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Masterpost on spotting Russian (and other) disinfo operations
Ukraine Crisis Relief Fund Ukraine Charities


Ruling by Fear | Liza Batkin | The New York Review of Books The Supreme Courts conservative justices paint a dark portrait of society, danger lurking in every shadow, to justify overturning a New York gun control law.

34 Senate Democrats urge Biden to take immediate action on abortion
Roes fall pushes abortion to center of the midterms:This is an eight-alarm fire

Tight bond between Clarence Thomas and his activist wife Ginni raises conflict of interest concerns - The Boston Globe


The Cultural Heritage Cost of Climate Change - Lawyers, Guns & Money

UN chief warns of catastrophe from global food shortage

Inflation sparks global wave of protests for higher pay, aid : worldnews

COVID-19 vaccines saved nearly 20 million lives in a year, study says : worldnews

1.7m people had Covid last week as levels continue to rise in UK : worldnews

Taiwan confirms first imported case of monkeypox : worldnews
WHO weighs declaring monkeypox a global emergency as European cases surge : worldnews

NSW police overreached in treatment of protesters after botched raid, civil groups say : worldnews

Duterte slams ICC prosecutors plan to reopen Philippines drug warprobe ... Wow, a murderer doesnt like having people investigate his murders. What a surprise!

US conducts flyover Taiwan Strait amid tensions with China : worldnews
Chinese military says U.S. plane in Taiwan Strait endangered peace : worldnews ... As if they dont enter other countries sovereign space constantly and consistently. Pieces of shit. (everything are belong to us, shutup)

Xis friendship with Putin truly knows no limits
Chinas Xi to attend ceremony on 25th anniv. of Hong Kong handover
Tesla cars are banned from Chinese town over spying fear : worldnews

Putin urgently came to the Kremlin, the reason is unknown. The cortege with Vladimir Putin arrived at the Kremlin at 23:00.
The cortege with Putin is heading to the Kremlin. The reason is unknown, but media reports indicate that overnight visits to the Kremlin are rare.

Russia says EU candidate status for Ukraine, Moldova will have negative consequences : worldnews ... Russia on Friday said the decision by European Union leaders to accept Ukraine and Moldova as membership candidates amounted to... the EUs "enslaving" neighbouring countries
Britain: Russia has removed several key generals from Ukraine : worldnews

Microsoft Compares Russian Hacks of Ukraine to Assassination That Started World War I : worldnews

Suspected Russian spy was well-liked by classmates, but something just seemed a little off : worldnews (ruzzian accent seemed a little off)

India flies tons of essentials to quake-rocked Afghanistan : worldnews
Aftershock in Afghanistan as quake toll rises to 1,150 dead : worldnews

Pakistan PM Sharif announces 10% super taxon large-scale industries

A world apart, Lebanon and Sri Lanka share economic collapse : worldnews

Qatars emir arrives in Egypt sealing end to Saudi-led rift

Reports: Mossad thwarted 3 Iranian attacks on Israelis in Turkey : worldnews
Iran slams 'ridiculous' Zionist accusation of terror cell in Turkey
Iran Hanged 26 People In 10 Days To Create Fear, Rights Group Says : worldnews

UKR army was unable to fully implement its tasks in Severodonetsk due to unofficial information about their plans appearing on social media earlier than official statements by the General Staff. Defence ministry once again asks not to share info about the movement of UKR troops.
Crimea, occupied by Russia, joins Kherson campaign of posters on the streets against Russian invaders. They say that Crimeans are waiting for Ukrainian army : At the same time, 2 more Crimean Tatars were arrested on June 22 as arbitrary repressions continue

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 122, Part 1 (Thread #262) : worldnews

*Reportedly* one of the first victims of US-supplied Ukrainian M142 HIMARS MRLs, a Russian base in Donbas after being struck by HIMARSs guided rockets.
First official footage of HIMARS battlefields in Ukraine! These weapons are in the good hands, dear Americans! To be continued.
HIMARS in action: enemy command posts destroyed in Donbas - media

Ukraine retreating from key strategic city that Russia "smashed to pieces" : worldnews
Ukraine Army repulses enemy assault near Lysychansk, pushes Russians back in Kherson region : worldnews
Russian military offensive in Ukraine could soon grind to a halt, Western intelligence predicts - The Washington Post Small shifts in territorial control matter less than the overall balance of forces, which analysts say could shift back in favor of Ukraine in the coming months
High Casualties: Russia Pulls Out All the Stops to Find Fresh Troops - DER SPIEGEL

This underscores why Ukraine needs NATO-standard artillery on the battlefield. It has enough of the 155mm rounds, but not enough guns. Meanwhile, it doesnt have enough shells for the Soviet-era artillery that makes up the majority of Ukraines arsenal.
In Kharkiv Oblast, a pair of Russian T-80 MBTs was hit by the Ukrainian 93rd Mechanized Brigade, one got destroyed while the other was disabled and abandoned.
SSO of Ukraine destroy a convoy of the RF Armed Forces, where there were 6 Uragan MLRS, transport-loading vehicles, fuel trucks, trucks, fire control vehicles, armored personnel carriers and infantry fighting vehicles
Dont defecate where you invade
Ukrainska Pravda in English on Twitter: "Six out of 80 occupiers left in one unit in Kharkiv region - interception by Ukrainian intelligence" / Twitter

Russia Carried Out Airstrikes From Territory Of Belarus For First Time

Kyiv will need at least 10 years to demine all Ukrainian territory

G7 Foreign Ministers assure Ukraine of military assistance for as long as necessary : worldnews

Moldovan President says EU decision on candidacy status is a historic day : worldnews
Romania salutes EU candidate status extended to Republic of Moldova : worldnews

Restricting Abortion Just Makes It More Deadly, Says U.N. After U.S. Ruling : worldnews
U.S. abortion decision horrific and appalling :world leaders say

Polish parliament rejects abortion bill : worldnews

2 dead, 21 hurt in Oslo terror attack near gay bar; suspect of Iranian-origin held : worldnews (muzfucker)
Shooting at Oslo gay bar leaves at least 12 shot, two people dead : worldnews

Denmark agrees corporate carbon tax : worldnews

Auschwitz Museum says its a target of Russian propaganda ... The museum said that social media posts falsely claim to show anti-Russian stickers placed around the memorial at the former site of the Auschwitz death camp site in southern Poland, an area under German occupation during World War II. Russia and Russians,the stickers appearing in fake images say, the only gas you and your country deserve is Zykon B.

Banning tourists from cannabis cafes will cut back on crime: Amsterdam Mayor Fernke Halsema : worldnews

German minister warns of Lehman effect if Putin keeps messing with gas supply ... referring to when the Lehman Brothers investment bank declared bankruptcy in 2008, sending economic shock waves through the global financial system.
DeepFake technology dupes Berlin, Madrid mayors into thinking they speak with Klitschko : worldnews

Vatican praises U.S. court abortion decision, saying it challenges world : worldnews

Eighteen killed as throng of migrants storms Spains Melilla border from Morocco
Eighteen killed as hundreds try to cross into Spains Melilla enclaveCrowd of more than 500 enter border control area after cutting fence in attempt to cross from Morocco
Giant Methane Cloud Seen Near Algeria Gas Pipeline That Feeds Spain : worldnews

French President Macron: abortion is a fundamental right for women : worldnews
French MPs want abortion rights inscribed in constitution : worldnews

Boris Johnson says he fears Ukraine will be coerced to make bad peace
UKs Boris Johnson says U.S. abortion decision is a big step backwards
PM: I will not undergo psychological transformation after poll defeat : worldnews
Revealed: dozens of vulnerable asylum seekers have died in Home Office housing since 2020 : worldnews

We cant get by: Indigenous people keep up protests in Ecuador

Argentina Army Officer Chokes on His Own Vomit, Dies After Being Forced to Down Alcohol in 'Initiation' Ritual : worldnews Argentina Army Officer Chokes on His Own Vomit, Dies After Being Forced to Down Alcohol in 'initiation' Ritual

Gustavo Petro - Lawyers, Guns & Money Not every country is going down the toilet. In some countries, theres at least some hope to make things better. Colombia has its problems, lord knows. In fact, those problems finally discredited the conservatives that have dominated the nations politics forever.

Canada will ensure border officials know Americans can travel for abortion: Mendicino : worldnews
Quebec thwarted by multiculturalism, minister says in France speech, and premier agrees (k-beck fucks itself, blames everybody else)

Biden signs landmark gun measure, says lives will be saved

Theres a Way to Outmaneuver the Supreme Court, and Maine Has Found It
Elite Law Brain: June 24, 2022 - Lawyers, Guns & Money The self-delusion from elite liberal law people is really quite damaging. The Times published this the day Roe was overturned ... Cant these people see that their mental gymnastics that you can get around the courts is going to completely fail because Sam Alito is going to wipe his butt with a piece of paper and call it his opinion and it will pass 6-3? No, they cant because their entire professional career revolves around the idea that The System Works.

Its time to say it: the US supreme court has become an illegitimate institution ( (everything Republicans touch)
The Supreme Court Just Ruled That Half of America is Less Equal : politics
Scaling back abortion access is consistent with declining democracy : politics
The radical conservative majoritys damage to the Supreme Court cannot be undone
The Supreme Court Took the Most Extreme Course Possible : politics
June 24, 2022: The Day Chief Justice Roberts Lost His Court : politics

The Constitution Is Whatever the Right Wing Says It Is : politics ... A Pew study found that 18% of Americans believe the Constitution was divinely inspired / written through people by God.

Analysis: A stunning moment in American history decades in the making will reshape politics : politics ... The ruling was the result of a staggeringly successful generational quest by the conservative movement at all political levels, from grassroots social and religious activists through the founding leaders of a right-wing legal establishment to successive Republican presidents.
The dog that caught the car Republicans brace for the impact of reversing Roe

Republicans Are Making It Clear They Want To Ban Abortion Nationwide : politics
With Roe dead, Republicans call for abortion bans in all states : po litics

Nearest US Abortion Clinics: How Far Americans Have to Travel for Legal Abortions - Americans in 26 States Will Have to Travel 552 Miles For Abortions

Kavanaugh Says States May Not Bar Travel to Obtain an Abortion : politics ... Of course he says that. Because he knows the end goal is fetal personhood which will mean a nationwide ban

Patients sat in abortion clinic waiting rooms as Roe fell. They all had to be turned away.

When the Supreme Court Takes Away a Long-Held Constitutional Right | The New Yorker
5 big truths about the Supreme Courts gutting of Roe
18 Ways the Supreme Court Just Changed America - POLITICO

Fewer rights than their grandmothers: read three justicessearing abortion dissent

Standing among protestors after the fall of Roe vs. Wade, AOC calls on Biden to create abortion clinics on federal land : politics
Senator Elizabeth Warren calls on Biden to use federal lands to protect abortion access : politics
California, Washington and Oregon launch West Coast offense to protect abortion rights

This Is How to Impeach a Supreme Court Justice : politics

How the Christian right took over the judiciary and changed America : politics

Barack Obama Blasted for Not Codifying Roe v. Wade: Dem Failure (bi-partisan Barry) ... Democrats only had a filibuster-proof majority for 24 working days during that period. Here are the details:

The Democrats Theory of Change: Wait for the Republicans to Screw Up The party tends to succeed only after the GOP brings disaster. Meanwhile, conservatives are busy executing decades-long plans that are transforming the country.

History shows that sex strikes are a surprisingly effective strategy for political change : politics ... Whats the proportion of republican politicians, conservative talking heads, and religious leaders whos interns, secret girlfriends, and secret gay lovers would stop having sex with them? ... SCROTUS (Supreme Court Republicans of the United States)
Swearing off men and avoiding intimacy: Gen Z reconsiders sex in the wake of a post-Roe world : politics

Obergefell, the plaintiff in the SCOTUS same-sex marriage ruling, said itsquite telling Clarence Thomas omitted the case that legalized interracial marriage after saying the courts should go after other right to privacy cases
Clarence Thomas Says Why Stop at Abortion When We Can Undo the Entire 20th Century : politics
Justice Clarence Thomas calls for Supreme Court to reconsider same-sex marriage, contraception decisions : politics
The Radical Reign of Clarence Thomas : politics
Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas told his law clerks in the 90s that he wanted to serve for 43 years to make liberals lives 'miserable' ... So. A SCOTUS Justice motivated purely by hate. Imagine that.
"Impeach Justice Clarence Thomas" petition passes 230K signatures : politics
Ginni Thomas left a voicemail for Anita Hill asking her to apologize for accusing Clarence Thomas of sexual harassment : politics

In Private, Trump Keeps Shitting All Over the End of Roe v.Wade (all over himself)
Trump Privately Called a Roe v. Wade Reversal Bad for His Party

Are Joe Manchin and Susan Collins Stupidor Do They Just Think We Are? | Their lies about believing that Gorsuch and Kavanaugh would uphold Roe are now smacking themand votersin the face.
Kavanaugh Gave Private Assurances. Collins Says He Misled Her.
Roe v. Wade is precedent, Kavanaugh said, but theres more to the future of abortion (2018)

Alitos disingenuous assurances about other precedents ... Andrew Sullivan of course thinks this is all wonderful, since the only people being affected directly by Dobbs are women.
The Ballad of Mark Uterus - Lawyers, Guns & Money

"Vote For Democrats" Is Not Enough In A Post-Roe America : politics

DHS warns of potential violent extremist activity in response to abortion ruling : politics
GOP consultant urges "shoot to kill" response to abortion-rights violence : politics
Truck Driver Rams Into Abortion Rights Demonstrators At Roe Rally In Iowa : politics ... The unidentified male driver of a Ford truck rammed into several protesters -- all of them women
Motorist Tried to MurderAbortion Rights Advocates at Iowa Protest, Witnesses Say
Motorist 'Tried to Murder' Abortion Rights Advocates at Iowa Protest, Witnesses Say Although the Cedar Rapids police reportedly interviewed the driver Friday night, no arrests were made. Iowa is one of three states that have enacted laws shielding motorists who run over protestors from liability under certain circumstances.
Pro-Choice Protesters Attacked And Threatened As Roe Demonstrations Continue Into Day 2 : politics
Tear gas used to disperse protesters outside Arizona Capitol building, officials say : politics (just a little discussion but copsters melt down)
here at City Hall in Downtown Los Angeles, where hundreds of protesters are rallying in defense of abortion rights following the Supreme Court overturning Roe V. Wade, which is the first time a constitutional right like this has been stripped away by the United States.

RI abortion rights protest: Hundreds rally outside State House
Providence off-duty police officer on paid leave after allegedly assaulting political opponent at abortion rights rally - The Boston Globe Rally organizer and R.I. Political Cooperative co-founder Jennifer Rourke was attempting to deescalate a conflict when Jeann Lugo, her Republican opponent for State Senate District 29, began punching her in the face
RI police officer on leave after allegedly attacking female political opponent at abortion rally : politics (cops arrest the victim, not the cop, of course)
Off-duty officer under investigation after woman assaulted at protest in Providence, police say : news
Bill Bartholomew on Twitter: "Moment @JenRourke29 struck by who appears to be her Senate opponent @JeannCLugo" / Twitter (cop given paid time off)

Texas AG closes office, creates annual holiday to celebrate overturning Roe : politics
Texas Attorney General Just Turned the Fall of Roe Into an Annual Holiday : politics

GOP lawmaker says she trusts Utah women to control their intake of semen as abortion trigger law goes into effect.
Marjorie Taylor Greene Admits Arming Fetuses Is Impossible (will have to wait until they are born)
Marjorie Taylor Greene Admits Arming Fetuses Is ImpossibleBut she does believe children should be trained with firearms Greene said at a House Rules Committee meeting.

Little Rock Planned Parenthood cancels all scheduled abortions : politics

Hawley: Roe will help Republicans by compelling people to leave theocratic hellhole states like this one - Lawyers, Guns & Money (but we'll still have two senators, he cackled)

Microsoft says employees will continue to have access to abortion and gender-affirming care anywhere in the U.S. : politics

What can the average American do in response to Roe V. Wade being overturned? : AskReddit
6/27/22 general strike for Roe v. Wade
The day Icelands women went on strike

Jan. 6 committee, DOJ seek footage of Roger Stone from Danish filmmakers - The Washington Post

Oath Keepers defense ordered to disclose if Sidney Powell is funding attorneys

Group aims to strip Fox News of ad revenue over fueling next insurrection| Check My Ads targeting news channel website at a time when its prominent hosts are downplaying January 6 insurrection

Senator in 2010 deposition: 13-year-olds can consent to sex | AP News Before he became a leading voice for conservative causes on Capitol Hill, U.S. Senator James Lankford spent more than a decade as the director of youth programming at the Falls Creek Baptist Conference Center, a sprawling campground about 80 miles south of Oklahoma City that attracts more than 50,000 campers in grades six through 12 each year.
Sen. James Lankford in 2010 deposition: 13-year-olds can consent to sex : politics

Lauren Boebert Baffled by Bricks Belonging to a Construction Site

QAnon Creator Q Returns After Nearly Two-Year Hiatus

"Information Is Starting to Come to Light" : Media Outlets Arent Letting Up on Uvalde Police Failures

Erik Visits an American Grave, Part 1,130 - Lawyers, Guns & Money This is the grave of Deborah Sampson Gannett.

Dyslexia isnt a disorder, its part of our species cultural evolution, say researchers

New study finds that politicians typically enjoy longer lives than general populations : worldnews

Inca-era tomb unearthed beneath home in Perus capital | 500-year old structure, found in working-class area of Lima, thought to contain remains of society elites

Chinese fossils show human middle ear evolved from fish gills : worldnews

Pompeii: Ancient pregnant tortoise surprises archaeologists : worldnews

Mummified baby woolly mammoth discovered in Yukon most complete find in North America: officials

Scientists discover worlds largest bacterium, the size of an eyelash

Worlds Deepest Shipwreck Discovered

The Incredible Journey of Three African Wild Dogs - The New York Times Three sisters braved lions, crocodiles, poachers, raging rivers and other dangers on a 1,300-mile transnational effort to forge a new dynasty.

Scientists at the Max Planck Institute for Astronomy discovered that the Milky Way is 2 billion years older than previously expected. : science

New research finds that turtles in the wild age slowly and have long lifespans, and identifies several species that essentially dont age at all.

whats a fun fact that isnt fun at all?

why are you still alive? : AskReddit

Suicidal Doesn't Always Look Suicidal : videos

TIL that drivers of expensive cars are less likely to slow down for pedestrians. They are also more likely to feel a sense of superiority over fellow drivers and to break traffic regulations. : todayilearned

An electric Mercedes-Benz drove 747 miles without recharging, nearly twice the range of Tesla's Model S : technology

Meta bans staff from open discussion of Roe v. Wade decision and is deleting internal messages that mention abortion: report : technology (Fuckerberged)
Meta clamps down on internal discussion of Roe v. Wades overturning.


Putins invasion of Ukraine is guaranteed to cause a two-year food crisis, Western officials warn

Almost half the worlds rivers poisoned with OTC, prescription drugs

The most climate-damaging oil and natural gas fields on Earth are in Russia, Turkmenistan and Texas, according to a first-of-its kind analysis released by the non-profit Rocky Mountain Institute on Thursday : worldnews

A blue hole to the Northern LightsA little-known meteorological phenomenon makes a tiny village in Arctic Sweden one of the best places on Earth to consistently see the Aurora Borealis.

June 24th, 2022 COVID-19 update: 1,926 new cases, 10 new deaths, 481 hospitalized, 146 for COVID. : CoronavirusMa
1,727 confirmed cases and 10 deaths. See the latest COVID-19 data from Mass.

COVID is making flu and other common viruses act in unfamiliar ways

Monkeypox has mutated at an unprecedented rate with "accelerated evolution" : worldnews
Monkeypox vaccines offered to gay and bisexual men in New York, Canada and U.K. : worldnews

Myanmar Junta Troops Based at Chinese-Owned Mine Cut Up Villagers : worldnews

Japan says Chinese coast guard ships in longest violation of its territorial waters in a decade : worldnews
Japanese man loses USB stick with entire citys personal details after several hours of drinking, effecting half a million residents
The 7/11 Battle in Japan - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Two killed as Nio electric car falls from third floor office in Shanghai - BBC News : worldnews

Moscow says EU, NATO gathering countries for war with Russia
Russia is days away from a historic debt default as a $100 million payment comes due with Moscow cut off from the global financial system : worldnews
Russias republics, bled dry by Putin, begin to demand independence from his rule
Task Groups are still active. Originally led by MD commanders. Lapin still leading group Center, Surovikin now South. Raises questions. Is Surovikin still head of VKS or has he been moved? What happened to Dvornikov, who may be out of the picture entirely. RU MoD release below.

The Fucking Hammer to the HeadThat Could End Putin

How Ukraine Can Take Back Crimea from Putins Reeling Russian MilitaryRussias position is deceptively weak; here are the main reasons Ukraine has a good chance to take Crimea

Nothing is more naive, delusional, or unrealistic than believing that Putin will end his invasion if we ask him politely and diplomatically. There will be no peace in Ukraine until Putins army stops advancing.
A readable Thread by @dogemperor Says "...its certain territorial ambitions - So, Putin is a fan of a number of far-right neofascists (and the occasional paleo-religiofascist, like Ivan Ilyin: but one thats come out a lot is...Aleksandr Dugin:
Putin's Philosopher : Ivan Ilyin and the Ideology of Moscow's Rule
Foundations of Geopolitics - Wikipedia ... steal half of China and give them Australia as compensation ...
Russias Newand Frightening Ism
The Unlikely Origins of Russia s Manifest Destiny - How an obscure academic and a marginalized philosopher captured the minds of the Kremlin and helped forge the new Russian nationalism.

4 Killed in Military Plane Crash South of Moscow : worldnews

The Orthodox Church Is on the Wrong Side of History - The Moscow Times The Church, a deacon of the Orthodox Church writes, has hit rock bottom.

Mainpuri News: 4,000-year-old copper weapons found under a field in Uttar Pradesh

Pakistan holds 'dead' alleged mastermind of 2008 Mumbai attacks

Taliban begs US to unfreeze Afghan govt. assets to help respond to earthquake that killed 1,000 people : worldnews

Ethiopia Wollega massacre: Death count surpasses 1500 : worldnews

UN: Iran Executed More Than 100 People Between January and March : worldnews
Five Iranians arrested for not wearing headscarves at a skateboarding event. : worldnews

Jordans king says he would support a Middle East version of NATO

UN: Israelis fired shots that killed journalist Shireen Abu Akleh : worldnews
UN: Israelis fired shots that killed journalist Shireen Abu Akleh | News : news
Half of evangelicals support Israel because they believe it is important for fulfilling end-times prophecy
Israel's Strike on Media Building in Gaza Provokes Outrage - The New York Times Israels attack on a press building in Gaza draws condemnations ... not only housed the offices of media organizations including The Associated Press and Al Jazeera. (memory-holed)

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 121, Part 1 (Thread #261) : worldnews

As @TheStudyofWar has previously assessed, the loss of #Severodonetsk and #Lysychansk will not represent a major turning point in the war in Ukraine. (1/6)

Jack Detsch on Twitter: "NEW: US believes munitions given to Ukraine with HIMARs that can hit Russian targets ~40mi away is enough for current fight: sr defense official Ukraine's defense minister Oleksii Reznikov has personally lobbied DoD for ATACAMS that can strike 190mi away" / Twitter
Reports of widespread strikes in Russian occupied Donetsk Oblast tonight. Possibly the first concrete impacts of the new Ukrainian HIMARS deployment.
Overnight into 24 June, another Russian ammunition depot caught fire in occupied Kadiivka, Luhansk Oblast - After an alleged Ukrainian missile strike, the fire and detonations in the facility hidden at a local plant lasted for several hours.
NEW: Russia is using retired military personnel working as Wagner Group contractors to conduct close air support, a sign that Russia is struggling to field aircrews for the war in Ukraine: UK Defense Intel - Russia likely has insufficient numbers of trained airmen.

Kyle Glen on Twitter: "Another assassination in Kherson, this time Dmytro Savluchenko, a Ukrainian collaborating with Russia as part of the occupation authority was killed by a car bomb." / Twitter
Severodonetsk: Ukrainian forces told to retreat from key eastern city : worldnews

US nuclear scientist reportedly rescued from Russia-occupied Ukraine : worldnews

Car Bomb Kills Russia-Installed Official in Occupied Ukraine : worldnews
Russian Jets Are Flying So Low To Dodge Ukrainian Air-Defenses That Theyre Running Into The Ground
Goat of Kyiv triggers Russian boobytrap and injures 40 soldiers

Romanian port struggles to handle flow of Ukrainian grain : worldnews

NATO allies split over how to avoid World War III with Russia
1st U.N. nuke ban treaty meeting urges "immediate action" : worldnews

Estonian PM says Baltic states would be "wiped off the map" under current NATO plans : worldnews
All the European countries returning to dirty coal as Russia threatens to turn off the gas tap

European officials scramble to douse Kaliningrad tensions : worldnews

Germany Fears Russia Will Shut Main Gas Pipeline Within Weeks : worldnews
Germany can last 2.5 months without Russian gas, official says : worldnews
German cabinet abolishes ban on abortion ads : worldnews
Reuters: Germany abolishes Nazi-era abortion law : worldnews (Merkel forbid doctors to talk about abortion)
Lufthansa cancels 2,200 flights as staff shortages worsen : worldnews

Drought hits Italys hydroelectric plants

Pope Francis orders online release of second world war-era 'Jewish' files

Austria abolishes compulsory vaccination : worldnews

French unions call for national rail strikes on July 6 : worldnews

British carrier in show of force with Spanish carrier

Boris Johnson says the Russian army might soon run out of soldiers and weapons and lose its forward momentum in Ukraine
Ukrainians who come to UK illegally could be sent to Rwanda, Johnson says : worldnews
Tories lose two seats in by-election blows to Boris Johnson : worldnews
Oliver Dowden resigns as Conservative party chair in wake of byelection losses | Conservatives : worldnews

The evangelical phenomenon in Brazil - Intercultural Insights There are today approximately 42.3 million evangelicals in Brazil, the second largest Protestant country after the United States.

Haiti: dozens of inmates starve to death as malnutrition crisis engulfs prisons : worldnews

Mexican scientist sentenced to four years for spying for Russia in Miami : worldnews
At least 12 dead after police officers lured into ambush-style shooting. Mexico: "There can be no truce" : worldnews

Trudeau announces $250M in food aid, blames Russia for skyrocketing prices : worldnews

Biden administration announces $450 million in additional military assistance for Ukraine : worldnews

Congress passes most significant gun reform bill in decades, sends it to Biden : politics
The Historical Cherry-Picking at the Heart of the Supreme Courts Gun-Rights Expansion ... This decision calls into question a wide variety of gun laws, including several key provisions of the Senate gun bill.
Senate passes gun control bill on Gun Nut Appreciation Day at the Supreme Court - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Yesterday's other Roberts Court atrocity - Lawyers, Guns & Money In what is a fantasy month for Sam Alitos worst authoritarian impulses, yesterday authored an opinion not only limiting the civil remedies available to people whose Miranda rights were violated ...

OPINION: Ending Roe is institutional suicide for the Supreme Court ... In place of the living Constitution that protects liberty and equality from the tyranny of the majority, the court in Dobbs v. Jackson Womens Health Organization announced a Constitution that only protects rights that already existed in the distant past ... According to the majority, the dead hand of the past rules our constitutional future ... In short, the modern Constitution will never be the same. Neither will the Supreme Court. Dobbs will go down as one of the worst decisions in the courts history. Dobbs reverses rights on which the whole country has relied for half a century. The court has never done that before. The consequences will be disastrous - and far-reaching.

Roe v. Wade News: Supreme Court Ends Constitutional Right to Abortion - The New York Times The ruling eliminating the constitutional right to an abortion after almost 50 years was met with celebration and anger across the country. President Biden called the courts action the realization of extreme ideology
Supreme Court overturns Roe v. Wade; states can ban abortion | AP News
A day that will live in infamy - Lawyers, Guns & Money ... 49 years of reproductive freedom in America are over.
Elite complacency and Roe - Lawyers, Guns & Money ... The Savvy pundit consensus has long been that it was hysterical scaremongering to point out that Republicans said they wanted to overrule Roe v. Wade because they wanted to overrule Roe v. Wade:
Essential Reading: America After Roe v. Wade

Discussion Thread: President Biden Delivers Remarks on the Supreme Court Overturning Roe v. Wade - 06/24/202 | Live 12:30 PM ET : politics
Megathread: Supreme Court overturns Roe v. Wade : politics

Black congresswomen urge Biden to declare public health and national emergency around abortion : politics
AG Garland says states can't ban FDA-approved abortion pills : politics

An Incorrect Prediction - Lawyers, Guns & Money For many years, I thought if the Supreme Court actually overturned Roe, Americans would rise up and absolutely shut down this nation through massive protests, direct action against the people who caused this monstrosity, etc. I now see that I was entirely wrong. It seems quite likely that the response today and going forward is going to be ... next to nothing

The Onion on Twitter: "Supreme Court Votes 5-4 To Throw Beer Bottle At Slut" / Twitter
Supreme Court Votes 5-4 To Make It Illegal For Women To Deceive Men With Makeup
Supreme Court Rules 5-4 To Baptize Constitution
Supreme Court Votes 5-4 To Reclassify Women As Service Animals
Supreme Court Rules 5-4 To Reopen Japanese Internment Camps
Supreme Court Rules 5-4 To Add Jesus Into All Paintings
Supreme Court Votes 5-4 To Drive Slowly Alongside Woman Walking Home Alone At Night

Alito's Dobbs' Opinion Overturning Roe Is Judicial Activism atIts Most Self-Deceptive | This isnt constitutionalism, or even politics. Its religious fundamentalism, using legal theory as a fig-leaf ... Banning abortion has been the #1 item on the Christian Rights agenda for over forty years. And conservative Catholics and Evangelicals voted for anyoneeven a potty-mouthed, serial-adulter, racist-ranting Biblical ignoramus to achieve it.

Clarence Thomas Will Wipe Out Marriage Equality and Contraception Next : politics
Thomas calls for overturning precedents on contraceptives, LGBTQ rights : politics
Same-Sex Marriage and Contraception Should Be Next on Chopping Block: Clarence Thomas : politics

Were Not Going Back to the Time Before Roe. Were Going Somewhere Worse

Protests Erupt Nationwide As SCOTUS Overturns Roe v. Wade : politics
Roe v. Wade is dead. Democrats need to finally send their anti-choice members packing : politics undefined
Life won, says Pence, doubling down on Roe reversal with call for a national ban

Supreme Court Dissents Are Worthless - Lawyers, Guns & Money ... Who cares what the dissents say? It doesnt matter. The legal justification for these cases are whatever Thomas and Alito saw on a Facebook feed.

Of Course the Constitution Has Nothing to Say About Abortion | The New Yorker There is no mention of the procedure in a four-thousand-word document crafted by fifty-five men in 1787. This seems to be a surprise to Samuel Alito.

The Current Court is Sunk in Corruption, Just Like Fox News : politics
The Supreme Court Is Not Supposed to Have This Much Power : politics
Supreme Court plummets to all-time low: Poll shows Americans have no confidence in conservatives : politics

It happened here - Lawyers, Guns & Money [Roe] is settled as a precedent of the Court, entitled to respect under principles of stare decisis. It is settled.John Roberts during his confirmation hearing.
Collins: Abortion ruling inconsistent with what Gorsuch, Kavanaugh told me
After telling Susan Collins that Roe was settled law, Brett Kavanaugh calls it wrongly decided
Susan Collins Somehow Still Cant Believe She Got Played for a Fool by Trumps Justices
Pelosi, blasting abortion decision, suggests Kavanaugh and Gorsuch lied at hearings : politics
Manchin disappointed by Roe v. Wade being overturned -- You voted for Kavanaugh and Gorsuch you evil schmuck

Missouri bans all abortions minutes after SCOTUS ruling overturning Roe : politics
Whats to come for the 13 states with trigger laws now that Roe v Wade has been overturned
Abortion will soon be banned in 13 states. Heres which could be next.
Abortion clinics across the country close after Roe v. Wade ruling : politics

Mass. will not cooperate with extradition requests from other states pursuing criminal charges against individuals who received, assisted with, or performed reproductive health services that are legal in MA : massachusetts (MA will have to pay for all the unwanted kids in Fuckassippi)
MA has the highest population percentage supporting legalized abortion : massachusetts

Disney, Netflix, Paramount and Comcast to Cover Employee Travel Costs for Abortions After Roe v. Wade Overturned : politics

House Democrats called f***ing useless for singing God BlessAmerica by Capitol after Roe ruling
Marjorie Taylor Greene Heckled as She Basks Outside the Supreme Court : politics

Trump Canceled Interview for Unscheduled Putin Call, Filmmaker Says: The former president spoke to the Russian leader on Air Force One just before the 2020 election, documentarian Alex Holder told Politico : politics

Trump's coup was much more organized than we knew - The Department of Justice plot was entwined with the John Eastman fake electors - Mike Pence plot

Bill Barr's Attempt to Corrupt EDNY May Have Saved the Republic - emptywheel ... So it seems possible, certainly, that one of the few things that held DOJ together in this period is Donoghue, seemingly installed there as part of yet another Bill Barr plot to corrupt DOJ.

Trumps acting defense secretary tried to investigate a voter fraud conspiracy involving Italian satellites that the DOJ called "pure insanity"
Trump was the one who suggested sending letter to states alleging 2020 election fraud, former acting AG testifies : politics
Neal Katyal tells Ari Melber what the pre-dawn FBI Raid on Jeffrey Clark really means
GOP Sen. Ron Johnson says the fake electors he tried to give Pence on January 6 came from GOP Rep. Mike Kelly : politics

Gaetz, Brooks, Biggs, Gohmert, Perry accused of seeking Trump pardons - The Washington Post The only reason I know to ask for a pardon, because you think youve committed a crime, said committee member Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-Ill.) (confessed traitors)
Mo Brooks Asked for Trump to Pardon All 147 Republicans Who Voted to Overturn Election : politics
Twitter Users Mock Matt Gaetzs 1st Tweet After His Pardon Request Is Made Public

Smoking gun: Former AG Eric Holder said a note where Trump told DOJ just say the election was corrupt is proof of a crime

Stop the Steal leader Ali Alexander testifies to Jan. 6 grand jury

The Jolt: Why Brian Kemp is key to the Trump grand jury probe

The January 6 Hearings Are Working : politics

There is More Than Enough Evidence to Indict Trump. With Democracy Itself Under Siege, Attorney General Merrick Garland Must Uphold His Oath to Defend the Constitution. : politics
Jan. 6 panelists: Enough evidence uncovered to indict Trump : politics
Echoes of Watergate: Trumps appointees reveal his push to topple Justice Dept
Trump feeling fallout of Capitol attack hearings as allies abandon ship : politics
Angry Trump Again Demands The Impossible From Jan. 6 Panel After Riveting Hearing : politics
Increasingly abandoned and isolated, will Trump burn it all down? : politics
Bob Woodward: 20% Of Republicans Would Now Like To Push Trump Off The Cliff Whether Republicans are watching the hearings or not, they know the earth is shaking, adds Woodwards Watergate partner Carl Bernstein.

Arizona Republican Party chair Kelli Ward subpoenaed by DOJ in fake elector scheme : politics

Trump electors in Michigan being served with federal subpoenas : politics

FBI interviews Allegheny County GOP chair Sam DeMarco about Trumps attempt to plant fake electors

Texas gay Republican group chair resigns in wake of new state party platform : politics

The Story You've Heard About Cities, Drugs, and Mental Illness Is Wrong - Calling San Francisco and other places "failed" cities for liberal policies is bad journalism. At worst, it exacerbates harm

The Victim Cloud, by Hannah Zeavin Gullibility in the golden age of scams

Cannabis Consumers Less Likely to Be Diagnosed with Liver Cancer : science

A new report suggests that the King of Planets has the remains of other planets hidden inside it

Here Comes the Sun to End Civilization : Every so often, our star fires off a plasma bomb in a random direction. Our best hope the next time Earth is in the crosshairs? Capacitors.

In 'An Immense World,' Ed Yong explores the realm of animal perception : Shots - Health News : NPR

TIL Ghost ships, ships found abandoned with no sign of the crew, still occur even with modern methods of rescue, safety and communication. The last recorded ship to be found with no sign of life was in January 2021 : todayilearned

Driver admits she was FaceTiming hen she fatally struck Northampton bicyclist; avoids jail time

Atomic-scale quantum circuit marks major quantum computer breakthrough : worldnews

One last hang at the Pit in Harvard Square | WBUR News
Why This Pit Kid Is Not Going to Pit-A-Palooza by JASON PRAMAS

Unpaid social media moderators perform labor worth at least $3.4 million a year on Reddit alone : science

Meta Pulls Support for Tool Used to Keep Misinformation in Check - Bloomberg Researchers who depend on CrowdTangle to find social medias worst content are worried about what happens when it goes away. (Fuckerberg's hate-for-profit)


Hubble Space Telescope catches dead star in the act of cosmic cannibalism : worldnews

No need to panic as sunspot with potential for solar flares doubles in size overnight, scientists say
Wild solar weather is causing satellites to plummet from orbit. Its only going to get worse.

All five naked-eye planets will appear lined up (in order) in the morning sky tomorrow (Friday, June 24). The last time this rare planetary alignment occurred was way back in 2004. And it wont happen again for nearly 20 years.

New Zealand records largest ever bleaching of sea sponges | Researchers say tens of millions of sponges may have been affected by protracted marine heatwave : worldnews

Mass. reports 1,180 new coronavirus cases among public school students and 524 among staff

Scientists Concerned About Public Health Threat as Man Contracts Super Gonorrhea

WHO convenes meeting to determine whether monkeypox is a global health emergency / Twitter
Climate change is increasing the spread of illnesses like monkeypox - The Boston Globe

Sick, violated: Shocking sex attacks in Australia mining

Aung San Suu Kyi: Myanmar ex-leader sent to solitary confinement : worldnews

Secret trial for Chinese rights activist who said Xi Jinping not smart enough
Chinese Military brainstorms to get hold of Musks Starlink

Xi and Putin slam politically motivated Western sanctions against Russia ... Yeah, well, theyre not romantically motivated, pooty.
International attitudes towards the U.S., NATO and Russia in a time of crisis. 4. High confidence in Biden, Macron and Scholz, but low trust in Xi and Putin : worldnews

Gary Kasparov: "This is already World War III. And this is not just a war against Ukraine; Vladimir Putin is attacking the very foundation of the world we used to live since World War II. And if he succeeds in Ukraine, all bets are off." : ukraine

Vladimir Putins approval rating hits 20-year low (considers starting another war) ... Russian people were not polled (which is kind of impossible for polls like this anyway)
From Russian Elites, No Sign of Broad Challenge to Putin : worldnews

Experts say there are mounting signs that the Kremlin is purging its top generals in Ukraine, the latest hint of deep dysfunction in Putins army
Drone that struck Russian Oil Depot appears to be model sold on Alibaba : UkrainianConflict

The Russian State Duma called for a strike on the US embassy in Kyiv due to the supply of MLRS to Ukraine : ukraine

US Naval Attache in Moscow took a selfie, giving the middle finger to the symbol of Russia's war, Z. Duma member threatened him in a profanity-laced rant on live TV. On his way home, the angry Russian lawmaker fell off his bike and broke his collarbone.
(56) Orwell 2 Minutes of Hate - YouTube

No Shirt Buttons, No Airbags, Buggy Smartphones: Russias Economy Enters The Twilight Zone
Nike Decides to Leave Russia Entirely Following Ukraine Invasion : worldnews

Emergency declared in Pakistans Punjab province as rapes become endemic (muzfuckers)

Afghanistan earthquake: Afghan envoy appreciates Indias support in wake of tragic earthquake

Finnish and Swedish hopes of being accepted as applicants by next weeks NATO summit meeting have been dashed by a Turkish government that says it is in no hurry.
Turkey Reportedly Detains Iranian Agents Plotting Attacks on Former Israeli Ambassador, Wife : worldnews
Inflation in Turkey: Researcher wont hide the figures Erdogan doesnt want to see. Turkish statistics institute established the inflation rate at 73.5 percent, the highest in the country since 1998 - an independent group of researchers puts the real rate at around 160.80 percent (don't tell Erdofuck he crashed the economy with his Sharia law interest rates)

Nigerian politician and wife charged with child organ-harvesting plot : worldnews ... In 1888, James Sligo Jameson, (heir of the Jameson liquor industry) went on a trip to Africa. He wanted the chance to witness and sketch cannibalism, so he purchased a 10yo girl and paid some cannibals to watch them slaughter and eat her.
Ibadan forest of horror - Wikipedia ... The activities that occurred in the forest are believed to have been coordinated by unknown kidnappers and ritualists in the state who are often patronized by some affluent Nigerians and politicians who use human flesh for rituals.
The torso in the Thames: A 20-year mystery - BBC News

Zelenskyy blasts Israel over refusal to sanction Russia. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has intensified his criticism of Israel's refusal to sanction Russia during an address to the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. How can you not help the victims of such aggression,Zelenskyy, who is Jewish and has family in Israel, said. (Jews for Putler)
Ukraine war: Russia aiming to destroy Donbas, Zelensky says
Ukraines Zelenskiy calls for heavy arms, EU membership as Russia pounds cities
Zelenskyy wants to replace Ukraine s top spy after security failures - Ivan Bakanov was tapped to revamp the controversial Security Service of Ukraine. But after a string of failures and the loss of Kherson, he s fallen out of favor with the Ukrainian president.

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 120, Part 1 (Thread #260) : worldnews

Latest Defence Intelligence update on the situation in Ukraine 23 June 2022
ISW on Twitter: "Reinforced #Russian air-defense systems in eastern #Ukraine are limiting the effectiveness of Ukrainian #drones there, but Ukrainian air assets remain active and effective elsewhere. Read the full report from @TheStudyofWar and @criticalthreats:" / Twitter

Ukraine warns Russia of massive missile strikes after U.S. rockets arrive : worldnews ... Peace is our business, bombing is only a past time. -United States Air Force motto ... Fun Fact. The 2nd largest airforce in the world, is the US Navy. First being the US Airforce.

Ukraine may have endured its worst week since the fall of Mariupol : worldnews
Russian navy ordered to lay mines at Ukraines Black Sea ports, says US |
1st, MLRS (Multiple Launch Rocket System) is:
Ukrainian forces performed a last stand at Toshkivka to allow Ukrainian units to leave Zolote over the weekend.
Two videos of what appears to be at least one surface-to-air missile (SAM) malfunctioning and returning to strike near the launcher. This is reported to be footage from the Russian-occupied city of Alchevsk in Luhansk Oblast.
Units of the Western Military District of the RF were completely defeated by the Ukrainian Armed Forces, only those who refused to attack survived. Western military district includes Moscow, St. Petersburg, and a military elite trained to counter NATO.
Chechens have been silent on TikTok recently. Seems like a large portion of their Tiktokers were destroyed around the industrial zone Severodonetsk : ukraine
Navy Captain (and Astronaut) @StationCDRKelly asked me last night how can you sabotage a Russian T72
Ukraine news live: Battle for twin cities in the east entering fearsome climax; Nike pulls out of Russia
The Russian-backed leader of a town in Ukraines occupied Kherson region was wounded in an apparent assassination attempt Wednesday

A personal thread about the Revolution of Dignity in Ukraine, known as Euromaidan, which began in Kyiv on this day eight years ago. Just 5 months earlier, I decided to return to Ukraine after my Master studies in Italy. Little did I know about what was going to happen

Ukraine to begin first trial of Russian soldier accused of rape : worldnews ... Moscow has denied allegations of war crimes.
Ukrainian Journalist Executed in Cold Blood by Russian Troops, Investigation Says
Captured Briton Aiden Aslin told his execution will go ahead by DPR controlled by Russia : worldnews
Russian information ops are targeting American and European populations with the goal of undermining Western unity and deflecting criticism of Russian military war crimes

Over 150 Ukraine Cultural Landmarks Destroyed by Russias War
Robotic dog from Boston Dynamics to help clean up mines in Ukraine : worldnews

The European Unions leaders have agreed to make Ukraine a candidate for EU membership, setting in motion a potentially yearslong process that could draw the country further away from Russias influence. The EU also granted candidate status to Moldova

Lithuania: Were ready if Russia cuts us out of common power grid over Kaliningrad disruptions

French paratroopers conducta suprise military drill in Estonia : worldnews

NATO set to agree biggest overhaul of defences since the Cold War - including expansion of 40,000-strong response force : worldnews ... "Russia can read from it that even if they tried they would be wiped off the earth in the first few hours."

Bulgarias pro-western government collapses after just six months ... hard to be pro-west politician if your government has been sucking Moscow dick for sometime.

Update: US woman to be airlifted to Mallorca to terminate unviable pregnancy after Malta denied procedure : worldnews (the judge locked her up)

We are not pollution producers: Dutch farmers block roads in protest against emissions targets

Germany faces gas supply crisis, declares alarm level (got Merkeled)

German investigators prevent bomb attack in Switzerland : worldnews
Swiss Gold Refiners Say They Didnt Import Mystery Russian Metal -- Swiss customs data show 3 tons of Russian gold shipped in May

Vienna reclaims title of the worlds most liveable city

Thousands convicted of witchcraft could be pardoned under new bill | Around 4,000 Scots are estimated to have been accused of the crime, which was in law until 1736, with around 85% of those convicted being women. : worldnews

Ex-Brexit negotiator Lord Frost admits quitting EU may have hit goods exports by five percent : worldnews
UK mortgage lenders told they can scrap affordability rule for buyers | Bank of England : worldnews

Brazilian judge probed for blocking abortion for raped child : worldnews

U.S. to give some Havana syndrome victims six-figure compensation ... The payment plan is the culmination of a multiyear push by Congress, which passed a law last fall mandating that the State Department and CIA compensate current and former officials suffering from what the government calls Anomalous Health Incidents, or AHIs.

Economy is already collapsing, majority of Americans believe : worldnews (majority of Americans are idiots)

Biden administration agrees to cancel student debt of 200K borrowers who say they were defrauded : politics
LGBTQ students would get new protections under Biden plan | AP News
The U.S. Department of Education Releases Proposed Changes to Title IX Regulations, Invites Public Comment

Unconscionable House Committee Adds $37 Billion to Bidens $813 Billion Military Budget | The proposed increase costs 10 times more than preserving the free school lunch program that Congress is allowing to expire because " it's too expensive"

Those who blame high gas prices on Joe Bidens climate policies are gaslighting Americans
Progressives Say Windfall Profits Tax a Better SolutionThan Bidens Gas Tax Holiday ... Pelosi calls the gas tax holiday a con. Claims oil companies wouldnt pass the savings onto consumers.
Oil refiner execs head to White House amid soaring profits, record gas prices : politics

House passes package addressing mental health, 20 Republicans vote

Senate Intelligence Committee Passes The FY23 Intelligence Authorization Act - Press Releases : politics ... Enhancing oversight of IC and Department of Defense collection and reporting on Unidentified Aerospace-Undersea Phenomena; -- By far the most exciting aspect of this. The US navy and the Brazilian Navy leading hypothesis is that UAP/UFOs are not originated from space but from the Worlds ocean.

Supreme Court adds extra decision day on Friday : politics ... Friday news dump. Destroy reproductive rights and then get out of town.
The Supreme Court Just Fused Church and State and It Has Even Uglier Plans Ahead ... earlier this week they extended prison slavery to include all undocumented people.
Garland v. Gonzalez - SCOTUSblog
The Supreme Court is misinformed on eugenics - The Boston Globe The leaked draft opinion nodded approvingly to the discredited theory that those who promote access to birth control and abortion have a eugenicist motive to limit reproduction in Black communities.
The Supreme Court is misinformed on eugenics - The Boston Globe Allowing states to ban abortion would immediately raise health risks for pregnant women. As for the redefinition, that would codify disinformation and it, too, would have dangerous consequences.

Supreme Court strikes down New York gun law, expanding gun rights - The Boston Globe
Supreme Court finds N.Y. law violates right to carry guns outside home - The Washington Post The 6-to-3 ruling clears the way for legal challenges to similar restrictions in California, New Jersey, Maryland, Hawaii and Massachusetts
Supreme Court decision could put gun laws at risk in states such as Massachusetts, which has one of the nations lowest firearm mortality rates.
Support for tougher gun laws climbs after May mass shootings: Gallup : politics (SC majority rules they don't a fuck what you think)
Opinion | The Supreme Court's dangerous expansion of the Second Amendment - The Washington Post
The Supreme Courts gun ruling is bad, but not for the reasons you might think
The "Second Amendment" isn't the reason most gun control legislation is now unconstitutional, and law office history isn't history - Lawyers, Guns & Money ... As Breyer observes, creating a novel standard 230 years after the ratification of the Second Amendment to strike down a law enacted in 1911 in fact requires ignoring a lot of history:
Sonja Starr on Twitter: "Seriously?" / Twitter
It was nice while it lasted - Lawyers, Guns & Money Regulating firearms on the basis of the political beliefs held by a handful of political elites in 1790 is every bit as nonsensical as treating heart disease on the basis of the medical beliefs of doctors in 1790 ... This country has been taken over by a coalition of religious fanatics and equally unhinged plutocrats, who are putting us into a death spiral of radical reaction

Supreme Court rules for GOP lawmakers in voter ID case | AP News

Citing Deluge of New Evidence, House Jan. 6 Committee Delays Hearings
FBI raids homes and new subpeonas issued as January 6 committee pushes back hearings over fresh evidence : politics
Justice Dept. Issues More Subpoenas in Trump Electors Investigation : politics

Never-seen video, new audio: The Jan. 6 panel believes a more chilling story has yet to be told / Twitter
Trailer released for Trump documentary of interest to January 6 committee : politics
Alex Holder on Twitter: "The Trumps did not have editorial control. Full stop." / Twitter
See Pences reaction when he received a request to invoke 25th Amendment against Trump - CNN Video
New documentary footage reveals Pence reacting to a resolution calling for him to invoke 25th amendment to remove Trump from power - CNNPolitics

The Attempted Coup - Lawyers, Guns & Money (and the "realist" perspective) ... If Trumps attempted coup had even half-succeeded, much of Rusty Bowerslife would have collapsed around his ears. I dont think weve yet fully grasped what would have happened to this country if Pence had decided to go the other way, but it would have been violent and destabilizing and people like Rusty Bowers would have found themselves in the crosshairs, quite possibly from both sides.
I would do anything to oppose Trump except to vote against him - Lawyers, Guns & Money
Donald Trump's January 6th Coup Attempt: What Would Thucydides Think? - 19FortyFive ... The modern theoretical form of this school concentrates on the statecraft aspect, imagining a world in which the internal lives of states are effectively meaningless for their international conduct; models treat them as billiard balls that bounce off one another with no reference to internal life. Realism turned in this direction largely because of the need to distinguish itself from liberal and socialist accounts of international politics, both of which concentrated on the importance of regime type ... he real lesson of Thucydides is that international politics cannot be detached from domestic politics.

Was the past better or worse than the present? - Lawyers, Guns & Money Foucault hated modernity with every bone in his body, which is the very essence of the reactionary world view. The reactionary world view is based fundamentally on the idea that the past was much better than the present, because people were happier. And why were they happier? Because they knew their place in an unquestioned and unquestionable social hierarchy that gave their lives meaning and structure, and that specific kind of happiness is much more valuable than the shallower kind of happiness provided by general anesthesia and plentiful food and central air conditioning and the Internet and what have you.

Pat Cipollone Would Be One Hell of a Get for the January 6 Committee : politics

Mike Shirkey and Ed McBroom subpoenaed by Jan. 6 committee : politics

The Evidence of Trumps Criminal Intent is Unequivocal, Undeniable, and Overwhelming
Trump and his stooges must be punished: It's the only way to save America If one man is above the law, then America is done. The Jan. 6 committee is literally fighting for our future : politics
G.O.P. Testimony at Jan. 6 Panel Exposes a Party Torn Between Truth and Trump : politics
Jemar Tisby: White Christian nationalism fueled Jan. 6 attack : politics
Maybe There Will Be Coup Prosecutions : politics The good news is that whining aside the DOJ investigations do appear to be escalating.

The Comment That Reveals the Depths of the Republican Party's Moral Collapse ... It is a tenet of my faith that the Constitution is divinely inspired, of my most basic foundational beliefs.Thats some extremely troubling nutball shit. (Christo-fuck Bowers)
OK, But Brad Raffensperger and Rusty Bowers Defended Efforts to Make It Harder to Vote : politics ... What I concluded from the hearing was that Shaye Moss and Ruby Freeman gave up their free time to make it easier for people to vote, while, in their day jobs, Brad Raffensperger and Rusty Bowers defended efforts that made that harder.
RNCs legitimate political discourse claim comes back to bite it

The Jan. 6 panel is examining how Trump tried to manipulate the Justice Dept. to help him overturn the election. - The New York Times ... "Congratulations, you just admitted your first step or act youd take as attorney general would be committing a felony"
Federal Authorities Search Home of Jeffrey Clark, Trump Justice Dept. Official - The New York Times Federal investigators carried out a predawn search on Wednesday at the home of Jeffrey Clark, a former Justice Department official, in connection with the departments sprawling inquiry into efforts to overturn the 2020 election, people familiar with the matter and an associate of Mr. Clark said. (big)
America is about to meet Jeffrey Clark, the one DOJ official willing to do Trumps coup
Eschaton: That's The Good Stuff ... The plot devised by Mr. Clark and Mr. Trump would have ousted Mr. Rosen and used the Justice Department to pressure lawmakers in Georgia to overturn the states election results. But Mr. Trump ultimately decided against firing Mr. Rosen after top department leaders pledged to resign en masse

Ivanka Trump Told Filmmaker Her Dad Should Continue to Fight After 2020 Election, Countering House Testimony ... "a weasel with all the fortitude of a weather vane"

Ron Johnson embroiled in controversy over staff handing Pence fake electors list : politics
Potential Wisconsin Senate matchups show Johnson in tight race with Democrats: poll : politics

FBI seizes Nevada GOP chairmans phone as part of fake elector investigation

Mo Brooks, betrayed by Trump in losing re-election bid, says hes willing to testify about Jan. 6 ... Mo Brooks is not turning on Trump. He wants to hijack the J6 hearings and use them as a nationally televised public forum where he can screech about how this is all a witch hunt aimed at assassinating Trumps chances in 2024.

