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Pentagon calls for stop to anti-satellite weapons testing after debris from Russian demo threatened ISS : worldnews

La Palma volcano: Activity intense after recent lull, say scientists

Zombie fires burn at -60C outside Oymyakon, the worlds coldest permanently inhabited place

Democrats want to prevent new oil and gas drilling in most U.S. waters. Their plan might work. : politics

Amazon deforestation is rising. Guyana offers a rare bright spot. : worldnews

Deluge of plastic waste: US is worldsbiggest plastic polluter

World Food Prices Climb in November, Stay at 10-Year Peak -FAO : worldnews

One in nine US households is food insecure: unable to purchase sufficient, or healthy food. Advocates and politicians have pointed to the federal minimum wage as a culprit, labeling it a starvation wage. New study shows higher minimum wages may encourage households to purchase more healthy calories. : science

MA has 5,170 new cases, with 31 deaths on December 2nd : CoronavirusMa
5,170 confirmed cases and 31 deaths. See todays COVID-19 data from Mass.

Not good at all: Spike in Massachusetts COVID-19 infections show pandemic isnt over, experts say
COVID-19 numbers have been rising sharply in Mass. These 7 charts show just how fast - The Boston Globe
OB Resident Massachusetts statistics guy /u/TheCavis does the math and shows the current effects of a well vaccinated population from COVID : bestof

New Omicron update from Katelyn Jetelina : CoronavirusMa

More and more conservative media leaders are dying from COVID-19 after advocating against vaccines : HermanCainAward

Texas woman believed the COVID vaccines weren't "actual vaccines." She leaves behind 4 kids, 9 grandkids and a grieving husband. GoFundMe is active and includes a picture of their sports car.
He was a tough guy and a family man. He was only 39. : HermanCainAward
Family of three gets COVID. Son and Dad are in Hospital. Also, Joe Biden is an actor and theyre sending witches into hospitals to take out Christians. Thats all.
Mother-in-Law asks, "WHY?" did this happen. Well, as usual, the memes tell the story.. (readacted) : HermanCainAward
Michigan man accepts his award. Sister in pink posts heartbreaking update. OP in comments. : HermanCainAward
Destiny, single mom of two, makes a lot of health claims. I hope she gets smart before its too late for her and the kids, but I doubt it.
Nurse Blondie was a Child of God, a Trucker, and a Truther. She cheered when vaccines were destroyed, and has left behind a grieving mother and two adult sons. : HermanCainAward

Partner threatens to call the police if I get our son vaccinated.
I had to have my wife committed : QAnonCasualties
Did anyones Q change after they got covid?
Antivax and notoriously sarcastic brother hurled abuse at me when I asked how covid was treating him. : QAnonCasualties

Smells of Death: Anti-Vax Priests Are Dropping Like Flies HereAfter so many of their own were infected and killed by the virus, Orthodox Christian leaders in Greece seem to be having a change of heart about getting jabbed.

US white supremacists targeting under-vaxxed Aboriginal communities, WA Premier says : worldnews

Germany to announce nationwide Covid lockdown for the unvaccinated : worldnews

Self-declared Queen of Canada detained by RCMP after alleged threats to health-care workers

Australian education minister asked to step down after accusations of abusive affair : worldnews
AIDS in Australia hits new low during pandemic : worldnews

Myanmar army helicopter attacks force thousands to flee
UN delays giving seats to Myanmar junta, Taliban : worldnews

The Worlds Longest Serving Prime Minister Has Backed His Son to Take Over (Cambodia)

N.Korea's Kim warns of very giant struggle next year to boost economy

Womens Tennis Association suspends tournaments in China amid concern for Peng Shuai
China is launching an aggressive campaign to promote Mandarin, saying 85 percent of its citizens will use the national language by 2025. The move appears to threaten Chinese regional dialects such as Cantonese and Hokkien along with minority languages such as Tibetan, Mongolian and Uighur : worldnews
Facebook uncovers Chinese network behind fake expert : worldnews

Putin's Russia is all we feared it would be
Russia deploys coastal missile system on island chain near Japan : worldnews
Security forces of Chechnya behind attack on dissident blogger last year - Tumso Abdurakhmanov assault traced to Russia, says spy agency report examined by Swedish TV
India formally repeals controversial farm laws after year of farmers protest : worldnews
Indian man builds one-third sized Taj Mahal replica for wife : worldnews ... She died in Burhanpur, the site of the newly built replica, while giving birth to their fourteenth child.

Turkeys Erdogan replaces finance minister as lira crashes (for doing what Ergofuck told him to do)

'It's like hell in here' : The struggle to save Afghanistans starving babies

Boat carrying Nigerian students capsizes, killing at least 29 : worldnews

Iran enriching uranium amid nuclear talks, says UN watchdog : worldnews

Pentagon orders new probe into Syria airstrike investigated by NYT : worldnews

Saudis used incentives and threats to shut down UN investigation in Yemen

Israel calls on world powers to stop Iran nuclear talks immediately : worldnews (that worked so well last time)
Minister promotes first Israeli-Palestinian airport: After Jerusalem municipality decided to promote construction on lands located over West Bank boundary, Regional Cooperation Minister Frej offers to reopen defunct airport at the site and build a Palestinian terminal next to it : worldnews

Russia warns military action in Ukraine highly likely : worldnews
Kremlin says Ukraine may use force to reclaim rebel regions : worldnews
Russian troops mass on Ukraines border, prompting jitters in theWest
U.S. tells Russia to pull back from Ukraine or face painful sanctions : worldnews

Meta links fake accounts with Belarus KGB : worldnews ... Meta-stasi

Finland adopts nationwide remote work recommendation : worldnews

Polish women protest attempts to further restrict abortion : worldnews

Egypt responsible for murder of Giulio Regeni, says Italian commission : worldnews
Skeleton reveals secrets of ancient Roman town obliterated by volcanic eruption : worldnews

Austrias Kurz quits politics, leaving ruling conservatives in disarray

Macron privately called Boris Johnson a 'clown' says French magazine

Ireland Seizures Highlight Growing Role in Cocaine Trade : worldnews

Scottish Independence Support Rises to 55% After Boris Johnson Stumbles : worldnews

Jewish passengers celebrating Hanukkah attacked on London bus : worldnews

Argentinas ex-president Mauricio Macri was charged Wednesday with ordering the illegal surveillance, as head of state, of relatives of 44 sailors who died when a navy submarine sank in 2017

Honduras elected its first female president, Xiomara Castro | The ruling party conceded defeat Tuesday, giving victory to the leftist opposition candidate. "People, I am not going to fail you!" tweeted the former first lady. : worldnews

Chile Is Still in the Midst of a Political Revolution : worldnews

Canadian House of Commons bans conversion therapy with unanimous vote : worldnews
BCs home values now worth 24% of Canada's entire total | Urbanized

New Poll: Overwhelming Majority of Americans Support Bipartisan Infrastructure Law : politics

Under pressure to cancel student debt, a top federal aid official points to Biden: It is a decision for the White House to make

CIA Report Shows Trump Abandoned His Duty as Commander in Chief - The agency had to trick Trump into paying attention to intelligence.

Trump 'stoked' crowd on January 6 and should be held accountable, federal judge says : politics
House probe will hold public hearings in 2022 detailing Jan. 6 Capitol riot and Trump White House response 'in vivid color' Liz Cheney says
House Jan. 6 committee votes to hold former Trump DOJ official in criminal contempt : politics - ex DoJ official Jeffrey Clark
Marjorie Taylor Greene says Capitol rioters were innocent people set up by FBI and Democrats to make Trump fans look bad | Latest attempt to whitewash 6 January comes as House investigators consider more contempt charges
Heres Everything Marjorie Taylor Greene Has Compared To Nazi Germany

Revealed: how Sidney Powell could be disbarred for lying in court for Trump : politics

Why the date of Trumps first positive Covid test matters
Trump held multiple events after testing positive for Covid : politics
Trump May Have Infected Gold Star Families, White House Staff, Others, Per His Former Chief : politics ... Then he hinted that the Gold Star families gave HIM covid
The bombshell about Trump testing positive also implicates the Trump family
Trump knowingly tried to kill Joe Biden - Lawyers, Guns & Money
Former federal prosecutor: We'll see a tidal wave of criminal charges against Donald Trump| Former D.C. homicide prosecutor Glenn Kirschner says Trump should face manslaughter charges for COVID lies

As Omicron Emerges in US, GOP Accused of Trying to Sabotage Our Pandemic Response
Bidens new winter COVID plan will reimburse you for at-home tests
Republicans threaten government shutdown to undermine vaccine mandates : politics
GOP fears boomerang as threat of government shutdown grows : politics
Missouri health department found mask mandates work, but didnt make findings public
Analysis | Rand Paul's false claim that masks dont work (
Does anybody have video of Rand Paulsson being kicked out of the wizards game tonight?

Trumps Capacity to Steal the 2024 Election Is Only Growing
If Trump Voters Lived in Germany, Theyd Be in the Fascist Party No, not that one. (the Nzzi one)

Sotomayor suggests Supreme Court won't survive the stench of overturning Roe v. Wade
Justice Sotomayor Expertly Exposed the Bullshit of Mississippis Attack on Abortion Rights
Supreme Court faces credibility crisis as anti-abortion justices set to fulfill purpose : politics
During Arguments Over the Fate of Roe, Kavanaugh and Barrett Finally Showed Their Cards A majority of justices appears eager to overturn the constitutional right to abortion. : politics
We Always Knew Conservative Justices Would Tear Roe Down. Today Proved It. : politics

GOP Sen. Susan Collins supports codifying Roe v. Wade abortion protections into law : politics
The Assassination of Reproductive Freedom by the Serial Sexual Assaulter Donald Trump and the Coward Susan Collins - Lawyers, Guns & Money

The Supreme Courts eagerness to overturn Roe v. Wade is a bad sign for LGBTQ rights. The oral arguments in the case involving a restrictive Mississippi abortion law made it clear that overturning LGBTQ rights wouldnt bother some conservative Justices.
Why overturning Roe v. Wade would be a disaster for conservatives : politics
Life begins at conception and ends at birth is the eternal Republican credo - Lawyers, Guns & Money
Texas now bans medical abortions after seven weeks of pregnancy : politics
Three men accused of entering a White Plains womens health care clinic to stop medical providers from performing abortions were arrested Saturday morning,
Colorado Democrats plan bill to enshrine abortion rights in state law even if Roe v. Wade overturned : politics

The religious right wants states'tax dollars, and the Supreme Court is likely to agree - An emboldened religious right wants the public to pay for its schools. (the Church IS the State)

Two Election Workers Targeted by Pro-Trump Media Sue for Defamation : politics
Election Workers Falsely Accused As Part Of Big Lie Sue Gateway Pundit | Talking Points Memo

Federal judge blocks Texas social media censorship law

Several TV stations pull 'Oz' show as host runs for Senate

Florida Power & Light execs worked closely with consultants behind ghost candidate scheme, records reveal | Special Report

Andrew Cuomo Under Federal Investigation Over Sexual-Assault Allegations - WSJ Justice Department opened civil-rights probe into former New York governors executive chamber

Alec Baldwin exclusive: 'The trigger wasn't pulled. I didn't pull the trigger' - ABC News ("it sorta pulled itself, but didn't" he said)

Lara Logan Digs In: Goes After Auschwitz Museum, Blasts Out Fauci Conspiracies : politics
CBS Says Lara Logan Suffered Brutal Attack in Cairo

Liberty University professor charged in alleged abduction, sexual battery of student : news

Jennifer Crumbley, the mother of the 15-year-old who murdered four of his classmates in Oxford, Michigan two days ago, wrote an "open letter" to Donald Trump:
GOP blocks bill to expand gun background checks after Michigan school shooting : politics

Southfield Michigan student arrested after pistol found in his coat pocket : news ... Apparently more than 50 schools in Detroit are closed today due to copycat threats too.

He Says He's No Murderer. That;s Why He's Still in Prison. | Joseph Gordon has been locked up for nearly 30 years. A model inmate, he is eligible for parole -- but only if he expresses remorse for a crime he says he did not commit.

Nevada Highway Patrol seize veterans life savings even though he has receipts for all the cash in his vehicle : videos

The Mayor Knew Eric Garcettis top aide was a serial harasser, according to multiple accusers. The mayor, they say, ignored it.

Cancel Mel Gibson : Why is Hollywood still hiring this raging anti-Semite?

I changed my mind on rent control

'Magic dirt': How the internet fueled, and defeated, the pandemic's weirdest MLM Black Oxygen Organics became a sudden hit in the fringe world of alternative medicines and supplements, where even dirt can go for $110 a bag.

Scientists have found an intense but short-term exposure to cannabis vapor lowered sperm counts and slowed sperm movement, or motility, not only in the directly exposed male mice but also in their sons. : science

Scientists peered into an octopus brain and were astonished at what they saw

Far from evil, viruses have drivenand even helpedhuman evolutionThe average human body has 30 trillion cells but is home to 380 trillion viruses.

It's getting to the point where only the rich can live in Boston

Is web3 bullshit? - by Max Read - Read Max


Russia issues threat to GPS satellites : worldnews
Elon Musk says Starlink satellites have to dodge debris from Russiasanti-satellite missile test

Thousands of bees make it out alive after being buried by La Palma volcano ash for 50 days : worldnews

Uncontacted tribes land invaded and destroyed for beef production

Indigenous community saves Colombias poison dart frog from coca and logging

MA: 4,838 new cases; 25 deaths reported (01-Dec-2021) : CoronavirusMa
MA COVID-19 Data 12/1/21 : boston

COVID Cases Are Surging in the Five Most Vaccinated States : CoronavirusMa -- Vermont, Rhode Island, Maine, Connecticut and Massachusetts

National Guard troops refusing vaccine will lose pay, Pentagon says, in warning shot to GOP-led states : politics
Red States Are Now Paying Unemployment Benefits to Anti-Vaxxers Who Quit Their Jobs : politics

Play stupid games, win stupid prizes - Lawyers, Guns & Money Thoughts and prayers going out this morning to the near and dear of these departed heroes: Marcus Lamb, a co-founder and the CEO of the conservative Christian Daystar Television Network who vocally opposed Covid-19 vaccines, has died at 64, weeks after he contracted Covid-19, the network said.

William Hartmann, a Michigan GOP elections official, Jan 6 supporter, and vociferous antivaxxer, claims his shiny new Herman Cain Award. (Public figure; no redactions)
This HCA winner had his own catch phrase, "Nuff said!!!" which he used from BEYOND THE GRAVE after dying of COVID.
Red was a Jan 6th Insurrectionist and QANON enthusiast who refused to get vaccinated and spread "plandemic" misinformation. In early September she contracted COVID and quickly went downhill. Her kidneys failed, she was placed on a vent, had a feeding tube placed and soon after received her award.
I thought I was tough but this crap is nothing to mess with is this anti-vaxxers last statement on Covid before it claimed his life.
Biden-hating, shit-posting antivaxxer collects his award. He was only 48. Get vaccinated! (Bonus Redemption Award in the comments of slide #11) : HermanCainAward

My dad isnt even willing to take a COVID test to see his grandson
Parents are pissed I tested positive for COVID : QAnonCasualties
Reality has finally set in : QAnonCasualties

LeBron James Out Indefinitely Under NBA s Covid Protocols - The Lakers star, who says he is fully vaccinated, may be out at least 10 days under the league'spandemic rules.

First confirmed US case of Omicron coronavirus variant detected in California - CNN
COVID: First signs that vaccine protects against Omicron from Israel Pfizer is just slightly less effective in preventing infection with Omicron (90%) than Delta (95%) Those not Vaccinated have a 2.4 x greater chance of developing serious symptoms
Sigh of relief in South Africa as Omicron variant appears to be supermild mutation with Covid death rate not jumping
COVID-19: Most Omicron cases are mild and theres no evidence to suggest vaccines may be less effective against the variant, says WHO official
The South African scientists tracking the new coronavirus variant believe it probably evolved in a patient with HIV/Aids with a chronic Covid-19 infection. : worldnews

Severe Covid infection doubles chances of dying in following year

South Korea reports five Omicron cases on flight from Nigeria : worldnews
South Koreas Daily Virus Jump Exceeds 5,000 for First Time
Japan to bar all foreign visitors Over Omicron variant : worldnews

Shanghai halts 500 flights, issues closure order after 3 three local Covid cases : worldnews

Greece to fine people over 60 who have not been vaccinated : worldnews

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern announces New Zealand military and police personnel to join growing coalition of nations present in The Solomon Islands after days of violence and rioting : worldnews

North Korean Teen Sentenced To 14 Years In Jail For Watching Five Minutes Of A South Korean Film : worldnews

Former PM Abe says Japan, U.S. could not stand by if China attacked Taiwan : worldnews
U.S. Fighter Drops Fuel Tank into Downtown Area in Japan : worldnews

French Parliament passes resolution supporting Taiwans participation in global organizations
Hundreds of Taiwanese extradited to China, says report : worldnews ... Taiwan is Chinas Nigeria.

Womens Tennis Suspends Events in China Following Allegation Against Government Official

Gritty tribal woman in India fights off leopard, snatches her son from its claws : worldnews (she ate the leopard's face)

Report: Taliban executed more than 100 police, military officers after takeover : worldnews

Ex-IS member guilty of genocide for chaining up Yazidi girl to die in the sun : worldnews ... Prosecutors allege that toward the end of 2015, Al-J chained the girl to the bars of a window in the open sun on a day where it reached 50C (122 Fahrenheit) and she died from the punishment. The punishment was allegedly carried out because the child had wet the bed.

Erdogan says expects inflation to fall with interest rates cuts, lira crashes further

Iran Feels Cornered by the Biden Administration - As nuclear talks resume, Iran is feeling both insecure and uncompromising -- a dangerous combination.

Russia says Ukraine has deployed half its army of 125,000 troops to Donbass conflict zone : worldnews
The best response to Russias threats is a closer relationship with Ukraine
Russia will act if Nato countries cross Ukraine 'red line' sPutin says ... What's he going to do; toss NATO out a third story window?
NATO warns Russia any move on Ukraine would be costly mistake : worldnews
No obligation to defend Ukraine from Russia, Nato chief says : worldnews
As Russia masses its troops, Canadian soldiers in Eastern Europe keep watch : worldnews
Ukraine PM says Russia absolutely behind suspected coup attempt
Poland PM urges wake up to destabilisation by Russia and allies

Romanian Parliament Passes Bill Mandating Holocaust and Jewish History Education in All High Schools : worldnews

Three injured as old bomb explodes near train station in Germanys Munich

Man protesting Covid restrictions in Belgium hit by water cannon : pics

MI6: China becomes single greatest focus for intelligence service as country accused of large-scale espionage operations against UK : worldnews
Huge Roman Mosaic Depicting Scenes From the Iliad Found Beneath U.K. Field | Teams from Historic England and the University of Leicester Archaeological Services (ULAS) excavated the site and discovered the first Roman mosaic depicting scenes from the Iliad ever found in the United Kingdom.
Alice Sebold apologises to man cleared of her rape : worldnews 16 years in prison and 23 years after as a registered sex offender, all because she lied about him being the rapist.
whichwitch9 comments on Alice Sebold apologises to man cleared of her rape

Imagine Holding Fascist Presidents Accountable - Lawyers, Guns & Money Huh, imagine doing this to one Donald Trump: Since the pandemic started, one in 10 people living in Brazil has contracted COVID-19, and more than 600,000 deaths have been reported. Despite these staggering numbers, Jair Bolsonaro, the president of Brazil, has consistently downplayed the threat of the pandemic. The Brazilian Senate has had enough./a>

Senator Rubio meets with Chilean presidential candidate with ties to the Pinochet dictatorship : worldnews ... His parents were Michael Kast Schindele and Olga Rist Hagspiel. His father Michael was a conscripted soldier in Nazi Germany (more refuckers supporting dicktofucks)

El Salvador government violated rights of woman who had an abortion and died in prison, court rules : worldnews

Wife of drug king El Chapo sentenced to prison
Ghislaine Maxwell trial: Accuser testifies Jeffrey Epstein took her to meet Trump at age 14
QAnon Followers Rush to Defend Donald Trump After Pilot Testifies He Was on Jeffrey Epsteins Jet
Jeffrey Epstein introduced me to Trump at 14, Ghislaine Maxwell accuser says

Pentagon calls for stop to anti-satellite weapons testing after Russian demo debris threatened ISS : politics
White House unveils Space Priorities Framework as VP Kamala Harris leads first space council meeting
Russia and China are attacking US satellites with lasers and jammers 'every day' says top general (

CIA Files Say Staff Committed Sex Crimes Involving Children. They Weren't Prosecuted.

One half of young Americans in new poll say democracy in US is 'in trouble' or 'has failed' ... just 7 percent said that the U.S. is a 'healthy democracy'

Biden nearly ended the drone war, and nobody noticed : politics ... Where Trump oversaw more than 1,600 air and artillery strikes in Iraq and Syria during his first 11 months in office, Airwars reports just four during Bidens term so far. Strikes in Somalia fell from roughly 75 last year to fewer than 10 this year, with no civilian casualties.

President Joe Biden will mark World AIDS Day on Wednesday by unveiling a new national HIV/AIDS strategy with the goal of ending the HIV epidemic by 2030, a senior administration official told CNN. : politics

Why the Discredited Dossier Does Not Undercut the Russia Investigation
Forget the Steele dossier: Mueller report release shows why Trump-Russia inquiry was required : politics
The Government Was Ordered To Unveil More Of The Mueller Report After A Court Ruled In Favor Of BuzzFeed News : politics
Court orders DOJ to release four unredacted pages of Mueller report : politics ... that describe who was investigated, but not charged in the special counsels probe into alleged Trump-Russia campaign collusion.

Trump Tried To Kill Biden With COVID-19 It turns out that Trump knew he had COVID at the first presidential debate, but lied about it. And then covered it up.
Trump Tested Positive for Virus Days Before Debate, 2 Ex-Officials Say - The New York Times The former president first received a positive coronavirus test days ahead of his first debate with Joseph R. Biden Jr., and then received a negative result, two former officials say.
Trump tested positive for COVID-19 days before debate with Biden: Meadows book : politics
Trump tested positive for Covid few days before Biden debate, chief of staff says in new book : politics
Biden responds to report that Trump tested positive for COVID before their debate: I don think about the former president

Judge: Trump and allies stoked the flames of fear that led to Jan. 6 violence
The Guy Who Knows Where All of Trumps Bodies Are Buried Is Cooperating With the January 6 Committee
The big flaw in Trumps legal strategy: Ex-presidents have no power Judges appear skeptical of the former president's attempts to block the Jan. 6 investigation. With good reason. (
Appeals court picks apart Trumps efforts to withhold Jan. 6 records from Congress
The Georgia election official who refused Trumps request to find him 'more votes' in the 2020 election was interviewed for 4 hours by the January 6 select committee

A group of Republicans are plotting a government shutdown to derail Biden's vaccine mandate, report says : politics
Another Hissy Fit in the Making: GOP Threatens Government Shutdown Over Biden' Vaccine Mandate : Like every other GOP shutdown,said one Democratic lawmaker, this would greatly harm federal employees, contractors, and the American people who need and deserve a functioning government

U.S. Congress will pass voting rights bills, Stacey Abrams says : politics

Trump supporter arrested after allegedly casting multiple ballots in Florida - Raw Story - Celebrating 17 Years of Independent Journalism

What Happened at the Supreme Court Arguments Over the Mississippi Abortion Law - The New York Times After two hours of sometimes tense exchanges in one of the most significant abortion cases in years, the court appeared poised to uphold the state law, which bans abortions after 15 weeks of pregnancy.
Amy Coney Barrett Suggests Forced Pregnancy Is Fine Because of Adoption
How will we survive? Supreme Court Justice Sotomayor sounds alarm in fight to overturn Roe v. Wade
Justice Amy Coney Barretts own words require her to recuse herself in abortion cases
Republicans Will Be Sorry if the Supreme Court Overturns Roe : politics
It sure sounds like Roe v. Wade is doomed : politics
Which states would want to outlaw abortion if the Supreme Court overturns Roe v. Wade?
Thousands demonstrate outside Supreme Court as justices consider abortion case : politics
Planned Parenthood Los Angeles says hack breached about 400,000 patientsinformation

Were Trump-picked Justices lying under oath? This monumental case will reveal that : politics

Ilhan Omar airs death threat and presses Republicans on 'anti-Muslim hatred'
Boebert calls Omar black-heartedand evil in new video
Lauren Boebert Faces Ethics Complaint From Muslim, Jewish Groups Over Ilhan Omar Comments : politics
Colorado Newspaper Apologizes For The Embarrassment That Is Boebert With Stinging Op-Ed : politics

Meet the Texas Secessionist Movement: Brought to You by Russia The Kremlin continues its care and feeding of American extremist groups.

GOP Congresswomen escalate vicious feud & reject desperate plea for peace | Nancy Mace threw some Southern shade: All I can say about Marjorie Taylor Greene is bless her fucking heart.

AOC accuses McCarthy of tolerating his Ku Klux Klan caucus because he's s desperate to be House Speaker ... "Ku Klux Kaucus"
Theres No Bottle We Can Put This Back Into. Kevin McCarthy Sold It for Votes. | House Republicans are venturing into dangerous new territory

The GOP Has Its Own Squadof Stupid Sycophants and Sickos

Kyrsten Sinema takes a victory lap on infrastructure but Arizonans say not so fast | Our senator celebrates a "bipsartisan" victory. But what she gave up to get that done definitely wasn't worth it
Sen. Joe Manchin isn't committing to extending the Biden child tax credit that 346,000 West Virginia children are getting : politics

Stacey Abrams announces shes running for governor inGeorgia

Quack TV Doctor Thinks He Deserves to Be a Senator, Because Thats Where We Are Now
Dr. Ozs Sick Journey From Political Joke to Senate Candidate

Ron Johnsons War on Free and Fair Elections | As Senator Ron Johnson prepares for an expected 2022 reelection run, he wants to restructure how elections are conducted.

Peter DeFazio will retire from Congress in latest blow to Democrats - POLITICO His move also comes as Democrats are widely expected to lose the majority in the House in 2022, which is likely to have factored into his decision.

Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker will not seek reelection - The Boston Globe

Top Federal Drug Official Says TheresNo Evidence That Occasional Marijuana Use Is Harmful For Adults (Nancy Reagan spins in her grave)

Racy Affair Saga Between Jeff Bezos and Enquirer Reaches Final Chapter - WSJ Probes by federal officials on phone-hack, extortion claims havent led to public action

At Least 4 Killed in Michigan School Shooting: Live Updates - The New York Times A 15-year-old sophomore is in custody after a rampage that killed four students, including a 17-year-old boy who died in the hospital on Wednesday.
Guns guns guns - Lawyers, Guns & Money Oxford Township is a basically all-white (97%) semi-rural area 40 miles north of Detroit.
Chilling Videos, Journal Found as Parents Face Scrutiny in Michigan School ShootingEthan Crumbley, 15, had displayed behavior in the classroom that school officials felt was concerning (so his Trumpy dad bought him a gun)
Michigan school shooting prosecutor suggests she will charge parents - The Washington Post
n America, Life Isn't Sacred -- The Guns Are -- I had to play catch-up on a mass shooting in Georgia because I was still trying to process the fact that another kid had shot up his high school in Michigan earlier in the day.

Tucson police officer fired after fatally shooting a 61-year-old in a mobility scooter nine times : news

Video of Kala Brown being released from serial killer Todd Kohlhepps slave storage container.

Half of Astroworld victims families reject Travis Scott's offer to pay funeral costs

Dead man is taken out of his coffin and taken away by motorcycle : WTF

Eschaton: I've Been Trying To Explain The New York Times To People For Years And He Just Tweeted It Out : Clyde isn't just Maggie's Dad, he was at the Times forever.

Eschaton: How They Fall The kids won't remember, of course, but once upon a time Lara Logan seemed like one of the better journalists, someone who reported on our glorious imperial adventures with a bit more depth and skepticism than the rest of them.

The New Rights Strange and Dangerous Cult of Toughness

Top 30 largest employers in Masssachusetts for 2021 - The Boston Globe

Erik Visits an American Grave, Part 967 - Lawyers, Guns & Money Francis Wardlaw was the author of the South Carolina Ordinance of Secession in 1860. No one did more to push forward Treason in Defense of Slavery than he. But there is nada on him in easily accessible public sources. This is really shocking.

Study: Women were more likely to prefer a STEM major if they were raised in smaller sibling groups, in male sibling group dominance, and if they had an older sister with high math achievement. For young men, their preference for majoring in a STEM field was mostly driven by their own math ability. : science

Study found that people who ate more saturated fats from red meat and butter were more likely to develop heart disease. The opposite was true for those who ate more saturated fats from cheese, yoghurt, and fish which were actually linked to a lower risk of heart disease.

Man of constant sorrow - YouTube
Miley Cyrus - Man Of Constant Sorrow (George Clooney Tribute) - YouTube
Bob Dylan - Man of Constant Sorrow (with lyrics) - YouTube
The Greatest Hits Of O Brother, Where Art Thou | O Brother, Where Art Thou? | Screen Bites - YouTube
Go To Sleep You Little Baby - YouTube
O Brother, Where Art Thou? - Wikipedia

I don't have the heart to tell her IQ tests account for age... : PoliticalHumor

This video has 234 dislikes. : videos
CoolestGuy69 comments on This video has 234 dislikes.

What would make you quit Reddit? : AskReddit

The metaverse is bullshit : technology


India uses evasive manoeuvre to prevent collision between Chandrayaan-2 and NASAs Lunar Orbiter

Global economy will grow if world holds global warming below 1.5 C, study says : worldnews

Worlds vast networks of underground fungi to be mapped for first time

Australia tries to pause Unesco process that can force climate action to protect Great Barrier Reef : worldnews

Wind becomes largest source of electricity for 1st time in Turkey : worldnews

New study links major fashion brands to Amazon deforestation | Brazil : worldnews

Thirty South African white rhinos airlifted to Rwanda in the largest single translocation : worldnews

These Dolphins Were Rescued From Captivity, Then Found Dead at a Marine Park : worldnews

Hurricane season ends up as more costly than the record-breaking one in 2020 : worldnews

Mass. reports 6,610 new breakthrough COVID-19 cases, raising total to 1.6 percent of fully vaccinated people ,,, bringing the total since the beginning of the vaccination campaign to 77,647 ... 34 more COVID-19 deaths among fully vaccinated people, bringing the total to 586 deaths among those fully vaccinated
MA's 2,915 new cases and 31 deaths 11/30 : CoronavirusMa

Vermont reports record COVID-19 hospitalizations - The Boston Globe
Amid race against Omicron, a rising concern for youngest in hard-hit neighborhoods - The Boston Globe Data show wide disparities in vaccination rates between low-income and wealthier communities ... In Jamaica Plain 57 percent of youngsters have received their first shot. In neighboring Roxbury, a largely Black and Hispanic community with household income roughly half Bostons median, just 13 percent have been vaccinated, according to city data.

Justice Breyer rejects request to block Massachusetts hospitals vaccine mandate

Red America has seen the highest rates of cases and deaths, and the lowest rate of vaccinations - The Washington Post

Fox Nation Host Compares Fauci to Nazi Angel of Death: People All Across the World Are Saying This
Happy Hanukkah from Lara Logan - Lawyers, Guns & Money
GOP House leaders quiet on Rep. Ronny Jacksons wild claim that new Omicron coronavirus variant is part of a Democratic plot to rig the 2022 election
The GOP doesnt care about the suffering it causes even among its own base ... The vast majority of those now dying of the coronavirus were unvaccinated, a group thats disproportionately Republican. Florida has now seen more than 61,000 coronavirus deaths, about 284 for every 100,000 residents. New York, by comparison, has seen 56,645 deaths, 280 per 100,000 residents. One year ago, before the vaccines, New Yorks per capita toll was nearly twice Floridas
With new Omicron variant looming, Republicans are now bribing people to avoid vaccination : politics
Here are all the states providing unemployment benefits for people who quit or were fired because theyre refusing to get vaccinated
Biden vaccine rule for health workers blocked in 10 states : politics

Maine lawmaker who fought pandemic restrictions and lost his wife to COVID-19 resigns

He and his wife both got sick and entered the ICU together. His wife died on November 16. He was able to hang on until a few days ago. Neither of them had insurance. The family is struggling to scrape together enough money for cremation. : HermanCainAward (but gained their "angel wings" for sure)
Anti-Vax Televangelist Marcus Lamb dies of COVID | He was the head of Daystar TV, a tax-exempt religious network that received $3.9M in PPP money to help pay employees salaries. Two weeks later, Lamb bought a 14-passenger jet ... Too bad for the anti-vaxxer that Jesus is one of the hungry leopards.
Hateful, racist grandma sympathized with Kyle Rittenhouse, but hated democrats and Covid mandates. Now fighting for her life. : HermanCainAward
Councilman wife is a antivaxer, Biden hater who identifies her family as lions. After having her daughters birthday party they all caught covid. She and her councilman are in the hospital, councilman is close to being put on the vent. Prayer Warriors activated. : HermanCainAward
Ohio grandma regularly shared posts from Ben Shapiro, Sean Hannity, and Candice Owen. A fall down the stairs turned into Covid, cue the gofundme. : HermanCainAward
Buckle up. This pastor is about to take you on a wild ride : HermanCainAward
Mr. Olive is a Tough Motorcycle Guy. Hell have a hard time riding n his coma and on his vent. And can't share his rather generic meme collection either. But he can still be nominated. (prayer chain around his neck)
Young dad emerges from weeks of coma/ventilation with a big change of heart and a pro-vaccination mission. : HermanCainAward

Mom divorcing my dad because he got vaccinated. : QAnonCasualties
I thought going NC would be brutal; instead, I find myself breathing a lot easier. : QAnonCasualties
There is no reason with my husband : QAnonCasualties
Well this the end, Part 2 [UPDATE] : QAnonCasualties
Anti-vax/q-anon dad has covid : QAnonCasualties

New omicron update from the excellent Katelyn Jetelina : CoronavirusMa

Moderna chief predicts existing vaccines will struggle with Omicron | Financial Times

The world must study the wreckage of Covid-19 and say "never again" by striking a pandemic preparedness treaty, the WHO said Monday as countries gathered to build a new accord
Canada calls for international pandemic treaty and emergency summit, second of its kind in history : worldnews
COVID: German Constitutional Court rules emergency brakemeasures were legal | DW | 30.11.2021

Greece to make vaccinations for persons over 60 mandatory, PM says : worldnews

Omicron: Nursing unions call for WTO to open COVID vaccine patents as variant spreads : worldnews
Covid patients aged under 2 have highest admission rate in South African epicentre : worldnews

Chinas Xi promises 1bn COVID-19 vaccine doses to Africa

COVID-19: Omicron variant highly infectious and booster jabs may need double dose, says Moderna CEO
Moderna CEO warns COVID-19 shots less effective against Omicron, spooks markets : worldnews

Omicron COVID variant was in Europe before South African scientists detected and flagged it to the world : worldnews
Omicron variant cases found in Munster and Cardiff Rugby Club : worldnews

Dutch Covid case: Escaped couple fight quarantine in TB ward : worldnews

New Zealand Government to push for international ban of autonomous weapons, or killer robots : worldnews
Solomon Islands requests support from New Zealand : worldnews

One-third of staff in (Australian) parliament report some kind of sexual harassment : worldnews
The Govt Voted Against 49 Of 55 Workplace Sexual Harassment Reforms (ScuzMo and his Tory dicksters)

World squash event in Malaysia axed after Israelis barred : worldnews

A Myanmar junta court on Tuesday postponed giving a verdict in the incitement trial of ousted civilian leader Aung San Suu Kyi. The court, which had been due to rule on her trial for incitement against the military, adjourned the verdict until December 6

Pentagon to build up US bases in Guam and Australia to meet China challenge : worldnews
Washington caps year of drills to deter China with ten-day military exercise : worldnews

Japan adds $6.75 billion to military budget in rush to bolster air and sea defenses : worldnews
Japans Population Drops 0.7 Pct: 2020 Census
Education board in southwest Japan to stock free period products in school bathrooms : worldnews

North Korean defector recaptured in China after more than 40 days on the run : worldnews

Taiwan says China military trying to wear it out, but it can respond : worldnews

Leaked papers link top Chinese leaders to Uyghur crackdown : worldnews
China surveillance of journalists to use traffic-light system

Putin says he hasnt decided whether to run again for president in 2024 (will just abolish elections)
Russia fines Google 3 million roubles for not deleting banned content : worldnews ... $40,213.29 USD.

Dozens of former Afghan forces killed or disappeared by Taliban, rights group says : worldnews

Pakistan Rejects New Delhis Offer of Using Indian Trucks to Send Humanitarian Aid to Afghanistan

ndian Vice President Venkaiah Naidu lashes out atwestern mediafor negative portrayal of India on press freedom, secularism
Elon Musks Starlink still taking preorder money despite Indiasrecent order; consumer forum demands legal action

Sri Lankan troops break up Tamil remembrance of civil war dead : worldnews (buddhafuckers)

Ethiopian minister labels US Embassy terrorist

FCDO racially discriminated against black senior civil servant, tribunal rules : worldnews

European Parliament members expressed their solidarity with female Saudi human rights activists in a joint letter signed on Monday, International Women Human Rights Defenders Day. More than 120 MPs signed the document : worldnews

An Egyptian court fined prominent human rights activist Hossam Bahgat on Monday for "insulting" the country's electoral commission on social media. Bahgat, founder of the Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights, was fined 10,000 pounds ($635) after he alleged incidents of electoral fraud

Erdogan says plans steps to better ties with Israel after UAE visit : worldnews
IDF troops begin walking Palestinian children to school due to stone throwing : worldnews (rock-dead Haredis stoning kids)
Lebanese protesters block roads over economic meltdown : worldnews

U.S. warns Russia of serious consequences of any new Ukraine aggression

West Struggles to Counter Secessionist Threat in Bosnia : worldnews (Zerbs)

EU Set To Further Sanction Belarusian Officials, Companies Over Migrant Crisis, Document Reveals : worldnews

Latvia calls for permanent U.S. troops to guard against Russia threat : worldnews
Poland PM urges wake up to destabilisation by Russia and allies

Dont use migrants as pawns in political strategies, Pope tells governments

Indication of gender could disappear from Belgian ID cards : worldnews

German court finds former IS member guilty of genocide in case of Yazidi girls death

Euro zone inflation rate hits a record 4.9% for November : worldnews

Chile lawmakers set to approve same-sex marriage bill : worldnews

Barbados to declare itself a republic tomorrow, cutting ties with Queen as head of state : worldnews
Prince Charles acknowledges appalling history of slavery as Barbados becomes a republic

Liberals set to introduce beefed-up bill banning conversion therapy in Canada : worldnews
Toronto, With Police Support, Moves Closer to Decriminalizing Drug Possession : worldnews

Jeffrey Epsteins pilot recalls Bill Clinton, Donald Trump, and Prince Andrew flying on financiers private jet during testimony in Ghislaine Maxwell trial
Ghislaine Maxwell accuser says Maxwell was there for Epstein abuse - The Washington Post

Space Force General: China and Russia attacking U.S. space assets everyday

Bidens Global Democracy Summit Raises an Awkward Question: Can Ours Endure?

Majority of Likely Voters Support Higher Taxes for Billionaires, Poll Finds : politics

9 Democrats urge DOJ to free lawyer who won lawsuit against Chevron : politics

Supporters gear up to collect signatures on petition to decide presidency by popular vote : politics

Congress fumbles for shutdown remedy ahead of Friday deadline : politics
Democrats December dread builds after defense stumble
On Executive Power - Lawyers, Guns & Money a lot of what we think of as the imperial presidencyis better described as Congress being utterly unwilling to step up to its foreign policy and war powers responsibilities.

Senate GOP blocks defense bill, throwing it into limbo : politics

Ex-Trump chief of staff Meadows cooperating with Jan. 6 panel - for now : politics
Capitol riot committee to vote on contempt charges for Jeffrey Clark : politics

It'ss no secret: CIA book looks at fraught relations with Trump
Trump Never Got Another Classified Intelligence Briefing After Jan. 6 : politics
Trump's fact-free approach caused briefing challenges, CIA report says
First Thing: Trump called aides at command center hours before Capitol riot | US news : politics
Trump called aides hours before Capitol riot to discuss how to stop Biden victory : politics
Trump worked the phones with top allies in the early hours of January 6 to try to stop Biden from taking office, report says : politics

Trump Jan. 6 records lawsuit goes before appeals court - The Washington Post

Fauci says Ted Cruz should be prosecuted for Capitol riot : politics
'Patriots 45 MAGA Gang' planned violence on January 6, prosecutors say - CNNPolitics
R.I. man involved in armed standoff on Federal Hill now charged in Jan. 6 insurrection - The Boston Globe Timothy J. Desjardins, 35, of Providence, was identified by FBI agents from videos in which he was seen attacking multiple officers with a broken table leg as they tried to stop a mob inside the tunnel at the U.S. Capitol

Trump Org fleeced Americans for $1.7 billion while in office: David Cay Johnston : politics

The Sister Souljah moment is a revealing pundits fallacy (Max Bootster peddling his racist horseshit)

The Supreme Court Is Poised to Sabotage the Administrative State : politics

Roe v. Wade has been the law of the land for nearly 50 years. Will that matter? : politics
Heres Where Abortion Will Disappear If the Supreme Court Guts Roe
12 states have trigger laws that will automatically ban abortion if the Supreme Court overturns Roe v. Wade
Inside the Last Abortion Clinic in Mississippi : politics
A post-Roe strategy: The next phase of the abortion fight has already begun

Warren, Sanders Request 8 Million Student Loan Borrowers Be Moved Out of Default : politics

Buttigieg: Families who buy electric vehicles never have to worry about gas prices again

The 10 biggest tests of Trumps stranglehold on the GOP in 2022

Islamophobia controversy worsens after Boebert calls Omar : politics
Ilhan Omar hangs up on Lauren Boebert after anti-Muslim attack | Democrats are now pushing to strip Rep. Lauren Boebert of House committee seats after her anti-Muslim comments : politics
Eschaton: Freak Show Just a little, as a treat. Welcome to Congress

Moms for Liberty seeks to ban MLK Jr. book- Tennessee Ed. Dept refuses. The group appears to suggest slavery and Jim Crow werepositive achievements, like unity and the overall improvement of our country (make slavery great again)

GOP resistance to preschool plan could imperil key Biden proposal in many states

USPS At Risk of Falling Short on Space and Staffing to Support Holiday Season, IG Warns : politics

Dr Oz launches GOP campaign for Senate seat in Pennsylvania : politics
Please Dont Elect Dr. Oz - Hes a Disgrace to Our Profession
TIL that less than half the claims made on The Dr. Oz Show were backed by "some" evidence, and that fell to a third when the threshold was raised to "believable" evidence. : todayilearned

NC Senate candidates allies bet millions on Trump endorsement strategy. Is it working?

Michigan office of U.S. Rep. Dingell broken into, vandalized : politics

Yet more cancel culture - Lawyers, Guns & Money Chalk up Nebraska as another state where Republicans are set on destroying the statesexcellent public research university because it's not a Republican propaganda factory: Tenure is going to essentially disappear in public universities in Republican-controlled states in the next decade or two. None of this will ever be mentioned in any ShakeShack touting the University of Austin.

Once We're Gone, We're Not Coming BackIn Nebraska, a 151-year-old family farm struggles to survive.
Once Were Gone, Were Not Coming Back

NLRB calls new election at Amazon warehouse - The Washington Post A hearing officer found that Amazon improperly pressured workers at its Bessemer, Ala., warehouse to oppose unionizing in the first election

CNN to conduct thorough review of documents showing Chris Cuomo's intimate role advising brother Andrew Cuomo
CNN suspends Chris Cuomo indefinitely : news (and Don Lemon self-annialates)

Marilyn Mansons Home Raided by L.A. County Sheriff in Sexual Assault Investigation

They trusted a coach with their girls and Ivy League ambitions. Now he s accused of sex abuse. Kirk Shipley, the rowing coach at Walt Whitman High in Bethesda, Md., held onto his job through two investigations into his behavior. Then he was arrested.

New opioids, more powerful than fentanyl, are discovered in D.C. amid deadly wave of overdoses - The Washington Post ... protonitazene and isotonitazene,
Supervised Injection Sites for Drug Users to Open in New York City - The New York Times

A SWAT Team Blew Up This Innocent Woman's House and Cost Her Over $50,000. The City Tried To Stop Her From Suing. A federal court wasn't having it.

Woman Sues Police Union for Using Her Son for Photo-OpAfter Beating Her Up

Oxford shooting: 3 dead in Michigan high school shooting - The Washington Post
Oxford High School on lockdown due to active shooting situation, reports of multiple victims : news

Travis Scotts Offer To Pay Funeral Expenses Rejected By 9-Year-Old Victim's Family

Dominatrix Who Blamed Her Obsession with Death and Decomposed Corpses on Marilyn Manson Convicted of Murder in Massachusetts : massachusetts

10 Celebrities That Have Gone Public About Wearing Hair Extensions

Rubik's Cube Algorithm - How to Solve a Rubik's Cube
God's Number is 20

Which birds are the biggest jerks at the feeder? - The Washington Post Presenting the ultimate bird-feeder pecking order (Turkeys #1, Crows @2, Grackles #3)

TIL Ancient Greeks preferred small penises, as it was thought a man with a large penis was a barbarous half-animal with no self-control, while a man with a small penis was smarter and closer to the wisdom of the gods. : todayilearned

Does the sun have tides? : askscience

The Dangers of Infrared Light (IR) in Red Light Therapy (RLT) | by John Iovine | The Startup | Medium

The Universe Is a Self-Learning Algorithm | Universe History Basically, we live in one giant algorithm
The Autodidactic Universe : Stephon Alexander1,2, William J. Cunningham3,4, Jaron Lanier5, Lee Smolin3, Stefan Stanojevic5,6, Michael W. Toomey1,5, and Dave Wecke

O Brother Where Art Thou - The Last Soggy Bottom Boys Scene (1080p) - YouTube
The Sirens - O Brother, Where Art Thou? (5/10) Movie CLIP (2000) HD - YouTube
O Brother Where Art Thou Meaning - YouTube
Miley Cyrus and Dolly Parton Singing 'Jolene' - YouTube
COUNTRY SISTERS - Cotton Eyed Joe - YouTube
The Beatles - Don't Let Me Down - YouTube

/u/Merari01 beautifully summarizes the REAL reason the Alt-Right manufactures outrage : bestof
/u/Wismuth_Salix succinctly explains why "Democrats and Republicans are the same" is reductionist garbage : bestof

Return Dislikes on Youtube : videos (they did it so you won't know you're being lied to)


*Stratosphere Watch* Polar Vortex is currently running at a strong pace, but its weather influence is being limited for now. Early signs now emerge for potentially disruptive stratospheric activity in December. : worldnews

Arctic Ocean started getting warmer decades earlier than expected, finds study : worldnews

New lava speeds from La Palma volcano, threatening more damage to land : worldnews

Conservatives want Australias cricket captain to shut up about climate

A changing climate is buckling concrete and flooding roads. States are moving slowly to guard the nations infrastructure.Responding to increasingly common extreme weather is a vast undertaking that many state transportation departments are only beginning to tackle

In first COVID-19 data report since Friday, Mass. reports 5,497 confirmed cases and 21 deaths

Nov 27 - Nov 29 2021 MPDH Update
The Forgotten Pandemic Roars Back to Life : CoronavirusMa
Experiences with BinaxNOW home test accuracy? : CoronavirusMa

COVID shots more protective than past infection, study shows : news

"Vaccine" selected as word of the year. : worldnews

GOP gives unemployment checks to unvaxxed that defied Biden mandate - Axios Florida, Iowa, Kansas and Tennessee have changed their unemployment insurance rules to allow workers who are fired or quit over vaccine mandates to receive benefits. (rewarded for killing their fellow citizens, the refucklican way)

Now that Florida has tackled vaccines, its time to address hand-washing mandates | Frank Cerabino

Red America has seen the highest rates of cases and deaths and the lowest rate of vaccinations : politics ... the counties that voted most strongly for President Biden are fully vaccinated at a rate 40 percent higher than the rate in the counties that voted most strongly for Trump.
We dont need universal booster shots. We need to reach the unvaccinated.

Youre mocking we the people who have correctly predicted every stage of this scam with a 100% success rate. This pure blood did not predict his death from Covid less than a month later.
Antivax parents strongly disagree with med tech daughters pro-vax stance.Mother gives her life for her beliefs. Father drastically changes his views after close call with severe covid. Still in recovery but telling his Facebook friends that 'This right here aint worth it-go get vaccinated'

My partner threatens to leave me if I get the covid shot : QAnonCasualties
My father claims he abuses me because he feels lost after Trump lost the presidential election : QAnonCasualties
So Glad I Found This Sub : QAnonCasualties
What happened? : QAnonCasualties
Q mom and grandma got Covid, grandma going to the hospital : QAnonCasualties

No severe COVID cases among vaccinated patients infected with omicron, top Israeli expert says - Israel News -
Young people bearing brunt of Covid-19 resurgence, ICU doctor warns : worldnews
Omicron poses "very high" global risk, world must prepare -WHO : worldnews

The Netherlands confirmed 13 cases of the new omicron variant of the coronavirus on Sunday and Australia found two as the countries half a world apart became the latest to detect it in travelers arriving from southern Africa. : worldnews
COVID-19: Six Omicron variant cases detected in Scotland, authorities say : worldnews
13 omicron cases in Portuguese soccer team : worldnews
Japan to effectively close borders to all foreign visitors as omicron fears grow : worldnews

Botswana says four foreign diplomats who tested positive for COVID-19 on Nov 11th upon leaving the country are confirmed to have been infected with the Omicron variant : worldnews

Trust in scientists soared in Australia and New Zealand during Covid pandemic, poll finds : worldnews

Australias Future Fund invested in weapons manufacturers that have sold arms to Myanmar military

Hong Kong Firms Scoop Up Properties From Chinese Developers In Distress : worldnews
Disney+ appears to censor episode of The Simpsons in Hong Kong referencing Tiananmen Massacre : worldnews

Moscow says 27 more Russian diplomats due to leave U.S. in January : worldnews

Mob attacks Pakistan police, fails to grab blasphemy suspect : worldnews (muzfuck zombies)

Botswana appeals court upholds ruling that decriminalized gay sex : worldnews
DR Congo to let Uganda pursue rebels on its territory - The Democratic Republic of Congo will allow armed forces from neighbouring Uganda to enter its territory to chase rebels blamed for massacres in the region, sources told AFP on Sunday : worldnews

The Secretive Prisons That Keep Migrants Out of Europe | The New Yorker Tired of migrants arriving from Africa, the E.U. has created a shadow immigration system that captures them before they reach its shores, and sends them to brutal Libyan detention centers run by militias.

Iran: Protests on water shortages turn violent as police arrest 67 : worldnews

Syria Kurds protest recruitment of teenage girls for combat : worldnews

Iran preparing to enrich weapons-grade uranium, Israel warns U.S. - Axios
Israeli government approves immigration of thousands of Ethiopian Jews : worldnews undefined
Diamond agreement brings Israel and Qatar closer: Qatar plans a free trade zone for diamonds and gold, and needed Israeli consent to join the countries entitled to trade in diamonds. : worldnews

China's Skyrizon applies for court arbitration, demanding Ukraine to pay $4.5 billion compensation

Bosnian Serb leader: Putin and China will help if west imposes sanctions : worldnews
Documents Reveal Extent of Exploitation at Chinese Tire Site in Serbia : worldnews (Zerbia is fucked up)

Covid-positive Czech president appointed new PM from plexiglass box : worldnews

Sweden gets new prime minister: Magdalena Andersson wins second vote in parliament : worldnews

Swiss vote to approve COVID restrictions as infections rise. Swiss voters have given clear backing to legislation that introduced special COVID-19 certificates under which only people who have been vaccinated, recovered or tested negative can attend public events and gatherings : worldnews

Spanish police uncover human trafficking operation onboard livestock carrier : worldnews

In a Nonbinary Pronoun, France Sees a U.S. Attack on the Republic - The New York Times When a French dictionary included the gender-nonspecific ielfor the first time, a virulent reaction erupted over wokismeexported from American universities ... Last month he told the daily Le Monde that a backlash against what he called woke ideology was the main factor in the 2016 victory of Donald J. Trump.

EU banks demand access to London City markets in blow for Brussels : worldnews
Free Assange: Julian Assange left trial early because of ill health : worldnews

Honduras gets its first female President as leftist Castro storms towards victory : worldnews

Brazilian authorities burned more than 60 river-dredging boats in a crackdown on wildcat miners drawn to a major Amazon tributary by rumors of a gold find : worldnews

The FAA accidentally disclosed more than 2,000 flight records associated with Jeffrey Epsteins private jets
Who Is Maurene Comey? James Comey's Daughter Is Lead Prosecutor in Ghislaine Maxwell Trial

The Lessons of Henry Kissinger's Diplomacy - A new book examines the former Secretary of State's maneuvering in the Middle East.

