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COVID-19 Info
Masterpost on spotting Russian (and other) disinfo operations
Ukraine Crisis Relief Fund Ukraine Charities
Digital Resources : Albert Einstein Institution : advancing freedom through nonviolent action
Live Cyber Threat Map | Check Point


In a first, NASA returns asteroid samples to Earth : worldnews

Up to 92% of Earth could be uninhabitable to mammals in 250 million years, researchers predict. The planets landmasses are expected to form a supercontinent, driving volcanism and increases carbon dioxide levels that will leave most of its land barren.

The most intense heat wave ever recorded on Earth happened in Antarctica last year, scientists say : worldnews
Share of Americans attributing extreme weather to climate change jumped 10 points this summer | The Hill
Visualizing a summer of extremes in 7 charts The past four months of 2023 have shattered all prior records by a truly staggering margin

New Study Definitively Confirms Gulf Stream Weakening TheGulf Stream transport of water through the Florida Straits has slowed by 4% over the past four decades, with 99% certainty that this weakening is more than expected from random chance, according to a new study.

Richest oil states should pay climate tax, says Gordon Brown : worldnews

Lego drops prototype blocks made of recycled plastic bottles as they didnt reduce carbon emissions

Arson turns Amazon reforestation project to ashes : worldnews

Oil prices rise, tight supply back in focus : worldnews

Manila vows to remove barrier placed by China's coast guard at a disputed site : worldnews
South China Sea: Philippines removes Chinese barrier in contested area : worldnews

Indonesias EV ambitions could help boost investments in the rest of Southeast Asia

The shadowy Chinese firm that owns chunks of Cambodia : worldnews

Growth hormone treatment for children spiking in Korea : worldnews

North Korea says cooperation with Russia natural for neighbours (

Death toll in a Taiwanese golf ball factory fire rises to 10. Four of the victims were firefighters : worldnews

Evergrande shares sink after saying it is unable to issue new debt : worldnews

Putin orders Russian Defence Minister to halt Ukrainian counteroffensive before early October
Russian Foreign Minister says Moscow will not consider proposals for ceasefire in Ukraine : worldnews
Russia Puts President Of International Criminal Court On Its Wanted List : worldnews

Ukraine Update: Russia was unprepared for a modern artillery war : ukraine
Ukraine Update: Russia was unprepared for a modern artillery war : UkraineWarVideoReport

Kamil Galeev on tracking Russian military industrial complex dependency on western suppliers. : ukraine

After a large explosion, Pulkovo International Airport and surrounding residential areas lost electricity and water in Saint Petersburg.

Russian Troops Hi-Jack Ukrainian Drone, Land It, Get Blown Up While Taking Photos : worldnews (Kursk)
Russian air regiment command killed at Kursk airfield, Ukraine intelligence claims : worldnews

Armenia PM signals foreign policy shift away from Russia
Armenia PM Signals Foreign Policy Shift Away From Russia : worldnews

Modis Party Linked With Most Hate Speech in India, Report Finds

Taliban weighs using US mass surveillance plan, met with Chinas Huawei

Niger bans French aircraft from its airspace : worldnews

Turkey Introduces Family Course in Schools to FightHomosexuality

US citizen Dies in notorious Iranian prison Due to Lack of Medical Care : worldnews

The Biden administration is poised to allow Israeli citizens to travel to the US without a US visa : worldnews

Zelenskyy on joint arms production with US: What was a fantasy will become a reality : worldnews
First batch of US-made Abrams tanks arrived in Ukraine: Zelenskyy : worldnews
American-Made Abrams Tanks Arrive in Ukraine, U.S. Officials Say - The New York Times U.S. officials said that an initial batch of the 31 M1 Abrams tanks promised to Ukraine by the Biden administration had been delivered, months ahead of estimates.
MoD of Ukraine: Demilitarization of russia is going according to plan : ukraine
Ukraine war: Training to clear the worlds most heavily mined country
Ukraine says it launched its missile strike on the headquarters of Russia's Black Sea fleet to coincide with a meeting of Russian naval officers : worldnews
Ukraine claims commander of Russias Black Sea Fleet was killed inSevastopol attack
Military: Russian Black Sea Fleet commander, 33 other officers killed in Sevastopol strike : ukraine
Russian officers who hadn't been paid by Moscow sold key intel on the Black Sea Fleet to Ukrainian resistance fighters. Then the headquarters blew up. : anime_titties

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 579, Part 1 (Thread #725) : worldnews

Losses of the Russian military to 25.9.2023 : ukraine
Ukrainian Defence Forces kill 420 more Russian soldiers and destroy 25 artillery systems over past 24 hours : worldnews

Sergej Sumlenny on X: "Never donate for the Red Cross @ICRC, as its representatives participated in torturing of Ukrainian POWs in Russian captivity. @ICRC Russia also supported Russian Army during the full-scale invasion." / X

Russia tortured some Ukrainian victims to death, UN inquiry says : worldnews

Ukraine has expanded its control of the areas west of Verbove, and armoured vehicles are operating beyond the first Surovikin line. At the same time, the villages of Andriivka and Klishchiivka were liberated south of Bakhmut. Are we seeing a breakthrough? Time for a thread

Russians want to remove cultural treasures from Sevastopol under pretext of evacuation | Ukrainska Pravda : worldnews

Ukraine is building an advanced army of drones. For now, pilots improvise with duct tape and bombs : worldnews
At least 19 Shahed drones and 11 Kalibr cruise missiles were downed by Ukraine's air defense, mostly over Odesa Oblast.

1/ An incident last week in which a military policeman was filmed extorting Russian soldiers in a UAZ-452 van was reportedly just the tip of the iceberg. Soldiers are complaining that they are systematically being robbed in occupied southern Ukraine

Zelenskyy thanks Poland: Any challenges are nothing compared to strength between our peoples : worldnews
Poland: Donald Tusk promises new laws for victimised LGBTQ+ community

US Deploys F-16s to Help Romania Enforce No-Fly Zone, Beef Up Black Sea Ops Vs Russia
NATOs F-35s secure borders as Italian jets intercept Russian aircraft

Greece, Battered a Decade Ago, Is Booming - The New York Times

Germanys AfD loses mayoral race in Nordhausen: Jorg Prophet, the candidate from the far-right AfD, had been the clear favorite to win the runoff vote. Instead, independent incumbent Kai Buchmann has managed to hold onto his post with a decisive victory

Sicilian mafia boss Matteo Messina Denaro has died, Italian media : worldnews
Mafia boss Diabolik dies in custody after nearly 30 years on the run, Italian reports say

United Kingdom: The Tory government is reportedly set to backtrack once again on banning conversion therapy, after years of failed attempts and unkept promises. : worldnews
British government worried AI could be used to create advanced weapons that escape human control : worldnews
US surveillance firm targets UK police forces and councils : worldnews ... US surveillance firm MARKETS TO UK police forces and councils

Lieutenant Colonel Claims that Bolsonaro Consulted Military Personnel about The Coup : worldnews

Venezuela sent 11,000 troops to seize control of a gang-run prison that had a pool, a zoo, and a nightclub : worldnews

From chickens to cabs: Drug cartels expand across the Mexican economy : worldnews

Offered citizenship and a better life, Cuban mercenaries join the fight against Ukraine

Blinken: U.S. expects "accountability" from India after Canada accuses it of being involved in death of Sikh activist : worldnews
Disgusting advertisement found in Vancouver, Canada : pics

Zelenskyy meets with Kissinger in US: he was against Ukraine in NATO, but changed his mind : worldnews
60 Minutes on X: "To the Americans who say we cannot afford to keep supporting Ukraine, Lieutenant Oleksandr Shyrshyn has a simple message." / X
Money for Ukraine at Center of Senate Bid to Avert Shutdown - The New York Times Senators of both parties are debating whether to include new military assistance for the fight against Russia in any stopgap spending bill to keep the government funded past the end of the month (Putin pulls the strings)
Poooor Putin : PoliticalHumor

Senate Confirms 3 Defense Leaders : politics

Bidenomics is a godsend for rural America
Biden administration announces $1.4 billion to improve rail safety and boost capacity in 35 states : politics
Biden is presiding over a labor renaissance joining UAW workers on the picket line. But his solidarity goes beyond symbolism

The Democratic Party Has an Old Problem and Wont Admit ItIn our fixation on Mr. Bidens age, we often gloss over the role the Democratic Party has played in promoting and lionizing its older leaders, then muddling through when illness or death undermines their ability to govern. The partys leaders seem to believe implicitly in the inalienable right of their aging icons to remain in positions of high power unquestioned, long after it becomes reasonable to ask whether theyre risking intolerable harm.

Majority of Americans continue to favor moving away from Electoral College

Research links the increase of misinformation shared by Republican US politicians. The distinction between fact-speaking and belief-speaking may explain why three-quarters of Republican voters considered Donald Trump to be honest, despite his extensive record of false and misleading statements ... There was, however, a striking association between belief-speaking and low trustworthiness of sources for Republicans: A 10% increase in belief-speaking was associated with a 12.8-point decrease in the quality of cited sources. ... This articles conclusion, that lying is not punished at the ballot box, is very depressing.
From alternative conceptions of honesty to alternative facts in communications by US politicians | Nature Human Behaviour
Could a shift in societys conception of honesty explain the spread of misinformation in the USA? ... For Republicans, belief speaking is strongly associated with the sharing of untrustworthy information. Fact speaking is associated with the sharing of more reliable information, irrespective of party affiliation.

Writers Guild Reaches Tentative Agreement With Studios and StreamersIn a significant development that could bring an end to a historic writers strike, the union and the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers announced a provisional deal on Sunday.
WGA strike: Hollywood writers union and studios reach tentative deal, potentially ending a monthslong strike | CNN Business
Writers have tentative deal - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Justice Samuel Alito Is Just Begging for Regulations on the Supreme Court: His defiance over ethics concerns only drives home their importance, and how much more robust standards need to be applied to the high court. : politics
The Supreme Court hears a civil rights case straight out of a right-wing fever dream - Vox The Supreme Court hears a civil rights case straight out of a right-wing fever dream.
A Supreme Court case about hotel websites could blow up much of US civil rights law : technology

Poll showing Trump up 10 points over Biden for 2024 election criticized | A Washington Post-ABC poll showed results that diverge from most other surveys, and even the pollers made a caveat : politics
MSNBCs Joe Scarborough Scoffs At Washington Post Poll Showing Biden Trailing Trump By 10 Points: It's A Joke
Youd Have to Be On Mushrooms to Believe Trump Is Beating Biden By 20 Points Among Young Voters -- By Charles P. Pierce
Youd Have to Be On Mushrooms to Believe Trump Is Beating Biden By 20 Points Among Young Voters | If the polling is this wacky, why bother publishing it at all?

Solo senators hold too much power over appointments : politics

Swalwell: McCarthy shares Speakership with Trump, Greene and Gaetz : politics
Shutdowns Cost Billions as US Federal Workers Paid to Stay Home - Bloomberg Fees go uncollected, billions spent to pay furloughed workers
Trump says Biden will be blamed for shutdown, urges GOP to dig in : politics
For some reason, the party that unilaterally shuts down the government gets blamed for shutting down the government - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Gen. Mark Milley, polarizing Joint Chiefs chairman, exits center stage : politics - He stood up to a tyrant ... Seriously, polarizing is such an odd choice of words here
GOP congressman calls for execution of sodomy-promoting US Army general
GOP congressman calls for execution of "sodomy-promoting" US Army general - LGBTQ Nation Rep. Paul Gosar (R-AZ) called for the execution of General Mark Milley, the chair of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, in a homophobic tirade this weekend.

Trump suggests Mark Milley should be executed in possible breach of pre-trial release conditions : politics
Trump Slapped With Order Banning Threats and Intimidation : politics

2 Looming Rulings Could Shape Trump'Fraud Trial in New York - Donald J. Trump has adopted a long-shot legal strategy to try to delay his upcoming civil trial and severely limit the case against him.

Donald Trumps Extremist Gaslighting Exposed In Damning Montage

Trump Trials: The Waiting Game - The Washington Post

Trump will be all across America this week, except on the debate stage | CNN Politics

Christie on Corruption in the Trump Family: Its Readily Apparent
Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp, who has long been one of Trumps biggest political targets, says hell back the ex-president should he win the GOP nomination

Theyre already putting this plan into action: The chilling truth about Project 2025s radical agenda
The Open Plot to Dismantle the Federal Government | I cant overstate my level of concern about the damage this would do

Classified Documents Judge Sets Hearing To Review Possible Conflicts of Interest for Lawyer Representing Aide and Pool Worker - The Messenger Judge Aileen Cannon, a Trump appointee, has set two separate hearings on October 12, 2023, for Carlos De Oliveira and Walt Nauta. De Oliveira's hearing will begin at 1 p.m. and Nauta's hearing will begin at 3 P.M. Cannon has requested both men be present for the hearings.

Trump Goes Full Deranged, Suggests Charging People He Doesnt Like With Treason: This is not a joke. Donald Trump is stating very plainly what he would do if reelected.
Trump warns critical news media will pay a Big Price if he is re-elected : politics
Full fascist Trump condemned after treason rant against NBC and MSNBC
White House slams Trumps threat to investigate NBC for treasonSelfish, small, and dangerous

The Year Were In For | The Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol should have been a turning point. But our reality only got darker and its going to get weirder from here. (

Will the Base Ever Turn on Donald Trump? If Enough Do, Hes Toast: Non-MAGA Republicans still exist, and in 2024, theyll be a crucial voting bloc to watch.

Ramaswamy wants to end the H-1B visa program he used 29 times : politics (promises to deport himself after being elected president)
Vivek Ramaswamy Is Confused : politics

"Trumpism imperils all Jewish Americans": Experts warn of "America's rising tide of antisemitsm" : politics
Marjorie Taylor Greene Tweets Hanukkah Menorah Image for Yom Kippur ... Everyones making fun of Marjorie Taylor Greene for putting a menorah on her Yom Kippur message, but in her defense she thought it was an eight-pronged Jewish space laser,

Home discomfort for Ron DeSantis as Florida Republicans edge away : politics
How DeSantis early missteps hobbled his US presidential bid ... The headline makes it sound like espousing policies that are repugnant to 75% of the population is just a campaign misstep.

Menendez, Defiant, Says He Will Not Resign : politics
Sen. Bob Menendez suggests cash found in bribery raid came from personal savings
Second Senate Democrat calls for Menendez resignation | The Hill Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-Ohio) on Monday became the second Senate Democrat to call on Sen. Bob Menendez (D-N.J.) to resign after he was indicted on federal bribery charges late last week.
Breaking the Menendez Cycle - The American Prospect Hes indicted for public corruption, he beats the charges thanks to the Supreme Court, Democrats restore him to a position of power, and hes indicted again. But this time, Democrats arent as welcoming.
Extremely Serious: AOC Becomes First House Progressive to Call for Menendez Resignation
Democratic senators reluctant to join John Fetterman in calling for Bob Menendezs resignation
Trump demands all Senate Democrats resign over Bob Menendez scandal despite his own slew of criminal cases
Bob Menendez, Al Franken, and the presumption of innocence
Fetterman Plans to Give Back Menendez Donation In Cash-Filled Envelopes (Exclusive) : politics

A Batman researcher said gay in a talk to students. When asked to censor himself, he quit. Eleven states ban discussion of LGBTQ people in at least some public schools in what are often called don't say gay laws, according to the Movement Advancement Project.

A South Carolina GOP lawmaker says hes astrong advocate for family values. His wife says hes had multiple affairs and is filing for divorce.

Lindsey Grahams seat under threat as major Republican teases challenge

UAW union files labor complaint against US Senator Tim Scott : politics

A judge has rewritten Missouri ballot summary language that described dangerous abortions (refucks refucking)

Texas theocrats are a home-grown threat to American democracy (Editorial) : politics
A unique Texas legal rule lets the attorney generals office supersede some judges orders

Krysten Sinema pitches donors an Arizona Senate race 'path to victory' ... a possible independent Senate bidand suggesting shed win over more Republicans than Democrats.

Adams Campaign Repeatedly Ignored RegulatorsDemands to Identify Supporters Behind $300,000 in Contributions

Florida Black churches teaching an unfettered African American history - The Washington Post

GOP donor wants his money back after candidate hires Corey Lewandowski - POLITICO .... In 2021, Odoms then-wife, Trashelle Odom, alleged that Lewandowski made unwanted sexual advances toward her at a Las Vegas charity dinner in September 2021.

Oregon launches legal psilocybin access amid high demand : politics

Rite Aid, bracing for bankruptcy, will close hundreds of stores : news

Death cults find it much easier to fleece their marks and undermine public health - Lawyers, Guns & Money As horrible as the COVID-19 pandemic has been, it would be far, far worse if not for the unprecedentedly rapid development of safe and effective vaccines. The black fly in your horse paste, however, is that one legacy of the pandemic will be a much more powerful anti-vaxx faction in American politics:

Birthplace of the atomic bomb braces for its biggest mission since the top-secret Manhattan Project : worldnews

Metaverse: What happened to Mark Zuckerbergs next big thing? ... Reality Labs -- which as the name suggests is Metas virtual and augmented reality branch has lost a staggering $21 billion since last year.

Meta and Salesforce are looking to re-hire some workers they just laid off. Its putting those people in an awkward spot

ChatGPT can now speak, listen and process images, OpenAI says

Masthead Gladiators at the New York Times

Cancel Culture Grows Up Have we figured out how to separate the repugnant from the merely unlucky?
Cyndi Lauper Diagnoses Jann Wenner As Senile : Music

Joan Collins on love, loss and lust at 90: You have to eat life or life will eat you!

The Juiciest, Most Gossipy Long Reads AboutWhat Else? Gossip
Page Six New York Post Interview - The History of Page Six, Donald Trump, and Tipsters

How to create compelling YouTube and TikTok videos

Definitely Do Not Put Plastic in the Microwave : Experts say even if it claims to be microwave-safe

New Research Adds Evidence to the Benefits of Ginger Supplements for Treating Autoimmune Diseases : science

A familiar face upright is recognizable immediately but not if its upside down. A new study of Claudio, a 42-year-old man whose head is rotated almost 180 degrees and sits between his shoulder blades, suggests that processing upright faces arose through a combination of evolution and experience.

We Recovered Shock-Resisting Steel in the Debris Field of the First Recognized Interstellar Meteor, IM1 | by Avi Loeb | Medium

Just what the hell is quantum physics anyway? | by Chris Ferrie | Medium

TIL in 1973, a Harvard astrophysicist suggested that we wont discover more advanced civilizations because they dont want us to find them and have the technology to ensure we never do. They have also set aside our planet as a zoo wherein they can observe us. He coined this idea the Zoo Hypothesis.

An autopsy study on individuals testing negative for Covid-19 found deaths resulted from hidden, long-lasting SARS-CoV-2 lung infections post-recovery, weeks or months later. : science
Use of antiviral may be fuelling evolution of Covid, scientists say | Study finds evidence virus can survive treatment with molnupiravir, leading to mutated versions that sometimes spread : science

ELI5: How did imaginary numbers come into existence? What was the first problem that required use of imaginary number? : explainlikeimfive

Risk of Depression May Increase During First Two Years of Oral Contraceptive Use : science
What would women like men to know about having periods? : AskReddit

ELI5: how do cached webpages/ internet archive get saved? : explainlikeimfive

Reddit will start paying you real money for your karma : technology


Northern lights activity is sky-high, and scientists say more is yet to come : worldnews

Earths average 2023 temperature is now likely to reach 1.5 C of warming

Yes, there was global warming in prehistoric times. But nothing in millions of years compares with what we see today

The most intense heat wave ever recorded on Earth happened in Antarctica last year, scientists say : science

Osiris-Rex: Nasa awaits fiery return of asteroid Bennu samples : worldnews

Nature surprises us: scientists in Brazil rediscover tree thought extinct for nearly 200 years

Eliminate malaria once and for all or it will come back stronger, UN warned : worldnews

Man charged after alleged samurai sword attack at Sydney unit. : worldnews

US in talks for largest-ever sale of arms, fighter jets to Vietnam : worldnews
Man executed in Vietnam despite appeals from Europe and Canada : worldnews

Philippines condemns Chinese floating barrier in South China Sea

Japan to delay bill blocking sex offenders from working with children : worldnews

China sentences Uyghur scholar to life in jail : worldnews

Russian foreign minister: US directly at war with Moscow ... Youe lost half your military and the US hasnt even showed up yet. Sit down ...
Yesterday Rossiya 24 aired an episode of its new Tucker Carlson showAll it turned out to be was 10 minutes of dubbed clips taken from Carlsons 45-min interview (posted by him here on 21 Sept) with Texas attorney general Ken Paxton

From playgrounds to parade grounds: Russian schools are becoming increasingly militarized : worldnews

Leak reveals majority interest in Roman Abramovichs nearly $1 billion art collection was transferred to his ex-wife ahead of sanctions

Pardoned Russian ex-cons recruited by Wagner group return from war in Ukraine to kill again | World News : worldnews
Russia Records First Rise in Murder Rate for 20 Years

Nagorno-Karabakhs 120,000 Armenians will leave for Armenia, leadership says
There is no way out: residents of Nagorno-Karabakh fear worst as Azerbaijans troops take control

Indias Parliament passes law that will reserve a third of legislature seats for women from 2029
India fails to re-establish communication with its Moon probe : worldnews
42.3% of graduates under 25 unemployed, finds latest State of Working India report : worldnews

Tigist Assefa smashes marathon world record in Berlin.Ethiopian clocks 2hr 11 min 53 seconds in Germany. : worldnews

Saudi Arabia sentences schoolgirl to 18 years over tweets, says rights group | Middle East Eye : worldnews

News channel says Iranian official attacked its journalist in New York | CNN : worldnews

Israel boosts Gaza border security after Palestinian terror groups vow escalation : worldnews

ISW on X: "#Ukrainian military officials stated that the Ukrainian counteroffensive would continue in the winter. ISW has previously assessed that, while seasonal weather can slow ground movements and challenge logistics, it will not impose a definite end to UKR counteroffensive operations." / X
Germany may transfer Taurus cruise missiles with a range of more than 500 kilometres to Ukraine after ATACMS deliveries | : worldnews

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 578, Part 1 (Thread #724) : worldnews

A Russian reserve army of 15,000 soldiers is pinned down near Bakhmut and will be destroyed, says Ukraine's spy chief : worldnews

Ukrainian drone hits FSB building in Kursk : worldnews
National Resistance Center: Russian strongholds in Kursk Oblast deserted. Russian military strongholds in Kursk Oblast are largely abandoned and only imitating defensive positions, the National Resistance Center reported on Sept. 23.

Senior leadership among those killed in strike on Russias Black Sea Fleet, Ukraine says
Satellite images of burning Russian Black Sea Fleet headquarters posted online | Ukrainska Pravda : worldnews
Ukraine targets a key Crimean city a day after striking Russias Black Sea Fleet headquarters

War crimes dossier to accuse Russia of deliberately causing starvation in Ukraine : worldnews
Ukraines transgender spokeswoman dismisses Russian haters

Kosovo policemen shot in Serb-dominated north : worldnews
Kosovo police surround 30 gunmen in monastery after officer shot : worldnews

Hungarian official: New sanctions against Russiacause more harm to Europe Foreign Minister Peter Szijarto told the Russian state news agency TASS on Sept. 22 that new sanctions against Russia are not necessary

German media report on fake Jewish organizations [with far right, Reichsburger links]
Germanys Scholz Tells Homeowners They Can Cope with 4% Rates

Pope tells countries not to play games with Ukraine on military aid.
Pope tells countries not to play games with Ukraine on military aid

Italy mafia boss Messina Denaro in coma

Its time to abolish celibacy says president of Swiss Bishops Conference
Sexual Abuse of Minors by Catholic Clergy - PMC
(PDF) Psychological Patterns Among Roman Catholic Clergy Accused of Sexual Misconduct

40,000 march in Spain against amnesty for Catalan separatists : worldnews

President Macron says France will end its military presence in Niger and pull ambassador after coup : worldnews

Met Police firearms officers turning in their weapons following Chris Kaba murder charge : worldnews

Mexico makes agreement with US to deport migrants from its border cities amid ongoing surge in illegal migration | CNN : worldnews

Canada gave details linking India government to Nijjars murder
Canadian Foreign Policy Blogging: Assassination Edition - Lawyers, Guns & Money
U.S. Provided Canada With Intelligence on Killing of Sikh Leader : worldnews
Five Eyes intelligence informed Trudeaus India allegation: CTV
Pakistan backs Canada at UN; India has killed humanity on Canadian soil
Incendiary rhetoric on Sikhs murder stokes debate in Canada diaspora
Prime Minister Trudeau backs bill to ban export of live horses for Japanese horse-meat delicacy : worldnews

U.S. to give Ukraine an additional $325 million in military aid : politics

The White House lists the impacts of house Republicans extreme 8% budget cuts
Whats driving a possible shutdown? A fraction of the federal budget
The history of government shutdowns and how long they last : politics

It will save lives: Biden and Harris launch federal gun control prevention office

Post-ABC poll: Biden faces criticism on economy, immigration and age - The Washington Post ... dissatisfaction growing over his handling of the economy and immigration, a rising share saying the United States is doing too much to aid Ukraine in its war with Russia and broad concerns about his age as he seeks a second term.
Trump edges out Biden 51-42 in head-to-head matchup: POLL - ABC News The presidents job approval rating is 19 points underwater.

Is America uniquely vulnerable to tyranny? : politics

Trump says he always had autoworkers backs. Union leaders say his first-term record shows otherwise

GOP Prez Wannabes Plans for Government: Dangerousand Really Dumb | Each wants to shrink government more than the last. And none of them knows a lick about how the federal government actually works

Revelations of Clarence Thomass Koch links stoke supreme court reform calls
Sen. Whitehouse: Very possible illegal conduct in billionaires SCOTUS gifts
Clarence Thomas spent time at the Koch Brothers version of Coachella. Something tells us they werent making each other flower crowns.

Trump suggests Mark Milley could be executed, possibly violating his pre-trial release conditions : politics

Trump has a second-term agenda, and its more terrifying than ever

Simulated matchup between Biden and Trump falsely attributed to Reuters | Fact check : politics
Fox News viewers love Trump. Newsmax viewers idolize him. : politics

Jeffries: Impeachment inquiry is kangaroo court, fishing expedition and conspiracy theater

Rudy Giuliani may have been compromised by the Kremlin, and FBI leaders didnt care, alleges special agent Johnathan Buma

Peter Navarro Calls Former Female Colleagues Pimp Ladies in Insane Twitter Rant

Anti-vaxxers, flush with cash, now have political power - POLITICO The once-fringe movement is now seeing an influx in cash after the Covid pandemic.
Mr. Kennedy sat down with the partys chair in July, a previously undisclosed meeting, as Democrats fret about a third party bid

John Fetterman Becomes First Senator to Call for Menendez Resignation : politics
Rep. Andy Kim announces hell run against NJ Sen. Bob Menendez in wake of his indictment

The State Where Republicans Are Breaking Their Own Rules to Stay in Power : politics ... Wisconsin Republicans want total control and they will cheat as much as they can to get it

Ron DeSantis Campaign Is Plummeting Because He Wont Choose a Lane

Paxton critics pile on, calling impeachment trial rigged | House Speaker Dade Phelan wrote an op-ed for his hometown newspaper, saying the fix was in from the start while other Republican officials are calling for Phelans resignation.
A Black students family sues Texas officials over his suspension for his hairstyle

The rights censorship campaign is growing more ambitious and threatening

Wife of South Carolina Republican congressman files for divorce, alleges extramaritalaffair

An inside look at the real Rupert Murdoch - BBC Culture As Rupert Murdoch steps down as chairman from Fox and News Corp, exclusive clips from the BBC archive reveal the man before he became the cultural force he is today.

Collective trauma response - Lawyers, Guns & Money
We Are Not Just Polarized. We Are Traumatized. | The New Republic The pandemic. The mass shootings. Insurrection. Trump. Weve been through so much. What if our entire national character is a trauma response ... The Body Keeps the Score ...

Virginia shooting leaves 4 kids, 1 adult injured: Police : news

41-year-old woman found dead after Florida alligator is spotted with a body in its mouth : news

The most hated woman on the Web? - BBC Culture

During the COVID-19 pandemic, opponents of face masks were particularly prone to selective and deceptive quotation of scientific work relative to pro-mask communicators. : science

Archaeologists discover previously unknown language from ancient tablet : worldnews

Mathematicians find 12,000 new solutions to unsolvable 3-body problem

ELI5 How nicotine works and is nicotine itself actually bad for you? : explainlikeimfive

We were never supposed to see our own faces this much From mirrors to Zoom calls and TikToks, we are constantly faced with our own reflections, and it is completely changing the way we conceive of ourselves

(Serious) For anyone who used to be religious, what was it that made you turn away? : AskReddit

Have violent teenagers always been a thing? : boston


Seventy-plus nations sign historic high seas treaty, paving way for ratification : worldnews

Africas rhino population rebounds for 1st time in a decade, new figures show

Former conservative Prime Minister Tony Abbott nominated to Fox Corporation board of directors : worldnews

South Korea Hits North Korean Illegal Weapons Trade with New Sanctions : worldnews

Taiwan says Chinese movements abnormalflags amphibious drills

Chinese government sentences a famed Uyghur scholar to life in prison, foundation says : worldnews

Russian TV teases launch of Tucker Carlson show : news

2/ In his original 21 September 2022 announcement of mobilisation, Putin stated that the mobilised would get two months leave every six months. Soldiers have to petition their commanders for leave, but are commonly finding theyre not being given permission.

One of Russias most prestigious airborne regiments has lost 3 commanders, UK Intel says

Nagorno-Karabakh conflict: Graphic execution videos emerge as Armenians flee and experts warn of genocide : worldnews
Panic in Nagorno-Karabakh but Azerbaijan rejects fears of ethnic cleansing : worldnews
The Beginning of the End in Nagorno-Karabakh - Lawyers, Guns & Money

India to add 16.8 GW of solar in 2023 : worldnews
India plans to burn 40% more coal use in thermal power : worldnews

Turkish president says hes bothered by U.N.decor that resembles LGBTcolors

Crown Prince: Saudi Arabia will continue doing sportswashing for money

President Zelensky approved the decision of the National Security and Defense Council to create this register in June.The register is to be kept in electronic form and will be created in order tomove away from the oligarchic system that has prevailed in Ukraine for decades ... An oligarch is someone who: - takes part in political life, - has significant influence in the media, - owns enterprises with a monopoly position, - has assets with a confirmed value exceeding one million times the minimum wage.
America says it will send long-range missiles to Ukraine : worldnews
US will send Ukraine ATACMS long-range missiles, Biden tells Zelenskiy : worldnews
The general also said he believes Ukraines big breakthrough the biggest of this counteroffensiveis yet to come.

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 577, Part 1 (Thread #723) : worldnews

Losses of the Russian military to 23.9.2023 : ukraine

Russia Reports Heavy Shelling of Bakhmut, Says Situation is
Ukrainian forces have broken through in Verbove, top general says | CNN : worldnews

OSINTtechnical on X: "Ukrainian Storm Shadow/Scalp ALCM diving into the Russian Black Sea Fleet headquarters." / X
Giorgi Revishvili on X: "Without a watermark: The moment Ukrainian Storm Shadow/SCALP-G missiles hit the Russian Black Sea Fleet HQ in temporarily occupied Sevastopol, Crimea today" / X
Ukraine Hits HQ Of Russias Symbolic Black Sea Navy

Denmark recognizes that the tanks it donated to Ukraine are out of order = 12 out of 20 tanks can't be used. 10 of them are being repaired in Ukraine, Denmarks Defense Minister Troels Lund Poulsen recognized.

Hungary vetoed EUs anti-Azerbaijani statement on Karabakh

Child vampire body is found in Poland: 17th century locals feared body of youngster could come back to life, archaeologists say

German housing prices show sharpest drop since 2000 year over year, statistics office says : worldnews
Last Generation warned against disrupting Berlin Marathon : worldnews

Pope says impeding migrant rescues at sea is gesture of hate

King Charles diplomatic speech to French Senate receives standing ovation : worldnews

Indigenous people in Brazil shed tears of joy as the Supreme Court enshrines their land rights : worldnews
Bolsonaro met with army, navy and air force heads to discuss coup : worldnews

Mexican police officers convicted over 2021 migrant killings : worldnews

Zelenskyy visits Canada, addresses Parliament as PM pledges $650M in Ukraine aid : worldnews
Volodymyr Zelenskyy calls on Canada to use powerfulrelationships to rally international support forUkraine Russia is spending a lot of effort, a lot of attention, a lot of money to spread its narrative and divide the world against Ukraine, Zelenskyy said

U.S. Provided Canada With Intelligence on Killing of Sikh Leader - The New York Times American intelligence gave assistance, but communications intercepted by Canada were more definitive in linking India to the killing of Hardeep Singh Nijjar.
Shared intelligence from Five Eyes informed Trudeaus India allegation: U.S. ambassador
Blinken Says India Should Join Canadian Probe, US Takes Transnational Repression Seriously
U.S. warns against attacks on diplomatic missions: The comments come in the wake of numerous threats received by Indian diplomatic missions including from Sikhs for Justice, a U.S.-based group that is banned in India, to Shutdown Indian Missions on September 25.
Officials, politicians denounce hateful video telling Indian Hindus to leave Canada
A Murder, a Diplomatic Dust-Up and the Risk of Impunity | Opinion | The Murder of a Sikh Leader Could Be a Wake-Up Call - The New York Times
New cold war politics might end any investigation into the assassination of a Sikh activist before it begins.
Pro-Russia hacker group NoName launched a DDoS attack on Canadian airports causing severe disruptions : worldnews

MAGA rages over report Pentagon exempting Ukraine from government shutdown : politics (Putin's Pussies)
McCarthy reverses on Ukraine aid as GOP scrambles on funding bills - POLITICO

Programs tracking misinfo are buckling amid campaign led by Rep. Jim Jordan - The Washington Post An escalating campaign, led by Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) and other Republicans, has cast a pall over programs that study political disinformation and the quality of medical information online

Biden to join the picket line in UAW strike : politics
Eschaton: Go Dark Brandon How dare he take sides, even symbolically, ask a bunch of people who get paid high 6 figures to regularly meet with White House staff to communicate and implement their corporate desires.

A monopoly-busting Amazon lawsuit might be Biden's boldest move yet to tame tech - The FTC has been investigating the company for more than four years.

Biden administration to ban medical debt from Americans credit scores

Should AI Decide Your Credit Score? Democrats Say No. | Democrats warned that widespread use of AI to evaluate critical consumer decisions from credit to housing is dangerous for both our financial system and our entire economy

ProPublica reports shows how Justice Thomas mightve violated federal law
Clarence Thomas Latest Pay-to-Play Scandal Finally Connects All the Dots

Third Republican debate will be held on November 8 | CNN Politics

Was McCarthy distracted from governing by impeachment inquiry? - The Washington Post House Republicans pledge a slow, methodical pace on the Biden impeachment inquiry, but some rank-and-file believe that their leaders have missed the target on priorities
The speaker has only one clear exit route away from a government closure: working with Democrats. Its a path he still refuses to take.
New GOP Low: Shutting Down the Government to Save Donald Trump: God, are these people venal and stupid. : politics
The Looming Government Shutdown Is Not the Fault of Dysfunction: Theres only one culprit for the chaos gripping Capitol Hillthe Republican Party.
The Wrecking-Ball Caucus: How the Far Right Brought Washington to Its Knees - The New York Times Right-wing Republicans who represent a minority in their party and in Congress have succeeded in sowing mass dysfunction, spoiling for a shutdown, an impeachment and a House coup.
Mouths Full of Blood: Trump and His Backers Spread Lies, Violence and FascismDeath threats have become rampant as MAGA culture twists norms and makes once-marginal forms of violence mainstream.

Cassidy Hutchinson says Mark Meadows burned so many documents before leaving the White House that the then-chief of staff's wife complained about dry-cleaning bills to remove the 'bonfire' smell: report

Jack Smith adds war crimes prosecutor his deputy from the Hague to special counsel team

Make no mistake, its absolutely possible Trump wins the 2024 election

Cassidy Hutchinson Reappears. She Has More Trump Stories to Tell. : politics

Giuliani now owes over $230,000 after defaming two Georgia election workers : politics
Morning Joe Brands Rudy Giuliani With A Blistering New Nickname ... America's Deadbeat ...