Trump fumes as Republicans ignore Jan. 6 panel : politics
A sign the Jan. 6 committee is having an effect: GOP infighting about it : politics
What Trumps anger at Kevin McCarthy really says about Jan. 6

Ruperts a Pragmatic Guy: Dump Trump? DeSantis Fever Is Spreading Across Murdochs Media Empire
Rupert Murdoch and Jerry Hall reportedly to divorce : politics

New calls for violence circulate on right-wing social media : politics

Rep. Eric Swalwell Shares Recording Of Death Threat After Marjorie Taylor Greene Attack : politics
Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene tells reporter To Go Back To Your Country.You have mass stabbings, lady, the GOP congresswoman told a reporter who compared U.K. gun statistics to those in the U.S. ... There were 235 knife related homicides in England and Wales in 2021. Excluding suicides there were 20,726 gun related homicides in the US in 2021.

The lesson from Uvalde? America has too many police departments. : politics
Uvalde schools police chief placed on leave amid fierce criticism of school shooting response : politics
Uvalde mayor accuses Texas law enforcement director of lying, leaking and misleading to avoid blame in shooting investigation : politics ... complaining about a lack of transparency from the State Police while the local department hes defending is fighting tooth and nail to keep their own camera footage from being released
So nothing's changed? - Lawyers, Guns & Money Finally, after a month, Pete Arredondo seems to be facing some consequences. But: ... Anne Marie Espinoza, director of communications and marketing for the school district, would not confirm if the leave was paid or unpaid ... The obvious inference here is that Arredondo is being held accountable by going from being paid for doing nothing to being paid for doing nothing.

Manchin Pushes Even More Healthcare Means Testing as West Virginians Suffer | As the West Virginia Democrat blocks Medicare expansion and demands more restrictions on Affordable Care Act subsidies, residents of his home state are extracting their own teeth with a hammer ... Hes from WV, he drives a Maserati and lives on a yacht. He cant see peoples real lives from his coal-built Ivory tower

GOP Senator may block school lunch funding unless staff can discriminate against trans kids | A block by Marshall, or any other GOP Senator, would result in increased hunger for millions of children. : politics

Lauren Boebert Faces Bipartisan Bid by GOP and Democrats to Oust Her : politics
In Boeberts district, as elsewhere, Democrats surge into G.O.P. primary | Thousands of Democrats in Western Colorado are voting in the primary on Tuesday against Representative Lauren Boebert, part of a broader effort to defeat far-right Republicans.
Is It Last Call for Lauren Boeberts Gun Restaurant?

Newly elected GOP congresswoman spread Capitol riot conspiracies and QAnon hashtags in now-deleted tweets - CNNPolitics

FBI assisting investigation of alleged white nationalists accused of planning riot at Idaho Pride event : politics

Fetterman leads Oz in Pennsylvania Senate race: poll : politics

Gov. Baker signs VOTES Act into Massachusetts law, making mail-in voting permanent : politics ... As of 2022, eight states California, Colorado, Hawaii, Nevada, Oregon, Utah, and Washingtonhold elections almost entirely by mail, with general elections also held via mail in Vermont.

Trans people can correct sex on North Carolina birth records : politics

New Hampshire Poll Points to Trouble for Trump; Growing Support for DeSantis : politics

How Many Secret Children Can Herschel Walker Reveal Before Hes in Real Trouble?

I felt very unsafe: Parents speak out after Proud Boys show up at childrens library event
Long Island Library Pulls All LGBTQ Material in Childrens Section During Pride Month

/u/Jackpot777 breaks down a study showing that conservative men who "gay-bash" actually are more aroused by gay and transgender porn than men who are accepting. : bestof
U/adarafaelbarbas breaks down why the anti-LGBTQ "groomer" narrative and the view of homosexual love as inherently sexual is so genocidally dangerous. : bestof
I mean its not a surprise right - Republicans are obsessed with searching for transgender porn

Just Say Yes: Nancy Reagan Gave the Best Blow Job in Hollywood - Washington Babylon
How to use the presidency to get $1 million in free designer clothes, a lesson from Nancy Reagan | by Stephanie Buck | Timeline She was supposed to donate them, but that didnt exactly happen

/u/Shufflepants beautifully explains multiple dimensions within string theory : bestof

As US obesity epidemic grows, new study shows who is gaining weight over the last decade. In roughly 20 years, the prevalence of obesity increased by approximately 40% and severe obesity almost doubled. : science

Is Google Dying? Or Did the Web Grow Up? - The Atlantic One of the most-used tools on the internet is not what it used to be. (hah, use


Scientists just discovered that parts of the Arctic are heating up even faster than we thought : worldnews

Young people go to European court to stop treaty that aids fossil fuel investors | Climate crisis : worldnews

EU plan to halve use of pesticides in milestone legislation to restore ecosystems

Ukraine war: Mass death of children if no global aid as conflict exacerbates worst drought in 40 years

June 22nd, 2022 COVID-19 update: 1,896 new cases, 39 new deaths, 458 hospitalized, 136 for COVID. : CoronavirusMa
MA COVID-19 Data 6/22/22 : CoronavirusMa
1,636 confirmed cases and 35 deaths. See the latest COVID-19 data from Mass.

Omicron subvariants BA.4, BA.5 more transmissible, make up almost a quarter of COVID-19 cases in New England, CDC say

Victoria parliament passes bill banning Nazi symbol, with offenders facing up to a year in jail : worldnews
Sisters who fled Saudi Arabia found dead in Australia flat

Japan tracks eight Russian and Chinese warships near its territory : worldnews
Japan Court Says Ban on Same-Sex Marriage Constitutional : worldnews
Tokyo mayoral win a huge surprise for candidate living in Belgium - Japanese national Satoko Kishimoto won ward of 500,000 people 5,800 miles away with online campaigning

China sends dozens of warplanes into skies near Taiwan : worldnews

China plans to have every single comment reviewed before its published on social media (next: every thought before it's thunk)

Russian Speculation On Putin's Failing Health, Possible Succession Is Growing: Western Officials : worldnews
Colonel Vadim Zimin, who carried Putins nuclear codes, found seriously wounded at his home, about 4 hrs ago.

Dramatic moment Ukrainian kamikaze drone ploughs in to major oil refinery inside Russian territory sparking huge fireball explosion : worldnews
Russian oil refinery ablaze after reported hit from Ukrainian drone : worldnews
Putin rocked as Ukrainian drones bomb Russian oil refinery- massive fire rages

What If Russia Uses Nuclear Weapons in Ukraine? - The Atlantic
21st Century Air Force Nuclear Deterrence and Escalation

Russia Begins to Pay the Price for Sanctions : worldnews
Young people paying the price as Russia faces its worst recession in 30 years : worldnews

Im often asked on here if Russians really believe what they watch on state TV : This outstanding documentary by journalist Andrei Loshak (now with English subtitles) has the best answer to that question that youll get anywhere. Absolutely watch it

In Russia, Western Planes Are Falling Apart : worldnews

Microsoft appears to have blocked Windows downloads in Russia : worldnews
How Russias vaunted cyber capabilities were frustrated in Ukraine ... a paradoxical benefit of this terrible war: Given Russias dependence on Western technology, even for its cyberattacks, Ukraine could backfire on the Kremlin in ways that persist for years. The longer the conflict lasts, the less effective Russias vaunted cyber capability will likely become.

The new McDonalds in Russia sold 120,000 burgers on its opening day, surpassing daily records in its past life, CEO says

India's Russian imports up 3.5 times on oil buys despite Western pressure

1,000 dead, 1,500 injured in Afghan quake, news report says : worldnews
At least 920 dead after 6.1-magnitude quake hits Afghanistan : worldnews
Afghanistan quake: Taliban appeal for international aid : worldnews

Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman makes first Turkey visit since Khashoggi murder - CNN

Somalia: The worst humanitarian crisis weve ever seen

Iraq wants to start population control amid unplanned boom

German investigators found proof that syrias dictator is funding his rule with drug money

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 119, Part 1 (Thread #259) : worldnews

DeepStateMAP | Day 119 | Map of the war in Ukraine
This map shows how little territory has changed hands in Ukraine over the past month. The fighting has shifted to very slow and grinding advances, reliant on artillery more than maneuver. Russian gains are in purple, Ukrainian gains in yellow.

Ukraine claims significant Snake Island victory over Russian forces
Ukraine strikes Snake Island in significant blow to Russias Black Sea forces
The arrival of Western weapons begins to reshape the battle off Ukraine's coast.
Ukrainian Black Sea Strikes Suggest Arrival of Western Weapons, Analysts Say - The New York Times
BM-21 Grad MRLSs of the Ukrainian 36th Separate Marine Brigade fire rocket salvo on Russian positions in the south.

Jack Detsch on Twitter: "NEW: Ukraine's mine sweepers are set to get their hands on one of the U.S. Army's Boston Dynamics-made "Spot" robot dogs to help clear mortar shells and cluster munitions. Ukraine faces a WWII-level effort to clean up Russian munitions from the war." / Twitter

Russian forces in Ukraine are tracing down gay men, raping and castrating them. Journalists on the ground spoke with war crimes investigators in search of what is being done to get justice for the victims. : worldnews

Belarus places wooden tanks on the border with Ukraine. And this is not a joke. Stated by the Speaker of the Ministry of Defense of Belarus. This was done ostensibly to disguise and demonstrate the presence of potato troops at the border. Potato troops do not cease to amaze.

Finland prepared for decades for Russian attack, defense chief says Finns ready. : worldnews

Estonia says Russia has violated its airspace for first time by helicopter in highly provocative move : worldnews

Polish Official: Europe Cant Defend Itself Without the US

Kaliningrad row: Lithuania accuses Russia of lying about rail
US says NATO commitment to Lithuania ironclad after Russia threat
Russia warns UK will cease to exist if Lithuania standoff triggers nuclear WW3
Russia may resort to provocations as its army is run by "morons" -- Lithuanian defmin
State Department warns Russia: Attack on Lithuania is attack on US : worldnews

Germany delivers first heavy weapons to Ukraine, five months into war : worldnews (into a four month war)

Catalan parliament considers Israeli treatment of Palestinians equivalent to apartheid

Gordon Brown reveals Putin threatened him during a visit to Moscow in 2006, made him sit on a very low seat and read a dossier of information he had collected on the then Chancellor : worldnews (+vid of Putin's high heels)
Brexit will leave workers poorer than they would have been and has damaged Britain's competitiveness, new study says : worldnews (Tories have another drink)
Traces of polio virus found in London sewage as health officials declare national incident : worldnews

Brazilian judge refuses abortion for 11-year-old rape victim : worldnews

Catholic priests slaughtered inside church by Mexican cartel, bodies stolen : worldnews

Think Tankers Gone Bad - Lawyers, Guns & Money ... The FBI has seized the electronic data of a retired four-star general who authorities say made false statements and withheld incriminatingdocuments about his role in an illegal foreign lobbying campaign on behalf of the wealthy Persian Gulf nation of Qatar ... Allen looks like he's in big trouble ... A final question: Why do Brookings and CFR so often choose military men to lead them?

Intel Reveals Putin Plan to Weasel His Way Into American Hearts : politics

The Supreme Court Ruled the Constitution's Establishment Clause Is Unconstitutional - It's been a big week for Christian nationalism in America.

Jan. 6 panel revises hearing schedule, citing new evidence - POLITICO
Jan. 6 probe expands with new subpoenas focused on false electors - The Washington Post Recipients of subpoenas include a state party chairman as officials probe deeper into pro-Trump efforts to use invalid electors to thwart Joe Bidens 2020 victory
Jan. 6 Panel Will Pause Hearings After This Week to Sort New Evidence : politics
Jan. 6 Committee Beefing Up Security Amid Wave of Violent Threats : politics
Thursdays Jan. 6 hearing to explore the effort to corrupt the Justice Department
John Wood: Top investigator leaving January 6 committee early - CNNPolitics

Expectations about prosecuting Trump may be shifting ... In fact, the evidence presented thus far has been far more impactful than the punditocracy predicted.
The Justice Department must criminally prosecute Donald Trump. The rule of law requires it : politics

Could the fake electors scheme prove to be Trump campaigns achilles heel? | The justice department is investigating whether the Republicans who signed as electors could be charged ... Sunspot Johnson going to prison could have some delicious irony. He might end up working at his own factory ... Johnson's companies used prison workers
DOJ subpoenas Georgia Republican Party chairman as it expands Trump fake elector probe - CNNPolitics ... The subpoena for the chairman, David Shafer, represents a significant step because he played a central role in organizing the fake slate of electors from Georgia and coordinated the effort with the Trump campaign.
DOJ subpoenas Georgia Republican Party chairman as it expands Trump fake elector probe - CNNPolitics The subpoena for the chairman, David Shafer, represents a significant step because he played a central role in organizing the fake slate of electors from Georgia and coordinated the effort with the Trump campaign.
He Must Resign: Staff Texts Over Fake Elector Slates Implicate Ron Johnson | Trump and his MAGA allies planned, promoted, and paid for a seditious conspiracy to overturn an election they lost,And Ron Johnson attempted to deliver it to D.C. on a platter

Trump aides didnt know he was being recorded on Jan 6: Reports ... "We somehow missed an entire film crew following us around as we were engaged in planning criminal activities"

4 lessons from Trumps pressure campaign on election officials
Could the fake electors scheme prove to be Trump campaigns achilles heel? | The justice department is investigating whether the Republicans who signed as electors could be charged

Even Fox News analysts say Donald Trump should face criminal charges as channel starts airing Jan 6 hearings : politics
Trump blows up Foxs January 6 select committee talking point ... when he acknowledged on Wednesday that it was House Republicans, and not Democrats, who had limited the partys representation on that body.

Oops: Unearthed Footage Shows Ivanka Trump Was All In on Her Fathers Attempt to Overturn the Election

What Georgia and New Hampshire may have in common when it comes to the future of the GOP ... Thus far this year, 11 Trump-endorsed candidates have lost a GOP nomination. A majority six of themhave been in Georgia.
Trump remains in control of the Republican presidential nomination; Pence making his move! If Trump bows out it is between Pence and DeSantis
2024 intrigue: DeSantis declines to ask Trump for reelection endorsement - POLITICO
Andrew Gillum, DeSantis 2018 opponent, indicted for wire fraud, false statements

A GOP senator got caught pretending to be on his phone to avoid questions about the Jan. 6 insurrection : politics Ron Johnson is a traitor and a coward.

Trump's Attempted Coup Failed, But at What Cost? Americas democratic institutions survived only because of the enormous personal sacrifice of many public servants.
To Trumps true believers, the insurrection was an act of faith, Ashli Babbitt is a martyr, and white is not only a race, but a spiritual state.

LA Times: These California Congressmen Betrayed Voters on January 6 : politics

Texas drives our red-blue divide even wider
The Texas GOP is pushing for a referendum to decide if the state will secede from the US : politics

A Republican stood up to Trump. So right-wingers smeared him as a "pedophile." : politics
A long long long long long list of Republican pedophiles in response to the LGBT being labeled as groomers : bestof

Republican who wanted people killed over election fraud loses primary : politics

Three decades ago, Jewish lawmakers made up just over half of New York Citys House delegation. Now there is one: Jerrold Nadler, who faces a tough primary battle ... This is, as far as I know, the largest concentration of Jews anywhere in the world

Eschaton: Reasonable Republicans

Uvalde City Council denies Pete Arredondos leave of absence request (to hide under a rock)
Uvalde CISD Police Chief Pete Arredondo placed on leave | The Texas Tribune
Pour encourager les autres - Lawyers, Guns & Money ... Multiple police officers armed with rifles and at least one ballistic shield stood and waited in a school hallway for nearly an hour while a gunman carried out a massacre of 19 elementary students and two teachers (fuck the coward copsters)

Aint that America ... Carrying around an semi-automatic assault rifle and warning body armor, and all this being perfectly legal until the first bullet leaves your gun ... I see absolutely no downside to this policy. Everything should work out just great.
Who Stops a Bad Guy With a Gun? ... Police officers shoot or physically subdue the shooter in less than a third of attacks.

Rupert Murdoch and Jerry Hall Are Said to Be Divorcing - The New York Times The media moguls fourth divorce is unlikely to change the ownership structure of Mr. Murdoch's empire, but it could reverberate through companies such as Fox News and The Wall Street Journal.

Herschel Walker Says There Are 52 States | HuffPost Latest News

After years of amplifying threats against abortion clinics, Fox News suddenly decries violence after attacks on crisis pregnancy centers | Media Matters for America

Faculty-Pay Survey Records the Largest One-Year Drop Ever (admins off the chart)

The Times vs. Twitter, Round Two - Puck Some of Americas most august media companies are struggling to get reporters off social media, where advocacy and backbiting have become a reputational risk. A series of legal tests could make that much harder.

Daniel Snyder conducted shadow investigation of accusers, panel finds

Top executives quit Pornhubs parent company amid more controversy
The Fight to Hold Pornhub Accountable | The New Yorker For years, nonconsensual videos flourished on the Internet. How have adult sites been reined in?

FDA to Order Juul E-Cigarettes Off U.S. Market - WSJ Agency has cleared way for rivals Reynolds American, NJOY Holdings to keep selling tobacco-flavored e-cigarettes (also, low-nicotine cigs will kill more people bc people will just lung-cancer more)

Brock Colyar on Pronouns, Identifying as Nonbinary ... They, Then and Now Asking for pronouns has become a social standard. Who is it serving?

Oral History of the Blogosphere, Episode 5: Brad DeLong - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Women in science receive less credit for their work than men do. Study published today in Nature finds that women were 13% less likely than men to be named as authors on research projects they worked on and 59% less likely to be named on patents. : science

ELI5: Why is it that when we first look at a clock, the first second seems to take a lot longer than usual to pass, but keeps on going as usual afterwards? : explainlikeimfive ... chronostasis ...

Exclusive Breastfeeding in the 3- to 6-month age range has significant positive associations with child development, especially for communication, gross motor, and problem-solving : science

Scientists emulate nature in quantum leap towards computers of the future: First ever quantum circuit : science

Elon Agonistes & the Bull Case for Crypto - Puck


Thousands of Druids and Pagans watch sunrise at Stonehenge for the summer solstice : worldnews

Giant sunspot has doubled in size in 24 hours and its pointed at Earth

NASA is starting to shut down the Voyager probes, which launched in 1977 and made it deeper into space than anything since : worldnews

Canada to ban making, importing many single-use plastics from December : worldnews

June 21st, 2022 COVID-19 update: 4,389 new cases, 17 new deaths, 469 hospitalized, 130 for COVID. : CoronavirusMa
n its first COVID-19 data report since Friday, Mass. reports 4,066 confirmed cases and 15 deaths

UK Monkeypox cases soar 38% with 219 new infections : worldnews
U.S. monkeypox response mirrors early coronavirus missteps, experts say

Australias Pakistani community in disbelief after woman allegedly murdered by father-in-law (Muzfucked)

S. Korea runs 1st successful homegrown space rocket launch : worldnews

Taiwan scrambles 29 jets to warn away Chinese planes in its air defence zone : worldnews
29 PLA aircrafts (Y-9 EW*1, Y-8 ELINT*1, H-6*6, Y-20 Aerial Refueling*1, KJ-500 AEW&C*2, Y-8 ASW*1, J-16*8, SU-30*4, and J-11*5) entered #Taiwanssouthwest ADIZ on June 21, 2022.

Ex-Hong Kong governor: China breached city autonomy pledge comprehensively

US ban on cotton from forced Uyghur labour comes into force | Uyghurs : worldnews ... The fashion industry has been told it must wean itself off cotton from Chinas Xinjiang region, as a new law comes into force giving US border authorities greater powers to block or seize goods linked to forced labour in China.
Tangshan: Chinese police deputy dismissed over attack on female diners : worldnews
Hundreds locked inside Macau casino amid COVID-19 outbreak : worldnews

Rob Lee on Twitter: "A Russian Telegram channel is claiming that VKS Commander Army General Sergei Surovikin will take over as commander of the Southern Military District." / Twitter

Russia is offering inflated salaries for volunteers to fight in Ukraine : worldnews

Russian Woman Who Told Putin To Burn In Hell Faces Terrorism Charges
Russia claims Brittney Griner "not a hostage" but a law breaker : worldnews

Microsoft pulls Windows 10 and 11 in Russia : worldnews

The Russian Ruble Keeps Rising, Hitting a Seven-Year High - The New York Times

Russia chokeholds Kazakhstan oil shipments to Europe after Kazakhstan leader asserted that he would not recognize the Ukrainian separatist republics : worldnews ... Imagine conveniently waiting 77 years since the end of the war to find said torpedoes ... Russia is not even trying these days...
Kazakhstan-Russia frictions over Ukraine war go public : worldnews ... If we have friendship, cooperation and partnership, then no territorial questions are raised. But if that does not exist, everything is possible. As in the case of Ukraine ... special bullshit operation ...

India denounces gurudwara attack in Kabul, says its time UN condemns hatred against non-Abrahamic religions
What a Disturbing New Film Reveals About Modis IndiaThe Kashmir Files depicts the decades-old exodus of Hindus from the Muslim-majority region. For nationalists, its perfect propaganda.
Yoga is against Islam: Angry mob disrupts Yoga Day event organised by Indian govt in Maldives (ha ha christo-fucks already tried that)
India now the fourth largest gold recycling country: World Gold Council | Business Standard News : worldnews

UK lawyers gather evidence for action against countries over Yazidi genocide | Law : worldnews

Suspected jihadists kill more than 130 civilians in central Mali, officials say : worldnews This is what Texas is going to be like a few years from now except the jihadists will be evangelicals

Israel to allow LGBT Palestinians granted asylum to work : worldnews

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 118, Part 1 (Thread #258) : worldnews

Latest Defence Intelligence update on the situation in Ukraine 21 June 2022
Map: Ukrainian forces have re-captured the settlement of Pavlivka in the Donetsk Oblast of Ukraine and pushed towards Yehorivka. Ukrainian forces are also pushing east of the town.
ISW on Twitter: "Ukrainian officials are emphasizing that this week will be decisive for Russian efforts to take Severodonetsk, where Russian forces will likely attempt to clear the Azot plant & complete encirclement operations by driving up the T1302 highway. Full report:" / Twitter
Putins Ukraine Body Count: 34,100 Dead, Nearly 1,500 Tanks Destroyed
It is 118 days since Russia invaded #Ukraine. Today, an exploration of military operations in southern Ukraine and the Ukrainian resistance. Full piece at @smh 1/20

The Kremlins chief spokesman said that two American fighters who went missing in Ukraine, Alex Drueke and Andy Tai Ngoc Huynh, were soldiers of fortune, and were taken into custody. He also claimed that they were not protected by the Geneva Conventions.

Ukraine Attacks Russian Oil Platforms, Snake Island Strike Rumors Swirl : worldnews ... undertaking a special underwater operation.
Russian ships off Ukraine's shore preparing for "massive" missile launch : worldnews

Ukraine's growing Howitzer Arsenal: 18 AHS Krab (Poland), 5 M114A1 (Portugal), 125 M777 (Australia [6], USA [~120]), SpGH DANA (Chzech), FH70 (Estonia, Italy), 12 Caesar (France [+ 6 more]), 12 PzH2000 (GER,NL), 22 M109 (Norway), 20 M109 (UK, soon), 8 SpGH Zuzana (Slovakia) : ukraine

Euromaidan Press on Twitter: "Russian troops deserted in Kharkiv Oblast Russian military command is looking for about 200 Russian soldiers who entered a village in the Borovska community and hid in the forest after fighting near Izuim, the Borivska village council reports" / Twitter

Orban-Zelensky talks: Hungary backs Ukraines EU aspirations
EU united in support of Ukraines candidacy status, Asselborn says

Georgia: Tens of thousands rally in Tbilisi to demand EU membership : worldnews

Russian border guard helicopter violates Estonias airspace.

Russia tells Lithuania: your citizens will feel the pain over Kaliningrad : worldnews
EU says Lithuania acted by the book in Kaliningrad transit standoff with Russia
Moscow fumes after EU cuts off shipments to Baltic outpost : worldnews

Blame Russia, not sanctions, for global food crisis, says EUs top diplomat

EU leaders to keep sanction pressure on Russia, gold flagged as new target : worldnews
Switzerland Imports Russian Gold for First Time Since Invasion : worldnews ... How very Switzerland of them. ... Well just put it over here, next to the Nazi gold ... Pretty sure it qualifies to go into the Nazi pile
Ukrainian Ambassador: Swiss could look harder for oligarch assets : worldnews (Swiss: we don't think so)

Cost-of-living demonstration attracts 80,000 in Brussels : worldnews

Dutch Senators voted in favour of abolishing the five day wait before an abortion : worldnews ... Far right and fundamentalist Protestant parties, and four members of the CDA (Christian Democratic Party), voted against the plan

Spanish city makes urinating in the sea an offence carrying a fine of up to 750 euros : worldnews

French opposition tells arrogant Macron: Compromise to win support
Neoliberal Macron Loses Parliamentary Majority as Melenchon-Led Left Surges in France

Biggest rail strike in 30 years brings UK to standstill : worldnews
Rolls-Royce CEO responds to record inflation by giving 14,000 workers a bonus and pay raise: We are living through exceptional times.

Upwards of 4 million people attend Sao Paulo Pride parade, Brazil

Biden Taps Anti-Social Security Ideologue To Oversee Program : Biden nominated Andrew Biggs, a think tank denizen with a history of slamming Social Security, to oversee government retirement benefits for 66 million Americans ... On May 13, Biden chose to nominate Andrew Biggs, a fellow at the right-wing American Enterprise Institute think tank, for a Republican seat on the bipartisan Social Security Advisory Board

Biden administration to reverse Trump-era rules on landmines - The Washington Post

How much should gas cost? - Lawyers, Guns & Money

An image of The Atlantic article about Joe Bidens fall is fabricated, fact-checkers report

Supreme Court Rejects Maines Ban on Aid to Religious Schools | The decision was the latest in a series of rulings forbidding the exclusion of religious institutions from government programs
Supreme Court OKs use of public money for religious education : politics
Conservative justices push taxpayers to fund religious education | This Court continues to dismantle the wall of separation between church and state that the Framers fought to build, Sonia Sotomayor wrote in a dissent.
Sotomayor accuses conservatives of dismantling church-state separation
Republican justices: the Establishment Clause violates the First Amendment - Lawyers, Guns & Money ... the Roberts Court: terrible decisions that, if the logic means anything, will lead to even worse decisions.

Supreme Court says certain gun crimes are not crimes of violence under federal law

American Medical Association declares abortion bans violation of human rights
Jamison Foser on Twitter: "as we await a likely Supreme Court decision overturning Roe, here is a sign of what will follow: A Heritage Foundation mediocrity touting a "thoughtful proposal" to commit women who have abortions to "mandatory psychiatric custody"" / Twitter ... a Director at the Heritage Foundation the most important right-wing think-tank of the last 50 years.

Prosecuting Trump for Jan. 6 is Worth the Political Risk : politics
Poll: Most Americans support charging Trump with Jan. 6 crimes : politics

Discussion Thread: House Jan 6 Public Hearings, Day 4 - 06/21/2022 at 1 pm ET : politics
Fourth Hearing on Investigation of Capitol Attack |
Takeaways from the January 6 hearings day 4 - CNNPolitics

Jan. 6 hearing exposes sitting members of Congressinvolvement in fake electors scheme
The Jan. 6 hearings spotlight a Trump smoking gun in Georgia : politics
Trump had direct and personal role in pushing states to overturn Biden win, Jan. 6 panel says
Trump Had Direct and Personal Role in Phony Elector Scheme: Jan. 6 Hearing
Trump Proves the Jan. 6th Committees Point -- Hes basically a witness against himself.
Trump lashes out at McCarthy and Pence over January 6 hearings - CNNPolitics

What the F-ck Is This?: Team Trump Blindsided by Jan. 6 Committee Getting Doc Footage
Jan 6 committee subpoenas previously unknown film of Trump and family at time of riot : politics
The attempted revolution was televised -- and recorded -- At least three documentarians were at the Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021 ... On Tuesday, we learned that Trump himself was working with a documentary filmmaker named Alex Holder. In a subpoena obtained by Politico, the committee asked Holder to turn over any footage from Jan. 6 in which plans to overturn the election were discussed and any interviews with Trump, his family and former vice president Mike Pence ... This third crew was working with notorious disinformation peddler Alex Jones.

How Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger stood up to Trump : politics

Rep. Adam Kinzinger shares letter threatening toexecute him, his wife, and 5-month-old baby

Rudy Giuliani admitted we just dont have the evidenceof voter fraud, according to testimony ... Under oath, Arizona Republican House Speaker Russell Rusty Bowers testified on Tuesday that former Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani admitted to not having any evidence of election fraud despite repeatedly claiming he did.
Bowers says Biggs asked him to sign letter to decertify states electors ... Friendly reminder that Sinema endorsed her good friend Biggs in an incredibly close 2016 GOP primary over a more moderate, less delusional Republican (Christine Jones) who has said Trump lost, believes in climate change, and has praised Hillary Clinton as an effective lead
Rusty Bowers says Giuliani told him: Weve got lots of theories, we just dont have the evidence

GOP Sen. Ron Johnson Tried To Give Mike Pence Fake Ballots : politics
Aide: Ron Johnson wanted to hand Mike Pence documents falsely stating Donald Trump won Wisconsin : politics

I can answer that. The Murdochs are done with Trump and want Desantis. This is the beginning of that. (Fox covers the traitors)
RNC coordinated fake electors at Trumps direct request: Ronna McDaniel (RonaDona McLiar gets her orders from Murdoch) ... Will she add Romney back to her name now? (No)
ICYMI: My New York Post column on why Republicans should dump The Donald & run with The Ronald @RonDeSantisFL

Ex-Michigan GOP chair: Idea to hide Trump electors in Capitol overnight insane

Georgia election worker Shaye Freeman Moss says Trump conspiracies turned my life upside down

The Founders Feared a Tyranny of the Majority, but What We Have Is a Tyranny of a Fanatical Minority
GOP takes dark turn with violent images, enemy within rhetoric
Another reason for the Jan. 6 hearings: The GOP is still attacking democracy : politics
GOP senators downplay Jan. 6 panels importance

Pence Says Hes Never Seen a President Lie as Much as ... Biden
Mike Pence: American weirdo - Lawyers, Guns & Money ... That Pence thinks he can win the Republican nomination in 2024 would seem to be a testimony to the powers of self-delusion and wishful thinking. On the other hand the GOP has gone so completely around the bend that trying to predict what these people are going to do is a pretty dangerous proposition.
What's that grease stain under the bus? - Lawyers, Guns & Money

How the Proud Boys Breached the Capitol on Jan. 6: Rile Up the Normies : politics

South Dakota Attorney General Jason Ravnsborg convicted on both impeachment charges in fatal crash, removed from office : politics

Fox News parent company must face defamation lawsuit over election coverage : politics

Opinion | A new conservative manifesto sounds a lot like fascism : politics ... Where a Christian majority exists, public life should be rooted in Christianity and its moral vision, which should be honored by the state and other institutions both public and private,
The Texas GOP Just Adopted an Official Platform of Sedition and Homophobia : politics
The Texas Republican Party just voted overwhelmingly to reject the legitimacy of Biden's 2020 election win and is trying to stir up fear about "possible fraud" in the upcoming midterms
The corporations backing the Texas Republican Party
Texas GOP website crashes after push for vote to secede from U.S. : politics
Its cool how Democrats are somehow responsible for every utterance of a rando community college professor or BLM activist but the political press shrugs its shoulders at the public, documented extremism of the GOPs largest and most influential state affiliate.
Ted Cruz Heckled at Texas GOP Convention, Called Coward in Viral Video
Putins Plot to Get Texas to Secede -- For Moscows right-wingers, payback means teaming up with a band of Texas secessionists. (cowfucker traitors)

Senate gun deal closer to reality after 'boyfriend loophole,' other snags resolved - The Washington Post

Police could have stopped Uvalde shooting in 3 minutes, a Texas official says : NPR : politics
Texas police commander: Officers could have stopped the gunman in Uvalde school shooting within three minut
Texas police never checked to see if the classroom door was locked during the Uvalde school shooting: DPS : politics
Officers who responded to Uvalde school massacre did not attempt to open doors to classrooms for over an hour, reports say : politics
Texas official says Uvalde classroom door was unlocked, calls police response an abject failure
Officer husband of slain Uvalde teacher was detained, had gun taken away after trying to save wife : politics
Texas senator slams Uvalde police chief Pete Arredondo for testifying behind closed doors instead of in public : politics
Uvalde city council denies Arredondo leave of absence request |

Pa. GOP lawmakers block assault-style gun ban for those under 21 : politics
Broken Arrow open-carry incident raises law enforcement questions | Crime News |

FBI ballot fraud investigation in Rensselaer County shifts to GOP elections commissioner : politics

New York GOP roiled by feud with Stefanik at the center - POLITICO

Republican who wants to ban kids from drag shows hosted drag parties at her home with her kids | Arizona Republican Kari Lake says drag queens are a threat to children. A local queen is calling her out and sharing the receipts : politics

The GOP must make it clear: Eric Greitenss ad is out of bounds
Missouri GOP Leader Says Hes Contacted Police Over Bloodthirsty Greitens Ad
Eric Greitens threatens violence again - Lawyers, Guns & Money ... After former Missouri governor Eric Greitens was charged with violent sexual misconduct, his ex-wife says he bought and hid a gun. He also threatened to shoot himself unless she supported him publicly. Now hes threatening to kill his political opponents.

US Senate candidates rhino-hunting video pulled from Facebook

Black Pastor Lashes Christian Political Whores For Trump At Southern Baptist Convention I think some Southern Baptists lost their minds when a Black man was elected president, said minister Kevin Smith.

How Elites Misread Public Opinion - POLITICO Political scientists are using experiments to get inside the heads of political power-players nd their findings have major implications for the future of American democracy.

North Carolina considers new laws to de-weaponize medical debt and protect patients

A record number of LGBTQ candidates are running for Congress - LGBTQ voters are among the fastest-growing parts of the electorate, and also have higher turnout than other voters. Yet there are only 11 out LGBTQ lawmakers serving in Congress ... At least 104 LGBTQ candidates have mounted campaigns for House or Senate seats this year. Some of those campaigns have already ended, but as of last week, 57 candidates are still actively running

Civil jury finds Bill Cosby sexually abused teenager in 1975 - The Boston Globe

She was given a ticket for indecent exposure. This is what she is wearing. Louisiana btw. Smfh

The State of Maine v. Parole | Down East Magazine Maine was the first state to eliminate the possibility of parole. Now, a hard-nosed state legislator and a once-incarcerated PhD student are making the case that parole deserves a second chance. Can they sway a political establishment wary of looking soft on crime?

Marijuana Legalization Linked To Reduced Drunk Driving And Safer Roads, Study Suggests : science

Meta-analysis (n = ~700,000) finds that children with myopia (nearsightedness) experience higher levels of depression and anxiety, as they participate in fewer physical activities, have lower academic achievement, and are more socially isolated. : science

A huge inconvenience: Morning commuters react to MBTA reducing weekday service
What Greater Boston lost- public transit map, ca. 1919 : boston

We can do better than this, guys. : massachusetts
ISO New England - Real-Time Maps and Charts


Curiosity on Twitter: "Perhaps the most-terrifying space photograph to date. Astronaut Bruce McCandless II floats completely untethered, away from the safety of the space shuttle, with nothing but his Manned Maneuvering Unit keeping him alive. The first person in history to do so. Credit: NASA" / Twitter

Food miles have larger climate impact than thought, study suggests | shift towards plant-based foods mustbe coupled with more locally produced items, mainly in affluent countries

Five highly protected marine areas to be set up in English waters : worldnews

Blood-sucking sea lampreys threaten Great Lakes ecosystem : worldnews

Ads for Climate Change - Lawyers, Guns & Money Yeah we know. We definitely know these days.

Lake Mead is drying up : videos
As water crisis worsens on Colorado River, an urgent call for Western states to act now

Within days, the conservative majority on the Supreme Court is expected to hand down a decision that could severely limit the federal governments authority to reduce carbon dioxide from power plants pollution that is dangerously heating the planet. But that's only a start ...

Covid Risk in MA Drops Dramatically : CoronavirusMa

Despite Another Covid Surge, Deaths Stay Near Lows - The New York Times Most Americans now carry some immune protection, experts said, whether from vaccines, infection or both.

Incorrect perception that pandemic is over: WHO Director-General : worldnews

Research finds that long Covid causes brain fog and memory loss for more than a year : worldnews

In LGBTQ rights setback, Japan court says barring same-sex marriage not unconstitutional : worldnews

Hong Kongs iconic Jumbo Floating Restaurant capsizes at sea

Russia becomes Chinas biggest oil supplier
China experiences heaviest rainfall in 60 years, experts warn extreme weather will only get worse : worldnews

Putin threatens action against ex-Soviet states if they defy Russia ... And here he goes again reinforcing the validity of NATOs mission.
Russia says Lithuanias transit ban "illegal" ... I dont know man, it feels like Lithuania can order who can and cannot transit their territory. (we're the boss of you and everybody else, screams Putler)
Moscow Reels, Lashes Out At Lithuania Over Kaliningrad Cutoff : worldnews
The amount of social media insanity I see toward Lithuania is off the charts. I havent seen this much activity in a while. Russian trolls and propagandists are working overtime for their ruble

Posted on June 20, 2022 : Twilight of the Magicians: Aleksandr Dugin and the War Against the West ... immanentizing the gnostic eschaton ... after a bloody war of annihilation against the united army of the "trolls" ... In Dugins schema, the united army of the trolls is none other than NATO; and Dugin has devised an elaborate justification for serial military aggression first, against Ukraine, then NATO and the United States ... This is the dogma of Eurasianism, almost identical with teachings Hitler absorbed from members of the mystical Thule Society in Munich in the early 1920s ... For example, in 2009 Dugin began advocating all-out war against Ukraine. This was five years before the Donbas war ignited in 2014. Was this clairvoyance on Dugins part, or was he following a plan? ... "Todays Ukrainians are a race of degenerates that crawled up from the sewer. Genocide is in order" ...
The Yuzhinsky Circle

The Fourth Political Theory - Wikipedia
Eric Voegelin - Wikipedia
What about Judaism in Israel and Revelation? in: Israel and the Cosmological Empires of the Ancient Orient
The Cosmos before Cosmology: Foreshadowing of Order in Prehistory in: Israel and the Cosmological Empires of the Ancient Orient
What Should Christians Know About Israel and the End Times? - Biola Magazine - Biola University
Apocalypticism Explained | Apocalypse! FRONTLINE | PBS : James Tabor: Jerusalem
Readings | Apocalypse! FRONTLINE | PBS : Forcing the End
Maranatha - Wikipedia

Russias Medvedev suggests U.S. should beg for nuclear arms talks

A new investigation by the Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project and the Meduza news site has found links through an email domain name that appear to connect opulent properties across Russia.
Russian emails appear to show network holding $4.5bn assets linked to Putin
Russian palaces, villas and yachts linked to Putin by email leak in pictures, maps and video

Putin is shit scared of Ukraine being democratic, successful, and an example against his (Putins) mafia pilfering Russia for natural resources. They're a bunch of common thieves on a national scale, residing in Moscow... and are frightened to death of freedom, plurality, and populations with aspirations. A bunch of clowns are willing to destroys Russia's future so they can buy super massive yachts, mansions, and buy property and education in the west for their families. Russia is corrupt to its core.

What @Emmanuel Macron & @Olaf Scholz dont understand: for many European nations the war against russia is payback time. Not one of these nations will tell Ukraine to stop, and all of them will help to kill as many russian troops as possible. This is a list of these nations:
Putin fears the "spark of democracy" spreading to his country, Germany's Chancellor Olaf Scholz says : worldnews

Looting personally greenlighted by Putin - intercept : worldnews

The Russian population is declining at a dizzying rate, and the war will only exacerbate this trend ... In 1989, the USSR had a population of 286.7 million, more than the United States (246.8 million). After the collapse of the communist bloc, and without the former Soviet republics, the population of the Russian Federation fell to 148.5 million. In 2020, it was 144.1 million, compared to 329.4 million in the United States. According to the latest United Nations projections, made before the pandemic and the war, it could fall to 139 million by 2040.

Report from the BBC on Russian volunteers in Ukraine. They say volunteers can either sign a contract with the Russian military, with Rosgvardia in Chechnya, with LNR/DNR forces (less common because the pay is worse), or join Wagner.

Wife of WNBA's Griner tells AP scheduled call never happened | AP News ... WNBA star Brittney Griner tried to call her wife nearly a dozen times through the American embassy in Russia on the couples fourth anniversary Saturday, but they never connected since the phone line at the embassy was not staffed, Cherelle Griner said Monday ... Griner had actually tried to call 11 times over a period of several hours, dialing a number shed been given at the U.S. embassy in Moscow, which the couple had been told would then patch the call through to Cherelle Griner in Phoenix. But each time, the call went unanswered because the desk at the embassy where the phone rang was apparently unstaffed on Saturday ... "we deeply regret that Brittney Griner was unable to speak with her wife because of a logistical error"

Sri Lanka troops open fire amid riots over petrol, diesel supply : worldnews

Ethiopia violence in Oromia: Villages full of dead bodies

Syrian military: Attack on bus kills 13, most of them troops : worldnews ... There was no immediate claim of responsibility but the attack had all the hallmarks of IS militants who have carried out similar attacks over the past months, leaving dozens dead or wounded.

Lebanon turns to solar power as energy crisis deepens : worldnews

The Killing of Shireen Abu Akleh: Tracing a Bullet to an Israeli Convoy - The New York Times A New York Times investigation found that the bullet that killed a Palestinian-American journalist was fired from the approximate position of an Israeli military vehicle.
Israeli Knesset to disband, Yair Lapid to become prime minister : worldnews

Evaluating Zelensky - Lawyers, Guns & Money
Zelensky expects Russia to intensify fighting ahead of EU membership decision : worldnews
Ukraine issues postal stamps of tractor towing away Russian tank : worldnews

What If Russia Uses Nuclear Weapons in Ukraine? : A look at the grim scenarios -- and the U.S. playbook for each -- By Eric Schlosser

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 117, Part 1 (Thread #257) : worldnews

Nobel sold for Ukrainian kids shatters record at $103.5M | AP News

Thread : Mark Hertling : Ive been hesitant to write aon the current tactical situation & what might happen next. But @DAlperovitch's view of potential outcomes (RT below) cause me to weigh in. His view is plausible, but I dont believe it accurately portrays the current situation ... RU manpower will continue to deplete. UA resources will continue to grow. The west must keep up the support. 16/16

Russia reports of Injured Personnel by Ukrainian Missile Strike on Gas Platforms in the Black Sea : worldnews
Russian troops to advance towards Kharkiv: Ukraine official. : worldnews
Its just hell there: Russia continues to pound eastern Ukraine

Anton Gerashchenko on Twitter: "This is what we are fighting for." / Twitter

There is unconfirmed rumours of a Russian warship being sunk. I will confirm or deny these rumours in the coming days.
Zaporizhzhia-Ukrainian counterattacks are approaching Russian stronghold Polohy
Powerful explosions rock Ukraines Snake Island
Ukrainian military destroys Russian 20th Armys command and intelligence center
Ukraine hits oil drilling platforms in Crimea, pro-Russian regional head says : worldnews
Reportedly Russian MBT cooking off after being struck by Ukrainian forces somewhere in Donbas.

Ukraine says food warehouse in Odesa destroyed in Russian missile attack : worldnews

The rally in support of the European path of Georgia has grown into a procession through the streets of the city. Photo from local media.

EU renews sanctions on Russia over Crimea by a year : worldnews
Russia blockading Ukrainian grain is a real war crime -- EU
Telegram is not a secure platform, NATO-backed strategic comms chief warns
Nearly One in Four European Firms Consider Shifting Out of China : worldnews

Polish women risk being spied on, controlled and possibly punished over pregnancy register
(51) Romanian Orphans (produced in the 1990's) - YouTube

Germany says working with Poland, Romania on freeing stuck Ukrainian grain : worldnews
Germany takes bitter decision to fire up coal power plants as Russia chokes off its vital natural gas supplies

The Dutch joined Germany and Austria in reverting to coal power on Monday following an energy crisis provoked by Russias invasion of Ukraine. The Netherlands said it would lift all restrictions on power stations fired by the fossil fuel, which were previously limited to just over a third of output

The longest river in Italy is drying up. What does this mean for those who rely on it for food? : worldnews

A seismic event: Le Pens party makes historic breakthrough in French parliament
Macron loses absolute majority in French parliamentary elections, initial projections show : worldnews

What happened to a story published in The Times of London that was critical of Prime Minister Boris Johnson? The disappearance has Londons media world guessing ... The Times, which is owned by Rupert Murdochs News Corporation, declined to comment on the decision (BoJo ate it)
UK Pushed 100,000 People Into Poverty By Lifting Pension Age : worldnews (Tories cackle)
5,000 people hit by Heathrow flight cancellations : worldnews

Historic victory for leftist Gustavo Petro in Colombias presidential elections, the first progressive president since the 1930s
Francia Marquez a former housekeeper and activist is Colombias first Black vice president.
Francia Marquez a former housekeeper and activist is Colombias first Black vice president.

Several hundred thousand people marched Sunday in Sao Paulos annual LGBTQ Pride parade under the slogan vote with pride, for policies that represent us a reference to Brazils upcoming presidential election

Monkey in "bullet-proof" vest found dead after bloody cartel shootout in Mexico : news

Canada investing billions to modernize North America defense : worldnews
Montreal protesters go topless after Quebec City police harass sunbathing woman : worldnews
MDMA trials under review in Canada over alleged abuse of study participants : worldnews

Biden says hes nearing decisions on gas tax holiday and student loans as he tries to tame costs

Analysis: America is on edge, and thats bad news for the White House
The people cant be trusted to choose liberal democracy

Rep. Adam Schiff said Justice Clarence Thomas should have nothing to do with cases related to January 6 because of his wife's efforts to overturn the election

Liberals Need to Beat Samuel Alito at His Own Game : politics

The 13th Amendment nearly preserved slavery -- with Lincoln's support

Fourth degree burn : PoliticalHumor

Trump Knocks Foolish Kevin McCarthy for Not Having Anyone on Jan 6 Committee: Bad Decision Was Made

There is no question: Merrick Garland must put Trump on trial : politics
Prosecute Trump? Put Yourself in Merrick Garlands Shoes.

Op-Ed: The insurrection wont end until Trump is prosecuted and disqualified from future office ... Defense Department leadership delayed the National Guards response to the Capitol siege by three hours ... And should Trump get an encore, look to pre-World War II Germany for a mirror. A failed coup in 1923 taught Hitler a better route to dictatorship nine years later. Those who repeat history are doomed to learn it. The hard way.

Ivanka had bad feeling Trump was setting up Pence on Jan 6, biographer claims
Trump's 'friend' dig at Pence was a coded Mafia-style threat, claims Michael Cohen

Was Nixon's Guilt as Obvious as Trumps Is? Trump clearly participated in a coup. Its less clear that Nixon ordered the Watergate break-in 50 years ago. Lets look at the evidence.
January 6 Prosecutions - A Timeline - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Opinion: Our electoral house is on fire. New Mexico is proof of that : politics
The Jan. 6 hearings show urgency of Electoral Count Act reform : politics

Froomkin: Honestly Im not sure Ive ever read a more utterly bankrupt article than this in my life. his continued stream of falsehoods highlights some of the complexities of pursuing any criminal case against him????? This thinking would have exonerated Hitler.
Novel Legal Theories - Mag Habs never stops working for her boss. : Why are two access-jonesing political desk reporters doing a legal story? (fascists of 43rd st)

Can Ron DeSantis Displace Donald Trump as the G.O.P's Combatant-in-Chief? A fervent opponent of mask mandates and 'woke' ideology, the Florida governor channels the same rage as the former President, but with greater discipline. - By Dexter Filkins

The Republican war on contraception is already here - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Wisconsin Ex-Justice Went Bananas In a Courtroom There Are Rules Against a Lawyer Being a Putz During Official Proceedings For a Reason - Yet one of Wisconsin's preeminent ratfckers left those in ruins this week ... We begin in Wisconsin, where one of the states pre-eminent electoral ratfckers seems to have mistaken a courtroom for his favorite radio call-in show. This guy, Michael Gableman, is a former justice of the state supreme court, and a vital part of the legacy of hacks left to Wisconsin by former governor Scott Walker, who declined to seek re-election in 2018.

Officers Entered Uvalde School with Rifles, Shield 9 Minutes After Shooter -- But Did Virtually Nothing to Stop Him ... The gunman could be heard firing his weapon almost 30 minutes after their arrival ... (chickenshit copsters waiting to make sure all the kids and teachers were dead : when you thought it couldn't get any worse) ... A former prosecutor for Uvalde who previously worked with Uvalde police on cases told Rolling Stone last week that she believes the seemingly bungled police response is unsurprising.

At least 6 dead, 42 injured in weekend mass shootings across US : news

Texas could secede from U.S. in 2023 as GOP pushes for referendum : politics ... The Texas GOP new party platform also called for full repeal of the Voting Rights Act of 1965.
Texas seceding from U.S. would mean war, law expert says
No, Texas cant legally secede from the U.S., despite popular myth
Texass new secessionist platform exposes a big GOP scam

Opinion: Republicans in Texas just voted to reject democracy : politics
The only surprise in the Texas GOP platform is that it doesnt call for a reinstatement of slavery.

When Your Favorite Face-Biting Leopard Eats Your Face - Lawyers, Guns & Money Dan Crenshaw gets literally whatever bad things come to him.Funny how this works. You promote the fascism and then it turns out that maybe you do have limits and then you are the ones the fascists target. Well, whatever dude.

Texas Republicans declare Biden election illegitimate, despite evidence : politics
Gay Republican group banned from GOP convention | After years spent telling Republicans that LGBTQ rights aren't important and mocking the community, the group was surprised to find out that the Party listened to them. : politics
Gay Republican group blasts crazy people Texas GOP for anti-LGBT platform
Texas GOP adopts shockingly explicit anti-LGBTQ party platform | The state party calls homosexuality an abnormal lifestyle choiceand accuses LGBTQ people of "grooming" children.
Texas Republican party adopts far-right position that homosexuality is'abnormal'
The Texas Republican Party Celebrated Juneteenth By Trying to Drag Us All Back to 1857 : politics

In Ad, Shotgun-Toting Greitens Asks Voters to Go RINO Hunting

There is just a lot of anxiety in the community : Bay Area drag queens become targets for right-wing agitators

This Texas teen wanted an abortion. She now has twins. - The Washington Post Brooke Alexander found out she was pregnant 48 hours before the Texas abortion ban took effect

Franklin Graham pushed Naghmeh Panahi to return to her abusive husband - The Washington Post ... "Naghmeh, are you cheating on him?"

boy howdy this is hard to watch in 2022. I assume most of you have seen this so I doubt I need to provide any kind of a plot summary. Its like a teleport back to the male gaze of the period and the women who had to deal with that and so organized their lives around it.

Paul Haggis Arrested in Italy on Sexual Assault Charges - Variety

'Sovereign citizens' arrested in California after deputies allegedly find explosives

As more people get guns and carry permits, Philly sees a sharp rise in homicides ruled justified

Remind Me Again Which Part of the Bible Says Black Lives Dont Matter ... As always, the Catholic Church is really demonstrating the spirit of Christ: The students at a predominantly Black Catholic middle school in Worcester, Mass., had resoundingly expressed their wishes in January 2021: They wanted Black Lives Matter and Pride flags flown over their place of learning to signal inclusivity.

Mass. court issues temporary protection order against The Flashstar Ezra Miller, according to reports

Massachusetts hiker dies near Mt. Washington after rescue in snow, 80 mph wind gusts : news

Medicare could have saved an estimated $3.6 billion buying generic drugs at Mark Cubans direct-to-consumer online pharmacy according to an analysis of 89 drugs available for purchase on the platform ... Using Cubans thing saves 3.6 billion in a year. Allowing Medicare to negotiate prices would save 45.6 billion in a year. Unfortunately Republicans + Manchin + Sinema have so far successfully blocked bills that would change this.

The Origins of the Bubonic Plague - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Psychologists observe larger striatal volumes in psychopathic adults: A region of the forebrain known as the striatum tends to be larger in psychopathic individuals : science

Most male suicides in U.S. show no link to mental health issues, study reveals : science (bc getting diagnosed is too expensive in America)

Which vitamin or mineral supplements actually have evidence for benefits? : askscience
Snake Oil Supplements?Scientific evidence for popular health supps

Teaching Physics to AI Can Allow It To Make New Discoveries All on Its Own : worldnews

Humans Can Learn to 'Echolocate' in Just 10 Weeks, Experiment Shows : worldnews

How big dogs have much shorter lifespans than smaller dogs, is it the same for humans? Say a 6' 7" inch man vs a 5' 5" man? : askscience

Sugar sweetened soda is associated with increased liver cancer risk among persons without diabetes. Artificially sweetened soda is associated with increased liver cancer risk among persons with diabetes. The risk of liver cancer was evident in the first 12 years of follow-up. : science

What is the worst form of torture to have ever existed? : AskReddit

How often do you sleep naked? : AskReddit

Whats your most shameful NSFW moment?