After passing Trump tax cuts, Republicans accuse Democrats of slashing taxes for the rich | New Republican ads attack Democrats on Build Back Better which will actually raise taxes on wealthiest Americans

The CIA said briefing Trump was far and away the most difficult than with any other president
Trump was unprepared for the 2016 transition because his team didnt think theyd win the election, CIA says

Dr Fauci said leaving mask and vaccine policies up to states was one of Trump's biggest mistakes
The rights emerging hoax-ification of the omicron variant
Pentagon denies Oklahoma governors request and insists National Guard members must be vaccinated
MAGA Congressman Falsely Claims Omicron Variant Is Part of Plot to Rig 2022 Election : politics
White House Doctor Who Raved About Trumps Health Now Says Omicron Is Election Ruse
GOP Congresswoman busted telling FOX vaccines arent necessary & CNN the opposite hours later

With Kamala Harris looking unelectable, the Democrats are considering the nuclear option (RFKjr)

The attacks on the 2024 election are already underway : politics
Trump allies work to place supporters in key election posts across the country, spurring fears about future vote challenges - The Washington Post

Esper Claims Defense Dept. Is Improperly Blocking Parts of His Memoir - The New York Times ... under the guise of classification

Jared Kushner raising Saudi cash after cozying up to crown prince while working for Trump: report : politics

A Third Trump Golf Course Appears To Be Violating Law By Using The Presidential Seal

Steve Bannon Faces Over 1,000 Pages of Evidence and Materials From Prosecution in Contempt Case : politics
Jan. 6 investigators prepare to hold former Trump admin official in contempt - POLITICO effrey Clark would be the second figure in the former presidents orbit to face a contempt referral so far during the investigation, after Steve Bannon.

It's long past time for the Senate ethics panel to address Hawley's Jan. 6 actions

A colossal flop fawning media cant save Chris Christies new book ... It confirms that the deeply unpopular former New Jersey governor remains, first and foremost, a media creation

The Republicans Have Become the Party of Organized Violence : politics

If the Supreme Court throws out Roe v. Wade, it will tear the country apart
New Abortion Bans Are Removing Rape and Incest Exceptions - The Atlantic New abortion bans are stricter than ever before. (refuckers say you have to have your incest rape-baby)

Paperwork Keeps People Poor : politics

Anonymous Republican Bravely Stands Up to Kevin McCarthy : politics

As U.S. Hunts for Chinese Spies, University Scientists Warn of Backlash - The New York Times A chilling effect has taken hold on American campuses, contributing to an outflow of academic talent that may hurt the United States while benefiting Beijing.

Is it DeEnd for Postmaster General Louis DeJoy? Sure looks like it : politics

Former GOP Congresswoman Urges Voters to Oust Boebert, Greene: 'Take Out the Trash'

Absentee request deadline trips voters under new Georgia law: 52% of applications were rejected : politics

Mike Lindell Throws a Fit and Pulls His Ads From Right-Wing Christian Salem Radio Network

Inside the Misinformation Wars - Journalists and academics are developing a new language for truth. The results are not always clearer ... But as it now appears, the story about the laptop was an old-fashioned, politically motivated dirty tricks campaign, and describing it with the word 'misinformation' doesn't add much to our understanding of what happened. (and behind the scene, Harvard is in it for the money)

Chinese energy firm chairman gifted Hunter Biden an $80,000 diamond after he agreed to help expand the business by making introductions for $10MILLION a year

The FCCs shoddy maps could upend Bidens broadband gold rush

Matthew McConaughey says he will not run for Texas governor - CNNPolitics

Conservative Media Makes Up a Fake Florida Mansion for Nancy Pelosi - The Bulwark Anatomy of a viral lie. (MTG --> Sara Carter --> Hannity --> Fake shit)

Republicans are quietly rigging election maps to ensure permanent rule | David Pepper | The Guardian The past decade in Ohio shows how bad it can getand how quickly. Despite the states voters often swinging Democratic, 75% of its congressional delegates are Republican

The Great Escape : Why workers are quitting their jobs, after the trauma of the pandemic.
Bait and Switch: Companies Promise Workers Pay Rates In Ads They Dont Deliver On

Trumps Senate picks stumble out of the gate

How far-right extremist groups face exposure from army of hacktivists | The far right | The Guardian have exposed inner workings of groups and the nature of the movement as a whole

Meet the Texas Secessionist Movement: Brought to You by Russia - The Bulwark

CNN host Chris Cuomo used his media sources to find out info on brother Andrews accusers, records show
The New Anti-Feminism : politics ... "...the idea that a woman can live a happy and fulfilling life without a man, I think its all nonsense."

'People should probably be worried' : Texas hasn't done enough to prevent another winter blackout, experts say
Editorial: Resign, Craddick and Christian. Regulators misled about winter storm and failed to prevent another : politics

Phil Saviano Sunk His Teeth Into the Institutional Catholic Church and Never Let GoThe activist has died at age 69 ... The movie was quite honest about how every major institution in the city, which definitely included the Globe, blew off Saviano and his organization for at least a decade. At that time, the Globe had a devout Catholic editor and, when Bernard Cardinal Law called down the power of God on the newspaper -- this actually happened -- the editor decreed that there would be no more stories about accused priests ,,, (Charlie, where it starts:)
Why Hasn't Walter Robinson Been Fired? ... Robinson, some might argue, has kept his position because he never sunk to the sin that Barnicle had committed: plagiarism ... Storin explained his failure to act by providing a bizarre take on affirmative action. He had, he admitted, been reluctant to go after Smith, who is black, because he had elected not to investigate similar discrepancies in the columns of another Globe columnist, Mike Barnicle, who is white: (+Marty Baron in the coverup, Jack Thomas, the shit is so deep)
Taking command - Document - Gale Academic OneFile Martin Baron got off to a fast start as editor of the Boston Globe, honchoing a groundbreaking series on pedophile priests and aggressive coverage of the terrorist attacks
Reporting an Explosive Truth: the Boston Globe and Sexual Abuse in the Catholic Church
Newspaper Narcissism - Columbia Journalism Review Our pursuit of glory led us away from readers - Walter Pincus - 2009
Blase in Beantown Matthew Storin, editor of the Boston Globe, insists that the New York Times Cos billion-dollar purchase of his newspaper will have no effect on the paperseditorial direction. - Howard Kurtz - 1993
Matthew V. Storin - Wikipedia ... Notre Dame ... Dobbs went on to write House of Cards and subsequent political thrillers, which featured a character named after Storin, Mattie Storin.[11]
Key events in the life of Cardinal Bernard Law - The Boston Globe Key dates in the life of Cardinal Bernard Law, who died Tuesday in Rome at age 86 ... January 2002: The Roman Catholic clergy sex abuse scandal explodes when defrocked priest John Geoghan is accused of molesting 130 children; documents show Law and other church officials knew of the alleged abuse, yet gave Geoghan new parish assignments. (2017)
They knew and they let it happen: Uncovering child abuse in the Catholic Church

The Times Scoops That MeltedCataloging the wretched reporting of Judith Miller -- Jack Shafer - 2003 ... If reporters who live by their sources were obliged to die by their sources, New York Times reporter Judith Miller would be stinking up her family tomb right now. In the 18-month run-up to the war on Iraq, Miller grew incredibly close to numerous Iraqi sources, both named and anonymous, who gave her detailed interviews about Saddam Husseins weapons of mass destruction. Yet 100 days after the fall of Baghdad, none of the sensational allegations about chemical, biological, or nuclear weapons given to Miller have panned out, despite the furious crisscrossing of Iraq by U.S. weapons hunters ... Miller, more than any other reporter, showcased the WMD speculations and intelligence findings by the Bush administration and the Iraqi defector/dissidents. Our WMD expectations, such as they were, grew largely out of Millers stories. (more extreme narcissism, trapped in her own lies)
Reporter Judith Miller released from prison - HISTORY She decided to testify after the source she had been protecting, I. Lewis 'Scooter' Libby, Vice President Dick Cheneys chief of staff, signed a waiver giving her permission to speak. (eventually pardoned by Trumpster)
Journalists Respond to NYTs Story of Judith Millers Role in Plame Investigation
Judith Miller tells her side of The Story - Columbia Journalism Review (and deep disfunction at the fucking newspaper)
Judith Miller - Wikipedia Judith Miller (born January 2, 1948)[1] is an American journalist and commentator known for her coverage of Iraq's Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) program both before and after the 2003 invasion, which was later discovered to have been based on inaccurate information from the intelligence community (=Judith Miller)

About this JFK worship of yours - Lawyers, Guns & Money

The Rittenhouse Verdict Will Backfire on Republicans : politics

'An Utter Failure' : Law meant to clear old convictions, including for marijuana possession, helps few

11% of all black men in Pennsylvania, born 1986 to 1989, were incarcerated in solitary confinement by age 32. Reflecting large racial disparities, the population prevalence is only 3.4% for Latinos and 1.4% for white men : science

When someone persuades me that I am wrong, I change my mind. What do you do? - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Land Acknowledgements - Lawyers, Guns & Money The latest white liberal fad for meaningless diversity is the land acknowledgement.

Searching for Abigail - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Jussie Smolletts trial has started. This is how we got here
Trial set to start on charges actor Jussie Smollett faked racist attack : television

This chart on conspiracy theories has gone viral. A local disinformation researcher breaks down what to know - The Boston Globe

The Conservative Chill on Academic Inquiry - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Julia Enright, 24, Ashburnham dominatrix, guilty of second-degree murder : massachusetts

Eschaton: Copaganda I get how local news gets snowed for breaking news crime events, but The Paper Of Record is just being an eager participant (twitter thread). The made up stats don't pass a simple "does that sound like bullshit" test. Reporters can't be that dumb. Or can they?
THREAD: Yesterday, the New York Times published a headline it knew was false. The implications of this are dangerous for everyone who cares about an informed public. Heres what happened: (that fucking newpaper)

Silicon Valley's neo-reactionaries - Lawyers, Guns & Money ... Big Tech isn't 'liberal' despite its still playing that part in the carnival world of the Trumpite nationalist GOP. Its actually one of the biggest centers of neo-reactionary thought in the United States today. (vampire Thiel, Muskrat, Dorsey ...)

Get Back - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Scientists discover potential cause of Alzheimers Disease

The Benefits of Emotional Diversity - The Atlantic Becoming attuned to your more obscure emotions is good for you. So get over your stenahoria and embrace your amae.
The Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows

It's time to fear the fungi - Humans have long been protected from fungal infections. Climate change could ruin that.

What We Will Never Know Science and technology have evolved, but some things may always be beyond human knowledge.

Worlds first living robots can now reproduce, scientists say ... xenobots ... While the prospect of self-replicating biotechnology could spark concern, the researchers said that the living machines were entirely contained in a lab and easily extinguished, as they are biodegradable and regulated by ethics experts. (that'll work, for sure)

Whats the biggest scam in America? (student loans, of course)

Does Goodreads provide any value to you? : books

Whats one secret you and a parent have kept from the other parental figure?

Whats your best worst pickup line that would never get you laid but is hilarious?

FBI Document Says the Feds Can Get Your WhatsApp Data in Real Time messaging apps WhatsApp and iMessage are deeply vulnerable to law-enforcement searches

A leaked internal Facebook survey shows employees are losing confidence in leadership and fewer than half intend to stay : technology

Meta's acquisition of Giphy is set to be blocked by an antitrust regulator, report says : technology When will meta just buy out the antitrust regulator.

Twitter CTO Parag Agrawal will replace Jack Dorsey as CEO : politics


Researchers show how methane, a powerful greenhouse gas, can be transformed into protein-rich feed for farmed fish: an increasingly important food sector. A new analysis shows how to make the approach more cost-effective than current fish feeds, essentially solving two problems with one solution. : science

Powerful 7.3-Magnitude Earthquake Hits Peru : worldnews

New global study finds increases in red and processed meat trade contributed to the abrupt increase of diet-related diseases such as colon cancer, diabetes and heart disease. : worldnews

Fauci: Im going to be saving lives and theyre going to be lying

The New Lost Cause - Lawyers, Guns & Money ("Piers" = Brit for "moron")
Professor Piers Robinson Leaves Sheffield Uni Post After Accusations Of Promoting Conspiracy Theories | HuffPost UK News

Omicron Update: Nov 27 - by Katelyn Jetelina - Your Local Epidemiologist
Omicron update from smart, level-headed Katelyn Jetelina : CoronavirusMa
OB Patience is crucial: Why we wont know for weeks how dangerous Omicron is
Opinion | Omicron: How to Think About the New Variant of Concern - The New York Times : 3 Questions We Must Answer About the Omicron Variant
BioNtech says it needs 2 weeks to determine vaccines effectiveness against Omicron

State lawmaker ill with COVID in El Salvador now in Florida : politics

Thats one Hell of a Democratic Hoax (50,000 more dead Republicans than Dems)

Todays Doonesbury
Couldnt say better myself

Update: Mike Winther has died of COVID-19. As President of the Institute for Principle Studies, he made a business out of helping communities to oppose mask and vaccine mandates. Its my honor to present him with this shiny new Herman Cain Award.
Over the summer, Dan(46)took a hard turn into anti-vaxx propaganda. In September alone he made over 30 anti-vaxx posts. His last post was on October 18. He died of ... "passed away peacefully" = was finally successful in his slow, agonizing, expensive suicide attempt

A study published on Thursday found more than 27,000 deaths in Scotland have been prevented by Covid vaccinations. Researchers estimate that 86% of deaths in Scotland among the over-60s were averted by vaccines. : science

China study warns of colossal COVID outbreak if it opens up like U.S., France

Hospital confirms first Czech case of new COVID strain : worldnews
RIVM: 13 Covid infections linked to Omicron variant, so far : worldnews

Germany: Dozens take illegal mystery COVID vaccine before police shut it down : worldnews

Unjabbed mothers are pushing maternity wards to 'crisis' doctors warn
Face coverings mandatory again in England : worldnews
Covid: Australia woman charged after setting fire in quarantine hotel : worldnews (under her unvaxxed kids' bed)

Travellers test positive to Omicron COVID-19 strain after arriving in Sydney from southern Africa, NSW Health says : worldnews
Israel banning entry of all foreigners in effort to contain omicron variant | CBC News : worldnews

South African scientists brace for wave propelled by omicron, 20-30yo getting moderate to severe symptoms : worldnews

Thailands nightlife venues and bars told to keep closed until January 16

New Zealand politician Julie Anne Genter cycles to hospital to give birth : worldnews
New Zealand Permanently Legalizes Drug Checking, a Global First : worldnews (MDMA)

Closely monitored: Chinese spy ship spotted off Australia's coast

Ousted Myanmar leader Aung San Suu Kyi is expected to hear the verdict in her incitement trial on Tuesday, the first in a catalogue of judgements to be handed down in a junta court that could jail her for decades : worldnews
Argentine court to hear Myanmar Rohingya genocide case : worldnews

Peng Shuai: World Tennis Association Concerned Over Censorship or Coercion
First robotaxis enter service in Beijing
Growing naval imbalance between expanding Chinese and aging US fleet : worldnews (said the war and death industrial complex)

India differs from US, joins Russia to support China to host Winter Olympics 2022 : worldnews

Russia starts full-scale production of its'unstoppable' 6,670mph Zircon hypersonic missile as Moscow boasts it has capability to evade all Western defenses

Taliban Covert Operatives Seized Kabul, Other Afghan Cities From Within undercover network, loyal to the Haqqanis, changed balance of power within Taliban after U.S. withdrawal
Taliban leader calls for help in first Afghan address : worldnews

Activists hail Tanzania move to lift ban on pregnant schoolgirls | This makes Tanzania one of the last two countries in Africa to lift the controversial ban against pregnant schoolgirls from accessing education. : worldnews
French forces face violent protests after crossing into Niger from Burkina Faso : worldnews

Iran nuclear talks to restart as US emphasizes its prepared to use other options if diplomacy fails
Two Years After Irans Deadly Crackdown On Protests,Victims Families Still Fighting For Justice
U.S. Navy Says It Rescued Two Iranians Adrift In Gulf Of Oman : worldnews

UAE says it will enact largest legal reform in its history, with 40 new laws to streamline trade, better protect women and ease restrictions on extramarital relationships : worldnews

Iranians couldnt buy gas. Israelis found their intimate dating details posted online. The Iran-Israel shadow war is now hitting ordinary citizens.
Hamas Warns Of Violence If Herzog Lights Hanukkah Candle At Hebron Cave Of The Patriarchs

Russia spy chief says Ukraine invasion plan 'malicioius' U.S. propaganda

Hundreds of environmental protesters blocked roads in Belgrade and other Serbian towns , angered at mining giant Rio Tintos plans to extract lithium in the Balkan nation. Substantial deposits of lithium, a key component for electric car batteries, are found around the western town of Loznica

Tens of thousands of demonstrators take over Rome in protest against male violence towards women : worldnews

English Channel migrant deaths: Smugglers net millions per kilometre : worldnews
Prince Andrew used his royal connection to help a controversial tycoon - who paid off the Duke of York's 1.5m loan - open a bank for the super-rich in Monaco

Ghislaine Maxwells Sex-Trafficking Trial Is Starting. Here's What We'll Find Out
Matthew DeBellis on Twitter: "Lol sure, Lauren. (Courtesy of @SpiroAgnewGhost)" / Twitter

500 vigilantes gather in Mexico town, pledge to aid police : worldnews

Uber Eats to allow orders for cannabis in Ontario : worldnews
This land belongs to the Mikmaq people: 200 acres of historic land transferred in Nova Scotia, Canada

Why hundreds of thousands of kids in the US dread their 21st birthdays : politics (deported)

If Merrick Garland Doesnt Charge Trump and His Coup Plotters, Our Democracy Is Toast
Adam Schiff says he is concerned at apparent lack of investigation into Trump pressuring Georgia to "find" extra votes - Trump effort to convince Georgias top elections official was blatant attempt to game the results

Betrayal: The Final Act of the Trump Show by Jonathan Karl review -- A Tyrant's last stand. The ABC News correspondent offers a sobering glimpse of a man unfit to govern and the chaos wreaked by an ego unable to grasp its own ineptitude
Trump Was Fact Free During Briefings, Says Former National Intelligence Director For the Intelligence Community, the Trump transition was far and away the most difficult in its historical experience with briefing new presidents, (really stupid and very insane with no concept of reality outside himself)
Intelligence Analysts Didn't Understand Donald Trump, How Far He Would Go
Trump stopped receiving presidential intelligence briefings after the Capitol riot, new book says : politics

Michael Cohen: prosecutors could indict Trump tomorrow if they wanted

Schiff says decision likely this week on whether to refer criminal contempt charges against Meadows : politics
Jan. 6 Organizer Ali Alexander Will Comply With Subpoena Because Hes Broke

More Trouble With QAnon: Now Lin Wood Says 'Stop the Steal' is a 'Seep State Plot'
QAnon Hero Michael Flynn Secretly Said QAnon Is Total Nonsense

Democratic frustration growing over stagnating voting rights bills : politics

Opinion | Supreme Court decisions on abortion, guns, more loom from newly radicalized institution - The Washington Post
Supreme Court set to take up all-or-nothing abortion fight : politics

GOP eyes booting Democrats from seats if House flips : politics

'Outrageous' : Pelosi condemns McCarthy for GOP's 'bigoted rhetoric' in wake of Boebert attack on Omar
Omar demands House leadership take action after GOP Rep. Boebert's anti-Muslim remarks

Is Wisconsin Still a Democracy? - All signs now point to a full-court press by the GOP to rig state election rules in a bid to stay in power permanently. So far, Democrats have barely put up a fight. : politics

Republicans are quietly rigging election maps to ensure permanent rule : politics
Aggressive gerrymandering may make elections far less competitive, experts say : politics
Rather than just retire sane GOP members should run 3rd party to ensure MAGA losses in 2022, it is the true patriotic thing to do if you care about preserving the US democracy. : politics

No one seems to like the Lincoln Project anymore - POLITICO

The New Lost Cause - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Famous former neo-Nazi shifts focus: America is becoming the skinheads dream of the 1990's

Finally, here comes infrastructure: A big prize for every person in Texas,

GOP becoming a cult of know-nothings : politics

South Carolina Legislators Want To Cancel Tenure : politics

More medical marijuana? Ohio lawmaker says its time to expand uses
Program to expand medical cannabis access in Utah stalls, frustrating patients and lawmakers : politics

The warped history of self-defense law reveals a legacy of privilege - - It wasn't until 1993 that marital rape was illegal in all 50 states. While theoretically women still had the right to defend themselves against their husbands killing them, this legal understanding made that defense much harder to use. Rape was a legal cause of action for women if their rapist was not their husband, but it was rarely prosecuted in the 19th century.

US Christian right group wages culture war with books, cartoon and nature doc : politics
Evangelical Christian groups flout the lawagain| Christian Right groups promoting anti-LGBT practices in the US and abroad, despite bans, is nothing new: they've been doing it for decades ... Every abortion debate in Latin America is partially funded by US dollars. LGBT hate got introduced to Africa thru Christian evangelism.

The craziest part of the whole thing is these kids families were paying $2300 a month to have them abused.

Gun violence remains at the forefront of the public policy debate when it comes to enacting new or strengthening existing gun legislation in the United States. Now a new study finds that the Massachusetts gun-control legislation passed in 2014 has had no effect on violent crime. : science

Detecting cancer with a simple blood draw could soon be a reality : news

Black Holes Swallow Neutron Stars in a Single Bite, New Results Suggest. For the first time, scientists have without a doubt observed not one but two collisions between black holes and neutron stars. These two separate mergers occurred 10 days apart in January 2020. : science

SwitchboardFriend comments on Emotional affair not really an affair?

What movie fucked you the fuck up? : AskReddit

What social media platform has the worst users? : AskReddit

What mythical creature is the most likely to have existed or currently exist? : AskReddit

Just finished Peter Jackson's 3 part Beatles Documentary 'Get Back' and I was not prepared for the amount of emotion I felt while watching it.

What was the most fucked up thing that was generally accepted twenty years ago? : AskReddit

The Pirate Bay Can't Be Stopped Co-Founder says (lists of pirate sites)


Albatross divorce rates going up due to climate change : worldnews

EU urged not label intensive farming as a sustainable as they decide what activities are climate friendly. "Intensively reared livestock had negative impacts on biodiversity, water use, antimicrobial resistance and soil health" say investors. : worldnews

Despite vaccines, the U.S. has lost more lives to Covid this year than last. : politics

Sometimes more is less : PoliticalHumor

Chinese Spam Network Aims to Discredit U.S. COVID Vaccine and Response, Report Finds : worldnews

Unjabbed Britons could be banned from travelling to the EU next summer: Blocs new proposals rule out entry unless vaccinated within last nine months

South Africa 'punished' for detectingnew Omicron variant
omicron: South African medical association says Omicron variant causes 'mild disease' - Times of India : worldnews
COVID-19: Two cases of Omicron variant detected in UK - with targeted testing to be rolled out in affected areas : worldnews
Suspected Omicron case found in Germany, regional minister says : worldnews
Dutch say 61 Covid positive on flights from S.Africa : worldnews
Hong Kong confirms two cases of virulent new COVID-19 variant, one of which travelled from Canada : worldnews
Canada clamps down on Omicron COVID-19 variant. Exopert say it's likely 'alrady here'

3 burned bodies found in Solomon IslandsChinatown following days of violent protests
First fatalities of Solomon Islands unrest discovered in burnt-out Chinatown store : worldnews
Ten police officers were injured and several journalists shot at on the Caribbean island of Martinique overnight Thursday to Friday as protests sparked by Covid-19 vaccine measures spread. Fresh violence was reported despite a night curfew, following more than a week of unrest : worldnews

Japanese PM Kishida wants businesses to hike wages by more than 3% : worldnews

North Korea Bans Leather Coats To Stop People From Imitating Kim Jong-uns Look

China carried out combat readiness patrol as U.S. lawmakers visited Taipei

IOC member Dick Pound puzzled by reaction to Peng Shuai video call (nominativedeterminism)

India tells public to shun Musk-backed Starlink until it gets licence : worldnews

We will start again: Afghan female MPs, now refugees, are still fighting for rights

Russian nuclear-powered submarines leave Pacific port one by one : worldnews

EU rejects fruits from Turkey due to harmful pesticide residues : worldnews

Egypt reopens 3,000-year-old Avenue of Sphinxes : worldnews

Iran one month away from achieving nuclear weapon - report : worldnews
Iran Forces Fire on Water Protesters in Most Violent Crackdown Since July : worldnews

The U.S.-Led Bombings That Ended the ISIS CaliphateKilled Scores of Civilians (Trump said kill them all)

Putin is deadly serious about neutralizing Ukraine, and has the upper hand over the West, former US diplomats and officials warn

Italy and France heal their rift with a treaty : worldnews

Thousands of police protested in Madrid on Saturday over plans to reform a controversial security law banning the unauthorized use of police images if it puts them in danger : worldnews (unqualified invisibility)
Thousands demonstrate in Spain to end violence against women | Chanting for gender equality and bearing purple banners, thousands of people took to the streets across Spain on Thursday evening in marches to mark the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women. : worldnews

Get serious: Furious Macron boots Britain from migrant Channel crossings talks

The day the Stone of Destiny returned to Scotland : worldnews

U.N. concerned Mexico hasnt complied with recommendations to prevent disappearances
Three killed in shooting at feminist march in Mexicos Guaymas city
Mexican Senators Circulate Draft Marijuana Legalization Bill, With Vote Expected Within Weeks : worldnews

He shoots four strangers after a simple remark on his bag ... shocked that a guy carrying a purse is overly sensitive about people making comments about a guy carrying a purse (Montreal)
Fentanyl, meth sold out of pizza boxes from Edmonton restaurant: Police : worldnews
Canada releases 50 million pounds from maple syrup reserve amid global shortage : worldnews

~ Guantanamo Bay: Beyond the PrisonWith 6,000 residents and the feel of a college campus, the U.S. Navy base has some of the trappings of small-town America, and some of a police state.

Dark money network pushes pro-UAE/Saudi policies from New York : politics

Democrats need to stop playing by Mitch McConnells rules. Fight back
The Democrats need to stop acting scared, stop scaling back the Build Back Better, and pass the bill right now : politics (dumbass reporter)
Were Spending Money on War When We Could Be Building Roads - Our problem in this country isnt lack of funds, no matter what the Republicans, Manchin, and Sinema may claim.

The Disconnect Between Bidens Popular Policies and His Unpopularity - Voters often punish a president for pushing an unpopular agenda. But President Biden has been learning that they rarely reward a president for enacting legislation.
Pro-Biden group to spend $10 million on high-profile campaign touting President's economic agenda : politics
Democrats Struggle to Energize Their Base as Frustrations Mount - The New York Times Even as President Biden achieves some significant victories, Democrats are warning that many of their most loyal supporters see inaction and broken campaign promises.

A core threat to our democracy: threat of political violence growing across US
Charlottesville verdict another missed opportunity for Republicans to disavow hate : politics

Lin Wood Goes Off the Deep State Deep End, Accuses Trump Lawyer Sidney Powell and Stop the Steal of Grifting : politics
Mike Lindells Election Lawsuit Is Neither Real Nor Spectacular | Not a single state attorney general would sign it. Conspiracy!

AOC vs. Boebert: Addressing the Hollow at the Heart of Trumpism : politics
Rep. Boebert Suggested Rep. Omar Was a Terrorist. Democrats Want the GOP to Take Action
Lauren Boebert makes rare apology after anti-Muslim remarks about Ilhan Omar : politics

Video shows Republican congresswoman making racist remarks about colleague : politics

Pay attention to redistricting in Florida. Gerrymandering leaves voters powerless | Opinion : politics

Another win for the Party of Death - Lawyers, Guns & Money The Fugitive Uterus Act is life-threatening for those with difficult pregnancies:

Whatever happened to Donald Trump's modest proletarianism? - Lawyers, Guns & Money Now that I know that Kamala Harris bought a nice thing for her kitchen with her own money, I have no choice but to support the modest lifestyle and fierce anti-corruption of Donald Trump/Peter Thiel in 2024

Oakland police release new lead in killing of KRON4 security guard | KRON4

Thieves target Home Depot in California, making off with hammers, crowbars and other tools : news
Los Angeles-area looters target Home Depot, Bottega Veneta stores on Black Friday: reports | Fox News

Buffalo man adopts 5 siblings so they won't be split up in the system : pics

Don't cross the Wirecutter picket line - Lawyers, Guns & Money (NYT says writers aren't real journos, they're just selling shit on Amazon, don't deserve to be paid)

America's Gambling Addiction Is Metastasizing : When life feels this precarious, it's only natural to roll the dice on just about everything.

Why a toaster from 1949 is still smarter than any sold today - The Verge

Amid distance and estrangement and strain, some are happily replacing the clans theyre born into with chosen families.

Chronic back pain is the leading cause of disability worldwide. In the United States, patients spend up to $300 billion each year to treat the condition. Now researchers have shown that the mind-body intervention was highly beneficial for treating back pain when compared to standard care. : science

Testosterone encourages persistence in the face of continued defeat, according to a placebo-controlled experiment : science

Novel insulin pill treats, and even prevents, type 1 diabetes in mice : worldnews

TIL of a group of people known as Cagots who were persecuted for centuries in France, they did not differ racially or religiously than the the rest of the population, Historians still aren't sure why this group of people were hated so much

Housework Linked to Sharper Memory in Older Adults.Older adults who continue to perform household chores have better cognition, attention span, & physical strength compared to those who no longer do their own home keeping chores. Housework in older adults was also linked to a decreased risk of falls : science

In the quantum realm, not even time flows as you might expect. New study shows the boundary between time moving forward and backward may blur in quantum mechanics. : science

What are you in the 1% of? : AskReddit

What is the most difficult book you have ever read? : books


Biden Scorecard on Climate Change | At Home and Abroad, the Administration Is Rising to the Challenge

Climate Change Threatens Smithsonian Museums - The New York Times Beneath the National Museum of American History, floodwaters are intruding into collection rooms, a consequence of a warming planet. A fix remains years away ... Rising seas will eventually push in water from the tidal Potomac River and submerge parts of the Mall, scientists say. More immediately, increasingly heavy rainstorms threaten the museums and their priceless holdings, particularly since many are stored in basements.

Climate change causing albatross divorce, says study. Just 1% of albatrosses separate after choosing their life partner - much lower than the human divorce rate in the UK. But in the years covered by the study with warmer water temperatures, up to 8% of albatross couples split up. : worldnews

Trees found to reduce land surface area temperatures in cities up to 12C. In all, the researchers poured over data from 293 cities across Europe, comparing land surface temperatures in parts of cities that were covered with trees with similar nearby urban areas that were not covered with trees

Siberia up to 20C warmer than normal with huge temperature anomalies, predicts weather expert : worldnews

MIT Has Predicted that Society Will Collapse in 2040 : videos

HIV drug resistance is on the rise, according to a new report. Nearly half of newly diagnosed infants in 10 countries have drug-resistant HIV, study finds, underlining need for new alternatives. : worldnews

+5,058 new cases and 24 deaths reported today : CoronavirusMa

CMV: Doomers are probably mostly right? : CoronavirusMa

If youre freaking out about the new variant, heres a calm and level-headed take from a reputable source
Great summary on what we know about B.1.1.529 : CoronavirusMa

Britain says new COVID-19 variant is the most significant yet found : news
The World Health Organization will meet on Friday to assess a new variant detected in South Africa that is feared to be the worst Covid-19 variant yet identified. The variant, which was identified on Tuesday, initially attracted attention because it carries an extremely high number of mutations.
A new Covid-19 variant could show immune evasion and enhanced transmissibility, South African scientists warn : worldnews
Covid: New heavily mutated variant B.1.1.529 in South Africa raises concern : worldnews
Covid 19 coronavirus Delta outbreak: New mutant strain reaches Israel : worldnews
Scientists call for travel code red over Covid variant found in southern Africa
EU wants to stop flights from southern Africa over variant : worldnews
Two cases of 'nu' Covid variant found in Belgium
HK detects new mutant variant, adds six imported cases : worldnews
New Covid variant roils global markets with oil sinking 5% : worldnews

QAnons Queen of Canada Calls for Followers to Kill People Vaccinating Children

This cowboy discovered a shot of Jack Daniels does NOT offer protection against COVID-19. He received his award today. A relative who was with him said, No one can begin to understand the absolute horror of what he went through (karma is sardonic)
Public figure William Hartman refused to certify Wayne County, Michigan election results, and also used his platform to spread anti-vax information. The nominee has been on a ventilator for 3 weeks in the ICU. Announced by former state Senator on FB. No redactions. : HermanCainAward ...
Longtime UFC fighter Diego Sanchez wasn't "sole" on the vaccine. He posted a video of an anti-vaxx "doctor" saying that the vaccine is genocide and also some other stuff about child trafficking. Hes now in the fight of his life in the hospital with Covid pneumonia and blood clots. ... The American right has devolved in over-the-top machismo most easily proven through self-harm. Covid is just another step in their devolution.

Solomon Islands Violence Recedes but Not Underlying Tension : worldnews

95.9 per cent of adult population in Malaysia fully vaccinated : worldnews

Cyclist who broke motorists jaw cleared of assault because of drivers close pass

Australia says Chinas alarming actions at odds withpeaceful rhetoric

Elderly man accused of unnatural sex with goat faces whipping and prison (Malaysia, he killed to goat)

Apple Inc. issued on Wednesday alert messages to at least six Thai activists and researchers who have been critical of the government, warning it believed their iPhones had been targeted by state-sponsored attackers according to activists and the alerts

Surveys suggest over 80% of Japanese people likely to continue with masks after COVID-19 subsides : worldnews

China Evergrande soccer stadium taken over by government: Source : worldnews

26/11 Mumbai attacks: 13 years on, Indias terror dossiers gather dust in Pakistan

Afghan humanitarian crisis, drug trafficking alarm India, Russia, China : worldnews

52 people dead in Siberian mining disaster : worldnews

Turks Abandon the Lira for Dollars as Currency Crisis Deepens - WSJ Riot police line streets in parts of Istanbul as country braces for third night of scattered protests over President Erdogans inability to stop precipitous currency decline ... Central banks generally raise interest rates to fight inflation, hoping to cool down demand for loans, but Mr. Erdogan and his political party have an ideological bias against high interest rates based in Islam
Thousands of protesters hit the streets of Europe and Latin America on Thursday to demand an end to violence against women, with police in Turkey firing teargas to disperse the demonstrators : worldnews

Iranian websites hacked to show death to Khamenei message
Afghan Kids Put To Work Sorting Garbage in Tehran Despite Child Labor Ban : worldnews

Three years late, Israelis finally hear the truth about Trump - Israel News - Netanyahus former Mossad chief, defense minister and IDF commander are speaking out on Trump's departure from the Iran deal, years after the then-prime minister celebrated it

Zelensky stated that a coup detat was being prepared in Ukraine
Ukraine PM calls for NATOs help against Russia
Ukraine president says coup plot uncovered | Reuters : worldnews
Security Alert: U.S. Embassy Kyiv, Ukraine : politics

Belarus leader tells migrants they have right to go to EU

Apple alerted Polish prosecutor that her iPhone has likely been compromised by NSO : technology

How gang warfare took over Swedens streets ... With lyrics so bloodthirsty that they would be hard to distinguish from recruitment ads for Islamic State, rap is used to build the brands of gangs and show their capacity for violence.

France scraps UK talks over Johnson migrants letter : worldnews
French block British boat off St Malo amid fishing licences row : worldnews

British MP Claims Female Doctor Who Linked To Men Committing Crime : worldnews

Rio Olympics chief sentenced to 30 years in prison for buying 2016 votes : worldnews

Chiles lower House approves same-sex marriage, Bill sent to Senate

Canada taps into maple syrup reserves to deal with massive shortage : NPR
Woman arrested in Vancouver after posing as a hospital nurse: police : worldnews
Walmart says it will remove sexually explicit toys from childrens section of website

Dow falls 900 points for worst day of year on fears of new Covid variant, S&P 500 drops 2%

Biden signs once-in-a-generation $1tn infrastructure bill into law

With extreme gerrymanders locking in, Biden needs to make democracy preservation job one : politics

Pundits Want You To Think Biden's Low Approval Rating Means Democrats Should Move Center | There are many possible explanations for Bidens low approval ratings. Pushing for his Build Back Better legislation is not one of them.

Biden says won't stand by idly waiting for gas prices to fall
Robots wont close the warehouse worker gap anytime soon

It's funny because it's true - Lawyers, Guns & Money
Paul Krugman on Twitter: "Right now oil prices back down to 2018 levels. Headlines in a few weeks, probably: "Gas is cheap again. Why this is a problem for Biden"" / Twitter

Fauci: U.S. "rushing" to get scientific data about new COVID variant : politics
Peter Navarro said he wanted Trump to fire Fauci saying strangle that baby in its crib
US to require vaccines for all border crossers in January : politics (American anti-vaxxers get get out of jail free card)

Biden nominates Jerome Powell for a second term as Federal Reserve chair : politics

Merrick Garland Gets Political, Whether He Likes It or Not-- He's in a perilous position of his own making.

Steve Bannon asks court to deny request to shield records in his case : politics
Kimberly Guilfoyles January 6 Role Comes Under the Microscope
Okay, who let Guilfoyle out of the space dumpster? : pics
Jan. 6 panel faces double-edged sword with Alex Jones, Roger Stone : politics

How a lawyer who aided Trumps 2020 subversion efforts was named to a federal election advisory board

Mike Lindells Promised Election-Reversing Lawsuit Turns Into 96-Hour Pillow Sale

Tis the Season for DeJoy's Removal

Ilhan Omar Rips Lauren Boebert For Telling Made UpAnti-Muslim Story For Clout
Everything neoconfederate is neoconfederate again - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Texas Abortion Law Complicates Care for Risky Pregnancies - The New York Times Doctors in Texas say they cannot head off life-threatening medical crises in pregnant women if abortions cannot be offered or even discussed.

Texas Gas Companies Hit Texas Consumers With Whoops You Froze To Death Surcharge

/u/TheAmbivalante addresses whataboutism in a thread about gerrymandering : bestof

Georgia teens become unlikely warriors in redistricting fight : politics

Mississippi banned most abortions to be the safest statefor the unborn. Meanwhile, one in three Mississippi kids live in poverty

Alabama city told to keep Confederate street name or face $25,000 fine : politics ... Jeff Davis Avenue ("Slavery Way")

Renters strike back as cities cap price hikes by landlords : politics

Lawmakers Approve Bill To Mandate Education On Genocide : politics

How US gun culture stacks up with the world : politics ... There are 120 guns for every 100 Americans, according to the Switzerland-based Small Arms Survey (SAS). No other nation has more civilian guns than people.

Kyle Rittenhouse becomes key figure in Trump world - Trump and his allies have embraced, promoted and counseled Kyle Rittenhouse since his acquittal

Both sides react to the Supreme Court ruling on recreational marijuana : politics (s. Fuckota)
New Poll: More Than 2/3 of Texans Support Legalizing Recreational Marijuana : politics

New poll shows majority of residents in Massachusetts believe legalization of cannabis is overall positive for state : politics
Long past time for Mass. to take equity seriously in marijuana industry : politics

u/iruleatants breaks down the grim reality of the relationship between police and underprivileged and minority communities in America. : bestof

ELI5: does inflation ever reverse? What kind of situation would prompt that kind of trend? : explainlikeimfive

Studies of MDMA, ketamine, psilocybin mushrooms and other psychedelics have shown tremendous potential for therapeutic applications : science ... The so-called "Shadow self which for any number of reasons is normally banished from conversation, can be spoken about as if talking about the weather.

PH researchers discover anti-pain, anti-cancer peptides from marine organisms : worldnews

"Ghost particles" detected in the Large Hadron Collider for first time : science

TIL Cats domesticated themselves. They existed unchanged until the Middle Ages; and even now are genetically extremely close to their ancestors. : todayilearned
Did Pope Gregory IX Order A Medieval Purge of Black Cats That Caused the Black Death? - Museum Hack Like a lot of other myths about history from the Middle Ages, the idea that Europeans wiped out cats and then paid for it with the Black Death makes more sense the less you think about it. But it starts to fall apart once you roll it around in the ol brainpan ... But myths often transcend evidence
Were Cats Really Killed En Masse During the Middle Ages? - Tales of Times Forgotten

Lucifer Is Not a Name for Satan! - Tales of Times Forgotten
The Origins of Satan - YouTube

79 Years Ago on This Date, Casablanca Was Released. A film that has withstood the test of time, and produced some of film's most memorable lines and scenes. Here is an original review from 1942. Here's lookin at you, kid : movies
Casablanca: THRs 1942 Review

There is a cow in my town that you can stick your hand in : WTF

Which song is in your opinion 100% perfect? : AskReddit
Talking Heads - Naive Melody (This Must Be The Place) - YouTube


NASA confirms existence of hundreds of new worlds outside our solar system : worldnews

Scientists have found low Arctic sea ice levels during July to October have knock-on impacts in the atmosphere that push the jet stream northwards. This tends to bring hotter and drier conditions in the western US over the following autumn, resulting in more frequent and intense fires in the region : science

Biden admin. approves construction of major wind farm for Rhode Island : politics

South Korea to launch task force on banning dog meat. South Korea says it will launch a task force to consider outlawing dog meat consumption after the countrys president offered to look into ending the centuries-old practice
Guy Turns Old Tires Into Beautiful Cozy Beds For 6,000 Stray Dogs And Cats in Brazil : worldnews

Wild bilbies found outside parks fencedenclosure for first time in 70 years

WHO says fully vaccinated should wear masks and physically distance as Covid infections surge : worldnews

Anti-vax Wayne County Republican is in ICU with COVID-19 | News Hits

L.A. firefighter accused of 'despicable act' in protest ... after being handed a letter to comply with the citys vaccine mandate ... The LAFD member responded to receiving the non-compliance letter by dropping his pants and wiping his buttocks with the letter, leaving fecal matter on the document, before dropping it to the ground

/u/Levlove is a nurse on a COVID ward, describes the emotional journey of dying antivax patients : bestof (click through, pls)
Unvaxxed person gets covid Knew it might kill her

Aaron Rodgerss personal physician approaching full fash ... Remember when ESPN made Rush Limbaugh an NFL commentator and he was forced out because of his racism? If he had gotten the job a decade later he probably could have kept it the rest of his life.

Blue from Illinois earned a HCA this morning : HermanCainAward
An HCA nomination made entirely of "Nazis, Commies, and illegals" memes, because why not. He was recovering from bypass surgery when he caught it. His wife has joined him in hospital and may not survive. : HermanCainAward
Mrs. Purple is a healthcare worker who would rather jab Biden in the ass or lose her job than protect her family by getting vaccinated. Her husband, Mr. Red, stood for Medical Freedom and stopping the mandates. Now Mrs. Purple is sick, Mr. Red is dead, and she needs donations to lay him to rest. : HermanCainAward (they went to Facebook "church")
German right-wing, anti-vaxxer / anti-mask politician (72) and his wife (72) die on the same day due to Covid. Both had underlying medical conditions, but they didnt care. (Public figure)
Michigan antivax conspiracy theory election official hospitalized, intubated : HermanCainAward undefined

African company works to replicate Modernas COVID vaccine, without permission, to address unequal access

Merkels push for German lockdown reportedly blocked as death toll passes 100,000
Netherlands 10 days away from health care rationing, doctor warns in lockdown appeal : worldnews

Russian doctors invite prominent anti-vaccine voices to visit COVID-19 hospitals : worldnews

Daylight Kidnapping and Stabbing in Sydney Linked to COVID Vaxx Certificate Scam : worldnews

Australia considers diplomatic boycott of Beijing Winter Olympics | Australia is considering not sending any government officials to the Winter Olympics to be held in Beijing next year amid growing calls from lawmakers for an official diplomatic boycott : worldnews
Australia adds U.S. based Neo-Nazi group to list of banned terrorist organizations : worldnews
New religious freedom laws will give private schools right to refuse to hire gay teachers (Australia) : worldnews

Miss Universe Thailand sued over inappropriate use of national flag in promo photo : worldnews

Philippine government lawyers have opposed Nobel Peace Prize winner Maria Ressa going to Oslo next month to collect her award in person, describing the journalist in court documents as "a flight risk" : worldnews
Philippines rejects Chinas demand to remove grounded navy ship

A North Korean man who smuggled Squid Game into the country is to be executed by firing squad and a high-school student who bought a USB drive with the show will be jailed for life, report says

Olympics: Dont Promote Chinese State Propaganda ... The IOC appears to prize its relationship with a major human rights violator over the rights and safety of Olympic athletes.
Who is Zhang Gaoli? The man at the center of Chinese tennis star Peng Shuais #MeToo allegation
US blacklists a dozen more Chinese tech firms citing national security : worldnews
Chinese Stocks Delisting From the US: 25 On the Brink : worldnews
Man in China creates a home laboratory to make a life-saving treatment for his son : worldnews

CIA chief warns Russians of consequences if they caused Havana Syndrome
Is the Kremlin protecting millionaire hackers inside Russia?
Russian satirist faces up to 8 years jail for sketch that mocks officials : worldnews
Russia to Consider Restricting Gay Love Scenes, As With Pornography
Russian cannibal arrested after headless body falls out of car : WTF

For the first time, Indias fertility rate below replacement level
In A First, More Women Than Men In India, Shows Government Survey : worldnews
Hindu Nationalists in India Illegally Ban Christians from Holding Worship Services, 50+ Churches Closed : worldnews

119 Afghans Fleeing Taliban Arrive in Greece With Help of US Philanthropist "many of whom were lawmakers, judges and aid workers who supported U.S. and European efforts in the country over the past 20 years and were all targeted by Taliban for their loyalty to the West." : worldnews
Afghan girl from famous cover portrait is evacuated to Italy | AP News : worldnews

You cant even cry loudly: Counting Ethiopias war dead

Apple stops all sales in Turkey after the collapse of the Turkish Lira : worldnews

Danish Special Forces shoots and kills 4 pirates off the coast of Nigeria after a shootout with 8 pirates, no Danish soldiers were hit : worldnews

UAE general accused of torture elected Interpol president : worldnews (the man for the job)
He is responsible for torture: nominee for Interpol chief accused by detained Britons | Interpol

Female IDF soldiers were pimped to terror inmates, prison commander says
Palestinian support for two-state solution losing ground, poll finds : worldnews

Kyiv warns Russia that any attack on Ukraine would be costly : worldnews
Canada considers boosting military aid to Ukraine as Russia amasses troops at the border : worldnews

Romanian thieves stole 2 million dollars worth of diesel from U.S. Army at Black Sea air base

Outrage over Polish government plan to register each pregnancy : worldnews (will install uterus treackers in teen girls, Catholics partner with authoritarians)

Swedens first female prime minister resigns, mere hours after being elected

Germany is giving nearly two million workers a 25% pay rise : worldnews
Germany's incoming government unveils plans to legalize cannabis and phase out coal : worldnews

Spanish police recover rare 2,000-year-old Iberian sword. More than 2,000 years after it was last wielded by a warrior somewhere on the Iberian peninsula, a rare, magnificent sword has been recovered by Spanish police, who tracked it down before it was sold online.

Judge Rules Scottish Officials Can Keep Being Sketchy About Trump now up to Scotlands top prosecutor to pursue a financial investigation of Donald Trumps golf coursesthere, a judge has ruled.
Scotlands oldest book returns home for the first time in 1,000 years

'Extraordinary' Roman mosaic found in Rutland farmer's field, with scenes from Iliad : worldnews
Logbooks linked to Antarctic explorers Shackleton and Scott found in storage room : worldnews

Canadian school pulls event with former Islamic State sex slave over fears it would foster Islamophobia (dem facts)

The War on Thanksgiving Is America at Its Worst
America, Rediscover Thanksgivings Radical Past ... being grateful can be a revolutionary act. Just look to Lincoln and FDR.
When People Thought the First Thanksgiving Was Too Woke - POLITICO Thanksgiving might seem like a fairly uncontroversial national holiday. That wasnt the case in Abraham Lincolns day.
Remembering the Massacres of Nipmuc and Narragansett People Before Thanksgiving I am thankful for the land and the water and the birds of the air and for all the people through the long ages who worked to keep faith with them all
Lara Trump claims pricier turkeys are a liberal plot against Thanksgiving | Thanksgiving | The Guardian
Eschaton: We Are Aware Of All Internet Traditions
51 things about Arlo GuthriesAlices Restaurant
Alice's Restaurant - Arlo Guthrie : videos
Imgur: Youths ordered to clean up rubbish mess ... Arlo Guthrie, 18 ... on the road across from Indian Hill school

FBI calls dealing with Havana Syndrome a top priority

Many Afghan refugees are finding home again. Thats reason to give thanks

Opinion | The Uyghur genocide university divestment movement is here - The Washington Post

Parents and children who were separated under the Trump administration's "zero tolerance" immigration policy have shown lasting psychological trauma -- even after being reunited : science

G.O.P. Fights Covid Mandates, Then Blames Biden as Cases Rise : politics

A congressional proposal reveals the Kremlins Achilles heel

America's democracy is failing and the world knows it

Dozens of political science experts issue dire warning about retaining the filibuster | More than 150 professors and scholars said America could soon enter a dangerous era of minority rule if Congress doesn't pass the Freedom to Vote Act. : politics (fascist fucker refucks fucked America, Manchin at the bottom)

Biden's $1.75trn social spending plan passes House, putting his agenda in Senate's hands ... Not a single Republican House member voted for the legislation
Bernie Sanders Is Right: Bidens Big Build Back Better Bill Is a Huge Gift to the Rich

35 million families will lose Bidens monthly child tax credit payments in 3 weeks if Congress doesnt step in

Trump argues Jan. 6 panel could permanently damage the presidency with its pursuit of White House records - An appeals court is scheduled to hear oral arguments in the case next week
Jan. 6 Organizers Reportedly Used Burner Phones To Communicate With Eric Trump : politics
Roger Stone Claims Ex-Trump Aide Katrina Pierson Deeply Involved With Jan. 6 Violence (burner-phone girl)
What is the 1st Amendment Praetorian, the obscure far-right group subpoenaed by the January 6 committee?
Trump Could Pay $156,000 For Every Jan. 6 Rioters Defense, But So Far Has Spent Zero ... The former president is sitting on at least $105 million in cash collected by spreading the same lies about the election that incited the assault on the Capitol.
The Geniuses Behind January 6 Really Don't Know When to Shut the F*ck Up - Not on Twitter, not on Facebook, not even in front of the cops ... Once the good people of America completely convert this old republic into a Dollar Store dictatorship ...

'It wasn't a hoax' : People with scant illusions about Trump are volunteering to help him execute one of his Big Lies.
The GOPs post-1/6 playbook Is clearand its dangerous

They do know this man literally dodged his one opportunity to go to war several times, right? : PoliticalHumor

Mike Lindell misses self-imposed deadline to file lawsuit proving Trump won in 2020 : politics
Pro-Trump conspiracist says millions are watching his Thanksgiving TV special but only a few dozen seem to be

Marjorie Taylor Greene lays out demands for GOP House speaker vote if Republicans retake majority in 2022 : politics

TN Education Dept. lists 14 race, history concepts that cannot be taught in classrooms : politics (#1: "Thinking")
US libraries report spike in organised attempts to ban books in schools | The American Library Association, which monitors 'challenges' to books, says social media have amplified protests to the highest number for decades

G.O.P. Cements Hold on Legislatures in Battleground States : politics
New maps spark debate over majority-minority districts : politics

Shes part of an anti-government movement. Shes also running for Congress in Utah. Alena Ericksen is challenging Blake Moore for the GOP nomination in the 1st Congressional District

Counterfactual Electoral Outcomes and U.S. Democratic Deconsolidation - Lawyers, Guns & Money : So I suppose we should enjoy our counterfactual electoral outcomes while they still have some thread of plausibility. (history is a bitch)

U.S. Justice Department to step up prosecution of unruly air passengers : politics

Florida state senator files bill to allow employers to offer sub-minimum 'training wage' : The proposal would allow employers to offer training wage to workers for first six months of employment (at which p0int they get fired and start over)

Weed lounges are coming to a city near you : politics
South Dakota Supreme Court Squashes Recreational Marijuana Law Approved by Voters : politics

Lawmakers reintroducing bail reform constitutional amendment after Waukesha attack : politics
How the events unfolded at Waukesha parade

Georgia prosecutor booked into jail for mishandling Ahmaud Arbery case - Raw Story - Celebrating 17 Years of Independent Journalism Former Brunswick Judicial Circuit district attorney Jackie Johnson turned herself in Wednesday morning at the Glynn County jail and later released on her own recognizance after she was indicted last week on a felony charge of violating her oath of office and a misdemeanor count of obstructing police,
How a shaky cellphone video changed the course of the Ahmaud Arbery murder case ... In an unlikely turn of events, Greg McMichael, with the help of attorney Alan Tucker, brought Bryans unsteady cellphone footage to radio station WGIG with the hope of absolving the men in the court of public opinion ... the mere presence, the mere physical body of Ahmaud Arbery as a Black person just running through the street should pose a big enough threat to justify their use of force ... police wouldntanswer his questions or even tell him Arberys name ... (seemed like a good idea to them, no systemic racism there)

Off-duty N.J. officer fatally struck pedestrian, put body in car, prosecutor says : news

This man in Tennessee was told to wait 10 minutes for his pizza, so he pulled out an AK-47. : pics

Hundreds of FedEx packages were found tossed into an Alabama ravine, sheriff says : news

Im feeling thankful for the small things today ... (Over the course of the last decade, public universities have paid out more than $533 million in dead money to fired coaches under liquidated damage arrangements). (college sportball coaches' salaries launched in outer space)

Jeffrey Epstein denied having any suicidal thoughts and prison staffers made litany of errors prior to his death, prison documents reveal : news ... afraid he would be killed ... The report also says Epstein, who was White, was erroneously identified as a Black male.