Census Bureau wants to test asking about sexual orientation and gender identity on biggest survey : politics

Pretty Much Everyone Hates Ron DeSantis Now: Struggling in the Republican presidential primary, the Florida governor also has growing problems in his home state. : politics
Roger Stone issues warning to Matt Gaetz about "weasel" DeSantis : politics

US mother sentenced to two years in prison for giving daughter abortion pills | Nebraska | The Guardian Jessica Burgess pleaded guilty in July to providing an abortion after 20 weeks and tampering with human remains
Eschaton: Official Disapproval For decades The Discourse sold the notion that making abortion illegal somehow wouldn't involve actually putting anyone in prison. Certainly not the mothers, and probably not the doctors. Maybe bad guys doing unsanitary abortions which we were also assured wouldn't happen. It never made any sense, but "nothing actually has consequences unless it has consequences for me" is a standard centrist dipshit thing. A cult of solipsists.

Gold bars, envelopes of cash, a Mercedes-Benz: A look at what Robert Menendez and his wife are accused of (for the pics)
Sen. Bob Menendez defiant amid calls to resign over bribery charges: I am not going anywhere
This is horrifying: Top New Jersey Democrats call on Bob Menendez to resign after his second indictment
New Jersey Governor Calls On Sen. Robert Menendez To Resign | HuffPost Latest News The Democratic senator and his wife were indicted after allegedly accepting bribes from an Egyptian American businessman.
Andy Kim tells Menendez to resign - New Jersey Globe
Are any prominent Democrats other than Bob Menendez defending Bob Menendez? - Lawyers, Guns & Money

How Texas became the new "homebase" for white nationalist and neo-Nazi groups : politics

Better Ballot Arizona launches drive for open primary, ranked-choice voting : politics

PragerUs Propaganda Is Now Being Taught in Schools. The media group was just approved to spread its brand of historical disinformation to classrooms in Florida, Oklahoma, and New Hampshire.

Newsom vetoes bill requiring gender identity to be considered in custody battles

National Cathedral replaces windows honoring Confederacy with stained-glass homage to racial justice | AP News

Random Crime or Kremlin Hit? The Mysterious 2007 Shooting that Transfixed D.C. Is Still Unsolved. Now the victim wants to change the way we investigate alleged foreign ops.

Coast Guard Academy banned a retired captain from its grounds after a CNN report that he sexted a student. Now more allegations are surfacing. | CNN Politics

Louisiana police accused of unconscionable abuse inBrave Cave

Iowa man disappears on the day a jury finds him guilty of killing his wife : news

Mother gets 78-year prison term for killing daughters, 15 and 5, in Virginia : news

EXCLUSIVE: Danny Masterson and Bijou Phillips had been living APART for five years before he was convicted of rape, divorce documents reveal | Daily Mail Online

Mackenzie Shirilla is a remorseless bully who murdered our son: Davion Flanagan's parents speak out against hell on wheelsdriver who they say has STILL not apologized for horror crash

A review concluded that "psychedelics appear to show promise for analgesia in patients with certain headache disorders and cancer pain diagnoses." : science

New research shows that nearly 1 in 20 adults in the U.S. experience the co-occurrence of chronic pain and anxiety or depression, resulting in functional limitations in daily life. : science

What is String Theory? Amazing explanation! : videos
(49) string theory lied to us and now science communication is hard - YouTube

Type 2 diabetes rates in US youth rose 62% after COVID pandemic began. Diabetes risk factors may have been exacerbated during the COVID-19 pandemic including limited physical activity, increased sedentary behaviors, sleep disturbances, and increased intake of processed foods. : science

A study looking at the longer-term impact of COVID-19 has found that nearly a third of patients displayed abnormalities in multiple organs 5 months after infection. MRI scans of patients on the trial showed a higher burden of abnormal findings involving lungs, brain and kidneys compared to controls. : science

New research shows that morning and afternoon exercise are associated with a lower risk of developing type 2 diabetes across all population levels of education and income, but found no statistically significant association between evening physical activity and risk type 2 diabetes. : science

Gene therapy might offer a one-time, sustained treatment for patients with serious alcohol addiction, also called alcohol use disorder : science

[serious] what is a genuinely terrifying true fact? : AskReddit

ELI5: How did tip culture start in the US? Why did restaurants start paying so low? : explainlikeimfive

Is The Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire Women's Roman Empire? More than 100 years after the industrial disaster, women are still thinking about it.

Coast Guard helicopter landing at hospital is latest aircraft to be targeted by laser in skies over Boston

What is the worst mistake humanity has made? : AskReddit

Whats your experience with men who are insecure about their dick ?

ELI5: Why does exhaling, after youve held your breath for a long time, feel like yourenot suffocating.

What are some good religion themed movies? : movies

I think Microsoft really needs to bring back the Windows Phone : Surface


Osiris-Rex: Asteroid Bennu Is A Journey Back To Our Origins ... Where did the oceans get their water; where did the air in our atmosphere come from; and most importantly, what is the source of the organic molecules that make up all life on Earth?The prevailing thinking is that many of the key components were actually delivered to our planet early in its history in a rain of impacting asteroids, many of them perhaps just like Bennu.

In a first, RNA is recovered from extinct Tasmanian tiger : worldnews

Biden administration promises $200 million to help reintroduce salmon in Columbia River : politics

Philippines weighs legal options against China over coral reef destruction

Blockbuster movie scares Chinese tourists away from Thailand : worldnews

Indonesian TikToker with more than 2 million followers jailed after saying Islamic phrase before eating pork

US revives Cold War submarine spy program to counter China : worldnews

(2/6) It is highly likely that Russias Black Sea Fleet has again been heavily targeted. However, the explosions at Chkalovsky Air Base, near Moscow, are likely to be of most strategic concern to Russian leaders.
(3/6) This is a sensitive location because it hosts specialist military aircraft as well as VIP transport for Russian leaders.

Putins war machine risks running out of fuel, so Russia is banning the export of gasoline and diesel

Kremlin Orders Media, Lawmakers to Blame Armenia for Karabakh Conflict
Russia to blame for Azerbaijan attack, EU says : worldnews

Alarming erosion of fundamental rights, particularly of minorities, in India: UN Special Rapporteur : worldnews

Military intelligence: Sudan strike on Wagner signals Russias decreasing influence in Africa

Iran President Ebrahim Raisi says humanitarian motives prompted release of 5 Americans | CNN Politics : worldnews

Lebanon blocks illegal entry of 1,000 Syrians this week: army : worldnews

Incendiary balloons suspected cause of fire on Gaza border

Zelenskiy secures $325m in new US aid even as Republican support wanes : worldnews
White House reveals details of new military aid to Ukraine: No ATACMS, but significant amount of air defence : worldnews
Biden tells Zelenskyy U.S. sending Ukraine ATACMS Some in Washington had resisted supplying the weapons system, known as attack-ems,out of fear that it would widen the war with Russia.

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 576, Part 1 (Thread #722) : worldnews

Ukraines defenders kill 480 Russian soldiers, hit 6 tanks and destroy 40 artillery systems in one day

Ukrainian troops from the 112th Territorial Defense Brigade recreate Ilya Repins famous paintingZaporizhian Cossacks Reply to the Turkish Sultan.

Security Service and Armed Forces of Ukraine attack secret Russian headquarters in Melitopol

Ukraine launched a missile strike on Russias Black Sea Fleet headquarters, Russian official says
Ukraine missile strike hits Russias key navy base in Sevastopol, Crimea, Russian official says
Black Sea Fleet headquarters in Sevastopol attacked, many ambulances are going there : worldnews
Attack on Crimean Airfield Left 30 Dead Russians and Multiple Aircraft Damaged

Second Grain Ship Leaves Ukrainian Black Sea Port for Egypt : worldnews

Polish PM tells Ukraine's Zelenskiy never to insult Poles again

Romania drafts bill to recognize same-sex marriages concluded in EU : worldnews

Portuguese company detects 961 pro-Russian cyber attacks in Western Europe : worldnews

Marine Le Pen faces trial for alleged embezzlement of EU funds : worldnews
Le Pens far right served as mouthpiece for the Kremlin, says French parliamentary report
What are Marine Le Pens ties to Vladimir Putin's Russia? Far-right presidential candidate Marine Le Pen kept close ties with the Russian regime for many years. She has tried to brush aside her past statements on the country and its leader since the invasion of Ukraine.

Colombia navy intercepts "suspicious" motor boat, finds over $41 million (1235kg) worth of cocaine : worldnews

Brazils top court rules in favour of Indigenous rights in land claim case

Organised crime groups in Mexico have about 175,000 members making them the fifth-biggest employer in the country, according to new research published in the journal Science.

Ukraines Volodymyr Zelensky Makes Unannounced Visit To Canada
Canada has Indian diplomats communications in bombshell murder probe: sources
oe Biden raised Canadian Sikh separatists murder with Modi at G20
Ready to cooperate if Canada presents evidence India reaches out to US, UK, Australia ... *if Canada reveals its sources so India can assassinate them
Canada Denounces Threats to Hindus After Minority Community Told to Leave Country : worldnews
Amid Canada-India tensions, another man found dead in Canada : worldnews
Flames Nikita Zadorov Condemns Russias Ukraine Invasion: Important to Speak Out

Fetterman: Meeting with Zelensky affirmed one thousand percent support for Ukraine
House Republicans Refuse to Host Zelensky Because Theyre Too Busy Fighting One Another

Milley says military is not woke: Im not even sure what that word truly means
Top General Says Trump Told Him to Ban Wounded Vet From Events: No One Wants to See That

Senate confirms Army chief despite Tuberville holds : politics
Senate Confirms Army and Marine Chiefs, but TubervillesBlockade Drags On

Clarence Thomas Secretly Participated in Koch Network Donor Events : politics
Thats what friends are forPro Publica has yet another story on Clarence Thomass sleazy eagerness to accept party favors from politically active billionaires in this case the Koch brothers:
Harvard law prof sez : "I believe that if [universities] are going to accept blood money . . . they should only ever accept that money anonymously." (Larry Lessig)

Capitol rioter who attacked AP photographer and police officers is sentenced to 5 years in prison : news

Biden is telling his donors that Trump is out to destroy democracy : politics

Biden aiming to scrub medical debt from peoples credit scores, which could up ratings for millions

Two House Republicans say they might work with Democrats to fund government : politics
Shutdown watch: Is Kevin McCarthy even really still speaker? | Semafor

Republican Party in Complete Shambles as They Lose Yet Another Spending Vote: We are very dysfunctional right now, one Republican congressman said shortly after the vote.
House Republicans as government shutdown nears: Nobody told us wed have to govern

Trump Tells Republicans to Shut Down the Government So He Can Get Away With His Many Alleged Crimes : politics

Trump was ultimately responsible: Fake electors look to blame the boss, says expert
Trump refused to wear COVID mask because it smudged his bronzer, former aide claims : politics

Adam Schiff accuses Republicans of setting stage for Trump dictatorship at tense hearing : politics

Biden campaign sending Newsom to GOP debate : politics

First Batch of Biden Emails Undercuts G.O.P. Claims - The New York Times House Republicans have suggested that President Biden used an email alias to abuse his office and cover it up, but an initial tranche of the messages reveals banal content and personal information.
First Batch of Biden Emails Undercuts G.O.P. Claims : politics

US mother sentenced to two years in prison for giving daughter abortion pills : news

DeSantis falls to fifth in New Hampshire poll in latest campaign reverse : politics
Waiting for him to drop out: DeSantis influence nosedives in Florida
DeSantis Administration Recommends Against Boosters, Right as Florida Tops Nation for COVID Hospitalizations : politics ... The Republicans in Florida and Texas want COVID to have more reproductive rights than women ("recommends more people die for DeathSantis"_

AOC responds to Lauren Boebert's sexually lewd theater "show"

California Democrat quips he serveswith some of the greatest minds of the 19th century

Discussion Thread: Southern District of New York Prosecutor News Conference on New Jersey Senator Menendez Indictment : politics
Sen. Bob Menendez indicted on bribery charges : politics
Sen. Bob Menendez indicted over gifts of gold bars, car, apartment - ABC News Menendez has served as senator from New Jersey since 2006.
Senator Bob Menendez Is Indicted in Brazen Bribery Plot - The New York Times Senator Robert Menendez, a New Jersey Democrat, stepped down from his chairmanship of the Foreign Relations Committee on Friday afternoon.
Gold bars, cash, and an air purifier: The 8 alleged bribes Sen. Bob Menendez and his wife took, ranked : politics

A Blue Texas Is in Reach : politics

US prison labor is cruel and pointless legalized slavery. I know first-hand : politics

Fentanyl test strips could save lives. Why are they still illegal in Texas? : politics

At 13 Baltimore City high schools, zero students tested proficient on 2023 state math exam : news

Rupert Murdoch steps down as Fox and News Corp. chairman, sending shockwaves through media and politics | CNN Business
The Ludicrous Agony of Rupert Murdoch
Why I Can Never Forgive Rupert Murdoch
Sen. Warren Rips Murdoch Legacy at Fox News: Built a Hate-For-Profit Machine
Rupert Murdoch would do anything to stop Trump except anything - Lawyers, Guns & Money ... Ruperts small glimmers of conscience and wish he could duck responsibility if anything makes him more evil. ... According to current American evangelical thinking, Hitler could be relaxing right alongside Jesus if, an instant before he killed himself, he saiI accept Jesus Christ as my personal Savior." That's it.That's all it takes to get into the Kingdom of Heaven. Alternatively, someone who spends their entire life feeding the hungry, clothing the naked, housing the homeless, healing the sick, and generally loving their neighbor as themself is going straight to the Lake of Fire because without having uttered the Magic Phrase, their soul is condemned. So the moral of the story as told by moral Christians (and their Moral Majority) is that there is absolutely no need to live a moral life in any way because no matter what sins you commit, no matter how shitty and evil a person you are, just saying I accept Jesus Christ as my Personal Savior absolves you of everything!

An update on the week's most important story - Lawyers, Guns & Money But it gets even better, as he gets roasted by the airport restaurant in question:

Today amongst our Silicon Valley betters - Lawyers, Guns & Money One of the most comically obvious speculative bubbles in the history of speculative bubbles has popped: A new report shows that the non-fungible token (NFT) market has essentially collapsed, and nearly all NFTs are practically worthless.

Affidavits: Baby nearly dies after being found with more than 50 rat bites, nearly missing fingers (Evansville)

Opinion | Is There a Crisis in Cosmology? - The New York Times
Breaking News from the NYT: The Story of Our Universe May Be Starting to UnravelMainstream uncensors criticism of the Big Bang Theory.

An Introduction to Anti-Realist Positions on Quantum Mechanics
In Two Place At Once : Unraveling the mystery of quantum superposition

Does the new Webb photo of Jupiter show a Mothership over a Thousand Miles Long?

3 crocodiles "could have easily devoured" a stray dog in their river. They pushed it to safety instead. : news

Which song emotionally destroys you? : AskReddit
(48) Alice In Chains - Nutshell (MTV Unplugged - HD Video) - YouTube

ELI5: Why are shoes made so narrow to the point that it changes the bone structure of our foot? There had to be a benefit at some point so make them so narrow, right? : explainlikeimfive ... Modern clothes style for formal clothes was set in the 19th century. The actual style varies in detail, but basically men's suits are based on 19th century military uniforms and women's dresses and shoes are based on 19th century women's fashion. So women still wear shoes that are supposed to look like they are rich enough to ride a horse.

Is this legit? Is it normal to pay to schedule an apartment viewing? : boston
425 Beacon St #4 Boston, MA 02115 $4,000 (studio apt)

Private Sign : pics

Question for the trans folks of Boston : boston


Working from home could slash emissions by half, study finds - The Washington Post Fully remote workers could produce less than half the climate-warming emissions of people who spend their days in offices

Wildfire smoke is eroding decades of air quality improvements, study findsThe onslaught of wildfire smoke amid a warming climate has rolled back years of air quality gains in the U.S.

2,772 confirmed cases and 29 deaths in a week. See the latest COVID-19 data from Mass.

Japans Toshiba set to end 74-year stock market history
Korean woman hospitalized in Japan after being served detergent in restaurant

South Korea says it will not stand idly by if North Korea receives Russian help on nuclear weapons
South Korea raids US military bases in drugs probe : worldnews

The mastermind of Russias treacherous defenses in Ukraine appears to be in a kind of faraway 'exile' as the line is being breached

Very Depressed Russian Soldier Claims Drunk Superiors Beat Them For ... Being Drunk

Azerbaijan starting ethnic cleansing of Armeniansambassador

India Suspends Visa Services for Candians : worldnews
Indias National investigation agency releases list of 43 criminals, many with Canada & Khalistan links

Saudi crown prince on Iran acquiring nuclear weapons If they get one we have to get one
Saudi Crown Prince on Khashoggi murder:Anyone involved is serving jail time

Irans president warns Saudi Arabia not to make peace with Israel
Iran lawmakers vote to toughen penalties for women who breach dress code: can now face up to 10 years in prison. : worldnews

Stop the war and Zelenskiy need not speak, UN Security Council chair tells Russia
At the UNSC, the Russian Ambassador is upset Zelenskyy would speak but the Albanian Prime Minister, Edi Rama, has a solution for him
Russia strikes cities from east to west Ukraine, starting fires and killing at least 2 : worldnews

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 575, Part 1 (Thread #721) : worldnews

Russian losses as of Sept. 21st 2023 : UkraineWarVideoReport

Ukrainian forces have brought heavy equipment (Strykers and Marders) beyond the anti-vehicle ditch and the dragons teeth for the first time. Ukrainian forces have been widening their breach of the lines for the past several weeks and may be preparing for a new push.

Deliberate murders of Ukrainian children by Russian soldiers reveal culture of impunity : worldnews

NEW: #Russian servicemen and milbloggers revealed that the Russian military command orders Russian troops to carry out ill-conceived andunsupported counterattacks on #Bakhmuts southern flank to urgently regain lost ground. (1/3)
3/ The servicemen noted that the Russian military command began deploying different types of personnel to the frontlines - including soldiers who are currently resting in the rearwithout providing them with enough functional artillery shells.
1/ A Russian milblogger indicated that in certain areas of the front line, the Russian military command continues to view Russian penal recruits as expendable manpower for attacks.

Ukraine strikes Russian ships, state-of-the-art aerial defences in Crimea : worldnews
Manpower and ''expensive military systems'' were struck in Crimea : worldnews

Polands president: Ukraine like drowning person clinging to anything available
Poland No Longer Arming Ukraine: Polish PM : worldnews
Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawieciki links this decision to Polands need to build up its own defences
Poland Seeks to Mend Ukraine Rift With Arms Supplies U-Turn - Bloomberg - Warsaw will continue to send weapons under existing contracts - Escalating spat between Poland and Ukraine has alarmed allies

Germany has reached a limit on migration, Steinmeier says
Rightwing extremist views increasingly widespread in Germany: 8% of population have extremist attitudes, while 16.5% accused Jewish people of wanting to take advantage of Nazi past

Volvo to end diesel car production by early 2024 : worldnews

Switzerland Passes Face-Veil Ban Into Law After National Vote : worldnews

French reporter arrested over leaked secrets : worldnews ... Her 2021 report used leaked classified documents to allege that Egyptian authorities used French intelligence to bomb and kill smugglers on the Egyptian-Libyan border between 2016 and 2018. According to the report, French forces were implicated in at least 19 bombings against civilians.

Five charged in UK with spying for Russia : worldnews ... Orlin Roussev, Bizer Dzhambazov, Katrin Ivanova, Ivan Stoyanov, and Vanya Gaberova

Venezuela takes control of gang-run prison that had pool and a disco : worldnews

Bolsonaro aide tells police former Brazilian president discussed coup idea with military after losing election
The Amazon is speaking for itself: Brazil President Lula puts climate and inequality at the center of UN address

El Salvadors leader, criticized internationally for gang crackdown, tells UN it was the right thing

Canadas Trudeau wants India to cooperate in murder probe, declines to release evidence
White House supports Canadian probe into serious allegations around Nijjars killing, urges India to cooperate: John Kirby
Khalistan supporter Sukha Duneke shot dead in gang-war in Canada : worldnews
Vancouver group says they stopped gangs from profiting over $100k by selling cocaine, heroin and meth : worldnews
Rallies against LGBTQ rights in schools met with counter-protests across Canada : worldnews
It was cruel: dying patient denied euthanasia in Catholic-run hospital

Zelenskyy returns to Washington to face growing dissent among Republicans to US spending for Ukraine : politics

Under pressure over border, Biden administration to protect hundreds of thousands of Venezuelans : worldnews
U.S. Will Allow Nearly 500,000 Venezuelan Migrants to Work Legally : politics

Biden is unveiling the American Climate Corps, a program with echoes of the New Deal : politics

Pentagon working to restore benefits to LGBTQ+ veterans forced out under 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell'

Top military leaders set for confirmation after surprise Senate deal : politics
Tommy Tuberville Has Accomplished Nothingas Blockade Bucked: Schumer

Right-Wing Republicans Defy McCarthy, Blocking Defense Bill - The New York Times It was the second time in a week that hard-right Republicans had defied Speaker Kevin McCarthy on a spending measure, signaling that there was still no G.O.P. agreement on a bill to fund the government.
House GOP erupts as conservatives block defense bill again - Live Updates - POLITICO To many in the conference, it proved that Speaker Kevin McCarthy has no power to avert a fast-approaching shutdown.
House recesses after Defense bill, government funding plan implode

Moderate House Republicans Weigh Partnering with Democrats Amid MAGA Revolt : politics
Republicans cant pass bills for the same reason they support insurrectionThe defense bill disaster shows that they cant even make deals with themselves.
Republicans resigned to being the villains in the inevitable government shutdown - POLITICO - We always get the blame, said Rep. Mike Simpson.

Discussion Thread: Attorney General Garland Testifies on Justice Department Oversight Before the House Judiciary Committee : politics
Merrick Garland laughs as GOP congressman shouts Ukraine conspiracy theories at him in hearing : politics
Eric Swalwell displays Jordan subpoena evasion clock at Garland hearing
Fact check: Jim Jordan makes false claims about Trump, Hunter Biden to begin hearing on handling of the federal cases against them : politics
Jim Jordan called out for evading Jan 6 subpoena for 500 days : politics

Trump, who led the longest government shutdown in US history, calls on Republicans to let it happen again in 9 days so they candefund these political prosecutions against me

Georgia Has a New Witness Against Trumpand Its a Big One ... Lin Wood. Ex-trump lawyer. Rats from a sinking ship
Pro-Trump attorney Lin Wood to be prosecution witness in Georgia election case, DA says : politics

Mob boss: former White House lawyer Ty Cobb blasts Trump over new developments in Mar-a-Lago case

Wall Street Journal Editorial Board Blasts Trump For Being 'Afraid' To Debate

What Trumps assistant told investigators about classified recordsand why its so damning

Donald Trump Is Worried About Having to Wear One of Those Jumpsuits in Prison: Report - He' also reportedly been asking people in his inner circle if they think hell get to go to a cushy 'club-fed' type prison or will be sentenced to time in a 'bad' one.

Can the Media Meet the Challenge of the GOPs Bogus Impeachment?

Former prosecutor who quit Trump-Russia probe says she left over concerns with Barr - POLITICO Nora Dannehy had been part of the investigation led by John Durham.

MBS says Saudi Arabia will keep investments with Jared Kushner fund if Trump is re-elected : politics

Rudy Giuliani Considering Going After Hutchinson Over Grope Claims

Former Clinton impeachment prosecutor sentenced to 22 months in prison : politics
Former Clinton impeachment prosecutor sentenced to 22 months in prison - POLITICO Former U.S. Rep. Steve Buyer, 64, a House Republican from 1993 to 2011, was also ordered to forfeit $354,027, representing the amount of illegal gains, and to pay a $10,000 fine.

Theres something about Donald - One thing thats become extremely clear over the past year or so is that all the GOP politicians looking to knock Trump off by being Trump knock offs have failed miserably, including but not limited to Ron Media Darling for a Hot Minute DeSantis.
DeSantis Craters in New Republican Primary Poll : politics
Ron DeSantis descent continues, unabated by the debate and time on the trail
DeSantis says he wont support Covid vaccine funding if elected president

Rupert Murdoch steps down as Fox chairman : worldnews
Rupert Murdoch steps down as Fox and News Corp chairman in favour of son Lachlan : politics
So who killed truth now anyway?
Rupert Murdoch steps down as chairman of Fox and News Corp. : news

Senator Robert Menendez Accused of Cartoonish Corruption New Jersey Democrat Bob Menendez possesses an ability to hang on through corruption scandals that would bury most politicians. (never even slowed down)

Fetterman Threatens To Wear a Suit If HouseJagoffs Can Avoid Government Shutdown
Manchin circulates proposal to reverse Schumer on dress code
Fettermans hoodie vs. Boeberts handsy night: Why Republicans cant see their own hypocrisy | The Senate dress code whining isn't really about propriety, not from the party of Donald Capitol Riot Trump
Howard Stern rips Rep. Lauren Boebert as disgrace to this countryafter 'Beetlejuice' grope-date debacle

White House Taunts Worst Person Matt Gaetz With A Well-Timed Meme

No legitimate reason to impeach Justice Janet Protasiewicz

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton suggests he might run against Sen. John Cornyn : politics
The report blames an alarming rise in extremist ideology and activity on white supremacist and anti-LGBTQ+ groups that are active or headquartered in Texas ... Texas continues to be a hotbed for extremism and antisemitism, driven by the heavy presence of white supremacist and anti-LGBTQ+ groups that are headquartered or active in the state.

New Kentucky governor ad features rape victim criticizing GOP on abortion exceptions : politics
Campaigning while Democratic in a red state - Lawyers, Guns & Money

I've never said that we're not going to prosecute Nevada AG says about fake electors who backed Trump

Gov. Gretchen Whitmer signs legislation to ban child marriage in Michigan : politics

Todd Rokita charged by disciplinary commission over treatment of abortion doctor : politics

Federal Judge, 96, Is Suspended Amid Concerns About Her Mental Fitness : politics

Climate change and white supremacy are not problems for US, Ramaswamy argues : politics

Tales from the gerontocracy - Lawyers, Guns & Money ... One of those obvious reasons that should be stated anyway is that Trump is nearly as old as Biden, so why is anybody even talking about this, besides the medias compulsive need for balance i.e. Trump is a criminal seditionist and a one-man crime wave, but on the other hand Biden is old. That is going to be the literal framing of the 2024 election!

Following layoffs, Boston University announces inquiry into Ibram Kendis Antiracist Center

Book banners target public libraries

Project Veritas Suspends All Operations Face-eating leopards eating face-eating leopards eating ... - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Travis Scott questioned about Astroworld Festival lawsuits for 8 hours

Juvenile Life Without Parole Sentences Are a Failed Policy That Needs to End : politics

Google Sued Over Fatal Bridge Directions Crash | HuffPost Latest News family claims Google had been informed of the collapse but failed to update its Maps navigation system.

Bobo reaches a new level of self-parody - Lawyers, Guns & Money

The Ponzi Professors - Lawyers, Guns & Money One thing that has emerged from the wreckage of FTX is the extent to which two self-appointed sages of ethics in legal academia were involved in running the company, finding funders, lining up political protection, and skimming the joint dry: ... I dont know about altruism, but it sure was effective!

Jann Wenners Biographer: He Revealed the Ugly Truth of Rolling StoneSticky Fingers author Joe Hagan says Wenner built the rock magazine for and about white men

Googles Bard Just Got More Powerful. It's Still Erratic. - The chatbot now pulls information from a user's Gmail, Google Docs and Google Drive accounts. The feature leaves a lot to be desired.

The 2 Best Vanilla Ice Creams of 2023 | Reviews by Wirecutter

The 5 Best Olive Oils You Can Buy at the Store in 2023 | Reviews by Wirecutter
Weve been buying olive oil all wrong. Heres what you need to know.
The Olive Oil Scam: If 80% Is Fake, Why Do You Keep Buying It?
Fresh-Pressed Olive Oil - T.J. Robinson, the Olive Oil Hunter

NNSA Underground - Lawyers, Guns & Money

ELI5: Why are fields/competitions where men have no apparent advantage such as Chess, Math Olympiads, and even Esports dominated by almost only men/vast majority of men? : explainlikeimfive

Suppressing negative thoughts may be good for mental health after all. Researchers trained 120 volunteers worldwide to suppress thoughts about negative events that worried them, and found that not only did these become less vivid, but that the participantsmental health also improved

Scientists dive deep into Reddit data to decode the mysterious familiarity experienced in DMT trips : science
How One Man Tried to Build a DMT-Based Cult on Reddit and Lost Everything


World inching ever closer to a great fracture, says UN chief : worldnews

UN chief calls for an end to $7 trillion in fossil fuel subsidies : worldnews

Colombian leader summons intense oratory for a bleak warning: that humanity is making itself extinct : worldnews

Since human beings appeared, species extinction is 35 times faster : worldnews

Scientists warn entire branches of the Tree ofLife are goingextinct

U.S. Will Resume Offering Free At-Home Covid Tests - The New York Times

10 dead after tornadoes tear through two cities in eastern China : worldnews
Chinese balloon downed in February over US not collecting intelligence: Milley : worldnews

Terminally ill Vladimir Putin will die before end of Autumnexpert claims
The real Putin may now be a gibbering wreck in astraitjacket and high on meth
There was NOTHING in the Al Jazeera report that was positive for Russia ... the beginning of the end for Putin
Panicked Putin reopens temporary Covid hospitals as new strain overruns country : PutinWatch
Who is Going to Rule Russia After Putin? | Kings and Generals : PutinWatch
Imprisoned Russian ultranationalist claims Putins regime is near collapse due to failures in Ukraine and cant be saved
Russian millionaire linked to key Putin ally found dead in Moscow : PutinWatch

Videos show a massive fuel tank explosion after a suspected drone strike in Putins prized resort town - Sochi

Russias State Duma says it would eventually fight all post-Soviet states

24 hours after Azerbaijans army launched an offensive in Nagorno-Karabakh, ethnic-Armenian forces have agreed Russian terms for a ceasefire that include a demand for complete disarmament

Torture, rape, killings in Manipur: An Indian states brutalconflict

We know India, not surprised by Canadian allegations: Pakistan

CNN: Military source says Ukraine likely behind strike on Wagner forces in Sudan

Erdogan says Putinseeks an early end to the war

Saudi energy minister says oil supply cuts are not aboutjacking up prices,as Brent hovers at $95 a barrel

Iran hijab bill: Women face 10 years in jail for inappropriate dress

Biden Champions Ukraine, Warns of Appeasing Russian 'Aggressor' at U.N. | Politics | U.S. News
Zelenskyy implores world leaders to stick with fight against Russia : worldnews
Zelensky urges Trump to share Ukraine peace plan but says he wont give territory to Russia
Russia weaponising food, energy, abducted children in war: Zelensky : worldnews
Ukraines First Lady Olena Zelenska calls for return of 19,000 abducted children

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 574, Part 1 (Thread #720) : worldnews

Losses of the Russian military to 20.9.2023 : ukraine

Evidence Suggests Ukrainian Missile Caused Market Tragedy - The New York Times Witness accounts and an analysis of video and weapon fragments suggest a Ukrainian missile failed to hit its intended target and landed in a bustling street, with devastating consequences.

WhereisRussiaToday on X: "CONFIRMED: A Russian military base north of Sevastopol has been hit with multiple Storm Shadow cruise missiles." / X

Ukraine Confirms Missile Attack in Crimea Partisan HQ Says Russias Black Sea Fleet Command Center Hit
Russian Submarine Hit By Missile, Rostov-On-Don, Gone : worldnews

Polish President Duda: Defeating Russia in Ukraine war is the only guarantee ofpeace

Germany's economy struggles with an energy shock that's exposing longtime flaws | AP News - Germany went from envy of the world to the worst-performing major developed economy. What happened?

Spain hailstorm destroys nearly $43 million worth of crops as it hits nearly 100% of some farmersharvests
In Spain, dozens of girls are reporting AI-generated nude photos of them being circulated at school: My heart skipped a beat

Rishi Sunaks Green Rollback Imperils Britains 2050 Net Zero Target
Police officer who shot Chris Kaba in London charged with murder : worldnews

Cyber attack on International Criminal Court in The Hague; Hackers stole sensitive docs : worldnews

Haitian gangs call for armed overthrow of Prime Minister Ariel Henry as chaos escalates : worldnews

Trudeau Rejects Indias Denial of Involvement in Assassination in Canada
Trudeau: Canada is not trying to provoke India but want answers over murder : worldnews
Canada worked closely with U.S. on Indias possible link to killing
Canadas allies rebuff its requests to join in accusations against India
Deeply concerned, say US and Australia on Justin Trudeaus charge against India
Nijjar killing: Sikhs for Justice asks Hindus of Indian origin to leave Canada : worldnews
Exercise high degree of caution while traveling to India, Canada tells its citizens amid diplomatic chill
Exercise utmost caution: India issues advisory for its nationals in Canada
Real danger in all of this: Anti-LGBTQ2S+ rallies, counter-protests planned across Canada

No nation wants this war to end more than Ukraine But Russia alone, Russia alone bears responsibility for this war. Russia alone has the power to end this war immediately. And as Russia alone, it stands in the way of peace, because Russias price for peace is Ukraines capitulation, Ukraines territory and Ukraines children President Biden at UN General Assembly

The Kyiv Independent on X: "A vast majority (87%) of self-reported Democrat respondents articulated their support for the continuation of aid, compared to 48% of Republican respondents. Photo: Oliver Weiken/Picture Alliance via Getty Images" / X A vast majority (87%) of self-reported Democrat respondents articulated their support for the continuation of aid, compared to 48% of Republican respondents. (refuck traitors)

Senate moving ahead on three key military nominations stalled by Tuberville delays - The Washington Post

Joe Biden Should Head to Detroit Before Trump Muddies the Waters | The two have radically different records on labor. The auto worker strike is an opportunity for Biden to prove it. : politics
Strikes arent bad for the US economy. Theyre the best thing that could happen

Americans Dismal Views of the Nation's Politics - 65% say they always or often feel exhausted when thinking about politics
September 2023 National Poll: A Trump Bump In GOP Primary - Emerson Polling The September Emerson College Polling national survey of U.S. voters finds former President Donald Trump with a 47-point lead over his closest competitor in the Republican Presidential Primary, his largest lead since tracking this race in June 2022.

Why the White House is letting McCarthy flail - POLITICO The administration has no plans to help as Kevin McCarthy and House Republicans inch closer to a government shutdown.

Kevin McCarthy Has (Once Again) Lost Control: With the radical right calling the shots, the government is likely to shut down. McCarthy seems powerless to do anything. : politics
Kevin McCarthy has officially lost all control of his GOP "clown show" : politics
Speaker McCarthy faces an almost impossible task trying to unite House GOP and fund the government : politics
An out-of-control GOP is the party of nonstop national crisis : politics
The House GOP Is Imploding : politics
Republican infighting paralyzes the House as some call a shutdown inevitable With 11 days to go until a government shutdown, a House GOP stalemate over messaging bills is deepening.

GOP senators alarmed by chaos over House spending bills : politics
Matt Gaetzs motion to vacate Kevin McCarthy as House speaker found discarded in mensrestroom

Garland grilled on Hunter Biden probe at Judiciary committee hearing - The Washington Post So outrageous, so absurd the attorney general calls one accusation during a contentious, hours-long hearing
Its like KGB: Republican takes Jan. 6 and DOJ claims to new placesRep. Victoria Spartz (R-Ind.) seemed to compare the government to the KGB and painted a picture of Jan. 6 as a family affair

Trump and Meadows joked about Covid on plane after Biden debate, book says | Books | The Guardian Ex-aide Cassidy Hutchinson says Trump ordered White House guests who tested positive to remove masks in Oval Office

Trump reportedly told aide that she doesnt know anything about the boxes after she was contacted by the FBI

Trump unwittingly admitted to two charges, prosecutor says : politics

Donald Trump, Notorious Bigot, Thinks His Legal Woes Are Endearing Him to Black Voters
Trump Privately Frets He Could Be Headed to Prison : politics

Trump is lying about his moderate abortion stance he will ban it nationwide: Trump lies constantly, and history shows he and the GOP will repay evangelicals with a national abortion ban

Mystery solved by Occam's Razor - Lawyers, Guns & Money ... Ray Epps, who became the focus of right-wing conspiracy theories that law enforcement coerced Trump supporters into storming the US Capitol on January 6, 2021, has been charged with a single misdemeanor related to the riot.

Ex-Trump aide Cassidy Hutchinson claims Rudy Giuliani groped her on January 6 | US news | The Guardian
Rudy Giuliani Was a Huge Creep Even on January 6, Ex-Trump Aide Says: Former White House aide Cassidy Hutchinson says Giuliani sexually assaulted her on the day of the insurrection : politics

Breaking Up Is Hard to Do Rupert Murdoch didnt want to dump his ratings leader and favorite Fox host. But was Tucker Carlson giving him a choice?
Murdoch Called Hannity Retarded and DeSantisKickedTuckers Dog, Wild New Book Claims

Democrats retain narrow control of Pennsylvania House after special election : politics

Democrat triumphs in Republican stronghold in warning sign to Trump : politics
Democrats flipped a key swing seat in New Hampshire on Tuesday, taking them within a whisker of denying Republicans control over the state's House of Representatives.

