they fired their entire health dept.?)

/u/nickeisele talks about the somber perspective of a paramedic taking a COVID patient into an ambulance : bestof

/u/Mrmini231 explains that side effects from vaccines always emerge within the first two months, and there have never been any recorded cases of ANY vaccines producing new side effects after that period -- a crucial fact for the vaccine-hesitant who are worried about potential long-term effects : bestof

What Happened to the Babylon Bee? - The Bulwark - The Onion for Evangelicalsis now into anti-vax lib-owning.

Sweetgreen CEO: Vaccines and Masks Will Not Save Us, But Salads Might The pricey salad chain CEO took to LinkedIn to espouse his views on the pandemic, such as that Americans who got seriously ill were too fat.

Covid-19: Irish Cabinet agrees to end most restrictions by 22 October : worldnews

North Korea says NO to COVID vaccines | Asia Markets : worldnews

Anti-vaxxer threatens doc in Genoa - English : worldnews

India Smashes 10 million (1 Cr) Ceiling Again to Set New Vaccination Record: Clocks Over 12.8 million (1.28 Cr) Jabs Till 10pm

Israel registers almost 11,000 COVID cases, marking new record : worldnews (dinosaur in the room: Hare-dim)
Court rules to bar teachers who refuse to wear a face mask : worldnews (Israel)

Australia: Unprecedented surveillance bill rushed through parliament in 24 hours. : worldnews Australian police can now hack your device, collect or delete your data, take over your social media accounts - all without a judges warrant

Asia and the Global War on Terror ... how the global war on terror narrative been repurposed across the Asia-Pacific, in Central Asia, South Asia, Southeast Asia, and China. As Roberts suggests, GWOT rhetoric has been instrumentalized by local regimes for their own political ends, including cracking down on dissent and bolstering authoritarian legitimacy

Japan seeks record $50 billion defense budget to counter an increasingly aggressive China : worldnews

Hong Kong activists jailed for illegal assembly in 2019 protests : worldnews
Chinas High Court Rules 996 Work Culture Illegal

Indian economy grows by 20.1%, raising hopes of recovery : worldnews
India announces first formal meeting with Taliban : worldnews

Afghanistan: Taliban supporters hold mock funeral with coffins draped in US, UK and Nato flags : worldnews ... They should get a massive banner with "Mission Accomplished" written on it.
At least seven Taliban reported killed in Panjshir fighting : worldnews
A small fraction of Americas Afghan allies made it out of Afghanistan
Taliban seen beating women with sticks, celebrating U.S. withdrawal with gunfire in Kabul : worldnews
We stockpiled weapons: Afghan resistance remains confident in last holdout against Taliban
Taliban cooperation included protecting Americans from ISIS attack : worldnews

Erdogan draws online mockery for assigning outsize status to Turkey : worldnews (Erdofuck has a big ego and a tiny dick)

Saudi Arabia bans preaching to non-Muslims inside the Kingdom without permission from authorities : worldnews

Israeli Army Promotes Pollard's Handler, Convicted in Espionage Affair

Sri Lanka declares economic emergency as food items go out of reach : worldnews

Greece will not be gateway to Europe for Afghans fleeing Taliban, say officials

German Chancellor Angela Merkel will be stepping down this month after 16 years in power : worldnews

Anti-Semitic hate trial opens for French far-right veteran Jean-Marie Le Pen : worldnews

White supremacist from Lincoln sentenced to read Jane Eyre and other classic novels : worldnews
Fake Banksy NFT sold through artists website for 244k lbs - Buying a fake Banksy NFT so Banksy can troll that NFTs do not prevent fakes makes the fake have the value of a real Banksy. That is how art works.

Peru kicks off corruption case against Keiko Fujimori : worldnews

In Guatemala, two ex-generals ordered to stand trial for genocide : worldnews ... Both the US AND Israel.During the Cold War, Israel provided material and tactical support to Guatemala ... Israel as arms merchant ...

Since 9/11, US Has Spent $21 Trillion on Militarism at Home and Abroad : politics (imagine what that could have been spent on instead ...)

A modest request from the management - Lawyers, Guns & Money I really want some of the people here who back in 2013/2014 were all RBG has earned the right to retire whenever she wants and its sexist to call on her to she do so ...

Majority favors US troop withdrawal from Afghanistan: poll : politics
52% of Voters Think Biden Should Resign Over Afghanistan Withdrawal (who you gonna believe? a real poll or Rasfuckers?)
A defiant Joe Biden plunged ahead with an overwhelmingly popular withdrawal, even though it was overwhelmingly popular - Lawyers, Guns & Money
Covert Evacuations and Planned Demolitions: How the C.I.A. Left Its Last Base in Afghanistan
Majority of Interpreters, Other U.S. Visa Applicants Were Left Behind in Afghanistan - WSJ
Mitt Romney accurately says Trump administration worked to free 5,000 Taliban prisoners : politics
Ann Coulter sided with Biden on Afghanistan over withdrawal, calling Trump a 'wuss' who broke his promise
Analysis: This Republican congressman went totally rogue as he tried to get into Afghanistan : politics (the high-school wreastler plumber guy)
Jeet Heer on Twitter: "Just an amazing set of tweets just a year apart." / Twitter - Engel's bad tweets are part of a larger pattern of establishment disingenuousness about Afghanistan.
Objective Journalism is Breaking Out All Over : ONLY NINETEEN TIMES????? ... Biden says they reached out to Americans in Afghanistan 19 times since March to try to get them out... that seems like not a lot given the circumstances. -- Lara Seligman (@laraseligman) August 31, 2021 ... These people are amazing. (your fucking media)
(Serious) How do you personally feel about the United States withdrawing from Afghanistan? : AskReddit

George W. Bush's wars are now over. He retreated a while ago. (lock up the fucker)

Supreme Court allows Texas 6-week abortion ban to take effect
Texas Begins the End of Abortion as We Know It : politics
Jen Psaki calls on Congress to pass law guaranteeing abortion rights in response to Texas ban : politics
Biden says Texas new abortion law blatantly violates constitutional rights
Toobin: Roe v. Wade essentially doesnt exist in Texas
Biden vows to protect Roe v. Wade after Texas abortion law takes effect : politics
The Post-Roe World - Lawyers, Guns & Money
The center cannot hold - Lawyers, Guns & Money The perversities of American politics are laid bare by the fact that the first state to functionally ban abortion in contemporary times barely even has a majority of Republican votes, let alone a majority of Republicans (We should never forget that voter suppression, legal and illegal, make those two categories quite different from each other).
Is This the End of Roe v. Wade? - Anti-abortion forces in Texas seem supremely confident that the Roberts court will be willing to administer the killing blow to reproductive rights in America. : politics
Texas goes Taliban on abortion rights. Is Arizona next? : politics
Texas shows us what post-democracy America would look like : politics
The antiabortion movements 2016 victory is nearly complete (fundies elected an abortion)
The Fugitive Uterus Act - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Video of Pelosi supposedly caught on hot mic was manipulated : politics

Mueller Scrutinized an Unidentified Member of News Media in Russia Inquiry - The New York Times

Giuliani Records Cameo Endorsing Case Against His Own Client Freedom of speech and freedom from compelled speech are protected rights in America, but nothing can protect Rudy Giuliani from himself.

AP sources: Intel shows extremists to attend Capitol rally (insurrection part 2)

US Capitol riot: 50th rioter pleads guilty as DOJ nears 600 arrests - CNNPolitics
Prosecutors: Jan. 6 rioters committed more than 1,000 assaults on police - POLITICO The new statistic underscores the violence of the attack and the fact that prosecutors are still hunting for dozens, if not hundreds, of suspects.
Capitol riot inquiry to investigate whether Trumps White House was involved in attack
Scared Kevin McCarthy Trashed On Twitter For Thuggery After Threatening Telecoms
Opinion: Kevin McCarthy keeps revealing how ugly a GOP House would be : politics
Marjorie Taylor Greene threatened to shut down telecomms companies if they handed over Republicans' phone records to the Jan. 6 commission (sounds a little guilty)
Republicans Are Trying to Bully Their Way Out of Accountability for January 6 : politics
Jim Jordans Own Words Come Back To Haunt Him In Damning New Supercut Video
Mehdi Hasan on Twitter: "GOP Congressman @Jim_Jordan, again, last week claimed he'd never gone on television and suggested the election was stolen. So my team and I, at the @MehdiHasanShow, put together some receipts. Play the tape! (Enjoy!)" / Twitter
Russia Insider founder Charles Bausman traveled from his home in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, to Washington, D.C., on Jan. 6 and advanced as far as the Capitols balustrades after Trumps speech, he said. Soon after, he left the country for Moscow.
The Legal Minds Who Tried to Overturn the Election for Trump Are Being Welcomed Back Into Polite Society

Another Trump Organization executive to appear before NY grand jury as prosecutors probe former president's business - CNNPolitics The Trump Organization's corporate director of security is expected to appear before a grand jury on Thursday in Manhattan, where prosecutors are investigating former President Donald Trumps business ... The executive, Matthew Calamari Jr (yeah, really)

Don Lemon: GOP hypocrisy is off the charts and sickening : politics

Opinion: Liberal groups to Democrats: Your chance to save democracy is disappearing : politics

Most White Americans who regularly attend worship services voted for Trump in 2020 : politics (Talibangelicals for Satan)
Matt Gaetz added to pro-Trump event lineup alongside QAnon supporters : politics
Florida man Stephen Alford, reportedly involved in Gaetz family extortion plot, charged in $25 million scheme : politics

AOC urges Senate to reject Rahm Emanuel's 'deeply shameful' nomination following police murder 'cover up' (tnx, Barry)

Sen. Ron Johnson was seen in a video conceding that Trump lost Wisconsin because '51,000 Republicans didn't vote for him'
Sen. Ron Johnson Caught on Hidden Camera Blaming Trump for 2020 Defeat : politics
Wisconsin school board president who backtracked on canceling free school lunch says it opened his eyes because 'I eat every meal every day. I cannot relate to being hungry.' (is he a fat refucker?)
Joseph Como Jr. - Ballotpedia

I Helped Destroy PeopleTerry Albury, an idealistic F.B.I. agent, grew so disillusioned by the war on terror that he was willing to leak classified documents -- and go to prison for doing it.

Barely underway, Texas redistricting draws its first lawsuit challenging Legislatures authority to redraw legislative maps
Constitutional Carry Begins in Texas Wednesday : politics
Texas state House Speaker bans the word racism amid voting bill debate ("we're definitely not that word you're not allowed to say" he said)
Texas parents accused a Black principal of promoting critical race theory. The district has now suspended him. : politics ... A few days later, a parent complained to the district about a photo Whitfield had posted on social media that showed him and his wife, who is White, in an embrace, celebrating their wedding anniversary.Is this the Dr. Whitfield we want as an example for our students? the parent asked ... The district asked Whitfield to remove the photo to avoid further controversy (no interracial marriages allow in Texass)

Mnuchins Middle East trip cost taxpayers more than $300K

Who's voted so far in the California recall? Lots of Democrats, few young people : politics

Gov. DeSantis snubbed $820 million in federal food aid and wont say why (Florifuckyou)

Purdue Pharma Is Dissolved and Sacklers Pay $4.5 Billion to Settle Opioid Claims - The New York Times The ruling in bankruptcy court caps a long legal battle over the fate of a company accused of fueling the opioid epidemic and the family that owns it. (Deathlers walk)

A JFK mistress tells her story and prompts a question (Jackie and Lee were fuckbunnies who stabbed each other in the back (see comments)

Britney Spears' lawyer requests her father resign as conservator without payout

Fired NY credit union employee nukes 21GB of data in revenge : technology

Ben Dugan Works for CVS. His Job Is Battling a $45 Billion Crime Spree. - WSJ Retailers are spending millions to combat organized rings that steal from their stores in bulk and peddle goods online, often on Amazon

Judge Dismisses Hunter Biden Laptop Guys Defamation Lawsuit with Prejudice, Forces Him to Pay Twitters Attorneys Fees Under Anti-SLAPP Law

Concealed Carry Is Linked to Increased Gun Violence in Wisconsin : politics

Nevada Highway Patrol, DEA sued over seizing Stephen Lara's money - The Washington Post

Three Officers and Two Paramedics Are Charged in Elijah McClains Death ("he looked suspicious" so they killed him)

Jaleel Stallings shot at the MPD; a jury acquitted him of wrongdoing - Minnesota Reformer

Judge: Ahmaud Arberys past troubles irrelevant to trial (

ELI5 : Why do people look better when they see themselves in the mirror than their image in photos? : explainlikeimfive

A breathing tube through the rectum could be an alternative to mechanical ventilators. Oxygen administered into the digestive tract successfully transfers to the blood : science

u/Senno_Ecto_Gammat lists the numerous independent evidence that solidified the theory of dark matter in astrophysics : bestof

u/auralgasm criticizes liberal turnabout on Bush, after experience of Trump. Provides reminders of low points of Bush presidency, with several links : bestof (orange alert!)

Wrastling97 tells the story of the time their landlord tried to frame them for attempted murder when they told their landlord to take out her garbage. : bestof

One of the most ridiculous situations that happened in Warsaw, Poland : pics

Who is someone alive today who will be remembered in 500 years? : AskReddit

Reddit bans active COVID misinformation subreddit NoNewNormal : news


Extinction Rebellion protesters block Londons Tower Bridge
Police wield batons during XRs London Bridge bus blockade

When the worlds leading conservation congress kicks off Friday in the French port city of Marseille it will aim to deliver one key message: protecting wildlife must not be seen as a noble gesture but an absolute necessity -- for people and the planet

Plastic threatens migratory species in Asia-Pacific: UN : worldnews

Philipines government urged to review biosafety permits granted to genetically modified Golden Rice and BT Eggplant : worldnews

Flash flood watch in effect for Southern New England Wednesday and Thursday - The Boston Globe

Your MA COVID-19 Interactive Data Dashboard for August 31, 2021 - 17 Deaths, 591 Hospitalized, 1,559 New Cases, 63K Tests Reported. 4,500,183 Fully Vaccinated. : CoronavirusMa
1,557 confirmed cases, 17 deaths, and 10,236 vaccinations. See todays COVID-19 data from Mass.

Moderna vaccine creates twice as much antibodies as Pfizer, study shows (source: Bloomberg) : CoronavirusMa

New COVID variant C.1.2 may be more infectious and evade vaccine protection, shows study : worldnews
Nextstrain / ncov / gisaid / global / Genomic epidemiology of novel coronavirus - Global subsampling

Vitamin D deficiency associated with higher risk of getting covid in black women : science

Many Republicans Are Anti-Vax. Are They Also Pro-Covid? : politics
Critical hit! : PoliticalHumor (unvaxxed refucks dying at 5x the rate of dems)
Opinion | The Anti-Vaccine Movement Is Getting Stronger - The New York Times - This Is the Moment the Anti-Vaccine Movement Has Been Waiting for
G.O.P. Governors Fight Mandates as the Party's Covid Politics Harden - As several Republican-controlled states confront their worst outbreaks yet, their leaders' following the base have doubled down on resisting vaccine and mask requirements.
Axios-Ipsos poll: Vaccine hesitancy may be crumbling - Axios - The 20% who say theyre either not very likely (6%) or not at all likely (14%) comprise a new low in the survey, and down from a combined 34% in March and 23% two weeks ago.
The Jolt: Anti-vaxxers shut down vaccination event, harass state health workers
Anti-vax hypocrites at work : PoliticalHumor

Florida changed its COVID-19 data, creating an artificial decline in recent deaths
Ron DeSantis Is Defunding 2 School Districts for Requiring Masks | Meanwhile, Florida is seeing its worst spike in COVID-19 cases among kids since the pandemic began. : politics
Florida withholds money from school districts over mask mandates : politics

Doctors Beg RonJohn To Stop 'Horsing' Around With Ivermectin Propaganda
Rand Paul Believes Scientists Won Study Horse Drug as COVID-19 Treatment Because they Hate Trump

Teacher Penny Gary Dies of COVID in Bulloch County School District, Which Chose Blue Jeans Over Masks Bulloch County's schools superintendent refused to issue a mask mandateand instead said teachers could wear jeans to help them get through a difficult period.

Memorial Medical Center says ivermectin unproven for COVID treatment ... The wife of Randy Clouse, 61, lost her bid Monday to force Memorial to allow her husband to receive ivermectin, a drug mentioned by Fox News hosts Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity and Laura Ingraham as a possible treatment for COVID-19 ... Randy Clouse, who was unvaccinated ... (overrules local refuck judge who said he knew more than those fake doctors)

Unvaxxed and unemployed - Lawyers, Guns & Money (Cam Newton)
Gregg Doyel on Twitter: "They were right in Philly: Carson Wentz is selfish, and a bad teammate, but he's not alone in the Colts' locker room:" / Twitter

Mormon vaccine push ratchets up, dividing faiths members (who have "personal revelation" exemptions)

Native American tribes enforce mask mandates regardless of state bans - As sovereign nations, Indigenous groups are using their authority to make their own rules to protect students and teachers : politics

EU says it has reached goal of vaccinating 70% of adults : worldnews
WHO sounds alarm over rising Covid deaths in Europe : worldnews
U.S. to Be Removed From E.U. Safe Travel List : worldnews

As Alberta, Canada enters the 4th Covid wave, the provincial government has disappeared from the public, doctors determined that the public needs guidance and has started providing Covid updates in the absence of leadership : worldnews
B.C. feed stores see increased demand for livestock dewormer falsely touted as COVID-19 treatment : worldnews

Australian imports of ivermectin increase 10-fold, prompting warning from TGA : worldnews

China set to begin first trials of molten salt nuclear reactor using thorium instead of uranium : worldnews
China to cap annual urban rent increases at 5 per cent to rein in runaway prices and make homes affordable to job seekers : worldnews

Bangladesh sentences six militants to death for killing gay activists : worldnews

The U.S. has completed its Kabul evacuation effort, ending 20-year war in Afghanistan : worldnews
Taliban offered Kabul to US, but Americans said no: report : worldnews
Family says 7 children were killed in Kabul drone strike; Among the dead were Ahmadi, 40, who the family said worked for a Southern California-based charity; a 25-year-old nephew who was about to be married; and five kids who were 5 years old or younger : worldnews
Taliban appear to fly US Black Hawk helicopters over Kandahar : worldnews
'Don't be scared' : Afghan TV anchor relays Taliban message surrounded by armed fighters
As Kabul burns, we need to talk about Pakistan - The Post : worldnews

State of Russias International Space Station segment sparks safety concerns
Russian Cosmonauts Find New Cracks in ISS Module : worldnews
Russia has started coordination of unified air defense projects with Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan and Armenia : worldnews
Russia Expels Belarusian Comedian for Life for 'Insulting' Joke

Poland requests state of emergency on Belarus border amid migrant surge : worldnews
Fears grow for Afghan refugees stuck in Poland-Belarus standoff : worldnews

Drone attack on Saudi Arabia airport wounds eight, damages plane: Reports : worldnews

Berlins university canteens go almost meat-free as students prioritise climate

Paris introduces citywide 30 km/h (19 mph) speed limit that applies everywhere except main ring roads and highways : worldnews

Irelands population passes 5 million for the first time since The Great Hunger. (caused by the Brits)

Brazil bank robbery: Hostages describe terrifying getaway car ordeal : worldnews

Mexico received 86 media workers and their family members from Afghanistan on Sunday : worldnews

Canada tax agency reveals secret study linking home prices to millionaire migration, five years after freedom-of-information request : worldnews ... rich migrants made more than 90 per cent of luxury purchases in two Vancouver municipalities while declaring refugee-level incomes

Biden administration aims to cut costs for solar, wind projects on public land : politics
Federal Judge Strikes Down Trump Rule Governing Water Pollution : politics
Federal judge throws out Trump administration rule allowing the draining and filling of streams, marshes and wetlands : politics

Less than zero taxes being paid by top 55 U.S. firms : politics
Wealthy Lobbyists Have Already Slashed Bidens Tax Reform by Three-Quarters: Moderate Democrats have quietly knifed the presidents legacy bill. (there you go with that 'moderate' shit again)
AOC and other progressives call for Biden to replace Powell as Fed chair : politics

An alarming new Supreme Court case could unravel Roe v. Wade as soon as Tuesday night : politics
The Supreme Court Has Just Two Days to Decide the Fate of Roe v. Wade : politics

Democracy will be in shambles Democrats in last-ditch effort to protect voting rights ("moderates" cackle)

Republicans Pledge To Oppose Paying Debts They Voted For : politics

AFL-CIO chief warns of election consequences for pro-filibuster Democrats : politics

The best decision for America: Biden forcefully defends Afghanistan withdrawal
MSNBC on Twitter: ""The American people should hear this: 300 million dollars a day for two decades," President Biden says. "What have we lost as a consequence, in terms of opportunities? I refuse to continue a war that was no longer in the service of the vital national interests of our people."" / Twitter (now do Israel)
NATO allies are preparing for a future without America's "forever wars"
In Afghanistan, President Biden had to play the losing hand his predecessors dealt him : politics
Yes, the Trump administration in 2020 agreed to the release of 5,000 Taliban prisoners : politics ... (deleted by refucks:) 404 ERROR. IT LOOKS LIKES YOU'RE AS LOST AS BIDEN IS
No, the Taliban did not seize $83 billion of U.S. weapons - The Washington Post

Pigs fly and snowball retains quiescence in Hell - Lawyers, Guns & Money Really bad day for the Blob: ... The most shocking thing thats happened in the last few days is that a bunch of people who are literally never held accountable for their mistakes, no matter how egregious and repetitive, are suddenly being disrespected, by other people who are pointing out that for 20 years theyve been wrong about everything regarding Afghanistan and Iraq, and that perhaps that ought to be taken into account when listening to what they say now.
Damon Linker on Twitter: ""Joe Biden's critics lost Afghanistan" Best thing written about the whole Afghanistan mess? This @DouthatNYT column. Especially the quoted paragraphs, but really the whole thing. Read it and open your eyes, or bury your heads deeper in the sand." / Twitter
Greg Sargent on Twitter: "@ChrisMurphyCT What would a real Congressional investigation into this whole 20 year debacle look like? I talked to a number of smart people, and assembled some ideas on how to do a real reckoning. Read them here:" / Twitter
Ann Coulter on Twitter: "Trump REPEATEDLY demanded that we bring our soldiers home, but only President Biden had the balls to do it. Here are a few of Trump's wuss, B.S. - I mean "masterful" - tweets:" / Twitter
"The real choice was between leaving and escalating" - That is the essential point that the Blob has been lying about non-stop. Anybody who continues to oppose Bidens decision to end America's 20-year war in Afghanistan needs to have this undeniable fact thrown in their face again and again, even as they try to elude it. And try to elude it they will. Check out this frantic editorializing under the guise of straight reporting:

Republicans plot to impeach Joe Biden is not about Afghanistan : it's payback for Trump
Why Americans will be paying for the cost of the war in Afghanistan for decades - Taxpayers have already spent $925 billion in interest payments related to post 9/11 wars, according to a new analysis : politics
Stranded in Kabul, Afghanistan: A US Resident Runs Out of Options - The New York Times Refugee groups say hundreds, and possibly thousands, of green card holders have been left behind.
Trump Reveals His Master Plan for Afghanistan: We Should've Let It Rot
Only 2 Governors Are So Far Refusing To Take In Afghan Refugees | HuffPost - South Dakota and Wyoming
The Coming Republican Demonization of Afghan Refugees - by Dan Pfeiffer - The Message Box The resettlement of Afghan refugees in the U.S. will be a major political flashpoint,
You went to Cancun: Ted Cruz mocked for tweeting America doesnt leave Americans behind (foot up his ass does it again)
Oklahoma congressman threatened embassy staff as he tried to enter Afghanistan, U.S. officials say - The Washington Post ... Mullin, 44, grew up in Stilwell, Okla., where he was a standout wrestler and earned a scholarship to Missouri Valley College. and at age 20, he took over his fathers plumbing business. (dumbfuck raging asshole refuck thinks he's so special)

Kevin McCarthy warns companies: Don't turn over Jan. 6 phone records (how dare you document our treason!)
Trump Funding Network Paid $4.3 Million To People, Firms Who Set Up Jan. 6 Rally: Report : politics
Authorities Harder On George Floyd Protesters Than Jan. 6 Rioters: Report : politics
New details on Matt Gaetz, Jim Jordan phone call with Trump on Jan. 6 : politics
Florida man charged in connection with overture to Matt Gaetzs father about the investigation of his son
Capitol riot defender reportedly has Covid, bringing cases to a standstill, DOJ says : politics
Unresponsive lawyer for Jan. 6 defendants leaves cases at a standstill: Prosecutors : politics
It turns out the reality TV series "Reality" is more predictable than anything that could spew from the MacBook of the laziest Hollywood hack - Lawyers, Guns & Money ... A bunch of 1/6 insurrectionists dont have a lawyer at the moment because this happened:
Ex-CEO of Data Analytics Company Said His Jan. 6 'Indiscretion' Was the Single Worst Decision of His Life. He Just Pleaded Guilty.
Thousands of posts around January 6 riots go missing from Facebook transparency tool The social media company said it was a technical error, and has been fixed, but tens of thousands of posts are still missing (Fuckerberged)

Fox and the Big Lie: Trump returns to campaign trail amid 'stolen election' lawsuits | Four Corners - YouTube
Fox and the Big Lie - Part Two - Four Corners

Paul Ryan says former President Donald Trump lost the 2020 election
Paul Ryan says former President Donald Trump lost the 2020 election : politics

Democrats Counter Republican-Led Voter Restrictions With Early, Aggressive Outreach : politics

Hillary Clinton's 'deplorables' speech shocked voters five years ago but some feel it was prescient

The QAnon crowd has a familiar face: How right-wing cults have always plagued our politics - Raw Story (fucking Puritan sado-cruelty live on)

FBI investigating tax refund campaign by AZ Gov. Doug Ducey, Ryan LLC

Colorado election official files suit to remove county clerk : politics

McAuliffe Holds Issue Edge in Guv Race

20 red states sue Biden administration for the right to discriminate against trans people | Led by Tennessee, the coalition says that President Joe Bidens administration can't tell them they have to treat trans people equally ... Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Georgia, Idaho, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Ohio, Oklahoma, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee and West Virginia.

Another MAGA legacy: An explosion of hate crimes

Madison Cawhorns vile lies about Jan. 6 reveal a big truth about the right (they're vile)
Madison Cawthorn is Openly Talking About Civil War At This Point : politics
Surrealistic MyPillow - Lawyers, Guns & Money - Basically the Republican party now openly rejects the idea of any Democrat being a legitimate president. This is what the Big Lie is actually about.
Madison Cawthorns latest election rhetoric described as 'insane': One House Republican described Madison Cawthorns latest election rhetoric as "insane" Do any House GOP leaders agree?