End Times preacher Sharon Gilbert says that an alien imitated her husband, and then it tried to have sex with her, then Jesus got involved, and then the alien turned out to be a reptile with a posse of gargoyles. : funny

If you enjoy the post apocalyptic vibe wander the city today : boston

Millions of people take selfies with their smartphones or webcams to share online. Now researchers have developed software that can predict with remarkable accuracy whether a person who takes a selfie is likely to develop Parkinson's disease (take the test)

[ELI5] When we breathe out and release CO2, aren't we "losing" a carbon molecule? How can we use oxygen but when we exhale it we add one carbon to the oxygen? Is the release of carbon what makes breathing important? : explainlikeimfive

A beautiful husband and wife exchange regarding depression, in the comments of a very impactful interpretive dance : bestof
this never gets old : nextfuckinglevel

17 years after "O Brother, Where Art Thou?", Dan Tyminski performs a flawless rendition of his iconic "Man Of Constant Sorrow" : videos

Children of Men is scarier now than it was when it was released. Anyone else rewatch it lately? : movies

A detailed refutation of the idea that history is written by the winners, from, uh, u/AutoModerator : bestof
AutoModerator comments on Former president Andrew Jackson aged 78, one of the few existing photographs of him, taken in 1845, The year he died. [681x932] (78 years old)

u/SockofBadKarma explains how people fall into cults and how humans instinctually lack critical thinking skills. : bestof

4_Legged_Duck comments on Every day I believe a little less, and a little less, and a little less...

u/haberdasherhero details the previously unrecognized contributions of 6 women who had to literally invent programing : bestof


NASA to slam spacecraft into asteroid in mission to avoid future Armaggedon : worldnews

Greenland ice sheet loses more than it gained for 25th straight year : worldnews

The Arctic Ocean began warming decades earlier than previously thought, new research shows : science CO2 emissions signficant earlier that thought ... And my fear is that by the time that we do crack the problem, its going to be too late. (narroator: it already is)

Joe Biden to release millions of barrels of oil along with UK to drive down fuel prices : worldnews

UN crowns nuclear as lowest carbon electricity source : worldnews

Man-made horrors lurking at the bottom of the ocean : worldnews

Australias Barrier Reef erupts in color as corals spawn

UK Animal Welfare Law Would Recognize Lobsters, Crabs, Octopuses as Sentient Beings : worldnews

Klamath River basin drought leaves families, farms dry, reignites longstanding conflicts - Washington Post Klamath River Basin, which straddles the border of California and Oregon and is home to about 124,000 people.

Massachusetts 2050 climate outlook + tools : massachusetts
Thought this was interesting: the different climate zones of Massachusetts : massachusetts

MA COVID-19 Data 11/24/21 : CoronavirusMa
Massachusetts reports almost 3,000 new cases, 18 deaths - 11/24/2021 : CoronavirusMa
2,978 confirmed cases and 18 deaths. See todays COVID-19 data from Mass.

Busier than ever, Massachusetts hospitals are being ordered to cut back non-urgent care again

Auniversal flu vaccine could bring one of the worlds longest pandemics to an end.

It's like 10,000 horse dewormers when all you need is a vaccine - Lawyers, Guns & Money ... "World Equestrian Center." I thought I ordered these writers to be fired years ago.
Leah B. Gilliam, MD on Twitter: "A story in two acts." / Twitter ... 7/900 testing + is about 5000x higher than state of FL in aggregate ...

Scientists warn of new Covid variant with high number of mutations : news

Woman yelling Lets go Brandon wheeled off Las Vegas jet bridge, arrested over mask disturbance (lots of psychotic breakthroughs lately)

Detroit Mayor Warns of Serious Problem if COVID Cases Continue Rising in City

Aaron Rodgers Says His Toe Is Fractured, a Day After Referring to His Injury as Covid ToeThe Packers star quarterback addressed his toe injury Wednesday, saying he had never heard of the condition known as Covid Toe. (and then lied about it)
Rodgers Rate - Lawyers, Guns & Money ... The thing I love about the Rodgers story is that it blows up the narrative that is SUCH AN INTERESTING MAN!!! Ooooh, hes dating an actress, oooh, he hosted Jeopardy. Turns out he's just another dumbass jock. And one who is hurting his team in a profound way (more karma's a bitch, bitch)

Eschaton: Brain Poisoning I don't think it was crazy to be a bit vax-hesitant in the beginning, but almost a year later, you have to be pretty deep into the hole of delusion and propaganda to still think it's dangerous. C-list actors and B-list professional athletes torpoeding their careers over it is quite bizarre! (20% of Americans will never get vaxxed, mostly white evanglical prayer warriors)

COVID took him down ONE DAY after his final Facebook post. His last words: "The media is garbage". : HermanCainAward
my parents will likely die from COVID and theres nothing I can to, theyre are completely brainwashed by Trump and Fox News.
Not a full redemption, but still an interesting glimpse into the thought process of an Evangelical coming around to taking the vaccine. : HermanCainAward
Mr. Green and his wife Mrs. Blue share a Facebook full of conspiracy, anti-mandate posts and a lot of words in uppercase letters. Mrs. Blue tells us Mr. Green is spending thanksgiving in the ICU, on a ventilator, with COVID pneumonia. : HermanCainAward
A psychologist's perspective on theHCAs

Europe will have seen 2 million Covid deaths by end of winter says WHO : worldnews

Netherlands weighs restrictions for unvaccinated as new COVID cases hit record high : worldnews

Germany considers a full Covid lockdown and mandatory vaccines : worldnews

New Zealand to stay closed to visitors until April 2022 : worldnews

Australia lists neo-Nazi group The Base and Hezbollah as terrorist organisations : worldnews
Australia labels all of Hezbollah a terrorist organization : worldnews
Defence torture video victim says he still has night terrors

BBC News - Samsung chooses Texas as site of new $17bn chip plant : worldnews

North Korean sentenced to death after students caught watching Squid Game : worldnews

U.S. invites Taiwan to its democracy summit; China angered : worldnews
Biden administration invites Taiwan to its Summitfor Democracy
China accuses US of mistake after Biden invites Taiwan to democracysummit

IOC's chilling response to Peng Shuai situation should put Olympians on alert
China bans celebrities from showing off wealth and extravagant pleasure on social media, saying pop stars must comply with core socialist values
A 20-minute video featuring more than a dozen detention facilities in Chinas Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region has offered fresh evidence and renewed the discussion around Chinas large-scale crackdown on ethnic minorities in the region
China finds nearly 12 million uncounted children : worldnews

U.S. bomber flights prompt Russia, China to announce military cooperation : worldnews

India announces bill to ban cryptocurrencies : worldnews

Afghans marry off Baby girls for dowries to save themselves from starving to death as the countrys economy implodes under Taliban rule
The Afghan girls and youngsters subsisting on uncooked flour dealing with hardest winter but : worldnews
Taliban release media guidelines, ban shows with female actors : worldnews
What ever happened to men. : Unexpected

6 Chinese nationals arrested in Papua for illegal gold mining - ANTARA News : worldnews

Yemen war deaths will reach 377,000 by end of the year: UN : worldnews
To Stabilize Yemen, the United States Must Stop Selling Arms to Saudi Arabia : politics

Iran Reportedly Executes Man Who Was Minor At Time Of Alleged Crime : worldnews

Norwegian TV journalists covering the 2022 World Cup arrested in Qatar : worldnews

Apple sues Israeli firm scrutinized over Pegasus spyware tools : worldnews
An 11 year old finds a 2,000 year old coin from Jerusalem with the writing Shekel Israel on it, likely to be minted in the Jewish Temple (making money in the Temple, WWJD?)

EU logs 160K illegal crossings through October, 70 percent increase compared to 2020 : worldnews

Belarus oldest newspaper was banned on the 115th anniversary of its founding Tuesday, the latest move in the governments relentless crackdown on independent media in the ex-Soviet nation. The Nasha Niva newspaper was outlawed as extremist by the Central District court in Minsk (Fuckarus)
Some 15,000 migrants remain in Belarus, Brussels says : worldnews

Fearing new Russian threat, Ukraine races to upgrade its navy : worldnews
Why Russias troop surge near Ukraine may really be a message to the West
Britain has significant concerns over Russian troops at Ukraine border

At least 45 dead after bus crashes and catches fire in Bulgaria : worldnews

Magdalena Andersson becomes Swedens first female prime minister
Swedens first female prime minister quits hours later

Belgium to label settler products, Israeli diplomat cancels events : worldnews

German parties to present coalition deal that will formally end Merkel era : worldnews

26-Year-Old Dubliner Becomes Irelands First Medical Cannabis Access Programme patient

Met officers sacked after sharing WhatsApp photos of murdered sisters : worldnews

Guatemala has decreed a state of emergency in El Estor, an eastern town of mainly indigenous people in conflict with a Swiss-owned nickel mine they accuse of polluting their lake : worldnews

Young Quebecers Think Boomers Have Screwed Up The World & Dont Care Too Much About Canada
Investors now make up more than 25% of Ontario homebuyers, pushing prices higher, experts warn : worldnews
Six Inuit snatched by Denmark 70 years ago demand compensation : worldnews

The Russian ASAT - Lawyers, Guns & Money Why did Russia engage in such an irresponsible test? It's not entirely clear ... Time will tell, but it's some ugly shit."

Pentagon Forms a Group to Examine Unexplained Aerial Sightings : politics

Ex-U.S. intelligence officials working for foreign countries on rise, report says : worldnews (corrupt corrupt)

What was the most important election of the 21st century? - Lawyers, Guns & Money ... So while 2016 was certainly very important, I think Ill stick with 2000. Avoiding Iraq (and possibly 9/11 itself), as well as Alito is Gore wins again, is an awfully big deal.

Jobless claims plunge to their lowest level in 52 years : politics
U.S. jobless claims fall to just 199,000, the lowest level since 1969 : politics

Fighting the Inflation Profiteers - Companies are raising prices well above increases in their costs. The only antidote is to finally take action against corporate power. : politics

Nearly 30,000 borrowers awarded Public Service Loan Forgiveness so far under new rules : politics

The Fifth Circuit Completely Botches the Federal Constitutional Issues Raised by OSHAs Vaccine and Testing Requirements for Large Employers (Trumplican refuckers)
Fauci Accuses Tucker Carlson of Killing People by Weaponizing Lies
Proof of COVID-19 vaccine will be required for all US land border crossers : politics (except anti-vax killer Americans)

Trimming their social agenda, Democrats cut the proposal of free community college : politics ... Sinema does it again ... Meanwhile, record amounts of money are being shoveled at the military. (refucks hate education)

Newly released video shows mob violently breaking into Capitol on Jan. 6 as police attempted to stop them - The Boston Globe
Jan. 6 Committee tells court it urgently needs Trump records : politics
Jan. 6 Organizers Used Anonymous Burner Phones to Communicate with White House and Trump Family, Sources Say
Broadway Performer Who Plays Judas in Jesus Christ Superstar Tour Charged with Breaching U.S. Capitol (Florida man)
Proud Boys, Oath Keepers receive subpoenas in Congressional January 6th probe : politics
Court order in Jan. 6 documents case may be bad sign for Trump : politics
Capitol riot suspects court hearing turns to potential criminal charge for Trump | The judge and lawyers discuss whether the then-presidents pressure on Vice President Mike Pence could have amounted to obstruction

RNC using donor funds to pay Donald Trumps legal bills in N.Y. criminal probe
Groups 6 January donation shows Trumps grip on attorneys general
Nothing about this is normal: RNC payments to Trump attorneys irk GOP officials

Chris Christie urges Republicans to drop election lies, conspiracies : 'This has to stop'

FBI Probes Another Election Data Breach Linked to MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell : politics
Mike Lindell blames the RNC for not being able to file a Supreme Court complaint that he baselessly claims would overturn the election results : politics
Questions remain about GOPs election "investigation"

Are the Courts Getting Ready to Crack Down on Reporters? | Washington Monthly A ruling blocking The New York Times from covering a far-right activist group has ominous implications for the First Amendment.

Escape from TrumpWorld: "Anonymous" White House aide Miles Taylor on post-Trump trauma | Former Trump aide who was "Anonymous": Why he stayed, why he left and how the GOP became more dangerous than ISIS : politics

Congresswoman Jackie Speier: Republicans are about doing whats going to give them power

Supreme Court will hear dispute over GOP legislators' defense of North Carolina voter ID law - CNNPolitics - Justice Breyer:'Its important not to have transparency'
Opinion | Why Gerrymandering Needs to Land in State Courts: The latest redistricting cycle is set up to be a disaster for democratic fairness. Unlikely as it sounds, theres a path to fix it.

U.N. expert decries near tyranny in U.S. against minority voting rights

Somehow the Guy Who Tried to Steal Arizona for Trump Is Now Broke : politics ... Moseder also revealed that Logans wife gave birth to the couples 12th child recently.
Wisconsin GOP wants to seize control of elections and even send commissioners to jail

The QAnon JFK Cult in Dallas Is Tearing Families Apart : politics
From JFK to Trump: How conspiracy theorists went from outliers to insiders : politics

ed Cruz confronted on CBS over his continued false claims of election fraud | There is no evidence of fraud that would have really drawn the outcome of the election into doubt. You know that

The intellectual rights war on Americas institutions ... Liberal ideals of individual rights, separation of church and state, and free markets ... have created a society ever more solitary, ever more detached from ourselves, from our families, from our countries, and our God. (Bari Weiss' fascist horse-paste dark web)
The paranoid fantasy world of the anti-woke I don't support Republicans but crowd - Lawyers, Guns & Money (and look, Andrew Sullyfucker)
Ministries of Nineteen Eighty-Four - Wikipedia

Donald Trumps Favorite Neo-Nazis Found Liable for Deadly Charlottesville Rally | A jury has awarded the plaintiffs more than $25 million.

Manchin calls on Biden to restore Keystone XL pipeline : politics

The induced despair of undermining democracy - Lawyers, Guns & Money Great column by Michelle Goldberg about the difficulty (and importance) of maintaining optimism of the will in an egregiously rigged game: Given the bleak trajectory of American politics, I worry about progressives retreating into private life to preserve their sanity, a retreat that will only hasten democracys decay. In order to get people to throw themselves into the fight to save this broken country, we need leaders who can convince them that they havent already lost.

Trump-backed Pa. Senate candidate Sean Parnell loses custody battle, suspends campaign : politics
Lauren Boebert Challenges Madison Cawthorn, Who Uses A Wheelchair, To A Sprint : politics

Opinion: Ayanna Pressley is trying to build a very big Squad : politics

West Virginia Governor Jim Justice faces justice for coal crimes in Kentucky : politics

Iowa cant block Medicaid coverage for gender confirmation surgery, judge rules
With more funding for open enrollment, Floridians begin signing up for Obamacare coverage : politics

Young adult Latino literature faces conservative backlash : politics
Dark Money Is Driving Today's "Concerned Moms" Attacking Anti-Racism in Schools| Right-wing womens groups are raking in donations from organizations spawned by Charles Koch and other billionaires

Ahmaud Arbery trial verdict: Three men found guilty of murder - The Washington Post
Newly released video shows police didnt immediately help Ahmaud Arbery as he lay dying ... and showed little skepticism of the suspects accounts on the scene, newly released body camera videos show.
The defendants were found guilty of murder and other charges on Wednesday for the pursuit and fatal shooting of Ahmaud Arbery. They face up to life in prison
e three white men who shot the 25-year-old Black man dead wont walk free.
Ahmaud Arberys killing in Georgia puts an unusually bright spotlight on prosecutor accountability ... the local authorities response: 74 days without charges. (white supremos top to bottom)
Ahmaud Arbery verdict: three men found guilty of murdering Black man as he jogged : news ... the weirdest part. One of them recorded the murder and their lawyer leaked it because they thought it would be helpful
The Similarity, and Stark Difference, Between the Kyle Rittenhouse and Ahmaud Arbery Shootings - by Stephen Gutowski - The Dispatch

The Impunity is the Point - Lawyers, Guns & Money ... Another outstanding essay by Adam Serwer, which among other things situates the affirmative Republican celebration of the actions of Kyle Rittenhouse (as opposed to defenses of the jurys application of the existing law in Wisconsin) in the larger conservative project and the American way of private violence: ... The "true man" could take his castle anywhere (I AM A CASTLE BECAUSE MY DICK notice the definition of masculinty as a "true killer" )
Kyle Rittenhouse Picture Reveals Trump Has Bizarre Sculpture at Mar-a-Lago ... South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem gave the strange homage to the then-president in 2020.
On Hannity, Trump reveals the truth about right-wing lionization of Rittenhouse ... "Really a nice young man" (We love our white supremacist murderers" he added)

Spencer, Kessler, Cantwell and other white supremacists found liable in deadly Unite the Right rally - The Washington Post
I got your economic anxiety right here - Lawyers, Guns & Money ... The Washington Post used the term white supremacists to describe these scumbags in the headline for the print and online versions of the article ... The scene in the courtroom often veered into the bizarre. Defendants dropped the n-word, expressed admiration for Adolf Hitler and trafficked in racist pseudoscience ... In another instance, Cantwell asked co-defendant Matthew Heimbach to tell his "favorite Holocaust joke"

White supremacist prison guards work with impunity in Florida : politics
Former NYPD officers heralded by DeSantis include fired security guard, defendant in federal police brutality suit : politics
Its important to take note of the corner turned here. This isnt claiming that only a handful of cops commit misconduct/abuse. Its celebrating those who do. It isnt defending cops right to refuse vaccines. Its championing refusers as heroes.
A White Cop Who Helped Assault A Black Colleague Was Given A Lighter Sentence Than Hed Asked For

The war on drugs didnt work. But Biden is doubling down on it with fentanyl analogs.

The Wisconsin parade suspect was accused of a car attack weeks ago. Heres why he was out on bail.
Waukesha suspect shared social media posts promoting violence towards white people and claiming black people were the 'true Hebrews'

Former Baltimore County police officer convicted of raping 22-year-old woman sentenced to home detention : worldnews ... Baltimore County Circuit Judge Keith Truffer said there was no evidence of any psychological injury to the rape victim, despite her indicating she received therapy following the incident and the judge saying at the time of the verdict that the incident may be the most traumatic moment of her life

A womans ultrasound confirmed she was pregnant. Police say her boyfriend fatally shot her the next day.

Police: Pregnant librarian killed in alleged road rage shooting was aggressor Sara Nicole Morales, 35, was shot outside her house after deputies said she drove home to get a gun following some sort of altercation with a motorcyclist.

Eric Adams promises to appoint tougher judges amid NYC bail-reform debate : politics
Vito Mustaciuolo, general manager and chief operating officer of NYCHA, collected more pay in fiscal 2021 than the mayor and governors combined salaries (yes, he has one)

Law enforcement worried about homemade ghost guns on Charlotte streets

Matthew McConaughey says Texas governor announcement coming shortly (TV actor guy will play governor on TV)

Dollar Tree CEOWho Made Over $10 Million Last YearBlames Inflation for Price Hiketo $1.25 Dollar Tree made $1,230,000,000 in profits this year, gave its CEO $10,767,883, and pays workers as little as $8.32 an hour.

Mayor Wu Signs Ordinance To Divest City Funds From The Fossil Fuel Industry. In first bill signing, Wu signals her administrations commitment to a Boston Green New Deal.

Sons of Guns - 1977 revolt in Cincinnati changed the NRA forever ("revolt" = insurrection of the killer gun nuts)

Seven dead victims from Astroworld Festival were in one section of the audience, Washington Post investigation shows - Washington Post

What can you even say about House of Gucci? Its stupid. Its perfect.Lady Gaga blows a potential dud of a movie straight into the stratosphere.
Lady Gaga on Twitter: "Signore e Signora Gucci #HouseOfGucci" / Twitter

Grammys CEO says We wont look at peoples historyafter Marilyn Manson and Louis C.K. get 2022 nominations

Russell Brand, at an awards show sponsored by Hugo Boss, eloquently reminds everyone that Hugo Boss dressed the nazis : videos

Man Wrongly Accused of Rape of Lovely Bones Author Alice Sebold Has Conviction Overturned : books (trapped in her racist lie)
Man cleared of 1981 rape of Alice Sebold over concerns wrong person sent to jail | New York | The Guardian Anthony Broadwater, who spent 16 years in prison, was cleared of rape at center of authors memoir Lucky

The Notorious Mrs. Mossler Inthe trial of the century, a Houston socialite was accused of plotting her husbands murderand of having an affair with her nephew. But Candace Mossler was only getting started.

Study finds conservatives with a need for chaos are more likely to share fake news : science

Astronomers just discovered two galaxies that were previously invisible to us. Located 29 billion light-years away from the Earthwhich, in galactic terms, isnt as far as it soundstheir discovery has led scientists to questionour perceptions around the evolution of the universe since "Big Bang"

New tests show neolithic pits near Stonehenge were human-made | Ring of hollows has been called the largest prehistoric structure found in Britain : worldnews

Gut bacteria doesnt cause autism

How Australian childrens teeth helped solve an ancient mystery

TIL the Ancient Silk Road city of Merv, Turkmenistan had once held the title of the worlds largest city during the 12th-13th century with a population of more than 500,000 and in 1221 was horrifically decimated in its entirety by the Mongols in one of the worst genocides in human history (Mongol necromongers when the collective unconscious went totally insane)
Destruction under the Mongol Empire - Wikipedia
Merv - Wikipedia

Just three minutes of exposure to deep red light once a week, when delivered in the morning, can significantly improve declining eyesight. It could lead to affordable home-based eye therapies, helping the millions of people globally with naturally declining vision. : science

Even Rainbows Have a Dark Side - Atlas Obscura - Humans were once united by the belief that you should never, ever point at one. (don't point at God's appearance)

eli5: Why is the galaxy flat? : explainlikeimfive

I hope youre happy now Cambridge (more bikelash)

What are some really subtle signs that a person is actually stupid? : AskReddit
What is a subtle sign that someone is really intelligent? : AskReddit

Like cigarettes in the 60s whats a current thing people in the future are gonna look back and say t can't believe THAT was sowidespread

What phrase are you still using long after its popularity has expired? : AskReddit

What is the best dark-humour joke youve ever heard?

France asks search engines and app stores to remove Wish : technology


A multi-model analysis that predicts climate scenarios depending on pre-and post-2030 emissions mitigation efforts suggests that even the most optimistic scenario is insufficient to limit global warming to 2 C, according to a paper in Nature Climate

In 2020, India had 46 of the worlds 100 most polluted cities, followed by China (42), Pakistan (6), Bangladesh (4)

Greenland strips Chinese mining firm of licence : worldnews

Portugal becomes fourth EU country to stop using coal plants : worldnews

Foxes with deformed feet, missing ears, diseased eyes found on "high-welfare" fur farms : worldnews

Jaguars in Mexico are growing in number, a promising sign that national conservation strategies are working : worldnews

2,616 confirmed cases and 24 deaths. See todays COVID-19 data from Mass.

COVID-19 cases have jumped 59 percent in New England in the past 2 weeks - The Boston Globe

A plant-based antiviral treatment for Covid-19, recently discovered by scientists at the University of Nottingham, has been found to be just as effective at treating all variants of the virus SARS-CoV-2, even the highly infectious Delta variant. : science
CoVac-1, a multi-peptide vaccine designed to offer long-lasting immunity, has passed its first human trial. The results of the phase I clinical trial are published in Nature today. : science

Dr. Bruce Boros and Six Others From Florida COVID Summit Fall Sick Seven From Anti-Vax DoctorsCOVID Conference Fall Sick Within DaysThat includes Bruce Boros, who claimed ivermectin was keeping him healthy and said he wanted to smack his own father for getting the vaccine.
Seven anti-vaccine doctors contract Covid after Florida summit : news

Awardee refused vaccine and compared it to concentration camps. Then he spent 6 weeks on a ventilator and died. (edited & reposted) : HermanCainAward
Down the rabbit hole to wonderland they go : HermanCainAward
Anti-Vax, Anti-Mask, Serial Meme Shit Poster Collects His HCA Leaving Behind a Wife, Two Young Sons, and a GoFundMe.
Repost (Redactions) - Pink Seems To Be Nearing the End of Her Psychological Rope. She and Her Husband Sick with COVID for 3+ Weeks, Desperate for $$. Still Posting Misinformation : HermanCainAward

Ipsos poll finds New Zealand, Canada, Germany and Sweden seen as providing best leadership on COVID : worldnews

WTA: Chinese tennis players call with Olympic chief is notenough
The United Nations has urged China to release a citizen journalist jailed for her coverage of the countrys Covid-19 response and who her family say is close to death after a hunger strike
Beijings campaign to discipline celebrities expands to what they can do on social media (

India: Over 50 churches stop holding worship services after authorities impose ban on Christian gatherings in several states : worldnews

US considering sending extra weaponry to Ukraine as fears mount over potential Russian invasion : worldnews

Dozens killed in Bulgaria bus fire : worldnews

Harvey Weinstein, Jeffrey Epstein, and Ghislaine Maxwell at Prince Andrews royal party

Barbados will finally cut ties to the British monarchy, after years of trying | Queen Elizabeth II has long been the former colonys official head of state.

Biden administration files emergency court motion to reinstate vaccine mandate : politics

The Supply Chain Mess - A deeper cure will take years, but Biden is finding creative ways to get things unstuck. : politics

Dozens of Traumatized Afghan Kids Struggle Inside a Shelter Thats Ill-Equipped to Care for Them
Afghans marry off baby girls for dowries as starvation looms.

Biden's safety net package would raise, not lower, taxes on millionaires, new estimates show : politics

Opinion: If Biden fails to secure voting rights, it will be his most lasting legacy : politics
Democracy scholars on voting rights: Midnight is approaching

Jan. 6 committee subpoenas Proud Boys, Oath Keepers : politics
Man charged with carrying loaded firearm to the Capitol on Jan. 6 : politics

The RNC paid more than $121,000 towards former President Donald Trumps personal legal bills as he faces a criminal investigation in New York

Judge orders pro-Trump attorneys who brought frivolous election fraud case to pay more than $180,000 to defendants they sued : politics
2 lawyers who tried to challenge 2020 election results were ordered by judge to pay $187,000 as they should have known better

American Institutions Are Not Taking the Threat of Right-Wing Violence Seriously Enough : politics
Chris Hayes connects the backsliding of American democracy with the existential threat of vigilante justice
We All Live in the John Birch Societys World Now

'Toxic is spot on' : House members describe roiling animosity among lawmakers

Opinion: Its not polarization. We suffer from Republican radicalization.
Total Asymmetric Warfare: Georgia GOP Redraws Political Map as US Senate Dems Do Nothing
There Wont Be Many Competitive Districts Left After This Round Of Gerrymandering

Rural Democrats are freaking out about their partys apathytoward rural voters ahead of the 2022 midterms. Heres the memo showing what they want to do about it.

Hogan knocks Trump: I'd prefer endorsements from people who didnt lose Maryland by 33 points

Trump was upset at connection to Sean Parnells faltering Senate campaign, blamed Don Jr. for fallout after endorsement: report

MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell Blames a Vast GOP Conspiracy for His Supreme Court Failure

Michigan GOP Chair Pleads Guilty to Harassing Dem Official, Threatening to Poison Her Dogs : politics

NC Republicans are becoming the party of bigots, insurrectionists and the cowardly who let it happen : politics

Analysis: Support for gun control just hit its lowest point in almost a decade : politics
5-year-old fatally shot in Pennsylvania after 3 children left alone in room with gun : news

Epstein's Final Days: Celebrity Reminiscing and a Running Toilet : Newly released records show the disgraced financier living a mundane existence in jail before his suicide, while also spinning deceptions until the very end.

Jury holds CVS, Walgreens and Walmart responsible for role in opioid crisis : politics

Malcolm X's Daughter, Malikah Shabazz, Found Dead In Her Brooklyn Home: Police Officials : news

Dollar Tree hikes prices 25%. Most items will cost $1.25 - CNN

Bret Baier Reveals ConcernsAbout Tucker CarlsonsPatriot Purge When Questioned By Kilmeade: I Dont Wantto Go Down This Road

Spencer, Kessler, Cantwell and other white supremacists found liable in deadly Unite the Right rally

Maryland police officer convicted of rape is sentenced to home detention I fear this could cause rape victims to hesitate to report their crimes if they do not feel like they will get justice

One Rochester Cops Abuses Reveal A Culture of Police Impunity

Cops at the Gate, Tantrums in the Sky: The FAAs Shit List

Final Autopsy Reveals How Brian Laundrie Died After Gabby Petito Disappearance Chris and Roberta Laundrie have been informed that the cause of death was a gunshot wound to the head and the manner of death was suicide,

WBCN and The American Revolution | PBS

Social media use linked to depression in adults : news

a study story showing how psilocybin can repair a receptor in the brain that's damaged by chronic alcohol use, which may explain why it's a useful treatment for alcohol cravings in people with alcohol use disorder/alcoholism

Study Links Flu to Increased Parkinsons Risk a Decade Later (

Americans are having less sex than they used to. In the 2009 National Survey of Sexual Health and Behavior, 24% of adults aged 18-49 reported not having sexual intercourse in the past year. In the 2018 edition, 28% reported not having sex in the past year. : science

What is clearly a myth but is deep-rooted in our society? : AskReddit

What did you not understand until you experienced it? : AskReddit


NASAs DART mission will move an asteroid and change our relationship with the solar system

Residents evacuated from Italian island Vulcano over carbon dioxide levels : worldnews

Winter 2021/2022 - Latest seasonal forecasts show the colder than expected La Nina having a strong influence on the jet stream pattern between the North Pacific and the North Atlantic ocean. This will influence the weather patterns across the Northern Hemisphere in the upcoming winter season. : worldnews

Global warming has caused extreme ice melting events in Greenland to become more frequent and more intense over the past 40 years according to new research, raising sea levels and flood risk worldwide. Over the past decade alone, 3.5 trillion tonnes of ice has melted from the surface of the island. : science

Ex-Unilever CEO takes swipe at Australia, says it would be stupid not to phase out coal (Murdoch cackles)

German farm to cull 4,000 pigs after swine fever detected : worldnews

UK will require new homes to have EV chargers starting in 2022 : worldnews

Democracy slipping away at record rate, intergovernmental body warns : worldnews
Democracy slipping away at record rate, study warns : politics
US added to list of backsliding democracies for first time

17 deaths, 6,801 new cases, 708 hospitalizations, 215k tests reported. 4,831,110 fully vaccinated. 11/22/21 : CoronavirusMa
In its first COVID-19 data report since Friday, Mass. reports 6,801 confirmed cases and 17 deaths

CDC: Among 1,249,634 delivery hospitalizations during March 2020September 2021, U.S. women with COVID-19 were at increased risk for stillbirth compared with women without COVID-19

Scientists have found antibodies after COVID-19 vaccination peak higher for women and younger people than men and individuals over the age of 65, respectively, but levels drop by half within six months for everyone in a study group : science

The most pernicious anti-vaccine talking point - The Washington Post Such is the case with the most ascendant and pernicious talking point among anti-vaccine activists, mandate critics and even just conservatives who are playing to the vaccine-skeptic crowd: that the coronavirus vaccines dont prevent infections or the transmission of the virus.

"Socialist" anti-vaxxism, an oxymoron for morons - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Updated CDC data: vaccines deter COVID cases across age groups through early October; all FDA approved vaccines extremely effective in reducing likelihood of death
He never expected that COVID might have HIM for dinner. : HermanCainAward
Reposted at mod request:UPDATE: "Brady" a picture-perfect HCA nominee who shared every meme imaginable, has claimed his award, leaving behind a distraught wife and confused young daughter.
They Thought a COVID Party Sounded Fun. Now They Are on Respirators. : HermanCainAward

School cancelled, barricades on the street and pharmacies trashed: days of rioting against measures to curb the spread of Covid-19 have brought normal routines on France's Caribbean island of Guadeloupe to a standstill : worldnews

Most Germans will be vaccinated, cured or dead by winter end, says minister

Dutch COVID-19 unrest : pure violence by idiots: PM
Rage across Europe as COVID-19 rules trigger riots : worldnews

Air New Zealand cancels 1000 flights due to continued border uncertainty : worldnews

Australia surpasses 85 per cent full vaccination rate : worldnews

Voter ID plan faces fresh roadblock in Parliament: The Centre Alliance party will push for a Senate inquiry into the Morrison governments voter ID laws, further complicating an already uncertain path through Parliament for the legislation.
Inside Australias toughest prison, Goulburn Supermax

From bathhouses to fisheries, hidden inflation is creeping across Japan : worldnews
Tokyo Joker train attacker served new attempted murder warrant

Xi says China will never seek hegemony at summit with ASEAN : worldnews
Dire reality of China population crisis as virus blamed for tumbling births
Concerns remain for Chinese tennis star despite telling Olympics chief shes safe

Police charge Amazon India executives in drug smuggling case : worldnews

Afghanistan: Taliban unveil new rules banning women in TV dramas : worldnews

Christian nurses bail kept secret in blasphemy case in Pakistan

Gunmen Kidnap 5 Chinese Mine Workers in DR Congo : worldnews

The Polisario Front calls for the immediate withdrawal of foreign companies from Western Sahara : worldnews

Abu Dhabi crown prince to visit Turkey amid hopes of new era in relations
Turkish lira plummets to 'insane' historic low after Erdogan sparks sell-off (

Dry River Triggers Mass Protest In Irans Third-Largest City

The Iran Deal Was a Mistake. Withdrawing From It Was Even Worse ... Trump and Netanyahu's attempt to collapse the nuclear deal was the main mistakein Iran policy over past decade
As Hopes for Nuclear Deal Fade, Iran Rebuilds and Risks Grow - The New York Times there are signs that there will be no going back to the 2015 agreement.

Shin Bet catches large Hamas terrorist network in West Bank : worldnews
Hundreds march in East Jerusalem in support of Hamas gunman : worldnews

Poland says Belarus border crisis may be prelude to "something worse" : worldnews
Polish mothers stage aid operation for migrant families : worldnews

Suspected Neo-Nazis astonishing weapons arsenal seized by anti terror cops

Revealed: How Lord Salisbury hid rape by his British consul in Benin : worldnews

President Nayib Bukele said El Salvador plans to build the worlds first "Bitcoin City", powered by a volcano and financed by cryptocurrency bonds.

Far-right populist, ex-protest leader set for runoff vote in Chiles presidential election
Chile's Bolsonaro? Hard-right Kast rises, targeting crime and violence

2 missionaries kidnapped in Haiti released, ministry says : worldnews

Mexican authorities find 600 migrants hidden in two trailers in Veracruz : worldnews

Western Canada braces for more torrential rain after deadly mudslides : worldnews
Uber enters booming cannabis market with orders in Ontario : worldnews

Should Biden run again in 2024? - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Leaked Texts: Jan. 6 Organizers Say They Were Following POTUS' Lead
Alex Jones, Roger Stone subpoenaed in House Jan. 6 Capitol riot probe : politics
Jan. 6 Rioter-on-the-Run Hosts Pity Party on Russian State TV : politics

Trump allies are pushing him away from running again in 2024 to avoid a disastrous defeat, report says : politics

Kevin McCarthys rambling 8.5-hour speech really summed up the GOP

Opinion: Republicans are fomenting a violent insurgency in America. It may have already started. : politics
Republican authoritarianism is here to stay : politics
The line between right-wing trolling and violence is collapsing : politics

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez fears midterms could see authoritarian takeover by GOP : politics
Democrats are sleepwalking towards electoral disaster in 2022 : politics
Liberals Really Need to Look at the Fact that Theyre Going to Need to Defend Themselves

The People Dream of a President Who Will Take on Corporations - Broad, bipartisan swathes of the American people want a leader who will fight on their team against the entrenched power of corporate interests. : politics

Paul Gosar said Trump called to support him after being censured for his anime video showing him attacking AOC : politics

Recreational marijuana nearing enough signatures to force lawmaker's hands, organizer says

N.Y. prosecutors set sights on new Trump target: Widely different valuations on the same properties - The Washington Post

Arizona and West Virginia stand to gain big from BBB but Sinema and Manchin might still sink it

Ted Cruz Just Cant Quit Spreading False Voter Fraud Claims
Ted Cruz Gets Shut Down On CBS For Indulging Voter Fraud Lies : politics
Congressional gerrymandering by Texas Republicans cut out the heart of Houstons Asian community
Greg Abbott holds 6-point lead over Beto ORourke, bigger edge in 3-way Texas governors race

As Georgia grows more Democratic, its members of Congress will not : politics

Republicans are rigging elections for the next decade : politics

The Disappearance of Hispanic Drivers From Traffic Records (

Vermont Democratic US Rep. Peter Welch to seek Senate seat : politics

Wife of GOP Senate candidate Sean Parnell gets sole legal custody of their children - The Washington Post

Jeffrey Epstein cuddling a sleeping young girl on his private jet around 2004 : pics
Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell being personally blessed by the Pope : pics

Waukesha Christmas parade crash: Five victims identified; driver fleeing knife fight, authorities say - The Washington Post
Authorities identify driver of SUV they say drove into Waukesha parade that killed 5 and injured more than 40 : news

Mobs of looters target Bay Area retailers for third straight day : news

3 teens arrested in shooting at suburban Denver high school : news

Toddler with rifle fatally shoots father, police say : news

Man arrested in murder of 25-year-old pregnant Houston woman : news

TIL a Florida man was shot by a Dog when he tried to execute six puppies. : todayilearned

How to be an anti-racist - by Matthew Yglesias - Slow Boring Diversity training doesnt work heres some stuff that does

Company Man: The Data Behind Glenn Greenwalds Twitter Loyalty to Fox NewsHes hardly tweeted a critical word about the network since April 2020

Undeniably a cult: Fringe QAnon group remains in Dallas, awaiting JFK Jrs arrival

TIL that the Mormon church recently admitted that Joseph Smith's attempted "translation" of common Egyptian funerary texts from papyrus into what he called the "Book of Abraham" was completely bogus, yet they still consider him to be a prophet who also correctly translated the Book of Mormon. : todayilearned

New research (N=95) shows when people exercise with their romantic partner, compared to when exercising alone, they are more likely to experience positive emotions during exercise and during the day, and also experience more relationship satisfaction. : science

TIL that birds were the only dinosaurs to survive the mass extinction, because they were small enough to burrow, had beaks and were smarter than other small beaked dinosaurs. : todayilearned

Voice recordings can reveal sensitive information based on a speakers voice and way of talking (health, drug use, personality, etc). Most people, including IT experts, are not aware of the detailed personal information that companies can infer from voice commands/messages/calls, new study warns.

The octopus is known for its high intelligence, vision, and instincts, with a new study revealing its brain varies in size and shape depending on habitat, when it was active and interaction with other animals. : science

Both Republicans and Democrats prioritize family, but they differ over other sources of meaning in life : politics ,,, Republicans are much more likely than Democrats to cite religion and freedom as a source of meaning. While democrats find meaning in physical and mental health, hobbies and recreation, nature and the outdoors, and pets. Hm. One of these groups finds meaning in made up concepts while the other cites things in reality. Funny that ... To conservatives, family basically means a top down heiarchal unit in which men rule everything and women are sandwich making baby ovens. To liberals, family means a unit where everyone loves and supports each other

WWBX - Wikipedia

In your opinion, who has the most toxic fanbase? : AskReddit

What city is overrated? : AskReddit
What city is underrated? : AskReddit

Were Making the Facebook Papers Public. Heres Why and How | Independent experts from NYU, UMass Amherst, Columbia, Marquette, and the ACLU, are partnering with Gizmodo to responsibly publish this historic leak.


The melting of the Antarctic Ice Sheet may have already passed a point of no return, a new study has found, and scientists say it could contribute to sea level rise over coming centuries and possibly millennia. : science

Senior Pentagon official warns the US military is not ready for climate change

Octopuses, crabs and lobsters to be recognised as sentient beings under UK law following LSE report findings : worldnews

Britain seeks ban of single use plastic plates and cutlery in England : worldnews

An Indian coal billionaire added more wealth than Bezos this year : worldnews

Sri Lanka ends farm chemical ban as organic drive fails : worldnews

RCMP arrest photojournalist Amber Bracken and 13 others during pipeline protest in Wet'suwet'en territory

Cows slapped, punched and kicked at UK high welfare organic farm Bath Soft Cheese Co. : worldnews

Amazon employees in 20 countries will strike on Black Friday for better working conditions as part of global Make Amazon Pay campaign
Amazon India target of police probe into marijuana smuggling : worldnews

Covid Killed More Americans in 2021 Than 2020, and the GOP Death Cult Is Mostly to Blame | Every three days, COVID-19 kills as many people as the 9/11 attacks did. : politics

Marine Corps compliance with vaccine mandate on course to be militarys worst

"The End Is Near" preacher bullies an elderly and vulnerable congregation into attending church maskless throughout the pandemic. He gets covid but tells everyone that it's a kidney infection so that he can make it into church, one last time, to deliver his final sermon titled "Take Off Your Mask" : HermanCainAward
I don't think I've seen this one here. : HermanCainAward

My dad told me to go to hell : QAnonCasualties
How Cults Change Your Brain | Neuroscience

Dutch police open fire on Covid lockdown protesters as European nations reintroduce restrictions : worldnews

Police protection for healthcare workers is needed if code black is reached: Gommers : worldnews

All-women militia formed in Myanmars Sagaing region in response to military violence

Vietnam demands Taiwan end illegal military actions in East Sea | Politics : worldnews

Japan poised to tap national petroleum reserve for first time : worldnews
Japanese diplomats 1895 letter confesses to assassination of Korean queen

Peng Shuai: Missing Chinese tennis star appears in Beijing : worldnews
Hong Kong public libraries purge 29 titles about the Tiananmen Massacre from the shelves : worldnews
China-Africa Trade Swelled 38.2% to Hit Record High : worldnews
Wife of jailed ex-Interpol chief says friend risks same fate : worldnews

Kashmir tensions high after deaths of men used as human shields Indian police say four men killed in shootout were militants but families say gunfight was staged and they were innocent civilians

11-year-old Hindu boy sexually assaulted, murdered in Pakistans Sindh:

Prominent Afghan doctor kidnapped, killed in northern city : worldnews
Afghanistan's Opium Business Cranks Up as the Taliban Look the Other Way - Drug markets open and farmers plant more poppies with drought and sanctions crippling the economy

Kremlin reacts to the map of "Turkic world" covering parts of Russian territory

Yemens Houthis say they attacked Saudi cities, Aramco facilities

Sudans military to reinstate ousted PM Hamdok

Thousands of Iranian farmers protest against severe water shortages : worldnews
Iranian Airline Hit By Cyberattack : worldnews

Lebanese navy rescues illegal boat carrying migrants from crisis-riddencountry

IDF foils attempt to smuggle drugs, ammunition into Israel from Lebanon : worldnews

Four injured in terrorist shooting attack in Jerusalems Old City

Russia preparing to attack Ukraine by late January: Ukraine defense intelligence agency chief : worldnews
Is the Kremlin Ready to Move Against Ukraine? - Lawyers, Guns & Money
Whats Gonna Happen When Russia Invades Ukraine?
Top Democrat proposes crushing sanctions if Russia invades Ukraine : politics
How To Respond To The Russian Buildup? - Lawyers, Guns & Money
Kremlin accuses West of artificially whipping up Ukraine tensions : worldnews

Poland may completely close border with Belarus
Britain and Poland to work together on new billion dollar Polish air defence system : worldnews

Bulgaria accuses Turkey of election interference : worldnews

France: Tens of thousands protest violence against women. Chanting protesters took to the streets across France to call for an end to sexual violence. More than 100 women have been killed in France by their partners or ex-partners in 2021 : worldnews

An independent Scotland would be a good fit for the Nordic Council - Helsinki Times : worldnews

Home Office covering up its own study of why refugeescome to the UK
WorldsStrongest-Ever Ecstasy Pill Found in English Nightclub ... "a fuckin kilo pinger the size of your head"

France to send special forces to Guadeloupe after looting, arson : worldnews

Canadian cops armed with assault rifles, helicopters and canine units begin raiding indigenous blockade; meanwhile theres a horrible flood inB.C. thats causing a state of emergency
Canada in discussions with closest partners on possible Olympic boycott

Supply-Chain Problems Show Signs of Easing - WSJ Asian output is coming back and some bottlenecks are clearing, but labor shortages could persist into next year

More Americans say theyre not planning to have a child, new poll says, as U.S. birthrate declines

Applause breaks out after House passes Biden spending bill : politics

Trumps Estate Tax Giveaway To Rich Triggered 50% Drop In IRS Revenue: Report
Congressional Stock Trading Should Be Banned. Period. | Americans shouldnt have to be concerned about members of Congress being more focused on their stock portfolio than on the countrys problems and their constituents' best interests.
A GOP Senate candidate bragged that hes not vaccinated but financial disclosures show hes making money from companies that make COVID-19 vaccines

Many of 200+ witnesses are ex-Trump admin staff who voluntarily came forward : politics
Trump Administration Staff Are Squealing to Jan. 6 Committee, Member Says : politics

Arizona man who left Nancy Pelosi threatening voicemails convicted by jury : politics

Trump megadonor Louis DeJoy in jeopardy as Postmaster General after Biden nominates two new board members : politics

Fact-checking false claims from Minority leader Kevin McCarthy's marathon House speech : politics

Sinema Digs in on Filibuster Defense Amid GOP's Assault on Voting Rights | Republicans and a pair of Senate Democrats are "using the filibuster to destroy and undermine the life of this democracy and the daily lives of people," warned Rev. Dr. William Barber II. : politics

A MAGA squad of Trump loyalists in the House sees its influence grow amid demands for Political Purity : politics
Republicans define themselves by misogyny and violence : politics

As Gerrymanders Get Worse, Legal Options to Overturn Them Dwindle : politics

The GOP Dark Money Group Giving Big to White Supremacists : politics

Another voter fraud accusation blows up in Republicans faces - Oddly not one of the white people who committed fraud on purpose got sentenced to five years like the black women who ACCIDENTALLY voted when she wasnt eligible.

Why Republicans Cant Stop Talking About Masculinity

Cawthorn praises Rittenhouse verdict, tells supporters: Be armed, be dangerous
Its time to repeal and replace citizens arrest laws

Eschaton: Mysteries How do we communicate the simple truth to our viewers, as I just did in my role as 'book promoter,' while also performing the elaborate rituals of Political Journalism which prevent us from doing so? Don't think it can be done. - This guy Trump, he cracked our code, and we are powerless.

Parents protesting critical race theory identify another target: Mental health programs

New York Moves to Allow 800,000 Noncitizens to Vote in Local Elections - The New York Times

Virginias Lt. Governor-elect Interview Veers Off the Rails as She Spreads Covid Misinformation

Charlottesville Rally Trial: Jury Finds Far-Right Conspiracy - The New York Times Jurors found the main organizers of the deadly far-right rally in Charlottesville, Va., in 2017 liable under state law, awarding more than $25 million in damages, but deadlocked on federal conspiracy charges.

Why We Are Leaving Fox News - by Steve Hayes and Jonah Goldberg - The Dispatch
Jonah Goldberg and Stephen Hayes, stars of a brand of conservatism that has fallen out of fashion, decide theyve had enough.
Acosta says this comment has put Tucker Carlson over the top - CNN Video ... 'lie after lie'

Car plows through Christmas parade in downtown Waukesha, Wisconsin
Waukesha Holiday parade evacuated following emergency event involving gunshots, speeding vehicle : news

Missouri Detective Is Convicted in Fatal Shooting of Black Man Outside His Home

Gang of 80 thieves ransacks California Nordstrom store in organized raid that lasted just one minute | Daily Mail Online

A Starbucks employee tested positive for hepatitis A, possibly exposing thousands of customers to the virus : news

Kyoto University experiment removes mouse memories with light : worldnews - use the Denuralizer Agent K

TIL that the earliest credible evidence of coffee-drinking or knowledge of the coffee tree appears in the middle of the 15th century and none before that. : todayilearned

TIL that gender parallelism played a major role in ancient incan culture. The Inca believed in a masculine sun and feminine moon from whom all Inca men and queens descended from. Sacrifices were also gendered in that male sacrifices died by bloodletting. : todayilearned

What is the sexiest thing about the opposite gender? : AskReddit


La Palma volcano overflows again : worldnews

One in six birds has quietly vanished across Europe since the 1980s, a new study has concluded. This amounts to a staggering loss of up to 620 million individual birds in the last 40 years. Most of the declines have occurred in species associated with agricultural and grassland environments. : science

Brazil deforestation: Number of trees cut down in Amazon reaches highest level since 2006 : worldnews
Sources: Brazil withheld deforestation data til COP26's end

Access to unsafe toilets is impacting the health of 3.6 billion people, says UN : worldnews

Zero emissions and, soon, zero crew: the world's first fully electric autonomous cargo vessel was unveiled in Norway, a small but promising step toward reducing the maritime industry's climate footprint : worldnews

DRC: Virunga National Park announces birth of 2 mountain gorillas : worldnews

Crabs and lobsters have feelings: British government agrees with new study, amends Animal Welfare (Sentience) Bill : worldnews

20% of the worlds Sequoias destroyed by wildfire in the last two years : worldnews

Chris Hadfield on Twitter: "Fraser River flooding, from space. Amazing movement of topsoil into the sea. Stay safe, all. @NASA" / Twitter

Still in a purgatory : COVID numbers have risen in Mass. ahead of holidays and winter weather : Few believe the virus will be eradicated so the focus is learning how to live with risk of infections for the foreseeable future.
Massachusetts has seen the largest spike in COVID-19 cases across the U.S. : boston
COVID-19 cases in children are a major driver of Massachusetts current overall rise

Delta-Like COVID-19 Variants Are Most Likely To Increase Pandemic Severity : worldnews

COVID: AstraZeneca unveils antibody treatment and preventative shot for those who cant be vaccinated - AstraZeneca said the drug reduced the risk of severe disease and death by 77 per cent

PolitiFact : There's no evidence linking Bill Gates to vials labeled smallpox found in lab freezer (even though it was full of microships)

Gov. Lee invites unvaccinated officers to join the Tennessee Highway Patrol : politics
Gov. Lee announces end to Tennessees COVID-19 State of Emergency
Tennessee governors aide warned new COVID law was illegal ... Australia has about 23 million population and has suffered around 2200 covid deaths. Florida has 23 million population and has suffered over 70,000 deaths. There are no US Republican governors in Australia.