Ron DeSantis thinks pot is a menace to society. His biggest backer is working to legalize it. : politics
We knew the numbers were bad': Law enforcement staff raised concerns about Ron DeSantis'top crime talking point - Three former staffers in Florida's top law enforcement agency told NBC News they could not get behind the statement that state crime was at a 50-year low
Floridas War on WokeIs Spurring a Brain Drain ... Ron DeSantis is undermining all the work that was done in these last 20 years to make Florida a destination for education,Hell be gone by the time that theres real repercussions to his actions. But they will have a ripple impact on higher education in Florida for generations to come.

DeSantis: Humans are safer than ever from effects of climate change - The comments come less than a year after Hurricane Ian left more than 100 people dead in Florida

Senate ditches dress code as Fetterman and others choose casual clothes : politics
Thrown by a Simple Change in Facial Hair: Fetterman Camp Laughs Off Body Double Conspiracy Theory

96-year-old federal judge suspended in clash with colleagues over mental fitness | The Hill
US appeals judge, 96, suspended in rare clash over fitness : politics

Andrew Lester pleads not guilty, trial set in Ralph Yarl shooting - The Washington Post

American Stewards of Liberty, Which Compares Biden Conservation Plan to Genocide, Is Getting Taxpayer Mone American Stewards of Liberty paints apocalyptic visions about environmental programs. Counties are buying the hype, for tens of thousands in taxpayer funds.

Taylor Swift call to action drives 13,000 people every 30 minutes to voter registration site : politics

Erik Visits an American Grave, Part 1,443 - Lawyers, Guns & Money This is the grave of Margaret Mitchell. This very sucky person was born in 1900 in Atlanta. The family was super wealthy and so had no reason to question the glories of white supremacy ... It was her 1936 novel Gone with the Wind that made her famous. I hardly need to explain this piece of grotesque Confederate nostalgia and the film it spawned to bring the politics of Birth of a Nation into the 1930s

Biden world at a loss over how to stop the growing anti-vax movement - POLITICO
Dead money - Lawyers, Guns & Money Eric Clapton performed at a fundraiser for presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. at a private estate in Brentwood near Los Angeles ... Clapton, Kennedy and Harrelson have all been outspoken against COVID-19 vaccines.

Twitter regrets and glass houses: 8 things we learned from the Musk bio
Justice Department Probe Scrutinizes Elon Musk Perks at Tesla Going Back Years - WSJ Federal prosecutors also have sought information about transactions between Tesla and other entities related to the billionaire
Elon Musks Neuralink approved to recruit humans for brain-implant trial

The summer is over, schools are back, and the data is in: ChatGPT is mainly a tool for cheating on homework. : technology
AI arms race heats up as OpenAI unveils new image generator, DALL-E 3 - The Washington Post The tool will be incorporated into ChatGPT, expanding the reach of the controversial technology

How to access thousands of free audiobooks, thanks to Microsoft AI and Project Gutenberg. Available through Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and other platforms, the free audiobooks use neural text-to-speech technology to read to you in a human-sounding voice. : books

Murdaugh Murders Returns With Damning Firsthand Accounts

Louisiana police held detainees in torture warehouse lawsuits say

New study has linked the common artificial sweetener aspartame, in much lower doses than those deemed safe by FDA, with learning and memory deficits in mice

People dont become adults until their 30s, say scientists

Consciousness theory slammed as pseudoscience sparking uproar ... integrated information theory (IIT)

Muslims of Reddit, when you say people of the book, what book is your faith talking about? : AskReddit

People who have cheated before, why did you do it? : AskReddit

TIL in 1791 at the Battle of Wabash, approximately one-quarter of the entire U.S. Army was destroyed in one day by Native American forces. : todayilearned

People who know murderers, whats the story?

What instantly ages someone? : AskReddit

TIL Sharks are older than land vertebrates, older than trees, older even than the rings of Saturn. : todayilearned

TIL elephants are the only wild animal that understands pointing without human training : todayilearned


California sues 5 major oil companies, accuses them of deceiving public over the risks of fossil fuel use : politics

South Koreas biggest opposition files dismissal motion of PM, calls for Resignation of Cabinet

Hongkonger jailed for 2.5 years for rioting during 2019 protest when she was 16 : worldnews

China complains to Germany after foreign minister calls Xi a "dictator"
Another country has called Xi a dictator and China is not happy with that description
China Ousted Foreign Minister Qin Gang Over Affair in US, WSJ Says - Bloomberg Qin Gang reportedly fathered child while serving as ambassador

Kremlin says it has no information on Chechen leader Kadyrovs health
Death Rumors Spur Mysterious New Videos of Putins Attack Dog
Death Rumors Spur Mysterious New Videos of Putins AttackDogTwo bizarre videos of Ramzan Kadyrov were released just days after the Chechen leader was reported to be in critical condition

Russian soldiers say they dream of conquering Ukrainian cities and moving their families there in haunting recruitment ad : worldnews

A Russian anti-LGBTQ+ group is spreading dangerous misinformation across the globe : worldnews

Azerbaijan launches anti-terror op after 6 killed in Karabakh blasts : worldnews
Azerbaijan launches anti-terrorist operations in Karabakh

Credible evidence India behind alleged assassination of Sikh leader, says Trudeau
India rejects allegations of Canadas prime minister in the slaying of a Sikh activist as absurd
India expels Canadian diplomat in tit-for-tat move as row over assassinated Sikh activist deepens : worldnews ... 31% of the people given perm residence in Canada in 2021were from India. No surprise this is the highest number. The next being China at 7.6%
In a tit-for-tat, India expels Canadian diplomat : worldnews
Indian opposition party Congress backs Govt stand after Canadas allegations against India
Australia deeply concerned by alleged Indian involvement in Canada murder
Air India 182: How much does Canada care about the worst mass murder in its history? | CBC News In 1985, 329 people were killed including 280 Canadian citizens in the Air India bombing

Beating and torture allegations emerge in Zimbabwe after election : worldnews

BBC investigation exposes xenophobic groups in South Africa targeting migrants : worldnews

Tunisia hints Israel behind devastating storm due to Zionist name ("Daniel")

Erdogan says he trusts Russia and the West
Turkish President Erdogan invites Elon Musk to build his next Tesla factory in Turkey : worldnews

Uncertainties Emerge in Statuses of 3 Iranians Granted Clemency by US in Prisoner Exchange : worldnews

Israels prime minister urges Elon Musk to curb antisemitism on his platform, X
Israel denies report Saudis suspending normalization talks over Palestinian issue : worldnews
100% carrots: Arab states, EU unveil plan to entice Israel-PA to sign peace deal

Zelensky Cleans House in Corruption-Plagued Defense Ministry : worldnews
Drone attack on Lviv: 300 tonnes of humanitarian aid destroyed, including from Vatican : worldnews

Russias elite airborne troops lured into Bakhmut trap
Ukraines army commander claims 3 elite Russian brigades crushed in east

Russian Submarine Shows Massive Damage After Ukrainian Strike : worldnews

Dont let Putin keep us out of the EU, Moldova implores

Russian forces near Norway at 20% or less than before Ukraine war

Bulgarian navy safely disarms Russian explosive drone found near Black Sea town : worldnews

Germany defends ambassador after Israeli complaint : worldnews
Hammerskins: German branch of US-based neo-Nazi group banned : worldnews
Germany bans neo-Nazi group with links to the US and conducts raids in 10 German states | AP News : worldnews

Limited legal cannabis sales expected to launch in the Netherlands this December : worldnews

Italy mulls new migrant crackdown as talk turns to naval blockade to prevent launching of boats : worldnews
Italy's Lampedusa pleads for help after thousands of migrant arrivals, 7,000 migrants arrive in 48 hours : worldnews

Lula scraps Bolsonaros cuts to Brazilian climate target ambition
Brazil Faith Healer Sentenced To 118 Years For Rape : worldnews ... Joao Teixeira de Faria, 81 in cases dating back to 1973.

Mexican president defends inclusion of Russian military contingent in Independence parade : worldnews

A Cuban teenager was offered a job doing construction work in Russia. Instead he was sent to fight on the front lines in Ukraine.

Reported cannabis use in Canada not increasing with legalization : worldnews

Zelenskyy arrives in New York and announces his participation in UN meeting : worldnews
Discussion Thread: Biden Speaks at the UN General Assembly at 9 Eastern Before a 10:30 News Conference by Defense Department Leadership on Ukraine Aid : politics

AOC Says Climate Movement Must BecomeToo Big and Too Radical to Ignore

I.R.S. Changes Audit Practice That Discriminated Against Black Taxpayers : politics

Opinion | The Idea That Biden Should Just Give Up Political Power Is Preposterous - The New York Times

House GOP in open warfare over doomed spending plan - POLITICO
House GOP pulls key vote on stopgap spending bill amid conservative opposition | The Hill

Joe Biden Is Right About Merrick Garlands Job Performance -- This article is absolutely correct. Garland is so obsessed with the DOJ looking neutral that he is letting republicans and their media machine pressure him into making stupid decisions.

This Is A Mess: Former Prosecutor Rips Trump Over New Classified Docs Bombshell | The development could be used against the former president, suggested Charles Coleman Jr. ... Trump writing notes to staffers on the back of classified documents serves as proof that he personally handled the documents, was aware of their markings and treated them improperly.
Trump wrote aides to-do lists on backs of classified docs:

Oops: Trump Accidentally Blew Up His January 6 Legal Defense on National TV Jack Smiths job just got significantly easier.

His attorneys are begging him to stop: Legal experts on Trumps latest interview

Opinion: Trumps gaffes should raise questions about his fitness for office

Adam Kinzinger Says He Will Only Vote for Trump If His Opponent Is Satan : politics
Donald Trump & Vladimir Putin (2018) : pics

Joe Bidens Impeachment Falls Apart
White House: House GOP plan for impeachment is to figure out the evidence later
What the unsparing anti-impeachment op-ed by the GOPs Ken Buck betrays
Biden Impeachment Inquiry Supported by Almost Half of Voters Voters are divided over whether the impeachment investigation is largely due to evidence of wrongdoing by Biden or motivation to damage his political career.

Hunter Bidens Indictment Has Put Gun Rights Groups in an Awkward Bind | Should they delight in the indictment of a political enemy or attack a law they oppose?
Witness testimony disputes IRS whistleblower allegations in Hunter Biden probe as Republicans begin impeachment inquiry | CNN Politics

This is what taking on election deniers really looks like

Rudy Giuliani sued by his former lawyers claiming he owes $1.4 million in unpaid legal fees : politics

McCarthy Capitulates Again as House GOP Implodes Spectacularly : politics
Mark Meadows and Kevin McCarthy: Where do Republicans get these worms? : politics

Fetterman Blasts DeSantis Over Dress Code Criticism: I Dress Like He Campaigns
The Ultimate Sign of DeSantisIrrelevance: Trumpworld Is Moving On

Texas Youth Summit drops U.S. Rep. Boebert afterBeetlejuice incident
Lauren Boeberts excuse for theater fondling raises questions
Lauren Boebert may have broken the law with theater fondling : politics

GOP lawmakers hold symbolic book burning with flamethrowers. Disturbed viewers on social media accused the lawmakers of acting like Nazi thugs who are coming for our democracy

Ohio abortion law meant weeks of anguishagony for couple whose unborn child had organs outside her body

Pennsylvania rolls out automatic voter registration : politics

Trans senator Sarah McBride holds huge lead in Delaware race for Congress, polls suggest : politics

Its Now Clear: Cop City Is About Democracy | Atlanta officials have been evasive on how to verify over 100,000 petition signatures in support of putting the $90 million training center up for a vote.

Why Los Angeles Has Avoided the Migrant Crisis Hitting New York : politics

Court Says Californias Age Appropriate Design Code Is Unconstitutional (Just As We Warned)

Eschaton: The Immigrant Scourge Regular reminder that Ingraham adopted 3 foreign-born children through international adoptions.

Lutheran Pastors Leaked Confessional Touches Off Unholy Legal War ... like the sacraments turning poison

Texas teacher fired after assigning an illustrated Anne Frank book : news

Police probe report of dad being told 11-year-old girl could face charges in images sent to man : news
Columbus police being investigated after online backlash from sexual misconduct call : news

Alex Murdaugh Agrees to Plead Guilty to Federal Charges charged with financial crimes related to bilking his law clients.

The comedians channel has over six million followers, but he will be unable to draw income from advertising around his videos.

Elon makes existential threat to his own site - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Are We Losing the War on Cancer? | The Walrus

Study shows nearly 300% increase in ADHD medication errors. In 2021 alone, 5,235 medication errors were reported, equalling one child every 100 minutes. Approximately 93% of exposures occurred in the home. : science

Nobody understands quantum physicists | by Chris Ferrie | Medium

New Research Provides Further Clues to Nature of Dark Matter. The key to understanding the mystery of elusive dark matter could lie with the dark photon, a hypothetical dark sector particle proposed as a force carrier similar to the photon of electromagnetism. : science

In the largest study of its kind, Australian researchers found that including almonds in an energy restricted diet not only helped people to lose weight, but also improved their cardiometabolic health. Additionally, nuts have the added benefit of making you feel fuller for longer. : science

Research found men who say they have stressful jobs and also feel they exert high efforts for low reward had double the risk of heart disease compared to men free of those stressors : science

Intel Unveils Meteor Lake Architecture: Intel 4 Heralds the Disaggregated Future of Mobile CPUs : technology
Intels next-gen Meteor Lake CPUs: A game-changing 40-year architectural shift to rival Apple

Today's wealth gap between Whites and Blacks in the US is rooted in the legacy of very different wealth conditions following emancipation from slavery. This meant that Whites enjoyed higher average savings rates and capital gains rates, making it hard for Blacks to close the gap. : science

Pulled over on the highway to get this photo. Im glad I stopped.

What happened to the lonely guy of your high school class ? : AskReddit

Hopeless romantics of Reddit, how do you cope with being single? : AskReddit

ELI5: Why do divers need to decompress but astronauts dont need to recompress?

If you could switch genders for one day what would you accomplish? : AskReddit

What is your "kryptonite"? : AskReddit

Why My Parents Tried To Kill Me | Minutes With : videos

Whats something people typically dont know about cats until they have one as a pet?
Best dance partner : aww

What are you better at than 99% of people? : AskReddit


Study: Climate change bringing deadly heat sooner than expected Study finds hundreds of millions live in places that will regularly experience heat and humidity so high that humans cant survive without cooling

Scots scientists create game-changing palm oil alternative

People who work from home all the time cutemissions by 54% against those in office

Incurable disease spreading between dogs in Britain for the first time : worldnews

Sydney marathon runners hospitalised after event hit by spring heat : worldnews
Three generations of First Nations men share their views on Australias referendum

India and Vietnam are partnering with the US to counter China even as Biden claims thats not his goal

TIL about Japans Lost Generation, a group of young people who, between 1994 and 2004, were unable to find employment due to the Bubble Economy collapsing. Many of them never recovered financially, emotionally and relationally. Some of them withdrew from society and became social recluses.
One in 10 Japanese are older than 80: Government data : worldnews

South Korean Prosecutors Want to Arrest Hunger-Striking Opposition Leader : worldnews

Taiwan urges China to stop destructive military activities

WHO calls on China for full access for COVID investigators:
China seeks to expand police power to collect biological information of suspects in minor offences : worldnews

Kim Jong Uns Trip to Russia May Help Him Put Spy Satellites in Orbit
North Korean leader Kim Jong Un gifted bulletproof vest and drones as he leaves Russia : worldnews
Russian State TV to Its Citizens: Be More Like North Koreans Amid Kim Jong Un barnstorming tour of Russia, the country's propagandists have begun extolling the virtues of the hermit kingdoms spartan lifestyle.
Putins Arsenal: From spies and hacks to coups and hit jobs
State TV says Europe is jealous of rising Russia : UkraineWarVideoReport

Human rights in Russia have significantly deteriorated since war - UN expert

NEXTA on X: "The #EU plans to start discussions on the 12th package of sanctions against #Russia, Bloomberg writes, citing sources." / X The #EU plans to start discussions on the 12th package of sanctions against #Russia, Bloomberg writes, citing sources.

230,000 certificates requested in Russia for families of fallen veterans : worldnews

To counter China in Indian Ocean region, India plans 175-warship Navy by 2035 | India News - Times of India : worldnews
S Jaishankar says West not the bad guy in veiled dig at China
India arrests Kashmir journalist : worldnews

Kenyan senator and period poverty activist Gloria Orwoba: Some girls exchange sex for pads: The lawmaker was asked to leave Parliament in February after arriving with blood-stained pants, in a country where 65% of women cannot afford menstrual products

Sudan Conflict: Landmark Skyscraper in Khartoum Engulfed in Flames : worldnews

Five Americans fly out of Iran in $6bn oil money prisoner swap : worldnews
Iran prisoner release: Five Americans released are en route to the US | CNN Politics

Jordan calls on Israel to respect status quo after Jews visit Temple Mount : worldnews

Zelenskyy warns Putin could cause World War III : worldnews
Zelenskyy: If Ukraine falls, Putin will surely go further. What will the United States of America do when Putin reaches the Baltic states? When he reaches the Polish border? We have a lot of gratitude. What else must Ukraine do for everyone to measure our huge gratitude? We are dying in this war.
Clinton Global Initiative will launch network to provide new humanitarian aid to Ukrainians | AP News

Russia is exhausting its resources and a reckoning is coming,says Ukraines spy chief

Genocide Proceedings Begin in The Hague, Russia Decides to Participate : worldnews
Russia demands Ukrainian genocide case be dismissed by UN top court : worldnews
Russia Does Not Recognise Putins Statement, but Speaks of "nazi" Zelenskyy -- UN Genocide Court

Ukraine will sue Poland, Hungary and Slovakia over agricultural bans : worldnews

Musks Tweet Criticizing Ukraines Counteroffensive Sparks Outrage
Musks Tweet Criticizing Ukraines Counteroffensive Sparks Yet More Outrage ... "So much death for so little," apparently in agreement with a post by David Sacks, a venture capitalist and friend of Musk who has criticized US support for Ukraine.

Ukraine hits Moscow, Crimea with drones : worldnews

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 572, Part 1 (Thread #718) : worldnews

Russian losses as of Sept. 18th : UkraineWarVideoReport
Russia loses its 6000th artillery system, on track for a monthly record [link to source in comments] : ukraine
Russias Tank Losses Are Bad and Theyre Only Going to Get Worse New Research

General: 1,500 Ukrainian soldiers faced 20,000 Russians in south at invasions start
Ukraine troops have recaptured key village of Klishchiivka near Bakhmut, says Zelenskiy : worldnews
Ukraine Scores a Major Win with the Liberation of Klishchiivka, Setting the Stage for Further Counteroffensive Operations in Bakhmut Region

Russian Soldiers Are Blowing Up Their Comrades for Cash, Partisans Claim : worldnews

An unusual update on the Kakhovka Reservoir. Against expectations of it remaining deserted, recent on-site observations and satellite imagery have revealed an interesting development - nature is recovering rapidly as vegetation transforms the area into a flourishing reedbed:

Europe Is Better Prepared If Trump Wins Again, Germanys Baerbock Says

Letter showing Pope Pius XII had detailed information from German Jesuit about Nazi holocaust : worldnews

Swiss Federal Railways faces criticism over controversial wheelchair tests : worldnews

Sanchez: Spain must ditch peripheral role, offer EU leadership

After castigating video games during riots, Frances Macron backpedals and showers them with praise

Liz Truss will never give up : worldnews
No 10 officials discussed asking queen Elizabeth II to talk to Boris Johnson about his behaviour : worldnews

14 dead as plane carrying tourists crashes in Brazil : worldnews

Canada expels Indian diplomat as it investigates Indias possible link to Sikh activists slaying
Intelligence suggests agents of India behind killing of B.C. Sikh leader: Trudeau : worldnews

Ukraine president Zelensky lands in New York to meet at the U.N. : pics

Get Americans More Angry at Each Other the Goal of CCP Propaganda, Disinformation Campaigns in US, Expert Says
(33) KGB Defector Yuri Bezmenov 1985 Interview. Explains KGB Manipulation of US Public Opinion - YouTube

Striking auto workers want a 40% pay increase the same rate their CEOpay grew in recent years

There Can Be No American Dream Without Paid Sick Leave and Low-Cost Child Care : politics

The U.S. has a primary problem, say advocates who call for new election systems ... "only 10% of eligible Americans nationwide cast ballots in primary elections that effectively decided the winners in a supermajority (83%) of Congressional seats

Tax Cuts Are Primarily Responsible for the Increasing Debt Ratio : politics - If not for the Bush tax cuts and their extensionsas well as the Trump tax cuts revenues would be on track to keep pace with spending indefinitely, and the debt ratio (debt as a percentage of the economy) would be declining. Instead, these tax cuts have added $10 trillion to the debt since their enactment and are responsible for 57 percent of the increase in the debt ratio since 2001, and more than 90 percent of the increase in the debt ratio if the one-time costs of bills responding to COVID-19 and the Great Recession are excluded. Eventually, the tax cuts are projected to grow to more than 100 percent of the increase.

A Big New Report on American Children Is Out. Its Horrific

Alito wasnt bluffing: He believes the Supreme Court is above the law

McCarthy: Shutdown would give Biden more power : politics
Could McCarthy really lose his job? - The Washington Post

The Mainstream Media Still Hasnt Learned Anything About Covering Donald Trump
We Have Two Medias in This Country, and Theyre Going to Elect Donald Trump
Kristen Welker shows how not to interview Trump Kristen Welkers tenure as Meet the Press moderator got off to an inauspicious start.
The unchanging malleability of Donald Trump - The Washington Post
Eschaton: Peter Baker For The Defense He's the one you call to represent and defend the worst of journalism, while swatting away critics by lighting piles of straw on fire.

Trump shares post bashing liberal Jews who voted to destroy America
Trump Says On Rosh Hashanah That Liberal Jews Voted To Destroy America
Donald Trump's ominous warning to U.S. Jews sparks horror: "Full-on Nazi" : politics Donald Trumps ominous warning to U.S. Jews sparks horror: Full-on Nazi
Mehdi Hasan Shows Just How Openly Delusional Trump Has Become | The MSNBC host called out the media for giving the former presidentapasson his most bizarre claims ... Cult45 has zero credible rationalization of their Daddy Trumpbucks diarrhea of the brain, so they invariably deploy their usual whataboutist horseshit impugning of President Biden, frequently consisting of batshit conspiracist hogwash, dishonestly doctored video/pics or other imaginary gobbledygook.

Cognitively impaired? Trumps confused attacks on Biden start to backfire

Trump wrote to-do lists for assistant on White House documents marked classified: Sources - ABC News Molly Michael told investigators about the documents, according to sources.

Trump Says He Hopes Meadows Will Remain Loyal to Him in Election Case

Trump says he ignored lawyers who told him he lost the election: I didnt respect them
Donald Trump keeps confessing to new crimes : politics
Legal Experts Say Donald Trump Just Threw His Own Legal Defense Under The Bus

Pelosi on Trump Jan. 6 Claims: He Knows Hes Responsible for That

Convicted Pedophile Jeffrey Epstein & Donald Trump (1997 Palm Beach, Florida) : pics

Looking for the magic words - Lawyers, Guns & Money The argument that the 14th amendment bars Donald Trump from becoming president again is academic in the worst sense of the word:

A Post analysis of campaign and congressional reports shows spending on security has skyrocketed since the Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol

Republican Admits GOP Doesnt Have Evidence Joe Biden Was Bribed
The Biden Impeachment Is Benghazi All Over Again | Both inquiries are based far more on vibes and political machinations than they are on hard evidence : politics

Hunter Biden sues the IRS, alleging agents illegally released his tax information | CNN Politics : politics
The scorched-earth activist trying to take down Hunter Biden - The Washington Post Garrett Ziegler, an often-provocative former Trump White House staffer, seeks to influence House investigations and the public discussion

Dark money, nullification, and vote suppression - Lawyers, Guns & Money Alabama is ignoring a Supreme Court order to comply with Section 2 of the Voting Rights Act in part because the money behind the conservative legal movement thinks that Bart OKavanaugh is open to ruling Section 2 unconstitutional if they provide a text case:

Fetterman mocks Nate Silver over Senate dress code: I dress like you predict ... in a response to a social media post from Silver, who had joked he was starting a new political party for people who dont give a shit either about how John Fetterman dresses or what Lauren Boebert does in a theater (both side of his brain are damaged - idiot thinks they're the same thing) ... a Boebert (new name for a handjob, pass it along)

GOP megadonor drops support for DeSantis presidential bid, sayinghisongoing battle with Disney is pointless
New College of Florida plummets in national ranking amid DeSantis conservative overhaul : politics

Hes 100% in: Matt Gaetz widely expected to run for Florida governor

Her students reported her for a lesson on race. Can she trust them again? : politics ... Reading Coatess book felt like reading hate propaganda towards white people, one student wrote.

Chicago-area libraries forced to close again due to violent threats : news (refuck war on thinking)

Eschaton: How Things Change The Kids won't remember, but back in the day, "we" (the political press) pretended that unmarried conservatives were all virgins and certainly no out of wedlock heavy petting happened. The Boebert "scandal" would have been scandalous simply for that reason. That the political press long participated in a scam on behalf of the Family Values party reminds us nothing much has changed there, at least.

Americans Dont Want Politicians Focusing on Transgender Issues, Survey Finds | Most Americans also believe that lawmakers dont know enough about transgender issues to make policies.

Texas Lawman Linked to Oath Keepers Convicted After Violating Inmate RightsSheriff Jeff Lyde kept a pair of inmates jailed for days after a judge had ordered them freed

Erik Visits an American Grave, Part 1,441 - Lawyers, Guns & Money With the Red Scare in full effect by 1919, the towns leaders decided to eliminate the radicals from their town. This happened through the American Legion. Its important to remember that where today the Legion might be a bunch of old men drinking cheap beer while wearing their veteran hats, in its early decades, it was a proto-fascist force of veterans who wanted extremist right politics in America. For decades, it was who you turned to if you wanted some thugs to crush a strike

Eschaton: If You're A Star They Let You Do It You can't really "cancel" a billionaire, but prominent people should not be standing on stage with him (literally or metaphorically). ... I used to think anti-Semitism was the one bigotry respectable elites wouldn't tolerate, though now I understand most of them never cared about that, either.
Trump Attacked Me. Then Musk Did. It Wasnt an Accident.

The children of Bill Maher and Camille Paglia - Lawyers, Guns & Money Bari Weiss, Grimes, the Red Scare lady who wasnt on Succession, and two more contrarian "feminists" ... Five women took to the stage at the Theatre at Ace Hotel in downtown Los Angeles on Wednesday to debate an impossibly broad question with the promise of fireworks for an animated crowd, members of which paid up to $165 a ticket to witness a verbal brawl between cultural provocateurs.

Embattled N.H. sheriff misrepresented his education, exaggerated his work history - The Boston Globe

What is s genuinely terrifying fact? : AskReddit

Clorox products in short supply after cyberattack disrupts operations | CNN Business : news

Why Human Writing Is Worth Defending In the Age of ChatGPT : technology

Wiping Out the Dinosaurs Let Countless Flowers Bloom - The New York Times While the extinction affected some flower species, most lineages survived and the catastrophe may have helped them become a dominant form of plant life.

ELI5.Ego death on a psychedelic.

Eli5 how did they aim the voyager probes to pass each planet with such accuracy almost 50 years ago : explainlikeimfive

ELI5 - why is 0.999... equal to 1? : explainlikeimfive

Maine man who disappeared after driving wife to work found trapped in truck in New Hampshire woods : news

What is the most annoying English filler word? : AskReddit

Just another day in Vegas : pics

What are some really bad common life choices? : AskReddit

What is a compliment you will remember till you die? : AskReddit


1 dead after Atlantic storm Lee pummels New England, Canada

COVID levels are so high, theyre hovering near 2020s initial peak, as the WHO urges those at high risk to take any booster they can get their hands on

People aged 80 and over top 10% of Japans population for 1st time

Thousands of S Korean teachers rally for protection from abusive parents : worldnews

Foreign direct investment in China drops 5.1% in the first eight months of 2023 despite efforts to attract foreign capital : worldnews
China detains Evergrande staff : worldnews

Apple informs journalists Russia is targeting them with Pegasus spyware : worldnews

Pro Ukraine Telegram channels are claiming that Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov has died in a Moscow hospital after failing to wake up from a coma. : UkrainianConflict
CEPA on X: "The Russian Orthodox Church abroad is becoming an increasingly important part of the Kremlin's intelligence and influence operations. @AndreiSoldatov explains to @ErinBurnett how religious officials are cooperating with Russian agents in the United States and beyond." / X

Russian chemists have completely run out of #Prozac, the popular antidepressant produced by the US pharma company Elli Lilly. Source: RBK

Nipah virus: Schools, colleges closed in Kerala (India) indefinitely : worldnews
If you go to war with us, your children will be raised by someone else ... Union ministers strong warning to Indias enemies
India, Russia to widen maritime cooperation : worldnews

Erdogan: Turkey can part ways with European Union : worldnews
Erdogan to Attend UN General Assembly Amid Tensions With US - Bloomberg
Turkish Redditor arrested over posting a photo with an alcoholic beverage in the mosque : worldnews

Burkina Faso asks French embassys defense attache to leave

Pro-circle arguments for a new futuristic city in Saudi Arabia, which is planning to build it in unusual shape of a 170km line that will likely inconvenience 9 million future residents. : science

Iranian authorities detain Mahsa Aminis father on one year anniversary of her death

President Zelenskyy is asked during his 60 Minutes interview: Canyou give up any part of Ukraine for peace? (read)
Prepare For a Long War NATO Chief Issues Stark Warning, Says Ukraine Will Join Alliance "Eventually"
Kyiv Presses Offensive In South, East As Zelenskiy Thanks Allies Latest Support Packages
History books will tell how Ukraine transformed modern warfare. They (Ukrainians) are moving forward every day, and every success is another step towards victory said Chairman of the NATO Military Committee Admiral Rob Bauer.

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 571, Part 1 (Thread #717) : worldnews

Frontline report: Seven Russian warships targeted by Ukraine in just four days, with three destroyed and at least two damaged : ukraine
Air Force: Ukraine downs all 17 drones launched by Russia overnight : ukraine

Russias Problems with Artillery Support Are Growing - There are major problems now with Russian artillery in Ukraine. "Every day Ukrainian forces are degrading Russian arty which throughout the war has been a strong suit for Moscow. They have leveled out parity and seem to actually have gained the upper hand.

ISW on X: "NEW: #Ukraine continued to advance on September 16, making gains in the #Bakhmut direction and in western #Zaporizhia Oblast where Ukrainian forces continue to penetrate the Russian defensive layer ahead of the current extent of Ukrainian advances. (1/4)" / X
Giorgi Revishvili on X: "Explosions in Russia's Bekgorod. Ukrainisn channels claim that the S-300 system has been destroyed. The Russians used S-300 missiles for attacks on Kharkiv" / X
Russian saboteur targets own, blows up military trucks in occupied Ukraine. The Ukrainian partisan group Atesh reported conducting a sabotage operation in occupied Henichesk on the Azov Sea coast. They recruited a Russian soldier who blew up two trucks with Russians onboard.

The Crimean Bridge is closed again
Ukraines Air Defence forces shoot down 12 out of 16 Russian targets overnight
Cluster of Russian military equipment hit in Tokmak : worldnews
Ukraine drones strike Crimea, Moscow, oil depot, Russia says : worldnews

First grain ships arrive in Ukraine using new route : worldnews

#Russia has withdrawn its military from the border with #Norway, said the chief of the Norwegian General Staffthis decision clearly shows that Putin knows NATO is not a threat to the Russian Federation: If he believed we were a threat to Russia, he wouldnt have moved his troops to war in Ukraine.

Poland bans entry of vehicles with Russian license plates : worldnews

Dutch Defense Ministry employee arrested for selling airplane parts to Russia : worldnews

Germany snapping up Indian fuels made of Russian oil : worldnews
NATO chief urges Germany to boost defense spending : worldnews

The newly discovered letter, written by a German Jesuit to Pope Pius XIIs personal secretary, suggests that the pope knew of Hitler's atrocities but chose to remain silent.

Russian-backed mercenary squad Wagner Group designated as terrorist organization by UK officials : worldnews

14 dead as plane carrying tourists crashes in Brazil : worldnews

Brazils president calls U.S. economic embargo on Cuba 'illegal' condemns terrorist list label
The G77+China, a group of developing and emerging countries representing 80 percent of the world's population, kicked off a summit in Cuba Friday with a call to "change the rules of the game" of the global order. : worldnews

GOP senators ask Biden to provide Ukraine with missiles needed to win war | The Hill

Defence force top brass shares fears about AI causing 'truth decay'

Bidens economic policies have quietly made peoples lives better and no one seems to care

Biden calls on automakers to improve their offer to striking workers as he faces the biggest labor crisis of his presidency so far : politics
Donald Trump Is Siding With Auto Bosses Against Workersself-styled populist Donald Trump is standing with the corporate elite against workers.

Pence on military holds: Tuberville is right, and the Pentagon is wrong

Democrats Brace For The Biggest Abortion Supreme Court Case Since Dobbs : politics
Next Frontier in Anti-Abortion Misogyny - Lawyers, Guns & Money

McCarthy Says Government Shutdown Would Be Self-Defeat for GOP : politics
Top Democrat says House Republicans are in a civil waras government shutdown looms

Fictitious facts and imagined history: GOP Rep. Ken Buck slams Biden impeachment effort
Republicans run a big risk with impeachment : politics

Full transcript: Read Kristen Welker's interview with Trump
Fact checking TrumpsMeet the Press interview | At least 11 different points during the interview, former President Trump flubbed numbers, misstated facts or omitted critical context.
Trump says it was his decision to conclude the 2020 election was rigged : politics
Trump refuses to say in a TV interview how he watched the Jan. 6 attack unfold at the US Capitol : politics
Eschaton: Journalism what is the point of letting any politician do this? And if it is only Trump, why?
A colossal mistake to showcase this sociopath': NBC facing backlash after 'shameful' Trump interview airs
Will Bunch on X: "This is a joke, right? You pre-recorded an interview with multiple lies, then -- instead of not airing them or at least fact-checking in a real time -- ran that interview for millions on national TV, followed by a online fact check to be read by 1/100th of that?" / X

Trump Mocked for Saying Impaired Joe Biden Leading US Into World War II
Picture of my neighbors front yard political billboard. : pics

Sure Why Not -- Meese is 91. -- JUST IN: Former Attorney General Ed Meese submits court declaration calling prosecution of Trump and ex-DOJ official Jeff Clark 'a major affront to federal supremacy never before seen in the history of our country.' (roots of evil)

Schumer ditches the Senates dress code

After winning impeachment fight, Paxton still faces felony fraud case and an FBI investigation : politics
Ken Paxtons impeachment trial escalates Texas Republican civil war Paxtons far-right supporters doubled down on their promises for swift retribution against fellow Republicans who supported his removal from office.

Election Deniers Are in Charge of Elections in 17 States : politics

California becomes first state to call for a constitutional convention on gun control : politics
Gavin Newsom says Ron DeSantis is fundamentally authoritarian

Lauren Boebert was announced as a guest speaker for a conservative youth conference days after she was tossed out of a musical recommended for kids : politics
Republican Rep. Lauren Boebert Dates Bar Owner Whos Hosted Drag Shows
Colorado newspaper's scathing rebuke of Lauren Boebert: "Entitled princess" : politics
Leading conservative women turn on embarrassing bimboLauren Boebert after vaping and groping theater incident

Atlanta Cop City Indictments Threaten Press Freedom Too : politics

Suicide leads gun-related deaths. Why dont we mention it when talking about gun control? | Suicide is the nations leading cause of gun-related deaths. Red flag laws and mandatary waiting periods to buy firearms could also buy precious time
U.S. tops 500 mass shootings in 2023 : politics

14-year-old arrested in fatal shooting in Florida : news

Russell Brand behaving in an extremely normal manner on the Jimmy Fallon show : videos

Elon Musk likes to think he saved us from Armageddon. He's just brought it closer - Timothy Snyder ... Musk did so because Russians (sometimes he says Putin) told him that a Ukrainian attack on part of Ukraines own territory (the Crimean peninsula, occupied by Russia) would lead to a Russian nuclear response. This was a lie ... It is hard to think of a more dangerous idea than the one that people like Musk and Putin are heroes saving the rest of us from our own limitations. The plotline about the oligarchical supermen is indeed fictional, but it does real harm in the real world. (traitorous Putin dick-sucker)

Singer Maren Morris leaving country music, blames the Trumpyears

This is excellent news for Warren Zevon - Lawyers, Guns & Money In the wake of his staggeringly racist and sexist interview promoting his new book, Only People With Dicks Can Discuss Rock nRoll, Jann Wenner has been shitcanned from his gatekeeper role
Joe Hagan on X: "Critic and feminist Ellen Willis on Jann Wenner and Rolling Stone, 1970. *Decades* ahead of her time." / X
andi zeisler on X: "Wow maybe he should have tried being more articulate" / X
Why Jann Wenner Was Removed from Rock Hall of Fame Board : Music

Mens shoulder-to-hip ratios influence neurophysiological responses related to perception and attractiveness
Scientists xenografted human neurons into mouse brains containing amyloid plaques. The human neurons, but not the mouse neurons, developed severe Alzheimers pathology. Down-regulation of MEG3 protected the human neurons from dying, suggesting a new therapeutic approach for Alzheimers disease.