Hit-And-Run AG Ticketed For Speeding While Awaiting Trial For Fatal Crash : politics (might have been drunk)

Waukesha school board reverses decision to cut universal free meals : politics ... "This is how we got CRT and filthy books and vaccine and mask mandates, all this stuff," said Kelly Piacsek (Wississippi looking like shits)

Federal judge says Alabama laws against panhandling violate 1st Amendment : politics

Black men executed in 1951 for rape granted posthumous pardons by Virginia governor : politics

666 new Texas laws go into effect Sept. 1. Here are some that might affect you. : politics
Heres What Happens If Texass Extreme Abortion Ban Goes Into Effect: Clinics across Texas are preparing to get sued and to have to send patients out of state.

Confederacy is an ethos - Lawyers, Guns & Money This is the bedrock on which Trumpism is built, and it would be less terrifying if Confederate Nation werent so overrepresented in national political institutions. (Southernifcation)

Congress may be about to help local news. It can't happen soon enough. By Margaret Sullivan

Arrest warrant issued for Ohio man accused of confronting NBCs Shaquille Brewster on live TV

Mike Richards Is Out as Jeopardy! Executive Producer (another asshole down, Sony is a shit company)

Choosing an air purifier to protect from smoke, covid - The Washington Post

Aztec Pictograms Are the First Written Records of Earthquakes in the Americas : worldnews
King Arthur's Stone Is Older Than Stonehenge | Smart News | Smithsonian Magazine was built around 3700 B.C.E. as part of an intricate ceremonial landscape
Thousands of Rare Artifacts Discovered Beneath Tudor Manor's Attic Floorboards | Smart News | Smithsonian Magazine Among the finds are manuscripts possibly used to perform illegal Catholic masses, silk fragments and handwritten music
One towns strange journey from paranoia to pardon (they deleted their Facebook accounts)

Hubble Finds Evidence of Water Vapor at Jupiters Moon Ganymede


Declining Oxygen Level as an Emerging Concern to Global Cities : science (Nestle will buy all the O2)

Researchers spot a 'golden' bear while studying endangered spectacled bears in Peru : The golden bear with the uncanny resemblance to Paddington bear.
Researchers spot a golden bear while studying endangered spectacled bears in Peru

Invisible and highly polluting methane leaks detected across Romania : worldnews

Floating wind turbines could open up vast ocean tracts for renewable power | Environment : worldnews

Spain: Thousands form human chain around crisis-hit lagoon. Millions of fish and crustaceans have died at Mar Menor lagoon due to pollution. Spanish politicians have traded blame over the incident, with environmentalists sounding the alarm : worldnews

2,200 Year Old Alexander the Great Statue Discovered in Alexandria : worldnews

Traffic nightmare as Caldor Fire forced evacuation of South Lake Tahoe

President Joseph R. Biden, Jr. Approves Louisiana Disaster Declaration : politics
Hurricane Ida traps Louisianans, shatters the power grid
Ida pummels Louisiana
Hurricane Ida live updates and damage: Levee failures and flooding in Louisiana - The Washington Post
New Orleans could be without power for days or weeks after transmission lines fail - The Washington Post Utility says it could be days or weeks until power is fully restored
Ida brought disaster to Louisiana. Here's what the storm is doing next. The system could bring serious flooding to parts of the Southern and Eastern United States.
Hurricane Ida live updates and damage: Levee failures and flooding in Louisiana - The Washington Post

Your MA Interactive Data Dashboard for August 30, 2021 - 10 Deaths, 603 Hospitalized, 4,081 New Cases, 175K Tests Reported. 4,494,564 Fully Vaccinated. : CoronavirusMa
In its first COVID-19 data report since Friday, Mass. reports 4,081 confirmed cases, 10 deaths, and 28,950 vaccinations
Gov. Baker points to low positivity rate as proof vaccines are working : CoronavirusMa

The U.S. reaches a daily average of 100,000 Covid hospitalizations for the first time since the winter peak.

Two months after the second Pfizer/Moderna vaccination, antibody response decreases 20% in adults with prior cases of COVID-19. Prior exposure to SARS-CoV-2 does not guarantee a high level of antibodies, nor does it guarantee a robust antibody response to the first vaccine dose. : science
A new study published in the journal Nature estimates that 103 million Americans, or 31 percent of the U.S. population, had been infected with COVID-19 by the end of 2020. : science

New COVID variant detected in South Africa, most mutated variant so far : worldnews
New COVID variant detected in South Africa, most mutated variant so far : worldnews ... How do I disable automatic updates?
New Delta strain believed to have emerged among 53,000 revellers at Boardmasters festival : worldnews

Are anti-mandate protests now a menace to society? : politics
Make the unvaccinated pay out for their deadly decisions : politics

As Florida suffers with another dreadful COVID surge, DeSantis focuses on reelection
Fauci Rips Ron DeSantis Fundraising Site Selling Anti-Vax Shirts Amid COVID Crisis : politics
DeSantis echoes Trump by blaming tests for high rate of Covid in Florida kids : politics (blames those librul fake tests)

Mississippi Passes NYs COVID Death Rate; Reeves Says MS "Less Scared" (not afraid to die from refuck incompetence) ... Mississippi also has 1/10th the population density of New York and their largest city, Jackson, has 150k people.
COVID, Mississippi, and the Medicaid expansion - Lawyers, Guns & Money ... One upshot of this is that among the people with blood on their hands here is John G. Roberts.

Trump-supporting GOP candidate in Northampton County says he'll bring 'strong men' to confront pro-mask school board
Dave Weigel on Twitter: "There are a lot of clips like this recently and there's a similar logic in all the speeches: The school boards aren't doing what the angry people want, and therefore what the school boards are doing is illegal and can be removed by mobs." / Twitter

Judge orders Cinci hospital to treat COVID-19 patient with Ivermectin, despite CDC warnings - Ohio Capital Journal ... Front Line Covid-19 Critical Care Alliance, snake oil salesmen
COVID craziness, August 30, 2021 edition - Lawyers, Guns & Money An Ohio judge has ordered a hospital to administer horse dewormer to a patient over the hospitals objections to doing so:

A judge asked a mother if she got the coronavirus vaccine. She said no, and he revoked custody of her son.

COVID Claims the Life of Third Anti-Vaxx Conservative Radio Host
QAnon Anti-Vaxxer Called COVID a Hoax Even as His Lungs Stopped FunctioningA former CIA officer turned conspiracy theorist who claimed to be the first to call COVID-19 a hoax has died from COVID-19. ("my death is a librul hoax" were his last words)

Texas reports most COVID-19 cases in schools in a single week yet : politics

EU to Reimpose Entry Ban on Travellers From US & 5 Other Third Countries on Monday, Sources Say : worldnews

Canada Bans Passenger Flights From Morocco : worldnews
Alberta feed stores inundated with calls for ivermectin over false claims livestock dewormer treats COVID : worldnews

Japan says 2 dead after receiving contaminated COVID-19 vaccine doses : worldnews

COVID-19: Indonesia Death rate in under-18s more than Three Times the world average : worldnews ... Indonesian doctors have seen a surge in COVID cases and deaths in children since July 2021 as the Delta variant spread. More than 1,272 children have died in total according to figures from the Ministry of Health.

New Zealand COVID-19 conspiracy group in disarray after almost nobody turns up to anti-lockdown protest. : worldnews

Japan's huge army of under-employed ex-housewives : worldnews

South Korean lawmakers to vote on cameras in operating rooms after surgery deaths : worldnews

North Korea appears to have restarted nuclear reactor, IAEA says : worldnews

Exhausted and without hope, East Asian youth are lying flat

Survey: Most Americans Support Defending Taiwan if China Invades : politics
China bans exams for six-year-old school children : worldnews
China cuts amount of time minors can spend playing video games : worldnews

Mystery Fever Kills 68 People Within a Week in India
In India, growing clamour to criminalise rape within marriage - BBC News
ISIS-K aims to have Caliphate in India: Intel : worldnews

Last US planes depart Afghanistan, ending 20-year war - The Boston Globe
Pentagon prepared for mass casualty attack at Kabul Airport hours before explosion
The U.S. Says It Carried Out A 2nd Strike Against ISIS-K In Afghanistan : worldnews
Rockets fired towards Kabul airport from vehicle, repelled by air defences: Reports : worldnews
3 children killed in US airstrike on ISIS-K suicide bombers targeting Kabul airport: Officials : worldnews
US strikes suicide bomber in vehicle headed to Kabul airport: report : worldnews
US Drone Strike in Kabul Kills 9 Family Members, Including 6 Children : worldnews
U.S. core diplomatic staff have left Kabul, final pullout under way, official says
Afghans in Kabul meet new Taliban rulers - The Washington Post
EU to seek to stop mass Afghanistan migration flows, draft statement says : worldnews
Ukrainian troops rescue Canada-bound Afghans in daring operation : worldnews
Jewish & Israeli rescue team evacuates Afghan womens soccer team after last Afghanistan Jew refuses to leave
Men not allowed to teach girls in Afghanistan: Taliban ban coeducation : worldnews
Afghanistans religious minorities live in fear after Taliban takeover

Rammsteins Till Lindemann reportedly arrested in Russia

Belarusian Association of Journalists forced to close in a ruling by the countrys supreme court on Friday amid a crackdown including jailing of ~30 journalists

Milan fire: Firefighters tackle Blaze as Flames engulf high-rise Block of flats : worldnews

Housing Secretary Robert Jenrick failed to disclose a meeting set up by Conservative lobbying forum, breaching government-transparency rules : worldnews (Tory corruption)

Brazil bank robbers tie hostages to getaway cars : worldnews

Peru Congress Green-Lights Leftist Cabinet in Boost for Castillo : worldnews

Many first responders are experiencing alarming cognitive decline. Is their time at Ground Zero to blame?

Supply Chain Problems - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Goldman Sees 750,000 Evictions in U.S. as Bans Come to an End

Biden Deserves Credit, Not Blame, for Afghanistan : politics
IM_Ogden comments on Biden Deserves Credit, Not Blame, for Afghanistan
der_innkeeper comments on Roughly 1,500 Americans May Still Be in Afghanistan Less Than a Week Before Troops Are Due to Leave
Last plane carrying Americans from Afghanistan departs as nations longest war concludes
The State Department deserves more credit for its effort to evacuate Americans from Afghanistan : politics
Exiting Afghanistan will improve Americas global standing in the long run
Be Glad Donald Trump Isnt Running the Show in Afghanistan

US trained Khashoggis killers. A review of all military training programs is necessary
Americas Military Is Too Big for Americas Good

Biden pays respects to US troops killed in Afghanistan : politics
Fact check: Conservative tweeters falsely claim Biden didn't show up at Dover to honor troops remains
Manipulated media: Video purports to show Biden asleep in meeting with Israeli PM : politics

Laurence Tribe: If Garland doesnt prosecute Trump, the rule of law is out the window

January 6 committee to ask telecommunications companies to preserve phone records of members of Congress who participated in 'Stop the Steal' rally
Jan. 6 Committee Digging Into Trumps Attempt To Pressure Michigan GOPers
Rep. Jim Jordan Suddenly Remembers At Least One Other Call With Trump On Jan. 6: Report : politics
Trumps political operation paid more than $4.3 million to Jan. 6 organizers but questions remain about the full extent of its involvement
Trump phone records could be sought by Capitol attack panel, reports say : politics
How to prevent the next Jan. 6, as revealed in an important new analysis

Records rebut claims of unequal treatment of Jan. 6 rioters - ABC News Some people charged in the Jan. 6 riot at the U.S. Capitol and their Republican allies claim the Justice Department is treating them harshly because of their political views
Records rebut claims of unequal treatment of Jan. 6 rioters : politics
The Government Wants To Keep Capitol Riot Footage Secret There are 14,000 hours of surveillance footage from the Capitol riots. Most of it isn't npublic, and the government is fighting to keep it that way.

Trumps lies will lead us to the truth

The MAGA Movements a Bigger Threat to America Than the Taliban (time for the drones)
Dont Negotiate With Trumps Disease-Spreading Zombie Army
How Republicans Stoke Anti-Government Hatred | Tearing down faith in the common good has helped the GOP for years but its killing the country.

New polls suggest broad support for Democrats voting rights bills

The Supreme Court Is a Threat to Democracy. Last weeks Supreme Court decision striking down the national eviction moratorium was a lawless power grab by an increasingly out-of-control institution.

Who Votes for People Who Do This Much Damage? : politics ... Spoiled, on one free meal a day? Addicted, on some free mac-and-cheese? Who thinks like this? (CPP)

The Left Frets That Kyrsten Sinema Is Now Just Trolling Them : politics

The tax overhaul Democrats are pushing that could raise enough money for 2 $1,400 stimulus checks : politics

Texas abortion law that bans procedure as early as six weeks set to go into effect after court cancels hearing, denies motions. Senate Bill 8 is poised to officially become law on Wednesday. : politics

Partisan divides in media trust widen, driven by a decline among Republicans : politics ... he 35% of Republicans who have at least some trust in national news organizations in 2021 is half that of in 2016 (70%) (fake snooze)

How the Critical Race Theory Scare-Mongering Failed in Virginia : politics

Hate crimes rise to highest level in 12 years amid increasing attacks on Black and Asian people, FBI says

The Density Divide and the Southernification of Rural America : The Old North/South Split Lives on in the Urban/Rural Divide

Californias values, not just Gavin Newsom, are on the recall ballot
As recall looms, California governor aims to galvanize Democrats : politics
Why Arent Democrats Talking About the Worst Possible Outcome of the California Recall? (Die-Fi'd)

Gov. Kathy Hochul on unprecedented subway outage: 'The system failed you'

Wisconsin school board pilloried for halting free meals program citing concern of "spoiled" children

The Montana town that turned its stimulus money down : politics ... "We dont really need it for anything, so it might as well go to someone who can use it," (17 people in the whole town)

Bombshell Lawsuit Has GMACo-Hosts at Each Others Throats, Sources Say ... Stephanopoulos, who, according to the lawsuit, had been informed of Crawfords sexual assault allegations almost four years ago and continued to work with Corn. (Stephapoopalus defends harassment)

Find your sleep sweet spot to protect your brain as you age, study suggests ... short sleep duration -- defined in the study as six hours or less -- had elevated levels of beta amyloid,

New study finds that up to 40 minutes of moderate to vigorous intensityphysical exercise every day is required to balance out 10 hours of sitting still. (n=44,370)

People of Reddit, what is the scariest thing you think mankind has ever created? : AskReddit

What seems harmless but could actually kill you? : AskReddit


Between 35.6% and 95% of 20th century ocean surface climates may disappear by 2100, depending on how greenhouse gas emissions develop in the first half of the 21st century, according to a study published in Scientific Reports. : science

Our chances look grim : PoliticalHumor

Fires rage in Bolivias Chiquitania region

Invasive earthworms are remaking our forests, and climate scientists are worried : news
Hundreds of murder hornets killed as massive nest destroyed

Brazils Indigenous Groups Mount Unprecedented Protest Against Destruction of the Amazon

Plant lovers, keep an eye on your highdrangeas --

Health model created by MGH shows cutting 20% of sugar from packaged foods and 40% from beverages could prevent 2.48 million cardiovascular disease events (e.g strokes, heart attacks), 490,000 cardiovascular deaths, and 750,000 diabetes cases in the U.S. over the lifetime of the adult population. : science

Hurricane Ida Path and Map: Live Updates - The New York Times Ida weakened to a Category 3 storm but continued to threaten the state as areas lost power and heavy rain flooded low-lying regions.
All of New Orleans without power after Hurricane Ida leaves catastrophic transmission damage
Generator failure during Hurricane Ida at Thibodaux hospital prompts scramble to move ICU patients
Hurricane Ida forces Mississippi River to reverse flow : news

Hurricane Ida live updates: Forecast, landfall in Louisiana - The Washington Post
Live updates: Hurricane Ida path, Louisiana landfall and news coverage
Now a major hurricane, Ida closes in on Louisiana landfall : news
Ida may be Category 5 hurricane at landfall - Lawyers, Guns & Money ... (1) The levee system in New Orleans has been improved over the past 16 years by Socialism aka Government Tyranny ($50 billion federal project) ... The good news, such as it is, is that the Biden administrations FEMA isnt run by a completely unqualified horse show trainer who got the job because he knew somebody who knew somebody (Bushfucked)
What has happened down here is the winds have changed - Lawyers, Guns & Money
Live Cam: Hurricane Ida - Bourbon Street, New Orleans : videos
I created a site to view live traffic cameras around New Orleans to Lake Charles : TropicalWeather
Hurricane Ida vs the roof : gifs

Millions of mostly unvaccinated people will get COVID-19 between now and the end of the year, won't that eventually cause cases to drop rapidly due to natural immunity from prior infection? : CoronavirusUS (permanent evolving pandemic)
Previous Covid Prevents Delta Infection Better Than Pfizer Shot : worldnews
Health officials sticking with 8-month COVID booster shot timeline: Fauci - ABC News Biden said Friday that the administration is considering earlier boosters.
Yes, COVID-19 Can Cause Erectile Dysfunction : CoronavirusUS

Map: See how many adults in the U.S. have not been vaccinated, by state
Map: See how many adults in the U.S. have not been vaccinated, by state : news
Louisiana COVID-19 Vaccine Tracker |

Fact check: Comparing Pfizer vaccine approval to cigarettes, alcohol is wrong : politics

Vaccine Refusers Don t Get to Dictate Terms Anymore - People who opt out of shots shouldn't expect their employers, health insurers, and fellow citizens to accommodate them - Juliette Kayyem, a former assistant secretary for homeland security under President Barack Obama, is the faculty chair of the homeland-security program at Harvards Kennedy School of Government (of course Harvard has one of those)

A Florida teacher in a school district where 3 educators died in a single day slams Gov. DeSantis : I haven't had kids in 41 years ever act that immature

Disney cruises joins others, requires vaccine passports. Drop your deadly fight, Gov. DeSantis | Editorial : politics

GOP Texas Rep. Louie Gohmert draws applause for praising ivermectin as COVID treatment : politics
2,000 rally at State Capitol against mandates for masks, vaccinations : politics (Qovid)

Onto the next grift! - Lawyers, Guns & Money The wrongest man of the pandemic has finally succeeding in getting banned from Twitter, with a lie that COVID vaccines dont prevent infection being the last straw: Anti-mask-turned-anti-vaxx influencer Alex Berenson ... The Intellectual Horse Goo Web is in mourning, perhaps they will hold a telethon at Bari Weisss ShakeShack: ... Congratulations to Malcolm Gladwell for giving a credulous review to Berenson's misinformation book on marijuana! Bang-up work all around.
Jeremy Faust MD MS (ER physician) on Twitter: "Alex Berenson actually does leave behind one legacy worth celebrating. He was on the receiving end of the single greatest dunk in Twitter history." / Twitter
Tucker Carlson guest falsely claims that Israes vaccine rollout hasn't worked. In fact, the rollout shows that the vaccine works. Alex Berenson is also spreading anti-vaccine conspiracy theories, alleging a cover-up of harmful effects. There is no evidence for this.

No, fuck *you* - Lawyers, Guns & Money The best policy for administering safe and effective vaccines during a pandemic is mandatory vaccinations, with perhaps some very narrowly drawn health and religious exemptions. If this is not practically possible, the second best alternative is to make denialists bear as close to the full cost of their misconduct as possible:

Texas anti-mask Freedom Defender Caleb Wallace dies at 30 ("imperfect man" leaves 3 kids and a fetus)
After 3-week COVID-19 battle, Daytona Beach talk radio host Marc Bernier dies (last words should have been "I am a dipshit")
3rd conservative radio host who condemned vaccines dies of Covid : politics
May she be be treated as well as she treats others. : PoliticalHumor ... See you later ventilator

Time to Stop Rationalizing and Enabling Evangelical Vaccine Rejection : There is no religious liberty interest in refusing the COVID vaccine (Gungelicals for Satan)

Singapore vaccinates 80 percent of population against COVID-19 : worldnews

A total of 160,000 people protested across France on Saturday, the interior ministry said, angered at the country's Covid health pass system which they say unfairly restricts the unvaccinated. By early evening the authorities had logged 222 separate protest actions ... Needing a medical degree to become a doctor unfairly targets the uneducated! If I want to be dumb and practice surgery its my god given right as a frenchman to do so!

COVID-19 positive man charged after weeks on the run : worldnews

COVID-19: China rejects US Report that says Coronavirus may have come From Wuhan lab : worldnews
China asks WHO to investigate Fort Detrick, UNC bio labs for Covid-19 origins - China is requesting a transparent investigation with full access to the labs of Fort Detrick and the University of North Carolina in the US : worldnews

A virtual Noah's Ark: Hongkongers race to archive democracy movement amid city-wide purge : worldnews undefined

Uyghur population policies could lead to 4.5 million lives lost by 2040, according to study : worldnews
Bitcoin Has No Value: People Banks Of China Official Announces Further Crackdown

Four charged with rape, murder of nine-year-old girl in India : news

Russian Government Fines Protesters Supporting Afghan Womens Rights

Sarah on Twitter: "@idreesali114 Starting a new life with literally a backpack. Unimaginable. I hope her innocence and excitement bring a smile to her undoubtedly exhausted and afraid parents" / Twitter
This is what hope looks like: Photo of Afghan girl skipping on tarmac after landing in Belgium goes viral
Taliban seals off Kabul airport as final NATO evacuation flights leave : worldnews
Taliban blocks Kabul airport to most as foreign airlifts wane : worldnews
Fresh Explosion Heard in Kabul, Afghanistan : worldnews
Dont go to the airport: Taliban warns of new major attack
U.S. drone strike hits Islamic State car bomb in Kabul, officials say. : politics
Taliban brutally killed Afghan folk singer Fawad Andarabi: Former minister ... Music is forbidden in Islam ... nothing aside from the human voice singing about Islam is permitted (no instruments, no women either).
Afghanistan: Black Hawks and Humvees - military kit now with the Taliban : worldnews
Revealed: Foreign Office ignored frantic pleas to help Afghans : worldnews (BoJo a soulless Tory ghoul?)
Roughly 350 Americans who want to leave are still in Afghanistan, State Department says : news
British Left Documents With Sensitive Info At Embassy In Kabul: Report : worldnews

Taliban Move to Ban Opium Production in Afghanistan - WSJ Prices of the raw material for heroin soar in anticipation; the group is seeking acceptance from the international community

Israel bombs Hamas sites in Gaza after protests : worldnews

German election campaign heats up as Merkels conservatives slide

Residential building is burning right now in Milan (29 Aug) : WTF (another let's put super-inflammable stuff on the outsides of our building)

UK Pig farmers warn they will have to destroy perfectly healthyanimals due to worker shortage ... "UK company refuses to raise wages and instead decides to kill the pigs its not longer able to manage" (Fuckxit)

Bolsonaro says he will be arrested, killed or declared winner : worldnews
Wife of murdered Greek ambassador jailed over his death in Brazil : worldnews

Mexican President apologies for Spanish conquest of Aztec Empire : worldnews

Israeli PM tells Biden he wont publicly campaign against Iran deal

Marchers across US call on Congress to bolster voting rights : politics
Nobody is this incompetent: Rental aid slowdown puts target on governors, mayors ... Congress appropriated $46,500,000,000 for rental assistance and the states have only distributed 10% of the funds. This is an epic failure to help those in need. (refucks: hold my beer)

Biden tells some hard truths few want to hear
The GOP's Phony Complaints About Afghanistan : Nearly everything Republicans are decrying happened under Trump.
Donald Trumps recounting of his 2020 conversation with a Taliban leader is something else
The myths and lies about Afghanistan's role in 9/11 live on and Bush and Cheney escape justice
The media is lambasting Biden over Afghanistan. He should stand firm : politics
Force, Future and Thinking Seriously About How Governments Fall | Talking Points Memo
On Afghanistan Withdrawal, NYTs Peter Baker Turns to Raytheon Board Member for Independent 'analysis' -- An object lesson in how routinely corrupt 'national security' reporting is (not to mention that Fuckings Newspaper)

House Capitol riot committee wants to see Texas Attorney General Ken Paxtons communications with the Trump administration
About Jim Jordans other Jan. 6 call with Trump How the FBI Missed Alleged January 6 Leader Joe Biggs | emptywheel
John Pierce Tries to Hire His 18th January 6 Defendant while on a Ventilator with COVID-19 | emptywheel

Trump's lawyers used his tactics to spread disinfo. Now they're paying for it. The pro-Trump lawyers may still have succeeded in giving Trump and his allies the talking points they need to perpetuate the big lie.

Five Decades Later, Medicare Might Cover Dental Care : politics (Dentists are unhappy)
Dental, Insurance Lobbyists Quietly Target DemocratsMedicare Expansion Plan

MAGA Election Clerk Tina Peters Accused of Not Counting Ballots in Local RacesBefore she was the subject of an FBI investigation, Stop the Steal diehard Tina Peters oversaw elections where ballots went uncounted or got lost in unsecured drop boxes. ("got lost")
MAGA Election Clerk Accused of Not Counting Ballots in Local Races : politics
After Data Is Posted On Conspiracy Site, Colorado Countys Voting Machines Are Banned

Corporations and Unions Are Bankrolling the Sedition Caucus Again - Despite pledges, their PACs have resumed giving to the lawmakers who tried to subvert democracy. : politics

MLK Warned Us About Moderates. Are We Listening? : politics
Joe McCarthy was never defeated and Donald Trump now leads the movement he created ... This is plainly the old confederacy. We can call them Trump Humpers, GOP, GQP, Y'all Qaeda, Vanilla ISIS, but it all boils down to the old Confederacy - full stop.

Republicans threaten our childrens freedom as well as their basic safety ... GQP equates personal freedom with no responsibility.

Editorial: Frustrated with Newsom? We get it. Removing him will make things worse : politics
Poll Finds Newsom with 57 Percent Voter Support Less Than 3 Weeks Out from Recall : politics

The Great American Science Heist : politics ... every president since Carter has allowed industry to monopolize government science on its own terms, intervening only rarelynot to protect the public, but to further clip the social contract in industry's favor

Rep. Gosar threatens to sue reporter who called him a white nationalist ... Sue me, Paul, said Rep. Eric Swalwell, California Democrat. You hang out with white nationalists. Hard stop. Therefore, you support white nationalists. See you in court.

Column: Larry Elder is the Black face of white supremacy. You've been warned

Quote from slavery defender John C. Calhoun is removed as Postal Museum reopens : politics

Hillbilly Elegy author JD Vance is running for Senate as a savior of the Rust Belt. Insiders and experts say otherwise.

Witnesses describe life inside R. Kelly's "Chocolate Factory"

Two men are beaten and robbed in the middle of State Street as people walk by, drive past, and twerk up a storm : news (Chicago)

San Diego mayor proposes greater scrutiny on police use of military weapons : politics

Jury convicts former Boulder County deputies of manslaughter : news

California: mother fights off mountain lion with bare hands to save 5-year-old son : news

Military veteran hospitalized following violent outburst at Miami airport : news Alternative headline: Drunk Asshole Assaults Airline Employees.
Youve got to be kidding me with this, right?