Wife and I wouldve never done this before stumbling across this sub.
Proudly unpoisoned and uninsured : HermanCainAward
Former biology teacher Vitamin Sea took a calculated risk: reduced his Covid comborbidies risk by exercising and being in the sun, but not getting the vax. : HermanCainAward
You cant beat COVID by looking tough or making jokes, but at least this guy looked the part and told a lot of them.
She loved animals and was responsible for her dependent adult son. She believed lies, she was scared and she died because of it. : HermanCainAward
His obituary reads, "At the family's request no public services will be held. [HCA Awardee] was unvaccinated and died of COVID complications". : HermanCainAward
Update: late 20s with pregnant wife receives award. Another L for the prayer warriors. This is a rough one. : HermanCainAward

Europes COVID crisis pits vaccinated against unvaccinated
Europe protests: Clashes in Rotterdam and rallies in Rome amid new pandemic restrictions - The Washington Post
Riots erupt during anti-lockdown protest in Rotterdam. : worldnews

Czech Republic, Slovakia tighten restrictions as COVID cases soar : worldnews

Disease control chief: "All of Germany is one big outbreak" : worldnews

Russia reports record COVID deaths for 3rd straight day : worldnews

French islands of Guadeloupe placed under curfew amid COVID unrest : worldnews

The International Criminal Court has suspended its investigation into suspected rights abuses committed under Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte's "war on drugs" following a request from Manila. ICC prosecutors in court papers estimate that between 12,000 and 30,000 died in drug raids. : worldnews

U.S. warns China after South China Sea standoff with Philippines : worldnews

India and Vietnam will define the future of Asia: Kurt Campbell : worldnews

Four Taiwan semiconductor makers provided data to US government after being asked to provide information deemed confidential about semiconductor makersinventories, lead times, clients and suppliers

Hong Kong launches wild boar hunt as animal attacks lead to crackdown : worldnews
UK considering diplomatic boycott of Winter Olympics in Beijing- The Times : worldnews

China says not aware of tennis player Peng Shuai issue
CNN says China is blocking coverage of tennis player Peng Shuais disappearance (which they're "not aware" of)
US demands verifiable proof of tennis player Peng Shuais well-being after she disappears following claim of sexual abuse against Chinese ex-official ... The human rights group Safeguard Defenders said on average at least 20 people a day are disappeared by authorities across China for offending or upsetting the system and its gatekeepers.
Peng Shuai: Missing Chinese tennis player will make public appearance 'soon' , says state media
The Silencing of Peng Shuai - Lawyers, Guns & Money
Work on Chinese military base in UAE abandoned after US intervenes

As PMDD Continues To Go Undiagnosed In India, A New Initiative Is Fighting To Stop The Stigma Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder (PMDD)
Indian farmers score victory as Modi retreats on pro-corporate farm laws : worldnews
We are more powerful than Modi: Indian farmers celebrate U-turn on laws

Kashmir tensions high after deaths of men used as human shields

Pakistan drops chemical castration as punishment for serial rapists : worldnews

Taliban to start paying overdue salaries of Afghan government workers : worldnews
A million Afghan children at risk of dying amid acute malnutrition, WHO says : worldnews

Russia condemns U.S. lawmakers' proposal on nonrecognition of Putin
A convicted Russian agent who was recently freed from US prison says her new seat in Russia's parliament is 'not a reward'
Russian Disinformation Is Taking Hold in Africa : worldnews

UN raises red flag as 1.3m people face hunger in Madagascar : worldnews

The head of the Western Sahara independence movement, the Polisario Front, said it had decided to step up military operations, a year after a ceasefire with Morocco collapsed. "The Sahrawi people has made up its mind and taken the sovereign decision to escalate its just war of liberation" : worldnews

Thousands of protesters converged on Isfahan in central Iran to voice their anger after the city's lifeblood river dried up due to drought and diversion. The massive protest was the biggest since demonstrations over the water crisis started on November 9 : worldnews
Iran to bring in law that criminalizes keeping pets : worldnews (Sharia law)

Child labour on the rise among Jordans most vulnerable

Kuwait detains 18 suspected of financing Lebanons Hezbollah

Hamas to be declared a terrorist group by UK : worldnews
Israel returns wrong body to family of slain Palestinian : worldnews
Three senior officials reportedly quit Mossad over moves by new spy chief : worldnews

Lukashenko says Belarusian troops may have helped refugees reach Europe : worldnews
I want to die here : Iraqi Kurdish refugees in Belarus reject offer to return to hardship at home

US warns "other countries" about threatening Lithuania over Taiwan office : worldnews

Canadian army stops delivering supplies to Afghan translator stranded in Ukraine : worldnews

Dutch journalist forced to leave Greece after threats and intimidation : worldnews

Ratko Mladic Tributes Spark Continuing Discord in Serbia : worldnews

33 MEPs call on EU to urge Azerbaijan to withdraw forces from Armenia : worldnews

U.K. to investigate possible Russian involvement in death of woman poisoned by nerve agent : worldnews
Report exposes devastating impact of cladding scandal on leaseholders mental health
Double child killer Colin Pitchfork sent back to prison : worldnews

Bolsonaros Allies Say Congress Should Bar Salary Increases to Federal Employees and Preserve Money for Congresspersons
Brazils Bolsonaro says UAE wants to buy two Brazilian soccer teams
Gang sold tons of horse disguised as beef and put rotting meat in hamburgers, Brazilian officials say : worldnews - Public health officials stated that up to 60% of the restaurants serving beef in the region had purchased horse meat from the Gang.

Ecuador Smuggling Rings See Windfall in Migrants : worldnews
Dozens of inmates die in a battle between prison gangs in Ecuador : worldnews

Colombia: President issues apology after police cadets dress like Nazis : worldnews

Mexico Sends 1500 National Troops to Riviera Maya for Tourist Protection : worldnews
Don't go to Mexico: Cartel expert warns tourists to stay away as drug gang's war escalates and country's National Guard is deployed to Cancun (exception made for Ted "Cuban" Cruz)

Ontario condo developer suddenly cancels years-long sales deal unless buyers pay $100K more

New Wrinkle in Ghislaine Maxwell Trial as Judge May Be Promoted : worldnews

F.B.I. Agents Became C.I.A. Operatives in Secret Overseas Prisons lawyers disclosed the unusual arrangement in evidentiary hearings to prepare for the Sept 11 trial at Guantanamo Bay

When will Biden make good on his promise to reform criminal justice? | The United States has the highest incarceration rate in the world. We spend roughly $182 billion annually to lock up a tragic percentage of our adult population. : politics

U.S. Allies Drive Much of Worlds Democratic Decline, Data Shows

Dems get good news with CBO score for climate provisions : politics
House Passes the Largest Expenditure on Climate in U.S. History : politics

Biden deemed fit to successfully execute the duties of the president after first physical in office
Exam Shows Biden Has Hiatal Hernia, Arthritis, No Major Health Issues : politics

Joe Biden Is Succeeding : politics

How Hunter Bidens Firm Helped Secure Cobalt for the Chinese

The irrelevance of the Steele dossier - Lawyers, Guns & Money ... One major strategy of MAGA supporters, whether of the straightforward or Intellectual Horse Paste Substack Industrial Complex variety, is to conflate the Steele dossier with Russian electoral ratfucking in 2016
Deep on the Steele beat: Erik Wemple & Marcy Wheeler - Columbia Journalism Review
In Story Purporting to "Reckon" with Steele's Baseless Insinuations, CNN Spreads Durham's Unsubstantiated Insinuations - emptywheel

U.S. senators move to block $650 mln arms sale to Saudi Arabia : politics

Corporations are using inflation as an excuse to raise prices and make fatter profits -- and it's making the problem worse

Whole different ballgame Dems vow theyve learned Obamacare lessons in messaging $1.7T megabill | The party is setting out on an ambitious sales pitch for its social spending plan, insisting it can avoid a repeat of 2010s electoral wipeou (thanks, float-above-it-all Barry)

These Democrats Are Helping Companies Take Gold From Public Lands for Free : politics ... Extracting >$8.2 Billion of gold alone from PUBLIC LANDS in Nevada without paying royalties is a sweet deal.

Elizabeth Warren is blunt: Biden can make the joint decision to cancel student debt and legalize marijuana with a signature on two different pieces of paper

2 Million Missing Workers Are Immigrants Who Never Came to Solve the Labor Shortage : politics

Houses $1.85T plan would expand health coverage, fund childcare for 2 million Texas families

Sinema holds firm in support of the filibuster, imperiling late voting rights push : politics

January 6 committees interest in Meadows goes beyond conversations with Trump

Democrat calls on Pentagon to strip Michael Flynn of his pension, calling him a traitor

All Republicans care about these days is trolling and Kevin McCarthy is hilariously bad at it ... To be fair, getting mocked by Democrats is frequently rounded up by Republicans to be evidence of a successful liberal-triggering ... All they want is a reaction, which is treated as confirmation that liberal skin was gotten under.

Trumps ire grows as DeSantis popularity with Republicans takes off

Media dilemma: How to cover indecent politicians without amplifying them? : politics

Interior Secretary Haaland seeks to rid U.S. of derogatory place names : politics

Biden surprises with USPS board shake-up; key DeJoy allies to be replaced : politics

Justices could rule on Texas abortion ban as soon as Monday

Press Freedom Advocates Alarmed That Project Veritas Just Muzzled the New York Times

The roots of the Republican war on democracy : politics

Theres nothing more frightening in America today than an angry White man ... Nazis Call for Dead Leftists to be Stacked Up Like Cord Wood Following Rittenhouse Acquittal
Why the Rittenhouse verdict matters - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Wokeness Is Not the Democrats Problem

Feds Probe Lindell Associates Link to Ohio Election-Data Breach

The testing ground: how Republican state parties grow Trumpism 2.0 (otherwise known as 'fascism')
Cook Political Report shifts three Senate races toward Republicans : politics
Kiss your swing districts goodbye : politics
Blatant Partisan Power Grab: Wisconsin GOP Attempts to Seize Control of States Elections
More than a year after Donald Trumps loss, Wisconsin Republicans are waging a relentless attack on the states election commission
Why new Ohio redistricting maps are an insult to democracy
Ohio Republicans redistricting map dilutes Black voters power in Congress, critics say
Georgia Republicans advance map that aims to pick up House seat in redistricting : politics
Utah Gov. Spencer Cox says vetoing redistricting maps would be a fools errandCox rejects assertions he abandoned bipartisanship by not rejecting gerrymandered maps that disadvantage Democrats.
Gerrymandering: How its being exposed and how it affects your state
Pennsylvania Republicans baffled by Dr. Ozs Senate bid

Lauren Boebert Went Full Racist Conspiracy Theory Against Ilhan Omar : politics

Democrats are way behind in countering GOP messages about critical race theory : politics

Judge announces verdict in Kansas City police shooting trial | The Kansas City Star Justice was gotten: KC officer found guilty in 2019 fatal shooting of Black man

Andrew Coffee IV found not guilty on all counts of murder, attempted first degree murder : politics (cops riddle his girl friend with 10 bullets, charge in with murder)

2021 is now the deadliest year on record for transgender people | PBS NewsHour

One garage. Two days. Nine break-ins. S.Fs surge in burglaries is driving residents hopping mad

~ New study shows that people who believe in astrology tend to be more narcissistic and less intelligent than those who do not believe; the researchers suggest the link may be due to the self-focused perspective at the core of both astrology and narcissism.

Autism and Gender Dysphoria: 5.7% of Autistic Children Struggle With Gender Identity - Autism Parenting Magazine

Lido Wellness Center | Mental Health Treatment Your new life is waiting : Our mission is to be the last treatment experience our patients need in order to live a life of wellness
Granite Mountain Behavioral Healthcare - Addiction Treatment in Arizona Building Better Futures Together : Addiction treatment dedicated to the transformation of our clients' lives in recovery through community, commitment, and connection.

A question for former Conspiracy Theorists what was the moment you realised the conspiracy theory you thought was correct was completely wrong all along?

What song breaks your heart everytime you hear it? : AskReddit

Why FreeBSD

Documentaries - watch free online documentaries -

What improved your quality of life so much, you wish you did it sooner? : AskReddit

Whats an extremely useful website most people probably dont know about?

Tesla ranks almost dead-last on Consumer Reports reliability list : technology

Amazon wages secret war on Americans' privacy, documents show : politics


What Makes Life Meaningful? Views From 17 Advanced Economies | Pew Research Center Family is preeminent for most publics but work, material well-being and health also play a key role

ericvulgaris comments on How does 1.5 degrees Celsius Affect Us?
readonly12345 comments on CMV: I can't help but believe that the belief that humanity won't last another 1000yrs (or even 100yrs) is a form of generational hysteria. I think we will be around for tens, if not hundreds of thousands of years.
/u/readonly12345 discusses why climate change really does pose an existential threat to civilization as we know it : bestof

Brazil: Amazon sees worst deforestation levels in 15 years : worldnews
Amazon deforestation unexpectedly surges 22% to its highest level since 2006: 5,110 square miles of rainforest was cleared in the Brazilian Amazon between August 1, 2020 and July 31, 2021 : worldnews

Anti-coal protesters shut down worlds largest coal port | A sustained protest movement by Blockade Australia has shut down export operations at the Port of Newcastle

French lawmakers voted on Thursday to end wild animals being used in live circus shows, spelling an end to performing tigers, lions or bears. Performances of wild animals will be prohibited in two years and owning them outlawed in seven years : worldnews

Gabon is last bastion of endangered African forest elephants : worldnews

3196 new cases yesterday + 394 probable : CoronavirusMa
829,557 cases | 18,856 deaths - 11/19/2021 : CoronavirusMa
2,581 confirmed cases and 22 deaths. See todays COVID-19 data from Mass.

Don't get in an accident because Boston is out of ICU beds and Portland is almost out too ... (COVID is) probably 5-10% of the patients (right now) ... It's really everything else. People who have delayed their care are now having full-blown heart attacks

. COVID-19 case rates jump among children in Mass. : CoronavirusMa
COVID-19 cases are rising sharply in Mass. ahead of the holidays. How worried should you be? - The Boston Globe

More than a million people in the US may not have regained sense of smell months after Covid-19 infection, study estimates : CoronavirusMa

Fauci swamped by angry calls over beagle experiments after campaign that included misleading image : Little known animal-rights group leverages hostility among conservatives toward U.S. covid chief

Top Utah Republican has COVID-19. House Majority Leader Mike Schultz started having coronavirus-like symptoms on Tuesday. : politics

Red has permanent lung damage, blames everyone but herself, Green brings the truth hammer : HermanCainAward
Mr. P & family run a martial arts gym and a party bus. Likes: Conspiracies. Dislikes: Microchipped vaccines. Masks: Apparently dont exist in his state. Sadly, neither does he, anymore. More in comments.
You are a fool if you think that this obvious deadly shot is not about the money. He died a month ago of Covid, his father this morning.
"Please be considerate of non-vaxxers," he appeals from his death bed for some reason. : HermanCainAward
"Biblical" (Blood-Curdling) Wife Has Seventh Child, Days Later Needs the "Divine Physician" : HermanCainAward
Anti-vax, anti-mask, antiyoga? and homophobic mother of 4 under 16 receives her award. Her mother passed away from COVID a week later.

Two-thirds of Canadian men aged 18-54 experienced mental health challenges since the beginning of the pandemic, Ipsos Survey : worldnews

Austria announces fourth national lockdown and compulsory vaccination : worldnews
Austria imposes full lockdown, Germany may follow, as COVID grips Europe : worldnews

Scientists mystified, wary, as Africa avoids COVID disaster : worldnews ... With an average age of 20 (thats shockingly low), much lower urban density compared to places like India and a very, very limited ability of most of their countries to report on cases and deaths then it starts to make sense.

Social media creating virus of lies, says Nobel winner Maria Ressa | Maria Ressa | The Guardian Filipino journalist and peace prize laureate says sites are biased against facts and in need of overhaul
Social media creating virus of lies, says Nobel winner Maria Ressa : worldnews

Pastor Claiming to Be Son of God Charged With Sex Trafficking
Pastor Claiming to Be Son of God Charged With Sex TraffickingThe megachurch leader, who allegedly threatened women members with eternal damnation if they didnt have sex with him, is Rodrigo Duterte' spiritual adviser.

Leaked documents reveal (Thailand) government is revoking the passport of activists and artists : worldnews

In major shift, Japan looks to allow more foreign workers to stay indefinitely : worldnews

S.Korea scrambles fighter jets as China, Russia aircraft enter air defense zone : worldnews

Taiwan deploys advanced fighter jets amid tensions with China : worldnews
Taiwan opens office in Lithuania, brushing aside China opposition : worldnews

WTA chairman willing to pull out of China if tennis star Peng Shuai not accounted for : worldnews
Peng Shuai: UN calls for proof of Chinese tennis star's whereabouts - CNN
China: Man banned from all-you-can-eat BBQ for eating too much : worldnews

Hindu hardliners have attacked and set fire to the home of a former Indian foreign minister. Salman Khurshid published a book last month in which he compared Hindu nationalism under Modi to extremist groups such as ISIL : worldnews
India to repeal controversial farm laws that led to protests : worldnews

Afghanistan's only music school completes exit from Kabul

The US Justice Department announced indictments Thursday of two Iranians who allegedly took part in an online disinformation and threat campaign to influence American voters in the 2020 presidential election

Hamas proscribed as terrorist group by UK : worldnews
Sami Umour, 39, Palestinian prisoner died at in Israeli custody from heart problems and medical negligence, prisoner groups say : worldnews
Video shows IDF soldiers waking Palestinian kids to photograph them in dead of night : worldnews

Putin says West taking Russia's 'red lines' too ightly

Hundreds of Iraqis fly home from Belarus, abandoning effort to reach EU : worldnews
One-year-old Syrian child dies in forest on Poland-Belarus border | A one-year-old child from Syria has died in a forest in Poland near the border with Belarus, according to Polish medical workers, becoming the youngest known victim of the crisis on the eastern edge of the European Union. : worldnews

Mihkelson: Lukashenko belongs in the Hague, not on phone calls with Merkel : worldnews
Germany won't admit refugees from Belarus-Polish border -- interior minister

Germany moves to legalise cannabis in economy-boosting bid after Merkel departure : worldnews

New bill quietly gives powers to remove British citizenship without notice | Home Office : worldnews
King Athelstan who ruled from 925 to 939 AD is named Britains top monarch ahead of both Elizabeths, Victoria and Henry V and VII in nationwide poll

Son of Toronto cop used confidential information from father to commit murder, documents allege | A Toronto police officer allegedly gave confidential information to his son, who is accused of using it to aid in the murder of Bill Horace, a former Liberian rebel leader and accused war criminal : worldnews
Grocery stores running out of food in BC cities cut off by flooding : worldnews

Biden welcomes Trudeau and Lpez Obrador to the White House in revival of US-Mexico-Canada summit

Army bars vaccine refusers from promotions and reenlistment as deadline approaches : politics

Harris to become first woman with presidential power while Biden is under anesthesia for routine colonoscopy : politics

House passes $1.75 trillion Biden plan that funds universal pre-K, Medicare expansion and renewable energy credits : politics
The House passes a $2 trillion spending bill, but braces for changes in the Senate : politics
Entire House GOP opposes Bidens $1.7T bill, but 42 percent of Republicans voters back it
It's Really, Truly, Finally All on Joe Manchin
The House just approved the biggest climate investment in U.S. history now it heads to the Senate
Noam Chomsky: Ending Climate Change Has to Come From Mass Popular Action, Not Politicians

Kevin McCarthy Derided Over Unhinged8-Hour Speech Against Build Back Better Act | McCarthy has now shown more anger about making child care affordable than he has about the insurrection on January 6th, said Democratic Rep. Mondaire Jones
The Most Bonkers Things Kevin McCarthy Said While You Were Sleeping
Democrats Delight in Roasting Imbecile Kevin McCarthy's Eight-Hour House Floor Speech
Kevin McCarthy said in an hours-long floor speech that no one elected Biden to be FDR, prompting AOC to shout 'I did!'

Federal judge says Trump has responsibility for January 6, calling rioter a 'pawn' - CNNPolitics
Top Justice Department Officials Were Told There Were No Credible Threats Hours Before The Capitol Riot

Democrats' Failure to Effectively Champion Voting Rights May Cost Them in 2022

61% of Americans believe that the Supreme Court is motivated by politics, while just 32% think it's motivated by the law: poll : politics

Chair of Republican party risks Trumps wrath by finally admitting that Biden won 2020 election

Biden expected to replace Ron Bloom, USPS board chair and key DeJoy ally, on postal board : politics

Professor or Comrade? Republicans go full red scare on Soviet-born Biden pick

Conservatives viciously mocked for banning Big Bird, Bert & Ernie from their conference : politics

Cruel, False And Bigoted: Lauren Boebert Ripped On-Air By Local TV Anchor
Congresswoman Lauren Boeberts own videos are crazier than the SNL parody of her

Paul Gosar Drops Dank Meme, Forgets to Mention He Thinks Weed Is a Crime : politics

The G.O.P. Has a Bad Men Problem : politics
Theyre going with the our masculinity is under attack angle now. It actually helps to have some first

GOP House candidate wants to make everything 'contrary to God' illegal | The pastor and former Trump surrogate says Republicans need to ensure America is a Christian nation
GOP lawmaker says gays who get beat up are getting normal consequence for sperverse lifestyle

Attempted breach of Ohio county election network draws FBI and state scrutiny - The Washington Post

Galveston a test case for Republicans redrawing districts to make elections irrelevant : politics

Trump Official Who Was Ex-NRA Lobbyist Repeatedly Broke Ethics Pledge: Watchdog | The Interior Department's Ben Cassidy had direct contact with former NRA colleagues and helped install gun advocates on two advisory councils. : politics

The Bonnie and Clyde of MAGA World - POLITICO For a decade, Dustin Stockton and Jennifer Lawrence had surfed the wave of populist-right politics like few other people in America. Then came Jan. 6.

In a case that fueled debate over gun rights and vigilantism, the jury appeared to accept Mr. Rittenhouses explanation that he had acted reasonably to defend himself during demonstrations.
The instant canonization of Kyle Rittenhouse and American gun culture - Lawyers, Guns & Money
Murder most foul - Lawyers, Guns & Money
Kill or be killed - Lawyers, Guns & Money
Kyle Rittenhouse Has Gotten Away With Murder as Predicted
Kyle Rittenhouse found not guilty : news
Kyle Rittenhouse to Appear on Fox News' Tucker Carlson - Rolling Stone : The teen is cementing his place in right-wing culture as a conservative darling and future pundit

Facebook tells LA police to stop using fake accounts : technology

It's Been a Big Week for Tying Up Historical Loose Ends : A new lead in the disappearance of Jimmy Hoffa caps it off.

Mass now has one of the lowest total fertility rates in the country at 1.39 : boston

Sodium is naturally found in some foods, but high amounts of sodium are frequently added to commercially processed, packaged, and prepared foods. A new large-scale study with accurate sodium measurements from individuals strengthens link between sodium intake and cardiovascular disease. : science

New research provides preliminary evidence that an intimacy practice called orgasmic meditation results in altered patterns of functional connectivity in the brain. : science

rectiddly comments on ELI5: The proper technique for caring for your teeth.

Ford Mustang Mach-E Outscores All Tesla Models, Standing Tall In Reliability Vehicle List Of Consumer Reports : technology

Tesla employee sues the company alleging sexual harassment at its California factory - The Washington Post Jessica Barraza said co-workers commented on her body and touched her inappropriately; supervisors and HR failed to put a stop to the behavior, she alleges


Outcry grows over Russian missile test that hit satellite : worldnews

La Palma volcano forges new river of fiery magma : worldnews

Climate misinformation could undermine COP26 progress, say experts (

US auctions off oil and gas drilling leases in Gulf of Mexico after climate talks : worldnews

New poll finds climate impacts have failed to shift views on global warming - The Washington Post Most believe global warming is a problem, but the partisan divide is growing ... A clear majority of adults say that warming is a serious problem, but the share 67 p is about the same as it was seven years ago, when alarms raised by climate scientists were less pronounced than they are now.

The forgotten oil ads that told us climate change was nothing | Since the 1980s, fossil fuel firms have run ads touting climate denial messages -- many of which they'd now like us to forget.

EU plans to ban food imports from deforested areas : worldnews
EU aims to curb deforestation with beef and coffee import ban : worldnews

Most supermarket packaging is difficult or impossible to recycle : worldnews

Number of smokers worldwide in decline, says WHO : worldnews

Baby elephant dies after losing half its trunk in poachers trap

Dark roofs to be banned in NSW, planning minister says : worldnews

Tropical cyclone activity below-normal in 2021 across Northern Hemisphere & US tornadic activity also below-normal | Climate Depot : worldnews

The double disaster in British Columbia - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Massachusetts coronavirus cases surge 2,650, the highest daily count since February : CoronavirusMa
3,196 confirmed cases and 8 deaths. See todays COVID-19 data from Mass.

Mass. opens COVID-19 booster shots to all residents 18 and up : CoronavirusMa

Mass. residents age 18 and older now eligible to receive COVID-19 booster six months after getting their last vaccine - The Boston Globe

About 10% more Americans are going to die from COVID in 2021 than in 2020 - Lawyers, Guns & Money ... Note that the total deaths in each age cohort below 50 have pretty much exactly doubled in 2021 compared to 2020 (again this ratio is going to get worse). In the 50-64 cohort there have already been 45% more deaths in 2021 than in all of 2020.
Why do people vaccinated for COVID have such radically lower mortality rates than the unvaccinated, even AFTER you exclude all COVID-related deaths? - Lawyers, Guns & Money ... The really startling part is that, after excluding all COVID-related deaths, the unvaccinated people had mortality rates that were more than triple than those of people who received the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines, after adjusting for age, sex, race/ethnicity, and study site.

Leading scientist argues first coronavirus cases point to Wuhan market origin - The Washington Post Controversy continues amid sketchy data and lack of transparency from Chinese authorities

Mask-wearing cuts Covid incidence by 53%, says global study : worldnews
Mask-wearing cuts Covid incidence by 53%. Results from more than 30 studies from around the world were analysed in detail, showing a statistically significant 53% reduction in the incidence of Covid with mask wearing : science

Hospitalizations rising among fully vaccinated in U.S., Fauci says ... vaccinated but not boosted
Virus surge worsens in Midwest, schools keep students home - The Boston Globe

Conservative-leaning appeals court to hear challenges to Biden s vaccine mandate after ping-pong ball lottery

She wore her feelings on her sleeves and on her facebook. : HermanCainAward
His family decided NOT to put him on a ventilator. He died the next day. The Go Fund Me page claims he died of pneumonia following a bad reaction to medication Hmmm.
Pastor was anti-vaxx, anti-mask, and obsessed with the Rapture. He collects his award and leaves behind a newly married son and wife of 26 years. Get vaccinated!
Brainwashed Trump lover wins his award. Repost with add redactions. : HermanCainAward
Anti-vaxx Chronicles: This story was tough the first time we saw it. Turns out it's even more brutal
UPDATE on hospitalized "woman of god" who has been there for over 2 months. Her 29 year old son died right before she was intubated. This is the reality of "surviving" after the ICU. Get vaccinated
Blue loved guns and hated masks. Vacationed in Florida just so that he wouldnt have to wear one. Not too long after he spent his final 72 days in the hospital. Orphans his daughter who seems sweet, just so devastating.

WHO: Europe is only region with increasing COVID deaths : worldnews (Michigan waves hand)

UK study suggests Delta subvariant less likely to cause symptoms : worldnews
Covid test firm to sell swabs carrying customers DNA

Merkel: Germany hit by full force of Covid : worldnews
Bundestag chief: Germany unprepared for second COVID winter : worldnews

Poland records almost 25,000 daily Covid cases and 463 deaths amid calls for restrictions : worldnews

Covid has entered endemic phase in India, says expert : worldnews
Pulmonary rehab clinics to be started : worldnews

Attorney-General Vickie Chapman has become the first lower house minister in South Australian history to lose a vote of no confidence, but the Deputy Premier is steadfastly refusing to stand down -- a move that threatens to prompt an unprecedented constitutional crisis.

Millions of cannibal crabs shut down roads in Australia as they migrate towards ocean : worldnews

Japan looks to accept more foreigners in key policy shift : worldnews

Philippines tells China to back off after South China Sea standoff ("South China Sea" = Pacific Ocean)
China coast guard blocks Philippine boats in disputed sea : worldnews
Duterte says one presidential contender into cocaine; a very weak leader

Chinese state media release alleged email from tennis star Peng Shuai amid worry over whereabouts : worldnews ("alleged" = totally fake)
China Evergrande likely to default within months
The AP Interview: Meng Hongweis wife slams 'MOnster' China
Cocaine Seizures Soar as Hong Kong Becomes Regional Drug Hub : worldnews
China, US agree to ease restrictions on journalists : worldnews (travel)

3 months since Taliban takeover, Afghanistan hunger crisis leaves children emaciated -- The number of Afghans living in near-famine conditions has risen to 8.7 million : worldnews
Anxiety in Afghanistan as Taliban struggles for legitimacy : worldnews (totally incompetent muzfucks who only know how to blow shit up and chop off women's heads can't run a country)

Pakistan passes anti-rape bill allowing chemical castration of repeat offenders : worldnews (Sharia law says 4 witnesses necessary to convict)

US travel advisory flags rape in India, asks American visitors to exercise increased caution: In its latest travel advisory for American travellers coming to India, the US has highlighted "rape" as a major concern, thereby putting India in the Level 2 category of travel destinations.
A monologue from comedian Vir Das at Kennedy center has created massive uproar in the right wing media. : worldnews

Turkish media calls arrest of Israeli couple a disgrace ... They took a picture of a public building ... the Istanbul mansion of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.
Secret memo details Turkish special forces engagement with Ukrainian military for training in unconventional warfare

As food and energy prices soar, Sri Lankans go without : worldnews
Sri Lanka to tax car crashes in drastic budget : worldnews

Egypt appeals to keep US-led forces in Sinai : worldnews

Eastern Congo lawmakers sound alarm over 144 violent civilian deaths this month : worldnews

Sudanese forces shoot 14 in deadliest day since military coup : worldnews

Horrific: 10 people suffocate in overcrowded migrant boat off Libya

Bomb hidden in chocolates sent to generals daughter in Lebanon
Kuwait detains 18 suspected of financing Lebanons Hezbollah

Israel surveils Palestinians in West Bank in massive facial recognition program - Israel News : worldnews
Israel won't thwart 2-states, Israeli Minister to intl parley on Palestinians
Member of Islamic Jihad killed in West Bank during clashes with IDF : worldnews

Belarus says it will return 5,000 migrants, wants EU to take 2,000 : worldnews (Fuckashenko fucked up)
Poland to begin work on 180km-long 5.5m-high border wall in December : worldnews (Steve Bannon is on the case)
Iraqis check in for flight home after failed attempts to get into EU : worldnews

U.S. Warns Allies of Possible Russian Incursion as Troops Amass Near Ukraine - The New York Times Western intelligence officials are increasingly convinced that the Russian president wants to take control of a larger swath of territory.
UK signs deal to help boost Ukraines navy in the face of increased threat from Russia

Tens of thousands of people joined protests in Greeces two largest cities on Wednesday, marking the anniversary of a 1973 student revolt against a US-backed junta, an annual event that often sparks violence. Twenty thousand turned out in the capital Athens
Life-saving on trial: Duo face jail in Greece for rescuing migrants

Finnish Democracy is on the Brink : worldnews ... The Finns Party is the nation's hyper-nationalist party, kissing cousin to Marine LePens National Rally in France and ideologically like-minded parties across Europe

Swiss Same-Sex Couples Can Marry Starting July 2022 : worldnews

Royal Navy submarines and special forces in underwater race against Russians to recover crashed100m F-35 fighter jet with top secret stealth technology from the bottom of the Mediterranean
Londons Royal Institution shuts door on French far-right commentator Zemmour

Klansman Trial Reveals Jamaicas Sophisticated Gang Dynamics (not that Klan)

Canada halts import of goods linked to forced labour from China, Malaysia : worldnews
The Canadian Pacific coast province of British Columbia declared a state of emergency Wednesday following floods and mudslides caused by extremely heavy rainfall, and officials said they expected to find more dead. : worldnews
Helicopters drop food for Canadian flood victims, more rain expected : worldnews

NuevoPeru comments on USA grip on the carribean

Sanders Says Deficit Concerns Seem to Melt Away When It's Time to Fill Pentagon Coffers
Let's Stop Handing the Pentagon Blank Checks
Schumer seeks repeal of Iraq War authorization as $768 billion defense bill nears Senate vote : politics

Oil prices are finally falling. Thank China and Joe Biden : politics

Inflation is manageable. Inflation panic is out of control. : politics

A look into the ugly and incredibly personal fight over Bidens pick to oversee banks

Student-loan payments resume in 75 days, and 89% of borrowers with full-time jobs aren't ready: It's a recipe for financial disaster

The Senate Filibuster Is Rooted in Racism and Must Be Abolished | Opinion : politics

The American Ruling Class Has Never Let Us Build Back Better : politics (and the deep racist history of the NYT)

Why are Americans so unhappy with Joe Biden? | Robert Reich : politics

Marco Rubio joins partisan efforts to undermine U.S. foreign policy | Ted Cruzs blockade on the White House ambassadorial nominees is tough to defend. Marco Rubio is nevertheless eager to make matters worse.

Trump and his regime committed or at least condoned mass murder. America just doesnt care
Donald Trump Continues to Stoke a Domestic Terrorism Movement : politics

Texts Show Kimberly Guilfoyle Bragged About Raising Millions for Rally That Fueled Capitol Riot

How Big a Threat Is Steve Bannon? : politics
Judge rejects Bannon effort to slow walk contempt case : politics

House votes to punish Gosar for video depicting killing of AOC : politics
Disgusting display 99% of GOP back MAGA lawmakers violent video as AOC rebukes party of Trump
White House: "Ironic" that GOP condemns members for infrastructure vote but not Paul Gosar : politics
Anger as Boebert refers to jihad squad in debate about Republican video depicting murder of AOC
Lauren Boebert accuses Black Congresswoman of marrying her brother in House speech : politics
The Strange Saga of Lauren Boeberts Pro Wrestler Paternity Case

Opinion: Biden promised us calm. Republicans had other ideas. : politics
Republicans don't care about death threats against colleagues -- they are too busy seeking revenge | Republicans will find a reason to impeach Joe Biden -- but can't be bothered by Paul Gosar' s threats

The Terrifying Future of the American Right : politics
The impeachment of President Biden and other American nightmares coming in 2023 | Will Bunch With polls, gerrymandering making a GOP House all but inevitable in 2023, Americans need to ponder a year that could tear the nation apart.
Opinion: Insurrectionists are finally receiving justice. But the GOP is more unhinged than ever. : politics
New Marquette Law School Poll finds majority of Republicans across the nation favor a Trump run for president in 2024, while majority of voters overall are opposed // News Center // Marquette University
11/18/21 - More Prefer Republicans To Win Control Of The House And Senate, Quinnipiac University National Poll Finds; 68% Say Higher Prices Are Changing Spending Habits | Quinnipiac University Poll
Say goodbye to swing districts. Lawmakers are drawing easy wins in dozens of states. - POLITICO In states where legislators drew the lines this decade, nearly 90 percent of congressional races were easy wins for one party or the other.

Report: Eastman Pitched Coup Plan Directly To Arizona GOP Leader : politics

John Kennedy Went Full Joe McCarthy : Whatever charm the Louisiana senator has does not mask that he is a smart and vicious Republican of the new school.

The Pattern of GOP Voter Fraud - In case after case from 2020, it turns out that Republicans were the ones misbehaving at the ballot box : politics

Restore Net Neutrality, Or Facebook Will Dominate The Internet Forever : politics

After Years of Injustice, Black Farmers Had a Shot at Debt Relief. Then Stephen Miller Stepped In. : politics

GOP voter gets light sentence after casting ballot for deceased wife A white voter in Nevada cast an illegal ballot for his dead wife. He received a vastly lighter sentence than Crystal Mason. This keeps happening.

Nevada lawmakers approve maps giving edge to Democrats : politics

Beto ORourke raises $2M in first 24 hours of launching campaign

Feds launch a civil rights investigation into Texas school district : politics (Southlake super racist district)

Teachers in New Hampshire face new legal threats for teaching so-called divisive concepts on race: It's psychological warfare -- The law is meant to bandivisive concepts,but restricts how educators teach. ... "Moms for Liberty" ... They seriously wanted to ban books about MLK Jr. books about the first black students integrating schools. They also want to ban books about native Americans because it paints white peoples in a negative light
GOP politicians tried to shut down a smalltown LGBTQ support group. It backfired spectacularly. | The LGBTQ community is a "hate group" because they "make people upset," according to the elected officials. : politics GOP politicians tried to shut down a smalltown LGBTQ support group. It backfired spectacularly. | The LGBTQ community is a "hate group" because they make people upset, according to the elected officials. (so are "Black people")

Kristi Noems daughter gives up property licence amid allegations of conflict of interest by South Dakota governor

Democrat Evers vetoes Republican-drawn redistricting : politics

I Used to Push Back on the Idea That Becoming a Politician Sours the Soul : The Duggars are fighting the cancel-culture mob. To be fair, the family probably has them outnumbered.

California analyst predicts $31 billion budget surplus : politics
No End in Sight: California Struggles to Shelter Growing Unhoused Population

Jesus Wept Are Christians hurting Christianity?

Governor Kevin Stitt Grants Clemency For Julius Jones : politics

Christian Hall had hands up when Pennsylvania State Police shot him, videos show

Mississippi executes man who killed wife, terrorized family

Police demolished a house in my neighborhood to get to a suspect. He didn't live there

City of Aurora will pay $15 million settlement over death of Elijah McClain : news

Prosecutors rest their case in trial of three men accused of killing Ahmaud Arbery : news

Parents sue Wisconsin school district over gender transition policy : news

Apple, Drake and others face $750 million lawsuit over Astroworld deaths : technology

CVS is closing 900 stores : news

mRNA vaccine against tick bites could help prevent Lyme disease : science

A 50,000 old graveyard of extinct cave bears found in a grotto where humans never trod : worldnews

Study: Psychotherapy May Fail to Help Over 50% of Depressed Patients : science

Adults who experienced adverse childhood experiences like childhood sexual or physical abuse or chronic parental domestic violence were three times more likely to have a generalized anxiety disorder. 60% of those with ADHD who had anxiety disorders had experienced at least one of these experiences. : science

UK cohort study finds that people with lower cognitive ability show a higher probability of being vaccine hesitant. : science

Mindfulness during sex linked to improved sexual well-being and orgasm consistency in married couples, study finds : science

Massachusetts Senate approves sweeping mental health bill : news
Cannabis support by Massachusetts town : boston (Winchester hates weeed)

What is a lesson or behavior your parents taught you that youve had to unlearn later in life?

Facebook insists that mainstream news sites perform the best on its platform. But by other measures, sensationalist, partisan content reigns


Beaver moon to become blood moon in long partial lunar eclipse - The Washington Post

Satellites discover huge amounts of undeclared methane emissions. "The greenhouse gas, which is 80 times more potent than carbon dioxide, is leaking from gas pipelines, oil wells, fossil fuel processing plants and landfills all over the world." : worldnews

Biden submits treaty fighting climate super-pollutants for Senate approval : politics

Coming off climate talks, US to hold huge crude sale in Gulf : worldnews
It's Time We Stop Listening to Economists on Climate Change

Hot Air - Lawyers, Guns & Money - Again, these climate conferences are meaningless because nations are just not going to stop processing fossil fuels until they are all gone. Or at least the US wont. ... An analysis by the Center for American Progress, a liberal think tank, found that the lease sale has the potential to emit 723 million metric tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere over its lifetime equivalent to operating more than 70 percent of the countrys coal plants for a year.

Israel, Jordan and UAE to sign deal for huge solar farm : worldnews

UN Responds to Musk Dare With Plan to Tackle World Hunger : worldnews
Teslas Musk exercises more options, sells $973 million for taxes

Brazils Amazon beef plan will legalise deforestation

Hundreds Rescued After Mudslides and Floods Pummel British Columbia | Helicopter search crews rescued people who had been trapped in their cars along highways. Heavy rainfall extended into nearby Washington State. : worldnews
A tipping point: how poor forestry fuels floods and fires in western Canada
Deadly storm cuts transport links around Vancouver : worldnews
More railroad vid. Dont know which line

Massachusetts COVID-19 November 17th update: 2,650 new cases, totaling 823,800 | MDPH : CoronavirusMa
MA COVID-19 Data 11/17/21 : boston
MA COVID-19 Data 11/17/21 : CoronavirusMa
2,650 confirmed cases and 20 deaths. See todays COVID-19 data from Mass.

Almost all of Mass. is again considered high-risk for COVID-19 transmission
With worrisome winter ahead, COVID-19 cases have risen around New England - The Boston Globe

No matter how old you are, two shots of Pfizer vaccine don't last

Political resistance against vaccine mandates extends far beyond Covid-19, and could potentially reverse a century of progress against disease. : science

COVID positive from Vegas : Phish concerts leave a long trail of infections, fans say - Those who attended the Vermont-based band's Las Vegas concerts over Halloween weekend say few wore masks and air was stagnant

A record 100,000 overdose deaths in 12 months, driven by opioids, fentanyl - The Washington Post - The people who died -- 275 every day -- would fill the stadium where the University of Alabama plays football. Together, they equal the population of Roanoke, Va. There are now more overdose deaths from the illegal synthetic opioid fentanyl than there were overdose deaths from all drugs in 2016. ... a 28.5 percent increase from the same period a year earlier. The financial, mental health, housing and other difficulties of the covid-19 pandemic are widely blamed for much of the increase.
Overdose Deaths Reached Record High as the Pandemic Spread - The New York Times
Drug overdose deaths top 100,000 annually for the first time, driven by fentanyl, CDC data show : news

RED SHIFT: How Trumps attempt to let COVID-19 destroy Blue America reversed itself, animated

Ivermectin: Much More Than You Wanted To Know - Astral Codex Ten ,,, ( 82 paragraphs later: tldr: if you had horse worms, it might have helped ... oh, and look: Brett Stephens in the insane comments)

Rep. Andy Harris, an anesthesiologist, says complaint was filed against him for prescribing ivermectin to treat COVID-19 : politics

DeSantis Spokesperson Blames Vaccine Passport on Rothschilds It was the obvious next step after the space lasers.

Anti-Vax Groups Are Spreading Misinformation in Tennessee - Rolling Stone How Conspiracy Theorists and Eric Trump Turned Nashville s Most Famous Hotel into Anti-Vax HQ - Pseudo-scientists and right-wing heroes like Roger Stone descended upon the Opryland resort in October to spread misinformation. More anti-vax events are popping up around Tennessee ... Trump, the second son of twice-impeached president Donald Trump, reportedly commands between $50,000 and $100,000 for public speaking appearances.

Bill Burr On Anti-Vax Conspiracy Theories : videos

Watchdog finds no money has flowed out of agency tasked by Trump admin. to fight pandemic : politics (well, "out" into Jared's pockets)

From Camaro to Hearse in Ninety-Three days. : HermanCainAward
Red thought her pure blood was sufficient protection. Now shes in the hospital on oxygen.
A single rambling post. : HermanCainAward
Virginia woman, deep in antivax misinformation, ends up deep in a coma, on a ventilator : HermanCainAward
This 27 year old has survived Covid twice and still refused the jab. He caught it a third time and describes Heaven, deceased relatives and nearly dying. : HermanCainAward
Man refuses COVID test and causes a scene while wife is in labor (@crazykarens) : HermanCainAward

Step Dad is far gone ... worried for my mom

Hong Kong AmCham president resigns over city's quarantine rules | Reuters : worldnews
Covid health workers beat a corgi to death on video, shocking China : worldnews

Coronavirus digest: Unvaccinated banned from some German Christmas markets : worldnews

Highly pathogenic avian influenza spreads through Europe and Asia after being identified on many poultry farms in the regions : worldnews

One-third of people in Pacific paid a bribe in the last year, says corruption report : worldnews

Military confirms death of Papuan terrorist in Sugapas gunfight

Thai king flies to Germany with his 30 royal poodles, entourage of 250 amid growing protests back home : worldnews

Biden says Taiwans independence is up to Taiwan after discussing matter with Xi
Cultural Revolution was a catastrophe and Mao was responsible, Chinas Communist Party upholds in landmark statement
UK Government refuses to declare atrocities in Xinjiang a genocide : worldnews
China has never taken one inch of land from other countries: Xi tells Biden : worldnews ... Step 1: claim land is China - Step 2: take that land - Step 3: you take land of your own country
Evergrande boss sells mansions, jets to pay debt : worldnews
No. 2 in U.S. military reveals new details about Chinas hypersonic weapons test

New Delhi suspends coal-fired plants and closes schools indefinitely amid ongoing air pollution : worldnews

15 Armenians killed, 12 captured, as Azerbaijan launches full invasion into Southern Armenia : worldnews ... Turkey is backing Azerbaijan and Russia is backing Armenia? ... yes
Armenia and Azerbaijan agree ceasefire after border clash - Armenia | Armenia and Azerbaijan agreed on Tuesday to a ceasefire at their border, the Armenian defence ministry said, after Russia urged them to step back from confrontation following the deadliest clash since a war last year. : worldnews

Hundreds go missing in Burkina Faso amid extremist violence : worldnews

Gunmen kill at least 25 in southwest Niger : worldnews

Ethiopia: UN warns of disturbing mass arrests of Tigrayans
Starvation kills scores of children in Tigray hospitals : worldnews
There will be no airlift: U.S. urges Americans to leave Ethiopia now - The Biden administration is warning Americans in Ethiopia to evacuate immediately or risk being trapped if the civil war spreads to the capital. : worldnews

Mobile phone lines inside Sudan are cut before planned protests : worldnews

U.S. floats interim Iran nuclear deal : politics
I Had No Idea What Was To Come: Iran's Former Empress Opens Up About Prerevolutionary Memoir

Former Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu appeared in court for the first time in over half a year on Tuesday as a one-time confidant prepared to take the stand against him in a high-profile corruption case : worldnews
New Shin Bet chief said to meet with Palestinian leader Abbas in Ramallah : worldnews
Israeli Soldiers Awoke, Gathered and Illegally Recorded Palestinian Minors : worldnews
Israeli firms spyware linked to attacks on websites in UK and Middle East

Belarus announces temporary closure of oil pipeline to EU
Belaruss Lukashenko tried to use migrants as a weapon. Thats now turned against him.
Putin faces pressure over Belarus border crisis and Ukraine troop buildup : worldnews
U.S. delivers 80 tonnes of ammunition to Ukraine : worldnews
"I see no point in talking with him", Lithuanian FM baffled by Merkel-Lukashenko call : worldnews
Russia Criticizes Polish Use of Tear Gas on Migrants : worldnews

Estonia plans snap military exercise, razor wire along Russian border : worldnews

Two dozen humanitarian activists who helped migrants reach Greece three years ago face charges including espionage and criminal membership in a keenly watched trial opening Thursday on the island of Lesbos : worldnews

What a staggering gun cache discovered in one suspected neo-Nazis house says about far-right extremism in Europe
EU rights body criticizes lack of adequate data on antisemitism in Europe

Swiss government: Same-sex couples can marry starting July 1 : worldnews

Corinna Larsen used 12 firms in tax havens during her relationship with Spains Emeritus King Juan Carlos I

Queen Elizabeth II holds first public engagement since hospital stay : worldnews
Meanwhile On Normal Island : That's Rachel Johnson, sister of Boris.
Boris Johnson proposes ban on MPs working as paid consultants : worldnews
Prince Andrew's $2M loan repaid by banker, triggering calls for probe : worldnews
Amazon to stop accepting Visa credit cards in UK : worldnews

President Jair Bolsonaro brushed off controversy Tuesday over allegations his government censored questions on Brazil's high school exit exam, saying he was proud the test was now starting to "resemble this administration" : worldnews

Chiles Pinera safe after Senate votes down impeachment bid

Mexican security forces have arrested the wife of "El Mencho", Mexico's most wanted man and the leader of the feared Jalisco New Generation Cartel (CJNG). She is suspected of running the CJNG's finances.

Barbados to Become First Sovereign Nation With an Embassy in the Metaverse : worldnews

'We need to Get Our Priorities Right' : Bernie Sanders a on $778 Billion Pentagon Budget Vote ... Isn't it kinda weird how they use the annual budget when talking about the military, but the ten year cost whenever talking about anything that helps working people? ... The '1.2 trillion' the media bangs their drum over is spread across 8 years. So an average of 150 billion a year. Less than 1/5th of this years Pentagon budget.

This experience broke a lot of people : Inside State amid the Afghanistan withdrawal - The chaos that came with ending America's longest war extended to Foggy Bottom, where staff were left with psychological scars.

Wars and Rumors of Wars - Lawyers, Guns & Money Now that we are out of Afghanistan and have declared the Forever Wars over, a number of people are eagerly pushing their favorites for the next war.

Budowsky: 10 million should march on D.C., for earth and democracy : politics

Poll: Voters doubts rising about Bidens health, mental fitness just 44 percent of voters approve of Bidens job performance,and 46 percent say hesmentally fit (meanwhile, fat insane Trump ...)

Other Democratic Senators Not Buying Manchin's Inflation Swoon
Rating agencies say Bidens spending plans will not add to inflationary pressure
No, the real inflation rate isn't 15 percent - Jordan Peterson and Jack Dorsey are touting a bogus theory about the inflation rate. (speaking of expert morons)

Deere workers approve contract and end strike - The Washington Post More than 10,000 workers walked off the job in mid October for the first time since 1986 in a sign of how the pandemic has sparked new labor militancy

The New York Times gets trees wrong -- and just repeats the right-wing playbook against Build Back Better ("that fucking newspaper": tree-planting! Dem scam!)

Another day, another billionaire whining about a wealth tax : politics

5 Reasons Why Washington, D.C. Should Be a State : politics

Whos Afraid of Saule Omarova? How a Joe Biden nominee became the target of a ludicrous red-baiting campaign.

Whistleblower worries Jan. 6 committee is going easy on Capitol Police - POLITICO Theyre not going to do a real review of the Capitol Police, the person said in an interview after a 90-minute sit down with committee investigators.

Jan. 6 Court Fights Are Resurfacing Some Familiar Faces From Trump-Era Legal Battles : politics
Trump: Letting Congress Investigate Jan. 6 Violates the Sanctity of the Office I Shat on Daily for Four Years : politics
Trump Claims Releasing Documents to Jan. 6 Committee Would Have Enormous Consequences, Forever Changing the Dynamics Between Political Branches
No, Donald Trump Will Not Be Reinstated as President : politics

Stephen Bannon will plead not guilty to contempt of Congress charges : politics
Judge sentences U.S. Capitol rioter nicknamed 'QAnon Shaman' to 41 months in prison
Shaman to continue his investigation of Comet Ping Pong from behind bars - Lawyers, Guns & Money
Lindsay Beyerstein on Twitter: "To understand Jan 6, you have to think in terms of an inside game and an outside game. The inside game was to have Pence steal the election procedurally, the outside game was to terrorize potentially recalcitrant GOP reps into going along with the theft." / Twitter

Trump tells McConnell to resign if Biden social bill passes, vows to withhold endorsements : politics
The Medicaid Expansion Fight Is Proof the Republican Party Has Long Traded Human Lives for Political Points : politics

The Elite Strike Force - Lawyers, Guns & Money According to Jonathan Karls new book, Sidney Powell is somehow insane even by the standard of a lawyer willing to work for Donald Trump: ... Gina Haspel has been hurt and taken into custody in Germany ... Admittedly, the difference between this and the election conspiracy theory most elite Republicans believe or at least pretend to believe is ultimately just details.

House plans to vote Wednesday to censure Paul Gosar and strip him of 1 committee : politics
House censures Rep. Gosar for violent video in rare rebuke : news
House Censures Congressman Paul Gosar and Strips Him of Committee Assignments : politics (two fucking Refucklicans voted to censure)
Paul Gosar censured by House, strongly supported by Republican Party - Lawyers, Guns & Money
House Republicans Just Showcased What 2023 Could Look Like - No one in this parade of crazy defended Paul Gosar or his anime video on the merits, but they did demonstrate what they re all about
Ron Filipkowski on Twitter: "Gosar just retweeted the same video AGAIN. Really learned his lesson. Nice job, Kevin McCoward. Great leadership." / Twitter
Pelosi on Gosar punishment -- 'It's an emergency'
James Clyburn accuses GOP of staying silent on Gosar video: "What is that about?" : politics

After ousting Liz Cheney, Republicans prove theyre a bigger threat than 9/11 hijackers
Jarring GOP divisions come back into spotlight : politics
Former Bush lawyer Richard Painter on the Jan. 6 cover-up: "Like the mistake Weimar Germany made" | We havent faced anything this bad "since the Civil War," says former White House lawyer -- And it's getting worse
Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump had a dinner party the day after the Capitol riot, book claims (originally billed as crowning Trump dictofuck for life)

Lawyer who helped Trump try to overturn the presidential election appointed by U.S. Commission On Civil Rights to Federal Election Assistance Commission - Lawyers, Guns & Money (bipartisanship)

Catholic Bishops Drop Effort to Ban Communion for Politicians Who Support Abortion Rights - WSJ The vote was the culmination of a debate that has exposed deep ideological divisions between U.S. bishops and the Vatican (rightwing Cathofuckers lose)

Democrats Shouldnt Panic. They Should Go Into Shock. (Edsall lists 5 out of 6 bogus reasons)
Republican extremism offers a preview of possible new House majority : politics
Ari Berman: With Extreme Gerrymandering, the Republicans Are Rigging the Next Decade of Elections : politics
GOP already has enough safe seats through redistricting alone to win back House in '22
'A Damn Shame' : Ohio Senate Approves 'Extreme' Gerrymandered Map Favoring GOP
State lawmakers consider ways to keep ghost guns off the streets : politics
Evidence for a GOP takeover mounts -- Democrats must act fast

Stacey Abrams Just Gave Democrats a Blueprint for Saving Themselves | Opinion : politics

The Republican lawyer who helped Trump attempt to overturn the 2020 election was just appointed to the federal election advisory board : politics

FBI Raids Home of Elections Official Tied to QAnon Voter Fraud Scheme : politics

Trumps move of Bureau of Land Management HQ undercut diversity, watchdog finds

I saw a political disagreement at the gas pump. : pics

House GOP Lawmaker Takes Credit For Infrastructure Funding He Voted Against : politics ... Rep. Gary Palmer from Alabama. What a loser scumbag liar ... You already said he was from Alabama...
Trumps revenge tour on infrastructure vote splits Republicans in West Virginia House race

Ted Cruz's Dirty Limerick About Joe Biden Turns Him Into A Twitter Laughingstock

Cornyn says GOP might not run someone against Sinema in 2024 : politics

FBI raids home of Mesa County Clerk Tina Peters in election data breach investigation | News | - Federal, state and local authorities searched the homes of Mesa County Clerk Tina Peters and three of her associates on Tuesday as part of an investigation into accusations the elected official was involved in voting machine security breaches, according to an official who helped conduct the searches.
FBI raids home of Lauren Boeberts ex-campaign manager in Colorado election tampering probe

Trumps thirst for revenge is causing chaos in the Georgia governor's race - . Republicans in the state have told CNN they expect former Sen. David Perdue to make a decision soon about running against Kemp in next years primary, after Perdue allies floated the possibility last month.