On one of Vermont's most idyllic roads, fed-up locals say no more to the leaf peepers - Residents convinced their town to close the road for three weeks at the height of foliage season to prevent social media-inspired tourists from clogging it.

Remember "Lunch Atop A Skyscraper" - Here is the photographer Charles Ebbets taking that pic - 1932 : pics

Whats the worst example of cognitive dissonance youve seen in real life?

eli5: Why do Indian Girls commonly have the moles/red marks on their head? : explainlikeimfive
Bindu (symbol) - Wikipedia


Antarctic sea-ice at mind-blowing low alarms experts

Climate Science Is under Attack in Classrooms : politics

California sues oil giants alleging climate risks deception: Report

Libya flooding deaths top 11,000 with another 10,000 missing : worldnews
Libya investigates dams collapse after a devastating flood last weekend killed more than 11,000

Over 98,000 without power in Maine as post-tropical cyclone Lee makes landfall near U.S.- Canada border : news

Covid symptoms are now more mild and follow a pattern, doctors say Doctors who treat Covid describe the ways the illness has gotten milder and shifted over time to mostly affect the upper respiratory tract.

Nipah virus outbreak grows in India : worldnews

Australia swelters in uncommon spring heat ahead of likely El Nino event

Jail for male teacher who impersonated female ex-colleague, discussed sexual fantasies with students : worldnews - Singapore

N. Korea's Kim deeply impressed withRussias modern aviation technology: KCNA

Beijings top envoy in city hails police, warns hostile foreign forces still at play

Chinas defense minister under investigation for corruption
After replacing 2 senior military commanders in charge of its nukes, China is now investigating its defense minister, US officials say : worldnews

Chechen leader Kadyrow critically ill in coma : ukraine
Kadyrov is in a coma: the Main Intelligence Directorate confirmed information about the critical condition of the head of Chechnya, - Obozrevatel GUR representative Yusov told reporters that Kadyrovs illnesses worsened, which led to a serious condition
Putin is scrounging around for low quality weapons by doing a deal with North Korea, US official says
Russia has neutralised hundreds of foreign intelligence agents, top security official says

Russia spent about $167.3 billion on war with Ukraine in a year and a half The Russian government spent the most on providing the army $51.3 billion. For compensation for the dead and wounded, $46.6 billion was spent. According to Forbes calculations, military salaries cost $35.1 billion. The loss of equipment cost Putin over the 18 months of the war$34 billion ... Thats $9.29 billion per month or $305.3 million per day.

Lies Prevent Our Victory Russian Politician Details Dire Situation at Front In Extraordinary Telegram Post

Reuters: Russian general Sergei Surovikin found in Algeria : UkraineWarVideoReport

Russias current account surplus drops 86% year on year to $25.6 bln in Jan-Aug

Pakistan has 170 nuclear warheads, and may increase it to 200 by 2025: Report : worldnews

Anguish in Niger as Nigeria refuses to restore electricity supply : worldnews

Al Qaeda affiliate claims it killed four Russian mercenaries in Mali : worldnews

Dozens of Syrians are among the missing in catastrophic floods in Libya, a war monitor says : worldnews

Moroccos king keeps regal distance even in earthquake crisis

French ambassador is being held hostage at the French embassy in Niger, says Macron

Turkey could part ways with EU if necessary, Erdogan says : worldnews

UK, France and Germany refuse to lift sanctions on Iran under nuclear deal : worldnews
Iran vows no tolerance for instabilityas anniversary of Mahsa Aminisdeath nears

Explosive Device Detonates in Tel Aviv With No Injuries; Two Suspects Arrested : worldnews

Brutally honest, full Interview of Timothy Snyder on Russias Genocide in Ukraine
U.S. not planning to announce long-range missiles decision during Zelensky visit. : worldnews
Its Up to Ukrainians How They Use ATACMS - Blinken
The show must go on: 35,000 ultra-Orthodox Jews travel to Ukraine for the Jewish New Year

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 570, Part 1 (Thread #716) : worldnews

Losses of the Russian military to 16.9.2023 : ukraine

Russia is making a very costly tactical mistake that means its second line of defense will be easier to penetrate, analysts say

Lugansk, temporarily occupied, live in the Russian world. Z tanker hit a pedestrian at a crossing and drove away calmly. Another Z truck did the same, no response. People act like nothing happened. 9 years of occupation show dangerous Russian disregard for life. : ukraine
Russian partisan blows up 2 trucks carrying Russian occupiers in Henichesk, Kherson Oblast. [article] : ukraine
Ukraine Update: The mud may actually help Ukraine : ukraine

The race to save Ukraines abducted children

Ukraines 3rd Assault Brigade Releases Extraordinary Video of Russia Firing on Own Troops
De-occupation is getting closer!This Ukrainian resistance sticker in Russian-occupied Melitopol transforms the Kremlins pro-war zwastika symbol into an hourglass in the national colours of Ukraine to indicate that time is running out for the Russian invaders

Russians in Crimea sell nationalised Ukrainian real estate
Russian-installed Crimea authorities to sell Ukrainian properties : worldnews

Ukrainian minister vows more drones for strikes on Russian warships : worldnews
There will be more: Fedorov announced new attacks on Russian ships The Minister of Digital Transformation stated that in the near future the world will increasingly receive news about new accidents of ships of the Russian Navy. Ukraine has entered the phase of active production of naval combat drones, and is also testing artificial intelligence systems that will allow recognition of enemy vessels.
An experimental sea drone was used to damage a Russian missile ship, Ukrainian sources say : worldnews
Ukraines Special Operations Forces reveal details of missile launch on Russian submarine in Crimea

The hard right is getting closer to power all over Europe It does not need to join governments to affect policymaking

Swedens NATO accession is truly the victim of endless games. All eyes were on Erdogan, but now Orban has found an excuse to be outraged and delay ratification. Infuriating.

Visas-for-bribes scandal rocks Polands anti-immigrantgovernment before election
Polands Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki says Poland will build a border wall along its border with Kaliningrad, Russia. Poland built a razor-wire fence there, but Morawiecki now says it will be replaced with the same type of wall it has on the border with Belarus

Armenia will fully ratify Rome Statute, says Prime Minister Pashinyan

Letter showing Pope Pius XII had detailed information about Nazi crimes revealed - The Boston Globe ... undercutting the Holy Sees argument that it couldnt verify diplomatic reports of Nazi atrocities to denounce them.

Bus with migrants crashes as Italy transfers new arrivals to relieve pressure on Lampedusa island : worldnews

A sex education program causes controversy in Belgium. Schools are burning, the country is worried : worldnews

Pablo Picasso painting that depicts his mistress expected to sell for $120 million at auction : worldnews

Men Sentenced to Life in Prison for 2016 Brussels Bombings : worldnews

Im going to massacre you: Young Jewish man attacked in Marseille
French ski resort closes permanently because of snowfall shortage : worldnews

Irish Govt resisting EU grab of corporate sector profits : worldnews

SNP to open negotiations on Scotland leaving UK if it wins most seats at general election

Dozens of children were left behind by UN personnel in Haiti. Their mothers want justice : worldnews

El Chapos son extradited from Mexico to the US, Justice Department says

CIA identifies second officer involved in Argo mission

Saturday Morning Political Cartoon Thread : politics

Senators ask Pentagon for answers on SpaceXs Starlink service in Ukraine

Biden Defends Striking Autoworkers: They Deserve a Fair Share
The Future of Unions Looks Very Different : politics
This Day in Labor History: September 16, 1920 - Lawyers, Guns & Money - On September 16, 1920, a bomb went off on Wall Street at 12:01 PM. It killed thirty people and seriously injured 143. Almost certainly the work of extremist Italian anarchists under the influence of Luigi Galleani, it remains the most deadly example of left wing violence in American history.
As Biden backs striking autoworkers, Trump attacks union leader : politics
No defensible argument: Anger boils over at CEO pay .. CEO compensation has grown 940% since 1978 - Typical worker compensation has risen only 12% during that time

Military officers begin to speak out on the harm done by Sen. Tubervilles holds on promotions
315 military officers now affected by Tubervilles hold on promotions

McCarthy-Gaetz feud hits fever pitch : politics

Trump says he likes Putins praise
Trump says he's pleased by Putins praise: I like that he said that
The New Voice of Ukraine on X: "Former U.S. President Donald Trump expressed his gratitude for the recent support he has received from Russian dictator Vladimir Putin and claimed he could achieve peace in Ukraine in a day." / X

Rudy Giuliani may have been compromisedby the Kremlin, and FBI leaders didnt care, alleges special agent Johnathan Buma

Trumps become a runaway train in the GOP primary. Heres why.
Donald Trump Wants to Give His Favorite Corporations Another Giant Tax Cut in a Second Term: Report : politics

Trump serves up chaotic word salad about Biden sparking World War II and running against Obama
You cant make this up.

Inside Trumps Gambit to Get Rid of a Judge by Suing Him

I could have pardoned myself: Legal experts laugh off Trumps especially funny new claim

Jack Smith Asks for Gag Order to Stop Trump From Intimidating Witnesses : politics
Whoa: Jack Smith Just Threw Down at Donald Trump in Big Way The special counsel would like the former president to please stop talking already

A Jan. 6 rioter was convicted and sentenced in secret. No one will say why : politics

The culpability of guilty knowledge: Adam Schiff on what GOP knew before 1/6

The Gun Charges Against Hunter Biden Are Unusual. Heres Why.that he lied about drug use on a federal form when he purchased a handgun is not typically the basis for a stand-alone prosecution.

Jets owner Woody Johnson is privately lobbying GOP megadonors to donate to Trumps campaign

Ramaswamy wants to end the H-1B visa program he used 29 times

Marjorie Taylor Greene says shes all in for impeaching Pete Buttigieg

2 controversial votes at Wisconsins state Capitol show GOP efforts to shape elections

Republican presidential candidates mostly overlook New Hampshire in an effort to blunt Trump in Iowa : politics

Cracks are starting to form in the GOP. DeSantis, once impervious to attack in Florida, challenged successfully in his home state for the first time in years by his own conservative base.

Good Luck With Your Pro-Life Rebranding,Dummies! The anti-abortion movement has grown too radical to be tamed by a bunch of Washington elites playacting as marketing consultants.
The chickens come home to roost for Republicans : politics
The GOP Is Coming After Your Birth Control (Even If They Wont Admit It)
Florida Judge Deciding Abortion Ban Case Married to Rep Who Sponsored Bill : politics

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton acquitted on all 16 articles of impeachment : politics
Texas AG Ken Paxton acquitted on 16 charges in state Senate impeachment trial : politics
Republicans stick up for their own crook again - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Judge sides with teachers who say their religion requires them to out trans kids. The school tried to protect trans kids but the judge said that the teachers religious right to out students is more important

Sarah Huckabee Sanders Signs Bill That Bans Vaccine Mandates In Arkansas : politics
Arkansas Gov. Sarah Huckabee Sanders signs law restricting release of her travel, security records : politics

Kansas will no longer change trans peoples birth certificates to reflect their gender identities

Governor Kristi Noem, God-Fearing Family Woman, and Corey Lewandowski, Trump Creep, Reportedly Had 'Yearslong' Affair

Footage shows Boebert and her date fiddling with each others privates at Beetlejuice musical ... activities not suitable for the eyes of children
Meghan McCain Puts Lauren Boebert on Blast forLewd Sex Actin Public

2 librarians were fired after the board mistook an autism symbol for a Pride display. Theyre suing.

Armed man arrested at RFK Jr. campaign event in Los Angeles : politics

An update from Thorn Today we are sharing that Ashton Kutcher, our co-founder, will be resigning from his role as Board Chair at Thorn, effective immediately. This decision is rooted in the recognition of recent events and ensuring Thorn remains focused on its mission: to build technology to defend children from sexual abuse.

Overton, Texas principal arrested in connection with paddling of student : news

Empathy Is Not an AssetElon Musk doesnt tell us much about Elon Musk, but it just might tell you plenty about your next boss.

Jann Wenner Removed From Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Foundation Board of Directors : Music

Russell Brand accused of rape and sexual assault - BBC News
Russell Brand accused of rape, sexual assaults and abuse Four women, including one who was just 16, make allegations after an investigation by The Sunday Times, The Times and Channel 4 Dispatches
It's time to shut down the BBC until we can figure out what the hell is going on - Lawyers, Guns & Money woo-woo wellness guru Russell Brand is a serial sexual predator. And as usual this was pretty much an open secret:

An unfillable void: Grad student's family speaks out as outrage over Seattle officer body camera video grows
US assures action after India calls for probe into video showing Seattle police officer laughing at students death

Masked Boot Girls Are Freeing Booted Cars All Over Atlanta

I have watched 500 Horror Movies on the TUBI app and summarized, micro-reviewed, and categorized each one. Would like to share our updated list for everyone's convivence. : movies

Which celebrities have actually killed someone? : AskReddit

15 Year Old Emma Kok Sings Voila
Barbara Pravi - Voila -- (English Translation)

Whats your opinion on the concept of a western canon?

No evidence that UFOs are aliens NASA attempts to make conversations about aerial phenomena more scientific

This study found that the gut microbiome controls fat metabolism by reducing the expression of a long noncoding RNA (lncRNA) called Snhg9. : science

Students with higher social class backgrounds might be healthier because they sleep better : science

eli5: If space is expanding faster than light in all direction. Why hasn't the space between our atoms expanded to infinite? : explainlikeimfive

A meta-analysis of 500,000 people across 80 studies finds that Urban Living is linked to Depression for people in Developed countries, but not Developing countries. : science

A new study provides evidence for a bacterial component in the etiology/cause for Alzheimers disease - and for a development of a pathogenic microbiome in the brain, consistent with a leaky bloodbrain barrier that allows bacteria, viruses, fungi, or other pathogens to enter the brain.

Quantum memory order of magnitude improvement: a single-photon qubit encoded in a novel superconducting cavity with a record coherence time of 34 ms; this long-lived quantum memory is used to store a Schrodinger cat state with a record size of 1024
A new study challenges the widely accepted belief that degeneration of dopaminergic neurons is the initial event for Parkinsons disease. It suggests dysfunction in synapses of neurons, tiny gaps which impulses are transmitted, actually leads to deficits in dopamine and precedes neurodegeneration.

The physical universe is a by-product of consciousness exploring itself. | by Story Waters | Medium Consciousness is not an evolutionary by-product. It created biological evolution.

Eli5 Why werent all babies born disabled back when everyone smoked/drank during pregnancy?

TIL Operation Midnight Climax was a program by the CIA in the mid 50s that used prostitutes to lure unsuspecting men to apartments in New York and San Francisco to drug them with LSD to test whether the combination of sex and LSD might influence the men to reveal information the government wanted. : todayilearned

TIL that the Battle of Manila was the scene of some of the most brutal fighting in WW2 and one of the most devastated cities alongside Berlin and Warsaw : todayilearned

Most notorious illegal shadow library sued by textbook publishers [Updated]

Do you think musicians cringe too when hearing their voices in recordings? : Music


Texas power prices soar 20,000% as brutal heat wave sets off emergency : technology

Exxon minimized climate change internally after conceding that fossil fuels cause it : worldnews

Solar panel exports are breaking records : worldnews

More than 700 million people dont know when or if they will eat again, UN food chief says

Dams worldwide are at risk of catastrophic failure : worldnews

Libya Flood Death Toll Rapidly Doubles: Now Tops 11,000 : worldnews

Death toll from Hawaii wildfires drops to 97 : news

Myanmar, Russia agree on election cooperation

Taiwan election: Foxconn founder Terry Gou picks actress who played a presidential candidate in the Netflix show Wave Makers as running mate : worldnews
Beijing Says It Will Sanction Lockheed, Northrop Over Taiwan Arms Sales : worldnews
Anonymous fills UNESCO site with Taiwan symbols, sites, party logos, and rap music : worldnews

Li Shangfu: speculation grows over fate of Chinas missing defence minister

Putin Scrounging Around for Weapons Amid Ukraine Failure:
Kadyrov, head of Chechnya, in critical condition: Ukrainian Intelligence reports : worldnews
Russian central bank says rates will need to stay high as it hikes to 13% : worldnews

Russian authorities will now be able to send deaf, oligophrenic and schizophrenic people to the front line - Yesterday, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu approved a list of diseases with which citizens will not be able to serve under contract during mobilization, martial law and wartime. The list consists of 26 points, including HIV, hepatitis B and C, diabetes mellitus, all forms of active tuberculosis, drug addiction, lack of limbs or a kidney.

U.S. Sanctions More Than 150 Entities Accused of Aiding Russia : worldnews
Rich Russians still transferring cash to Swiss bank accounts, investigation shows : worldnews

Russia wants to block WhatsApp : worldnews
Notorious Gangster From Russias North Ossetia Handed Life Sentence

Putins Useful Priests. The Russian Orthodox Church is apparently happy to be used by the Russian intelligence agencies, even in theoperational activities of the SVR, including in the US.

India calls X a habitual non-compliant platform

Afghan Taliban Detain 18, Including American, on Charges of Preaching Christianity : worldnews

Wagner Group sustains significant losses in clashes with Central African Republic rebels : worldnews

Nigeria hit by widespread blackout in total system collapse

Irans women a year after Mahsa Aminis death: I wear what I like now
Iran seizes 2 foreign-flagged tankers : worldnews

Seriously Sick Elon Musk Gets Trash-Talked All Over Ukraine

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 569, Part 1 (Thread #715) : worldnews

Look at the emotions of the defenders after the fight Its not movie.
Ukrainian forces reclaim a village in the east as part of counteroffensive : worldnews
Drone images from Sept. 6 show destroyed village of Andriivka, retaken by Ukrainian forces today, located just below occupied Bakhmut. Once home to ~40 homes surrounded by fields & adjacent to railway. I did several bicycle rides through there back in the day.

nteresting from the Russian general and MP Gurulev who took it to Telegram to say that Ukrainians have changed tactics, that they effectively combat minefields, that their drones are endless, and that the Russian counter-battery fire is still ineffective.

War crimes investigators establish office in Ukraine after Russia charged with abducting more than 19,000 children : worldnews

Ukraine says Russian missile defence destroyed in Crimea, 2 warships hit : worldnews
A Russian sub took catastrophic damage from a Ukrainian missile strike despite attempts to downplay it, UK intel says
Ukrainian Bombers Firing Western Cruise Missiles Have Knocked Out A Russian Submarine : worldnews
Russian Serviceman Helped Ukraine Plan Missile Strike on Sevastopol Shipyard, Partisans Claim : worldnews

Bulgaria, NATO discuss response to Russian blockade in Black Sea : worldnews

Finland bans entry of Russian-registered private cars from midnight Friday : worldnews

A scandal in Polish Ministry of Foreign affairs uncovered by journalists - a people smuggling ring within the Ministry issued over 250 thousand visas to migrants from Asia and Africa for cash : worldnews

Austrian ex-foreign minister moves to Russia with ponies flown in on military plane

Germany Hints That Decision on Transfer of Taurus Missiles to Ukraine Will Take AnotherWeek orTwo

Italys Lampedusa pleads for help after thousands of migrant arrivals
Humanitarian disaster could lead to new war on Europes border

TikTok fined 345 million by Irelands data watchdog over processing of childrens data

Carrefour puts shrinkflation price warnings on food to shame brands | Supermarkets
American Bully XL dog set to be banned in the United Kingdom : worldnews

Brazil riots: First man tried for storming government buildings gets 17 years : worldnews Seriously, zip tie guy (US Insurrection) didn't even get 5 years. The dude who killed officer Sicknick got less than 7! An addition to Guantanomo should have been built to house 100s of these terrorists for decades

Police arrest Argentinas biggest online distributor of Nazi propaganda and literature: The detainee printed and sold more than 300 titles on Adolf Hitler, Aryan 'ethics,' anti-Semitism and Holocaust denial from his family home in Buenos Aires ... The Rat Lines were escape routes for prominent Nazis at the end of WWII. They were set up by the Vatican, which also issued forged paperwork ... how much human evil has come out of the Vatican

Dominican Republic closes border with Haiti, further stoking tensions : worldnews

Control grocery prices or face new taxes, Canadas Trudeau warns chains

All thanks to Big Yellow Taxi: How State discovered Chinese hackers reading its emails The State Department relied on a clever alert system to uncover and unravel an advanced Chinese spying campaign that involved breaches of officials emails.

The US Senate wants answers over Starlinks Ukrainian satellite internet denial
No One Man Should Have All That PowerAsfree speech absolutist Elon Musk continues his campaign of censorship at Twitter, were getting an exhibition in the outsize power of billionaires to shape our politics.

Biden Offering New Round of Dark Brandon Merch : politics The Messenger is a right-wing trojan horse pretending to be a regular news outlet.
Biden's Medicare price negotiation push is broadly popular. But he's not getting much credit | AP News

Biden Administration Aims to Trump-Proof the Federal Work Force - The New York Times If Donald Trump wins a second term, he and his allies want to revive a plan to allow a president to fire civil service workers who are supposed to be hired on merit. The Biden administration is trying to thwart it.

The old have come to dominate American politics Age of heads of government At March 24th 2023, 187 countries

What I saw at the Texas border shocked me | The Hill

UAW strike: 13,000 auto workers walk off | AP News
UAW members go on strike at three key auto plants after deal deadline passes : politics
UAW Temporary Loses Twitter Verification as Union Strikes
X revokes paid blue check from United Auto Workers after strike called : technology
75 Percent of Americans Side With Striking UAW Members | The Nation Polling shows exceptionally wide support for the unions bold demands ... But the automakerswhich made a combined $21 billion in profits in the first six months of 2023 alone ... claimed that they could not afford to meet even the most reasonable, most basic demands of the workers.

With democracy on the ballot, the mainstream press must change its ways | Margaret Sullivan | The Guardian ... US news organizations have turned Bidens age into a scandal and continue to cover Trump as an entertaining side show
So Bidens Old. But Did He Try to Destroy American Democracy? The media has forgotten that Donald Trump has an age-old problem as well

Its Now Clearer Than Ever: The US Is Choosing to Impoverish Children ... Republicans * That includes Sinema and Manchin

At Air Force conference, officials call out effect of Tuberville holds : politics
Republican Dan Crenshaw texts hes going to tear apart Tuberville for promotions hold

Congress is in crisis. Theres no clear escape ... I just didnt think we were dumb enough to get there,Rep. Mike Simpson (R-Idaho) said.

House Dems Aim to Make Overdue Reforms to the FEC: The Federal Election Commission has resisted taking action on a number of clear election law violations. House Democrats want answers.

GOPs phony impeachment will backfire Trump and McCarthy will pay the price ... The republican party is 100% fascist at this point. MAGA is just the loud part. The rest of them approve of it with their silence.
Marjorie Taylor Greene admits aim of Biden impeachment is to ensure Democrats losebig at next election
The Rage of the Toddler Caucus on Capitol HillNot even a Biden impeachment can soothe them out of a government shutdown.

Why the FBI is still searching for hundreds of Capitol rioters : politics

Twitter gives special counsel Jack Smith 32 of Trumps private messages
Donald Trumps attempt to recuse Judge Chutkan rubbished by Jack Smith
Trumps public statements led to harassment of witnesses, federal prosecutors say
Special Counsel Seeking Gag Order on Trump in Election Case - The New York Times Prosecutors have asked Judge Tanya S. Chutkan to curb statements from the former president that could intimidate witnesses, influence potential jurors or lead to harassment of others in the case.

Trump says hed testify under oath he never ordered Mar-a-Lago security video deleted
Trump, His Kids, and His Bankers: New York AG Lays Out Witnesses in Case : politics
Trump and three of his kids to be called as witnesses in fraud case : politics

Legal Experts Have A Field Day With Trumps Megyn Kelly Interview

Trump Explains Melanias Absence on the Campaign Trail

Malignant Trump Torched By His Former Attorney Who Is Predicted To Flip | The former presidents one-time lawyer explained why she simply cant support him for elected office again

Hunter Bidens lawyer says gun statute unconstitutional, case will be dismissed
A conservative appeals court just ruled against the federal gun law used to charge Hunter Biden : politics
Biden won't pardon his son if he's convicted, White House says

Enough with the Mitt Romney adulation! The GOP hasnt been a serious "policy" party in decades: "traditional" Republican views on everything from taxes to abortion failed, clearing a path for a Trumpist takeover

John Fetterman Claps Back At Crying Matt Gaetz: Get Your S**t Together

Wisconsins Gerrymandering Is Sparking a Constitutional Crisis: Badger State Republicans desire to hold onto power is running afoul of democracy
GOP-led Wisconsin Senate votes to remove chief elections official : politics

The End of Roe Is Having a Chilling Effect on Pregnancy | New polling shows that a third of young women say they or someone they know has decided not to get pregnant because of concerns about maternal health care after Dobbs. : politics

Crying mother of transgender child confronts Pence over anti-LGBT policies : politics
Mike Pence snubs crying mom who begged him to support trans rights : politics

Republican sobs as she claims LGBTQ+ activists are trainingchildren to use butt plugs and dildos

An epidemic: Syphilis rages through Texas, causing newborn cases to climb amid treatment shortage

Florida leaders silent after senator confronts staffer at womens shelter

Two More California School Districts OK Forced Outing of Trans Students. School boards in Orange and Rocklin took the action even though the state attorney general has sued one district with such a policy and warned others. : politics

Why Colin Allred Is Going to Make Ted Cruz Sweat: A recent poll shows the Texas Democrat only 5 percent behind the lightning-rod GOP incumbent. Heres how he might pull off the cycles biggest upset.
Texas named as state with the most book bans in 2022, report shows : politics

EXCLUSIVE: Married South Dakota governor Kristi Noem and Trump advisor Corey Lewandowski have been having a years-long clandestine affair
The Party of Family Values - Lawyers, Guns & Money Married South Dakota governor Kristi Noem, 51who stresses her belief infamily valuesand Trump advisor Corey Lewandowski, who is also married, began carrying on in 2019, if not before.

What the Ken Paxton saga shows about MAGA and Trump - POLITICO Nearly a quarter of Texas Republicans now disapprove of the embattled attorney general, an all-time high.

Republican candidate for governor supports criminalizing birth control - Lawyers, Guns & Money Many Kentuckians might be forced to abstain from the states finest export for several months at a time should Republicans capture the governorship:

Theres Videotape! Annals of Feral Lauren Boebert

Video shows school employee hitting 3-year-old nonverbal autistic child in the head and knocking him to the floor, attorney alleges : news

The spectacular downfall of a common, useless cold medicine | Ars Technica
Ending a great rip-off - Lawyers, Guns & Money ... Will be interesting to see whether the data for ambroxol holds up and if its approved for American sale.

Jann Wenner Interviews White Guys Because They're More Articulate - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Ashton Kutcher resigns from anti-child sex abuse organization after backlash over Danny Masterson letter : news

Webb finds molecule only made by living things in another world : worldnews

Scientists discover how brain cells die in Alzheimers

Why is no one taught the one concept in quantum physics which denies reality? | by Chris Ferrie | Medium contextuality and it is the essence of quantum physics

2084 - Avi Loeb ... There is no doubt that by 2084 artificial intelligence (AI) will take over most routine tasks, currently assigned to humans.

Scientists have confirmed that human brains are naturally wired to perform advanced calculations, much like a high-powered computer, to make sense of the world through a process known as Bayesian inference. : science

TIL that women are twice as likely than men to be Constipated. This finding is consistent across 11 different studies. : todayilearned

MA Has Third-Highest Median Household Income, New Census Data Shows : massachusetts

Which author has the most beautiful writing style? : books

Apple's new iPhone 15 is an underwhelming 'slap in the face,' say disappointed fans : technology Apples new iPhone 15 is an underwhelming slap in the face, say disappointed fans


Earth beyond six of nine planetary boundaries : science
Earth well outside safe operating space for humanityscientists find

20,000 people feared dead in Libyan city destroyed by floods : worldnews
Derna, 100 000 inhabitants, 20 000 presumed dead due to a cyclone and corruption : pics
After Libya Floods, a Chaotic Scramble for Rescuers - The New York Times The situation is still very bad there is a mismanagement of the crisissaid one volunteer. Thousands of people died, and many are still missing, after heavy rains led to the collapse of two dams.

Australian tycoon calls for layoffs to fix workers attitudes

US approves $5 bn sale of F-35 jets to South Korea : worldnews

Kim invites Putin to North Korea : worldnews

How Much Time? - Lawyers, Guns & Money How much warning would we have of a Chinese attack on Taiwan?

Gone in 30 seconds: Boy, 10, arrested over $640k luxury watch robbery in Hong Kong : worldnews ... the three robbers, believed to be Pakistanis with Hong Kong identity cards, threatened the staff and smashed their display counters, taking 20 luxury watches such as Rolex timepieces.

Times change : pics
2/ Putin met with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un at the Vostochny Cosmodrome in Amur Oblast on September 14.
4/ Putin is likely neutrally portraying his meeting with Kim Jong Un in order to balance Russias interest in acquiring North Korean artillery munitions with concerns about the risk of triggering secondary international sanctions on Russia due to potential trade with North Korea.

Russian manufacturers are making up to 7 times as much ammunition as Western arms makers, Estonian defense official says : worldnews

Rogue Russian pilot tried to shoot down RAF aircraft in 2022 : worldnews
Russia covered up a pilots attempt to shoot down a NATO aircraft near Ukraine, blaming it on a malfunction, report says

Indian Military Studying Options if China Invades Taiwan

TIL Rwanda, East Africa, leads the entire world for the most women in government. In 2008 it became the first nation on earth to have a female majority government - and, since then, the country has maintained the figure at an approximately 60% majority... : todayilearned

The Secret Life and Anonymous Death of the Most Prolific War-Crimes Investigator in History | The New Yorker When Mustafa died, in the earthquakes in Turkey, his work in Syria had assisted in the prosecutions of numerous figures in Bashar al-Assads regime

Christian extremists attack drag show, LGBT Lebanese in Beirut : worldnews

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky is expected to visit the Capitol next week as part of his visit to the United States for the UN General Assembly. Visit is tentatively scheduled for Thursday 9/21.
Timothy Snyder: People know Russia is committing genocide in Ukraine but are afraid to say so : ukraine
Ukrainian pilots could be flying F-16s in three months, Air National Guard head says : worldnews

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 568, Part 1 (Thread #714) : worldnews

Losses of the Russian military to 14.9.2023

Russia, by all accounts has the advantage in fixed-wing reconnaissance drones with its state-backed mass production of models like the Orlan. Ukrainian soldiers speak of them with a lot of respect, and if they are spotted flying around, the guys keep their head down

link in the last tweet. It looks like Ukraine has finally hit the S-400 positions, which were revealed earlier last year by tourists taking photos near the beach close to the city of Yevpatoria

27 Russian Troops Killed by Friendly Fire During Botched Retreat Near Opytne

Deliberate murders of Ukrainian children by Russian soldiers reveal culture of impunity : ukraine
BULLET HOLES | An investigation into Russias systemic killings of Ukrainian children

Ukraine says serious damage to Russian naval targets in Crimea attack : worldnews
Russian air defence system destroyed in Crimea, Ukraine says : worldnews
Unique special operation: SSU and Navy destroy $1.2 billion Russian Triumph near Eupatoria : worldnews
A giant success for the Ukrainian Air Force.
More footage of the parts of a special operation to regain control over Ukrainian oil and gas drilling platforms in the Black Sea

Romanians told to shelter from Russian drones : worldnews

Dutch diplomat who saved 9.000-10.000 Jews in Lithuania during WWII was punished by the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs after the war for diverging from standard visa protocol. After 80 years he is finally honoured with the highest possible recognition for a civilian.

Germany suspends migrant intake from Italy : worldnews

Spanish police arrest man for groping reporter while on air : worldnews

Brazil considering leaving International Criminal Court following order for Putins arrest

Argentina inflation hits 124% as cost-of-living crisis sharpens : worldnews

Cocaine Is Set to Overtake Oil to Become Colombias Main Export

Cuba is not against its citizens fighting on Russias side in Ukraine, RIA cites envoy

Scientists call fraud on supposed extraterrestrials presented to Mexican Congress : news
Mexico Releases Rare Photo of Aliens Discovered in 1996 : funny

NASA Will Study UFOs Using AI and Crowdsourcing - WSJ
NASA Shares Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena Independent Study Report : technology

Terrestrial Relics from Non-Human Spacecraft | by Avi Loeb | Medium
The return of OumuamuaWith a strange u-turn, this mysterious object has been coming back, and people are dying to get their hands (or feet) on it.
6 Strange Facts about the Interstellar Visitor Oumuamua

Senate subpoenas Saudis $700bn sovereign wealth fund over US dealings

George W. Bush says real pro-life Republicans wouldnt defund his HIV program

Congrats on making millions of kids poorer, Congress : politics

In Poland, Testing Women for Abortion Drugs Is a Reality. It Could Happen Here.

Media Carrying Water for Employers - Lawyers, Guns & Money Our friend Michael Hiltzik has an excellent column on the ways that the media frames strikes in ways that prove to be employer propaganda.

Were Headed for a Government Shutdown

It will take years to recover from Tuberville blockade, top Navy nominee says
Tuberville faces growing GOP pressure over holds : politics
Is Tommy Tuberville Paving the Way for Trump to Fill the Pentagon with Lackeys? : politics

Biden on Republicans impeachment bid: I have a job to do

Senate GOP says House lacks evidence for impeachment : politics

Carville on McCarthys impeachment inquiry: How could we get so lucky?
Some GOP members pitch hilariously bad evidence against Biden | One Republican put his cards on the table for everyone to see. It was immediately obvious that what he perceived as face cards were actually jokers.

Biden Allies Cite Kushner in Discrediting Impeachment Push : politics

Kevin McCarthy Caught in Lie of His Own Making on Biden Impeachment: The House speaker rushed through his call for a Biden impeachment, and the press called him out on it. : politics

Read and weep : PoliticalHumor
As 2024 Looms, Neo-Nazis Are Returning to the Streets : politics

Georgias fake electors acted at Trumps direction, indicted ex-GOP chair says
Trump wont have to stand trial in October, Georgia judge says
Judge severs Trumps Georgia election interference case, and 16 others, from trial starting in October
Judge severs Trump's Georgia election interference case, and 16 others, from trial starting in October - ABC News

The Donald forum user gets more than 6 years in prison for battling officers at Capitol riot Jose Padilla, 43, a disabled Army veteran, received a sentence far below the sentencing guidelines

Hunter Biden indicted by special counsel on felony gun charges - ABC News
The FBI has created a stand-alone unit to investigate threats from members of the public who think agents and prosecutors havent been tough enough on the presidents son.

Six Takeaways From Romneys Tea-Spilling Biographyforthcoming book based on extensive interviews in which he slammed his party and the Senate.
James Palmer on X: "this is almost tragic. for everyone, including them" / X this is almost tragic. for everyone, including them
The psychology of the gerontocracy - Lawyers, Guns & Money ... Two Supreme Court justices this century William Rehnquist and Ruth Bader Ginsburg made incredibly reckless gambles by refusing to retire strategically despite very serious health problems and advanced age.