What's something a guy can do to be seductive? : AskReddit

Is Google Dying? Or Did the Web Grow Up? : technology
The Open Secret of Google Search: One of the most-used tools on the internet is not what it used to be. : technology

Facebook Says Apple is Too Powerful. Theyre Right ... Lol theyre still salty that Apple fucked up their ad tracking.
Meta Reveals VR Headset Prototypes Designed to Make VR Indistinguishable From Reality (Fuckkkerberg's next step: VR food)

Elon Musk Daughter Files to Change Last Name ... No Longer Wants to Be Related to Him
Elon Musks child seeks name change to sever ties with father


Europes space agency greenlights Comet Interceptor to study the next Oumuamua (so it was an alien spaceship)

Republican Drive to Tilt Courts Against Climate Action Reaches a Crucial Moment - The New York Times A Supreme Court environmental case being decided this month is the product of a coordinated, multiyear strategy by Republican attorneys general and conservative allies. (freedom to pollute and kill everyone)

India ranks 3rd globally for total renewable additions in 2021: Report : worldnews ... This was followed by the United States and Canada, who produced 19.93 and 19.52 metric tons per capita respectively~

Unprecedented heatwave cooks western Europe, with temperatures hitting 43C : worldnews (109F)

Heat waves and high energy costs are hitting some communities hard

WHO chief 'believes Covid DID leak from Wuhan lab' after a 'catastrophic accident' in 2019 | Daily Mail Online

WHO to rename monkeypox over concerns from scientists that the name isdiscriminatory and stigmatizing.
Spain confirms 323 monkeypox cases and announces arrival of 5,000 vaccines : worldnews

Aboriginal flag to permanently fly on Sydney Harbour Bridge by end of year : worldnews

China and Russia alarm Japan with Navy drills south of Tokyo : worldnews
Japan deploys self-defense fleet to Indo-Pacific with eye on China : worldnews

YonHap: N. Korean leader extends full support to Putin amid war in Ukraine : worldnews
Ex-Generals See Nuclear Blackmail Trinity in Russia, China, North Korea
Mystery Stomach Disease Hits North Korean Province : worldnews

The Balance in the Straits - Lawyers, Guns & Money the Biden administration believes that a combination of the war in Ukraine and the steadily increasing maritime power of China have necessitated a clearer statement of purposes with respect to Taiwan.
Dangerous Straits: Wargaming a Future Conflict over Taiwan | Center for a New American Security (en-US)

Russian economy may need a decade to return to pre-sanctions levels, Sberbank says : worldnews

Russian morale remains troubled and many are confused over war in Ukraine, says UK

Kazakhstan FM calls for elimination of all nuclear weapons by 2045 : worldnews

Police linked to hacking campaign to frame Indian activists: Details connect police in India to a plot to plant evidence on victims computers

ISIS says it carried out Sikh temple attack in Kabul : worldnews ... Fucking zealots. Fuck them and their paedo prophet.
Inside The Talibans New Drugs Hell
Inside the Talibans new drugs hell The countrys heroin reaches all corners of the world, but it is inside Afghanistan itself that a catastrophe of addiction is unfolding

Islamic State calls for jihadist migration to Africa in new media campaign : worldnews

Monsoon Floods Kill 42 People, Millions Stranded in Bangladesh, India | World News | US News : worldnews

Ethiopia rights body says video shows extrajudicial killings : worldnews

A network of more than two dozen conspiracy theorists, frequently backed by a coordinated Russian campaign, sent thousands of disinformation tweets to distort the reality of the Syrian conflict and deter intervention by the international community : worldnews
Russia & Iran sets up joint operations command for Syrian factions to counter Turkey : worldnews

Gantz vows retaliation to any Iranian attack in Turkey; one said foiled in past day : worldnews
Israeli ministers postpone vote on West Bank annexation : worldnews
Israeli air attacks hit Gaza after rocket fire : worldnews
Israel freezes move to allow in 2,000 more Gaza workers after rocket attack : worldnews

Zelensky: big week ahead; also expect Russia to step up attacks.Tomorrow a historic week begins. One of the most important since 1991. A week when we will hear the answer from the EU on candidate status for Ukraine. Andwe should expect greater hostile activity from Russia.
Zelenskyy visits Odesa as Russia continues its blockade and declares:We will not give the south to anyoneand the sea will be Ukrainian
Russia-Ukraine war could last for years, say western leaders : worldnews
NATO warns of long Ukraine war as Russian assaults follow EU boost for Kyiv : worldnews
Ukraine is fighting a grim war of attrition. Only Nato can help change that : worldnews

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 116, Part 1 (Thread #256) : worldnews

A powerful explosion took place near Sievierodonetsk : worldnews
Russia sending large number of reserve troops to Sievierodonetsk, Ukrainian governor says : worldnews
Ukraine Kills 87 Russian Troops Saturday in Combative East Region: Official : worldnews

War Trophies Swiped From Dead Russians Selling Fast on eBay : worldnews

Belarus warns Ukraine against any attempts to attack Russia : worldnews

Helsinki University closes China-funded Confucius Institute. : worldnews (Spy U)

Rocket man fights Russian demand to send him back : worldnews

Big Tech must deal with disinformation or face fines, says EU : worldnews

Lithuanian bishops call for scrapping of same-sex partnership bill : worldnews

Drug Smugglers Deliver Shipment Of Cocaine Worth 68 Million Pounds To Czech Supermarkets By Mistake : worldnews

Germany to fire up coal plants as Russia turns down the gas : worldnews
The Revolution Eats its Own - Lawyers, Guns & Money
Why the East Germans Lost

Voter turnout issue looms over French legislative elections after record first-round abstention : worldnews
Jean-Luc Melenchon and NUPES seek majority in France : worldnews

British soldiers must get ready to fight Russia in Third World War, army chief warns - LBC
UK troops filmed having orgy at barracks, barred from NATO deployment : worldnews
Worlds largest cargo ship arrives in UK port

Brazilian police arrest third suspect over shooting deaths of British journalist Dom Phillips and tribal expert Araujo Pereira

A Quebec law to boost French has caused an outcry in Canada : worldnews

The Navy has fired a dozen leaders but won't explain why A total of 13 commanding officers have been fired so far this year, including five in one week, the Navy said. : news

Recession isn't 'inevitable' but inflation remains 'unacceptably high': Janet Yellen - ABC News Recession isntinevitable but inflation remains unacceptably high: Janet Yellen

Free school lunches for all set to end, creating perfect stormamid high inflation

Most Americans Dont Want Biden or Trump to Run Again

Jan. 6 Hearings Underscore Hard Truths About Democracy - The New York Times When political leaders face a constitutional crisis, like that of Jan. 6, the process of collectively deciding how to respond can be messy, arbitrary, and sometimes change the nature of the system itself.

8 Top Former Prosecutors, Senior DOJ Officials on Key New Evidence in Effort to Pressure Pence
Jan. 6 Committee reveals Mike Pence hid in a parking garage during insurrection : politics
Opinion | Mike Pence and the Soft Bigotry of Low Expectations - The New York Times

Exclusive: Trump's Team Setting Up Eastman to Take Blame for Jan. 6 - Trump in recent weeks has told confidants that he sees no reason to defend the lawyer who tried to help him overturn the 2020 election, sources tell Rolling Stone ... privately insisted he hardly or barely knows Eastman, despite the fact that he counseled Trump on taking a string of extra-legal measures in a bid to stay in power and wrote the so-called coup memo, which laid out the facsimile of a legal argument for reversing Trumps election defeat.

Embroiled in controversy, Ginni Thomas agrees to Jan. 6 testimony : politics
Speaker at meeting of Ginni Thomas group called Bidens win illegitimate long after Jan. 6, video shows

Arizona House speaker, who resisted Trump pressure campaign, testifying at January 6 hearing Tuesday : politics

Trump Incriminated Himself In Illegal Election Plot Yet Again: George Conway
Searing testimony increases odds of charges against Trump, experts say : politics
GOP member of Jan. 6 committee warns that more violence is coming - The Washington Post

6 in 10 Americans say Trump should be charged for Jan. 6 riot: POLL : politics
60% of Americans think he should be charged for a crime. Not that it was just a mistake or an unfortunate happening or that he should have done morebut that it was a crime. Republicans are sitting in an echo chamber if they dont think this matters

List of nicknames used by Donald Trump - Wikipedia (Comey second only to Biden, beats Hillary)
Prince William sent personal letter to girlfriend of Capitol officer killed on Jan 6 while Trump did nothing : politics

Iowa High Court Reverses Its Own 2018 Ruling Recognizing Right to Abortion : politics
With Roe in jeopardy, America faces a rare moment when a court revokes a right. Heres what could happen next

Social conservative crowd cheers Herschel Walker after revelations of undiscussed kids : politics

Source: Police never tried to open door to classrooms where Uvalde gunman had kids trapped

The Texas Republican Party Platform - Lawyers, Guns & Money (refuck crazy cliff)
Texas GOP platform calls for secession vote: "224. Texas Independence: We urge the Texas Legislature to pass bill ... requiring a referendum in the 2023 general election for the people of Texas to determine whether or not the State of Texas should reassert its status as an independent nation." : politics (Dumbfuckistan)
Texas GOP declares Biden illegitimate, demands end to abortion : politics
Texas Republican party includes anti-LGBT ideology in their new platform : politics
Texas GOP Convention Sparks Intraparty Feud on Treatment of Gay Republicans : politics
Texas Republican Convention calls Biden illegitimate and rebukes Cornyn | The Texas Tribune Texas Republican Convention calls Biden win illegitimate and rebukes Cornyn over gun talks ... calls for ending the federal income tax, requiring education about fetal gestation and limiting the Legislatures right to regulate guns.
Texas GOP platform calls for ban on teaching sexual matterswhile requiring students to learn about dignity of the preborn human
Fed up and fired up: Texas Republicans meet in a climate of mistrust, conspiracy and victimhood : politics

An Elite Christian College Has Become The Latest Battleground In Americas Culture Wars

World swimming bans transgender athletes from womens events

Fox News paid Melissa Francis $15 million after pay disparity claim - The Washington Post

Video Juror in Johnny Depp-Amber Heard trial speaks out for 1st time about verdict - ABC News a lot of Ambers story didn add up and the majority of the jury felt she was more the aggressor

Sheryl Sandberg and the Crackling Hellfire of Corporate America - The Atlantic Is this feminism?

What Its Like to Learn Youre Going to Die

Does fighting a viral infection use up minerals and vitamins like zinc and vitamin D, leading to low levels of them? If so how severely? : askscience

Bumpy road ahead for Elon Musk as Tesla faces losing worlds biggest electric car maker crown, study says

SpaceX launches and lands 3rd rocket in 36 hours : worldnews


UNICEF: 36.5 million children displaced by end of 2021. The UN's children's agency reported that the amount of children fleeing conflict and other crises is the highest number on record : worldnews

Fossil fuel firms have humanity by the throat says UN head in blistering attack | Climate crisis
Global population will lose 17 billion life-years to air pollution, says shocking new research : worldnews

Europe heatwave: France braces for record-breaking temperatures as Spain battles forest fires

Baby swifts "being cooked" alive as they leave nests in 100F heat wave : worldnews

Yellowstone River flooding is a 1 in 500-year event, US Geological Survey says : news
Yellowstone's floods, in maps, photos and videos - Washington Post

UK Covid infection rate rising, with more than a million cases in England : worldnews

A Hemagglutinin Stem Vaccine Designed Rationally by AlphaFold2 Confers Broad Protection against Influenza B Infection : science

Kgari, an Australian island, has been returned to its traditional owners, the Butchulla people.

Jacinda Ardern first New Zealander to be invited to speak at NATO Leaders Summit. : worldnews

I had to cut off the head, bro Myanmar troops swap slaughter stories

Amid Covid Fight, N Korea Reports Outbreak Of Another Infectious Disease : worldnews

TSMC says it will make ultra-advanced 2nm chips by 2025 : technology

Chinese President Xi Jinping warns against international decoupling in Russia speech : worldnews
Xi Says Chinas Corruption Still Severe and Complicated

Putin claims that war against Ukraine complies with international law : worldnews
Russia says Europe is "manipulating" Ukraine with "alluring" prospect of EU membership : worldnews ... As opposed to manipulating them with an invasion of their sovereign territory ... Why does everything Russian say sound like an abusive boyfriend? Good grief.
Putin says has nothing against Ukraine joining EU (what's left of it after I'm done he cackled)
Putin ally Medvedev mocks European leaders in Kyiv as "fans of frogs" : worldnews ... European fans of frogs (the French), liverwurst (the German) and spaghetti (the Italians) love making useless trips to Kyiv

Hackers crash internet as 'Russian Davos' adjusts to new reality : worldnews

Why was the rise in HIV infection incidence in the Eastern Europe And Central Asia region so much higher than that of any other regions in 2010-2020? : askscience (Russia)

Colonel-General Andrey Serdyukov, Commander of the Russian Airborne Forces, was fired due to mass casualties among Russian paratroopers The Institute for the Study of War (ISW).
Former head of Russian-state arms company found dead : news
Russias Attack on Ukrainian Identity Echoes Soviet Persecution of Germans
Ukraines ferocious defense of cities dampens Russian ambitions

(48) Do you know about Navalny? - YouTube

SANCTIONS UPDATE. Over the week of 9-16 June sanctions barometer has reached 48%
Russian Company Cancels Production Of Baikal-S Processors Because Of TSMCs Refusal (Taiwan says fuck off) ... Either way, Russia will end up left in the past, merely a shell of the potential they once possessed. After the Ukrainian people, the Russian people are second in line to this buffet of suffering and I really hope there is a change of both leadership and philosophy in Russia.

Pakistan wont be removed from FATF grey list(High terror financing) immediately, decision after visit

Dozens dead, millions stranded as floods hit Bangladesh, India : worldnews

Afghanistan: gunmen storm Sikh temple in Kabul : worldnews

Dozens of teenage girls are rescued from a Nigerian babyfactory where they were used as sex slaves and forced to sell their babies on the black market

Trumps Shadow Looms Over Fading Iran Nuclear Talks
Arrests Of Telegram Administrators Expose Divisions Among Irans Hard-Liners ... administrators of Telegram channels (in Iran)

IDF strikes Gaza after rocket fired at Ashkelon : worldnews

Zelensky adviser: Ukraine can win war in 3 to 6 monthsif it gets heavy weapons soon
Ukraine will definitely win says president on visit to Mykolaiv
The New Voice of Ukraine on Twitter: "The visiting leaders of France, Italy and Germany did not attempt to persuade Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zlelensky to restart peace talks with Russia, spokesman for the President of Ukraine Sergii Nykyforov told." / Twitter
Volodymyr Zelenskyi visited a hospital in Mykolaiv.

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 115, Part 1 (Thread #255) : worldnews

Latest Defence Intelligence update on the situation in Ukraine 18 June 2022
Donbas and Kherson: a tale of two fronts - A thread (plus some GREAAAAAT maps)
Euromaidan PR on Twitter: "Interesting warning to the enemy from Polish General that further missile attacks in the west of Ukraine could result in Poland taking over air defense in those areas." / Twitter

Russian troops suffer significant losses in Sloviansk direction
The Russian military has concentrated the vast majority of its available combat power to capture #Severodonetsk and #Lysychansk at the expense of other axes of advance and is suffering heavy casualties to do so.

Deadly air strike hits Ukraine frontline city as it readies for street battle: Ashes littered a square in the war-ravaged east Ukrainian city of Lysychansk Friday as smoke rose from a cultural centre following a Russian air strike that killed four people sheltering there : worldnews
OSINTtechnical on Twitter: "Ukrainian 40th Artillery Brigade hits a Russian position in Velyki Prokhody, Kharkiv Oblast." / Twitter
Kulchytsky Battalion of the Ukrainian National Guards strikes a moving Russian BMP
Near Slovyansk Russian Su25 was shot down.
Pilot of the downed Russian Su-25 in the hands of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.
Today in Kherson there was an unsuccessful attempt to attack one of the Russian collaborators An IED was detonated near the car. (Putin now checking girls' tatoos)
The Russian fascist invaders tried to carry out assault operations outside Severodonetsk but were unsuccessful. The rashists tried to resume assaults towards Krasnopillya; fighting continues. Ukrainian defenders defeated rashist assaults

U.S. drone sale to Ukraine hits snag : worldnews
With Launchers And Missiles From Different Countries, Ukraine Assembles A New Anti-Ship Arsenal : worldnews

The list of countries whose weapons were spotted in Ukraine continue expanding - an Azerbaijani 20N5 82mm mortar was spotted in use by the Ukrainian army in #Zaporizhzhia Oblast. Previously Azerbaijan didnt announce any military aid to Ukraine.

Russian helicopter violations of Finnish airspace "not serious," says Border Guard. : worldnews

Europe is making it much harder for Russia to ship oil anywhere : worldnews

The Netherlands will back Ukraines EU candidacy after all

Germany has received evidence of hundreds of Russian war crimes in Ukraine : worldnews

The capital of Austria, Vienna, has become a safe haven for Russian agents.
(48) Vienna - City of Spies - YouTube
Austrias government offers taxpayers as much as 1,000 euros in cash to help buffer the effects of soaring inflation. giving people back the money that inflation took away.

Second year in a row, Indian funds in Swiss banks rise; at 14-yr high in 2021 : worldnews

First case of medically-assisted suicide in Italy carried out : worldnews

French Nuclear Power Crisis Frustrates Europe's Push to Quit Russian Energy - France typically exports electricity, but now it risks blackouts and a need for imported power because of problems at the state nuclear operator.
French Nuclear Power Crisis Frustrates Europe's Push to Quit Russian Energy
Archaeologists Examining Extremely Rare 1,300-Year-Old Ship They Need to Water Every 30 Minutes (France)

Irish politician arrested after trying to board British ship : worldnews ... Anti-mask, anti-NATO, anti-vaccine (and he was anti-HPV even before Covid), anti-fluoride, etc. Loon.

WikiLeaks founder Assange vows to fight extradition from UK to United States : worldnews
Assange Will Be Extradited to U.S. for WikiLeaks Mega Trial : worldnews

Thousands march in London to protest low pay and rising cost of living : worldnews
Paratroopers orgy video sees deployment cancelled

Colombian police seize 1,300 kg of cocaine disguised as potatoes : worldnews

Bolsonaro blamed as UN, activists denounce Amazon murders : worldnews

Alberta Sheriffs round up dozens from downtown Calgary mall and force them into jury duty : news

Bidens rousing speech before the AFL-CIO is exactly the message Democrats need
Old man vs bike : funny

Court rejects Trump-era EPA finding that Roundup weed killer is safe ... Well, good ole Clarence Thomas was former counsel for Monsantoso it made sense when SCOTUS ruled in favor of Monsantos in previous cases.

Greedy CEOs One Weird Trick for Getting Richer While Workers Fall Further Behind: A new report on corporate excess shows how the explosion of stock buybacks are exacerbating economic inequality.

Fourteen Republicans voted against bill expanding care for war veterans : politics

If the justices strike down New Yorks century-old restrictions on carrying concealed firearms, similar regulations in California, New Jersey, Maryland, Hawaii, and Massachusetts would be vulnerable.
John Cornyn booed at Texas GOP Convention - CNNPolitics

Mob Misrule | The Forum | Rafia Zakaria The January 6 hearings depict a damning presidential break with reality
Jan. 6 committee functions as Trumps third impeachment trial
Jan. 6 hearings have revealed a ton of new material. Heres a recap
The Biggest Surprises of the Jan. 6 Hearings So Far - The New York Times
The evidence Trump and John Eastman knew their Jan. 6 plot was corrupt - The Washington Post
Despite Growing Evidence, a Prosecution of Trump Would Face Challenges - The New York Times As House hearings highlighted testimony that could create more pressure to pursue a criminal case, the former president tried out a defense that strained credulity.

Raffenspergers 1/6 testimony to trigger Trump like nothing else

Rep. Eric Swalwell Would Love To Give Trump Equal Time On Jan. 6 Probe -- Under Oath

To Avert January 6, We Needed Whistleblowers -- and We Never Got Them

Capitol police officer: Pence was only brave one day : politics
Trump Handed Down Death Sentence to Mike Pence to Stay in Power: Mary Trump
8 Top Former Prosecutors, Senior DOJ Officials on Key New Evidence in Effort to Pressure Pence
Trump hits Pence over Jan. 6 role as possible GOP 2024 hopefuls gather - The Washington Post

Latest Ginni Thomas controversy means the Supreme Court cant escape the 2020 election
John Eastman Spills The Deets On His Pal Ginni : politics

A Conservative Judge Tells the January 6 Committee How to Trump-Proof the 2024 Election : politics

Jan. 6 Hearings Expose the Coup Attempt in 2020, and One Being Planned for 2024 : politics
All the Jan. 6 evidence that Trump and Co. knew their plot was corrupt : politics
Trumps political operation, Republican groups paid millions to Jan. 6 organizers: watchdog
The Money Behind January 6 Is Flowing into the 2022 Elections | Brennan Center for Justice Big donors who supported the insurrection and the election denial that inspired it are spending to influence this years races.

The big rip-off how Trump exploited his fans with election defensefund | The former president used donations to a nonexistent legal defense fund for his hotels and the January 6 Ellipse rally

Jan. 6 witnesses push Trump stalwarts back to rabbit hole : politics
6 video clips to catch up on from the Jan. 6 hearings so far : politics

Did good Republicans save us from the bad ones on January 6? I dont buy it

Lindsey Graham praises Trump for making everybody "afraid" : politics (Flimsy Dimsy)

Adam Kinzinger Warns Churches Have Become House of Worshipto Trump
How evangelical Christians are sizing up the 2024 GOP race for president - POLITICO

U.S. lawmakers urge Google to fix abortion searches that steer women to fake clinics ... "crisis pregnancy centers"

They Will Do It Again Republicans have not been chastened by the revelations of the January 6 committee.
Proud Boys Led Major Breaches of Capitol on Jan. 6, Video Investigation Finds - The New York Times how teams of Proud Boys instigated critical breaches of the Capitol on Jan. 6.
The emerging paramilitary wing of the GOP : politics
Trumps brownshirts were front and center on 1/6. And this was an organized conspiracy, not the boorish chaos Trump apologists like to pretend it was:
Marjorie Taylor Greene tells Proud Boys to dress appropriately for protests : politics

Senator who questioned Supreme Court birth control ruling led campus group that promoted it : politics - Marsha Blackburn

Newly disclosed files show a Capitol Police analyst misidentified which Twitter account had posted a threatening message about Mitch McConnell.

Roger Stone rejoices as Bannon loses Jan. 6 court fight: "Bye Steve!" : politics

UPDATES: Dan Crenshaw & Staff Assaulted by Right Wingers Shouting Eyepatch McCain and Saying He Should be Hung for Treason
Rep. Dan Crenshaw Accosted by Group of Proud Boys, Far-Right Activists : politics

Peggy Noonan Eviscerates Sure LoserTrump in the Wall Street Journal: A 1950s Caricature of a Woman

another dose of reality for one of trumps zombie sheep : The Leader of Trumps Favorite 2020 ElectionAudit May Be Disbarred After Courtroom Meltdown : former Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice Michael Gableman

Former Michigan GOP leader says right-wing voters are down the rabbit hole of delusional propaganda as accused Capitol rioter leads in the Republican gubernatorial primary race - In the last election cycle for governor, had a candidate been arrested by the FBI it would have been the end of their campaign, not the beginning,
Judge orders GOP candidate Ryan Kelley to surrender his guns, over his objections : politics

New Mexico counties certify vote after standoff : politics

if youre wondering why the media treats this guy's motives as utterly ambiguous when hes constantly laying out the dimensions of his con in full view of the public, its because the media is the markand what can I say, theyre eminently hustle-able
Speaking of Christopher Rufo, its amazing how he just keeps openly explaining how and why hes making up ridiculous lies to justify discriminatory state action, understandably confident that this will not give any chin-stroking centrist a second thought about taking him and his arguments seriously:
Rufo's army are on their way - Lawyers, Guns & Money ... The Rufo/Tucker/Libs of Tik Tok hate axis knows exactly what theyre doing and what the effects of the rhetoric will be. None of this is by accident.

Anti-LGBTQ+ attacks by US extremist groups surge as right spews vitriol : politics ... When you have networks like Fox News and anti-LGBTQ outlets like Daily Wire, Brietbart, and Daily Caller broadcasting horrific lies about LGBTQ people to millions of people, an increase in threats and violence is the natural result
The Far-Rights Assault On An Idaho Pride Event Was Meticulously Planned
Anti-LGBTQ+ attacks by US extremist groups surge as right spews vitriol | US news | The Guardian
The Pain and Pride of a Generation Changing How America Sees Gender

Dallas judge removes Texas AGs office as intervenor in case over treatment for transgender youth

GOP loves parental choice - unless parents choose drag queens | Editorial : politics

Karen Bass widens lead over Rick Caruso in L.A. mayors race -- Rep. Karen Bass has widened her lead to more than six percentage points over developer Rick Caruso in the Los Angeles mayors race ... As the votes roll in its clear that progressives in Southern California are winning across the board
As The Votes Roll In, It Suddenly Doesnt Seem Like Californians Rejected Criminal Justice Reformers

Keith Kaneshiro Charges Detail Abuse Of Power, Bribery And Conspiracy : politics
Former Honolulu prosecutor indicted on bribery allegations | AP News

7 arrested in House office building linked to Colbert show | AP News
Production crew for Stephen Colbert's "Late Show" detained in congressional building near U.S. Capitol : news

City officials in Uvalde are using legal loopholes to prevent police records related to school shooting from being released amid scrutiny on response: report : politics
Source: Police never tried to open door to classrooms where Uvalde gunman had kids trapped : news

Teenager shot in the head calls the emergency number, operator doesnt believe him (also shot friend dies)

Sheriff: Suspect was shooting randomly at people after stopping in the middle of I-79 at Weston - WV MetroNews : news (W.VA)

Catholic Bishop Battles Catholic School Over BLM, Pride Flags Is This Bishop Really Going to Mess With the Jesuits Over BLM and Pride Flags? One suspects Bishop McManus will soon, in the proud tradition of the Society, f*ck around and find out. (racist, anti-gay Catholic retard)

The argument that video games spur mass shootings is losing steam : technology

Why You Cant Remember Being Born: A Look at Infantile AmnesiaInfants can form memories, just not the kind that recalls specific experiences

TIL in a study of extreme relistening researchers found that Bittersweet songs were listened to many more times than the other song types on average 790 times, vs. 515 for Calm songs and 175 for Happy songs.

There are 38 types of secrets people keep - you probably have at least one

Betelgeuse Great Dimming Mystery Solved by Satellite Photobomb
Why running helps keep women young, but ages men

First-of-its-kind research shows dangers of secondhand cannabis smoke - UC Berkeley Public Health : science

Lexibank: the most extensive publicly available global repository of linguistic data contains standardized lexical data for more than 2000 languages : science

People who have experienced paranormal activity, what is your story? : AskReddit undefined
[Serious] people whove experienced the paranormal or seen cryptids and other unknown creatures, whats your story?
tv was off. one of my scariest experiences. : Paranormal
For those that have died in their dreams before, what happened after you died? : AskReddit

Warren Buffet said, It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. What's a real-life example of this?

[Serious] What caused you to be the most offended youve ever been?

What is the dumbest reason your ex left you? : AskReddit

Men of reddit, what are some sad but true double standards or down right sexist things youve faced before?

What do 99% of Redditors need to be told? : AskReddit

Tether: The Coin That Could Wreck Crypto - The New York Times As cryptocurrencies have plunged, attention has focused on a potential point of vulnerability: the markets reliance on a so-called stablecoin called Tether.
Bitcoin drops below $20,000 as crypto selloff quickens : news

Elon Musk pressured Twitter to give him access to a firehose of data to evaluate bots. Now what?


Scientists discover a multiplanet system just 33 light-years away / Twitter
China Says It May Have Detected Signals From Alien Civilizations : technology

Marching towards starvation : UN warns of hell on earth if Ukraine war goes on - Unprecedented food shortages could spark riots in dozens of countries as Black Sea blockade adds to pressures, says WFP chief

Italys largest river dries up, exposing World War II barge that sank in 1943

Air pollution worse for global lifespan than cigarettes or alcohol - The Washington Post

Satellite photo suggests Russian coal mine spewed 99 tons of methane in an hour : worldnews

Nepal to move Everest base camp from melting glacier : worldnews

Scotland changes course to save its last native wildcats : worldnews

Most major US cities are underprepared for rising temperatures : Researchers analyzed municipal planning documents from 50 large cities across the country. They found that 78% of these cities' climate plans mentioned heat as a problem, but few offered a comprehensive strategy to address it. : science

June 17th, 2022 COVID-19 update: 1,787 new cases, 9 new deaths, 457 hospitalized, 143 for COVID. : CoronavirusMa
1,563 confirmed cases and 8 deaths. See the latest COVID-19 data from Mass.

Covid hospitalisations rise in Europe as sub-variants fuel new wave - Algulf : worldnews

Moneypox Virus DNA Found In Semen Of 5 Men, WHO Investigating Further : worldnews

Philippine militants accused of beheading Canadian tourists surrender : worldnews
Why the Philippines Has Lots of Guns But Very Few Mass Shootings Despite Easy Access to Guns : worldnews

Japans Defense Ministry says 7 Russian Navy ships were spotted in Pacific Ocean off Chiba Prefecture, near Tokyo.
Man arrested over trying to place curse on Vladimir Putin
Japans top court rules govt not liable for Fukushima disaster

North Korea announces outbreak of intestinal sickness : worldnews

U.S. senators propose bill to counter Chinese threat against Taiwan : worldnews

129 Hong Kong civil servants sacked or quit after failing to take allegiance oath : worldnews

China launches third aircraft carrier, named after province opposite Taiwan : worldnews
China says COVID might have originated in U.S., calls Wuhan lab theory lies : worldnews

Putin blasts West in 73-minute rant after cyber attack delays speech : worldnews
Putin lambasts the West and declares the end of the era of the unipolar world ,,, "Bargain-bin czar"
Vladimir Putin dismisses stupid Western sanctions on Russia over Ukraine war
Russia preparing for big, colossal war with NATO, says MajorGeneral

Russia has strategically lostwar in Ukraine, says head of UKs armed forces
Ukrainian media: Putin decided to go to war after a ritual with shamans : worldnews
Lavrov says Russia not ashamed of showing who we are ,,, (evil murderous baby-fuckers)
U.K. sets out new Russia sanctions for barbaric treatment of children in Ukraine

Investigation Links Gazprom Head With $240M Palace - The Moscow Times : worldnews

Putin Gets Unexpected Pushback From Ally Over War in Ukraine - Kazakh leader dissents as Putin defends invasion at forum - Putin claims sanctions are hurting West more than Russia

$646 billion thats the economic cost of violence in India

Africa hunger crisis: 100 million people are now struggling to eat : worldnews

Russian Escalations in Syria Risk Direct Conflict With U.S., Military Officials Warn - WSJ Recent Russian airstrikes and other operations in Syria raise alarms amid high tensions over Ukraine
Syria to become first to recognize Donetsk, Luhansk republics in Ukraine in support of Russia's war

Three Palestinian militants killed amid West Bank clashes with Israeli troops : worldnews

Ukraine hails EU backing for membership as historic
Plan needed to make Russia pay reparations to Ukrainians, says report : worldnews
Zelensky blames Russia for gas price turmoil in strike at Europeans
Boris Johnson arrives in Kyiv on unannounced visit, second since Russian invasion : worldnews

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 114, Part 1 (Thread #254) : worldnews

Latest Defence Intelligence update on the situation in Ukraine17 June 2022

Ukraine destroys Russian Black Sea navy tug carrying weapons to Snake Island and downs helicopter

Ukraine Update: Not enough? Heres the challenge of moving even four HIMARS

1/ Old rations, faulty vehicles, missing radios, under-strength units: corruption has been blamed for hollowing out Russias military and undermining its war in Ukraine. Its worth examining this problem and seeing how it's affected the Russian armed forces.
2/ Russia is one of the worlds most corrupt countries - Transparency International (TI) rates it 136th of 180 countries. State corruption is endemic. TI found that between 2008 and 2020, current and former Russian officials owned 28,000 properties in 85 countries.
Corruption Perceptions Index

U.S. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin: NATO is closeto adding Finland and Sweden to 30-nation alliance ahead of Madrid summit

Russian military vessel entered danish waters close to island where danish parliament is currently visiting : worldnews
Unacceptable : Russian warship accused of violating Danish waters

Germany sends Putin huge warning and unveils new highly advanced1.3bn panther tank

Italys inflation hits 6.8%, highest since 1990 on account of Ukraine war

Pulitzer prize-winning photographer has been fined $1,000 under Spain's gag law when he attempted to take pictures of a refugee camp

Macron on communication with Putin: Disappointed is not strong enough word : worldnews

Law enforcement in the United States, Germany, the Netherlands and Britain dismantled a global network of internet-connected devices that had been hacked by Russian cyber criminals and used for malicious purposes, the U.S. Justice Department said on Thursday. : worldnews

Prince William is 'mourning' the collapse of his relationship with Harry | Daily Mail Online
Nigel Cawthorne takes a forensic look at the abuse suffered by Virginia Roberts | Daily Mail Online ... the ex-sex slave Prince Andrew just paid 12 million

UK signs order to extradite Julian Assange to US to face espionage charges : worldnews
UK approves extradition of Julian Assange : worldnews

Brazil police: Remains found those of British journalist : worldnews

Canadian Police Raid Homes of Suspected Atomwaffen Members : worldnews
Canadian Diary of a Wimpy Kid actor who killed mom allegedly intended to also kill Trudeau
Canadas Going to Share UFO Info With the US, Officials Say ... Military Pilot involved in the Gimbal UFO Case informed 2 days ago that he wants to testify in the next public hearing with Congress to inform the full video is actually 4 minutes long.

Belief in God in U.S. Dips to 81%, a New Low ... down from 87% in 2017 ... Four in 10 Say God Can Hear Prayers, Intervene

His advisers are studying plans for a reelection launch and flooding key states with cash. But they cant shake worries within their party on his readiness for another campaign.
Biden approval at 39% as nearly half of Americans 'strongly' disapprove

As abortion ruling nears, U.S. Supreme Court erects barricades to the public : politics ... they're going to try a Friday news dump and then get out of town
Absolutely Terrifying: Criminal Defense Attorneys Warn About Impacts of Roe Reversal | The head of the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers said exposing people to new criminal penalties for abortions opens up the floodgates to overcriminalization and mass incarceration
Sonia Sotomayor Reassures Liberals As Conservative Decisions Loom. When asked about the collapse in trust in the court, the justice said she still believes the arc of history bendstoward justice. (until it breaks into fascism; RGB v.2)
Abortion is not protected under the Iowa constitution, state Supreme Court rules : politics

The Future Isnt Female Anymore ... feminism is in trouble ... young people especially were turning against the movement ... a general agreement that mainstream feminism had grown stale and somewhat embarrassing, that it failed to speak to the realities of many womens lives, and that it lacked a vision of a better world ... While only 4 percent of Democratic men over 50 thought feminism was harmful, 46 percent of Democratic men under 50 did. Nearly a quarter of Democratic women under 50 agreed, compared with only 10 percent of those 50 and older.

House Democrat calls for Clarence Thomas to resign following report of wifes email with Eastman
Ginni Thomas Has a Lot of Explaining to Do : politics
Jan. 6 panel leaders prepare to call Ginni Thomas : politics
Democratic Rep. Says Clarence Thomas Should Resign Over Wife Ginnis Conduct | Rep. Bill Pascrell said Thomas has poisoned the High Court by hearing Jan. 6 cases even though his wife was involved in efforts to overturn the election.
As Jan 6. Committee Eyes Ginni Thomas Role, Fresh Calls for Justice Thomas to Resign| New polling shows 61% of Americans support a congressional investigation into the Supreme Court justices potential conflicts of interest.

Tlaib calls on federal officials to stop whitewashing Middle Eastern Americans on census form : politics

Justice Dept. secures first guilty plea for threats to election workers : politics
Election officials worry about their safety ahead of midterms : politics

Trump claims he never asked Pence to overturn the election : politics
'Certifiably Crazy: Jan. 6 Panel Highlights How Team Trump Pushed Pence to Overturn Election
Mike Pence called Trump strategy to overturn election rubber room stuff
Trump put Pence in more danger than we knew : politics
Donald Trump Called Mike Pence The P-Word For Not Illegally Overturning The Election, According To Jan. 6 Committee Testimony
Trump claims he never asked Pence to overturn the election | The Independent
Trump Attacks Mike Pence for Not Rejecting Electoral Votes in 2020 - The New York Times
Amid Jan. 6 Revelations, Election Lies Still Dominate the G.O.P. - The New York Times

Coup memo author asked for pardon and lobbied VP to overturn election after riot
What John Eastman and the pardon list means
A Fox host who apparently helped mastermind John Eastmans coup plot was the only one talking about it in prime time

Jan. 6 Panel Could Start Sharing Transcripts With Justice Dept. in July - The New York Times Congressional Democrats, under pressure from federal prosecutors, say they will begin sharing interviews after their series of public hearings concludes.

Trump a clear and present danger to US democracy conservative judge warns. J Michael Luttig testifies that ex-president and his supporters are preparing an attempt to overturn 2024 election as they did in 2020
What else did Judge Luttig have to say about Jan. 6 in his Deep Dive interview : politics

Trump aides told him that using Pence to overturn election was illegal - The Jan. 6 committee presented evidence that lawyers advising Trump knew the plan had no legal merit. But he pursued it anyway.
Trumps Jan 6 arguments dubbed the Costanza defence after Seinfeld joke | "It's not a lie if you believe it.:
The criminal case against Donald Trump | The January 6th committee is doing the Department of Justices work for it
The Jan. 6 hearings devastating case against Trumps co-conspirator

Post-Watergate reforms may frame DOJ decision over prosecuting Trump : politics
Watergate at 50: A viewers guide to remembering the scandal : politics

Trump wanted a different insurrection | Trump and his henchmen may very well have known their actions would incite an insurrection from Biden voters (would have carpet bombed them)
Paranoia, Feuds, and Revenge Fantasies: The Jan. 6 Hearings Have Thrown Team Trump into Chaos : politics (treasoners terrified Trummpster will yell at them)

Peter Navarro pleads not guilty to contempt of Congress charges - CNNPolitics

Mark Mazza: US Capitol rioter who carried weapon loaded with hollow-point bullets pleads guilty - CNNPolitics

Proud Boys developed plans to take over government buildings in Washington DC : politics
Seth Abramson : MAJOR BREAKING NEWS: All Three of the Capitol Complex Buildings Rep. Barry Loudermilk (R-GA) Gave January 6 Insurrectionists Access to and a Tour of on Insurrection Eve Appear As Circled Targets in the 1776 Returns Coup Blueprints Shared Amongst Trumps January 6 Paramilitaries
Man with spear filmed outside Capitol on 1/6 was Loudermilks guest on 1/5

Trump is the worst traitor in US history : PoliticalHumor

Stunning Trump revelations raise fears of a dark, violent future ... we're sliding headlong into a protracted era of chronic instability and rising political violence.

Trump Will Try a Coup Again in 2024, Says Former Pence Adviser : politics
Former President Trump Says Hed Consider Pardons for Jan. 6 Defendants If He Returns to Office
Donald Trump demands networks give him hours to push election fraud on TV : politics

Donald Trumps approval ratings flounders amid Jan. 6 revelations
New poll finds 33 percent of GOP support actions of Jan. 6 rioters : politics ... 1/3rd of the GOP is about 1/6th of the whole country, or 15%. (so, 45 million need to die)
Impeachment No. 3: Jan. 6 panel isnt swaying these swing-state Republicansthe committee has hardened partisan views, spawned more conspiracies or deepened fealty toward Trump.

YouTube deleted a Jan. 6 committee video that included Trumps election lies. saying the committee was advancing election misinformation.

Dominion Voting Systems lawsuit against Newsmax can proceed, judge rules
Court Denies Newsmax Motion To Dismiss Dominion's $1.6 Billion Defamation Lawsuit : politics

The Michigan Gubernatorial Candidate Who Was Just Arrested for Rioting on Jan. 6 Still Leads Primary Polls : politics

Opinion | The gun-violence plague is evolving, dangerously - The Washington Post

Texas Governors Race Narrows After Uvalde Shooting, Poll Shows Life is short: Ken Paxton faces backlash for suggesting Uvalde massacre was part of Gods plan
Uvalde Hires Private Law Firm to Argue It Doesnt Have to Release School Shooting Public RecordsSome of the records relating to the Robb Elementary School shooting could be highly embarrassing, involve emotional/mental distress, and are not of legitimate concern to the public the lawyers argued ,,, The public records Uvalde is trying to suppress include body camera footage, photos, 911 calls, emails, text messages, criminal records, and more.
Uvalde Police Try to Prevent the Release of EmbarrassingRecords (
Uvalde police oppose the disclosure of public records on the grounds that they would make them look bad - Lawyers, Guns & Money
Michael McSweeney on Twitter: "Really starting to sound like they shot one of the kids" / Twitter

Military-Grade Surveillance in Schools Wont Stop the Next Mass Shooting, but It Will Increase the Policing of Black Students
Dr. Oz invests up to $715,000 in companies he blames for skyrocketing insulin costs : politics

Montanas AWOL Guv Refuses to Say Where He Is as State Battles 500-Year Floods
Outrage as Montana's Gov. Greg Gianforte vacations in TUSCANY as historic floods devastate his state and Yellowstone faces indefinite closure
Montana Governor Gianforte in Tuscany As Yellowstone Flooded
Heckuva job - Lawyers, Guns & Money ... Becoming a one-party Republican state is a good way to ensure that basic governmental services will not be provided:

Florida only state not preordering toddler COVID-19 vaccines : politics
We are devastated Doctors angry over DeSantis not ordering COVID vaccines for young kids (largest mass killer of kids in America)
DeSantis reverses course on COVID-19 vaccines for young kids | Miami Herald

Republican commission refuses to certify New Mexico primary vote : politics (only Republicans allowed to win, they say)
Election crisis in New Mexico intensifies near deadline to certify election results : politics
Screams, threats as New Mexico counties try to certify vote - The Boston Globe

Ted Cruz pouts that Disney has lesbian toys ... Yes, Ted Cruz is personally acquainted with the Princess Jasmine Pegger-Plus Strapon.
GOPs violent, expanding war on LBGTQ kids should make you think about 1930s Germany

The "critical race theory" moral panic and the real cancel culture - Lawyers, Guns & Money ... The centrists who convinced themselves that anti-CRT reactionaries are concerned about free speech and cancel cultureare the biggest suckers in the world.

NFL will argue for significant suspension of Deshaun Watson ... Watson faces 24 active civil lawsuits by women accusing him of sexual misconduct. (football dickhead)

FBI monitoring BDS mapping site that ties Jewish orgs to police, media : worldnews

Leonardo DiCaprio's girlfriend Camilla Morone's turns 25 and fans predict he'll break up with her | Daily Mail Online ... as Twitter users point out he's NEVER dated a woman over that age

WWE boss Vince McMahon to step back from CEO duties during misconduct probe : worldnews
Vince McMahon steps down as WWE CEO, to discuss misconduct probe on Smackdown he Wall Street Journal reported that the WWE board was looking into McMahon for paying a former employee $3 million to keep her quiet about an alleged affair between the two of them.

Gonna lose my gun again, Idaho deputy said minutes after fatally shooting man in mental health crisis

A woman discovers her biological father was her mothers insemination doctor.

These Women Say One Man Terrorized Them Online for Years. Then, They Decided to Band Together. Harassed across the internet for more than a decade, a group of women found each otherand their alleged tormentor.

Stranger Things: A Reading List of Unsolved Mysteries

Massachusetts school can no longer be called Catholic after flying Black Lives Matter and pride flags, bishop says : news
RI dismisses drunk driving charges against Worcester's bishop McManus
Its just disrespectful: Worcester activists question bishops decision to remove schools Catholic status

Former BPS employee sentenced to 12-15 years in state prison for raping Mario Umana Academy student - The Boston Globe

the Brighton Stalker has been arrested : boston

What makes people gay? (An update) Returning 10 years later to one of the most-read Boston Globe stories, we find new evidence that the answers lie in the womb.

How Many Languages Could a Child Speak? - The New York Times In theory, a young person could master a broad array of tongues. But there are some inherent limits.

Psychedelic mushroom benefits are popping up all over - CNN

Study: Regular Cannabis Consumers Perform Better Than Occasional Users on Distracted Driving Tasks : science

Whats the worst thing about being a man?

The Personal Brand Is Dead: Gen Z would rather be anonymous online. : technology

US TikTok User Data Has Been Repeatedly Accessed From China, Leaked Audio Shows


The James Webb Space Telescope is finally ready to do science and its seeing the universe more clearly than even its own engineers hoped for

Humans Somehow Found A Way To Litter On Mars. NASA reported Wednesday that its Perseverance Mars Rover had spotted something unexpected: a piece of litter on the surface of the red planet. (McDonald's wrapper)

Lava anyone? Hawaii volcanoes NP, Hawaii [OC][1080x1350] : EarthPorn
Current Conditions of Klauea Summit Eruption

New data reveals extraordinary global heating in the Arctic | Climate crisis | The Guardian Temperatures in the Barents Sea region are off the scale and may affect extreme weather in the US and Europe
Antarctica's Doomsday Glacier is hemorrhaging ice faster than in the past 5,500 years, ancient penguin bones reveal

Air pollution cuts life expectancy by more than two years, study says : worldnews

India takes tough stand at climate talks as Delhi endures brutal heatwave, urges rich countries to provide funds to help deal with effects of climate crisis : worldnews

Extinct fantastic tortoise found alive on the Galopagos Islands

Spains Air Nostrum has become the first airline to reserve 100-seat helium airships that emit just one tenth of harmful emissions produced by jet planes, their British manufacturer said Wednesday

The historic drought in the West, explained through maps - The Washington Post Historic drought has depleted groundwater, melted the snowpack and dried out lakes and it will get worse

Today, it was determined that a majority of towns are within either a mild or significant drought. Please conserve water. Excerpt from advisory in the comments. : massachusetts

June 16th, 2022 COVID-19 update: 1,865 new cases, 9 new deaths, 478 hospitalized, 153 for COVID. : CoronavirusMa
1,662 confirmed cases and 7 deaths. See the latest COVID-19 data from Mass.

Female leadership attributed to fewer COVID-19 deaths. "Countries where women were at the head of government outperformed countries with male leadership, with an average 39.9% fewer confirmed COVID-19 deaths." : worldnews

New research has found adult flu vaccination dropped in states with low rates of COVID-19 vaccination, suggesting that decades of successful public health vaccination efforts may be unraveling in the wake of the COVID-19 vaccine roll out. : science

105 years after his death, Israeli group begins search for Australian soldier -

Japan is attending a NATO summit for the first time ever, prompted by Russia's invasion of Ukraine : worldnews
Russias Ukraine Invasion Prompts Japan To Attend NATO Meet For 1st Time
Japan to work with the U.S. to launch a domestic manufacturing base for 2-nanometer semiconductors as early as 2025 : worldnews

Chinas Xi Jinping endorses legitimacy of Russias war in Ukraine -- Kremlin

Russia Claims U.S. Ordered Ukraine to Stop Peace Talks : worldnews

Kremlin says western arms useless as Europe leaders visit Kyiv.

Current mood in Russia: they are not interested in peace or negotiations. The host suggests striking Germany. Pundit Alexander Sosnovskywho lives in Germanyagrees with that idea. State Duma member, Major General Andrei Gurulyov says that Russia is ready for a big, colossal war.

Russian Sanctions And Civilian Nuclear Power - Lawyers, Guns & Money Russia has been a big supplier of nuclear power plants. About 1 in 3 being built around the world is Russian. South Korea is another potential supplier, and China might like to expand its market share. But if Russia is out of the market, building of nuclear power plants will slow down. Those currently under construction may falter because their financing comes through Sberbank, also sanctioned.

Wives of Soldiers in Putins Army Take to the Street, Demand Answers
UK sanctions Russian linked to forced transfers and adoptions : worldnews

Recognition of Taliban not on Russias current agenda, saysKremlin

Putins Holy Man Hit by U.K. Sanctions. The head of the Russian Orthodox Church has been hit with sanctions for his support and endorsement of Putins war" (Church of the KGB)

IKEA puts Russian factories up for sale, plans job cuts : worldnews

Russia fines Google $260,000 for breaching data localisation rules - Tass : worldnews
World cannot allow Russia, China to dominate critical minerals market: Wilkinson : worldnews

Federal agents have begun questioning U.S. technology companies on how their computer chips ended up in Russian military equipment recovered in Ukraine : worldnews

Hungry monkeys attack children as drought starves humans and animals alike - One of the worst droughts in Ethiopian history has led bands of rapid monkeys to attack children and other livestock as conditions for man and beast in the country continue to worsen : worldnews ... "Children and other livestock"

US military ground raid in Syria captures top ISIS leader : worldnews

US has not fully investigated own role in Yemen rights abuses, watchdog finds : worldnews
In Yemen, child soldiering continues despite Houthi promise : worldnews

Slain Palestinian Journalist Funeral Probe: Israel Police Misconduct found, but Cops Off the Hook : worldnews ... However, none of the commanders overseeing the event will be disciplined, a decision that was made in advance of the investigation.
No Israeli police to be punished for attacking Abu Akleh funeral | News : worldnews
Gaza aid worker convicted of embezzling millions for Hamas : worldnews
Israel cancels annual high schoolers trips to Poland (to Nazi death camps)
Study shows 80% children in Gaza suffer from an increase in depression : worldnews
Israeli study shows olive trees were domesticated 7,000 years ago : worldnews (b4 God invented Jews)

Ukraine suffering up to 1,000 casualties per day in Donbas, official says : worldnews
Macron, Scholz and Draghi to arrive in Kyiv for historic visit : worldnews
Emmanuel Macron declares that Ukraine "must win" the war against Russia : worldnews
US to Announce Additional $650 Million in Weapons for Ukraine : worldnews
Three possible scenarios for further developments in Ukraine according to Western intelligence : worldnews
US, Germany sending weapons to Ukraine as Russia advances : worldnews
Ukraine troops boosted by fresh Western arms shipments, pledges : worldnews

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 113, Part 1 (Thread #253) : worldnews

New: LPR blogger says Ukrainian 16 June attack on Krasnyi Luch stockpiles will halt Russian offensive on Lysychansk cauldron for a while.
Status-6 on Twitter: "The moment of a massive secondary explosion in Krasnyi Luch from a close distance." / Twitter

Two American fighters are missing in Ukraine and feared captured : worldnews
Russians control 80% of key Ukraine city, cut escape routes : worldnews
Ukraine ignores Russian ultimatum to surrender Sievierodonetsk : worldnews
British intelligence believes that Russia's battlefield advantage in Severodonetsk is waning although it controls most of the city - Russias tank advantage is less useful in a street-by-street conflict and using small groups of troops on foot does not play to Russia's strengths
Russia and its proxies shell Donetsk to boost mobilization, ISW report says : worldnews

In Ukraine, mines take lives even after fighting moves on : worldnews

NEXTA on Twitter: "In occupied #Alushta, car owners found flyers with a reminder that #Crimea is #Ukraine." / Twitter

Latvian foreign minister says European leaders should not fear provoking Putin and must not push Ukraine to make concessions : worldnews
Lithuania parliament urges criminal prosecution of Russian leadership : worldnews

Slovenia will take down its border fence with Croatia : worldnews (considers sell it to Republicans)

Radek Sikorski MEP on Twitter: "I wonder if France and Germany realise how much credibility they are losing in Central Europe with their policy on Ukraine." / Twitter

The Netherlands has stopped a Russian spy posing as a Brazilian intern from infiltrating the International Criminal Court, which is investigating war crimes in Ukraine. The Russian, named Sergey Vladimirovich Cherkasov was put on a plane to Brazil, where police arrested him for identity fraud : worldnews
Cover identity of Russian intelligence officer
The Brazilian Candidate: The Studious Cover Identity of an Alleged Russian Spy - bellingcat

Swiss National Bank hikes rates unexpectedly by half a point : worldnews

Teacher could face jail time after 99 children airlifted from mountain [Austria/Germany] : worldnews

Spanish resort cracks down on drunken tourism by banning football shirts

Ireland ranked third-most peaceful country in the world : worldnews ... Iceland, New Zealand, Ireland, Denmark, Austria, Portugal, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Singapore and Japan for the top 10, in order. Canada is 12th, UK is 34th and USA is 129th. Last place is Afghanistan at 163rd.

Bank of England raises interest rates to 1.25% to tackle inflation : worldnews
Boris Johnsons ethics adviser resigns
Police officer jailed over racist WhatsApp memes : worldnews

Colombian mayor who called Hitler great German thinkercould be countrys next president

Brazilian stripper interrupts Peruvian presidents online corruption hearin

Accused in Amanda Todd cyberbullying case alleged to have used 22 accounts to sextort teen : worldnews

I just finished hosting an extremely productive third meeting of the Ukraine Defense Contact Group. 50 countries our highest tally yet oined me in Brussels to discuss how we can fortify support for Ukraine as they defend themselves from Russias unprovoked invasion. (1/5)

Key Democrat warns of major security risk if US firm acquires NSO hacking code : Ron Wyden says White House right to raise doubts about possible deal for contractor L3Harris to take over surveillance technology ... An influential Democratic lawmaker has said any deal by a US company to acquire NSO Groups surveillance technology would pose a serious national security risk, and suggested that any intercepts obtained with the software by US intelligence agencies would end up in Israeli hands.

A Hotter, Poorer, and Less Free America : politics

U.S. inflation rate is in the middle of the pack globally : worldnews (refucks scream at Biden)
A Big Mistake: Economists Warn Fed Rate Hikes Risk Plunging US Into Recession.Every time over the last half-century the Fed has raised interest rates this much and this quickly, it has caused a recession, said former U.S. Labor Secretary Robert Reich.
One in four Americans think were in a recession worse than 2008s

What happens if or rather when the stock market melts down for a whole generation again? - Lawyers, Guns & Money ... it was a huge boon to the plutocracy to convert essentially all non-government and quite a few government pension plans from a defined benefit to a defined contribution model. The obvious advantage of this from the perspective of the Lords of Capital is that it left their employees completely at the whim of the financial markets in terms of funding their retirements
Defined Contribution Plans and U.S. Political Economy - Lawyers, Guns & Money
Stock market's fall has wiped out $3 trillion in retirement savings this year : news

Dow sinks 700 points, dropping back below 30,000 to the lowest level in more than a year

The Hidden Driver of High Gas Prices - The American Prospect Reduced refinery capacity, in large part triggered by industry consolidation, has been a major factor.

Republicans want to reform Social Security behind closed doors -- beware! ("reform" = abolish)
Democrat senators led by Elizabeth Warren want to ban brokers from trading peoples health and location data

Why Biden Shouldn't Run in 2024 - Yes, he's fit to be president right now. But hes too old for the next election.
Why Biden Shouldnt Run in 2024 (kiddos weigh in)

Did a Border Patrol agent rough you up? The Supreme Court fails to see how judges can help. : politics

Discussion Thread: House Jan 6 Public Hearings, Day 3 - 06/16/2022 at 1 pm ET : politics

The Republican blueprint to steal the 2024 election : politics
Jan. 6 hearings drive home the point that Trump really did lose : politics
Retired Republican judge says January 6 was well-developed plan by Trump to cling to power

Justice Department requests transcripts from Jan. 6 committee : politics
Tensions escalate as DOJ renews request for Jan. 6 panel transcripts - POLITICO ... The letter was the latest reflection of escalating tensions between House investigators and Justice Department prosecutors in recent weeks. It marked the first time prosecutors directly and publicly accused the select committee of undermining efforts to impose criminal penalties on those responsible for the storming of the Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021.