COVID-Positive Republican Senator Charged for Inappropriately Grabbing Nurse : politics

Conservative Mom Group Puts $500 Bounty On Teachers Heads Who Teach About Systemic Racism ("Moms" funded by dark fascist money)
Texas education board considers how middle schools teach climate change and sexuality as officials fight over library books : politics
'We're Preparing For a Long Battle' : Librarians Grapple With ConservativesLatest Efforts to Ban Books

F is for fascism - Lawyers, Guns & Money Christopher Rufo, the shameless hack who has had the temerity to admit, over and over again, that he strategically fabricated the claim that something called Critical Race Theory was being imposed on Americas youth by a leftist (((cabal))) of Frankfurt School acolytes, has some ideas about what the American right wing should be doing at the moment:
The fake news sites pushing Republicans critical race theory scare
The right-wing culture war just got worse. Liberals need a better response.

How Utah Republicans weaponized redistricting. Expert says the new congressional map is a brutal gerrymander that locks Democrats out of power for a decade

Nevada man who voted twice using dead wifes ballot sentenced to probation, fined $2,000

Ohio House prepares to abolish conceal-carry license requirements under one of two bills to loosen gun restrictions : politics

Appraiser training plan for Gov. Kristi Noems daughter happened after meeting at Governors Mansion

Congress Wants Some Answers About Federal Judges Hiring The 'I hate Black people' Law School Student

Disinformation Isnt Just a Tech Problem. Its a Social One, Too.
Tuning out the news - Lawyers, Guns & Money Lili Loofbourow articulates an inchoate sensation ... She notes the massive decline in cable news ratings, which since the election are down 53% at Fox, 56% at MSNBC, and a startling 73% at CNN. Now some decline in a post-election year is to be expected, but this seems like something more. (Print and Internet media have also seen sharp although not as severe drops) ... political engagement seems increasingly pointless in a system in which essentially no consequences are visited on the very people who are destroying it:

Eschaton: America's Worst TV News Segments Andrew Sullivan on 60 Minutes.
60 Minutes Helps Andrew Sullivans Whitewashing : The blogger gets some prime time help with rewriting history

One Dakota Seems Like More Than Enough : The Northern variety brings us the latest proof that bogeymen never sleep when they're useful
Dude Process - Lawyers, Guns & Money - It's a real shock that women dont report sexual crimes: (Jesus told the white refuck judge to let the serial rapist off) ... "The real crime here is the Critical Race Theory Cohen is using to oppress rich white people." `

Racial covenants, a relic of the past, are still on the books across the country : politics

Priscilla Giddings, an Idaho state representative, shared a student interns personal information after the teenager accused another lawmaker of rape.

Murder Plot Claims, a Dog Bite, and Roger Stone: Inside Floridas Craziest Race

What Happened at Carmines A confrontation between a host and dining patrons slid neatly into every outrage narrative of 2021. Maybe a bit too neatly.

2 Men Convicted of Killing Malcolm X Will Be Exonerated - The New York Times The 1966 convictions of the men are expected to be thrown out after a lengthy investigation, validating long-held doubts about who killed the civil rights leader. (NY cops/FBI corrupt, some say)
The Crime of Malcolm X s Assassination Is Still Not Solved, But an Injustice Has Been Remedied : It's a good day when justice is served, even if the order has been delayed for decades.

Rust movie script never called for gun to be fired -Hollywood Reporter

Janet Jackson Nipplegate Doc MalfunctionTorchesJustin Timberlakes Shitty Behavior

Judge at Rittenhouse trial blasts media coverage of him : news

I love legitimate cul-choor - Lawyers, Guns & Money John McNaughton, the man who is to art what Christopher Rufo is to political theory, is back and tackier than ever:

Travis Scott Facing $750 Million Astroworld Lawsuit from 125+ Attendees : Music

Black man stomped by South Carolina officer gets $650K : news

Temple Police arrest woman seen in video throwing soup at restaurant employees face

The History Of Marvel & the Marvel Cinematic Multiverse - Comic Bento

Laser Hair Removal: Everything You Need To Know - Smart Spa Business Laser Hair Removal: Everything You Need To Know

Trauma & the LGBTQ Community: An In-Depth Look | NMW Recovery
Bioidentical HRT North Palm Beach | Androgenix LLC
FITTEAM - Health Fitness Lifestyle
Harmony Ridge Recovery Center - West Virginia
Drug Rehab Center | Addiction Treatment - Northern Illinois Recovery

Veterans and Depression: Addressing the Problem | Inland Empire TMS
Preventing Addiction: The Importance of Drug Prevention | Sourthern California Sunrise
Blog - Kingsway Recovery

Why Do We Dream? The Role Of Dreams
What Are Healing Crystals And How Do They Work? - Crystalopedia

Mental Health in College Students | D'Amore Mental Health
Anxiety in School Children: Back to School Anxiety | D'Amore

9 Critical Tips to Read Before Buying a Robotic Vacuum Cleaner undefined

A Step-By-Step Guide To Painting Your Kitchen Cabinets - Trim That Weed

eli5: why is 4/0 irrational but 0/4 is rational? : explainlikeimfive

IBM announces the worlds largest superconducting quantum computer at 127-qubits, surpassing the size of those developed at University of Science and Technology of China, as well as Googles

How your microbiome can improve your health - BBC Future

Chapel of Hatshepsut Reliefs Uncover Master-Apprentice Relationship : worldnews

Boston 1995 shoreline vs 1630 shoreline : boston
Underneath Boston: A City Built on Wood Piles Preserved by Groundwater

Meta-analysis estimates that 4.5% of the general population (or 1 in every 22 persons) is a psychopath. The prevalence of psychopathy in samples of men is more than twice than in those of women. : science
Alexithymia - Wikipedia Alexithymia is a personality trait characterized by the subclinical inability to identify and describe emotions experienced by ones self. he core characteristic of alexithymia is marked dysfunction in emotional awareness, social attachment, and interpersonal relation ... Furthermore, people with high levels of alexithymia can have difficulty distinguishing and appreciating the emotions of others, which is thought to lead to unempathic and ineffective emotional responses.[4] High levels of alexithymia occur in approximately 10% of the population

The most powerful telescope ever built is about to change how we see the universe : news

/u/Hiveul explains the social dynamics that have caused political extremism to become more common on 4chan : bestof

Centad comments on What are some common forms of sexism that men face?

wakattawakaranai comments on Why is the Christian version of stuff so fucking terrible? ... Christianity as one big toxic fandom ... It's worse, it is a gigantic fan fiction fandom. ...

How to actually store half an avocado. Ive done this, it works, mind is absolutely blown

Whats your opinion of mens rights activists?

What makes you look at a person and automatically think "trashy?"

What historical events are so absurd that they would be too strange for a fiction story or a movie? : AskReddit

Facebooks freaky new gloveReality Labs is working on clothing that helps you feel things in the metaverse.


Russia blows up old satellite, NASA boss outraged as ISS crew shelters from debris - Moscow slammed for reckless, dangerous, irresponsible weapon test
US anger at Russian anti-satellite missile test debris : worldnews
Russia confirms missile test, dismisses U.S. space debris accusations : worldnews

New Delhi air pollution is so bad, officials call for a lockdown : worldnews

Sweden prosecuting oil executives for complicity in war crimes - the first time since Nuremberg : worldnews

Just days after COP26, Biden administration plans to sell largest offshore oil and gas lease in U.S. history : worldnews

Gas prices soar as Germany suspends approval for Nord Stream 2 pipeline : worldnews

New AI tool reveals the two-decade history of misinformation by climate-science deniers. An international team of researchers has found that attacks on the reliability of climate science is the most common form of misinformation, and that misinformation targeting climate solutions is on the rise. : science

House sparrow population in Europe drops by 247m : worldnews

Wet wipes could be Banned in bid to clean up UK waterways and stop toxic tide of plastic waste : worldnews

Vancouver B.C is now completely cut off from the rest of Canada due to historic rainfall, wash outs and landslides. : worldnews

Tuesday, 11/16/21-Massachusetts reports 1,848 new confirmed and presumptive COVID-19 cases, 24 new deaths : CoronavirusMa
1,848 confirmed cases and 24 deaths. See todays COVID-19 data from Mass.

Baystate COVID-19 hospitalizations on the rise : CoronavirusMa
MassachusettsICU beds are full and not just with COVID patients, says medical transport service

8 Dead, Dozens Infected With COVID-19 Due to Outbreak at Connecticut Nursing Home
NYC Anti-Vax Protest Implodes as White Nationalists War With Locals : CoronavirusUS

Florida woman who sued for ivermectin dies from COVID : news

Pentagon Says It Can Overrule Oklahoma Guard on Vaccinations : politics

Protesters display swastika, Star of David outside Jewish politiciansoffice to oppose vaccine rules

Tucker Carlson goes full anti-vaccine with Robert F. Kennedy Jr. | Media Matters for America

Newly elected Freedom Caucus chair tests positive for COVID-19 : politics

How many Americans have coronavirus antibodies? Blood donations show vast majority do : CoronavirusUS

Covid cases are surging in Europe. America is in denial about what lies in store for it : CoronavirusUS
Dr. Fauci says Covid cases are starting to climb in some areas of the U.S. : HermanCainAward

How SARS-CoV-2 in American deer could alter the course of the global pandemic : CoronavirusMa

No vax hub willing to quit job - willing to quit me : QAnonCasualties

Already Dreading Holidays Without Her Mom (Who Died of Covid in Aug), this KY Mom May Leave Her Kids Before the Holidays . . . Unless the Kids Go Too. Whole Family Now Sick, One For the Second Time. : HermanCainAward
This one makes me sad, because she realizes her mistake too late -- an hour ago, her mother lets everyone know she's been put on a vent : Redemption Award
This guy Facebook feed made my head hurt. Heressome of the BS before covid got him.
California Snowflake accepts her HCA : HermanCainAward
Mr NoJab blogger hits the antiCovid trifecta. Girlfriend leaves him days before he dies saying "He didn't sound right". Nojab wanted to Die in comfort. Unfortunately for him, he did not. : HermanCainAward
The owner (?) of an antivax/free speech FB page caught Covid. He details his journey to recovery on his page to show how overblown Covid is. Twist ending for him. : HermanCainAward

Pfizer Will Allow Its Covid Pill to Be Made and Sold Cheaply in Poor Countries : worldnews

Germany could make COVID test or vaccine mandatory for public transport : worldnews

Egypt introduces ban on unvaccinated public sector employees : worldnews

Brazil surpasses the United States in the rate of complete vaccination : worldnews

Myanmars Suu Kyi face new charges of electoral fraud as date set for verdict
We are warriors: Women join fight against military in Myanmar

Workers from Vietnam, working for Chinese Linglong, possible victims of human trafficking in Serbia : worldnews

Taiwanese official yells go back to Hong Kong at immigrant couple
Biden tells Xi that U.S. remains committed to one China policy
China overtakes US to grab top spot in list of richest countries : worldnews
WTA demands investigation into Peng Shuais disappearance after sexual assault claims against China politician

India gets its first openly gay high court judge : worldnews

Taliban hold military parade with US-made weapons in Kabul in show of strength : worldnews

Over 1,000 people, mostly Tigrayans, detained in Ethiopia in week - UN : worldnews

Netanyahu appears in court as ex-aide prepares to take stand : worldnews
New Jewish neighborhood in West Bank threatens development of Palestinian town : worldnews
Arab men attacked by Jewish gang in Bat Yam in apparent nationalist assault : worldnews
Fortified structure is tangible evidence of Hanukkah story, archaeologists say: Weapons, coins, burnt wooden beams unearthed in Lachish Forest from building said to be part of fortified line erected by Hellenistic army to protect city from Hasmonean offensive

Repression in Putins Russia is making young activists more defiant

Armenia loses positions in deadly border clash : worldnews
Armenia asks Russia to help defend it against Azerbaijan amid border clash : worldnews

Belarus migrant crisis could be cover for Russias move against Ukraine, Lithuanian minister says
Macron tells Putin France ready to defend Ukraines territorial integrity
Poland turns water cannon on rock-throwing migrants at border : worldnews
Poland arrests 3 in connection with Death to the Jews demonstration

Hungarys Stop Soros law that criminalises helping asylum seekers infringes EU law

China took control of an Italian military drone maker without authorities knowing it : worldnews
Italian city defies China, opens exhibit by dissident artist : worldnews

Jair Bolsonaro and guns: A US culture war raging in Brazil : worldnews

Turkey arrests suspect in connection with Haitian presidents murder

Canadian Blood Services to soon recommend end to ban on gay men donating blood : worldnews
Toronto is exploring the idea of giving homeless shelter residents one year of free rent : worldnews

No War, No Problem: Senate Prepares to Shovel Another Pile of Money at the Pentagon : politics

John Roberts took live-saving insurance away from people based on an argument he didn't believe to inflict political damage on Barack Obama - Lawyers, Guns & Money

The second-biggest program in the Democerats' spending plan gives billions to the rich - Raising the state and local tax deduction cap would primarily benefit the top 10 percent of income earners.

Black leaders applaud Bidens infrastructure signing, but make clear there's more work to be done
Death threats, tweets jolt GOP infrastructure supporters : politics

Biden owes his core voters student loan forgiveness | Forget Congress Biden needs to nix student loans

Trumps defense secretary says his goal was to stop him from using the military against Americans in the days before, the day of, and the days after the election
Trump allies pressed Defense Department to help overturn election, new book says : politics

U.S. judge to hear House bid to get Trump tax returns : politics

Trump adviser Steve Bannons indictment and arrest are a win for the rule of law - Future legal wrangling aside, its worth pausing to consider what just happened
Unhinged Republicans Threaten Retribution Over Bannon Indictment | Theyre vowing to hit Biden aides with frivolous subpoenas if they take over the House, despite Biden aides not having anything to do with a violent insurrection.
Despite House Republican enthusiasm for going after Biden aides using the ex-Trump advisers contempt charges as precedent, payback won't be easy.
The GOPs Next Coordinated Attempt to Steal an Election Wont Be So Amateurish
With a tweet, Donald Trump fired the official who said there was no election fraud : politics
New anti-election memo from Team Trump comes into sharper focus : politics

Opinion: Democrats are on course to lose in 2022 and 2024. If they do, we may lose our democracy. : politics

Opinion: Anatomy of a Republican lie: A new GOP attack on Biden gives away the game : politics

Jenna Ellis' memo on stealing the 2020 election holds a lesson for Democrats
In Another Trump Book, a Journalists Belated Awareness Steals the Show

Americans broadly support Supreme Court upholding Roe v. Wade and oppose Texas abortion law, Post-ABC poll finds : politics
In two weeks the SCOTUS will hear arguments in Dobbs v. Jacksons Womens Health. This case involves Mississippis attempt to ban almost all abortions after 15 weeks of gestation. The law is obviously in direct conflict with Roe v. Wade, and with Casey, the 1994 case that upheld Roe on the basis of stare decisis, aka considerations of precedent.

Trump makes racist claim McConnell was working with China because he has an Asian-American wife

Tucker Carlsons Jan. 6 Documentary Is His Most Nakedly Fascist Piece Of Propaganda Yet

Michigan GOP Official Hosted Podcast With White Nationalist : politics

Wyoming GOP votes to no longer recognize Cheney as a Republican : politics
The revolution devours its children - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Beto O'Rourke will run against anti-LGBTQ extremist to be governor of Texas

Audit finds Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds misused COVID funds for salaries

Clueless Kyrsten Sinema claims credit for infrastructure bill after holding up Biden agenda | Twitter quickly reacted to Sen. Kyrsten Sinemas grandstanding == and users weren't kind.

Conservative White Parents Want the Freedom to Ban Books - Around the country, conservative parents are merging moral panics about critical race theory and queerness into one noxious package. : politics
Teachers & parents rip school board to shreds for suggesting a public book burning. "If you have a worldview that can be undone by a novel, let me suggest that the problem is not the novel." : politics
Moms group puts $500 bountyon teachers who teach divisive concepts
Rights cynical attack on critical race theory: Old racist poison in a new bottle
How a rural Pa. attack on LGBTQ speech backfired : politics
New North Dakota Law Makes It Illegal to Teach About Systemic Racism : politics
North Dakota bans something not being taught in its schools because parents are concerned that political bias may intrude on the education of their children - Lawyers, Guns & Money

In 102 anti-trans bills in 7 states, the word "transgender" appears just 7 times. Its not an accident.

Key Republican voter fraud claim to collapse in a Nevada courtroom : politics

California Democratic Rep. Jackie Speier latest high profile Democrat not running for reelction : politics

Lauren Boebert compares trans healthcare to grafting aborted babies ... to lab rats

Whitmire: Hubbard still pulling strings from prison, tapes reveal - Speaker of the House Rep. Mike Hubbard, R-Auburn, on the floor of the House of Representatives Tuesday, Feb. 9, 2016

Maryland Mayor Accused of Posting Revenge Porn to r/needysluts Reddit Forum: Mayor Andrew Bradshaw of Cambridge, Maryland was just charged with 50 counts of distributing revenge porn. : politics (white christian refuck, of course)

Activision CEO Bobby Kotick Knew for Years About Sexual-Misconduct Allegations at Videogame Giant - WSJ Top executive didnt inform board of some reports, including alleged rapes; company faces multiple regulatory investigations

A totally new paradigm - Lawyers, Guns & Money If you like the idea of Bari U, youll love Alaska Pacific University!

What's the Future of Outdoor Dining in New York? - As the city debates a plan to make outdoor dining permanent, vocal opposition is growing in affluent, restaurant-rich neighborhoods like the West Village.

Marilyn Manson is accused of locking women in a small, soundproof glass enclosure he called the Bad Girls Room, report says

Remember the probate judge in SC who was caught on video rummaging and taking things from a dead mans home? Turns out the sherif has been covering for her for nearly a year.

Upcoming Beaver Moon Eclipse Will be the Longest Lunar Eclipse in 580 Years

New neuroscience study finds neighborhood disadvantage is linked to altered brain maturation in adolescence. Results essentially showed the children who grew up in disadvantaged neighborhoods had brains that looked older than was typical for their age during early adolescence : science

Researchers have produced an optical lattice of atoms that can generate sound, a previously unachieved feat. This opens up new avenues for quantum simulation of previously inaccessible phenomena in solid-state materials and potentially give rise to completely new physics with no analog elsewhere. : science

Alzheimers vaccine step closer after new treatment reverses memory loss

ELI5 why is the appendix removed instead of treated with antibiotics? : explainlikeimfive

About 20% of 4,154 U.S. job seekers in one study lied about attending or graduating from college. They most often claim to have degrees in business, social sciences and humanities. Researchers say this is because these degrees have few specific and verifiable skills, making it harder to verify. : science

Coffee & tea drinking may be associated with reduced rates of stroke & dementia. drinking 2 to 3 cups of coffee and 2 to 3 cups of tea per day was associated with a 32% lower risk of stroke & a 28% lower risk of dementia. : science

TIL The word "Dude," originally referring to fastidious men, probably came from a shortening of "Yankee Doodle." : todayilearned

ELI5: When memorizing people are told to memorize in chunks (7 chunks is what I always heard as a kid) because information outside those chunks are harder to recall. If so, why is it easy for most people to memorize complete songs? : explainlikeimfive

Today I learned Buffalo is a complete sentence, no matter how many times it is in a sentence, from 1 to infinity.... : todayilearned

Les Stroud, of Survivorman, has made a series on how to survive natural disasters such as floods and tornadoes, and hes putting it on Youtube for free

What is the most f****d-up quote from the Bible? : AskReddit

META Goes Into Lockdown | After a flood of leaks, the company formerly known as Facebook is getting more secretive : technology


Russian anti-satellite missile test: US 'won't tolerate' 'reckless and dangerous act' - CNNPolitics

A volcano that destroyed an entire town in Colombia with the death of some 25,000 people spewed ash and gas this weekend on the 36th anniversary of that devastating eruption. The Nevado del Ruiz volcano showed "noticeable" activity starting Saturday

Australian Government rejects key COP26 objectives hours after agreeing to them in Glasgow : worldnews

The cost of saving a U.S. coastal town from rising sea levels is enormous : science

Fando1234 comments on Susan Crockford fired after finding polar bears thriving despite climate change
How are polar bears doing 15 years after the IUCN declared them 'vulnerable' to extinction?

Massachusetts - 5,248 new cases - 819,302 cases total - 11/14/2021 Case Updates : CoronavirusMa
In first COVID-19 report since Friday, Mass. reports 5,248 confirmed cases and 24 deaths

Michigan reports 21,034 new COVID-19 cases, 95 deaths over 3 days : Coronavirus (pop. ~10M)

Why does CVS Mychart not show my booster? And how can I export it to MGH? : CoronavirusMa

COVID patients taking antidepressant may have lower death risk - The Boston Globe About 9.8% of the 470 Covid-19 patients in the study who were taking fluoxetine, also sold under the brand name Prozac, died. Thats compared to over 13% of patients with similar characteristics not receiving any antidepressants.

UK firm to trial T-cell Covid vaccine that could give longer immunity : worldnews
50 percent of people who survive covid-19 face lingering symptoms, study finds : Coronavirus

The Trump Administration Created Its Own Reality on the Pandemic and Failed the Country : politics
/u/The_Lonely_Satirist extensively demonstrates how the Trump administration fucked up their response to the COVID pandemicin regards to newly released documents.

Families fight over covid vaccines as Thanksgiving approaches - The Washington Post

DeSantis set to convene special session to block vaccine mandates : politics

[Politifact] Green Bay Packers Aaron Rodgers said,This idea that its the pandemic of the unvaccinated, it's just a total lie. That's false. Unvaccinated people are more than five times more likely than vaccinated people to catch COVID-19, and over 10 times more likely to be hospitalized or die.

OC : HermanCainAward - Rapture Virus
Teacher whose husband sued hospital for refusing to use ivermectin dies. (Reposted with neutral title.) : HermanCainAward

Austrian police carry out routine checks as unvaccinated enter lockdown : worldnews

Dutch extreme right-wing politican Baudet calls unvaccinated people the new Jews, claiming the people who condone this are nazis

Maori tribe tells anti-vaxxers to stop using haka : worldnews

WHO calls distribution of Covid boosters a scandal as poor nations struggle to get first shots

Bird flu spreads in Europe and Asia : worldnews

Australia yet to grant a single humanitarian visa for fleeing Afghans, Senate hears : worldnews

No absolute monarchy: Thousands of Thais march for royal reforms

US journalist Danny Fenster released from Myanmar prison : worldnews

Global wealth surges as China overtakes US to grab top spot: McKinsey report : worldnews
China has vowed to punish diehard politicians supporting Taiwan
Wimbledon champion Peng Shuai disappears after accusing Chinese politician of abuse : worldnews
Fortnite inaccessible in China as developer pulls the plug : worldnews

Indian police kill 26 Maoist militants, including a senior leader : worldnews
Minor married girl raped by 400 people in 6 months in Indias Beed, 3 arrested including policemen

Explosion Reported In Kabul Say Residents : worldnews

An attack by insurgents killed 19 Burkina Faso military police and a civilian on Sunday in the tri-border northern region where the West African nation is battling Islamist militants. The attack happened at a military police outpost near a gold mine in Inata : worldnews

We just dropped on 50 women and children: US military covered up airstrike that killed dozens of civilians in Syria during ISIS final stand

First joint naval exercise by Israel and Gulf states signals Iran worries : worldnews
Hacker group Moses Staff leak new, sensitive Israeli military data
Israel to ask donor countries to restore payments to Palestinians : worldnews
South African Government withdraws support for Miss SA Pageant amid Miss Universe controversy in Israel : worldnews
BTselem accuses Israel of using settler violence as tool to oust Palestinians

NATO warns Russia over Ukraine military build-up : worldnews
UK must be ready for war with Russia, says armed forces chief : worldnews

Belarus must be held accountable for human trafficking, Baltic states say : worldnews
Warsaw in talks with Lithuania, Latvia on triggering NATOs Article 4, Polish PM says
EU moves to add airlines, others to Belarus sanctions list : worldnews

New anti-corruption party expected to win Bulgarias election

The Queen is very well says Boris Johnson amid growing concern over monarchs health
Shell plans to move headquarters to the UK : worldnews (from the Netherlands, which Shell is drowning)
Three arrested under Terrorism Act after car blast at Liverpool Womens Hospital
Hero taxi driver reportedly locked suicide bomber in his car as he was trying to reach Liverpool Remembrance Day service : worldnews
Thousands of red UK phone boxes to be protected from closure : worldnews

Homicide victim identified as man accused in high-profile sexual assault case : worldnews

Packed ports and empty shelves: Inside the issues behind the U.S. supply chain crisis : politics

The White House needs a better plan to curb misinformation pronto, commission argues : politics

Biden signs $1 trillion bipartisan infrastructure bill into law, unlocking funds for transportation, broadband, utilities : politics
Democrats expect to pass $1.75T Biden package this week : politics
Analysis: Trump is in full attack mode as Biden celebrates a victory that eluded him : politics

Schiff: Steele Dossier conclusion of Russia assisting Trump turned out to be all too true

Trump ally Bannon taken into custody on contempt charges : politics
Longtime Trump Ally Steve Bannon Taken Into Federal Custody on Contempt Charges, Will Appear Before Judge Later Monday : politics
Adam Schiff: Steve Bannon Indictment Will Without A Doubt Sway Others
GLEM #FreeKyle on Twitter: "Whether you support Steve Bannon (whom I have never spoken on the phone with) or you do not, you have to admit that this is what pure bravery, in the face of jack-booted liberal thuggery, look like. Kudos for standing tall against true government oppression!" / Twitter

Stephen Miller, Come on Down! Jan. 6 Committee Drops Another Round of Subpoenas on Trump World : politics

'Terrorists' at the Border? To Please Donald Trump, Homeland Security Tweaked Reports : politics
Opinion: A newly disclosed memo reveals Trumps plot to turn the military into his personal goon squad

Trump screamed at Chris Christie during 2020 debate prep after the former governor brought up Jared Kusher and Ivanka Trump profiting off of their White House jobs: book : politics
Chris Christie Reveals Trumps Bonkers Question When Sick With Coronavirus ... "Are you going to say you got it from me?"
Trump said he wouldn't dispute reports that he called Pence 'a pussy' on Jan. 6 for refusing to challenge the 2020 election results
Trump blasts ex-Pence aide after she said he admitted he lost : politics
Trump called January 6 a very beautiful time with extremely loving and friendly people in a March 2021 interview for a new book
McConnell sought to disinvite Trump from Bidens inauguralAccording to a new book from Jonathan Karl, Trump got wind of the plan and preemptively announced he wasnt attending

Washingtons mystery mansion buyer unmasked : THIS COULD BE MAGA WORLDS NEW D.C. MEETING SPOT (Vampire Thhel)

Republicans Gain Heavy House Edge in 2022 as Gerrymandered Maps Emerge - On a highly distorted congressional map that is still taking shape, the party has added enough safe House districts to capture control of the chamber based on its redistricting edge alone. : politics
US mid-term terror for Democrats as poll gives Republicans biggest lead for 40 years : politics
Truth: Democrats have a white voter problem : politics

Bad religion - Lawyers, Guns & Money

American democracy is on the treadmill of doom: How do we get off? : politics

Paul Gosar doubles down on cartoon showing AOC being killed: "Nothing hateful"

Wyoming GOP votes to stop recognizing Cheney as a Republican

How the Texas ban on most abortions is harming survivors of rape and incest : politics ... "A Republican politician who was defending a new abortion bill claimed rape and incest could all be part of God's will"

Beto ORourke says hes running for Texas governor

Patrick Leahy (D-VT) announces he will not run for re-election : politics
Better late than never, but also better on time than late - Lawyers, Guns & Money ... His late performance as chair of the Judiciary Committee was one of the clearest examples of how even fairly liberal elite Senate Dems either had no idea what they were dealing with or didnt care because the Precious Arbitrary Norms of the Senate were more important than any other consideration. (fucking geezers)
Vermont is the only state in the nation that has never sent a woman to Congress. Leahys retirement from the Senate is likely to change that

Hes nuts and hes got a vendetta: Cuomo wont leave New York alone

Alex Jones Liable in Sandy Hook Defamation Suits - The New York Times A Connecticut judges ruling combines with decisions in Texas to grant a clean sweep for families of shooting victims in their cases against the Infowars host.
The defamatory style of American wingnuttery - Lawyers, Guns & Money

The Jolt: Book ban battle headed for Georgia General Assembly

Inside Felicia Sonmezs War Against the Washington Post Why was a reporter punished for speaking up about sexual assault? (all roads lead to Marty)

Andrew Sullivan and the Narrative of the MSM Narrative -- The narrative on MSM narratives is false : Over the weekend Andrew Sullivan published a jeremiad against "the mainstream media" that tracks pretty closely with the Matt Taibbi-Glenn Greenwald-Bari Weiss view: that one of Americas most pressing concerns is woke activists at the New York Times. (the usual idiots)
Eschaton: The CBS Phrenology Hour Dont care what he said on 60 Minutes last night, but Andrew Sullivan has been a proud skull measuring racist for almost 30 years now and that, of course, makes him irresistible to the people who run our prominent news outlets. (Sullifucker)

Two Top Advisers Resign From Anti-Cancel Culture University of AustinRobert Zimmer and Steven Pinker announced they would be stepping down from the University of Austins advisory board on Monday. (haha, Stinker bails on Bari)
Ive Heard You Have Some Questions About the New University My Friends and I Are Starting

Harvard University and the Vietnam War - Wikipedia
Students Occupy University Hall, Eject Deans, Staff from Offices | News | The Harvard Crimson
Harvard Students Occupy University Hall
Participants recall the Harvard bust and strike, and its aftermath | Harvard Magazine Recalling a time of trial, and its continuing resonances (Frank Rich, among others)
Fake News, 1969: My Infamous Role in the Harvard Antiwar Protests | The New Yorker (Kweskin and Morrison on Green St)
A Radical Reunion: Harvards Student Strikers, 50 Years Later - By Katha Pollitt ... Along with the anthropologist Jack Stauder, I believe Rawls and Putnam were the only tenured professors who openly supported the strike ... "Harvard is a corporation first and a university second"

Can lucid dreaming help us understand consciousness? | Consciousness | The Guardian

IBM says its new quantum chip cant be simulated by classic supercomputers

Superconductivity occurs when electrons in a metal pair up. Scientists in Germany have now discovered that electrons can also group together into families of four, creating a new state of matter and potentially a new type of superconductivity and technologies such as quantum sensors. : science

"Cell Reports" study finds rapid antidepressant action associated with ketamine is because of specific synaptic effects. The hope now is that targeting this pathway can lead to a new class of therapeutics that also provide rapid relief. : science

TIL That wolves and ravens have a special relationship. When ravens find a dead animal they make a lot of noise to draw the attention of wolves, which then provide carrion for the ravens. Experts think that individual ravens often develop special bonds with individual wolves within a pack. : todayilearned

TIL Many Biblical scholars believe Jesus was not born in 0BC, but rather 4-6BC, even though was named to be Jesus' birth year. Since Jesus age at death and date of crucifixion are more easily estimated from historical records, many theologians assume the original calculations were off.

Discovering the Oldest Figural Paintings on Earth | The New Yorker ... the painting of the warty pig was at least 45,500 years old. This makes it the oldest known example of figurative cave art in the world.

Red wine induces psychological states characterized by bliss, a focus on the present moment, an enhanced fascination with ones surroundings, and a softening of the differentiation between oneself and the environment when consumed in a tranquil environment, according to new research.

Consuming grapes significantly increases the diversity of gut bacteria, decreases cholesterol levels as well as bile acids which play an integral role in cholesterol metabolism, according to a new pilot study published in the journal Nutrients. : science

TIL that for a healthy (reduced chance of cancer) prostate later in life, men are to ejaculate around 20+ times per month : todayilearned

Guess whos evolving

What is a terrible trend found in new home design? : AskReddit

u/CaroleBaskinCat explains what she thinks happened to her missing husband in a live AMA : bestof

Buneary100 comments on A still image would not have done this justice.

The Behaviors and Attitudes of U.S. Adults on Twitter | Pew Research Center A minority of Twitter users produce a majority of tweets from U.S. adults, and the most active tweeters are less likely to view the tone or civility of discussions as a major problem on the site

Facebook, now Meta, just got hit with its first major lawsuit since a whistleblower exposed a trove of internal documents : technology


Thunberg denounces COP26 deal, UN chief warns catastrophe close
Deeply sorry COP26 president breaks down as action on coal is watered down in climate deal

India tries to block coal phaseout from COP26 deal : worldnews
Schools in New Delhi to close for a week amid severe air pollution crisis : worldnews

Egypt: Scorpions kill three and injure hundreds in Aswan : worldnews

Australias last two flamingos get new lease of life ... They are stuffing the dead birds and putting them on display.

Broad Institute researcher wants to fade into obscurity, but first she hopes her COVID book is a bestseller - The Boston Globe ... Eighteen months ago, Alina Chan co-wrote an explosive paper that said scientists should investigate the possibility that a virus from a laboratory in China caused the pandemic.

Analysis: Flu shots uptake is now partisan. It didnt use to be

Covid misinformation spreads because so many Americans are awful at math - The Washington Post On a scale ranking skills from Level 1 to Level 5, with Level 5 the highest, 60 percent of Americans were at Level 2 or below, and almost 30 percent were at Level 1, which meant they struggled with even two-step calculations

We Outnumber Them - Lawyers, Guns & Money According to KFF, 72% of the adult population is vaccinated. Sixteen percent say definitely not and that number has been decreasing since mandates have been put in place ... The anti-vaxxers are part of a small anti-government movement that includes militias sovereign citizens, and other kooks. Because they are willing to be loud and violent, and because the media get off on covering them, they look stronger than they are. (or maybe ...)

Texas Republican state Sen. Bob Hall says people should avoid the COVID-19 vaccine : politics

Texas woman allegedly started fight over husbands mask on flight to SFO

Texas Snowflake accepts his HCA : HermanCainAward
Mother declares she will never vaccinate her child, the poor kid gets hospitalized with COVID pneumonia : HermanCainAward
Pro-vaxx daughter almost died from COVID in July 2020, before vaccines were approved. She loses both anti-vaxx parents to COVID in 2 weeks. ER Nurse mom, 49, dies Oct 31st. Dad, 52, dies Nov 13th. : HermanCainAward
That's it. Change the name of this sub. Found me a god damn winner here y'all : HermanCainAward
What happens when Prayer Warriors take too many breaks from chanting mumbo-jumbo : HermanCainAward
Anti-vax friend posted this on social media. I cant believe what these people think they are representing. : HermanCainAward
Left-wing anti-vaxxers don't get a free pass either. Info in comments. : HermanCainAward (RFKjr)

My Brother is Qcult. He and his wife contracted Covid. : QAnonCasualties

Operation Rampdown: Codename revealed in Government papers to dismantle key Covid measures next year : worldnews

Austria set to place millions of unvaccinated people in lockdown, as chancellor slams 'shameful' shot uptake

Japan Confirms This Seasons 2nd Bird Flu Outbreak

Australian women invasively examined on Qatar flight set to sue after being ignored

Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte to run against daughter in VP race : worldnews

Former Japanese princess moves to New York with newlywed husband : worldnews
Japanese-Korean-Turkish language group traced to farmers in ancient China : worldnews

US, China trade stern warnings over Taiwan ahead of Biden-Xi summit : worldnews
Chinas Xi Jinping rewrites history to secure his political future

Afghanistan: Deadly explosion hits mainly Shia suburb of Kabul : worldnews

Have started supplying S-400 missile systems to India - Russian official : worldnews
Attempts to decapitate Mahatma Gandhi statue a day after being unveiled by the Prime Minister : worldnews
Maharashtra: Motherless minor girl married off by father, raped by 400 people including cop over 6 months : worldnews ... India is a country where cows are sacred, but a young girl can be raped by 400 people, and nobody sees the irony.

Forces loyal to Yemens internationally recognized government have withdrawn from the strategic port city of Hodeida, allowing the rebels to retake key positions there, Yemeni officials and the United Nations said

Sudan security forces kill five anti-coup protesters, medics say : worldnews

Gaddafis son registers to run in Libyas presidential election

Sold for $450m to Saudi prince, Salvator Mundi deemed not painted by Leonardo

U.S. military hid airstrikes that killed dozens of civilians in Syria -NYT : worldnews (your super-corrupt massively over-funded military)
Task Force 9 - Lawyers, Guns & Money The Times report on the bombing of civilians in Syria in March 2019 has a number of facets. Scott touched on some of them. It was an independently operating, secret task force that ordered the bombing ... It looks like Task Force 9 is unaccountable even to the military. Thats no way to run an army.

IDF temporarily blocks left-wing activists from West Bank Palestinian village: Army prevents Israelis from reaching Susiya for several hours under rarely used legal order; hamlet was site of disturbance by right-wing settlers last weekend : worldnews

Ukraine says Russia has nearly 100,000 troops near its border : worldnews
Bosnia: UK minister says Russias hand at play in brewing crisis experts fear could lead to another war
Poland Warns of Possible Border Breakthrough as EU Prepares to Sanction Belarus - The Moscow Times : worldnews
Polish Nationalists Burn German Flags in State-Sanctioned March : worldnews

Norwegian Undersea Surveillance Network Had Its Cables Mysteriously Cut : worldnews

Canada withdrawing non-essential staff from Haitian embassy amid security concerns : worldnews

First Nations in Ontario could receive billions in back-rent after court ruling : worldnews
Protesters gather at Air Canada headquarters, demand CEOs removal over French language skills

Post-ABC poll: Economic discontent rises, Biden approval declines - The Washington Post

Press Secretary Jen Psaki returns to work after Covid-19 - "I remain incredibly grateful for the vaccine for keeping me safe and other people in my house safe as well," she said. : politics

Newly Released Documents Show Exactly How Trump Admin. Undermined CDC During Pandemic : politics ... When reporters asked Dr. Atlas whether he felt any responsibility, he declined to comment, but shrugged.
The Trump White House silenced health experts trying to warn the public about COVID-19, new testimony says : politics
The 5th Circuit sets its sights on the vaccine-and-testing mandate and much more than that

Pence was disloyal at exactly the right time: author Jonathan Karl on the Capitol attack
Jan. 6 probe threatens fragile Trump-Pence peace : politics
Kayleigh McEnanys notebooks could be a smoking gun in Capitol riot probe: analyst (Trump's martial law speech after Pence and Pelosi got hanged)

Trump Encouraged Staff To Break The Law, Says Former Press Secretary : politics ... "badge of honor" ... It was a joke in the White House. The president used to say to us, You know whos in charge of the Hatch Act? Its me, [so] go ahead, say whatever you want to say.
Ex-press secretary Stephanie Grisham says 'paranoid' Trump had off the books meetings to keep details out of archives

Republicans Saying Trump Likely to Be Reinstated by Years End Jumps to 28 Percent
Terrifying for American democracy: is Trump planning for a 2024 coup?
Rep. Anthony Gonzalez: The cold hard truth is Donald Trump led usinto a ditch on January 6

Fight over Jan. 6 subpoena may test Trumps drain-the-clock court tactic
Meanwhile, Steve Bannon Is Reminding Everyone That the Right Is Very Much Trying to Destroy Democracy : politics
Schiff says Jan. 6 committee preparing to refer Meadows for criminal contempt charges

Michael Flynn faces backlash after saying America should only have one religion : politics

Trumps Selling Prized Washington, D.C., Hotel for $375 Million - WSJ

Special Report: Reuters unmasks Trump supporters who terrified U.S. election workers : politics
Donald Trump urges primary campaigns against GOP RINOs, sellouts,and known losers
> Republican Senate candidates threaten to offset good environment for the party in midterms. - The Washington Post

Truth: Democrats have a white voter problem : politics

More Republican leaders try to ban books on race, LGBTQ issues : politics
GOP governor cracks down on school libraries after being enraged by "Gender Queer" memoir

Angry, Violent, Toxic: how extremists are drowning out local California governments : politics

State Supreme Court judge who stepped in front of train seeks return to bench : politics

Opinion | How much time will you spend commuting back to the office? Try our calculator. - Washington Post

Will Real Estate Ever Be Normal Again? - The New York Times In Austin and cities around the country, prices are skyrocketing, forcing regular people to act like speculators. When will it end?

Opinion | Another state, another clergy sex abuse scandal - The Washington Post In Nebraska, the hair-raising details of Attorney General Doug Petersons report reflect the depth of the churchs arrogance and impunity.

How many tenured humanities professors want to quit? - Lawyers, Guns & Money ... How many of us understood what we were embarking upon when we decided to become professors? How could we even grasp the accelerating rate of change in higher education: neoliberal managerial approaches; part-time, no-benefit, transient adjunct teaching; the uncapping of mandatory retirement and the graying of the profession; ... One consequence is that personal misery is structural in the humanistic disciplines: feeling both entitled and powerless is one of the foundations of its culture of grievance, outrage, and despair.

Howard students are living in tents to avoid the mold, roach and mice infestation in their dorms : news

Britney Spears vows to sue her father for abuseafter being freed

Marilyn Manson: The Monster Hiding in Plain Sight

Ghost Guns : Firearm Kits Bought Online Fuel Epidemic of Violence : They are untraceable, assembled from parts and can be ordered by gang members, felons and even children. They are increasingly the lethal weapon of easy access around the U.S., but especially California.

Foreskin Found To Be Extraordinarily Innervated Sensory Tissue in Recent Histological Study - Most Sensitive Part Of The Penis

TIL that G. Murray Levick, the first scientist to study Adeie penguins in Antarctica (1911-12) was so horrified by their "sexual depravity" that he wrote about it in Greek so that "only an educated gentleman would understand the horrors he had witnessed

New research shows that humans were a crucial and chronic driver of population declines of woolly mammoths, having an essential role in the timing and location of their extinction. The study also refutes a prevalent theory that climate change alone decimated woolly mammoth populations. : science

People who ate higher amounts of red meat and animal fat had an increased the risk of stroke while those who ate more vegetable fat or polyunsaturated fat had a lowered risk, according to a new 27-year study : science

MIT neuroscientists have shown that human neurons have a much smaller number of ion channels than expected, compared to the neurons of other mammals, this reduction in channel density may have helped the human brain evolve to operate more efficiently : science

Study: Reddits popularity and ability to facilitate discussion on specific stigmatizing topics such as fentanyl misuse aid in both the timely and targeted outreach to fentanyl misusers. This in turn satisfies need to identify individuals for harm reduction interventions, while maintaining privacy.

Murder attempt survivors, what happened? : AskReddit

What is the saddest film ever made? : AskReddit


The Longest Lunar Eclipse of the Century is Coming Next Week : worldnews

Climate change: rhetoric v. reality - Lawyers, Guns & Money David Wallace-Wells highlights what seems to have happened at the big climate change conference in Glasgow, which is a lot of inspired speechifying (Boris Johnson has sounded quite a bit like Greta Thunberg), and not much in terms of concrete political action:

China and Saudi Arabia are among a group of countries seeking to prevent the UN climate deal in Scotland from including language that opposes fossil fuel subsidies : worldnews

COP26: Carbon footprint of COP26 in Glasgow more than double that of COP25 : worldnews
Cop26 guards slept in 40-person dorm at Gleneagles despite Covid fears. Staff guarding delegates at five-star venue were asked to sleep on cots in cramped hotel lounge where they also ate meals

India's top court says New Delhi air pollution situation is very serious

40 Million People Rely on the Colorado River. It's Drying Up Fast.

Shib under direct attack by rival anti-memecointhat has soared 21,000x in one month

Gene that doubles risk of respiratory failure from COVID identified by Oxford University scientists : worldnews

Anti-VAX State Senator infected with Covid, begs for help, stranded in El Salvador : worldnews
Anti-VAX State Senator, stranded with Covid infection, begs for help from El Salvador : politics

Fact check: Viral video purporting to show vaccinated womans plane tantrum is fake ... Facts First: The viral video is a staged scene from a professional film. The tantrum-throwing woman is an actor, as is the supposed pilot who challenges her at the end of the video. The video was produced by a man known as Prince Ea, an entertainer and creator of online content who has a history of using authentic-sounding titles about hot-button social issues to get people to watch his scripted footage.

Anti-vaxxers showing up to municipal meetings wearing yellow stars, Kansas : pics

Antivaxxercollects her award. She leaves behind a husband sick with Covid and a bunch of deluded antivaxxer friends. Perhaps this will be a wake up call but I doubt it
Aging goth rocker prematurely taunts the devil: I'm still here alive and well not this year Satan He joins two other band members that passed from Covid. Bonus sighting of the actual Warriors.
This mans opinion on COVID was Give mefreedom or death! His funeral is tomorrow.
HCA winner exposes friends and family to extremest content and Covid. Wife makes it out of the hospital and our recipient does not. He leaves behind a widow, children, and grandchildren. (Reposted due to forgotten redaction) : HermanCainAward
Frightening article - a must read for anyone taking COVID lightly. : HermanCainAward

Covid cases surge in Europe prompting nations to bring in new restrictions : worldnews

Cuba rejected a donation of one million doses of a COVID-19 vaccine from the U.S. : worldnews

As Merkel urges unvaccinated to reconsider, German army prepares to step in : worldnews

Coronavirus digest: Austria to tighten the screwson unvaccinated

Latvia bans unvaccinated lawmakers from voting, docks pay : worldnews

Covaxin, Indias homegrown COVID jab, highly efficacious: Study

Australian PM says he has never lied while in public office : worldnews ... He literally just did!

Daughter of Philippine President Duterte files candidacy for Vice President : worldnews

Hong Kong ousts Economist journalist Sue-Lin Wong without explanation, in latest blow to press freedom : worldnews
China warns U.S. not to support Taiwan independence - Chinese foreign ministry : worldnews
Mainland China crackdown. Private tutoring guru closes 1,500 schools. : worldnews

A 23-year-old man has been arrested in India for allegedly threatening to rape the infant daughter of the countrys cricket captain because he lost game against archrival Pakistan

UK Special forces hid evidence of Afghan killings : worldnews

Tigray fighters raped, beat women in Ethiopia - Amnesty International : worldnews

How the U.S. Hid an Airstrike That Killed Dozens of Civilians in Syria - The New York Times The military never conducted an independent investigation into a 2019 bombing on the last bastion of the Islamic State, despite concerns about a secretive commando force.
The Peace President gave Syria his non-interventionist mindset good and hard - Lawyers, Guns & Money -- Donald Trump, enemy of the Deep State and American imperialism:

U.S. officials: Iran likely did not order drone attack on Iraqi leader : worldnews
Palestinians Say Israeli NSO Spyware Found on Three Senior Officials Phones

TIL that on average, every 40 minutes in Russia a woman is killed by her partner. : todayilearned ... 26 times as much per capita as US

Russia says its not planning an invasion as the US and others raise concerns about troop buildup near Ukraine
Migrants Say Belarusians Took Them to E.U. Border and Supplied Wire Cutters : worldnews
Belarus ARMS migrants: Troops give tear gas to desperate refugees, tear down fences and try to blind Polish soldiers with lasers in new escalation of border warfare : worldnews
Two Russians soldiers die in Belarus during exercises near Poland border : worldnews
Team of 10 UK soldiers sent to Poland to assist on Belarus border | Military : worldnews
West at risk of conflict with Russia, Britains army chief says
Putin Says U.S., NATO Moves In Black Sea Serious Challenge For Russia

Kaczynski invites Salvini, Orban and other right-wing leaders for talks on EU future

Death to Jew Polish nationalists shout at rally while burning book about Jews in Poland

Greece takes 2 activists to court for rescuing migrants : worldnews

42 women have filed a complaint against Opus Dei to the Vatican for alleged labor exploitation, as well as abuse of power and of conscience. : worldnews

PortugalsCatholic Church to set up committee to investigate child sex abuse

New Caledonias separatists call for boycott of December independence vote

Macron defence staffer allegedly raped after Elysee Palace party
French teenage jogger admits lying about kidnap escape : worldnews
What lies beneath: the secrets of Frances top serial killer expert (serial liar)

British MPs claimed1.6 million on first-class train travel since 2017, using a loophole to avoid rules meant to keep them in standard class
The suspected child trafficking victims facing removal from Britain : worldnews
Number of migrants crossing Channel to UK tops 1,000 in new daily record : worldnews
Jes Staley exchanged 1,200 emails with Epstein that included unexplained phrases | Financial Times - messages between former Barclays boss and sex offender

Ecuadorian court freezes ex-presidents bank account in probe
Ecuador battle between prison gangs leaves at least 68 dead : news

Alberta Education pulls document recommending students also learn positive Nazi economic policies : worldnews

The Truck Driver Shortage Doesnt Exist. Saying There Is One Makes Conditions Worse for Drivers

The Growing Election Sabotage Movement : politics

Fox & Friends Deceptively Edits Biden to Tar Him as Racist

The January 6 committee just got *a lot* more powerful : politics
January 6 committee considers holding Mark Meadows in criminal contempt for not complying with subpoena : politics
Former Trump chief of staff Mark Meadows fails to show for Jan. 6 committee deposition, prompting calls to hold him in contempt : politics
Opinion | Fresh reporting on Jan. 6 is a powerful rebuke to those minimizing events of that terrible day : politics

"Trump" Was Named in 1,200 Homeland Security Threat Reports Before the Election : politics

I was thinking about trying to stab a person: Rep Ruben Gallego on how his US Marine instincts kicked in during Capitol riot
Trump-Donating Ex-CEO Who Threw A Chair During Capitol Riot Sentenced To Prison : politics
Lonnie Coffman, 71, pleaded guilty to bringing molotov cocktails, firearms to Capitol on Jan. 6 - The Washington Post
Capitol rioter Jenna Ryan says remorse is a thought crimea head of prison sentence | I have a problem with remorse because its like a thought crime she said during a local TV interview

Constitutional scholars are not "50/50" in agreement with Donald Trump about Jan. 6. : politics
Trump Thought It Was Totally Fine Capitol Rioters Chanted Hang Mike Pence

Documents Expose Staggering Pattern of Political Interference in Trump's Covid-19 Response |Top elected officials preferred to keep Americans in the dark and set policy based on political considerations, not science,said one former CDC adviser (Kushfucked)
Two of the three judges blocking Bidens vaccine rules were appointed by Trump, a sign of how thoroughly he reshaped the judiciary
5CA again declares that the Constitution enacted Mr. Tucker Carlson's monologue transcripts - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Whitmer vetoes bill to forgive penalties imposed on businesses for violating COVID-19 orders : politics
Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee signs sweeping COVID-19 legislation into law : politics ... strictly limiting the authority schools, health agencies and businesses have over COVID-19 restrictions.
Kansas Republican leaders condemn comparisons of COVID-19 mandates and Holocaust : politics
Oklahoma Guard goes rogue, rejects COVID vaccine mandate after sudden change of command : politics
YouTube temporarily suspends Ron Johnsons channel over COVID-19 misinformation
Letitia Wright, Aaron Rodgers, and Hollywoods Unvaxxed Clowns Are Telling on Themselves

Why Are Conservative Men So Obsessed With AOC? : politics (she makes them masterbate too much)

Project Veritas Tells Judge It Was Assured Biden Diary Was Legally Obtained - The New York Times But a search warrant in the case suggests the Justice Department believes the diary kept by the presidents daughter Ashley Biden was stolen. (claim they found it on Hunter's laptop)

Suddenly the Far Right Wants to Fix the DC Jail. It Just Took Locking up Some White Insurrectionists. : politics

Jen Psaki calls the record amount of trans people murdered in 2021 so far devastating. That's terrible and heartbreaking to hear. It is a commitment of the President to address violence, address threats to transgender people

Biggest Free Fall Ever: Custody Trial Could Sink MAGA Senate Candidate Sean Parnell | Donald Trump's pick for Senate in Pennsylvania, a must-win race for the GOP, was accused of abuse in a custody battle that could derail his campaign

Illinois Democrats gerrymander new Congressional maps to shrink GOP delegation by two seats : politics

How two Ohio GOP lawmakers hijacked Ohios new redistricting process

This Gun-Toting Freedom Activist Is Using Thousands of Colorado Schoolchildren to Own the Libs

Conservatives target school books confronting race, sex and gender - The Washington Post

Andrew Cuomo May Run for New York Attorney General

In Florida, two strikes and you're in prison forever -- Why does the state have the most people serving life without parole? A get-tough sentencing law from the 1990s plays a part (oh, Clinton's tough on crime)

The country's most popular law school got an unexpected jolt : For the 2021-22 academic year, Georgetown University's law school saw a 41 percent increase in applicants

Ta-Nehisi Coates: A Remembrance of Tony Judt - The Atlantic The Man Who Freed Me From Cant : Tony Judt said that there is darkness in this world, and that darkness often triumphed -- and liberated me to do the same.

Free Britney, Jail Bannon - Lawyers, Guns & Money

A Nike Executive Told of Once Killing a Man. Here's What He Left Out. - Larry Miller has written a book revealing that at age 16, in 1965, he murdered someone. The disclosure blindsided the family of the victim, whose name he never mentioned.

Man who allegedly killed daughters boyfriend is no 'hero' grieving family says

Personal Finance: Americans Need to Live More Like Europeans - Bloomberg -- Supply-chain shortages are constraining U.S. consumers endless appetite for buying whatever they want whenever they want. It's about time ... (to feed their inner emptiness) ... an age of overabundance. We consume much more than we used to and more than other countries. Consumption per capita grew about 65% from 1990 to 2015, compared with about 35% growth in Europe. Household consumption makes up only about 50% of GDP in Germany.
Americans Need to Learn to Live More Like Europeans : politics

He Tore Down Motels Where Poor Residents Lived During a Housing Crisis. City Leaders Did Nothing. Reno, Nevada, has one of the worst affordable housing shortages in the U.S. Yet city officials let an out-of-state casino owner displace hundreds of low-income residents so he could one day build an entertainment complex.