Mitt Romney: decimating Russian military by funding Ukraine a wise investment for US

Mitt Romney condemns demagogue Trump as he announces retirement
Mitt Romney: Its time for baby boomer politicians to move on
Republican politicians are worried that Mitt Romneys new book will reveal their true feelings and private conversations about Trump
Youre screwed: Romneys exit threatens a collapse of Senates middle
Mitch McConnell told Mitt Romney that Trump is an 'idiot' who doesn't think when he says things: book

Colorado Lawsuits Strategy for Keeping Trump Off Ballot Is Starting to Spread

The overlap between election denial and viewing Biden as a criminal : politics
"An acute threat to white privilege": Tim Wise on why MAGA is "losing their s**t right now" : politics

What Republicans are doing to Wisconsin is a warning sign to all Americans : politics
Planned Parenthood in Wisconsin will resume offering abortions : politics

Will the Supreme Court allow Fugitive Uterus Acts to be enforced? - Lawyers, Guns & Money - It was inevitable that some neoconfederate jurisdictions would try to prevent women from traveling to states who reject the gender relations of 19th century common law to obtain abortions:

The Democrats must keep the Senate at all costs and the coal-mine canary is Ohio

DeSantis took undisclosed private flights and lodging through wealthy donors : politics
Failed presidential candidate wants more of his constituents to die - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Biden admin takes swipe at Ted Cruz over school mask mandates : politics

House rests its case against Ken Paxton after chaotic day | The Texas Tribune The House prosecutors failed to call a star witness and battled with the defense attorneys over allegations the suspended attorney general had been bribed by Nate Paul.
A mistress almost takes the stand in Texas AGs impeachment trial

Jury awards $100,000 to Kentucky couple denied marriage license by ex-County Clerk Kim Davis : politics ... Just a reminder that Kim Davis has been married at least four times, and during one of her several marriages, she had an affair that resulted in her becoming pregnant with twins. The man she had the affair with would eventually become her future husband. So much for that whole sanctity of marriage thing. These religious nuts are truly despicable people without a shred of decency and integrity.

Santos misses extended deadline to file financial disclosure, blames fear of a rushed job

Video appears to show Lauren Boebert giving the middle finger to an usher after being kicked out of a performance of Beetlejuice

Judge suspends Lujan Grishams gun order

Trans state representative Zooey Zephyr makes Times 100 Next list

Where Is There to Go? He Needs Gender-Affirming Surgery, but His State Is Fighting to Deny Coverage

Arkansas Gov. Sarah Huckabee Sanders signs law restricting release of her travel, security records : news

TIL that on the weekend of Friday June 22nd Professional Wrestler Chris Benoit killed his wife Nancy, then his son and the next day himself. But 14 hours before anyone knew what happened a wiki user edited a wiki article to say that Nancy was dead, later claiming it was a "terrible coincidence". : todayilearned

Man helping deer cross a busy street shot, killed by scared driver

Charges: Man held girlfriend captive in St. Kates dorm room, beat and raped her for days

during a gynecological exam. Credit: Illustration by Lucas Waldron/ProPublica - Criminal Justice - How Columbia Ignored Women, Undermined Prosecutors and Protected a Predator For More Than 20 Years
assaulted her during a gynecological exam. Credit: Illustration by Lucas Waldron/ProPublica Criminal Justice How Columbia Ignored Women, Undermined Prosecutors and Protected a Predator For More Than 20 Years : TrueCrimeDiscussion
Gynecologist accused of sexually abusing over 200 patients is sentenced to 20 years in prison | AP News
Doctor Who Abused Women Sentenced to 20 Years Imprisonment - The New York Times Robert A. Hadden, a gynecologist, was convicted of luring women across state lines to appointments in Manhattan where he abused them.
US gynecologist Robert Hadden sentenced to 20 years in prison for abusing patients | New York | The Guardian predator in a white coat

Man walked naked out of shower, found Mountie in his bedroom, lawsuit says : news

A Political History of the Future: The Tech Billionaire - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Elon Musk Slammed by Taiwan Days After Ukraine Lashed Out The worlds richest man drew a rebuke from Taiwans foreign ministry just days after being called out by Ukrainian officials.

What famous person had everything going for him but managed to fuck it all up? : AskReddit ... Matt Lauer

ELI5: How was Jeffrey Dahmers cased not ruled not guilty by reason of insanity? If he isnt insane, then who is?

Caesars reportedly paid millions to stop hackers releasing its data | Its the second Las Vegas casino group to be attacked this week.
MGM reeling from cyber 'chaos' 5 days after attack as Caesars Entertainment says it was hacked too - ABC News
A phone call to helpdesk was likely all it took to hack MGM : technology

The Entire Gaming Industry Unites Against Unitys Baffling Pricing Change

Shoutout To Heather Cox Richardson - Lawyers, Guns & Money

A new study investigated reactions of college students accused of using ChatGPT to cheat by analyzing 49 Reddit posts. Of the 49 students who posted, 38 of them said they did not use ChatGPT, but detection programs like Turnitin or GPTZero had still flagged their assignment as being AI-generated. : science

New study brings MDMA as treatment for PTSD closer to FDA approval | The Hill

Overdose deaths from fentanyl laced stimulants have risen 50-fold since 2010 | The trend marks the fourth wave in the US overdose crisis, which began with prescription opioid deaths in the early 2000s and has since continued with other drugs : science
Fentanyl mixed with cocaine or meth is driving the 4th wave of the overdose crisis

TIL more women than men have contributed to out gene pool due to the fact pre-historic men had children with between 1.5 and 3.3 women on average : todayilearned
Ten Other Men Left Genetic Legacies So Huge They Rival Genghis Khan' - A new study shows that 10 other men founded large Y-chromosome lineages

TIL that birds have a unidirectional, four-stroke respiration system. They have posterior and anterior air sacs that fill the lungs and receive deoxygenated air during each part of the inhale/exhale cycle. This process is highly efficient as it keeps the lungs constantly full of oxygenated air : todayilearned

Risk of brain haemorrhage appears transmissible via blood transfusion. Patients who have received blood from donors who later suffered recurring brain haemorrhages are more than twice as likely to suffer a brain haemorrhage themselves. Note that this study does not demonstrate causality. : science

Up to an hour after their hearts had stopped, 4 of 10 patients revived by CPR had clear memories afterward of experiencing death and, while unconscious, had brain patterns linked to thought and memory, a new study found. : science

ELI5: Why is the Fibonacci sequence found everywhere? : explainlikeimfive
Metallic mean - Wikipedia

Analysis of 200 million known proteins suggests that humans have 13 unique three-dimensional shapes : science

Hondas adorable '80s microscooter is back and electrified for the 21st century

Redditors who have dated celebrities, howd it go?

what is the most unsettling unsolved mystery that youre aware of?


Antarctic sea ice levels entering new low state, climate researchers say, with action urged on emissions

Oxford study proves heat pumps triumph over fossil fuels in the cold : worldnews

US behind more than a third of global oil and gas expansion plans, report finds | Climate crisis : worldnews

Red fire ants, an invasive species with a painful sting, have spread to Europe : worldnews

After delay, aid groups have "green light" to help Morocco quake victims : worldnews

ALMARSAD: Causalities from the floods in Libya are now estimated to be more than 20,000. : worldnews
Sea is constantly dumping bodies: fears Libya flood death toll may hit 20,000
Libya floods death toll passes 3,000 as damage becomes clear : worldnews
5000 dead, 10000 missing in Libya Floods : worldnews
Libya floods: Entire neighbourhoods dragged into the sea : worldnews

S. Korea to stage large-scale military parade in Seoul for 1st time in decade : worldnews

Taiwan watching carefully for Beijing attempts to influence 2024 election

China Says It Has Noticed Security Incidents With iPhones

We will fight imperialism together North Koreas Kim tells Putin
Ive heard a lot said on Russian state TV, but this is certainly a new one - Ahead of Vladimir Putins meeting with Kim Jong-un, Nikolai Starikov praises North Koreas successful economy and political system

Russia enticed soldiers to join a unit by saying it wouldnt fight in Ukraine for months, then sent it straight to the front, UK intel says

Four Russian regions face a collapse in budget revenuesthe Moscow Times.Four Russian regions in the first half of 2023 faced a double-digit drop in tax revenues to local budgets. This data is provided by experts of the Gaidar Institute in their report on the financial condition of the Russian Federations regions.
Four Russian regions in the first half of 2023 faced a double-digit drop in tax revenues to local budgets. This data is provided by experts of the Gaidar Institute in their report

Russian airliner forced to land in corn field -BBC : worldnews

Blogger In Tatarstan Gets Three Years In Prison For Calling On Russian Soldiers To Desert : worldnews

We cant rely on Russia to protect us anymore, Armenian PM says Once one of the Kremlins closest allies, Armenia is now conducting joint drills with US soldiers

No corridor without Turkey: Erdogan opposes India-Middle East-Europe mega project ... Maybe hes the reason they drew it around Turkey.

Female genital mutilation linked to Red Sea slave trade route Women taken from Africa and sold as concubines in the Middle East were 'stitched' as a sign of chastity to increase their market value

Irans gender apartheid bill could jail women for 10 years for not wearing hijab
Iran confirms it arrested Swedish citizen : worldnews

5 killed in Gaza border blast during rioting, apparently while planting bomb : anime_titties IDF says Palestinian explosive device meant to target troops near security fence exploded prematurely, as Hamas appears to return to regular provocations on frontier

The US is preparing to provide Ukraine with long-range missiles loaded with cluster bombs. The Biden administration is close to approving the delivery of long-range missiles equipped with cluster bombs to Ukraine, which would allow Kyiv to inflict more significant damage deep into Russian-occupied territory, four US officials told Reuters
Elon Musk shouldnt be calling the shots on how Ukraine fights
Elon Musks control of Starlink gives him unchecked power over elected governments
Elon Musk on Starlink Scandal: Ukraine Not in Chargeof U.S. "I am" he said.
Russias Putin praises Elon as an outstanding person and talented businessman
Whats Unique About Ukraine and Starlink

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 567, Part 1 (Thread #713) : worldnews

The Russian pilot who defected to Ukraine with a Mi-8 helicopter is now providing key aviation intelligence to Ukraine, defense agency says : worldnews

Ukraine launches missile attack on Crimea, Russia says : worldnews
Ukraine Strikes Russian Naval Ships at Black Sea Facility : worldnews
Russia says Crimean shipyard on fire, two ships damaged in Ukraine missile attack : worldnews
Russian media report two large naval vessels, the Minsk landing ship and the Rostov-on-Don submarine, burned down as a result of the attack.
British cruise missiles were used in significant Ukrainian attack on Russian submarine | World News | Sky News The UK gave Storm Shadow missiles to Ukraines armed forces earlier in the year. They are able to be fired by Ukrainian aircraft, with a range of more than 150 miles.
worthy of reflection that here we are, More than a year and a half after the Russian full scale invasion and Ukr seems to be winning the Black Sea naval war with Russia, and Ukr doesnt have a functioning large warship.

Romania announces it has found the wreckage of another Russian drone. This time, the Russian drone struck Nufarul Victoria, 15 km south of the Ukrainian border. Romania is a NATO state!

Ukrainians leaving Poland for Germany as Europe cries out for workers : worldnews

Latvia, Estonia follow Lithuania in banning Russian cars from entering : worldnews

With Apples iPhone 15, the EU wins the charger war

The EU should have isolated the Ukraine war,Hungarian foreign minister says

Cryptoqueen: Accomplice jailed for 20 years for OneCoin financial scam : worldnews

France bans sales of Apples iPhone 12 after watchdog finds above-threshold radiation levels

The Brazilian military officer who served as Jair Bolsonaros private secretary during his term as president (2019-2022) is preparing to confess after reaching an agreement with the police last Saturday, to cooperate in several investigations that include his former boss

Colombia deadliest country for environmentalists

A grim report about climate change in Ontario was kept quiet for 8 months : worldnews
Drug overdoses, COVID-19 drive Saskatchewan Canada life expectancy to lowest level in 22 years : worldnews
Empty shelves with absolutely no books: Students, parents question school boards library weeding process

A Mexican ufologist claims to show 2 alien corpses to Congress : NPR
Researcher Shows off Alien Corpses to Mexican Congress: Experts Wont Touch Claims
Mexico: Remains of alleged non-human put on display : worldnews
A video which exposes similar forgeries made two years ago by the same man now claiming to have found mummified aliens in Mexico : videos
TIL That The 3 Fingered Alien Is A Hoax Debunked In 2017 : todayilearned

Child poverty is a choice ... In 2022, the child poverty rate spiked to 12.4%, a dramatic increase of 7.2 percentage points from the previous year

Shoutout To Heather Cox Richardson - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Biden plan would overhaul 151-year-old mining law, make companies pay royalties for copper and gold : politics

Is the rise of AI the best argument for universal basic income? : politics

Congress Needs to Show Samuel Alito and the Supreme Court Whos Boss

Christie knocks Putins endorsement of Trump

Tuberville refuses to budge on military promotions despite growing GOP pressure : politics
Dem: Tuberville doesnt know what in the hell hes talking about

The most predictable impeachment investigation in American history : politics
With Nothing on Joe Biden, Republicans Move Toward Impeaching Him Anyway : politics

John Fettermans Reaction to Biden Impeachment Is All We Care About: The Pennsylvania senator captured perfectly how stupid this all is.
John Fetterman says hell never understand progressives who refuse to support Joe Biden

Kevin McCarthy is cornered : politics
AOC slams McCarthy on Biden impeachment: Hesmaking a joke of himself
Matt Gaetz issues ominous warning to Kevin McCarthy : politics
Kevin McCarthy is moving forward on Bidens possible impeachment by doing the exact same thing he slammed Nancy Pelosi for doing
Senate GOP unhappy with McCarthy on impeachment inquiry: Its a fools errand
Charlie Sykes: McCarthy will be remembered as one of the weakest speakers weve ever had

Trump privately discussed Biden impeachment with GOP lawmakers : politics

The GOPs Ill-Fated Biden Impeachment Inquiry Will Cost Republicans the House
Jamie Raskin Warns GOP Of Humiliation That Could EndThe Republican Party
With Nothing on Joe Biden, Republicans Move Toward Impeaching Him Anyway : politics

Judge denies Trump aide Mark Meadows request to pause ruling that sent Georgia election case back to state court : politics
Trumpy Judge Actually Rules Against Trump in Mar-a-Lago Case : politics

Alvin Bragg keeps winning and nobodys talking about it

Trumps access to classified information restricted as he heads to trial in documents case, federal judge rules

When your parents go the full 1/6 - Lawyers, Guns & Money ... Roughly 15 percent of the more than 1,100 people charged for actions on Jan. 6, 2021, were turned in by family members, friends or acquaintances

Comer Gives Away the Game When Asked Why He Wont Just Subpoena Hunter Biden: House Oversight Chair James Comer has insisted for months that Hunter Biden is up to something nefarious. So why not subpoena him?

Jared Kushners Dad, A Convicted Felon Who Trump Pardoned, Donates A Million To Trump PAC

Democratic leaders push back on erroneous Robert Kennedy Jr. attacks: Kennedy has recently made unsupported claims of Democratic vote-rigging in the primary a central message of his campaign

A House GOP attempt to advance abortion measure backfires in funding fight - POLITICO House GOP leaders wanted more leverage in the spending wars. So far, they have less.
End of the Pro-Life Movement - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Mitt Romney says he will not seek a second term in the Senate : politics

Florida covid boosters: Surgeon General warns against use of new boosters - POLITICO

The Right-Wing Conspiracy-Fest Is More Openly Bloodthirsty Than Before: Ive been to three ReAwaken America events. This one, starring Alex Jones and Roseanne Barr, was off the charts.

Everybody Hates Marty | David Klion Martin Peretz would like a word

Cannabis cafes, Amsterdam-style, await Newsoms approval. Its a culture shift, lawmaker says

Residents can relax after fugitive Danelo Cavalcante is captured and arraigned in rural PennsylvaniaLaw enforcements big break came overnight as a plane fitted with a thermal imaging camera picked up Danelo Souza Cavalcantes heat signal, allowing teams on the ground to secure the area, surround him and move in with search dogs.

In recording, a Seattle police officer joked after woman's death. He says remarks were misunderstood : news

Cryptos emptiness is paradoxically its strength
Ponzi as vocation - Lawyers, Guns & Money
Thats What I Call Ponzinomics With Sam Bankman-Fried, Gisele, and a credulous Michael Lewis at the zenith of crypto hype.
Crypto scam social science thoughts: The role of the elite news media and academia | Statistical Modeling, Causal Inference, and Social Science

Sean Penns Crusade: Why Hes Risking It All for Ukraine, Furious at Will Smith and Ready to Call Bullson Studios AI Proposals

What historical fact does no one like to talk about? : AskReddit

The Ancient & Modern Roots of YogaOne scholars quest to trace his practice back to its source ultimately gives him a glimpse of yogas greater truth.

The Meaning of Life, According to Science | by Chris Ferrie | Medium Of course, it would be very uncool not to mention Nietzsche at some point, who emerged as a significant figure in the transition from classical to contemporary thought.

Why Godel, Escher, Bach is the most influential book in my life.

Richard Feynman and the Spaghetti ProblemA simple yet complicated physics problem that perplexed thinkers for decades

How a leading neuroscientist lost a 25 year bet on proving the brain produces consciousness | by Gerald R. Baron | Medium

ELI5 Why it became "out of date" to build philosophical systems? : explainlikeimfive

Super-Ensemble Plots - Lee

What are some of the bad parts of sex that people dont talk about?


Moroccos reluctance to accept quake aid baffles foreign governments

Storm Daniel kills at least 3000 in Libya, thousands others missing : worldnews
Libya floods wipe out quarter of city, 10,000 feared missing : worldnews

Australias most populous state announced Tuesday a logging ban in a forest haven for koalas, aiming to protect the local population from being wiped out

Cruise ship with 206 people has run aground in northwestern Greenland, no injuries, no damage : worldnews

Japan elevates Taiwan security ties in move likely to rile China : worldnews

Kim Jong Un reportedly hops on his bulletproof, drab green train for meeting with Putin : worldnews
Kremlin officially confirms Kim Jong-Uns visit to Russia

Beijing claims US citizen jailed for life in China was decorated spy who worked undetected for decades : worldnews

Putin's top doctor arrested by FSB after trying to escape Russia
Putin: sending Soviet tanks into Hungary and Czechoslovakia was a mistake : worldnews
Putin says Russia developing weapons based on new physical principles

George W. Bush says it was shocking to learn that Yevgeny Prigozhin once served him dinner in St. Petersburg: All I know is I survived

PACE recognises Russia as a dictatorship : worldnews - Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe

Russian Passenger Plane Makes Emergency Landing in Siberian Field : worldnews
Sanctions against Russia are taking their toll. A Russian Airbus A-320 which was flying from Sochi to Omsk had to make an emergency landing in Novosibirsk Region. All western aerospace companies such as Airbus are not supplying spare parts and due to this circumstance have revoked any assurance of the safety of their produced planes.
Russia supplies Mali with two Su-25s: neither lasted a year : worldnews

India to offer Russia to invest trapped rupees, Lavrov says : worldnews

Cairos 1,000-year-old City of the Dead cemetery razed for new highway
Egypt bans niqab in schools : worldnews

US makes deal with Iran to swap prisoners and release $6 billion in frozen Iranian funds : worldnews

Israeli academics and artists call on Biden and UN to shun Netanyahu during his upcoming US visit : worldnews
Meta deletes Al Jazeera presenters profile after show criticising Israel (Fuckerberged)

Zelensky says Ukraine waited too long to launch counteroffensive
Ukraine needs between $12 billion and $14 billion in financial aid from the US next year, Ukraines finance minister says
NATO is now learning a lot from Ukrainians, realizing that theyre the source of this practical experience, and is changing its training programs.
@TimothyDSnyder was asked why Russia chose a genocidal war against #Ukraine and provides this sharp answer

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 566, Part 1 (Thread #712) : worldnews

Crimea has a four day fuel supply left. : ukraine

Ukraine reports a surge in Russians offering to defect after a helicopter pilot switched sides and took his chopper with him : worldnews

Ukraine stopped Russian cruise missiles from taking out a cargo ship in the Black Sea as Putin tries to weaponizefood, UK says
Ukraine retakes offshore drilling platforms near Crimea : worldnews
Navy: Ukraines control of Black Sea oil rigs a serious security issue for Russia

NATO does not see Russia planning to attack member states : worldnews
Biden explains why Russia was not named aggressor in G20 declaration : worldnews

Prime Minister Of Andorra Comes Out As Gay : worldnews

Germanys Bundeswehr had only 20,000 155mm artillery shells in stock, enough for less than three days of fighting ... Everyone is still living in a peacetime dream world, but those days are goneone western defence adviser said

Priests committed over 1,000 sex crimes in Switzerland since 1950 : worldnews

Portuguese town flooded with 2.2 million litres of red wine after distillery tanks explode

Ministers set to ban single-use vapes in UK over child addiction fears | Vaping | The Guardian : worldnews

The last photo taken by Bill Biggart, the only journalist killed covering 9/11. : pics
Double rainbow in NYC on 9/11 : pics
Double rainbow over NYC for 9/11 : pics

Poverty Rate Soared in 2022 as Aid Ended and Prices Rose - The New York Times The increase in poverty reversed two years of large declines. Median income, adjusted for inflation, fell 2.3 percent to $74,580.
Conservative senators choose large increase in child poverty - Lawyers, Guns & Money In 2021 Congress passed a program to decrease child poverty. It worked exceptionally well. The Senate chose to let it expire anyway: ... In recent months, Manchin has told several of his fellow Democrats that he thought parents would waste monthly child tax credit payments on drugs instead of providing for their children,

Eschaton: Pregnancy Deaths The fatality rate of pregnancy/childbirth is absolutely immense in the US.
Opinion | America Already Knows How to Make Childbirth Safer - The New York Times

Kingdoms of lies : AdviceAnimals

Regulators Blast Union Pacific for Running Unsafe Trains : politics

Order limiting Biden admin contacts with social networks is mostly overturned : politics
5th Circuit Cleans Up District Courts Silly Jawboning Ruling About the Biden Admin, Trims It Down To More Accurately Reflect The 1st Amendment

The United Auto Workers may soon strike. Every American should support them Workers at the big three carmakers earn less now in real dollars than they did 15 years agoas their CEOs make more and more. Their fight is everyones fight

Who put Tommy Tuberville in charge of the military? : politics
Ginni Thomas and rightwing activists exploited supreme court ruling report | Ahead of Citizens United decision that unleashed dark money flood, Thomas worked with Leonard Leo and Harlan Crow
Heres why many Black people despise Clarence Thomas. (Its not because hes a conservative.)

How McConnell scrambled to protect his job after two freeze-ups : politics
I just had another one: How McConnell scrambled to protect his job after two freeze-ups

Trumps Economic Plan: Raise Taxes on the Middle Class, Cut Them on the Rich

Over 75% of voters want maximum age limit for elected officials, poll shows : politics

But his birth certificate - Lawyers, Guns & Money ... the choice is between the suboptimally old Biden and fascism.

Trump Is Extremely Touchy About Voters Saying He Is Not Mentally Up for the Jobof Being President | He insists he would beat Rupert Murdoch, Joe Biden, and the heads of the Wall Street Journal at a mental acuity test
Theres a Lot of Is Biden Too Old? Coverage. Nate Silver Wants There to Be Even More - Parker Molloy
Eschaton: Point And Laugh I appreciate Parker doing the work here, but after years of this "we" shouldn't have to constantly be refuting the Nates and the Matts and the Joshes and the Jons. They never admit error and then if the case against them is overwhelming just move on to the next bit of nonsense. And then, a few weeks later, they just return back to the old nonsense again!!! Silver is self-evidently a buffoon, and yelling SHUT UP, NERD makes it clear there's no reason to take him seriously. He doesnt take any of his critics seriously! Or hear them.

Middle America Gives Trump the Finger at Iowa Football Game : politics

Trump's Electoral College Edge Seems to Be Fading

Putin says Trump prosecution shows rottenness of U.S. politics

Kevin McCarthy announces House will begin an impeachment inquiry into Biden This logical next step will give our committees the full power to gather all the facts and answers for the American public is exactly what we want to know the answers he said.
Biden impeachment inquiry gives White House a fight its ready for
Protesters Arrested For Occupying McCarthys Office Over Threatened HIV Program

InfoWars host Owen Shroyer sentenced to 60 days in Jan. 6 case The conspiracy theorist was with Alex Jones on the grounds of the Capitol on Jan. 6, but never entered the building.

The Authors of How Democracies Die Overestimated the Republicans

Trumps Bizarre History With 9/11
Will Hurd says Vivek Ramaswamys 9/11 remarksspits in the face of the victims ... suggested federal agents may have been aboard the planes that crashed that day.

Voter concerns over abortion are shattering Trumps Electoral College advantage, boosting Biden's chances in 2024
Anti-choice states arent satisfied. Now they want to punish traveling for abortions
Abortion bans drain red states of doctors : politics
Republicans try an abortion rebrand but it will just backfire | Republicans think they can trick voters with abortion word games
Women, doctors announce legal action against abortion bans in 3 states | The women allege they were denied abortions despite dangerous complications. : politics
US appeals court hears challenge to Arizonas abortion ban for genetic abnormalities

Tough on Crime Republican Attorney General Candidate Is Soft on Sex Offenders

Rape survivor calls for Mass. law change to allow prosecution of older cases : politics ... for cases with DNA evidence

Florida county banned a childrens book about a lion cub because 2 characters in it seem gay. Christian, the Hugging Lion contains no mention of sexuality, but it gave some conservatives gay vibes.

Appalled! Women say #MAGA mayoral candidate ripped off their images to claim them as supporters

Lauren Boebert escorted out of Beetlejuice musical in Denver after causing a disturbance

Elon Musk shouldnt be calling the shots on how Ukraine fights
Musk as Grand Strategist - Lawyers, Guns & Money And like many figures on the alt-right, there seems to be some evidence that Musk was radicalized by the limited lockdowns practiced by the United States during the COVID-19 pandemic
Elizabeth Warren Demands Probes of Elon Musk, SpaceX After Ukraine Revelations : politics

John Green accuses Danaher, owners of Pantone, of price gouging tuberculosis diagnostics in low and middle income countries : videos

George Jones Was Supposed To Be On Patsy Clines Plane That Crashed, But She Kicked Him

On average, the Universe contains a hydrogen atom per 3 cubic meters, a mass density that is 27.5 orders of magnitude smaller than that of air.

Nothing is Real -- There is only Information

Drinking hard water can reduce the risk of mortality from cardiovascular disease : science
Brands Of Mineral Water With The Most Calcium

ELI5: Why is the moon moving away from the earth/why are the days getting longer? : explainlikeimfive

Leominster area flooded out bad : boston
Flooding tonight on Route 2 Leominster : massachusetts
Massachusetts City Declares Emergency After CatastrophicFlash Flooding
Pictures of the flooding from the Fitchburg/Leominster area : massachusetts
More flood pics : FitchburgMA
Spruce St in leominster building collapse : FitchburgMA

Sinead OConnor Molly Malone [Traditional]
Caroline Shaw Lay All Your Love on Me (Live)
(11) Van Morrison - Moondance - YouTube

Whats your comfort YouTube channel?

What is the creepiest thing that happens to you? : AskReddit

A tutorial videoshowing 7 new features in OneNote


Biden says global warming topping 1.5 degrees in the next 10 to 20 years is scarier than nuclear war : politics

Global records tumble as temperatures exceed 1.5C above pre-industrial levels for first time : worldnews

Small islands take ocean protection case to UN court : worldnews

Flooding in eastern Libya after weekend storm leaves 2,000 people feared dead - The Boston Globe
Libyan prime minister says 2,000 people believed dead in flooding in eastern Libya following storm : worldnews
Derna, Libya Flood Disaster (better photos)

Morocco survivors seek aid as earthquake toll passes 2,100 : worldnews
Earthquake damages centuries-old sites in Marrakech but spares modern city : worldnews
Rescuers race to find survivors over 48 hours after Morocco earthquake : worldnews
Morocco earthquake: I had to choose between saving my parents or my son

FDA Takes Action on Updated mRNA COVID-19 Vaccines to Better Protect Against Currently Circulating Variants | FDA

Iran illegally operating in Australia, using stalking to intimidate dissidents. : worldnews

South Korea pledges $2.3 billion in aid for Ukraine : worldnews

North Korean train presumably carrying leader Kim Jong Un departed for Russia, South Korea media say : worldnews
Harris says Putins potential meeting with Kim Jong Un an act of desperation

Kremlin makes hints of Putis victory in presidential election

Guard At One Of Putins Palaces Flees To Ecuador, Criticizes War And Kremlin Leader

#Belarus Security forces detained a 17-year-old boy for a tattoo with a prominent phrase about a Russian warship. This was reported by pro-Lukashenka channels. The regime is also unhappy about tattoos with national symbols. This is a totalitarian state.

New US intelligence suggests al Qaeda unlikely to revive in Afghanistan but officials warn ISIS threat remains | CNN Politics : worldnews

Macron Refuses Niger Juntas Demand to Withdraw French Forces

Turkiye urges US not to link F-16 sale to Swedens NATO bid
Erdogan Sweden should keeps its promises and take more steps before Turkey approves NATO bid

US activist at risk of death penalty in custody battle with Saudi father, rights group says
Saudi soccer clubs just spent almost $1 billion on new players: Spending of four of Europe's 'big five' leagues exceeded as critics call it out as 'sportswashing'

Iranian hackers break into networks of more than 30 companies in Israel : worldnews
Five Injured by Car Plowing Into Pro-democracy Protesters on Tel Aviv Highway : worldnews
Israeli PM Announces US Visit, No Biden Meeting Planned : worldnews
Protests against Israels judicial overhaul kick off at Supreme Court a day before crucial hearing: All 15 of Israels Supreme Court justices will appear on the bench for the first time ever on Tuesday to hear an appeal against the first part of the overhaul that parliament passed in July
Israels Arab citizens demand justice after alarming rise in gang-related murders

Ukraine says Russia may soon launch big mobilisation drive : worldnews
Ukraine and Sweden to jointly produce 1,000 CV-90 fighting vehicles : worldnews

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 565, Part 1 (Thread #711) : worldnews

Losses of the Russian military to 11.9.2023 : ukraine

Latest Defence Intelligence update on the situation in Ukraine 11 September 2023.

Russians opened fire on a Ukrainian flag tied to balloons, revealing their position for a counterattack, Ukraine says : worldnews
The number of Russian soldiers wanting to surrender to Ukraine has increased by 70% following the special operation with the handover of the Russian Mi-8 helicopter

Ukrainian defenders destroy six Russian boats near Kherson Oblast : worldnews
More than 20 Russian helicopters are visible in recent satellite imagery of the airport in occupied Berdyansk. Over the past few months, Russian forces at this base built new revetments and shelters for vehicles and equipment.

Ukraine retakes offshore drilling platforms near Crimea - military intelligence : worldnews

European Commission bans Russians from entering EU by car, with valuables : worldnews

Poland orders 486 HIMARS launchers : worldnews

NBIM, Norways US$1.42 trillion sovereign fund, is winding up Shanghai office, shifting regional base to Singapore
Foreign student arrested in Norway on suspicion of espionage including electronic eavesdropping : worldnews

Police in the Netherlands detained thousands of climate activists over the weekend after they shut down a major highway two days in a row : worldnews
Pakistani ex-cricketer sentenced to 12 years for threatening Dutch far-right leader | Reuters

Fridays for Future: Gretas school strikes led a third of Swiss citizens to change their habits

Accused U.K. Parliament Spy Is a 28-Year-Old Tory-Linked Hinge Bro: Report : worldnews ... the director of a China-focused think tank formed by conservative lawmakers.
All 400 stores of British retail chain Wilko to close by early October, with 12,500 staff being made redundant : worldnews

Lula Backs Off Pledge Putin Wont Be Arrested If He Visits Next Years G-20 Summit In Brazil
Lulas ICC comments were damaging and unnecessary: 1. Putin was never going to come to Brazil anyways 2. They strained ties to pro-Brazil groups in several foreign capitals 3. Rather than projecting himself as the elder statesman, Lula came across as inexperienced and ignorant.

Colombian President proposes Latin American alliance to transform war on drugs

Venezuelan soldiers have dislodged more than 11,500 illegal gold miners from the countrys biggest natural reserve since July, where they cleared forest and contaminated water

PM Modi flags continuing anti-India activities in Canada to PM Trudeau
PM Trudeau stuck in India following G20 summit due to technical issues with plane
B.C. wildfires: Crisis was forecast, but arrived decades sooner than expected : worldnews

Joe Biden Says Climate Deniers A Dying Cohort Of Lying Dog-Faced Pony Soldiers

Secretary of Navy: Tuberville aiding and abetting communists with military blockade | Navy Secretary Carlos Del Toro accused Sen. Tommy Tuberville of helping the nations enemies. (finally the obvious)
Military families as political pawns: Nikki Haley knocks Tommy Tuberville for blocking promotions

Ginni Thomas and Conservative Activists Worked Together to Exploit Citizens United Ruling: Report : politics .. Ginni Thomass parents were in the John Birch society. As a kid she helped campaign against the ERA. She has been a true believer since childhood.
Good piece on how the incredibly broad protection (and even more incredibly narrow definition of corruption) given to corporate dark money in Kennedys opinion in Citizens United gave critical ammunition to the reactionary legal movement:
Samuel Alito Is Wrong and Arrogantand Must Be Reined InThe associate justice says Congress has no authority to regulate the Supreme Court. The Constitution he allegedly reveres says otherwise. A lot.

Biden impeachment inquiry eight months of abject failure, watchdog report says
Jamie Raskin Says Republicans Have Conclusively Disproven Their Own Biden Corruption Allegations - Republicans are acting out of humiliating subservience to Donald Trump, according to the Maryland Democrat.
A House Freedom Caucus member said theres no evidence Biden's committed a high crime or misdemeanor

Big Lie Two Is Here, and Its Far More Insidious Than Big Lie One: Trump goes into his trials era with a big advantagea majority of Americans incorrectly believe that the charges against him are politically motivated.

Trump Is Really Old, Too : politics How would we even notice Donald Trumps lapse into incoherence, when derangement is essentially his brand?
Trump has his own age problem and it terrifies him
Donald Trump Challenges Rupert Murdoch to a Mental Acuity Test : politics

Mark Meadowss failed removal spells trouble for Trumps defense

Trump demands recusal by Judge Chutkan in federal Jan. 6 prosecution - The Washington Post
Trump asks Judge Tanya Chutkan to recuse herself from federal 2020 election subversion case : politics

Dark right-wing network recruits MAGA army to replace 50K federal workers Trump plans to purge
Trump plans to become a dictator denial will not save you

House Republicans are barreling toward an existential clash over this months government funding talks.

Pretrial-palooza underway for Trump : politics

White House Thanks Fox News Peter Doocy For His Viral Biden Remark

Trump is explaining exactly how wild and extreme his second term would be | CNN Politics

Redistricting court orders could help Democrats win back the House in 2024 - POLITICO Court rulings on redistricting are raising Democratic hopes.

DeSantis Making the Dunning School Great Again - Lawyers, Guns & Money The Prager U videos that are being used in Florida schools and undoubtedly in many other states to come are exactly what youd expect: (+fucking cartoons)
A small piece of paper, it carries a lot of weight - Lawyers, Guns & Money Ben Sasse is paying McKinsey nearly five million dollars to develop a "vision" for the University of Florida.
A quote from a speech in which Grant advocated for free public education so the electorate could make good choices. He saw a split between the educated & less educated as a profound & dangerous division:

Marjorie Taylor Greene Says States Should Consider Seceding From the Union

Eschaton: Happy Rudy Giuliani Day My big life failure is that everyone somehow forgot just what a shitshow the Bush administration was. It wasn't just disastrous and mendacious, it was also utterly and completely absurd in the way that the Trump administration was. Completely ridiculous things every damn day, the horror of which was compounded by a news media absolutely committed to propping up these stupid awful people as Very Serious stewards of the post-9/11 era.

GOP Guv Spent Millions in Tax Dollars on Governors Mansion Upgrades ... Tate Reeves has spent millionsincluding tens of thousands on lemon trees and a meditation garden.