Sha'Carri Richardson's Eugene flop suggests a case of too much too soon - After a Richie Tenenbaum-like unravelling on and off the track, it's fair to wonder whether the American sprint star will be remembered more for running her mouth than running at all

Chester Higgins's Life in Pictures - All along the way, his eye is trained on moments of calm, locating an inherent grace, style, and sublime beauty in the Black everyday.

One North Carolina city built their own internet company. How local governments with millions in COVID relief could do the same. : politics (hello Cambridge and their idiot city manager)

People tend to incorrectly assume that psychological disorders in the brain are immutable and innate. This bias can help explain why some people shun psychiatric patients and view their condition as a fixed trait ... Title: Essentialist Biases Toward Psychiatric Disorders: Brain Disorders Are Presumed Innate.

Buy Sell and Trade Cryptocurrency Instantly |

Your Helpful Guide To Puppy Training Success - All Pet's Life

The Ultimate Guide to Growing Cannabis

The psychedelic brew known as ayahuasca could help improve the self-perception of those with social anxiety disorder. : science

ELI5: Why is it better to brush your teeth before breakfast rather than after? And why do we need to brush our teeth in the morning if we brushed them at night and didnt eat anything in between?

How can you tell if a person is a douchebag? : AskReddit

Someone Unearthed This 1976 Clip Of Arthur C. Clarke Predicting The Future Of Technology, And Its Amazing How Much He Got Right

What is the most disturbing thing to know? : AskReddit


Climate change is accelerating, and all of the global warming that occurred since the mid-19th century is due to human activity- future ENSO sea surface temperature may increase according to comprehensive University of Hawaii

Capitalism Cant Fix the Climate Crisis

EPA is falsifying risk assessments for dangerous chemicals, say whistleblowers : politics

Exposure to traffic-related air pollution is associated with increased mental health service-use among people recently diagnosed with psychotic and mood disorders such as schizophrenia and depression. : science
This Is Your Brain on Pollution (Ep. 472) - Freakonomics

Hurricane Ida forecast: Louisiana, New Orleans faces possible Category 4 storm - The Washington Post extremely dangerous major hurricane on the anniversary of Katrina
Hurricane Ida tracker: Map and projected path - The Washington Post
Hurricane Ida will be strongest storm to hit Louisiana since 1850s, governor warns
Time is not on our side. Gulf Coast braces for Sunday arrival of Hurricane Ida, potentially a Category 4 storm
How hurricanes like Ida can intensify so rapidly - CNN
Photos: Gulf Coast braces for Hurricane Ida

First night of Janeys indoor mask mandate and she is pictured at a restaurant without a mask
Cambridge indoor mask mandate - Sept 3 : boston
When a booster shot becomes available, our spelling may be unique : massachusetts

Scientists have uncovered a cluster of psychological characteristics associated with people who refuse to comply with COVID-19 safety regulations. : science ... The non-compliant group was more extraverted, but less agreeable and less open to new experiences and ideas. Non-compliant people were also more likely to report using denial, substance use, and behavioral disengagement to cope with problems

Delta variant viral load 300 times greater than original strain, study reveals : worldnews
Delta variant doubles risk of hospitalisation. Researchers analysed 43,338 Covid-19 cases in England between 29 March and 23 May 2021. Only 1.8% of the cases, regardless of variant, had received both doses of the vaccine, 24% had been vaccinated once and the majority (74%) were unvaccinated. : science
COVID-19: Delta variant poses Twice the Risk of hospitalisation compared to Alpha variant, study finds : worldnews
U.S. intelligence agencies split on Covid-19 origins, offer no high-confidence conclusions in new report : worldnews
Antibody found that neutralizes all known strains of COVID-19. : worldnews

Nursing for nurses and by nurses for the care of all.

COVID Deaths since June '21 by vaccination (refucks win)

GOP Sen. Mitt Romney says unvaccinated people want liberty but your liberty affects my health
Elias: High time to tax the unvaxxed : politics

Florida reports 27,584 new coronavirus cases, the biggest one-day increase on record : CoronavirusUS (Rona DeathSantis)
'Don't let me die' : Inside a COVID-19 unit in Floridas capital city amid a surge in cases
Florida starts turning on DeSantis : You can tout all the freedom and anti-lockdown that you want. Theres no political strategy for sick kids and tired parents.
America's beloved COVID governor bears no responsibility for COVID disaster unfolding in his state - Lawyers, Guns & Money ... (NYT - FTFNYT - says a "huge number" of Floridians vaxxed ... 52%) `
Judge blocks Florida governors order banning mask mandates
Judge uses DeSantiss own defense to dismantle case for banning mask mandates in schools
What Went Wrong With the Coronavirus Pandemic in Florida - The New York Times Even a large state that emphasized vaccinations in treating the coronavirus can be crushed by the Delta variant when no other measures are put in place.
Florida starts turning on DeSantis : politics
Ron DeSantis has gone from winning the pandemicto blaming Joe Biden for his fuckups
Howard Dean calls DeSantis a lunatic over handling of COVID-19
Doctor advising DeSantis promoted ivermectin to treat COVID-19 despite FDA warnings -- Any physician that espouses this should be reported to the state medical association

She Joined The School Board To Serve Her Community. Now Shes In The Crossfire ... In the small southern Indiana city of New Albany ... (Fuckiana)

An elementary school teacher took off her mask for a read-aloud. Within days, half her class was positive for delta. A CDC-funded simulation predicts that without masking or testing up to 75 percent of children under 12 could be infected within three months. (refucks win the deathdemic

Cancel culture is out of control - Lawyers, Guns & Money - Making anodyne comments about how vaccines are good becoming a firing offense tells you exactly where evangelicals are right now, and theyre going to drag a lot of people down with them. (Fundie Satangelicals are most committed anti-vax group)

Georgia cop who pushed people to take horse dewormer instead of vaccine dies from COVID-19 - Raw Story - Celebrating 17 Years of Independent Journalism

Miss. Gov.: Souths response to COVID impacted by belief in eternal life (suckers, it's the opposite)

Why Are Cops So Resistant to Getting Vaccinated? - Police unions across the country are railing against vaccine mandates in the strongest terms. : politics ,,, white men without college degrees ... (dumbfuck macho fuckers fucking themselves)

The assassination of your uncle by the coward Tucker Carlson - Lawyers, Guns & Money ... A new study finds that watching Fox News has a causal relationship with lower vaccination rates: ... Remember how MSNBC spent years of futility trying to make Americas most murderous white nationalist broadcaster a thing? True story!

The Sturgis Motorcycle Rally Set Off A Surge Of COVID Cases In South Dakota : Coronavirus

COVID-19: Alberta reports 1,000-plus cases for second straight day : worldnews

Russia says July was the deadliest month of the pandemic : worldnews

Two die in Japan after shots from suspended Moderna vaccines - Japan govt : worldnews

India administers record 10 million vaccine doses in a day : worldnews

New Zealand Covid update: 82 new cases as outbreak worsens despite nationwide lockdown : worldnews

Too little is known about melted fuel inside damaged reactors at the wrecked Fukushima nuclear power plant, even a decade after the disaster, to be able to tell if its decommissioning can be finished by 2051 as planned, a U.N. nuclear agency official said : worldnews
Japanese Fighters Intercept Three Chinese Drones In As Many Days : worldnews
U.S. Marines in Okinawa dump contaminated water into sewer: The incident occurred on the same day U.S. military officials were to discuss with Japanese officials about how to release the water. : worldnews
Japan protests against US Marines dumping water containing dangerous chemicals in Okinawas local sewage system
Athlete hit by self-driving car is out of Games : worldnews ... The Toyota vehicle is part of a fleet being used to transport athletes and Paralympic officials around the village.

China condemns US warship transit of Taiwan Strait : worldnews
China Triggers $1 Trillion Market Meltdown, And Its Just Getting Started
Chinese university allegedly compiling list of LGBT+ students: This is scary
Nearly 65,000 Hong Kongers apply for UK visa scheme : worldnews

Afghanistan: Joe Biden warns another airport attack highly likely in next 24-36 hoursvows more strikes on ISIS-K
US drone strike killed an Isis-K planner after the groups deadly attack on Kabul airport
US airstrike targets Islamic State member in Afghanistan : worldnews
Taliban block Kabul airport to most as foreign airlifts wane
No one has money. Under Taliban rule, Afghanistans banking system is imploding
World Bank halts aid to Afghanistan, deeply concerned on prospects for women
Several hundred Americans are unsure whether to leave Afghanistan, US officials say
Threatened by ISIS, the Afghan Taliban May Crack Up - WSJ Without ideological purity, the group wont be able to hold together. With it, they wont be able to govern.
Taliban say Afghan women health service staff should go back to work : worldnews
Tajik Group Offers To Fight Alongside Anti-Taliban Militias In Afghanistan : worldnews
Pakistan taking in hundreds of thousands of Refugees : worldnews
ISIS propaganda app that touted Kabul attack relies on Amazon Web Services : worldnews

U.N. chief says social fabric of Ethiopia being torn apart : worldnews
UN Chief: No Military Solution to Ethiopia Crisis : worldnews
Joy as parents reunited with kidnapped Nigerian students : worldnews

Biden Hosts Israeli Leader After One-Day Delay : worldnews
Lebanons Hezbollah agrees to third shipment of Iranian fuel

Egypt unearths remains of Greco-Roman town in Alexandria : worldnews

Solicitor in court accused of injecting blood into food at London supermarkets | UK news : worldnews

Bolsonaro Says Everybody Has To Buy a Rifle

Perus Congress confirms new leftist cabinet

USAID Announces Additional $32 Million in Assistance for Haiti Quake Victims : worldnews

Canada election: Justin Trudeau rally cancelled after angry protests : worldnews

U.S. House Jan. 6 committee demands Trump White House records : politics
January 6th Capitol attack investigators demand records from tech giants : politics

What Trumps Disgraceful Deal With the Taliban Has Wrought
Donald Trumps recounting of his 2020 conversation with a Taliban leader is something else (schizodementia)
GOP rift widens amid growing hostility to Afghan refugees : politics
Josh Hawley Was in Favor of Withdrawing From Afghanistan Until Joe Biden Did It : politics
Opinion | GOP reaction to troop deaths shows what a Republican House would really mean - The Washington Post (total insanity and the end of America)
If it weren't for bad faith there would be no defenses of the Afghanistan occupation at all - Lawyers, Guns & Money Todays person who thinks you are an abject moron is the President of the Council on Foreign Relations: (not endless war, just a little "open-ended presence")
Eschaton: Objective Journalism Breaking Out All Over
Lawyer for Afghan girls robotics team tells Oklahoma woman to stop taking credit for rescue (the 11 children mom is a pubicity hound)

Video of Mike Pompeos contradictory Afghanistan remarks viewed over 900K times
Mike Pompeo is trying to rewrite history with Afghanistan. But dont worry, we use the magic of TV to set the record straight.
Don Winslow on Twitter: "NEW VIDEO: #TrumpHasAmnesia" / Twitter

AOC and 63 other Democrats slam the Supreme Court over eviction-ban ruling, saying it risks "needless loss of human life"

The Only Real Socialism in the US Is Corporate Welfare : politics

How Half Of America Lost Its F**king Mind | the Donald Trump phenomenon in three movies. And then some text. (10/16, great analysis and prediction of Trumpistan)
Trumpists live in an alternate reality -- but they believe in it, and that's terrifying -- Older white conservatives are barraged with intense propaganda. It has shaped their world, and its killing America

The House debates voting rights, and its Jim Crow all over again

Experts warn of dangers from breach of voter system software : politics Republican efforts questioning the outcome of the 2020 presidential race have led to voting system breaches that election security experts say pose a heightened risk to future elections. (MyPillow idiot distributed copies of Dominion software)
Republican election audits have led to voting system breaches, experts say : politics

The California Recall Election Could Wreck the Country : politics
Think Californias recall election doesnt affect you? It really does, Im afraid (fucking DiFi is 88 yrs old)
Democrats Are Scrambling to Stop the GOP From Taking Over California : politics
Larry Elders private charity was a bust, and questions swirl over where the money went

A school district opted out of a free meals program, saying students could become spoiled ... Waukesha School District board (in Wississippi)

call the burn ward : PoliticalHumor

If This Texas Abortion Ban Takes Effect, The State Will Pay Citizens To Enforce It : politics
Fumigate Texas : politics

Louie Gohmert has tested positive : PoliticalHumor

2 Black men say they were handcuffed while trying to return a TV. Now they're suing Walmart. : news

Police officer sued after shooting puppy dead in front of its owners : news

Drop the chalk: Michigan motorist wins appeal over tickets : news

People low in self-esteem may be less vulnerable to the impact of romantic breakups than previously thought. : science

TIL that Sleep Apnea is highly underdiagnosed. It is estimated that 1 in 15 people have moderate to severe sleep apnea, causing daytime sleepiness and grogginess upon waking. : todayilearned

An analysis of data from 1.5 million people has identified 579 locations in the genome associated with a predisposition to different behaviors and disorders related to self-regulation, including addiction and child behavioral problems. : science ... polygenic risk score

Each 1% increase in cows milk fat consumed was associated with a 0.05 lower zBMI score for children

Online Trolls Also Jerks in Real Life: Aarhus University Study : technology (jerks will be jerks, science says)

Human populations survived the Toba volcanic super-eruption 74,000 years ago -- ScienceDaily

New species of ancient four-legged whale discovered in Egypt : worldnews
The fossil of the amphibious Phiomicetus anubis was originally discovered in Egypt's Western Desert. Its skull resembles that of Anubis, the ancient Egyptian jackal-headed god of the dead after which it was named.

Does feeding garden birds do more harm than good? - BBC News Birds will adjust their foraging behaviour around a reliable source of supplementary food

ELi5: How does preexisting COPD contributed to hypoxemia? : explainlikeimfive

TIL 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi adapters run much faster when plugged into USB 2.0 ports because USB 3.0 ports can emit broadband noise that interferes with the radio frequency on 2.4 GHz devices : todayilearned

Rare footage of 1950's housewife on LSD (Full Version) : videos

What conspiracy theory is just bullshit? : AskReddit

Whats your favorite insult?

Which fictional creature/villain traumatized you in your childhood? : AskReddit

interesting parade : WTF

Girls of Reddit, what is the hardest thing to explain to a males? : AskReddit

Where were you and what were you doing when 9/11 happened? : AskReddit

4 men who rescued a pregnant cat falling from building awarded 50000 dr each from sheikh Rashid Bin Mohammed. U.A.E. : gifs

Blown away by this nearly 4 minute long drone shot in Hard Knocks... : television

who do you think is the most influential person in history? : AskReddit

TIL about Paregoric, an opium based childrens medicine that was available over the counter in the United States until the 1970s. (

What small decision changed your life? : AskReddit

What was your weirdest, most fucked-up (possibly illegal) dream? : AskReddit

U/usedtodonateblood shows how the Canadian subreddit is taken over by right wing neo Nazis and people who work for the conservative party of Canada. : bestof Texas-based hate group source of 80% of all U.S. racist propaganda tracked in 2020 This Video Will Make You Angry - YouTube
Buying Attention | Hidden Brain : NPR
betweenskill comments on mfs out here saying The Boys being anti-nazi is "too leftist" when the whole show is literally a critque of the ridiculous amounts of power companies have under capitalism

Response to Yesterday's Admin Post : PoliticalHumor

Worst cloud vulnerability you can imagine discovered in Microsoft Azure


Malaria trial shows striking 70% reduction in severe illness in children - A study in Burkina Faso and Mali suggests combining anti-malarial drugs and vaccination could reduce deaths and hospitalisations

Look out Louisiana - Lawyers, Guns & Money Ida, which didnt even exist until yesterday afternoon, has in the space of that time become a tropical storm and then a hurricane, and is likely to be a major hurricane by tomorrow: possibly a catastrophic Category 4 or 5 storm, given the intense heat radiating out of the Gulf of Mexicos water at the moment ... This will be the fourth hurricane and possibly the third major hurricane to hit Louisiana in the last 12 months.
Ida predicted to strike Louisiana as extremelydangerous Category 4 hurricane late Sunday
New Orleans mayor calls for everyone outside the levee system to evacuate before Hurricane Ida hits Louisiana : news

Your MA COVID-19 Interactive Data Dashboard for August 27, 2021 - 6 deaths, 572 hospitalized, 1,591 new cases, 65k tests reported. 4,478,648 fully vaccinated. : CoronavirusMa
1,591 confirmed cases, 6 deaths, and 11,953 vaccinations. See todays COVID-19 data from Mass.
All But 3 Counties In Massachusetts Have High Community COVID Transmission, CDC Map Shows - CBS Boston - August 27, 2021 : CoronavirusMa
Massachusetts (MA) - COVID Vaccine & Risk Tracker - Covid Act Now

Bostons new indoor mask mandate is now in effect. Heres what to know
MA hospitals not seeing rush of pediatric COVID cases: High adult vax rates likely helping keep numbers down - Boston 25 News - August 26, 2021 : CoronavirusMa
COVID: 3rd vaccine 95% effective against infection, 97% against serious : CoronavirusMa

Zeta variant: New B.1.621 variant joins lambda, delta in Florida : CoronavirusUS
Report: Unvaccinated people are more than 15 times more likely to die from COVID-19 : news
Having SARS-CoV-2 once confers much greater immunity than a vaccine -- but no infection parties, please
Blood clot risk greater after Covid infection than after vaccination (Data analysis of 29 million people) : worldnews
US intelligence community review does not determine origin of Covid-19 - CNNPolitics

Dying in the Name of Vaccine Freedom | NYT Opinion : videos (Ozarks of Death for Freedumb +nurses are dumb)
The Republican pandemic response is breaking my brain | The Week Give me horse paste or give me death?
Speaking of deaths that matter, let us remember that right wing media and the Republican party have conspired to effectively murder 30,000 Americans in just the past two months - Lawyers, Guns & Money
Who's Owning Who? - Lawyers, Guns & Money
Friends. I have joined ivermectin groups on Facebook. They are literally shitting their pants in grocery stores.
A lot of people have asked me this week: Where did this ivermectin obsession come from? Who could possibly benefit from it? - Most importantly, why did my antivaxx aunt start eating horse goo from the tractor store? ... 25,000-member ivermectin Facebook pages.
Texas runs out of horse deworming medicine because a lot of people would rather poison themselves than admit they were wrong - Lawyers, Guns & Money

My tween cant wear a crop top to school, but our state wont mandate masks to protect her health

Children hospitals around the country are seeing a surge in Covid-19 patients, including this two-month-old baby in New Orleans

Texas Anti-Mask Freedom Rally Organizer Fighting For His Life With COVID-19 ... Caleb Wallace, a 30-year-old father of three, has been unconscious, ventilated and heavily sedated in the ICU at Shannon Medical Center in San Angelo since Aug. 8,was was intubated multiple times, had high fevers, infection and bleeding in his chest.

I don't know how much longer we can do this says emotional Alabama state health officer.
Alabama Has the Worst Poverty in the Developed World, U.N. Official Says

Florida Schools May Impose Mask Mandates - The New York Times
Lincoln Project lambastes Ron DeSantis for school COVID-19 surge
Pro-Life - YouTube

Wife hospitalized for covid gets home to find husband dead from the same virus: It was like walking into a horror movie ... Neither Ron, who died of covid-19 complications, nor Lisa had been vaccinated,

Parents chase and shout at governor over mask mandate - CNN Video angry parents followed Gov. Ned Lamont out of the building and shouted at him ("not anti-mask, just pro-choice" to be idiots, they said.

Dr. Bronners vaccine incentive draws ire of online wellness world

Louisiana Department of Health on Twitter: "The Louisiana Department of Health reports 3,428 #COVID19 cases reported to the state since August 26, 2021. The vast majority (97.5%) of these cases are tied to COVID spreading in communities, rather than congregate settings like nursing homes." / Twitter ... Sadly, we also report 61 COVID deaths reported to the state since yesterday. 12,359 Louisianans have lost their lives to COVID since the beginning of the pandemic.

NRB spokesman Dan Darling fired after pro-vaccine statements on Morning JoeDaniel Darling, senior vice president of communications for the National Religious Broadcasters, was fired Friday (Aug. 27) after refusing to recant his pro-vaccine statements. (pro death fundies gp for "hate your neighbors and try to kill them")

UGA professor resigns mid-class after student refuses to wear mask | Campus News | ... A University of Georgia retiree-rehire professor resigned on Tuesday after one of his students refused to properly wear a mask in an upper division psychology seminar class held at the psychology building. (he's 88 yrs old, trying to help the kids and an entitled bitch destroys class)

'America's Frontline Doctors' Peddle Bogus COVID-19 Treatment | Time ... Since its founding last year by Dr. Simone Gold, a Los Angeles physician who was later arrested during the Jan. 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol, Americas Frontline Doctors has nurtured medical conspiracies popular in right-wing circles. Created as a political project to support the Trump Administrations economic reopening push .. (preying on the stupid)

In Britain, Young Children Don't Wear Masks in School - During the Delta surge, British schools emphasized other safety measures: quarantining and regular testing for the virus.

More than half of Indias eligible population - some 473 million people - have received at least one dose of a Covid vaccine, official data says.

New Zealand police break up one-person anti-lockdown protest in Auckland, New Zealand : worldnews

Kim Jong-un summoned to appear in Tokyo District Court : worldnews

A high court has ruled that a Sierra Leonean woman who came to Korea to avoid female genital mutilation should be granted refugee status because the practice is violation of human rights. The Gwangju High Court overturned a lower court decision...not to recognize her as a refugee. : worldnews

Thai police questioned after video emerges of drug suspect being tortured and killed : worldnews

Strong Evidence That Beijings Policies Meet the Criteria for Genocide of the Uyghur People
Chinese authorities say overtime '996' (working 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. six days a week) policy is illegal : worldnews

High Court in Chattisgarh, India rules out that Sex with husband is not rape, even if it was by force and against her wish. : worldnews

Afghanistan live updates: U.S. prepares for more ISIS attacks in Kabul - The Washington Post
Kabul Airport: Death toll hits 85, with Taliban saying 28 of its members were killed in the attack by ISIL affiliate. : worldnews
Islamic State claims responsibility for suicide bombings in Kabul killing 12 US troops, over 70 civilians : worldnews
Large explosion at Abbey gate at the Kabul airport : worldnews
US Government and Taliban sharing intelligence and working together to protect airport from further attacks. : worldnews
Thousands of freed Isis and Al-Qaeda fighters regroupingin Afghanistan
Taliban is feared to have access to 200,000 guns, 22,000 Humvees, black hawks and more : worldnews
Total betrayal: Afghan interpreters shocked as New Zealand ends Kabul evacuation
Taliban stops 140 Hindu and Sikh Afghans from leaving Kabul : worldnews
Kabul: France and UK will keep evacuating people, Afghans and EU/UK citizens
A Total F*cking Disaster: Inside Seth Moultons Secret Trip to Kabul

136 Niger school pupils freed 86 days after abduction : worldnews

Large Stalin-era mass grave discovered in Ukraine : worldnews

A family evacuated from Afghanistan arrives at Dulles International Airport in Chantilly, Virginia : pics (+great thread)

US special operations vets carry out daring mission to save Afghan allies - ABC News At least 13 service members were killed in an attack in Kabul Thursday.
Trump's former national security advisor John Bolton says it's impossible for Mike Pompeo to rewrite history on his negotiations with the Taliban
After negotiating with the Taliban, Trump officials criticize Biden for negotiating with the Taliban : politics
GOP Hawks Rage: We Want Our Forever War Back : politics

How the defense industry helped prolong the war in Afghanistan (death-for-profit military-media industry is angry)

PCE Inflation Rises As Expected in July As Price Growth Cools Down
US billionaire' scollective wealth grew enough during the pandemic to pay off the $1.7 trillion student debt crisis

Pelosi says Supreme Court immorally ripped awayrelief from Americans in its 'arbitrary and cruel' decision to end eviction moratorium
Report Details Corporate Landlord Gluttony as Millions Face Eviction : politics

The utter ridiculousness of calls for Joe Biden to resign : politics

Capitol Police Officers Sue Trump and Allies Over Election Lies and Jan. 6 : politics

Trump has good reason to be triggered by Jan. 6 commission: Records request suggests a real probe : politics
Trump suggests Laden wasn't a monster and had 'only one hit' in new interview

U.S. House panel probing Jan. 6 attack wants Texas Attorney General Ken Paxtons communications with Trump administration

Newly Unsealed Transcript Reveals Crux Of Muellers Collusion Case

Rudy Giuliani Claims Hes More Lucid Than 90% of the Population

Republican group refuses to remove QAnon and Proud Boys Facebook post : politics

The Party of Lincoln Is Now the Party of Jim Crow : politics

Why Did A Right-Wing Troll Appear To Tweet About An FBI Investigation Into The Plot To Kidnap Michigans Governor Before It Was Public?

Lauren Boebert admits to campaign finance problems: I under-reported a lot ofstuff to the FEC

South Dakota AG gets fines, no jail time in pedestrian death : politics

How the Minnesota GOP imploded: From a toxic workplace to a full-on sex trafficking scandal : politics

Texas House advances new voting restrictions as Democratic hopes of killing the legislation wane : politics
Texas GOP Say Don't Call Them Racist As They Pass Voter Suppression Bill : politics
Texas House speaker bans word 'racism' during debate on elections bill
The Texas Legislature Needs to Take a Nap -- In which House Speaker Dade Phelan bans mentioning 'racism' in the chamber.

California GOP Recall Candidate Larry Elder Wanted To End Medicaid | HuffPost In 2010, Elder said he was also against mandating that insurance companies cover people with preexisting condition

California parole board recommends release of Sirhan Sirhan - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Waukesha, Wis., schools plan to reject free lunch program. Parents are trying to save it. - The Washington Post - the Waukesha School District board decided to opt out of a federally funded program that would give free meals to all students regardless of family income.

Something has to be done: After decades of near-silence from the CDC, the agencys director is speaking up about gun violence (tnx, Barry)

It Nearly Killed Me: Michael Caputo's Life After Years Fighting for Trump - After a public meltdown and cancer, Michael Caputo is reexamining his career as a smashmouth politician.

Spotifys Joe Rogan and guest Meghan Murphy spread anti-trans vitriol and lie about COVID-19 vaccines

Eschaton: Pizzo This is how the mafia operates. -- Tchen also co-founded with Kaplan a private consulting company, HABIT Advisors, which focused on advising companies about how to handle sexual harassment. The website for that firm was taken offline in recent weeks. -- Hire HABIT Advisors (run by me) to tell you how to deal with nasty organizations like Times Up (also run by me).