Kyle Griffin on Twitter: "Rep. Jamie Raskin, a member of the Jan. 6 Committee, on CNN: "New evidence is breaking every single day now. Suddenly a lot of people want to tell the truth."" / Twitter

1/6 panel probes Trump pressure on Pence to reject election : politics
3 takeaways from the Jan. 6 committees hearing on Pence
Pressure Trump put on Pence led directly to Capitol insurrection, panel says - The Boston Globe
Luttig testifies Pence would have led revolution within a constitutional crisis by following Trump order
an. 6 committee member says public not aware how close a call it was for Pence
Trump knew Mike Pence was one window pane awayfrom Capitol mob: Jan. 6 committee
Rioters got within 40 feet of Pence and informant reveals Proud Boys were willing to kill vice president
Trump knew Capitol was breached when he disparaged Pence in Jan. 6 tweet, key Democrat says
The House committee says President Trump condemned Vice President Pence even as he knew of violence at the Capitol. Other witnesses described how Mr. Trump knew his plan for Mr. Pence to obstruct the certification of the election was illegal.
So the Traitors Know the Stakes : The Meaning of the Jan. 6 Gallows - Little is known about how a gallows came to be built near the Capitol, but the motif has become a favorite among right-wing extremists and white supremacists.

Donald Trump quote about Fifth amendment resurfaces as allies use it with Jan. 6 panel : politics
New email reinforces Trump team viewed wild Jan. 6 unrest as leverage
Trump was extremely disciplined in grifting and trying to use the presidency to make money, expert on fascism says

Exclusive: Read Judge Luttigs statement to January 6 committee
How a conservative judges attack on the GOP could shift the debate
A party of seditionists - Lawyers, Guns & Money Noted Trotskyite Michael Luttig observes that the Republican Party, and not just Trump, is the threat to American democracy:

Judge rejects Steve Bannons motion to throw out contempt of Congress charge
A Fugitive Chinese Mogul Spent Big to Overturn the 2020 ElectionBannon patron Guo Wengui sent hundreds of supporters to the Million MAGA Marchand helped fund a Georgia lawsuit.
Doctor known for spreading Covid misinformation is sentenced to prison for role in US Capitol attack : politics
Insurrectionist Tells Judge Her Elite Credentials Should Keep Her Out of Prison : Stanford-educated lawyer and Covid misinformation spreader Dr. Simone Gold will be sentenced Thursday.

AIPAC-backed Republicans at Center of New Capitol Riot Revelations : politics

Pro-Trump lawyer sought pardon after pushing plan to overturn election
Lawyer who pushed plan for Pence to unilaterally overturn 2020 election sought a presidential pardon - The Boston Globe
Eschaton: Judicial Supremacy What if, for example, tomorrow we get a 6-3 ruling, out of nowhere, declaring Trump president, immediately ... That the Supremos are the unquestioned supreme authority over everything is not, as we all know, something with much (any) support in the consitutition.

Ginni Thomas corresponded with John Eastman, sources say newly discovered emails show : politics
The odd timing of Eastmans claim of a heated fight at Supreme Court : Did Eastman hear about heated fighting from Virginia Thomas?
Ginni Thomas Exchanged Emails With Trump Lawyer John Eastman: Report : politics
John Eastman and Ginni Thomas Should Have Their Hands Glued to a Bible for the Next Year | Testifying should be their new full-time jobs. : politics
Jan. 6 committee to ask for interview with Ginni Thomas : politics
Jan. 6 committee will invite Ginni Thomas, wife of Supreme Court justice, to testify on emails with Trump lawyer Eastman : politics
Jan. 6 panel to seek testimony from Ginni Thomas : politics
Kyle Cheney on Twitter: "NEWS: Liz CHENEY agrees that it's time for the Jan. 6 select committee to talk to Ginni Thomas, per an aide." / Twitter
Ginni Thomas: I cant wait to talk to Jan. 6 committee, will clear up misconceptions
Jan. 6 committee finally zeroes in on Ginni Thomasbut will the Supreme Court?
The small world of American fascism - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Trump lawyer cited heated fight among Supreme Court justices over election: report ... This lawyer appears to have had inside information about the internal deliberations of the Supreme Court and how they related to efforts to overturn the election. This same lawyer was also in contact with Ginni Thomas.
Trump Lawyer Cited Heated Fight Among Justices Over Election Suits (they were ready to kill democracy)

The Guilfoyle email that illustrates Cheneys pre-Jan. 6 assistance to Trump World

Marjorie Taylor Greene to Jan. 6: I Dont Know Her

Loudermilk says tour was taking pictures of childrens artwork, not tunnels
Despite video evidence, Republicans rush to defend GOP lawmaker who gave Capitol tour on eve of riot : politics

Bill Clinton: Fair chance US could completely lose its democratic system

Who Is Financing Trumps Big Lie Caucus? Corporations You Know.

Trump Should Be Charged Over Jan. 6, Majority of Americans Think
A quarter of Republicans view the Jan. 6 attack as justified - Republicans are also more likely to blame left-wing activists than Trump supporters for the riot : politics
A quarter of Republicans view the Jan. 6 attack as justified - The Washington Post Republicans are also more likely to blame left-wing activists than Trump supporters for the riot
Almost half in new poll sees likelihood US will cease to be a democracy in the future

Political Behavior on Twitter among U.S. adults | Pew Research Center : Those ages 50 and older produce 78% of all political tweets from U.S. adults

Expected reversal of Miranda requires states to step up on policing : politics

DeSantis is a very dangerous individual because he has already absorbed all the lessons of Trump but doesnt have any of the baggage, an expert on Fascism argues

Herschel Walker Is Running to Be the Senates Dumbest Liar: The former NFL star is a serial fabulist, MAGA cultist, and as stupid as they come
Herschel Walker, Critic of Absentee Dads, Admits to Yet ANOTHER Secret Son : politics

The dishonesty at the core of Trump conspirator Peter Navarro - Los Angeles Times

Absolute joke: Republicans disappointed after pro-Trump Nevada GOP primary loser cries fraud

Eschaton: Our Fighters I have this uneasy sense that more and more of them are saying "fuck it, time to cash out before it all ends." Not quite a full week before Black Monday, when the crypto market saw its total market cap drop over $100 billion in one day, Sens. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) and Cynthia Lummis (R-WY) unveiled their bipartisan cryptocurrency bill. (but Al Franken is the bad person)

Montana Gov. Greg Gianforte is out of state during historic floods - The Washington Post

Condom stealthing is sexual violence, bill says. Heres what to know.the act of removing a condom during intercourse without the other partners consent, is gaining attention among lawmakers One bill introduced last month would explicitly name stealthing as a form of sexual violence and create a legal pathway for victims to sue perpetrators for damages and relief. A separate bill, called the Consent Is Key Act, would encourage states to pass their own laws authorizing civil damages for survivors by increasing funding for federal domestic violence programs in states that pass those laws.

Mitt Romney and Rand Paul among 14 Republicans voting against healthcare for veterans suffering from burn pits : politics

Walmart pulls MyPillow products from stores | The Hill

Eschaton: Why Is David Brooks

The Port Chicago Mutiny - Lawyers, Guns & Money

USA TODAY removed 23 stories from website, other platforms following audit of reporters work ... Gabriela Miranda
USA Today to Remove 23 Articles After Investigation Into Fabricated Sources - The New York Times The articles were removed after an investigation identified fabricated sources in stories by a breaking news reporter.

Video Shows Customers Racist Tirade Against Restaurant Worker

Former Salem gym teacher, 36, charged with sexually assaulting 10 female students - The Boston Globe

Her story is highly suspect: Malden superintendents education credentials called into question

Opening a Restaurant in Boston Takes 92 Steps, 22 Forms, 17 Office Visits, and $5,554 in 12 Fees. Why? : boston

Two new studies point to an ever-increasing number of young people in the United States who identify as transgender and nonbinary, with the figures doubling among 18- to 24-year-oldsfrom 0.66% of the population in 2016 to 1.3% (398,900) in 2022

Study: Aerosolized Cannabis Significantly Reduces Pain Levels, Improves Quality of Life in Neuropathy Patients : science

Face of wealthy Bronze-Age Bohemian woman revealed in stunning reconstruction : worldnews

Researchers believe they have discovered the origins of the Black Death, more than 600 years after it killed tens of millions in Europe, Asia and north Africa. : worldnews

What decision by a single person had the biggest impact on human history? : AskReddit

All About Crossdresser - Everything Related to Crossdressing

Tesla Driver-Assist Systems Are Much Less Likely to Crash than Waymo, Transdev or GM's Cruise, per NHTSA Data : technology

Elon Musk sued for $258 billion over alleged Dogecoin pyramid scheme : news
SpaceX employees draft open letter to company executives denouncing Elon Musks behaviorEvery Tweet that Elon sends is a de facto public statement by the company

How a Religious Sect Landed Google in a Lawsuit - The New York Times A video producer claims he was fired after he complained that an obscure group based in the Sierra foothills dominated a business unit at Google ... In a tiny town in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada, a religious organization called the Fellowship of Friends has established an elaborate, 1,200-acre compound full of art and ornate architecture.


Depressing stories turning people off news - study : worldnews

New data reveals extraordinary global heating in the Arctic : worldnews

Climate change: Largest ever methane leak detected at a Russian coal mine

Dead Penguins Keep Washing Up on New Zealands Beaches

Grim reality of worlds biggest ocean garbage patch 3 times the size of France

Freak hail storm hits Mexico City, collapsing roofs and causing flooding as hail melted. : worldnews

So much bad stuff: This summer, the West could see four climate disasters at onceDrought. Extreme heat. Wildfires. Potential power outages

MA COVID-19 Data 6/15/22 : CoronavirusMa
June 15th, 2022 COVID-19 update: 1,691 new cases, 13 new deaths, 510 hospitalized, 161 for COVID. : CoronavirusMa
1,543 confirmed cases and 13 deaths. See the latest COVID-19 data from Mass.

NIAID Director Fauci Tests Positive for COVID-19 | National Institutes of Health (NIH)

Florida did not pre-order COVID-19 vaccines for kids under 5 | McClatchy Washington Bureau (DeathStantis killing Floriduh's kids)

Australias minimum wage will be lifted $1.05 an hour, from $20.33 base to $21.38 (5.2%) from July 1 : worldnews

Full marriage equality bill gets surprise nod from Thai Parliament | Coconuts : worldnews

Japan passes bill to prevent exploitation of young people in porn; allowing figures in video to terminate their contracts at any time before the films public release without conditions, also up to a year afterward.
Japan passes bill to prevent exploitation of young people in porn : worldnews
Roughly 40 percent of single Japanese men in their 20s have never been on a date, survey says : worldnews
Tokyo Assembly Enacts Same-Sex Partnership System : worldnews

China rewrites history of Hong Kong with textbooks that deny British rule : worldnews ... Weird way to raise children; lie about everything so they spend their life defending the lies.

Xi Jinping Signs Order For Specia China Military Ops Abroad

Million of people lose everything because of military conflict around the world. No mention anywhere, they just disappear : 0:00 / 5:29 - List of ongoing wars around the world today (2022)

Igor Girkin: Putin will end like Qaddafi, Russia will collapse ... So I hope there is at least some good sense remaining, and we will see the change of leadership, at least partial, and the martial law, and mobilisation, and generally adequate actions on both military and diplomatic fields. If that doesnt happen, this "great team," it can only steal, loot and lose. And won't bring anything but the total defeat.

Igor Girkin once again slams Russias leadership for inaction when it comes to mobilisation, says Russia will collapse and Putin will end like Qaddafi if nothing changes.
Putin Is Making More on Oil Than Hes Spending on Ukraine War
What happening with Russian economy? Dynamics of Russian economy have been quite counterintuitive. Many, including myself expected the quick crash of the Russian currency. Indeed, usd/rub exchange rate initially skyrocketed. But since March 10 ruble started growing quickly

Vladimir Putins number one critic Alexi Navalny sent to torture prison where guards rape inmates

OSINTtechnical on Twitter: "Large explosion reported in Kursk, Russia, about 90km from the Ukrainian border" / Twitter

France captures Islamic State group leader in Mali : worldnews

Australia raises concerns about human rights abuses after failing to back US-led statement on Israel (US: Israel is a racist state and we're happy with it)

Zelensky Notes Painful Losses as NATO Chief Calls for Ukrainian Weapons
Former NATO Commander Wesley Clark called on NATO to directly interfere in Russias war on Ukraine, emphasizing that its the only way to stop the Russian aggression.
Singer James Blunt 'prevented World War III' - BBC News Singer James Blunt has told the BBC how he refused an order to attack Russian troops when he was a British soldier in Kosovo. Blunt said he was willing to risk a court martial by rejecting the order from a US General ... The direct command [that] came in from Gen Wesley Clark was to overpower them. Various words were used that seemed unusual to us ... Blunt left the Army in 2002 to pursue a career in music, later scoring a worldwide hit with' You're Beautiful.
Group of NATO leaders pledge support for Ukraine, to provide heavy weapons : worldnews
NATO needs greater readiness, more weapons -military alliance chief : worldnews
Ukraine Says it Only Has 10% of the Weapons it Needs as Russia Makes Gains : worldnews

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 112, Part 1 (Thread #252) : worldnews

Ukrainian defenders push back Russian assault on trench (date and location unknown but connected with the well known trench video from Russian source) (7 minutes in for all the dead Ruzzians lying on the battlefield +televised by drone)
U.S. Tank-Plows Said to Bury Thousands of Iraqis - Los Angeles Times What you saw was a bunch of buried trenches with peoples arms and things sticking out of them ... The Pentagon has withheld details of the assault from both the House and Senate Armed Services committees, according to committee officials.

Day 112, June 15. Summary of Arestovych and Feygin daily broadcast ... ... If Macron keeps sending CAESAR howitzers, he can say all he wants.
Latest Defence Intelligence update on the situation in Ukraine 15 June 2022

It is 112 days since the Russian invasion of #Ukraine. Today, an examination of the Battle of the Luhansk Pocket, and the political, operational and tactical considerations involved. 1/22

The direct hit. The #Ukrainian 95th Paratrooper-Storm Brigade shared a drone video how they destroyed the Russian armored vehicle MTLB. #Ukraine #UkraineRussiaWar

Anton Gerashchenko on Twitter: "Ukrainians greet a wounded soldier from the National Guards with applause at #Kyiv train station. A proper way to greet Heroes! #UkraineRussiaWar #UkraineWar" / Twitter (watch this: and try to imagine it happening in Ruzzia)

Ukraine says 2.4 million hectares of winter crops wont be harvested because of war

Germanys @heutejournal : is reporting that German Chancellor Olaf Scholz is on his way to Kyiv (finally)

Frances Macron: Ukraine President will have to negotiate with Russia at some point
Cede France to Putin, not Ukrainemayor of occupied city

EU launches legal action against UK over post-Brexit changes : worldnews (Tories party on)

Secretary of Defense Austin and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Milley Hold a Press Briefing After the Ukraine Defense Contact Group Meeting at NATO Headquarters, Brussels, Belgium, June 15, 2022
$1 Billion in Additional Security Assistance for Ukraine > U.S. Department of Defense > Release

No indication China giving Russia any military assistance in Ukraine, John Kirby says while briefing reporters at White House for first time

Executive Order on Advancing Equality for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, and Intersex Individuals
J. Michael Bailey - Criticism of a Gender Theory, and a Scientist Under Siege - The New York Times The central figure, J. Michael Bailey, a psychologist at Northwestern University, has promoted a theory that his critics think is inaccurate, insulting and potentially damaging to transgender women ... In his book, he argued that some people born male who want to cross genders are driven primarily by an erotic fascination with themselves as women

Is the Neoliberal Era Over Yet? The current political order may have proven a failure. But neither party has presented an alternative yet. : politics

Fed attacks inflation with its largest rate hike since 1994 : politics
What happens if or rather when the stock market melts down for a whole generation again? - Lawyers, Guns & Money And iff you really want to start drinking early, take a look at Japanese stocks since the late 1980s.

The New National Congressional Map Is Biased Toward Republicans : politics

U.S. Supreme Court spurns Republican bid to defend Trump immigration rule : politics
HHS unlawfully varied hospital reimbursement rates, Supreme Court says : politics

Dems eye marijuana bill as vehicle for justice measures : politics

57 moderate House Democrats pressure Pelosi and Schumer to disable the Obamacare time-bomb set to go off before the midterms : politics

Former Meadows aide may testify publicly after dropping Trump-linked attorney : politics ... Hutchinson told the January 6 committee that Trump had suggested to Meadows he approved of the hang Mike Pence chants from rioters ... Meadows was a key figure in all this, from election day up to jan 6th.
Jan. 6 Panel Hints at Fresh Revelations as Hearing Is Delayed : politics
The January 6 Committee Is Telling a More Honest Story About Trump Than the Media Has : politics
Decoding Liz Cheneys big hint about John Eastman and Donald Trump ... A crucial hint there is that Trump had been told this was illegal.
Ginni Thomas corresponded with John Eastman, sources in Jan. 6 House investigation say - The Washington Post ... The emails show that Thomass efforts to overturn the election were more extensive than previously known ...

Judge Denies Bannons Shaky Legal Argument for Executive Privilege

Photo shows Vice President Mike Pence, family in hiding on Jan. 6: ABC News Exclusive - ABC News

Like Napoleon at Elba, Donald Trump plots his revenge and return : politics
Second Trump term would push warming past dangerous limit, warns UN climate chief : politics
Trump team descends into infighting over Jan. 6 - The Washington Post
I thought the Jan. 6 committee wouldnt matter. I was wrong.

Opinion | The Future Criminal Case Against Donald Trump - The New York Times

Mike Lindell says he offered to publicly testify before the January 6 committee but they didnt want to talk to him

Confederate flag-wielding man and son convicted in Capitol breach - The Washington Post U.S. District Judge Trevor N. McFadden found Kevin Seefried and his son, Hunter Seefried, guilty of obstructing the certification of the 2020 election results.

Publix heiress paid Kimberly Guilfoyle's $60,000 speaking fee on Jan. 6 - fiancee through Turning Point Action, a nonprofit run by Charlie Kirk

Yes, Trump supporters are victims of the Big Lie scam. No, you dont have to feel sorry for them
Just How Long Will Trump World Fall for This Long, Long Con? | Dont you feel kind of stupid right now?
More than half the money given to Trumps PAC was from retirees (so, Boomers)

Before Jan. 6, Proud Boys leader Enrique Tarrio was given plans to occupy congressional buildings, Supreme Court : politics
Nine-page plan to occupy congressional buildings on January 6, 2021, released in court filing : politics

Jan 6 committee releases damning video of tour led by GOP lawmaker day before riot : politics
Man Given Jan. 5 Tour of Capitol Complex Captured Yelling Threats During Riot, Report Says : politics
Loudermilk tour group taking basement photos raises concerns for Jan. 6 panel - The select committee released video footage that shows the group taking photos and videos not typically of interest to tourists, including security checkpoints.
Man who took part in Capitol riot was given tour of building by Republican on January 5 | US Capitol attack | The Guardian

Official who falsely claimed China changed votes with thermostats told DOJ officials Trump offered him attorney general after he talked about overturning election results : politics ... Jeffrey Clark, a former DOJ official, spoke with Trump about overturning the 2020 election in January 2021.

Rudy Giuliani deletes tweets denying he was drunk on Election Night : politics ... He accused people of perjury. His lawyer most likely pointed out that he could be sued (again) for defamation.

Capitol Police officer dismisses descriptions of Jan. 6 as a tour : politics

Court document in Proud Boys case laid out plan to occupy Capitol buildings on Jan. 6 The goal is to ensure there is an entry point for the masses to rush the buildingstates the nine-page document, titled 1776 Returns

Republican Rep. Tom Rice who voted for Trump's impeachment says the ex-president is 'purging' the GOP and trying to turn the party into abunch of yes-men loyalists
Trump gets impeachment revenge on Tom Rice in South Carolina but Nancy Mace prevails

Notes on the State of the Primaries: June 15, 2022

Subpoenas Probe GOP Mission to Breach Georgia Voting System Election officials, including a former GOP chair, and a band of vigilantes were named in subpoenas seeking answers about how a voting server was accessed in Georgia last year.

Heres why so many New Jersey US House Democrats voted against added security for Supreme Court justices
How aggressively should liberals attack the Supreme Court? : politics

Republicans Who Deny 2020 Election Outcome Press Closer to Power Over Future Elections - The New York Times Midway through primary season, the party has nominated several candidates who deny the 2020 outcome for posts that will have significant sway over the 2024 presidential election.
Top takeaways from last nights big primaries

Pure Insanity: Ohio Gov. Signs Bill to Arm Teachers After 24 Hours of Training
Greg Abbotts handwritten notes raise fresh questions over who "misled" him about Uvalde shooting response
Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton on the Uvalde massacreGod has a plan (said the mouth of Satan)
Gods plan (xpost from /r/comics)

Quinnipiac poll finds narrowing race for Texas governor, support for stricter gun laws : politics

Buffalo Shooter Payton Gendron Left Chilling Note for Parents After Tops Friendly Market Massacre, Feds Say ... because he cared for the future of the White race,

New Mexicos Supreme Court orders county commission to certify voteThe order follows the commissions refusal to approve primary vote tallies, citing discredited concerns about Dominion machines (cowboy hat refucker)

One Hundred Thousand Eagle Eyed GOP Poll Watchers - Lawyers, Guns & Money ... #funfact about William Rehnquist, the previous Chief Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court: in the 1960s he worked to suppress black and hispanic votes in Arizona. On November 3, 1964, The New York Times reported that: ... At least we can count on the courts protecting ... oh, right.

Some Clinics Aren't Waiting for Roe Decision to Stop Abortions - Women can no longer get a legal abortion in two states ... Oklahoma and South Dakota. In at least one other, Missouri, the only clinic is booked and not accepting new appointments. And in a fourth state, Wisconsin, clinics will not schedule abortions for after the end of the Supreme Courts term in late June.
Supreme Court: Rifts divide abortion views in Mississippi - BBC News
Roe v. Wade being overturned could see IVF banned in at least 30 states : politics
SCOTUS Repeal of Roe V. Wade Would Mean Criminalization of Abortion in Guam
Florida abortion ban violates Jews religious freedom, lawsuit says
Criminal defense lawyers sound the alarm about mass incarceration in a post-Roe U.S. : politics

Beasley, Budd in close race for US Senate seat, WRAL News poll shows : politics Thats really alarming considering one is a forner NC supreme court justice with a record of helping people and the other is Ted Budd, sociopath

Researchers Release Comprehensive Twitter Dataset of False Claims About The 2020 Election

Video shows Patriot Front members arrested in Idaho practicing 'flash' tactics in southern Utah last year. Two Utahns arrested with the white nationalist group appeared in leaked Patriot Front videos training near Zion National Park.
Video shows Patriot Front members arrested in Idaho practicing flash tactics in southern Utah last yearTwo Utahns arrested with the white nationalist group appeared in leaked Patriot Front videos training near Zion National Park.
Updates on Northwest Fascists - Lawyers, Guns & Money ... Not that any of this is surprising, but the Pacific Northwest is a real center of contemporary fascism. I almost feel bad for northern Idaho, in that most of the people there are right-wingers but the real Nazis come there as they have for decades because it is their dreamscape. So most of the death threats against the cops who arrested the real attempt to fascist up a bit are also not from the area. But still.

Lauren Boebert said Jesus didnt have enough AR-15s to prevent crucifixion | She also prayed for the death of Joe Biden at the Christian event.
Lauren Boebert abortion claims explained : politics

GOP commission refuses to certify New Mexico primary vote : politics

Democrats John Fetterman, Josh Shapiro lead Republicans Mehmet Oz, Doug Mastriano in first big Pa. general election poll : politics

Herschel Walker, Critic of Absentee Fathers, Has a Second Son He Doesnt See

Republicans could gain total control of Wisconsins state government this fall. Heres what they plan to do if they come to power.

Ginni Thomas corresponded with John Eastman, sources in Jan. 6 House investigation say - The Washington Post

Pro-Trump Candidate Calls for Executing Parents of LGBTQ+ Kids : politics

Southern Baptist battle goes full MAGA: Far right seeks to purge CRT and "Race Marxism" ... The southern pastors interpreted the Bible as supporting slavery and encouraged good paternalistic practices by slaveholders. When the issue became slavery itself, attitudes polarized. Outspoken Northern ministers considered slavery a sin. Most Southern ministers did not. Compromise with sin was impossible.

Conservatives are suddenly obsessed with drag queens : politics ("groomers" were so last week)
Conservatives Reveal What They Mean When They Say Parents' Rights
The Battle Over Gender Therapy - The New York Times More teenagers than ever are seeking transitions, but the medical community that treats them is deeply divided about why and what to do to help them.

Disgusting: Starbucks Threatens Trans Health Benefits as Union Celebrates 150 Wins

Judge: Yeshiva University must recognize LGBTQ club : politics

Megyn Kelly Rips Fox News For Dangerous Report on Trans Teen: Irresponsible to Put it On the Air (Megan hates trans)

At violent apartment complexes, business model thrives on housing shortage, government inaction : politics

Moorish Sovereign arrested, despite police status in new republic

Richard Spencer Listed Himself on Bumble as Politically Moderate

Camille Vasquez Will Defend Johnny Depp In New Court Case Next Month / Twitter

Seth Richs killing was exploited on Fox News and online. His parents are fed up

Scoop: New CNN Boss Chris Licht Wants Staff to Stop Calling Trumps Election Claims The Big Lie ... Licht argued that using the big lie makes the mistake of adopting branding used by the Democratic Party, thereby weakening the objectivity of the network.
Inside CNN, Lichtxiety Runs Amok (new boss wants return to Republican propaganda)

Under the Banner of Hulu : A buzzy new true-crime series advances an old, insidious idea - that Mormons are a threat to the American project - Under the Banner of Heaven (criticism written by a Mormon)

How World War II Led to Washington's First Outing - A wild tale of Nazi spies, a Brooklyn brothel and the private life of a senator - By James Kirchick ... Walter Winchell called it "the swastika swishery" ... the notion that fascism was particularly attractive to homosexuals was counterintuitive, to say the least. Yet it was an idea taken quite seriously within the upper ranks of the U.S. government.

What if This Wasnt Menopause After All?

Gel that repairs heart attack damage could improve health of millions : worldnews

Feds release startling new details about T safety failures, demand change - The Boston Globe

A Jewish hit list: Antisemitic mapping project seen as incitement to violence in Massachusetts
Boston-area Jewish groups are sounding the alarm about a ruly vile perpetration of hate against the Jewish community
Mass. Jewish leaders, politicians, condemn new pro-Palestine site The Mapping Project

Investigation finds Medfield police officers often slept, avoided patrols during night shift : boston

Jesse Powell, who leads the crypto exchange Kraken, has challenged the use of preferred pronouns, debated who can use racial slurs and called American women brainwashed.
Sometimes it's who you most suspect - Lawyers, Guns & Money As the Crypto pyramid collapses, it will be particularly entertaining to see this guy lose his shirt: ... No wonder Greenwald and Rogan are such big fans! (dude says women are dumb) ... reminded of Kara Swisher observing that the history of Facebook has basically been the education of Mark Zuckerberg at the expense of society.
Senate Feminist Spends Last Days of Roe Shilling for Crypto Bros - Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand is teaming up with Republican Cynthia Lummis on a cryptocurrency bill that supporters and detractors alike see as mostly "hands-off" (but Franken was a bad person)
Bitcoin: Why is the largest cryptocurrency crashing? - BBC News


Japan asteroid probe finds 23 amino acids, researchers confirm : worldnews

UN Secretary-General says the climate crisis is placing half of humanity in the danger zone

Delhi Air Pollution Is Cutting Lives Shorter by Almost 10 years: Report : worldnews

Chinas Clean Air Campaign Is Bringing Down Global Pollution
Chinas Clean Air Campaign Is Bringing Down Global Pollution
China bank protest stopped by health codes turning red, depositors say By Reuters : worldnews

Silent killers: Preparing for heatwaves could save thousands of lives every year, warns Red Cross

The 1977 White House climate memo that should have changed the world : worldnews (and then St Ronnie Raygun)

Happy the Elephant Isnt Legally a Person, Top New York Court RulesAn advocacy group had argued that the elephant was being illegally detained at the Bronx Zoo, in a case involving ethical questions about the rights of highly intelligent animals.

"We beg God for water" : Chilean lake turns to desert, sounding climate change alarm : worldnews

The United Nations is launching a crowd-funding campaign for an operation intended to prevent an ageing Yemeni oil tanker from unleashing a potentially catastrophic spill in the Red Sea, a senior official said Monday. "We hope to raise $5 million by the end of June" : worldnews

The Collapse of an Atlantic Ocean Current Would Ripple Across The World, Says Study : worldnews

Most Americans do not think that Black people are any more likely to be affected by pollution than white people, despite significant evidence that racism is a root cause of environmental injustice in the United States, a survey has found. : science

June 14th, 2022 COVID-19 update: 1,881 new cases, 26 new deaths, 522 hospitalized, 168 for COVID. : CoronavirusMa
Mass. reports 1,368 confirmed COVID-19 cases; 22 deaths reported over three days

Paxlovid eligibility and mood disorders? : CoronavirusMa (resources)

Covid sore throat where it's extremely painful, can't even swallow spit or water?

Moderna COVID vaccine may pose higher heart inflammation risk - U.S. CDC : worldnews

Coronavirus: More contagious subvariant of Omicron found in Russia : worldnews

Australian teenager charged with printing a fully functioning3D firearm

Japan makes online insults punishable by one year in prison
Amazon Japan delivery drivers form union, claiming overwork : worldnews ... When the Japanese are claiming theyre overworked you know its serious

Poland and South Korea agree to build tanks together : worldnews

Taiwan Strait is an international waterway, Taipei says, in rebuff to China : worldnews
Lawmaker: Taiwan missiles can reach Beijing, but hopes for peace. : worldnews

Chinese leader Xi Jinping signs new rules governing non-war military operations
Beijing residents partied after dodging a COVID lockdown. The celebrations caused an outbreak, prompting new lockdowns. : worldnews
This could happen to any of us: Graphic video of men stomping on a womans head shakes China to the core
BBC Africa Eye investigation exposes, racist videos of African children, on sale in China : worldnews

Putins legs repeatedly buckle during speech in fresh health fears (not really, but the comments are useful)

Vladimir Putin critic Alexei Navalny disappears from prison colony (Putin'd)
Alexey Navalny transferred to maximum-security prison - CNN

Putin fires official who criticized Russias Ukraine war
Europe will cease to exist if Russia is threatened senior Russian politician warns

Putins Bodyguards Collect His Excrement On Trips Abroad To Hide Possible Health Problems
Stalin used secret laboratory to analyse Maos excrement

Russia invents ''new G8'' - with Brazil and Iran : worldnews
More than 15,000 millionaires expected to leave Russia in 2022 : worldnews
EU removes three more Russian banks from SWIFT : worldnews

Ukrainian missile hits military base 40 milesinside Russia
Explosion Rocks Russia Days After Ukrainian Saboteurs Cross Border : worldnews
Russian Climber holds the Ukrainian flag on Mt. Everest in protest against the Russia-Ukraine War. : worldnews

Russian court extends detention for WNBA star Brittney Griner - ABC News

India now buys 18% of all Russian crude export, up from 1% before the war : worldnews

More Bangladeshi Workplace Deaths - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Libya Loses 1.1 Million Bpd As It Shuts Down Nearly All Its Oil Fields : worldnews

15,000 sheep drown in the Red Sea after ship crammed with livestock sinks in Sudan port : worldnews

Israel Poisoned Two Iranian Scientists, NYT Report Suggests : worldnews

The IDF almost certainly murdered Shireen Abu Akleh - Lawyers, Guns & Money ... Based on what we know, if theres any moral distinction to be drawn between this killing and the Saudis murdering Jamal Khashoggi, its one of degree, not kind

Israel MP says he wishes there was button to get rid of Palestinian citizens: Coalition's Matan Kahana said if he could he would take all the Palestinians citizens of Israel and put them on a train to Switzerland : worldnews

Ukraine has enough ammunition but needs long-range weapons -Zelenskiy : worldnews ... We have enough weapons. What we dont have enough of are the weapons that really hits the range that we need
Zelensky commented on Scholzs words that only the United States helps Ukraine more than Germany
Putins Former PM Warns: If Ukraine Falls, Baltics Are Next
Ukraine says corpses of thousands of Russian soldiers are piling up in morgues : worldnews

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 111, Part 1 (Thread #251) : worldnews

Kherson Region Counter Offensives Frontline Update: Ukrainian forces are counterattacking from three main directions.

Ukraine asks the west for huge rise in heavy artillery supply : worldnews
Ukraine Destroys 3 Russian Rocket Launchers Using M777 Howitzers : worldnews
Russian reporter praising RU Army MLRS battery is interrupted by counter-battery fire. : CombatFootage

Another Mass Grave in Bucha Reveals Bodies of Ukrainians With Knees Shot and Hands Tied : worldnews

Russia-Ukraine latest news: Civilians trapped as Russian forces cut off last escape routes from Severodonetsk : worldnews
Reuters on Twitter: "Ukraine said its forces were still holding out inside Sievierodonetsk and trying to evacuate civilians, after Russia destroyed the last bridge to the eastern city in a potential turning point in one of the war's bloodiest battles" / Twitter
The Kyiv Independent on Twitter: "To ease transportation throughout Kharkiv, Mayor Ihor Terekhov ordered the relaunch of the metro starting on May 24. Residents were still allowed to stay in a designated space at metro stations and come overnight, but the subway is now running regularly." / Twitter

Finlands last Lenin monument removed from streets of southern city.

NATO chief says Sweden has taken important steps to meet Turkeys demands

Austria introduces massive aid package in fight against inflation : worldnews

5,700 Acts Of Sexual Abuse Committed By German Catholic Priests: Report : worldnews
Germany moves ahead with plan to legalize cannabis sales : worldnews
New KF51 Panther Tank Packs Big 130mm Gun Aimed At Aging Leopard 2

Pope raps Russian cruelty in Ukraine but says warperhaps provoked (Popester is a realist)
In 1303 the French King Sent Goons to Attack and Kidnap the Pope - They held the pontiff hostage for three harrowing days. He never recovered.

Left-wing alliance performs strongly in French parliamentary election : worldnews ... If this is the case, this would be a huge defeat for Macron. No French President has failed to win a majority of seats in Parliament in two decades, since France changed their election system so that parliamentary elections occur a few months after the Presidential election.

Scotland leader to start campaign for new independence vote : worldnews

UK doctors with long Covid say they have been denied disability benefits | Long Covid : worldnews

Latin American Mexican president slams NATO policy in Ukraine : worldnews (Russia i our friend, Obrador says, please invade us)
Daniel Picazo: Mexican politician lynched after WhatsApp rumours : worldnews
Thieves disappear with 20 shipping containers full of gold and silver ore and TVs from Mexico seaport : news

Two Air Canada planes came at risk of crashing while taking off on same runway in Toronto : worldnews
Toronto van attacker sentenced to life in prison, no possibility of parole for 25 years : worldnews

Medicare for All Could Have Prevented More Than 338,000 US Covid Deaths: Study : politics

We Know How America Got Such a Corporate-Friendly Court : politics

States Set To Ban Abortions Offer Little Support For Parents And Children : politics

The Gerontocracy of the Democratic Party Doesnt Understand That Were at the Brink
The Gerontocrats - Lawyers, Guns & Money ... They are congenitally incapable of understanding the true nature of the rough beast that is slouching toward Washington to be born, while all around it reel shadows of the indignant left wing blogs ... they're acting like your typical 80something, who may well be still sharp as a tack and charming and funny and full of the wisdom that comes from experience, but who in psychological terms inhabits a world that doesn't exist any more.

January 6 committee postpones Wednesday hearing : politics (SCUMTUS will bomb the hearings w/abortion ruling)

Jan. 6 Panel Tracks How Trump Created and Spread Election Lies : politics
The January 6 Committee Is Not Messing Around : politics
Drama: Jan. 6 committee chairman says they wont refer Trump to DOJand Liz Cheney is not happy
The Two-Pronged Test That Could Put Trump in Prison | The New Yorker As the January 6th hearings unfold, a former U.S. Attorney discusses the possibility of criminally prosecuting the former President.

Inside the explosive Oval Office confrontation three days before Jan. 6 : politics

January 6 committee is testing whether Americans can still agree on a shared reality : politics
After two major hearings from the Jan. 6 select panel, packed with evidence, weve seen just two clear-cut denials of specific allegations

Intoxicated Giuliani Advised Trump to Falsely Declare Victory on Election Night (n
Trump directed, motivated, January 6 riot: retired Gen. Russel Honore

Trump releases 12-page response to Jan. 6 hearing : politics
Trump releases 12-page response to Jan. 6 hearing | The Hill
Trump Needed 12 Pages to Say How Pissed Off He Is About the Jan. 6 Committee : politics
Trump drops a greatest-hits collection of his false fraud claims : politics

NY high court nixes Trump appeal, clearing way for testimony : politics

Mary Trump Says Former President Accused Ivanka Of Perjury After Jan. 6 Hearing

Trump Scammed Supporters Out of $250 Million for Nonexistent Fraud Fund : politics
Trump raised $250m for bogus voter fraud fight but gave most of it to his own PAC, Jan 6 committee hears : politics
Opinion | Jan. 6 hearings exposed Donald Trump's right-wing grift machine - The Washington Post
That watch cost more than your car - Lawyers, Guns & Money
It's a Grift: Kimberly Guilfoyle Made $60,000 Introducing Don Jr. at Coup Rally, Jan. 6 Committee Says
Trumps Truth Social Is Allegedly Banning People for Talking About the January 6 Hearings Because Of Course It Is

"Jesus, guns, babies": Religious violence is now at the core of the Republican Party : politics (they substituted babies for gays)
Roger Stone and Michael Flynn under fire over rallies distorting Christianity

Fox News Analyst: Republicans Will Secretly Be Glad If Jan. 6 Panel Damages Trump Brit Hume predicted a great many Republicans would privately be very glad if the findings made Trump's possible 2024 candidacy go away.
More than 100 GOP primary winners back Trumps false fraud claims

The Target of the First Watergate Burglary Still Wonders: Why Me?Before the infamous break-in, there was another. A former DNC official ponders the wiretap that changed his life.

Red counties have higher mortality rates than blue countiesand the gap is growing

GOP Congresswoman slams Lauren Boebert for tweeting officials locations during Jan 6 insurrection | So don't ask us about security if you're telling the attackers where we're at GOP Rep. Jaime Herrera Beutler snapped at Rep. Lauren Boebert.

Dr. Oz says hell fight to end illegal immigration. A business owned by his family, in which he is a shareholder, faced the largest fine in ICE history for hiring unauthorized workers

How the MAGA Squad Is Building Power to Control the Next Congress

Death threats and epithets: The lonely primary of one Republican who impeached Trump : politics

U-Haul White Supremacists Mom Says She Kicked Son Out Of The House

Right-wing extremists amp up anti-LGBTQ rhetoric online : politics
Ron DeSantis will not tolerate hatred towards LGBTQ people after fomenting hatred for a year
Mark Burns says Those Promoting LGBTQ Indoctrination Should Be Executed for Treason Washington Post-University of Maryland poll finds most Americans against trans athletes competing in female sports - The Washington Post

Synagogue challenges Florida abortion law over religion : politics
Synagogue challenges Florida abortion law over religion | AP News A new Florida law prohibiting abortion after 15 weeks with some exceptions violates religious freedom rights of Jews in addition to the state constitutions privacy protections, a synagogue claims in a lawsuit.

Dark Triad: This is one of the most awful things Ive ever read: ... Today, one-fifth of Americans believe all major mass shootings are staged ,,,
Prove to the World Youve Lost Your SonHow a Tulsa grandmother became a vicious Sandy Hook conspiracy theoristin her own words.

Chapeks Purge & The WaPo Aftermath (and at the bottom: Bezos is an idiot)

Georgia Investigators Want Testimony From Kanye Wests Ex-Publicist On Poll Worker Fake Confession Scheme

The untold story of Ginni Thomas anti-cult activismafter she was deprogrammed

Andrew Johnson refused to plead guilty to attempted murder charges, insisting hed been defending himself during a confrontation in California ... It would take three years -- almost half of it in solitary -- before Johnson got the chance to testify in his own defense. It would take just two hours for a jury to acquit him.

Secret emoji 'slang' teens use to make drug deals revealed

Why the return to the office isn't working

How Houston Moved 25,000 People From the Streets Into Homes of Their Own - The New York Times

How Cities Responded to Traffic Deaths 100 Years Ago - Bloomberg

A history of the smile through art, culture and etiquette | Aeon Essays How our toothy modern smile was invented by a confluence of French dentistry and Parisian portrait-painting in the 1780s

Boys whose fathers smoke a lot have an increased risk of developing nicotine addiction, problems with memory, attention and behavior. : science

The temperature of the healthy human brain varies much more than previously believed.In healthy men and women, where oral temperature is typically less than 37C, average brain temperature is 38.5C, with deeper brain regions often exceeding 40C, particularly in women during the daytime.

A world-first study shows a direct link between dementia and a lack of vitamin D, since low levels of it were associated with lower brain volumes, increased risk of dementia and stroke. In some populations, 17% of dementia cases might be prevented by increasing everyone to normal levels of vitamin D : science

Experimentally limiting sleep increases stress and aggression. : science

The unusual behaviour of sulphur in Venus atmosphere cannot be explained by an "aerial" form of extra-terrestrial life, according to a new study

Fasting induces a highly resilient deep quiescent state in muscle stem cells via ketone body signaling : science

Sometimes people resort to controlling strategies when their partner does not want to talk about what is bothering them, but results from two studies show autonomy supportive strategies are more acceptable and effective for eliciting disclosure and maintaining privacy from one's romantic partner. : science

Why the Nasca lines are among Perus greatest mysteries

The cult of Bluey: how a kidscartoon became a bible for modern parenting

r/sethra007 lays out the steps to deprogramming QAnon family members : bestof

u/Apocalympdick explains the age of our galaxy in scarily relative terms : bestof

/u/mountainsunsnow gives a level-headed response on the long range drinking water situation in California : bestof

How drugmakers come up with evocative brand names like Viagra and Lunesta permavoids - roots to permanently avoid

How did you figure out your SO cheated on you? : AskReddit

Senator Presses Amazon to Disclose Just How Creepy Ring Cameras Can Be | New concerns about Rings audio recording practices are breathing new life into a yearslong inquiry.


Global Growth Will Be Choked Amid Inflation and War, World Bank Says : worldnews
Global food prices are soaring. Rice could be next : worldnews

Global nuclear arsenal to grow for first time since Cold War, think-tank says : worldnews

Astras failed launch resulted in the loss of two NASA weather satellites

New Zealand has 111,000 lightning strikes in less than a week and counting

Sperm count down: urine samples show alarming levels of chemicals (+Tylenol)

Hundreds of dead penguins wash up on Far North beaches : worldnews

A strong dome of heat develops into western Europe this week, leading to a very powerful heatwave for Spain and France. Forecast temperatures well above 40 C, close to 45 C in Spain.

June 13th, 2022 COVID-19 update: 4,326 new cases, 28 new deaths, 550 hospitalized, 182 for COVID. : CoronavirusMa
In its first COVID-19 data report since Friday, Mass. reports 4,002 confirmed cases; 13 deaths reported Friday

My Family Got Covid. So Why Did We Test Negative? [NYT] : CoronavirusMa

Number of people with monkeypox in the UK jumps to 470 after 104 further cases in England : worldnews
American citizen infected with Monkeypox escapes Puerto Vallarta hospital and flees Mexico - : worldnews

Yen falls to fresh 20-yr low vs. dollar in 135 zone : worldnews
Residents of Fukushima village allowed to move back in after 11 years : worldnews

First lady calls for end to dog meat consumption : worldnews (SK)

North Korea now has 20 nuclear warheads at most: think tank report : worldnews

Ikea is considering closing another store in China : worldnews
China Surpasses US in Eyes of Young Africans, Survey Shows : worldnews
Chinese police arrest nine people after vicious attack on female diners : worldnews

Sanctions and Satellites: The Space Industry After the Russo-Ukrainian War - War on the Rocks ... As Russia is increasingly sidelined from the outer-space launch and commercial technologies markets, commercial space entities in Europe and the United States, as well as developing space industries around the world, stand to reap the benefits of these growing markets. The increasing risk of attack or interference, however, will impose additional costs on an already expensive and inherently risky industry.

Russia's Stolen Planes Will Soon Become Worthless Thanks to Bootleg Parts Russia is about to make $10 billion worth of stolen airplanes junk.

Russia Threatens Nuclear Hit on Poland, Rest of Europe : worldnews
Putin says itll likely be years before the West can cut itself off from Russian oil and natural gas
Russia made 79.4bn in first 100 days of Ukraine war by selling oil and gas to the world
Russia is now earning more money from fossil fuel exports : worldnews
Financing Putins war: Fossil fuel imports from Russia in the first 100 days of the invasion
Torture in Russia becoming "government policy," warns disbanding NGO : worldnews

Over 50 people detained in Moscow over planned anti-war protests : worldnews

Wikipedia fights Russian order to remove Ukraine war information : worldnews

Dozens Detained Using Moscows Facial Recognition Tech on Russia Day

Response to Philip Zelikow: Confiscating Russian Assets and the Law - Lawfare

The United States will not attend the international economic forum in St. Petersburg : worldnews

Fear for democracy in Pakistan as ISI gets power over civil service | New PM mounts attack on constitution by putting spy agency in charge of vetting bureaucrats

Iran starts transfer of Russian goods to India by using new trade corridor : worldnews
Two Iranian aerospace staff 'martyred' ... Iran has blamed the assassination of Fakhrizadeh, and several sabotage attacks on its nuclear and military sites, on Israel, which is also thought to have been behind several other assassinations of nuclear scientists inside Iran in the past decade.

Pixars Lightyear Banned in Saudi, U.A.E., Malaysia Over Gay Kiss ... Ah, UAE. where gay kiss is forbidden but slavery is still okay (+Mo-Fuck was a pedo)

Heavy damage to Damascus airport confirmed after Israeli attack

Israel unveils armed robotic vehicle for forward reconnaissance missions capable of launching and controlling drones
Lapid calls on Israelis in Istanbul to return home immediately as Iran is targeting tourists abroad : worldnews

The Most Dangerous Phase for Ukraine? - War on the Rocks - Michael Kofman and Ryan Evans

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 110, Part 1 (Thread #250) : worldnews

Latest Defence Intelligence update on the situation in Ukraine - 12 June 2022
We Are Out of Ammo: Ukraine Awaits Aid as Russian Artillery Bears Down
Ukraines military: Russian troops storm Sievierodonetsk, force Ukrainian troops from city center. The General Staff of Ukraines Armed Forces said on June 13 that active hostilities continue as Russia achieves partial success in Sievierodonetsk.

Amnesty accuses Russia of war crimes in Kharkiv, killing hundreds - Times of India : worldnews
Ukraine war: Evidence shows widespread use of cluster munitions in Kharkiv : worldnews

Flanders in the Donbas - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Ukrainians who fled to Georgia reveal details of Russias filtrationcamps

NATO forces practise defence of Sweden : worldnews

Serbia, Germany disagree over imposing sanctions on Russia : worldnews
Germany sees massive dip in Russia exports, uptick in China imports : worldnews
Report finds 196 clerics abused minors in German diocese : worldnews

Algeria is increasingly aligned with Russia, Spanish minister says. : worldnews

Renaissance synagogues being restored in Venices ghetto

Arron Banks loses libel action against reporter Carole Cadwalladr : worldnews (Russian-financed Brexiter liar)
Prince Andrew banned from Order of the Garter public appearance after intervention by Charles and William : worldnews

Dom Phillips and Bruno Pereira: Two bodies found in search for missing pair : worldnews (Balsonaro-fucked)

Ukranians can apply for free flight to Canada starting Friday : worldnews

S&P slumps into bear market, Dow dives 875 points Monday - The Boston Globe

Democrats: Biden must drop the word rational when talking about Republicans

Second Hearing on Investigation of Capitol Attack |
Discussion Thread: House Jan 6 Public Hearings, Day 2 - 06/13/2022 at 10 am ET : politics
3 takeaways from the second day of the Jan. 6 committee public hearings - The Boston Globe
The 14 most compelling lines from today's January 6 committee hearing - CNNPolitics

Jan. 6 Panelists: Enough Evidence Uncovered To Indict Trump : politics
Jan. 6 Hearing Bombshells: Trump Knew He Lostand Profited
Trump made $250m peddling election lies as Giuliani denies giving drunk advice : politics
Trumps Coup Plot Relied on Giulianis Inebriated Lies
It wont hurt when I fall down from this barstool

Barr Says Trump Was Detached From Reality
Jan. 6 Hearing: Barr Says Trump Was Detached From Reality
Profiles in something - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Jan. 6 panel makes case election fraud claims were Trump vs. Team Normal
No, Bill Stepien, You Werent On Team Normal. You Were On Team CoupOn the self-delusion that led a Trump accomplice to believe he was one of the good coupers.

Members of House Jan. 6 panel say evidence they have gathered is enough to indict Trump : politics
Trump was clinging to outlandish theories to stay in power, witnesses testify at Jan. 6 hearing - The Boston Globe
Trump wanted to be at the Capitol riot because his presence would have been the key to a successful coup, expert says : politics

Call Jan. 6 What It Was: An Explicit Attempt to Stage a Coup

Bannon to Garland over Jan. 6 hearings: Indict Trump and we'll impeach you : politics
Does the Justice Department want to charge Trump? Heres what could happen.A person familiar with the matter told NBC News there have been conversations inside DOJ about the implications of pursuing a case against the ex-president, should it come to that (17 months later, they got around to talking about the "implicationss")

The Jan. 6 hearings are exposing just how divided America has become : politics
Feds Expand Investigation Into Funding for Trumps Media Empire | DWAC SPAC whacked with new subpoena stack.

Were finally learning the truth about how craven the GOPs Jan. 6 lies really are Why would Trump allies need pardons if they truly believed the election had been stolen?

Cult expert Steven Hassan sees 95% chance of worsening pro-Trump violence : politics

This Ex-Republican Just Tweeted The Best Thread About What The GOP Is About. Ever.

Jan. 6 committee must address Christian nationalism : politics

Ted Cruz under fire for crude Girls Gone Wild bikini comments about AOC and Elizabeth Warren

Taking Aim at DeSantis, Spooked Trump Considers Launching 2024 Bid in Florida : politics

Chris Stirewalt Lays Out How Fox News Worked to Undermine Trumps Attempt to Claim Victory on Election Night

Kimberly Guilfoyle Was Paid $60K For Short Speech On Jan. 6

Cyber Ninjas Emails Reveal New Details About Recruitment of 'Audit' Volunteers, Involvement of Election Deniers

Andrew Giuliani's Vaccination Status Will Bar Him From Debate Studio : The Republican candidate for governor of New York is unvaccinated and says he has "natural immunity" to the coronavirus. (not far from the crazy tree)

The Jolt: Herschel Walker claimed to be in law enforcement when he wasnt.

Ron DeSantis Deems Drag Show Inappropriate, Considers Investigating Parents

Idaho officers getting death threats after arresting 31 Patriot Front white nationalists near Pride event : news

In Texas, Moms Demand Action got more than 20,000 new supporters after Uvalde : politics
Texas Police Want Uvalde Bodycam Footage Suppressed Because It Could Expose Law Enforcement Weaknessto prevent the public release of body camera footage in response to a public records request from Motherboard.

Ohio Gov. DeWine says hell sign a bill arming teachers after 24 hours of training

Contrary to right-wing propaganda, and "liberal propaganda" by pundits like Jonathan Chait, many diverse neighborhoods in the city voted against recall.

After Bitter Loss, Ousted Centrist Democrat Goes After Party That Backed Him | HuffPost Latest News Jamie McLeod-Skinner, the progressive who unseated Rep. Kurt Schrader, is due to face former Happy Valley Mayor Lori Chavez-DeRemer in November.

Mr. McClure, I have a crazy friend who says crypto is just a big scam - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Erik Visits an American Grave, Part 1,120 - Lawyers, Guns & Money This is the grave of Thomas Wolfe.
Thomas Wolfe - Wikipedia

Real age versus biological age: the startups revealing how old we really are | Ageing : technology
Real age versus biological age: the startups revealing how old we really are | Ageing | The Guardian

A new technology offers treatment for HIV infection through a single injection : science

Erectile dysfunction predicts mortality in middle-aged and older men independent of their sex steroid status : science

Stress accelerates aging of immune system, study finds. Traumatic events, job strain, everyday stressors and discrimination accelerate aging of the immune system, potentially increasing a persons risk of cancer, cardiovascular disease and illness from infections such as COVID-19

Women with autism hide complex struggles behind masks | Spectrum | Autism Research News : science

Suicidal thoughts, behaviors linked to hormone-sensitive brain disorder. The data also showed high rates of lifetime active suicidal ideation (72%), planning (49%), intent (42%) and preparing (40%) for an attempt, and non-suicidal self-injury (51%) among patients with PMDD diagnoses : science

Largest study to date reveals anorexia can lead to dramatic changes in brain structure.Based on a total of 1,648 female brain scans, researchers found decreases in cortical thickness, subcortical volumes and cortical surface area in people with anorexia. Essentially, the brain sort-of shrinks down. : science

Online daters, what are some of the most unattractive stuff people put in their bios? : AskReddit


An influential system overseen by retailers and clothing makers ranks petroleum-based synthetics like vegan leather as more environmentally sound than natural fibers.

Climate change a bigger threat than war, Fiji tells security summit : worldnews

112 cases of monkeypox in Canada, all of them among men: Tam : worldnews

Chinese fishing boat seized for alleged illegal fishing in S. Korean waters : worldnews

N. Korean leader extends full support to Putin amid war in Ukraine : worldnews

China blasts US 'bully,' says it will fight to the end for Taiwan (Taiwan says fuck off, genocidal assholes)
China Alarms US With New Private Warnings to Avoid Taiwan Strait : worldnews (the ocean belongs to us, Xi screams) Absolute fantastical denial of reality from the CCP, same as always, and a common Hallmark of pathetic dictatorships

Putins Associates At The Long Table

aza: Explosions inside Russia damage Druzhbaoil pipeline valve.