The Praying Football Coach Has Finally Stopped Pretending : politics

A shaken Washington copes with surging violence: This is not normal

Twitter appears to throttle New York Times | Semafor (Muskrat strangles democracy)

Threads blocks searches related to covid and vaccines as cases rise public health experts denounced the platforms moderation policies, which they say restrict access to critical health information (zuckerfucked)

What Does Walter Isaacson Know About Elon Musk? The Journalist and the Billionaire What did an old Establishment guy like Walter Isaacson learn writing Elon Musks biography?
Elon Musk and Grimes Had Another Secret Baby
Walter Isaacson, Elon Musks Boswell, Tells the Tale of an Impulsive, Dark, but Also Risk-Taking Dude

Ezra Millers MessiahDelusions: Inside The Flash Stars Dark Spiral

Christina Ricci Warns Of Awesome Guys After Kutchers Support For Danny Masterson

A history of happiness explains why capitalism makes us feel empty inside : politics

Virginia Democrat candidate posted sex acts with husband online while soliciting tips: report | Fox News Susanna Gibson, 40, is a nurse practitioner and mother of two

Pitch Perfect 237 - hilarious conspiracy vid claiming Anna Kendrick revealed who did 9/11 in the film Pitch Perfect : videos

US tobacco companies selectively disseminated hyper-palatable foods into the US food system: Empirical evidence and current implications : science

Thoughts on Hurricane Lee? : boston

As the neighborhood changes, Harvard Squares Dewey, Cheetham & Howewindow lives on

Prosecutors seek unaired TV footage in Karen Read murder case : massachusetts

New Malware Can Send Your Location to an Attacker Every 60 Seconds : worldnews


Aftershock rattles Morocco as rescuers seek survivors from the earthquake that killed over 2,100 - The Boston Globe

Phoenix breaks heat record as city hits 110F for the 54th consecutive day : news
Texas heat wave: US Energy Department declares power emergency : news

Myanmar receives first shipment of Russias Su-30 fighter jets
1,200 Chinese nationals arrested by Myanmar militia over alleged scam links : worldnews

Biden Says U.S.-Vietnam Relations Have Evolved From Bitter Past Of War Biden has opened a visit to Vietnam by saying their countries have a chance to shape the future of the Indo-Pacific

North Korea celebrated its founding with a military parade featuring dump trucks modified to work as rocket launchers : worldnews
Russia is turning to old ally North Korea to resupply its arsenal for the war in Ukraine : worldnews

US, Canada sail warships through the Taiwan Strait in a challenge to China : anime_titties
US, Canadian warships transit Taiwan Strait in latest joint mission : worldnews

West createdmodern China by making it worlds factory: Indias Rahul Gandhi

Russian General Admits Ukraine Just aStepping Stone to Invade Europe

4/ Loboyko also noted that Russian federal subjects (regions) are competing for resources on the basis of how many military personnel each region was able to mobilize for the war
6/ Loboykos insights suggest that the war in Ukraine, and its continued drain on Russian regions, has contributed to a more muted political atmosphere within Russia

Amazing analysis. I'd like to add that Russias regions experience shortages and rationing of diesel, toonot just gasoline. Also, I believe Russias agriculture runs on diesel, not gasoline.this just points to seriousness of this shortage

Russias Merchant of Death Is Looking to Forge a New Life in Politics - The convicted arms trafficker Viktor A. Bout hasn't much flair for retail politicking, but his celebrity may compensate for that in regional elections ... He returned to Russia in December in a prisoner swap for the American basketball star Brittney Griner, after months of negotiations between Moscow and Washington.

Afghanistan meth trade surges as Taliban clamps down on heroin : worldnews
Afghanistan is the fastest-growing maker of methamphetamine, U.N. says : worldnews

Vice Pulled a Documentary Critical of Saudi Arabia. But Here It Is. hard-nosed coverage on Saudi Arabia changed after investment deals with the repressive kingdom. A deleted documentary is not completely gone, however.

US seizes nearly 1 million barrels of Iranian oil allegedly bound for China : worldnews

Palestinians in West Bank try to fire rocket at Israeli town, for 7th time in months : worldnews
Netanyahu rips into protest leader who said no compromise talks with Nazis

Ukraines counteroffensive could have only 30 days left, says US military's top general
Ukraine war: Kyiv foils big Russian drone attack, officials say : worldnews
Number of Russian occupiers in Ukraine exceeds 420,000Ukrainian Defence Intelligence
G20 members agree to refer to Russias invasion of Ukraine as the war in Ukraine instead of the war against Ukraine in a capitulation to Putin, who wasnt even there
Nothing To Be Proud Of: Ukraine Hits Out At G20 Declaration For Not Mentioning Russia
Ukraine appears to be repurposing powerful Russian anti-tank mines and using drones to drop them on Putins invasion army
Starlink in use on all front lines,Ukraine spy chief says, but wasnactive for time over Crimea

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 564, Part 1 (Thread #710) : worldnews

Ukrainian forces were able to take the initiative at the Avdiivka front and push Russian forces all the way back to Opytne and even contest the northern part of the village. Fierce battles are taking place.

Demining continues. Over the past day, pyrotechnicians of the State Emergency Service inspected more than 4.3 hectares of territory and neutralized 78 explosive objects.
More developments in protection against top attack. Everyone laughs at a lot of this stuff, but its experimentation against live threats and worth a lot as data to develop more thoroughly engineered solutions from

Satellite images: New buildings appear at Russian military bases near Finnish border | News | Yle Uutiset : worldnews

Vatican holds unprecedented beatification of Polish family of 9 killed for hiding Jews : worldnews

Eiffel Tower lights to go dark in tribute to Morocco quake victims : worldnews
Emmanuel Macron booed by entire stadium as he opens Rugby World Cup. The French president was barely audible as he took to the podium

Its a Disaster Without Them Boris Johnson Calls for Ukraine NATO Membership ASAP
Parliamentary researcher who spied for China arrested
UK espionage arrests: Rishi Sunak denounces interference from Beijing

Lula says Putin will not be arrested at Brazil G20 meeting : worldnews

Saturday Morning Political Cartoon Thread : politics

Republican opposition to abortion threatens global HIV/AIDS program that has saved 25 million lives : politics

I Watched a Democracy Die. I Dont Want to Do It Again

Recession outlook: Feds own economists now expect Goldilocks scenario

Biden administration cancels remaining oil and gas leases in Alaskas Arctic Refuge

State lawmakers find Americas medical debt problem can no longer be ignored

Tuberville paralyzing Pentagon, House Foreign Affairs chair says ... Critics of Tuberville have noted that besides hindering military readiness by preventing new commanders from moving into place, the hold-up is unfair to military officers deserving of promotion and military families who are in limbo as they wait to locate to another post.
MSNBC host and ex-GOP congressman Joe Scarborough blasts Tommy Tuberville over his monthslong blockade on senior military promotions:Hey Tommy, youre not coaching football anymore

Senate advances Biden Fed picks : politics

What Ginni Thomas and Leonard Leo wrought: How a justices wife and a key activist started a movement Thanks to the Supreme Courts Citizens United ruling, a trove of so-called dark money was about to be unleashed. Two activists prepared to seize the moment.

The House GOP leaderships Trump split rears its head

Republican hardliners threaten US government shut down unless Biden slashes FBI spending : politics

Extremists keep trying to trigger mass blackouts and thats not even thescariest part

Congress Embarks on Spending Battle as Shutdown Looms at End of September - The New York Times The House returns this week with conservatives threatening both spending levels and Speaker Kevin McCarthy.

As GOP investigates prosecutors, experts worry about judicial independence - The Washington Post

How Many Words is a Picture Worth? - Lawyers, Guns & Money
Donald Trump loudly booed and cheered by Iowa football crowd : politics
Low Literacy Levels Among U.S. Adults Could Be Costing The Economy $2.2 Trillion A Year

Georgia indicted Trump for trying to overturn the 2020 election. Why hasn't any other state?

Colorado secretary of state calls Trump a liar, vows to see ballot lawsuit through

President Biden Keeps Hunter Close Despite the Political Peril : politics

Gavin Newsom would make an 'interim appointment' if Dianne Feinstein vacates her seat
Gavin Newsom says Ron DeSantis is fundamentally authoritarian

Nikki Haley says CNN poll shows Americans crave a new generational leader
I dont write about polls. You shouldnt bother with them, either. By Jennifer Rubin

Wisconsin GOPs impeachment plan: Another MAGA coup against democracy

Pro-baby: Republicans trying to rebrand the anti-abortion movement ... why infant mortality rates are higher in GOP led states: (pro-zygote)

California passes anti-book ban bill: The true freedom state| While some states are banning books left and right, California is set to enact a law that would penalise schools that ban any book reflecting the states diversity, including those that explore LGBTQ+ identities and race

Ron Johnson: Windmills are Killing the Whales - MeidasTouch Network According to a number of government agencies, there is no evidence to support Johnsons claim

Marylands cannabis politics offers insights for the nation

TIL about Strom Thurmond filibuster. On 28 August 1957, US Senator Strom Thurmond conducted the longest speaking filibuster ever by a lone senator, at 24 hours and 18 minutes in length, in opposition to the Civil Rights Act of 1957. The filibuster failed to prevent the passage of the bill : todayilearned

J.F.K. Assassination Witness Breaks His Silence and Raises New Questions - The New York Times The account of Paul Landis, one of the Secret Service agents just feet away from John F. Kennedy when he was struck down, could change the understanding of what happened in Dallas in 1963
For the JFK assassination buffs - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Walter Isaacsons biography of the billionaire entrepreneur depicts a mercurial man-child with grandiose ambitions and an ego to match. (raging inceestous man-baby)
Musks X sues California over content moderation law, claiming it violates free speech
Dem Congressman says hell dig into Musks role in Ukraine war

Jordan Peterson Generates Millions of YouTube Hits for Climate Crisis Deniers : technology
(3) The Most Important Moment in Jordan Peterson-Zizek Debate - YouTube
(3) A Brief Look at Jordan Peterson - SOME MORE NEWS - YouTube

Mel Tucker - Lawyers, Guns & Money - Extremely weird and disturbing story out of East Lansing this morning ... The background here is that after the 2021 season MSU signed Tucker who has had one good season as a head coach to a really insane contract: $95 million over ten years, with all of it guaranteed. (dumbfuck sports dickheads and their athletic depts)

Gregg Bigda is the poster boy of police brutality in Springfield. But the city cant or wont fire him ... Another villain in this saga, equally deserving of the harsh spotlight, is the Mass. police misconduct commission. Is it ineptitude, corruption, or apathy that has resulted in just ONE banishment from the force in the last two years? By comparison, in that same time frame, Colorados commission has decertified 95 officers. Connecticut has decertified 14. Idaho has decertified 90. And New York has decertified 718. (Boston is copcity)

Has a book ever scared you so bad it actually changed your behavior? : books
CHAOS: Charles Manson, the CIA, and the Secret History of the Sixties - Wikipedia

Was Earth Terraformed by Martians? | by Avi Loeb | Medium

Lithium discovery in U.S. volcano could be biggest deposit ever found : science - McDermitt Caldera

What celebrity death seems a bit too suspicious? : AskReddit

What local business do you refuse to go and why? : boston
Local business you refuse to shop at : CambridgeMA

My experience living in California vs Massachusetts : massachusetts


A critical moment: UN warns world will miss climate targets unless fossil fuels phased out

Deadly humid heatwaves to spread rapidly as climate warms: Small rise in global temperatures would affect hundreds of millions of people and could cause a sharp rise in deaths : worldnews

Morocco earthquake death toll rises to over 2,000 : worldnews
Morocco earthquake live news: At least 1,037 killed in quake near Marrakesh | Earthquakes News : anime_titties
Powerful quake in Morocco kills more than 1,000 people and damages historic buildings in Marrakech : worldnews
Morocco earthquake: 820 killed as buildings damaged : worldnews
Magnitude 6.8 earthquake hits Morocco, over 600 dead : worldnews

Environmentalists condemn Australias woeful record after 48 plants and animals added to threatened species list
Australia wants to force cats to stay inside or give them a curfew because they are murdering so many other animals they are a threat to the countrys biodiversity

China Coastal Guards provokes Philippine Coastal Guards in South China Sea by nearly ramming their vessel into the Philippine CG vessel : videos

Russia has already lost $100B due to energy sanctions - Yermak : worldnews


Russia ramps up artillery production but still falling short, Western official says : worldnews

More than half of Wagner Group camp in Belarus dismantled : worldnews

Saudi Arabia: 100 people executed as authorities continue relentless killing spree

Police have ordered the temporary closure of four Eritrean churches in Tel Aviv due to security concerns, a Friday report said, after intense clashes last week between supporters of the Eritrean regime, its opponents, and police. : worldnews
Israeli army kills 16-year-old Palestinian in West Bank : anime_titties

Ukraine will be ready for EU membership in 2 years
Japanese Foreign Minister to pay unannounced visit to Ukraine on Saturday : worldnews
Zelenskyy urges allies to resume sanctions against the Kremlin
US likely to send long-range ATACMS missiles to Ukraine for the first time: Officials - ABC News
US likely to send long-range ATACMS missiles to Ukraine for the first time: Officials : worldnews
Europe overtakes US in promised aid to Ukraine : worldnews

In Shocking Development, Local Antisemite is also a Russian Dupe - Lawyers, Guns & Money What is Elon Musk up to when hes not blaming the Jews for his own incompetence, platforming Nazis and racists, or being refused entry to German sex clubs? Apparently, the answer is getting played by Russian officials
Elon Musk Needs Some Quality Foreign Policy Advisors The problem is that Musk neither wants nor values such expertise ... The more one reads, however, the less sympathy that Musk earns. As the Lyngaas story makes clear, Musks concern about escalation came from his conversations with senior Russian officials. It never seems to have occurred to Elon Musk that the Russians had a powerful incentive to play himThat lack of awareness is due entirely to Musks emaciated theory of mind.
Eschaton: A Great Man Writing About Great Men Doing PR for The Great And Good disguised as journalism/history has always been Isaacsons schtick, and this is what happens when the person you are doing PR for makes an angry phone call.
Elons Excellent Adventure ... What nobody seems to have anticipated was that one of those private corporations might be under the personal control of an addled, ignorant, and self-important manbaby. Wo here we are. (lying Putin-pawn fucker)
Elon Musk Refused to Enable Ukraine Drone Attack on Russian FleetNews that Mr. Musk did not allow the use of his Starlink satellite network highlights concerns in Kyiv and Washington about his outsize influence in the war.
Eschaton: History - Isaacson being eager to refute himself because (probably) Elmo made an angry call is quite something!
Elon Musk committed evil with Starlink order, says Ukrainian official ... the price of a cocktail of ignorance and big ego
Elon Musk gave biographer top Ukrainian officials private messages without permission

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 563, Part 1 (Thread #709) : worldnews

Losses of the Russian military to 9.9.2023

SitRep - 07/09/23 - More US aid and advances along the front An overview of the daily events in the war between Russia and Ukraine. Today Ukraine received extra military aid and at the front Ukraine is making territorial gains in several places. The mood is shifting.
ISW: Russia bolsters its defenses as Ukrainian forces advance. Russian forces are changing their communications structures and adapting electronic warfare systems in response to the counteroffensives continued advance, the ISW wrote.

About 25,000 citizens may be considered missing under special circumstances, i.e., civilian hostages and held in Russian captivity, according toauthorities. Every day, Russian security forces detain civilians in the occupied territories, adding to this list. Such massive detention of civilians in the occupied territories indicates systematic violations of their rights and #IHL by Russian regime.
SitRep 08/09/23 - Moral degradation An overview of daily events in the war between Russia and Ukraine. Can you go any lower? A Chinese opera singer sings a typical Russian song in the remains of the Mariupol Drama Theater where many innocent people were murdered
UN: Elections in Russian-Occupied Areas of Ukraine Have No Legal Ground

UK planes guard Ukrainian grain ships in Black Sea : worldnews
Romania and US to conduct exercises with Ukraine in Black Sea and Danube Delta

G20 countries agree nations should not use force to gain new territory -- a major win for Modi amid Russia's invasion of Ukraine | CNN Politics : worldnews
The African Union is joining the G20, a powerful acknowledgement of a continent of 1 billion people : worldnews
This is real big deal: Biden as India-Middle East-Europe connectivity corridor launched at G20 Summit
G20: India vows not to let Ukraine dominate the summit : worldnews

EU purchases of Russian LNG up 40% compared to pre-war levels. : worldnews

EU unveils revolutionary laws to curb big tech firms power

Netherlands police use water cannon, detain 2,400 climate activists : worldnews

Germany charges two men with treason in Russia spying case : worldnews
Germans warned to avoid spicy eating challenges : worldnews

Outcry over official Spanish definition of Jew as greedy or usuriousperson

Dozens of schoolgirls sent home for flouting Frances new ban on Muslim abayas

Northern Ireland: Call for calm as police attacked with petrol bombs and missiles in Derry : worldnews

Rishi Sunak avoiding UN climate summit over potential rejection UK PMrisked embarrassment of downgraded status if UN deemed UKs climate policies lacking ambition
UK police arrest escaped terror suspect in London : worldnews

Flooding From Cyclone in Southern Brazil Kills at Least 37 : anime_titties

Mexico Has Two Women as Presidential Front-Runners, Almost Guaranteeing a Female Head of State : anime_titties

Cuba arrests 17 for trafficking young men to fight for Russia in Ukraine : worldnews
Cuba claims Russia is forcing Cubans to fight in Ukraine : worldnews

Canada calls public inquiry into foreign interference : worldnews
Christian group says it influenced Saskatchewan government over pronoun rules : worldnews

Top Biden Cyber Official Accused of Workplace Misconduct at NSA in 2014 and Again at White House Last Year A previously unreported NSA inspector general report about Anne Neuberger reveals disarray and dysfunction at the top of the cybersecurity hierarchy.

Biden eats ice cream and pets dogs? Totally unfit to serve. : politics

Samuel Alito Wont Take Himself Off Case Involving Lawyer Who Interviewed Him For Flattering Articles ... He wants to keep his five star rating at buy-a-Judge. Its just good business.

Senator Tuberville: No truce over military blockade on abortion : politics ... Russian asset destabilzes military .
Key House Democrat wants Senate rule change over Tuberville military hold : politics .... One junior senator, in the minority party. It's fucking insane he's been allowed to put national security in jeopardy.

5th Circuit finds Biden White House, CDC likely violated First Amendment - The three judge panel found that contacts with tech companies by officials from the White House, the surgeon general's office, the CDC and the FBI likely amounted to coercion (Trump court)
Appeals Court Rules White House Overstepped 1st Amendment on Social Media - The New York Times

A Wheres Melania? banner was flown over an Iowa football stadium just before Trump, DeSantis, and other presidential hopefuls arrived

Conservative groups draw up plan to dismantle the U.S. government and replace it with Trumps vision

Yuscil Taveras is among the little-known people with links to Donald Trump to have come under scrutiny. So far, hes the only Trump employee known to have agreed to cooperate with prosecutors after facing charges ... Facing indictment this summer, Mr. Taveras replaced his lawyer, who was being paid by Mr. Trumps political action committee

Im Being Indicted for You Trump Tells South Dakota Rally

Trump Is Taking the Bid to Kick Him Off Colorados Ballot Seriously

Lindsey Graham was among 39 who were recommended for charges in Trumps Georgia case
Lindsey Graham, Nearly Indicted in Trump Election Case, Claims He Was Just Doing His Job by Asking Georgia About Throwing Out Ballots : politics

Trump leads, followed by second tier of four candidates in ISU/Civiqs poll
Trumps Resilience Leaves Anxious G.O.P. Donors in Despair and Denialbig donors have made clear their distaste for the former president. Now, as he barrels toward the nomination, they are reacting with a mix of hand-wringing, calls to arms and fatalism.

McCarthy Lacks the Votes For an Impeachment Inquiry. Trumps Allies Have a Plan to Get Them.

Jan. 6 rioter who attacked police with bear spray sentenced to 6 1/2 years

Jan. 6 shattered her family. Now they're trying to forgive. Peyton Reffitt has watched her family come apart after her father joined the Capitol riot mob. Now she and her family are confronting the perceived betrayals and broken relationships ... Some, like Guy Reffitt, were part of a violent mob. Others, like his son, Jackson, were informers. And some, like Peyton, were caught in between.

The Architect of the Whole Plan: Harvard Law Graduate Ken Chesebros Path to Jan. 6On Jan. 6, Kenneth J. Chesebro was seen outside the Capitol wearing a red Trump 2020hat as rioters amassed around the building, according to CNN. But two decades earlier, in Bush v. Gore, Chesebro worked extensively under liberal legal scholar Laurence H. Tribe to craft a legal justification to recount votes in Florida.

Why Nancy Pelosi, 83, is running for Congress again in a year dominated by age concerns : politics

The GOP Turned Its Back on Science. So Science Turned Its Backs on the GOP. : politics

Mifepristone maker asks Supreme Court to make ultimate decision on abortion drug | CNN Politics
Republicans opposition to abortion threatens a global HIV program that has saved 25 million lives

Vivek Ramaswamy says hell deport children of undocumented immigrantsborn in the U.S.

A Breathtaking Contempt for the People of Wisconsin : politics
Laboratories of autocracy - Lawyers, Guns & Money Bouie on the latest planned coup by the undemocratically elected Republican legislators of Wisconsin:

New Mexico governor issues order to suspend open and concealed carry of guns in Albuquerque : politics

DeSantis, Undaunted by Florida Storms, Shrugs Off Climate Change - The New York Times The Florida governor, who has cast himself as a Teddy Roosevelt-style conservationist, sounds far different as a presidential candidate, pledging to expand fossil fuel production and fight electric-vehicle mandates.
DeSantis: Miami cannot become uninhabitable quickly enough for me - Lawyers, Guns & Money
Pastor Says It Was a Mistake to Let DeSantis Speak at Shooting Vigil : politics
Florida: The case centers on whether the state constitutions privacy clause covers the right to abortion
DeSantis affordable housing director placed on leave again
Florida State Colleges Vote to Accept New CLT Test that Rivals SAT, ACT | Students can decide to take the Classic Learning Test rather than the SAT or ACT when applying for undergraduate admission at state schools

Marjorie Taylor Greene Suffers Polling Calamity : politics ... Oof. She ranks lower than I dont care and someone else

Thirteenth bus of migrants arrives at Union Station from Texas : politics

Gov. Sarah Huckabee Sanders proposes carve-out of Arkansas public records law during tax cut session : politics (to hide her crooked deals)

Matt Gaetz Warns of Bloodshed from Trump Supporters

A former Trump fan explained why he stopped supporting him, and people are praising him for his self-awareness and humility

Gavin Newsom Goes After Robert F. Kennedy Jr.: Hes Being Used By Conservatives
Paradise Lost : Fintan O'Toole -- In spreading lies about the risks of vaccines, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has long played on anxieties about purity and pollution ... 14 year heroin addiction ... This recklessness eventually led in 1983, when he was twenty-nine, to his arrest for heroin possession after he overdosed onboard a flight to South Dakota. His sentencing was just two months before his younger brother David died of a heroin overdose in a Palm Beach hotel.

Billionaire Close to Tears Amid Fears of Lefties Like AOC, Bernie Sanders ... Leon Cooperman ... Cooperman was born to a Jewish[5] family in the South Bronx, New York City.[6] He is the son of immigrants from Poland.[

Alabama goes too far (again)even for Trump-nominated judges

Fox News fires veteran executive John Finley for violating company rules - The Washington Post conduct was investigated by an outside law firm. He had also been the subject of an internal probe back in 2011 that cleared him ... The company did not say what Finley had done. A person who said they have knowledge of the situation who spoke on the condition of anonymity due to the sensitivity of the matter suggested that the executive used his position to benefit someone over whom he had influence.

A note on faculty salaries - Lawyers, Guns & Money ... In other words, over the past 50 years in American academia, the rich have gotten much much richer, the middle class has been treading water, and the great underclass of lecturers, adjuncts, joint appointments without an actual salary etc. has lost enormous ground. Which all sound very familiar.

Apartment rents are on the verge of declining due to massive new supply : news

Additional bodycam footage is released in the death of pregnant Black mother TaKiya Young

TIL the CIA accidentally left explosives in the engine of a school bus. The bus was in operation for two days, carrying kids, before the explosives were discovered by mechanics : todayilearned

Leah Remini is suing the church of Scientology! : videos
Tom Cruise once told Seth Rogen that if he knew what Scientilogy was "really about", it would blow his mind. If Scientilogy isn't about what it is commonly known for, then what is it *really* about? : AskReddit
Seth Rogen on the Time Tom Cruise Tried to Talk to Him About Scientology - YouTube

" The ugly environment starts with Jimmy Fallon " Jimmy Fallon faces backlash : videos

I Kissed Biblical Womanhood Goodbye - Her ex-husband convinced a generation of evangelical Christians to fear premarital sex. Now she's telling her side of the story.

Turning the Light on Protestantism and Harvard's Hypocrisy - A Deeper Dive Into Harvard's Faith ... "dreading to leave an illiterate ministry to the churches, when our present ministers shall lie in the dust" ... This is why Harvard College was founded. Our original motto was All for the Glory of Christ, which was then changed to Truth for Christ and the Churchin 1836. Christ and Church were dropped in 1880, leaving the motto we are all familiar with: Truth. (Veritas) (slave-holding Puritans)

How to set boundaries and what many people are getting wrong - The Washington Post

Scientists discover natural molecule that could significantly reduce plaque and cavities : worldnews

TIL: After an IVF mix up, 2 mothers gave birth to each other's babies. Four months after giving birth, the California families swapped babies to return the children to their rightful parents. : todayilearned

Online AI-based test for Parkinsons disease severity shows promising results

Scientists grow whole model of human embryo, without sperm or egg : worldnews

Scientists discovered tha blood cells mutated in old age protect against alzheimers disease by acquiring damage to their DNA and making people prone to blood cancer, dying early from a heart attack or stroke and iincreasing the risk of atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease ... The body defends itself from Alzheimers by killing itself first.

Smart people first in line for COVID-19 vaccines, study suggests | "strong positive association between cognitive ability and swift vaccination"; "simplifying the vaccination decision through the use of pre-booked appointments was particularly effective in overcoming vaccination resistance" : science

One radiologist supported by AI detected more cases of breast cancer in screening mammography than two radiologists working together. Traditionally, two radiologists read every exam. The researchers say that AI is now ready to be implemented in breast cancer screening. : science

ELI5: Why is gravity visualized by putting a heavy object on a flat plane, creating the curved shape, when space is 3D? : explainlikeimfive

World War Z was so ahead of its time. So worth reading as an adult if you read it as a kid. : books

Man pleads guilty to role in trafficking body parts stolen from Harvard Medical School morgue : boston

That Nantucket hookers-and-drugs yacht guy is in court wearing a motherfucking Pickle Rick shirt. What an absolute lunatic. : boston

Please write me, she scribbled on a random egg in 1951. Someone just did.

Metal detectorist makes Norways gold find of century ... symbols on the pendants usually showed the Norse god Odin healing the sick horse of his son
Odin the one-eyed All-Father sacrificed his eye in order to see everything that happens in the world ... two ravens Hugin and Munin (thought and memory) fly around the world and report back what they see.
Sleipnir The amazing story of Odins Horse

whats something that everyone uses on a daily bases, but has no actual practical use? : AskReddit

How to create compelling YouTube and TikTok videos

Whats a trend you absolutely cant stand?

Scene from SCHOOL OF ROCK (2003) Battle of the Bands


A rapidly closing window:Major UN report offers sobering assessment of worlds climate efforts
U.N. Report Card Shows World Is Far From Meeting Climate Goals - The New York Times The global assessment, two years in the making, is the first official gauge of progress under the 2015 Paris Agreement.

Magnitude 7 earthquake strikes Morocco - GFZ : worldnews

Japan launches moon probe in hopes to be 5th country to land on lunar surface : worldnews

Ukraines Zelensky says Putin killed mercenary boss Prigozhin
Putins mouthpiece lashed out after the US announced plan to send $5.4 million in seized Russian oligarch funds to Ukrainian veterans

Russian men who died in Ukraine according by ethnic regions. Most of them are mobilized soldiers.

Anti-Putin Russians Kill FSB Border Guard During Cross-Border Raid : worldnews

Islamist militants with links to al Qaeda kill more than 60 in Mali: Attacks have worsened in Mali since the military seized power in two coups in 2020 and 2021, kicked out French forces and a United Nations peacekeeping mission, and teamed up with Russian military contractor Wagner Group

Syrians tear down poster of Assad in Syria as protests swell : worldnews

1.2m Palestinians face devastating humanitarian crisis because of US aid block : worldnews

If We Appease Putin Ukraine Will Be Destroyed, Says Reznikov in Farewell Op-Ed
Putins dilemma: Crimea is nearly cut off by Ukraine, and could lead to his downfall
Putin Is Panicking: Russia is Throwing Everything It HasAt Ukraine to Stop Operational Breakthrough
Whatever the fuss over Elon Musk, Starlink is utterly essential in Ukraine : anime_titties
Elon Musk Acknowledges Withholding Starlink Service to Thwart Ukrainian Attack - The New York Times The Starlink satellite internet service, which is operated by Mr. Musks rocket company SpaceX, has been a digital lifeline for soldiers and civilians in Ukraine.

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 562, Part 1 (Thread #708) : worldnews

Russias losses as of September 8th

Police discover 80 Russian torture chambers in Ukraine : worldnews ... the National Police of Ukraine opened more than 80,000 criminal proceedings over the crimes committed by Russian troops in Ukraine -- This is in the deoccupied areas of Ukraine, a big part of Ukraine is still under the russian terrorists control

The Economist: Pentago has renewed its assessment: Ukrainia may penetrate Russian defensive lines very soon. (Behind a paywall) : UkraineWarVideoReport

Germanys inglourious Bavarian A Nazi scandal roiling Bavarian politics signals many Germans are tired of being sorry. ... Politico is owned by Axel Springer, the publisher of BILD which basically is German Fox News in print formThis newspaper (BILD) Is an organ of infamy.

Number of Russian spies in US remainsway too big, says FBI director

The IRS is going after 1,600 millionaires who owe hundreds of millions in overdue taxes, and it's using AI to catch them

Take another look at Joe Biden. His is the presidency progressives have been waiting for

Pentagon warns Tuberville blockade could bring Senate to complete shutdown
Tommy Tuberville Says Hes Worried About People in the Military Reading Poems

Appeals court reverses much of judges order blocking Biden administration officials from communicating with social media companies

Congress Must Act to End Overt Corruption Within US Supreme Court- Many of the current Justices behave like they think theyre royalty, between lifetime appointments and the unwillingness or inability of Congress to control or "regulate" them. This is both dangerous and wrong.

Senate GOP throws cold water on House shutdown talk : politics

Special Grand Jury Report That Led To Trumps Georgia Indictment To Be Released
Read full text of Trump Fulton County special grand jury report : politics
Fulton County special grand jury recommended charges against Lindsey Graham and 2 Georgia US senators : politics ... insider-trading senators Loeffler and Purdue, who both profited from their inside knowledge.

Donald Trump Likely Doomed by Stunning Development in Mar-a-Lago Case ... legal peril amid reports that one of his lawyers gave him several months warning that the FBI could arrive at his Mar-a-Lago resort to retrieve classified documents they sought,
Donald Trump Suffers Five Legal Setbacks in One Day : politics
Seeking Link to Trump, Prosecutors Questioned Proud Boys Leader Enrique Tarrio - The New York Times Enrique Tarrio said in an interview that prosecutors believed he had communicated with President Donald Trump through intermediaries before the Jan. 6, 2021, attack on the Capitol.
Trump civil fraud trial in New York will last nearly three months, judge says : politics

Trump overstated net worth by up to $3.6 billion per year, NY AG alleges in new filing : politics

Its Time to Take Trumps Disqualification From the Presidency Seriously: A burgeoning movement to remove the former president from the ballot in 2024 is forging aheadwith the Supreme Court as its final destination.

Judge denies Mark Meadows effort to move Georgia case to federal court : politics

Jim Jordan and Wisconsin Republicans Know the LawThey Just Dont Care: Conservatism is no longer defined by resistance to liberal progresss -- it's all about destroying the pillars of our democracy ... We need to stop pretending that the GOP is a normal American political party. It's an authoritarian army of thugs in suits, writes editor Michael Tomasky.

Pelosi says shell run for reelection in 2024 as Democrats try to win back House majority (at 83)

Zip Tie Guy and His Mom Get Prison Time Despite Pleas for Mercy

The Supreme Courts Fake Praying Coach Case Just Got Faker

Mike Lindell has been vulgar, threatening, loud (and) disrespectful in Colorado defamation lawsuit depositions, attorneys say +Roger Stones deposition?
New tapes reveal MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell meltdown in 2020 election deposition : politics

Wisconsin Republicans Try to Subvert Democracy, Again : politics

Ron DeSantis suffers double legal blow in 48 hours : politics
Florida is on verge of allowing a right-wing alternative to the SAT : politics (Chritian-themed)

As Abortion Laws Drive Obstetricians From Red States, Maternity Care Suffers : politics

The rights Project 2025 wants to make faith the governments job
Republican presidential Project 25 plans to define trans people as pornographic

Gay club owner faces backlash over nearly $10,000 in Republican Party donations : politics

How Free Speech Warrior RFK Tried to Bully a DailyKos Blogger -- Robert Kennedy Jr. hired Kyle Rittenhouss lawyer to threaten a lawsuit against an anonymous writer who documented the anti-vaxxers appearance at a far-right German rally.

FAA orders Musks SpaceX to take 63 corrective actions on Starship, keeps rocket grounded

ChatGPT is losing some of its hype, as traffic falls for the third month in a row : technology

A device on NASAs Perseverance rover generated enough oxygen on Mars for a small dog to breathe for 10 hours. Astronauts could be next.

The Unexplored Dimension of the Universe | by Avi Loeb | Medium

The first human organ created inside an animal opens the door to manufacturing spare parts for people

What is a dead giveaway that someone is creepy or a weirdo? : AskReddit

The reason Japan attacked Pearl Harbor : videos

When Did Americans Lose Their British Accents?


Antarctica warming much faster than models predicted in deeply concerning sign for sea levels

Biden to block oil drilling in irreplaceable Alaskan wildlands

Everything is destroyed: dynamite use sends shockwaves through fishing industries - Blast fishing, an illegal method in which dynamite or other explosives are used to kill or stun fish, takes place around the world, from South America to Asia and Africa to Europe

Air pollution: Nearly everyone in Europe breathing bad air : worldnews

A subtype of avian flu, endemic in poultry farms in China, has had mutations increasing its risk of passing to humans. The virus acquired human receptor binding preference needed for airborne transmission. People vaccinated against human H3N2 are still immunologically naive to mammal-adapted H3N8.

Stephanie Aston death: EDS sufferers call for change after doctors accused woman of faking illness : worldnews

Indonesian Officials Harass White House Pool Reporter After Harris-Widodo Meeting : politics The Indonesians tried to bar a US reporter from covering the meeting, but Harris wouldnt attend until they allowed her in

Microsoft explains how China stole one of its secret keys : worldnews

Head of Ukraines intelligence service: Putin might be dead

The knock on effects of Russia's invasion of #Ukraine. Russias decrepit military is now struggling to find enough rubber to replace worn tyres on its military vehicles, which could become even more of a problem in winter when conditions worsen. https://t
Russian Combat Unit Using Horses to Covertly Supply Troops : worldnews

Commander of Russian Air Defence Forces which protect Moscow arrested for bribery : worldnews
Another general has been jailed in #Russia - Major General Konstantin Ogienko has been sent to a pre-trial detention center on corruption charges. Until recently, he commanded the air defense army defending #Moscow. The general was jailed for a bribe of 30 million rubles and land fraud. According to the investigation, Ogienko could sell land plots belonging to the air defense army for development.

Mali: At least 49 civilians reported dead in attack on river boat : anime_titties ... Islamist militants have attacked a river boat in north-eastern Mali, killing at least 49 civilians, the interim government says.

(Iran) Engineer Who Protested Forced Hijab Sentenced to 74 Lashes : worldnews

Israel legalizes three West Bank outposts : worldnews
After Israel-Russia film deal, Ukraine accuses Jerusalem of boosting war propaganda : anime_titties

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg silences critics of the Ukrainian counteroffensive. A very important video, a strong signal showing that NATO will not only continue supporting Ukraine, but also ramping up the scale of support. : ukraine
Ukraines Air Force downs 25 of 33 Shahed drones launched overnight
US is sending Ukraine ammunition that can not only pierce Russian tank armor but also ignite inside : worldnews
Russia blasts inhumanity of US sending depleted uranium shells to Ukraine
Russian generals can just withdraw their tank if they're worried about Ukraines new depleted-uranium ammo, US official says

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 561, Part 1 (Thread #707) : worldnews

Russian losses: Recent updated as of 07.09

About 90% of Ukrainian prisoners of war were tortured Prosecutor General
Car containing two FSB officers who tortured Ukrainians is blown up in Oleshky : ukraine

Finnish parliament drops Pepsi as fallout continues from its addition to international sponsors of war list : worldnews

Russian Flag Cannot Be At Paris Olympics,Macron Says

Scotland is planning a transition to a 4-day workweek for civil servants and wants the private sector to follow suit : worldnews

People in the UK least likely to say work should come first. : worldnews

Brazils Lula legalizes more Indigenous reservations in Amazon
Extratropical cyclone kills at least 31 in Brazil and leaves over 1,600 homeless | Brazil : worldnews

Mexicos Supreme Court decriminalizes abortion nationwide
Mexico set for first female president in 2024 election : worldnews

UN expert sounds alarm over contemporary forms of slavery in Canada
Canada opens inquiry into allegations of election meddling by China, Russia | Politics News : worldnews
Nearly 800 wildfires still out-of-control in Canada, officials say in update on recovery, mitigation : worldnews ... As of Sept. 6, there are 1,052 wildfires raging across Canada, with 791 designated as out-of-control. This year, there have been 6,174 fires throughout the country, two of which have exceeded one million hectares,

TIL in the 18 months leading up to the 9/11 attacks, CIA had 2 of the hijackers under surveillance within the US but kept it secret from the FBI : todayilearned

Republican civil war heats up over Ukraine aid : politics

Trumps border wall caused significant cultural, environmental damage, watchdog finds

Republicans Are Freaking Out Over Imaginary COVID Mandates : politics

35 years ago, a judge said marijuana did not belong in Schedule I. HHS finally agrees.