Rare merger of three supermassive black holes spotted by Indian Astrophysicists : worldnews

Researchers have found the remains of a teenager who died 7,200 years ago, revealing a group of humans previously unknown to science : worldnews
Scientists discover first ancient human DNA remarkably preserved from tropical Asia region : worldnews

1,800-Year-Old Flower Bouquets Found in Tunnel Beneath Teotihuacan Pyramid

We Think Anger Is A Sign Of Guilt But It May Actually Be A Better Sign Of Innocence

What is a sure sign that someone is new to your hobby? : AskReddit

What will never not be funny? : AskReddit


Atmospheric CO2 Levels Haven't Been This High in 800,000 Years: NOAA | A major report on climate says both greenhouse gas concentrations and global sea levels hit record highs in 2020. : worldnews

Slow-Walking the Climate Crisis : politics

Australia is more and more isolated on climate, former EU trade commissioner says | Climate crisis (Murdoch cackles)

Highest Recorded Temperature In Iceland In Thirteen Years : worldnews

Central Banks Helping Funnel Trillions of Dollars into Fossil Fuels Despite Climate Pledges, Research Finds : worldnews (death for short-term profit)

Australia: Bushfire Survivors Hail Landmark Legal Win On Climate : worldnews

Trial suggests malaria sickness could be cut by 70% : worldnews

You MA COVID-19 Interactive Data Dashboard for August 26, 2021 - 13 deaths, 565 hospitalized, 1,793 new cases, 76k tests reported. 4,472,630 fully vaccinated. : CoronavirusMa
1,793 confirmed cases, 13 deaths, and 11,417 vaccinations. See todays COVID-19 data from Mass.

I Got COVID-19 as a Healthy, Vaccinated College Student and Im Still Dealing With It
Misleading Covid vaccine stats and trends? : CoronavirusMa

100,000 more COVID deaths projected unless US changes its ways; MIAA announces mandate on masks for indoor sports through Oct. 1 - The Boston Globe
Vaccinated Democratic Counties Are Leading the Economic Recovery : politics

You do not have the constitutional right to refuse the Covid-19 vaccine (and kill other people)

Studies from 2003 in China, showed that 80% of the wild animals in the markets and 13-60% of traders with wild animals had SARS-Cov-1 antibodies indicating of larger spreading of the virus. Do we have similar early studies for SARS-Cov-2? : askscience

COVID vaccine protection wanes within six months - UK researchers : worldnews

Sponsor drops Schwarzenegger over rant about anti-maskers : worldnews

GOP Rep. Thomas Massie Ripped For Most Absurd Vaccine-Holocaust Comparison Yet : politics
Right wing touts unproven Covid treatments rather than preventative vaccines : politics

US deaths jump 317% in 7 weeks : news

Judge rules Texas governor cant enforce mask mandate ban
Why are mask mandates so triggering for right wingers? - Lawyers, Guns & Money
Aaron Rupar on Twitter: ""There's lot of good guys out there ready to do bad things soon" -- an anti-masker goes ballistic at a Board of Commissioners meeting in Ottawa County, Michigan" / Twitter

Masks ordered for most Florida students, defying DeSantis : politics
Florida COVID update: case, death, vaccine count | Miami Herald Florida COVID update: 901 added deaths, largest single-day increase in pandemic history
Ron DeSantis, facing record covid deaths in Florida, says Biden should follow his lead - The Washington Post ("we're the best at killing our citizens" he said)
68 Florida hospitals have less than 48hrs of oxygen left. : news
Dead tired of all the winning - Lawyers, Guns & Money
In Florida, Pandemic Is Worse Now Than It Has Ever Been Before - The New York Times

Pritzker to order indoor masking for all 2 and up, plus mandatory vaccine for educators from kindergarten to college : politics
Brian Tyler Cohen on Twitter: "This, right here, is *exactly* how you deal with rightwing reporters more focused on spreading misinformation than keeping people alive. Thank you @GovPritzker and team." / Twitter

Vaccine conspiracy theorists become even more desperate after full FDA authorization - The Washington Post - The claim is that the FDA somehow didnt really fully authorize the Pfizer vaccine

Oregon says people fired for refusing vaccines generally cant collect jobless benefits

In one week, number of students testing positive for COVID-19 doubles in Mississippi : news

Wisconsin State Senator Who Opposed COVID Mask, Vaccine Mandates Has Virus, On Ventilator : politics

Ten Pacific states have not had any Covid-19 cases says WHO : worldnews

Air Canada requiring all employees, new hires to be vaccinated against COVID-19 : worldnews

Russia Sees Record Virus Deaths Despite Falling Cases - The Moscow Times : worldnews

Australian daily Covid-19 virus cases soar over 1,000 for first time : worldnews

Japan has suspended the use of about 1.63 million doses of the Moderna vaccine due to contamination. : worldnews

Philippine police officer found guilty of murdering a neighboring mother and son, over noise dispute, last December. Sentenced to Reclusion Perpetua. Update on a case that was caught on video and reported on here at the time. : worldnews

Japan Is Digging an Undersea Tunnel To Dump Fukushimas Radioactive Water
They call it kwarosa. Death by overwork is plaguing the nation with the longest work hours in the developed world
You will Regret this: Japan Crime Bosss chilling threat to judge after being Sentenced To Death

Facebook used facial recognition without consent 200,000 times, says South Koreas data watchdog (Fuckyoubook)

Chinese authorities detain, indict 11 people for contributing to The Epoch Times : worldnews

Kabul Airport Attacks Kill 12 U.S. Service Members, at Least 60 Afghans - WSJ
Afghanistan Live News: Explosions Near Kabul Airport; Casualties Include U.S. Service Members - The New York Times
An explosion reported near Kabul airport : news
Afghanistan updates: Very credible reporting of an imminent attack at Kabul airport
Pentagon: Blast outside Kabul airport, no word on casualties : worldnews
Biden vows retribution on terrorists who killed 13 US service members in Kabul - ABC News

U.S. officials provided Taliban with names of Americans, Afghan allies to evacuate - POLITICO Basically, they just put all those Afghans on a kill list

Lets Not Pretend That the Way We Withdrew From Afghanistan Was the Problem
The Real Winner of the Afghan War? Its Not Who You Think.Pakistan, nominally a U.S. partner in the war, was the Afghan Talibans main patron, and sees the Talibans victory as its own. But now what does it do with its prize? ... Its military won tens of billions of dollars in American aid over the last two decades, even as Washington acknowledged that much of the money disappeared into unaccounted sinkholes.

The Taliban tried to get their hands on the Afghan central banks nearly $10 billion in reserves, but most of the money is in New York
The Taliban inherited a vast American-made arsenal after retaking Afghanistan : worldnews
Pakistan is like second home: Taliban spokesperson admits close ties with Islamabad

Afghan MP deported from New Delhi Airport. : worldnews
Afghanistan: Shots fired at Italian military plane flying out of Kabul : worldnews
Afghan baby born on flight as her mom fled is named for U.S. evacuation plane : worldnews
Afghans charged $40 for bottle of water and $100 for plate of rice at Kabul airport : worldnews (sounds like an Erik Prince operation)
Erik Prince Charging $6,500 for Seat on Private Flight Out of Kabul : worldnews
A bomb was planted at the house of a former Australian special operations intelligence officer who blew the whistle on a massacre of farmers in Afghanistan : worldnews (Au military is full of murderers)
We were blackmailed: Afghanistans former vice-president accuses US of forcing deals with the Taliban
Afghan all-girl robotics team find a new home in Mexico : worldnews
391 Afghan evacuees who worked for Korea's embassy and its humanitarian relief facilities to be airlifted to South Korea. The evacuees and their family members will receive long-term visas not as refugees but as persons of special merit
All students, staff at Afghanistans only girls boarding school flee to Rwanda
Germanys Ramstein base housing thousands of Afghans who left everything behind

Internal UN document says Taliban threatened, beat staff : worldnews
Taliban to forbid music in public again but they will persuade rather than pressure people to obey the rule (outlaws singing)
Pakistani truck driver goes to Kabul airport to see 'action,' ends up in USA (fake news, but still ...)
A Kabul Animal Rescue Is Racing To Airlift Hundreds Of Pets Out Of Afghanistan : NPR : worldnews
Students and parents from California school district stranded in Afghanistan amid Taliban takeover : worldnews ... This was not a field trip. They are Afghan refugees who live here in the US and were visiting family in Afghanistan on their own. Most have been there since June.

Psychological violence: Alexei Navalny says he is forced to watch eight hours of state TV a day

Three Brawls Break Out In Two Days In Armenian Parliament : worldnews

Niger army repels Boko Haram attack, says 16 soldiers killed : worldnews

Qatar has failed to explain up to 70% of migrant worker deaths in past 10 years - Amnesty. World Cup host has not properly investigated fatalities, rights group says, citing concerns over heat stress and safety : worldnews

Vatican in freakout mode after discovering litany of priests on Grindr : technology
Gay Homophobe : # days since the last prominent homophobe was caught in a gay sex scandal:

Minister of Defense Says Poland Will Build New Border Wall with Belarus : worldnews

Leopard attacks model during photoshoot inside big cat enclosure in Germany : worldnews

Police arrest man over injecting food at three London supermarkets : worldnews

Fairy Creek is set to become the largest act of civil disobedience in Canada' s history

Flight thought to be carrying another US congressional delegation is turned away from Kabul airport A private jet thought to be carrying another US congressional delegation has been denied permission to land at Kabul airport, a source familiar with the situation told CNN on Thursday ... It remains unclear which representative was on the jet (Matt Gaetz)

Jen Psaki smacks down Fox reporters attempt to blame Biden for something Trump did
Aaron Rupar on Twitter: "Jen Psaki just gave Peter Doocy his daily medicine" / Twitter
Jen Psaki says Blackwater founder Erik Prince is soulless for charging $6,500 for Kabul evacuation flight : politics
Afghanistan Shows Real Media Bias at Work : politics

U.S. Troops Killed in Afghanistan Suicide Bomb at Kabul Airport Deserves Real Action, Not Talking Points I Find It Hard to Care About the Domestic Political Fallout of Today's Bombing in Kabul : The American military has earned more than some ill-considered blathering from retired brass hats in the peanut gallery.
With your crinkly hair and your glassy stare And your machiavellian schemes - Lawyers, Guns & Money ... I mean, if I want to know how to end a failed war in a timely manner with a minimum of bloodshed and chaos, absolutely the first source Im going to consult is Henry Kissinger.
Mike Pompeo takes his own arrows over the Afghanistan collapse - POLITICO former secretary of State played a key role in the deal with the Taliban. He says Biden botched it. Other Republicans arent letting him off the hook.
Afghanistan and the Anti-Liberal Right - by Cathy Young - (Cathy Young surprisingly reasonable)

The MAGA Movement's a Bigger Threat to America Than the Taliban (bomb them)

Trump Flips Out at House Committee After It Requests Secret Capitol Riot Documents Former president Donald Trump has threatened to use presidential powers, despite no longer being president. On Wednesday, he said he would invoke executive privilege to block the House Select Committee from investigating documents containing communications tied to the Capitol riots. ("I am extremely priviliged and still president" he said)
Livid Trump Throws A Fit Over Jan. 6 Panels Sweeping Document Request
Trump Flips Out at House Committee After It Requests Secret Capitol Riot Documents : politics
House Panel Demands Records of Trumps Movements on Jan. 6
The House Capitol riot committee is seeking evidence on Trump's mental stability on Jan. 6 (what? he's a very stable genius insurrectionist!)
Opinion: It looks like the Jan. 6 select committee means business : politics
Trump says executive privilege will be defended to stop 6 January committee seizing his phone records
Former FBI director dismisses Trump claims hes protected from January 6 probe: We have laws in this country (Trump says he's still president)

Are Capitol riot defendants being treated too leniently? - The Washington Post

Exclusive: Police Lieutenant Who Killed January 6 Capitol Rioter Ashli Babbitt Finally Identified
Capitol Police Officer Who Killed Ashli Babbitt Will Sit For Interview With NBC : politics
Officer who shot Ashli Babbitt during Capitol riot breaks silence: "I saved countless lives" (they would have killed alot of treasonous insurrectionists when they went for Pence

AOC Challenger Tina Forte Promoted and Attended Jan. 6 Capitol Riot : politics

DOJ Should Investigate Jeff Clark and Mark Meadows for Political Coercion Act and Hatch Act Violations : politics

Mary Trump: Donald Is a Fascist and the Republicans Are Trying To Destroy Our Democracy

Judge rules that Sidney Powell and Lin Wood engaged in historic and profound abuse of legal system, approves punishment
Lordy, There May Be Consequences| Judge hammers Trump election lawyers : politics

Ex-Trump Spy Chief Cozies Up to Serbias Pro-Moscow Strongman

According to US Supreme Court, Right to Buy an Election More Protected Than Right to Vote in One : politics ... If money is speech then poverty is silence ... which makes bribery "speech" and thus protected.
Democracy for Sale Analysis Ties Corporate Consolidation to Increased Lobbying
Progressives want Biden to push harder on voting rights : politics
Now the Senate Must Act: Progressives Applaud House Passage of John Lewis Voting Rights Bill

$3.5T or bust? Sanders goes all-out to protect Dems social spending plans
The Big Scary "S" Word: why are people so terrified of socialism? (they might get health insurance and not die in poverty)

Lets see if we have the GOPs 2022 message straight

Maggie Haberman and the never-ending Trump story - The Washington Post

The dark future of far-right Trumpist politics is coming into view (Fox Fuckers)

Apathetic voters could hand California recall to Republicans: Folks seem unaware

McAuliffe holds 9 point lead in Virginia governor's race: poll : politics

Reince Priebus says $680,000 or more will be spent on election review

Devin Nune's brother admits he has 'no idea' who paying for his libel lawsuit against a political journalist, according to a poorly redacted court filing

10th Circuit rules Kansas "ag-gag" law unconstitutional ... Dissemination of true information cannot be a legally cognizable harm

Yet Another Alleged Federal Violation By Gaetz: Failure To Disclose Paltry Book Sales : politics

FBI Bankrolled Publisher of Occult Neo-Nazi Books, Feds Claim Court documents claim that a confidential informant who helped bring down Atomwaffen Division is also a publisher of white supremacist literature.

Armed Picnics and snipers at Family Dollar: Life in a Town With a Government-Approved Militia - In Virginia, paramilitarism gets a rebrand. (Confederate morons with gunz)

Hochul Reviewing Legal Bills Racked Up by Cuomos Office in Harassment and Nursing Home Probes

How close is the California recall? Heres what the poll experts say

The most ridiculous historical arguments denying women the right to vote : politics

The Massachusetts estate tax is in need of an overhaul - Our tax starts too low, and then reaches even lower. : politics

Mass Audubon: Its safe to start feeding birds again

A feel good moment for our state : massachusetts (MA is so gay, 'cept for the islands)

The Brain Doesn't Think the Way You Think It Does

My son just brought me was in his box of Cheez-Its. : WTF (+schizophrenia)

Man in critical condition after being mauled by 2 loose pit bulls in northwest Harris County, deputies say
Pit Bulls: Facts and Figures .. 6% of dogs are pit bulls, but 74% of humans killed by dogs are pit bull kills.

u/evilrobotdrew1 puts antimasker in his place with facts and cites. : bestof
evilrobotdrew1 comments on Woman carried out of Northside ISD board meeting for refusing to wear mask
No pay, no play: anti-vaxxers refuse to accept that society has a cost of admission, explains u/sstelmaschuk : bestof
u/rlaager outlines in great detail the potential anti vax history of new Jeopardy host Mayim Bialik : bestof

How to Talk to a Science Denier: A Reading List

Genetic fossil: intact DNA from woman who lived 7,200 years ago discovered in Indonesia

More Than 80 Cultures Still Speak in Whistles : worldnews

More And More Humans Are Growing an Extra Artery, Showing Were Still Evolving

What improved your quality of life so much, you wish you did it sooner? : AskReddit

The City of Eureka Has Removed the Mysterious Dildo Atop the Old Town Gazebo : worldnews

Have you ever seen a dead body? (Not at a funeral) How did you cope? : AskReddit

Whats an insignificant thing that triggers the shit out of you?

The All-Seeing "i" : Apple Just Declared War on Your Privacy

Donkey__Balls explains how hard it is to verify misinformation : bestof

u/spez responds to the communities outrage over COVID disinformation being spread on reddit then locks his post. : bestof
Multiple subreddits are acknowledging the dangerous misinformation thatsbeing spread all over reddit
Ironic that reddit locked posting on their announcement of their policy surrounding allowing misinformation of covid-19. Considering theyve banned subreddits before for far less


Madagascar on the brink of climate change-induced famine : worldnews

After wildfires, Greek PM says climate crisis demands radical action : worldnews (read comments to see how bad Greece's leadership is ... "Something like hideous Erdogan, but without the imperialistic bs bonuses."
Climate change made deadly Germany floods up to 9 times more likely, study finds : worldnews

Maersk spends $1.4 billion on ships that can run on carbon neutral methanol : worldnews

First Lethal Attacks by Chimpanzees on Gorillas Observed in the Wild : worldnews

Blue whales returning to Spains Atlantic coast after 40-year absence.

Sri Lanka Bans Drunk Driving on Elephants and Putting Baby Elephants to Work. Elephants can not be worked for more than four hours a day, and must also receive no less than two-and-a-half hours of bathing time per day

Huge oil spill from Syrian power plant spreads across Mediterranean coast : worldnews

Your MA COVID-19 Interactive Data Dashboard for August 25, 2021 - 3 deaths, 569 hospitalized, 1,400 new cases, 63k tests reported. 4,467,178 fully vaccinated. : CoronavirusMa
1,400 confirmed cases, 3 deaths, and 12,205 vaccinations. See todays COVID-19 data from Mass.

Massachusetts coronavirus hospitalizations decline for first time in 12 days : CoronavirusMa

Mass. public school students and staff are now required to wear masks indoors until at least Oct. 1
Coming Soon For The Unvaccinated: A $50 Monthly Paycheck Deduction From Your Employer : CoronavirusMa
Mass. Rapid COVID-19 Test Protocol Will Let Close Contacts Stay in School : CoronavirusMa

Origins of SARS-CoV-2: window is closing for key scientific studies

WHO says Covid misinformation is a major factor driving pandemic around the world : worldnews
Global Covid-19 cases plateau after nearly two months of increase, WHO reports : worldnews
New CDC studies point to waning immunity from vaccines : worldnews
COVID Vaccines Show No Signs of Harming Fertility or Sexual Function : worldnews (of course not, the virus is smart enough to only eat your brain and make men's dicks a litle limp)
CDC study shows unvaccinated people are 29 times more likely to be hospitalized with Covid : worldnews
Second Dose of J. & J. Vaccine Gives Strong Boost, Company Reports - The New York Times Johnson & Johnson will submit the data to the Food and Drug Administration, which is evaluating similar data on boosters from Pfizer and Moderna.
COVID-19 rule breakers characterized by extraversion, amorality and uninformed information-gathering strategies : science

Delta Air Lines is raising health insurance premiums for unvaccinated employees by $200 a month

texas high school / first day, no masks : pics (Deathbott killing his state's children, refucks have never beeen held responsible for anything)

These Governors Push Experimental Antibody Therapy But Shun Vaccine and Mask Mandates ... The cost of Regeneron infusions: about $1,250 a dose. For now, the federal government is covering the cost.The federal government is also covering the costs of covid vaccination, at about $20 a dose (die for our profits, refucks laugh)
DeSantiss Poll Numbers Plummet as Florida Deals With Terrifying COVID Numbers
Florida voters and the DeSantis variant - Lawyers, Guns & Money
More than half of Floridas students now go to schools mandating masks in defiance of DeSantis
Bodies stacked to the ceiling as COVID-19 surge creates backlog at Florida funeral homes, crematories | WFLA
Florida is the only state where more people are dying of COVID now than ever before. What went wrong?
Gov. Ron DeSantis opted not to renew the emergency declaration for Florida after Aug. 1. That amounted to denying an extra $73 a month to the poorest households. : politics
Ron DeSantis winning the pandemic : PoliticalHumor
My coworker put this on our office door at the hospital I work at. : funny undefined
Florida dad accused of pushing student, twisting her arm during school mask dispute : news

New NY governor adds 12,000 deaths to publicized COVID tally (Cuomo fuck lied)

Mississippi Has Quarantined 15% of All K-12 Students In August 2021

Do Not Take the Horse Pills to Fight COVID. Do Not Give Them to Your Prisoners. | Save some scorn for government authorities who are giving ivermectin to a captive population. : politics
Michael Parks on Twitter: "These people are mutants." / Twitter

South Dakota Covid cases quintuple after Sturgis motorcycle rally : news

Nebraskans outraged at statesrecruiting ad for unvaccinated nurses: It feels insulting to the profession

Switzerland hit by very worrying fourth COVID-19 wave

Quebec implementing vaccine passport system effective September 1st. Fines for fraud related to system are $1000-6000. : worldnews

Taiwan hits zero Covid cases for first time since outbreak in May : worldnews

Uruguay has vaccinated 70% of its population with two doses against COVID-19; Brazil only 26.83% : worldnews

Israel's 20% unvaccinated now account for over half of serious COVID cases : worldnews (17th century Haredis)
Palestinians receive 500,000 coronavirus vaccines from US : worldnews

Man who left hotel quarantine to go to pub jailed : worldnews

Japan set to expand state of emergency as delta variant spreads : worldnews

The US is building a military base in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Micronesian residents have questions. : worldnews

Furor Erupts After Australian Officials Kill Rescue Dogs Amid COVID Fears : worldnews

We wont join an alliance against China, Vietnam vows ahead of key US visit

Explosive Video Shows Police Wrapping Bag Around Suspects Head in Thailand. He Later Died. (totally corrupt cop chief)
Thailand takes kratom off illegal drug list : worldnews (big pharma and heroin industry has a fit)

Hundreds of children on Wednesday defied a ban on protests at Rohingya refugee camps in Bangladesh to mark the fourth anniversary of a Myanmar military crackdown which sparked an exodus across the border : worldnews

Illegal amounts of overtime going on at 37% of Japanese companies in government inspections : worldnews

North Korean Cartoon Warns Against Obesity and Overeating Amid Food Crisis : worldnews

Taiwan absolutely capable of stopping China's missiles, says Tsai Ing-wen

China schools: Xi Jinping Thought introduced into curriculum ... "Hypocrisy is the homage that vice pays to virtue."
China accuses US of politicizing virus origins : worldnews

India woman who accused MP of rape dies in self-immolation : worldnews

The leader of Imran Khans party says Pakistan will take the help of the Taliban on Kashmir

Taliban issues new warning against extending evacuation deadline | Taliban News : worldnews
CIA, U.S. Troops Conduct Missions Outside Kabul Airport to Extract Americans - WSJ Risky operations include helicopter lifts as evacuation window closes
In Kabul, Private Rescue Efforts Grow Desperate as Time to Evacuate Afghans Runs Out - WSJ Defense contractor Erik Prince charges $6,500 a person, other groups planes leave Kabul empt
I Commanded Afghan Troops This Year. We Were Betrayed.
Taliban spokesman says Afghans will be blocked from entering Kabul airport from now on. Only foreigners allowed to leave : worldnews
U.S. veterans revive long-dormant escape networks to save Afghan interpreters : worldnews
Very probable that Frances Afghan evacuation operations will end Thursday
Raab refuses to say if UKs Afghanistan evacuation flights will end within 48 hours
How Mexico Helped The Times Get Its Journalists Out of Afghanistan - The New York Times A humanitarian effort led by Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard gave Afghans and their families a sanctuary amid the fast-unfolding crisis.
Canadian Forces to remain in Kabul after Aug. 31 deadline if security permits, says Trudeau : worldnews
Australian man beaten and teargassed making attempts to reach evacuation flights out of Kabul (ABC News) : worldnews
New book reveals detailed accounts of alleged war crimes by Australian forces in Afghanistan - eyewitness accounts include how a soldier allegedly shot and killed a young disabled Afghan man and assault rifle magazines were then planted on the body so photos could be taken : worldnews (wonderful nation-building)
EU to allocate $236mn in humanitarian aid for Afghanistan : worldnews
Afghans struggle with empty ATMs, soaring prices : worldnews (whole economy will collapse in weeks)
Afghanistan is weeks to months from economic collapse, experts say ... So days if not hours
Taliban have captured more than 100 military helicopters, Russia says : worldnews
Ex-Afghan President Karzai to join 12-member council to rule Afghanistan : worldnews
A Taliban spokesman urges women to stay home because fighters havent been trained to respect them. ("we only train them to rape and kill")
Taliban vow to tackle CLIMATE CHANGE: Terror group sets out its eco credentials (presumably by taking Afghanistan back to the Middle Ages)

Students from San Diego County school district stranded in Afghanistan - Los Angeles Times (let's take a little "summer trip" to Afuckistan after Trump pulls out the troops, what could go wrong? - Darrell Issa's tourism idea)

Russian toddler lost in woods for four days vows 'never again'

Belarus refuses to allow Polish humanitarian aid for migrants - PM : worldnews

Bubonic plague putting young lives at risk in DR Congo : worldnews

Zambian prophet trying to recreate resurrection of Jesus dies after being buried alive : worldnews

US sanctions Eritrean general over rights abuses in Ethiopia : worldnews

Mozambiques biggest corruption scandal led donors including the IMF to cut funding for the country and the economy to collapse.

Algeria is cutting diplomatic relations with Morocco, Algeria's Foreign Minister said, accusing its neighbor of "hostile actions." Morocco and Algeria have had strained relations for decades, mainly over the issue of Western Sahara, and the border between the two countries has been closed since 1994

Copenhagen has overtaken Tokyo and Singapore as the worlds safest city

Germany: Attempted Murder investigation at University after Milk cartons Contaminated with harmful Substance

All Scots under age of 26 now entitled to free dental care : worldnews

Costa Ricans Live Longer Than Us. Whats the Secret? ... There are about 40 countries with higher life expectancy than the USA, despite USA being the richest country in the world - There is no special secret in Costa Rica. This is all about what is wrong with America.

Canadas Justin Trudeau Pledges Two-Year Ban on Foreign Home Buyers
Trudeau promises new incentives worth billions and a tax on flipping to help Canadians buy a home
Catholic Church charity set up to pay residential school survivors spent $6.46-million on expenses : worldnews (pedo priests are very expensive)

The Latest G.O.P. Schism: How to Handle Afghan Evacuees - The New York Times The resettlement of Afghan allies in the U.S. is revealing an internal divide between the partys anti-immigrant wing and other conservatives who want to help the refugees.
Two Congress members make unauthorized trip to Kabul amid evacuation efforts - The Washington Post ... "as moronic as it is selfish" ... (revoltin' Moulton with his brick chin)
Pelosi assails lawmakers who made unauthorized trip to kabul - The Washington Post

The Media Is Blowing the Afghanistan Withdrawal Story --- Again
The Media Manufactured Biden's Political Fiasco in Afghanistan -- Straight news has chosen sanctimony over circumspection.
Manufacturing a crisis to defend perpetual war - Lawyers, Guns & Money
When casualties do and no not matter to the Blob - Lawyers, Guns & Money ... Biden was wrong argument seems to be that 6,300 American troops and contractors getting killed was no reason not to continue an occupation that was accomplishing nothing, but 11 casualties creates a moral imperative to continue the war forever. And to square the circle they continue to advance the ridiculous lie that we could have gotten the benefits of making a withdrawal deal with the Taliban while not withdrawing.
Eschaton: Objective Reporting Breaking Out All Over If only Afghanistan was as awesome as World War II, when [checks wikipedia] 400K US troops died, many tens of millions in Europe died, but it had a lovely ending and made us all feel good.