Ukraine war: Russia launches new sanction-proof car (considers horses as their next step)

Israel, Turkey foil Iranian plot against Israeli tourists in Turkey : worldnews

Iran dangerously close to completing nuclear weapons programme

How Shireen Abu-Akleh, Al Jazeera correspondent was killed - Washington Post How Shireen Abu Akleh was killed - A Washington Post analysis of available visuals, audio and witness statements shows an Israeli soldier likely fired the fatal shot

Worlds future rulesbeing decided on Ukraine battlefields, says Zelenskyy in virtual Singapore speech
Ukraines leader says his troops keep defying predictions
Ukraine fears western support will fade as media loses interest in the war : worldnews

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 109, Part 1 (Thread #249) : worldnews

Southern Axis Update Thread: #Ukrainian forces likely resumed counteroffensives in northwestern #Kherson Oblast on June 11, threatening #Russian positions north of Kherson City. 1/3
Pedro on Twitter: "@PhillipsPOBrien @GeneralStaffUA Time lapse video of Battle of Donbas from last 6 weeks based on maps of @Nrg8000 (with latest corrections)" / Twitter

Mac William Bishop on Twitter: "I just spent some time in various parts of the vast front surrounding Severodonetsk, where Russian troops are massed in an effort to capture the last major city in Luhansk held by Ukrainian defenders. My latest dispatch for Rolling Stone is here:" / Twitter
Severodonetsk Update- Russian forces have captured 70 percent with Ukrainian forces holding 30 percent. The majority of the fighting is happening in the north of the industrial plant and southern districts of the city. Russians are also advancing south east of the city.
Kyle Glen on Twitter: "Large fire burning to the south of Purdivka in Luhansk Oblast this morning, this is approximately 8km east of central Sievierodonetsk, firmly in Russian-occupied territory." / Twitter
Chilling night-vision video of Ukrainian drones dropping very accurate bombs on Russian soldiers sleeping in a forest. The drone wars have officially started.

Russia has been launching heavy 1960s era anti-ship missiles that can cause mass casualties into Ukraine, officials warn : worldnews

Polands abortion ban has had many unintended consequences. One is that doctors are sometimes afraid to remove fetuses or administer cancer treatment to save womens lives.

Germany is facing a major beer bottle shortage, which has led to breweries begging drinkers to return empty ones, report says : worldnews

Spains Catholics want Rome to consider optional celibacy and women priests

Irelands Sinn Fein says UK is set to break international law

Boris Johnson faces rural fury over post-Brexit food strategy : worldnews (which all the dimbulbs voted for)
Queen becomes worlds second-longest reigning modern monarch
Paramedics are leaving in droves as ambulance callouts almost double (more Tolry screw-the-people policy implosions)
Test for press freedom as verdict due in Arron Banks libel case against Carole Cadwalladr | Newspapers & magazines | The Guardian Judgment in the action against the Observer and Guardians Carole Cadwalladr will have huge implications for UK journalists (Russian-financed Brexiter)
Another 18 British children are struck down with mysterious hepatitis : worldnews

Two Lost Cities Hidden For Centuries Were Just Discovered In Bolivia : worldnews

Biden: Putin wants to obliterate Ukrainian culture. U.S. President Joe Biden said on June 12 that Putin wants to destroy Ukrainian culture because he believes theres no such thing as an independent Ukrainian cultureThats why were giving help to Ukraine, Biden said.

The Secret Pentagon Photos of the First Prisoners at Guantanamo Bay

Biden's age would be a liability if he runs in 2024, David Axelrod says : politics

John R. Allen leaves Brookings Institution after federal probe about his activities with the Qatari government - The Washington Post

Capitol attack pardon revelations could spell doom for Trump and allies : politics
Jan. 6 panelists: Enough evidence uncovered to indict Trump | AP News
Raskin says Garland knows whats at stake on possible Justice Department indictment of Trump
Even If Never Convicted, Donald J. Trump Will Live in Infamy | Even if he avoids prosecution, even if he is never formally deemed a criminal under the law, Trump will be accountable to history. : politics
DOJ should investigate Trump for possible crimes in election plot, Rep. Schiff says : politics

January 6 committee: Ex-Trump campaign manager, conservative election attorney to testify Monday - CNNPolitics undefined

Memo shows lawyer advising Mike Pence to resist Trumps Jan. 6 pressure

Documentarian who testified about Jan. 6 says crew was aware they had filmed multiple crimes

Giuliani says Trump had nothing to dowith Jan 6. attack and that the Democratic party needs to be destroyed at the top
Kellyanne Conway says Jan. 6 panel doesn't have balls to subpoena Trump

Trumps behavior on Jan. 6, explained by expert on fascism

Trump Reportedly Misusing Presidential Seal To Boost Business At 4th Golf Course : politics
Ivanka turns on daddy but shes just a Trump looking out for No 1 as usual

Former White House counsel says Trump is likely to be prosecuted in Georgia because of particularly strong evidence

After the Supreme Court pulls the trigger - Lawyers, Guns & Money Good piece about the chaos overruling Roe will unleash in Michigan when Roe is overruled later this month, since a draconian ban is still on the books:
The Most Important Study in the Abortion Debate - The Atlantic Researchers rigorously tested the persistent notion that abortion wounds the women who seek it.

Most members of white supremacist group arrested in Idaho live out of state : politics
Patriot Front Extremists Arrested on Riot Charges Outside Pride Event : politics
Losers!: Mob of White Supremacists Busted Near Idaho Pride Event
Come and join the party dressed to kill - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Court filing offers new evidence of post-election breach in Coffee County, Georgia - The Washington Post

David Hogg: Attitudes on gun control changing for what feels like the first time
Senators look to announce initial agreement on guns as soon as Sunday : politics
Senators strike bipartisan gun deal, heralding potential breakthrough - The Washington Post

Discovery in the brains of army veterans sheds light on the neurobiological mechanisms behind chronic pain and trauma : science

Your Understanding of Eye of the Needle is Probably Wrong


Almost all of Portugal in severe drought after hot, dry May : worldnews

Several Ocean anomalies are developing across the Pacific and the Atlantic Ocean, creating an Atmospheric interference that will influence the weather patterns during the Fall-Winter season 2022/2023 : worldnews

5 Russian Navy ships confirmed in Pacific near Hokkaido, Japan's Defense Ministry says. : worldnews
Ukraine today may be East Asia tomorrow says PM Kishida, admits issuesbetween Japan & China
Japan to fundamentally strengthen defense in 5 years, with the road map referring to double the defense spending -- 2% of GDP

China wishes Russia-Ukraine conflict did not happen, wants quick resolution: Singapores Defence Minister Ng Eng Hen
US defense chief says China muscling neighbors, plundering resources in Pacific : worldnews
Nine-dash line - Wikipedia
China launched the world's first AI-operated mother ship, an unmanned carrier capable of launching dozens of drones
Panic buying in Shanghai as mass testing notices for more than half of its 25 million residents spark fears of new lockdown : worldnews

Pro-War Z-Banners Disappear in Some Russian Cities

Russia condemns Israel over Damascus airstrike : worldnews

Biden said Zelenskyy didnt want to hear it when US intelligence warned Ukraine that Russia would invade
Zelenskyy tells Asian meeting: Stopping Russian invasion crucial for whole world : worldnews
Fighting rages in critical Ukrainian city as Kyiv pleads for more weapons from West : worldnews ... President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has said the battle for Severodonetsk may decide the outcome for the east of Ukraine
Ukraine can no longer afford to have a shadow economy, Zelensky says : worldnews
Some powerful countries want to force Ukraine to what they call compromisewhich would be a catastrophe Countries of our region understand that sometimes so-called peace is not different from slavery and are ready to fight

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 108, Part 1 (Thread #248) : worldnews

As ammunition runs out, Ukraine's hopes dim on eastern battlefield - The Washington Post Hopes that Ukraine will be able to reverse Russian gains are fading in the face of superior firepower
In my previous thread, I suggested that Ukraine received less than 5% of the weapon that is needed in order to defeat russian army. If anyone has any doubts regarding this statement, lets have a closer look at the matter
Ukraine is using 5,000 to 6,000 artillery rounds a day, according to Skibitsky [the deputy head of Ukrainian military intelligence]. We have almost used up all of our [artillery] ammunition and are now using 155-calibre Nato standard shells
These are the indicative estimates of Russias combat losses as of June 11, according to the Armed Forces of Ukraine.
Ukraines anti-aircraft missile forces hit 500 Russian air targets since Feb. 24. On June 10, anti-aircraft missile units of the Ukraines Air Force destroyed their 500th air target. According to Yuri Ignat, Air Force spokesman, it was another Russian Orlan-10 UAV.

Ukraine launches counteroffensive in Kherson Oblast. Kherson City Council said that the Ukrainian army had launched a counterattack in the direction of Kyselivka, Soldatske, and Oleksandrivka. The village of Tavriiske has been completely liberated, the council added.
Ukraine in control of Sievierodonetsk plant sheltering hundreds, governor says : worldnews

#Russian-Occupied Areas Update: Occupation authorities are largely unable to provide adequate services for residents of occupied territories, and the medical system in #Mariupol is reportedly near collapse due to mismanagement by Russian authorities.

Rolls-Royce donated two heavy-duty generators to Ukrainian hospitals.One generator can provide electricity to several hospital buildings.

UN issues war crimes warning over death sentences in Ukraine war : worldnews
BREAKING: The European Parliament announces it is firmly behind Ukraines EU candidacy bid

Finland denies Turkish demands to extradite alleged terrorists. : worldnews

Lithuania PM rejects Russias nonsense threat (all your country are belong to me says Putin)

Russia says will respond to NATO build up in Poland - Ifax : worldnews

Ukrainska Pravda: Fugitive Security Service ex-general reportedly detained in Serbia. Andriy Naumov, who headed the agencys internal security department, left Ukraine on Feb. 23, hours before Russia launched its full-scale invasion.

Food safety authority issues second warning against MDMA in Moet & Chandon champagne bottles

Germany has blocked Spains plans on sending dozens of Leopard 2A4 tanks to Ukraine.According to Der Spiegel, the Scholz government warned Spain that it would constitute a departure from an alleged informal decision by the West not to provide Western tanks to (Scholz'd again)
German leadership is in crisis. #Merkels mastery of the middle gutted discourse on tough issues & set no strategic geopolitical course. And ex mayor of Hamburg #Scholz wasnt expecting or ready to lead Europes largest power during wartime. Hes visibly not up to the job.

France in no mood to make concessions to Russia, presidency says. : worldnews

Bolivia sentences ex-president to 10 years in prison after coup trial : worldnews

7 found dead in popular Mexican tourist area with warning messages written on their corpses : worldnews
A judge on Friday ordered an indefinite suspension of bullfighting in the worlds largest bullring in Mexico City, pending the finalization of a lawsuit against the controversial, centuries-old practice

Canada and Denmark have reached a settlement in a decades-old border dispute over Hans Island, a 1.3-square-kilometre rock in the Arctic sea passage between Greenland and Ellesmere Island : worldnews
Canada and Denmark reach settlement over disputed Arctic island, sources say : worldnews
City of Ottawa denies "outrageous" request to fly Russian flag : worldnews

Should Biden Run in 2024? Democratic Whispers of NoStart to Rise. (NYT pitchbot: Dems in disarray)

DOW plummets 750 points after consumer price index hit a 40-year high, sparking fears of a recession : news

Biden Casts Inflation as a Global Problem During a Visit to the Port of Los Angeles : politics

\ Surging gas prices are squeezing the U.S. economy -- the White House - THe upward march of fuel costs has emerged as one of the chief domestic political threats to the Biden administration ahead of the midterm elections.
Has Carpooling Failed? It was the rage in previous gas spikes. : politics

Biden pledges executive orders on abortion. His options are limited. : politics

Biden: Jan. 6 hearings important so American people understand what truly happened

Trump May Be Charged for Trying to Overthrow Election by End of the Month : politics
Jan. 6 Committee Appears to Lay Out Road Map for Prosecuting Trump - The New York Times The first prime-time hearing into the Jan. 6 attack confronted the fundamental question that has haunted Donald J. Trump since he left office: Should he be prosecuted in a criminal court?
Jan. 6 panel lets Trump allies narrate the case against him : politics
Key Trump Allies Were Talking to Proud Boys Before Jan. 6, Committee Says : politics
January 6 committee chairman says witnesses have described conversations between extremists and Trumps orbit
Filmmaker who followed Proud Boys during Capitol siege wants Jan. 6 committee to find the truth ... The fact that he has footage of Stewart Rhodes and Fedrique together in that parking garage is just wild. They were literally plotting criminal activity and they let a documentary filmmaker record it

u/Chippopotanuse details former acting Secretary of Defense Christopher Miller's specific role in the Jan 6 insurrection ... Link to Millers January 4 memo restricting the DC National Guard from taking any action without prior approval. (traitor-fucker)

The January 6 Militia Witnesses Are Cooperating with DOJ, Probably Not the January 6 Committee - emptywheel
Thompson indicates connection between extremist groups and those around Trump : politics
Congresss Capitol-riot hearing confirms Donald Trumps complicity | Mr Trump was even more responsible for the insurrection than you might think
Explore NPR database of Jan. 6 Capitol riot cases and sentencing status updates : NPR

1/6 panel: Told repeatedly he lost, Trump refused to go : politics
The January 6 hearings showed why its reasonable to call Trump a fascist
These Trump-Led Seditionists Must Be Punished in Courtand at the Ballot Box| Sedition is the word for what we callduring times of wartreason. Trump and his Republican and media allies are in it up to their necks
The January 6 Committee Might Have the Goods to Be Watergate 2.0 : politics
Liz Cheney to GOP and America: Trump did it, and were coming for him
Their Dishonor Is Indelible: The sheer scale of Donald Trumps depravity is unmatched in the history of the American presidency, and the Republican Party made it possible.
Jan. 6 Hearings Seek to Remind a Forgetful Nation About the Day Donald Trump Almost Engineered a Coup : politics
History will accept only one Jan. 6 narrative. This committee has it.

Nearly 20M watched Jan. 6 hearing: Nielsen : politics + Recap of what we know so far regarding Trumps efforts to overturn the election:
Heres every word of the first Jan. 6 committee hearing on its investigation
The 11 most consequential lines from the January 6 committees prime-time hearing

Pence team couldnt verify Trump campaigns election fraud claims, new memo shows ... legal team called most of the fraud allegations minor and unverifiable.
Trump Slams Ivanka and Denies Saying Pence Deserves to Hang in Truth Social Meltdown
Ivanka Trumps Jan. 6 testimony exposes family strain
Trump rages Ivanka was checked out before 2020 election

Donald Trump, American Monster : politics
Trump says Capitol attack represented the greatest movement

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Tweets at Matt Gaetz, Lauren Boebert, and Marjorie Taylor Greene wanting to know if they asked for pardons after January 6 ... Just trying to clear some things up, the congresswoman from New York said (to the traitorous fuckers)

1/6 and the Electoral College - Lawyers, Guns & Money
Bipartisan senators reach a general agreement on updating Electoral Count Act - CBS News We had an excellent meeting last night where we resolved almost all of the issuesRepublican Sen. Susan Collins, of Maine, said Thursday.

New Revelations Show Ginni Thomas Very Much a Part of Seditious Conspiracy
Former Fox News Editor Says Hell Testify At Next Jan. 6 Hearing

Liz Cheney to GOP and America: Trump did it, and were coming for him
Saruman Addresses the Council : PoliticalHumor
A First For Fox News : PoliticalHumor

If America fails to punish its insurrectionists, it could see a wave of domestic terror : politics

Capitol riot hearings: Donald Trumps secret plan exposed to Americans but will Trump loyalists bother to listen? (no bc they watchin' Foxfuckers)
The Jan. 6 Hearing Put a True-Crime Drama on Prime-Time TV | The first night of the Jan. 6 hearings was serious public service, but it told an engrossing story with the tools of a limited series drama. : politics
The January 6 Hearings May Be Surprisingly Worthwhile : politics

I Can't Stop Thinking About the Thin Blue Line Flags in the January 6 Video - The Capitol riot showed what the symbol was really about.

Is ignorance of reality an excuse? - Lawyers, Guns & Money ... the mental and moral void that is Donald Trump is such a vast Pascalian space that it is licit to speculate on the question of whether someone like him even really counts as a person any more, as opposed to a resident of the uncanny valley.
Does Donald Trump Really "Know" Anything?

AOC blasted Rep. Matt Gaetz for saying Rep. Jamie Raskin is 'unable' to serve in Congress because his son died by suicide and it clouds his judgement
@RepRaskin is a greater statesman, Congressman, human being than most of us. History will remember him. Tommy was a remarkable person and testament of his parents love.Gaetz is a bad haircut in a cheap suit, a feat of mediocrity given that hes here on papas money. Bye
How Much Damage Have Marjorie Taylor Greene and the BulliesDone to the G.O.P.? (they ARE the GOP)

Reliable New York Times Republican fluffer Peter Baker wrote a beat sweetener for Jared a few days ago.Completely exonerating him of any evildoing, of course. Weird. A reporter deciding that a Jared beat sweetener was appropriate in 2022, and an editor signing off on it. What could that be about?

Don't See How Ginni Thomas Wriggles Out Of This One - Just a little light treason.
Ginni Thomas discusses struggles after leaving cult in resurfaced video
Ginni Thomas Discusses Struggles After Leaving Cult in Resurfaced Video
Steven Hassan, PhD on Twitter: "I knew Ginni Thomas. Ginni Thomas was in a cult (the large group awareness training cult, Lifespring). Here she is in 1989 speaking at an event I hosted for former members. Until today, almost NO one has seen this video." / Twitter ... Sadly, the people who helped deprogram Ginni were also apparently involved in right-wing causes. As is the case with SO many former members, she was overly susceptible and went from one cult to another (The Cult of Trump).
THE NOMINEESS SOUL MATE - September 10, 1991

White Supremacists Are Riling Up Thousands on Social Media : politics

Question for Fla. Republican senator: You OK with Proud Boys on Miami-Dade GOP exec committee? : politics

Comes Across as a Cult Guy: The Pennsylvania Candidate Freaking Out Both the Left and the Right | Doug Mastrianos come-from-nowhere popularity is fusing religion and politics in a new way. He's either Democrats dream opponent, or the establishments worst nightmare.
Martins potato rolls face boycott calls over owners politics

Hannity Proposed Hunter Biden Pardon to Smooth OverJan. 6The Jan. 6 Committee revealed a weird text message during its first hearing Thursday night. A person familiar with negotiations confirmed it's as weird as you think.

There will never be a progressive federalism - Lawyers, Guns & Money ... And though we hate to say the quiet part out loud, deep down, progressives who sing the praises of federalism are often reassuring themselves that no matter how crazy things get in Florida or Texas, New Yorkers will be fine. ("Federalism" = slave states)

The shadow race is underway for the Republican presidential nomination - The Washington Post At least 15 potential 2024 candidates are traveling the country, huddling with donors or testing out messageseven if Trump runs

The Long Shadow of Eugenics in America - The New York Times As young girls, the Relf sisters were sterilized without consent. What does the government owe them and the thousands of other living victims? ... From 1907 to 1932, 32 states passed explicit eugenics laws that allowed for the government to sterilize ...

Whos to blame for the rural crime wave? ... None of the things conservatives blame for crime progressive prosecutors, lenient Democratic politicians, police feeling disrespected by racial justice protests, a lack of religious pietyare present in these places. (reaction to WSJ)

The purely vibe-based case for lock-'em-up politics - Lawyers, Guns & Money Nellie Bowles, the progeny of one of San Franciscos wealthiest families, has a lengthy celebration of the recall of Chesa Boudin. As Partrick Redford notes, the core of the piece is Bowles really, really hating seeing homeless people when she visits from LA, something the DAs policieshave virtually nothing to do with but anyway. (Bari ShakeStacks's gf)
Nellie Bowles: The Crime Wave Came For Me (My Car Got Stolen After I Left the Keys Inside)

11 year old Ulvade survivor suffered heart issues at friends memorial : news
New Yorks lawsuit against NRA can move forward, judge rules
Asked about gun violence, Ron Johnson talks about Hunter Biden : politics

Michigans abortion providers brace for a ban - or a surge : The swing state could soon lose all abortion access if Roe is overturned. It could also become a destination for patients across the midwest.

The Horrifying True Story of Keep Sweet: Pray and Obey, and the Cult of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints ... It was unbelievably disgusting. and the most disgusting part is how many individuals and law enforcement agencies conspired to cover this up and facilitate the crimes.

As Ezra Miller grooming allegations deepen, court cannot locate or serve the actor

A young man in rural Idaho was holding on to a secret. One day, he opened up : NPR

Erik Visits an American Grave, Part 1,118 - Lawyers, Guns & Money Mapplethorpe was not exactly a documentary photographer, but he effectively became the documentarian for the BSDM scene in New York, based around the subtly named Mineshaft Club, where he spent much of his free time.

The Six Forces That Fuel Friendship

Scientists discovered a new molecule that kills even the deadliest cancer : technology

Is this paper on a treatment for rectal cancer as promising as it sounds? : askscience

A new study suggests that adults who share their beds with a partner have less severe insomnia, less fatigue and more sleep time. They also report being more satisfied with their lives and relationships, as well as having lower levels of stress, depression and anxiety. : science

Stellar Ghost Discovered: Astronomers May Have Detected a Dark Free-Floating Black Hole

New Research Shows the Earths Inner Core OscillatesCauses Variation in the Length of a Day

Attractiveness is associated with the belief that economic success is dependent on individual effort, rather than external circumstances : science

u/Severus_Majustus describes a beautiful, terrifying plummet into Jupiters core

Of course with sources, u/Algernon_Asimov explains why AskHistorians became one of the most tightly moderated subreddits on the platform : bestof


Finland sets worlds most ambitious climate target in law

Japan Is Dropping a Gargantuan Turbine Into The Ocean to Harness Limitless Energy

BBC News: Life at 50C: Qatar accused of under-reporting deaths in Gulfs killer heat

White House climate adviser says misinformation absolutely a public health issue.

Australian state New South Wales to invest $850 million into power grid, looks to shift to greener energy : worldnews

June 10th, 2022 COVID-19 update: 2,371 new cases, 9 new deaths, 533 hospitalized, 172 for COVID. : CoronavirusMa
2,050 confirmed cases and 7 deaths. See the latest COVID-19 data from Mass.

Biden administration unveils COVID vaccine plan for children under 5 as shots for young kids near authorization : CoronavirusMa

Predicting the Fall and Boosters [Katelyn Jetelina - YLE] : CoronavirusMa

China calls COVID lab leak theory a lie after WHO report

Japan eases foreign tourism ban, allows guided package tours : worldnews

South Korea: 8 out of 10 workplace sexual harassment victims face retaliation after filing complaints : worldnews

France joins effort to support Taiwan and democracy, defying China : worldnews
China will not hesitate to start war if Taiwan declares independence, Beijing says

3 Hong Kong pro-democracy activists have honours revoked by govt
Hong Kong not becoming police state, says citys top cop, as former officer set to take helm ... Lee was the only candidate and won with over 99% of the vote in which nearly all 1,500 committee members were carefully vetted by the central government in Beijing.

Tesla Shanghai workers can leave the factory for first time in weeks : worldnews ... You load 16 batteries, what do you get? ... I owe my soul to the capitalist lords ...

Putin compares himself to Peter the Great in quest to take back Russian lands : worldnews (Moldymir the Slimy)
Mr. Putin seriously comparing himself to Peter the Great. Tens of thousands have to pay with their lives for the megalomaniac dreams of a renewed Russian Empire in Europe. UK and UA have to be prepared for a longer term conflict.
Andrew Roth on Twitter: "Was Peter the Great looking for an "off-ramp" from his war against Sweden? Can you negotiate with a man who says it is "our lot" to continue the policy of 300-year-old tsar? Putin's latest on his imperial ambitions are a "recipe for years of war."" / Twitter
Putin undermined his own rationale for invading Ukraine, admitting that the war is to expand Russian territory : worldnews
Restoration of empire is the endgame for Putin : worldnews ("empire" = all of Europe)
Vladimir Putin needed urgent medical help after video call with military chiefs

A Russian suspect accused of downing Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 told Dutch judges on Friday he had nothing to do with the disaster Oleg Pulatov is one of four men on trial in absentia for shooting down the jetliner in July 2014 over eastern Ukraine, killing all 298 passengers on board

Russias central bank cuts interest rates to prewar level

New bill in Russian parliament introduces huge fines for LGBT propaganda

Census results show galloping population drain in Russia's North

Islamic State West Africa Province (Iswap) group suspected of Catholic church massacre in Owo, Ondo State, Nigeria says. Nearly 40 persons were shot to death : worldnews
Alarm as Over 6,000 Christians hacked to death in Nigeria in Fifteen Months: Report

Most Israelis want new elections, new poll gives opposition 60 seats : worldnews
Tel Aviv Pride 2022 kicks off with tens of thousands of attendees : worldnews
We wont let anyone feel afraid: Over 170K march in Tel Aviv Pride Parade

Ukraine is fighting for its future, Russia is fighting for someone else's past Zelensky ... For 107 days in a row, we have been opposing a nuclear power that deserves the wooden spoon for ignorance of international law and the Darwin Award for violating it ... Russia's goal is to erase all associations about Ukraine except the war. Ukraine without the past, without the bright moments of the present, and therefore without the right to the future ... But the time of such countries and rulers has passed. And our time is our time, this is the future. And this is an active voice. Real voice. Voice of truth, honor, wisdom and freedom.
Ukraine is fighting for its future, Russia is fighting for someone elses past, and this is why Ukraine will win. (full text)

Zelenskyy to attend NATO summit in Madrid from June 28 to 29: Report : worldnews
Ukraine fears a long war might cause West to lose interest : worldnews
Up to 200 Ukrainian soldiers are being killed every day by Russian forces, Zelenskyy aide says : worldnews ... For anyone curious, googling US deaths per day in ww2shows that there were on average 220 deaths per day, and thats before you factor in total population and # of troops deployed. This war is hell.

Has anybody else noticed a ton of Russian trolls trying to defend the war? : ukraine

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 107, Part 1 (Thread #247) : worldnews

Southern Axis Update: #Russian forces continue to focus on strengthening defensive lines along the Southern Axis and are intensifying ground attacks in northeastern #Zaporizhia Oblast with the support of troop and equipment rotations.
UK Intelligence: Mariupol at risk of major cholera outbreak. According to the latest U.K. Defense Ministry intelligence update, isolated cases of cholera have been reported in Mariupol since May, where Russia struggles to provide basic public services to the population.

Garry Kasparov on Twitter: "The heavy weapon crisis in Ukraine has reached a critical juncture. The UK and Poland are going above and beyond. Scholz is delaying and lying. The US still won't make its war goals clear and is sending less than promised and much less than Ukraine needs." / Twitter
Emmanuel #Macron said during a phone conversation with President #Zelenskyy that Paris is ready to increase the supply of weapons to #Kyiv, including heavy types.
Were almost out of ammunition and relying on western arms, says Ukraine
Ukraine has depleted its Soviet and Russian-designed weaponry and is now completely dependent on allies for arms to defend against Russias invasion, US military sources say
Ukraine: 100-200 soldiers die daily, new plea for heavy guns : worldnews
720 killed Russian officers so far.

US General: Starlink Destroyed Putins Information Campaign
US general says Elon Musk's Starlink has totally destroyed Putins information campaign
Amazon helps Ukraine move 10 petabytes of data to cloud after Russian attack : worldnews

Britons sentenced to death after show trialin Russian-occupied Ukraine
Ukraine says so many Russians were killed that the Russian army is storing dead soldiers in a meatpacking plant turned morgue : worldnews
Fuat on Twitter: "Luhansk governor Serhiy Hayday confirms 30 Russian Wagners have been killed in ZSU's yesterday's attack on Wagner base in Kadiivka, Luhansk province." / Twitter

A Whole Way of War Sank with the Moskva - The Atlantic A fierce debate is raging within the U.S. Marine Corps about what comes next.

Polish president criticises Western leaders dialogue with Putin

Belgiums King Philippe regrets colonial-era abuses in DRC

Germanys biggest auto union questions Elon Musks authority to give a return-to-office ultimatum: An employer cannot dictate the rules just as he likes

Spain plans to control food waste and all restaurants must offer 'doggy bags'

Brexit NOT done as UK faces 1.4tn headache for DECADES -- Rees-Mogg 2,000 ideas impossible
Brexit argely to blame for 31bn loss to UK economy, study finds (=Ruzzian-financed Tory stupidity)
Brits living in the EU are Not Allowed to Vote or Participate in Local Elections : worldnews
Major probe is launched into American candy stores taking over Londons once iconic shopping destinations including Oxford Street... as it emerges owners are using TikTok trend to lure children to buy illegal imported sugar-rich sweets
Average cost of filling up car in UK hits record 100 pounds : worldnews
UK households face dramatically higher energy bills next year after ministers ignored calls to examine extending the lifetimes of existing nuclear reactors until it was too late : worldnews

Traces of blood have been found on the boat of a suspect arrested in connection with the disappearance of a British journalist and a Brazilian indigenous expert in the Amazon, authorities said Thursday, as calls grew for officials to intensify the search : worldnews
Murder in the Amazon - Lawyers, Guns & Money For a long time, those fighting for indigenous and environmental justice in the Amazon have been murdered by lawless landowners. It doesnt much matter if they are Brazilian like Chico Mendes or American like Dorothy Stang. These landowners know they live with impunity and act accordingly. It seems that they have struck again. (Fuckanaro)

How a Photograph Changes the World and Changes a Life - Lawyers, Guns & Money

US seeks full reset with Saudi Arabia, effectively moving on from the murder of Jamal Khashoggi - CNNPolitics

As a Qatari agent of influence, its difficult to be more obvious than former CENTCOM Commander and Brookings President Gen. John Allen.

Inflation rose 8.6% in May, highest since 1981 : news

Will (should) Biden run for a second term? - Lawyers, Guns & Money

The Jan. 6 hearings are starting. Heres how to watch them (+rewatch)

The number is in the ballpark of big television events like a Sunday Night Football game ... Foxs counterprogramming efforts drew an average audience of three million, which is just about normal. (owning the libtards)
Nearly 20M watched Jan. 6 hearing: Nielsen | The Hill ... preliminary figures are likely to grow and do not include viewers who watched the hearing via streaming service online through YouTubeTV or other platforms.

Donald Trump Allegedly Cheered Mob Wanting To Hang VP: Mike Pence Deserves It
Mike Pence deserves it: Trumps ire at VP a focus of U.S. Capitol riot hearings
Mike Pence Deserves ItJan. 6 Panel Reveals Trumps Dark Desire

Trump Is Depicted as a Would-Be Autocrat Seeking to Hang Onto Power at All Costs : politics

The Other Cause of January 6 - The Atlantic Without the Electoral College, America would never have come so close to an overthrow of its government.
The Moral Desolation of the GOP - The Atlantic The sheer scale of Donald Trumps depravity is unmatched in the history of the American presidency, and the Republican Party made it possible.

He didnt make a single phone call: evidence paints picture of Trump inaction on Jan. 6
Committee pins violence on Trump : politics
4 takeaways from the first Jan. 6 hearing on the Capitol insurrection : NPR ... 4. One of the biggest problems in this country continues to be people not operating from or believing in a shared set of facts.
Jan. 6 Panel Puts Focus on Cabinet Discussions About Removing Trump - The New York Times Other reports verify Representative Liz Cheneys assertion that cabinet members considered using the 25th Amendment to oust Donald Trump after the assault on the Capitol.

Ironically, online accounts that helped organize the insurrection tried to debunk the evidence the Jan. 6 committee presented Thursday

Heres What the Worlds Media Thinks of the Jan. 6 Hearings

The United States v. Donald J. Trump - Lawyers, Guns & Money Maybe she should have Merrick Garlands job

5 takeaways from the Jan. 6 Committee hearing: Liz Cheney made the case : politics
Cheney leaves Trump and his GOP apologists reeling
New revelations and 3 other takeaways from the first Jan. 6 committee hearing : politics
Takeaways from the prime-time January 6 committee hearing : politics
Jan. 6: Takeaways from the prime-time committee hearing on Capitol riot investigation - CNNPolitics
Jan 6 hearings: Trump was terrified of the Capitol riot hearings. Tonight proved he was justified : politics
Betsy DeVos says she resigned after learning Pence wouldnt support invoking the 25th Amendment to remove Trump in the wake of the Capitol riot
Liz Cheney says Trump oversaw asophisticated 7-part planto overturn the election and stay in power
Coordinated and Planned: Proud Boys Ran Recon at Capitol Hours Before Jan. 6 Attack

Witnesses will testify that Trump allies spoke directly with extremist groups, Capitol riot committee chair says : politics (ding ding ding)

The January 6th Hearings: A Criminal Evidence Tracker

Jan. 6 committee shows new footage of capital attack : politics
I Was Slipping in Peoples Blood: Capitol Officer Describes Jan. 6 Horrors
Why It Matters That the Jan. 6 Hearings Put a War Scene on Display
The January 6 committee presents a pre-produced, previously unseen video showing the day of Jan. 6, 2021 in chronological order, starting in the morning before the Capitol was breached. Watch the full video here:
Pictures from a fascist attempted coup - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Cheney unleashes on GOP asking Trump for Jan 6 pardons: Your dishonour will remain
Multiple GOP Lawmakers Sought Pardons for Trying to Overturn Biden Win: Jan. 6 Committee
Cheney: Scott Perry sought pardon for role in trying to overturn 2020 election results : politics
Kevin McCarthy Blames Everybody In The Country For Jan. 6 Attack

Trumps inner circle admits to the Jan. 6 committee: He lost the election, but wanted to overturn it
Ivanka Trump Admits She Believed Her Dad Was Wrong About 2020 Election Lies : politics
Trump says Ivanka Trump doesnt understand elections after she disowned his claim that the 2020 vote was stolen (
Donald Trump Throws Predictable Shit Fit After Ivanka Throws Him Under the Bus : politics
Jared and Ivanka, Without the Power or the Masks - The New York Times In stark videotaped interviews, Ivanka Trump accepted the notion that there had been no fraud in the 2020 election. Jared Kushner complained that a White House counsel had been whining
Jared Kushner Wasn't Just Involved in Trumps Push to Overturn 2020. He Helped Start It (Kushfucker)
The Case Against Donald J. Trump - by Charlie Sykes It was a criminal conspiracy

Discussion Thread: House Jan 6 Public Hearings, Day 1 - 06/09/2022 at 8 pm ET : politics < received more than 140,000 is following up on 471 tips received through the Committees tip sent 98 subpoenas

This Is What Republicans Were Talking About During The Jan. 6 Committee HearingLiterally anything but the violent attempt to overthrow the nations seat of power to keep Donald Trump in office
Liz Warren; Fox News Is A Hate-For-Profit Racket
Carlson went the whole hour without a break, Fox is desperate to keep its viewers from switching to another channel and seeing the hearing in real time.
Fox News didnt just ignore the Jan. 6 hearing. It did something worse ... In a break from simply not informing its audience about the riot and the effort by Trump to block Bidens election, the network decided instead to actively promote an obviously wrong alternate assessment of what happened at the Capitol that day. It hyped doubt about the election results, promoted debunked conspiracy theories and ironically cast the committees work as lies and propaganda. (Fucker Smearson Dickhead)
Tucker Carlson Throws Prime-Time Tantrum During Jan. 6 Committee Hearing : politics

Ginni Thomas pressed 29 Ariz. lawmakers to help overturn Trump defeat, emails show
The two-front war on democracy - Lawyers, Guns & Money Ginni Thomas tried to persuade more than two dozen legislators in Arizona to steal the states electoral votes:
Read @imillhiser on the stakes of this caseRepublican lawyers are trying to gut an important civil rights law that prevents election officials from invalidating ballots due to trivial, immaterial errors. No surprise that Alito took their side
Bullies want you to be grateful for being bullied - Lawyers, Guns & Money Lithwick and Stern have a good podcast on the subject of why the reactionary faction of the Supreme Court are such sore winners. Paul Waldman has more: ... Republicans for a long time have had an incredible deal where liberals have thought highly of the Court even as it produced more and more conservative results.
Unhappy warriors - Lawyers, Guns & Money the reactionary Supreme Court justices who are getting everything they wanted but arent respected:

Uvalde schools police chief defends response to mass shooting in first public comments since massacre : news
Shifting Police Timeline Now States Uvalde, TX Never Existed

Competitive congressional districts are on the decline. New Hampshire bucks the trend : politics

Sun-Times/WBEZ Poll: Downstate farmer beating the crop out of GOP establishment in gov race by nearly 2-1 ratio

Poll shows Britt leading Brooks in Senate runoff - Alabama Daily News A new poll shows Katie Britt with a decisive lead over Mo Brooks in the Republican runoff for U.S. Senate.

Judge blocks Texas investigating families of trans youth : news
MAGA Congressional candidate promises to start executing people who support LGBTQ youth

Rural America Reels From Violent Crime. People Lost Their Ever-Lovin' Minds ... rising methamphetamine use and mental-health problems during the pandemic contributed to more erratic behavior and more violent interactions between officers and suspects

Taylor Lorenz said an editor was to blame. Is that okay?

Wickr, Amazons encrypted chat app, has a child sex abuse problem and little is being done to stop it ... a go-to destination for people to exchange images of child sexual abus

Today's Masculinity Is Stifling : As boys grow up, the process of becoming men encourages them to shed the sort of intimate connections and emotional intelligence that add meaning to life.

What do the dreams of nonhuman animals say about their lives? | Aeon Essays The psychic lives of nonhuman dreamers reveal colours, harmonies and beauties of which we had little inkling until now ... information important for survival is accessed during REM sleep and integrated with past experience to provide a strategy for future behaviour ...When they fall asleep, they often immerse themselves in a multifaceted dreamworld whose spatial coordinates seamlessly mirror those of their waking milieu ... Interestingly, sleep-talking is quite common in sleeping humans and frequently correlates with dreaming; moreover, sleep-talking is known to manifest as sleep-signing in deaf humans.

Quantum Chip Takes Microseconds to Do a Task a Supercomputer Would Spend 9,000 Years On : technology

Scientists develop living human skin for robotic finger : worldnews

Men who wish to become fathers tend to be perceived as more desirable by women, study finds : science

Justin Bieber Reveals He Has Full Paralysis on One Side of His Face Due to Ramsay Hunt Syndrome

What household object do most people not realize, that if used incorrectly, could easily kill them? : AskReddit

Some Cambridge business owners sue to block bike lanes; ask their names be kept secret so bicyclists dont come after them

What is a nsfw fact about humans? : AskReddit

What things are normal but redditors hate? : AskReddit

Meta Scrutinizing Sheryl Sandberg s Use of Facebook Resources Over Several Years - Review focuses on the extent to which staffers worked on her personal projects (Fuckerberged and Sandfucked)


New unusual repeating fast radio burst detected 3 billion light-years away : worldnews (scientists pretty sure it's not a message saying "wake up before it's too late, you idiots"

Antarctic glaciers losing ice at fastest rate in 5,500 years, finds study : worldnews

Big Oil Is Suing Countries To Block Climate Action : worldnews

Climate policy is being dragged into the culture wars with misinformation and junk science being spread across the internet by a relatively small group of individuals and groups, according to a study : worldnews

EU lawmakers support banning gasoline car sales by 2035 in key vote : worldnews

Ukraine war: Fossil fuel gold rush could make global warming irreversible

Scientists report heartening 30% reduction in plastic pollution off Australias Coast

Shrinkflation accelerates globally as manufacturers shrink package sizes

The world needs "early, aggressive and sustained" government intervention to cut aviation emissions if Paris Agreement temperature goals are to be met. Airlines must start to slash emissions before the end of the decade and by 2025 if possible, said the International Council on Clean Transportation : worldnews

Autonomous Ghost Cargo Ship Completes Worlds First Transoceanic Voyage | IFLScience (not "unmanned")

HHS report warns of extreme heat risks in coming months : politics

June 9th, 2022 COVID-19 update: 2,250 new cases, 17 new deaths, 505 hospitalized, 169 for COVID. : CoronavirusMa
MA COVID-19 Data 6/8/22 : CoronavirusMa
1,989 confirmed cases and 17 deaths. See the latest COVID-19 data from Mass.

The Deadly Price of Pandemic Politics: People in Republican Counties Were More Likely To Die from COVID-19, new UMD-led analysis shows : science (the great dumb-off)

Moderna announced positive results for a new vaccine that targets both the original Covid strain and Omicron. The so-called "bivalent" vaccine was tested in a trial of 814 adults and shown to produce 1.75 times more Omicron-specific neutralizing antibodies : worldnews

Mexican Health Officials: Dallas Man With Monkeypox Symptoms Flew Home Instead of Isolating : worldnews

Thailand removes cannabis from narcotics list, decriminalises growing plants at home : worldnews

Myanmar junta troops tell civilians to run, then shoot them in the back : worldnews

Chinese men arrested over alleged plot to cheat on Japan univ. exam : worldnews

U.S. says there is extraordinary lack of transparency over Chinese activity in Cambodia
Shanghai to lock down 2.7 million, a week after easing Covid restrictions. : worldnews

Stop The War: UN Chief Warns Impact Of Ukraine War On World Is Worsening : worldnews
Millions could starve because of Russian blockade of Ukrainian ports : worldnews
Ukrainian journalist confronts Russias Sergei Lavrov with grain theft claim
Russia Admits Loss of Key Putin Ally as Kremlin Clears Out Military Leaders : worldnews ... Yumashev is the son-in-law of former Russian President Boris Yeltsin-whom Putin succeeded in 1999-and is considered a key figure in Putins rise to power in the country.
Russia Mulls Lithuania's 'Illegal Independence' From Moscow
Russias Interior Ministry Creates New Department to Enforce Martial Law

Russia is pumping more oil to Europe than it was before the war : worldnews
Goldman Sachs says oil will roar higher - and consumers will feel like crude is at $160 a barrel due to surging gas prices : worldnews

Russian navy starts Baltic Sea drills amid Ukraine tensions. : worldnews

Russias Navalny scolds Google and Meta for helping Putin

War will cost Russia 15 years of economic gains; UN says global cost-of-living crisis worsening

The Optical Plant of the russian Military-Industrial Complex On Fire Near Moscow | Defense Express : worldnews

Metro 2033 author put on Russian government wanted list for condemning invasion of Ukraine
Russia arrested an Orthodox Church priest who said troops fighting Ukraine are going to hell, reports say : worldnews

Russias Yandex Maps to Stop Displaying National Borders
Russia unexpectedly poor at cyberwar, say European military heads : worldnews

Russia doesnt have extra oil for new deals with two Indian buyers

Russian propaganda efforts aided by pro-Kremlin content creators, research finds : worldnews ... Pro Kremlin content creators? you mean Tucker Carlson?

Nepali Police Kill Protester Demanding Protection from Tiger Attacks : worldnews

Sri Lanka Gives 40-Year Tax Deal to China Port City Investors : worldnews

Hindu temple in Pakistans Karachi attacked, idols of deities vandalised:
Al-Qaida in Indian subcontinent plans revenge attacks over prophet remarks : worldnews
Polio cases are on the rise in Pakistan although it an illness eradicated almost everywhere else in the world. Part of the problem is widespread vaccine skepticism and outlandish conspiracy theories

Ukraine envoy says Turkey among destinations of grain stolen by Russia | Reuters : worldnews
Erdogan directly threatens Greece again: Im not kidding, do not equip the islands ("I'm the boss of everybody, Erdofuck screams)
Turkeys Erdogan warns Greece to demilitarize Aegean islands

Explosion Of Child Deaths Coming To Horn Of Africa, UNICEF Says

Tunisia: New constitution will remove reference to Islam

Iran removing 27 surveillance cameras at nuclear sites: UNs nuclear watchdog says Irans removal of 27 surveillance cameras poses a serious challenge to its nonproliferation efforts.

Rape used systematically during Lebanons civil war, report finds
Rape used systematically during Lebanons civil war, report findsThe report details horrific experiences of violence, including gang-rape, electrocution and forced nudity used to persecute women and girlssome as young as nine from opposing communities ... The village was the scene of a notorious massacre of Druze civilians by the Lebanese Forces, a Christian Phalangist militiaThey used to tie up the father and brother and make them watch the girls being rapedRadwan said, adding she also knew of women being raped using glass bottles. (christo-fuckers)

People of Gaza swim in crystal blue sea again, as sewage pollution finally clears ... Conservative Palestinian society rejects the idea of women swimming in broad daylight in front of men and being loud in public places.

Following petition to High Court, IDF expands combat roles for women : worldnews
Reversing Trump, State Department separates Palestinian office from U.S. Embassy to Israel : worldnews

Zelenskiy: Russian invasion of Ukraine is "COVID-22" and weapons are vaccine
Ukraine Likely to Win Initial EU Backing for Path to Membership : worldnews

UN: At least 4.8 million Ukrainian refugees have been recorded in Europe. including those who first crossed into the neighboring countries and later moved onward.

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 106, Part 1 (Thread #246) : worldnews

U.S. Lacks a Clear Picture of Ukraine's War Strategy, Officials Saye - Intelligence agencies know far more about Russia's military, even as the United States ships billions of dollars in weapons to the Ukrainians.

OSINTdefender on Twitter: "We have probably passed 130k Combat Casualties in totals for both sides at this point at least 50k of those KIA, with an estimated 75-100k more in Civilian Casualties, the worst part is that this is bound to get worse as we go, it is slowly becoming unsustainable for both sides." / Twitter
ISW on Twitter: "Eastern #Ukraine Update Thread: ISW assesses that Ukrainian forces are continuing to conduct a flexible defense of #Severodonetsk and are likely focusing on inflicting high casualties on #Russian personnel rather than seeking to hold the entire city. 2/3" / Twitter
Euromaidan Press on Twitter: "Recent Russian missile strikes on Kharkiv pose a dilemma for Kyiv - WSJ Ukrainian officials in Kharkiv Obl say Russians launched strikes on Kharkiv from Russian territory. Yet, Ukraine has promised US not to use new MLRS on targets in Russia" / Twitter

Ukrainian forces carry out over 1,100 airstrikes against Russian targets : worldnews
Western artillery already making difference for Ukraine: Regional governor. : worldnews
Rob Lee on Twitter: "SpaceX Starlink terminals are playing a key role with Ukrainian forces for coordinating artillery fire, aiding UAVs to drop munitions, helping commanders pass orders, and keeping soldiers in touch with their families. From @ChristopherJM" / Twitter
Ukraine needs up to 300 MLR systems to regain ground - official : worldnews
Ukraine resistance blows up cafe used by Russian leaders : worldnews
Ukraines endless caravan of death: More bodies found in Mariupol
10,000 Civilians Remain In Severodonetsk, Evacuation Impossible: Mayor : worldnews

Two British men captured after fighting in Ukraine sentenced todeath

Ireland would not need referendum to join Nato, says Taoiseach : worldnews ... Wow. Putin has been killing it with this NATO recruitment drive! ... accomplishing something even Hitler couldnt, getting the UK and Ireland on the same side. (Russia threatens to repocess Ireland)

Polish President Says Calls With Putin Like Speaking to Hitler -Bild : worldnews

Angela Merkel warns of isolating Russia after Vladimir Putins big mistake (said the pro-Russian Blunder Bitch)
Doing a "Scholz" = Continually promise something without ever actually having any intention of doing it.
Berlin crash: Attack on capitals streets was cruel rampage -- Scholz

Fly-tipper who dumped 51 tonnes of tyres in Glasgow jailed : worldnews

Complete nonsense: Asda boss mocks post-Brexit plan to return to imperial measures

At least 38,000 people have been arrested , It's a war on the people: El Salvadors mass arrests
El Salvador: President Bukele engulfs the country in a human rights crisis after three years in government : worldnews

Mexican megachurch leader gets more than 16 years for abuse : worldnews

Canada imposes fresh sanctions on Russias oil, gas, chemical industries
Tears, laughter and lots of hugs as 170 Ukrainians arrive in Canada : worldnews

Team Putin Dishes on the Moment They Could Win It All - the Mid Terms : politics

Brookings places retired general on leave amid FBI probe : politics

Supreme Court shields Border Patrol agent from excessive-force claim - The Washington Post conservative majority reinforced protections for government officials who are generally immune from civil lawsuits (they can kill anybody they want to, says conservative majority)
The Supreme Court Keeps Chipping Away at Your Constitutional Rights: What recourse do ordinary citizens have when federal agents violate their rights? After Wednesday, not much. : politics (unqualified immunity)
Rights without remedies - Lawyers, Guns & Money

The Supreme Court may take territories off the map of the US : politics
The Newly Constituted Court Keeps Obliterating Civil Rights, Sotomayor Warns
The US Supreme Court Has Become a Right-Wing Corporate Conspiracy : politics

The New Abortion Bans: Almost No Exceptions for Rape, Incest or Health | Most of the state abortion prohibitions that would go into effect if Roe v. Wade is overturned do not contain carve-outs that were once widely supported by abortion opponents. : politics

A growing gap in premature deaths along party lines underscores the collision of politics and public health : politics
Dying of Whiteness - Boston Review

Live updates: Jan. 6 hearings
CaptainNoBoat comments on Discussion Thread: House Jan 6 Public Hearings, Day 1 - 06/09/2022 at 8 pm ET

Jan. 6: The Story So Far : politics
Jan. 6 panels 1,000 witnesses: From Trump aides to rioters
Hearings guide: What to know as the Jan. 6 panel goes public : politics

Jan. 6 Committee Finds Trump Was At the Center of Coordinated, Multi-Step Effort to Overturn 2020 Election Results

Video obtained by Jan. 6 committee shows new scenes of Capitol violence: Exclusive : politics

Jan. 6 panel to put Trump at center of coordinated, multistep effort to overturn election
Leaked audio shows Kevin McCarthy demanding inquiry into Jan. 6 riot, a position he later completely reversed : politics

Trump and Unreleased Video Expected to Be Focus of First Jan 6. Hearing - The New York Times The House panel investigating the attack will lead its public sessions with video testimony from people close to the former president and footage revealing the role of the Proud Boys.
Trump will lose his mind: The 6 Jan hearings vow to change history - Heres what to expect

Opinion | Has the Jan. 6 committee finally found its John Dean? - The Washington Post Brad Raffensperger. The Georgia secretary of state is reportedly in talks with the committee about offering public testimony.

New court filings raise questions about Sen. Mike Lees involvement in attempts to overturn the 2020 election

The January 6 Committee Must Expose Trumps Ties to White Supremacy: Yes, the main job is to tie Trump to the sedition we saw that day. But lets not forget the emotion that drove so much of it.

Just Before He Swept Jan 6 Under The Rug, McCarthy Privately Warned That GOPers Cant Sweep ThisUnder The Rug

The January 6 Hearings Can Change Everything, if We Let Them. Unlike Robert Mueller, this committee knows how to cut through the noise. : politics

Hutchinson, former Meadows aide, replaces lawyer on cusp of Jan. 6 hearings : politics

Is authoritarianism bad for journalism? Views differ - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Joe Biden on Issuing Gun Control Executive Order: I Dont Want to Emulate Trumps Abuse of the Constitution

Pulverized - Lawyers, Guns & Money - This account of what an AR-15 does to bodies is painful but necessary to hear:
Here are the 10 House Republicans that voted to raise the minimum age for buying semi-automatic weapons from 18 to 21 : politics
Uvalde Pediatrician To Congress: Children Die Because You Allow Teenage Gun Sales : politics

Praise for Uvalde shooter and call for copycats is growing online, Homeland Security warns : news
Aware of Injuries Inside, Uvalde Police Waited to Confront Gunman - The New York Times
Uvalde superintendent says district to hire more police | WGN-TV (to stand around and do nothing while kids bleed to death)
Rep. Pat Fallon Blames Mass Shootings on Dang Smartphones: The Texas Congressman is the Latest Republican Politician to Ignore the Fact That Every Single Mass Shooting, by Definition, Involves Guns ... Pat Fallon has taken $11,323 from the NRA ... He must be new ...
Heres how gun control measures have curbed violence in several countries
After Uvalde, poll finds increased support for gun measures : NPR

AOC slams Matt Gaetz bad haircut, cheap suit, here on papas money after he invokes suicide of Jamie Raskins son

How the House Landscape Changed : A mild decline in competitive seats, and a spike in safe Republican ones

Carl Paladino: Hitler is "the kind of leader we need today. We need somebody inspirational." | Media Matters for America

Opinion: Its time for Dianne Feinstein to step aside

American trust in government near historic lows Pew finds

Facebooks 2018 algorithm change boosted local GOP groups, research finds (Fuckerberged the whole country)

FBI arrests Michigan GOP governor candidate : politics

DeSantis spokesperson attacks LGBTQ Nation on Twitter with fake photo of drag queenUnfortunately for churnalists, people have eyes, Christina Pushaw tweeted. But instead of a photo of a drag queen, she shared a cropped pro-Nazi meme.

Pew study: 5 percent of young adults identify as transgender or nonbinary - The Washington Post (refucks consider concentration camps)

Are you a Trump Republican or a Romney Republican? Poll reveals Utahns preference (refucks prefer the dumb fucker)
Are Crossover Efforts to Defeat Extreme Republicans Gaining Ground? | The New Yorker Utah Democrats are taking extraordinary action, and other groups are pursuing new strategies to safeguard democratic norms.

News Analysis: Ten years later, California's top two primary isnt always what it seems

Rural Americas Revival Depends on Immigrants

House Democrats fail to override governors weed veto, killing chances of legalization (Bidenland fucks itself)

Justice Department opens probe into Louisiana State Police | AP News ... . Dozens of current and former troopers said the beatings were countenanced by a culture of impunity, nepotism and, in some cases, outright racism.

The Washington Post Fires Felicia Sonmez Amid Week of Infighting exit caps off nearly a full week of highly public drama at the paper (attention-seeking drama queen)
Felicia Sonmez Is Fired by The Washington Post - The New York Times Ms. Sonmez, a national political reporter, has been at the center of a debate over The Posts social media policies.
Felicia Sonmez: Washington Post reporter fired after a week of feuding with colleagues - CNN In her Thursday thread, Sonmez suggested that The Post was only a good workplace for those who are white and highly paid.

Eschaton: The New York Times's Worst Journalist : Michael Powell
Why Does the New York Times Feel the Need To Inject Transphobia Into the Fight for Abortion Access? (shit is deep at the fucking newspaper)

Gannett urges hundreds of newspapers to pare back opinion pages - The Washington Post ... (Just watch Fox, they say)

Some in the entertainment business had once seen him as a possible candidate to succeed Bob Chapek as Disneys chief executive.

Geico must pay Missouri woman who got an STD during car sex $5.2 million in damages, court says - The Washington Post

How the Amish Use Technology | WIRED Community members relationships to smartphones or the internet reflect local values and nuances of group identity.

How Harmful Is Social Media? | The New Yorker But studies offer surprisingly few easy answers ... n April, the social psychologist Jonathan Haidt published an essay in The Atlantic in which he sought to explain, as the pieces title had it, Why the Past 10 Years of American Life Have Been Uniquely Stupid.

A New Kind of Genome Editing Is Here to Fine-Tune DNA | WIRED ... Instead of deleting genes, epigenetic editing modulates their activity. A new paper tests if its able to undo a genetic effect of early alcohol exposure.