Republicans Insist Biden Is Staying In His Basement. Hes Traveled More Than Trump

Justice Kavanaugh says ethics changes may be coming to Supreme Court : politics
13 Presidential Libraries Issue Rare Joint Warning About U.S. Democracy : politics - The two libraries that did not seem to join the statement are Eisenhowers and Trumps (which is in planning). The libraries before Hoover are not part of the National Archives and Records Administration.

Trumps plans to become a dictator: Its time to get real about Project 2025
Project 2025 proposes dismantling U.S. government and installing exclusively rightwing government
Letter: It is terrifying to consider what injustices Trump would commit if reelected : politics

How on Earth Can Voters Think Trump Accomplished More Than Biden? : politics

Joe: Theres a rot in the GOP and Tommy Tuberville is a perfect example of it
Sen. Tommy Tuberville Says Hes Worried About Sailors Reciting Poetry On Ships | The Alabama senator tried to defend his widely criticized blocking of military promotions with anti-"woke" blather.
Pentagon goes on the attack amid Tuberville blockade. Top leaders are stepping up their pressure campaign now that the Senate is back in session. : politics
Republican Cowardice Is Creating a Mess for the U.S. Military : politics
Tommy Tubervilles Hissy Fit Shows McConnell Has Lost His Hold on the GOP

Willis accuses Jordan of illegal intrusion into Georgia Trump prosecution in scathing letter
Jim Jordan receives scathing response from Fani Willis : politics

Trumps 2020 crusade has led to 700 years in prison sentences

Judge says New York AGs $250M lawsuit against Trump will proceed without delay

Trump is playing Tariff Man again. Here are his latest crazy ideas. (

Peter Navarro Convicted of Contempt of Congress Over Jan. 6 Subpoena - The New York Times The verdict made Mr. Navarro the second top adviser to former President Donald J. Trump to be found guilty of contempt for defying the House committees investigation

CNN Poll: A majority of Americans believe Joe Biden, as VP, was involved with sons business dealings

Ron DeSantis Spots Room For Pardons And Commutations Among Sentenced Proud Boys

Why Its Hard To Convince Republicans That Trump Is Unelectable

New state abortion numbers show increases in some surprising places : politics ... The Texas stats are deeply disturbing. Going from an average of 4,800 abortions per month to just 4 abortions per month is appalling.
Where are abortions happening? New study tracks post-Roe trends : Shots - Health News : NPR
Abortions Rose in the U.S. in 2023, Data Shows. See the Changes by State. - The New York Times
Republicans try to find new term for pro-life to stave off more electoral losses ("pro-death" polling high)

Opinion | The Contagious Corruption of Ken Paxton - The New York Times
Not just Trump: The trial of Texas attorney general Ken Paxton shows MAGA loves crooks as leaders | Like Trump, the ridiculously corrupt politician talks smack on social media, but wont testify in his own defense
Lets clean house: Paxton tells supporters to lead charge in removing his Republican rivals who impeached him
Judge orders Texas to move floating border barrier : politics

Disney drops all but free speech claim in political retaliation suit against DeSantis
DeSantis Appoints Hate Group Co-Founder to Florida Ethics Commission: The Moms for Liberty co-founder is now in charge of policing Florida state employees. : politics
They Did This to Themselves - by Christian Vanderbrouk By supporting the Liz Cheney purge and downplaying January 6th, Ron DeSantis and his conservative supporters dug their own hole.

The Republican Partys plan to rule the state of Wisconsin forever, explained

Arizona judge rules common practice of validating ballot signatures illegal : politics

Fox News runs ads for Mike Huckabees climate-denial book targeted at children

California State Assembly passes psychedelics decriminalization bill : politics

Eschaton: Alternate Narrative Fact chuck guy went all in on questioning a local reporter's story about a raped girl, but... (factfucker Kessler)

How am I in this war?: New Musk biography offers fresh details about the billionaires Ukraine dilemma (Putin's dick up his ass)
Ukraine rips Elon Musk for disrupting sneak attack on Russian fleet with Starlink cutoff : worldnews ... chose to spend his life being a degenerate fucking junky with an insatiable habit, ruining himself, the people around him, and the geopolitical stability of the world just to get the attaboy that his piece of shit abusive father never gave him when he was little.
Musk Secretly Used Starlink to Foil Ukrainian Drone Attack on Russian Ships: Report
Famed tech journalist deletes X account with epic rant at Elon Musk and his cesspool siteTech writer legend slams X owner Elon Musk for threatening to ban and sue the Anti-Defamation League

Danny Masterson sentenced to 30 years to life in prison
That 70s Show actor Danny Masterson gets 30 years to life in prison for rapes of 2 women

BMW Is Giving Up on Heated Seat Subscriptions Because People Hated Them : technology

Grindr loses nearly half its staff to strict return-to-work rule : technology

Medical Equipment Supplier | High-Quality | Bewellfinder Delivering Performance & Durability at an Affordable Cost

Zinc-air batteries have emerged as a better alternative to lithium. The new design has been so efficient it suppressed the internal resistance of batteries, and their voltage was close to the theoretical voltage which resulted in a high peak power density and ultra-long stability : science

In this randomized clinical trial including 64 transgender and gender-diverse adults, immediate testosterone therapy compared with no treatment significantly reduced gender dysphoria, depression, and suicidality in transgender and gender-diverse individuals desiring testosterone therapy. : science

ELI5 how fast is the universe expanding : explainlikeimfive

Rotten Tomatoes Under Fire After PR Firms Scheme to Pay Critics for Positive Reviews Uncovered

Redditors who dont buy Starbucks and don't get the newest iPhone every year, how many houses have you purchased with all that extra money? Why?


Climate breakdown has begun as world simmers UN
Earth just had its hottest summer on record, U.N. says, warning "climate breakdown has begun" : worldnews
World losing race to meet climate goals, says COP28 president : worldnews

The world has just experienced the hottest summer on record -- by a significant margin : worldnews

Pakistan bears the brunt of global extreme heat illness and mortality - Washington Post (Pakistan is toast) 0

Carbon markets are bogus solutions as rich world keeps polluting, African Climate Summit is told

Five billion people will face extreme heat at least a month each year by 2050 - Washington Post

Sand dredging devastating ocean floor, UN warns : worldnews

Big Tech Fails Its Biggest Disinformation Test Yet, EU Report Finds : worldnews

How will climate change impact coastal Massachusetts in the next 50 years? : massachusetts
Too hot to handle: As schools reopen in a heat wave, a warning of the climate future -- Older school buildings across New England are ill-equipped for extreme heat, which is becoming increasingly common

All signs point to a rise in Covid Covid hospitalizations, deaths and wastewater data among other indicators are all increasing as the U.S. heads into fall.

Indonesian groom flees from wedding, bride forced to marry grooms father

Locals on Thailands Phuket Are Fed up of Russian Draft Dodgers - Over 400,000 Russians arrived in Phuket between January and July this year.

U.S. warns North Korea not to supply weapons to Russia for Ukraine war : worldnews

Xi reprimanded by elders over direction of nation : worldnews
China Considers Law Banning Clothes ThatHurt Feelings of Others ... But apparently it's about fucking kimonos? Do they give Chinese people WWII PTSD flashbacks?

Dont expect Russia to flip its position on Ukraine war this year: US
Putin says Ukraines Zelensky is an ethnic Jew the West installed to whitewash glorification of Nazism
Return of US nuclear weapons to UK would be an escalation, says Russia : worldnews
Ukrainian intelligence not sure Prigozhin died in plane crash
Wagner to be declared a terrorist organisation by UK : worldnews

Dont look now but General Sergey Surovikins bio page has disappeared from the Russian Defense Ministrys website.
Rustem Umerov has now been officially appointed as Ukrainian Defence Minister, replacing Oleksii Reznikov.

The Russian education system is tailored to bring up new generations of brainwashed supporters of Russian imperialism and implementers of its aggressive ambitions. Just look at the school activities of Russian children.

Indias first indigenously developed nuclear power plant begins operation at full capacity

Pakistan may lay claim on name India if Modi govt derecognises it officially at UN
Pakistan Foils Major Terror Plot, 2 ISIS Terrorists Among 7 Arrested : anime_titties
Pakistan saw highest number of militant attacks in August since 2014

UN food agency cuts rations to 2 million Afghans as funds dry up : anime_titties
France evacuates five Afghan women threatened by Taliban

Four 1,900-year-old Roman swords found in Judean Desert, likely from Bar Kochba revolt : worldnews

Abbas: Ashkenazi Jews are not Semites, Hitler killed them for their social role

A former Mossad chief says Israel is enforcing an apartheid system in the West Bank : worldnews

Today, the #Zelensky family celebrates their 20th wedding anniversary.
Blinken visits Kyiv "to make sure that Ukraine has what it needs" in counteroffensive against Russia : worldnews
#US Secretary of State Antony Blinken has arrived in #Ukraine for the fourth time since the start of the war In #Kyiv, he may announce a new aid package for Ukraine worth $1 billion, Reuters reported, citing sources.

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 560, Part 1 (Thread #706) : worldnews

Russias losses as of September 6th
Count of Russian T-90M tanks lost in combat is nearing forty : UkraineWarVideoReport

A Russian strike on a market in eastern Ukraine kills 17 and wounds dozens, officials say | AP News
Russian missile strikes eastern Ukraine market, killing 16, in one of the worst attacks in months : worldnews
Ukraine kills 49 elite Russian paratroopers to stop them reaching southern front line : UkraineWarVideoReport

Russia Announces Tactical Withdrawal From Ukraines Robotyne

The Russian pilot who defected to Ukraine with a Mi-8 helicopter said he flew 32 feet above the ground to avoid being seen and turned off his transponder, per the WSJ : worldnews
Russian pilot who defected with stolen fighter jet spare parts gets $500,000 reward from Ukraine : worldnews
A Russian pilot who defected to Ukraine said his helicopter crew panicked when they realised what was happening but couldn't stop him as he was the only one who could fly it : worldnews

Romania confirms Russian drone debris fell on its territory : worldnews

Unprecedented: Armenia says it will stage joint military exercise with US next week : worldnews

Germany charges intelligence mole with treason in Russia spying case
High-ranking German intelligence officer charged with treason for allegedly passing state secrets to Russia. Carsten L shared intelligence about the war in #Ukraine & Wagner mercenary group & received roughly 400,000. He & another man face life sentences
German tourist damages Florence fountain for a photo : worldnews

Jenni Hermoso files criminal complaint against Luis Rubiales over kiss : worldnews

Poor people surviving not living as UK social contract collapses, says report (Tories cackle)
Britains Second-Largest City Essentially Declares Insolvency Amidst $950 Million Equal Pay Lawsuits
Winsford paedophile posed as model scout to groom victims online : worldnews
Prince Andrew files to remain secret until 2065 : anime_titties
Lord Mountbatten's pedophile allegations FBI files on Prince Charlesuncle Lord Mountbatten, killed by an IRA bomb 41 years ago, describe him as homosexual with a perversion for young boys

Deforestation in Brazils Amazon falls 66% in August

Mexicos Supreme Court decriminalizes abortion nationwide

Air Canada kicks off passengers who refused vomit-stained seats : worldnews

Biden tests negative for COVID-19 on Tuesday, will mask around others | The Hill

Pressure ramps up on Tuberville over 300 military holds : politics
Navy Secretary: Tuberville Is Aiding and Abetting Communists With Military Blockade
The secretary of the Navy said Sen. Tommy Tuberville is playing Russian roulette with the very lives of our service members by stopping military confirmations

Whitehouse Lodges Ethics Complaint Against Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito

Senator Blue Slip - Lawyers, Guns & Money Remember when Dick Durbin did the unthinkable and broke with Senate tradition to allow the Majority Whip to also chair a committee, all so that Maoist Sheldon Whitehouse wouldnt chair it? Durbin loves to talk about Senate traditions, even though he broke them himself. As such, he is really the Senator from Blue Slip Fantasy Land rather than the Senator from Illinois.

That Big Poll Showing Trump and Biden Are Evenly Matched? Trump Helped Pay for It. - The Wall Street Journal poll is being cited in all the mainstream media outlets, with no caveat that Donald Trumps Super PAC paid one of the pollsters.

Enrique Tarrio, Proud Boys leader on Jan. 6, sentenced to 22 years for seditious conspiracy - POLITICO The sentence is the lengthiest among hundreds arising from the Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol.
Proud Boy Tarrio sentenced for Jan 6, but Miami let him thrive | Miami Herald
The Proud Boys sentencing is remarkable. Donald Trump should be paying attention : politics
Harris says Trump shouldnt be an exception for Jan. 6 accountability

Trump was warned FBI could raid Mar-a-Lago as team feared hed go ballistic complying with subpoena, lawyers notes show
Jack Smith accused Trump of tainting jury pool with his comments. Trump responded with a fresh Truth Social attack : politics

Mar-a-Lago IT worker struck cooperation agreement with special counsel, his former lawyer says | CNN Politics Mar-a-Lago IT worker Yuscil Taveras
Witness in Trump documents case reached deal with prosecutors, ex-attorney says : politics .. Woodward currently represents Walt Nauta

Manhattan Judge Calls Trumps Argument to Block October Trial Completely Without Merit, Rejects Motion
Trump: I'm Allowed to Do Whatever I Want With Classified Info (including selling to my friend Putin) ... Confession after submitting a not guilty plea is a bold strategy.

Trump suffers big loss in E. Jean Carroll defamation case, judge says hes liable

Right-wing establishes government-in-waiting for second Trump term, plans firing of 50,000 public workers

Judge Tosses Trump Co-Defendants Attempt to Sever Their Cases ... The ruling means Kenneth Chesebro and Sidney Powell will be tried together, beginning Oct. 23.

How Trump still taps into America's cultural animus How Trump still taps into Americas cultural animusa product of forces that will outlast him.
Trump's big lead: Among nonvoters, many agree with him that elections are rigged - By 2-1, non-voters say they would support Trump over Biden,

Top Trump Loyalist Peter Navarro Is About to Finish Falling on His Sword for His Master Peter Navarro is finally facing the music for refusing to testify before the Jan. 6 Committeeand playing out a familiar story in Trumpworld.

Lawsuit filed to remove Trump from ballot in CO under 14th Amendment : politics

Republicans just cant stop calling for civil war

Why Republicans Could Impeach a Liberal Judge Before Shes Heard a Case

Opinion | Trump vs. Biden in 2024 could spawn a presidential legitimacy crisis - The Washington Post
America's Authoritarian Exceptionalism - Demagogues usually arise in times of chaos and privation. In America, our demagogues have become powerful during a period of peace and prosperity.

Prosecutors will seek Hunter Biden indictment before Sept. 29 Federal prosecutors plan to ask a grand jury to indict Hunter Biden, the son of President Joe Biden, before Sept. 29, they revealed in a court filing.

The Right Would Like All Women to be 1950s Housewives, Please : politics

Senator appears to suggest bipartisan bill would censor transgender content online

Abortion bans stop maternity healthcare providers from practicing - Lawyers, Guns & Money If the American anti-aboriton movement cared at all about the health of pregnant women or mothers, this would be a compelling argument against draconian abortion bans, but alas.

The Classic Learning Test emphasizes the Western canon and Christian thought. Its the latest move by Gov. Ron DeSantis to shake up the education establishment. (stupid NYT frame)
DeSantis built a massive network of big donors. Many have ditched him. analysis shows just a substantial drop off in giving.
Christie knocks DeSantis for not meeting Biden during visit to survey hurricane damage - POLITICO The former governor has experience navigating the optics of a visit from a Democratic president after a natural disaster.

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton Is Being Investigated on Charges of Being a Greedy MofoHis impeachment trial makes for great TV, if you want to tune in.

George Santos and aide appear to be discussing plea deals with feds - POLITICO Santos has been charged with wire fraud, money laundering and theft of public funds.

Republican who spoke out against Trump wins GOP primary : politics

White supremacist signs posted outside Black-owned businesses on Marthas Vineyard (

US university spreads climate lies and receives millions from rightwing donors ... prageru ... No guys its a YouTube channel. A really shitty one at that.

Man Cleared of Rape Conviction 48 Years Later Thanks to DNA - The Messenger Leonard Mack fell victim to racial bias and discarded evidence, but said he never lost hope

The truth about Elon Musk and anti-Semitism - Musk accused the ADL, an organization founded in 1913 to stop the defamation of the Jewish people and to secure justice and fair treatment to all,of being the biggest generators of anti-semitismon X ... Musk, known for repeatedly associating with far-right circles, has a history of amplifying anti-Semitic speech
By some strange coincidence my Im not antisemitic, I just enjoy a non-stop circle jerk with antisemites t-shirt also has a big ink stain on the back that looks just like a swastika

Alex Jones: If you love Hitler you love the ADLThey want antisemitism and persecution of Jews

DJ Fascist Asshole in the House! - Lawyers, Guns & Money

The Burning Man Fiasco Is the Ultimate Tech Culture Clash | WIRED Climate change, protests, tech, elitism, (untrue) Ebola rumorseverything converged when heavy rains left thousands of people stranded in the Nevada desert.

The disappearing college wealth premium - Lawyers, Guns & Money - n recent decades the growth in this wage premium has been almost wholly a product of declining wages for high school graduates, as wages for college graduates have been almost completely stagnant on average).

Is Naomi Kleins Doppelganger Weird Enough?
When Naomi Klein Realized People Regularly Confused Her With Naomi Wolf, She Went Down a Rabbit Hole | Vanity Fair ... I think you are talking about Naomi Wolf.
Naomi Klein investigates conspiracy theory culturethat has shaken her lifeDoppelganger, due out this autumn, examinesthe wildness of right now including personal issues arising from being confused with Naomi Wolf
Naomi Klein has written a book about the conspiracy theory culture that has shaken her life after constantly being mistaken for anti-vax activist Naomi Wolf

An ordinary humans guide to getting extraordinary results from a chatbot like ChatGPT

AI-generated child sex imagery has every US attorney general calling for action : technology

A study found that "almost a third of cancer patients use cannabis, largely for symptom management." : science
Scientists grow whole model of human embryo, without sperm or egg : science

Human memories are unreliable because of our tendency to construct complete storylines. Scientists found people often misremember how certain events end, sometimes even creating memories of incidents that never happened. : science

TIL despite numerous rumors and conspiracy theories, historical records and credible sources firmly state that Adolf Hitler did not have any known children. This has been corroborated by various historians and scholars who have extensively researched Hitler's personal life and lineage. : todayilearned

70-foot yacht carrying guns, drugs and prostitutes discovered in Nantucket Harbor : boston
Guns, Drugs, And Prostitutes: Police Raid Yacht In Nantucket Harbor

Boston has one of the best climates out of all US major cities : boston


Scientists warn invasive pests are taking a staggering toll on society : worldnews

G20 must forge agreement to increase tax on rich, say campaigners : worldnews
Calls to tax the super-rich grow as economic inequality surges : worldnews

How Rapping About Racism in Singapore Resulted in a Jail Sentence : worldnews

In Japan, the young find dating so hard their parents are doing it for them : worldnews

Seouls spy agency says Russia has likely proposed North Korea to join three-way drills with China
Teachers set to hold massive rally following suicide deaths of distressed teachers : worldnews

Lack of legal same-sex relationship recognition in Hong Kong a rights violation, top court rules - Hong Kong Free Press HKFP : worldnews

2 workers arrested for digging shortcut through Great Wall of China : worldnews

Putin claims that during WW2 the German SS didnt commit genocide against Jews, it was primarily the Ukrainian nationalistswho did it.
The Fatal Flaw that Doomed the Wagner Group - William Spaniel : UkraineWarVideoReport
What Beyond the Pale Actually Means
Russias trouble with the rouble: Even China may not be able to help boost its economy

Russia in Africa: Prigozhins death exposes Putins real motives on the continent

Vladimir Kara-Murza, a Russian activist sentenced to 25 years in prison this year, has been secretly transferred to a penal colony. Even his lawyers are unaware of his current location. : worldnews

Russias impromptu tire protection for bombers also makes them stand out on radar satellite images

Since June, Russian government has been advertising recruitment to fight in Ukraine to citizens of neighbouring countries, such as Armenia and Kazakhstan, @DefenceHQ reports. Uzbek migrant builders in Mariupol have reportedly had their passports confiscated upon arrival and been coerced to join the Russian army. #IHL prohibits compulsory recruitment. There is also reason to investigate whether this is not a mercenary involvement policy.

India may be renamed Bharat in special session of Parliament on September 18 : worldnews

UK brushing Saudi abuses under carpet say campaigners as arms sales hit 13bn since 2018

As Anniversary of Womens Uprising Nears, Iran Cracks Down

Using an Attack Dog, Female Israeli Soldiers Forced Palestinian Women to Undress : worldnews

My comments @TIME on Oleksii Reznikov stepping down as Ukrainian Defence Minister & Rustem Umerovs prospective appointment. Strong signal that #Ukraine is serious about battling corruption on its path to EU/NATO & returning Crimea as part of its vision for victory. Link below
Germany has handed over a first five-digit ammunition supply for Gepard guns to Ukraine, just produced on the restored production line. 'I'm glad we started production so quickly and without bureaucratic hurdles," said Defense Minister Boris Pistorius.

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 559, Part 1 (Thread #705) : worldnews

Losses of the Russian military to 5.9.2023 : ukraine

Russian infighting may have led to Ukraine retaking a key town in its counteroffensive: report : worldnews - Ah yes, Rusich. Russian propaganda managed to convince much of the world that these guys were local pro-Russian separatists in 2014-2022 when all of them were Russian neo-Nazis from Russia.
Ukrainian Forces Reportedly Advance Past Russias Dragons Teeth Defenses In Zaporizhzhya

A Ukrainian Challenger 2 tank was destroyed near Robotyne, Zaporizhzhia Oblast. A damaged T-64BV and two destroyed IMVs can be seen too. This is the first confirmed loss of this tank in Ukraine and is a
Challenger 2: The crew survived : ukraine

Ukraine now has the most cluster-munition casualties in the world Russias widespread use of the bombs in its invasion of Ukraine helped make 2022 the deadliest year on record globally

The Russian helicopter pilot who defected to Ukraine said he did it to avoid being involved in genocide
Ukraine pays USD 500,000 to Russian pilot who surrendered with Mi-8 helicopter : ukraine

President of Estonia says PM Kaja Kallas should Have resigned over revelations of her husbands business activity in Russia

Clashes erupt in Swedens third largest city after another Quran burning and at least 3 are detained
Trial starts in Sweden of 2 oil executives accused of complicity in war crimes in Sudan : worldnews

"Historic flooding event" in Greece dumps more than 2 feet of rain in just a few hours : worldnews

Germany refuses to extradite man to UK over concerns about British jail conditions : worldnews

pope acknowledges his russia comments were faulty : worldnews

Belgiums cannabis legalization effort receives a big endorsement

Putins henchman exchanged mails with Marine Le Pen and paid French far-right trips to Russia. According to information shared in earlier investigations on Le Pen Babakov links, Marine Le Pen received 9 million from a Russian bank in exchange for supporting Russias policy towards Ukraine.
French state schools turn away dozens of girls wearing Muslim abaya dress : worldnews

Birmingham City Council effectively bankrupt. The local authority -- the largest in Europe has issued a Section 114 notice preventing all but essential spending to protect core services.

Peru demolishes Wall of Shame dividing rich and poor neighbourhoods

Cuba uncovers human trafficking ring of Cubans to fight for Russia in Ukraine : worldnews
Cuba uncovers human trafficking of Cubans to fight for Russia in Ukraine : worldnews

Trial begins for Canada Freedom Convoy organisers

US First Lady Jill Biden tests Covid-19 positive ahead of Joe Bidens India visit for G20 Summit

Column: Bidenomics just had its first birthday. Why are so few people celebrating? : politics
A Huge Threat to the U.S. Budget Has Receded. And No One Is Sure Why. : politics - Spoiler alert: Its Medicare spending. Theres a $3.9 trillion (cumulative) gap from 2010 to 2023 between what was spent and what the trends suggest it should be.

Republican lawmakers launch an effort to block student-loan borrowers from enrolling in Bidens new plan intended to lower monthly payments

One more time with feeling: Ignore the polls! ... Fourteen months out from the 2024 presidential election and the public is being subjected to theevery-other-week poll that shows the race between Biden and Trump is too close to call .... Over the weekend, Rupert Murdoch's Wall Street Journal published a poll that allegedly shows that Biden and Trump are tied in the 2024 presidential race.
How American Democracy Fell So Far Behind : politics

When it comes to voter turnout, US ranks in the lower middle : politics
Consistent Signs of Erosion in Black and Hispanic Support for Biden - The New York Times a weakness that could manifest itself as low Democratic turnout even if Trump and Republicans dont gain among those groups.

Authoritarianism Expert Predicts Why The GOP Will Implode, For Good : politics

Sen. Whitehouse Asks Roberts To Do Something, Anything About Alito : politics
Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse files ethics complaint over Justice Samuel Alito interview The Rhode Island Democrat asked Chief Justice John Roberts to investigate comments made by Alito in a Wall Street Journal interview.
The latest hit to the Supreme Courts credibility shows it wont police itself
Supreme Court to Decide Whether to Kick Trump Off Ballot : politics

Mitch McConnell brain scans found no stroke, seizures after second freeze, doctor says : news

Tommy Tuberville Put On Blast By Military Secretaries In Scathing Opinion Piece : politics

Why Republicans Are About to Throw Mitch McConnell to the Wolves : politics

N.Y. Attorney General Letitia James asks court to sanction Trump, his eldest sons and attorneys ongoing civil suit against the former president and others close to him.

The Key Players in Trumps Plot to Upend the Election, Mapped
Mark Meadows pleads not guilty in Georgia election interference case, waives arraignment | The Hill

Trump may have violated copyright law by selling mugshot merchandise : politics

Enrique Tarrio has been sentenced to 22 years in prison : PoliticalHumor (nice find out)
Another violent seditionist off the board - Lawyers, Guns & Money Enrique Tarrio has, appropriately enough, been given the longest sentence yet given to one of the leaders of 1/6:

Trumps co-defendants are already starting to turn against himTheres a nascent courtroom strategy by some people close to Donald Trump: Heap blame on the former president

Is the end of Donald Trumps Truth Social in sight?

Republican threatens Trump with

Dark right-wing network recruits MAGA army to replace 50K federal workers Trump plans to purgeProject 2025 is extremists newest plan to set fire to our democracy, watchdog group warns

Texas fracking billionaire brothers fuel rightwing media with millions of dollars : politics

Alabama congressional map struck down again for diluting Black voting power : politics
Federal court rejects Alabama congressional map; court will draw new map : politics
Judges strike down Alabamas latest nullification of federal law

Why Hunter Biden might not be the slam dunk issue GOP commentators hoped - POLITICO

Bolton on Ramaswamys Ukraine position: He emulates Trump every time he can
Vivek Ramaswamys Embrace of Hindu Nationalism: The GOP presidential candidate views Narendra Modi's authoritarianism as a model for the United States.

Disney tickets, PS5s, and big-screen TVs: Florida parents exploit DeSantis school vouchers

The Texas Senate on Tuesday rejected all of Attorney General Ken Paxtons efforts to dismiss the articles of impeachment against him, moving forward with the first removal proceeding against a statewide elected official in more than a century.
Texas AG Ken Paxton faces charges of corruption and bribery as his impeachment trial gets underway : politics

Lauren Boebert poll sparks worried emails to supporters : politics

Rep. George Santos could be mulling guilty plea in federal fraud case : politics

Wisconsins new liberal Supreme Court justice hasnt heard a case, but Republicans may impeach her

Conservative book ban push fuels library exodus from national association that stands up for books : politics

The Confederate Cult - Lawyers, Guns & Money
My Great-Grandfather Was a Racist Once we take down Confederate statues, Texans must still grapple with monsters in the past.

The Insane Feud Over a New $120 Million Bridge to Nowhere : politics

rasing the Black Spot: How a Virginia College Expanded by Uprooting a Black Neighborhood

Americans Are Losing Faith in the Value of College. Whose Fault Is That? - The New York Times For most people, the new economics of higher ed make going to college a risky bet.

This is the grave of Maureen OHara.

Alex Murdaugh Lawyers Claim Fame-Hungry Clerk Rebecca Hill Tainted Jury

Three neighbors were arrested over the weekend for kidnapping after they held a car full of people at gunpoint in Fort Myers. : news

Tucker Carlson, the semi-employed years - Lawyers, Guns & Money ... Tucker was fired just four months ago, and hes already using the contemporary equivalent of public access television to air particularly deranged racist and homophobic conspiracy theories from convicted con men:

YouTube under no obligation to host anti-vaccine advocates videos, court says ... Some morons are really finding out for the first time the difference between the US Constitution and a Terms of Service agreement.

Texas state police wont punish more officers over Uvalde ... They had 400 fucking cops there and were too scared to go in and take down 1 teen? Fucking pathetic.

Hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) risk factor for serious mental health issues: Linked to major depression, post-traumatic stress, anorexia nervosa, suicide attempts; vigilance required for those affected to ward off psychiatric problems, say researchers : science

Older adults who regularly use the internet have half the risk of dementia compared to non-regular users : technology ... Choosing between the degenerative mental prison that slowly alienates you from all the people you used to love or dementia.

Black holes keep burping up stars they destroyed years earlier, and astronomers dont know why

Land of Heroes: A Retelling of the Kalevala by Ursula Synge | Goodreads
The Optimism of Ragnarok in Neil Gaimans Norse Mythology
(208) Exploring Norse Mythology: Ragnarok - YouTube

No Available Ambulances : boston ...

What made you lose your religion, and how old were you? : AskReddit

The worlds highest navigable lake is drying out

Child labour at critical moment as more pushed into work

US clean energy drive fuels shortage of engineers in Australia : worldnews

Russia commemorates WWII victory over Japan on disputed islands : worldnews
Japan may seek to dissolve Moonies church in wake of Shinzo Abe killing : worldnews

South Korea extends natural population fall as fertility rate falls to 0.7 : worldnews
Teacher suicide exposes parent bullying in S Korea : worldnews
South Korea is working on an arsenal ship in case it has to shower North Korea with missiles

Kim Jong-un and Putin Plan to Meet in Russia to Discuss Weapons - The New York Times Russia seeks more weaponry for its war in Ukraine, and a North Korean delegation recently traveled to Russia by train to plan for Mr. Kims visit this month, officials say.
North Korea simulates nuclear missile strike in warning to U.S. : worldnews

Chinas Xi to Skip G20 Summit in India During a Period of Soured Bilateral Relations
China-India border dispute spills over into water resources: difficult to agree
In Chinas shadow, U.S. rushes back to neglected Indian Ocean island

Russia proposed three-way naval exercise with N. Korea, China: NIS : worldnews
Russia is becoming increasingly dependent on Chinese banks as its yuan borrowings more than quadruple : worldnews
Russia says it will not let foreign banks exit the market easilyunless they unfreeze Russian assets

Villagers heard bang, then saw Yevgeny Prigozhins plane crashing
Prigozhins death is only the latest example of an enigmatic fusion of formal governance and clandestine networks.
Yevgeny Prigozhin is just the latest: A list of Putins dead critics

Another Russian mercenary group shows discontent with the Kremlin: A sign of more to come

Russia arrests mathematician on terrorism charges minutes after his release from prison : worldnews

New Delhi got a makeover for the G20 summit. The citys poor say they were simply erased

South Africa says no evidence of arms shipment to Russia : worldnews

Ukraine War: Putin set to meet Erdogan in Black Sea grain talks as 22 Russian drones shot down : worldnews

Twitter accused of helping Saudi Arabia commit human rights abuses | Saudi Arabia | The Guardian Lawsuit says network discloses user data at request of Saudi authorities at much higher rate than for US, UK and Canada (Muskfucker)
Saudi Arabia to execute man for criticising government on Twitter account with only nine followers : anime_titties
Twitter accused of helping Saudi Arabia commit human rights abuses : worldnews

Iran Has Slowed Its Enrichment Of Near-weapons-grade Uranium : worldnews
Iran jails two female journalists over conspiracy and collusion
Israeli-Iranian movie filmed undercover to avoid suspicion : worldnews
EU official from Sweden jailed in Iran for more than 500 days : worldnews .. hostage diplomacy.

6 Israelis arrested on suspicion of gang-raping British woman in Cyprus : anime_titties .. According to media reports, the boys were dressed in kippahs and they and their male relatives popped champagne, let off a confetti cannon and chanted the Brit is a whore.
More than 100 injured in violent disturbances in Tel Aviv involving Eritrean nationals : worldnews
Israels Netanyahu says he wants Eritrean migrants involved in violent clashes to be deported
Comments by Belgian development minister spark diplomatic row with Israel : worldnews

Zelensky replaces Ukrainian defense minister, citing need for new approaches
Where Is the Money? Military Graft Becomes a Headache for Ukraine - The removal of the defense minister highlights the enduring challenge of corruption in Ukraine, which has emerged as a rare area of criticism of President Volodymyr Zelensky s leadership.
60,000 men: Zelenskyys representative initiates cancellation of conscription deferment for some students
Ukraine has a new weapon in its fight against Russia 100 Cold War-era German tanks designed by Porsche
A Ukrainian-made missile that could hit targets 930 miles inside Russia is nearly ready, says top security official : ukraine
The US plans to supply Ukraine with AMRAAM air-to-air missiles with a range of 160-180 kilometers, which are capable of hitting Russian aircraft without entering the air defense zone, said Yuri Ignat, spokesman of the Ukrainian Air Force said.
Oligarch Kolomoisky charged with money laundering, fraud : worldnews

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 558, Part 1 (Thread #704) : worldnews

Defense forces eliminate three Russian tank battalions in one week. [article] : ukraine
ISW on X: "4/ #Ukrainian forces certainly face further hard fighting regardless, but Tarnavskyi characterized Ukrainian forces as having successfully broken through the most difficult #Russian defenses." / X
Ukrainian forces breach Russias first defensive line, prepare surprise offensives
Ukraine War: Counter-offensive troops punch through Russia line, generals claim : worldnews

(2/4) The malware, referred to as Infamous Chisel has been used by the Russian cyber threat group known as Sandworm. NCSC has previously attributed Sandworm to the Russian General Staff Main Intelligence Directorates (GRU) Main Centre for Special Technologies (GTsST).
(4/4) Infamous Chisel has highly likely been used with the aim of stealing sensitive military information. This activity demonstrates Russias continued use of cyber capabilities to support the invasion of Ukraine.

Heavy Russian drone attack on Odesa Oblast: Ukrainian air defence destroys 17 Shahed UAVs : worldnews

Ukraine says Russian drones detonated on Romanian territory during Danube strike : worldnews
Romania denies Russian drones detonated on Romanian territory : worldnews

We Have Photo Evidence Ukraines Foreign Minister on Shahed UAV Crash in Romania
New SDP party secretary faces fresh criticism over animal cruelty conviction (Finland) : worldnews

Several arrested in Sweden over new Quran burning : worldnews

US Approves $1.5B in Armored Vehicles to Bulgaria : worldnews

Poland begins giving free laptops to all fourth graders : worldnews

Italy did not get expected results from China Belt and Road deal, foreign minister says : worldnews

Spain mens players condemn Rubiales behaviour

Macron says enforcement of abaya ban in French school will be uncompromising

New scheme to help LGBTQ+ migrants bring cultures and experiences to cities as they settle in Europe

Colombian government and rebels agree on ceasefire : worldnews

Security in Ecuador has come undone as drug cartels exploit the banana industry to ship cocaine : worldnews

Canada wedding venue shooting leaves 2 people dead, with 2 Americans among 6 wounded in Ottawa : worldnews

Chinese Gate-Crashers Reportedly Trespassed Into U.S. Military Sites And Secured Facilities Multiple Times

Bidenomics Means Lower Prescription Drug Costs, MAGA Control Means Higher Costs : politics

Catching on - Lawyers, Guns & Money upreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas ended a monthslong saga last week by officially disclosing trips paid for by GOP megadonor Harlan Crow. The incident brought to light a key fact: Unlike other federal courts and the executive and legislative branches, the US Supreme Court does not have a formal ethics code.