White House condemns reports billionaire Erik Prince selling flights out of Afghanistan for $6,500 per ticket : politics
Anti-Immigrant Trump Aide Stephen Miller Laid Groundwork For Disastrous Afghan Evacuation | Miller began making life difficult for Afghans who worked with the United States as a Senate staffer, even prior to Trumps election.

The Supreme Courts stunning, radical immigration decision, explainedRemain in Mexico policy upends decades of precedent warning that judges shouldnt mess with foreign affairs (refucks cackle)
The Supreme Court Orders Biden to Reinstate Trumps Monstrous Migrant Policy as Though He Didnt Actually Win the Election
Supreme Court Upholds Texas Federal Judge's Ruling on Remain in Mexico Policy Surely the Nine Wise Souls Realize This Would Turn the Constitution on Its Head? The Supreme Court has nodded towards the idea that foreign relations can be made subordinate to some federal judge in Amarillo ... (Kacsmaryk is a real prize, by the way, nurtured in the theocratic area of the conservative terrarium. His views on gay people were so rabid that even Senator Susan Collins was so deeply troubled that she voted against his confirmation.) ... After all, the demand for good seats at the Federalist Societys annual human sacrifice is always fierce.

Most Rental Assistant Funds Not Yet Distributed, Figures Show - The New York Times Just $1.7 billion in funds intended to prevent eviction were disbursed in July as the White House braces for a Supreme Court decision that could strike down its eviction moratorium.

Democrats just launched a missile at the GOPs fortress of minority rule

Where America Lost And Gained Population Could Help Democrats In Redistricting | FiveThirtyEight

Jan. 6 committee demands huge trove of Trump White House records ... records related to at least 30 members of former President Donald Trumps inner circle.
Secret Service warned Capitol Police about violent threats 1 day before Jan. 6 - POLITICO The documents shed further light on the intelligence failures by the Capitol Police in the days before the riot.
House Capitol riot committee issues sweeping records requests for communication between Trump and his children, top staffers, and right-wing media personalities : politics
Fact check: Republican House leader Kevin McCarthy makes at least 5 false claims in 7-minute Fox News interview : politics

Kayleigh McEnany mocked for claiming there was no crisis after crisis under Trump: The multiverse is real

Why Are So Many Marines Neo-Nazis? While many vets are being outed as far-right extremists, one branch keeps popping up when it comes to neo-Nazis: the United States Marine Corps. (macho-nazis)

Judge Refers Lin Wood, Sidney Powell for Possible Disbarment
Fucking around can be fun until you find out - Lawyers, Guns & Money
Judge Orders Sanctions Against Pro-Trump Lawyers Over Election Lawsuit - The New York Times Sidney Powell, L. Lin Wood and seven other lawyers deceived federal courts and debased the judicial process, a federal judge wrote.

How Donald Trump Turned Off Swing Voters in 2020

Shout out to conservatives for solving the labor shortage
Communism or Fascism? : PoliticalHumor
Gator goodbye : PoliticalHumor

I Did Not Know It Was a Man: The Surreal Story of How a Deadly Crash Upended South Dakota PoliticsAs South Dakota Attorney General Jason Ravnsborg goes to trial, he has refused calls to step down over a fatal car accident that has confounded residents, split Republicans, and left a grieving family divided in its pursuit of justice. (he thought the deer was wearning glasses on its human head)
Prosecutor: South Dakota AG to take plea deal in fatal crash (refucks are never responsible for the people they kill)

How screwed is Adam Kinzinger? - POLITICO Illinois Democrats are on the verge of rolling out a new congressional map that could end the House career of one of the GOPs most prominent Trump critics.
This Illinois County Is Losing People Faster Than Anywhere in the U.S. -- Alexander County, home to Cairo, dropped more than a third of its population in past decade, as big U.S. counties grew and small ones shrank

Oklahoma gubernatorial candidate charged with raping, kidnapping women : news ... Roy Moore his campaign manager

Defendant in Plot to Kidnap Michigan's Governor Whitmer Sentenced - The New York Times Ty G. Garbin, 25, had pleaded guilty to taking part in an extremist plot driven by anger at the governors efforts to slow the spread of the coronavirus.
1st sentence to be handed down in Michigan governors kidnapping plot

How Mississippi may be the state to topple nearly 50 years of abortion rights in America - Washington Post at the heart of a Supreme - Court case that could severely restrict abortion access for millions of largely poor women.

The 233 people being held at the Metropolitan Correctional Center will be moved, at least temporarily, while officials address conditions there.

'Pain compliance': Video shows trooper pummeling Black man ... The May 2019 beating following a traffic stop left him with a broken jaw, three broken ribs, a broken wrist and a gash to his head that required six staples to close ... Jacob Brown, the white trooper who struck Bowman (is a racist fucker copster)

FBI digging up the driveway near me. Related to the Crystal Rogers case in KY : pics

Inside the Plan to Make Jeff Bezoss Washington Post the Everything Newspaper (NYT went all podcasty and Bezos ate their lunch)

Times Up leader Tina Tchen resigns in fallout from Andrew Cuomo sexual harassment scandal
Eschaton: Time's Up : Important issues get taken over by the in crowd, and they look out for each other.

Former Top Producer of ABC's Good Morning America Accused of Sexual Assault in Lawsuit - Michael Corn departed in April and denies the allegations; suit accuses ABC of failing to investigate allegations promptly (yet another asshole)

TIL Rolling Stones bassist Bill Wyman began dating his 2nd wife, Mandy Smith, when she was 13 and he was 47. Married for 2 years, they divorced in 1993. That same year Wymans 30-year-old son from his first marriage married Smiths mother, who was then aged 46.
Music band Nirvana sued by the baby on its 1991 album cover Nirvana Nevermind alleging child pornography.

OnlyFans says it will no longer ban porn in stunning U-turn after user backlash : news
OnlyFans Drops Planned Porn Ban, Will Continue to Allow Sexually Explicit Content : technology

The paranoid style: A Spike Lee joint - Lawyers, Guns & Money
Spike Lee Re-Edits HBO Sept. 11 Series That Features Conspiracists - The New York Times An episode of the eight-hour documentary series has drawn criticism for giving a platform to people who have long peddled debunked claims about what caused the towers to collapse.

This Physicist Discovered an Escape From Hawking's Black Hole Paradox : The five-decade-old paradox - long thought key to linking quantum theory with Einsteins theory of gravity - is falling to a new generation of thinkers. Netta Engelhardt is leading the way.

Half of adults with ADHD have had a substance use disorder. Alcohol use disorder is most common among adults aged 20-39 with ADHD, followed by cannabis use disorder and other drug use disorders. More than one quarter of those with ADHD had major depression : science

Around one in five scientists report being put under pressure from the bodies funding their research including through suppression, delays and alteration of findings, a new global survey (n = 104) has found : science

Charlie brought the roll to rock.Fellow drummers praise Watts as a master of minimalism
Rolling Stones-Wild Horses - YouTube

Silent Monks Sing the Hallelujah Chorus - YouTube

On science fiction being "serious literature" : books

Without telling the name of your country where do you live ? : AskReddit

What pisses you off about reddit? : AskReddit

What is something that you were warned about when you were younger that you now feel was exaggerated? : AskReddit

We call upon Reddit to take action against the rampant Coronavirus misinformation on their website. : pics
Debate, dissent, and protest on Reddit : announcements


A Stratospheric Warming event is now starting above the South Pole, with temperatures over 30 degrees above normal in that layer. An even stronger event of this kind occurred in 2019 over the South Pole, which has sent energy waves into the ionosphere and thermosphere over the Northern Hemisphere. : worldnews

Army Corps of Engineers Announces New Review of Formosa Plastics Plant in St. James Parish, Louisiana The Corps cited environmental justice in announcing a more thorough review of a planned plastics plant in St. James Parish, Louisiana.

Deadly flooding in Germany, Belgium fuelled by climate change, study finds : worldnews
Scientists see link between climate change and Europes floods

Caspian Sea level shrinks by 5-10cm on year : worldnews

Your MA COVID-19 Interactive Data Dashboard for 8/24/2021 - 16 deaths, 575 hospitalized, 1,290 new cases, 47k tests reported with 2.72% positivity rate. 4,461,023 fully vaccinated : CoronavirusMa
1,290 confirmed cases, 16 deaths, and 8,053 vaccinations. See todays COVID-19 data from Mass.

MA breakthrough cases - 0.35% cases as of 8/21 : CoronavirusMa ... 38% of the cases last week, and 29% of the deaths.

Education board clears the way for a statewide mask mandate in Massachusetts schools - The Boston Globe

Deltas rise is fuelled by rampant spread from people who feel fine ... Vaccinated individuals were also 65% less likely than unvaccinated individuals to infect someone else

NBC News poll shows demographic breakdown of the vaccinated in the U.S. ... Whites: 66 percent - Blacks: 76 percent - Latinos: 71 percent
Sahil Kapur on Twitter: "NBC News poll: 88% of Democrats say they're already vaccinated for Covid-19, while 55% of Republicans say they're already vaccinated for Covid-19." / Twitter
Eschaton: In Our Own Base Killing Our Own D00dz NBC News poll: 88% of Democrats say they're already vaccinated for Covid-19, while 55% of Republicans say they're already vaccinated for Covid-19.

Editorial: Bring on the COVID vaccination mandates : politics
NYC mandates vaccinations for public school teachers, staff : politics
CVS will require nurses, pharmacists, corporate employees to be fully vaccinated against COVID : news

Trump Is Finally Telling His Supporters to Get Vaccinated, but Its Probably Too Late -- And it's All His Fault Most of these people are lost causes, and we know exactly whom to blame.
The Memo: Boos for Trump show scale of vaccine challenge : politics

Teacher Blames Oklahoma Lawmakers As Covids Delta Variant Spreads In Schools

Sadness and death: Inside the VAs state nursing-home disaster

Tennessee lawmaker wants to prohibit government mask mandates, vaccine proof and more : politics

Florida hasnt asked for $820 million in federal food assistance for children ... part of a larger effort by the governor to return life to normal (killing his citizens is normal)
Waukesha Is Only Wisconsin School District To Opt Out Of Federal Free Meals Program : news

Hawaii governor tells tourists to stay home as coronavirus surges across islands | TheHill

Three stand-alone ERs close in Houston under the strain of covid surge : news

Passenger dies of COVID-19 amid outbreak on Carnival cruise ship

Ron DeSantiss anti-mask mania is deeply unpopular. Democrats must jump on that
South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem Joins Fellow Republicans in Quest to Kill Her Constituents Why should Ron DeSantis and Greg Abbott have all the fun? : politics

Louisiana sets new single-day record for COVID deaths : news

Swedish Health Agency sees COVID-19 spreading faster in coming months : worldnews

We're in big trouble: Doctors worry Canadas 4th wave of COVID-19 could be biggest yet
BC Gov. Announces COVID Passport Required for Restaurants, Sporting Events, Activities : worldnews

New Zealand warns Delta strain like a whole new virus amid rise
Delta cases show 300 times higher viral load - S.Korea study : worldnews

Kenya receives first shipment of Moderna vaccines from the US : worldnews

Covid-19 vaccine was tested on Myanmar military personnel without their consent

Worlds Fastest-Accelerating Coaster Suspended Because Riders Keep Breaking Their Bones (ride of death, literally)

Vietnam War Victims Wanted Justice. They Were Given '30 Bags of Rice' - South Korean troops were the largest foreign contingent fighting alongside American soldiers during the Vietnam War. They have long been dogged by allegations of brutality.
Crimes committed by the United States during WW2

Putin warns against radical Islam spillover from Afghanistan
15% of Russian industrial companies are zombies : worldnews

U.S. evacuates 48,000 from Afghanistan as Taliban calls Aug. 31 withdrawal deadline 'red line'
U.S. scraps plan to use S.Korea, Japan bases for Afghan refugees -sources : politics
Taliban warns there will be consequences if US and allies do not meet August 31 deadline
Taliban says no evacuation extension as G7 meets on Afghan crisis : politics
CIA director secretly met Taliban leader in Kabul amid frantic evacuation efforts : worldnews
Seeking world recognition, Taliban vows to help fight terror and climate change : worldnews
UN rights boss says has credible reports of serious violations committed by the Taliban in Afghanistan, including summary executions of civilians, restrictions on women and on protests against their rule : worldnews
Ukraines evacuation plane hijacked in Afghanistan, taken to Iran: Report
Taliban set women on fire for bad cooking : worldnews ... Afghan women are being shipped into neighbouring countries in coffins and used as sex slaves
The British government will discuss proposals to blacklist Afghanistan, which would jail people for up to 10 years if proven to have visited the outlawed territory : worldnews

Desperate Nigerians sell homes and land to free kidnapped children. Kidnappers have taken more than 1,000 students since December amid a rash of abductions across the impoverished northwest. Around 300 of the children have still not been returned, according to a Reuters tally of reports. : worldnews
Bandits in northwest Nigeria release 15 students after parents raise ransom : worldnews

1 child dies every 10 minutes in Yemen amid Saudi-led war: UNICEF : worldnews

Iran resumes fuel exports to Afghanistan after Taliban request, union says : worldnews
China-Russia-Iran naval drill announcement shows support for Tehran
Iran prisons head apologises after leaked pictures show abuse : worldnews

Egypt closes Gaza border amid tensions with Hamas | Gaza News : worldnews
In Shift, Israel Quietly Allows Jewish Prayer on Temple Mount - The New York Times Jewish activists say they are exercising their right to free worship at a site holy to Jews and Muslims. But the change upsets a longstanding compromise aimed at staving off conflict (push, push push)

Chad's former President Habre, convicted of war crimes, dies in Senegal

New Caledonia launches independence referendum campaigns : worldnews

McDonalds has Run Out of Milkshake in all GB restaurants following supply chain issues (Fuckxit continues)
mcbroken (US only, for now)

Hundreds of indigenous demonstrators camped out in Brasilia Monday to protest President Jair Bolsonaros policies and an initiative that could take away their ancestral lands.
Giant Statue of the Buddha To Be Inaugurated in Brazil : worldnews

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte accepts political party nomination to run for Vice President in 2022 election. : worldnews

Fire at Mexican offshore oil platform kills five : worldnews
Former election opponent of Mexicos president flees country, claiming that charges against him are politically motivated.

Haiti earthquake survivor story: Teenage boy crawls out of rubble after passing out : worldnews

Canadian social democratic leader Jagmeet Singh to end oil, gas subsidies if elected : worldnews

We defeated ourselves - Trump's national security adviser says Pompeo signed 'surrender agreement' with Taliban | Former Trump administration officials are seeking to distance themselves from Taliban peace deal
Fmr. Pence aide Olivia Troye: Visa system for Afghan allies was destroyed under Trump
Trump is trying to sabotage Biden on the world stage by lighting more fires than he can put out ... insider claims, with Afghan retreat, sanctions on Iran and attacks on Chinese big tech Trump was trying to make irreversible moves against enemies (11/20, after his loss)
Republicans Are Weaponizing Afghanistan Chaos to Get Ahead in 2022 : politics
Despite Trillions Spent, the US Military Hasn't Won a Real War Since 1945
Eschaton: What's It All About Then ... After 2 decades of studiously ignoring the reality of what "we" created and presided over in Afghanistan, failing to ever bother to even mention the ongoing carnage and immense corruption, don't expect me to believe any of you give a shit now.

The Nine Democrats Making Nancy Pelosis Life Harder Are Making a Big Mistake
Josh Gottheimer Messes With Two-Track Democratic Infrastructure Plan - There is a lot of highfalutin' rhetoric going around to cloak what is an attempt to stay in the good graces of the donor class.
House passes $3.5 trillion budget blueprint after deal with moderates - The Boston Globe
Gottheimers Suicide Squad Hurt Their Party But Gained Nothing Democrats have five weeks to get their act together.

Jen Psaki unloads on Fox News Peter Doocy over his "irrespsonsible" question | She didn't just knock the air out of his sails. She unleashed a #PsakiBomb.

Jan. 6 investigation will seek phone records related to attack, including lawmakers : politics (comin' for you, refuckers)
The January 6 committee are seeking phone, email, and text records fromseveral hundred people for Capitol riot probe, including members of Congress
House committee plans to seek phone records in probe of January 6, including from members of Congress : politics
Jan. 6 committee seeking lawmaker phone records : politics

Owen Shroyer of Infowars in Federal Custody : politics

Biden should defund states that restrict voting rights. Period. : politics

US Democratic fundraising arm outraises Republican counterpart in July : politics

Time to fold: The rebels threatening Bidens agenda are increasingly isolated

Trump-friendly Cyber Ninjas group refused to comply with probe of Arizona vote audit, House Democrats say : politics
Arizona Election "Audit" Delayed Because Cyber Ninjas Caught COVID-19
Arizona election review delayed again after 3 team members contract COVID-19 : politics

Eschaton: Oh, Rudy : Rudy news!!!! - A former associate of Rudolph Giuliani is expected to plead guilty in a U.S. campaign finance case, potentially increasing legal pressure on the onetime lawyer for former U.S. President Donald Trump ...

Editorial: Ron Johnson is a crook : politics

North Carolina Court Immediately Gives Former Felons Right to Vote in 'Historic' Ruling Against Law with Racist Origins

FCC Proposes $5 Million Fine For Right-Wing Operatives Jacob Wohl And Jack Burkman | HuffPost The FCC said Jacob Wohl and Jack Burkman should pay $5,134,000for apparently making 1,141 unlawful robocalls to wireless phones without prior express consent in violation of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act,

Maryland Kimberly Klacik sues conservative commentator Candace Owens for defamation, asks for $20 million in damages

Judges dismiss Devin Nunes defamation lawsuits against Republican strategist
Another Nunes Lawsuit Gets Vaporized In A Cloud Of Methane : politics

There is no cure for elite liberal lawyer brain - Lawyers, Guns & Money I regret to inform you that Noah Feldman is Doing It Again:
Tom Scocca on Twitter: "Any boob can come up with a false equivalence but it takes real commitment to come up with a false equivalence where you also falsely describe each part" / Twitter

Nine women now serving as governors in US, tying a record : politics
Kathy Hochuls rise in New York spotlights the barriers to women becoming governors

Nate Silver Calls Dem Strategy to Leave Newsom Recall Candidate Line Blank 'Self-Destructive'
300 recall ballots, drugs, multiple drivers licenses found in vehicle of passed out felon: Torrance police

Texas House committee again passes the voting restrictions bill that instigated Democratic quorum break : politics
Texas Democrats say Republicans cheated to get quorum in the House : politics
ACLU of Texas, Lambda Legal, and Equality Texas Urge Magnolia ISD to Change Dress Code Policy That Violates Federal Law : politics

Matthew Gertz on Twitter: "How could a humble Virginia Little League parent have done such a thing?" / Twitter

Court rules that smokeable hemp can be sold in Texas, as long as it's not produced inside the state : politics

Library worker: Candidate was irate over gay books display : politics ... PRAIRIE DU CHIEN, Wis ... Derrick Van Orden

Mosque bomber now identifies as a woman, says right-wing blogs fueled inner conflict leading up to attack

Portland Mayor and Police Chief Said Cops Wouldn't Intervene in Political Street Violence In Portland, the mayor and police chief announced cops would not intervene if brawls broke out at a political demonstration ... If were starting to accept street brawling and thuggery as parts of the political process, we are heading down a dark road that dead-ends at a beer hall in Munich.
Portlands Bizarre Experiment With Not Policing Proud Boys Rampage Ends in Gunfire
Portland Proud Boy aiming at photographer Mark Peterson on August 22, 2021 : pics

2 newlywed women found shot to death at their Utah campsite : news

Josh Duggar attorneys seek dismissal of child porn charges : news

Nameideas explains why the Civil War was really about slavery...with added historical research suggestions : bestof

Extremist content is flourishing on TikTok: Report More than 1,000 videos featured anti-Semitic and racist content over a one-month period.

Spicy hot takes - Lawyers, Guns & Money
On Disliking Thai Food - Lawyers, Guns & Money

What food isnt worth the effort to be home made?

Statistics Say Large Pandemics Are More Likely Than We Thought. The probability of a pandemic with similar impact to COVID-19 is about 2% in any year, meaning that someone born in the year 2000 would have about a 38% chance of experiencing one by now. And that probability is only growing : science

Fastest-orbiting asteroid in solar system discovered : worldnews

An engineered glue inspired by barnacle cement can seal bleeding organs in 10-15 seconds. It was tested on pigs and worked faster than available surgical products, even when the pigs were on blood thinners.

TIL 15% of people diagnosed with type 2 diabetes are not overweight. : todayilearned

Sprinkle a little ancient philosophy into your daily routines. Essay by Dr. Joel Owen (University of East Anglia) : philosophy

IDIOCRACY Opening Scene : videos

What is the most hilarious Yo mama joke you ever heard?

Whats your biggest turn off?

BBC News - Rolling Stones drummer Charlie Watts dies at 80 : Music

Posts from men expressing surprise and delight that they enjoyed a "women's book" are not heartwarming posts ... they are disturbing

Not horny teenage boys on reddit, how tired are you of the sex questions on this subreddit? : AskReddit


To unfuck the planet's future, fix our failing democracy

A tale of two rooftops: Study finds solar panels on green roof more efficient : worldnews

Solar exceeds coal for first time, as renewables set new records on Australias main grid

Extinction Rebellion blocks busy junction in London : worldnews

Police deploy pepper spray, 2 injured, as tensions escalate at Fairy Creek blockade | Opponents of old-growth logging on Vancouver Island are alleging RCMP used excessive force amid rising tensions near the disputed Fairy Creek watershed. : worldnews

Hordes of capybaras have taken up residence at a gated community in Argentina, sparking a debate on the environment and inequality : worldnews

A thrilling sign: Researchers discover secret colony of highly endangered marmots on Vancouver Island : worldnews

Decision to euthanise 154 cats found in smuggling operation sparks outrage in pet-loving Taiwan : worldnews

At least 21 dead, 20 missing after catastrophic flooding in central Tennessee, officials say
Damage from storm Henri has lasting effect on R.I. coastline - The Boston Globe Thousands remain without power while some beaches and campgrounds stay closed

You MA COVID-19 Interactive Data Dashboard for August 23, 2021 - 4 deaths, 530 hospitalized, 3,335 new cases, 138k tests reported. 4,456,559 fully vaccinated. : CoronavirusMa
Middlesex County's COVID-19 cases up 8.2%; Massachusetts cases surge 14.3% - Metrowest Daily News - August 23, 2021 [includes statewide numbers from a USA TODAY Network analysis of Johns Hopkins University data] : CoronavirusMa
In its first COVID-19 data report since Friday, Mass. reports 3,335 confirmed cases, 4 deaths, and 25,855 vaccinations

The U.S. Is Getting a Crash Course in Scientific Uncertainty : CoronavirusMa
How The US is Getting a Crash Course in Scientific Uncertainty Due to the Pandemic - The New York Times As the pandemic takes an unexpected direction, Americans again must reckon with twists in scientific understanding of the virus.

FDA grants full approval to Pfizer's COVID-19 vaccine : politics
Pentagon to mandate COVID-19 vaccine for military : politics
Biden addresses vaccine skeptics as FDA authorizes to Pfizer: The moment you've been waiting for is here

Israel Finds COVID-19 Vaccine Booster Significantly Lowers Infection Risk : worldnews
RETRACTION: "Meta-analysis of randomized trials of ivermectin to treat SARS-CoV-2 infection" : science
Top epidemiologist resigns from Ontarios COVID-19 science table, alleges withholding of 'grim' projections | CBC News (

States cant block federal funds for districts that mandate masks, Education secretary says

Would It Be Fair to Treat Vaccinated Covid Patients First? Last week, Texas health care policymakers discussed taking vaccination status into account for Covid triage. Its a larger conversation ethicists are bracing for

In the South, We Are Fighting Covid. And Our Own Elected Officials. : politics (dumbfuck assholes will dumbfuck asshole)
Why the FDA is reminding some people that they're not horses | Ordinarily, the FDA wouldn't have to remind people not to treat COVID with deworming medication intended for livestock. And yet, here we are. : politics
School mask, vaccine mandates supported in US: AP-NORC poll : politics ... About 3 in 10 Republicans said they favor mask requirements for students and teachers, compared with about 8 in 10 Democrats. There was a similar split over vaccine mandates in schools.
GOP's Big Government lie exposed: Republicans rush to squash local control in fight against COVID

Another Florida school district will require masks, bucking DeSantis's orders
Floridas mask wars continue to escalateSarasota becomes first Trump county to buck DeSantis -- Is the peak finally here?

When Will Texas Say Enough's Enough to Greg Abbott?

A Hospital Finds an Unlikely Group Opposing Vaccination: Its Workers - The New York Times When a Staten Island hospital implemented a vaccine or testing mandate, some of its staff staged angry protests.