The medical power of hypnosis - BBC Future
Neuroscience For Kids - stroop effect

Why your favourite colour is probably blue - BBC Future

Individualised mRNA vaccine shows promise in pancreatic cancer patients : worldnews

Cannabis users more likely to misperceive how well their romantic relationships are functioning : science

u/joncash details the extreme endurance of humans compared to other animals, leading to thread speculating about the root cause of human diaspora : bestof
65,000 year-old Swiss Army knife proves ancient humans shared knowledge, research says

If twins are born via IVF, are those twins any more likely to have natural twins or their own? : askscience

Going under anesthesia? Scientists reveal what happens inside your unconscious brain : worldnews


Microplastics found in freshly fallen Antarctic snow for first time : worldnews

Australian coal mines are leaking up to 10 times more methane than reported, study finds ... Conservative government was in power for 10 years, they were going to screw the world for money, its just how it is.

Parts of Southern California used 26% more water in April, despite conservation pleas : politics

52% globally say cycling in their area is too dangerous : worldnews

Revised Moderna Vaccine Works Better Against Omicron, Trial Suggests - The New York Times The findings indicate that the updated vaccine produced a significantly stronger immune response against Omicron, but it is unclear how it will fare against future versions of the virus ... the levels of neutralizing antibodies triggered by the updated vaccine were two to threefold lower against the BA.4 and BA.5 subvariants, compared to against Omicron. (virus: hold my beer)

An abrupt change in C.D.C. guidance underscores a little-known phenomenon: On occasion, monkeypox can be transmitted through aerosols, similar to the coronavirus.
Canada issues travel notice as monkeypox continues to spread around the world : worldnews

The world economy is facing weaker growth, stronger inflation and potentially long-lasting damage to supply chains from the shock of war in Ukraine : worldnews

Victims speak up as Japan moves to protect young people in porn : worldnews

Ultra-Wealthy Thai Cop Joe Ferrari Given Life in Prison for Torturing Suspect to Death

Nieces of S. Koreas attorney general accused of plagiarizing six papers at American university

Scholars Condemn UN Human Rights Chiefs Silence on Chinas Abuses Against Uyghurs After Xinjiang Visit

Russian losses to date: 31,500 military personnel : worldnews
Russia is weaponizing food supplies to blackmail the world
Putin Postpones Marathon Phone-In for First Time in 18 Years
One change Ive noticed in Russia: the increasingly aggressive language/tone of officials. Today ex-president Medvedev posted: I hate them. They are bastards & degenerates. They want us, Russia, deadIll do all I can to make them disappear(he didnt say who they were
Russia threatens direct airstrikes on Ukrainian soldiers homes
The deputy of the Russian Duma proposes to revoke the recognition of Lithuanias independence.
Putin Sacks 5 Russian Generals as Russian Army Sinks in Graft and Incompetence | SOFREP ,,. With its generals dead and others being purged out of military service, and over 30,000 Russian troops also dead, its becoming clear why their military has not been performing well in Ukraine. The Russian military is in deep trouble, riddled with corruption, manufacturing issues, morale issues, and logistics issues that are all symptomatic of far larger problems within the Russian government, and it all points to one person -- Putin.

IBM begins laying off its entire Russian workforce : worldnews

Moscows chief rabbi in exile after refusing to back Ukraine invasion, relative says

A major Russian radio station was hacked and started broadcasting Ukraines national anthem and anti-war songs

Russia trying to hijack German telescope : worldnews

Only God can help: Hundreds die as Somalia faces famine

Report: Iran turns off 2 of UN nuclear watchdogs cameras

President Volodymyr Zelenskiy said Ukraine plans to launch a Book of Executioners to detail war crimes committed during Russias occupation https://
Ukraine seeks to purchase Iron Dome missile-defense system from Israel : worldnews

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 105, Part 1 (Thread #245) : worldnews

NEW: Todays control-of-terrain maps for #Russiasinvasion of #Ukraine from @TheStudyofWar and @criticalthreats .
ay 105, June 8. Summary of Arestovych and Feygin daily broadcast

Ukraine says it destroyed an elite Russian unit in eastern Ukraine after a grueling 14-hour battle
Russia almost fully in control of Donbas province, now holds 20 percent of Ukraine. : worldnews

What happens when you bring a 70 year old D-20 howitzer out of storage and attempt to use it against Ukraine? Id say ask the artillerymen but theyre probably no longer with us. Overshooting and poor maintenance across the Russian army will lead to many more of these pics
Russians reportedly tried to close the Ukrainian bridgehead around the Inhulets river yesterday, they suffered heavy losses and had to retreat several kilometres behind their forward positions to reconsolidate.
Remarkable drone footage showing a pair of Ukrainian Su-25 aircrafts from the 16th Separate Army Aviation Brigade launching rockets toward their Russian targets.

Op-ed: The New Russian Offensive Is Intended to Project Power It Cannot Sustain

Outrage in Poland over new pregnancy register on the back of near-total abortion ban

We Have Done Enough: Bulgaria Rejects Ukraines Plea for Heavy Weapons

Italy arrests Pakistanis linked to 2020 Charlie Hebdo attack : worldnews

Berlin: About 30 injured after vehicle drives into crowd : worldnews

England football fans displaying Nazi salute arrested in Munich : worldnews

Colombias army has shared unprecedented images of the legendary San Jose galleon shipwreck, hidden underwater for three centuries and believed to have been carrying riches worth billions of dollars in todays money

NDP wants to redistribute excess corporate profits to Canadians to ease inflation

EXCLUSIVE: U.S. Government Ordered Travel Companies To Spy On Russian Hacker For Years And Report His Whereabouts Every Week

FBI seizes retired generals data related to Qatar lobbying

The IRS is working to increase its audit rates for higher earners : politics

Abbott Received Former Employee s Warnings on Baby-Formula Plant Earlier Than Previously Known - A complaint raising issues about the plant was sent to OSHA in Feb. 2021; Abbott has restarted production of some formulas at Sturgis, Mich., plant

Biden's Approval Rating Sinks to New Low - Trump was markedly more popular at a similar point in his presidency ... slipping below 40% for the first time since he entered office ... 58% of voters disapprove of Bidens job performance and 39% approve

After the leak, the Supreme Court seethes with resentment and fear behind the scenes : politics
Six Predictions About the End of Roe, Based on Research : politics

High court limits suing officials over rights violations : politics

Man with weapon arrested near Brett Kavanaugh's home, officials say - The man allegedly told police he wanted to kill a Supreme Court justice, according to court documents

Democrats fret as Garlands January 6 investigation creeps closer to pre-midterm deadline (running out the clock)

More than 300 people have pleaded guilty to Jan. 6 charges : politics
The January 6 Committee Doesnt Need New Bombshells We Already Know What Happened.
Capitol attacks full story: Jan. 6 panels chilling details
You Cant Follow The Action Without A Score Card
Primer on the Hearings of the January 6th Select Committee

Inside the Capitol Cops' Jan. 6 Blame Game - New documents and whistleblower claims describe critical intelligence failures ahead of the insurrection

Mark Meadows Was Trumps Matador for His Election LiesWithout the former Presidents fourth and final White House chief of staff, January 6th might never have happened.
Judge to Eastman: Give Jan. 6 committee more emails, including the one presenting evidence of a likely crime : politics
Another disclosure order for Carl Schmitt for Dummies - Lawyers, Guns & Money
Top Trump White House lawyer in active talks with Jan. 6 committee to testify publicly - ABC News Pat Cipollone was one of the few aides with Trump in the West Wing on Jan. 6.

Majority of Proud Boys indicted for sedition were U.S. military veterans

Dont Let Anyone Tell You the January 6 Hearings Dont Matter
The January 6 committee is doing what the political media failed to do | Press Watch (hello, Fucking Newspaper)

Audio shows Trump-endorsed Arizona Senate candidate questioned whether January 6 attack was set up by FBI : politics

Study finds widening gap in death rates between US areas that vote for Democratic rather than Republican party : science

House to vote on gun measures just hours after wrenching testimony - The Washington Post (Supremos will overrule)
(1) House Hearing on Gun Violence: Follow Live Updates - The New York Times Lawmakers followed a morning of emotional testimony from survivors of recent gun violence by hearing from expert witnesses.
Nearly 3 Out Of 4 Support Raising Legal Age To Buy Any Gun, Quinnipiac University National Poll Finds; Support For Assault Weapons Ban Hits A Low

Colorado to Examine Lauren Boeberts Mileage Claims and Tax Liens

Republican Rep. Madison Cawthorn failed to properly disclose up to $950,000 in cryptocurrency trades, including Let's s Go Brandon coin, bitcoin, and ethereum

Trouble in Trumpworld as Marjorie Taylor Greene attacks Lindsey Graham : politics

How Jared Kushner Washed His Hands of Donald Trump Before Jan. 6 ... One of the most striking realizations that emerged from the book research was how many people around Mr. Trump did not believe the election had been stolen but kept quiet or checked out, including White House officials and campaign aides.

House panel probes serious deficiencies in Trumps accounting of foreign gifts

NY Times frames Jan 6 hearings as Democratic political messaging stunt - What Digby says update

Anti-Trump GOP Groups Scathing Ad Urges Everyone To Watch Jan. 6 Hearings

Fox News viewers have no clue: Network blocks nearly all critical coverage of Donald Trump : politics
Fox News's blackout of Jan. 6 points to a hidden crisis for Democrats ... Fox hosts are gearing up to substitute a propagandistic alternative story in which the only real victims related to Jan. 6 and the hearings are Trump and his supporters.
Fox News Liberal Guest Totally Shuts Down Sean Duffy Criticizing Biden Vacations: Curious Why You Skipped Trumps 298 Trips to Mar-a-Lago

To an American right winger, freedom means the freedom to do what you want and the freedom to tell other people what they have to do. Both freedoms are crucial, and are not seen as being in any kind of tension, for the reasons explained in the thread. basically an ideologized version of oppositional defiant disorder. Or, you know, fascism.
This is a thread on Republican messaging. The press doesnt want to have a direct conversation with you about this. So as a former Republican who is now a consistent Democratic voter, I will. Thread.

Arizona county didnt accept 18K ballots after 2020 election day
Troy councilwoman pleads to federal criminal charge in ballot-fraud case : politics

DeSantis seeks control over universities, targeting tenure, politicized classes

GOP Senate candidate Blake Masters roughs up 73-year-old Dem. protester in Green Valley : politics

South Dakotans Crush GOP Effort to Preemptively Sabotage Medicaid Expansion Vote : politics

Chesa Boudin ousted as San Francisco District Attorney in historic recall : politics
Editorial: No, California didnt just send a message on crimeonly voter apathy
Chesa Boudin Recall: How San Francisco Became a Failed City - The Atlantic And how it could recover
The specious return of "Tough on Crime" politics - Lawyers, Guns & Money ... Boudins anarchist policies are so pernicious theyre causing large homicide increases in such hippie enclaves as Tulsa and Oklahoma City!
California US House races could tip power in Congress : politics

The sex pest and the team that helped cover it up - Lawyers, Guns & Money The more evidence that comes out about DeSaun Watson, the worse it looks:

Worries about possible Supreme Court action has Utah lawmaker pushing to repeal the states ban on same-sex marriage. Sen. Derek Kitchen wants to repeal Utahs law banning same-sex unions, but a constitutional prohibition would remain on the books. (Mor-Mons)

Michigan moves to outlaw fake urine as marijuana popularity soars : politics

Pa. Senate race recount shows accuracy of initial vote count - Elections officials and experts said the fact that the numbers barely shifted in counties big and small, Democratic and Republican should build public trust. Mehmet Oz beat David McCormick by 951 votes in the Republican Senate primary roughly the same margin as after the votes were first counted. (only with people capable of thinking)

Mother says San Antonio police killed her 13-yearold son and it took them five days to tell her

AZ man spent 17 days in jail for crime he didnt commit. He blames American Airlines (add the fucking copsters)

A Full Breakdown of the Ongoing Drama at the Washington Post
Clusterf--k: Inside The Washington Posts Social Media MeltdownA flurry of Twitter flare-ups and Slack spats involving Post journalists, along with a controversial suspension, have upended the newsroom and are presenting a major test for executive editor Sally Buzbee, who urged staff Tuesday to be constructive and collegial

Turmeric and Prostate Cancer, YES there is evidence supporting its use

Cancer Medicine News: First time in history; Cancer vanishes from every patients body in drug trial | - Times of India
Doctors Take Out Patients Damaged Liver, Transplant It Back After Treating It
Gel that repairs heart attack damage could improve health of millions : worldnews

The Strange and Secret Ways That Animals Perceive the World | The New Yorker

In reversal, Twitter plans to comply with Musks demands for data

TikTok failing as manipulated content, hate speech, and calls to violence viewed 4M times, study finds ("succeeding")


Carbon dioxide levels are now 50% higher than during the pre-industrial era : worldnews

A study has found that there is now a 42% chance that the world may already be locked in to at least 1.5 degrees C of warming above pre-industrial levels, even if emissions are halted today : worldnews

A huge Atlantic ocean current is slowing down. If it collapses, La Nina could become the norm for Australia

The food bank that ran out of food because people can no longer afford to donate

Humans could shrink in wake of climate crisis says fossil expert (literally)

As the Great Salt Lake Dries Up, Utah Faces An Environmental Nuclear BombClimate change and rapid population growth are shrinking the lake, creating a bowl of toxic dust that could poison the air around Salt Lake City.

June 7th, 2022 COVID-19 update: 2,390 new cases, 22 new deaths, 585 hospitalized, 198 for COVID. : CoronavirusMa
Mass. reports 2,040 confirmed COVID-19 cases; 18 deaths reported over three days

CDC says COVID-19 subvariants BA.4 and BA.5 now account for more than 7 percent of New England cases ... the findings aligned with a growing body of evidence that the coronavirus has become more adept at reinfecting people and that outbreaks are likely to continue.

Boston averaging 202 new COVID-19 cases a day with 8.8 percent positivity rate, health officials say - The Boston Globe

The numbers just continue to rise: Patients awaiting psychiatric treatment crowd emergency rooms

Asymptomatic day 11, still testing positive. : CoronavirusMa

China warns Australia against provocativeactions over South China Sea after RAAF interception
Record-breaking exports, big crops put Australian farmers on track for bumper season - ABC News : worldnews

U.S. wins case to seize Russian superyacht in Fiji, sails away : worldnews

South Korea and US fire missiles in warning to North Korea : worldnews
Seoul population continues fall to below 9.5m; down to 7.2m by 2050 : worldnews

U.S. Vows Forceful Response if Kim Holds Nuclear Test

Chinas navy has the worlds largest fleet but only one foreign base to launch ships. Its secretly trying to change that, a report says

The Case Against Appeasement - Puck Allowing Russia to impose its will on the Ukrainians in the name of peacedenying their agency, both as a people and as a democratic stateisnt justice, and it wont bring peace ... It didnt seem to matter to these so-called realists that Ukraine, like Poland and the Baltic states, actively wanted to join the defensive alliance because it was intimately familiar with Russias history of invasion and occupation. Notice, by the way, how Putin didnt stop the war despite Volodymyr Zelenskys offer of neutrality

Blinken says there are credible reports Russia is stealing Ukraines grain and selling it, accusing Moscow of trying to 'blackmail' the world with a food crisis
Russias envoy storms out of U.N. meeting amid allegations his country is weaponizing rape and food in Ukraine
Russia puts journalist on wanted list after he exposed Putins purges of spy agency blamed for failings in Ukraine
Russia adds popular sci-fi writer Dmitry Glukhovsky to its wanted list : worldnews

Exhausted Russian fighters complain of conditions in eastern Ukraine. States over 90% have never fought before and saw a Kalashnikov for the first time. : worldnews

War in Ukraine. Medvedev: I hate whoever is against Russia, I will do everything to eliminate them

Putin loses another top soldier as The Executioner killed by sniper

Putin took everything from us, and we just let him

2 senior executives at Russias VK social media network died in an off-road vehicle accident ... This was special off road operation

Russian auto sales plunge 83.5% in May, another historic dive : worldnews

Russia's Cyber Warfare Reputation Lies In Ruins As Anonymous Hacktivists Raid Central Bank Again : worldnews Russias Cyber Warfare Reputation Lies In Ruins As Anonymous Hacktivists Raid Central Bank Again
Russian ministry website appears hacked; RIA reports users data protected : worldnews

Al-Qaeda Threatens Attacks in Parts of India Including Delhi, Mumbai Over Controversial Remarks on Prophet : worldnews
Aisha - Wikipedia ... 6 at marriage and 9 at consumption. (Ho-fuck was a big pedo)

Chad declares food emergency as grain supplies fall | Chads transitional government has declared a food and nutrition emergency in the wake of the Ukraine war and a poor harvest. In neighboring Niger and much of the African continent, food insecurity is skyrocketing.

Saudi Arabia hikes oil prices sharply, sending US crude futures up to a 3-month high : worldnews

American woman to plead guilty to leading all-female Islamic State battalion : worldnews

The continued occupation by Israel of Palestinian territory and discrimination against Palestinians are the key root causes of recurrent tensions, instability and protraction of conflict in the region, according to the first report by the new United Nations Independent International Commission : worldnews (good job, Jews)

Global interest in Ukraine war may slide, Zelensky admits : worldnews
President Volodymyr Zelenskyy said that Western politicians and the media are beginning to push Ukraine to end the war with a result that is not beneficial for Ukraine, but Zelenskyy assured that he is not holding such talks with anyone : worldnews
Zelenskiy says 75 mln tonnes of grain could be stuck in Ukraine by autumn : worldnews
Ukrainians in territories temporarily occupied by Russia resist invaders and reject their rule. We honor their bravery and want each one of them to know: Ukraine admires you, Ukraine misses you, Ukraine will be back!

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 104, Part 1 (Thread #244) : worldnews

According to the UNs human rights agency, as of June 6, Russias war against Ukraine has killed at least 4,253 civilians and wounded at least 5,141. The agency believes the actual figures are considerably higher.

NEW: Ukrainian forces have recaptured parts of the contested Donbas city of Sieverodonetsk, but Russia continues to occupy eastern districts: UK Defense Intel Russia is likely trying to cut off Sieverodonetsk from both the north and the south.
Ukrainian Troops Bomb Russian Targets In Hotly-Contested Severodonetsk : worldnews

Western Leaders Ought to Take Escalation Over Ukraine Seriously - War on the Rocks
War Update - Lawyers, Guns & Money
As war drags on, Ukrainians start to ask: could we have prepared better? | Ukraine | The Guardian Some are looking back at weeks before invasion and asking if more could have been done ... Why did Zelenskiy remain sceptical of the increasingly alarming warnings from US intelligence that Vladimir Putin was planning a full-scale invasion? Could he have done more to prepare the country? Would it have had much effect?
Giving Russian Assets to Ukraine -- Freezing Is Not Seizing

Skateboarding 15-year-old boy hailed hero of Ukraine for saving Kyiv with his toy drone

Estonias PM criticised calls for ceasefire in/by leaders,incl ,,, I'm very worried about premature calls for ceasefire ...
Estonias PM said she had discussed withPresident Macron his point about humiliating Russia's leader, adding it made no sense when Putins onslaught in Ukraine met the UN definition of genocide. Putin is not in a corner. He can very well go back to his own country, Kaja Kallas said

Bulgaria confirms barring Russian Foreign Ministers flight

Poland Establishes Terrifying Pregnancy Register After Banning Almost All Abortions

Germany and Africa forge energy ties: Germany is keen to ditch Russian oil and gas for good and find new sources of energy, while Africa has abundant fuel reserves. The German-Africa Energy Forum is helping delegates develop mutually beneficial partnerships. : worldnews
Deutsche Bank feared Russia would plant spies among IT workers it relocated to Berlin, report says : worldnews

Spains High Court Demands Pompeo Testify on Alleged Plot to Kidnap or Kill Assange

An ex-member of one of the worlds most dangerous mercenary groups has gone public (Wagner fuckers)

Russian oligarch Roman Abramovichs British telecoms company Truphone, once worth half a billion dollars, to be sold for $1
U.S. moves to seize 2 planes believed to belong to Roman Abramovich.In new court filings, the F.B.I. said it had traced the aircraft to the Russian oligarch despite the shell companies involved in their ownership.
U.S. moves to seize 2 planes believed to belong to Roman Abramovich.In new court filings
UK Begins Worlds Largest 4-Day Work Week Trial, Involving 70 Companies

EU agrees single mobile charging port in blow to Apple : worldnews
USB-C will be mandatory for phones sold in the EU by autumn 2024

Mexican President wont attend US-hosted Summit of the Americas due to exclusion of Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela

Almost a quarter of Canadians report eating less than they should due to rising prices: survey : worldnews

Bezos Was Wrong and Biden Was Right: Taxing the Wealthy Will Help Tame Inflation : politics
n 1969, a rogue attorney for the National Labor Relations Board undermined a critical piece of labor law. Fifty years later, the Biden administration is trying to reverse the damage caused by that decision.

Major union leaders call on Biden to enact robust student-loan forgiveness for everyone, no matter how much they make

DHS bulletin warns US could see more volatile threats fueled by election misinformation and upcoming Supreme Court abortion ruling : politics
US sees heightened extremist threat heading into midterms : politics
Summary of Terrorism Threat to the United States : politics

Hamilton 68: A New Tool to Track Russian Disinformation on Twitter

What Would An American Fascist Government Look Like?

Dont give up on Merrick Garland quite yet

Democrat on Jan. 6 hearing: Were going to see how much Trump was involved
Jan. 6 panel has evidence on Trump showing a lot more than incitement, member says
Trump call on Jan. 6 to walk down to the Capitol prompted Secret Service scramble
Secret Service tried to secure a motorcade route for Trump to go to the Capitol ahead of the January 6 riot: report : politics

Report: Trump to Terrorize Nation With 2024 Announcement Soon : politics

White Christian nationalism fueled Jan. 6 attack : politics
Opinion | What Comes After the Religious Right? : politics
Opinion | Republicans Are Now the Party of the Nonreligious Right - The New York Times

What is People of Praise? "Cult" tied to Amy Coney Barrett : politics
The post-Roe world will be one of authoritarian chaos - Lawyers, Guns & Money
Mark Joseph Stern on Twitter: "Overturning Roe simply opens up new battles, including criminalization of travel for an out-of-state abortion, red state efforts to shut down blue state clinics, and the prosecution of those who buy and use medication abortion. It is going to be a carceral nightmare." / Twitter
The New Abortion Battleground

14 senators missed their first vote after being away from Washington for a week and a half over the Memorial Day holiday. : politics ... who have heartily embraced proxy votinghave seen a 58% decrease in absences from suspension votes, while Republicanswho largely rejected the process before early 2021had a 79% increase in absences on the same votes.

Jan. 6 insurrection hearings: How to watch and what to know : politics
A shocker in the Proud Boys indictment exposes the rights long game

Lawmaker calls out Foxs decision not to air Jan. 6 hearings
House Democrat: Its harder to get the news through Fox than Russian television
An Infamous Day. A Search For Answers. Will America Tune In? : politics (71 million fox watchers say no)
Fox News will not air continuous coverage of Jan 6 hearings as Trump plans messaging blitz : politics
Op-Ed: Its not partisan for the media to expose the GOPs lies (=Fox lies)

Trump officials being investigated for stealing diplomatic gifts did more than embarrass us : politics

More than half of the GOP primary winners so far believe The Big Lie : politics

The Dem Elites Who Didn't Know When to Quit - Lawyers, Guns & Money Rebecca Traisters profile of Dianne Feinstein is long and nuanced, but the bottom line is someone who fell in love with a particular way of doing things in the Senate and is determined to continue to live in the past rather than adapting to new realities or quitting and letting someone who can do the job ... The design of the Senate is perfectly designed to produce narcissists who think that byzantine counter-majoritarian rules are actually a point of pride, like mastering a secret handshake. But Feinstein is a particularly egregious case.

Democrats Are Mounting a Response to the Great Replacement Theory : politics
White supremacist attacks stir GOP fears for safety of White people (+usual cast of rightwing assholes)

New York City Is a Lot Safer Than Small-Town America " Rising homicide rates don't tell the whole story. When you dig deeper into data on deaths, youll find the more urban your surroundings, the less danger you face.

Nearly half of Republicans think US has to live with mass shootings, poll finds | US politics : politics
Still facing nightmares, Uvalde survivor Miah Cerrillo, 11, will testify at House hearing on guns : politics
There will be no gun control: For many white Americans, the idea of the gun is all they have left : politics
Uvalde and the Border Security Scam : politics
Beyer Proposes Filibuster-Proof 1,000% Tax on AR-15s : politics

The GOP drive to install thousands of poll workers sets off alarms : politics

Email reveals Trump campaign told fake electors in Georgia to use complete secrecy

Michigan widens probe into voting system breaches by Trump allies : politics

Obscure Languages - Lawyers, Guns & Money The Michigan prison system responds to diversity exactly like you would expect a bunch of fascists to react. (banning dictionaries)

PAC Sparks Complaints For Handing Out $25 Gas Vouchers While Campaigning For Herschel Walker | Georgians wonder why they cant give voters waiting on long lines water, but a super PAC stumping for Herschel Walker can pass out gas vouchers.

Judge rejects Louisiana congressional map with only one Black district The judge ordered the GOP-led Legislature to submit a new plan by June 20. : politics
Louisiana ban on transgender athletes competing in girls, womens sports becomes law

The answer is no: Mohave County judge rejects Republican Party of Arizona lawsuit to end early voting

Florida undercounted COVID cases and deaths, failed to get test results, state audit says : politics

North Carolinas Lieutenant Governor Takes Sexism To Biblical New Low ... We are called to be led by men ... God sent women out when they had to do their thing, but when it was time to face down Goliath, [he] sent David. Not Davida
GOP Lt. Governor says God made men big & hairy & ugly to scare away predator-teachers in schools

Texas Legislator Wants to Ban Minors From Drag Events : politics

Bernie Sanders Ally John Fetterman Is Using Fox News to Take Down Dr. Oz : politics

In California, Newsom runs for reelection 9 months after defeating a recall attempt : politics

A Chilling Assassination in Wisconsin : politics
Would Republicans Act Against Extremism if Right-Wingers Assassinated Republican Leadership? - Lawyers, Guns & Money
Man accused of killing Wisconsin judge dies in hospital | AP News

Seven Days In May - Lawyers, Guns & Money Everybody who had anything to do with Epstein knew what he was doing with young girls, Davidson says. Bill Clinton. Bill Gates. Major universities whitewashed Epstein for pay.
I wrote something provocative about how I know stuff about Jeffrey Epstein and cant publish it.Ill do my best to explain and reveal here. It provides, I think, a good lesson in why it is hard to publish stories about bad things done by the rich and powerful: ... Epstein reportedly raped up to 3 girls a day for years. Most came once or just a few times. Their names are not known by anyone. Thats thousands of victims who are invisible. (hello, Pevan Stinker)
Elite institutions--like some universities, museums, other nonprofits--sell a product to disgraced men: reputation recovery. They call it the Halo effect.In Jeffrey Epsteins case it was more awful. It was a central piece in his grooming apparatus ... Bill Gates is the best: he needed Epstein to help him find rich donors? Who would Epstein have access to that Gates wouldnt? ... MIT, Harvard, Interlochen, Edge sold something of enormous value to Epstein, something only they could offer.

Something has happened at The Washington Post over the last few days that is so bizarre and petty, its hard for me to explain it to people who dont work in journalism without sounding nuts
Rod Dreher - Fragile Felicia & The Prissy Post

Kara Swisher Leaves the New York Times for Vox Media Return - Bloomberg Noted commentator, tech reporter will host a new companion podcast

Quick Film Rec: Fire Island - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Escape From the Gilded Cage | History | Smithsonian Magazine Even if her husband was a murderer, a woman in a bad marriage once had few options. Unless she fled to South Dakota
A Boston husband headed to the wild west for a divorce. He ended up with two wives. - The Boston Globe In the 1890s, Sioux Falls, South Dakota became a divorce colony for well-heeled Americans looking to legally separate. Then one Bostonians personal dramas turned up at the Supreme Court.

How many friends should you really have? - Vox When it comes to friendship, quality is better than quantity.

Yi-An Huang 05 Selected by Council to Serve as Cambridges Next City Manager

Harvard Asks Judge to Dismiss Comaroff Sexual Harassment Lawsuit | News | The Harvard Crimson

Portrait of the Human as a Young Hominin : How the world looked when we were Australopithecus.

Move aside, Jurassic Park: meet our dinosaur-eating ancestors / Twitter

Relational Quantum Mechanics and Ordinary Objects : PhilosophyofScience
[0706.2661] Einstein, incompleteness, and the epistemic view of quantum states

A pair of eagles interlocked. Been after this shot for years : pics

If Musk was truly worried about how Twitter measures the bots on its site he could have asked before he signed the deal (Princess Hair-Plugs needs the attention)


Amino acids found in asteroid samples collected by Hayabusa2 probe : worldnews

Hidden world of marine life discovered in Antarctica riverunder ice

One in every five species of reptiles worldwide is facing extinction, study finds : worldnews

Tobacco industry severely damages environment: WHO : worldnews

4 shot dead in protest against dangerous wildlife : worldnews

Danger zone activated as volcano in the Philippines spews out 1km-long ash cloud

June 6th, 2022 COVID-19 update: 5,517 weekend cases, 7 weekend deaths, 660 hospitalized, 215 for COVID. : CoronavirusMa
In its first COVID-19 data report since Friday, Mass. reports 5,060 confirmed cases; 6 deaths reported Friday

For many people with long COVID, a good nights sleep may be hard to get, study says

Even Mild COVID Can Increase the Risk of Heart Problems : worldnews

COVID and the right wing epistemic bubble - Lawyers, Guns & Money ... This insane rant from right wing intellectual Victor Davis Hanson captures nicely the alternative universe that the American conservative movement now inhabits ... What is the lesson movement conservatism, aka revenant fascism American-style, will have learned from all this? ... Something like this was always going to be the narrative, whether the final death toll in the USA from COVID was 20,000 or 4,000,000, becauseconservative narratives are totally unaffected by empirical reality, since any contact with empirical reality inoculates against conservatism even more effectively than the mRNA vaccines protect against COVID-19.

China secretly building PLA naval facility in Cambodia, Western officials say

US, S. Korea fire missiles to sea, matching Norths launches

Many countries support cutting ties with China if it attacks Taiwan: poll : worldnews

Beijing chafes at Moscows requests for support, Chinese officials say leadership wants to expand assistance for Russia without running afoul of Western sanctions and has set limits on what it will do
Chinas censorship of top livestreamer introduces fans to Tiananmen Square massacre
Anonymous hacks Chinese educational site to mark Tiananmen massacre : worldnews

Stephen Kotkin: The Ukrainian resistance to Russian aggression was one of the greatest gifts the West has ever received.
The Ukraine War: Chomsky Responds - ... Even if we were to assume that Putin is presently disinclined to negotiate (or negotiates in bad faith), what will Ukraine and Zelensky do after the United States decides to stop paying billions to keep the war going, growing tired of the costs of its militaristic solidarity? ("realist")

The Russian Offensive Is Projecting Power It Cannot Sustain | Time ... TL;DR Russia looks shaky now and they are mostly likely making a desperate push to look strong and try and take Donbas. While they have some success with the WW1 era artillery heavy tactics with weak breakthroughs they don't think it's gonna work forever. They also advice people to not get demoralized over the Donbas fight. Its important but they still think Ukraine can win the war as long as they dont suffer a huge strategic loss of combat strength and the western support keeps flowing in.
Ukraine war: Putin vows to hit new targets if West sends weapons to Ukraine : worldnews
Closed airspace forces cancellation of Russian foreign ministers visit to Serbia
Russia, which has unleashed the unprovoked war against Ukraine, is fully responsible for shortages in international trade in grains and the related global food security threats. -- Josep Borrell, High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy : worldnews

As war drags on, Putin will struggle to hide Russian mothersgrief

Russian ministry website appears hacked; RIA reports users data protected : worldnews

Russia Deploys Iskander, Pantsir And S-400 Missile Systems Along Belarusian-Ukrainian Border : worldnews

Kazakhstan holds vote on proposed constitutional reforms : worldnews
Kazakhs vote to strip founding figure Nazarbayev of privileges in referendum : worldnews

Pakistani airstrikes in Afghanistan trigger diplomatic row - Times of India : worldnews
I Lost Everything : Pakistani Airstrikes Escalate Conflict on Afghan Border - The airstrikes killed at least 45 people, stoking fears of a violent resurgence of the conflict in eastern Afghanistan, which has become a base for Pakistani militants.

Erdogan to enact new laws to silence opposition on social media before the elections
Erdogan wants Swedish PM to fire defence minister : worldnews

Nigeria Owo church attack: Gunmen kill Catholic worshippers in Ondo : worldnews

Superstores in Arab states remove Indian products, sack Hindu workers : worldnews
Syria: Leaked video exposes Assad killing machine : worldnews

British geologist jailed in Iraq after taking artefacts : worldnews

Will Iran Build A Bomb If The JCPOA Talks Fail? - Lawyers, Guns & Money

You all deserve victory: Zelenskiy visits Ukraine troops on eastern frontline
Zelensky calls for exclusion of Russia from UNESCO after shelling of Sviatohirska Lavra : worldnews
UKs Johnson and Ukraines Zelenskiy discuss ways to end blockade of Ukraines ports

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 103, Part 1 (Thread #243) : worldnews

Ukraine kills TWO of Putins generals in one strike as huge toll reached
Ukrainian Ambush kills BOTH Russian Lieutenant General Roman Berdnikov and Major General Roman Kutuzov : ukraine

Latest Defence Intelligence update on the situation in Ukraine6 June 2022

Nearly 700,000 Ukrainian servicemen taking part in war with Russia : ukraine undefined

French CAESAR Self-Propelled Gun Have Already Destroyed 80 Enemy Artillery Systems | Defense Express : ukraine
Luhansk Oblast Governor: Ukrainian position in Sievierodonetsk worsens amid heavy fighting. According to Serhiy Haidai, the Ukrainian military in Sievierodonetsk is under renewed attack, holding positions in the industrial part of the city.
Ukrainian troops beat back Russians in battle for Severodonetsk : worldnews
Kyiv regains ground in Kherson after strengthening positions around the city : worldnews

Russias war crimes: 28 more civilians reported killed in Kharkiv Region
Gunned down on a mercy mission: Witnesses say Russian troops killed Hostomel mayor and two volunteers : worldnews
Russia destroyed 43 religious buildings in Donetsk: Ukrainian official : worldnews

Oil prices hit three-month-high of $120 a barrel despite increased OPEC+ monthly output target : worldnews
European shipping firms making a mockery of Russia sanctions as oil cargos double
Russias war on Ukraine: EU adopts sixth package of sanctions against Russia
Europe: Free public transport gains traction : worldnews
Return of work from home plan to save fuel in event of crisis caused by Ukraine war

Poland accepts 3.86 mln refugees since war in Ukraine started : worldnews

The Independent: UK to provide Ukraine with long-range missiles after Russia strikes Kyiv. British Defense Secretary Ben Wallace announced that the U.K. will send an unspecified number of M270 launchers.
UK to send long-range rocket artillery to Ukraine despite Russian threats : worldnews
Boris Johnson to face no confidence vote today as scores of Tory MPs call on him to go : worldnews
BoJo wins no confidence vote, sort of - Lawyers, Guns & Money ... Also it really hurts that this buffoonish clown looks like Disraeli and Gladstone all rolled into one compared to our own barely crypto-fascist reality TV star.
UK Soldiers win legal battle to rescue Afghan interpreter : worldnews

Ukrainian refugees whove fled to Canada can now apply for government income support
Canada announces one-time $3,000 payment for Ukrainian refugees

Biden to announce new executive actions to spur domestic solar, clean energy development : politics

10M US kids to be impacted when universal access to free school meals ends this summer : politics
Nearly half of families with kids can no longer afford enough food 5 months after child tax credit ended : politics

Biden Decision on Student-Loan Forgiveness Unlikely Until Later in Summer, Officials Say - WSJ

Three Supreme Court Cases to Watch Beyond Abortion Rights - The Court is considering cases about the Second Amendment, EPA regulations to limit climate change, and the separation of church and state : politics
Is the SCOTUS Leak Investigation Legal? Maybe, But It Is Also Hypocritical and Potentially Counterproductive : politics
Legal claims shed light on founder of faith group tied to Amy Coney Barrett : politics ... The founder of the People of Praise, a secretive charismatic Christian group that counts supreme court justice Amy Coney Barrett as a member, was described in a sworn affidavit filed in the 1990s as exerting almost total control over one of the groups female members, including making all decisions about her finances and dating relationships.
What Roe said was irrelevant - Lawyers, Guns & Money ... the idea that any of the Courts current anti-Roe majority would have voted differently had Roe been decided on equal protection grounds in 1976 is absolutely fantastical. (and, among other problems, RBG was an idiot)
Since 2020, the US Supreme Court has become much more conservative than the US public on policy issues. Prior to 2020, the courts position was quite close to the average American. The divergence happened when Brett Kavanaugh became the courts median justice upon the appointment Amy Coney Barrett.
The Supreme Courts June of Doom Is Upon Us: The United States of America will be a vastly different country by the end of the month

Joe Manchin missed a furious call from Biden after sinking his $2 trillion spending bill on live TV and turning his phone off: report : politics ... Manchin may be evil, but bidens an idiot for ever thinking he would do the right thing. Same with Biden thinking "rational Republicans" still exists. The guy is delusional.

Opinion | Democrats Can Win This Fall if They Make One Key Promise - The New York Times get clear public commitments from every Senate Democrat (and candidate for Senate) not only to vote for the Roe bill in January 2023 but also to change the filibuster rules to ensure that a majority vote would actually pass the bill and send it to the White House for the presidents signature.
Democrats Can Win This Fall if They Make One Key Promise : politics ... get clear public commitments from every Senate Democrat (and candidate for Senate) not only to vote for the Roe bill in January 2023 but also to change the filibuster rules to ensure that a majority vote would actually pass the bill and send it to the White House for the presidents signature.

Jan. 6 panel seeks to break through with primetime programming : politics
Jan. 6 committee privately divided on abolishing Electoral College, other key reforms : politics
Capitol attack panel to unveil new evidence against Trump at public hearings | US Capitol attack | The Guardian
Raskin says Jan. 6 panel has found more on Trump than 'incitement'
Rep. Liz Cheney Offers Chilling Preview Of Jan. 6 Hearings
Scoop: Jan. 6 committees secret adviser ... the committee has gained access to official White House photographs from Jan. 6, 2021, that have never been seen publicly.

Proud Boys leader Tarrio, 4 top lieutenants charged with seditious conspiracy in Jan. 6 Capitol attack - The Washington Post An indictment handed up by a federal grand jury in D.C. makes the Proud Boys the second far-right group whose members face the rare charge in the January 2021 Capitol attack, following the Oath Keepers and its founder Stewart Rhodes.

How dark money fueled the Jan. 6 insurrection and why wecant find it | Shadowy war gamesfor what happened on Jan. 6 began months earlier but we still dont know who paid for them
Steve Bannon Is a Lit Bomb in the Mouth of Democracy - The Atlantic : American Rasputin : Steve Bannon is still scheming. And he's still a threat to democracy.

Trump Led Multifaceted Criminal Conspiracy to Destroy Democracy, Says George Conway
Fewer Americans now say Trump is responsible for Jan. 6, NBC News poll finds

Trump Wants Childrens Book Defending King Donald In Every School In America

Pete Buttigieg says blaming doorways for school shootings is 'insanity'

Uvalde school board decides against disciplinary action for police chief whose orders delayed a tactical response to shooting : politics

Alleged ideology of Buffalo shooting suspect believed by most Trump voters, poll says : politics

70 percent of American prioritize laws reducing gun violence over gun rights: poll : politics

How Texas punishes companies who discriminate against gun manufacturers

The Trial of the Parkland School Shooter Has Taken an Unusual Turn : The gunman's defense team has asked to withdraw from the case

Supreme Court declines appeal over law licenses from St. Louis couple who waved guns at 2020 protest

To Promote Public Safety, Michigan Authorizes Cops To Rob Travelers at Airports : politics
20,000 Signatures on GOP-Led Voter Fraud Petition in Michigan Were Fraudulent

GOP ads are pulled from the airwaves for being dishonest (again) : The National Republican Senatorial Committee has had two television ads pulled over the course of three weeks. That's both unusual and embarrassing.

Why High Turnout In Georgia Doesnt Mean Voting RestrictionsHavent Had An Effect
Herschel Walker's Pitch For Mist That Magically Kills COVID Targeted In Campaign Ad

What the end of reproductive freedom in Oklahoma where anything bad about Texas they can make worse looks like:

Amid abortion battle, DeSantis vetoes birth-control funding again | For a second year, $2 million to help low-income women get contraception fell to the governors pen.

Milo Yiannopoulos is an intern for Marjorie Taylor Greene | The Hill

The Ohio GOP passed an anti-trans bill that lets people accuse student-athletes of being transgender, forcing a doctor to certify their genitals

A Salvadoran woman in Texas has waited more than 20 years to reunite with her son. A lawsuit could keep them separated. : politics

Louisiana House passes bill criminalizing sale abortion by mailpills

California Prosecutions for Pregnancy Loss Spark Outrage, and a Bill to Stop Future InvestigationsThe charges over two stillbirths are a window into a country where pregnancy outcomes are already policed.

FIRE announces $75 million expansion into off-campus free speech advocacy, defense - Launches $10 million nationwide free speech advertising campaign

The Surreal Case of a C.I.A. Hackers RevengeA hot-headed coder is accused of exposing the agencys hacking arsenal. Did he betray his country because he was pissed off at his colleagues?

I can see by what you carry that you come from Bari-town - Lawyers, Guns & Money ... Georgetown ultimately chose not to fire Ilya Shapiro for saying that a Black woman being chosen for the Supreme Court must inherently be a lesser candidate ... So, following in the footsteps of the queen herself and countless Intellectual Horse Paste Web followers, the next move is obvious:

The Long History of Glenn Greenwald's Kissing Up to the Kremlin : In his world, it seems America can do nothing right and Vladimir Putin can do nothing wrong ... maverick journalist Glenn Greenwald has emerged as one of the loudest anti-Ukraine voices in the American media, with all the usual themes:

Washington Post's Dave Weigel suspended for retweeting sexist remark | CNN Business ... Every girl is bi. You just have to figure out if its polar or sexual

People's History of the Marvel Universe, Week 20: The (Mutant) Registration Act(s) Analyzed - Lawyers, Guns & Money

A Cancer Trial s Unexpected Result: Remission in Every Patient
Small Study on Rectal Cancer Results in Remission in Every Patient - The New York Times A Cancer Trials Unexpected Result: Remission in Every PatientThe study was small, and experts say it needs to be replicated. But for 18 people with rectal cancer, the outcome led to happytears

Today is the one year anniversary of us kicking my mom out of the house for cheating on my dad. I made a cake to celebrate : funny

Elon Musk Threatens to End Twitter Deal Without Information on Spam Accounts - The New York Times (Princess Hairplugs has foot up her ass)
Elon Musk asserts his "right to terminate" Twitter deal : technology


Scientists urge the world to wake up as yet another dire climate record is broken carbon dioxide measured at NOAA 421 parts per million in May. : worldnews

Wind power meets and beats Denmarks total electricity demand two days in a row

Volcano Watch: Over 9000 earthquakes and ground uplift were detected at Mt Thorbjorn, Iceland in the past month, with more Volcanoes now on alert in Iceland : worldnews

Two cases of nose-bleed fever reported in India, one dies : worldnews

NATO invites South Korean President Yoon Suk-yeol as it looks beyond Europe : worldnews

North Korea fires ballistic missile to Sea of Japan: South Korea military : worldnews

Hundreds gather in Taiwan to mark Tiananmen Square anniversary | Tiananmen Square protests 1989 : worldnews
Taiwan president, foreign ministry urge China to remember Tiananmen Massacre : worldnews

Tiananmen: Hong Kong students hide tiny "democracy goddesses" on campus : worldnews
Today, June 4, is the anniversary of the Tiananmen Square massacre. We often see pictures ofTank Mantoday, but rarely do we see pictures of the protest that came before. In this post are 30 pictures from the protest.
And the aftermath: dead bodies everywhere ... CCP murder fuckers ...

China sentences former Communist Party official to death for insider trading : worldnews ... death with a two-year reprieve ... commuted to imprisonment subject to his conduct
Chinese aircraft intercepts Australian Air Force plane and puts crew at risk - Department of Defence - NZ Herald : worldnews ... They said the aircraft released flares when it was next to the RAAF plane, then cut in front of the plane and released chaff Chaff is just a cloud of thin bits of shit like aluminium, which apparently got into the engine of the Australian plane What a cunt of a Jet pilot

Russia's Goals In Its War On Ukraine - Lawyers, Guns & Money : Putin's message to the world: Russia can wreck a neighboring country. Russia can disrupt Europe with refugees. Russia can cause hunger in the world. Russia is a great power.
A Brutal Examination: Russian Military Capability in Light of the Ukraine War

Nassim Nicholas Taleb on Twitter: "Weak nations require strong leaders; strong nations require weak leaders, or, better, no leader. (New pamphlet)" / Twitter
The Magic Worlds of Dmitry Galkovsky ... Since researchers and media focus on everything relatable (= not truly specific for Russia), everything unrelatable (= truly specific for Russia) remains beyond the scope of their research. In their pursuit of relatability they miss out everything authentically Russian. End of
Vladimir Putin's Red Mercury Scam - LawyersOB, Guns & Money (scam artist from the beginning)
Vladimir Putin, Red Mercury, And The Last Great Swindle -- How a municipal committee led by the future Russian president backed a plan to hawk a fake chemical compound with supposed nuclear applications.
Joanna Miziolek 6:05 AM

Russian Major General Roman Kutuzov killed in eastern Ukraine, Russian state media reporter says : worldnews
Tens of thousandsof Russians wounded in Ukraine overwhelming Putin-optimized hospitals ... Instead of preparing the medical system to be in a position to treat those wounded in his war, Putin systemically cut it back and now Russians are seeing the consequences a government that claims it wont ever abandon any Russian soldier effectively abandoning many of them if they are wounded.

Russia does not hinder export of Ukrainian grain, says Vladimir Putin : worldnews
Russia will strike harder if longer-range missiles supplied to Ukraine: Putin : worldnews

Russian agent linked to radioactive poisoning of Alexander Litvinenko dies from Covid : worldnews

5 killed, over 200 injured in Chittagong Container Depot fire : worldnews ... Chittagong is Bangladeshs commercial capital and hub for major shipment.

NATO chief Stoltenberg speaks with Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan about Finland, Sweden joining : worldnews

Over 50 feared dead in Nigeria church attack, officials say : news

Over 7.2mn people in Ethiopia in need of food aid: UN : worldnews

Supreme Leader acknowledges Iran took oil from Greek tankers : worldnews (Supreme Asshole)
Iranian Engineer Was Intentionally Poisoned, Report Says : worldnews

Saudi-led airstrikes in Yemen have been called war crimes. Many relied on U.S. support. : worldnews

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 102, Part 1 (Thread #242) : worldnews

102 days of full-scale #Russias war on #Ukraine. Information on #Russian invasion. Losses of the Russian armed forces in Ukraine, June 5.
Ukrainian MP detained in Moldova at Belarus request. Moldova border guards have detained Ukrainian lawmaker Yevhen Yakovenko who has been put on the Interpol wanted list by Belarus, Deschide news site reported on June 5.

ISW on Twitter: "Eastern #Ukraine Update Thread: Ukrainian and #Russian sources confirmed that Ukrainian forces conducted a successful counterattack in #Severodonetsk on June 3. Ukrainian forces reportedly recaptured 20% of Severodonetsk from Russian forces. 1/3" / Twitter
ISW on Twitter: "New: #Ukrainian forces are slowing down #Russian operations to encircle Ukrainian positions in #Luhansk Oblast and assault #Severodonetsk through prudent and effective local counterattacks and defense of the western Siverskyi Donets. W/ @criticalthreats:" / Twitter
This morning onemissile was shot down over Obukhiv Raion, Kyiv Oblast, by air defense forces - Kyiv Regional Administration

Russia launches air strikes into Kyiv for first time in five weeks : worldnews
Russian Tu-95 strategic bombers launched missiles at Kyiv from the Caspian Sea : worldnews
Explosions rock Kyiv as Ukrainian forces fight to retake eastern city of Severodonetsk : worldnews
Russian missile barrage strikes Kyiv, shattering citys month-long sense of calm
Ukraines Energoatom says Russian missile flew critically lowover nuclear plant
Ukraine war: Russia using proxy infantry forces as it did in Syria - UK Defence Ministry : worldnews

Ukraine isnt just getting American-made killer drones. Its getting a whole system for remote warfare
More photos of new Ukrainian multiple rocket launchers mounted on a pickup chassis here we see the launch of S-8 80mm unguided aircraft rockets from the improvised MRL and a control system inside an armrest.
Deadly secret: Electronic warfare shapes Russia-Ukraine war : worldnews

Russian Artillery Hit Monastery In Eastern Ukraine: President Zelensky : worldnews
Russian TV journalist and Kremlin critic Alexander Nevzorov has been granted Ukrainian citizenship for outstanding serviceto the country. Russian authorities sentenced Nevzorov to arrest in absentia in May after he criticized Russias March 9 shelling of a Mariupol maternity hospital

Theological Propaganda: Why Orthodox Ukrainians are protesting churches with allegiance to Russia : worldnews

Ukraine military intelligence claims Russia dependent on western tech - The GUR said US-made electronics were found in Russian Pantsir air defense systems, Ka-52 Alligator attack helicopters and Kh-101 cruise missiles. : worldnews

Distant rumble of Ukraine war disturbs calm of Baltic islands : worldnews

Finland joins large Nato naval exercise. : worldnews

Food security now top priority for G20 cooperation : worldnews

Austrian Chancellor calls for intermediate EU membership for Ukraine, Moldova

Olaf Scholz and Ukraine: Why Has Germany Been So Slow to Deliver Weapons? : worldnews (Merkel's legacy)
German lawmakers approve 12 euro minimum wage
German Economy Minister Robert Habeck seeks new partnerships with Israel and Jordan | His primary focus will again be on finding alternatives to Russian gas supplies. : worldnews

Boris Johnson clings to his job as PM could face no confidence vote this week : worldnews
Boris Johnson faces prospect of no-confidence vote as poll signals Tory Wakefield defeat : worldnews

Mexican city limits daily water access to 6 hours amid drought : worldnews

Saudi dissidents call Bidens planned visit to kingdom a betrayal

The push to supersize Pentagon spending ratchets up : politics

Free US school lunches were a dream come true. Now, a hunger crisis looms for 10 million children : politics

The Joe Biden-Joe Manchin risk that's imperiling the White House agenda - The Washington Post (Manchinator sank the country a year ago)

Supreme Court has 33 opinions remaining in one-month sprint to end controversial term : politics
The Supreme Court Is Set to Issue an Insane Ruling That Will Lead to More Dead Americans : politics

Trump officials privately mocked pro-choice Susan Collins for backing Brett Kavanaugh and called her 'a cheap date,' report says

Democrat introduces bill to protect women from period trackingapps
Missouri health director tracked menstrual periods of Planned Parenthood patients

Democrats should be clear: A radical GOP is holding the country back

Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein thought Richard Nixon defined corruption. Then came Donald Trump. - The Washington Post
Trump corruption beyond "even Nixon's imagination": Woodward and Bernstein : politics

House Democrat expects disturbing new evidence at January 6 hearings
Trump "ultimate target" as DOJ goes up "criminal food chain": Kirschner : politics
Trump Criminal Case Evidence Growing, Experts Say Amid New Jan. 6 Reports : politics
Trump, Top Admin Officials to Be Indicted, Former Attorney General Predicts : politics
Jan. 6 Committee Has Enough To Nail Seditious Trump, Carl Bernstein Says

Chilling: Trump Allies Sought to Send Armed Private Contractors Seize Voting Machines
This is an Entire Architecture: Inside the GOP Plan to Subvert Future Elections
Liz Cheney: Jan. 6 "conspiracy" was "extremely broad and well-organized"
Trumps Insurrection Is Building Professionalized Institutions | Next time, they wont rely on amateurs.

How Influential Election Deniers Have Fueled a Fight to Control Elections : politics
Ready For Prime Time: Jan. 6 Panel To Reportedly Air Ivanka Trump, Jared Kushner Videotapes : politics
Schiff: DoJ decision not to indict Trump ex-aides Meadows and Scavino a grave disappointment (Garland a total disaster, tnx, Barry and clueles-Joe)

Is Trump on the brink of another run for president? The former president hasn't made a final decision about running in 2024, but some advisers say he could set a bid in motion as early as this summer.

The Death of Nonpartisan Presidential History: A new National Archives plan to privatize presidential libraries will hurt the public's understanding of our countrys true legacy ... Imagine the January 6 exhibit that the Trump facility will put in its museum, let alone its coverage of the impeachment and the 2020 election.

4 in 10 Republicans think mass shootings are unfortunately something we have to accept as part of a free societyCBS/YouGov poll

Three days of gun violence in America - Lawyers, Guns & Money
3 Killed, 12 Wounded in Philadelphia Mass Shooting
Three dead, at least 11 wounded in mass shooting on South Street, Philadelphia police say
I didnt think it was going to stop: 3 dead, 11 wounded in South Street mass shooting
Multiple victims shot, critically hurt near downtown Chattanooga bar, say police

The Mass Shootings Where Stricter Gun Laws Might Have Made a Difference - The New York Times

A House Democrat plans to introduce a bill that would hit AR-15's with a 1,000% taxand it could pass Congress without GOP votes

I am safe hidden here - Lawyers, Guns & Money Residents in Uvalde are increasingly frustrated that the public servants responsible for allowing an armed-to-the-teeth murderer to spend more than an hour in a room with schoolchildren have simply gone into hiding
Law may allow Texas school shooting 911 calls, bodycam videos to be withheld : politics (cops hiding their murders)
Uvalde funeral attendant who encountered gunman says he tried to go after shooter, was held back - Cody Briseno said he has helped bury five children who died at that day, including a cousin.

NRA contributions underscore grip in GOP : politics

Former Ohio police chief sentenced to 3 years probation for trafficking 200 fully automatic machine guns, DOJ says

Beware partisan pink slime sites that pose as local news
Beware partisan pink slime sites that pose as local news
Muck Rack for journalists and public relations

Misusing Words Like Groomer Isnt Just Wrong. Its Dangerous

Proud Boys couldnt have infiltrated Miami-Dades GOP if racism were unacceptable | Opinion

Transgender youth treatment under fire in Florida again : politics

Eschaton: Messaging Ohio passed a law saying anyone - *anyone* - could demand a genital inspection of kids in sports and I dunno maybe there's some way to message about this. Or we could go on teevee and apologize for not loving cops enough.