Genome-wide analysis of 53,400 people with irritable bowel syndrome highlights shared genetic pathways with mood and anxiety disorders : science

Largest-ever psilocybin trial finds the psychedelic is effective in treating serious depression : worldnews

Pregnant women in the United States die by homicide more often than they die of pregnancy-related causes -- and they're frequently killed by a partner. Pregnant or recently pregnant black women have up to nearly three-fold higher risk of dying by homicide than those who are not pregnant

102 died at Native American board school in Nebraska : news -- from 1884 to 1934

The death of the American mall. This was Friday night. In the 90s this would've been packed : pics

What is the worst name youve ever heard?

Why Facebook won't let you control your own news feed - Lawmakers want social networks to offer users a chronological timeline. Leaked documents help to explain why Facebook doesn't. (hatefeed)


International Space Station swerved to narrowly avoid Chinese space junk. A major impact would be a disaster : technology

The strong winds of climate change have failed to move the opinions of many Americans- Most believe global warming is a problem, but the partisan divide is growing : politics

China and India among 22 nations calling for key emissions section to be ditched from COP26 agreement : worldnews

Western boom cities see spike in harmful ozone : worldnews

EU states split on classifying nuclear energy as green': It's too risky, too slow and too expensive, Germany says -- while other EU members have pushed for the bloc to classify nuclear power as eco-friendly for investors

Australia shown to have highest greenhouse gas emissions from coal in world on per capita basis : worldnews

Super rare: Antarctic penguin washes up in New Zealand, 3,000km from home (

Denmark spends $150k to clean beach seaweed and plastic, then dumps it back in the sea : worldnews

Friday November 12 2021 Update : CoronavirusMa
After skipping COVID-19 data report on Veterans Day, Mass. reports 3,708 confirmed cases and 19 deaths

Some positive news on the vaccination front : CoronavirusMa
COVID-19 infections appear to creeping up again in Massachusetts:

Federal appeals court halts Biden administrations vaccine requirement, delivering policy a major blow

Covid vaccine holdouts are caving to mandates then scrambling to 'undo' their shots : As mandates spread, anti-vaccine groups have been trafficking in pseudoscience treatments meant to remove or counteract the vaccines. Experts say it's like trying to 'unring a bell'

What does COVID-19 transmission have in common with sexism and harassment? As it turns out, quite a bit. - Lawyers, Guns & Money ... On average, men are more likely than women to feel comfortable invading others space, despite possible risk and/or discomfort to others.

The Death Cult Kills - Lawyers, Guns & Money - Tucker and Trump hate their own people.
US: developed best vaccines & acquired them fasted -- but vaccination rate now lowest of advanced economies. (only Russia is worse)

How Does This Pandemic End? - The New York Times Thinking about Covid and normalcy.

Study: Fox Viewers More Likely to Believe COVID Falsehoods : politics

Hundreds gather near Golden Gate Bridge to protest vaccine mandates, evening commute grinds to halt : news

Remember the guy in slide 1 and 2? Slide 3 is the same guy after 47 days on a ventilator, where he lost 70 lbs and had 1% chance of recovery. He had covid in January and assumed his antibodies gave him natural immunity. He now says he "made a mistake" and urges his followers to get vaccinated.
Found Blue on another nominee's page after she answered NO! on if she would take the vaccine. Blue knew that Jesus would protect her from the "China virus". Blue caught COVID and earned her HCA. Blue was 56 years old. : HermanCainAward
California probation officer was unmasked, unmuzzled, unvaccinated, unafraid, and unfortunate. The officer, her mother, and her father passed away due to Covid within 2 weeks of each other. : HermanCainAward
Tennessee retiree wanted to let stupidity work itself out of the gene pool. Sometimes you do get what you want.... : HermanCainAward
She laughed at people taking precautions. Now she and her husband are both hospitalized with COVID. Sometimes if they're lucky they get to hold hands and eat hospital food together. : HermanCainAward
A father and brother dies of COVID. The brother made questionable decisions

Morgues fill up in Romania and Bulgaria amid low Covid vaccine uptake : worldnews

Unvaccinated should reflect on their duty to society, Merkel says : worldnews
Alice Weidel, the joint leader of the far-right Alternative for Germany party, has tested positive for coronavirus. She has long railed against vaccination requirements and COVID restrictions : worldnews

France : According to the most recent government report, Covid related hospitalizations represented 2% of the total number of hospitalizations in France in 2020. : worldnews

Covid: Austrians heading towards lockdown for unvaccinated : worldnews
Austrian province is preparing a COVID-19 lockdown for unvaccinated people only, saying the vaccinated shouldn't have to 'lose their freedom'

UK Covid rates are now falling rapidly despite dire warnings for the winter : worldnews

[Singapore] Covid-19 ICU patients who chose to be unvaccinated could face median bill of $25,000 before subsidies: MOH : worldnews

Mandate to get Covid-19 vaccination not a breach of Bill of Rights, New Zealand High Court judge rules : worldnews

Doctor takes bid to treat patient with MDMA to court, in first case of its kind in Australia : worldnews (Tories say just drink more)

Myanmar court sentences US journalist to 11 years in jail : worldnews

Tokyo tax authorities uncovered a China-based scheme that invested about 27 billion yen ($237 million) in Japanese real estate using cryptocurrency to avoid the watchful eye of the Chinese government : worldnews

Honduran president due in Taiwan in surprise state visit : worldnews

Prepare for Russian invasion of Ukraine, US warns European allies : worldnews
` Putin sends nuclear bombers over Belarus as migrant freezes to death
Russian jets force British spy plane to change course as it approaches Crimea after Kremlin warned the West is 'playing with fire' by deploying warships in the Black Sea

India considering decriminalising consumption of drugs for personal use : worldnews

Special forces buried evidence of Afghan killings : worldnews (literally and your hopelessly corrupt military made the return of the Fuckaban inevitable)
/u/Commodify explains how the Taliban returned to prominence in Afghanistan following initial NATO successes : bestof
Taliban: Bomb hits mosque in Afghanistan, wounds at least 15 : worldnews
CNNs bombshell report on child marriage was staged, say family and friends (Afgan, just a little child collateral)

Pregnant Women Left To Fend For Themselves In Prisons : worldnews (Zimbabwe)

Houthi Rebels Storm U.S. Embassy in Yemen, Take Hostages : worldnews ... Just to point out, the hostages are local Yemenis hired to maintain/guard the US Embassy compound abandoned 6 years ago ...

Will a Gaza-Israel industrial zone be built soon? : worldnews
Israeli security forces thwart weapon-smuggling operation from Jordan : worldnews
Hezbollah chief slams Saudi Arabia for Lebanon diplomatic rift : worldnews

Turkey bans Syrians, Iraqis and Yemenis from flights to Belarus to curb migrant crisis : worldnews
Belarus: Olympic freestyle skier Aliaksandra Ramanouskaya detained. Ramanouskaya, who previously criticized Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko, was taken into custody after a training session : worldnews

We're at war with Germany and the EU: nationalist Independence March passes through Warsaw

Thai King Maha Vajiralongkorn returns to adopted home in Germany, with entourage of 250 people and 30 poodles : worldnews

Provocative art exhibition opens in Italy amid Chinese embassy protests : worldnews ... Winnie the Pooh ...

BBC News - Number of migrants crossing Channel to UK hits new daily record : worldnews
Wikileaks: Julian Assange given permission to marry partner in prison - BBC News : worldnews
Heysham fire: Student who murdered grandmother jailed : worldnews
Londons taxi drivers' brains are helping in cutting edge Alzheimers research

Chan Chan: Mass grave found in ancient Peruvian city : worldnews

Top Brazil gold exporter leaves a trail of criminal probes and illegal mines : worldnews

Young rape victim pressured by church to give birth in Bolivia : worldnews (pedo fuckers in the name of Christ)

Canadas unhinged housing market, captured in one chart ... God damn boomers selling their shitty houses at exorbitant prices
Police investigating video of incident at Kitchener restaurant | Canada : worldnews

Biden vows to expand benefits for troops on first Veterans Day without war in 20 years : politics
Veterans Have Become Unlikely Lobbyists in Push to Legalize Psychedelic Drugs : politics
New bill would give descendants of Black World War II vets access to GI Bill benefits : politics

Biden signs into law bill to secure telecommunications systems against foreign threats : politics

Omar offers joint resolution to block $650 weapons sale to Saudis : politics

Biden is changing how hes talking about his agenda. Its overdue.

The Democrat leading the charge to ram a tax cut for the rich into Bidens Build Back Better bill

Americans give bosses same message in record numbers: I quit : politics

Liars in High Places: Whos to Blame for Misinformation? (pro-corp Sunstein loves his Fuckbookers)

The artificial controversy over Biden and 'Negro,' explained

The Washington Post corrects, removes parts of two stories regarding the Steele dossier - The Washington Post

Republican lawsuits unlikely to halt US worker vaccine mandates, experts say : politics
Documents reveal new details of Trump political interference in COVID response : politics
Emails reveal new details of Trump White House interference in CDC COVID planning : politics
In-N-Out owner reportedly talked with Florida governor after CA vaccine mandate dispute : politics

White House Mocks 'Active Imagination' That Trumps Still Conducting Foreign Policy

Bannon Indicted - Lawyers, Guns & Money Nice way to end a Friday afternoon. No word on when he will be arrested.
The other jackboot drops - Lawyers, Guns & Money Garlands indictment of Bannon was 100% the right thing to do and Im glad he did it. Hopefully he will be held accountable. But ...
Betsy Woodruff Swan on Twitter: "Bannon's case is assigned to Judge Carl J. Nichols, a Trump appointee. He clerked for Clarence Thomas" / Twitter
Betsy Woodruff Swan on Twitter: "BANNON INDICTED" / Twitter
Zoe Tillman on Twitter: "Now: Stephen Bannon has been charged with contempt of Congress for defying a subpoena from the Jan. 6 committee. More to come, here's the indictment:" / Twitter
Justice Department on Twitter: "Stephen K. Bannon Indicted for Contempt of Congress Two Charges Filed for Failing to Honor House Subpoena From Select Committee Investigating Jan. 6 Capitol Breach" / Twitter
Former Trump adviser Steve Bannon indicted by federal grand jury for contempt of Congress The indictment is a first: No one has been prosecuted for contempt of Congress when executive privilege was asserted.
Steve Bannon charged with contempt of Congress - The Washington Post
Bannon Indicted on Contempt Charges Over Houses Capitol Riot Inquiry
Megathread: Former Presidential Advisor Steve Bannon Indicted on Two Counts of Contempt of Congress : politics
Steve Bannon F*cked Around and Found Out : politics
Steve Bannon Indicted for Contempt of Congress Over January 6 Committee Subpoena Steve Bannon F*cked Around and Found Out - Power in Washington shifts slowly, but when it shifts, it shifts with great force ... And for all the beefing about how slowly Attorney General Merrick Garland was moving on this, his statement on the Bannon indictment was spot-on, and it ought to ring ominously deep in Meadows' soul, too. (if he had one)

Exclusive audio: Trump defends threats to hang Pence ... how can you pass on a fraudulent vote to Congress? How can you do that? And I'm telling you: 50/50, it's right down the middle for the top constitutional scholars when I speak to them. Anybody I spoke to almost all of them at least pretty much agree, and some very much agree with me because he' passing on a vote that he knows is fraudulent. How can you pass a vote that you know is fraudulent?
Trump Defends Capitol RiotersHang Mike Pence Chants: People Were Very Angry
Trump justified his supporters calling to hang Mike Pence at the Capitol riot, saying it's 'common sense'
Trump claims half of legal experts support his failed attempt to block his election defeat. They dont.

Former Apprentice contestant Summer Zervos ends defamation lawsuit against Trump

Prosecutor could use special grand jury for Trump-related Georgia election probe

Meadows Could Face Criminal Charges, Civil Action for 1/6 Subpoena Noncompliance: Thompson : politics
Former Trump aide Mark Meadows fails to appear before Jan. 6 committee : politics
Appear before 6 January panel or risk prosecution, ex-Trump chief of staff told | Mark Meadows threatened with criminal contempt referral to DoJ should he refuse to show for deposition on Friday morning : politics

CEO who threw chair inside Capitol on Jan. 6 gets jail time : news
Scott Fairlamb gets longest sentence yet in Trump Capitol riot cases, and feds are seeking even more time for QAnon shaman Chansley : politics
Unbalanced Trump Fanatic Who Took An Arsenal To The Capitol On Jan. 6 Pleads Guilty -- Lonnie Coffman, who brought guns and Molotov cocktails to D.C., told a staffer for Sen. Ted Cruz that he wanted to help with the election fraud he saw.

She helped her husband start a far-right militia group. Now the Oath Keeper's wife says she has regrets - Los Angeles Times

A Man Was Arrested For Threatening A Republican Who Voted for Democrats' Infrastructure Plan
Man phoned death threat to Rep. Andrew Garbarino, Nassau police say
Menace, as a Political Tool, Enters the Republican Mainstream - The New York Times Threats of violence have become commonplace among a significant part of the party, as historians and those who study democracy warn of a dark shift in American politics.
The Republican Party's violence problem

POLITICO Playbook: Trump sours on DeSantis - POLITICO

Murkowski voted to convict Trump. Now shell run against a candidate he backs

Conservative Justices Suddenly Discover Limits to Religious Liberty : politics

It's time to stand up and say 'no' to intimidation and extremism in Idaho politics ... Right-wing evangelical extremism

These maps show how Republicans are blatantly rigging elections : politics
Republicans arent ready for Trump-style fraud claims in GOP primaries

Devin Nunes, Josh Harder could lose their seats in latest California redistricting maps : politics
Devin Nunes was not a beneficiary of Californias redistricting draft map

Cawthorn announces he'll change districts for 2022. Here's why he says he's switching (

As the country rides ever-more rapidly toward full-on fascism, whats our media up to I wonder? Oh yeah, this:
b-boy bouiebaisse on Twitter: "i am going to lose my mind" / Twitter

Jimmy Kimmel Trolls Rep. Lauren Boebert With An Unforgettable Stunt | HuffPost Entertainment

Sen. Josh Hawley claims masculinity is under attack. This historian disagrees : politics ... Men who are anxious about their masculinity are more likely to support aggressive politics and to have voted for Trump

Biden vowed to close federal private prisons, but prison companies are finding loopholes to keep them open : politics

US women are being jailed for having miscarriages : politics

Conservatives Are Just Openly Endorsing Book Burning Now | Book burning, as in the thing Nazi were into : politics
Public-Private Partnerships Are Quietly Hollowing Out Our Public Libraries : politics

New York State warns Unilever, Ben & Jerrys that it will divest over Israel boycott (the same old Haredi/Fuckangelical bullshit)

Tish James makes her move - by Michael Lange - The Narrative Wars As James launches her campaign for Governor, her political past can provide a preview of what the future holds

Florida Investigates GOP Lawmaker for Breaking Law He Helped Make : politics
NAACP branch mobilizes against Central Florida elected official who was Oath Keeper : politics

The Jilted Misogynist Behind the College Bomb Threats to Columbia, NYU, MIT, Yale, Cornell, Chicago and More A young woman claims a man behind the college bomb threats is trying to force her to date him and swatting top universities until she gives in to his sick demands.

St. Jude Hoards Billions While Many of Its Families Drain Their Savings

Glen De Vries, Who Flew to Space on Blue Origin Flight With Jeff Bezos, William Shatner Dead in Plane Crash

Two Pennsylvania teens charged in death of 8-year-old killed outside game by police gunfire : news

Julius Jones Is Still At Risk Of Execution Despite A Parole Board Twice Suggesting He May Be Innocent : politics

Chicago police leader resigned over inabilityof department brass to even feign interest in reform, then accused officials of retaliation

Parents call for resignation of Scottsdale school board president after dossier discovered : news

Dont Blame Judge Schroeder if Kyle Rittenhouse Goes Free ... If Kyle Rittenhouse goes free, there will be lots of blame to go around: the prosecution for antagonizing the judge when their case appeared to be going poorly, an almost entirely white jury that may empathize more with a killer than the men he killed, a political machinery that turns right-wing vigilantes into conservative folk heroes, and a criminal justice system that gives white defendants a benefit of the doubt it never offers to Black defendants. In this case, Judge Schroeder is the least of the problems

Black teen allegedly shocked with Taser by students dressed as KKK members in Woodsboro : news

Attorneys for 200 victims of Houston concert stampede bring 90 lawsuits : news

Judge ends conservatorship that has controlled Britney Spearss life and money since 2008
Britney Spearsconservatorship is brought to an end after 13 years
Britney Spearss Attorney Calls Out Jamie, TriStar for Further Investigation

Boston Has the Second Most Expensive Zip Code in the Country The state as a whole is home to seven of the 100 priciest zip codes in the country, according to a new analysis ... Back Bay ... median price of $5.5 million over the last year

WBCN and The American RevolutionThe untold story of the radical underground radio station WBCN, set against the profound social, political and cultural changes that took place during the late 1960s and early 70s.
WBCN Documentary on PBS : boston

Volcanic eruptions may have triggered abrupt climate changes contributing to the repeated collapse of Chinese dynasties over the past 2,000 years. Scientists found that 62 of the 68 dynastic collapses were closely preceded by at least one volcanic eruption. : science

Study: Netflixs Sex Education is doing sex education better than most schools. Researchers also suggest that the conversation started by shows like Sex Education highlights the need for more comprehensive sexual education not only in schools but in communities and in the family home itself.

Quanta Magazine

Meat consumption is associated with better mental health, meta-analysis finds. : science

u/FrenchCuirassie points out how the internet is gradually sorting people into tribes/boxes : bestof

Dear Reddit, what's the dirtiest joke you know? : AskReddit

You Are the Object of a Secret Extraction Operation ... Facebook ... surveillance capitalism -- an economic system built on the secret extraction and manipulation of human data


Magnitude 6.6 earthquake strikes southeast of Ryukyu Islands, Japan : worldnews
From Iceland Massive Earthquake Hits Near Hekla Volcano
Rock rises out of the sea as second La Palma lava flow reaches ocean : worldnews

UN chief says global warming goal on life support

China and the US announce plan to work together on cutting emissions : worldnews

Shell and BP cancel COP26 appearance as analysis exposes fossil fuel lobbyists at COP : worldnews

COP26: China launching enhanced climate plan with US : worldnews
COP26: Germany fails to sign up to 2040 combustion engine phaseout : worldnews

Australia lobbied Unesco to remove reference to 1.5C global warming limit to protect heritage sites : worldnews

S.Korea rations urea supply amid shortage leading drivers to panic buy : worldnews

Asparagus farmers face terrible, devastating times with low localdemand, no exports

Chinese scientists strike early gold in race to nuclear fusion power : worldnews

Mass. reports 4,608 new breakthrough COVID-19 cases, raising total to 58,807 cases, or 1.2 percent of fully vaccinated people ... also reported 30 more COVID-19 deaths among fully vaccinated people, bringing the total to 468 deaths among those fully vaccinated. - The Boston Globe

The pandemic is not over: In a worrisome trend, COVID-19 cases are rising again in Mass.

COVID-19 hot spots offer sign of what could be ahead for US - The Boston Globe
COVID-19 vaccine acceptance among adults in four major US metropolitan areas and nationwide | Scientific Reports ... More than one-fifth (21.4%) of the national respondents indicated an unwillingness to vaccinate (Table 1). With the exception of the Dallas metropolitan area (19.7%), unwillingness to vaccinate was significantly lower in NY (10.1%), LA (11.5%), and Chicago (11.2%) than the national average (P < 0.001). ... Our finding that half of those respondents who expressed unwillingness to vaccinate said that nothing would change their minds should be a serious concern.

How COVID Might Sow Chaos in the Brain - Scientific American SARS-CoV-2 appears to travel widely across the cerebral cortex

Steady Support for Vax Mandates | Monmouth University Polling Institute Majority give Biden good marks on pandemic

Study: Fox viewers more likely to believe Covid falsehoods : politics

Trump Staffers Blame Themselves for Herman Cain's COVID-19 Death: Book
Lawsuit Threats, Empty Seats, and a COVID Mobile: Trumps Disastrous Tulsa Rally Was Even More of a Train Wreck Than Originally Thought

Aaron Rodgers gets brutally dunked on - Lawyers, Guns & Money

What happened to Eric Clapton? The guitar legend has long been inscrutable, but his covid turn has friends and fans puzzled like never before.

Jack Nyce, San Francisco police officer, dies of covid while on leave for not getting vaccine - The Washington Post (HCA material)

She was hospitalized for two weeks and her husband is still being weaned from a ventilator. Shes starting to think maybe it was the wrong choice to not get vaccinated.
Late 20s, goatee, unvaccinated, and being transferred and placed on ECMO today. His Mother-in-Law asks for prayers for him and his pregnant wife. : HermanCainAward
Meet Big Papa. This fine fella enjoyed spending his time posting conspiracies and calling people sheep. Unfortunately, Big Papa earned his HCA and has gone to the great beyond. He also leaves behind a wife and multiple children. May Big Papa rest peacefully under the sod. : HermanCainAward

Deprogramming Modalities for Trauma Mind Control Survivors - DeprogramWiki

Dutch experts recommend western Europes first lockdown since summer

Germany records 50,000 COVID-19 cases in dramatic virus surge
Tougher Covid measures needed to stop 100,000 more deaths, warns top German virologist : worldnews

Chinese city Dalian halts frozen food trade after COVID-19 cases : worldnews

Russias COVID deaths hit new daily peak, some hospitals run low on oxygen

S.Korea urges COVID-19 booster shots, as severe cases hit record : worldnews

Japan prepares for sixth wave as Kishida rolls out pandemic policy package : worldnews
Japan culls 143,000 chickens to contain "highly pathogenic avian influenza", as more European countries record cases : worldnews

Myanmar junta charges detained US journalist with terrorism, sedition : worldnews

U.S. and allies would take action if Taiwan attacked - Blinken

Captain America jailed in Hong Kong
Security law: Nearly 6 years jail for Hongkonger who incited secessionwith pro-independence chants and slogans
Asias Most Expensive Apartment Sold For $82 Million
Chinese agents operating abroad to get Uyghurs deported, ICC told : worldnews
Chinas Leaders Pass Historic Resolution Cementing Xi Jinpings Legacy
China's big inflation problem - Producer Price Index jumped 13.5% in October accelerating from September's 10.7%

Moscow Says Missing Turkmen Opposition Activist Left Russia Willingly : worldnews (out a window)

Israeli couple arrested in Turkey over photo of Erdogans home - report ("home" = mega-palace)

Tigray fighters raped, beat women in Ethiopia, Amnesty says : worldnews

Former South African President FW de Klerk dies at 85 : worldnews

UAE sends urgent medical supplies to Sierra Leone after fuel tanker disaster : worldnews

Biden administration notifies Congress of $650 million arms sale to Saudi Arabia : worldnews

Israel doomed to termination, Iranian general threatens

Senior IDF officer arrested for secretly photographing female soldiers : worldnews

Belarus border chaos a hybrid attack not a migration crisis
Lukashenko: Belarus will retaliate against any new EU sanctions, could cut gas : worldnews
Lukashenko concerned about possible supplies of weapons to border migrant camp : worldnews (the guns he and Putin are supplying)
EU prepares new sanctions against Belarus over migrants : worldnews
Turkish airlines in EU crosshairs for facilitating Lukashenkos hybrid warfare with Belarus flights
Europe is in danger: top diplomat to propose EU military doctrine

LGBT Virgin Mary poster may land 3 activists in jail : worldnews (Po-Land)

Finland plans to let workers see colleagues salaries to close gender pay gap

Sweden charges Lundin Energy executives for complicity in Sudan war crimes : worldnews

Czech Senate calls to investigate Hamas for crimes against humanity : worldnews

Killer of French Holocaust survivor Knoll jailed for life : worldnews

Ireland stops asking pupils to debate whether "all gays molest children"
EU countries urge hard line toward UK over Northern Ireland : worldnews

Boris Johnson Denies UK Politics Is Corrupt Amid Fury Over Lobbying And Second Jobs
Venomous sharks found in Londons Thames river (House of Lords)
Armenian Genocide recognition bill passes first reading at UK House of Commons without objections : worldnews
Lost psychedelic pop song with George Harrison and Ringo Starr unearthed | The Beatles | The Guardian : worldnews
Richard Branson Is Recovering Well After Colossal Bike Crash: Could Have Been So Much Worse

Countries by Alcohol Consumption Per Capita. where are Russia and Ireland? : worldnews

Western museums need to return stolen artifacts to get on the right side of history, says art historian

The August 29 Drone Strike In Kabul - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Decades of sexual assault in the military has gone unpunished thanks to this one law : politics (sexual assault a 'military duty')
Troops injured in Iran attack downplayed by Trump were denied Purple Hearts. Now, that may change. : politics
ABC News documentary challenges Pentagon's claims of rogue Green Berets - ABC News

The Main Driver of Inflation Is a Murderous Maniac in Riyadh : politics (Bonewaw supports Republicans)

US budget deficit eases to $165B in October, down 42% : politics

Biden to sign $1 trillion infrastructure bill on Monday : politics
Folks, the Infrastructure Bill Is Way Better Than You Realize : politics
Wow, These Folks Really Do Not Like Bridges! The Republican Party has become a profound threat to the American republic. : politics
Approval of Labor Unions at Highest Point Since 1965 : politics
New York Times message to progressives, in translation: Give up on challenging corporate power : politics

DHS issues fresh warning of terrorism, citing diverse and challenging threat environment

We Are On the Way to a Right-wing Coup, the CIA Director Privately Warned
A conspiracy like no other in the US: Carl Bernstein on January 6

Court temporarily delays release of Trumps Jan. 6 records
I expect a judgment. Shortly. On the Day of Judgment. - Lawyers, Guns & Money
Desperate Trump Suffers Third Failed Attempt to Keep Jan. 6 Riot Records Secret in Three Days : politics

John Bolton predicted Trump won't run for president again in 2024 because he fears being known as a loser if it doesn't work out : politics

Why the Justice Department is Taking So Long to Indict Steve Bannon : politics
Pressure builds on Meadows to cooperate with Jan. 6 committee as White House rejects his executive privilege claims : politics
Suspect in Capitol riot attack on officer arrested after another suspect identifies him : news

Trump reveals he has an envoy ambassador making foreignvisits for him
They raised millions for Trump. Spent barely any of it on him. Now theyre indicted.

"Axios on HBO" exclusive: Chris Christie taunts Trump for losing - Axios
Chris Christie ROASTS Donald Trump for Losing to Joe Biden

House Democrats Move To Censure GOP Rep. Paul Gosar Over Violent Video : politics
Expel Paul Gosar From Congress : politics
Unlike Kathy Griffin, Rep. Paul Gosar gets a pass for his vile anime video : politics
GOP Ignores Its Gosar Problem and Plots to Punish Moderates : politics
Violent rhetoric continues unchecked on Capitol Hill months after Jan. 6 : politics
Death threats, tweets jolt GOP infrastructure supporters : politics
Real accountability for the Jan. 6 insurrection requires the truth - The Boston Globe Much of the dangerous counternarrative about the insurrection at the Capitol is coming from the Republican members inside the House. This is the raw material for another coup attempt.

Rep. Ilhan Omar says a man who called her office and said tell her I'm going to kill her today has been convicted of threatening lawmakers

Embattled GOP Senator Says a Staffer Messed Up His Campaign Reports and Vanished. We Found Him in Minutes. : politics

Tip of the Iceberg: Report Warns Michigan GOP Ploy Could Shutter 20% of Polling Places | There is no doubt the goal of this proposal is to harm democracy. It is designed to put obstacles and hurdles between voters and the ballot box

Opinion | The history of White appeasement politics offers lessons for Democrats in 2022 - The Washington Post Have Democrats reached the limits of White appeasement politics?
Nearly half of Republicans dont think history of racism should be taught in US schools. Survery is yet another sign of GOP concerns about 'CRT' (slavery never happened)

White supremacists declare war on democracy and walk away unscathed | The United States has a terrible habit of letting white supremacy get away with repeated attempts to murder American democracy : politics

The mounting evidence of extreme danger posed by the QAnon doomsday cult - - A significant number of Qanon followers, according to NBC News reporter Ben Collins, believe the end-point of their religion will be reached when Donald Trump takes back control of America, unleashes police to mass-arrest elected and other high-profile Democrats, and Qanon followers then engage in an orgy of violence and murder against Democratic Party-aligned neighbors, friends and family.

Virginia school board members call for public book burning of gay books : politics
Marjorie Taylor Greene & evangelicals are melting down over GOP plan to talk to gay people : politics

J.D. Vance Is Imploding : politics (Haw-Hawley rises)

Texas regulators approve higher gas bills to pay out companieswinter storm-related profits

Inmate population tilts political representation in rural Georgia : politics

Freeways force out residents in communities of color again

Top GOP congressional candidate in Texas accused of abusing teenage daughter of estranged husband : politics

Astroworld victim Bharti Shahani dies nearly a week after crowd surge that killed 8 others : news

Kyle Rittenhouse dubbed worst fake crier since Brett Kavanaugh after breaking down on the stand at homicide trial
The Trial of Kyle Rittenhouse Continues to Be Unnervingly Weird : The judge, Bruce Schroeder, deserves a lot of credit for that.
The Kyle Rittenhouse Judge Is the Actual Worst | Vanity Fair I think Kyle Rittenhouse is going to get off. They gave the case to the worst judge in town.

~ Theyre Saying the Quiet Part Out Loud in the Trial of Ahmaud Arbery's Assailants Down in Georgia : But in this case, the judge wasn't about to allow the defense to blow this particular dogwhistle in his courtroom.

Inside the Online Master's Degree Scam - Lawyers, Guns & Money USC is basically using shady sales tactics to convince people to pay far more for a Social Work masters degree than its fair market value:

Have the Founders of the University of Austin Been in a Classroom Lately? : politics
I Will Create A Winning Basketball Program At The University Of Austin | Defector (+bonus Flanadoodle)
Forbidden mangoes - Lawyers, Guns & Money Edroso has been given an EXCLUSIVE SNEAK PREVIEW of the forbidden courses being proposed by Bari U:

A veteran helped spread viral 9/11 conspiracy theories. Can he start over?

Americas Real Wokeness DivideA new poll finds little difference between people with and without college degrees on questions about wokeness (but refucklicans are def anti-woke anything)

Scientists found repeatedly listening to personally meaningful music induced brain plasticity and improved cognitive function for patients with mild cognitive impairment and early-stage Alzheimers disease.

A high-sucrose diet during adolescence induces psychosis-related behavioral endophenotypes, including hyperactivity, poor working memory, impaired sensory gating, and disrupted interneuron function in mice deficient for GLO1, an enzyme involved in detoxification of sucrose metabolites. : science

How Glial Cells Are Quietly Revolutionizing Chronic Pain Study and Care - The New York Times The Quiet Scientific Revolution That May Solve Chronic Pain : New science is rewriting the book on chronic pain -- and may make treatment more accessible.

In Jupiters swirling Great Red Spot, NASA spacecraft finds hidden depths

If it so wishes, cats are able to track their human companions every move through sound of their voices. Experiments involving 'impossible teleportation' reveal the cognitive powers of the house cat.

Racist, homophobic language allegedly directed at Brockton students during football game vs. Xaverian Brothers High School : boston

There is no such thing as being bald, you can only be poor. : pics

Why Facebook Employees 'Deprioritized' Misinformation: Docs | Time
Facebook's Vast Wasteland : Infinite channels but nothing on. By Charlie Warzel


Climate change report: Earth has 11 years to avoid the worst scenarios : NPR : worldnews
The speed and magnitude of global warming over the last 150 years is unprecedented for at least the last 24,000 years. Research highlights the main drivers of climate change since the last ice age are rising greenhouse gas concentrations and the retreat of the ice sheets. : science
Table of Solutions | Project Drawdown

World is on track for 2.4 degrees of warming despite COP26 pledges, analysis finds : worldnews

What is the Anthropocene? - Lawyers, Guns & Money
Whose Anthropocene? | Boston Review Because it hinges on who will accept blame for causing climate change, theres never been so much at stake in the naming of a geological era.

2022 Climate Change Performance Index: Australia scores last place on climate policy with zero points : worldnews
India retains slot in top 10 on climate performance index; China at 37, US 55 : worldnews

Tuvalu looking at legal ways to be a state if it is submerged : worldnews

Mexican president floats global anti-poverty plan in U.N. speech, which seeks to uplift some 750 million poor people who live on less than $2 a day and would be financed largely by rich. : worldnews

Asia responsible for 72% of 26,000 tons of PPE Waste seeping into the ocean. : worldnews

Japanese Research team develops vaccine that kills HIV in monkeys : worldnews

Bird flu outbreak in UK: Chickens and turkeys at poultry farm will be culled after 'highly pathogenic' strain of H5N1 was identified

MA COVID-19 Data 11/10/21 : CoronavirusMa
Have 1,745 new cases and 20 deaths for November 10? : CoronavirusMa

Immunity is waning among nursing home staff and few have received COVID boosters, state data show - The Boston Globe Only 27 percent had received a booster shot as of late October.
Curley School in Jamaica Plain is closed for 10 days after increase in COVID cases - WBUR : CoronavirusMa
If anybody is looking to mix and match vaccines and having trouble with pharmacy websites book an appointment at Boston Medical Center, they let you choose whichever one you want and they have all 3 available. : CoronavirusMa

900,000 kids got COVID vaccine in first week of eligibility, White House says - The Boston Globe

Study: Fox viewers more likely to believe COVID falsehoods : politics

Texas schools can again set their own face mask rules after federal judge overrules Gov. Greg Abbotts ban

NFL fines Aaron Rodgers and Packers for Covid violations : news

/u/Yashema details the post-vaccine shift of COVID-19 from crowded blue states to rural red states : bestof
Yashema comments on State data: Unvaccinated Texans make up vast majority of COVID-19 cases and deaths this year

She trusted Mike Lindell, OAN, Rand Paul, Candace Owens, Tucker Carlson, the Great Physician, ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine over Fauci and masks. This may have contributed to her catching Covid and refusing hospitalization until her oxygen levels hit 50%. : HermanCainAward
Please pray harder for this family's urine - Prior attempts for dad unsuccessful. : HermanCainAward
Re-posted to correct redaction omission: Ohio meme king posted 100s of antivax shitposts but it didn't protect him from being a nominee. Blue-nominee Pink-wife Green-friends
A Twin Cities doctor spread misinformation about COVID-19. Then he died from it. No report on how many he took with him. (Unredacted public media news article, links to awardee's blog posts in article text) : HermanCainAward
Why do they always immediately eulogize the dead person in hyperbolic glowing terms? : HermanCainAward
Friend of my family (pink) received her Herman Cain today : HermanCainAward
Needed a miracle and found out that Jesus was busy that day. : HermanCainAward
Uninsured Indiana Dad travels to mandate-free locations throughout pandemic and has now been hospitalized since September. : HermanCainAward
Someone I know is in hospital with a severe case of Covid. She has never posted anything anti-vax until this very post; I hope this is her redemption. : HermanCainAward
Blue believes that the "book of Revelation is unfolding before us" while sharing all kinds of Covid misinformation. Blue is now in the hospital with Covid. Blue's daughter Yellow asks that people be respectful of her mom taking up a hospital bed because Blue refused to get a free vaccine. : HermanCainAward
A Different Type of Compilation-Part II : HermanCainAward

It's coming from the pulpit now. This isn't fringe stuff anymore. : QAnonCasualties my family is now being told about the second coming of Trump by a man in the pulpit at a Lutheran church that at least two hundred people go to every week. Its in a small town in a red state and everyone seems fine with it.
My (Q)dads take on the astroworld incident : QAnonCasualties (mass psychosis
QAnon Described in 1945. : QAnonCasualties - Bonhoeffer on Stupidity

COVID-19: Vienna brothel offers customers 30 minutes with 'lady of their choice' in exchange for coronavirus jab

Australian fugitive arrested after massive manhunt : worldnews

South Korean engineer who exposed safety issues at Hyundai and Kia was awarded $24 million by US auto regulators, and it marks an industry first : worldnews

Japan train driver sues over 49 cents in docked wages. : worldnews

U.S. tests Iron Dome in Guam as defense against Chinese cruise missiles : worldnews
Jet carrying US senators, congressmen makes surprise visit to Taiwan : worldnews

China bans influencers from recommending stocks, wearing strange clothes : worldnews
"Space Force" Detects Mystery Object in Orbit Alongside Chinese Satellite : worldnews

Dalai Lama says prefers to stay in India since Taiwan-China relations 'delicate'

Toxic foam coats sacred river in India as Hindu devotees bathe in its waters : worldnews

Afghanistans ghost soldiers undermined fight against Taliban - ex-official

I was always scared: inmate who exposed systemic Russian prisoner abuse | Russia
Russia labels LGBT rights group, lawyers as foreign agents

Tigray rebels accused of raping women in Ethiopias Amhara region
Ethiopia detains 16 U.N. workers, all from Tigray, for participation in terror act ... Can I just point out that the Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed got the Nobel Peace prize in 2019.Thats how much that particular prize is worth. (cf Obama)

Iranian Daily Shut Down Over Depiction Of Khameneis Hand In Connection With Rising Poverty

Ambassador to UK, Hotovely narrowly avoids attack by anti-Israel protesters : worldnews ("holding signs" = "attacks")

Putin behind migrant crisis at border, says Polish PM Morawiecki : worldnews
Russia blames EU for looming migrant catastrophe, sends bombers to overfly Belarus
Belarus trained Afghan and Iraqi veterans for EU border attacks
Report: Migrants break through border from Belarus to Poland : worldnews
European Parliament set to condemn Poland's abortion rules

Swedish PM resigns, finance minister likely successor : worldnews
Electric scooters face a crackdown in Sweden after accidents and problem parking : worldnews

Spanish judge jails 12 passengers who fled plane after "emergency" medical landing : worldnews

Macron says France will build new nuclear energy reactors : worldnews
France formally hands back 26 looted artworks to Benin : worldnews

BBC News - River Thames: Sharks and seahorses found living in waterway : worldnews
London Underground strike: Commuters face chaos as train drivers vote to walk out : worldnews
Supreme Court ruling may force Google to pay all iPhone UK users up to750 in compensation for secret tracking

Chilean president Pinera impeached over Pandora papers

Military sexual misconduct class action claims soar to 13,500 as deadline nears - National |
Dog at centre of Canadian pit bull controversy allegedly attacked teen four days after being released : worldnews

This man ran the Pentagons secretive UFO programme for a decade. We had some questions

Do New Arms Sales to Saudi Arabia Contradict a Key White House Policy? : politics

Inflation surges to its highest since 1990 : politics
US jobless claims drop to pandemic low of 267,000 : politics

Public Transit Use Must Double to Meet Climate Targets, City Leaders Warn : politics

Biden administration to invest another $785 million in communities hit hardest by pandemic : politics

Theres a baffling tax gift to the wealthy in the Democrats social-spending bill

US-funded child care aid nearing reality with Biden bill : politics

Republicans Hate Infrastructure Spending More Than a Literal Coup Attempt : politics
Local papers celebrate infrastructure bills benefits; name and shame Republican opponents
GOP billionaire Ken Langone says he will hold a fundraiser for Democrat Joe Manchin, who has worked to shrink Bidens agenda

The Supreme Court unleashed a brutal new era of gerrymandering. : politics
We must protect our elections now. National security is at stake. : politics

Presidents Are Not Kings, and Plaintiff Is Not President : Federal Judge Rejects Trumps Attempt to Block the National Archives from Complying with Jan. 6 Committee Investigation
Trump appeals judge's ruling he can't block Jan. 6 documents because he he's not President
Swift Ruling Tests Trump s Tactic of Running Out the Clock : The former president has leveraged the slow judicial process in the past to thwart congressional oversight, but the Jan. 6 case may be different.
Sharp-Eyed Readers Spot 1 Line In Judges Ruling Most Likely To Enrage Trump
Trumps Executive Privilege Claims Shot Down Faster Than You Can Say "Failed Coup" | Meanwhile, the January 6 committee has been issuing subpoenas for Trump information at breakneck speed.

DOJ and Merrick Garland Letting Steve Bannon Slide Is Setting a Dangerous Example : politics
Exclusive: January 6 committee interested in at least 5 people from Pence's inner circle - CNNPolitics

US Capitol rioter who assaulted police officer gets 41 months in prison : politics
Capitol Rioter Sentenced To Over 3 Years In Prison : politics
A Right-Wing Brawler Asked a Court to Protect Him From an Antifascists TweetsAdam Kiefer got a restraining order against an antifascist researcher who revealed that he was at the Capitol on Jan. 6. It might have been a costly mistake.

Neo-Nazis Are Trying to Hijack the Unite the Right Trial : politics

Reuters tracks down untraceable Trump supporters who threatened election officials
Homeland Security officials legitimately worried Trump appointee would come and kill us, new book claims
Wow, a Lot of 2022 Republican Candidates Have Been Accused of Assaulting or Threatening to Murder Someone : politics

The Memo: Experts warn of new violence amid Gosar storm : politics
Pelosi calls for investigation into Republican who posted anime showing him killing AOC. Threats of violence against Members of Congress and the President of the United States must not be tolerated, House Speaker writes.
Ocasio-Cortez: Gosar so weak he couldn't open a pickle jar
Kathy Griffin Compares Consequences for Beheaded Trump Photo to Paul Gosars Violent Video

Report: Donald Trump Should Start Panicking | He just suffered a massive defeat in his quest to keep the January 6 committee in the dark, and people are coming out of the woodwork to testify against him. : politics
Opinion: Trump is losing in court. But his threat to democracy is growing. : politics
Liz Cheney: Donald Trump represents a unique domestic threat
Trumps Manhattan highway sign is being taken down
Trumps Circle Is Full Of Men Accused Of Threatening Behavior, Harassment, Violence
Trump Just Endorsed Militia-Backed Candidate Against Idahos GOP Governor

Congress Pushed to Pass Fix After Watchdog Finds 13 Ex-Officials Illegally Campaigned for Trump | "Senior Trump administration officials showed an open contempt for the law meant to protect the American people from the use of taxpayer resources and government power for partisan politics." : politics
Probe finds Trump officials repeatedly violated Hatch Act : politics

Extremists seize back control of the Republican Partys message machine
White Supremacists Declare War on Democracy : politics

Stacey Abrams PAC wipes out $212 million in medical debt for 108,000 people in 5 states : politics

The Dark Ages Are Upon Us: Virginia Dems Fear Voting Rights Rollback After GOP Sweep
Spotsylvania, VA School Board Members Suggest Burning Books They Deem Inappropriate : politics ... Where they burn books, so too will they in the end burn people
We Have Moved Swiftly On to the Book-Burning Portion of the Proceedings : "Evil-related material" sounds a bit general.
Cancel Culture! - Lawyers, Guns & Money
Goddard school district orders 29 books removed from circulation : politics .... "Handmaid's Tale" ...
GOPs Banning of Books and Attack on Teachers Expose the Partys Rising Fascism
Nearly half of Republicans polled say schools shouldnt teach history of racism

Marjorie Taylor Greenes salary is being obliterated by all her fines for refusing to wear a mask
If Marjorie Taylor Greene Spent More Time With Polyamorous Tantric-Sex Gurus and Less Time Spreading Insane Conspiracy Theories the Country Would Be Better Off | Vanity Fair

Ted Cruz Says If Texas Secedes, Its the Democrats Fault

Another Republican ensnared? Rep. Darrell Issa may be implicated in Fortenberry scandal | Longtime House Republican Darrell Issa worth $250M may have been target of DOJ sting over $30,000 donation

Republican Presidential Hopeful Soft-Launches 2024 Campaign on Premise That Men Are Masturbating Too Much : politics (slogan: Make Women Suck Our Dicks Again)
Josh Hawley Will Be Damned if He Allows Women to Get Drafted : politics

Max Cleland Did Not Deserve What Rick Wilson Did to Him : The former Georgia senator died Tuesday at age 79. His political career was a harbinger of things to come.
Eschaton: RIP Max Cleland I met him once at a fundraiser in suburban Philly (I don't even remember who for). Seemed like a good guy. Any time anyone is toasting that "never trump" ghoul Rick Wilson, just remember the ad campaign he ran against Cleland.

South Dakota House votes to launch impeachment probe of AG : politics

TVs Dr Oz considering Senate run as Republican, report claims
Howard Stern Says He May Run In 2024 If Trump Does: I'll Beat His Ass
Also Howard Stern

Britt campaign internal polling puts her ahead of Mo Brooks in Senate race After hearing more information about candidates, Brooks dropped to third, according to the polling company.

Rising star GOP candidate accused of abusing 14-year-old girl with mental health issues. Monica De La Cruz pinched the girl for crying in church until she stopped and then threatened to divorce her dad if he brought her to live with them, according to court documents.

Chris Sununu Wont Run For Senate After Realizing What a Terrible Job It Is
House Republicans Are Trying to Drag Senate Republicans Down to Their Level of Insanity : A rising star's decision not to run for Senate in New Hampshire might tell us a lot about all this.
House Republicans Are Trying to Drag Senate Republicans Down to Their Level of Insanity | A rising stars decision not to run for Senate in New Hampshire might tell us a lot about all this.
GOP recruitment struggles give Democrats hope in 2022 Senate fight

Read the 515-Page Transcript of Andrew Cuomos Interview in Sexual Harassment Probe

4 in 10 Republicans dont like schools teaching about history of racism. The new survey and others reinforce the slippery slope of the GOPs anti-critical race theory push

The DOJ found widespread racial harassment at a school district. Weeks later, a Black student died by suicide.

Leave Amy Coney Barrett Aloooooooooone - Lawyers, Guns & Money Noah Feldman does not like how Linda Greenhouses new book discusses Amy Coney Barretts nomination as a transformative moment for the Supreme Court for obvious reasons

The lie of the storm - Columbia Journalism Review - Katrina, Ida, and resisting the looting myth

The political war around daylight saving time takes a nasty turn - POLITICO Who knew there were such passions around falling back and springing forward?

Indira Sheumaker Won in Iowa on Defunding the Police : politics

Judge admonishes prosecutor in Rittenhouse trial | TheHill
As Kyle Rittenhouse trial nears end, judges decisions from the bench come under scrutiny
Because of course it is - Lawyers, Guns & Money (Judge's ringtone is a Trump anthem, of course it is)

A "proliferation of administrators": faculty reflect on two decades of rapid expansion - Yale Daily News ... Over the last two decades, the number of managerial and professional staff that Yale employs has risen three times faster than the undergraduate student body,

If Bari U ever exists, it will be a grim indoctrination mill - Lawyers, Guns & Money
Virginia Senators call for federal investigation into Liberty University : politics

Ozy Media Faces Federal Investigations - The New York Times The Justice Department and the S.E.C. have contacted companies that discussed investing in the Silicon Valley media business.

Robert Moses and the saga of the racist parkway bridges - The Washington Post

Tom's Diner Explained

Psilocybin therapy increases cognitive and neural flexibility in patients with major depressive disorder : science

TIL that a research study published in the Journal of Family Psychology revealed that parents in fact do have a favourite child - 74% of mothers and 70% of fathers reported preferential treatment towards one child : todayilearned

Study finds that researchers are predisposed to finding sex differences and that sex-specific effects are likely over-reported in the literature. An alarming percentage of claims of sex differences are not backed by sufficient evidence, analysis suggests. : science

Humans are growing taller, maturing faster thanks to specific brain receptor: study : worldnews

ELI5: what restricts eye colour possibilities? Whys there no purple/burgundy/orangeeyes?

CNN Poll: Three out of four adults think Facebook is making society worse - CNN : technology


Global temperatures: third warmest October on record : worldnews

China calls for concrete action not distant targets in last week of COP26 : worldnews
Australias climate policies have been ranked last out of 64 countries in the latest Climate Change Performance Index (Murdoch cackles as the world burns)

Rolls-Royce gets funding to develop mini nuclear reactors : worldnews

+1397 new cases = 808,601 total cases in MA; +24 new deaths = 18,719 total deaths in MA : CoronavirusMa

Could long covid unlock clues to chronic fatigue and other conditions? - The Washington Post

Moderna and U.S. at Odds Over Vaccine Patent Rights - The New York Times Modernas patent application names several employees as the sole inventors of a crucial component of its coronavirus vaccine, excluding three government scientists.

Trump counties had over 3 times more COVID deaths than Biden counties in October, according to a new report
MAGA denialism on covid-19 is killing its adherents ... almost 40 percent of Republican adults remain unvaccinated, compared with about 10 percent of Democratic adults

Politician to miss his anti-vaccine mandate rally because he has COVID : politics

20(!) members of the Snowflake Family brought home Covid from a memorial service for an uncle, who died of Covid : HermanCainAward
Ivermectin couldnt keep her out of a coma
This nominee and his wife (red) aggressively spread lies and division among their thousands of followers, telling them, "They hate you" Between their radio show, podcast, blogs and books theyve done a lot of damage. He has been hospitalized ("This is hard" ) and red haslawyered up for Ivermectin.
Sometimes when you are anti-vaxx and anti-mask the whole family ends up in the hospital with "ammonia"
[Update] "S" only lasted 6 days in the hospital before accepting her HCA. OP in comments. : HermanCainAward

Analysis: COVID-19 pills are coming, but no substitute for vaccines, disease experts say : worldnews

Ventavia, a subcontractor for Pfizers COVID-19 vaccine phase 3 clinical trial, allegedly falsified data, unblinded patients and was slow to follow up on adverse events
pHOXBIO Has Applied For Authorization In India For Its Nasal Spray That Prevents Covid : worldnews

Covid-19: Vaccines to be compulsory for frontline NHS staff in England : worldnews

People unvaccinated by choice in Singapore no longer can receive free covid-19 treatment

Chinese city offers cash for clues as Covid outbreak declared a 'people's war'

A good day to be a Kiwi: New Zealand legalises assisteddying

Indonesia Postponed Joint Patrol After Australian Authority Burned Illegal Fishing Boats : worldnews

Duterte daughter quits mayor race as Philippine election deadline looms : worldnews

Taiwan says China can blockade its key harbours, warns of grave threat : worldnews

Four infants killed in fire at Bhopal govt hospital; The fire broke out in the special newborn care unit ward where 40 children were admitted : worldnews

Pakistan lifts ban on radical Islamist party : worldnews

Islamic State violence dents Taliban claims of safer Afghanistan : worldnews

Fire sweeps through school in Niger, killing 20 children : worldnews

Iran is the cause of the great destruction and suffering of its people. : worldnews ... Iran is suffering from an epidemic of torture (sado-muzfuckers, see also, SA)

Israeli MKs submit bill to recognize Armenian Genocide : worldnews
As a new accusation surfaces that NSOs software may have been used to spy on Palestinians, Israeli officials say it is crucial to national security.

REvil: Day of reckoning for notorious cyber gang - BBC News

Lithuania moves to declare state of emergency on border with Belarus : worldnews
Belarus government moves to stamp out remaining independent media : worldnews
Minsk committing crimes against humanity, says Lithuanian PM

Poland warns of armed attempts on its border as Germany urges EU to act
What you need to know about the Poland-Belarus border crisis - The Washington Post (Poland is ruled by rightwing authoritarian fuckers)

Communists have now left the Czech parliament, more than three decades after the Velvet Revolution : worldnews

Surveillance cables mysteriously cut - 4.3 kilometers of cable missing of the coast of Norway. : worldnews

Huge mega-trial convicts 70 members of Italys biggest mafia group

French bishops kneel in penance over Catholic churchs role in child abuse ... The abuse, stretching back to the 1950s and affecting at least 216,000 minors (pedofuckers since the 10th century)

Second bus in two weeks torched in unionist neighborhood of Belfast : worldnews
At least a quarter of Tory MPs have second jobs, earning 5m a year

Chilean president impeached over Pandora Papers revelation : news

Bolivia abortion: 11-year-old whose pregnancy ignited a debate in Bolivia granted an abortion - The Washington Post ... The girl had been under the care of her 61-year-old step-grandfather, who is awaiting trial over allegations that he raped her ... That process was interrupted after a lawyer for a local Catholic organization intervened ...