Republican lawmaker attends anti-vaxxer rally just days after his unvaccinated wife died of COVID-19, reports say : politics (she may not have really died, refuck says)
Texas congressman tests positive for coronavirus : politics

So many people in this Texas town got Covid-19 that the school district shut down and then the city essentially closed : news

Jacksonville mother loses 2 sons to COVID-19 in 12 hours. Sons, 41 and 35, were not vaccinated : news

Meryl Kornfield on Twitter: "During the hearing on Florida's restrictions for requiring students wear masks, one of the attorneys representing parents has been coughing all day. She told the judge she caught covid from her preschooler." / Twitter

Human Rights Watch says Israeli strike on Gaza high-rise broke international law : worldnews

Australian Senate poised to pass bill banning imports made using forced labour | Australian foreign policy : worldnews

US pledges ironclad solidarity as Lithuania develops ties with Taiwan

10,900 people evacuated from Kabul in the last 12 hours; 48,000 in the last nine days - Lawyers, Guns & Money ,,, It will be interesting to see how quickly, if at all, the American media outside of the Wingnut Scream Machine come to acknowlege that their initial framing of the evacuation is apparently going to end up being as wrongheaded as their coverage of Operation Enduring Freedom itself.
'There will be consequences' : Taliban warn US and Britain to get out, saying August 31 withdrawal deadline is 'red line' and it will 'provoke a reaction' if they are intent on continuing theoccupation
Germany says firefight involving Western forces erupts at Kabul Airport : worldnews
Afghan-Australian Interpreters family evacuated to U.S after Australia told them to send Visa Application through Kabul Post (ScuzMo)
Taliban issue death sentence for brother of Afghan translator who helped US troops, according to letters obtained by CNN : worldnews
Afghan staff at the US embassy in Kabul are losing faith in the evacuations, with one saying theyd rather be killed by the Taliban than return to the airport
The Afghan all-girls robotics team have been offered scholarships at 'incredible universities' says Oklahoma mother who helped them escape the Taliban
Taliban Insurgents Had Sex with Dead Bodies, Reveals Afghan Woman Who Fled Country : worldnews

Suicide attacker kills self but no others in Libyan desert town : worldnews

Belly dancing class in Kuwaiti ladies gym stirs uproar, prompting government intervention : worldnews (men are such snowflakes)

Satellite Imagery Reveals Azerbaijans Persistent Erasure of Armenian Heritage Sites: Using high-resolution satellite imagery, Caucasus Heritage Watch identified over a dozen Armenian sites that have been destroyed, damaged, or threatened by Azerbaijan

Governor General Dame Sandra Mason to become first president of Barbados : worldnews

Extremist groups actively recruiting military and police, Canadian intelligence report warns

Rupert Murdoch complains BBC doc suggests he is 'threat to liberal democracy'

Eschaton: A Little Reminder For The Kids Today

Did the War in Afghanistan Have to Happen? - The New York Times In 2001, when the Taliban were weak and ready to surrender, the U.S. passed on a deal. Nearly 20 years later, the Taliban hold all the cards. (Bush-fuck and Cheney fucked everything up) >
The Afghanistan airlift has been surprisingly successful - Lawyers, Guns & Money
Afghanistan Evacuation Reporting Fails to Mention Trump Admin Damage to Special Immigrant Visas - Any Report on Afghanistan That Doesnt Include These Facts Is Not Worth Your Time
Charles P. Pierce on Twitter: "Now that 30,000 folks (and climbing) have been evacuated from Afghanistan, can I ask what the magic number is that will change the media narrative? 40,000? 50,000? A million. Please decide." / Twitter
Matthew Yglesias on Twitter: "Another day and I will ask this again: Given that the State Department advised Americans to leave Afghanistan months ago, before the fall of Kabul and the closure of the airport, what exactly is it that Biden should have done to force them to leave?" / Twitter
The biggest military evacuation in US history is going pretty well

Cable News Military Experts Are on Defense Industry Dole Many former military and public officials appearing in the news have more than a patriotic interest in a continued occupation. (your military-media-industrial death complex)
American media can't quit the forever war - Respecting the troops means keeping them in Afghanistan forever, it seems ... the three networks devoted a total of only 362 minutes to Afghanistan in the preceding five years, or just two hours of coverage per network, or an average of only 24 minutes per network per year ... the media thinks its fine to flush trillions of dollars down the toilet and get hundreds of thousands of people killed in a spectacularly doomed occupation, so long as the brutality is relatively easy to ignore.

Punishing Biden for his Afghanistan heresy - Lawyers, Guns & Money
Tom Scocca on Twitter: "Find me a news director going wall to wall on Our Abandonment of Our Afghan Friends this week who devoted 30 seconds of airtime to the destruction of the visa system the Afghans need while it was happening over the past few years" / Twitter

US Public Clear: War in Afghanistan Wasnt Worth It

Team Trump struggles to defend former presidens Taliban deal
Opinion: Republicans are already using the Afghan withdrawal to argue for more war : politics
Stop Blaming Biden for Afghanistan. Hes Cleaning Up Trump's Mess
Eschaton: America's Dumbest Pundit Yascha Mounk.
Savvy Punditry Isn't Smart ... The true Shakespeare of this form of hollow punditry is political scientist Yascha Mounk ("scientist")
Making Things Happen - Lawyers, Guns & Money - As we try to look past the abysmal reporting on the evacuation from Afghanistan, one of the things that strikes me is the inability or unwillingness of reporters to visualize what is required to make things happen in the real world. (one big lesson: the total failure of our corporate media reportorial class)
PKanuck comments on Biden: We are considering every means to get people out Here is some of the treaty for your review. (see, the thing is, refucks can't read or think)

White House calls on Fox News to apologise for claiming Jill Biden is to blame for Afghanistan chaos : politics

Reorganizing the Department of Defense - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Banks Are Opting Out of PPP Loan Forgiveness | Bank of America, JPMorgan Chase, and PNC have all passed on an SBA policy that would allow small business owners some relief. : AmericanPolitics
CNN & POLITICO: House Democrats Child Tax Credit is Already Cutting Child Hunger and Economic Hardship

Right-Wing Dems Begin to Cave as Progressives Hold Their Ground on Reconciliation Vote : politics
Democrats Near Showdown on Infrastructure Bill, Broader Spending Package - WSJ House set to vote later Monday on procedural step as agreements within party remain
Sinema: I simply wont back a $3.5T spending bill (obstructionist narcissist orange! dress bitch)

Hurting the Poor Doesn't Lead Them to Take Your Bad Jobs - Lawyers, Guns & Money The idea that if we punish the poor, they will return to the worst jobs imaginable turns out to be ... pretty much not true ... States that withdrew early from federal unemployment programs pushed few people back to work and fueled a nearly $2 billion cut in household spending, potentially hurting their local economies, according to new research. (refucks and their usual sadistic refuckery)

Timeline: Rep. Jim Jordan, a Systematic Disinformation Campaign, and January 6
Damning timeline shows Jim Jordan pushed Trump's big lie harder than any other Republican
Timeline: Rep. Jim Jordan, a Systematic Disinformation Campaign, and January 6 : politics

Barrett rejects bid to stop Obama library construction : politics

Trump Booed At His Own Rally For Finally Telling The Truth About Something : politics
Supporters at Alabama rally boo Trump after he tells them to get vaccinated : AmericanPolitics

The Rona Ate My Election Audit - Lawyers, Guns & Money ... Up this shit you cannot make ... The draft report for the partisan Arizona election audit has been delayed after several members of the team doing the audit contracted COVID-19 ... Cyber Ninjas CEO Doug Logan and two other members of the five-person audit team tested positive for COVID-19 and are quite sick
Arizona Audit Has Too Many Flaws to Trust Results, Says Former Republican Official ... You mean sending a truck full of Arizona ballots to a cabin in Montana after scanning them for bamboo fibers wasnt standard audit procedure?
A bizarre security breach in a rural Colorado elections office underscores how the Big Lie lives on : AmericanPolitics

Lauren Boebert May Have Violated Financial Disclosure Laws : politics ... Jayson Boebert was a contracted shift worker, but was not paid directly. Instead, he was paid through a company called Boebert Consulting. (a million bucks of corruption)

Matt Gaetz, Republican in sex-trafficking investigation, marries in California : politics (so she can't testify against him)

Madison Cawthorn savaged for posting pic of himself smoking cigar as Tennessee flooded | The Republican congressman didnt bother to acknowledge the natural disaster until after it happened and his constituents want to know why.

Volunteers campaign door-to-door to fight Newsom recall as polls show tight race : politics ... All Californians were mailed ballots for this election. If the democrats cant get their shit together to mail in one piece of paper, with two questions on it, I dont have much hope for the next two elections.
Democrats spotlight abortion in bid to save Newsom : politics
Is there any situation consultants can't grift? - Lawyers, Guns & Money - This is, after all, America: ... But the $15 million contract with Blue Shield, plus another $13 million for McKinsey, did not deliver on that promise, (McKinsey!)

Felon voting rights law unconstitutional, NC court rules | Raleigh News & Observer (Confedrate slave-replacement law unconstitutional)

Hundreds clash in Portland as Proud Boys rally descends into violence : politics (copsters conspicuously absent)
u/fuck_you_its_a_name explains what is happening in Portland : bestof
Proud Boys Summer of Love Rally Ended in Blood, Beatings, and GunfireFor years, Portland has been a hotbed for political violence

Miami Beach Police Ordered to Stop Enforcing Law Used to Charge Only Black Bystanders Filming Cops After Slew of Problematic Arrests : politics (of course, cops have fucked everything up)

On a White Supremacist Society Creating White Supremacist Technology That Has White Supremacist Results - Lawyers, Guns & Money ,,, Prosecutors said technology powered by a secret algorithm that analyzed noises detected by the sensors indicated Williams shot and killed the man ... (shot-spotter bullshit and Jonathan Turkey in the shadows)

Revealed: how California police chased a nonexistent antifa busAuthorities in rural northern counties spread misinformation and launched aircraft surveillance in response to false rumors about antifa infiltrators (morons)

The CEO Trying to Build a White, Christian, Secessionist Tech Industry : Andrew Torba, CEO of Gab, represents the new, even more right-wing alternative to Silicon Valley (idiot christofascist asshole)

Cuomo Shows He'll Never Change in Final Address (bye-bye asshole)
Cuomo's dog Captain left at mansion after governor departed (his schnoze is as big as the dog's, what an ugly fuck)

California officer shoots at suspect but kills bystander : news

Autopsy unable to determine cause of death for family hiking in California : news

TIL of the Bronze Age Collapse, where several powerful & advanced Mediterranean civilizations all vanished within 50 years. Historians are unsure why it happened so quickly & simultaneously, but theories include volcanoes, drought, the rise of iron, Sea People invasions, or a combination thereof : todayilearned

TIL In The Battle of the Bismarck Sea, the Japanese were defeated so completely when Allied planes sank 12 ships & and killed 3,000+ enemy soldiers, that any hope of a Japanese invasion of Australia was eliminated. 2 weeks later Tokyo announced that all Japanese soldiers would be taught to swim. : todayilearned
Feeling like leisure is wasteful and unproductive may lead to less happiness and higher levels of stress and depression, new research suggests (Four studies, n = 1310) : science

The YouTubers who blew the whistle on an anti-vax plot : technology

This might be the best wedding photo ever : pics

What was the greatest pleasure you ever felt? : AskReddit

'A Scanner Darkly': Keanu Reeves and Robert Downey Jr. anchor an animated thriller of sci-fi paranoia. : movies


Welcome to Trump world the climate future scientists fear

Out of Control: Brazilian Amazon Deforestation Hits Highest Level in a Decade. From August 2020 to July 2021, 10,476 square kilometers of Amazon rainforest were destroyed, a 57% increase over the previous 12-month period.

Failing the Future - Lawyers, Guns & Money
This Is the World Being Left to Us by Adults
The Hard Lessons of Dianne Feinsteins Encounter with the Young Green New Deal Activists

As the planet continues to warm and the number of too-hot-to-work days add up, business losses across US are likely to mount. Up to 1.8 billion workforce hours, or about 11 working hours per US worker, could be lost annually over the next three decades due to extreme heat caused by climate change. : science

Iron ore price enters freefall amid global commodity sell off : worldnews ... Afghanistans rare earth endowment, which includes possessing one of the largest untapped deposits of lithium in the world, has previously caused the US Department of Defence to refer to the country as the "Saudi Arabia of lithium"

Kangaroo population blow-out only a matter of time amid plans for $350,000 strategy ... Hundreds of thousands of kangaroos perished. (during drought)

At least 10 people have died and 31 remain missing in severe flooding in Tennessee : news

Hurricane Henri warning in Boston, MA : funny
Henri is approaching. Heres what to expect today and tomorrow in New England
Maps and key takeaways as New England prepares for Tropical Storm Henri - The Boston Globe
Are you ready for the hurricane? Tropical Storm Henri approaches southern New England
Janey encourages residents to stay indoors as Henri approaches; Biden approves pre-landfall emergency declaration - The Boston Globe
Hurricane Party - Lawyers, Guns & Money

A stark choice: COVID-19 fall forecasts show deaths increase, but toll depends on path taken - The Boston Globe
Parents Concerned Over Mask Policies at Archdiocese of Boston Schools: No vaccinated students or staff can be required to wear masks indoors at Catholic schools in the diocese - NECN - August 20, 2021 : CoronavirusMa

The CDC Only Tracks a Fraction of Breakthrough COVID-19 Infections : CoronavirusMa
High-efficiency masks up to six times better at filtering aerosols than cloth, surgical masks: Canadian [U-Waterloo] study - CTV - August 22, 2021 : CoronavirusMa
Full FDA approval of Pfizer Covid shot will enable vaccine requirements : news
How much does a covid-19 vaccine lower the chance of you not spreading the virus to someone else, if at all? : askscience
People who have recovered from COVID-19, including those no longer reporting symptoms, exhibit significant cognitive deficits versus controls according to a survey of 80,000+ participants conducted in conjunction with the scientific documentary series, BBC2 Horizon : science (if it doesn't kill you it makes you stupid)

More Children Are Hospitalized With Covid-19, and Doctors Fear It Will Get Worse - WSJ

On an encounter with Unvaccinated America at the hospital | MinnPost I asked if they decided the prep their sister was undergoing for a very invasive ventilator was worth their anti-vaccination position.

Absolutely Moronic: Miami Beach Mayor Says Ron DeSantis' COVID Policies Killing People
Republican-led Florida county defies GOP Gov. Ron DeSantis on school mask ban : politics
Video Blasting DeSantis Over Florida Child COVID Cases Gets Over 760K Views : politics
Children are dying because DeSantis is lying. #DeathSentenceDeSantis
The link between Desantis and Covid treatment Regeneron : politics

MAGA Rep Who Boasted About Defying Pelosis Mask Rule Gets COVID -- but Still Won't Mask Up ... "I wouldnt want to force my beliefs and opinions on anyone" Says the guy attempting to force his views on abortion, religion, gay/trans rights, and education onto everyone.
Anti-mask Rep. Barry Moore of Alabama tests positive for COVID-19 : politics

The Noisy Minority - The Atlantic - Conservatives opposition to vaccines and masks is fueled by the conviction that they have lost the battle for public opinion.While not all unvaccinated people are Republicans, nearly half of Republicans have yet to receive even a single shot,

SC GOP leader dies after battling COVID for more than a month : politics (he owned the libs from hell)

A GOP officials covid-19 death went viral. Then came calls for vaccination - and bitter divides.

Mississippi orders everyone whos tested positive for COVID-19 to isolate at home as cases continue to surge

Like the moon and the morning star you're gone - Lawyers, Guns & Money : Speaking of the Republican death cult: ... Valentine ... Congratulations to the Intellectual Dark Web for its role in convincing people to take useless Ivermectin rater than the safe and effective vaccine!

Facebook says post that cast doubt on coronavirus vaccine among the most popular on the platform this year : news

ER doctor says hundreds of patients are waiting to be admitted into hospitals, but there are no beds ( lotta zombie brains in the original article comments)

Conservatives are turning school boards into a battleground for culture wars. Struggling to push their agenda in other arenas, conservatives are bringing their buffet of grievances to schools - turning board meetings into an endless parade of ignorance, misinformation and just plain hatred. : politics

Swiss scientist warns of possible Covid super strain (dum-de-dum-dum)

Puerto Rico orders businesses to require proof of vaccination : politics

Raging Delta variant takes its toll as Philippines runs out of nurses : worldnews

Abolish it: demonstrations against Covid health pass in France

Cuba's health system buckles under strain of overwhelming Covid surge

Whopping 94% of Adults in England Have Covid-19 Antibodies : worldnews

Police say Melbourne anti-lockdown protest most violent in nearly 20 years
Australias PM concedes return to zero COVID highly unlikely
Sydney anti-lockdown protest organiser jailed for at least three months - According to police, Khallouf was involved in planning an unauthorised rally in Sydney for this weekend : worldnews

Euro 2020 final was superspreader event with 3,400 Covid cases linked to match

New Zealand reports 21 new Covid cases as Delta outbreak grows : worldnews
The arrival of the highly infectious Delta variant does raise some big questions about New Zealand's pandemic response, a minister has said.
Rescue dogs shot dead by New South Wales Parliament due to COVID-19 restrictions - Sydney News Today : worldnews

Thailand: Urgent investigation needed after live rounds fired at child protesters : worldnews

Myanmar arrests two more journalists as post-coup media crackdown continues : worldnews

Taiwan bans import of pit bulls over safety concerns : worldnews

Armed Afghans reclaim three districts from Taliban : worldnews
Afghan civil war unavoidable if Taliban refuse talks, says opposition leader
As Taliban parades captured weapons, US still trying to gauge scope of damage : worldnews
U.S. now advising American citizens not to travel to Kabul airport because of potential security threats
Biden administration may compel commercial US airlines to help transport Afghan evacuees : worldnews
Biden administration activates Civil Reserve Air Fleet, requesting U.S. commercial airlines assist in the airlift of U.S. citizens and Afghans from Afghanistan : worldnews
U.S. forces in Afghanistan look at alternative evacuation plans as ISIS threatens Kabul airport, NBC News reports : worldnews
The 2-year-old daughter of an interpreter for an American company was trampled to death as stampedes at Kabul Airport leave at least 7 dead. : worldnews
Afghan President Denies Fleeing With Millions of Dollars: I Just Had My Waistcoat
Afghanistan : Taliban bans co-education in Herat province, describing it as the root of all evils in society
Afghan Refugees Say Talibans Moderate Stance Is Temporary

Afghan journalists win right to come to Britain after media appeal : worldnews
Australia denies visas to Afghans who helped guard embassy in Kabul : worldnews
Australia grants visas for more than 100 former embassy staff in Afghanistan, a day after rejecting them : worldnews
Over 100 prominent Iranian figures have denounced Taliban rule in Afghanistan and urged the Iranian government to offer widescale asylum, with the assistance of the United Nations refugee agency. : worldnews (Bush fucked everything up)
Women's group calls for unconditional asylum in France for Afghan women
Fifa urges rescue of female Afghan players : worldnews
Afghanistans secret gay community is living in fear of Taliban terror

Pakistani ISI Chief Meets Taliban Insurgents : worldnews

14 arrested in India for social media post supporting Taliban : worldnews

Sri Lanka bans drunk driving of elephants in new protection law ... Many rich Sri Lankans - including Buddhist monks - keep elephants as pets to show off their wealth, but complaints of ill treatment and cruelty are widespread.

Iran Reports Increase In Child Marriages : worldnews

Israel launches airstrikes in Gaza after border clashes : worldnews

Trove of Nazi Artifacts Found Stashed in Wall of German House | Smart News : worldnews

Mohamed Abdellah: Algerian anti-corruption activist has been deported illegally from Spain, and possibly facing torture right now in Algeria. : worldnews

Three men sought by police in Birmingham Gay Village attack probe : worldnews (muzfuck neck-beards)
Lost Monastery Run by Early Medieval Queen Discovered in England : worldnews

Bolivias jailed former president Jeanine Anez attempted to take her own life in prison on Saturday, her lawyer said, a day after prosecutors charged her with "genocide" over the 2019 deaths of protesters

Everyone was crying: grieving Haitians bury their dead a week after quake

The Baffling Mystery of the Lost Girls of Panama Unravels : worldnews

Canadian social democrats promise to crack down on 'renovictions,' provide up to $5K in rent help in election campaign ... the average rent has increased by over $4,000 over the the last six years.
Farmers seeking right to repair rules to fix their own tractors

Distinguished persons of the week: Lets hear it for the deep state (Trump laid the groundwork for yet another disaster, Biden is rescuing thousands)
Afghanistan war largely a wealth transferto military contractors, says 'Black Swan' author (and the media-military-death complex)
Fact check: Trump administration officials try to rewrite their own Afghanistan history : politics
America only had 2500 troops in Afghanistan, The Afghan military had 300,000 USA trained solider yet they surrendered. How come 2500 Americans were able to keep the Taliban at bay but 300,000 Afghans couldnt?
GOP congressman places blame on Trump admin for crisis in Afghanistan: 'They set this up to fail' (it's always projection, Trump and Miller destroyed the visa system)

Some Americans No Longer Believe in the Common Good : politics (40% believe in the "common evil" see Fox News and Satanic Murdoch)

Recent Unemployment Cuts Made People Poorer Without Increasing Employment | The media breathlessly reported on labor shortages this summer, helping generate support for unemployment benefit cuts. But a new study shows such cuts didnt do much but devastate poor peoples incomes. (refuck states)

97 percent of small business owners won't pay more income taxes under Biden plan - U.S. Treasury : politics

Democrats fear that if the pandemic or the situation in Afghanistan continues to worsen, their party may lose the confidence of the moderate swing voters who lifted it to victory in 2020.
Biden's job ratings decline amid Covid surge, Afghanistan withdrawal in NBC News poll overall job approval falls below 50 percent for the first time in the NBC News poll, while just 25 percent approve of his handling of Afghanistan.

Hospitals and Insurers Didn't Want You to See These Prices. Here's Why.

Breaking down, building up : Years of neglect and underfunding. Lots of future needs. Ten projects show what's at stake for the nation's roads, bridges, ports and rails (decades of refuckery: 8/10 in red states)

As Democrats Renew Voting Rights Push, Offsetting Roberts Court Is Top of Mind : politics
From dark art to dark science: the evolution of digital gerrymandering

Trump Jokes About COVID Risk, Touts His Good Relationship With Taliban at Alabama Rally
Donald Trump booed at Alabama rally after encouraging crowd to get COVID-19 vaccine : politics
Mo Brooks booed after telling Trump rally crowd to move past 2020 election : politics
As Cullman prepares for Trump rally, city declares COVID state of emergency
Anti-vax as identity politics - Lawyers, Guns & Money

With minority bent on obstruction, US Senate still the place bills go to die : politics

Judge Orders USPS to Hand Over Documents About Louis DeJoy Conflicts of Interest : politics (shit-stain still fucking things up for profit)

Arizona Senate must release election audit records: court : politics
Whats wrong with Arizonas 2020 audit? A lot, experts say

Gaetz actually posted this. : PoliticalHumor

Prop 22 Ruled Unconstitutional - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Only a few bad apples : PoliticalHumor

Former Emerson College professor pleads guilty to sexually abusing minors in Minnesota - The Boston Globe Jefferson Fietek, 47, pleaded guilty Thursday in Anoka County District Court to three felony counts of first-degree criminal sexual assault

Evolution now accepted by majority of Americans : science

SkinTeeth4800 comments on Margate, United Kingdom

What is humans greatest invention? : AskReddit

What is your reason for not having a child? : AskReddit

What surprised you the most about sex when you lost your virginity? : AskReddit

What boggles your mind? : AskReddit
What's your biggest flex? : AskReddit

Apple Just Gave Millions Of Users A Reason To Quit Their iPhones : technology


Black Sea oil spill much bigger than first thought : worldnews

Saturday AM Henri model forecast : boston
HENRI Graphics Archive:
3-day Forecast Track,Initial Wind Field and Watch/Warning Graphic

'You're torturing my child' : COVID mask vote spurs tumultuous Dracut School Committee meeting
Dying in the Name of Vaccine Freedom : politics
Facebook says post that cast doubt on covid-19 vaccine was most popular on the platform from January through March - The Washington Post Saturday evening acknowledgment comes after a lengthy internal debate over whether to share data. (Fuckerberg didn't want you to know how many people he killed ... and ... "Goebbelsberg"

Planet Money Investigates The Base Rate Fallacy As It Pertains To The Pandemic : NPR

Kidney transplants to be delayed for unvaccinated patients until Covid crisis passes : worldnews

By centering choice over obligation, the press enables a political minority to literally steal a political majoritys freedoms (their choice to kill you)

Norwegian Cruise Lines CEO launches blistering attack on Florida governor Ron DeSantis : politics
Cruises and COVID-19: CDC updates guidance for high-risk travelers (plague boats)

COVID situation in Florida is a 'crisis,' and getting worse
Twitter suspends DeSantis press secretary for abusive behavior ... her conduct led to a reporter receiving threats and other online abuse.
Gov. Ron DeSantis Questions COVID Booster Shot As He Continues Push To Open More Monoclonal Antibody Treatment Sites : politics
Florida's COVID deaths climb as children lead state in positivity rate = The state reports 1,486 deaths and 150,118 new coronavirus infections as the pandemic starts to affect young Floridians.

Sending Maskless Kids To School Is Like Hosting A Deadly Chickenpox Party Kentucky Governor Warns

Mississippi Officials Plea for People Not to Get Covid Treatment at Feed Stores Utterly Stuns Rachel Maddow: Why AreThey Dealing With This?

GOP Maine Rep. Chris Johansen Attends Anti-Vaxx Rally Days After Wife Dies of COVID : politics
Fox's Book of Martyrs - Lawyers, Guns & Money ... Again, the Republican party is now a literal death cult.

South Carolina county Republican party leader dies from Civid-19 : politics

Conservative talk radio host dies of COVID-19

I come to you and see all this ruin - Lawyers, Guns & Money - There wasnt a single I.C.U. bed available in Alabama on Wednesday ... Clearly, Alabamans need to listen to the Intellectual Dark Web and take more animal parasite drugs, that should solve everything. The idea that vaccination is a purely personal consumer choice with no broader implications is 1)the dominant position of all levels of the Republican Party and 2)the most transparently idiotic nonsense imaginable.

Toronto hospital network says they will fire unvaccinated employees : worldnews

New Zealand reports 21 local Covid-19 cases, more expected : worldnews

Police clash with anti-lockdown protesters as Australia

Kenyan bishop lands in London court over snake oil Covid-19 cure : worldnews

China allows couples third child amid demographic crisis : worldnews

Protests in Pakistan erupt against Chinas belt and road plan

Biden says Taliban are going through an existential crisis ... In the sense that in a single night winning PowerBall, getting accepted into Harvard, and being propositioned by Salma Hayek is an existential crisis, yes.
US omits Macron plea for moral responsibility from record of Afghanistan call
Desperation as Afghans Seek to Flee a Country Retaken by the Taliban - The New York Times A surging crowd trampled a toddler to death near the airport, and many residents who aided America remain in hiding, fearing they will be killed by their new rulers.

As Kabul turmoil mounts, Talibans PR offensive falters
Elite Taliban special forces with United States gear, weapons seen patrolling Kabul : worldnews
Taliban fighters dressed as US troops to mock America in propaganda videos : worldnews
Women at Kabul airport crushed in horrendous scenes
Victory after Marines tireless battle to rescue translator from Kabul
CNNs Clarissa Ward departs Afghanistan after Taliban coverage
Taliban stops group of 72 Afghan Hindus and Sikhs from boarding Indian air force plane : worldnews
Why Afghanistans Panjshir remains out of Taliban's reach: The Panjshir Valley is Afghanistans last remaining holdout where anti-Taliban forces seem to be working on forming a guerrilla movement to take on the Islamic fundamentalist group

Greece erects fence at Turkey border amid warnings of Afghan migrant surge : worldnews

A Belarusian comedian served 10 days in Russia for making a joke about Russians : worldnews

Suspected Islamic extremists kill 47 in northern Burkina Faso : worldnews

Attackers kill 22 Nigerian commuters on road near Plateau state capital : worldnews (muzfuckery everywhere)

Zimbabwe man charged with murdering his 14 year old wife : worldnews

52 feared dead, 1 survivor, on migrant boat going to Spain : worldnews

Bolivia charges ex-president Anez with genocide (who was backed by US, of course)

Haiti earthquake: Tensions rise in struggle to get aid to victims : worldnews

Canada needs U.S.-style racketeering laws, current organized crime laws failing, B.C. AG tells Feds

Two-thirds of voters support taking $500bn in climate damages from Big Oil, poll finds : politics

This Is How the U.S.'s Afghanistan Exit Plan Unraveled - The New York Times President Biden promised an orderly withdrawal. That pledge, compounded by missed signals and miscalculations, proved impossibl
What Biden didnt know about Afghanistan
Biden's Inaccurate Claims in Defending Afghanistan Withdrawal - The president made misleading or false claims about the reaction of allies to the withdrawal, the presence of Al Qaeda and conditions for Americans traveling to the Kabul airport.