New Jersey Officials Refused to Provide the Numbers Behind New Casino Tax Breaks. So We Did the Math. | Lawmakers claimed, without providing evidence, that casinos would close without a tax cut. A ProPublica, Press of Atlantic City analysis found otherwise. : politics

Raphael Warnock drops his first attack ad on Herschel Walker | The ad shows Walker promoting a spray he claimed could kill the Covid-19 virus. : politics

Pennsylvania Democratic gubernatorial nominee Josh Shapiro blasts GOP opponent Doug Mastriano as dangerous and extreme
Inside John Fettermans changing health scare storyThe Pa. Senate candidates heart condition is much more serious than first revealed, raising concerns among some Democrats

Utah County Attorney calls for sheriff to resign, saying the top cop may have tried to implicate him in 'ritualistic' sex ring investigation

Twilight of the NIMBY Suburban homeowners like Susan Kirsch are often blamed for worsening the nations housing crisis. That doesnt mean shes giving up her two-decade fight against 20 condos.
b-boy bouiebaisse on Twitter: "i really see no difference between this person and some "build the wall" chud" / Twitter
The same old war it's always been - Lawyers, Guns & Money

I Rented an Electric Car for a Four-Day Road Trip. I Spent More Time Charging It Than I Did Sleeping. - WSJ

Sodom and Gomorrah is trending and that phrase always blows me away. Its not the slavery, not Wall Street , not the insurance companies, not the genocides committed by govt, not the mass shootings But gay people, gay people always the last straw huh?
Karma, of the Sun Baked Horizon on Twitter: "Love seeing Christians miss the fact that it was the assault and violence that were the problem with Sodom and Gomorrah, but somehow they think the gay part was the problem... No, it might be that the town was trying to sexually assault strangers. Read it again." / Twitter
Another Bible Sodom and Gomorrahstory is trending yet again, harping on about morals. From gun toting, immoral, vile, rude, crass and vulgar people. Keep your cherry picked, hateful version of religion out of our faces You destroyed Christianity and you dont even realise ... You see, they probably had local pastors who told them that Sodom and Gomorrah was about homosexuality to distract them from the fact they were abusing children. (dumbass christo-fucks)

Sophie Freud, Simmons professor who called psychoanalysis a narcissistic indulgence dies at 97 A professor emerita at what is now Simmons University, and the last surviving grandchild of Sigmund, Dr. Freud was 97 when she died Friday in her Lincoln home.

Breastfeeding isnt free. Heres what it cost me.


Concentrations of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere in May were 50 percent higher than during the pre-industrial era, reaching levels not seen on Earth for about four million years, the main US climate agency said on Friday : worldnews

Rare albino Galapagos giant tortoise faces the world : worldnews

Dogs detect COVID-19 faster than rapid test - study : worldnews

COVID deaths in Africa to fall by 94% in 2022: WHO | Coronavirus pandemic News : worldnews

2 monkeypox strains in US suggest possible undetected spread : worldnews

How to protect yourself from monkeypox / Twitter ... Avoid contact with infected people ...

Myanmar junta says democracy activistsdeath sentences upheld, pavingway for first executions in decades (

Kishida eyes attending NATO summit in late June, 1st time for Japan : worldnews

N.Korea reports 79,100 more people with fever, one new death amid COVID wave : worldnews

Hong Kong police warn Tiananmen anniversary gatherings will break the law. Hong Kong has commemorated 1989 crackdown for decades, but national security law imposed in 2020 has put a stop to annual vigils : worldnews
China: Tiananmen vigil events across globe in solidarity with Hong Kong : worldnews

China Seeks Ways to Help Russia While Avoiding Sanctions
High-speed train derailment in China kills 1, injures 8 : worldnews

(30) The 12 Causes of the Russo-Ukrainian War - YouTube
(30) Battle of Donbas Begins - Russian Invasion of Ukraine DOCUMENTARY - YouTube
Russias Catastrophic Oil & Gas Problem
(30) How did Russia Become an Empire? - Great Northern War DOCUMENTARY - YouTube

Nine Lessons of Russian Propaganda : worldnews (Republicans used it)
Ukraine war: Five ways Russias invasion may play out

CIT: General Dvornikov dismissed from leading Russian troops in Ukraine. According to the Conflict Intelligence Team, General Alexander Dvornikov was replaced by General Gennady Zhidko, former commander of the Eastern Military District and Russias deputy defense minister.
Russia warns of "horsemen of the Apocalypse" as Ukraine war hits 100 days : worldnews

Russian officials who demanded Putin end war expelled from Communist Party : worldnews
Vladimir Putin blames West for food, energy crises amid Ukraine war : worldnews

Russia Summons Heads of U.S. Media Outlets, Warns of Stringent Measures If the work of the Russian media operators and journalists is not normalized in the United States, the most stringent measures will inevitably followministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said on Friday (you will broadcase our lies!)
2 Injured in Moscow Business Center Blaze - The Moscow Times : worldnews

Russias failure to pay $1.9 million in accrued interest on a dollar bond will trigger payouts potentially worth billions of dollars, committee determines

Suspect in Litvinenko poisoning dies in Moscow, TASS reports : worldnews ... green tea laced with radioactive polonium-210

Yandex Founder, CEO Resigns After Being Hit By EU Sanctions : worldnews

Russian plane full of passengers seized; An arrest warrant has been issued for plane : worldnews (in Sri Lanka)

Al-Qaida enjoying a haven in Afghanistan under Taliban, UN warns | Afghanistan | The Guardian Intelligence report raises fears country could again become base for international terrorists

Turkeys inflation soars to 73%, a 23-year high, as food and energy costs skyrocket

Egypt releases more political prisoners, including prominent dissident : worldnews

Dubai police arrest British suspect in $1.7bn Danish fraud case | News : worldnews

Iranian scientist found dead in unclear circumstances : worldnews

A rare visit by Pakistanis to Israel has caused furor in Islamabad : worldnews
Israel Builds a Laser Weapon to Zap Threats Out of the Sky - The New York Times From science fiction to facts in the air: Israel says a prototype downed rockets and drones in recent tests.

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 101, Part 1 (Thread #241) : worldnews

Latest Defence Intelligence update on the situation in Ukraine 4 June 2022
ISW on Twitter: "Southern Axis Update: #Russian forces unsuccessfully attempted to regain lost positions in northeastern #Kherson Oblast and continued to defend previously occupied positions." / Twitter
ISW: Russia likely not able to accelerate its special military operation, despite its claims.The U.S. think tank said, contrary to Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigus claims, it is unlikely that Russia will have the manpower and equipment to advance beyond Luhansk
Ukraines State Emergency Service evacuates over 1.8 million people since Feb. 24. In 100 days of Russias all-out war, Ukraines State Emergency Service have made 32,468 trips, extinguished 9,300 fires, rescued 1,397 people and neutralized 128,424 munitions.

British intel names key factor in Russias tactical successes in Ukraines east

Def Mon on Twitter: "This sounds too good to be true, but ill post it and leave it for others to decide. He claims Severodonetsk is under UA control. And northern Donetsk..." / Twitter
Ukraine war: Not realistic for Russian forces to capture Severodonetsk in next two weeks after Ukrainian forces recapture portion of city, governor claims
Ukraine has retaken about 20% of territory lost in Sievierodonetsk -regional head : worldnews
Russia blowing up bridges in Sievierodonetsk to thwart Ukrainian reinforcements -regional governor : worldnews
The 35th Russian Army from the far East under command of Lt. Gen. Alexander Sanchik (on a photo) was almost entirely destroyed near #Izium city in northeastern #Kharkiv province, #Ukraine. Source: head of Ukr. presidential office Andriy Yermak ... [2] This Russian 35th Army - in particular, its 64th Rifle Brigade - became notorious for mass murders and torture of #Ukrainian civilians in #Bucha suburb of capitol Kyiv in March-April. After withdraval from Kyiv, the Kremlin threw it again into an assault on Kharkiv province.
Ukrainian military shuts down Russian drone in Black Sea. Odesa city council, citing Operational Command South, reported that Ukraine shut down a Russian intelligence drone Forpost in the Black Sea. According to media reports, Forpost is estimated at about $7 million.

Two Reuters journalists injured, driver killed in east Ukraine : worldnews

Ukraine grants citizenship to top Russian journalist who denounced war : worldnews
Another ship sent to take metal to Russia arrives in Mariupol: Report : worldnews ... The Russians are murderers, rapists and thieves.
Mariupol: Occupiers no longer retrieve bodies from under rubble, but demolish houses and take them to landfill : worldnews

Ukraine has signed a deal for the U.S. nuclear power company Westinghouse to supply fuel to all of its atomic power stations in an effort to end the country's reliance on Russian supplies. : worldnews

Finland salutes defence forces with official flag day, military parade : worldnews

Sanctions must hit Russias entire economy: Polish PM
Poland condemns silence in western Europe over Russias deportations of Ukrainians

Slovakia has announced that the supply of Ukraine with more Zuzana 2 155mm self-propelled howitzers has top priority even before the supply of the Armed Forces of the Slovak Republic.

Russia says Germany is risking European security by remilitarizing
Russia plans to restart German telescope without permission : worldnews

Russia must not be humiliated despite Putins historic mistake - Macron (Macaroni's dipshit "realism")
Ukraine Slams Frances Macron For Russia Not To Be Humiliated Remark

Timothy Snyder on Twitter: "It is senseless to shelter Putin from the sense that he is losing. He will figure that out for himself, and he will act to protect himself. 1/17" / Twitter ... It is grotesque to ask the Ukrainians to make decisions about the war for the comfort of Russian television producers, who don't take direction from the real world anyway. 11/17 ... Ending the war means thinking more about the Ukrainian people and their future, and and worrying less about problems that Putin does not in fact have. 17/17

Ukraine anger as Macron says Dont humiliate Russia
Four neo-Nazis arrested for planning Jew hunt during soccer match in France

Police carry out a controlled explosion in Trafalgar Square after evacuating public : worldnews

Mexico-based church leader pleads guilty to sexually abusing 3 children : worldnews ... The head of a Mexico-based evangelical megachurch that claims about 5 million followers worldwide pleaded guilty on Friday to felony counts of sexually abusing three children, California state prosecutors announced on Friday. (Evilgelicals)

Cuba floods: At least two dead as heavy rain hits island : worldnews

Putins D.C. Waiting Game (ruzzian bought refuckers)

Gina Haspel Observed Waterboarding at C.I.A. Black Site, Psychologist Testifies ,,, the war court is wrestling with the legacy of torture after 9/11.

Settlement reached over private border wall, but experts say it wont stop the environmental damage

The Biden administration just canceled $5.8 billion in student loansand more borrowers could see relief soon

Biden approval rating rises 6 points from record low: poll : politics

When pregnancy loss becomes a crime | If Roe v. Wade is overturned, advocates fear more people will face criminal charges after a pregnancy loss. : politics
Lawyer up and don't cooperate - Lawyers, Guns & Money the Court has been able to do an incredible job of selling the idea that the opacity that is in their interest is actually in the public interest. The month in which theyre going to overrule Roe and amplify the gun violence epidemic is a good time to remind people that the interests of the Court and the public are more likely to be opposed than in sync.

Two women were charged with murder after having stillbirths. The cases are rocking this conservative corner of California / Twitter

Eschaton: On The Right Side Why are Republicans so out of touch with America?

Pressure builds for Durham to ditch Russia probe - POLITICO But the Department of Justice seems unlikely to pull the plug on investigation despite Sussmann acquittal.

Sincerity, as far as the eye can see! ... Hows Merrick Garlands Secret Plan coming along?

House Jan. 6 committee announces first hearing will be held in primetime : politics

Hes a One-Man Crime Wave : Rep. Jamie Raskin Talks Donald Trump and Previews the Jan. 6 Hearings ... After nearly a year of investigating the insurrection, Raskin says the most surprising discovery has been the role that money played, and the role of a financial motive behind all these events to keep the money pouring in (refuck treason-for-profit scam)

Is Jan. 6 a Winning Political Issue? We're About to Find Out. Democratic candidates have shied away from talking about the Capitol siege. That could change if voters flock to a former federal prosecutor running for a House seat in California

It's Bad to Elect Authoritarian Lunatics as President : politics
Paul Ryan: A Lot Of Republicans Wanted To Impeach Trump But Didn't Have The Guts
GOP Slams Paul Ryan for Didnt Have the Guts to Impeach Trump Claim

Trump allies explored sending armed workers to seize election data - Los Angeles Times

Uvalde school police Chief Pete Arredondo faces calls for accountability | The Texas Tribune ... City Hall has locked its doors during business hours and declined to immediately provide any public records to reporters. The chief of the city police force, Daniel Rodriguez, has declined to answer questions about his officers response to the shooting. A Uvalde CISD official told a reporter, falsely, that the first school board meeting since the incident would be closed to the public ... The tiny force of a half dozen officers, formed two years earlier, is responsible for security at the districts eight schools. Officers also direct traffic and staff sporting events, and Arredondo said last year that the hiring of two officers would allow for a greater focus on narcotics (10 yr-olds running drug cartels)

I am safe hidden here - Lawyers, Guns & Money Residents in Uvalde are increasingly frustrated that the public servants responsible for allowing an armed-to-the-teeth murderer to spend more than an hour in a room with schoolchildren have simply gone into hiding: ...
Eschaton: Easy Call Journalist love "bashing teachers" stories so this was a smart copaganda play!

Why so many mass shooters are angry young men - The Washington Post The Uvalde, Tex., shooter is part of a long list of male perpetrators of similar ages. Some experts think gun laws need to change to address that.

GOP Rep. Jacobs to retire after backing assault weapons ban : politics

White Christian NationalismIs a Fundamental Threat to Democracy

GOP State House Candidate in Boulder Charged with Voter Fraud : politics

Casinos Pled Poverty to Get a Huge Tax Break. Atlantic City Is Paying the Price. | Despite growing profits, casino operators used predictions of grave danger to convince the state to slash their tax burden, denying millions to the city, its school district and the county.

Ex-Air Force Sergeant Sentenced to 41 Years for Murder of Federal Officer - The New York Times Steven Carrillo pleaded guilty to a premeditated attack on law enforcement officers motivated by his support for an online anti-government movement.

What Happens When an Autistic Teenager Becomes Unmanageable at Home? - The New York Times

Billionaires at The Gates - Puck got the elite philanthropy world humming: a likely appearance by MacKenzie, Bill & Melinda, and the fact that it is principals-only.

The TikTok Accounts That Influenced the Depp-Heard Trial And the lifestyle influencers turned court correspondents won.

Goodbye to the Vikings | History Today The term Viking as it is commonly used is misleading, warping our perception of the Middle Ages. It should be retired.
Wishful Thinking | History Today The tolerant and worryingly modern Vikings.
Who's First? The Norse voyages to Greenland and Canada as part of a bigger story.

(30) The Simplest Math Problem No One Can Solve - Collatz Conjecture - YouTube

Losing the Plot | History Today
In 1022 heretics were discovered in northern France and burned to death for their crimes. But what caused this outbreak of radical thought?


Solar and wind keep getting cheaper as the field becomes smarter. Every time solar and wind output doubles, the cost gets cheaper and cheaper. : technology

Carbon Dioxide Levels Are Highest in Human History - The New York Times Humans pumped 36 billion tons of the planet-warming gas into the atmosphere in 2021, more than in any previous year. It comes from burning oil, gas and coal.
Carbon dioxide now more than 50% higher than pre-industrial levels : science

More than 40% of Earths land surface must be conserved to stop the biodiversity crisis

The emptiness of Republicans new climate strategy | The plan is heavy on fossil fuels, light on detail.

EU overshoots 2020 climate target, records 34% drop in emissions : worldnews

June 3rd, 2022 COVID-19 update: 3,387 new cases, 12 new deaths, 665 hospitalized, 222 for COVID. : CoronavirusMa
2,975 confirmed cases and 12 deaths. See the latest COVID-19 data from Mass.

Number of Mass. counties with high COVID levels has dropped to 5, per CDC - The Boston Globe

Two Bad Colds with COVID symptoms, but negative PCR each time : CoronavirusMa

Vietnam partners with United States to develop first African swine fever vaccine : worldnews

US recorded 17 cases of monkeypox in May, mostly in gay and bisexual men: CDC | Washington Examiner

More than 1 million people displaced in Myanmar: UN | News : worldnews

Japan-born American files suit against Japans dual nationality ban
Japan confirms record low of 811,604 births last year : worldnews
Japan eyes reform of outdated labor systems based on gender "roles" : worldnews

Kim Jong-Un has sent a letter congratulating the Queen and the British people for platinum jubilee celebrations

U.S. puts back no support of Taiwan independence statement on fact sheet

US to China: Were hosting worlds largest naval exercise, in Pacific (so fuck off, asshole)
Chinese military secrets leaked on War Thunder video game forums : worldnews ... Cunninghams Law. The best way to get the right answer on the internet is not to ask a question; its to post the wrong answer

Putin thinks West will blink first in war of attrition with Russia - The Washington Post The Kremlin is seeking to ramp up economic pressure to erode foreign support for Ukraine
Russian senator urges missile strikes on U.S. bases in Europe : worldnews
Russia mocks opulent Queens Platinum Jubilee and says celebrations masks country in decline
Julia Davis on Twitter: "Russian lawmaker on state TV claims that the people he meets are neatly divided in two categories: those that want war and those that want bigger war: "Let's move on Berlin, London and Washington!" He also has some expletive-ridden comments about our deliveries of weapons. Watch:" / Twitter

Putins superyachts targeted in latest round of U.S. sanctions
Authorities find Russian oligarchs $300 million yacht hidden in a creek (UAE)

Russian malls half-empty after Western firms exit over Ukraine war : worldnews
Marriott is suspending all hotel operations in Russia, citing sanctions that make it impossible to continue doing business
Companies that exited Russia after its invasion of Ukraine are being rewarded with outsize stock-market returns and those that stayed are not

Paul Massaro on Twitter: "The prison of nations" / Twitter - When will Russia de-colonize?

Yesterdays footage from Berdyansk.

Google cancelled Dalit activists talk on caste after pressure from employees
India reminds Pakistan of its shameful history of genocide in Bangladesh : worldnews

Outrage in Pakistan after woman gang-raped on moving train | Three suspects arrested for raping the 25-year-old mother of two children in an empty compartment of the Karachi-bound train : worldnews

Kuwait criticises US embassy over pro-LGBT tweets : worldnews ... Well next time they get invaded, maybe their heterosexual men can stay and fight the invaders instead of begging for help from gay America. (Mohammed was gay)

Zelenskyy is here, the Prime Minister is here: President records video for the 100th day of the war
On 100th day of Russian invasion, Zelenskyy vows victory : worldnews
Zelensky aide claims big win in Kherson, Russians caught with "pants down" : worldnews
After 100 days of war, Ukraine is resolved to take its land back from Russia : worldnews
Testament of faith: 50 embassies resume operations in war-hit Ukraine
Zelenskyy has praised Elon Musks Starlink for saving Ukraine from Russian propaganda in Wired interview

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 100, Part 1 (Thread #240) : worldnews

Latest Defence Intelligence update on the situation in Ukraine 3 June 2022
Interactive Map: Russia's Invasion of Ukraine
Ukrainian Army pushed outoccupiers by 20% from Sieverodonetsk, now controls 50% of city - Luhansk RegHead Haidai. Says last 2 days proved how Ukrainians can fight & Russians will retreat as soon asgets W artillery that can destroy artillery
NEW: UK assesses that Russia is now achieving tactical success in the Donbas, controlling over 90% of Luhansk Oblast and likely to complete control in the next two weeks. successes have come at atsignificant resource cost andtroops on defensive in most areas.
Ukraines Air Force conducts over 1,000 attacks on Russian forces in 100 days of war. On June 3, Ukraines Armed Forces destroyed more than 20 Russian armored fighting vehicles, three unmanned aerial vehicles, and a cruise missile.
#UkraineWar: After 100 days of war, Russia is now visually confirmed to have lost more than 750 tanks. Full list: https://
Between May 2531, almost 260,000 Ukrainians left the EU countries. In total, 2.3 million Ukrainians have returned to Ukraine since the war started.

Igor Girkin shares his view of the 100 days of war in Ukraine. While there are successes, the current offensive exhausted itself and needs change if the objectives of liberating Donbas and annexing Zaporizhye and Kherson are still on the table ... Igor Girkins assessment on day 100. Looks like he also fell for Ukraines retreat from Severdonetsk. Also, I pick up a small hint of reality finally sinking in for him. I genuinely look forward to that slimy little weasel being put on trial when this is all done, but first we get to enjoy his updates becoming more and more pathetic as he cries about Ukraine smashing his troops to dust.

How Western heavy weaponry can make a difference in the war in Ukraine
Washington Post: Russian troops killed 9 employees at Chornobyl nuclear plant, stole equipment. Yevhen Kramarenko, the director of the Chornobyl Exclusion Zone, said the Russians had stolen equipment worth $135 million, the Washington Post reported.

What The Russians Did At Chernobyl - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Vladimir Putin has taken 200,000 of Ukraines children, claims Zelensky
Everything is gone: Eastern Ukraine residents say Russia is wiping their towns off the map
Over 1,250 Russian war crimes recorded in Mariupol - mayor : worldnews
Russia destroyed over 370 cultural heritage sites after 100 days of war : worldnews
Ukraine rape victims suffer in silence as Russias war continues
US, allies to hold Russia accountable for crimes in Ukraine since invasion : worldnews
More than 45,000 Americans have applied to sponsor Ukrainian refugees in the U.S. : worldnews

Sweden Is Sending Robot 17 Coastal Defense Missiles To Ukraine

Estonian government collapses as prime minister hits out at coalition partner | Financial Times

Replica sculpture of Pillar of Shame installed at the University of Oslo after the original was removed from Hong Kong in December 2021. : worldnews

Spanish Court Demands Pompeo Testify on Apparent Plot to Kill Assange : politics

Machine guns found in raid on French neo-Nazi gang : worldnews

Crowd turns on Boris Johnson as wave of angry boos spreads outside St Pauls Cathedral before Platinum Jubilee thanksgiving service

Mexico police arrest alleged serial killer who lured women with job offers | Mexico : worldnews
An American murder suspect fled to Mexico. The Gringo Hunters were waiting. - Washington Post

Canadian military accuses Chinese warplanes of harassing its patrol aircraft on North Korea sanctions mission : worldnews ...

The Recession Hasn't Happened Yet, but Somehow It's Already Joe Biden's Fault -- Two Washington Post articles this week suggest we're "returning" to a time of savage inequality. Returning?!
Biden responds to Musk concerns about economy: Lots of luck onhis trip to the moon

Space Command is to move from Colorado to Alabama. But federal investigation finds significant shortfalls in that decision

Peter Navarro indicted on contempt of Congress charges, in custody : politics ... They actually arrested him holy shit.
Grand jury indicts former Trump adviser Peter Navarro for contempt of Congress : politics

US Justice Department could be zeroing in on Trump lawyers, experts say : politics

The Jan. 6 committee hearings are finally here and Republicans are running scared
January 6 committee announces first prime time hearing will feature previously unseen material and witness testimony : politics ... its first public hearing will take place on June 9 at 8 p.m. ET. (Fox will broadcast Fannity and Fucker instead)

Mike Pences chief of staff alerted the Secret Service that Trump would publicly attack Pence on Jan. 5, 2021: report

Proud Boy pleads guilty, admits he nearly reached Schumer during Capitol siege on Jan. 6 Joshua Pruitt, who was seen on video smashing a sign inside the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, pleaded guilty to a felony count of obstruction of an official proceeding.

Louie Gohmert: Its Unfair That Republicans Cant Even Lie to Congress or the FBI!

Jan. 6 panel fumes over unauthorizedinterview by former adviser after private details were shared by onetime Rep. Denver Riggleman (R-Va.).

Probe Aimed at Trump-Appointed Social Security IG Who Targeted Poor and People With Disabilities : politics

Sen. Ben Sasse Says Republicans Want a Strongman Daddy Figure
MAGA Is Now Bigger Than Trump, and Thats Scary: Trumps recent losses are heartening. But that doesnt mean a post-Trump GOP will be good for America

Why Are We Still Governed by Baby Boomers and the Remarkably Old? : politics (geezerocracy)

The FBI Tried to Ambush My Source. Now Im Telling the Whole Story - James Risen ... The Obama Justice Department had subpoenaed me and was demanding that I testify in court and reveal the confidential sources I had relied on for a chapter about a botched CIA operation in my 2006 book,State of War (fucking Barry, again)

Biden calls for assault weapons ban in fiery speech: how much carnage will weaccept?

Grim body count unlikely to be enough for Republicans to act on gun reform : politics
Why Republicans will always ignore the red flags of mass shootings Mass shooters have more in common with the GOP base than just a love of heavy firepower : politics
Republicans Want to Talk About Anything Other Than This Countrys Insane Addiction to AR-15s
Until the US Senate is accountable to America, well never get gun control

Madness: Ohio GOP Passes Bill to Arm Teachers

How the Police Response in Uvalde Broke Down: No Radio, Old Tactics - The New York Times The commander at the scene arrived without a police radio, and decided in the first minutes on an approach that would delay a confrontation.
"Contained" - Lawyers, Guns & Money - It's tragic that the people trapped in Room 112 had someone with this combination of incompetence and cowardice responsible for protecting them:
Uvalde families take first steps to possible lawsuit against gunmaker : NPR
Why Are Police So Bad at Their Jobs? It's not just Uvalde. Cops nationwide cant stop crimes from happening or solve them once theyve occurred.

911 dispatcher fired after allegedly hanging up on store employee during Buffalo shooting call : news

Three dead including gunman in shooting outside Iowa church : worldnews
A man shot, killed 2 church members, then himself, outside of AmesCornerstone Church, sheriff says

Mass shooters overwhelmingly fit a certain profile, say Jillian Peterson and James Densley, which means its possible to ID and treat them before they commit violence ... Early childhood trauma seems to be the foundation, whether violence in the home, sexual assault, parental suicides, extreme bullying. Then you see the build toward hopelessness, despair, isolation, self-loathing, oftentimes rejection from peers. That turns into a really identifiable crisis point where theyre acting differently. Sometimes they have previous suicide attempts ... I dont think most people realize that these are suicides, in addition to homicides. Mass shooters design these to be their final acts. When you realize this, it completely flips the idea that someone with a gun on the scene is going to deter this. If anything, thats an incentive for these individuals. They are going in to be killed.

Weve Known How To Prevent A School Shooting for More Than 20 Years

Students are told that dolls arent just for girls, and that there are no boy colors or girl colors

DeSantis asks medical board to ban transgender healthcare : politics ... Republicans believe in freedom. Freedom for them to do what they want and freedom for you to do what they tell you to.
Ron DeSantis Bullied the Special Olympics Into Dropping Its Vaccine Requirement : politics
Ron DeSantiss thuggish war on the First Amendment continues
DeSantis vetoes $35M earmarked for Rays facility after team postures on gun violence : politics
"Disturbing" GOP blitz: DeSantis orders trans care ban, Ohio GOP wants genital inspectors in school : politics
QAnon is projection, an endless series - Lawyers, Guns & Money Ohio Republicans are seeking to institute a sweeping teenage genital inspection regime:

Ohio GOP passes bill aiming to root out suspected transgender female athletes hrough genital inspection (we will rape you to prove you're a woman)

Georgia court rules against employers that deny transgender health coverage : politics

Dr. Ozs Senate Campaign May Come Back to Haunt Us After All
McCormick concedes to Oz in Pennsylvania GOP Senate primary | AP News
David McCormick isnt winning the recount against Mehmet Oz and hes running out of options

Fetterman says he almost died for ignoring a heart condition diagnosed in 2017

Is Nebraska building a $500 million canal to nowhere just to own the libs?

Lawmakers call for probe into deadly federal prison : politics

Sanders Says Stop Busting People for Marijuana and Start Prosecuting Crooks on Wall Street

We need to get back to the good old days of bipartisan comity - Lawyers, Guns & Money Andrew Yang is somehow giving plutocratic dilettantism an even worse name:

When Cars KillA boys death launches a movement to end pedestrian and cyclist fatalities in New York City and beyond

"Growth of homosexuality in city provokes wide concern" - Lawyers, Guns & Money That was the headline of a front page story in the New York Times on December 17, 1963. You can read the story here. It's a fascinating time capsule of a world that seems so far away in some respects, but in historical terms was basically yesterday (Joe Biden was 21 and Donald Trump was 17 at the time) ... The article is a good reminder of what a complete trash pseudo-science analytic psychiatry was in the mid-20th century, and what a baleful influence Freud had on intellectual life in general at that time ... All in all, reading this kind of thing is a good reminder of how much has changed in such a relatively short time, which of course is the biggest driver of the reactionary backlash that is the sole reason for the existence of the contemporary Republican party.

The Fugitive Next Door - The Atavist Magazine

The big idea: could the greatest works of literature be undiscovered? | Books | The Guardian Only a fraction of the worlds stories have survived. What might we be missing?

After a Reddit post brought an unusual Swedish dining custom to light, Nordic people are trying to explain why they wont share the pickled herring.

Erik Visits an American Grave, Part 1,110 : This is the grave of Saul Bellow ... Bellow was running about one wife per novel there for awhile and was married five times. By few accounts was this a man easy to live with and this was also a period where the Artist was given plenty of leeway to not be a great person to those around him, which has mercifully been pushed back against in the last twenty years or so. One of his wives was Alexandra Ionescu-Tulcea, the famous mathematician who still lives today. They were married from 1974-85. Naturally, he was 20 years older than she ... Unfortunately, as he aged, Bellow turned sharply conservative, a trait he passed on to his idiot son Adam who makes John Podhoretz look like he earned his spot in the right-wing intellectual universe Bellow was one of those guys who the late 60s and 70s broke. He hated feminism. He hated multiculturalism. He hated affirmative action. He became quite racist toward cultures that had not produced Great Novelists such as himself

Weight Loss Tied to a Dramatic Drop in Cancer Risk, New Study Shows : science

The Benjamin Button effect: Scientists can reverse aging in mice. The goal is to do the same for humans

Plan to remake Harvard Square's Garage mall bows to changed retail landscape, nods to past
New life for an old Garage? Plans filed to remake a Harvard Square landmark
Harvard Square real estate mogul caught in family feud

What job allows NO fuck-ups? : AskReddit

CEO Elon Musk has a "super bad feeling" about the economy and needs to cut about 10% of jobs at Tesla : worldnews
US has over 750 complaints of Teslas braking for no reason | AP News
Elon Musk's emails are another reason why he's not a good boss The arrogant, king-like evolution of Elon Musk the boss. (princess Hair-Plugs)


If Democrats Cant Pass Climate Legislation in New York, Were All Doomed The Build Public Renewables Act would be the first bill to pass acting on New Yorks ambitious climate goals. Will Democrats kill it again?

June 2nd, 2022 COVID-19 update: 3,096 new cases, 24 new deaths, 696 hospitalized, 243 for COVID. : CoronavirusMa
2,561 confirmed cases and 24 deaths. See the latest COVID-19 data from Mass.

CDC has recommended booster shots for those 50 and over. But only 17.5 percent of those eligible in Mass. have gone ahead and done it. - The Boston Globe

Seeking Evusheld breakthrough experiences/expert opinion : CoronavirusMa

Fiji high court backs U.S. in tug of war over Russian oligarchs $325M superyacht

WHO believes COVID getting worse, not better in North Korea : worldnews

Taiwan Restricts Russia, Belarus to CPUs Under 25 MHz Frequency : worldnews

Shanghai reportedly bans media use of the term lockdown as lockdown ends. (next: the term "thinking")

Exclusive: Putin Treated for Cancer in April, U.S. Intelligence Report Says The classified U.S. report says Putin seems to have re-emerged after undergoing treatment in April for advanced cancer,
Putin treated for cancer in April, U.S. intelligence report says : worldnews
Kremlin confirms Reuters report that Yeltsin son-in-law quit as Putin advisor : worldnews

Audio: Russian Officers Curse Out Putin, Others Over Ukraine Invasion : worldnews
Ukrainska Pravda in English on Twitter: "General Staff: Russian troops suffering drone shortage deploy Ministry of Emergency Situations UAVs" / Twitter

U.S. Technology, a Longtime Tool for Russia, Becomes a Vulnerability - The New York Times Global restrictions on sending advanced technology to Russia are hampering the countrys military capacity, U.S. officials say, though Russia has stockpiled American equipment for years.

'Everything is gone' : Russian business hit hard by tech sanctions
: Russian business hit hard by tech sanctions

Euromaidan Press on Twitter: "Two explosions were reported in occupied by Russia Berdiansk today. They happened around 1 and 7 pm near the port, the city administration wrote. The cause of the explosions is unknown." / Twitter

Taliban eradicating Afghanistans poppy cultivation to wipe out opium and heroin production

Turkey will gift a Bayraktar TB2 to Lithuania free of charge : worldnews

Zelensky likens Russian invasion to WWII Nazi aggression
Zelensky says Ukrainian troops have "some success" in battles in Severodonetsk : ukraine
Zelenskyy says Russia controls about 20 percent of Ukraine
Volodymyr Zelensky thanks Ukraine team for two hours of happinessafter World Cup qualifier win
Zelenskyys top advisor explains how Putin uses Lenins playbook to divide the West (divide and conquer)

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 99, Part 1 (Thread #239) : worldnews

Latest Defence Intelligence update on the situation in Ukraine 2 June 2022
ISW on Twitter: "The Ukrainian counteroffensive in #Kherson Oblast has gotten the attention of Russian forces in the area. The Russians are now scrambling to secure the vital ground line of communication (GLOC) the Ukrainians have threatened. New w/ @criticalthreats:" / Twitter

Also reportedly, Russia's command in the battle for Donbas has undergone another shakeupthe overall commander is now said to be Colonel General Gennady Zhidko. Like Dvornikov, he once commanded operations in Syria and also headed the Eastern Military District.
Colonel-General Gennady Zhidko replaced Andrey Kartapolov in November as a Deputy Defense Minister and head of the MoDs Main Military-Political Directorate.
Rail logistics threadYou cannot completely shut down rail traffic with stand-off missiles. The repairs are usually cheaper than the missiles used to make the rail cutsRussias anti-rail campaign is strategically bizarre if we compare its dozens of strikes against
The guy who does tweets about Russian logistics and tires Trent telenko is a trump supporter who thinks the election was stolen. : UkrainianConflict
The MQ-1C Gray Eagle drone is a game changer. Not bc it can loiter for 25hours and has a range of 200 miles or the fact it carries 4 Hellfire missiles. Then again what will 4 do. Its not enough people say. Well ...

Larisa Brown on Twitter: "Britain is also planning to send Ukraine the M270B1 multiple launch rocket system, which uses a 200lb high explosive warhead to hit targets as far away as 43 miles" / Twitter
Rob Lee on Twitter: "A useful photo of modern warfare. Russian fighters operating multiple COTS UAVs with other soldiers ready to relay their information over radios." / Twitter

Sky News: General confirms US conducts offensive hacking operation in support of Ukraine. NSA Director Paul Nakasone said the U.S. has conducted a series of operations across the full spectrum; offensive, defensive, [and] information operations in response to Russias war

Lviv commemorates 243 dead children in Ukraine war with school buses memorial : worldnews

In Chernobyls delicate nuclear labs, Russians looted safety systems

Croatia Arrests Pussy Riot Activist Sought by Turkmenistan : worldnews

Patriarch Kirill excluded from EU sanctions after Hungarys objection (Orbadickster)

Greek Forces on High Alert over Crisis with Turkey : worldnews

Denmark has voted overwhelmingly [66.9% to 33.1%] to join the EUs common defence policy, becoming the last of the blocs members to sign up, as Russias invasion of Ukraine continues to reshape Europes security landscape ... Russia invading Ukraine will come to be considered one of the major historic blunders.

Angela Merkel breaks silence on Ukraine, calls Russias war barbaric

Russia must be held accountable for their crimes in Ukraine: UK statement to the OSCE : worldnews
Boris Johnson Says Partygate Has Been Miserable But Rejects Calls To Resign

Lviv commemorates 243 dead children in Ukraine war with school buses memorial : worldnews

U.S. lifts Cuba flight restrictions imposed under Trump : worldnews

Canada alarmed as Chinese fighter pilots buzz Canadian planes over international water
Alberta man who killed Indigenous woman, hid body, claims self-defence : worldnews

Pentagon vs. Congress tension builds over monitoring billions in Ukraine aid : politics

Go-broke dates pushed back for Social Security, Medicare | AP News

The consequences of Trumps Iran policy come into sharper focus | As Irannuclear program reaches a new, dangerous level, its worth reflecting on how serious a mistake Donald Trump made when he abandoned the JCPOA. ("mistake")

Biden says theres nothing he can do to bring down gas or food prices in the near term

Beneath Bidens struggle to break through is a deeper dysfunction among White House aides
White House to begin paying interns : politics

Biden to Travel to Saudi Arabia, Ending Its 'Pariah' Status - As a candidate, President Biden vowed to punish the kingdom for the brutal assassination of Jamal Khashoggi. But now he wants to rebuild relations as he seeks to lower gas prices and isolate Russia.
House Panel Examining Jared Kushner Over Saudi Investment in New Firm - The New York Times The House Oversight Committee is seeking documents related to the $2 billion investment by a Saudi fund in the private equity firm started by Mr. Kushner, Donald Trumps son-in-law and former adviser.

Supreme Court allows states to use unlawfully gerrymandered congressional maps in the 2022 midterm elections : politics

House January 6 Committee Obtains Email Sketching Early Plan to Halt Election Certification : politics

The GOPs New Election Rule: Voter Fraud Is Only Real When We Lose to Democrats
Conservative activists are recruiting an army of GOP poll workers who could challenge results and create chaos in key states
Leaked Tapes Reveal Republican Plan to Stock Polling Places With Activists : politics
Theres no reasoning with a GOP hijacked by disinformation

Theyre Ratf*cking at Every Level. Theyre Ratf*cking in Every Direction.
Two words explain why Trump wont run in 2024

Time for Merrick Garland to Fire John Durham : politics
Durham probe: What we know about Michael Sussmanns acquittal, what comes next. Durhams inquiry has touched on some of the most controversial aspects of former President Donald Trump and Democratic challenger Hillary Clintons campaigns.
How John Durhams Probe Has Exposed Trumps Russia Con

The made-up controversy over Michael Flyns unmasking collapses | Republicans said Michael Flynns unmasking was bigger than WatergateWe now know just how spectacularly wrong they were.

Jan. 6 committee tells Jim Jordan what he didnt want to hear

Raffensperger testifies before Georgia grand jury investigating Trumps push to overturn 2020 election
Donald Trump Faces Biggest Risk of Criminal Charge in Georgia: Experts : politics

Texas police union says misinformation is coming from the very highest levels of law enforcement as authorities change story around the Uvalde school shooting
Uvaldes back-the-blue values collide with outrage over police response to Texas worst school shooting
Texas school shooting: Uvalde state senator raises questions on whether 911 call information was relayed to shooting incident commander | CNN
Video: Law enforcement officials say journalists will be charged for being on Uvalde CISD property
CNN reporter threatened with trespassing after grilling Uvalde police chief over his actions : news ... You know, I dont think Ive ever seen somebody quite so committed to fucking up before in my life. And Im no spring chicken.
The right desperately tries to blame women for the 21 murders in the Uvalde school shooting : politics

Apparent active shooter at medical facility in Tulsa, Oklahoma. : news
Tulsa shooting: Gunman Michael Louis who killed 4 at hospital targeted doctor who performed surgery - The Washington Post
Tulsa gunman bought AR-15-style rifle hours before using it to kill his former doctor, 3 others
5 people shot during funeral at Graceland Cemetery in Racine, Wisconsin : politics

Texas Gov. excludes gun control from special session on school shootings : politics

Pelosi says House will move on assault weapons ban : politics
Republican brandishes private arsenal in House hearing on gun reform | US gun control : politics
When it's easier to buy a military-grade rifle than to buy Sudafed - Lawyers, Guns & Money
New York Is Raising the Age to Buy an Assault Rifle to 21, Banning Body Armor : politics
Opinion | Solutions to save lives from gun violence - The Washington Post
Research shows policies that may help prevent mass shootings and some that dont
Our Narrative of Mass Shootings Is Killing Us - The Atlantic Stories are where people have always gone to find meaning. We need to tell a new one.

GOP Lawmaker Manages To Blame Abortion For Mass Shootings : politics

Minority rules, children die: Our broken political system has lethal consequences : politics

Massachusetts should use Texas abortion law to bar assault weapons : politics

Call Embraced for Prolonged Student Walkout Over Nations Refusal to Acton Guns

Breaking down HB99: Bill would allow educators to carry guns after less than 24 hours of training : politics
Arming teachers is hard, even in gun-loving Texas : politics

Pro-Choice Identification Rises to Near Record High in U.S
Blue cities in red states say they wont help enforce abortion bans
Theocratic US abortion bans will violate religious liberty, faith leaders say

Doug Mastrianos unhinged Nazi claim signals deeper danger ahead

Susan Collins confronts a moment of truth (yeah, sure) ... Twelve years is long enough to be in public service, Collins said 25 years ago

Ted Cruz Complains of Elites Using Bodyguards. Hes One of Them.

Biden-backed Democrat defeated by progressive in Oregon primary : politics

Mich. GOP candidate ruled ineligible for ballot after fraudulent petitions : politics

Cheney shoots down MyPillow CEO claims of voter fraud in Wyoming : politics

Emboldened Democrats eye Ron Johnson amid new controversies : politics

Fetterman's health, return to campaign trail a mystery as some Democrats grow 'very nervous' about Pa. Senate race

Michael Avenatti sentenced to 4 years for stealing nearly $300K from Stormy Daniels | CNN Politics

Tennessee is the #1 state with the most legislation that restricts trans youth : politics

Maura Healey could be the nations first openly lesbian governor. Her identity, she says, is the lens through which she views the world.

Classmates wouldn't sign his yearbook. So older students stepped in. - An impromptu swarm of upperclassmen filed into the sixth-grade class to sign his yearbook

The bleak spectacle of the Amber Heard-Johnny Depp trial How a washed-up celebrity, men's rights activists and true crime stans convinced millions of Americans to buy into a conspiracy theory
Elaine Bredehoft throwing Judge Azcarate and the jurors under the bus after yesterdays defamation judgement.
Do women materially benefit from making allegations of abuse against powerful men? (SPOILER: absolutely not.) - Lawyers, Guns & Money
Megyn Kelly: Amber Heard is Unemployable following verdict : videos

Are the Movies Liberal? - The New York Times Everyone knows Hollywood is progressive. But look at the films it churns out. They tell another story.

Hinckley freed - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Harvey Weinsteins Sexual Assault Conviction Upheld on Appeal

Total victory for Corinthians victims
Lower Education: How A Disgraced College Chain Trapped Its Students In Poverty

Junkyard turns to gold in Somerville development boom - The Boston Globe

Study suggests that most of our evolutionary trees could be wrong. It suggests that determining evolutionary trees of organisms by comparing anatomy rather than gene sequences is misleading. We need to overturn centuries of scholarly work that classified living things according to how they look : science

In places where nudity is the norm, do people who go through puberty have the innate sexual attraction to other peoples primary and secondary sex characteristics or is that a learned trait? : askscience

Brain scans are remarkably good at predicting political ideology, according to the largest study of its kind. People scanned while they performed various tasks and even did nothing accurately predicted whether they were politically conservative or liberal ... left insula was associated with both the affective-perceptual and cognitive-evaluative forms of empathy.

Researchers found an inherent advantage in many smokers that never developed lung cancer. They found that the cells lining the lungs were less likely to mutate over time. : science

Coffee Drinking Linked to Lower Mortality Risk, New Study Finds - The New York Times The research found that those who drank moderate amounts of coffee, even with a little sugar, were up to 30 percent less likely to die during the study period than those who didnt drink coffee ... "There are very few things that reduce your mortality by 30 percent" ... the answer may lie in its antioxidant properties, which can prevent or delay cell damage.
Coffee consumption link to reduced risk of acute kidney injury, study finds : science

A way to tamper Dark Tria personality traits. Practicing activities like donating money ortalking to a stranger and asking them about themselves decreased all three Dark Triad traits after four months. Even for people who said they wanted to increase their dark traits, not diminish them.

Exercise amplifies immune attack on pancreatic cancer: Aerobic exercise reprograms the immune system to reduce pancreatic tumor growth and amplify the effects of immunotherapy, a new study finds. : science

When did you witness someones large ego get absolutely flattened? : AskReddit

How did you lose your best friend? : AskReddit

An Elon Musk takeover could end Twitters permanent work-from-homepolicy


We cannot adapt our way out of climate crisis, warns leading scientist : worldnews

After millennia of agricultural expansion, the world has passed peak agricultural land

Worlds largest plant: 180km long seagrass discovered in Australia

Hurricane Agatha kills 11, leaves 20 missing in south Mexico : worldnews

June 1st, 2022 COVID-19 update: 2,198 new cases, 33 new deaths, 695 hospitalized, 245 for COVID. : CoronavirusMa
MA COVID-19 Data 6/1/22 : CoronavirusMa
1,713 confirmed cases and 28 deaths. See the latest COVID-19 data from Mass.

Trained dogs sniff out COVID-19 as well as lab tests do, and the canines are even better than PCR tests at identifying infected people with no symptoms. : science

During the Omicron Wave, Death Rates Soared for Older People - The New York Times Last year, people 65 and older died from Covid at lower rates than in previous waves. But with Omicron and waning immunity, death rates rose again.

Vietnam develops world's first African swine fever vaccine for commercial use

Researchers found a way to block one strain of the influenza virus from accessing a human protein it needs to replicate in cells. The discovery could lead to highly effective ways to treat the flu and could also apply to other respiratory viruses, such as SARS-CoV-2 : science

Monkeypox Cases Exceed 550 Worldwide, Spreading At An Unprecedented Speed And In More Non-Endemic Places Than Ever Before, WHO States : worldnews

New Australian government includes record 13 women ministers : worldnews ... So the parliamentary tradition of wanking on Womens desks is over then? Another great Tradition ruined by the bleeding Hearts!/s

Burned Bodies Found After Myanmar Junta Raid in Sagaing : worldnews

Abortion pill wont be available to Japanese women without partner's consent

Pillar of Shame replica to be unveiled at Taipeis Tiananmen vigil

Hong Kong churches drop Tiananmen tributes after 33 years amid arrest fears : worldnews
U.S. Launches Initiatives to Boost Economic Ties With Taiwan - WSJ As tensions grow with China, the Biden administration is forging closer ties with Taiwan in areas such as trade and supply chains
Hong Kong activist Raphael Wong released from jail after serving sentence over 2019 protest : worldnews

Hard to believe its actually happening: Shanghai to lift COVID lockdown

And they dont stop there, suggesting Britain and the U.S. would be targeted in a looming WWIII ... Poland, then UK and US ...
Documents Reveal Hundreds of Russian Troops Broke Ranks Over Ukraine Orders - WSJ Desertions and refusal to engage in the invasion have put Moscow in a bind over how to punish service members without drawing attention to the problem Russian servicemen rehearsing in April for the Victory Day military parade in Moscow.
Russian colonels slam Vladimir Putin in apparent leaked audio : worldnews ... Just so were clear, he isn't anti war or anything, he's upset putin didn't a commit war crime day 1 and blow up the Ukrainian parliament, with I assume Zelensky inside ... This is why people saying Putin is the problem are mistaken. Their society is a problem.
Putin Fires Five Generals as Russia's Military Failures in Ukraine Continue : worldnews
Russias nuclear forces are running drills after Biden pledged more advanced rocket systems for Ukraine

Neo-Nazi Russian nationalist exposes how Russias leaders sent them to Ukraine tokill Ukrainians

1,037 companies have severed ties with Russia since Ukraine invasion, shows data : worldnews

The Russian journalist Dmitri Muratov whose paper suspended publication in late March, saying Russias press laws made it impossible to truthfully cover the war in Ukraine will be auctioning his Nobel Peace Prize medal to benefit Ukrainian refugees.

India, Pakistan will gain a lot from mutually beneficial trade, asserts Pak PM Shehbaz Sharif : worldnews

Turkey: Leading opposition figure jailed for insulting Erdogan : worldnews
Erdogan says Turkey will no longer hold bilateral talks with Greece : worldnews
Greek Foreign Minister: "Turkey should avoid constant escalation" : worldnews
Turkey sends letter to UN to change countrys foreign name to ...

Opinion | Mohammed bin Salman stands on the verge of getting what he wants - The Washington Post

OPEC+ reportedly considering suspending Russia from supply deal : worldnews

Heavy Crackdown In Iran As Protests Show No Sign Of Ending : worldnews

Israel simulates massive strike on Iran with hundreds of IDF aircraft : worldnews
Jerusalem Post Defies Chinas Threats to Downgrade Relations With Israel if it Doesnt Pull Interview With Taiwan Leader: The 'Story Ain't Going Anywhere' (China: "we control your media and what you're allow to say")

Zelenskyy Shuts Down Newsmax Suggestion Trump Could Have Stopped War
Zelensky Will Be Tried As War Criminal if Russia Captures Him : worldnews
Ukraine Reports 15,000 Suspected War Crimes : worldnews
Ukraine losing 60-100 people per day in fight against Russia: Zelenskyy : worldnews
US military hackers conducting offensive operations in support of Ukraine, says head of Cyber Command | Science & Tech News | Sky News

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 98, Part 1 (Thread #238) : worldnews

Governor: Ukraine liberates more than 20 settlements in Kherson Oblast. Hennadiy Lahuta said Ukraine had liberated more than 20 settlements in the north of Kherson Oblast, which is largely occupied by Russia. The Ukrainian forces continue to advance further south, he added.

Washington Post: US defends sending HIMARS to Ukraine. U.S. Under Secretary of Defense for Policy Colin Kahl dismissed criticism that the provision of M142 High Mobility Artillery Rocket Systems comes too late, saying they will arrive in a time frame thats relevant
[HIMARS] are definitely going to change the dynamics of this war. Every Russian attack will get smited, every Russian supply point will get destroyed. And we already know that Russia cant move further than 80-90 km supply points
I worked very very hard on this exclusive story: U.S. plans to sell armed drones to Ukraine in coming days
Good lord, Im sweating, like really hard
M270 MLRS or M142 HIMARS? Which of the two will Ukraine receive? And how will this change the war? A missile artillery thread
Angry thread about M270 MLRS and M142 HIMARS

Russian Military Is Repeating Mistakes in Eastern Ukraine, U.S. Says - The New York Times
Ukraine Has Promised U.S. Not to Fire New 50-Mile Range Rockets Into Russia : worldnews
West promises Ukraine more, better arms to fend off Russia : worldnews

Ukraine jails two Russian soldiers for 11-1/2 years for shelling civilians : worldnews

Some of that #Ukraines underground culture art on the frontlines of #RussiaUkraineWar

Ukraine official fired over handling of Russian sexual assault claims : worldnews

Life insurance for mankind: These are the dangers of losing Ukraines giant seed bank

Denmark holds referendum on dropping EU defence opt-out : worldnews

Swiss veto Danish request to send Ukraine armoured vehicles - TV : worldnews

Russias Gazprom says its cutting off some natural gas to Germany after Shell refused to pay for it in rubles
Germany to send anti-aircraft missiles, radar systems to Ukraine : worldnews
Germany to send Kyiv anti-aircraft missiles, radar systems : worldnews
Germans of reddit, what are some things you have noticed to be different between former eastern germans and former western germans? : AskReddit

Injured cyclist froze to death after PCSOs called off search in under 10 minutes : worldnews ... "couldn't be bothered to get out of their car to look for her" ...

Victims forced to work in slave-like conditions at a Brazilian farm owned by Volkswagen during the countrys dictatorship recount grave and systematic abuses, including rapes, beatings and being tied to trees. The carmaker is facing legal action in Brazil over human-rights violations

Today, Colombia Votes on a Shift to the Left : worldnews

Canada trials decriminalising cocaine, MDMA and other drugs : worldnews

@nytimes published an op-ed on the war infull ofnarratives and innacuracies of origin. Some people wondered: would NYT publish an pro-Nazi piece in 1930s? Well, lo&behold. 1934. By hating HitlerJews are only increasing the severity of his policies against them
Walter Duranty - Wikipedia
Puff piece they ran just days before the invasion of Poland

President Biden: What America Will and Will Not Do in Ukraine

Inflation: Treasury secretary Janet Yellen concedes she was wrong on 'path that inflation would take' | CNN Politics

Why gas prices are so high - Washington Post

A Dynamite guest at the White House: BTS meets with Biden on anti-Asian discrimination

Heres The DOJ Report Finding That Obama Officials Didnt Improperly Unmask Gen. Flynn ... A Justice Department probe found that members of the Obama administration did not seek to reveal the identity of General Michael Flynnfor political purposes or other inappropriate reasons a newly disclosed report reveals. (tnx again and again, Barry) ("top secret")
The final, brutal collapse of GOPs big Michael Flynn conspiracy theory

Antiabortion laws are forced-birth laws. Heres what that looks like.

Texas officials are probing law enforcements response to last week's massacre
Continuing the "blame everyone else for our cowardice" tour - Lawyers, Guns & Money Well, so much for the Ovalde PD trying to throw one of the teachers they werent willing to protect under the bus to cover up their immense fuckups:
Texas school police chief hasn't responded for days to state investigators about Uvalde shooting Peter Arredondo was sworn in Tuesday as a new member of City Council. He participated in an initial investigation interview but has not responded to follow-up requests.
Uvalde school police chief says hes still cooperating
Pete Arredondo: Uvalde school district police chief declines to answer CNN questions in first public comments in a week | CNN
Uvalde school police chief not responding to investigators, DPS says : politics
A dying Uvalde teacher was on the phone with her husbanda school police officer whose boss decided not to enter her classroom, report says
Texas police union calls for Uvalde authorities to cooperate with mass shooting inquiries ... The shooter was in two adjoining classrooms for more than an hour while local police stood by, until Border Patrol tactical officers broke in and killed him.
What are Uvalde police hiding? Its not their incompetence and cowardice.

Full of victims: Video appears to show Texas 911 dispatchers relaying information from children in classroomChild is advising he is in the room, the dispatcher can be heard saying ("we're waiting for her to die" cops said)
Texas police: School door shut but didn't lock before attack - ABC News Investigators are trying to determine why an exterior door at Robb Elementary School did not lock when it was closed before a gunman used it to get inside and kill 19 students and two teachers
Active shooter message sent to parents further muddles law enforcement timeline of Uvalde school massacre (cops lie all the time. it's what they do)
The Police Have No Reason to Help You: Cops have been given an incredible set of legal powers immunizing them from the fatal errors of their own decisionsincluding their decision to do nothing in Uvalde, Texas.