Allegations of Canadian troops training neo-Nazis and war criminals sparks military review : worldnews
Residential school compensation must be paid before any papal visit, say survivors, advocates : worldnews

Metallurgist admits faking steel test results for US Navy subs : worldnews

If Biden doesnt pass the climate bill, it will be the betrayal of a generation

Free Joe Biden: Sean Maloney on How Democrats Can Get Back on Track

GOP Rep. Lisa McClains Pants on Fire claim that infrastructure bill is only 10% infrastructure (90% Obama-phones, she claimed)

Elon Musk Is Still Bitching and Moaning About Paying Taxes | The richest man in the world remains deeply offended anyone would dare suggest he should pay his fair share. : politics

Well, Duh - Lawyers, Guns & Money Krugman has come around to a point that lots of us have been making for months.
"Slaves had a patriotic duty to support the southern economy by accepting slavery." - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Judge rejects Trumps late-night effort to temporarily block release of Jan. 6 records
The truth is these are not very bright guys, and things got out of hand - Lawyers, Guns & Money ... maybe Merrick Garland can turn his attention away from whatever the hell it is hes been doing for the past 10 months and prosecute a few big fish for conspiring to overthrow the government of the United States, which last time I checked is still a crime.
Guns, Knives, Flagpoles, And A Skateboard: A Guide To The Weapons At The Capitol Riot

An ABC reporter said there are pictures of Mike Pence holed up in a basementhiding from the Capitol rioters, but he cant show them
Journalist Reveals Key Capitol Riot Evidence Mike Pence Is Trying To Keep Hidden : politics

The Man Who Made January 6 Possible : The story of Johnny McEntee : the deputy presidentwho rose to power at precisely the moment when democracy was falling apart ... On the line was Andrew Hughes, the top staffer at the Department of Housing and Urban Development. Meadows had asked him to call because it had been brought to Meadows's attention that a young assistant at HUD had been caught consorting with the enemy. She had liked an Instagram post from the pop star Taylor Swift.
Jan. 6 committee subpoenas more Trump aides, including Miller, McEnany and McEntee - The Washington Post

A year later, an obviously illegal campaign stunt is determined to have been illegal - The Washington Post

Kellyanne Conway and Mike Pompeo among 13 Trump aides who campaigned illegally, federal investigation finds : politics
Reuters unmasks Trump supporters terrifying U.S. election officials
Trump Administration officials violated law against mixing politics with governing, report says. - The Washington Post
Trump allies Michael Flynn, Jason Miller, John Eastman subpoenaed in Jan. 6 House probe : politics
GOP candidate claims Michael Flynn hoped to blackmail U.S. officials into pro-Trump "audits" : politics
Reuters unmasks Trump supporters terrifying U.S. election officials : politics

Trumps taxpayer-funded political machine

Donors threatened to shun the GOP after Jan. 6. Now, Republicans are outraising Democrats. - The Washington Post

Democrats, Critics Call For Action Against Rep. Paul Gosar Over 'grotesque' Post
He Should Be Expelled: Republican Paul Gosar Shares Edited Video of Him Killing AOC
Paul Gosar Faces Growing Calls to be Arrested Over Video Showing Him Killing AOC : politics
Pelosi calls for ethics, criminal investigations into Gosar : politics

Threats Against Election Officials Mount Following 2020 Fraud Lies This Story Makes Me Feel Completely Hopeless About the Future of This Country - The level of violence humming barely below the surface of our politics is intensifying.
GOP Rep. Fred Uptons Terrifying Voicemail After Infrastructure Vote: I Hope You Die

Critical Race Theory and actual education policy, part two - The core problem is a dangerous attack on efforts to measure learning
Critical race theory panic is largely about white parents holding on to mythologies : politics
The 1619 Project and the Long Battle Over U.S. History - The New York Times Fights over how we tell our national story go back more than a century and have a great deal to teach us about our current divisions.
What Structural Racism Really Means
Black principal loses job after allegedly teaching critical race theory in Texas : news ... he had a photo of his white wife in his office!
Backlash - Lawyers, Guns & Money The problem with America is the problem of whiteness.
The critical race theory of Mayor Pete - Lawyers, Guns & Money
Racist Historical Markers - Lawyers, Guns & Money
A history teacher told her students Trump was still president. Shes been removed from the school.

USC Pushed a $115,000 Online Degree. Graduates Got Low Salaries, Huge Debts. - WSJ The prestigious private university hired a for-profit firm to recruit students to its social-work masters program

Secret recordings of NRA officials after Columbine school shooting show strategy : NPR : politics

Texas could get billions from the infrastructure bill, yet all Texas Republicans voted against it : politics
Billions of dollars coming to Florida once Bidens infrastructure bill becomes law
Ted Cruz wants Texas to secede ifthings become hopeless in the US

Pete Buttigieg schools rightwingers on supply chain criticism: Stop complaining & get vaccinated : politics

America cannot give evangelicals what they want : politics (a theocracy)

Fact check: Deceptive Republican attack ad uses images from Trump presidency to depict 'chaod' under Biden

Trumps supporters have a bizarre secret password meant to own the libs

New Hampshire Gov. Chris Sununu declines Senate bid in significant blow for Republicans : politics

Gavin Newsoms wife, California Democrats bristle at questions about governors continued absence

Postal Banking Test in the Bronx Yields No Customers - The American Prospect From September 13 to October 31, not a single customer put a paycheck on a gift card in one of the four test locations.

Opinion | Liberal Hypocrisy Is Fueling Inequality - The New York Times Blue States, You re the Problem : Why do states with Democratic majorities fail to live up to their values?

Inside Ivy Getty's Fantasy Wedding Weekend in San Francisco

What Do I Owe My Difficult Mother-in-Law? - The New York Times

The Hillsborough Disaster, 1989. The worst crowd crush in British sporting history. : pics

Teen driver who plowed into bicyclists faces 6 felony charges, authorities say : news

2 former police officers who used Tasers on man over 50 times convicted of murder : news

Traditional Caucasian Dance : videos

How a made-in-Canada distress signal may have helped save the life of a North Carolina teen - Girl, 16, is believed to have learned gesture from social media platform TikTok : worldnews

Our Worst Idea About Safety

TIL women tend to use more exclamation points then men to appear more friendly even in professional settings (ie business emails) : todayilearned

Deepest earthquake ever detected should have been impossible : worldnews

TIL - The oldest wheel was discovered in Slovenia and is over 5,000 years old : todayilearned

Positive resultsshown in largest psilocybin study for depression to date

There appears to be an optimal bedtime - between 10pm and 11pm - linked to better heart health, say researchers who have studied 88,000 volunteers. : science

ELI5:Why isn't there a canyon under every river? : explainlikeimfive

How is it possible that each star in the sky puts out enough photons that I can see it from any slight deviation in my position on earth? : askscience

What's a book that was the opposite of a letdown for you? Where you weren't too keen on it at first, but ended up really enjoying it? : books

Why Facebooks Metaverse Is Dead on Arrival (lizard boy's wet dream of an AI stalking you is a un-optoutable nightmare)


Few willing to change lifestyle to save the planet, climate survey finds : worldnews

COP26: Fossil fuel industry has largest delegation at climate summit : worldnews
Australia said Monday it will sell coal for "decades into the future" after spurning a pact to phase out the polluting fossil fuel to halt catastrophic climate change. More than 40 countries pledged to eliminate coal use within decades during the COP26 UN climate summit : worldnews

Tuvalu minister stands in sea to film COP26 speech to show climate change : worldnews
Barack Obama COP26 Speech Stresses Empathy in a Time of Urgency Whoever Barack Obama's Audience Was, It Wasn't People From Tuvalu - At COP26 in Glasgow, the former president was decent, humane, and out of touch with the fierce urgency of now. (same as it ever was)

Climate on track to devastate worlds poorest economies: Study

Expedia to stop selling holidays that include captive dolphin shows. Travel firm amends animal welfare policy to no longer offer activities involving captive cetaceans. : worldnews

Massive Whale Dies After Getting Stranded In Northern France : worldnews

White House: OPEC and Russia are putting the global recovery at risk : worldnews

11/08/21 - MA COVID-19 Interactive Data Dashboard : CoronavirusMa
1,598 confirmed cases and 18 deaths. See today COVID-19 data from Mass.

To the guy who got removed from a recent flight from Boston to Savannah GA... : boston

U.S. Covid Deaths Get Even Redder - The New York Times The partisan gap in Covids death toll has grown faster over the past month than at any previous point ... In October, 25 out of every 100,000 residents of heavily Trump counties died from Covid, more than three times higher than the rate in heavily Biden counties (7.8 per 100,000). October was the fifth consecutive month that the percentage gap between the death rates in Trump counties and Biden counties widened. ... The vaccines are remarkably effective at preventing severe Covid, and almost 40 percent of Republican adults remain unvaccinated, compared with about 10 percent of Democratic adults ... Counties where Trump received at least 70 percent of the vote have an even higher average Covid death toll than counties where Trump won at least 60 percent.
Covid Gets Even Redder: The partisan gap in deaths has grown larger. : politics
U.S Covid Deaths Get Even Redder - NY Times (non-paywall version for yall) : HermanCainAward

Global COVID-19 cases hit 250 million, eastern Europe infections at record levels : worldnews

Regenerons COVID antibody drug shows protection for up to 8 months

A pollster tested 8 pieces of covid misinformation. On 6 of 8, more Republicans said they were true than false. : politics

Leonard Pitts Jr.: Good riddance to 34 New York City cops | Column | Leonard Pitts Jr.: Good riddance to 34 New York City cops

North Dakota lawmaker who helped organize anti-vaccine mandate rally tests positive for COVID-19 | INFORUM Rep. Jeff Hoverson told The Forum that he tested positive for coronavirus on Friday, Nov. 5. (oh look, a goatee chugging horse-dewormer for his brain worms)

North Dakota lawmaker catches COVID-19, must miss his anti-vaccine rally : politics

Teacher who become face of Illinois anti-mandate movement was actually vaccinated the whole time

Black (wife) and red (husband) were together for 32 years. They thought Covid would blow over and werent going to lose any freedom over it. Black was going to run for school board but claimed her award before she could. Their son is actively planning his vengeance.
Brave, smart patriot leaves his selfishness all over FB before dying. : HermanCainAward ("man of God" w/goatee)
Deputy recovering from COVID changes mind about vaccine: This virus will kill you
Father skeptical of COVID-19 turns about-face after daughter nearly dies of virus : HermanCainAward

Northern Ireland health minister suing Van Morrison over COVID comments : worldnews

WHO casts doubt on Turkmenistans zero-Covid claim (another lying dictofuck)

Australian Capital Territory reaches 95% of eligible 12+ population (around 80% entire population) fully vaccinated. : worldnews

Japan reports no COVID-related deaths for first time in 15 months : worldnews

Indias latest Zika outbreak sees surge of nearly 100 cases

Indonesian boats burnt at sea in crackdown on illegal fishing in Australian waters : worldnews

Japan, Germany expand military ties as German warship visits : worldnews
Russian Navy Spy Ship Near UK Carrier Strike Group : worldnews

Chinese astronauts complete space walk outside future space station : worldnews

Xi set to unveil new doctrine that could let him rule for life : worldnews
Analysis: Xi Jinping is rewriting history with his eyes on the future : worldnews
Chinas wealthy seek new ways to move money, avoid Xi Jinpings redistribution policy
China Builds Missile Targets Shaped Like U.S. Aircraft Carrier, Destroyers in Remote Desert : worldnews

Abandoned Afghans Are Still Risking Their Lives to Escape the Taliban

Pakistan reporter killed for exposing illegal hunting by Arab VIPs : worldnews

Turkeys Foreign Ministry secured Schengen visa for Islamist foundation officials linked to Turkish intelligence

Tension in Ethiopia as Tigrayan forces advance : worldnews
Ethiopia braces for all-out war as rebels advance on capital : worldnews
Tens of thousands of Ethiopians rallied in Addis Ababa in support of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmeds government as federal troops fight rebellious forces who are threatening to march on the city. Some demonstrators denounced the United States for calling for a ceasefire

The West African regional grouping ECOWAS on Sunday hardened its stance against military-ruled Mali and Guinea, imposing new individual sanctions and calling on both countries to honor timetables for a return to democracy : worldnews

Leaked Documents From Iran's Notorious Evin Prison Reveal Plight Of Inmates : worldnews

Mossad said to have foiled Iran terror plots against Israeli targets in Africa : worldnews
Saddam Haftar, son of Libyan warlord Khalifa Haftar, landed in Israel to seek support in Libya in exchange for diplomatic ties with Israel : worldnews
Palestinian activistsmobile phones hacked by NSO spyware, says report
Israel steps up surveillance of Palestinians with facial recognition program in West Bank - BESTINAU : worldnews

Poland fears major incident as Belarus escorts hundreds of migrants towards Polish border

800 migrants on board German rescue ship reaches Italy | The Sea-Eye 4 rescued more than 800 people from the central Mediterranean this week, including 200 minors and five pregnant women. The overcrowded ship was stuck at sea for days before getting permission to dock. : worldnews

Portugal made it illegal for your boss to text you after work : worldnews

EU could shelve Brexit trade deal if UK triggers article 16, Irish minister warns : worldnews

Nicaraguas Ortega seeks reelection after jailing rivals

In Honduras Land Battles, Paramilitaries Infiltrate Local GroupsThen Kill Their Leaders

Boeing outsourced Air Force One work to insolvent Port San Antonio company tied to Saudis: whistleblower : news

Big Pharma Spent Horrifying Sums of Money to Weaken Drug Price Reform: The industry is expected to break its lobbying record after spending tens of millions of dollars to undermine a popular proposal to reduce prescription drug costs.
Democrats plan would provide insurance for millions of low-income adults

If Democrats return to centrism, they are doomed to lose against Trump : politics

House Jan. 6 committee issues subpoenas to 6 top Trump advisers, including pair involved in Willard hotel command center
January 6 committee issues 6 subpoenas to top Trump campaign associates - CNNPolitics

Capitol rioter applies for asylum in Belarus - The Washington Post

Denver police gave Supreme Court chance to guard your rights. But no. By declining to hear Frasier v. Evans, the Supreme Court managed to set back both your right to record police and efforts to reform qualified immunity
Police case gave Supreme Court a chance to protect your rights to record cops. It whiffed. : politics

Eschaton: Bringing The Hard 'R' Boy, Louisiana Sen. John Kennedy sure savors the way saying "wokers" lets him go from a velar plosive to a real hard R

Republicans Are Erasing Decades of Voting Rights Gains Before Our Eyes : politics
Corporations calling for voting rights bill donated to Republicans who blocked it, watchdog says : politics

Eschaton: Bringing The Hard 'R' Boy, Louisiana Sen. John Kennedy sure savors the way saying "wokers" lets him go from a velar plosive to a real hard R
Rep. Paul Gosar tweets photoshopped anime video showing him killing Rep. Ocasio-Cortez and attacking President Biden - The Washington Post
Paul Gosar posts anime video showing him killing Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez : politics

Trump told RNC chair he was leaving GOP to create new party, says new book : politics

Notes on an Authoritarian Conspiracy: Inside the Claremont Institutes 79 Days to Inauguration Report
Far-right extremism dominates the GOP. It didnt start and wont end with Trump.

Ted Cruz Talks About Joe Rogan BeingPresident Of Texas If State Secedes From U.S. | If therecomes a point where its hopeless, then I think we take NASA, we take the military, we take the oil Cruz told an audience at Texas A&M University.
More Texas voters unhappy than satisfied over power grid, abortion and property taxes, UT/TT Poll finds : politics

Kentucky Needs a New Deal: Charles Booker Outlines Plan to Defeat Rand Paul, Abolish Poverty
Mitch McConnell spent decades chasing power. Now he heeds Trump, who mocks him and wants him gone. : politics

Still hate Hillary? Get over it: She was right about Trump thenand shes right now

VA rejects cannabis research as veterans plead for medical pot : politics (just take more Sackler pills, Biden says)

Wife of Sean Parnell, Pa. Republican Senate candidate, testifies about abuse allegations Parnell, a leading GOP Senate candidate in Pennsylvania, saw his campaign come under a cloud after his estranged wife accused him of abuse.

The GOP Pulled Out the Stops to Flip School Boards. It Didnt Work.
A war on books Conservatives push for audits of school libraries

Right-Wing Aristocrats Fund Critical Race Theory Backlash

Judge Emmet Sullivan cleared of unethical conduct allegation made by Judge Laurence Silberman - The Washington Post Silberman, a nominee of President Ronald Reagan, did not participate in the Flynn case. He is renowned in conservative circles and was honored last month by the Antonin Scalia Law School with an award named for Justice Clarence Thomas. The Wall Street Journal recently called him themost influential judge never to have sat on the Supreme Court

The Trial of Kyle Rittenhouse Begins with Gruesome Videos and a Plea for Fact-Finding | The New Yorker The rifle-wielding teen-ager killed two men and grievously wounded a third during racial-justice protests in Kenosha, Wisconsin.
The Rittenhouse Prosecution after the latest wtiness : pics
List of police violence incidents during George Floyd protests - Wikipedia

Travis Scott clearly sees the ambulance and then tells everyone to put up a middle finger : videos
"this was a fight for survival" - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Palantir Founder Is Backing Bari WeissNo-Degree University -- Weiss is helping launch the University of Austin. It is not yet accredited and does not offer degrees.
Who's Afraid of Higher Education? By Sarah Jones
Mr Linsdale says we will Bari you - Lawyers, Guns & Money
America's going fascist because our universities are totalitarian hellholes - Lawyers, Guns & Money ... (haha, Haidt and Stinker, Flannadoodle, etc)
Well it wasn't supposed to go down that way - Lawyers, Guns & Money - Turns out theres already dissension about the 2021 Weiss Supremacy Project: (and who is really breaking educatiion)

New York Times Op-Ed Page Features Woke Backlash From David Brooks, Mark Penn The New York Times Editorial Page Should Stop Publishing Nonsense -- Columns from Maureen Dowd, David Brooks and more rounded out quite a weekend for the paper of record's op-ed section.
Steel core inside of a "rubber" bullet used by police. : pics

Graphic photos of Ahmaud Arbery's wounds shown to jury : news

The Casteism I See in America - The Atlantic A raft of evidence shows that caste discrimination has been imported from India to the United States.

Billionaire defends windowless dorm rooms for California student : news

he Popularity of E-Bikes Isnt Slowing Down | Motorized bicycles are outselling all-electric cars and have the potential to transform urban transit

Five years later, legal marijuana remains unfinished business in Massachusetts - The Boston Globe Legalization has kept its basic promises, but festering glitches mean the state is no model (tnx, Charlie Faker Baker)

In a first, astronomers spot a moon-forming disk around a distant exoplanet. The researchers estimate the so-called circumplanetary disk has enough material to form 3 Moon-sized satellites. : science


COP26: Thousands march for Glasgows biggest protest

Carbon emissions of richest 1% set to be 30 times the 1.5C limit in 2030

Protesters across the world demand action on the climate crisis : worldnews

a clear gender and generation gap at the Glasgow talks, and the two sides have very different views on how to address global warming. (old white farts vs the girls)
Generation Climate: Young activists are challenging those in power - CNN

New COVID vaccine design is completely protein-based, making it easy for many facilities to manufacture all over the world and it doesn't need cold storage. : science

Managing COVID in the Neo-Confederacy - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Unvaccinated in Greece face new restrictions as COVID cases soar : worldnews
All children will have to take Covid-19 jab in Costa Rica : worldnews
Jakarta pegs vaccination target for children aged 6-11 at 900,000 - ANTARA News : worldnews

Russia hits record daily COVID cases despite enforced holiday to curb disease : worldnews

Aboriginal Covid cases climb as Australian vaccination surgefalls short: Calls for greater resources as Aboriginal people disproportionately forced to live with Covid
Victoria reports nine COVID-19 deaths and 1,173 cases a day after pandemic law protests : worldnews
Coronavirus Australia: COVID-19 vaccine boosters likely for years to come, says Pharmacy Guild : worldnews

Japan reluctant to accept proposal to declare Korean War over : worldnews ... Even if Japan accepted the proposal, NK won't

China alleges that Flightradar24 or flight information involving espionage constitutes a threat to military security : worldnews

Pakistan court acquits Mumbai attack mastermind Hafiz Saeeds six aides in terror financing case

4 women killed in Afghanistan's Mazar-i-Sharif, Taliban confirm reports. A report on BBC Persian, citing civil society sources, said the four women were friends and colleagues who had hoped to travel to Mazar-i-Sharif airport for a flight out of the country. : worldnews (muzfuckedistan)
Womens rights activist shot dead in northern Afghanistan. 29-year-old activist and economics lecturer, Frozan Safi, has been shot and killed in northern Afghanistan, in what appears to be the first known death of a women's rights defender since the Taliban swept to power almost three months ago
Nationwide polio eradication campaign starts in Afghanistan : worldnews

Sudan internet cuts complicate civil disobedience campaign against coup : worldnews

Abu Dhabi to allow non-Muslim civil marriage under family law shakeup : worldnews

Iraqi Prime Minister survives assassination attempt : worldnews
Injuries reported after drone attack on Iraqi prime ministers residence
Climate change, extreme heat and drought end way of life in Iraqs famed marshes

Married Iranian man, 27, and male lover, 33, are sentenced to death for adultery : worldnews

In Congress, Israel justifies Palestinian NGO terror tag with evidence on unrelated group : worldnews (hello, lying officially racist apartheid state of Israel)
Israel suggests U.S open consulate for Palestinians in West Bank, not Jerusalem : worldnews

Scandinavian nations creating commissions to review crimes against Indigenous people: governments of Sweden and Finland are setting up truth commissions to examine the countries past treatment of and abuses against the regions Sami minority.

Poland: Protests erupt over abortion law after woman dies : worldnews

2000-Year-Old "Slave Room" Discovered In Ancient Italian City : worldnews

Portugals parliament approves euthanasia bill

Search for 12 missing passengers who fled a plane after a man suspected of faking a diabetic coma forced an emergency landing, Spanish police say : worldnews

Most Valuable Pure Fentanyl Load In History Seized in Mexico : worldnews

Gloomy landscape for Democrats in midterms as Bidens approval drops to 38% in USA TODAY/Suffolk poll

Americans Are Flush With Cash and Jobs. They Also Think the Economy Is Awful. - The New York Times (gas goes up by a dime and American's heads explode)

FECs jaw-dropping ruling gives foreign nationals approval to influence U.S. politics (refucked)

Senate Republicans block debate on a third major voting rights bill : politics

Wyden rips Musk over Telsa stock poll: It's time for the Billionaires Income Tax

Democrats put 401(k) and IRA restrictions for the rich back into their Build Back Better plan : politics
How a $1 Trillion Infrastructure Bill Survived an Intraparty Brawl - The New York Times Speaker Nancy Pelosi agreed to a deal proposed by the Congressional Black Caucus, mobilizing one faction of Democratic lawmakers to win over two others.
"Must be eliminated": Trump Republicans vow to oust GOP members who voted for infrastructure : politics
Republicans are going after their own after 13 voted with House Democrats in favor of the bipartisan infrastructure bill : politics

The January 6 House committee poised to subpoena Trump team who met at a DC hotel war room in the days before the Capitol attack, say reports
He did not cooperate: January 6 committee chairman on former Trump official
Liz Cheney to Fox News: Un-American to Call Jan. 6 a False Flag (Fucker Fishsticks says libtards dressed up as rightwing nutjobs and tried to kill Mike Pence)

Georgia Grand Jury Looms in Trump Inquiry : politics

Trumps ex-communications director has warned that if the former president wins a 2nd term he would establish an autocracy in the US

Democrats Thought They Bottomed Out in Rural, White America. It Wasnt the Bottom.
Democrats are worried about U.S. democracy. Theyve got limited tools to protect it

In Trumpland parallel reality, election was stolen and racism was long ago : politics (if ever)
One Year Ago, Biden Won. Republicans Still Wont Accept ItMore than 70 percent of Republicans say fraud affected 2020 results.

Multi-level marketing companies shower Kyrsten Sinema with cash, in apparent bid to kill labor bill : politics
Republicans are going after their own after 13 voted with House Democrats in favor of the bipartisan 'Commie' infrastructure bill : politics

Republicans look for advantage as House Democrats opt for retirement over re-election : politics

Ted Cruz And Other Right-Wingers Squawk After Big Bird Gets Vaccinated : politics

School culture wars stirred up voters for a reason: Classrooms really did change - The Washington Post

Austin voters strongly reject Prop A, which would have required hiring hundreds more police : politics

Cornell, Columbia and Brown Universities evacuate buildings after bomb threats - The Washington Post

Disgraced Fox News Anchor Quietly Resurfaces at Fringe Right-Wing OutletReal Americas Voice boasts a roster of MAGA freaks like Steve Bannon and John Solomon. It can now add to that list a former Fox News anchor accused of sexual misconduct ... Ed Henry ...

Toddler killed by stray bullet in Oakland highway shooting : news

These parents built a school app. Then the city called the cops : technology

Travis Scott Sued Over Predictable And Preventable Astroworld Tragedy
Travis Scott should be charged with manslaughter. : Music
Travis Scott continues singing in his concert while the lifeless body of a young fan is carried out right infront of his eyes : videos
Criminal probe opened into stampede at outdoor rap concert in Houston that killed 8 : news
The Travis Scott incident perfectly encapsulates the insane 'celebrity worship' associated with music. It'ss always been like this.

Group Narcissism Is Everywhere - The Atlantic In everyday settings, it can keep people from listening to one another. At its worst, it might fuel violence.

A combined team of researchers from the University of Copenhagen and the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences reports that a certain fungus uses chemicals to trick male flies into mating with infected dead females. : worldnews (men are stupid)

ELI5 Why do stimulants help ADHD? : explainlikeimfive

Beard length is not linked to male dominance or testosterone levels, study finds. Moreover, beards aren't honest signals of biological and psychological traits in men. : science

TIL that on the night of November 12-13, 1833, a massive meteor shower was observed. At Boston, the frequency of meteors was estimated to be about half that of flakes of snow in an average snowstorm

Meta-analysis finds that of the big five personality traits (openness to experience, extraversion, agreeableness, conscientiousness, neuroticism), gifted people only differ from non-gifted people in being significantly more open to experience. : science

This mans about to end the entire history channel : videos

TIL about Ugly Laws. Various US cities passed laws that prohibited Any person who is diseased, maimed, mutilated, or in any way deformed, so as to be an unsightly or disgusting object, or an improper person to be allowed in or on the streets, highways, thoroughfares, or public places in the city,

What was supposed to be used by one gender, but is far more useful to the other? : AskReddit


Images reveal a slow-motion burial in Canary Islands volcano no-go zone : worldnews
La Palma volcano enters new phase, expert says does not mean eruption ending : worldnews

Wind and solar could power the worlds major countries most of the time. Wind and solar power system could provide about 85 percent of the total electricity demand of the United States, and that amount could also be increased through capacity overbuilding

Toyota Named Third Most Obstructive Company Towards Climate Change After ExxonMobil, Chevron : technology

World food prices are up 30% in a year - World food prices have surged to the highest level in more than a decade, driven by robust demand and lackluster harvests, according to the United Nations. : worldnews

COP26: Greta Thunberg tells protest that COP26 has been a failure : worldnews

Japan wont sign COP26 statement on ending use of coal-fired plants
Scientists cheer Indias ambitious carbon-zero climate pledge

Australias Great Barrier Reef will survive if global warming kept to 1.5 degrees (narrator: it won't)

Thousands of Houses are Flooded and 15 People are Swept Away as La Nina Bears Down on Indonesia

[Former FDA Commissioner] Gottlieb says pandemic in US could be over by January : CoronavirusMa

Vaccination reduces but does not eliminate the risk of covid-19 transmission within households, a study published in Lancet Infectious Diseases has found. It showed that one in four vaccinated household contacts of a covid-19 positive case became infected compared with 38% of unvaccinated contacts. : science

Yet another woke and compassionatesoul wins the HCA. (redacted more and reposted)
In hindsight, his expectations around his immune systemsability to defend against coronavirus were perhaps a little unrealistic. He's in the ICU now and his wife is also very sick.
People are stupid. Liberals are dumb. Government cant tellme what to do. Thoughts and prayers pweese (man of GOD)
Retired anti-vaxx nurse pink and her sister blue died within days of each other from COVID. Not a double award due to blue not posting any public COVID posts. : HermanCainAward ("angel wings")
HCA claimed by another one with an astounding lack of empathy. : HermanCainAward
Texas musician is anti-vax, anti-fluoride, and now, anti-existence. Hes no longer exposing friends to extremist content. (goatee)
God protected Texas man from a copperhead snake he found, but not from Covid. : HermanCainAward

Fox News guest compares vaccine outreach programs to a child predator andHitler youth programsandace Owens

New coronavirus, likely from dogs, could be 8th coronavirus to spread in humans : worldnews
France orders poultry lockdown as bird flu spreads across Europe : worldnews

COVID-19 denier and conspiracy theorist Mak Parhar dead at 48 : worldnews (Canaduh)

Fireworks, Guy Fawkes masks and a burning effigy of Boris Johson in central London, as hundreds gather for Million Mask March

British Columbia to permanently close all mink farms over COVID-19 transmission risk : worldnews

Anti-vaxxers bribe doctors for vaccination with water, end up with the real vaccine - Greece

Norway Introduces Quarantine for Arrivals From Regions of Greece, Denmark, Sweden & Finland : worldnews

COVID-19 now a preventable disease, B.C.'s top doctor says

Australia hits magnificent milestone with 80% rate of vaccinations
New Zealands daily coronavirus cases cross 200 for first time in pandemic

Melting moguls: life-size Rupert and Lachlan Murdoch candles burn in Melbourne installation : worldnews
You may bring shame to your family: Australia launches campaign to stop seasonal farm workers abscondingthe government saying to suck it up and be voluntary slaves.

UN investigator: Crimes against humanity under Myanmar junta : worldnews

Top Russian Spys Son Dead After From Embassy in Berlin (body repossessed by Russia, no word on whether he shot himself 5 times in the back of the head)

New Delhi wakes up to blanket of toxic smog and worst pollution all year after defying firework ban : worldnews
Convert to Hinduism or die: Hindutva mobs disrupt Christian prayer meet, assault pastors, burn Bible

Turkey not invited to Bidens upcoming Summit for Democracy
Turkish police detain Kurdish academic for Long Live Kurdistan social media posts

At least 84 killed in Sierra Leone fuel tanker explosion : worldnews
Oil tanker explodes in Sierra Leone; scores feared dead : worldnews ... after large crowds gathered to collect leaking fuel

South African gay chef cancels Zimbabwe visit amid protests : worldnews

Sixty-nine killed in attack in southwest Niger, says government : worldnews

Suez Canal to raise fees, heaping pressure on global supply chains : worldnews

What Apartheid Means for Israel | by Tareq Baconi | The New York Review of Books | A growing consensus has formed around the termnot as a rhetorical comparison to South Africa, but describing a system of domination built on the partition of Palestine.

Things are heating up in Western Sahara : worldnews

CIA director dispatched to Moscow to warn Russia over troop buildup near Ukraine : worldnews
Unity Day: Putin proclaims Crimea forever a part of Russia
Ukraine charges 5 hackers allegedly working for Russia : worldnews

Top U.S. Diplomat Heads To Bosnia Amid Threats Of Serbs Secession

Dispatch: Poland is no longer a democracy, claim rule of law activists : worldnews

Czech PM to step down and signal end to political uncertainty : worldnews

Dutch diplomats husband drives into Korean over parking dispute
Dutch man bitten by snake on toilet undergoes reconstruction. The otherwise healthy 47-year-old was on vacation in South Africa at a nature reserve when the cobra struck from the toilet and clamped on to his genitals : worldnews

Deserters: Spanish police end escaped camels night on the town ... Eight camels and a llama were loose on the streets of Madrid overnight after escaping from a nearby circus, Spanish police have said.

Italian senate approves law banning sexist and discriminatory adverts : worldnews
Jail is better: Italian man on house arrest flees home to escape from wife

Russian gas flows via Yamal-Europe pipeline to Germany halted again : worldnews
Germany: Several injured in knife attack on train : worldnews
Multiple people injured in knife attack on German train : news A 27-year-old Syrian man was arrested in Seubersdorf, where the train stopped after the attack, Bavarian state police told The Associated Press
Crime in Germany falls 15% in 15 years : worldnews (85 years to go)

Macrons ex-bodyguard handed jail sentence over May Day assaults
French bishops recognise church responsibility for decades of child sex ("decasdes" = hundreds of years

Brexit: Serious consequences if Article 16 triggered, warns EU : worldnews

How Daniel Ortega demolished democracy in Nicaragua

By decree, Bolsonaro honors himself with scientific merit. : worldnews

The Missing Kabul Drone Strike Report

Jury Convicts Chinese Intelligence Officer of Espionage Crimes, Attempting to Steal Trade Secrets | OPA | Department of Justice

What People Around the World Like and Dislike About American Society and Politics

U.S. federal appeals court freezes Bidens vaccine rule for companies

Economy under first ten months of Biden outperforming first two years of Trump : politics
Trapped in a Pandemic Funk: Millions of Americans Cant Shake a Gloomy OutlookDespite signals that the economy is improving and the virus is waning, many Americans said they were frustrated by polarized politics and a sense of stagnancy.

The House passed one of the largest infrastructure packages in U.S. history - The $1 Trillion Infrastructure Bill: New Roads, Electric School Buses, Great Lakes Restoration And More : worldnews
House passes $1.2 trillion bipartisan infrastructure bill : politics
House passes $1.2 trillion bipartisan infrastructure bill, the largest transportation package in U.S. history : politics
Discussion Thread: US House votes on the Bipartisan Infrastructure Framework (BIF) and Build Back Better Act (BBB) : politics
Solid No: Progressives Reject Pelosi Push to Pass Bipartisan Bill Without Build Back Better | "Passing the bipartisan infrastructure bill before the Build Back Better Act means Democrats would be trusting Manchin and Sinema at their word to vote for it in the Senate," said Nina Turner.
President Biden secures infrastructure bill, long-eluded by prior administrations - The Washington Post
To secure passage, moderates and liberals agreed to act soon to adopt the rest of President Bidens economic agenda
Infrastructure week - Lawyers, Guns & Money
This Is A Big Win For Democrats - Lawyers, Guns & Money
Sounds odd but I genuinely think every part of the Dem coalition moderates, progressives/CPC, Squad, & leadership won big last night politically and played their parts brilliantly. Hear me out
Massachusetts to get $12.5 billion from Infrastructure Bill, $5 billion for roads and bridges : massachusetts
Massachusetts gets screwed in Infrastructure Bill : boston

One in Four US Senators Still Hold Fossil Fuel Investments Even as World Burns : politics

When it comes to canceling student debt, the Trump administration was the party of no. Biden is the party of conversations are continuing.

Arizona voters baffled by Kyrsten Sinema: she betrayed us

When is Merrick Garland going to make up his mind about Steve Bannon? : politics (in three or four years)
Trump DOJ official who aided effort to overturn election declines to answer Jan. 6 questions : politics
In Trump Election Interference Investigation, Grand Jury Looms - The New York Times An Atlanta D.A. is said to be likely to impanel a special grand jury in her criminal investigation of election interference by the former president and his allies.
Watergate journalist: January 6th commission is at a great disadvantage : politics

Rudy Giuliani says its not his job to check if his own false election fraud claims were accurate

The gift vault was in a state of disarray and tens of thousands of dollars of items remain unaccounted for, including a $5,800 bottle of whiskey. (Pompeo says he had nothing to do with it)

Republicans Are Grabbing Power Because SCOTUS Said Go for It : politics
These Republicans are worried about Trumps attempted coup 2.0

House Dem ramps up pressure to oust Postmaster General Louis DeJoy : politics

Local Democrats warn party: Growing Republican wave is real : politics

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez slammed James Carville, saying 'wokeness' is a term almost exclusively used by older people these days

F.B.I. Searches James O'Keefe's Home in Ashley Biden Diary Theft Inquiry : Authorities carried out a court-ordered search at the New York apartment of the Project Veritas founder two days after searching the homes of his associates. (gave him 2 days to delete everything)

The New York Timeshas a short memory of political reality

Biden Promised to Decriminalize Marijuana. He Shouldnt Wait for Congress.
Is it high time for the feds to legalize weed? : politics

Texas Gov. Abbott thinks he can attract cargo to Texas ports due to delays in California. Heres why that makes no sense

Its a walkout! Inside the fast-food workers season of rebellion

Republicans: Schools Are Violating Parents Rights by Teaching Kids Racism Is Bad | The GOP wants to introduce a 'Parents' Bill of Rights' so parents can abuse teachers for not telling kids all white people are perfect.

Rep. Madison Cawthorn Issues Sinister Warning To Anyone Opposing Him : politics

Ok, before you say wheres the humor? I'd just like to point out that this is undeniably hysterical as-is.

NASCAR denouncess 'Let's go, Brandon' conservative rally cry

Counterfactual history: If not for the 22nd amendment, how many modern presidents would have been elected to a third term? - Lawyers, Guns & Money
Counterfactual history: the Art of the Deal Edition - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Republicans make Florida history, pass Democrats in voter registration Gov. DeSantis said on Friday morning that the GOP had struck the milestone theyd been approaching since 2012.

Cops reveal crazed man injected people with opioids before stampede that killed eight at Travis Scott concert, slam organizers of Astroworld Festival for taking 40 minutes to stop it and say youngest victim was 14-years-old ... Travis Scott was filmed continuing to perform after eight people were crushed to death ... As the chaos unfolded the rapper, who completed his 75-minute show, even appeared to glance in the direction of passed-out fans as the show went on ... pregnant girlfriend Kylie Jenner shared a video panning the audience to her Instagram story,

Do ex-South Carolina death row staff support death penalty? | The State They executed people for the state of South Carolina. For some, it nearly destroyed them.
Autopsy huckster without Kansas medical credentials guilty of six offenses - Kansas Reflector

1.8 TB of Police Helicopter Surveillance Footage Leaks Online : technology

UPDATE: Final Disrespects: Judge at center of FOX 46 investigation arrested, booked on gun charge

Dune, The Expanse, Foundation: Is TVs Golden Age giving us the optimistic sci-fi we need?

Hunter Biden: Emotionally Honest, Generically Smooth

What is romantic friendship? - New Statesman Deep and lasting connection comes in many forms: we need a new vocabulary to talk about love. (women)

Eli5 what is the use of copper in human body?

Study finds listening to music before bed can worsen your sleep by inducing long-lasting earworms. This spontaneous replaying of music in the mind a phenomenon called an earworm was associated with lower sleep quality.

Early Civilizations Had It All Figured Out | The New Yorker A contrarian account of our prehistory argues that cities once flourished without rulers and rulesand still could.

The Politics of Dune Explained In FIVE Minutes : movies
which book had the most significant impact on your life? : AskReddit

Which small country has had a huge impact on culture worldwide? : AskReddit

Whats the dumbest thing youve done out of horniness?

What is the absolute stupidest propaganda you have ever heard? : AskReddit

Man gives amazing response to a deposition question. : videos

People who live rurally, whats the scariest experience youve had that you cant explain?

What are more obscure threads of reddit which surprised you with their content? : AskReddit

What celebrity is an absolute scumbag? : AskReddit

Experts warn Facebooks metaverse poses terrifying dangers
Meta Company lashes out at Facebook over name change in public letter : technology


Luxury carbon consumption of top 1% threatens 1.5C global heating limit

Australian government refuses to join 40 nations phasing out coal, saying it won't wipe out industries

Friday November 05 2021 Update: 1,598 new cases and 18 deaths : CoronavirusMa
1,598 confirmed cases and 18 deaths. See todays COVID-19 data from Mass.

Religion looms large for some hospital workers refusing COVID vaccine - The Boston Globe -- Decision means loss of jobs for a small minority in Massachusetts (they worship polio Jesus)

Study shows dramatic decline in effectiveness of all three COVID-19 vaccines over time - Los Angeles Times (via Yahoo News) : CoronavirusMa
Pfizers Covid antiviral pill may cut severe illness by 89 percent
Gene common in south Asian people doubles risk of Covid death, study finds : worldnews

US mandates vaccines or tests for big companies by Jan. 4 - Associated Press : CoronavirusMa

Thousands of intel officers refusing vaccine risk dismissal : politics

Half of U.S. adults who are still unwilling to get the coronavirus vaccine say there is nothing anyone can do to change their minds. 82 percent of Americans agree that the pandemic is a serious threat to public health. 18 percent think COVID vaccinations are more dangerous than the virus itself. : science

The Herman Cain Freedom Award [400k Subscribers Post!] : HermanCainAward
The cereal killer comes for Captain Crunch. It' s not funny though, he leaves behind a wife and five children
Arizona Snowflake accepts her nomination : HermanCainAward
He joked about staging a fake funeral for his "pet turkey" to exploit a social gathering loophole for Thanksgiving. COVID decided to give him a real funeral. Awarded.
I thought this was gonna be a redemption story but after husband gets covid, hospitalized and 82 days later with lasting issues, shes still against Fauci + vaccines.

My marriage is over, Im leaving

WHO warns that Europe is once again at the epicenter of the Covid pandemic : news

Japan death row inmates sue over same-day notification of execution. : worldnews

China says it will hold supporters of Taiwans independence criminally responsible for life
Almost half of journalists considering leaving Hong Kong, citing decline in press freedom
Chinese journalist jailed over Covid reporting is close to death family say
The Military Spending of the PLA - Lawyers, Guns & Money

State Department urges all U.S. citizens to leave Ethiopia "as soon as possible" : news

At least 69 dead in west Niger jihadist attack : worldnews

Russian diplomat found dead outside Berlin embassy : news ... He had apparently fallen from an upper floor, but it was unclear how
Russian Diplomat Who Died at Berlin Embassy is Senior Intelligence Figures Son (backstory is deep)

EU hijab inclusivity campaign dropped after anger in France : worldnews

Boris Johnson quietly reveals Zac Goldsmith, the millionaire minister he made a peer, gave him and his family a summer holiday at 25,000-a-night Marbella estate for FREE
UK Hospital Staff Worker Admits to Murdering Two Women and Raping 100 Female Corpses : worldnews

Cancun tourists rush to shelter as armed gang storms beach at luxury hotel

US submarine commander fired after South China Sea crash : worldnews

Trump conspicuously absent from Colin Powells funeral while the Bidens, Obamas and Bushes are there

Joe Biden and the American economy just got a double dose of good news : politics
US hiring rebounded in October, with 531,000 jobs added : politics
A Strong Jobs Report Gives Biden and the Democrats a Reason to Hope : politics
Eschaton: More On Jerbs Quick takeaway: Man did the Obama people fuck up, and some of those Obama people (cough Jason Furman cough) are doing their best to get Biden to fuck this one up too.
Bidens Plan to Save the IRS Is Good for Everyone but Wealthy Tax Cheats

Democrats plea with Biden to get more assertive : politics

Citing Failure to Prosecute Trump and Cronies, Legal Group Calls On AG Garland to Resign | "As long as Trump and his co-conspirators walk free, American democracy is in danger." : politics
Law group calls on Merrick Garlands removal from DOJ for failure to hold Trump accountable | In face of mountainous evidence that Trump incited an insurrection, the attorney general faces growing pressure
Timeline of the coup: How Trump tried to weaponize the Justice Department to overturn the 2020 election : politics
January 6 committee chair said he has signed about 20 new subpoenas that are going out 'soon'
Trump DOJ official who aided effort to overturn election declines to answer Jan. 6 questions - POLITICO The chair of the Hill select panel probing the Capitol riot said a contempt of Congress referral for Jeffrey Clark is on the table
Trump Apparatchik Jeffrey Clark Dodges January 6 Committee Testimony This Is Rope-a-Dope With Actual Dopes : Trump's apparatchiks in the quest to overturn the election are trying to flout the January 6 committee.

Tucker Carlsons new Jan. 6 documentary is slick, terrifying propaganda

Is Cy Vance Punting the Donald Trump Investigation? (wouldn't be the first time) Through much of the nearly two-and-a-half-year probe, it has seemed as if Vance might be building a case against Trump, but it has yet to materialize despite the hype

Deposition video shows Trump allies under oath discussing debunked election fraud claims : politics

Giuliani says in deposition hedidn't have the time to verify election claims:

If Americans cant have basic things like childcare, our democracy is a sham
Republicans Want Parents To Be Angry. Democrats Are Trying To Give Them Money. | The 2022 midterm elections will be a big test of whether improving peoples lives is effective politics
Corporations calling for voting rights bill donated to Republicans who blocked it, watchdog says : politics

The media and the Steele dossier - The Washington Post

People Tied to Project Veritas Scrutinized in Theft of Diary From Bidens DaughterThe F.B.I. carried out search warrants in New York as part of a Justice Department investigation into how pages from Ashley Bidens journal came to be published by a right wing website.
FBI searches Project Veritas personnel in probe into Ashley Bidens stolen diary

Retiring GOP lawmaker warns Trump will try to steal the next election : politics
Is There a Republican Alive Who Still Believes in Democracy? | Republicans should heed Churchill's warning about appeasing authoritarians: "Each one hopes that if he feeds the crocodile enough, it will eat him last." : politics

With Only 23 Percent of Rental Aid Distributed, Warren and Bush Demand Answers : politics

Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf reportedly said it was 'emabarrassing' the state minimum wage has been $7.25 for more than a decade

It Pays to Be a Conservative Democrat Blocking Popular Legislation : politics
TikTok shows Joe Manchin driving his Maserati through climate change protesters : politics
jordan on Twitter: "WATCH: Coal profiteer Joe Manchin drove his Maserati into climate protesters" / Twitter
Of Course Joe Manchin Drives a Maserati : politics
Democrat Kyrsten Sinema busted taking money linked to Betsy DeVos family fortune
Sinemas raking in cash from MLMs. They want to kill her partys labor bill.

Marjorie Taylor Greene Complains That Her Anti-Biden Sign In Capitol Is Missing : politics
Top Boebert challenger suspends campaign after redistricting : politics

Active duty police in major U.S. cities appear on purported Oath Keepers rosters : politics
NRA ran shell companies to illegally fund Trump and other Republicans, Giffords group alleges in suit : politics
Supreme Court appears to suggest right to guns at home extends to carrying them in public too : politics

Revealing the conservative plot to return the United States to the 1800s : bestof

CNNs milk report: Why right-wing misinformation will always get amplified by the mainstream media
Innumeracy 101 - Lawyers, Guns & Money ... Seriously, sort of, I do wonder how a segment like this, which takes weeks to set up, film, edit, etc., manages to get on the air without somebody somewhere in the process pointing out that the numbers in it are totally imaginary? .. I blame rap music and video games.

Glenn Youngkin Is Donald Trump Dressed Up as Jeb Bush : politics
McAuliffes quote on schools was a clunker, but polls suggest parental backlash didnt swing the election

Texas lawmakers tried to halt online abortion pill sales. Providers say they wont stop
Whitmer signs tampon tax bill, exempting feminine hygiene products from some taxes

Newly elected GOP state senators social media accounts contain xenophobic, anti-Muslim posts (the NJ refuck who beat the corrupt dem)

Biracial family questioned by armed police at Denver airport after Southwest employee wrongly suspects human trafficking | The Independent Family is requesting an apology from Southwest Airlines
Biracial family stopped by armed police at Denver airport after Southwest staff wrongly suspect human trafficking : news

Karine Jean-Pierre spells out GOPs strategy of using schoolkids as pawns to win elections

University of Florida Told Five More Professors Not to Testify Against State : politics
In Florida, a Firestorm Over Silenced University Professors Grows : politics
UF to change course, allow professors to testify against the state : politics
Desperate, Deranged DeSantis Devolves Into Dumb Troll : politics

A felon just won a congressional primary. But was he eligible? : politics

Pollster: I blew it. Maybe its time to get rid of election polls. "Mon-Mouth"

Teen sues Tennessee over trans sports ban. He just wanted to play on the golf team. "I just want to play, like any other kid," Luc Esquivel says. But he was "singled out" by Tennessees new ban on transgender student-athletes.

Military Voting Behavior - Lawyers, Guns & Money The Economists analysis of precincts that map closely onto military bases found a median swing of nearly eight points towards Joe Biden, compared with a nationwide shift of a little over two points in the same direction. (still majority authoritartian Trumpsters)

Hamtramck City Council will be all Muslim, likely first in US, in January : politics

U.S. Marshals denied entry to D.C. jail for inspection, judge says - The Washington Post

Sinclair reporter admits critical race theory isn't taught in Virginia schools, contradicting months of fearmongering
Critical race theory and mask mandates were losing issues in Maine school board races : politics
"Anti-CRT" school board candidates are winning : politics
Texas governor calls books pornography in latest effort to remove LGBTQ titles from school libraries
Pretending the war on Critical Race Theory (sic) isn't a cynical moral panic - Lawyers, Guns & Money (and Nate Cohn - that fucking newspaper - is a racist asshole)

Mississippi backtracks on gender policy for drivers icense

California town declares itself a constitutional republic to buck Covid rules | Orovilles city council adopted a resolution stating it would oppose state and federal orders that it deems to be gov't overreach
The Rundown: An anti-mandate billboard in Ogden has some Utah conservatives cheering. The group behind the sign are followers of a far-right conspiracy theory. Friends of the original constitution believe the U.S. became a foreign-owned corporation in 1871 and have filed a $500 trillion lawsuit

Loudoun County school counselor accused of having indecent liberties with a student

Travis McMichaels Confederate License Plate Deemed Fair Game in Arbery Trial
Ahmaud Arbery was killed based on assumptions, US prosecutor says : news

Man bursts into flames after taser being used on him. : news

Cuomo Sex-Crime Charge May Be Defective, D.A. Says : A judge granted the Albany County district attorney's request for an adjournment, after prosecutors cited potentially exculpatory mistakes in the investigation.

Is This the Worst Place to Be Poor and Charged with a Federal Crime? | The New Yorker The Southern District of Georgia does remarkably little to provide for indigent defendants.

MAGAs New Shock Jock Is a Bounty Hunter With a Troubled Past

The Guardian Tries To Intimidate Me Into Retracting My Article About Transphobia in Their Newsroom - by Eoin Higgins - The Flashpoint The paper demands retractions but has no leg to stand on

Hell exists on Earth? Yes. - Lawyers, Guns & Money Whats particularly sad/funny about this is that once again J.D.s Yalie VentureCapitalist Asshole routine gets absolutely mercilessly dunked on by Josh FreakinMandel:

West coast national socialists - Lawyers, Guns & Money More here on the Claremont Institute, which brought you the 'Flight 93 election' and then has continued to show an Al-Qeada-like determination to end democracy in America:

First they came for the man with the $33.5 million salary and I said nothing because I did not have a $33.5 million salary - Lawyers, Guns & Money - It's remarkable that merely being criticized for being a woo-infested lying dumbass is now a form of martyrdom, at least if youre rich and famous enough:Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers is painting himself as a victim after it was revealed this week that he got COVID-19 and is not vaccinated, despite his previous public claim that he was immunized, which he knew had been widely interpreted as getting the vaccine.
Aaron Rodgers tells radio show he is unvaccinated, getting Covid advice from Joe Rogan : news
[Baldwin] Aaron Rodgers on his recovery: I consulted a good friend of mine, Joe Rogan, and I've been doing a lot of the stuff he recommended in his podcast.

Dwayne Johnson will no longer use real firearms in his productions : news

Cambridge Map of Aggravated Assaults in 2021 : CambridgeMA
Violent Crime Report for Oct 2021 : CambridgeMA
Property Crime Report for Oct 2021 : CambridgeMA

The "brain drain" thesis (migration reduces human capital in the sending country) is incorrect. When it became easier for Filipino nurses to move to the US, nursing programs expanded in the Philippines, leading to 9 additional nurses for each nurse migrant, thus increasing net human capital. : science
Economics and Emigration: Trillion-Dollar Bills on the Sidewalk? - American Economic Association Economics and Emigration: Trillion-Dollar Bills on the Sidewalk?

Study shows no evidence that violent video games lead to real-life violence. : science

More than 43% of white student admits at Harvard University are ALDC admissions (athletes, legacies, deans interest list, children of faculty and staff). Roughly three-quarters of white ALDC admits would have been rejected absent their ALDC status.

An international study of more than 50,000 people with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) has revealed that IBS symptoms may be caused by the same biological processes as conditions such as anxiety. : science

Breast Cancer Becomes Vulnerable to Immune Cells Through DDR1 Deactivation : science

Study shows that call of the void is normal, though not completely known why it exists, it is thought to be a sign of a well adjusted mind : science

ELI5: What is happening psychologically when someone "snaps"

Sailors, whats the creepiest thing youve ever seen or experienced at sea?

What is the funniest company name you have ever heard of? : AskReddit

Whats your best insult, reddit?

Extra Life, links on profiles, Reddit Talk on the web, and moderator bug fixes : blog

Is Facebook Bad for You? It Is for About 360 Million Users, Company Surveys Suggest - WSJ The app hurts sleep, work, relationships or parenting for about 12.5% of users, who reported they felt Facebook was more of a problem than other social media


Boeing Receives Green Light to Provide Internet From Space : worldnews

Reality check: Global CO2 emissions shooting back to record levels

The COP26 menu is like serving cigarettes at a lung cancer conference
UK Government met with ExxonMobil at least nine times since 2020, to discuss climate policies in the lead up to COP26 negotiations in Glasgow. : worldnews

OPEC+ Set for Geopolitical Showdown as U.S. Demands More Oil : worldnews

US oil giants top list of lobby offenders holding back climate action - Report into lobbying tactics names ExxonMobil and Chevron as worst, while carmaker Toyota takes third : worldnews
More than 40 countries agree to phase out coal-fired power | Critics say pledge to end use of dirtiest fuel source in 2030s and 40s does not go far enough : worldnews

Secretive court system poses threat to Paris climate deal, says whistleblower - Treaty allows energy corporations to sue governments for billions over policies that could hurt their profits : worldnews

Denmark to become first country to end public financing of fossil fuels abroad : worldnews

This sun isn't normal: Extreme UV radiation is broiling Bolivias highlands

Chefs declare war on a trendy fruit because of its enormous carbon footprint : worldnews : avocados.