The Fall of Kabul, Washington and the Guys at the Fancy Magazines | Talking Points Memo ... Like hyenas and chimpanzees, reporters hunt in packs
The Immaculate Exit dodge - Lawyers, Guns & Money - Yglesias has been doing valiant work taking on the Blob and the reporters who repeat their opinions as fact in straight news reports despite their having been wrong about everything. This might be his most important thread yet ... "the fact that the first twenty years and trillion dollars accomplished literally nothing while we lied our asses off about it is all the more reason to stay for another 20 or 40 Friedman Units" is self-refuting ... And the idea that the people who have been wrong about Afghanistan for 20 years, often with major conflicts of interests, should continue to be treated uncritically as credible experts makes no sense at all.

Eschaton: Nothing More Awesome Than War How are things the way they are, we wonder -- As Judd Legum writes at Popular Information, big outlets have almost exclusively turned to critics of the Afghanistan withdrawal in their coverage, and in virtually every case people who supported the invasion and occupation.

You Wouldnt Know It From the US News Coverage, But ... the key leaders of the US backed government over the last two decades are relaxedly meeting with the political leadership of the Taliban in Kabul about the formation of the new government.

The War in Afghanistan Was a Scam : politics (Make American Shitty Again)

Trump Hopes No One Remembers He Pushed for a Full Afghanistan Withdrawal in June : politics
Trumps own security adviser blames him for Taliban surrender
Trump admin deliberately sabotaged refugee process, stranding war allies: former insiders : politics
Pompeo is lying about Afghanistan.
Only Trump, Mike Pence, and Mike Pompeo seem to be defending Trumps 2020 Taliban peace deal
A former Pence adviser said Trump had 4 years to help Afghan allies leave the country but Stephen Miller's 'racist hysteria' blocked it from happening
Biden, Allies Frustrated With Medias Hawkish Coverage Of Afghanistan Withdrawal
Biden, Allies Frustrated With Medias Hawkish Coverage Of Afghanistan Withdrawal feel some major outlets are adopting a pro-war stance. ("adopting")
Taliban didnt win in Afghanistan, the defense contractors did | Opinion
Opinion | How the U.S. Exit from Afghanistan Helps China - The New York Times

Will Americans Who Were Right on Afghanistan Still Be Ignored? | Dissident Voice ... We shouldn't let them kill our principles at the same time they kill our people. And our principles are respect for the rule of law. Not charging in blindly and killing people because we are blinded by our tears and our rage. (partnered with the Taliban in the Military-Industrial-Terror Complex) ... a military response will only create more of the hatred against the U.S. that created this terrorism in the first place. (the real Mission Accomplished)
Spencer Ackerman on How the U.S. War on Terror Fueled and Excused Right-Wing Extremism at Home | Democracy Now! (war on non-white terror iqnored the biggest and oldest threat to America: itself, fueled by the PATRIOT Act)

Saying Crazy Apocalyptic Sh*t All the Time Has Consequences: The distance between the wild calls from elected officials and the wild response from the fringe is getting narrower. : politics

Trump's brand new $15 billion Border Wall is being ripped apart by monsoon floods : pics

Merrick Garland must investigate Donald Trumps attempted coup not for retribution but for deterrence

Capitol Hill Bomb Threat Suggests Jan. 6 Siege Was a Beta Test : politics

DOJ wants 3 months in jail for Proud Boys leader who burned BLM flag - CNNPolitics

Native American Voting Rights Act Introduced As Native Voter Suppression Rises : politics

let this sink in.. : PoliticalHumor

Allen West, GOP candidate for governor, calls wifes DWI arrest in Dallas insidious

Minnesota GOP in ruins after shocking scandal

Patagonia boycotts Wyoming ski resort over owners GOP event

San Francisco League of Pissed Off Voters : Recall Election Pissed Off Voter Guide

Court rules California gig worker initiative is unconstitutional, a setback to Uber and Lyft : politics

The Hill Is Sold to a TV Giant - The New York Times The political news publication, which started as an insiders guide to Washington and greatly expanded its audience after it went digital, fetched a price of $130 million. (rightwing news)

Child sex-trafficking sting at 2021 Sturgis Motorcycle Rally nets 9 arrests : news

Miami Beach suspends law used against people filming police : news

MIT and HHMI fire prominent biologist for sexual harassment : boston
David Sabatini TORmented by steaming turds

Bar Manager At Popular Boston Spots Fired Over Sexual Misconduct Allegations : boston

Circles of Death: readers rank the 10 most painful rotaries in Greater Boston

The next time someone says MA drivers are crazy: : boston

An immense mystery older than Stonehenge - BBC Travel ... Ritual and religion, it seemed, launched the Neolithic Revolution ... now think Gobekli Tepe was an attempt by hunter-gatherers clinging to their vanishing lifestyle as the world changed around them ... Gobekli Tepe was built 6,000 years before Stonehenge,
An ancient engineering feat that harnessed the wind - BBC Travel
ncient Persian wind catchers developed 3,300 years ago might help cool our rapidly warming world

Revolutions is a chronological blow-by-blow of 10 historical revolutions that took place between the seventeenth and early twentieth centuries: the English Civil War of 1642, the American Revolution of 1776, the French Revolution of 1789, the Haitian Revolution of 1791, the Spanish American wars of independence of the early nineteenth century, the French Revolution of 1830, the pan-European upheavals of 1848, the Paris Commune of 1871, the Mexican Revolution of 1910, and finally the Russian revolutions of 1905 and 1917

By exploring television shows, like Hells Kitchen, and chef memoirs, like Bourdain's Kitchen Confidential, researchers show how bullying and harassment are romanticized in these mediums, glorified as a product of kitchen subculture, and consequently normalized in the kitchen.

New method to detect and visualise sperm cells recovered from forensic evidence. The technique aims to significantly reduce the cost and amount of time needed to screen items of evidence in cases of sexual assault. : science

Handwashing must be done at a minimum speed to dislodge viruses and bacteria, and it should last roughly 20 seconds, on par with the time that public-health experts recommend, according to an analysis of the fluid dynamics of soaping up. : science

How do we know that neutrinos have spin?

A major Einstein theory was just proven right, 106 years later : news Vacuum birefringence, for those who don't want to read the article.

ELI5: Why dental tartar is so hard and bounds to teeth like glue? It's like a secondary tooth made of bacterias. : explainlikeimfive

RamsesThePigeon comments on Trump's brand new $15 billion Border Wall is being ripped apart by monsoon floods (hyphen usage)

borisdidnothingwrong comments on It was really early Sunday morning and they weren't even open yet ... ` I can tell you exactly what caused the change: Oprah ... Oprah Winfrey single handedly changed customer service, and so very much for the worse.

Men who have tried those penis enlargement pills/creams, how did it work for you? : AskReddit ... A small increase in the level of testosterone causes the clitoris to grow, permanently.

What is that normal thing that turns you off during sex? : AskReddit

Safety updates, automod improvements, and pilot programs taking off : blog

Elon Musks humanoid Tesla Bot Is a Shitpost


Almost 1/3rd of the warming expected in the next few decades could be avoided by reducing human-caused methane emissions, without having to invent new tech or average Americans cutting consumption. : science

The summit of Greenland got rain, rather than snow, for the first time on record : worldnews

Amazon: regrowing forests have offset less than 10% of carbon emissions from deforestation : worldnews

UN weather agency: millions affected by climate change and extreme weather in Latin America and Caribbean : worldnews

A billion children atextreme risk from climate impacts

Chip shortage: Toyota to cut global production by 40% : worldnews

Baker urges people to stay home Sunday due to Tropical Storm Henri, warns of up to 300,000 power outages - The Boston Globe
Heres what we know (right now) about Tropical Storm Henri and what we might expect

Your MA COVID-19 Interactive Data Dashboard for August 20, 2021 - 6 deaths, 467 hospitalized, 1459 new cases, 64k tests reported. 4,444,258 fully vaccinated. : CoronavirusMa
1,459 confirmed cases, 6 deaths, and 11,366 vaccinations. See todays COVID-19 data from Mass.

Here's What We Know About COVID Booster Shots in Massachusetts: The free booster shots are expected to be administered beginning Sept. 20 - NECN - August 19, 2021 : CoronavirusMa

Full Approval of Pfizer vaccine imminent - Lawyers, Guns & Money
COVID update - Lawyers, Guns & Money

U.S. officials reviewing possibility Moderna vaccine is linked to higher risk of uncommon side effect than previously thought - The Washington Post
India gives emergency approval for world's first COVID-19 DNA vaccine : worldnews (with built-in 5G)
Covid-19: Fully vaccinated people can carry as much delta virus as unvaccinated people, data indicate : worldnews
Israel's grim warning: Delta can overwhelm shots
The mutation that helps Delta spread like wildfire: A key amino-acid change might underlie the coronavirus variants ferocious infectivity

U.S. extending travel restrictions at border with Canada for another 30 days : worldnews

Americas Anti-Vaxxers Are Getting More Dangerous
We Fact-Checked Fox News Racist Lie. It Turns Out, the Pandemic Is Worse in Republican States
COVID 90-day rolling impact by partisanship

A Raging Wildfire: Mississippi Now Top Global Hotspot For COVID-19 Spread

GOP Leader Who Fought Against Vaccine Dies After Weekslong Battle With Coronavirus | HuffPost Pressley Stutts, a Republican leader in South Carolina, shared conspiracy theories from his ICU bed.
GOP Leader Who Fought Against Vaccine Dies After Weeks-Long Battle With Coronavirus : politics

Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick Blames Black Community, Democrats For COVID Spread : politics

School boards are in open revolt against Ron DeSantiss anti-mask crusade;
The worsening COVID picture in Florida | Editorial (DeathSentence wins the race)
Fla. gives school districts 48 hours to end COVID mask protections : politics
AP urges DeSantis to end harassing tweets aimed at reporter : politics (she reported his Regeneron scam)
Orlando mayor asks residents to start conserving water immediately due to liquid oxygen shortage : politics
Govs. DeSantis and Abbott, in denial and risking lives, have betrayed the public trust

Maine Lawmaker Whose Wife Just Died of COVID Joins Anti-Vaxx Rally : politics
Chris Johansen, Maine Lawmaker Whose Wife Cindy Johansen Died of COVID, Joins Anti-Vaxx Rally Chris Johansen, who has been a fierce opponent of pandemic restrictions, joined a rally at which a colleague compared the governor to a Nazi.

University of Virginia disenrolls 238 students for not complying with vaccine requirement - The Virginian-Pilot

Poison control calls spike as people take livestock dewormer to treat COVID-19 : news

Vietnam to deploy troops, issues stay-home order as COVID-19 deaths spiral : worldnews

Over 60% of COVID patients (in Tokyo) denied hospitalization : worldnews

Newborn baby dies after Covid-positive mother refused emergency care, forced to give birth at home (Japan) : worldnews (hospital refused, not mom) ... the government is asking prefectural governments to build a system to swiftly accept COVID-19 patients into hospitals (you know how ridiculous that sounds, Japan?)
More than $90 million in cryptocurrency stolen after a top Japanese exchange is hacked : worldnews

Two killed in suicide bombing targeting Chinese nationals in Pakistan : worldnews
Pakistan: Outpouring of anger after woman assaulted by over 400 men : news

War in Afghanistan: How much did the U.S. spend, troops killed and other key numbers - The Washington Post The United States has spent an estimated $2,261,000,000,000, or more than $2 trillion, on the war effort. (for less than nothing)
Taliban takes over U.S. war chest given to Afghan military : worldnews
Biden and Afghanistan Crisis News: Live Updates - The New York Times
Afghanistan live: Resistance forces recapture three districts in Baghlan from Taliban : worldnews
Anti-Taliban Forces Massing in Panjshir Valley, Says Russia : worldnews

Over 18,000 people evacuated since Sunday from Kabul airport: NATO official : worldnews
Tens of thousands of foreigners and Afghans who collaborated with US and Nato forces remain stranded in Kabul, as governments grappled with an overwhelming backlog of visas and Taliban checkpoints which were preventing people safely reaching the airport. : worldnews
Only a trickle of Afghans are making it into Kabul airport due to Taliban checkpoints
UK Ministers never made key call to help stranded Afghan interpreters : worldnews
Afghanistan: Taliban execute police chief despite promising not to seek retribution : worldnews
Taliban fighters hunting a DW journalist have shot dead one member of his family and seriously injured another. The Taliban were conducting a house-to-house search to try and find the journalist, who now works in Germany. Other relatives were able to escape at the last moment and are now on the run : worldnews
Taliban bans women anchors from working after promising freedom : worldnews
Afghanistan: Taliban tortured and massacred Hazara minority
UK Soldiers Cried As Women Threw Babies Over Wires At Kabul Airport
Taliban violently block Australian citizens from Kabul airport evacuation flights : worldnews
Afghanistan: Clock is ticking for thousands queuing to escape as Taliban beat Afghans with canes : worldnews
9 members of the Afghan female robotics team now safe in Qatar : worldnews
Allyson Reneau - Mother of Eleven Children

Finishing what ISIS started? Turkey attacks Yezidis in Iraq : worldnews
US says food aid runs out this week in Ethiopia's Tigray

Qatar, Israel Announce Agreement on Stalled Aid Money for Gaza Families : worldnews
Container ship Ever Given returns to Suez canal for another attempt : worldnews

Catholic Officials on Edge After Reports of Priests Using Grindr Analyses of cellphone data obtained by a conservative Catholic blog seemed to show priests at multiple levels of the Catholic hierarchy in both the United States and the Vatican using the gay hookup app Grindr.
Catholic officials on edge after grindr reports : worldnews ... They're on the edge of Glory

Evidence of Nazi Brutality Uncovered in Poland's 'Death Valley' (Stephen Miller books a visit)

Germany: Convictions of neo-Nazi terror cell upheld on appeal : worldnews (compare to CSA)

Social networks struggle to crack down on incel movement
Teachers in England encouraged to tackle incel movement in the classroom (incels are "left-wing" and hello Jordan Peterson)

2 doctors kidnapped in Haiti; hospital closes in protest | The kidnappings, which occurred on Tuesday and Wednesday, dealt a severe blow to attempts to control the criminal violence that has threatened response efforts to the earthquake disaster in Port-au-Prince. : worldnews

US imposes limited sanctions over Russian gas pipeline : politics

Petraeus: we should keep doing what has massively failed forever - Lawyers, Guns & Money
The seductions of war - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Former Pence aide says Trump and Stephen Miller fought against taking Afghan refugees with 'racist hysteria'

47,000 service members will finally get the student loan debt relief theyve been promised for years ... only waiving interest for student loans of service members deployed to a combat zone, while theyre in the combat zone.

States that ended unemployment benefits early took a big economic hit -- and the rest of the countrys next (refucks turned down free money to help their voters)
New NLRB General Counsel to reverse many Trump-era anti-worker rulings : politics

Analysis: Oh, so now Lindsey Graham wants to impeach a president? : politics
Appeals court leaves Biden eviction ban in effect : politics

Democrats face new hurdles in legal fight over redistricting : politics

Trumps conduct needs a federal investigation

Man accused of assaulting officer in Capitol riot was Williamson County sheriffs deputy
InfoWars host Owen Shroyer faces charges related to Capitol riots : politics

Republican Lawmaker Mo Brooks Says He 'Understands' the Motivations of the Guy Who Threatened to Blow Up Capitol Hill
GOP Rep. Mo Brooks slammed by fellow lawmakers for statement on D.C. bomb threat suspect : politics
Rep. Don Beyer on Twitter: "It is astonishing that this needs to be said but no one who serves in Congress should be expressing public sympathy with the views of a terrorist who threatened to blow up the U.S. Capitol. I would have thought we could all at least agree on that." / Twitter
Fox News ignores a DC bomb threat inspired by right-wing conspiracy theory culture : politics

Capitol Police officer who shot Ashli Babbitt exonerated in internal probe
Capitol Police officer who shot Ashli Babbitt exonerated in internal probe : news
D.C. Police Activate Entire Force for Upcoming Pro-Jan. 6 Rally
Exclusive: FBI finds scant evidence U.S. Capitol attack was coordinated - sources | Reuters (they don't understand stochastic coordination)

Ariz. GOP official releases open letter to Republicans blasting Trumps voter fraud claims
Mesa County Clerk Tina Peters drank the snake oil peddled by Mike Lindell : politics
Mike Lindell Is Hiding A County Clerk Amid FBI Probe Of A Vote Data Leak: Report : politics (under his ... pillow)

Opinion | Police shootings are not letting up. Congress must act. - The Washington Post

GOP Senator's Plan to Issue Pa. Election Subpoenas 'stopped'

Marjorie Taylor Greene Is Out of the Republican Partys Control ... "On occasion, these are politicians you should keep an eye on because they have national aspirations. On other occasions, these are politicians you should keep an eye on to make sure they dont get into the poultry barn and start biting the heads off all the chickens."

The future of the GOP isn't legislating. It's shitposting

Embattled Minnesota Republican Party leader resigns : politics

Administrators who violate the 1st Amendment rights do not deserve protection of qualified immunity : politics

Feds deliberately targeted BLM protesters on orders from Trump, Barr: report

Larry Elder is the Black face of white supremacy. Youve been warned

Kenosha sheriff, city police gave armed civilians license to 'wreak havoc and inflict injury' during last summer's unrest: lawsuit

You Have The Right to Keep Filming the Cops -- For Now (cops argue for unqualified invisibility, the right to shoot cell phones)

One of QAnon's Most Antisemitic Influencers Is Actually a 39-Year-Old Baptist From Florida - Researchers have revealed the true identity of GhostEzra, one of QAnon's most prolific, popular, and antisemitic influencers.
Logically Identifies GhostEzra, Florida Man Behind Worlds Largest Antisemitic Internet Forum ... Robert Smart, is an evangelical Christian and serial entrepreneur who attends several churches in his local area

History packets saying slaves were 'treated kindly' pulled by Utah learning center

Mark Levins Dialectic of Enlightenment : Truly the ideal person to be the thought leader of a movement that is ignorant bullshit artists all the way down:

The Sacklers took $10 billion out of Purdue Pharma before it declared bankruptcy, says journalist : news

Six masterpieces Titian painted for Philip II of Spain have been reunited for the first time since the 16th century - Washington Post

Researchers identify source of dinosaur-killing asteroid ... Researchers previously thought this portion of the asteroid belt didnt have many good exit routes to Earth. Now, they believe dinosaur-killing asteroids could hit the Earth once every 250 million years on average.

500 Years Later, MIT Proves That Leonardo Da Vincis Bridge Design Works

TIL 75% of the worlds population is lactose intolerant however, Lactose tolerance is exceptionally widespread in Northern European countries such as Britain, Sweden and Finland, with tolerance levels of 80%, 74% and 82%, respectively : todayilearned

How does thinking about breathing turn it from an automatic to a conscious act? : askscience

ELI5: Why cant babies drink water but use water on formula milk?

Anxiety disorder symptoms are more common among those with left-wing political views in Great Britain. People with clinical symptoms of anxiety disorders tend to express higher concerns about economic inequality and the environment, according to new research published in the Journal of Psychology. : science

Scientists systematically eavesdropping on bat roosts in Costa Rica discovered baby-bat babbling bears a striking resemblance to that of human infants. Characteristics included repetition of key syllables used by adults and rhythmicity and repetition similar to the "da-da-da" sounds of human babies. : science

Does anything have the opposite effect on vocal cords that helium does? : askscience

Emotional intelligence is more important for being a successful entrepreneur than mental ability, study finds : science

What is something that sounds safe but actually isnt?

Facebook, Fearing Public Outcry, Shelved Earlier Report on Popular Posts - The company praised itself this week for being the most transparent platform on the internet (rots from the top)


July was a Frankenstein month created by the fossil fuel industry | TheHill By Michael E. Mann

Climate change will disrupt supply chains much more than Covid : worldnews

The powerful greenhouse gases tetrafluoromethane & hexafluoroethane have been building up in the atmosphere from unknown sources. Now, modelling suggests that China's aluminium industry is a major culprit. The gases are thousands of times more effective than carbon dioxide at warming the atmosphere.

Death toll from Turkey floods rises to 58 : worldnews

Fred flooding: 2 dead, 20 missing in North Carolina; tornadoes possible

Banning Chlorpyrifos Was Something the Trump Administration* Didn't Consider Part of Its Job | But now, the federal government has gotten back in the business of being a federal government again : politics (CPP)

Court Blocks a Vast Alaskan Drilling Project, Citing Climate Dangers : politics (Dumpster and JoeBi approved)

Californias Caldor Fire Explodes in Size, Forcing Evacuations

A Complete Failure of the State: Authorities Didnt Heed ResearchersCalls to Study Health Effects of Burning Sugar Cane (Florifuckaduh)

Your MA CVID-19 Interactive Data Dashboard for August 19, 2021 - 4 deaths, 439 hospitalized, 1,373 new cases, 55k tests reported, 4,439,499 fully vaccinated. : CoronavirusMa
1,373 confirmed cases, 4 deaths, and 11,276 vaccinations. See todays COVID-19 data from Mass.

Baker issues one of the nations strictest vaccine mandates for tens of thousands of state workers Unlike in other states, employees wont have the option of regular COVID-19 testing instead
MassINC Polling Group: 81% of registered voters in Massachusetts support requiring all people entering school buildings to wear masks : CoronavirusMa

Israel, Once the Model for Beating Covid, Faces New Surge of Infections - One of the most vaccinated societies, Israel now has one of the highest infection rates in the world, raising questions about the vaccine's efficacy ... By June, Israelis, convinced the worst was over, had abandoned social distancing and other precautions (waning immunity / old people vaxxed early)

Biden Tells States That Ban Masks In Schools To Brace For 'Legal Action'
States banning mask mandates could face civil rights probes : politics (your civil right not to be murdered by Republicans)
Disability Rights Group Files First Federal Lawsuit Against Abbott Over Ban On Mask Mandates : politics
AP Source: Biden to require vaccines for nursing home staff : politics

When De Blasios Vaccination Passport Plan Went Into Effect Yesterday, One-Quarter of Adult New Yorkers Were Barred From Going Out (Cuomo would have vetoed it)

Washington State imposes the strictest school mandate in the U.S., requiring all teachers and staff to be vaccinated. : politics
Actually taking COVID seriously - Lawyers, Guns & Money Americas best pandemic governor continues to lead the field ,,, Gov. Jay Inslee (contrast with Politico telling you DeathSantis won the pandemic)
California becomes 1st state to require proof of COVID vaccination or negative test for indoor events over 1,000 people : politics
The GOP is losing the PR battle on coronavirus mandates : politics

Florida Gov. DeSantis faces growing revolt from school districts imposing mask mandates : politics
Local news outlets confirm that this is a photo of people sick with COVID-19 waiting for Regeneron treatment at the Downtown Jacksonville library (DeathSentence at work)
COVID patients lying on the ground waiting for monoclonal therapy |
DeSantis under fire over photo of Covid sufferer lying on treatment centre floor : politics
Analysis: Ron DeSantis has no idea what hes talking about
Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis mishandling of Covid could be tied to Fox News ... In the first six months of 2021, DeSantis had scheduled as many appearances with top Fox hosts [Sean] Hannity (8 times), Tucker Carlson (6) and Laura Ingraham (7) as he had meetings with his lieutenant governor, Jeanette Nunez (7)
Florida's largest school district mandates masks in defiance of DeSanti ... "My children need to be unmasked," said parent Kelly Boynton. "It's tyranny"
Lee County School Board member says masks don't work prompting backlash (and neither do vaccines said Melisa Giovannelli, certified idiot)

Livid parents take their kids out of class in response to a school board member's Covid misinformation (CornCobb Country GA)

Anti-Vaxxers Go Off the Rails at San Diego County Meeting: 'Heil Fauci'
Anti-Vaxxers Go Off the Rails at San Diego County Meeting: 'Heil Fauci' (for the pic: he doesn't take baths either)

20,000 Kids Quarantined in Mississippi After Schools Open

Dads Passionate Defense of Mask Mandates in Tennessee Schools Goes Viral : "If you don't like democracy when it isn't going your way, you don't actually liked democracy."

Greenville County GOP leader Pressley Stutts dies from COVID-19 : politics (SC) ... He further said in his post that as a proponent for "freedom and liberty," no one should be forced to wear a mask and get vaccinated ... As he heads for that giant NewsMax newsroom in the sky, we wish him a fond farewell and safe journey. He is with Rush Limbaugh now. (narrator: it's not up, it's down)

GOP Senator Railed Against Vax, Caught COVID, Then Hid It From Dem Colleagues : politics
GOP Senator Railed Against Vax, Caught COVID, Then Hid It From Dem Colleagues : They have a colleague who was in the hospital, and theyre still shrugging it off (no-neck fat fuck)
Two US Senators confirm they have tested positive for Covid-19 : politics Roger Wicker (R-MS) and Angus King (I-ME), Hickenlooper (D-CO) now too

Miami Beach Couple Arrested in Hawaii for Using Fake Vaccination Cards : news

If North Texas runs out of ICU hospital beds, doctors can consider a patient's vaccination status - This would be a big change in health care, but doctors have yet to announce it. So The Watchdog does it for them.

Steve Walsh, husband of Rep. Sara Walsh, dies from COVID-19 : politics

Briton jailed in Singapore for not wearing mask in public to be deported after release from prison : worldnews ... he thinks gravity and jet fuel and viruses and the Holocaust are hoaxes, and that practically all elites and celebrities are transgender demon-worshippers grown in labs ... to make us men lust after trannies

A global campaign aimed at ending discrimination towards the worlds 1.2 billion people with disabilities kicked off Thursday spearheaded by Paralympic chiefs and backed by a broad group of international organisations.
Health experts and education board members are opposing the Tokyo Paralympic organizers insistence of inviting more than 100,000 schoolchildren to attend the events while COVID-19 cases are spiking around the nation.
Japan sees record number of Covid cases days before the Paralympics begin. : worldnews

S.Korea to grant legal status to animals to tackle abuse, abandonment : worldnews

A new report is accusing Apples engraving service of censoring political phrases in its China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan stores. Researchers at the University of Toronto said Apples engraving service blocked 1,045 keywords in mainland China.