What the AR-15 Does to a Child's Body (the price of freedumb)

Authorities ignore Spanish speakers at Uvalde press conferences (cowboy hats can't be bothered)

Students Should Refuse to Go Back to School : politics

Four People, Including Gunman, Are Killed in Attack at Tulsa Medical Building, Police Say - The New York Times
4 dead after active-shooter situation at Saint Francis medical building | KTUL

The US is a third-world country based on the gun deaths per capita rankings. : worldnews
Guns are all over GOP ads and social media, prompting some criticism : politics

Month before Buffalo shooting, poll finds, 7 of 10 Republicans believed in Great Replacement (70% of refucks say Black people discriminate against them)

D.C. gun seizures are soaringbut charges arent sticking

Rand Paul challenger Charles Booker wears noose in Senate campaign ad ... for delaying 2020 antilynching bill

Trump has few followers as election claims grow more preposterous: The Note - ABC News It should no longer be a surprise that Trump amplifies false fraud claims.

Opinion | John Durham's flop is only the latest of many Trump Russia coverup failures - The Washington Post
John Durham Tried to Prove Trump's Russiagate Theory. Instead He Debunked It. Trumps prosecutor face-plants.

Thoughts on the Michael Sussmann Verdict - Lawfare
John Durham and Bill Barr's last snipe hunt - Lawyers, Guns & Money ... Total humiliation was always where John Durhams three year immolation of taxpayer money to prove a crackpot MAGA conspiracy theory was going to end up ... Speaking of total humiliation, as of this writing neither Taibbi nor Greenwald has sent out a single tweet since the conspiracy theories in which they invested enormous amounts of unreadable prose ended up in someone playing Yakety Sax outside the courtroom....
Senate Panel Details Ties Between 2016 Trump Campaign and Russia - The New York Times (2020, for the history)

Committee provides timeline of Jim Jordans collaboration with Trump White House effort to question the 2020 presidential election results

Read the Trump-world legal memo that a judge ruled was likely part of a criminal effort to overturn the election. : politics

A clever effort to try to de-Putinize Trump ... While the alleged lie was simple, straightforward and could have been explained in two pages, it was encased in 27 pages of dark and inchoate allegations of wrongdoing by a number of Clintonites. What was the lie? The Durham indictment charged only that Sussmann had failed to tell the FBI general counsel why he was meeting with him. The jury saw through the fog of misdirection and innuendo in the indictments overstuffed allegations and quickly returned a not-guilty verdict ... many polling experts think, tipped the election to Trump: On Oct. 28, 2016, then-FBI Director James B. Comey announced he was reopening the Clinton emails investigation at a time when the bureau had studiously kept secret its own three-month-old investigation of the Trump campaigns dealing with the Russians.

GOP plots '23 probes

In reversal, EPA deems Pruitts phone booth a violation - EPA dropped its Trump-era defense of a soundproof booth built for Scott Pruitt, its scandal-ridden former administrator, according to newly released letters.

Bidens ex daughter-in-law opens up about marriage to Hunter ... I was no longer a Biden, she writes. I'd handed in my crown and shield because I no longer needed them. Maybe I never had.

Trump Pushes Claim That Brian Kemp's 50-Point Victory Was Fraud : politics
Donald Trump, criminal mastermind: Scholar Gregg Barak on the supreme con artist of our time : politics

Hapless Trumpist Mo Brooks gives away the GOP vote fraud scam

Embarrassing: Even Republicans fume at Michigan GOP for defending candidates busted for fraud
Its going to be an army: Tapes reveal GOP plan to contest elections

Cyber agency: Voting software vulnerable in some states | AP News

Progressives Slam Phony Manchin for Pushing Lower Drug Prices After Killing BBB (and saying poor people would spend it all on illegal drugs)

The RNC's Ground Game of Inches : Inside the secretive, dubious, and extremely offline attempt to convert minorities into Republicans

Sarah Palin's Bid for New Libel Trial Against The Times Is Denied - A judge ruled that Ms. Palin failed to introduce "even a speck of evidence" to prove the newspaper defamed her in a 2017 editorial that mistakenly connected her political rhetoric with a mass shooting. (Caribou Dumbass Barbie - putting targets on Dems just a little "political rhetoric")

Anatomy of a fake - by Don Moynihan - Can We Still Govern? What a viral fake news story about ace-based grading tells us about our media ecosystem

Same-Sex Marriage Support Inches Up to New High of 71% : politics

Critics, contrarians, and trolls - Lawyers, Guns & Money
Yglesiass business model is to shamelessly troll for engagement. He wants people to be aghast at what he says. Hes no different than the scam accounts that post obviously wrong answers to math puzzles.

Eschaton: Every Old Elite Political Media Guy Reveals His Fondness Of Stupid EvoPsych And Caliper Set Eventually
evo psych googling on Twitter: "lol" / Twitter ... Love how NYTimes has let Thomas Edsall write the same column over and over again. (this is really, really stupid)
one has to admit this would be funny if it wasnt tragic

What to Know About Tucker Carlson's Rise : A Times examination of the host's career and singular influence at Fox News shows how his trajectory traces the transformation of American conservatism itself.
Altercation: The Times Investigation of Tucker Carlson Was Superb ... but Why does its daily coverage revert to bothsidesism and ignore the revelations in its blowout profile

Trial Diary: A Journalist Sits on a Baltimore Jury : Could 12 strangers agree on justice in Baltimore, a city riddled with killings and distrust of the police, in a shooting case where the victim was an actor on the legendary drama 'The Wire'?

Johnny Depp-Amber Heard trial verdict: Live updates - The Washington Post ... Johnny Depp prevailed in his three counts of defamation against Amber Heard and was awarded $15 million, the jury announced Wednesday ... The seven-person jury also decided that Depp, through his lawyer Adam Waldman, defamed Heard on one of three counts in her countersuit; she was awarded $2 million.
Johnny Depp-Amber Heard Defamation Verdict: Live Updates - The New York Times ... Early drafts of the op-ed Ms. Heard was sued for were prepared by the American Civil Liberties Union ... Shortly before the op-ed was published, Ms. Heard was appointed an A.C.L.U. ambassador with a focus on womens rights and gender-based violence ... After Ms. Heard was granted a $7 million payment ... in her divorce settlement with Mr. Depp, she pledged half of the money to the A.C.L.Ushe paid a fraction of the $3.5 million she had pledged to the A.C.L.U.
Jury finds both Amber Heard and Johnny Depp were defamed after weeks-long trial / Twitter
Amber Heard Found Liable for Damages Against Johnny Depp : news
Cancel culture is real - Lawyers, Guns & Money (the other side)
Men Always Win: Survivors Sickened by the Amber Heard Verdict

Mythoveral - My Pandemic Project

About 3 grams a day of omega-3 fatty acids may lower blood pressure. About 4-5 ounces of Atlantic salmon provide 3 grams of omega 3 fatty acids. : science

TIL one night of Firebombing on Tokyo had a death toll of around 100,000 which was higher than the Nuclear Bomb dropped on Nagasaki at a death toll of 80,000. : todayilearned

What are some golden Reddit threads that everyone should read at least once? : AskReddit
TIFU by stuffing my face with edibles before dinner with my wifes parents.
TIFU: secretly eating mushrooms while my wife was asleep in a house full of cats : tifu

Elon Musk reportedly declares remote work no longer acceptable at Tesla
Elon Musk said working from home during the pandemic 'tricked' people into thinking they dont need to work hard. Hes dead wrong, economists say.

Crypto is a scam from top to bottom - Lawyers, Guns & Money


Japans giant deep ocean turbine trial offers hope of endless green power

Fishing industry still bulldozing seabed in 90% of UK marine protected areas

May 31st, 2022 COVID-19 update: 7,759 long-weekend new cases, 20 new deaths, 676 hospitalized, 228 for COVID. : CoronavirusMa
In its first COVID-19 data report since Friday, Mass. reports 7,029 confirmed cases and 6 deaths

Coronavirus levels in E. Mass. waste water saw upticks late last week - The Boston Globe

COVID State of Affairs: May 31 [Katelyn Jetelina] : CoronavirusMa

Mild Omicron variant was highly lethal, study finds ... In other words, in a mere eight weeks of Omicron, Massachusetts experienced more excess deaths than in 23 weeks of Delta.

Shortage of diabetes medication Ozempic after TikTok users promote drug for weight loss : worldnews

How do strawberries get infected with hep A? : askscience

Russias Attack on Ukraine Has Undermined the Global Order: Singapore Prime Minister

First pride parade in Akita, Japan held to show support for sexual minorities : worldnews

1 billion meth pills seized as Asia sees record drug increase : worldnews

Leaked photos of Uyghurs interned at Xinjiang detention centres devastatingsays activistThousands of files hacked from police computers were released by a consortium of investigative journalists
China Launches Worlds First Drone Mothership; Likely To Be Used For Military Purposes
China Urges UN Rights Chief to Look Into School Shootings in US : worldnews

Russian lawmaker suggests kidnapping NATO defence minister in Ukraine | Reuters
Russian space chief says the country should seriously consider printing more money to dodge the impact of Western sanctions : worldnews
Russias Navalny says he faces new criminal case, up to 15 more years in jail.

Russian army on brink of collapse as Putin loses 30,000 troops
Intercepted audio shows Russian soldiers almost blew up a top general for ordering them to the front line, Ukraine says : worldnews

Georgias breakaway region of South Ossetia ditches referendum on joining Russia

Turkish leader writes on risks of Sweden, Finland in NATO
VIDEO: Turkish youth arrested for kicking elderly Syrian woman in the face, world shows solidarity with her : worldnews

The Killings Didnt Stop. In Mali, a Massacre With a Russian Footprint. Civilian deaths have spiked in Mali since Russian mercenaries of the Wagner Group began operating alongside the military. In late March, hundreds were executed in the village of Moura.

Expatriate Executives Flee Saudi Arabias BadBosses

Ruins of a 3,400-year-old city have been exposed from the Tigris river in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq : worldnews

Iran has enough uranium to build an atomic bomb, U.N. says : worldnews

Israel refuses US request to transfer Israeli missiles to Ukraine : worldnews
Progressive Lawmakers Demand Stop to Israeli War Crime in Masafer Yatta - In a letter to the Secretary of State, 15 House Democrats urged the administration to intervene against the expulsion of Palestinians from West Bank villages.

Zelenskyy says Russia hopes for famine crisis as sea ports blocked : worldnews

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 97, Part 1 (Thread #237) : worldnews

Mick Ryan, AM on Twitter: "It is 96 days since Russia invaded #Ukraine. Today, an exploration of why this war may end up lasting longer that we expect, or hope. 1/25" / Twitter ... 24/ Because as horrific a prospect that a long war may be, a Russian victory that would encourage further aggression and military adventures in the future is much, much worse. End
Jomini of the West on Twitter: "1/ Ukrainian TVD, Day 89-97. Intense combat has continued in the Donbas over the past 9 days. Russian forces continue to expand on their breakthrough around Popasna & have captured large parts of Severodonetsk. Ukraine counterattacks in Kherson. #UkraineWar #UkraineRussianWar" / Twitter
The illegal and unprovoked invasion of Ukraine is continuing. The map below is the latest Defence Intelligence update on the situation in Ukraine 30 May 2022
The Washington Post on Twitter: "Russia-Ukraine war live updates: Russia seizes half of key city Severodonetsk; E.U. bans most Russian oil" / Twitter
Status-6 on Twitter: "The head of Luhansk regional administration Haidai: a Russian strike hit a tank with nitric acid at a chemical plant in the vicinity of Severodonetsk. He has called residents to not come out of hiding as nitric acid can be dangerous if inhaled, swallowed or in contact with skin." / Twitter

OSINTtechnical on Twitter: "Zaporizhzhia Oblast, drone spotted artillery fire from the Ukrainian 45th Artillery Brigade destroys multiple Russian vehicles." / Twitter
I guess russian tanks are flying tanks after all. Holy shit that jump
Assault on Sievierodonetsk taking longer than Russian forces hoped - TASS : worldnews
C4H10FO2P on Twitter: "Alleged #Ukraine army assault ~40km north of #Kherson" / Twitter
Ukrainian refugee from Popasna spots looted possessions on Russian tank - BBC News

Ukraine to Get HIMARS Rocket Launchers, But Without ATACMS: What GMRLS Missiles Can Do | Defense Express
Security Service of Ukraine: Ukrainian soldiers destroyed a large unit of Wagner Group fighters in Donbas : worldnews

War crimes meeting held at Hague over Russia-Ukraine war : worldnews
Ukraine has identified 600 Russian war crime suspects : worldnews
Ukraine Charges Russia Soldier With Rape, 1st Such Trial From Invasion : worldnews
Full Metal Torture

A terrible nightmare: Treating Ukraines wounded civilians

Euro vision winner sells trophy for $900K to buy drones for Ukraine : worldnews

Message from the European Union: EU needs to become a military power
EU leaders agree to ban 90% of Russian oil by the end of 2022 : worldnews
Russia says its cutting off its natural-gas supply to the Netherlands as the Dutch refuse to pay in rubles. Denmark could be next.

Historic decision in Croatia: Same-sex couples can adopt children : worldnews

While frustration with the German govts perceived inaction is mounting both abroad and at home, it may be helpful to look at Germanys psychology on the issue of leadership.
Germany Slashes Summer Train Fares More Than 90 Percent to Curb Driving, Save Fuel : worldnews
"Germany" American Sign Language (ASL)
Pickelhaube - Wikipedia

France bans English gaming tech jargon in push to preserve language purity : worldnews

UK sperm donor with genetic condition banned from contacting children : worldnews

I will end war on drugs, says ex-guerilla tipped to be new Colombian president : worldnews

B.C. to decriminalize small amounts of hard drugs -- a North American first
Handguns: Canada proposes complete freeze on ownership : worldnews

Biden, sinking in U.S. polls, seen in Europe as rising star for democracy : politics

Christopher Miller on Twitter: "Biden is apparently unhappy with a so-called clean-up campaign by aides on his team who try to walk back or clarify his statements. "The issue came to a head when Biden ad-libbed during a speech in Poland that Russian President Vladimir Putin 'cannot remain in power.'"" / Twitter ...("Dems in Disarray")

Putin's D.C. Waiting Game - Right now, America's support of Ukraine remains a bipartisan issue. But below the surface, an ebbing of financial support may be coming into sight. (refuckers)

Eliot A Cohen on Twitter: "Until now I had thought that the Biden administration had somewhat recovered from the appalling incompetence of its Afghan withdrawal decision. Until now. 1/4" / Twitter (Condi's war hawk)

Supreme Court halts Texas law that targets social media platforms - The Boston Globe

Garlands mushy speech to Harvard grads does not inspire confidence

The American right is whitewashing Hungary's nasty, autocratic regime

Is America heading for civil war? | Financial Times A clutch of books makes an alarmingly persuasive case that the warning lights are flashing redder than at any point since 1861

Key Senate antitrust bill hangs in the balance : politics (blub blug)

Supreme Court leak investigation heats up as clerks are asked for phone records in unprecedented move : politics

Who has abortions in Massachusetts? - The Boston Globe

House panel calls emergency meeting to advance gun violence prevention bills | The Judiciary Committee plans to meet Thursday to advance a package of gun control proposals after the school massacre in Uvalde, Texas. Senators are holding separate talks. : politics
Justice Department to review police response to Uvalde school shooting : politics

Uvalde teacher did not leave door open before massacre She kicked the rock away when she went back in. She remembers pulling the door closed while telling 911 that he was shooting. She thought the door would lock because that door is always supposed to be locked
Very angry: Uvalde locals grapple with school chiefs role (chief Chicken Shit)

A System That Allows Children to Be Killed | At the root of the Uvalde massacre is a wheezing politics and its meager facsimiles of solutions. : politics
What in the Neoliberal Hell Is This? Biden Suggests RationalGOP Senators Will Act on Guns
Birth of a Notion | The Founders Never Envisioned a Filibuster Being Used to Block Gun Control After Massacres : politics
Editorial: America needs a Memorial Day for gun-violence victims : politics

Northwestern Study Says 1994-2004 Federal Assault Weapons Ban Worked : politics
What research shows on the effectiveness of gun-control laws - The Washington Post
How the Second Amendment was reinterpreted to protect individual rights - The Washington Post
Congress Raised The Tobacco Age To 21. Why Not Do The Same For Guns? : politics

U.S. marks Memorial Day weekend with at least 11 mass shootings | Since the Uvalde, Tex., elementary school tragedy, there have been at least 14 other shootings that had at least four victims : politics
We Cannot Sanitize These Killings: News Media Considers Breaking Grimly Routine Coverage of Mass Shootings
Inside the minds of Americans who do not think guns are a problem : politics
Opinion: The NRA isn't the main obstacle in US gun politics anymore : politics
US mass shootings will continue until the majority can overrule the minority | Guns symbolize the power of a minority over the majority, and theyve become the icons of a party that has become a cult seeking minority power

Gov. Abbott attributes mass shootings to mental health issues a month after cutting $211 million from mental health commission : politics
The Main Mental Health Issue in This Country Is in the Republican Party: Now Republicans swear theyre going to address mental health. How dumb do they think the American people are?
The Staggering Hypocrisy of Officials Who Are Blaming Mental Illness for Mass Shootings : politics
Beto O'Rourke: 38,000 Texans had their license to carry denied, revoked, or suspended over the last five years because law enforcement deemed them too dangerous to carry a loaded gun in public. But thanks to Greg Abbotts new law, they dont need a license to carry anymore.

Right-Wing Organization Launches Chilling Map Marking Schools AsWoke Hot Spots

Beto O'Rourke bets Uvalde shooting will shake up Texas governors race
Herschel Walkers response to Texas shootings reflects on his own history with guns ... "What I like to do is see it and everything and stuff" (and then there's really stupid)

Robert B. Reich: What you need to know about the anti-democracy movement : politics

Merrick Garland fears no person, says legal scholar Norm Eisen -- and he's coming for Trump

Federal investigation into Trump fake elector probe expands to multiple states : politics

Peter Navarro, Former Trump Aide, Gets Grand Jury Subpoena in Jan. 6 Inquiry : politics
Navarro Grand Jury Subpoena Signals DOJ Has A New Focus In Its Jan. 6 Investigation : politics

As Jan. 6 subpoena deadline looms, Jordan, McCarthy mull options : politics

NY AG Letitia James is cooking up a lawsuit that could bring down Trumps business empire

"Politics were not a factor," the jury forewoman said after a courtroom defeat for special counsel John Durham, appointed three years ago by then-Attorney General William Barr ... "Personally, I dont think it should have been prosecuted" she added, saying the government could have spent our time more wisely. A second juror told The Post that in the jury room, "everyone pretty much saw it the same way"
Michael Sussmann Is Acquitted in Case Brought by Trump-Era Prosecutor - The New York Times The Democratic-linked lawyer was accused of lying about his clients to the F.B.I. when he passed on a tip about possible connections between Donald J. Trump and Russia.
Special Counsel Durham fails first courtroom test in his three-year probe : NPR
Sussmann Acquitted In Quick Defeat For Durham Investigation ... The loss is a rapid and stunning defeat for Durham, who sought to use the case to build a grand narrative about Hillary Clintons presidential campaign
What if and bear with me here -- John Durham doesnt have the goods? ... The last time anyone saw them, the goal posts were about three miles due west of Ottumwa, Iowa, having been dragged there, foot by painful foot, from their original position just outside of William P. Barrs Justice Department ... a fishing expedition thats gone on for an extended period of time without actually surfacing anything that significantly aids the central case.
In a major setback for Durham, jury acquits former Clinton lawyer For years, Donald Trump has asked, Wheres John Durham? We can now answer the question: Durhams in court, losing in humiliating fashion.
The Methodology of Andrew DeFilippis' Elaborate Plot to Break Judge Cooper's Rules - emptywheel

Republicans Accept Primary Wins Despite Election Fraud Claims in 2020 - The New York Times Republicans are accepting their primary victories with little concern about the voter fraud they once falsely claimed caused Donald J. Trumps loss

Liz Cheneys uphill path to re-election runs through Trump

Stefanik says NY schools are forcing a radical and racist agenda on children. The falseclaim fits a pattern
Poll: Most Republicans believe discrimination against whites isas big a problem as anti-Black racism

Group doorbells WA homes, searching for illegal voters and drawing complaints : politics

Florida Democrats sense opportunity against DeSantis over soaring housing costs : politics

North Dakota legislator set to resign, mum on investigation | AP News the subject of an ongoing investigation following a report that hed traded scores of text messages with a man jailed on child pornography charges.

How the Newest Federal Prison Became One of the Deadliest : politics

The Long, Sordid History of the Gay Conspiracy Theory Todays right-wing campaign against groomers is Americas latest moral panic ... By James Kirchick

The Unrelenting Glibness of David Sedaris Happy-Go-Lucky, the latest book from the antsy everyman, has a tone problem ... One of the main things I learned from reading this collection is that Sedaris and his husband own at least seven homes ... cropping up again and again to recast Sedaris not as the antsy everyman we grew up with but rather as some kind of moneyed Aspergers case ... Either he doesnt have enough tools in the box or he just refuses to look too closely at any of these understandably difficult subjects, so instead he writes about them in the same tone he used to write about department-store Santas and being bad at French, with disastrously jarring results.

Car crash in Lincoln, Nebraska, leaves 2 dead, 19 injured - The Washington Post

Women injected with saline instead of pain relief at Yale clinic, lawsuit says / Twitter
It was horrific: Women given saline instead of fentanyl, lawsuit says ... What the plaintiffs are claiming is that Yale showed carelessness and recklessnessin failing to prevent a diversion of at least 75 percent of the fentanyl stored at Yale REI by one nurse, Donna Monticone, over at least five months.

Do you wear glasses or contacts? RI bill will require you go to an in-person eye exam : politics

Happy 18th Birthday! - Lawyers, Guns & Money
Behind the Blogging: 2022 Edition - Lawyers, Guns & Money
LGM at 18: the unicorn community - Lawyers, Guns & Money
Don't free ride on the yellow brick road to wherever we're going - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Love, Death, Robots, but no Women - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Erik Visits an American Grave, Part 1,108 - Lawyers, Guns & Money During the Mexican War, when the United States decided to steal half of Mexico to expand slavery in an unjust and imperialist war

Louis Saint Ange Morel, chevalier de la Colombe - Wikipedia
Adams Papers Digital Edition - Massachusetts Historical Society I have likewise seen a Mr: Colomb, an aid to Mr De la Fayette; who went to Europe in 1779 with us on board the Sensible
To George Washington from the Marquise de Lafayette, 14 January 1790

Born This Way? The Rise of LGBT as a Social and Political Identity ... The last decade has seen a precipitous rise in the share of Americans identifying as LGBT, particularly among the youngest adults. Today, among those under 30, a wide range of surveys converge on a number of around 20% ... The most popular LGBT identity is bisexual, which is significantly more common among women than men ... When we look at homosexual behavior, we find that it has grown much less rapidly than LGBT identification. Men and women under 30 who reported a sexual partner in the last five years dropped from around 96% exclusively heterosexual in the 1990s to 92% exclusively heterosexual in 2021

Medicinal cannabis reduces pain and the need for opiate painkillers among cancer patients : science

Plastic Recycling Doesnt Work and Will Never Work

Why Deaths of Despair Are Increasing in the US and Not Other Industrial NationsInsights From Neuroscience and Anthropology ... The 16 wealthy nations provide communal assistance at every stage, thus facilitating diverse paths forward and protecting individuals and families from despair. The US could solve its health crisis by adopting the best practices of the 16-nation control group. (fucking republicans)

Whats eating the universe? - with Paul Davies

ASL : vocabulary

The Book That Shook France, Now in English: Incest Is Everywhere ... The patriarchal idea is to create a body that becomes accessible, that can be penetrated and thereby ruled. Its true in relation to women and in relation to children and youths ,,, He was in good company, though: other signatories included Michel Foucault, Jacques Derrida, Simone de Beauvoir, Jean-Paul Sartre, and the politician Daniel Marc Cohn-Bendit aka "Danny the Red"

PSA: Summer is back! Dont yell at women.

A tutorial video on the top 12 new features in OneNote : Surface
Usability - OneNote : Surface

Men of Reddit, what are some questions youve always wanted to ask women, but couldnt because it would seem weird?

If a Zombie Apocalypse Were to Happen- What is an issue people dont think about?

What currently legal thing do you expect to be illegal in the next 20 years? : AskReddit


UN Warns of Total Societal Collapse Due to Breaching of Planetary Boundaries


Climate activists frustrated as another deadline passes without spending deal : politics

AP News: California, New Zealand announce climate change partnership : worldnews

Hurricane Agatha rapidly intensifies in the eastern Pacific as it barrels toward Mexico : worldnews

Adolescents still wear facemasks to cover flaws on faces

Viruses that were on hiatus during Covid are back and behaving in unexpected ways ... many children around the world missed getting childhood vaccinations during the pandemic.
Deadly nose-bleed fever shocks Iraq as cases surge : worldnews

WHO: Monkeypox won't turn into pandemic, but many unknowns : worldnews

Thousands of guns to be destroyed and recycled by police in Australia. : worldnews
Australian Casino Fined $57m For Illegal China Funds Transfer : worldnews

Taiwan jets scramble as 30 Chinese aircraft enter air defense zone : worldnews

Security law a glorious' mission, but radicals advocating terrorism still lurking, Hong Kong's Carrie Lam says (

China sees population shrinking for the first time in 60 years : worldnews
Pacific nations walk away from region-wide trade and security deal with China : worldnews
The mystery of China's sudden warnings about US hackers: China has recently begun saber-rattling about American cyberespionage.

Russia says attacks in Russian-controlled territory of Ukraine are outrageous : worldnews
The Euro Feed on Twitter: "Russian state TV's Olga Skabeyeva says it might be time to admit that the "special operation in Ukraine is over" Russia has now been "forced to demilitarise the whole of Nato", she claims" / Twitter
Julia Davis on Twitter: "Behind all of these nuclear threats and claims that America wouldn't help Europe if Russia decides to nuke it, there's underlying panic about Russia being economically unprepared to keep waging this war. Watch:" / Twitter
Yeltsins son-in-law quits as Putin adviser

Russian army suffering devastating losses of junior officers in war in Ukraine, MoD claims : worldnews
Soldiers in Putins Private Army Fired, Refused to Fight in Ukraine
Russia Holding Hostage Relatives of Troops Who Disobey Orders: Report : worldnews

Negative views of Russia mainly limited to western liberal democracies, poll shows | Russia : worldnews
Muscovites to Vote on Pro-War Names for U.S. Embassy Square : worldnews

A Russian artist who sneaked anti-war messages onto supermarket price tags is being bullied in jail and denied medical treatment, prison letters say : worldnews

Wreckage of plane with 22 on board found in Nepal mountains : worldnews

Telangana: Jealous woman gets five men to rape competitor

Pakistan-based terror groups maintain training camps in Afghanistan, some under direct Taliban control: UN report : worldnews
Relationship between Taliban, Al Qaeda remains close: UNSC report : worldnews

New satellite imagery shows that a Russian freighter full of grain suspected to have been stolen from Ukraine has arrived in the Syrian port of Latakia -- its second trip within four weeks : worldnews

Egypt uncovers 2,500-year-old coffins, bronze statues in ancient necropolis : worldnews

Iranian immunity is over, Israeli Prime Minister Bennett says
Violence erupts around Jerusalem during controversial flag march : worldnews
Israel should consider placing on its terrorism list two right-wing extremist groups accused of violence towards Palestinians and who called for the death of Arabs, Defence Minister Benny Gantz said Monday. "I believe it is time to examine defining groups like La Familia and Lehava as terror groups: : worldnews
2 Israelis arrested for assault on Arab journalist covering East Jerusalem unrest : worldnews
China threatens to downgrade Israel ties over Jerusalem Post Taiwan interview

Ukraines Zelenskiy visits frontline in first official appearance outside Kyiv since invasion
Zelenskyy said he fired a top security official for thinking only of himself instead of defending his city as Russia invaded
Ukrainian MP urges west to supply long-range rockets or risk Russian victory : worldnews
Russia wont be satisfied with offers of some Ukraine territory, MP says

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 96, Part 1 (Thread #236) : worldnews

General Staff: Russian troops withdraw from Mykolaivka in Kherson Oblast. According to the most recent update by the General Staff, Russian forces suffered significant losses and had to withdraw from the village of Mykolaivka as a result of an offensive of Ukraines forces.
Ukraine destroys Russian ammo depot as battle of Donbas intensifies : worldnews
Sievierodonetsk bombing so intense, casualties cannot be assessed, officials say : worldnews
There was an explosion in #Melitopol. Local media report that an explosion was heard in the morning near the Kvartal shopping mall. According to preliminary information, the collaborationist head of #Zaporizhzhya Oblast Yevhen Balitskyy was there.
French journalist killed in shelling in Ukraines Luhansk region - governor

Ukrainian IT army sets record by attacking over 800 enemy platforms within week : worldnews

NATO is no longer bound by commitments to Russia and will beef up Eastern Europe presence, says deputy secretary general : worldnews

Lithuanian President calls statements about giving part of Ukraine to Russia unacceptable : worldnews

Serbia ignores EU sanctions, secures gas deal with Russias Putin.

Cyberattacks likely to rise in wake of Ukraine War. This is what Estonia learnt from Web War One : worldnews

EU unity on Russian sanctions "starting to crumble", German minister says : worldnews
Germany to change constitution to enable $110 billion defense fund : worldnews
German inflation rate jumps to 7.9% in May : worldnews

Mona Lisa attacked with cake by man dressed as old lady in wheelchair

Champions League final: Fake tickets triggered Paris final chaos - France : worldnews

Windrush scandal caused by 30 years of racist immigration laws ... the British Empire depended on racist ideology in order to function

Only 9 of 421 illegal mining sites in the Yanomami Indigenous Land, the largest in Brazil, had any type of police action, within a plan formulated by the Jair Bolsonaro government to attempt to remove miners who are illegally looking for gold in the region : worldnews

A $120 million superyacht linked to a sanctioned Russian oligarch has appeared in Antigua more than 2 months after turning its tracking off : worldnews

Plane carrying Ukrainian refugees touches down in Montreal : worldnews
Pellet gun recovered after Toronto police kill man carrying rifle

Merrick Garland warns of democracy under threat in Harvard speech : politics

Three More Senators Violated the STOCK Act - At least two more Democrats and a Republican senator failed to report stock transactions last year as a ban on congressional stock trading flounders in a Senate working group. : politics

Trump Added More to the National Debt Than Obama and Bush : politics

Girl Killed In Texas School Shooting Likely Bled Out Waiting For Help: Official (while the fucker chief said "no need to do anything, they're all dead")
What we know about the victims of the Uvalde school shooting : NPR (17 wounded, cops waited for them to die)
A 9-year-old describes escaping through a window during the Uvalde school massacre as anger mounts over police response | CNN : news

Im from Uvalde. Im not surprised this happened.
Death on the installment plan - Lawyers, Guns & Money Maybe youve been wondering how an unemployable 18-year-old was able to afford the retail purchase of two military grade rifles? Well:

Parents of Uvalde child killed in school shooting refuse to meet with Gov. Greg Abbott - Everyone keeps telling us that it's not the time to be political, but it is ("you can't talk politics after a mass-shooting" ... checkmate libtards, we have one every day)
Texas Gov. Greg Abbott Loudly Booed At Uvalde Memorial Site : politics
Texas Gov. Greg Abbott Booed Upon Arriving at Uvalde School Shooting Site : politics
Texas Gov. Abbott gave 2 different speeches about gun control at the same time with 2 different messages. One was in Uvalde, the other was at the NRA convention in Houston. : politics
Abbott Cut Mental Health Services Funding in Texas : politics

Wisdom is thrown into jail - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Texas has had eight mass shootings in the past 13 years, while lawmakers have steadily loosened restrictions on carrying firearms : politics

Adam Kinzinger Calls Gun Age Limits A No-Brainer Considers Assault Weapon Ban

They should know the cost: Would graphic images change the gun rights debate?

CNNs Jim Acosta Confronts NRA Board Member: This Blood On Your Hands? The Republican judge repeatedly dodged questions and insisted "I'm not the one that pulled the trigger."

Rep. Elise Stefaniks husband works for gun industry trade group
Gun makers lose challenge to New York law allowing lawsuits against industry : politics

Why gun control laws dont pass Congress, despite majority public support and repeated outrage over mass shootings
Rep. Crenshaw: Guns in United States are not a problem : politics

Sandy Hook shooting: The unprecedented $73M settlement with gunmaker Remington : politics

Marjorie Taylor Greene's "peach tree dish" blunder viewed over 1M times : politics ... Let her have her say, in American we have Freedom of Peach.
Marjorie Taylor Greene appeared to push a baseless conspiracy theory about the Texas shooter, suggesting he was into wearing eyeliner and cross dressing

Eschaton: The News, Translated
Started: New York Times is gonna go anti-trans next

The Jolt: Donald Trump stunned by Brad Raffenspergers primary win

Lawyer Who Plotted to Overturn Trump Loss Recruits Election Deniers to Watch Over the Vote : politics

Republican politicians all over the country have repeated the Great Replacement theory : politics
The Corporate Cash Backing These Great Replacement Republicans
Replacement theory and NIMBYism have the same racist roots : politics
Christian nationalism on the rise in some GOP campaigns : politics

Opinion: America closer to having state-imposed, religious-based laws : politics

Don of a new era: the rise of Peter Thiel as a US rightwing power player

Erik Visits an American Grave, Part 1,107 - Lawyers, Guns & Money OK, well, sometimes when doing this series, you focus on people who do a lot of evil. That is Susan Alamo. Tony Alamo too,

Pete Mitchell and Luke Skywalker - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Why did the internet turn on Amber Heard? / Twitter

Research explored how abstract concepts are represented in the brain across cultures, languages and found that a common neural infrastructure does exist between languages. While the underlying neural regions are similar, how the areas light up is more specific to each individual : science

Firearm Deaths Per 100K People In America. Massachusetts has one of the lowest rates. New England in general is doing well. *Source: Stated in the graph. : massachusetts

The state of Massachusetts is officially in a drought : boston
Pollen rate in Massachusetts is remaining high. : massachusetts

A female researchers avatar was sexually assaulted on a metaverse platform owned by Meta, making her the latest victim of sexual abuse on Metas platforms, watchdog says (Fuckerberg's Meta-rape platform ... also: teledildonics)


UN Warns of Total Societal Collapse Due to Breaching of Planetary Boundaries
The nine planetary boundaries - Stockholm Resilience Centre

FDA investigating Hepatitis A outbreak linked to strawberries

Opinion | To Fight Monkeypox, Remember the Lessons of Covid and H.I.V. - The New York Times

Russia and China block UNs statement on Myanmar humanitarian crisis

Ukrainian evacuees in Japan given work visas, but some are already choosing to illegally work in adult entertainment : worldnews

Thousands of people are leaving Hong Kong and now its clear where theyre going (Singapore)

US slams China for restricting, manipulating UN human rights chiefs visit
China Closes Airspace to Russian Airbus, Boeing Aircraft : worldnews (too crashy)

Ukraines intelligence chief fully confirms Vladimir Putin has cancer
Vladimir Putin has three years to live due to his rapidly progressing severe cancer FSB Russian Spy claims

We cant live with people who support Putins war: the TV chief who fled Russia
2 Russian lawmakers branded traitors and ordered out of meeting for demanding Putin end invasion of Ukraine : worldnews
Brave protest in Moscow in front of the foreign ministry. We wont be able to wash off the blood.

Putin sends troops on HUNT-TO-Kill missions to purge Ukraine officials
Putin signs law scrapping military age limit in Russia, allowing over-40s to join and fight in Ukraine : worldnews ("join")
Security Service of Ukraine: contract soldiers in the Russian army are waiting for the end of May to escape from Ukraine : worldnews
Russia "refusing" to risk equipment to evacuate wounded in Ukraine: Report : worldnews
Russians banned from sending supply vehicles to the frontline - Ukrainian Intelligence : worldnews

Russian Soldiers Send Home 58 Tons of Looted Items from Ukraine

Russia After The War - Lawyers, Guns & Money
A Scholar of Stalin Discusses Putin, Russia, Ukraine, and the West | The New Yorker An expert on Stalin discusses Putin, Russia, and the West ... Stephen Kotkin (3/11/22)
Why Russia needs to be humiliated in Ukraine | The Spectator Too little was learnt from the collapse of the Soviet Union
Decolonize Russia - The Atlantic - To avoid more senseless bloodshed, the Kremlin must lose what empire it still retains.

Plane with 22 people on board missing in Nepals mountains
Nepal Army helicopter lands at possible site of plane crash after tracking pilots mobile phone

US surpasses China as Indias biggest trading partner in FY22 at $119.42 bn
The young Indian extremists inspired by alt-right memes : worldnews

Taliban Rebuff UN Calls for Reversing Rules on Afghan Women : worldnews
Afghan women protest in Kabul, demand education and work. : worldnews

President Tayyip Erdogan said Turkeys talks last week with Finnish and Swedish delegations were not at the expected level and Ankara cannot say yes to terrorism-supporting countries entering NATO

Egypt signs 8 billion deal with Siemens for high-speed rail system: The German company said it has sealed the biggest order in its history to build the worlds sixth-largest rail network.

Severe water shortages strain wheat harvest in Iraq : worldnews

Saudi $2B investment in Jared Kushners fund signals openness to Israel ... More like openness to rewarding how the whole cutting up journalists thing was handled by the Trump administration.

Zelensky warns of hunger catastrophe accusing Russia of blocking Ukraines grain exports
U.S. intelligence document shows Russian naval blockade of Ukraine that has sparked food crisis - The Washington Post - World leaders call the Kremlins actions a deliberate attack on the global food supply chain
Zelensky fires SBU chief in Kharkiv for alleged inaction during war. President Volodymyr Zelensky said on May 29 that law enforcement agencies would investigate Roman Dudin, the head of the Security Service of Ukraines (SBU) branch in Kharkiv Oblast.

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 95, Part 1 (Thread #235) : worldnews

These are the indicative estimates of Russias combat losses as of May 29, according to the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

(23) Update from Ukraine 05.29 | ruzzia is Loosing Ground in Ukraine - YouTube
The resources #Russia is expending to capture the town of #Severodonestk far exceed its military valueand demonstrates how far #Putins ambitions in #Ukraine have narrowed since losing the battle of #Kyiv
Ukraine pleads for weapons as Russian onslaught threatens to turn the tide : worldnews
Ukrainan defenders hold out in Donbas city under heavy fire : worldnews
Ukrainian forces push Russians away from Lysychansk-Bakhmut highway : worldnews
Serhiy Hayday on Twitter: "Armed Forces of Ukraine push Russian troops back from Lysychansk-Bakhmut main road" / Twitter
Ukraine Has Launched Its Southern Counteroffensive - Ukrainian army formations supported by American-made M-777 howitzers crossed the Inhulets River around the town of Davydiv Brid, 80 kilometers northeast of Kherson. : worldnews

Russian forces lose 2 high-ranking officers in Ukraine. Colonel Volodymyr Ivanov, a member of Russia's Defense Ministrys press service, and Oleksandr Vyhulyar, the commander of the 106th Parachute Division, were killed in Ukraine, Ukraines military announced on May 29.

New Fairy Tales from Russian media- they report that "American Phoenix Ghost UAV was shot down from a Kalashnikov near Izium" showing these images. However here we obviously see a rear half of a Switchblade 300 loitering munition which is usually left after detonation.

Domestic violence victims struggle to get help amid war: If Russians dont kill me -- he might

Four Nato warships dock in Helsinki : worldnews

Norway changes name of Belarus, from Hviterussland (Whiterussia) as its called in Norwegian to Belarus ... Bela means white or pure in slavic.

The Swedish government wants to stop the foreign financing of religious communities in the country : worldnews

Ireland - Archbishop helped jail senior garda officer by reporting him for incestuous abuse of sister : worldnews

Over 500 Ukrainian children stuck waiting for UK visa decision : worldnews
Boris Johnson to reportedly bring back imperial measurements to mark platinum jubilee : worldnews (conservative values)
Superyacht costing 6m sinks after catching fire in Torquay

Hacked Brazil airport screens show porn to travelers : worldnews

Judge orders temporary suspension of bullfights at Mexico City bullring : worldnews

Canadian Home Buyers Now Need To Earn $150,000 CAD ($120,000 USD) Per Year To Buy A "Typical" Home

The Donald and the Kremlin Don: how Trumps toxic legacy helps Putin | From Afghanistan to North Korea, Joe Biden is running short of time to repair the damage done by his predecessor in the White House

Supreme Court Guts Its Own Precedent to Allow Arizona to Kill Barry Jones : politics ... Thomas cited the courts decision in Herrera v. Collins, which famously held that there was no constitutional prohibition against executing someone for a crime they did not commit.
Veteran U.S. judge joins calls for Supreme Court ethics code : politics

Texas Democrat asks FBI to investigate police response to school massacre : politics

How the Texas School Shooting Unfolded in 78 Minutes: A Timeline - The New York Times
78 minutes - Lawyers, Guns & Money
Uvalde attack brought 90 minutes of terror, a failed response and broken trust - The Washington Post
TIMELINE: Texas elementary school shooting, minute by minute | AP News

Democratic States Push Gun Control Bills with Congress Gridlocked - The New York Times

The conspiracy theory convention (mass shooting was "staged" three days before NRA convention to make them look bad)
Hey Hey, NRA, How Many Kids Did You Kill Today? : politics
NRA Was Foreign Asset To Russia Ahead of 2016, New Senate Report Reveals (2019)
After 21 people were killed, the Republican partys newest enemy is ... doors
Trump and Cruz propose hardened one-door schoolhouses. Experts say that's not a credible solution.
Texas Parents Rip Ted Cruz: Lame Door Solution To School Shootings Ripped As Boldly Ignorant

The Atrocity of American Gun Culture :
He Did Not Act Alone An incomplete list of the Uvalde shootersaccomplices
Texas Republicans loosened gun laws and slashed mental health funding before Uvalde shooting The Lone Star State has declared itself a Second Amendment sanctuary
Rod Miller: Regulate Our Militia, And Regulate Them Well

78 minutes - Lawyers, Guns & Money John Cornyn has been outflanked in the Americas Dumbest Senatorsweepstakes by fierce competition from the likes of Johnson, Blackburn and Tuberville, but let us remember that he is extremely stupid:

The Texas Law That Has Banks Saying They Dont DiscriminateAgainst Guns (state-backed mass murder)
More than 800 Houston ISD teachers say they wont be returning to the classroom next year

Seven People Died in Connection With the Capitol Attack. Trump Just Called the Insurrection a "hoax"

No evidence of exploitation of Dominion voting machine flaws, CISA finds - The Washington Post

Why the press will never have another Watergate moment : Fifty years ago, the nation was gripped by media coverage of Nixon's crimes and there was no Fox News to tell it to look away

Vermont likely to elect its 1st woman to Congress this year : politics

Allegations of industry influence rock mine safety commission : politics

How a Mapmaker Became New York'Jonathan Cervas, a former bartender from Las Vegas, radically redrew New York's House district lines, forcing some Democratic incumbents to scramble for new seats

Justice delayed - Lawyers, Guns & Money Eight years after Charlie Adelson (at least; other family members were almost certainly involved) used Katherine Magbanua as an intermediary to pay Sigfredo Garcia and Luis Rivera $100,000 to murder law professor Dan Markel, Magbanua has finally been convicted of first degree murder for her part in the crime.

What Lia Thomas Could Mean for Womens Elite SportsAlthough the number of top transgender athletes is small, the disagreements are profound, cutting to the core of the debate around gender identity and biological sex.

Anyone know where to get cheap bulk wildflower seeds in western mass? : massachusetts
Wildflower Seeds, Flower Bulbs, Perennials
Northeast Pollinator Plants
Prairie Moon Nursery
Home- Lavoie Horticulture inc.
Ernst Conservation Seeds offers hundreds of species of native & naturalized seeds & live plant materials


NASA posts a stunning video of the Ingenuity Mars Helicopter : worldnews

German judges visit Peru glacial lake in unprecedented climate crisis lawsuit - "This is the only case in the entire world to this day that looks at the responsibility of private emitters of greenhouse gases to take responsibility for the impacts of climate change in a different country" : worldnews

Scientists warn future temperatures will test humans ability to survive : worldnews

Mild Omicron variant was highly lethal, study finds

COVID was vanishing last Memorial Day. Cases are five times higher now

Global toll of sudden, mysterious hepatitis in children rises to 650 cases : worldnews

Monkeypox outbreak could be just the peak of the iceberg, WHO warns | Monkeypox
Monkeypox outbreak could be just the peak of theiceberg, WHO warns
Monkeypox is symptomatic, cannot spread like Covid-19: Prof Sunit K Singh | Varanasi News - Times of India : worldnews
"Monkeypox patients should avoid pet contact" the UK Health Security Agency says. : worldnews

Singaporean man terrorizes neighbors day and night for 11 years by banging on apartment walls : worldnews

Myanmars junta turns to Russia for energy as more international firms leave
Period pain: Women in Myanmar struggle with menstrual hygiene | Conflict News : worldnews

Cancer patients seek damages from Fukushima nuclear plant : worldnews
Empress of terror and Japanese Red Army founder Fusako Shigenobu released from prison

From ventilators to masks, North Koreas medical imports from China surged before admitting it had coronavirus
China and Russia veto new UN sanctions on North Korea for first time since 2006 : worldnews
US issues sanctions targeting North Korean weapons of mass destruction program. : worldnews

US Plans Economic Talks With Taiwan in Latest Challenge to China : worldnews
Stalking can incur imprisonment in Taiwan after June 1 : worldnews

Daily cases drop to new low in Shanghai as city government vows to boost economy while maintaining zero Covid goal : worldnews
China recalls textbooks for being criticized for being pornographic. Drawings in elementary school math textbooks were criticized as ugly, erotic and surreptitiously pro-American

Putin headed for "devastating" defeat in Ukraine war: expert : ukraine
Ukraine Must Win : A Kremlin Defector Tells All - Under Swiss guard and fearing for his safety, a former Russian diplomat opens up about his shocking resignation, Putin's nuclear threat, and how it all ends.
Russian Lawmakers Tell Putin to Stop Ukraine War, Are Branded Traitors : worldnews
Russian officials deny they urged Vladimir Putin to stop war : worldnews
Navalny Uses Court Appearance For Defiant Anti-War Speech : worldnews ... "Life is not given to a person so he can be afraid of the crazy grandpa in a bunker and this system that he built." "I view this court with contempt, I view your whole system with contempt."
Kremlin officials think Russia can win Ukraine war by fall, predicting allies will get tired of helping,report says
Signs of a growing rift between Kadyrov and Putin. Origin is the underwhelming battlefield performance of Chechen troops and Kadyrov's loose lips.

We must stop letting Russia define the terms of the Ukraine crisis - Slavoj Zizek (Wow, Putin has lost the tankie philosophers)

Grandfathers are to fight: Putin signs a law admitting people to the army under contract up to age 65 : worldnews
Kremlin mulls Nuremberg-style trials based on second world war tribunals : worldnews
Putin is using Ukrainians to set Russia up for victory in peace talks : worldnews
Kremlin talking again about an attack on Kyiv : worldnews

Russia has depleted its modernised equipment, military analyst says : worldnews
Captured Russian Weapons Are Packed With U.S. Microchips : worldnews

Russia Cracks Down on Military Deserters as Defections Rise : worldnews
To Replenish Its Army In Ukraine, Russia Plans To Strip Its Training Units. It Can Only Do This Once. : ukraine

Kashmir sees rise in violence after Yasin Malik sentenced to life | Indian forces kill at least 10 : worldnews

8 billion rubles of Indian oil firms stuck in Russia : worldnews
Mosque built over temple declared legally safe by HC : worldnews

Bankrupt Sri Lanka Takes Russia Oil as Fuel Crisis Persists : worldnews

Sensitive Iranian Military Site Was Targeted in Drone Attack : worldnews (Israel)
Iran disperses crowd angry over building collapse killing 29 : worldnews
Greece accused Iran of "piracy" after Tehran's Revolutionary Guards said they seized two Greek-flagged oil tankers in the Gulf Friday : worldnews

Iraq makes it illegal to attempt normalising ties with Israel : worldnews

Blinken stresses importance of concluding Israeli probe into reporters killing : worldnews
Shireen Abu Aqleh: killing of reporter referred to international criminal court : worldnews
Al-Jazeera says it will go to ICC over killing of journalist
14-year-old Palestinian shot and killed by Israeli forces, says Palestinian health ministry : worldnews
Israeli private detective used Indian hackers in job for Russian oligarchs -court filing : worldnews

President Volodymyr Zelensky expects good news about the weapons supply from partner countries next week.
Zelensky Vows Donbas Will BeUkrainian Again: We Will Rebuild Every Town
Zelenskyy to Attend G20 Summit Virtually if Russia War Still Continues : worldnews
Biden says Putin trying to wipe outUkrainian culture, as prospect of retreat looms in east

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 94, Part 1 (Thread #234) : worldnews

Russian Offensive Campaign Assessment, May 28 | Institute for the Study of War ... Russian President Vladimir Putin is inflicting unspeakable suffering on Ukrainians and demanding horrible sacrifices of his own people in an effort to seize a city that does not merit the cost, even for him.
ISW on Twitter: "Here are today's CoT maps. #Ukrainian forces are waging an ongoing counteroffensive that has pushed #Russian forces to unfavorable borders near #Andriyivka, #Lozove, and #Belohirka in #Kherson Oblast (approximately 70 km northeast of Kherson City)" / Twitter
Ukrainian defenders have already killed 30,000 Russian troops : ukraine

What Happened on Day 93 of the War in Ukraine - The New York Times A report by legal and rights experts cited a genocidal pattern by Russia. Russian troops seized Lyman and moved closer to encircling Sievierodonetsk.
Now we have been given so many 'Harpoons' that we can sink the entire Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Federationsaid Sergei Bratchuk, speaker of the Odesa regional administration.
Neil Hauer on Twitter: "Reports of a Ukrainian offensive now underway in Kherson oblast, southwestern Ukraine. Would be the first significant Ukrainian initiative since the Kharkiv counteroffensive ground down a few weeks ago." / Twitter
According to the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Russia has lost approximately 30,000 soldiers. This comes on the day the occupying forces suffer their greatest losses on the Avdiivka and Kryvyi Rih fronts. : worldnews

Ukraine soldiers that returned from Russian captivity described torture prisoners were brought on their knees, beaten on their wounds, strangled, tortured with pliers, forced to memorize the Russian anthem and history of creation of Russian national symbols, among other things
U.N. says nearly 4,000 civilians killed in Ukraine, including more than 200 children, since Russia invaded on February 24th : worldnews
Some 10,000 Russian troops in Ukraines Luhansk region - governor (
Russians pushed back to previous positions in Sievierodonetsk : worldnews
Ukraine fears repeat of Mariupol horrors elsewhere in Donbas : worldnews

Ukrainian artillery throw Russians a "hell of a party" at a hamlet near Huliaipol : worldnews ... " Not a single Human was hurt during the shooting of this video"
Parts of a Russian BMP sent hundreds of meters up into the air after it hits a Ukrainian mine in the Donetsk region. BMPs often have a crew of around 10, all can be presumed to be mortally wounded even if some of them are moving at the end of the video.
Ukraine receives Harpoon missiles and howitzers, says defence minister : worldnews

Kasparov: Ukraine is showing us that Democracy is more than just soulless consumer society, that its worth fighting for (Republicans disagree)

Australian man killed in Ukraine while providing humanitarian aid : worldnews

Moscow-backed Orthodox church in Kyiv cuts ties with Russia over its invasion of Ukraine : worldnews

Lithuanians organise donation drive to buy Bayraktar drone for Ukraine : worldnews

Greece blocked 40,000 migrants at Evros this year: Government. : worldnews

Germanys Scholz wobbles on tanks for Ukraine ... In reality Berlin is supplying large amounts of weapons; not as much as the US, but comparable to other European countries. Experts say Germany ranks somewhere in the middle.
Despite promises, Germany has delivered hardly any weapons for nine weeks : ukraine
Germany denies China investment guarantees over human rights in Xinjiang : worldnews

New head of Italian bishops launches sex abuse query : worldnews

Spanish parliament approves only yes means yes consent bill | Spain
Air conditioning in public buildings in Spain to be limited to save energy : worldnews

Irish PM warns of dangers of shocking unnecessary UK-EU trade war

Boris Johnson casts doubt on prospect of Ukraine peace talks, saying Vladimir Putin is like crocodile eating your left leg
Boris Johnson dealt fresh blow as fifth new MP calls on him to quit after Gray report : worldnews
Shooting victim had halted gang rape, inquest told - BBC News : worldnews

New independent Mexican union wins wage increase at GM plant : worldnews
Archaeologists discover ancient Mayan city at Mexico construction site : worldnews

Reproductive Rights in Latin America - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Supreme Court of Canada unanimously strikes down life without parole for mass murderers : worldnews

Legal experts fear overturning Roe v. Wade puts other liberties at risk too : politics

Republicans Block Bill to Monitor Their Violent Allies : politics

The 12 times Texas police have changed their story of what happened during the school shooting that left 19 children dead / Twitter
So where were the "good guys with guns"? Standing around doing jacks**t, as usual : politics
Enraged Americans Expected Uvalde Cops to Fight to the Death to Stop Elementary School Massacre. They Had No Legal Duty to Act. : politics
Police Chief Who Delayed Response to Shooting to Join Uvalde City Council : politics
Uvalde police department, school police dept. under scrutiny - The Washington Post After praising police, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott now says he is seeking a full investigation of response to massacre
Uvalde school police chief: Focus turns to shooting response, decision not to send officers inside | CNN
Police inaction moves to center of Uvalde shooting probe : news
Uvalde picks up pieces as shifting accounts of attack trouble officials - The Washington Post
Debate Over Guns Unfolds in Uvalde, a Rural Texas Town in Grief - The New York Times

COVID-19, Shootings: Is Mass Death Now Tolerated in America? : politics
Opinion | Gun Violence Is Like What Segregation Was. An Unaddressed Moral Stain. : politics
Americans Arent Numb to Mass Shootings: Weve just become fatalistic about the possibility of politicians doing anything to stop them
Too Many Doors And Liberal Teachers: Heres What The GOP Blames For The Uvalde Shooting Anything but guns.

The Staff of Uvaldes Local Paper Cover the Worst Day of Their LivesThe papers employees lost neighbors, acquaintances, and a daughter in a school shooting. Then they had to report the story.

Eschaton: Objectitudinal : Lowery was very young and sent by the WaPo to cover Ferguson and got nothing but constant shit from his editor and coworkers for attempting to accurately cover the situation.