Indonesian zoo breeds Komodo dragons to save them from extinction : worldnews

Yacht Full of Climate Scientists Plots Giant Sea Gate to Save Manhattan - Bloomberg an organization outlines the $30 billion plan to keep the island safe from flooding.
<=br /> Earth's lakes are warming at a feverish pace, with the Great Lakes leading the way : In the past 25 years, lakes in the Northern Hemisphere have warmed six times as rapidly as in any other period; Superior is one of the fastest-warming
<=br /> Chief Veterinary Officer for Wales confirms H5N1 bird flu cases on a poultry farm and in wild birds (Wrexham, UK) : worldnews

1,586 new cases and 23 deaths (11/04/2021) : CoronavirusMa
1,586 confirmed cases and 23 deaths. See todays COVID-19 data from Mass.

Massachusetts opening hundreds of additional COVID-19 vaccine sites this week for 5 to 11 year olds : CoronavirusMa

COVID proteins that trigger strokes and heart attacks identified by Israeli team : worldnews
UK authorizes Merck antiviral pill, 1st shown to treat COVID : worldnews

Heres Why Rapid COVID Tests Are So Expensive and Hard to Find Months-long silences. Mysterious rejections - What's .behind the shortages of a critical tool for ending the pandemic .... a confounding combination of overzealous regulation and anemic government support

Families could be denied death benefits if their unvaccinated loved one dies : news

Virginia Snowflake accepts his HCA : HermanCainAward
This awardee loved Ivermectin but it didnt do him much good. Its too bad he didnt have this much passion about the health of his parents. They were together for 68 years before Covid ripped this family apart.
Update on radio hosts wife. She believed Covid was a tiny virus, a bio weapon and that it started because of abortion. She doesnt speak Chinese or wear masks. Followers gave medical advice and wanted her to leave the hospital. Link to original in comments.
(Reposted, I forgot to include the shot of COVID being cause of death.) Kentucky guy leaves behind 3 daughters, a grandson, a brother, and a sister. He was only 45. A vax would have almost certainly saved him. : HermanCainAward
Dick and Jane go to the beach. Dick and Jane go to the hospital. : HermanCainAward
Meet Jimmy! His turn-ons are goatees, prayer warriors and poor analogies. His turn-offs are vaccines, Joe Biden, and breathing on his own. Hes nominated.
This awardee had been fighting for freedom from Covid restrictions for over a year. He had a really wild time on his last birthday then proceeded to spread as much fake news and propaganda he could before catching the virus. At least he did it all with a sense of humor. : HermanCainAward
M says stupid should hurt. He learned that the hard way. : HermanCainAward
A different type of compilation: u/Healthybear35 and the HCA community : HermanCainAward

Dad passed from Covid after refusing to take the vaccine : QAnonCasualties

Germany has recorded almost 34,000 daily Covid cases in the past 24 hours, its highest number so far, in what the health minister is calling a "massive pandemic of the unvaccinated". : worldnews

China doubles down on zero-Covid as it battles most widespread outbreak since Wuhan : worldnews

Europe could see another half million Covid-19 deaths by February, WHO warns

Australian man charged over girl taken from outback camp : worldnews
Cleo Smiths alleged abductor had room full of dolls
7 News apologises for wrongly identifying Aboriginal man as suspect in child abduction case : worldnews

Myanmar military assault in Chin echoes Rohingya crackdown
Myanmar Religious Groups Say They Face Persecution : worldnews

Singapore is set to execute a mentally disabled man for trafficking 1.5 ounces of heroin : worldnews
US should stay very far away from physically confronting China over Taiwan: Singapores Minister for Defence Ng Eng Hen

CIA ran previously undisclosed office in Seoul until last year: sources : worldnews

You are not alone: EU Parliament delegation tells Taiwan on first official visit
32 countries to remove China from preferential tariff treatment on Dec. 1 | Taiwan News

Top Hong Kong court rules against government bid to expand riot prosecutions : worldnews
Chinese tennis star accuses former top Communist Party leader of sexual assault, triggering blanket censorship : worldnews

Russian prison administration orders Navalnys inmates to annoy him and prevent him from sleeping, those who talk with Navalny get beaten
Russia expels Dutch journalist Tom Vennink | Russia : worldnews
Russian troop movements near Ukraine border prompt concern in U.S., Europe : worldnews

They dont know how to use a computer: Taliban officials to run Afghanistan's hospitals and clinics -- but lack of expertise worsens crisis
The Taliban banned foreign currencies as Afghanistan nears financial collapse with billions frozen overseas : worldnews
Pentagon watchdog says drone strike that killed 10 Afghan civilians, including 7 kids, didnt violate the laws of war

Facebook deletes Ethiopia PMs post that urged citizens to bury rebels

Iran, US give differing accounts in Sea of Oman tanker incident | Nuclear Weapons News : worldnews

Jewish-American delegation visits Saudi Arabia to advance normalization with Israel : worldnews
Israeli, Jordanian economic ministers meet, talk trade, ties : worldnews

U.S. blacklists Israeli hacking tool vendor NSO Group : worldnews
Secret israeli document offers no proof to justify terror label for palestinian groups : worldnews
Israel passes first budget in 3.5 years, Netanyahu votes with coalition by mistake : worldnews
Private messages from users of an Israeli gay dating app are leaked by Iranian-linked hackers after a $1 million dollar ransom isnt met

Residents react to Mayor Hidalgos plans for a 100% bikeable Paris

European manhunt for 26m London celebrity raids suspect

Bank of England keeps UK interest rates on hold at 0.1% : worldnews
Prince Andrew could go to trial in sexual abuse case by next fall, judge says : worldnews

Posthaste: One in four Canadians say it's going to take a miracle to retire financially secure

FBI releases declassified documents on Sept. 11 attacks : news (Bush let the Saudi fuckers escape, then started a totally unrelated war to distract America)

Gen. Mark Milley says U.S. is entering into a tripolar world with Russia and China
Pentagon warns China is rapidly expanding its nuclear arsenal : worldnews

More people globally see racial, ethnic discrimination as a serious problem in the U.S. than in their own society : worldnews

Fact Sheet: Biden Administration Announces Details of Two Major Vaccination Policies | The White House
Vaccine rule for larger employers, federal contractors and certain health care workers to take effect January 4 - CNNPolitics
Bidens Workplace Vaccine Mandate Is Legal, Moral, and Wise

The Steele dossiers main source explained where its most notorious claim came from and called Republicansaccusations that he is a Russian agent slander
Igor Danchenko arrested, charged with lying to FBI about information in Steele dossier - The Washington Post (Durham fiasco)
Authorities Arrest Analyst Who Contributed to Steele Dossier - The New York Times Igor Danchenko, a Russia analyst who worked with Christopher Steele, the author of a dossier of rumors and unproven assertions about Donald J. Trump, was taken into custody as part of the Durham investigation.

2 federal judges are poised to quietly begin unlocking reams of Jan. 6 secrets for Congress : politics
Liz Cheney says Jan. 6 committee has interviewed more than150 people as part of its investigation. : politics
Adam Klasfeld on Twitter: "A hearing is scheduled to begin shortly in Trump's lawsuit trying to block the National Archives from complying with the @January6thCmte's subpoenas. I'll be covering the proceedings for @LawCrimeNews." / Twitter
Trumps defense in jeopardy after Foxs Judge Jeanine arranged command centercampaign payments Executive privilege typically does not cover campaign activities ... Before Pirro intervened, the Post reports that both men became increasingly concerned that Trump might stiff them.

Trump and Giulianis false election claims led to official having 2 heart attacks, lawsuit says

Manhattan DA convenes new grand jury in Trump Org. case to weigh potential charges - The Washington Post

Pelosi adds 4 weeks of paid family and medical leave back into social spending bill : politics - If Manchin tanks the bill after negotiating it down in bad faith, theres no reason to keep that stuff out of the bill to begin with. He was never going to vote for it so you might as well put it back in and let them vote against it.

Opinion: Werent the Democrats supposed to raise taxes on the rich? (cut them instead)
The GOP Vision of Child Labor - Lawyers, Guns & Money (Manchin is wetting his diapers)
Democrats Have a Choice: Embrace Progressive Populism or Suffer a Trumpian Fascist Future : politics
Dems Told to Kill Filibuster After All Senate Republicans But One Block John Lewis Voting Rights Billcalling on Democrats toremove the filibuster from the Senate Republicans obstructionist toolbox

AOC: Its time to bring the heat on Biden to cancel student loans

Time Is Really Running Out: Democrats Urged to Counteract GOPs Gerrymandering Spree
Democrats can avoid midterm election disaster by running on their actual agenda : politics
Democrats Realize They're In A New World: They Cant Just Rage Against Trump And Expect To Win

No, Really, Roe Is Supported by the Text and History of the Constitution - If the Supreme Court refuses to protect abortion rights, it will betray the Fourteenth Amendments promise of bodily autonomy.

The intense legacy media longing for a slightly less openly authoritarian ethno-nationalist Republican party - Lawyers, Guns & Money
Adventures in Punditry - Lawyers, Guns & Money

At least 18 billionaires got federal stimulus checks, report says : news

Nominating Rahm Emanuel to Be Ambassador to Japan Suggests We Don't Like Japan : The former Chicago mayor's nomination has Democratic opposition, so he's courting Republicans -- Rahm Emanuel is a pestiferous lout who kept getting hired by Democratic administrations, where he took as his main job pissing off the partysbase. (tnx, Barry, chapter 692)

Democratic struggles with rural and white voters hurt them on Tuesday night
Reeling From Surprise Losses, Democrats Sound the Alarm for 2022 - The New York Times Party officials say the White House and Congress must do more to address the electorates deep malaise or risk watching voters lurch back toward the G.O.P. by default.

The Democrats' loss in Virginia is Merrick Garlands fault, too.
Trump and Republicans havent made a peep about voter fraud in Virginia since Glenn Youngkin won

'We're Going to Beat Rand Paul' : Charles Booker Files for US Senate Run in Kentucky

Ted Cruz Gets Fact-Checked To His Face On Fox News Over Domestic TerrorisLie

Spending $153, Edward Durr ousts NJ Senate leader Sweeney - The Washington Post (NJ totally corrupt politics)

CNN Host Left Stunned By 'Terrifying' New Turn Among QAnon Followers - Hundreds of conspiracy theorists gathered in Dallas expecting the late JFK Jr. to appear (and his dead dad)

U/BoilerMaker11 elegantly explains how Critical Race Theory is being purposefully misrepresented by conservative leaders to upset their voter base, dismiss real concerns, and drive votes. : bestof

The scandal involving Ron DeSantis and the silenced professors just got worse
University of Florida administrators see themselves as Ron DeSantis's servants - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Wisconsin Redistricting Map Fight Pits Republicans Against Governor Tony Evers - New Hampshire, Ohio - New Hampshire has two damn congressional districts, and yet mischief is afoot even there.

Ahmaud Arbery: judge seats nearly all-white jury in Georgia murder trial | Ahmaud Arbery | The Guardian Judge acknowledges appearance of intentional discrimination

Indiana man accused of shooting trick-or-treaters, killing one : news

Allegations of racism and misogyny within the Phoenix Suns: Inside Robert Sarvers 17-year tenure as owner (racist women-hating sportsball head)
Packers QB Aaron Rodgers tests positive for COVID-19, will not play in Week 9 vs. Chiefs Despite telling reporters in August hedbeen immunizedRodgers is not vaccinated

Britney Spears' Mother Makes Legal Claim, Heightening Family Drama : Lynne Spears filed a court petition with a pricey request after helping her pop star daughter 'end her nightmare'

I was literally screaming in pain: Young women say they met Barstool Sports founder Dave Portnoy for sex and it turned violent and humiliating

University Architecture of the New Gilded Age - Lawyers, Guns & Money (97 yr old billionaire "amateur" "architect" wants to stuff as many kids in dark rooms as possible ... " a jail masquerading as a dormitory" ... So Warren Buffetts 97 year old buddy gave a ton of money to UCSB on the condition that HE GETS TO DESIGN THE EXPERIMENTAL DORM EVEN THOUGH HE IS NOT AN ARCHITECT! )

What Does Your Age Say About How Much You Should Have Saved for Retirement?

Three ballot questions are approved by voters, adding a council power and '22 charter review
Cambridge municipal election: Ballot questions on charter explained Cambridge has gone 81 years without formally changing its charter

Oberon is on the market for leasing as a theater - Cambridge Day

Our coyotes will try to avoid encountering people but feast on rats (and maybe Lyme-ridden mice) - Cambridge Day

HPV vaccine cutting cervical cancer by nearly 90% : worldnews

Researchers in Germany found there was no evidence of longer life expectancy in people who drink in moderation. The findings speak against recommendations to drink alcohol for health reasons. : science

TIL "Wrap Rage" (the anger/frustration which results from an inability to open packaging) is estimated to be responsible for up to 60,000 people a year being treated for injuries. In one survey, 71% say they've TIL "Wrap Rage" (the anger/frustration which results from an inability to open packaging) is estimated to be responsible for up to 60,000 people a year being treated for injuries. In one survey, 71% say ve been injured while opening packaging and in 2004 the US had 6,500 emergency room visits.

What is the metaverse, and do I have to care? - The Verge One part definition, one part aspiration, one part hype

TIL that the city of Baltimore used flogging as a punishment till 1938. People were sent to the whipping post for one crime only; wife beating. This punishment was used because wife beaters often escaped conviction, as their wives simply couldn't afford to send the husband/breadwinner to jail. : todayilearned

Were the creators of Russian TV Series Dead Mountain. The Dyatlov Pass Incident. The story of one of the most famous and mysterious tragic incidents of the Soviet Union. Ask us anything!

what are some useful websites most people dont know about?

Movement? : gifs

Investor calls for criminal charges and prison for Facebook execs as tech world enters open revolt against social media : technology
Facebook rebranded as Meta last month, but a PC company already called Meta has something to say about that. : technology


Very few believe U.S. democracy sets a good example, global survey finds

9 Cities That Could Be Underwater By 2030 With sea levels rising worldwide, several major metropolises are at risk of being submerged

Climate change: Jane Goodall says window of time to slow climate change is closing, but people can't give up hope : worldnews

You Might as Well Bomb Our Islands: Palau President Admonishes Big Emitters at COP26 |Leaders of the G20, we are drowning and our only hope is the life-ring you are holding, said Surangel Whipps Jr., president of the Pacific island nation. You must act now. We must act together

Billionaire Bill Gates Calls For Green Industrial Revolution To Stop Climate Change : worldnews

Australia refuses to join global pledge led by US and EU to cut methane emissions : worldnews

US says oil, gas sales damage climatebut wont stop them

Air Pollution Caused By Global Food Production Is Killing More Than 890,000 People A Year, Study Finds : worldnews

Latin American countries Panama, Ecuador, Colombia and Costa Rica join reserves to create vast marine protected area : worldnews

MA COVID-19 Data 11/3/21 : boston
MA COVID-19 Data 11/3/21 : CoronavirusMa
Did you know? 1,290 new cases with 15 deaths : CoronavirusMa
1,290 confirmed cases and 15 deaths. See todays COVID-19 data from Mass.

Its Time to Contemplate the End of the Crisis

QAnon expert: Unhappy believers are now being lured into far-right extremist groups | Conspiracy theory expert Sophia Moskalenko says QAnon's "lost sheep" are being swallowed by "mass radicalization" : politics

Anti-vax anger boils over into racism, hate at county supervisors meeting : politics

Ohio Snowflake accepts her HCA : HermanCainAward
Welp, that didn't work
COVID tears through a family, claiming the lives of an awardee and his mother in the same week. The surviving family is left behind to plan a double funeral. : HermanCainAward

Dutch reintroduce face masks as COVID-19 cases surge : worldnews

2,500 Israeli children hospitalized after contracting COVID-19 : worldnews

Nazi flag flown near synagogue in Australia sparks calls to ban symbol : worldnews

Unemployment rate in New Zealand plunges to 3.4 per cent, matching record low in 2007 : worldnews

Taiwan welcomes first official European Parliament delegation : worldnews

Chinese officials backpedal from notice asking families to stockpile necessities amid crazy panic buying
~ China Censors Account of Tennis Stars Affair With Top Ex-Leader
China Censors Account of Tennis Stars Affair With Top Ex-Leader (took them 2 minutes to erase her)
Alibaba Among Top Six China Stocks Worth $1tn Facing US Delisting : worldnews
Private British Westminster School pulls out of China after Communist Party insists lessons be pre-approved by Beijing : worldnews

Taliban Have Kill List Of Gay People In Afghanistan: NGO ... long beards = I'm not really gay ...
Taliban bans the use of foreign currency across Afghanistan | News : worldnews
"The Taliban won't last until 2030": An analysis on just how bad of a situation the Taliban are in... : afghanistan

Ethiopia declares nationwide state of emergency, as the capital of Addis Ababa prepares for possible offensive : worldnews

Turkey: Hackers allegedly used streaming platform Twitch to launder $10m : worldnews

S. Madagascar on the verge of climate change-induced famine: How to help : worldnews

Lebanese carry worthless stacks of cash after currency crash

1,000-year-old gold-embossed Jewish books seized in Turkey : worldnews
Dagger used to massacre Jews in 1929 Hebron riots goes up for sale : worldnews
Auschwitz tattoo stamp auction in Jerusalem sparks fury : worldnews
Black Shadow hackers leak medical records of 290,000 Israeli patients | The Times of Israel : worldnews

Next Czech government will not adopt euro, main coalition party says : worldnews

Poland summons Belarusian diplomat after incursion of uniformed, armed people over border : worldnews

Ex-FIFA and UEFA bosses charged by Swiss justice : worldnews

French ambassador accuses Australia of deceit and acting out of this world as submarines rift deepens
Campaign celebrating hijab freedom in Europe removed after pressure from France : worldnews

U.K. police receive dozens of reports of needle spiking in bars, clubs : worldnews
Revealed: The Cryptoqueens 13.5m London penthouse

Nicaragua accused of running internet troll farm : news

Canadian Professor, who claimed to be indigenous, suspended from University of Saskatchewan after questions raised about her geneology : worldnews

S&P 500 Is Up 37% Since Bidens Election One Year Ago, Setting Presidential Record
Bidens approval rating is very bad
The Hillary Playbook Does Not Work : politics (do nothing ... lose)

Senate Republicans block debate on the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act - The Washington Post
Republicans Filibuster Voting Rights Legislation For The Fourth Time : politics
Biden let 2 Senators derail his entire agenda no wonder Democrats arent voting

Manchin Refuses to Support Reconciliation Bill If It Contains Words : politics

Press Release | Press Releases | News | U.S. Senator Jeff Merkley of Oregon

Sam Alito: "There are not enough guns on subways and in schools today. Please add many more. I am not a crackpot." - Lawyers, Guns & Money ... As Stern says, Roberts seemed OK with the more moderate Heller rule, so this is a case where Kennedy retiring strategically and Ginsburg refusing to is a really big deal. And its going to happen again and again. At least Stephen Breyer has learned absolutely nothing from this experience.

The GOP Got Away With All of It : politics

Gun rights case: Supreme Court's conservative justices seem to think N.Y. law is too restrictive - The Washington Post
Supreme Court: The NRA got great news from justices on the Second Amendment - Vox

GOP senator faces resignation calls in the wake of stock scandal : politics

Democrat Philip Murphy Wins Reelection for Governor in New Jersey : politics First time a Democrat has won re-election in New Jersey in 44 years.

Republican Glenn Youngkin Won Virginias Governor Race In An Early Warning Sign For Democrats
Youngkin's Win Proves White Ignorance Is Powerful Weapon
Progressives on Virginia Loss: Corporate Democrats Have Only Themselves to Blame : politics
Julian Castro: Dems need to stop thinking only moderates are electable. VA may be proof
If Democrats Can Lose in Virginia, They Can Lose Almost Anywhere : politics ... Biden is the eighth consecutive new president to see the opposition party win the VA governorship in his first year. It happened with: Carter, Reagan, Bush Sr, Clinton, Bush Jr, Obama, and Trump.
American Politics Are Controlled by Voters With the Memory of a Golden Retriever : politics
Youngkins Win Proves White Ignorance Is Powerful Weapon
Van Jones: Glenn Youngkin represents delta variant of Trumpism
Democrats let Biden down. McAuliffe and democracy paid the price
Black voters in Virginia refuse to be blamed for a major Democratic defeat. - The New York Times ... Instead, Black state leaders and voters who backed Mr. McAuliffe said the results were a sign that the party could not rely on minority voters to cover its cratering totals in more white areas of the state, particularly in rural communities that voted heavily for Glenn Youngkin, the Republican businessman

Internal Lincoln Project Emails Show How a Charlottesville Tiki Torch Stunt Went Wrong Democrats were accused of manufacturing a white supremacist hoax, but internal plans show that the stunt was rooted in their doomed, Trump-focused strategy.

Early Thoughts on a Very Tough Night - by Dan Pfeiffer - The Message Box There is no other way to put it, last night was a disaster for the Democrats. How we respond in the coming days and weeks will set the stage for 2022
Democrats Need to Face Up to Their Public School Problem Education should be helping Democrats, not hurting. What happened?
The Democratic Unraveling Began With Schools : Republican victories in Virginia show how COVID-19 has fundamentally changed American politics.

Democrats must look beyond Joe Biden and Kamala Harris for 2024 : politics

At Least 7 Republicans Who Were At The Jan. 6 Rally Just Got Elected To Office | HuffPost Latest News And even more attendees of the rally that turned into the Capitol riot will likely be on the ballot in 2022.
Teacher who quit after January 6 photo emerged gets elected to schools board

Sleepwalking toward authoritarianism - Lawyers, Guns & Money Half of the American voting public is either enthusiastically in favor of an authoritarian ethno-nationalist cult of personality running the nation, or is basically OK with it
Heather Cox Richardson (TDPR) on Twitter: "This. All of it. It is now or never." / Twitter

Trump May Be About To Learn That Being Ex-President Doesnt Carry Much Weight In Court
Teri Kanefield on Twitter: "Trump is out-lawyered in the Executive Privilege case. Here's what seems to have happened. Trump filed a lawsuit claiming executive privilege. At the end, he threw in that he wants a preliminary injunction preventing the dislsosure of the records. 1/" / Twitter
Trumps Odds of Escaping Criminal Charges in Georgia Do Not Look Good

Trump ally Rudy Giuliani seeks to block feds from getting 3 items of thousands seized under search warrant : politics
Trump, Giuliani, Ellis sued for defamation in Pennsylvania over Big Lie.

NRA Accused of Illegally Funneling $35 Million To Gun Rights Candidates, Including Trump : politics

Why hundreds of QAnon supporters showed up in Dallas, expecting JFK Jr.'s return ... I think we need to reconcile with the fact that hundreds of people turn out for a celebrity who has been dead for two decades, What drove them out to the streets is a kind of a representation of a broader sickness ... 5 to 7 percent of respondents are predisposed to the kind of theory.

Tucker Carlsons Patriot Purge Is Too Crazy to Believe and Too Dangerous to Ignore (white nationalist terrorism is fake news created by the deep state to take away your gunz and freedom to kill Black people)

New Yorkers Aren't More Pro-Democracy than Texans - Lawyers, Guns & Money ... The reality is that whites, or at least those that show up in midterm elections, dont much care about voting rights : New York voters overwhelmingly rejected constitutional amendments that would have allowed for same-day registration and universal absentee voting in future elections.

In Further Proof That the World Is About to End, Herschel Walker Is Georgias Leading GOP Senate Candidate
Embattled Fulton County, Georgia, election chief Richard Barron is resigning - CNNPolitics ... following a tumultuous year that has included death threats against him and his staff and the potential takeover of election operations in the county by state officials.

Critical Race Theory Has Been a Winner for Decades
Professional conservatives find a path to victory with ginned-up outrage over critical race theory | Media Matters for America Right-wing operatives birth an astroturf campaign, right-wing media whips up a national frenzy, and another conservative is elected on the back of professional outrage

The case of Ron DeSantis and the muzzled professors takes another dubious turn ,,, "As UF is an extension of the state as a state agency, litigation against the state is adverse to UFs interests." ("state" = DickoSaantis)

How a truck driver spent $153 on his N.J. election campaign to likely dethrone a political kingpin -

Voters pass Tucsons $15 minimum wage proposition in Tuscon

Shontel Brown, a Democrat, wins an Ohio House seat in a special election. : politics

Byron Brown claims victory in Buffalo mayors race; write-in ballots swamp India Walton

Thomas Piketty: The Making of a Socialist : Time For Socialism : Dispatches From a World on Fire, 2016-2021 ... Wealth concentrates because the return on capital tends to exceed the general rate of economic growth. Since income broadly tracks wealth, economies become relentlessly more unequal over time.

Boebert: I Gave Birth in a Truck, So No One Deserves Parental Leave : politics

Minneapolis votes down measure replacing police department : politics

Virginia pastor arrested in prostitution sting : news A Virginia pastor is accused of solicitation of minors for prostitution after a police sting.

Reconstruction and Redemption - Lawyers, Guns & Money ... excellent International Security article on Reconstruction and the victory of White Supremacist insurgents:

'Rust' armorers attorney suggests sabotage may have led to fatal on-set shooting

Britney Spears Dad Is Out Of The Conservatorship, But The Battle Over How He Spent Her Money Is Just Getting Started

Progressive Michelle Wu Wins Boston Mayors Race

Maine voters tell Mass. to stick its transmission line : boston

Hi! I'm Philipp Dettmer, founder and head writer of Kurzgesagt, one of the largest science channels on YouTube with over sixteen million subscribers - AMA : IAmA

Study: Groups working remotely can be as effective as groups working face to face. Findings suggest that this decision of where coworkers are located is not as critical as some assume. Its not where we work that matters the most; it's how the work is done and who is doing it

People with more stereotypically feminine traits tend to experience more nightmares, according to new research. The findings suggest that sex roles influence the propensity to experience nightmares. : science

An assessment of the most prominent statistical claims for widespread fraud in the 2020 presidential election (including one by economist John Lott) finds that none of them are even remotely convincing. In each case, the purportedly "anomalous facts" are either not facts or not anomalous. : science

WOW! Just finished Carl Sagans The Demon Haunted World and it is amazing!!!
The Dragon in My Garage - RationalWiki

Straight women of Reddit, what is one thing you wish men did more in dating relationships? : AskReddit


We need to eat less meat to save the planet: UK Chief Scientific Adviser says there is no "magic" technology to tackle climate change as he calls for different eating habits and cutting flights
Show how $6B will solve world hunger, and Ill donate it: Elon Musk to United Nations (42 million starving people not worth my time, he says)
Amazons Jeff Bezos pledges 732m to help reforestation in Africa after chat with Prince Charles
Over 100 countries vow to end deforestation at climate talks : worldnews
COP26: World leaders promise to end deforestation by 2030 : worldnews
Indigenous peoples to get $1.7bn in recognition of role in protecting forests : worldnews

Outrage as 400 VIP jets converge on Glasgow for global warming summit : worldnews
Boris Johnson defends using private jet for 400-mile trip from Glasgow back to London after lecturing world leaders on the need to cut down on travel emissions at COP26 : worldnews
Israels energy minister couldnt enter COP26 because of wheelchair inaccessibility

Nearly 300 scientists ask the WTO to ban harmful fisheries subsidies : worldnews
Scientists have identified 256 genes in plants in Chiles Atacama desert that play a heavy role in adapting these plants to the harsh desert conditions, could help humanity survive droughts

General Atomics has created the worlds largest magnet for the ITER fusion reactor

Propublica: Environment : Poison in the Air

Breitbart Facebook posts generate most climate change denial interactions, report says - The Washington Post Breitbart has outsized influence over climate change denial on Facebook, report says A new report suggests 10 publishers, including RT and the Federalist Papers, are responsible for nearly 70 percent of interactions with climate change misinformation on the platform

(11/02/21) 25 deaths, 1066 new cases, 522 hospitalized, 48K tests reported. 4,739,338 fully vaccinated : CoronavirusMa
Mass. reports 1,066 confirmed cases and 25 deaths. See todays COVID-19 data

NYC police unions warned vaccine mandates would pull 10,000 officers off streets. So far, the number is 34. : politics

Actor Kristy Swanson, Who Spread Virus Misinformation, Is Hospitalized With COVID-19Buffy The Vampire Slayer,

Unfortunately, this 29 year-old, anti-vaxx, Doctor of Chiropractic Medicine leaves behind an under 10 years old daughter and husband. The daughter was adopted, which I only mention because considering how strict adoption laws in the US are, how some anti-vaxx nonsense got through is troubling. : HermanCainAward

Sputnik jab proves ineffective against resistant Russians : worldnews

School Bullying Drops by 15.6% in Japan During Pandemic : worldnews

Self-isolating headteacher nabbed at Glasgow Airport heading to Turkey by pupil

Netflix removes show episodes after Philippines complaint over China map

US sends nuke sniffer plane over South China Sea weeks after sub collision accident

Mourning needs no approval: some democrats still defiant as 8 appear in court over banned Tiananmen Massacre vigil
Satellite images appear to show China is making significant progress developing missile silos that could eventually launch nuclear weapons : worldnews
Man detained for 9 days in China for sending meme deemed insulting to police
Yahoo pulls out of China amid 'challenging' environment
China Stocks Delisting From US Puts $1.1 Trillion at Risk : worldnews

Afghanistan is on the brink of the worlds worst humanitarian crisis, the un said on October 25th, exceeding even the misery in Syria and Yemen.
A recent event to "honor" the Taliban's suicide bombers and their "sacrifices" has drawn heavy criticism from Afghans. Relatives of suicide bombing victims told DW they feel repulsed by the glorification of murderers.
Intel officers of former Afghan regime join ISIS-K to fight Taliban: Report : worldnews
Two explosions strike large Kabul military hospital : worldnews
The Taliban has a kill list for the Afghan LGBT community, NGO says
She was sold to a stranger so her family could eat as Afghanistan crumbles : worldnews

Addis Ababa government tells residents to prepare to defend neighbourhoods : worldnews

Nigeria high-rise building collapses with dozens feared inside : worldnews

Satellite images show new Russian military buildup near Ukraine : worldnews

Bosnia is in danger of breaking up, warns EUs top official in the state

Protests in Poland after death of pregnant woman blamed on abortion ban : worldnews

Italy Arrests 103 in Anti-Mafia Operations Across the Country : worldnews
Italian senators block bill to make anti-LGBTQ violence a hate crime : worldnews

Fears of Brexit violence as armed men hijack and torch bus in Northern Ireland : worldnews
The Great Resignation: almost one in four UK workers planning job change
One woman killed every three days by a man - shocking UK statistics revealed : worldnews

Jair Bolsonaros bodyguards attacked reporters who were covering the president as he walked the streets of Rome talking to his supporters. The reporters said they will file a police complaint

Two more Mexican journalists killed as reporters condemn worsening violence : worldnews

Bill McKibben: Manchins Latest Hissy Fit Threatens to Curb Biden Agenda at U.N. Climate Summit
Manchins Secret Meeting With Coal Barons and Climate Deniers at a Luxury Golf Resort

Rather Than Pass Wage Increases, GOP Legislatures Move to Weaken Child Labor Laws : politics (Manchin says plenty of jobs for 6 yr olds in his coal mine)

The US Senate is undemocratic. Thats bleak for Democrats midterm hopes

Washington Posts January 6 Article

The 13 biggest hoaxes in America, according to Donald Trump - The Washington Post

An "alarming finding," but no surprise: Many Republicans now ready to support violence | New PRRI poll finds direct links between Trumps Big Lie, far-right media and support for potential violence

Georgia official: Trump call to find votes was a threat
Georgia secretary of state: Trump had no idea how elections work

Glenn Youngkins repulsive final push reveals a dark truth for Democrats
Youngkins crowds dwarf McAuliffes on election eve
Democrats fret about an enthusiasm gap in Virginias gubernatorial contest

Texas covered with billboards saying Trump lost, funded by fed up Republicans : politics

NC Democrats walk out as Republicans seat lawmaker who attended Jan. 6 Capitol riots : politics
A Florida Anarchist Will Spend Years in Prison for Online Posts Prompted by Jan. 6 RiotDaniel Bakers calls for armed defense against possible far-right attacks led to a much harsher sentence than that facing most insurrectionists. (he should have killed a Capitol cop)

He Was a Board Member of the Oath Keepers. Now Hes Holding State-Approved Trainings for Law Enforcement in Texas.

Fox News Is Now Warning Viewers That Biden Could Send Them to Guantanamo Bay Over School Board Protests : politics ... Ok that final finger on the cliff of reality has slipped for them ...
GOP candidate wants libraries to out kids who check out LGBTQ books. He also wants the person who ordered the book to stand trial in front of the board. : politics
Texas governor accuses schools of stocking porn in their libraries in stern letter to wrong board | The Texas Association of School Boards is "confused" about the letter since they have "no regulatory authority over school districts" and don't set any standards for library books. : politics

Tucker Carlson Rages At Lindsey Graham For Telling Officers To Use Guns On Jan. 6 : politics

QAnon supporters gather to welcome JFK Jr who they falsely believe faked his death and will run with Trump : politics
QAnon followers gather in Dealey Plaza to hear JFK and JFK Jr. announce that Trump has been reinstated as POTUS - Lawyers, Guns & Money
QAnon Crowd Super Bummed That JFK Jr. Did Not Appear in Dallas : politics

Old Man Grassley Likes His Dope - Lawyers, Guns & Money ... Chuck Grassley knows Iowa. And he knows they like their drugs! Get out of the way Biden and get that fentanyl into the veins of Iowans!

Greene accrues at least $48K in fines for ignoring House mask mandate : politics
Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene says she's not vaccinated, ripsvaccine Nazis

Republican senator Josh Hawley worries feminism has driven men to pornography and video games
Sen. Josh Hawley says liberals attacks on manhood are driving men to pornography and video games

The Risky Move That Could Save Kyle Rittenhouseor Doom Him

Federal judge rules that a business can fire LGBTQ employees by saying it holds religious beliefs. Anti-LGBTQ extremist judge Reed OConnor has a history of trying to undermine federal anti-discrimination laws.

A New Orleans Grandfather Will Get His Life Savings Back After DEA Agents Seized It : politics

The Texas way of death - Lawyers, Guns & Money The prison system in Texas is rife with people being held in pretrial detention dying:

Man killed his daughters boyfriend for selling her into sex trafficking ring, police say
Woman reaches into purse, accidentally fires gun at Madison basketball game : news

Cleo smith, 4, found alive and well after 19 days. : news

Kyle Rittenhouse chased down an unarmed man and fatally shot him in the back during Kenosha unrest, prosecutor says : news

the social network will delete the face scan data of more than one billion users. (after their AI said Fuckerberg's face probably an alien)

Media analyst: Fueling mistrust is part of Murdochs business model

Judge Judy was plagued by sexual harassment claims, drinking on the job, and racism, former employees say. They worry the new $25 million Amazon streaming show will be more of the same

Galaxy Brain Is Moving! - (Not going to the metaverse...yet) - Charlie Warzel

The fake 'ad' Joe Rogan fell for, from AUS satirical television show Gruen in HD

How the Worlds Richest Institution of Higher Education Treats Its Workers

New blood test can spot more than 50 types of cancer many hard to detect early

What are you 100% certain is true despite having no evidence to confirm or disprove your belief? : AskReddit


Climate change could bring near-unliveable conditions for 3bn people, say scientists : worldnews

The years from 2015 to 2021 are on track to be the seven hottest on record, the World Meteorological Organization said on Sunday, warning that the planet was heading into "uncharted territory" : worldnews

Biden disappointed by Xi, Putin absences at G20 as leaders promise effort to limit global temperature rises, but fail to offer firm commitments
Biden faults China, Russia for absence at G-20 climate talks : worldnews
G20 backs stronger climate action, but wont end coal use

Where Will the First Climate Wars Break Out? Military strategists are now preparing for imminent warfare sparked by the effects of climate change. (Xi says North Pole belongs to China)

Suicidal: Architect of Paris agreement Christina Figueres blasts Australias net zero target

Apocalypse soon: reluctant Middle East forced to open eyes to climate crisis With the region warming twice as fast as the rest of the world but oil spoils keeping regimes in power, leaders are in a bind

Elon Musk says hell sell Tesla stock if UN official can prove how $6billion from worlds richest man will solve world hunger ... The asshole headline writer turned this into a lie by deleting "help". The UN WFP director never said $6 billion would "solve world hunger". He asked for $6 billion to help save 42 million people. (played right into Muskrat's hand)

With no sign of eruptions end, ash blankets La Palma island

Marshall Islands, at risk of sinking, tells world leaders to take climate action - The Washington Post A World Bank report identified the nation as one of the first whose existence will be threatened by rising sea levels

Blaming climate change, Turkish farmers count the cost of drought : worldnews

Bat Wins New Zealand Bird of the Year Competition : worldnews

As of November 01, 7 deaths, 3,243 new cases, 531 hospitalized, 195K tests reported. 4,736,815 fully vaccinated : CoronavirusMa
In its first COVID-19 data report since Friday, Mass. reports 3,243 confirmed cases and 7 deaths

80% of MA population has received at least one dose : CoronavirusMa

Diet-related diseases pose a major risk for Covid-19. But the U.S. overlooks them. Other countries have been galvanized to confront diet issues. The U.S. has had no such wakeup call. : politics

Right-wing media and the pandemic: A toxic feedback loop that nurtured fascism | American ignorance and paranoia were already there. Then Trump, Fox News and the virus exploited them to the max : politics

Article Explains Why Right-Wing Christians Dominate the HCAs : HermanCainAward
How extremist Christian theology is driving the right-wing assault on democracy | The Texas abortion law is one step toward the true goal of Christian dominionism: Destroying democratic government

9,000 NYC workers put on unpaid leave as vaccine mandate takes effect : news (3%)
Here's how many NYPD cops are on unpaid leave over vaccine mandate Only a few a dozen NYPD members were placed on unpaid leave Monday after refusing to get the COVID-19 vaccine
Tristan Snell on Twitter: "BREAKING - After threats that 10,000 NYPD officers could quit the force over the NYC vaccine mandate, the actual number going on unpaid leave today was 34." / Twitter

Update 2: Anti-vax father of surgical tech finally goes public with his redemption. Assholes continue to push lies, but many also come to support him. Blue = dad, yellow = mom, red = daughter. All other friends are color-coded. : HermanCainAward
Mike Winther, public speaker and President of the Institute for Principle Studies, which aims to restore biblical government in the US and has opposed all pandemic mitigation efforts from the government, is currently incubated (sic) with COVID. Please pray. (Partially redacted -public figure) : HermanCainAward
Conspiracy Theorist and former Vampire slayer has Covid : HermanCainAward
Family goes on a final vacation one month before Mother and Daughter both succumb to COVID. Husband is left behind to handle the affairs of his Mother-in-Law and Wife. : HermanCainAward
"Grey" is a 10000% empath COVID misinformation pusher who is finding out that COVID is indeed really happening. Friend "Maroon" tries to talk them out of going to ER in favor of zinc and Vitamin D... : HermanCainAward
A week in the life. His wife dies from Covid. He lets people know. He confronts his grief by obsessively posting familiar memes before, during, and after. What a guy. : HermanCainAward
Killing For Ratings. Tucker Carlson uses fear and anger to drive up viewership. And he doesnt care about the human cost. A compilation of victims of his talking points.

My mother upset that family members won't even speak to her because she is vaccinated : QAnonCasualties
What exactly are the links between Q and intergalactic star beings? Im confused.. : QAnonCasualties

Shanghai Disneyland tests 33,863 for Covid, closes two days over one contact : worldnews
Shanghai Disneyland COVID scare trapped 33K visitors inside in 'surreal' scene

Johns Hopkins: World COVID-19 Death Toll Nears 5 Million - The Chosun Ilbo (English Edition) : worldnews
The pandemics true death toll - We find that there is a 95% chance that the true value lies between 10.3m and 19.4m additional deaths.

Teenager With Autism Sentenced to Prison Over Social Media Posts : worldnews A 16-year-old with autism has been jailed for criticizing the government in a Telegram group, in a case highlighting the rapid deterioration of free speech in Cambodia

U.S. Condemns Human Rights Abuses By Burmese Military Including Burning Homes And Churches : worldnews

Fumio Kishidas ruling party wins majority in Japanese elections ("new captialism")

North Korea is breeding black swans for people to eat, as the reclusive nation faces a crippling food shortage : worldnews

Satellite images show China may be using closed civilian airports to launch Taiwan overflights : worldnews
NBA Player Enes Kanter Leads Rally Against Uyghur Forced Labor : worldnews

Toronto charity helps airlift group of LGBTQ people out of Afghanistan : worldnews

Seven Mali soldiers killed in separate convoy attacks: army : worldnews

Tigrayan forces claim to capture new town of Kombolcha : worldnews
Ethiopia government says Tigray forces killed 100 youths in Kombolcha : worldnews

Houthi missile attack on mosque, religious school kills and injures 29 civilians in Yemen - minister | Reuters

Saudi deposits $3 bln in Egypts central bank

U.S. B-1B bomber flies over Mideast amid Iran tensions : worldnews
Iran Hit With Yet Another Cyberattack Likely Conducted By Foreign Country : worldnews (you know who, but they won't say)

Saudi Arabia: Dealing with Hezbollah-dominated Lebanon is pointless

Israel moves ahead with thousands of settler homes despite U.S. opposition : worldnews
A hackers group hacked Israeli Defense Ministry - leaks satellite images, soldiers list, internal documents : worldnews
Black Shadow hackers demand $1 million in order to not leak data : worldnews (hit gay dating app)
Gazan man given permit to enter Israel to visit ailing mother arrested for arson attacks on behalf of Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigade : worldnews

International Handball Federation reverses decision to force womens beach handball players to wear bikini bottoms

TIL Georgia has been described as "the best corruption-buster in the world." The country has fought post-Soviet corruption through centralizing education, increasing the education and pay of bureaucrats, publicly arresting corrupt politicians, firing entire government departments, and more. : todayilearned (sham)

Germany has a QAnon problem, and its not going away anytime soon ... In Germany, they are no longer the prerogative of a handful of unhinged individuals. According to a recent study, nearly a third of Germans give credibility to them. A hard core of 10 percent fully subscribes to at least one. (the nazis rose again : anti-vaxxers : global pandemic)
Bonhoeffer on Stupidity (entire quote) | Southside Messenger

The Latest: Macron says Australias Morrison lied to him

Britain tells France: back down in 48 hours or we get tough : worldnews
Reviving The War of Jenkins' Ear - Lawyers, Guns & Money Mostly I am excited for some British comeuppance over its racist nationalism that is destroying its own economy.
UK ministers who break lobbying rules will now lose part of their state pension under new proposals : worldnews
Two trains collide between Andover and Salisbury UK : worldnews
Exposed: UK clinics still offering to restore virginity before marriage (yeah, Mooselim thing)
Jes Staley: Barclays CEO quits after investigation into links with Jeffrey Epstein - CNN
David Fuller: Double murder accused abused corpses, court told - BBC News A man who admitted killing two women in 1987 abused female corpses in two hospital morgues, a court has been told ... had depraved sexual predilections

Quebecs narrow asylum laws deny frontline workers resident status
NunatuKavut members reject Inuit identity questions : worldnews

President Biden, release the JFK assassination files - The Boston Globe Secrets are bad for democracy, whether they hide the truth about one presidentsassassination or another presidents role in encouraging an insurrection.

The Fugitive Uterus Act at the Supreme Court - Lawyers, Guns & Money
An unusual alliance appears likely to fracture Texas's abortion ban - Most of the justices seem to understand that SB 8 is a direct attack on the Constitution.
Supreme Court Hints That It May Allow Challenge to Texas Abortion Law - The New York Times In two arguments on Monday, the justices considered challenges from abortion providers and the Biden administration to a law that bans abortions after about six weeks.

Supreme Court won't consider if Catholic hospital can be sued over transgender rights - The Washington Post ... "poses a profound threat to faith-based health-care institutions ability to advance their healing ministries consistent with the teachings of their faith." said the hospital

Opinion | If the New Supreme Court Stymies Gun Safety Laws, What Comes Next? - The New York Times

Treasury Secretary Yellen expresses openness to defusing debt ceiling without GOP votes : politics

What happened on Jan. 6: Trump stands back as rioters breach Capitol - Washington Post BloodshedFor 187 harrowing minutes, the president watched his supporters attack the Capitol and resisted pleas to stop them.
The Washington Post releases The Attack: Before, During and After, an investigation of the Jan. 6 Capitol insurrection and its aftermath
Washington Post's January 6 Report Is Missing One Thing There's One Thing Missing from the Washington Post's Massive January 6 Report : There is more to be discussed and digested, on the fly, because the coup is ongoing ... The report reeks of bureaucratic failure inspired by what appears to be a refusal of law-enforcement agencies to believe that large gatherings of largely Caucasian males are capable of mass violence
Lindsey Graham told police to shoot 6 Jan rioters on the spot - report : politics (was in constant contact with Ivanka)
The FBI Received Highly Specific Tips About Violence Set for Jan. 6but Declined to Act
Details of the money behind Jan. 6 protests continue to emerge : politics
Jan. 6 Organizers Are Raking It In With Donald Trump and GOP Groups The firm that helped organize the Stop the Steal rally on Jan. 6 has become a favorite events organizer for Donald Trump and GOP groups.
NYT reporter: Talking to John Eastman is like talking to someone on anotherplanet

Marjorie Taylor Greene supports letter from a 'non-violent' Capitol rioter who was filmed attacking an officer and saying he punched his head five times

Stunning survey gives grim view of flourishing anti-democratic opinions : politics
Who Goes Fascist? A Political Psychologist Explains. : politics
What We Did the Last Time We Broke America : politics
Almost one in three of Republicans say violence may be necessary tU 'Save' US | Republicans
How Big Business Got Woke and Dumped Trump : politics
Theyre probably going to put us back in power: GOP basks in Dem discord
The Big Lie Has Been Proven False. Republicans Cant Shake It ("won't")
Can aggressors be victims? Ideologues on the right think so.
Opinion | There are no more dog whistles - The Washington Post
A Party Embraces Vulgarity - by Dan Rather and Elliot Kirschner - Steady Democrats clear the way for passage of a $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill that will provide broadband Internet and lead-free drinking water to every American, and better roads, bridges and ports for all to enjoy. And Republicans reply: Let's Go Brandon/Fuck Joe Biden
Today's Zito Safari - Lawyers, Guns & Money -- The Times has uncovered yet another person who is Reluctantly supporting the MAGA candidate because the Democratic Party Left Him, although upon the slightest inspection he was never at the party in the first place:
Ive said it before, but Peters is either the most gullible reporter on the NYT staff or a Republican operative
Eschaton: You're Doing It The Wrong Way Republicans claim they'd support a thing if only the Democrats would do it the right way, New York Times reporter types it up.

Strangers in a strange land - Lawyers, Guns & Money A new poll that appears to be pretty high quality methodologically speaking (the MOE is 2.1%) has some data that arent really surprising, but are still sobering: (1) Two-thirds of Republicans, and 82% of respondents who trust Fox News more than any other news outlet, say they believe the 2020 election was stolen from Trump.(2) That figure climbs to 97% for those who trust OAN and Newsmax. (3) One in five Americans believe in the core QAnon tenet that a storm is coming and one in six claim to believe the government is controlled by Satan-worshiping pedophiles who run a global sex-trafficking ring. (4) One in six say America is so far off track that resorting to violence may be necessary to save the nation. This includes 30% of Republicans and 11% of Democrats.

Lauren Boeberts own campaign gets her state wrong | The Representatives state was listed as Utah not Colorado, in a recent filing (dumb is her brand)
Reps. Matt Gaetz, Lauren Boebert fantasize about blowing up Capitol metal detectors while stumping for a Florida Congressional hopeful

Roger Stone threatens to run against Ron DeSantis for not conducting election audit : politics

FOX 5 Exclusive: Youngkin ahead of McAuliffe in FOX 5 exclusive Virginia gubernatorial race poll
A Last Word on Virginia (not good)
Opinion | Virginia Buries an Enduring Political Myth - POLITICO The startling strength of a relative unknown Republican in the governors race is proving that, in fact, all politics isnt local.

Young Voters Didnt Turn Out for Californias Recall: What That Means for Democrats in 2022

Pa. Senate candidate Sean Parnell's wife testified that he choked her and hit their children - The testimony by Laurie Parnell could damage the political prospects of Sean Parnell, a leading Republican candidate endorsed by Donald Trump.

Sen. Vivian Figures says TV reporter knows who fired gunshots into her house : politics (Fuckabama)

Liberals Read, Conservatives Watch TV - by Richard Hanania - Richard Hanania's Newsletter ("TV" = Fox)

Florida Is a Five-Alarm Fire for Academic Freedom With breathtaking cynicism, politicians are attacking the foundation of the university.
U. of Floridas Accreditor Will Investigate Denial of Professors Voting-Rights Testimony
Parents rights is code for white race politics
Its time to abolish college fraternities : Research on fraternity men has continuously found that they are much more likely to commit sexual violence than men not in fraternities.

Texas woman points gun at 7-year-old for trick-or-treating outside her home : news

Documents reveal Facebook targeted children as young as 6 for consumer base : technology
In 2019, Almost All of Facebooks Top Christian Pages Were Run By Foreign Troll Farms (based largely in Kosovo and Macedonia ... and developing countries like The Philippenes and Egypt working the fields of the web)
In 2019, Almost All of Facebook's Top Christian Pages Were Run By Foreign Troll Farms - RELEVANT
The Russian Disinfo Operation You Never Heard About | WIRED

Woman billed $700 after sitting in ER waiting room for 7 hours, leaving without treatment : news

Opinion | I Just Turned 60, but I Still Feel 22 - The New York Times

The day Alec Baldwin shot Halyna Hutchins and Joel Souza - Los Angeles Times

Can Data Die? Tracking the Lenna Image

Excessive CEO-to-worker pay ratio (1) boosts company profits in the short but not long run, (2) may motivate employees to cheat and misbehave toward customers and (3) harms customer relationships. As companies have little incentive to reduce the pay ratio in the short run - regulation may be needed. : science undefined

[Serious] Therapists, what is something people tell you that they are ashamed of but is actually normal? : AskReddit

TIL in 1995, American artist William Utermohlen received a diagnosis of probable Alzheimers disease and for the next five years he used his art to track the disintegration of his mind with a series of self-portraits that offered a unique window into his experience of the progression of Alzheimers

TIL Absolute pitch is the rare ability of a person to identify or re-create a given musical note without the benefit of a reference tone. : todayilearned

People who are incapable of forming mental images ("aphants") are less susceptible to visual hallucinations. Among people who viewed a hallucination-inducing video, those capable of mental imagery saw more complex and vivid hallucinations compared to aphants. : science

What did the weird kid at your school do to get that reputation?


COP26: Moment of truth as world meets for climate summit

Shell and BP paid zero tax on North Sea gas and oil for three years. Firms defend paying no corporation tax after government handed out billions to energy giants. : worldnews

Eco-anxiety over climate crisis suffered by all ages and classes : worldnews

Majority of Swiss unwilling to pay more to mitigate climate change : worldnews (they think they're safe on their mountain tops)

Extreme weather destroyed his home four times in three years : worldnews (Mumbai)

New population estimate for right whales at its lowest in 20 years : worldnews

G20: World leaders agree to historic corporate tax deal : worldnews

OPEC+ Prices 2021: As Oil Races Toward $100, U.S., India and Japan Say `Enough' - Bloomberg

Is SARS-CoV-2 more infectious/contagious than regular coronaviruses before the emergence of COVID-19? : askscience

Vermont, the most vaccinated state in the nation, has been weathering a spike in COVID cases. But why? - The Boston Globe (wanning immunity abnd a refuck deathinator)

Death and the Polarization - Lawyers, Guns & Money This graph from Kieran Healy is a pretty good summary of American politics circa 2021 in itself: this trend is only going to get more pronounced over time. The wingnut propaganda industrial complex is very good at its job, and make sure as many of our supporters get COVID as possible is one of their key targets.

FDNY firehouses shuttered over vaccine staffing shortages
More NYC workers get jabs amid mandate; 1 in 6 still refuse : news

On Oct. 21, at the age of 34, Officer Ha succumbed to COVID-19, shocking his family and law enforcement colleagues throughout Central Massachusetts. : massachusetts - family declined to speak publicly about his vaccination status

Covid 19 is serious : newzealand

Young People Are Leaving Their Jobs in Record Numbers -- And Not Going Back (covid stories and the collapse of the nuclear family)

QDad refused to take my sister to the hospital : QAnonCasualties

Hundreds gather in Zurich to protest Covid-19 measures : worldnews

Canada Vows To Donate 200 Million Covid Vaccine Doses To Poorer Countries : worldnews

Russia breaks single-day Covid-19 death record after shunning vaccination : worldnews

Chinas COVID-19 outbreak developing rapidly, health official says

India Ready To Produce Over 5 Billion Covid Vaccine Doses By End Of 2022: PM Modi : worldnews

Seven Mali soldiers killed in separate convoy attacks: army : worldnews

West Papuans flee from armed conflict into remote area of neighboring Papua New Guinea : worldnews

Man with knife stabs at least 10 on Tokyo train, starts fire : worldnews

China warns Lithuania, European officials over Taiwan row : worldnews
President Xi Jinpings pledge to redistribute wealth brings back bad memories for luxury brands in China