Russia fines Google again for failing to remove banned content : worldnews ... Russia is just Nigeria with snow

Indian rocket suffers catastrophic failure during launch, Earth-watching satellite lost : worldnews

Hundreds booked for harassing, molesting Pakistani TikToker girl in Lahore : worldnews

US troops will stay until all Americans are out of Afghanistan, even if past Aug. 31 deadline : worldnews
Britain fears US forces may pull out of Kabul airport within days : worldnews
Afghan VP Saleh claims presidency, vows fight on Taliban : worldnews
'Northern Alliance' flag hoisted in Panjshir in first resistance against Taliban : worldnews
Anti-Taliban protests spread beyond Jalalabad over Afghan flag : worldnews
Afghan Prisoners, Isis, Al Qaeda Fighters Freed by Taliban : worldnews
Oklahoma mom of 11 helps rescue 10 girls on Afghanistans robotics team

EU pulls Afghanistan funding, will only work with Taliban if human rights respected : worldnews
Taliban will not be able to access most Afghan central bank assets : worldnews
The Taliban have been handed a huge financial and geopolitical edge in relations with the worlds biggest powers as the militant group seizes control of Afghanistan. Geologists estimated that Afghanistan, one of the worlds poorest countries, was sitting on nearly $1 trillion in mineral wealth

Taliban say there will be no democracy... it is sharia law and that is it

Afghanistans Central Asian neighbours panic, reject refugees
Afghanistan: US military dogs reportedly given seats on evacuation flights : worldnews
Britain says: we cannot evacuate unaccompanied children from Afghanistan : worldnews
Indias midnight evacuation from Afghanistan, escorted by Taliban

Afghan President Ashraf Ghani reportedly fled Kabul with $169 million in cash : worldnews
U.S. wont let Taliban access Afghanistans financial assets held in America
Some members of Afghanistans all-girls robotics team flee the country.
Former Afghan womens captain tells players to burn kits, delete photos
Afghan female governor, who took up arms against Taliban, taken into custody : worldnews

Last Hindu priest refuses to abandon Afghanistan ancestral temple, says will consider it Seva even if Taliban kills me
Afghanistans last Jew still wont leave the country (or divorce his wife) ... no one likes him. Not even his only other Jewish Neighbor ... the two argued so much in prison that the Taliban released them both

Al-Qaida in Yemen congratulates Taliban, vows to continue jihad : worldnews

Ugandan Lawmaker Accidentally Shares X-Rated Photos on Official Parliamentary WhatsApp Group While Sexting GF

Israel confiscates Palestinian chocolate bars, claiming they would fund Hamas : worldnews (girls scouts)
Satellite images along with ground evidence show arsonists likely behind mass Jerusalem fires : worldnews

US Officials in Germany Develop Havana Syndrome Symptoms: WSJ : worldnews

A London court on Wednesday approved a 10 billion pound-plus ($14 billion-plus) class action against global payments processor Mastercard : worldnews

Over 323,000 Federal Student Loan Borrowers to Receive $5.8 Billion in Automatic Total and Permanent Disability Discharges | U.S. Department of Education

Discussion Thread: President Biden Delivers Remarks About Delta Surge, Booster Shots | Live - 4:30 PM EDT : politics
Full transcript of ABC News GeorgeStephanopoulosinterview with President Joe Biden
Biden suggests US troops could stay in Afghanistan past withdrawal deadline to ensure evacuation of all Americans : worldnews
Pentagons Top General: We Had No Idea Afghan Army Would Collapse in 11 Days
Polling shows public siding with Biden on Afghanistan : politics
Most Americans say the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq were not worth fighting - AP-NORC The public is more concerned about the threat caused by domestic extremist groups than those from outside the country.

Good Fighters and Great Negotiators: Donald Trump Is Weirdly Full of Praise for the Taliban (v
Trumps Pledge to Exit Afghanistan Was a Ruse, His Final SecDef Says
Billions in US weaponry seized by Taliban : politics (Trump funded his Taliboys)
Planes, guns, night-vision goggles: The Talibans new U.S.-made war chest
Cable News Military Experts Are on Defense Industry Dole Many former military and public officials appearing in the news have more than a patriotic interest in a continued occupation.

Why the ANA Collapsed : anime_titties
What I Learned While Eavesdropping on the Taliban - I spent 600 hours listening in on the people who now run Afghanistan. It wasn't until the end of my tour that I understood what they were telling me
If Liz Cheney's Assigning Blame for an 'Epic Failure' in Afghanistan, She Can Start With Her Father ... Our mission in Afghanistan was to transfer wealth from taxpayers to war profiteers like Halliburton. Darth Cheney did not fail in Afghanistan. He's enjoying the spoils of his victory right now.
Eschaton: And They Arrived At That Conclusion All By Themselves It's always interesting when the public is strongly in one camp on an issue (over 60%) which is completely at odds with the dominant views of the press coverage, especially at a very loud one-sided moment such as this.
Trump and some Republicans are praising the Taliban to criticize Biden despite years of chest-thumping over jihadist terrorism ... Republicans are just white yallquada Taliban wannabes ... Talibangelicals.
Mike Pompeo blasts Biden for finishing Afghanistan withdrawal he and Trump started : politics
The week another massive delusion was exposed - Lawyers, Guns & Money ,,, It really is astounding how all the people who were totally wrong about everything keep getting invited on to the TV to tell us how we should all think about whats happening now
Afghan refugee debate fractures GOP - POLITICO
Internal State Department Cable Warned of Kabul Collapse - WSJ July memo shows that administration officials were cautioned about Talibans quick advance

How The Ttrump Tax Law Created A Loophole That Lets Top Executives Net Millions By Slashing Their Own Salaries : politics ... Meanwhile these same types abusing the loopholes are complaining about people getting $300 a week from unemployment. Disgusting.

Capitol Hill bomb suspect surrenders to police - POLITICO A man who claimed to have explosives in his pickup truck parked outside the Library of Congress was taken into custody after a five-hour standoff.
Looks like another mentally ill white man - Lawyers, Guns & Money (Trump-voing white supremecist nazi)
Hugo Lowell on Twitter: "Domestic violent extremist threatening to detonate a bomb at US Capitol shared a Facebook video yesterday from Don Jr riling Trump supporters against Biden" / Twitter
Domestic terrorist, who thought he was at US Capitol, surrendering in front of Library of Congress : pics
MAGA Rep. Mo Brooks Sympathizes With Wannabe Capitol Bomber: I Understand Anger at 'Socialism'

Capitol rioter's sentencing delayed after new video of alleged police assault

Its time Democrats stood up for the silent majority (corporate funders: they won't )

Feds deliberately targeted Black Lives Matter protesters : politics (Bill Barr)
US targeted Black Lives Matter activists in bid to disrupt movement, report finds : news

'A Big Win' : USPS Must Turn Over Docs About DeJoy's Potential Conflicts of Interest | The stench of corruption wafting up from Louis DeJoy's office is so thick seagulls are flying in from the Jersey Shore and circling overhead

During campaign, Lauren Boebert didnt disclose husbands income from energy firm (got a 1,300% "raise" to $450,000 after she was elected)
Lauren Boebert is facing serious allegations of financial corruption : politics
Lauren Boebert fails to file 2019 financial disclosure; sale of cargo plane remains a mystery : politics

Jeffrey Toobin under fire for column urging Trump escape prosecution : politics (the Toobs (is that my penis?) and CNN)

Ted Cruzs campaign may have spent $150,000 on copies of his book

Manchin and Sinema advising House centrists : politics ("centrists" = rightwing nutballs)

FAA proposes more than $500,000 in new fines against unruly airline passengers : news

Shill candidate to testify against former state Sen. Frank Artiles : politics

Judge gives Arizona Senate 2 weeks to turn over thousands of audit records : politics ... Watch closely as the cyber ninjas perform a disappearing act ... Cyber Ninjas no longer exists, but our totally unrelated company will continue their important work announced the CEO of E-Samurai

California gubernatorial candidate Larry Elder said employers should be able to ask women if and when they plan to get pregnant : politics
Elder's ex-fiancee said he brandished a gun at her - Alexandra Datig, who broke off her engagement with the California gubernatorial candidate in 2015, describes a series of troubling encounters with him.
Could Newsom lose the recall vote? - Lawyers, Guns & Money ...
This Is an Insane Way to Run the Fifth Largest Economy in the World. Maybe It's Something in the Water. - California is in the middle of a ridiculous and perilous recall campaign, and also has PFAS problems. We begin in California, where they are now in the middle of the most perilous and ridiculous gubernatorial recall campaign since they last time they had a perilous and ridiculous gube rnatorial recall campaign, and that one resulted in the elevation of a walking pectoral muscle to the big chair.

South Dakota National Guard chief says private donation didnt affect deployment plans ... Noems decision to accept a $1 million donation from a Tennessee billionaire last month was met with hefty criticism from those who said it allowed a private donor to commandeer a military force. But Maj. Gen. Jeffrey Marlette told a legislative budgeting committee Wednesday that the donation was not a factor in planning the deployment. ("said" = "lied")

National election report shows 95% of Georgia citizens are registered 95% of voting-age Georgians registered

He Threatened to Burn His Business Partner Alive. Now Hes a Billionaire -- Vishal Garg is a billionaire, thanks to his SoftBank-backed mortgage lender There are a lot of questions about how he got here.

4 Accusers Speak Out About How Broadway Star Alice Ripley Traumatized Her Young Fans : The Tony Award-winning actress is accused of having sexual conversations with a girl as young as 13 and puppeteering a cult-ish, obsessive fan base of vulnerable youngsters. (toxic femininity)

I lost on Jeopardy! - Lawyers, Guns & Money - Mike Richards, the guy who essentially hired himself as host of Jeopardy! to the dismay of most of the shows fans, appears to be a huge shithead:

Take This Study on Protest Policing With However Much Salt You Want. I Dont Need Much at All.It ought to be a growing concern that within the nations various law-enforcement communities there is a sympathy for right-wing groups that undermines the way they do their jobs.

Miami police officer relieved of duty, under investigation for hand gesture he made while posing for photo : politics ... Officer Ubeda ... is the same Miami officer who went to vote last fall for wearing a Trump face covering

Nude man stabs second nude man on Seattle sidewalk : news I assume they had no ID on them.

Wife hires a hitman, husband fakes his death and catches her red-handed. : videos
Camera Records Wife Allegedly Hiring Hit Man to Kill Husband: Part 2 - YouTube

OnlyFans to Bar Sexually Explicit Videos Starting in October - Bloomberg
OnlyFans to prohibit users from posting any sexually explicit conduct, starting in October : technology

Everything You Need To Know About HDMI Cables - Vention

Tragic Optimism Is the Opposite of Toxic Positivity - The Atlantic the search for meaning during the inevitable tragedies of human existence, and is better for us than avoiding darkness and trying to "stay positive" (see Extinction Rebellion)
Scott Barry Kaufman - Wikipedia Kaufman argues that spontaneous forms of thinking such as insight, imaginative play, daydreaming, implicit learning, and a reduced latent inhibition are also important contributors to a wide range of intelligent behaviors as well as creativity

Saturn s insides are sloshing around : A new paper suggests Saturn's core is more like a fluid than a solid, and makes up more of the planets interior than we thought ... This diffuse core extends out to about 60% of Saturns radiusa huge leap from the 10 to 20% of a planet's radius that a traditional core would occupy ... magnetic field, which is bizarre in a lot of ways (for example, it exhibits a nearly perfect symmetry on its axis, which is quite unusual). (and the rings are ringing)

Scientists Grew Stem Cell Mini Brains - Then, The Brains Sort-of Developed Eyes
Israeli scientists use cancer patients own cells in 3D printed tumors to test treatments

Substituting only 10% of daily caloric intake of beef and processed meats for a diverse mix of whole grains, fruits, vegetables, nuts, legumes and select seafood could reduce, on average, the dietary carbon footprint of a U.S. consumer by one-third and add 48 healthy minutes of life per day. : science

TIL Lafayette, the French officer who aided the U.S. Revolutionary War, gifted a pair of pistols to Washington in 1778. Eventually, they came into Andrew Jacksons possession, and Lafayette identified them while visiting Jackson in 1825. In his will, Jackson bequeathed them back to Lafayettes son.

TIL the Black Death came in many many waves across Europe & the Mediterranean. The major outbreaks were in: ... Cairo alone was hit more than 50 times.

TIL a 2018 study by Yale psychologists found introverts who are prone to melancholy seem to be more astute at understanding how people behave in groups than their sociable peers. Introverts are more prone to assessing truths about humans "social nature" without formal training or tools.

TIL Los Angeles is the first major city in the world to synchronize all its traffic lights. Nearly 4,400 lights across 469 miles receive real-time updates about traffic flow to make second-by-second adjustments. The system limits congestion by up to 16% while also dramatically reducing idling time. : todayilearned

EPDS Self-Test for Prenatal & Postnatal Depression | Inland Empire TMS

Top Tips For Boosting Your Energy

The 10 Most Important Articles Published on

Steve Brill: Getting closer to nature, one bite at a time : The best foraging tours in the NY Tri-state region and beyond

Russos property in Watertown sells for $36.5 million, store to close in October

A look inside a Boston phenomenon: Storrowing The in-depth explainer you never knew you needed on something that might be even more Boston than Dunkies: Storrowing.

What are some purse essentials when going to a guy's house for the night? : AskReddit

Which celebrity annoys the fuck out of you? : AskReddit

What is something you have, that your pretty sure no one else has? : AskReddit

Heres what to do if you think youre affected by T-Mobiles big data breach

FTC Alleges Facebook Resorted to Illegal Buy-or-Bury Scheme to Crush Competition After String of Failed Attempts to Innovate | Federal Trade Commission amended complaint details how the monopolist survived existential threats by illegally acquiring innovative competitors and burying successful app developers (Fuckerberged)


Scientists reveal how landmark CFC ban gave planet fighting chance against global warming : science

Nearly 10 Million Acres of Land Are Burning in Siberia: The Siberian wildfires are more substantial than this season's blazes in Greece, Turkey, the United States, and Canada combined. : worldnews

Indonesia reports two new Javan rhino calves in the species last holdout: this brings the species total population to 75 individuals

Guinea rail builders blast in chimp habitat, no plan to protect apes: A Chinese-backed consortium building infrastructure for a massive iron ore mine in Guinea started blasting a railway tunnel in a habitat for a critically endangered chimpanzee species. : worldnews

Southern France wildfire turns deadly as inferno rages for third day : worldnews

Caldor Fire explodes more than 8 times its size to nearly 54,000 acres in a day : news

Your MA COVID-19 Interactive Data Dashboard for August 18, 2021 - 11 Deaths, 432 Hospitalized, 1,452 New Cases, 62k Tests Reported. 4,433,003 Fully Vaccinated. : CoronavirusMa
MA COVID-19 Data 8/18/21 : CoronavirusMa
1,452 confirmed cases, 11 deaths, and 11,552 vaccinations. See todays COVID-19 data from Mass.

Charts: Heres how many children are being infected with coronavirus in Mass.

U.S. reports more than 1,000 COVID deaths in single day | Reuters
Israeli data: How can efficacy vs. severe disease be strong when 60% of hospitalized are vaccinated?
Boosters available starting in September. : CoronavirusMa

COVID: WHO establishes new scientific group to examine origins of coronavirus : news

Research has found that the pandemic resulted in a six-to-eightfold increase in rates of intimate partner aggression across the U.S. The research is among the first to document increases in perpetration of intimate partner aggression following the onset of the pandemic in local communities. : science

This will be a tough year: Thousands of kids are in COVID-19 quarantine across the US, and school has just begun ... The origins of the zombie apocalypse in fiction is no longer a mystery to me.

Dont blame Russian trolls for Americas anti-vaxx problem. Our misinformation is homegrown

DeSantis Top Donor Invests in COVID Drug Governor Promotes : politics

Man threatens Springfield Walmart workers, tells them they will be executed for administering vaccines : news

ICU Doc Shows What Anxious and Scared Gov. Greg Abbott Did After COVID-19 News
Texas school district makes masks part of dress code to get around Gov. Abbotts order
COVID outbreaks in three rural Texas communities force school districts to close their doors : politics
A mom of 4 who died of covid days after her husband makes one final wish: Make sure my kids get vaccinated
The Wages of Fear - Lawyers, Guns & Money : The essentials of this story are now being repeated several hundred times per day all across America: A few weeks ago, Lydia Rodriguez thought her body was strong enough to fight the coronavirus without the vaccine.

Bible Prophecy Teacher Dr. Jimmy DeYoung Sr. Dies After Bout With COVID : news
Acting stupid causes death. : PoliticalHumor

Arizona governor to exclude school districts with mask mandates from new education grants : politics (Gov Douchebag)

Alabama has net of only 2 ICU beds in state, hospital association says -
An Alabama doctor watched patients reject the coronavirus vaccine. Now hes refusing to treat them ... Since his post went viral, critics and supporters, many of whom are from outside Mobile, have submitted Google reviews in the last 24 hours based on whether they agree with the doctors decision. The one-star reviews accused Valentine ...

5,993 Mississippi Students Test Positive For COVID, 20,000 Quarantined

Israel extends Covid restrictions to three-year-olds as cases surge : news

Pope Francis urges everyone to get COVID-19 vaccines for the good of all : worldnews (don't be like that asshole dumbfuck Cardinal, he said)

Benjamin Glynn, caught for not wearing a mask, given 6 weeks jail after brief one-day trial (dumbfuck Brit "sovereign citizen" in Singapore)

Youre crazy, a heretic: Senior Haredi rabbi kicks out anti-vaxxer student

China calls for curbs on excessive income and for the wealthy to give back more to society

Bangladesh High Court bars Homoeopathic, Unani (alt medicine) practitioners from using doctor as title before name : worldnews (looking at you, Auryavedic surgeon India)

India: Narendra Modis popularity fell from 66% to 24% in one year

Police register case against hundreds for assaulting woman in Lahores Greater Iqbal Park on Aug 14 (Fuckistan, Crickethead Khan says women are to blame)

US freezes billions in Afghanistan assets as it blocks Taliban from seizing country's wealth
NATO chief: Afghan leaders responsible for military collapse : politics ... The US dropped 7,423 bombs on Afghanistan in 2019, the highest number since records began in 2006. Trump also undid Obamas policy for reporting civilian casualties, so we have no idea how many civilians Trump slaughtered.
Trump deal with the Taliban set the stage for the Afghan collapse
The awkward Trumpy truth about Afghanistans likely new Taliban leader

Jalalabad: Taliban fighters open fire at protesters for waving Afghanistan flag; 2 killed, 8 injured : worldnews
Afghan Vice President Salehs forces retake Charikar area from Taliban
Video shows a group of Afghan women protesting for their rights in Kabul as armed men stand nearby : worldnews
Afghanistans All-Girls Robotics Team is Desperately Fighting to Escape the Country. Reports allege they are now missing
Taliban passes out hijabs, long scarves to girls as they return to school with boys : worldnews
Burqa prices surge tenfold after Taliban resurgence, Afghan women fear return of brutal rule : worldnews
Taliban burn down amusement park in Afghanistan, shows new video : worldnews ("fun" is anti-islamic, muzfucks say)
The Taliban have seized U.S. military biometrics devices : worldnews
Up to 15,000 Americans remain in Afghanistan after Taliban takeover : worldnews
UK to welcome 20,000 Afghans amid Taliban takeover : worldnews
Hungary to refuse Afghan refugees, wont make citizens pay for U.S. "flawed" decisions
Taliban Spokesman Accuses Facebook of Stifling Free Speech by Banning Group : worldnews (threatens to invade Fuckbookistan and cut off Zuckerfuck's head)

Yazidi victims of Turkish army airstrike: Woman and child dead, 10 civilians heavily wounded : worldnews

Chief editor of independent Belarus news agency missing after raid (Fuckarus)
Belarusian officers enter Lithuanian territory, push Iraqi migrants over the border : worldnews

Gunmen kill 37, including children, in Niger village : worldnews
New wave of Ethiopian mass detentions and disappearances of Tigrayans includes small children; They call us cancers and tell us they will destroy us

Malta: Business mogul Yorgen Fenech to stand trial for murder of Maltese journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia : worldnews (slow karma, but getting there)

F1 Boss Nathalie Maillet Killed in Shocking Murder-Suicide After Husband Finds Her in Bed with Lesbian Mistress : worldnews

Major cancels bullfighting corridas license forever in a Spaniard city after learning that some bulls were called "Feminist," "nigerian" and "African" (rightwing facists)

Dutch employment crisis: More job vacancies than unemployed : worldnews

Petition to make lying in UK Parliament a criminal offence approaches 100k signatures : worldnews

Bolivias interim government tortured and executed opponents, report says ... an American supported coup, so thats to be expected (white supremecist CIA deposed Morales)

Death toll from Haiti earthquake climbs to 1,941 : worldnews
Haiti: Sixteen people found alive in rubble, three days after earthquake : worldnews

The U.S. could be on the verge of a productivity boom, a game-changer for the economy - The Washington Post Rapid adoption of robots and artificial intelligence during the pandemic combined with a rebound in government investment is making some economists optimistic about a return of a 1990s economy with widespread benefits (rise of the bots)

Biden's Long Trail of Betrayal -- sWhy is the president so consistently wrong on major foreign-policy matters?

Mehdi: Why George W. Bushs role in Afghanistan is being overlooked

In the post-9/11 era, Americas greatest threat isnt jihadist terrorism any more (narrator: it never was)

Rep. Sewell Introduces H.R. 4, the John R. Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act, to Restore Protections of the Voting Rights Act of 1965 : politics

House Dems plan budget vote next week, defying moderates : politics (STOP CALLING THEM MODERATES)
Pelosi to Donor Service Wanker Caucus: Eat Shit - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Republicans Who Stood by a Presidential Lunatic Are Now Demanding Biden Be Removed via 25th Amendment : politics ... Ending a 20 year war started by Republicans and the end poorly negotiated by Trump? Resign!! (but Biden is the demented one)

Bush accused of showing 'no self awareness' after breaking silence on Afghanistan withdrawal (deep crook)

John Bolton said Donald Trump fully supported withdrawing from Afghanistan and would have done so if reelected
Opinion: The hidden way Biden will salvage value from the Afghanistan debacle : politics
Opinion | A primer on false narratives about Afghanistan - The Washington Post
Acyn on Twitter: "A reporter expresses concern about maintaining a military presence near Tajikistan" / Twitter
President Ashraf Ghani Fled Afghanistan as Many Refugees Seek to Do the Same Ashraf Ghani Is One Afghan Refugee Who's Safely Away - The former president's fate is far more certain than many of his former constituents.
CIAs Former Counterterrorism Chief for the Region: Afghanistan, Not An Intelligence FailureSomething Much Worse (blah blah, not our fault)
Ex-CIA analyst and Afghan vet says Stephen Miller is 'complicit' in the deaths of Afghan interpreters and should be held accountable for war crimes
Stephen Miller on Twitter: "It is becoming increasingly clear that Biden & his radical deputies will use their catastrophic debacle in Afghanistan as a pretext for doing to America what Angela Merkel did to Germany & Europe." / Twitter (ol' spray-paint hair)

DC Tunnel Site Flagged Suspicious Activity Before Capitol Riot : politics

15% of Paycheck Protection Program Loans Could Be Fraudulent, Study Shows : politics

GOP Finally Backs Unemployment Benefits, But Only for the Unvaccinated : politics (Wississippi: getting paid to kill people

So, she gets 8 years for property damage but Trump Terrorists are getting a few months w/ probabtion for participating in an attempted coup and attempting to assassinate politicians? (pipeline fuckers)

Federal Judge Orders USPS to Produce Previously Withheld Records on Louis DeJoys Potential Financial Conflicts of Interest

FBI joins investigation into QAnon-affiliated leak of voting machine logins in Colorado : politics

Mnuchin business dealings reveal gap in conflict-of-interest laws - : politics

A Surge of Citizen Activism Amps Up the Fight Against Gerrymandering : politics
The 12 Most Gerrymandered Districts In America (MA 7 in second place)

The emptying of MAGA America - Lawyers, Guns & Money ... n the 1,636 counties that shrank during the 2010s, the former president won a majority of votes in 90 percent of them ... One upshot of this is that the Senate is about to become even more egregiously undemocratic than it already is.

First polls show mixed picture on Rubio-Demmings race : politics

Georgia board starts inquiry of Fulton election problems : politics ("problems" : too many Blacks and Dems voted)
Center of the maelstrom: Election officials grapple with 2020s long shadow | The annual gathering of the nation's secretaries of state used to be a sleepy, bureaucratic affair. After 2020, they're getting Justice Department briefings on death threats.

Colorado governor voids 1864 order to kill Natives - The 1864 order led to the Sand Creek massacre, one of Colorados darkest and most fraught historic moments

California Recall Debate Turns Weird As GOP Candidate Gets Hit With Subpoena : politics (during the debate)
Melody Gutierrez on Twitter: "WATCH: CA Republican gubernatorial candidate in recall served subpoena during debate" / Twitter

Police investigation reveals extent of former Rep. Mike Nearmans planning for Oregon Capitol ncursion

Journalist Jane Mayer On The Many MysteriesIn The Accusations Against Al Franken (2019) ... the story told by Frankens chief accuser, Leeann Tweeden, is full of holes. Mayer also looked into the accusations against Franken made by seven other women who came forward after Tweeden.

The School Culture Wars: You Have Brought Division to Us

Ken Kurson, Who Was Pardoned by Trump, Faces Charges in New York - The New York Times Ken Kurson, the former editor of The New York Observer, was charged with two felonies in Manhattan. Prosecutors said he installed spyware on his former wifes computer in order to surveil her ... In addition to his ties to Mr. Kushner, Mr. Kurson is a former speechwriter for Rudolph W. Giuliani,

Joel Greenberg Providing Investigators With Thousands of Photos and Videos Probably Doesn't Bode Well for Matt Gaetz

Two Years After Jeffrey Epsteins Death, Perversion of JusticeAuthor Says Courts Under Pressure to Keep Files Under Wraps and Heavily Redacted

What You Need to Know About the R. Kelly Trial - The New York Times For decades, Mr. Kelly has faced allegations of sexual abuse of women and girls. Now he is being tried on federal racketeering charges.

Justice Dept.: Missouri governor can't void federal gun laws
NRA Must Be Dissolved After Failing to Clean Up Misconduct, New York Says : politics (Wayne LaMouth is unhappy)

Cancel culture is out of control - Lawyers, Guns & Money (Dershofuck)
Larry David Beefs with Alan Dershowitz in Martha's Vineyard Grocery Store
Massachusetts community named most expensive town in America - Vineyard Haven, a community on Marthas Vineyard, came out on top with home prices more expensive than one of the nations largest cities.