Trump takes huge primary lead as 78pc of Republicans back Capitol riot in new poll : politics
Some Republicans Worry that a Trump Nomination Could Bring Steep Down-Ballot Losses for the GOP : politics
Donald Trump Spends Labor Day Weekend Planning A Revenge Tour Republicans are already thinking about what we are going to do to Biden and the Communists when its our turn Trump wrote on Truth Social.

A Harvard Law professor says it wasunbelievably juvenile for Trumps legal team tocite the infamous Scottsboro Boys case as they pushed for a federal election interference trial in 2026

Top Democrats say theres a strong case for disqualifying Trump
Schiff says 14th Amendment disqualification fits Donald Trump to a T

Joe Biden Is Making a Bold Bet: Trumps Indictments Will Speak for Themselves
Biden mocks great real-estate developer Trump who didnt build a damn thing at Labor Day rally in Pa.

Trump waived right to Georgia arraignment because he didnt want to face court cameras

The Trump brand doesnt work: GOP governor blames Donald Trump for Republican losses
GOP Gov. Hangs Republican Losses on Trump: Its a Negative Brand. The Trump Brand Just Doesnt Work
Some Republicans Worry that a Trump Nomination Could Bring Steep Down-Ballot Losses for the GOP : politics
Trump has raised millions with his mug shot. Legal experts say it could be a big mistake : politics

Mark Meadows Risky Move in the Trump Georgia Case

How Rudy Giuliani sealed his own fate : politics

Trump has few options for pre-trial appeals, but motions can delay case : politics

Proud Boys Leader Predicts Trump Will Pardon Him As He Bemoans Prison Food : politics

Right-Wing Influencers Deny Reality by Claiming Neo-Nazis Are Feds

Breaking out of news bubbles will help strengthen our democracy : politics

Rep. Nancy Mace says Republicans in swing districts are walking the plank because of abortion restrictions

Opinion: DeSantis snub of Biden in Florida shows why hes bad at politics

Ken Paxton tried to hide his affair from his wife and voters. It may be his undoing. : politics

Kids Online Safety Act will deliberately target trans content, senator Marsha Blackburn admits

State Republicans Try to Remove Top Jurist for Mentioning the Existence of Racial Bias : politics ... North Carolina Supreme Court Justice Anita Earls could be ousted from her seat for judicial ethics violations ... Earls, the only Black woman on North Carolinas high court, spoke out about racial bias in her courtroom ... The trumped-up charge against Earls is politically motivated. If this complaint had been filed a few years ago, it wouldve been summarily dismissed. But the commission has become yet another weapon for the North Carolina GOP to wield against judges who wont do the bidding of the party or its corporate campaign contributors.

Right-Wing Sheriffs Group Spreads Controversial Ideology : politics

The California Megachurch Pushing Public Schools to the Far Right : politics

New Texas law requires drunk drivers to pay child support if they kill a childs parent or guardian

Revealed: US pro-birth conferences links to far-right eugenicists

Mississippis public defender system in crisis as some wait years for court-appointed lawyer

Cincinnati-area school district paints over diversity mural, sparks controversy : politics

Why Illinois eliminating cash bail is a big deal While red states restrict rights, the Land of Lincoln blazes a more hopeful trail ... The GOP have turned the states into laboratories of tyranny, innovating a slew of bold, brutal assaults on voting rights, reproductive rights, and the rights of marginalized people

An effort to ban caste discrimination in California has touched a nerve - POLITICO California would be the first state to explicitly ban the practice, but the process has been divisive.

Wisconsin GOP weighs moves to sideline elections chief and liberal Supreme Court majority | CNN Politics
Most authoritarian Republican Party in America considers nullifying another election - Lawyers, Guns & Money

I cannot unsee this image of Neal Katyal, the Supreme Court attorney who among other things successfully defended a companys use of overseas child slave labor, at Burning Man.

Eschaton: The Jews Wot Did It The ADL is not beyond criticism, of course, in fact Id criticize its current leader for spending the past year sucking up to Musk!

Who Are the Names in Jeffrey Epstein's Calendar? - WSJ investigation reveals meetings with politicians and executives and the kinds of favors Epstein did for them

The lobbying surge behind San Franciscos robo-taxi mayhem Driverless taxi companies Cruise and Waymo wined and dined officials and landed a plum regulatory appointment before they scored free rein on San Franciscos streets

Tech workers now doubting decision to move from California to Texas : technology

Not All Girls Are Expected to Be Feminine | by Devon Price | Sep, 2023 | Medium Yet another way that the myth of a singularfemale socialization fails.

We may be close to the truth about the Shroud of Turin | by Tim Andersen, Ph.D. | Aug, 2023 | Medium The latest in the quest to understand the worlds most confusing relic

Assume a universe - Lawyers, Guns & Money ... What bugs me about Dennett et. al. is the sheer insouciance of these types. Listening to Dennett, one would get the impression that human beings have now figured out about 98% of whats to be learned about the nature of reality, with only a few minor side issues still up for discussion. That view strikes me as being as delusional as religious fundamentalism, and for pretty much exactly the same reason:
How to Live a Happy Life, From a Leading Atheist - The New York Times ... "Yes, we have a soul, but its made of lots of tiny robots."

Reconstructing the First Interstellar Meteor, IM1 | by Avi Loeb | Sep, 2023 | Medium

New blood test gives very high accuracy to screen for Alzheimers disease. A new blood test called p-tau217 shows promise as an Alzheimers disease biomarker, and when used in a two-step workflow very high accuracy to either identify or exclude brain amyloidosis, the earliest pathology.

Ran into a yt channel of bikers that are complete assholes and endanger everyone around them. How is this even a thing? : videos

Reddit faces content quality concerns after its Great Mod Purge : technology
Reddit faces content quality concerns after its Great Mod Purge : anime_titties


Scientists Warn 1 Billion People on Track to Die From Climate Change : worldnews

Finland finds bird flu in wild mammals : worldnews

Tharman Shanmugaratnam: Singapore picks a president who could've been much more : worldnews

Taiwanese man returns home after detention in China for spying : worldnews
Typhoon Haikui expected to make landfall in Taiwan Sunday afternoon : worldnews

Chinas Fast and Cheap Nuclear Gives Its Climate Ambitions a Boost

Threats, insults, and Kremlin robots: How Russian diplomacy died under Putin
Over 20 flights cancelled in Moscow, Kiyevsky railway station evacuated : worldnews

Two exiled Russian journalists sentenced to 11 years for disseminating 'fake' news on Ukraine war -- Committee to Protect Journalists
Russian Anti-War Activist Sentenced To Six Years In Prison For Internet Posts : worldnews

Indian police condemn BBC for article on press freedom in Kashmir | News : worldnews

Cyprus riots over migrant influx: 13 arrested : worldnews

A US Army veteran has been detained in Dubai for 5 years because his ex-employer says he owes $100,000: 'I'm at the end of my life'

Holocaust scholars call on Israel to maintain Yad Vashems independence

President Zelensky has decided to dismiss UkrainesMinister of Defense, Oleksii Reznikov
The GUR has released a picture of the Russian pilot who defected, along with a Mi-8AMTSh helicopter, and surrendered to the Armed Forces of Ukraine.No one wants this war. Youll see when Ukraine wins, its just a matter of time the pilot said.
Made in Ukraine: Kyivs burgeoning weapons industry is enabling it to project power far beyond the front lines
Ukraine could have modified its anti-ship missiles into a long-range weapon to wreak havoc against Russian targets on land, report says : worldnews
Ukraine tycoon Ihor Kolomoisky taken into custody over fraud allegations : worldnews
Canadas envoy to Ukraine says Canadian support will outlast Russian invasion
Ukraine designates PepsiCo, Mars asinternational warsponsors

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 557, Part 1 (Thread #703) : worldnews

Losses of the Russian military to 3.9.2023 : ukraine

Michael Kofman on X: "Difficult but useful read from @KyivIndependent" / X
New brigade bears heavy brunt of Russias onslaught in Kharkiv Oblast
AFU breached russias 1st defense line near Zaporizhzhia after weeks of mine clearance, expect faster gains, general Tarnavskyi saidHe estimates russia spent 60% of time into making it & only 20% each into 2nd & 3rd lines bc Moscow hadnt expected a breakthrough

@DefenceU "A sniper rifle among tanks" - A Ukrainian tanker shares impressions of using a British Challenger 2 tank in battle. : ukraine

How Cheap Hobby Drones Became One of Ukraines Most Vital Weapons. Single FPV drones worth $260 have been taking out Russian tanks worth millions of dollars. Ukraines armed forces need more and one man has a plan to make that happen.

Armenian PM says depending solely on Russia for security was strategic mistake

1 in 3 women in Finland experience intimate partner violence : worldnews
Differences in Frequency of Violence and Reported Injury Between Relationships With Reciprocal and Nonreciprocal Intimate Partner Violence - PMC

US Air Force C-5 Galaxy in Sweden. : worldnews

Polish ruling party names far-right leader as election candidate : worldnews
Poland cuts tax for first-time homebuyers and raises it for those buying multiple properties : worldnews

Germany: CDU urges faster removal of rejected asylum-seekers : worldnews
Scholz says nuclear energy issue a dead horse for Germany

Its dangerous work: new generation of Indigenous activists battle to save the Amazon
Brazils Federal Police carry out largest operation in history against illegal mining in Amazonas state

Ayotzinapa : If you haven't read the Times' deep dive into the text messages it acquired that unveils as much as we are likely to ever know about how the Mexican military helped deliver the 43 students at Ayotzinapa into the hands of a paranoid drug gang, which is the most important event in Mexico since the 1985 earthquake, you really need to do so. It is incredibly depressing. It shows without doubt how the drug gangs have Mexican police and military completely under their thumb.

Biden: Nobody intelligent can deny the impact of climate crisis
Home insurers cut natural disasters from policies over climate risk - The Washington Post Some of the largest U.S. insurance companies say extreme weather has led them to end certain coverages, exclude natural disaster protections and raise premiums

U.S. debt is growing as possible government shutdown looms - The Washington Post A strong economy usually reduces the deficit. Not this time.

Biden Appointees Just Made It Easier For Workers To Form Unions : politics

Joe Biden on X: "The difference between talking and delivering." / X
Real and imaginary populisms - Lawyers, Guns & Money largely gone down the memory hole because Republican presidents are always graded on a much more generous curve.

The American Nations and Life Expectancy - Lawyers, Guns & Money ... The underlying theory here is that there are now about nine to eleven or so distinct American nations, regionally speaking, that dont track either state borders or census definitions of larger regions, and that the long-term cultural and political patterns in these different micro-nations explain much of the striking differences in public health to be found among them, even when one controls for such powerful variables as wealth and race/ethnicity ... And people in the Left Coasts poorest quartile of counties live 2.4 years longer than those in the richest quartile counties in the Deep South ... The larger point here is that the current fracturing of America follows very complicated geographical lines, that dont lend themselves very readily to any sort of amicable divorce, as increasingly tempting as such a response is becoming to contemporary political and cultural polarization.

Democrats Unimpressed With Clarence Thomass Feeble Attempt At Transparency
Analysis: As Clarence Thomas faces record unpopularity, Americans want an ethics code for the Supreme Court | CNN Politics

Push To Strip Foxs Broadcast License Over Election Lies Gains New Momentum

Trump May Need Supreme Court To Say His Coup Attempt Does Not Violate Constitution - The 14th Amendment bans insurrectionists from seeking office, and the question of whether Trump can even be on the ballot is likely headed to the high court. : politics undefined

In chilling new interview, Trump says hed lock up his political enemies if re-elected

Rudy Giuliani keeps telling judges hes broke, but wont share financial statements and took a private jet to his Georgia booking

Opinion | What the Contradiction of Slavery Tells Us About Abortion Rights - The New York Times ... Should women leaving anti-abortion states be considered presumptively pregnant and subject to criminal investigation, lest they obtain the procedure?

DeSantis Florida Redistricting Map Is Unconstitutional And Must Be Redrawn: Judge
Florida Judge Throws Out DeSantis-Backed Congressional Map, Rules In Favor of Civil Rights Groups : politics
Adam Kinzinger Rips OutrageousRon DeSantis For Not Meeting With Biden In Florida
Ron DeSantis accused of playing politics after Biden hurricane visit snub
DeSantis super PAC head honcho privately admits hes spreading dirt on Ramaswamy
Republican lawmakers want to stop businesses in a small Florida town from displaying rainbow stickers to show they are a safe place for LGBTQ+ people : politics
Sen. Tom Wright angrily puts hand on domestic violence worker outside shelter : politics

Guess which state is opting out of energy-savings rebate program because it's 'woke'

Neo-Nazis March Through Florida Park
Videos Show Angry Neo-Nazis Cursing and Screaming Slurs During March in Florida : politics

Deeply Out of Touch: MI GOP Calls Paid Family Leave Summer Break for Adults A Michigan Democratic leader said the suggestion is offensive beyond belief

Ramaswamy doubles down on voting for Trump if convicted | The Hill

Texas drunk drivers will now have to pay child support if they kill a parent, guardian : politics

Education v misinformation: opposing groups duel for Wisconsin voters attention Keep our Republic aims to educate voters about elections and democracy, while North of 29 pushes debunked fraud claims
Post-Dobbs politics in Wisconsin - Lawyers, Guns & Money ... There are many infuriating things about the American anti-abortion movement, but their tendency to lie about being willing to provide healthcare to the women theyre brutalizing is among the worst.

New poll shows massive backlash to anti-LGBTQ school policies. A new Navigator Researc h Poll shows that book bans, school sports policies, and Dont Say Gay bills are wildly unpopular (Rfuckulators)

You Betrayed Us, AzeenA story on the allegations of former St. Louis gender clinic staffer Jamie Reed left parents who spoke with NYT reporter Azeen Ghorayshi crushed. (that fucking newspaper does it again and again)

Burning Man 2023 rain keeps burners confined to camps
Tens of thousands at Burning Man told to conserve water and food after heavy rains leave attendees stranded | CNN

A Note on Bill Richardson - Lawyers, Guns & Money I have to say that the guy was, on a personal level, an absolute sleazeball. His treatment of women made Bill Clinton look like Jimmy Carter.
Former New Mexico Democratic Governor Bill Richardson is accused of raking in hundreds of thousands in bribes and kickbacks to fund debauched lifestyle including sexual services and favors

Canceling Kit Carson - Lawyers, Guns & Money

What Are Dreams For? | The New Yorker Converging lines of research suggest that we might be misunderstanding something we do every night of our lives.

Most unsettling places in Boston (seen on r/asknyc) : boston

WW2 channel that has made a video every week for the last 5 years is getting demonetized : videos


Heat records topple across sweltering Asia : worldnews

Global wildlife trafficking on the rise, aided by drug cartels : worldnews

It seems like everyone has Covid-19. Heres why this wave is probably worse than official data suggests

Australia launches mission to rescue Antarctic researcher : worldnews

Vietnam to take their relationship with US to next level ... Viet Nam is sending a message to China. (China: all your coast are belong to us)

US military in talks to build Philippine port 200 km from Taiwan : worldnews

Estimated 200,000 teachers gather in Seoul for rally over rights protection : worldnews

North Korea fires several cruise missiles towards the sea : worldnews

As Taiwans government races to counter China, most people arent worried about war

China says it deplores US military transfer to Taiwan
China Put Out a New Offical Map That Claims Russian Territory : worldnews
China's New Map Claims Swathes of Neighboring Territory
China has declared part of Russia as its territory on new official maps. China's state-owned Standard Map Service has presented a set of geographic maps for 2023, on which for the first time part of Russias territory is indicated as part of China
Russian Telegram: China does not let Russians into the country, despite the introduction of a visa-free regime

Russia to block G20 declaration if its views are ignored - Lavrov : worldnews
Microsoft Threat Analysis Center shares report on Russian influence operations in Africa, focusing on the Niger coup: "We believe it is vital there is wider understanding of the ways in which the internet is being used to stoke political instability around the world." : worldnews
Russia deploys ICBM that Putin says will make enemies think twice
Putin Tells Schoolchildren Russia Is Invincible
Kremlins propaganda film about Ukraine war plays to empty cinemas | Russia

Top Russian space scientist dies of mushroom poisoning : worldnews

These Russian women are banned from criticising the war in Ukraine. They're doing it anyway : worldnews

Russia declares Nobel Prize-winning editor Dmitry Muratov to be a foreign agent : worldnews

Tech firms fail to tackle Russian propaganda - EU : worldnews (Muskrattoon cackless)

2/ According to Tatyana Zolotavina, the wife of one of the men, 380 soldiers from Chelyabinsk have been sent to fight in Ukraine. She says in a video that three days before they were sent, the men were hidden from an inspection by regional authorities by locking them in boxcars.

Russia-led alliance holds military drills in Belarus, near the borders of NATO countries : worldnews

Aditya-L1: India launches its first mission to Sun : worldnews
India sees lowest August rainfall in a century : worldnews
India court orders Jet Airways founder to remain in custody till Sept. 11 : worldnews

Pakistan Jails U.S. Citizens in Dragnet of Imran Khan Supporters : worldnews

Taliban signs $6.5bn mining contracts with local and foreign companies in Afghanistan : worldnews

Gabon coup: Military chief says suspension of democracy only temporary

The Biden administration wants to know if Saudi Arabia used American weapons to kill hundreds of migrants

Lebanon green lights Barbie after initial ban attempt on moral grounds

35 year old Iranian protester dies in jail after avoiding death sentence. : worldnews (Muzfuckers)

Eritrean riots in Tel Aviv: Hundreds of refugees, police officers injured : worldnews

Ukraine says it has manufactured and fired a long-range missile : worldnews
US to send its first depleted uranium rounds to Ukraine : worldnews

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 556, Part 1 (Thread #702) : worldnews

Russian army losses 600 soldiers and dozens of vehicles in one day in Ukraine : worldnews
Losses of the Russian military to 2.9.2023 : ukraine

Ukraine spurs hope of breakthrough on southern front : worldnews

Ukraine says it has identified a Russian commander accused of Bucha atrocities : worldnews

The occupiers have deployed a reserve army in order to transfer additional forces to the south of Ukraine,The Russians hope to contain the Ukrainian counteroffensive with the help of additional forces. But analysts believe that the new 25th combined army is unlikely to become sufficiently combat-ready, given the pace of its deployment.
#Russian position held by well-equipped paratroopers of the VDV was captured by#Ukrainian elite paratroopers of the 78th Air Assault Regiment

Russia says it thwarted attacks on Crimea bridge, which was briefly closed for a third time : worldnews
Powerful explosion occurs in Berdiansk : worldnews

Child made to "thank" Putin at school opening ceremony in devastated Mariupol : worldnews

Two more vessels successfully pass via temporary grain corridor : worldnews

Nobel Foundation cancels Russia, Belarus, Iran invites to annual prize awards : worldnews
Swedish government to map citizenship of gang members : worldnews

Russian textbook calling 1956 Hungarian revolution an act of fascists puts Orban in tight spot : worldnews
U.S. Rep. Jason Crow in Budapest: Im extremely concerned that Orban is calling the United States an adversary ... Orban was been bought and paid for by Putin a long time ago ... Im extremely concerned that Rep Crow is just realizing this

Greek police arrest dozens for arson as EUs largest-ever wildfires rage

10-year-old boy thrown off bridge in Germany for speaking Ukrainian : worldnews ... "Russian throws Ukrainian boy off Bridge in Germany."
Atomic age is over in Germany, Chancellor Scholz insists Dismantling of decommissioned nuclear power stations has begun in the face of calls for the policy to be reconsidered.
Satisfaction in German government plummets : worldnews

Italian ex-premier says French missile downed an airliner in 1980 by accident in bid to kill Gadhafi : worldnews ... which killed all 81 persons aboard the Italian domestic flight.

Pope praises Mongolias religious freedom dating back to Genghis Khan

Supplier Caught Distributing Fake Parts for Worlds Top-Selling Jet Engine
Plans to ban unlicensed Botox providers in England made public : worldnews

Possibility of arrest grows for Bolsonaro over jewellery scandal | Jair Bolsonaro : worldnews

American Airlines flying bigger jets so people can flee Haiti, after U.S. tells Americans to go : worldnews

Persistent bear activity forces wildfire crews to leave campsite in British Columbia
Canadian authorities race to capture five million bees from roadway spill : worldnews
Meta and Alphabet would owe at least 4% of annual revenue in Canada to news outlets under draft regulations pushed by Justin Trudeau : worldnews

Republican Presidential Candidates Vow to Fiddle as Earth Burns : politics

Fact Sheet: Treasury Department Releases First-Of-Its-Kind Report on Benefits of Unions to the U.S. Economy : politics

Biden says U.S. is in one of the strongest job-creating periodsafter jobs report

New filings reveal more luxury trips and opaque payments to Clarence Thomas wife, Ginni
The Supreme Court Is Infected With the Most DamagingHuman Bias It's not the justices politics that are making them unpopular. Its their overconfidence.
Amy Coney Barrett Longs For The Days The Supreme Court Could Ruin Your Life In Obscurity | Its actually good that people see whats going on.
Disgusted: Senate Democrats advance bill to impose ethics standards on Supreme Court

Trump Is Top Choice for Nearly 60% of GOP Voters, WSJ Poll Shows - WSJ
Trump touts authoritarian vision for second term: I am your justiceThe former president is proposing deploying the military domestically, purging the federal workforce and building futuristic cities from scratch
The 14th Amendment theory that could define 2024: Is Trump eligible to run? - POLITICO

Mark Meadows pointed a finger right at Trump, ex-special counsel says : politics
Mark Meadows may have a "perjury problem" after testifying : politics
Trump may throw his idiots sons under the bus in $250 million NY AG lawsuit

Report on Trumps private remarks reveals true stakes of 2024 election

Trumps Truth Social facing a key funding deadline now days away from potential liquidation.

Trump Co-Defendant Really, Really Doesnt Want to Be Tried With Sidney Powell. | In a new motion, Kenneth Chesebro makes clear he does not want anyone to confuse his fringe ideas with those of the "kraken" attorney.

Legal experts: John Eastman literally just confessed to the crimein Fox News interview - He's admitting to committing federal crimes on national television says law professor

Crooked Coffee: The alleged election office breach in the Trump indictment was part of a years-long pattern, some locals say ... Why am I not surprised that these far right democracy-loathing fascists have been pulling this shit for years?

From RICO charges to loyalty pledges: Trumps transformation of the GOP into a crime mob is complete

"Crossed the line of ethics": Jamie Raskin uses GOP admission to demand House subpoena Jared Kushner - GOP Oversight Chairman James Comer has allowed Kushner to "ignore and defy" questions about Kushner's Saudi cash : politics

For All Rudys Troubles, Theres Much More Still There

President Biden heads to Florida to see Idalias destruction. But he wont be seeing Gov. DeSantis
DeSantis says Florida will apply for federal disaster relief money. He opposed it as a congressman. : politics
Kinzinger slams DeSantis for not meeting with Biden in Florida: Absolutely outrageous
Putting the petty in petty tyrant
Ron DeSantis walks past Biden, seething : pics
DeSantis once again ignores reality : politics

Vivek Ramaswamy Is a Fraudand Always Has Been ... Thing is, republicans have proven very clearly they will vote for/support a fraud as long as they say they hate immigrants and are pro-forced birth.

Ex-Christie aide charged with child sex crimes - New Jersey Globe Kevin Tomafsky, veteran Republican campaign staffer, worked in governors office under Christie from 2010 to 2012

Eschaton: Unpopular Notable (in a good way!) for just saying that.Reporters are slowly refashioning their abortion scripts in various ways, but they were locked in them for decades.

Conservative activists are pushing trafficking laws to prevent women from traveling for an abortion
When abortion is sent back to the states ;) ;) :) ... laying the groundwork to ban travel for women themselves.

Brian Kemp ushers his party away from the Trumpian deep end again

Texas AG Ken Paxtons impeachment trial is in the hands of Republicans who have been by his side ... Oh so Ol Winky has been using tax dollars to pay for sex. Thats just the MAGA way darling.
Angela Paxtons Ties to a Shell CompanyThe attorney general and his wife helped promote a company run by an ex-lobbyist accused in court of breaching his fiduciary duty to other firms.

West Virginia Poll: Justice has edge in Senate race; Moore Capito out ahead in race for governor - WV MetroNews

Arizona GOP rejects single-day vote proposal, angering election deniers : politics

Astonishingly cruel: Alabama seeks to test execution method on death row guinea pig

Nevadas primary debacle has some GOP campaigns threatening to write off the stateaccusing Trump of trying torig the primary.

Entrance to Burning Man in Nevada closed due to flooding. Festivalgoers urged to shelter in place. - The Boston Globe

Six officers known as the Goon Squad plead guilty to torturing two Black men, using a sex toy on them and shooting one of them

Quentin Tarantinos Favorite Movies: 55 Films the Director Wants You to See

Jimmy Buffett - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Im Transfixed By Kevin Costners Ex-Wifes Arguments for $175K a Month in Child SupportChristine Baumgartner's legal team is arguing that her children have luxury in their DNA"

Alex Murdaughs only surviving son says calling father psychopath is fair

TIL Sen. Joseph McCarthy was addicted to morphine at the end of his life and his supplier was the Head of the Federal Bureau of Narcotics : todayilearned

Opinion | Is There a Crisis in Cosmology? - The New York Times The Story of Our Universe May Be Starting to UnravelNot long after the James Webb Space Telescope began beaming back from outer space its stunning images of planets and nebulae last year, astronomers, though dazzled, had to admit that something was amiss. Eight months later, based in part on what the telescope has revealed, its beginning to look as if we may need to rethink key features of the origin and development of the universe.

In love, opposites don't actually attract. Research found that for between 82% and 89% of traits analyzedranging from political leanings to age of first intercourse to substance use habitspartners were more likely than not to be similar.


Global wind turbine orders hit a new high at 69.5 GW in the first half of 2023 : worldnews

Startling Findings Scientists Discover That Microplastics Could Be Changing Your Brain

Fast fashion firms prepare for EU crackdown on waste mountain : worldnews

Women working in Antarctica say they were left to fend for themselves against sexual harassers : worldnews

Tonga disaster highlights the hidden dangers of underwater volcanoes - Washington Post

Australia records warmest winter caused by global heating and sunny conditions : worldnews

Northland business fined $405,000 after tourists death in sandboarding accident in New Zealand

63% of babies born in Korea last year were firstborns : worldnews

Hong Kong Is Building Public Housing on a Golf Course in a Snub to the Old Elite : worldnews

China says drop in trade with the U.S. is a direct consequence of U.S. moves

Scythes, Achilles And Buzz Bombs: A New Arsenal Takes Aim At Moscow : worldnews
Putin says Russia to allocate 1.9 trillion roubles to annexed Ukrainian territories : worldnews

Yevgeny Prigozhin spoke of threats to his life days before death, video appears to show : worldnews

Any story could be your last - Indias crackdown on Kashmir press

Nigerian president appoints new minister accused of helping a former dictator launder looted billions

A statue believed to depict the Roman emperor Marcus Aurelius, looted from Turkey, has been ordered seized from the Cleveland Museum of Art : worldnews

Jet ski tourists shot dead in Algeria : worldnews
France says one citizen killed, one jailed by coastguard after straying into Algerian waters : worldnews

Egypt unveils restoration of ancient 12th century Egyptian synagogue : worldnews

Retired teacher sentenced to death in Saudi Arabia after tweeting criticism : worldnews
Germany says it ended training of Saudi border forces after abuses reported : worldnews

(Iran) Protester facing Three Death Sentences Dies in Prison : worldnews

Russia will want revenge after losing the war, this may happen in 10 years - Ukraines Defence Intelligence Chief
After boneheaded comments by 'anonymous sources' & commentary by mostly uninformed who have never seen combat, theres been increasing back-and-forth about how @NATO shouldnt "lecture" Ukraine army on anything re their offensive.
The Allure of Long Range Strike - Lawyers, Guns & Money
Ukraine to get first US Abrams tanks in mid-September : worldnews
Politico: A group of 200 Ukrainian soldiers completed training in the operation and maintenance ofAmerican M1 Abrams tanks inGermany.
Thousands of Ukrainian men are avoiding military service : worldnews

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 555, Part 1 (Thread #701) : worldnews

Ukrainska Pravda in English on X: "Ukraine's Security Service detains sniper who was supposed to kill command of armed forces brigades on 9 May" / X
Russian forces trying to shoot down an Ukrainian drones using Mil Mi-28 attack chopper and they miss that slow flying drone. According to the source there was even another chopper and a plane. The drone returned to base unscathed.

Ukraine war: US sees notable progress; by Ukraine army in south : worldnews
Ukrainian Armed Forces exhaust Russians near Robotyne to break through 1st line of defence - Estonian Intelligence

Sink the entire Black Sea Fleet at onceUkrainian Navy on how to protect Crimean Bridge
(2/7) Russia is employing a range of passive defences such as smoke generators and underwater barriers, alongside active defence measures such as air defence systems, to strengthen the survivability of water crossings and minimise damage from future attacks.
(4/7) As of 29 August 2023, imagery confirms Russia has created an underwater barrier of submerged ships and containment booms to deter against Uncrewed Surface Vehicle (USV) attacks against the Crimean Bridge.

Murder, torture, sexual violence among thousands of Russian crimes against children, Ukraine says : worldnews

In Sweden, Nobel Prize Ceremony Facing Boycott Due to Invite of Russias Ambassador
Swedish cities hit by four residential explosions in an hour : worldnews

Hungarian veto: EU fails to agree on 500 million from fund helping Ukraine with weapons (Orbadick Pootty's puppet)

Shock after popular bear shot dead in Italian town : worldnews

Swiss glacier watcher warns recent heat wave threatens severe melt again this year after record 2022 : worldnews ... by the year 2022 over 62% of glaciers in Switzerland have been melted. If we stay constant at even 5% a year that is only 8 years before we lose all of them.
Undesirable chemicals found in bodies of Swiss residents : worldnews

Paris says au revoir to rental e-scooters : worldnews

Domestic abusers will be electronically tagged on leaving prison under government pilot to protect victims | Politics News : worldnews
Over 100 UK schools told to close due to being "prone to collapse" : worldnews
UK economy rebounded from Covid much faster than first thought, revised figures show : worldnews

More possible unmarked graves discovered at former Beauval, Sask. residential school [Canada] : worldnews
Canada warns LGBTQ people of U.S. state laws in updated travel advisory : politics

The Department of Defense Launches the All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office Website > U.S. Department of Defense > Release
Pentagon launches website for declassified UFO information, including videos and photos - CBS News

Border crossings by migrant families reached record high in August - The Washington Post

Top prosecutors back compensation for those sickened by US nuclear weapons testing : politics

Possible easing of marijuana restrictions could have major implications : politics

Trump-era rule change allowing the logging of old-growth forests violates laws, judge says : politics

Bidens Bold Move on Drug Prices Gives GOP Two Choices: Change the Subject, or Lie
Biden seeks minimum staff levels at US nursing homes : politics
US will regulate nursing home staffing for first time, but proposal lower than many advocates hoped : politics

Prime-Age Women Are Going Above and Beyond in the Labor Market Recovery - The Hamilton Project those between the ages of 25 and 54

Schumer moves to split House and Senate Republicans ahead of potential shutdown : politics
White House condemns Marjorie Taylor Greene threat to shut down government : politics
White House bashes Greene over threat to not fund government without impeachment inquiry : politics

Opinion | What responsible media coverage in the Trump era would look like - The Washington Post

Nikki Haley Calls Senate A Privileged Nursing Home After McConnell Freezes
Some Senate Republicans wonder if its a problem that their leader keeps stroking out
Mitch McConnell May Be Experiencing Small Seizures, Doctors SuggestTwo episodes, where the Republican senator froze and did not respond to some questions, may be symptoms of a serious illness, according to neurologists not involved in his medical care.
Kentuckys governor wont commit to appointing Republican if McConnell resigns

Clarence Thomas Resign Calls Grows Over Disclosure: People Deserve Better
Clarence Thomas Acknowledges Undisclosed Real Estate Deal With Harlan Crow and Discloses Private Jet Flights

DOJ loses on appeal in trying to block Trump deposition : politics The D.C. Appeals Court ruled Friday that former President Trump can be deposed in suits against the FBI brought by former agents Peter Strzok and Lisa Page.

History must record Trumps plan for a nationwide Kent State massacre

Donald Trumps election fraud trial in Georgia will be livestreamed
Trump isnt funding any of us: Co-defendants in Georgia case are struggling with mounting legal bills

Trump Phone Interview Was So Odd People Wrongly Thought It Was AI
How Trump's loyal pen pals spread his message

A net of justice is tightening around 2020 election deniers and may be closing in on Trump : politics

Mark Meadows Might Have Just Perjured Himself : politics

John Eastman shoots himself in the foot on Fox News : politics
Donald Trumps lawyer slips up during live TV interview

AG denounces election worker threats as DOJ charges over a dozen people : politics

Maine officials evaluating whether Trump can appear on ballot : politics
State election officials prepare for efforts to disqualify Trump under 14th Amendment - ABC News

A New Rudy Scandal: FBI Agent Says Giuliani Was Co-opted by Russian Intelligence (and Garland covered up)
A New Rudy Scandal: FBI Agent Says Giuliani Was Co-opted by Russian IntelligenceThe whistleblower says his probe of Giulianis ties to suspected Russian operatives was thwarted.
Office of Public Affairs | Former Special Agent in Charge of the FBI New York Counterintelligence Division Charged with Violating U.S. Sanctions on Russia | United States Department of Justice
Trump conspirators beware: Rudy Giuliani loss is a reminder that the courtroom is MAGA kryptonite
Opinion | The Trump legal reckoning begins, starting with Giuliani and Navarro - The Washington Post

Trump Campaign Official Urged Cops To Hang Themselves During Jan. 6 Riot: Report : politics

Proud Boys member Dominic Pezzola, who broke Capitol window with riot shield, sentenced to 10 years in prison : politics
Proud Boy shouts Trump won as hes sentenced to 10 years in prison for Jan 6 crimes
Another Proud Boy who tried to stop the peaceful transfer of power is going to prison, and this one received an appropriate sendoff:

Jared Kushner Faces Hunter Biden Treatment as Democrats Turn the Screw : politics

The Articulate Ignorance of Vivek Ramaswamy : politics - Ramadummy
Vivek Ramaswamys cold, cultural civil warHis embrace of right-wing extremism is transparently phony. But its working.

DeSantis voted against Sandy aid a decade ago. Now his state needs the help. : politics
Ron DeSantis Is Afraid of Questions From a 15-Year-Old : politics ... Mitchell says that he was grabbed and physically intimidated by DeSantis security at two subsequent campaign stops, where the candidates staffers also monitored him in a way he perceived as hostile.

About half of Texas voters think Ken Paxtons actions justify removing him as attorney general
Texas ban on public drag performances blocked by judge : politics
Texas anti-porn bill violates First Amendment free speech laws, judge rules : politics

White men have controlled womens reproductive rights throughout American historythe post-Dobbs era is no different

Highways are the next antiabortion target. One Texas town is resisting. A new ordinance, passed in several jurisdictions and under consideration elsewhere, aims to stop people from using local roads to drive someone out of state for an abortion : politics

Abortion fight unites the left and rattles the right in key Wis. battleground : politics

After nearly 30 years, Pennsylvania will end state funding for anti-abortion counseling centers : politics

How Alabama is defying the supreme court to discriminate against Black voters : politics

One of Louisianas only pediatric cardiologists has left the state over anti-LGBTQ legislation

Florida and Texas universities excluded from list of LGBTQ+ friendly schools : politics

Federal judge bars Tenn. prosecutor from enforcing anti-drag law

Matt Schlapp Held an Exorcism at CPAC Offices After Junior Employees Resigned

Almost surgical precision - Lawyers, Guns & Money Republicans have finally found judicial conduct that they consider impeachable. THat is, acknowledging the existence of racism: Her true crime: Earls, the only Black woman on North Carolinas high court, spoke out about racial bias in her courtroom. Her alleged misconduct was speaking to the media about how few clerks of color the court employed and how her colleagues treated certain attorneys, including a Black woman, who argued before them. For that, a Republican-stacked judicial ethicscommission has gone after her. Its targeting of Earls could fulfill the wishes of the gerrymandered Republican Legislature by removing a tireless advocate of racial equality.

The tombstone of American democracy - Lawyers, Guns & Money

San Diego woman charged in murder-for-hire plot to kill husband - ABC News

Data Breach at Forever 21 Exposes Information of 500,000 Individuals : worldnews

Only 1,280 breeding humans once roamed Earth, gene study shows : worldnews

Very, Very Few People Are Falling Down the YouTube Rabbit Hole | The sites crackdown on radicalization seems to have worked. But the world will never know what was happening before that